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Galactic Wars, the System, the Matrix, Ascension, the Liberation of Planet Earth

Ishtar Antares

Original in Slovenian, this English version is a translation by the author. Published here by request from the author.  First published in this website on March 18, 2006.

About the Author:
"I live and work in Slovenia, Europe. I lead Galactic Tantra seminars and am a Cosmic astrology consultant. I began leading workshops about twin souls in 1993 and was very active in the following few years spreading messages from the Ascended Masters about the transformation that Earth is entering into. I also wrote a book about this transformation called " Ascension Star" in Slovenian language. I translated it into English also but has not yet been published outside Slovenia. I spread knowledge about tantra, Light Body Activation, telepathic communication, group merger process and other higherdimensional teachings on group meetings and workshops in Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Ireland and USA. I like to do workshops worldwide and I can travel anywhere if there are people interested to hear what I have to say. I am enclosing my program of activities. My contact phone number is celular: 386 40 236 600 and my email is .
"The source of my information is Ashtar and Krotron of the Ashtar Command, the Pleiadians and a physical source that once belonged to the Resistance Movement. I belong to the Antara
StarFamily that originates from the Pleiades."

Beings of Light and Beings of Darkness

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Earth is a very special planet. It triggers a transformation of cosmic proportions. Earth is a planet where the last phase of resolution of cosmic conflict between Light and darkness is taking place.

Different forces and beings exist in the universe, beings that have chosen Light with their free will and also beings that have chosen darkness. And this planet is the domain where this conflict goes through its final resolution, a domain of final purification, a cosmic refinery. And this is the basic reason why there is so much suffering on Earth.

If we look into the history of the universe, we can see that millions of years ago darkness was created in one of the experiments when some angelic beings have chosen with their free will to experience matter. An extreme phase of experiencing matter means experiencing darkness that is a consciousness without a trace of connection with the Source. A consciousness identified with illusion.

The Dark Empire and the Galactic Wars

Those beings of darkness have then created their galactic empire. Their goal was to enslave the whole universe. Forces of Light have opposed this: they wanted to retain the original state of harmony and that led to galactic wars [Editor’s Note: Read in this website the articlesGalactic Wars, IandGalactic Wars, II]. There was severe fighting in our galaxy and neighboring galaxies as well. In these battles many planets and civilization were destroyed. All of that remained in the collective memory of mankind and of many other races as the war between Light and darkness.

Forces of Light were advancing and liberating planet after planet from the clutches of the dark ones.  In a very special cosmic moment, one Platonic year ago —a Platonic year is a great cosmic cycle lasting 25,920 years—, there was a big turning point. Dark Forces have decided then to choose planet Earth as their main stronghold and turned it into a quarantine planet. That means it was no longer possible to travel freely from Earth to other worlds and back.  Dark Forces had taken its native population hostage.

In the last 25,000 years Earthlings have been hostages of the Dark Forces. And Forces of Light have been trying to penetrate towards the Earth and liberate it. This process is coming to a completion as the old cosmic cycle is over and the new one is beginning.

Who are the Forces of Light, what is their role and how do they operate?  Most important among them are the liberated beings. They are beings that have experienced their enlightenment and have a perfected consciousness liberated from the illusion of time and space, a consciousness with a permanent connection with the Source. We can describe it as a pure consciousness, bliss, a merger with truth. So this is the state of consciousness of beings that have experienced their Ascension, the so called Ascended Masters. All these beings are connected to each other in a cosmic network of Light. Their mission is the liberation of civilizations and planets from the clutches of the Dark Forces.

In this Galaxy all the Ascended Masters have formed the Galactic Confederation. This is not a confederation as human beings imagine it, it is rather a union of enlightened beings that have come together to preserve  awareness of the One and liberate areas that are not yet aligned with cosmic laws, with the Galactic Codex which regulates life and all conscious beings in the universe.

The Galactic Federation (or Confederation) and the Divine Plan

The Galactic Confederation is approaching the Earth. Many different races and civilizations are cooperating with the Confederation.  Some of them are strongly connected with the planet and its history.  First among them are the Pleiadians.  The Pleiadians are cosmic beings that have assisted earthlings since Atlantis and have brought much awareness to this planet from creating Mystery Schools to giving many inventions and improvements to human civilization.  Many mythological figures are actually representatives of the Pleiadians.  Other such civilization is the Sirians. They have influenced humanity significantly.  They are the so called teachers of humanity.  Apart from those two civilizations there are many others that are connected with this planet and they are helping as much as they can.

