Your Petition for Intervention Is Already Done

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Through Nancy Tate

Your Petition for Intervention Is Already Done

Articles taken from: here on May 15, June 13 and July 7, 2004.

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Wednesday May 5, 2004

There are a number of groups who present laws and hierarchal justices and ideals to the experience of all who are within the existence of The Creator. This is of course the truth of the matter for all that is, is all of The Creator. When we come to the individualisms we then form the differing groups that remain in what is termed hierarchal order; we do this for the purpose of presenting something that you can relate to. There are groups who are created for certain purpose, and in that energy they are classified as being of differentiation. This is the only reason that we distinguish a grouping, for this is within the confines of your understanding at this time. This too shall change, and you will realize the non-necessity for this grouping, for it will all blend into the oneness and all will be focused in the different streams of consciousness and be as one while accomplishing the whole. This you may see is the reason that some of you receive messages from the Galactic Federation, and some from the Galactic Confederation; both are as they are represented and one does not exclude the other.

My dear ones, this is a time in the history of your planet when there are to be great changes, and with these changes will come an introduction to the elements of the cosmos that will be coming into your experience and your mainstream. There is no longer any need for there to be requests from the parties on earth to come and intervene, for the request has been made and the parties of the family will be coming and taking their place in the hierarchal establishment of the ones who are already here to bring an end to the tyranny and oppression that is taking place.

Fear not that this transitory time will be a time of frustration and confusion, for it will be done in as comforting and supportive a manner as we can bring to you. It is time to bring forth the governing parties that are on your planet, and reveal to the world what it is that they have been doing these millennia. Yes, the story will be told, and the truth of what this all has been will be explained and brought to the trials of the underground and the justice of the earth.

We are going to come from the far reaches of what you call space, and we are going to be allowing you to open your memories and bring all that you have cut yourself off from to come to bear to nourish your souls and your lives, and assist you to know what it is that we are doing to bring this new age into being.

There are many who are coming with whom you have been circulating messages that tell of grand schemes and wonderful allotments of wealth. This is not to come to fruition in the way that has been presented, for there has been a great deal of controversy in the presentation, and there is nothing that resembles the original content of the plan that they brought forth. In reality there will be a continuation of the energy of abundance, though it will present itself in a much more harmonious way. There will be abundance and it will come at a time when those who would have squandered it and made ruin of it’s message will be instructed as to the prudent use of abundance and delivered to the ideal of Spirit and the reasonableness of the Way of The Creator.

There is no way that there will be any diversion from the truth of the universal order of love and the Galactic Confederation’s message of love and compassion. Yes there is to be a tribunal with all of the hierarchal ones present who will lay before you the order of the Creator and the placing of the proper terms into the vocabulary, along with the meaning of the words according to the vibratory stature and the interpretation thereof as to the perspective according to the lives that are being lived in the intent of those living that life.

Take heed that you do not bring fear into this presentation, for when the ones who are already on earth come forward and present themselves as part of our ground crew, there will be some surprises and therefore a possibility of fear. This is to be met with a great deal of love, so that there can be a blending of the energies of love and compassion for the forward moving of this plan. No more will the land be covered with the shadow of the fear that is presently the case. We will come and bring the light that is the natural way of being; and when we do, it will be as if there was never a time of fear, save in the brightness that is recognized as being ever so much brighter. This is a time for the old patterns of life to come to a close and to bring the shoes for the other generations to bear and to see that there is nothing but glory ahead.

Yes, Enki is preparing to come and spend life on the earth and capture the essence of what he came here for those millennia ago. He will carry his original promise of Light to The Creator and be able to bring all that he intended to the light of everyone’s comprehension. When this is accomplished then it will be obvious that there is much more to the story than was told through the eons, for it would not have been in purpose for the real identity of Enki and Enlil and all of the Nibiruans to be made known. Now it is to be shown the real purpose and identity of these ones, and the purpose for their return is soon to be revealed.

When I say that there is no one who has been more in keeping with the plan and its tribulations than the Nibiruans, I do so, so that you may all appreciate the times and energies that have come to the fray when the lives were being lived throughout this whole time. There has been nothing that has been more pivotal than to see the effect that the darkness has on the light and the human psyche than to see what they did and how it affected the evolution of the ones who were created in the image of the lesser Gods. This has been a school for the cosmos in seeing the interaction of the DNA adjustments with the ones who came and played out their parts to bring the resolution to the people who decided to come here and play out their parts in this great experiment.

Can you imagine how it must have felt to go into that hell and see the light that lived at the pinnacle of that hell, and to know that there was nothing to do but to go through the process and someday come out of it with the love and the caring that would be required? How do you think there could be a light that could shine bright enough to implore the darkness to fall away, and for the person to know that there was a chance and retribution was to be doled out after all. This was the hell that Enki lived in, this was the roller coaster that he rode for all those millennia, and when his brother Enlil saw the place that Enki descended to in those dark times, he too knew the futility that was felt and knew that he had to come to the rescue of his brother, in order to keep the plan and the promise strong.

