Ships of the Galactic Federation

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Ships of the Galactic Federation
 By Various Authors

Published initially in this website on January 16, 2008.  This article incorporates starship descriptions from many authors, keep visiting it.

From Candace Frieze
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Hi Candace:
On AH-site you wrote:
AH Member Writings
Candace: Ashtar Command Evacuation Ships.  These are 8000 miles long, parked out by Saturn, and can hold millions each, should it become necessary. Download/View File Dec 27, 2007, 17:59. Thanks for this photo (on the AH-site). I have seen more of this a few months ago.  But I can not find the rest on my computer.  Can you, perhaps, tell US a little MORE about the fleet? The Pegasus, the Capricorn, the Phoenix, "the asteroid basis"? Anything you can?  This would be NOT BAD… for the "moral" of your troops… I think this info can NOT stop the "count down" now ticking… before… {{{ CELEBRATIONS }}}…  Thanks, Light and Love,

The Capricorn

The Capricorn is a round ship about a mile diameter. It carries about 1000 people including personnel. I have been on board but can’t talk on that right now, we will have pics when we come back from stasis to post, plus there will be several landings of shuttle craft from the Capricorn, some of which will include possible tours of some regions of ship. Not everyone can board the high vibration areas of these ships, so for earthlings that come to them whose bodies can’t be dematerialized onto the higher vibration areas, there are lower vibration areas which folks are brought to by shuttle craft.


It is typical of many of the Pleiadian ships, a common style. Many of these are here babysitting us, incarnates from the Pleiades. The ship that baby-sits me is called the Meridot, and it baby-sits 6000 incarnates from my planet Myrua. If I have been there, it’s been during my sleep. I assume incarnates from regions outside of Pleiades have their own ships that do the same.

The Phoenix

I have not been aboard the Phoenix. It is a smaller command ship, and I have an idea of what it looks like from a 3rd-eye image. It is about 900 meters (about 1/2 mile) in diameter, round, with… well, this is hard to describe in words… sort of looks like a castle or those Arabian turrets on the top portion. My team will tour it during stasis and hopefully be allowed to bring back pictures also. Hopefully we will be allowed to take some pictures from shuttle craft, so we can have pictures of the outside of the ships, besides inside.

The Pegasus and Nibiru

About the Pegasus, all I know is that it is a ship associated with Nibiru, which is a planet and NOT coming around for 1600 years and maybe not at all since our solar system is being moved further into the photon belt and also closer to the Pleiades. So maybe its normal circuit will not come through our solar system.

If some of you have visited the A&A’s site, , that is NOT a picture of Nibiru, the ship on it, that they say is behind the sun. Nibiru is not a ship, it’s a planet, and it’s not the ship of Shekhmet either. Totally bogus material. Nibiru used to be a planet circulating a Syrian sun that was destroyed by misuse of scalar weapons. It had 2 lifebearing planets around it. On one, the folks lived on the surface and they perished and their souls were gathered up and brought to Earth to continue their evolution. That’s why a lot of people feel like they are from there, they are.

The other planet, Nibiru, the people lived underground, and although the surface life perished, they survived and were given a new orbit, which is 3600 years long. They swing out near Sirius, and come back around our sun. They were last here at the time of Christ 2000 years ago, and the timing of Christ was intentionally made at that time, because the Anunnaki intended to take full ownership of the planet and of the peoples, and start counting time over, while they were back. The Christ mission to this planet was in part related to the Anunnaki plans, plus this is CM’s favorite seed planet and prison colony for the fallen angels and other jerks. It was captured during the galactic warring.

Because Nibiru doesn’t have ships capable (not allowed) of super high speed travel about the universe, they can only bug us when they are here. They did maintain a base on the moon and in our underground and have their minions running the show when they aren’t here. At one time they had a space station orbiting Earth. These ones during galactic warring with Reptilians decided the solution was to blow up Maldek, now known as the asteroid belt. They also blew up a portion of Earth dividing it into 2 sections, and so part of Earth is also the asteroid belt. The part that remained is why we have this problem with the Pacific Rim, as the crust is thin there from that incident. So I assume the Pegasus is not any sort of threat to us either, and is a rather slow speed ship. Just my guess today.

Sorry about the history lesson, I went beyond the question, but I have had several people write me AGAIN, about that Nibiru is going to arrive shortly and is going to cause a pole reversal. It never did cause a pole reversal all the times it has been here in our region for at least 500,000 years now. It’s about 10x larger than Earth, but nowhere near close to the size of Jupiter, which does not cause pole reversals.

The Mess in Pakistan: Another Future Post

Ok, enough, I want to write something to post on the front site about the mess in Pakistan. Bhutto was a US plant and I suspect she was murdered by our black ops folks. Especially since "Al Qaeda" did it. Take care, Candace

[N. of BVW’s Editor: Watch Benazir Bhutto’s interview here: .  She is telling that Osama Ben Laden is dead.]

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