Abundance Is Coming


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Through Sheldan Nidle

Abundance Is Coming

Tuesday March 23rd, 2004.6 Lamat, 1 Mac, 12 Manik

From The Planetary Activation Organization ([email protected]).  Article taken from:  http://www.paoweb.com/sn032304.htm.  Published by permission from PAO.
Published here on March 24, 2004.

See NESARA Law at:https://www.luisprada.com/Protected/nesara_law.htm

Selamat Jarin! We come again, Dear Hearts, to discuss your reality and how you are manifesting a new one. Physicality is the ‘grand illusion appearing real’. This is mainly experienced by you as a dark realm filled with unforeseen trials and sudden challenges. These are crossroads that you have elected to deal with as part of your life contract. Each is to be engaged with Love and discernment. Know in your heart that your guardian Angels and your other spiritual guides are here to help you. Whenever you need their assistance, they will be there the moment you ask and will guide you toward the most suitable choices for every occasion. Furthermore, around you on the Earth plane is a group of very dedicated men and women who are willing to take the risks required to create a new and wondrous reality. Every day, we bless and thank these individuals and the groups associated with them. Together, we are all moving your world into a new and more pleasing state of existence. The most important part of this complex process, though, is you and the work you are doing on a daily basis to make this wonder happen.

As noted in previous messages, the moment is swiftly approaching for our Earth allies to act. For them to be successful many events need to transpire almost simultaneously; government departments, military organizations, and the global financial community need to coordinate their goals and activities. In addition, national and international courts need to formally authorize the proceedings required for the enormous changes to occur. Our role in all of this has been to liaise between these broad-based organizations, which are frequently at cross-purposes with one another, and to mediate any serious differences between them. On top of all this is a scheming and ill-intentioned, dark cabal to contend with that has eyes and ears in all areas of society. Hence, an extraordinary amount of determination, courage, and secrecy has been required. We are proud of what has been accomplished and what is preparing itself to manifest. There are indeed many surprises to be let out of our Earth allies’ bag of goodies. The time has come to expect many wondrous events and to recognize how close they are to happening.

As the windows for opportunity begin to open, it is essential that each of you prepare for what lies ahead. Many unexpected and astonishing events are waiting in the wings to emerge onto the world stage. Let us use these last few moments to review some of the predicating factors behind this imminent drama. An enormous abundance is almost ready to pour forth upon the peoples of this world. This redistribution of the world’s wealth is intended to transform the manner in which your global society presently operates. Saint Germain, Hilarion, Serapis Bey, and Paul the Venetian prepared the foundations for this centuries ago. In this, they were carrying out the decrees and holy edicts issued by Lady Assyria and Lord Surea. A specific point was placed in the time line of this reality for a great, sacred uprising of Spirit to occur. This ‘quiet revolution’ was to end the dominion of the dark and usher in a new Golden Age for all of God’s Earth-based humanity. The moment for this wondrous event is now!

As we review what has happened, know Heaven issued a great clarion call. This resulted, nearly three decades ago, in an intercessional action that prevented your Sun from exploding and destroying the solar system. Since then, additional protective measures have been taken to save your world from many ‘alien invasion’ attempts on the part of your former off-world overlords and their earthly minions. Your world has a great destiny and this destiny will brook no interference from the dark. The divine plan states quite clearly that these times are reserved for great spiritual growth to occur and for you to return to your positions again as glorious physical Angels. Heaven is keeping this pledge. Those groups of courageous men and women preparing to remove the last dark cabal are doing so with the full protection of the Galactic Federation of Light. However, the determination to go forward and the planning necessary for success are entirely their own. We duly salute not only them, but also each and every one of you who are an equally vital element in this great unfolding drama.

"An enormous abundance is almost ready to pour forth upon the peoples of this world. This redistribution of the world’s wealth is intended to transform the manner in which your global society presently operates. Saint Germain, Hilarion, Serapis Bey, and Paul the Venetian prepared the foundations for this centuries ago."

Each of you is a part of a huge change in spirituality on this world. This has led to an enormous rise in consciousness across the globe. This process has not only initiated a greater integration of body, mind, and emotions with Spirit, it has also led you to question many of the widely held precepts of your major organized philosophies. This searching has resulted in a more compelling faith born out of your newfound truths and in a deep, intuitive discernment of what you know is right. At the same time, a vast body of scientific data has emerged that proves that all Life is connected and that we are indeed all one. Without this foundation, this quiet revolution with its imminent, attendant consequences would not be possible. This is why your search for Truth and your creation of a network to disseminate that Truth is vital. Therefore we bless and salute each of you for your steadfastness and your many sacrifices.

Our arrival is a crucial part of this operation. We came initially to carry out the last stages of a guardian program instigated by Heaven to keep the Light alive on your world. Ever bear in mind that the period of the last 13 millennia was the means given to you by Heaven to obtain knowledge of the dark. This knowledge and the experiences you underwent in this realm form the foundations of a great wisdom that is to reveal the purpose and the meaning behind the final dramas of this Creation to the myriad beings who dwell throughout physicality. This vital mission that you all undertook required this time-span for you to learn, discern, and compile this wisdom. In so doing, you are effectively reconciling and blending the power of the Light and the ways of the dark. This knowledge can serve you well in the mission chosen for you by the divine plan.

This period of change has many twists and turns, and a few delays. Yet, it is bringing you a new reality. Many of you may wonder what our tasks and yours are to be once the coming changes have taken place. The first need is for you to receive technologies to bring you together and allow you to exercise your unalienable rights of sovereignty. Thus, we will supply you with devices to furnish you with food, clothing, and shelter. Once your freedoms are firmly set, Mother Earth asks you to help her and her fragile eco-systems. The hyperactivity of the Sun and the changing geophysical and climatic conditions on Mother Earth are not part of a ‘natural extinction cycle’. They just indicate the time has come for you to reclaim your mandate as trusted stewards of Mother Earth. Heaven will give you as much time as necessary for you to carry out these sacred duties.

Once Heaven is assured of your diligence in this matter, you will be given a timetable of 6 to 16 months to create your new reality. This new reality can provide you with the means to forge the basis for your own galactic society. You can learn about your solar system and how she is being altered. This knowledge can ease your transition into fully conscious Beings. During this time, you will meet your Ascended Masters and the Agarthans of inner Earth. This will end your separation from your earthly and spiritual families. A great realm can be built and the nature of realities demonstrated. Finally, your ensuing admission into the Galactic Federation can reunite you with your space family. The time ahead is one for you to discover new truths and witness events that can only be described as miracles! All this is to unfold under the auspices of the divine plan.

Today, we have reviewed events now preparing themselves to manifest. Regardless of the actual timing, we urge you to remain focused and centered upon your inevitable victory. Remember that Together, We are Victorious! We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Prosperity and infinite Supply of Heaven is indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! Be Blessed in Love and in Joy!)


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