Transmission of Commander Ashtar Sheran

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Transmission of Commander Ashtar Sheran

Ashtar Sheran

Ashtar Sheran

Channel: Ramathis-Mam,,01-21-02

Original in Spanish.  English translation found in the same Website.

From one of the operation centers of the Intergalactic Confederation in the stratosphere of planet Earth, I, Commander Ashtar Sheran, salute you with the light ray of planetary Communion and Brotherhood.

Beloved Brothers and Sisters of Fraternal Cosmic Light:  It is a pleasure to be with you in this moment through this cosmic retransmission because we want to talk to you about the process that is being carried about with your planetary terrestrial leap. Our purpose with these communications is to let you know of the process that is taking place at the present moment and in the future to make you conscious of it so that you can participate in the project. Through our extraterrestrial collaborators or emissaries that we have on your planet, we are making this information and steps to action available to you so that you can join forces and from the different geographical parts of the planet create a homogeneous, powerful and compact belt of energy and Light. All of you regardless of your level or geographic place can, if you so desire, join in this fraternal, cosmic-planetary effort so that the New Times can set in as an inescapable and tangible reality.

You all know that a strong avalanche of cosmic radiation is impacting the Earth and we are the cosmic filters that transmute and soften them so that they can reach the entire planet with sufficient restructuring and vibratory renovation charge. Each and every one of you who in some way are already conscious of this fact and feels the call of collaboration now has the great opportunity to do it. Each one of you is like a great catalyst that consciously or unconsciously is contributing to harmonize or disharmonize the vibratory frequency of the planet. This is why we ask you to be conscious of the fact so that you can use your energies harmoniously and tune into the Earth and the energy transmutation centers or spaceships by simple solicitation.

Many of you are already starting to experience the intensity and vibratory activation that the Earth is going through and your spiritual and energetic sensitivity is impelling you to tune in and harmonize with the new changes that are flowering. In the past we transmitted a series of information that had a red alert character which was product of how things were developing politically on your planet. However, being conscious of the fact that the human being as well as all beings in the universe has free will which they can use correctly or incorrectly, it has been a great and delightful surprise to us to find that these events that seemed inexorable had been modified. We are always conscious of the free will factor and we usually trace a series of vectors of time and energy coordinates that generally indicate the points of saturation or impact of the human trajectory in your three-dimensional time-space. We are always on the alert inspecting and supervising diverse political events, agreements, military and economic strategy of your governments. We know the susceptibility of the wrong choice when it comes to international economic and political interests. That is why more than ever our commandos of observation, follow-up and psychic control of determined political and statistical groups are always very active and alert.

Recently, there have been certain dark events on your planet that in some way has contributed to modify the attitude of influence and manipulation of the masses by some governments of the planet, we are referring to America. All of these events that each time are less in number, but that can create great international social commotion are triggered by the devolved sector or negative polarity of the cosmos. In spite of their brave efforts to generate conflict, hostility, violence, confusion and fear their influence is lessening each time thanks to our groups of social action and planetary sensitivity that with time grow in number and are better organized on your planet. [Remember the events of September 11, 2,001.]

At this time, the most important thing is that each one of you as a powerful bastion of cosmic light force should logistically support our work of activation, readjustment, transmutation, tuning in and impact of the cosmic radiation that comes from the photon belt of the gravitational zone of the galaxy that your planet is going through. That is why we are urging all the Light Workers of planet Earth to join in creating a common activation front of these powerful energies that come from Antares, Orion, Pleiades, Sirius and Alpha Centauri. We are like the repositories of these powerful radiations and you should act like conscious catalysts so that the readjustment, absorption and fitting in with the Earth can be less harmful and as harmonious as possible. We have already given out much information with respect to the New Times that are in bloom and they all have a common objective: To make you aware and sensitive to entering a new Cosmic Phase of Evolution without precedents and that will mark the history of your planet and solar system. The Spiritual Hierarchy of the Universe has developed different programs of activation for the new Aquarian planetary structure for the Earth and you can all belong to these new projects in development, if you so desire. Some of you, already unconsciously, are being trained in our etheric retreats, cities and spaceships set up for that purpose. Some of you already have reminiscences or an inkling of it and others are still unconscious. However, when the time comes, each one of you will be summoned so that under our guidance and protection you can be activated.

It is important that you become aware and conscious of the importance of your level of spiritual preparation because the future of the Aquarian race and the New Earth depends on it. This is why we claim that your personal daily discipline and constant spiritual practice should be a priority in your lives. Everything else is secondary because at this moment in time the Earth needs and the Spiritual Hierarchy wants beings that are capable of integrating and transmitting the new vibratory codes and Aquarian values of this third millennium. Every one of you is a point of force and light in potency that depending on your surrender, sincerity, honesty and spirit of unconditional service will be guided to realize specific functions.

