Ashtar: The Imminent Changes

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Ashtar:  The Imminent Changes, I

Ashtar Sheran of the Ashtar Command
November 6, 2005

Spanish telepathic channeling of Ashtar Sheran through Luis Prada, Editor and Publisher of Brother Veritus’ Website.  Channeling in the presence of a group of Lightworkers in San Francisco, California, USA. The original audio was transcribed by Adela Padilla.  Translation of the text from Spanish to English by Luis Prada. Published in this website on August 20, 2006. See also the Second Part of this preparatory series in Ashtar: The Imminent Changes, II.

Audio source.  Spanish channeling in three parts in mp3 format.  Click mouse at the hyperlinks. 
Ashtar:  First Part, Second Part and Third Part.

Part 1

Command Ashtar LogotypeMy Dear Brethren, I am Ashtar of Ashtar Command, member of the Galactic Federation.  Thank you for coming to this appointment.  At this time I am with some of your old friends who also would like to participate in this channeling.

We have seen with great rejoice how the Lightworkers through their visualizations, mantras and group work are sending Light to the planet for the purification of the planetary consciousness.  How they have gathered themselves as a single body and a single soul to produce the changes of consciousness that are required for the transformation of this planet into a planet of Light and to end the dark works of the last cabal of the United States.

I tell you that the steps of political nature that were required to make before NESARA have already been done and now we are ready to step into action with the announcement. The members of the Galactic Federation congratulate the Earth allies and the Lightworkers that tirelessly have struggled for these years to bring to fruition the NESARA program and the political and economic changes needed for the planetary transformation.

Mother Earth is impatient and we must take action within her schedule.  We have great confidence in the combination of efforts of the Lightworkers, the Earth allied forces and the Galactic Federation to get the desired results to introduce the planet and her inhabitants into the Era of Light.  Any of you have questions? You can make them at this time.

What impact will it take if we are not as spiritually prepared as it should be?
If the planetary consciousness has not reached the required degree of Light for the changes to fifth dimension, then the changes will not be done.

May we have an update of all that has been done during the course of the works we have been doing?
You have done a good work but you barely have touched a very small part of your missions.  Given time and proper circumstances, you will start to work with intensity and delight in your missions.  This soon will start.  The forces of Light have won the war.  Darkness is cornered and looking for ways to escape.  But it won’t be able to escape the Nüremberg Trial —or similar to the Nüremberg Trial— in which they will be tried for the crimes against lèse humanity.

What may we expect from today to November 28? ¿What are the plans of the Galactic Federation?
The Galactic Federation is working incessantly in many fields.  Some are of secret nature that cannot be revealed here.  The intention is the NESARA announcement as Phase 1, as you already know, so the priority at this time is the announcement which is the door that will open the opportunity for other necessary events to happen.

There have been messages that have said that there was not going to happen the NESARA announcement, then, is it going to happen a NESARA announcement?
It has always been said that the NESARA announcement will happen.  It is required that NESARA be officially announced.  We have not changed our plans in that regard.
Then, will there be more indictments before the 28 so that NESARA can be done?
Certainly, the trial against the last dark cabal of the Illuminati family is completely planned in great detail.

This meeting that the Illuminati have, Bush, the two cabals in Argentina at this time, what are they intending?
To the people they show something but behind the scenes, at closed doors, it is something else what is happening.  There have been secret meetings of the cabal with Illuminati individuals of the South American governments, in which strategies have been discussed.  We know exactly what they do, what they plan, we have spies of fourth dimension as well as members of the Galactic Federation that are infiltrated as humans.  We are doing a follow up of their plans, but these plans will render no results.

What should be done to Congress that continues passing laws against humanity and the people, as did last week reducing assistances?
In their pride and prepotency members of Congress ignore the warnings that we have made to them in some occasions about the necessary changes for the liberation of the planet from the Illuminati claws.  They still dream of maintaining power and under their control the system.  But it is not so.  Those unconstitutional laws will be removed to give sovereignty and liberty to the American people that for so many years have suffered wars, necessity, high taxes, the fall of the stock market, the fall of the market and the high prices of the fuel.  All of this geared with the aim to maintain the people in survival conditions.  But all these plans of the New World Order are destined to failure.  All these unconstitutional laws will be plainly removed. Do not worry for that.

