Opening the Door to Truth

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Opening the Door to Truth

Ceres Anthonious «Toniose» Soltec

 Ceres Anthonious «Toniose» Soltec is a geophysicist with the Galactic Federation in charge of studying and assisting Earth changes in these times. Unknown channel.

September 28, 2002
Taken from: www.wisdomoftherays.comPublished in this website on June 13, 2007

Good evening, my friend. It is I, Ceres Anthonious «Toniose» Soltec, come in the Radiant One Light of Creator Source. Be still and allow the message to unfold.

There are many changes taking place at this time and many opportunities opening for getting Truth heard. There is a great battle going on within many of the world’s political leaders as they are finding it harder and harder to «stomach» the blatant lies and the consequences of their silence.

Most of the political figureheads in your world have been «bought and paid for» and their obedience is expected. However, many of these ones still have a conscience. While they may not mind a few people getting «stepped» on, when it comes to mass genocide, these same ones begin to stir inside as they consider actions that go completely against what their inner God-self knows to be right.

Being an instrumental part of enslaving the masses of an entire world will only serve to ensure that these ones return again to balance out the karmic conditions. Many of these same political figureheads are here to try to «get it right» this time. Though many will surely fail to do so, there are some who are paying attention to the inner stirrings of their conscience and truly want to do the right thing. None of these ones are perfect, but sometimes ones can choose the «lesser of two evils».

The global elite controllers—those who give instructions to public figureheads whom they have put into leadership positions—are NOT united on how exactly to proceed with the next phase of their depopulation agenda. This lack of unity is causing the presently observed «hesitation» as mixed signals are being given to the political figureheads.
This hesitation is causing ego flair-ups and in-fighting as the would-be rulers of your world each begin to maneuver for greater control and influence, with each desiring to ultimately become the one «king» of the world.

Most of the world’s political figureheads believe themselves to be important and powerful people. But in fact, they are simple pawns being manipulated and maneuvered while being allowed to believe they are «key» players with great significance. If these ones were to stray too far from their appointed tasks, they would surely meet with an untimely death, and another would step in to fill their shoes—as happened with President Kennedy in 1963.

The majority of the public leaders have, in essence, sold their souls in order to gain the positions they now hold. The price these ones pay is to follow the agenda of those ones who put them in office. Many of these pawns never dreamed that their servitude would include creating situations that would result in sending millions to their death. And yet the choices and actions these pawns are being forced to carry out are designed to create these very situations.

What can you, the average person, do about this sort of insanity?

First and foremost you can get educated so as to be able to recognize the code that these ones use to communicate their agenda via the mass media. To do this you will need to learn to recognize not only what is NOT being talked about, but also what is being presented—and usually take the exact opposite as truth.

We of the Lighted Realms have been urging you ones to go within and develop your own inner intuition for many years now. For those of you who have recognized the importance of doing so, and have followed our suggestions, you will find it much easier to decipher the «code» of the mass media, and will recognize when «sources say…» usually means: «What follows is at best half truth, and is most certainly being stated in a way to divert attention from something else of greater importance.»

Your intuition will help you to see what is truly going on. This is, in essence, learning to operate outside the manipulation and mass mind-control machinery.

Next we of the Lighted Realms would suggest you learn to truly trust your «gut» feelings. If you are being told to change physical location, then perhaps it is time to act. If you take action, and the timing is right, «doors» will open for you, and you will find that there will be an element of synchronicity that tells you that you are indeed on the right track given your current situation.

Perhaps you are in a position to share what you know with someone of public influence. If you are well educated in your understanding, you will be able to present the information in a most convincing manner when the time is right. However, if you take rambling action in a state of emotional reaction, your argument will likely fall on deaf ears. Passion for Truth is not enough to break the mind control now in place on the masses. You must make inroads using logic and reason and physical proof that will then overwhelm the conditioned state of skepticism.

