An Interview with Mr. X

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An Interview with Mr. X
Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy
July 14, 2006

First published in this website on August 13, 2006.  Taken from:  Published in Project Camelot on August 7, 2006.

Mr. X’s written answers were in response to questions posed by Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy. Where his responses are in purple italics, this denotes his current personal opinion as opposed to information he is now reporting, recalled from what he read or saw in his archivist’s work over twenty years ago.

What are you willing to share about yourself and your background?

I am in my mid-40s and live on the west coast. I have been in on the west coast most of my life, although I was not born here. I was an honor student in high school and editor of my yearbook. I am very mathematically inclined and scored 798 out of 800 on my math SAT test and was evaluated with an IQ of 165. I have an AA degree in psychology. I am very happily married. I have been in the field of graphic arts my entire life. I have been interested in UFOs and extraterrestrial life since I can remember.

I have had one sighting of an UFO aboard a fishing boat leaving the San Diego harbor, although I wish I would have many more. This sighting was of a silent craft, maybe 60 feet in diameter. It was covered with green lights all around and flew silently by at about 100 feet altitude over the San Diego harbor. No one else on the boat saw it, even though there were others on the deck at the time. I asked several others….."Did you see that?!" Their reply was, "See what?"

I am by no means an expert. I am just telling my experience. I have had a feeling about 2011 and 2012 since I was young. I even contemplated writing my own version of a book of truth long before I was involved in this project. I had concrete thoughts and beliefs about why we were here and how we got here. I could not believe what I was being taught in Sunday School. I thought, "If this is what life is about, why are we even here? This can’t be the truth about life…."

Can you tell us anything about the kind of company you worked for?

All I can say is that it was aerospace. A large company at the time.

How did you come to be involved in the archiving job? When was this, and how old were you at the time?

I was about 24 or 25 at the time. This assignment took place in the mid-1980s.

All of the production personnel in my department were asked if they wanted to volunteer for some "special work that would take about 6 months". Several of us (I recall 5 or 6 out of the 30 or so) responded Yes to the question. We didn’t hear any more about it for about a month, then two of us were selected for the project. I was talked to by personnel that were not from my department and given instructions by them. They did not have the usual badge that was required for employment where I worked. I was never briefed or debriefed with anyone else, including the other person that was selected for the work. I never approached that person during or after the assignment about the nature of his/her work on the project. My assignment was never talked about to that person or any of my managers or co-workers. My managers and higher-ups never questioned me about the assignment or the duties I performed during the time I was on the special assignment. It was as if I took a leave of absence from my department and returned about 6 months later. It was rather odd that no one in my department asked me where I was. It was as if they were told not to ask.

What was your reaction upon realizing what it was you were being asked to do?

I was never really told the exact nature of what I was to be doing. I was told of the importance of security. It wasn’t until I started work that I realized just what I was doing. I had many feelings at that time. First and foremost, I was finally satisfied knowing that my beliefs were validated. I was overjoyed at that. I have always had a feeling that life was more than the church wanted me to believe. I felt that my life had purpose, that life on Earth had a bigger purpose and a bigger history. I felt secure in knowing that my beliefs were the TRUTH. Secondly, I felt privileged to be able to do such work. I was also a bit scared, being told about security from day to day. I did discuss my work with some very close friends, but none that worked with me. I also started reading all the UFO material I could get my hands on. It just solidified my satisfaction with knowing that I was in line with the truth about life. The literature I read, however, didn’t always jive with the material I saw.

Some correlative literature that I read that did jive with what I was assigned to file: Majestic by Whitley Streiber, Hangar 18 (the movie), Starseed Messages (the author escapes me right now), various lectures I attended in the mid-1980s through the early 1990s.

What conditions were you working in? What was the nature of the security? Can you describe a typical day? What were the routines and procedures you were required to follow?

I worked in a vault. It was not underground, it was on the third or fourth floor, I can’t quite remember. I reported to the front desk, signed in, and went to work. At the end of the day, I was searched, and signed out. I was told of the importance of security at least twice a week, usually upon leaving the room.

A typical day was reporting to my desk in a room that no-one else was allowed in except those that brought my work. I received a bag of materials, almost always documents, and most of them sealed. This was given to me by a person that was not allowed to open the bag. The bags were usually canvas and very heavy and thick. I signed for it and the delivery person left the room. I did receive some film cans, video cassettes (very large ones), and various other materials. I had bins that had a triple lock on them that I was to file these materials into.