May we then expect a complete fall of the Illuminati system according to the Maya calendar on the fourth day by November 28?
Correct.  The Illuminati system is shaking to its foundations.  It is not that much time they have left.  We know, we know where they are and of their plans.  We have under control the underground military bases, so there is no way out. They will have to face the earth justice and the court of the Galactic Federation.

Is Patrick Fitzgerald going to announce in advance the indictments or is he going to do it suddenly?
Patrick Fitzgerald is working with us.  We have decided that the announcement be done gradually, leaking the information through the internet to prepare the people.  He will do an announcement on TV in due time in which he will give away or deliver more information about criminal acts and violations to the Constitution by members of the cabal.  Expect more indictments in these days that are coming.  All is part of our plan, the plan of the Light to bring down the dark forces.

When NESARA be announced, how long after we have to wait to establish First Contact and our own preparation of the four of us that are here?
Helena is anxious to start to work in the planetary cleanup.  Likewise other crews will, who are assigned to other countries of the world.  There are members of our Federation that have great desire to work in the world teaching program.  Sananda has ecclesiastical plans to work with the different churches of the planet.  Likewise there is much activity in our environment and the desire of First Contact is so strong in us as it is in you.  You reflect our wishes as we, yours.  Therefore First Contact will be done once the order to shoot down our shuttles be removed.  It will be done sporadically throughout the world.  In the United States it is planned the announcement using the news media.

Part 2

 And what can we do to help people?
There is a lot of work that you can do.  Each one of you came to this planet with a special talent and a mission.  At the moment that the conditions are appropriate, which is going to be soon, you will activate from within yourselves the code that unlocks the next required talent to carry out the mission.  You will remember your mission and will work in earnest to fulfill it.  There will be work for all in the economic, scientific, political, religious and spiritual field, in the assistance of the poor countries of the world in reconstruction in places that have destruction by war and by natural disasters.  You will bring healing, compassion, yearning and hope.  You will teach the peoples and will prepare them for the coming changes.

The fourth of this month of October [correction: November] and on [last] Friday, there was a great explosion in the sky that illumined a great part of the place where I was.  Do you know anything about that?
We are working at the level of ionosphere in scientific experiments of atmospheric type fixing the ozone layer, doing cleanup of atmospheric contamination using our specialized equipment.  Sometimes it is manifested this type of lights that are part of our work.  At this time we do not have problems with the military air forces since we have deactivated their systems to avoid confrontation.

Regarding youth, all peoples walking the world, why is there so much debauchery in the way of behaving of what is crazily happening in the youth and in the families?
The energies are coming afloat, both positive and negative.  They are being revealed themselves to be healed.  What you see was there, but hidden.  Now it is coming out thrust by the forces of Light that are constantly bombarded over the planet and channeled through our high tech equipment that transduces the cosmic energy towards the planet, therefore this energy of high frequency produces changes at the inner level in the individuals and brings out afloat the negative energies that cannot vibrate at that vibratory rate.  What you see was there hence it is now coming out to the surface.  Wait and see more craziness in the ensuing years.

May I ask you for an advice of an elder brother? (Proceed.)  If we have a spouse that is not helping us with our work of the forces of Light, is it appropriate to continue with him/her?, or, what should we do?
Basically it is the decision of each individual to continue with somebody with which there is no more any affiliation at the spiritual level nor common goals.  However, I tell you that many of you will change your personal relationships and some will relocate to other areas.  All within the attraction of the energy, since this time is a time of the separation.  Similar energies attract each other.  At the beginning you’ll feel sadness because you have lost your old partner with whom you have shared so many years, but then you will find the person with whom your are attuned to the new interests of spiritual nature.