Getting people to think for themselves and to stop accepting everything they are told on the evening news as gospel truth is perhaps the greatest thing you can hope to accomplish. Getting people to start questioning for themselves is no easy task.

Most ones are simply trying to maintain a certain level of comfort as they pursue their ever-coveted «retirement» so that they can then start enjoying «the rest of their life». Such an out-of-balance material focus itself generates many challenges to deal with—especially as your stock markets continue to collapse and massive corporate fraud is further exposed.

Most ones you will encounter will NOT be able to handle the «big picture» of what is going on. You will find it more productive, for the most part, if you can find a topic of interest that they can handle—such as vaccinations or environmental genocide or drugging of children, fluoride in the water, the latest virus scare such as smallpox, maybe free-energy technologies, or anything that might come up that they are already questioning. If you can get ones to question just one subject—and get them to see for themselves that there are ones who would stand to lose great amounts of money if things such as free-energy devices were allowed, or if people stopped getting sick from the countless food additives, or if the rain forests stopped getting decimated—then you will have ignited the «spark of Light» that begins their Awakening.

Once you can get the average person to see that there are ones who don’t care who they hurt as long as they make money, and you can show them that this mentality is indeed a FACT, then you have opened their eyes a bit and taken a fundamental step toward breaking the grip of the mind-control that is otherwise firmly in place and constantly reinforced by such as the media. If this first step can be accomplished, the person will never be able to go completely back to sleep, and will eventually begin to see that this sort of greed mentality is a common trait among the most «successful» people on the world stage.

These same super-wealthy individuals and families are the ones who ultimately buy and/or blackmail politicians. They are also the ones who see the «need» to rid the planet of the billions of «useless eaters and consumers of natural resources» as they put it. In essence these ones blame you, the common people of the world, for consuming resources associated with the materialism mentality that these same super-wealthy ones created and wish to control.

As the world population grows, so too does the stress on the planet grow. If your world leaders would have chosen to utilize the many free-energy devices offered since the early 1900s, your world would be in a position to irrigate the very fertile desert areas of the world. There would not be the environmental devastation that now exists.

You would be well on your way to colonizing neighboring planets—which would have lowered your planetary population and provided quite a positive educational experience. Most on your planet currently have no idea what is «out there» within the Grand Design of the larger galactic community.

And due to the new fundamental scientific insights which would be stimulated by a more open acceptance of free-energy devices, you would be well on your way to utilizing many other «advanced» technologies that would have naturally evolved—and that would have led to an even greater understanding of the true nature of your spiritual side.

However, choices were made by your forefathers (who, for the most part, are back in the physical now, in order to experience the consequences of their choices) that you must now deal with. The super-wealthy ones know that their precious oil will not last very much longer, and are starting to allow alternative energy sources to be developed. These are mostly the sources that they can control and continue to make money from.

These super-greedy individuals believe they can always keep the masses dumb to their ways, but they in fact err greatly in this assumption. There are many ones who continually seek to free the masses from their mental prisons. These ones will ultimately win the war, for ignorance quickly fades in the face of Truth. Once someone sees The Truth, they are not as likely to get sucked back into the illusion as deeply—if at all.

Your world will continue to be challenged by the inaction of the masses. Those who are presently in control of the destiny of your planet are a relatively small few, and though they believe that they are acting in the best interests of the planet as a whole, they are not, for they continually act without compassion for the fellow inhabitants of the world—and therein lies their greatest error in judgment and reasoning.

As you each bear witness to the consequences of the directions of the insane few who control your world, you will see, with an ever increasing magnitude, the insanity that is behind these so-called educated beings. These ones will continue to escalate war, violence, and terrorism, in a calculated manner, so as to desensitize people from recognizing the horrific sickness in the minds of those behind such choices and decisions.

Their plans WILL FAIL—for all plans that do not include the balance of Creator God will not persist in any enduring manner. The masses will call-out like never before in the history of your world for God to come and help stop the insanity. This cry will NOT go un-answered.