When I needed water or a restroom break, I called the front desk, locked up all of the materials in my possession, and got an escort to the restroom or water fountain. I was not permitted to leave the "complex" until the end of my shift. Of my eight hours each day working, I spent about six actually filing. The other hours were spent signing in and out, signing for materials delivered and signing out materials to leave my room in boxes. I also had a lunch break for an hour, and food was brought to me to eat in my room. I did not eat with the others on this assignment. I do not know how many were doing the same thing. I just did my job and went home.

What kind of security clearance were you required to have? What non-disclosure documents were you required to sign? Did they have a limited duration of validity, or were they applicable for the duration of your lifetime?

I only had a Secret clearance, with a few extras attached for other projects I was working on during my duration with the company I worked for. I never had Top Secret, although there were a few in my department at my regular job who did. As far as non-disclosure documents, I only signed two official documents. One at the beginning and one at the end of the assignment. There was no mention of duration on either documents to the best of my recollection.

Can you tell us about your supervisors on the job? What were they like? Did they know what you were dealing with? Did they have higher clearances than yours?

The supervisors were plain clothes types. Very secretive. No badges that I could recognize as being from the company I worked for. I had no idea what clearance they had, but obviously higher than I did. They did not come into my room when I performed my duties. No one else did.

Who were the senior executives in the aerospace company at the time? Do you think they knew what you were doing?

I won’t give names, but I do not believe that they knew of the nature of my work. I guess it was contract type work where they just occupied part of the building that was usually used by the company I worked for. Only I knew what I was seeing.

How did the work you were doing affect the overall mission of the company?

I don’t think it did at all. We did work on Star Wars technology and other Secret and Top Secret projects, but I was not aware that what I did had anything to do with that. Some of the material I looked at was generated by the company I worked for, though.

Were they reverse-engineering spacecraft or producing any other technological innovations via alien technology? Since you left, have you seen their latest products? If so, does there appear to be any link to alien technology?

I was not aware of any reverse engineering taking place at the company I worked for. I just had a Secret clearance, though. There were many there that held Top Secret and above, and would have seen that kind of activity. I don’t know if it happened or not, I just didn’t see it.

How long did you do this job for? Do you know why the project ended? What work did you do after that?

The assignment was for about six months, give or take a few weeks. It has been so long I really do not have accurate recollection of the length of time on this assignment. I don’t know if the project ended or not. I just know I was no longer asked to perform duties related to it. I resumed my regular duties after the assignment ended, just like it never happened, and no mention of it after that date.

Can you describe what material you saw and handled? What eras were the documents and materials from? What locations?

Reports, photos, media materials (tapes, films, video cassettes) and material from crashed saucers.

The photographs were of sightings. Close-up photographs of saucer shaped crafts. Hundreds of these. Some from space missions labeled NASA and NORAD. Old black and white ones and color ones. Some of ships emerging from (or entering into) water with no splash. Some with military men looking at them in the same pictures. Some cigar-shaped crafts. Some that looked like beams or bars. Most sort of blurry, but some with detail. Most detail shots had ships with no seams or windows. Some with lights and some with no lights. Some in daytime and some at night. Some pictures had crafts at a distance in formation. I could not recognize the scenery in shots that had scenery. I was by no means informed about the world of UFOs at the time.

Then there were documents. Most of them sealed, of course. Labeling included Secret, Top Secret, Top Secret Eyes Only, Confidential, and Unclassified. Some had markings of MJ-12 and MAJIC or Majestic. These were old from the late 1940s and typewritten with rubber stamps for the security markings. A couple even bore Truman’s signature. Others were signed by military officials that I didn’t recognize at the time. Most of the documents I received were report forms dictated by civilians and typed by research officials. These were labeled unclassified. The forms had no conclusion to the investigation of the sightings they reported, just the facts as told by civilians.

Some documents referred to material recovered at Roswell such as media disks (called something else, but I can’t remember). They reported the contents of these disks such as views of star clusters and planets from unknown positions in space. They also indicated landing zones here on Earth. Most of these were nuclear facilities. Remember, this stuff was recovered in 1947, the birth of nuclear weapons development. They contained, as reported, aerial views of weapons facilities and silos where the warheads were stored. Sort of like a photo library of sorts, with symbols on the photos, the same symbols that were found aboard the craft and in the reported Yellow and Blue books.