It has been a long road, yet in some perspectives, it was but yesterday. This is the legacy that was created for all of you, and when this comes about that the oldest beings from the darkness come back and show you their light, they will come from the depths of knowing the fullest of both ends of the spectrum. They will come and they will be able to bring with them the release that holds the bondage in smithereens, and the transmutation will take place of the darkness to the light. All will be the same at both ends of the spectrum. The circle of light will be complete and all will be enclosed within that circle. Also, within that circle will be the looseness of freedom that Spirit brings. This will be the tie that unbinds and the freedom flame that will nourish and light the way for all of mankind and all of existence.

Isn’t it wonderful to feel the love and the compassion that is extended out and brought back in that continuous circle? This is what it is all about my dear ones. There is nothing finer than to know that we are all in this together. Let’s all reach out and enclose even those who seem to be the furthest away from the flame, and bring them to the bosom of Mother Love and cradle them in our arms and say to them, “Welcome home, for you and I are one and we have missed you. We are the family of all there is and we are not complete until we have welcomed every child, every member of the family back into our hearts and our loving embrace.

This is as it is, and it is so.

Thank you,
Nancy Tate

May 31, 2004

My dear precious ones, you are the ones who will put the new action that is taking place for world peace over the edge and into the lives of all who live on planet earth and subsequently out into the universe. You are the ones who hold in your hands and your hearts the ring for world peace and dominion in the universal order of unity with the All. We of the Galactic Federation are watching the unity with which all of you band together and push this last piece of darkness out the window and into the vastness of space to be forever transformed to golden peaceful light. A new strength will be returned tenfold back to earth to unite with the rest of the ideas that bring about a peaceful planet and an abundant life, living in love and joy forevermore.

We wish to take a moment now and join with you to pay homage to all who valiantly have played their roles of sacrifice and loss for the purpose of bringing yet another aspect of earth life to the plan for which there is a relentless activity that is on its way to bringing all of the darkness to the light and making it whole with the light. Without this darkness in expression there would be no world as you see it now, and no light on the horizon to welcome in this new brightness of being that is about to burst forth. This is a time when all the cards are on the table, and the hand is being played for the winner to take the prize of oneness and deliver it to all of the players and to be the winner in all of the aspects of the game. You are all the winners, you are all the players, and you have done your parts well.

We place a wreath upon the graves of those who have come home to be a part of the spectacle that is being played out on earth. They watch with us as you progress. Some return back to earth to be a part of the joy in a new parent’s eyes and life. Those will join with the ranks of many who will reign with the people to assist to bring the new golden age into being. They will come back with their knowingness intact, and join the many who have already returned and are already teaching those who love them, by their example. It is surprising to many what these children, these infants know. It is a heartwarming sight to see the love and adoration pour forth and illumine the lives of those who welcome those returned to their families. Some have chosen to return to the same genetic families from which they departed, this is the gift they give for the loss they experienced upon their early departure. Some have chosen to return to another family somewhere in the world. Some will return into a fully formed adult body to walk forward in the life that had already been established and will carry out the mission of that departed soul, and then go on with another mission of its own. Such is the way of the generational division of souls throughout the millennia, and such is it now, more than ever.

It is a strong band of angels that we see carrying on the work of the ages. We love the picture that we see from here, and we cheer you on in your ministrations of the last vestiges of this trek into the golden light. This is the time when so many from our Federation will be uniting with the loved ones with whom we have carried on in times past. Some of us will be stepping onto earth and walking alongside you to assist your rise to the vibratory elevations that you strive for. The work that will be accomplished within this time is that of Lightbearers who have stepped forward and agreed to create a life for themselves away from their families and friends, and into the service of the universal order. We welcome you into the service, and we shall make the journey as smooth as we can for you as it is within our power. We recognize the challenge that you meet when you do this. We see the tears of loneliness that you shed on days such as this when you feel the memories of other holidays weigh upon your present day without the genetic family around you. We reach out and touch your hearts with our love, and whisper our gratitude for your undying devotion to the family of man. We assure you that the loneliness is but a temporary measure, and that you will soon feel that loneliness no more. All will be coming to unity, and love will fill your hearts to overflowing so that there will be no place for sorrow, and no arena for tears, lest they be full of joy.

We hold your hands and we comfort you in this time, and we ask that you dig a bit deeper and discover the joy that hides behind the tears. We ask that you feel that joy, and welcome it into your present moment. Make that joy a part of your present life, and allow it to penetrate the haze that has collected around you and see the sun shine forth and change the haze to a cloud of gold with you at the core, shining forth and bringing your radiance out from a heart filled with joy and peace. We love the glow that you are, and we see that you walk in a great deal of strength and authority in your life. We see the wonders that you carry with you in thought and intent, and we see that there is a great deal of passion that is ready to spring forth and activate your abilities to walk in that energy of intent and spread the light of your love far and wide.

