First Galactic Federation Contact

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Through Sheldan Nidle


June 4th, 2002. 11Oc, 13Pax, 10 Caban  

From The Planetary Activation Organization ([email protected]).  Article taken from:  Published by permission from PAO.

Selamat Jarin! We bring you more interesting facts and welcome information. As you are aware, many astounding things are happening. Your major governments are in the midst of a great internal conflict that soon will result in the rise of new regimes in many areas of your globe. A new financial system also will be born that will bring widespread abundance to your realm. We ask you simply, dear Hearts, to remain patient, committed and focused upon your inevitable victory over tyranny. The cabal that long has ruled your world is teetering and its last futile efforts to clutch at power will fail. Moreover, announcements concerning our existence are soon to appear in your media. This pleases us immensely. The vast fleet surrounding your world awaits this moment to appear before you. As always, this process is subject to divine timing. We know that it has reached the point when the events that we have foretold will truly happen. The moment for the great shift in your consciousness draws nearer, as well.

      Those who are completing the struggle for power within your various major governments are aware of the truth of these facts. Our earthly allies have fought a highly courageous and exceedingly lengthy conflict with the cabal that has ruled your realm since the last years of WWII. This group has been able to set in place an agenda that was not thwarted until recently. Even now, aspects of these agendas are wrecking havoc upon your global society. They are about to be stopped. At this very moment, the new financial, economic and political parts of your forthcoming transitional realm are being decided. Although it has taken longer for us to complete these tasks than we had at first jointly calculated, these events will come to pass quite soon. Know simply that your world is changing. We have labored together to ensure that those who are striving to establish a dark and limited world will not succeed. We commend all of the brave souls who are working diligently to guarantee that those who wish to enslave you are destined, inevitably, to fail. They can also turn to our good offices for help.

      We in the Galactic Federation of Light have sent our various liaison teams to assure that those agreements, so eagerly signed with us, are carried out according to plan. We are most grateful for the assistance of certain European, African, Latin American and Asian governments. In addition, many major financial and military elements within these governments have strongly supported us, permitting a number of international legal decisions to be made during the past year. Although these remain covert, their effect on the present balance of power has been considerable. Given what already has taken place, we are confident that the necessary positive actions are being taken. The present phony war on terrorism is merely a smokescreen for this cabal. It knows that its days are numbered and that its collapse is imminent. Furthermore, be assured that its attempts to destroy your liberties are unacceptable. Once again, we warn this cabal that martial law is not an option. Such action will lead only to our prompt arrival on your shores.

      This brings us to the matter of first contact. First contact, officially, is imminent. This means that we are busy preparing our fleet for its various first open appearances in your skies. These sightings will be your first notice that we are here. Another concerns the numerous broadcasts we intend to produce in the coming days. As noted earlier, our first reporters will be liaisons chosen from several primarily human off-world galactic societies. These individuals have been prepared to give a detailed true history of your world and of this first contact mission. In addition, we intend to land in a number of designated spots. Throughout Latin America, in the past decade, we have prepared for this mission. We have discovered some of your lingering fears and also witnessed your great Love. Out of this, we have formed a special team designed to reveal your coming future to you in the most familiar way. This operation will end, once and for all, the cover-up of our existence. It will show our benevolence and open you to galactic citizenship.

      Our purpose is simply to continue to act as guides and teachers for your coming transitional period. This period will last for a short time, or no longer than 16 months. Mother Earth and her Spiritual Hierarchy will determine its exact length. We must repeat that the reality that surrounds you is becoming very fragile. Time continues to accelerate. Your scientists have noted many disparities in time that remain largely unknown to the general public. Earth’s atmosphere and her tectonic plates are near collapse, creating circumstances that can lead to massive earthquakes, tsunami, sinister storms and bizarre weather patterns. Our scientists are closely monitoring these conditions and are allowing Mother Earth to alleviate her great internal pressures as little as possible. However, your planet’s increasingly delicate condition means that the final interval, during which your global society will dwell upon her surface, will not last long.

      Our fleet has increased its number of subterranean bases. We are carefully monitoring the conditions of your ailing planet. Remember, dear Hearts, that your world needs to be a fitting residence, once your full consciousness has been restored. This means that a new reality will be fashioned and will finally manifest before you. In many previous messages, we have discussed that new reality and how it is silently forming around you. You lack only the collective consensus to see it. Thus, for the moment, it remains hidden from you. In addition, your science is coming to realize that the universe is alive and composed of many unique and closely connected parts. It is crucial to transcend the concepts of quantum physics and learn more about the wonders of consciousness. In consciousness are found the keys that will unlock the true secrets of this divine Creation.

      Now, we are taking the final few steps before our arrival. You play a major role in this operation. Your task is to continue to hold the energies for change, and to support in your hearts the transition that is occurring in your governments. It will change your views of yourselves and of the world. It will transform the operation of your technology and reveal exactly what your secret governments have hidden from you for so long. It will force you to examine philosophies that have governed your life and realize Truths that long have been hidden from you. It will shock, enrage and dismay you. We ask you to remain positive and in a state of divine grace. Those in power have merely acted out of the self-interest and arrogance that they have learned from their former overlords – the Annunaki. Beneath, they are as fragile and as human as you.

      The cabal that now controls you is very much in fear. The world that they intended to create is crashing down upon them. Even the great event of last September, which they had meant to use to keep them in power, is beginning to unravel. These circumstances, and the intense pressure being surreptitiously applied by cabals who previously were their allies in Europe, Asia and the Americas, greatly trouble them. Thus, realizing that they are alone, some of them wish to pursue a type of ‘scorched earth policy’. This has resulted in a number of moves that have greatly exacerbated conflicts in areas such as the Middle East and in South Asia. Our earthly allies and our liaisons have worked, often heroically, to minimize any serious expansion of these conflicts. These actions, also, are doomed to failure. Remember, always, that together, we shall be victorious!

      Today, we have talked about some of the factors that are forming your approaching new reality. Be ever aware that you are a free and sovereign Being. At present, you are passing through the final chaos that usually engulfs those who watch as one reality makes way for another. This process will lead you to a marvelous destiny and your return to full consciousness. It will also result in a reunion with your spiritual and space families. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Hearts! Know, deep in your heart of hearts, that Heaven’s countless Abundance and Prosperity is indeed yours! Amen. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! Be in Joy!)

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