Preparations for First Contact

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Through Sheldan Nidle

Preparations for First Contact

From The Planetary Activation Organization ([email protected]).  Published by permission from PAO.Published here on May 4, 2004.  Updates: July 11, 2004.

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Tuesday April 27, 2004.2 Akbal, 16 Kank’in, 12 Manik

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Selamat Jarin! We return with more to talk about. In the past few messages, we have discussed the events being prepared to appear before you. Our Earth allies are moving swiftly to manifest these glorious denouements. Our task has been to help prepare those who will form the transitional governments for what lies ahead. Our ambassadorial and liaison teams have briefed your military, legislative, financial, and key governmental officials on what is expected of them by the Ascended Masters. We also outlined a number of possible scenarios regarding the official announcing of our existence. Moreover, those in your government not yet privy to the vast inventory of exotic devices and technologies developed by your secret rulers were truly astounded by what it contained. We also presented them with an outline of all those discoveries, especially of the last century, that were suppressed either by governments, under a ‘declaration of national security’, or by multi-national corporations. All these technologies are to provide the basis for what we intend to share with you after First Contact is done.

First Contact has already begun in the form of daily briefings with our Earth allies and their valiant supporters. These meetings are resulting in the mutual respect and acknowledgement that is vital for the success of our joint mission. We have also taken some of your high-ranking military leaders on guided tours of our command mother ship and explained our role and intentions in great detail. They have been most supportive. During these visits, they were introduced to the many technologies that we intend to provide them with, so that they can successfully complete their upcoming endeavors. All is going well, and we are now in the final stage of this pre-operational phase. We are looking forward to momentous, impending events. Our fleet is now exchanging the final operating codes, and we await the moment when our Earth allies start the execution of their plans. Our fleet, as always, is standing by to assist when called upon. Within this context, we have also stepped up our monitoring of key underground bases and other related facilities associated with your secret government.

Furthermore, we are continuing our ‘deep space’ monitoring of the military and commercial communication systems that will be used for the announcements of the change in government. Also under close surveillance, to prevent any possible interference, are the delivery systems for your abundance programs. Keeping these lines operational is vital to the success of the mission. Another crucial element is the condition of Mother Earth. Our geological teams are monitoring the various key ‘hot spots’ around your globe. Your secret government has been attempting for the last year to cause a geological catastrophe in order to gain time to carry out its own agendas. We fully expect these desperate measures to continue and have, therefore, deployed the appropriate countermeasures to prevent their success. These ‘cat and mouse’ games with your secret government are daily increasing in size and scope. As their nefarious plans fail to manifest, your last arrogant cabal is not being discouraged; they feel it is their duty to resist to the end.

Part of the Last Dark Cabal:
Cheney, Bush and Rumsfeld

 Beloved Ascended Master St. GermainThis fear of their final defeat has motivated this cabal to keep their artificial war on terrorism in full gear. Their resulting global incursions have caught your world in a viselike grip that has slowed down the movement of money, debentures, and many other important financial instruments. These ever-changing harassments forced many governments to adopt a number of harsh measures that appear to support this last cabal’s illegal and criminal activities but which are, for the most part, only placatory gestures to lull this cabal into believing it still has some influential supporters. In truth, much is being secretly set in place that will allow your world to switch over rapidly to a new financial and monetary system. Money has been printed around the world that will reflect currencies based on precious metals. Debt forgiveness at a national level has been established, as the present yoke of repressive national debt is necessary to the global financial abundance required by Master Saint Germain.

You are in the midst of far-reaching changes that are to alter how your world works on all levels, the pivotal basics for this are already laid: a new financial system is secretly in place; massive, global debt-forgiveness was agreed to; sweeping financial compensation to your so-called second- and third-world nations was authorized. Several medical task forces are being created to fight a number of fatal diseases. In this endeavor, we look forward to making full use of our medical teams and their technologies. The diseases ravaging many parts of your globe are part of the evil plans forged decades ago by this last cabal and many of its former associates. The ills these diseases brought can be reduced. Indeed, the spread of these vile instruments of death can be stopped. In short, these global planners intend to bring you an amazing, new world.