Could you give a message for all those who will listen to this recording but were not here?
I understand that Luis Prada will publish this recording in hisBrother Veritus’ WebsiteFor those that are listening from his website I tell them that we know you, we have you in our records and at the appropriate moment we’ll contact you.  We need your support, help and desire to spread the Light and to bring forth new energies, new ideas, new projects and to work tirelessly to carry out these ideas and these projects for the planetary improvement.

All of you in the ensuing years will see radical changes in your lives, the past will be left behind, you will suffer no more the struggle of survival.  A new dawning of Light, of love, will shine in your hearts and your lives will be transformed to indescribable levels.  Love and peace will reign and be reflected in your countenance and you will walk at a steady pace in the transformation of the planet.  You wishes will be fulfilled.

Will it be necessary to know the cosmic name of us for a spiritual growth or it is not so important yet?
To all of you at due time will be revealed the cosmic name be it telepathically, given by your spiritual guides or by a clairvoyant or medium that will contact you.  The cosmic name will help remove the veils and will activate the memory in your being of who you truly are.  You will see your greatness and your power.

What can you tell us of the cesium crystals? Are they necessary?
The cesium crystals, as crystals in general, are tools given to you for the activation.  Other individuals will obtain other tools that will serve in the body activation, in the genetic transformation of DNA and in the incorporation of the Light Body.  There exists the tachyon energy, there exist the cosmic rays, there exists the visualization to attract the energies.  There exist the auric clearing that in due time will be applied to your bodies to activate them.

Will we be taken to some specific place to prepare us to be able to help humanity or will we remain here with anybody else slowly advancing?
You have been taken for many years during sleep to places of preparation.  You have been prepared for the coming changes, for your missions, for the individual and group work.  You have also this information stored in inner subconscious layers.  At the adequate moment it will come forth to the surface, you will remember it.  Obviously some of you will be taken to extraterrestrial ships in a conscious manner to receive details of various works.

Ihave plans to make humanitarian aids in certain areas of Nicaragua. Will I be able to carry out this or will my work be different?
You will have various works to do.  Those works are already clearly defined.  You have been in agreement to carry them out.  One of these is the humanitarian aid that you can carry out for your country.  Others have more to do at a worldwide level.  You will work with Luis Prada in some of these works at the world level.  You have to meditate and prepare yourself and start remembering details.  Follow your inner self that is the best guide.

Any other special advice for the four of us that are here?
The best advice is that you continue in your preparation.  The cleaning of your four lower bodies, physical, etheric, astral, mental and the development of the Light Body.  Keep yourselves in attunement and ready to act because we need of your efforts and desires of increasing the changes and this is equally applicable to those Lightworkers that are listening to this message through the website  In your various countries you will make changes that will prepare your peoples for great geophysical changes and in the belief system that will be completely transformed.  The impact of the changes is so great that they will need of your help to realize them, to assimilate them and to move forward.

Will humanity be on the surface when these geological changes start to occur or will we be removed to some other place?
The Ashtar Command has established plans of worldwide planetary evacuation.  These plans include evacuations to extraterrestrial ships and to the inner earth.

Will it be necessary to have some specific higher vibratory level to be evacuated? What is going to happen to people who have destroyed the physical life of other people and have done damage to others?
The evacuation is planned for everybody, however for those individuals that are not prepared these changes and these increments of vibrational energy will seriously affect their lower bodies and will incapacitate them, not by divine punishment, because such punishment does not exist, but by their own will.  Although help is for everyone, some will not want to take it or will take it but will not help them.  For those we have prepared a pristine planet where they will be able to continue their development, their spiritual evolution.  For those reticent reactionaries of the dark cabal that have opposed divine plan we have a special planet where they will be taken.  There is information about these events and plans in Luis Prada’s website.

Part 3

May I ask what will be the mission of the [Avonal]Son that came from the Universe of Havona, Monjoronson?
Monjoronson was sent by the Celestial Father as an advisor and a third party who will supervise in a certain way that the changes be done adequately.

