Ashtar: The Imminent Changes, II

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Ashtar:  The Imminent Changes, II

Ashtar Sheran of the Ashtar Command
January 13, 2007

English telepathic channeling of Ashtar Sheran through Luis Prada, Editor and Publisher of Brother Veritus’ Website.  Channeling in the presence of a group of Lightworkers in San Francisco, California, USA.  The original audio was transcribed by Adela Padilla, English-to-Spanish translator of this website. Published in this website on January 28, 2007.See also the First Part of this preparatory series in Ashtar: The Imminent Changes, I.

Audio source.  English channeling in three parts in mp3 format.  Click mouse at the hyperlinks.

First Part

Second Part

Third Part

Part 1

Command Ashtar LogotypeQueridos Trabajadores de la Luz, aquí tenemos al Comandante Ashtar Sherán quien nos va a dar un mensaje.  [Dear Lightworkers, here we have Commander Ashtar Sheran who is going to give us a message.]

Dear Lightworkers, of Light, of Love,

It is a great pleasure to be here and to impart this message for humanity at this moment where Earth is passing through a great havoc. The Forces of Light of the Galactic Federation are ready to come in and to start the mission of awakening the souls that are still sleeping in the slumber caused by the dark forces throughout centuries. This is an old battle between Forces of Light and forces of darkness that is coming to an end.  New beginnings will spring out throughout the Earth bringing new systems in which prosperity, wisdom, love and abundance will be given onto you from the Forces of Light and from the work of the Earth allies and the Lightworkers who ceaselessly have been working for a long time to bring these changes to fruition.

I am here in my ship with several beings of Light that have worked with you in bringing to reality the many changes planned by the Cosmic in this Divine Plan. We expect to have finished a negotiation soon and to start First Contact.  Our ships are getting closer to Earth. We are starting doing some flyovers in several cities throughout the United States, and once the official announcements are done through cable TV and the media in general, we will present ourselves through TV, to the internet and to the written word. The Forces of Light are working to bring these changes as soon as possible. We have individuals who we know that were opposed to these changes, which we have now in our midst and they are being judged in the Courts of Monjoronson. You don’t know that since it’s kept from you by the media but you will know it once the announcements are done. The great many changes will happen in the economy, science, politics, in all sorts of human endeavors.

It’s a blessing to have so many dedicated Lightworkers throughout the world who have worked so hard to bring these changes for humanity. Gaia is waiting, patiently, for a long time, and she agreed to wait until the announcements are done to start the changes that she wants to do to clean up her body. Some of you will be heavily-involved in the teaching, in specific nations related to cleaning of the environment, in missions of health, and helping other souls through the traumatic changes that they will go through. Your lives will be changed and you will see what you do today as something of the past. Your future will be differently done from what you have seen so far, great work waits ahead of you, so stay tuned and be ready for the call. We will be calling you to do your soul agreement in accordance with Divine Plan.

I have worked with members of the Ashtar Command in making some changes in your biological natures to prepare you for telepathic communication, rejuvenating your bodies so that you will have more energy for your missions. Each one of you, Lightworkers throughout the world, are being prepared, while you sleep, for your mission, not only in your bodies but also in your minds. You come to our ships, you go to training places —such as the city of Telos under Mount Shasta —where Ascended Masters teach you the new spiritual principles governing an Age of Light and Life. Some others come to our meetings —to witness our meetings— discussing issues related to planet Earth and her Ascension, changes in the banking system, changes in the religious teachings that need to be implemented and, in general, the preparation for the Aquarian Age. There will be a transition before entering into the fifth dimension in which some souls will evacuate the planet and will go to the prepared planet for their own spiritual evolution.

You will be prosperous beyond belief. Do not worry for what you have now since that will be of the past and in the long run you will forget it, it’ll be a distant memory. All that work for the Light will be rewarded greatly, just wait and, in the waiting, prepare yourselves, take care of your bodies, of your minds and of your souls through reading good material, eat well, rest properly, be calm.  Do not get tangled with the lower-frequency energies of the third dimension but Ascend to the higher frequencies where you meet as equal with us, as co-creators with God of the Divine Plan. We see you as equal, you are sovereign beings of the Light. We expect you to prepare for the coming changes because your wisdom will be needed, your talents solicited in many places. Stay tuned, my friends, because the changes are near to start. I can’t give you a date, a specific date but the changes are coming in this year 2007.

Part 2

If you have any questions, please ask now.

M: Hello, Brother Ashtar, my name is Mohammed. Thank you very much for spending time with us. I have questions than me and my group have come up with which I would like you to answer.
Please, proceed.

M: My first question is: would there be a military attack to Iran or Syria?
They have tried many times to attack Iran, Syria, the Palestinians and places around the Middle East but we have impeded all those sinister missions. We have protected people of Iran especially, because they have been a target of the Bush cabal. We have given technology to the Iranian government to use it for their own protection. They are working with us, do not worry about it, they have a protection throughout the border. We have ships stationed above their skies that are constantly monitoring illegal activities against the people of Iran.