Light BodyTuning into the new frequency of cosmic impact is the planned program of many years ago of the Great Universal Hierarchy for your planet and that finally now is being implemented. Your lower bodies are being subjected to a vibratory remodeling and this will affect your spiritual and cosmic consciousness in life completely. This is why we are giving you all types of measures so that you can consciously activate your Light Bodies. We are coming to a point in your planetary and human evolutionary trajectory where we have to consider just how far you, who have always had inkling and waited for this moment, are willing to take a leading role and be responsible for the position. At this moment and more than ever we need coordinated action, unconditional spirit of service and total and definite comprehension of what the process of evolution that you are going through means. You have come to confront your reality and process that during cycles of evolution you have accumulated so that now you could finally decide to take the great leap or be left behind in the lurch. The great Council of Cosmic Regents each time more is making an exhaustive evaluation of the possibilities that the human race has of tuning into and adhering to this great event of inexorable Cosmic Transformation.

This are not times to hesitate nor give oneself the luxury of fearing for what can happen in the future because in the end you are the ones that have the leading role in the scene and the ones that are directing it. We are just observing from behind the scenes and of course, sporadically participating indirectly the majority of the time as each one of you has the power to be a great generator and vibratory catalyst of planetary harmonious and fraternal light. All of you who are at this human evolutionary point in the planet are here for diverse reasons, but the fact is that you all previously asked to be here to participate in this special moment. Well now, the time has come and with the authority invested in me by the Spiritual Hierarchy and the galaxy and your cosmic planetary representatives I say to you that you must get into the line. Obviously, you can always refuse the offer, but we can guarantee you that if you participate your karmic weights will be accelerated, annulled and transmuted which in normal circumstances would take various cycles of evolution. This is the great prebend and offer that the Spiritual Hierarchy is offering you and I can assure you that you will not let us down and we will not let you down.

The time has come to take action and leave behind all egoism, jealousy, resentment, dogmatism, discord, ideological and religious differences to give an impulse to the new planetary project that has been planned and designed for you from the Higher Spheres. You can consider yourself fortunate to be in this Here and Now because the great show has just begun and we, your brothers are anxious to see how the new spiritual Aquarian values that you have fought for during lifetimes manifest. These are times of optimism and positivism because negativity now is in a second place and not the dominating factor as it had been until recently. Each and every one of you receives the Divine Grace that the Infinite Father is descending indiscriminately in these New Times so that your hearts can glow with the original light of love, wisdom, harmony and peace. All these spiritual values are the intrinsic essence of the Spiritual Self and as such always yearns and seeks to put them in practice knowing that in this way the Infinite Creator will spread His unconditional Grace of infinite Love, comprehension and compassion in the Spiritual Self’s heart.

We remind you, once again, that our spaceships and patrol commandos are always alert and our planetary activation teams are efficiently working in a coordinating way so that Eden or Terrestrial Paradise can once more return with all its splendor and absolute magnificence. The count down has started and nothing or no one can stop that which has been sanctioned by the most Elevated Kingdom of Cosmic Light. The Sacred Fathers of the Universe have given their special blessing and the planetary agreements have been accorded without possibility of being revoked. The gates of the Great Cosmic Council have been opened and their verdict proclaimed and the order given of Restitution, Renovation and Implanting the Christic Aquarian Values. All the great spiritual brotherhoods of the galaxy and of the universe have been summoned for the great event that is taking place on your planet within the quadrant of the galaxy that we supervise. The trumpets of the worlds of Cosmic Law and Justice have begun to sound with great clamor, jubilee, harmony and happiness. Beloved Brothers and Sisters of the Cosmos: The Crucial and much waited Hour has come in which the Angelic legions and the incontestable Divine Power will emerge with force, victory and love in the new planetary scene. Millions of cosmic beings are unfolding their power so that the new vibratory transition will be a success and so it will be!

The only thing left for me to say in the name of the Great Spiritual Patriarchs of the Universe is that you are all invited to participate and that you are all known and loved by us all. We know perfectly well who you are and when the time comes we will demonstrate it because it has been established as such and the One Without Beginning has deposited all His love, compassion and comprehension in you. We are mere instruments that express His creative power and harmonious force of spiritual-energetic compression and as such we serve as a unified whole in the worlds of rectification that make up the cosmic machine.

Without anything else I bid you all adieu, your friend and brother of the universe Ashtar Sheran and greetings from all the members of the Intergalactic Confederation from the spaceship Olympia.

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