Furthermore, the conditions are such on your planet that Mother Earth herself will not allow much more of the infestation of negative, out-of-balance conditions to persist. The consciousness of the Mother Earth planetary being is expanding, and many of her latent abilities are beginning to manifest and mature. Much like you ones, she too has opportunity to explore and expand her consciousness, and thus take greater responsibility for her own destiny.

She has most certainly chosen life, and will not allow for the destruction or decimation of her life-giving physical body. She will begin shifting her waters as well as her land masses in an effort to rid herself of the infestation—just like a dog would effort to shake-off pesky fleas. Even the deepest of the «secure» bunkers that the elite world controllers have prepared for themselves will not survive as she more deliberately focuses healing energies toward those who cause these out-of-balance conditions to persist.

Dear ones, we of the Lighted Realms have come to assist ALL ones—not just the few human incarnations who seek our assistance. ALLLIFE is cherished by Creator, and destruction of your world is not to be. However, cleansing and healing of the planet will only be possible by getting rid of the pilfering mentality of those who, in all their so-called wisdom, do not see that they are destroying the entire planet.

Newness and Rebirth will come, and Radiance will be restored to your world. The process will be swift in terms of geological cycles. For those of you who live but a short time-span, the process may seem to be without end.

Remember, always, that you are an infinite spiritual entity who is currently experiencing in and through a physical body. If your body perishes (like an old automobile), it is not the end of you (the driver). It is merely the end of your current incarnation. You will surely have more in the future, and you will choose the situation you will enter fully knowing what potential challenges will come your way. None are ever forced to incarnate, and though, from your current perspective and viewpoint, you may believe that you would have NEVER chosen such a physical existence as now for yourself, knowing that such atrocities were possible, be assured, please, that you DID KNOW, and it was with great compassion for the many fellow travelers that you chose to expose yourself to the many challenges your current environment has to offer.

You are NEVER given more than you can handle. Keep Creator God in all your plans and planning, and you will find your way through the challenging times ahead—as well as serve as a Beacon of Light that may assist others if they so choose.

I am Ceres Anthonious «Toniose» Soltec, come in the One Light of Creator Source as a Guide, Host, and Friend to you and your world. Your world is in great need of the Light YOU possess. May you always endeavor to allow your Light to shine forth brightly and courageously.

Blessings and Peace to you all. Salu.

The Nature of the "Beast" and the Game It Plays

Ceres Anthonious «Toniose» Soltec

 Ceres Anthonious «Toniose» Soltec is a geophysicist with the Galactic Federation in charge of studying and assisting Earth changes in these times. Unknown channel.

September 29, 2001
Taken from: www.wisdomoftherays.comPublished in this website on July 14, 2007.

Good evening, my friend. It is I, Ceres Anthonious «Toniose» Soltec, come in the One Light of Creator Source. Thank you for sitting this day, for I too have a message I would like to share.

In light of recent events [what unfolded on 9/11/01 and thereafter], many ones are looking toward this source for insights and guidance concerning what they are feeling within. Many ones are having a «bad» feeling associated with the recent tragic events.

Please remember that you are all given free-will choice to do what you think is best for you. Often the decisions of a small few can and do change the course of history of your world.

What many of you are feeling within are inner stirrings of premonition or recognition that something very big has been put into motion, and that the energy about to manifest in the physical domain will have a momentum that will cause great shifts in the lives of all ones on the planet.

Most do not understand exactly why it is that they are having difficulty sleeping, or why they are having nightmares of bombs and wars. The fact of the matter is that we of the Higher, Lighted Realms, who interact with you ones as Guides and Angels, are putting great efforts toward helping all ones come to grips with the individual choices and decisions and beliefs that the masses are buying into.

You could say that the conscience is being aroused within, while the lower emotional energies of fear and anger continue to permeate the ethers. We are doing a lot of nighttime «dream work» with ones to help them see that they are allowing conditions to build within that will «blow up» in their face if they don’t get their emotional state back into balance.