Ashtar Brother, all creation may be present at these times with us to do a support to Earth.  I have the urge to know how is the plan that the Galactic Federation have for the children and how can the mother help them to overcome all these situations that are happening on the planet?
You prepare them in accordance with your knowledge and degree of consciousness, however I tell you that they also prepare you because many of the children that are reincarnating have no experience on this planet, as such do not have Illuminati mental conditioning.  They come with a superior energy to carry out the work and to improve the planet in accordance with the implanted codes at the molecular level and in their auric fields.  On due time this programming will start activating and they will remember in detail what they came for.  It is a work in both ways: you help them by teaching them about the planet that is foreigner to them, likewise they teach you how the planet should be, or how it is supposed to be, and came to work to achieve it.  Do not worry for them, instead the worry should be for the adults, who have their mind fossilized in stupid ideas programmed for eons of time with intention and purpose by the Anunnaki hordes.  It is so deep this programming that has layers upon layers buried inside the human psychic and done through multiple reincarnations.  It is the duty of you and these children to help in the removal of this programming and so that they can see the reality and the truth such as they are, naked and face to face.

What do we need to do to activate our talent to be able to help the Earth, firstly to help ourselves in order to be able to do the work?
Ask your spiritual guides to activate from within you the next step in your evolutionary cycle.  They will generously do it, but you have to ask for it and when that is done a new talent will shine in you that before was a potential and now is active and that talent will serve you to carry out the immediate mission and, as you do it or carry it out, other talents will be triggered that will help you continue into the next mission following a plan that you previously agreed upon before incarnating.

Is all the same for… is all of this what we need to do to break the fear barrier?
Fear is the fruit of ignorance.  Fear is the greatest barrier to Light.  Fear must be dissolved with the Light of knowledge.  Fear has no place in the higher spheres or the higher planes of the fifth dimension.  Fear is like an anchor, a drag that impedes continuing in the Spiritual Path.

May you give us the steps to follow to work our mental and emotional bodies?
The mental body must be synchronized with the divine mind.  The emotional body is the contact with the spirit, with Mother Earth.  The emotional body must be peaceful, tranquil, in calm.  This state is achieved through meditation, the inner seclusion.

I understand that in different circumstances many humans have been moved to ships around our planet as it is the case of the Twin Towers, as it is the case of the windows to other dimensions.  These human beings that have been transported, will they be integrated back to Earth in due time before the strong changes start in our planet?
Yes, some of the Lightworkers have been saved from catastrophes, from the destruction of the Twin Towers, in wars and other natural disasters and have been transported to extraterrestrial ships.  Others have been protected and their lives have been spared and will be reincorporated to their families at the appropriate time.  Some Lightworkers that have been rescued are working with us in our ships and also will return to Earth and this will be a great testimony of our work and our mission.

 I have a personal request and ask that if is possible through my dreams be given to me the messages to be able to cooperate with the Ascension of the Earth and at the same time be able to find the life lessons that I need to overcome personal crises.
Your spiritual guides are very loving, they know of your situation, they know of your desire to help humanity and have a plan for you.  The personal conflicts at the family level will be solved soon.  That is within your future, do not worry that all will be solved in the best way for the good of all.  And you have been prepared in dreams for your mission and there is high confidence in your spiritual guides that everything will come out as has been planned.

How can I overcome the great sadness I carry within me, how can I help myself and at the same time be able to help my daughters?
Ask the angels of compassion to come down, call your spirit guides and tell and express them your sadness.  By using special technology they will be able to help you in the healing.  That sadness is not only of this reincarnation, this sadness comes from other ones too.  Once cleared, you will be more radiant such as you were originally conceived.  There is help for you. (Thank you.)

Brethren, at this time we are going to close this channeling.  I thank you for coming and your interest for the planetary work.  All of you who fervently wish to work for the planet will be greatly rewarded.  I Am Ashtar of the Ashtar Command.  See you soon, adieu. 

Continues with the Second Part inAshtar: The Imminent Changes, II

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