All those races are cooperating with the Galactic Confederation with the project of redemption of the planet.  Aside from that there is an advanced civilization living under the surface of Earth since Atlantis.  In ancient times it was know under its Atlantean name Aghar. There are manyunderground cities connected with a system of underground tunnels. Those tunnels are spread under the surface of the whole planet and connected with magneto-hydrodynamic trains. This high technology can produce speeds far greater than the speed of contemporary airplanes. Beings that run this technology are far more advanced than the current civilization on the surface. They are now in the process of being accepted into the Galactic Confederation.

The Forces of Light have always had a plan for deliverance of humanity.  This plan has come into its accelerated phase on May 25, 1975, at the activation of the first planetary stargate. Since then the Light Forces were actively interfering with the situation on Earth.  One of their methods was the awakening of the star people.  Star people are angelic beings that took human incarnations long time ago and are now awakening into their higher state of awareness.  Many of us have come to this planet millennia ago to help resolving the situation here.  After numerous incarnations we have forgotten where we came from and we have forgotten about the Divine Plan also. Since 1975 our consciousness began to awaken and many have begun to carry out their missions they volunteered for when they came to Earth.

This process was accelerating and the consciousness was rising.  Contacts with extraterrestrial civilizations have increased also.  There were more physical appearances of various UFOs and spaceships and also more telepathic contacts since those civilizations wanted to bring new messages and knowledge to humanity. By the end of eighties the Ascension plan was presented to humanity. This plan involves three waves of Ascension and the final Evacuation. This plan was based upon free will of humanity. Humanity has free will —it means it can decide for or against the Ascension plan. And because the critical mass of decision for the plan was not reached until the first possible date for Ascension in 1996, the Dark Forces have stricken. They have sacrificed vast sectors of the Galaxy they have occupied previously and redirected their forces towards the Earth. The strike has begun on December 21, 1995 and has reached its first peak on January 11, 1996. What happened was a nuclear war on astral and etheric planes.  The physical plane remained as usual.  Life went on, people went to work and school, lived their ordinary lives, not knowing what was really happening with Earth. This planet has not experienced such crisis since Atlantis. There was a real threat of a physical nuclear war but it was luckily prevented.

The System and the Matrix

People have received strong programming since 1996.  Dark Forces have spread biochips among the population using their technology.  Every human being on Earth has received them. Those biochips limit human consciousness, block spiritual progress and program human mind.  This technology has spread drastically in the last ten years.  The Dark Forces have begun to execute their plan named New World Order.  This plan foresees total control of humanity and the reinstatement of the Matrix.

The Matrix is a structure that envelopes the surface of the planet Earth. It is created with the use of advanced physical and etheric technology.  There is a technology on the basis of electromagnetic radiation that distorts the space/time structure and captures human consciousness.  The Dark Forces have covered the entire surface of the planet with a very powerful extremely-low and extremely-high-frequency electromagnetic field that captures human consciousness into the illusion of space and time. That is why humans have lost contact with their souls and became totally enslaved inside the System.

The System as we know it is a part of the Matrix.  It embraces and programs all human life from birth to death.  The programming starts with education in kindergarten and then continues in school and at work.  It limits and determines the development of the human personality.  This program, carried out by the System, is corroborated with the technology of the Matrix.  The Matrix has its central computer that contains data about every human, about his wishes, goals and motivation, psychological structure and his development.  Each human has his file.  Based on this data the program regulates electromagnetic impulses that the Matrix then sends through biochips into the human brain. Thus people are permanently bombarded with electromagnetic signals sent by the Matrix.

The HAARP (High-frequencyActive Auroral Research Project)
This is the High Frequency Antenna Array Ionospheric Research Observatory located in Gakona, Alaska, designed by the Secret Government for mind control and planetary weather control.  It was deactivated by the Galactic Federation.  There are 180 72-feet-tall metal towers built on 33 acres in a field located in Alaska, in the Wrangell-St. Elias National Monument area, a combined 24-million acre wilderness area, now designated as a World Heritage Site by the United Nations on 24 October, 1979.

This program is very deep and people are not aware of how much it has penetrated their consciousness. Therefore very little free will remain and people have become very predictable. They are guided as sheep since the Matrix directs them in the direction the Dark Forces want for them.