There are other factors as well that are affecting the sleep patterns of the masses, such as the HAARP-related technologies that have been cranked up since the plane crash incidents. The reaction of emotional shock provides «cover» for the increased energy bombardment since ones are quick to blame their sleeplessness on the inner emotional shock rather than on the electromagnetic frequencies with which they are being purposely bombarded to maintain a state of mental confusion.

Those actually responsible for what recently happened do not want you to be in a clear enough state of mind to ask questions that might point a finger of suspicion toward them.

Dear friends, please read carefully the front-page story of this issue of TheSPECTRUM for various clues to what is really going on. [Editor’s Note (of Soltec was referring to the October 2001 issue of The SPECTRUM, the very lengthy and detailed front-page story of which was titled The Day the Earth Stood Still: New World Order Thru «Terrorism».] The bigger the lies, the easier it is for these liars to fool the masses, for the average person cannot fathom the depth of insanity that is in power on your planet.

The emotional energies triggered, and subsequently released, as a result of the events of September 11, have been deliberately calculated so as to help generate strong negative emotional responses, and thus create a negative energy atmosphere (and an inter-dimensional portal or vortex of sorts) which allows many a dark entity to gain a foothold and thus subtly influence a large number of people.

The ones who are so influenced are the ones who will not listen to reason, even if you were to show them proof beyond all refute. These are the ones who are calling out for war, and who may be terrorizing, in their own neighborhoods, anyone who even looks like they might be from Afghanistan. In essence, these darkly overshadowed ones have become the very thing they wish to destroy—terrorists.

Why? For most, because of what they have watched and heard on television.

How will these same ones feel when they finally realize that they have been manipulated as fools, and that they played their part without question, let alone conscience?

My friends, your environment is continuing to increase in vibrational frequency. This upward shift is the «Cleansing» prophesized.

There is a very real extra-dimensional Force which knows it will not be able to continue to overshadow and function in the environment that is evolving. This Force is of great analytical intelligence, but lives (by choice) almost devoid of any higher emotions such as Love and Joy. It knows that it must withdraw from your environment, for there will be no «dark shadows» left to hide within, and no one left who will not recognize its presence immediately and see it for what it is.

But, this Force of Darkness does wish to persist for as long as it can, for its perception of self is that of a great and powerful god who struggles to find within itself the means to break free of The One Creator who created it. This struggle is what causes the inner shunning of the higher emotions.

As your environment becomes increasingly more positive (of higher and higher frequency), the manipulations and overshadowments of those in human form become harder to maintain. Thus comes the need for creating conditions that will generate strong negative emotions so as to create a negative (low-frequency) atmosphere that delays the Awakening that is a natural byproduct of the high-frequency environment.

This game of overshadowment is not a new one and the entities who choose this path do so as a means of self discovery without regard for those in human expression who allow the overshadowers into their space. From a much larger perspective than the majority of you would feel comfortable with, these overshadowing entities are as much a part of Creator Source as are you and me. However, their chosen path, from the perspective of the average person, is one of harsh coldness. From their own perspective it is one of extreme use of intelligence without emotional consideration, let alone balance.

In theory these ones are trying to generate conditions that would defy the Positive Energy of Love and allow them to «discover» a way to, in essence, overthrow the thinking of the Divine Mind of Creator Source. The major flaw in their understanding is due to their emotional withdrawal. Creator God is Love, Compassion, and Joy, first and foremost. Therefore, the only way to «overthrow» the Divine Mind (in theory, only) would be to OVERWHELM it with an even greater sense of Love, Compassion, and Joy!

Nevertheless, there still exists this aspect of Creation that is «hell bent» on trying to find another way. The way that is most often tried is to overshadow and control as many individual fragments of The Whole as possible in an attempt to reverse the polarity of God’s thinking.

The biggest problem with this endeavor is that there comes a point wherein such «Dark» ones, with large masses of overshadowed entities under their influence, run into another playing the same game. Both want to be in control of the other, and neither are willing to give-in to assist the realization of the larger goal, for to do so would mean failure to become a god themselves.