Other documents referred to metal material that had extremely strong tensile strength. This material resembled "chrome-like foil." It could be crushed easily, but would return to a flat shape and have no creases. It could not be torn, although a nail could be driven through it.

Other documents told of alien biology. They explained that the blood of the aliens recovered had chlorophyll in it and it was probably used for a sort or photosynthesis. Their esophagus came to a point inside their chest, going nowhere. No stomach, but mention of a pancreas that functioned very differently than ours. The appendix was also mentioned, theirs having a purpose more complex than ours.

There was mention of a live alien recovered at the crash, but no mention as to where it was taken or what was done with it. No mention of where the craft parts were taken, either. Just mention of the items they found, including a big chunk of the ship still intact.

There was also some packages that were sealed that I believe contained parts, but I would be speculating as to what the contents were since they were sealed. I did get to see some of the foil mentioned, although a very small piece. I crushed it and it sprung back. The bulky packages were very light for their size. All of them were that way. It could have been mostly padding, but they were extremely light for their size. I could feel hard items inside, some of considerable size. I saw one piece of I-beam material with symbols on it. It was about 5 inches long and 1 inch thick, with no burn marks on it at all. It sounded like plastic when banged (gently) on the side of my desk. I could not scratch it. It was very exciting holding it. I thought to myself, "This is from another planet in another solar system, and I get to touch it!" I felt privileged.

There was several mentions of Zeta Reticuli in the documents about Roswell. I did recognize that from the Betty and Barney Hill story. There were some star maps, but I could not read them. There were also diagrams of the inside of the ship, including panel diagrams, electrical device diagrams and ship compartment diagrams. All of these were sketches. I also saw several pictures of dead and cut-up aliens. I would assume that these were autopsy pictures. There were also some film canisters (16mm size) that contained films. These were sealed except for one. I opened it quickly and looked at the images on the first few frames. The image was just words saying "Autopsy 3." I did not have a means of viewing it, so I put it away. There were no classification markings at all on the film cans.

There were also prints of some sort that seemed to be "screen dumps" of radar tracks. I only saw these one day, but there were quite a few of them. Some of the blips on the papers were circled and labeled "U" or "UFO", and some were several pages with time stamps on them. The stamps were like rubber stamps or stamps made by a time clock. That about sums it up.

Do you have any idea where the material came from, or where it all went to after passing through your hands?

The materials came from everywhere. CIA, Air Force, Navy, Army, DARPA, NORAD, DoD, FBI, and government officials to name most.

I have no idea where it went, but I am inclined to think it ended up in some secret warehouse on a base such as White Sands or Edwards or even Area 51. I think I was one of a few people that were organizing data and other materials for analysis by people in the know at that time. See more below, where I offer my analysis of what I was actually doing.

It was odd how I had to file things. Sometimes it was by type of materials (official letters, films, reports, civilian photos, military photos, NASA photos, etc.). Other times it was by year, and everything in a certain time period was to be put in a single file, no matter what it was. The materials were put into boxes that were clearly labeled as to the category (such as "1950-1955" or "documents" or even "other media"). There were NO classification markings on the bags I received or the boxes that went out. The bags were either white (very soiled, I might add) or army green or khaki. I may have run across a few black ones as well. They all had at least two padlocks on them with long-winded combinations, which, I might add, were to be locked into the bags upon completion. Odd that the combos were locked in the bags after I was done. I received the combos at the front desk along with a list of serials for the locks. I had to look at the locks to be able to find the correct combination to open them. The locks were VERY difficult to open.

Please tell us – from the documents you read – about the most important aspects of the UFO/ET story.

Well, this will be a mixture of what I saw and the conclusions I have drawn from it. According to documents, they have been visiting Earth for over 50,000 years. They claim to have created the human as we are today by breeding with earlier versions of homo sapiens that were here before us. In other words, they are the missing link.

They also claim to have created our prophets to come and teach spirituality. The message of various religions have distorted the teachings of these prophets to be little more than a control device for the masses.

Documents told of more than 50 races of them, but the Roswell ones are the ones that make the aforementioned claims. They also claim to be created by a race of tall and skinny orange colored beings about 7 to 8 feet tall. They claim that there purpose is to spread life throughout the universe, and that there are many planets like ours with creatures that can be crossbred or lab-created to inhabit those planets.