So play today, and carry your light high, as it springs from the recesses of your memory. Know that the joy you find applies to every moment of your life, no matter the picture it paints at the moment. All is in readiness for us to come and rejoice with you as you bring the curtain down on the last cabal. The curtain call will be enormous in its clarity. The trumpets will resound throughout the universe, and all will hold hands and beam tremendous smiles for evermore and into eternity. We squeeze your hands as we hold them in our love. The circle is complete; all who are in the play receive the love of The Creator as they take their final bows and walk into the glow of the New Golden Age.

Thank you, Dear Galactic Federation,
Love, Nancy Tate


My dear ones, this is a time when you all must be strong and observe the activities that are taking place. With the onset of the announcement period that you have all been waiting for there is a stepping up of the activities that the others would employ to assure that the ultimate closing of their activities take place.

Understand, that this is a time of great peril for their cause, and in this energy they are pulling out all the stops. They are going into their reserves and bringing out all the ammunition that they have at their disposal. They are now employing tactics that they have as yet not been able to use, for the information from which they gain their power has not till now been forthcoming to them.

They are now being able to secure certain pieces of information that have given them the ability to override certain frequencies, and then turn them around to scramble the information that is being transmitted. We are quite interested in this, for we did foresee the potential for this. We have seen how they have coerced and manipulated certain ones to come to their assistance and be able to assist them in this endeavor.

We realize that this news may be of assistance to some of you; it may assure some that they are indeed not going off the deep edge, as they have wondered. We see that this is a time in many people’s lives when there is a need to program the information in a series of socially acceptable resources, and to assimilate the information within themselves.

We ask that you continue to be of assistance in your lives to those who are enduring these transitory experiences. We ask that you find the compassion to realize that they are being reprogrammed within their DNA and that this is a temporary condition. Everyone on this planet is going through their own reprogramming, and we speak now of the choices that you are all making. You have all volunteered for this, and in your own ways you are experiencing that which is in the makeup of the particular changes that you agreed to.

Within this change, which involves the crystalline structure of your bodies, there is also a repatterning of your emotional bodies. While this is in progress there is bound to be some short-circuiting of the information, for it is a frequency, this information. When this happens, it is a collective assimilation that is taking place, and within this there is a possibility that the information will be confused and at times maybe even irrational. We are not saying that is so in the case of the last few days, however, what we do advise is to keep unto yourselves the knowledge that you all have within you the changes that are taking place all over the world, and no one is exempt from them, even the ones you call the Illuminati.

They too are playing their games, and even though they too may feel that they have the upper hand, they are every bit as susceptible to these changes as are you. This is the time to see these ones as part of the whole. This is time to know that there is a gathering of all the angels on earth to the fold, and that they will all be together in the last throes of the changes.

This one [Nancy Tate]has taken measures with this communication to assure that the message be as clear as is possible. She [Nancy Tate]has stated her intent clearly and succinctly, and still she feels the energies of communication are plagued with uncertainty. This is what is taking place in many instances; the way to overcome this is to take what it is that resonates with you, and allow the rest of it to flow away.

We are bringing you to this information is a way that understates the conditions at this time, and in this case there is a knowing that has been awakening to the consciousness that is prevalent. When all is said and done, then there will be a constant that will be influencing the communications and this will be the inherent nature that lives within all of you.

We ask that you all take into consideration that these are times of revolution, and that it is in your hands and the creation of your thoughts and ideas. We do not wish to bring to you more confusion, rather a knowing that you are powerful, and you are love.

As to whether this law you call NESARA is valid, we ask you to look within for your answer. We ask that you interpret what it has been presented as meaning to your lives, and then know in your hearts what the status of it is. What is your reality? What would you have in your life that is contained within this law that has been presented? Take this out of the 3D way of relating to your reality, and see how you are creating what you focus on.

Time and circumstances are in a flux right now. Life as you have known it is rapidly changing. The events of the past few days are testifying to that. Those who for all their lives are now finding the simplest of chores difficult to achieve are finding that they are feeling lost and uncertain, even angry. We suggest that the best way to meet this is with love, and with the knowing that there is no grand conspiracy to override your efforts. Know that what you would have as your reality of life is your reality. Know it beyond a shadow of a doubt. Take that knowledge into your every waking moment, and see how that manifests. You have that power.

Take into consideration that there is only one truth, and that is that you are sovereign beings, and you are in the process of restoring that capability as sovereign beings to your field. This is the first and only consideration to bring to this mix. You are love, and you are one in that love. All the rest is the assimilation of the new way of being through the electrical charges that are being reassembled into the finite state of your divinity.

Close your eyes to the darkness that is outside, and see the light that is always there within your being. Then open your eyes and allow that light to shine forth and illumine all that you see. This is the way to bring a state of peace to your world and to reach out with compassion, and love everyone and everything that you come in contact with, even your own confusion and emotional state of being. Live your life with the full knowledge that the everyday things you deal with are your manifestations of the life you intend. Know this and see your life reflect that inner peace and prosperity.

You are loved, and you are being supported by heaven in all that you do and are. You are the angels that we gaze upon, and that we stand in awe of every time we see what it is that you are withstanding. As we see your growth and the awakening process we know we stand in the company of angels. And the music is sweet.

 Thank you, Dear Galactic Federation,
Love, Nancy Tate


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