Thus the experiment repeats over and over again, wherein nothing is ever really achieved until the point of impasse becomes apparent, and these Dark entities are caused to realize there is only ONE way to achieve the goal—and that is through cooperation, embracing the Oneness that all ones innately seek.

Meanwhile, you ones who have chosen the experience of the physical schoolroom have done so knowing that there would be these kinds of challenges to face, challenges that would cause you to go within and confront the pesky temptations presented by these Darkly-oriented entities of Creation. The majority of ones experiencing in the physical desire peace, beauty, happiness, joy, and love, foremost. Yet there always seems to be a challenge that keeps this from fully being recognized and thus realized.

What is it that you must learn in order to find that lasting balance point wherein a sustained and enduring true happiness is achieved?

For most it is the Inner Knowing and Awareness of exactly who you are and the nature of the game (mentioned above) that is being played. This takes more than being told a generalized story about the game. It takes the active recognition of the inner emotional instances, throughout your experiences, where this Dark influence was ALLOWED to overshadow you.

These would be the times when you allowed yourself to get angry, took deliberate acts to hurt another, allowed yourself to become overwhelmed with fear to a point where you chose to close down emotionally, and all the infinite possible variations where pain or emotional overwhelm were allowed to persist within you.

When you realize that these are instances wherein you have allowed overshadowment of a Dark nature that thrives on the lower emotional states of disconnect from Creator Source, you will then realize the value of the physical schoolroom and eventually choose Love, Compassion, Joy, and Peace over their low-frequency opposites. This will come into balance when you have learned how to observe these things of negative polarity without becoming a part of what you are observing, and thus avoid giving negativity a foothold within you.

This usually comes as a result of diligent effort toward recognizing the various pockets of negativity you hold within you as if they were some valued treasures, never to be released for fear of reliving the pain and releasing same to the «nothingness» it deserves.

Only with clearness of heart and mind can there come the balance you seek.

Allow the events of recent unfolding to serve as a catalyst for you to observe inner emotional stirrings that you may be having in response to the «shock» of it all. These emotions are being triggered for many reasons. Is your reaction anger? What about fear? Are you in a state of «terror»? What exactly are you feeling?

Depending on your answers, you may be given a clue about that which I speak.

For example, if you are feeling anger (the most common response), then how does this anger help you to find balance and peace within? It does so by showing you that you are still susceptible to the outside manipulations of others who have deliberately designed the situation to create the very anger you are feeling!

In moments where you are actually feeling anger, you are diminishing greatly your capacity to stay centered and balanced. Thus you become more disconnected from Higher Source, and thus more susceptible to Dark overshadowment through the low-frequency reactionary responses that well-up from these base emotions.

Where exactly do these reactionary responses well-up or originate from? Could it be that you receive «help» from an entity who thrives on such emotional states, who in your moment of anger matches your vibrational pattern perfectly and thus gives rise to thoughts, actions, and deeds that will only serve to propagate and prolong the negative condition?

Hmmm? Couldn’t happen to you?

My friends, your greatest challenge is to learn to be in the physical world without the need to become part of it. Observe, without losing your inner state of Peace and Knowing, that ALL experience is for a reason and that the ultimate reason is for Growth, Understanding, and a Higher Awareness of self and others. In essence, ALL experience has a positive value when looked at from a large enough perspective.

This subject will not be easy for most to swallow, for the idea that you have been overshadowed from time to time is a bit disconcerting. Keep your spirits HIGH, and keep Love in your heart at all times. Use balance and discernment to KNOW that what you are being told or shown—particularly with respect to recent events unfolding on the world stage—may have little to do with The Truth.

I am Ceres Anthonious «Toniose» Soltec, come in the One Light of Creator Source. Go within; ask for Guidance and Clarification and Assistance as often as you wish. There are myriads of Lighted Wayshowers ready to assist.

Blessings and Peace. Salu.

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