This is the current situation. The Matrix was in development since 1996.  In 1999 the Dark Forces have experienced the peak of their power and after that the Forces of Light have begun again to advance towards the Earth.  The Light Forces have always had an alternative backup plan that foresees the transformation and deliverance of the planet regardless of actions of humanity. Each individual has an opportunity and power to improve this plan but ultimately it is not based upon free will of humanity, but upon free will of the Forces of Light.

Plan Aurora

They have designed a plan of planetary liberation.  The plan is coming into effect now. The plan is known under the codename AURORA.  The Phase I of the plan has been activated on March 21, 2005.

Preparations have begun on November 8, 2003. That was the date of an important cosmic activation when people around the world had been meditating —the so called Harmonic Concordance— when planets have created a perfect hexagram in the sky.  It was the moment when the Matrix has received its first virus and the control was not absolute anymore. Therefore 2004 was a year of improvement when the Pleiadians were trying to awaken the Goddess consciousness among more aware parts of humanity.

The Dark Forces have reacted and have sent the rest of their forces from the Solar system towards the Earth on astral and etheric planes. This has happened on December 21, 2004. So 2005 was a year of much stress and clearing of astral and etheric layers of Dark Forces around Earth.  Pressure of all these energetic impurities has caused many cataclysms: the tsunami waves in December 2004, hurricane Katrina in August 2005 and the Pakistani earthquake in October 2005. On December 21, 2005, all the Dark Forces were compressed into a thin layer extending 100-300 ft from the surface of the Earth upwards and downwards on physical, etheric, astral and mental planes.

The Structure of the System:  The Workers, the Network, the Core

The Illuminati Hierarchy

Before we explain the details of the AURORA plan we need to explain some facts about the structure of the System. On Earth there are over 6 billion people involved in the System. Each individual has his position since the New World Order classifies each individual in his pigeonhole.

The System works in three layers that operate independently and are structured in hierarchical order.  The largest group, the Workers, has the lowest hierarchical position. This group is the only publicly known part of the System.  It comprises more than 99% of humanity that has to work for survival and obey the laws.  Over 99% of humanity is slave. Slaves simply because they give most of their energy and work to the Dark Forces.  Anybody goes to work for eight hours a day and receives his salary and half of it goes for taxes. Those that rule the world thus take most of the energy. They take most of this money. The financial system on Earth was invented by the Dark Forces in order to control mankind more easily.

The middle group, the Network, is a loose organization that forms the backbone of the New World Order.  Members of that group do not work for survival but are given money supplied from taxes, collected from the Workers. They are given influential, but not overly exposed, positions within the System. They operate above the law and usually escape legal consequences of their activities. They are usually acquitted in criminal proceedings and the police are not prosecuting them. They are given top secret information and have access to advanced technology way before the general public does. This group has about 20 million members and they never divulge their insider information to the general public.  Mostly they are calledthe shadow government but they call themselves the Neighborhood or the Network.

This is a structure inside the System that is not publicly known. Those people are almost untouchable, they are part of the ruling structure. This conspiracy sounds like science fiction. This exactly is its power. Almost nobody will believe in planetary conspiracy because there is no obvious evidence. Dark Forces do not work directly. They work from behind the scenes, directing the flow of world events in their favor. They have created a world stage that gives the illusion of freedom to all players in the planetary drama. And because almost nobody seriously questions the rules of the game, nothing has ever changed until now.

The key to the success of the Dark Forces lies in the science of group dynamics. If you have a small, strong, determined, cohesive and informed group of people, it can successfully infiltrate a much larger group and through time influence all its decisions.  This is exactly what Dark Forces did with the System.  Through centuries, they have put their representatives in key positions of the System.  Those key positions are many times not positions with most publicity or obvious power, rather they are positions of no apparent public appeal but great potential to influence long-term decisions and actions. So it is much more likely to find representatives of Dark Forces among advisers or PR people than among presidents or CEOs.

The inner group, the Core, is a very small group of extremely powerful and evil beings around Satan, the real leader of the System. They have access to unlimited wealth, advanced extraterrestrial technology and secret information of occult and esoteric nature. They are the programmers of the System. They came from various star systems. They make ultimate decisions about what will happen on this planet. This group has around 1,000 members and is not known by the Workers, there is no information about it even anywhere on the net except here.  Their position is way above the Illuminati or any similar group. Members of the Network know about the existence of this group and are scared of it to death.