M: We have recently learned that the Elders from Dracos are coming to Earth to pick up their renegade children as a result of a signed treaty between the Draconian and the Galactic Federation. It is said that this may happen at any moment, can you please confirm this information as true?
The reptilian renegades of planet Earth have been taking away from the planet and into their Draconian civilizations that have changed —that have become part of the Federation— to be judged by them.

M: Would there be a NESARA announcement sometime soon?
The NESARA announcement will be announced very soon. The changes of NESARA in the banking system are already implemented, however not openly.  There have been negotiations with central banks throughout the world in many occasions by using our Earth allies and members of the Federation that have been involved in these negotiations. So the banking system of the planet has been reformed to follow the new standard of gold and precious metals backing up the currency Euro and US dollar, and so the currency of others countries, but the official announcement and the actual application of this system has not been done yet pending minor details, but will be, will happen.

M: The melting icebergs of the North Pole are causing increase in the sea level which has never been so high. Are we having extreme flooding along the entire Pacific coast and when?
The melting of the ice caps in the Northern and Southern hemispheres causing flooding in coasts throughout the planet will be combined with earthquakes and volcanic activities. In some places the flooding itself will be disastrous to the coastal line; in some others, the earthquake will be more prevailing. All of these changes need to happen because Earth is changing the inclination of the axis; it’s a correction that it’s being done. Also the shape of the planet is changing to a more spherical shape and Lemurian and Atlantean continental landmasses will arise so all of this will create changes, topographic changes of the planet. Yes, it is true, flooding will occur as a result of the melting of the ice caps but other changes will also happen.

M: Would there be a need to conduct a massive evacuation of our planet Earth Shan in the near future?
Yes, we have planned to do evacuation.  That will happen way after the announcements, the changes of the banking systems, and some decimation of the planet caused by deceases which are result of lack of harmonious living, weakness in the body due to past karmic injuries, and fossilized minds attached to the old paradigm.

Part 3

M: Can you tell us something about the Rahma mission?
The Rahma mission is working with a group of extraterrestrial friends that are part of the Galactic Federation. They are in the mission of contact with higher forces to bring information to the planet. There are similar missions in other countries around the planet that work with specific galactic families.

M: Why is there a process of consciousness developing, why aren’t we fully conscious when we are born?
This planet is a planet of experience in third dimensional world and as such it requires you to be, somehow, handicapped by forgetting who you were in the past —these past experiences in previous lives times— and who you are as a galactic being. This is part of the Divine Plan, that you develop yourself by knowing how creation works in the third dimensional plane. That’s why you go through multiple lives on this planet, but once you acquire Light then you start awakening your consciousness and in the process help awake the consciousness of your fellow beings. This is a process of learning that you need to do so that it will equip you when you become co-creators with God in the founding, the establishment and evolution of other universes.

M: Howcan I convince people that this is all true?
You should not try to convince people that this is true, Truth, you just speak Truth. Let them convince themselves. Truth is self-sufficient and Light onto itself. You cannot force Truth on others, they must see it on themselves.

M: How safe are all the Lightworkers on Earth?
All the Lightworkers that sincerely are working toward the Light are being protected by the Federation, we know who they are and we protect them, although some of them might not be still fully aware of their missions, we know what their missions are, and we are constantly protecting them. But there are key individuals that work harder that are already self-aware of their missions such as Luis Prada, Candace Frieze, Mike Quinsey, Jess Anthony, Lauren Gorgo and Spirit Eagle, who are very special in the sense that they are working hard and
[are]highly exposed that have special protection, one of the highest, because they can be easily targeted. You, Lightworkers, should not worry about that; you should concentrate your energies in doing the right thing that the protection is already given onto you.

M: What are the necessary preparations one must do in order to not be affected by the coming chaotic shifts before we become fully conscious?
Nobody can be completely unaffected by the coming changes, it will affect everybody; you just have to be ready for them by knowing in anticipation what is coming. That is why the information has been given onto you through various channels and is in the internet. You just go and read it and get ready, mentally prepared of what is coming because you will be affected as anybody else, but because of your spiritual development, you will have a calm soul which will be like a beacon of Light and will spread compassion, be a supporting soul for people around you while they are still in the darkness of what is happening.

M: We have been seeing UFOs, is it a sort of preparation before First Contact?
Yes, we have been doing sightings in many places, we have been overflying cities, coming and going, so that you start getting ready.  But this is nothing compared to what you will be shown once First Contact happen officially.

M: Which changes we will see in the government that will be beneficiary to the world?
The government will be transformed, not destroyed, just transformed, from what it is now, illegal and unconstitutional, to a Constitutionally established government that will be “By the People and For the People.”  They will establish Common Law.

M: Is it possible that humans won’t become fully conscious?
Eventually people that stay on this planet will become fully conscious, some first, then others follow later, eventually everybody on this planet will be fully conscious. People that leave the planet and will reincarnate in another planet will continue their journey towards Consciousness, fully Consciousness, in the future, of course.

M: Thank you.
You are welcome.  My Dear Brothers and Sisters of the Light, thank you for coming to this session. It has been a pleasure for me to be among you bringing this message to you and to all the readers of Brother Veritus’ Website. This is Ashtar of the Ashtar Command, adieu.

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