This new world is now moving from the planning stages into manifestation. The final, crucial element is ridding this last cabal of its present position of great power. The actions of your age-old secret rulers upon the Earth and her peoples can be compared to a giant octopus prizing open a large clam so that it can devour its prey. However, these many dark tyrants who have long ruled over you are now either changing over to the Light, or else arrogantly attempting to regain their former positions of power. This last cabal is an example of the latter. It is desperately doing all it can to carry on, but all its efforts are failing. This it well known, and yet it presses on. Forces dedicated to ending its malevolent rule are mustering in ever-increasing numbers.

So far, we have discussed the events being prepared behind the scenes to transform your world and have given you a glimpse of what we are doing to hasten their manifestation. However, the last stage of this operation includes you. Each of you needs to be ready to assist our Earth allies in the great task they have taken on. We ask you to support them by preparing for what lies ahead. Be ready to do whatever is necessary. Decide how you will wish to contribute, and formulate a step-by-step plan of action. Brief your immediate communities about possible ways to inform, reassure, and assist where needed when these startling announcements are broadcast to the world. And afterwards, be ready to greet us and help your community to understand that their benevolent space family has arrived to help them in a divinely instigated process of transformation back into fully conscious Beings of Light.

This message is intended to help you understand the immensity of what is happening. This ‘quiet revolution’ took a few decades to cook and be ready to serve. Our initial intention was to accomplish this First Contact with you in just a few years. Instead, we became part of a complex procedure begun millennia ago by your Ascended Masters. They came into embodiment on this planet many times to ensure that their plans were properly set in motion. In this they were manifestly successful, as the far-reaching changes unfolding around you attest to. This even included the turning of your former off-world masters, the Anunnaki, toward the Light (now Anunnaki) nearly a decade ago. It was this process and the wise council of your Ascended Masters that greatly lengthened the duration of this First Contact mission. Nevertheless, we are grateful to our heavenly hosts and await our inevitable celebrations!

Today, we have discussed what is happening on your world. We ask you to stay focused and committed to action and success. Never forget, dear Ones, Together, We are Victorious! We now take our leave! Blessings! Be ever aware that the world in which you live is approaching a most auspicious series of changes! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and in Joy!)

TuesdayJuly6,2004.7 Ben, 6 Kumku, 12 Manik

Article taken from .

Selamat Jarin! We return, Dear Hearts! There is much for us to discuss with you today! In past messages, we concentrated on certain events that are close to happening. Now let us look at your precious planet Mother Earth. Like you, she is in the midst of some very great changes. These alterations include the creation of a rudimentary firmament in her atmosphere and preparations for her new surface world. A side effect of these actions is a reduction in her geomagnetic field and an increase in her base frequency. As you know, seismic and volcanic activity has enormously increased over the last few decades. Weather, jet streams, temperatures on the ocean floors and in the many-layered ocean currents have also changed. This is all part of a drastic mutation of your world. You are not, however, headed for a magnetic pole shift or for a series of massive calamities. You are on course for a huge shift in your planet’s level of awareness and in the outward expression of this. You are moving from a limited to a fully conscious world.

These Earth changes involve all life on your world. There is no room for a multi-Earth scenario. The divine plan intends to take you all into the new reality that Heaven and you are mutually creating. This new world is the focal point whereby you positively influence not only this galaxy, but also the whole of physicality. Hence, what you are doing is most important to us. It is the reason why you have been especially selected to incarnate on this world at this time, and why a flood of Indigo and Crystal Children is entering this realm in ever-increasing numbers. Your destiny is to see this new world manifested and to reunite with your spiritual and space families in the very near future. The changes likewise taking place throughout the entire solar system are necessary in order for you to exist comfortably in your newly re-integrated bodies and for you to carry out your planetary and solar guardianships as intended by the divine plan. These requirements brought us to your shores for a most unusual First Contact mission.