One aspect of the AURORA plan is to remove the members of the Core, one by one. [Editor’s Note: Read in this website the articlesThe Process of Ousting This Dark Cabal, IandThe Process of Ousting this Dark Cabal, II].  They will be replaced with members of theResistance movement that will continue working in their positions within the System.  The whole operation will be carried out in a way that will not be recognizable to the members of the Network, let alone the Workers.  This is a process of infiltration of the Light Forces inside the very System that rules the planet. [Editor’s Note: Admiral Jhonka from the Ashtar Command is a clear example of the infiltration of the Light Forces inside the System.  He is the highest ranking general of the US military.]. This will transform the whole System because it will alter its whole hierarchical structure. If you put points of Light in key positions where there was darkness before, you can trigger far-reaching changes. This will create holes within the Matrix and will eventually lead to its collapse. Humanity will be finally allowed to live in peace, free from suppression.

The Transformation of the System from Within

People on the spiritual path have always tried to bring Light to Earth from outside of the System, but the System itself was not transforming. What is happening now is a transformation of the System itself since the System as it is must transform and will fall apart at a certain point.

The AURORA plan has three phases:

Aurora Phase 1: Purification and Infiltration of the System

The first phase started on March 21, 2005 and it means the infiltration of the Light Forces inside the very core of darkness that rules the Earth.  Another aspect of the first phase is the clearing of the astral and etheric cloud that surrounds the Earth. The astral plane is the plane of our emotions.  Along with the etheric (bioenergetic) plane, it envelops the physical plane. Around the surface of the earth there is a lot of astral and etheric pollution.  There are many beings of darkness and elemental beings that do not belong here.  All this must be purified. Because of this heavy-energy people cannot reach the Light, they have no contact with their soul.

There are many layers around the Earth with different degree of pollution.  The closer we go to the surface, more pollution there is and less clarity and Light.  The outermost layer extends to 137 miles of altitude and marks the outer boundary of the etheric aura of the planet.  The next layer goes 45,600 ft high and marks the energetic boundary between stratosphere and troposphere.  The innermost layer goes 100 to 300 ft high and follows the profile of terrain.  The Matrix and the Dark Forces exist only in this innermost layer. All the outer layers contain only the elemental essence that is being purified by the Ascended Masters.  But a bubble of the Matrix surrounds the aerial plane that flies through these outer layers. So the whole of humanity is inside a bubble, an energy cocoon.

So the first phase involves the purification of energetic layers around the Earth. And Light Forces are penetrating towards the surface from above and from below. Under the surface we have a civilization of Light, the Resistance movement, that is penetrating towards the surface. The darkness is shrinking and condensing and the surface is as inside a sandwich. That is why there is so much tension in the air.  At a certain point holes inside the Matrix will be created and the Light will break out. Those outbreaks of Light will be sudden and unexpected and this will be a very important moment. Since then everything will be happening very fast, until then only apathy and lethargy will rule.

In phase one of AURORA nothing special will happen. Nothing will be visible, life will go on as usual but silently Light Forces are already entering the System. They have a very advanced cloning technology that allows them to make a clone copy of every individual.  So, for example, they can make a clone copy of George Bush and a Light being in the clone body of George Bush can replace the real George Bush. And this new being will carry out his function differently.  So Light Forces will be entering the System slowly and beginning to transform it. The System will not function in the same way as before.  At first sight everything will be the same for some time but inside the pores of the System itself there will be great changes.

[Editor’s Note: This is just an example.  The clone Bush was made by the Dark Forces and has not been taken over by the Forces of Light.  The real Bush was arrested on the summer of 2005 by the Galactic Federation and the allied earth forces and the clone Bush has an arrest warrant as this article is being published].

Aurora Phase 2: Contact of Key Individuals

The second phase of AURORA means physical contact between representatives of the Light Forces and certain selected individuals from the surface. Some of them will be even able to visit underground cities.

Aurora Phase 3: First Contact

In the third phase there will be public contact with extraterrestrial civilizations, with the Pleiadians, Sirians and later with the Ascended Masters.  [Editor’s Note: I add here that Second Coming, or the return of our Lord Jesus Sananda, happens after First Contact.]