I saw no documents that mentioned an alien agenda. The only documents that mentioned our relationship with them stated that we were still questioning why they came here and what they were doing. There were several documents that mentioned the unknown capabilities of the aliens and stating that their capability could be a threat to national security. There was also mention of "foo fighters" being an unknown type of aircraft possibly from one of our adversaries.

No mention of stargates or other time portals of any kind. Most of what I saw about the aliens was from the late 40s.

Project names and codes that I can remember…..MAJIC, MJ-12, Bluebook, Majestic and I believe a project with "shine" in its name. I saw very few project documents. Most of what I saw were first-hand reports of sightings from military and civilian persons.

Nothing about them being from our future, nothing about time travel, and nothing about them being hostile or benign. Just fears of what to do in case they are hostile in the form of questions.

The only locations I can remember are White Sands and Roswell.

Was there any material you handled but were unable to view? If so, do you have any idea what was it was?

Yes, most of what I handled was sealed. I was instructed to leave things that were sealed alone. I would say only 5% of the materials was not sealed or packaged in some way. Most of the sealed things were documents in envelopes. Some were packages and some were boxes, although the largest of the things I handled were those cumbersome video cassettes. Some of the cassettes weighed over 5 pounds and were sealed in metal crates or boxes. Some of the bags I received were in excess of 50 pounds. I saw a particular type of package on a few occasions that was just labeled "craft materials". Usually those packages were sealed and had some bulk to them. Several of them had disks in them the size of today’s CDs or DVDs. One was open and I looked at the disks. They were silver like our DVDs and had a rainbow appearance to them, although they looked to be completely of metal and much lighter than our disks. They just had numbers on them and locations likeRoswell and Los Alamos or the words "Upper" and "Lower" on their sleeves. The sleeves were made here out of paper. Possibly the location in the crashed disk where they were found, such as upper or lower deck locations. Just a guess on my part. They were always the same size, about 5 inches in diameter and silver, every one of them.

What was the total volume of material you handled throughout the duration of the project?

I would say I filed and categorized hundreds of pounds of material. At least 150 bags, given the minimum of one a day for 6 months. Some days I would go through 5 or even more, depending on the amount of items in them.

What were some of the most interesting things you viewed or handled?

The disks mentioned above and the documents about them. They told of landing in the very near future (2011-2012) and intervening in nuclear conflicts. The documents explained that the disks were viewed either on the ship itself or in a laboratory on a device from the ship. They also contained symbols that flashed across the screen that were not understood. This was mentioned along with a plan to try to decipher the symbols. They were the same or similar symbols that were found on some of the I-beams and other pieces that were found at the crash sites according to the documents.

Another very interesting part of my fact-filing mission was the material on the biology of the spirit or soul and the material on the history of man, including the mention of a Red, Yellow and Blue book. Not Project Bluebook, but a Blue book. The documentation on the ETs’ science and beliefs relating to biological bodies was at the least fascinating.

The fact that they do not eat and have chlorophyll in their blood is a tough scenario to swallow, but given the next logical step in evolution, it could very well be a benefit. Imagine not having to grow food and taking nutrients from a sun (or suns) and gathering minerals and material from the atmosphere. Obviously a step toward "pure being" instead of spending our waking hours doing things to nourish and maintain our biological shells. The science of the soul and laboratory generated bodies along with the ability to switch to a new shell when needed is a fascinating concept.

We still forget when we die, and they don’t. They do not regard their bodies as sacred or a possession like most human societies do. They do not understand our preservation of self since they really don’t have a self. At least if they lose theirs, they can get a new one and no harm done. They regard our spirit or soul as equal to theirs. In fact, it is indicated in several documents that according to them, our spirit is the same as theirs. We just have more physical attachment to our bodies than they do. They also have been noted as saying that we choose to remain as Earth beings and come back life after life because we know our path and that is where we are supposed to be.


What kind of atmosphere did you work in? How did your co-workers respond to the "hot" material you were handling? How was your Secret clearance regarded among your co-workers? Did you work with anyone you knew was doing a similar job? If so, do you know who they were? Are you in touch with any of them now?

Only one other person in my department was chosen by the same people. I do not know what he/she did. I never saw them on assignment. My co-workers were not jealous of my Secret clearance, because they all had the same thing. It was required for my line of work. I will not divulge the identity of the other person chosen; that is up to him/her.