The purpose of this First Contact mission is to assist you in your rapid transformation into fully conscious Beings of Light. This shepherding is most unusual for this kind of mission. The standard procedure is to observe, and then make contact with the intention of offering that star-nation membership in the Galactic Federation. In your case, this prime intention had to be moved to a much later stage of the mission. This careful, clandestine monitoring is not normal procedure. Our Science and Exploration (S&E) fleets are not regularly provided with the amount of equipment and specialized personnel that has been necessary for this mission. Normally, a highly selective group of social scientists evaluate the most effective method to contact the star-nation in question. Contact is considered only when the requisite criteria are met. In your case, even the least of such requirements is absent. We have therefore had to improvise, and rotate our ships and our personnel as needed. The result has been a greatly prolonged mission, but one that also turned out to be a most effective teaching vehicle for us all.

The nature of your diverse cultures and the techniques for throwing them into confrontation with each other is fascinating to our cultural anthropologists and planetary sociologists. Many new social models were created through these studies. Our linguistic anthropologists have had a field day; they researched the thousands of languages you developed during your time on Mother Earth, all the way back to the root, Lyran-based dialects and those of Lemuria and ancient Atlantis. Your different languages evolved as a result of isolation, manipulation by the Anunnaki overloads, and the many calamities that eroded your original culture-base. Your Anunnaki overlords also developed your major philosophical beliefs, which were then gradually progressed by divine intervention from your Spiritual Hierarchy. All this is now coming to a close, and a new paradigm is starting to emerge.

As we learn more about you and your seemingly endless travails, we developed a great Love for you and what you have gone through. The path given to you is indeed a hard one. Hence, we are overjoyed that it is swiftly drawing to an end. Your beloved Mother Earth likewise suffered many millennia of devastation. The great floods, fires, and violent volcanic eruptions took their toll. But the damage wrought over the last half millennium has equaled these past ages in its growing intensity, which is why the recent, growing environmental concern has greatly pleased her. This heightened awareness and the general intention to help your planetary eco-system to survive are a step in the right direction. But much more needs to be done by you. And yet, Mother Earth understands the importance of your often futile first steps; they are symptoms of your growing awareness and will be followed by much more effective actions in the very near future.

The changes that Mother Earth is undergoing may seem at first to be deceptively mild. However, a vital consideration is to avoid destroying your global society. Therefore, these alterations are being carried out according to a pace and intensity that is directed by the divine plan. The end result is to be a new reality that will be implemented only when you have reached the point where your great shift in consciousness can at last take place. Our role has been to oversee all this under the divine supervision of your Ascended Masters. These tasks include: helping Mother Earth through her many changes, aiding your society in its present metamorphosis, and sustaining an overall environment in which these transformations can occur as planned. And for the future, we have developed scenarios to get you through the last stages of these procedures.

Our First Contact mission has gone through many changes since its inception a decade and a half ago. By our count, at least 15 total reappraisals of the mission have been required. These reassessments continue as we speak. Thesize of our fleet and the amount of personnel has increased exponentially, and the variety of expertise required has also grown. We are pleased that we have adapted quickly to these requirements. These ongoing adjustments include the constant rotation of ships and personnel and the occasional redeployment of specialized craft from one sector to another.

Your inner-Earth galactic society and the former Anunnaki–now Annanuki–play a pivotal role in these operations, as no one in the Galactic Federation knows your societies as well as they do. Consequently, their counsel has at times been invaluable. Their advice, tailored to the strict guidelines of the Ascended Masters, has often helped us to negotiate successfully with our Earth Allies. Their joint recommendations have helped us time and again to successfully anticipate and defuse the endless machinations of your last dark cabal. All these factors encourage us to feel that the marvelous changes in your future and the time for our joint celebration is getting very close. Look upon this last brief period as the few remaining, but challenging steps on your path toward your divine goal. Remember, Together, We are Victorious!

Today, we have looked at things from a slightly different perspective. Our desire is for you to understand the inevitability of your approaching destiny. Thus, stay fully committed to this success and remain focused upon your marvelous victory. These events are approaching swiftly. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)


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