The God Metaphor

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The God Metaphor

By Chris Tannlund

The God Metaphor,,, January 1, 2.003

Part One: God

1. Most people, in every country and culture, believe in God (or gods, Goddess, Great Spirit, etc.), in some sort of "Supreme Being" they believe is concretely real and intelligent and in charge of the universe.

2. Most people who believe in God "pray" to that being in some fashion, and believe that their prayers are both heard and answered (i.e., they believe "contact" with God is possible, at least for themselves).

3. Most people who follow traditional religious paths (Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, etc.) believe that at one time God spoke directly to prophets like Abraham or Moses or Mohammed, and that our revered "Holy Books" like the Bible or Koran are basically transcripts of these contacts.

4. But if a spouse or friend or next door neighbor of these very same people professed to be in direct contact with God today, to have notebooks filled with transcripts of new dictation from Supreme Intelligence, most would scoff, would label the person crazy or a charlatan. They would not believe, why? Why do people believe that God would talk to Moses or Mohammed, but NOT to Joe Schmoe next door?

Part Two: ET

According to a recent Roper poll, most people (67% of Americans) believe intelligent life exists on other planets, and (56%) that extraterrestrials have visited the Earth, and continue to do so today.  But when a spouse or friend or neighbor of these very same people steps forward claiming to be in direct contact with visiting extraterrestrials, to have notebooks filled with communication transcripts, they are most often, in our society, labeled deluded, liars, sensation hounds. The message they bring to Humanity is ignored. Again, why? Why do we accept the possibility of any phenomenon’s real, concrete existence "out there," whether God or ET, then reflexively reject all evidence of that phenomenon’s direct manifestation in our present moment, ordinary lives?

Part Three: We Are the Problem

I am not trying to imply here that God and ET are the same being, only that they ride cheek to cheek in the same sad philosophical boat regarding their relationship with humans on Earth. Most people believe they are concretely, physically real, yet any kind of direct, intelligible, meaningful contact between them and ordinary, individual humans is treated, a priori and without evidential justification, as "impossible."

 We "want to believe," as the Beamship poster in Agent Mulder’s office on the X-Files proclaims, but when faced with the manifestation of our desire, we shut down, we refuse to acknowledge what is right in front of us. Direct contact scares us.

So long as a priest or minister or Guru stands between us and God, so long as ETs remain confined to TV or books, or stay locked away in their distant anomalous lights in the night sky, we’re okay. We "believe." But confront either one, God or ET, face to face, voice in ear, proof of reality as solid as a radioactive circle of burned grass or a mystery-language-etched I-Beam in our hands… and we panic.  We fall apart. We call it a lie, an illusion, some kind of terrible trickery. It just can’t be real…

The problem lies not with God or ET. The problem is us. In the words of Jack Nicholson’s character in the movie A Few Good Men, we "…can’t handle the truth!" In order to be capable of understanding, truly accepting, and really interacting with either God or extraterrestrial intelligences, it is we —not God or ET—who must change. We must evolve, we must grow past the limitations set by our present closed minds, our enormous egos, our slavish allegiance to the status quo.

Which, in the end, reveals one more trait God and the extraterrestrials have in common —whenever either does make direct, intelligible and meaningful contact with a human being on Earth, whether it is God dictating the Bible or Pleiadians talking to Billy Meier or Lyssa Royal or Joe Schmoe next door, what they mostly talk ABOUT is exactly what we humans must do to begin making that change, how our understanding of ourselves and reality must be transformed in the present moment to allow us to evolve as a species toward that higher level of being the ETs usually refer to as 4th or 5th "Density," and that God calls "The Kingdom of Heaven."

Isn’t it time we listened?

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