Do you have any unusual dreams, missing time, or feel at times you are "being led" in one direction or another in your life?

No, I experience none of the above. I do, however, feel that one of my purposes in life is to make others aware of the extraterrestrial presence in the universe and here on Earth.

I do have an unusual amount of ocean-related dreams, though. There are 8-10 places I dream of, and I revisit them from time to time in my dreams. My ocean dreams are always peaceful. The places in my dreams do not exist to the best of my knowledge. In most, the physical makeup of these places are impossible on earth. It’s no wonder I love the ocean. I always have.

Have you ever been called in for a psych evaluation either on that job or afterward?

No, I have not. I was evaluated before taking my job at the company (and considered normal) but have not been evaluated since. I live a fairly normal life, except for knowing what I know, but I believe that is "the norm" too.

Have you had the same physician since that time?

Yes, I have.

Are there any indications that the intelligence agencies or military are currently aware of who you are, or want to stop you from telling the story of your experience?

Not that I know of. There are some that are probing around, but that’s about it. Someone said that they knew who I was and have spoken to me, but that is just not true. I have never spoken to that particular person making that claim. The only people I have formally spoken to are Jerry Pippin, Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy.

I think that there are many more people out there that know and DO more than me. There are others in high ranking jobs and positions that have much more access to what is going on today. I left the assignment in the mid 1980s, and I am just a civilian. I have never served in the military nor do I have a police record (that I know of). I would like to think the government is more interested in preventing terrorism than what I have to say. I’m a nobody.

Do you sometimes wonder if you are being watched or followed? Do you have any old acquaintances from those days that you see from time to time? Do friends or family know your secret?

I don’t wonder that at all. I do not see any of my past co-workers nor am I in touch with them. And yes, several of my family members and a select few others know of what I have done and seen.

An interesting side note: There are plenty of people that ask if I believe in UFOs and ETs. When asked if I believe, I reply, "I don’t believe, I know." 99% of those people start arguing that what I have seen with my own eyes doesn’t exist.

It’s a lonely place to be. Being denied your own experiences by others.

I have no proof, nor do I need any. Most people, if offered truth and proof right in their face would have some argument against it. It would be "fake" or (my favorite) "Photoshopped." The subject of ufology is poisoned with skepticism and jealousy because of plants of disinformation. Just look at the forums out there. They sound like immature kids fighting one another because….well, I don’t even know the reason. Nor do I care. I know what I saw. I know what I know.

Do you ever feel you may have some submerged memories that might be assisted via hypnosis? Have you ever gone to a hypnotist or regressive therapist to access memories about this time about things you might have seen but don’t recall?

No, I have not done that, nor do I feel the need to. I am satisfied with the knowledge that I have, and that others like me have also. I want to help in what ways I can to further humanity’s growth to a more peaceful and aware future, but I do not want to go through hypnosis.

What do you think happened to the material after it left your hands? Do you have any idea where it might have gone?

Most likely to a warehouse to be studied or securely stored. I just know it was gone the next day I reported for my assignment. I did not see who took it or what kind of vehicle it was put into or even if it was taken off premises.

Is there anything about what you came across that you are not telling – keeping to yourself because it might be considered too outrageous, might reveal something about you, or might be valuable in case of emergency?

No, there is not. It’s really no big secret. Lots of people are coming forward with the same sort of information. I might add: there was some woman that made a comment to Jerry Pippin about me being a "fake" because all the stuff I talk about is on various internet sites. My reply to her: Maybe it’s on the internet because so many like me have experienced it.

And there are lots of us. We all have the same sort of story. We have no proof. We are ridiculed. We are denied that we experienced what we experienced. We are crazy, nutcases, insane, kooks….the list goes on and on. There are some in the know that like it that way. PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY. That is what it’s about. Well, we have about six years until everyone will know. The answers will be clear. The truth will be known, and the liars exposed. I just want to help. I applaud all who are out there being honest with their testimony.

Is there anything else we’ve not asked which you’d like to enlarge on?

Yes: my analysis of what my purpose was.

My conclusion on why I did what I did is this. I believe that I was organizing FACTUAL information only. I filed sighting reports by both the military and civilians. I filed thousands of photos, from all branches of the military, military and defense contractors, civilians, and from NASA space missions. I filed weaponry reports from the military from the 1930s up to the present at that time.