During the transition between phase two and three the System will break apart. All media on the planet —newspapers, radio and TV— are controlled by a handful of people, some 20 or 30 individuals owners of most TV stations, newspapers and some internet companies.  This handful of people belongs to the inner group, the Neighborhood or even, the Core.  They decide what will come into the media and therefore all news that we watch and listen are censored.  When this censorship will begin to fall apart, real information about what is happening will begin to surface.  Among all this real information it would be the exposure of the proof about the existence of the extraterrestrial civilizations. There are physical proofs, beings, objects, UFOs, concrete evidence, that will be available to the public.

Then there is information about new technologies that is censored also. Above all, there is the technology that is called free energy. This technology allows us to acquire energy from the etheric plane at almost no cost. This technology should have been available to humanity for at least seventy or eighty years but because of censorship from the Dark Forces it never came to the public. Those that hold control over energy sources do not want to lose their profits and they do everything they can to prevent free energy to be available to the world. So when the censorship over the media would cease all this information will become public.  Again: the concrete information, plans for free energy machines and the machines themselves.

Even at this moment there exist machines that are capable of producing energy almost form thin air. When all this will become known the very structure of the ruling System will begin to fall apart: there will be no more need for oil, gas, electricity, power plants. The next development phase is materialization and dematerialization chambers. This technology exists also. The Forces of Light have technology that is able to materialize an object at will. For example, we order a dinner and it materializes.  We order a golden chalice and it materializes. So we can get any material object we want with this technology. All this technology will be available to humanity.

Next aspect of the information that will be given is information about healing. Many diseases that are known to humanity werecreated artificially in the laboratories of the Dark Forces: viruses, AIDS, cancer… For each of those diseases there exists a cure, but the Dark Forces do not want to give it to humanity. All those medicines will be then available to mankind, when the censorship will be ceased.

Next piece of information that will be given will be information with names and facts about the activities of the Dark Forces. When people will really realize what is going on here on Earth there will be unavoidable riots.  First there will be a stock market crash.  The financial system that is based on all this control and censorship will fall apart because if we remove few of the bases of this financial system, namely oil, gas, electricity and media censorship, all this falls apart. There will follow a short period of chaos and then Forces of Light will come to the surface of the planet and will reinstate a just social system based on the Galactic Codex. The Galactic Codex regulates the functioning of society harmoniously in alignment with cosmic principles. This will happen during the transition between phase two and phase three.

In phase three of AURORA the Light Forces will do a few things. First they will createIslands of Light. Those will be pure areas where those working on their spiritual growth will prepare for their Ascension, for their transition into higher dimension. Those communities will be created around the world. Then the Forces of Light will lead people through changes that will be very dramatic, but also very necessary. People will be shocked but this shock will be very needed to awaken people from the slumber and facilitate the planetary change. The three waves of Ascension and the evacuation of humanity will follow.

At the end of the third phase of AURORA there will be a physical transformation of planet Earth. There will be physical cataclysms that will be needed to purify the planet from all pollution. The physical matter must transform. There will be cataclysms outside the Islands of Light, inside them there will be peace. Shortly before the major cataclysm people will be evacuated from the surface of the planet in the final evacuation. This will happen at the end of phase three.

Most of us will experience this during the course of this lifetime. The exact timing of all these phases is not known because there are many factors involved. But we are in this incarnation precisely for the reason of planetary transformation.

Real Light Will Occur

When all these breakthroughs will happen, the real Light will occur. People have forgotten what real Light is and this will be something completely new for most. And what is our role in all this? We do not need to alter our lifestyles, but it is important for us to begin an inner preparation for the process. How? Simply first to discover our life mission. Each of us has come to Earth with a specific mission and we discover this mission by following ourreal inner dreams. We ask ourselves what we would do if everything was possible. And then we proceed in that direction. We insist, use our free will and transcend the obstacles that prevent us from living the life we really were meant to live and do what we really want to do. That which turns people away from their divine mission are the compromises they have made with the System. There are a lot of those compromises. We begin to remove them, one by one.

People that follow their dreams will be involved in the AURORA project, others will not. This project is based on the free will of the Light Forces. Everybody that wants to join additionally can do with his free will decision.  The destiny of planet Earth does not depend on the decision of individuals. But their individual lives certainly do.

AURORA is a key word that can evoke a memory. Namely before we came to Earth we contributed on the planning of this project. This is why some people can feel strong energy behind this codename. This is a code that allows us to awaken into a higher reality and thus to assist us in carrying out this plan.

When the phase two begins certain individuals will already begin to experience changes…



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