What I did not handle was paperwork or any other matters for alleged projects of cooperation with EBEs or races from other planets. I read memos, but only reporting memos with information on sightings and encounters, not on speculation of their purpose or our government’s involvement with them. All the documents and photos and reports and parts from the Roswell craft were FACTUAL.

I just gathered and organized information. I think my purpose was to aid those in speculating and understanding the material gathered and to give those specialists an opportunity to learn from the material I gathered because it was organized. I helped our government to research by organizing the material to be gone through.

That is the only reason why I think I got any access to this material at all. I could recognize security markings since I was in the graphics department and knew the rules pertaining to that. I could easily separate things into categories because part of my regular duties was to file things in my department. We all had to. That is why they asked us to volunteer in the first place. We were already experts on the purpose of the assignment.

They just needed experts in documentation to organize and classify data, and that’s what we did.


Why did you wait so long before coming forward to tell your story?

I think the answer is obvious, but since so many are coming forward, I decided to do my part in bringing the truth to the public. Others have made far more spectacular claims in their stories. I am NOT passing judgment on anybody else’s claims. My material is down-to-earth relative to others’ testimony.

I do believe that others’ testimony and stories add to my knowledge because I have had only a slice of the big picture. I believe I was there to gather and arrange the facts and not the speculation, but for the purpose of later speculation and analysis.

What kind of response have you had so far from the public?

This is a tough question because the answer is wide-ranging. For the most part, I have had positive reaction to my initial interviews. There are some that have misunderstood me and think that when I said that there will be many deaths in the years 2011 and 2012, that I meant at the hands of ETs. This is not what I said or what I meant. The deaths will be attributed to war, natural disasters, and panic.

There will be a mass of information released that will shatter most of our core beliefs. Some will panic because their belief system will be shattered. Some will be angry because they have been lied to for so long. Some will think that the end of the world is here. Most will be confused at best about religious issues, since the truth will be told and that truth will shatter ALL religious beliefs. We will learn the true history of man through the ETs and the powers that be. It is inevitable. If the world stays on the track it is on – and I see no reason for it to change! – we will have to be shown the truth. And if those who run the world do not do it, the ETs will.

How has working with this material hands-on changed your worldview? Do you have a different point of view of the future due to the things you have seen?

This is the big one for me.

Yes, my worldview is changed. But my worldview isn’t that different than it was before the assignment. I always knew something was not right. Why spend your life struggling to keep a shell alive? That is all we do. Think about it. We work for money. Money for shelter and food and fuel to keep our biological shell alive. We use the fuel to do more work to get more money, and to go and get food, which we spend at least 1/20 of our life eating. We sleep 1/3 of our lives to revitalize this shell. Those of us who are lucky enough to make more than we need can enjoy some pleasure, but for the most part, we all work to live.

ETs do not have a monetary system. We shouldn’t either. I would be glad to do my job 8 hours a day for a simple life and transportation to get me to where I need to get to do my job to provide for others. I do not like being controlled by oil or anything else, nor do I like having to destroy the atmosphere to get from point A to point B. We have the technology to provide free energy to the entire world in our hands…….just think about it. What a disservice to the citizens of the globe. Same with religion…’s all to control us and make us believe we are weaker than we are and have less choices than we do. And that’s all religion. I side with NONE.

I believe that the ETs will try to lead us out of the mess we are currently in. I think it’s happening already. 2012 is not that far off. We are fighting over what are billed as "religious" and "holy" wars. The earth belongs to nobody, and if we don’t take care of it and ourselves as a whole species, we will not survive. That I guarantee. We will not be able to explore all the other worlds that are out there just waiting for us to visit.

The most important thing we can do as a species is to become more spiritually connected with our surroundings. We are powerful beings. We use less than 10 percent of our brains. The other 90% is there for a reason. We need to use it.

I think we are going to have a hard time adjusting to knowing our true history, but in the end, we will be better for it. The universe will be ours, as it is for other beings. We will then learn to spread life through the universe like our ET fathers and mothers did for us to exist. We will meet the tall orange beings that created our ET fathers and mothers, and we will learn from them.

We will see beautiful planets with unusual life on them. We will understand the secrets for generating civilizations where there are none. We will be looked at as gods by other civilizations. In reality, we already are, we just don’t know it or act like it. We have a lot to learn before we go on that adventure.


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