Preparation for the Mission

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Preparation for the Mission
June 11, 2006

[email protected],[email protected].  From:  Monjoronson061106_NOCO_Personal&PlanetaryUpliftment, Northern Colorado TeaM, #84, Loveland,Colorado.  Teacher:  Monjoronson.
Topics:  Preparation for the mission proceeds. My work with you for personal and planetary upliftment. Joint cooperative authority.  Process of training staff.       Walking together in step.  Mortals must join energetically and actively.  Monjoronson will be “locked-in” and less flexible.  Wait patiently but productively.  Q & A:  Man to land ratio.  Reduction of population.  Overcoming obstacles in sharing.  Pre-personal Thought Adjusters.
TR: Daniel Raphael (channel)

Good afternoon, friends.  This is Monjoronson.  (Group welcomes him warmly.)  It is good to be here with you, my friends.  If you were a bit more sensitive, you would almost feel the air from my presence as I pass by each of you.  That is how palpable my presence is, that I feel, and that you are almost ready to feel.  I have made my way around the world to thousands of groups, and millions of individuals.  I am preparing a list—a bit like Santa Clause, “who is naughty and nice”—no, not really!  But I am preparing a list of those who are with intention and consciousness and prepared to assist in my missions, and they are many.

Today I wish to speak to you about my work with you.  My presence and my mission is for you individually; my presence and mission is to help uplift and upgrade your planet, so that future generations more easily come into alignment with the way of the universe, of love—universal harmony—more easily, more naturally and earlier in the course of their life, so that eventually parents who have children, bring their children into the world ready with the values and beliefs that are in alignment with a loving life, on your planet.

As you have been told, since the very inception of the Teaching Mission and Correcting Time, this will be a co-creative effort to heal your planet—”our planet.”  Each of you has, that I have seen in you, little understanding of this in your thinking.  This will not be a relationship of organizational authority, but one of joint, cooperative authority.  We are in the phases now of preparing our staff to work on a regular basis, intimately and personally with you, as you participate, in the capacity that you are able to with this organization.  Some of you will work directly with us in your world.  Some of you will be well aware of us and cooperative, and align your energies in work, thoughts, and emotions with those of this mission.

We have heard a phrase that describes some mortals who are resistant to change, as being “hardheaded.”  Well, it is oftentimes not that a person is resistant, but simply not capable, not trained, not sensitive to the nuances of a cooperative relationship.  Now, extend that or overlay that onto my staff.  It is going to require, and we are now in the process of training our staff, particularly those who will be working with you personally, on a one-to-one basis, how to actually do that.  It is not that my staff is hardheaded, but this is a remarkable journey of cooperative, co-creative effort.

You have heard many higher-minded / high-minded phrases about co-creative union and cooperative efforts of us working together.  The realities are that we know that as willing as you are, it will be much like herding cats—that we love you, we care for you, we wish the best for you, we are compassionate to your needs, and we are sensitive to your autonomy.  Yet, we must bring you along, coax you to join with us arm in arm as we walk together in “step”—not out of step, but in step together.  This will require remarkable adjustments for my staff and for you.

My staff thoroughly understands the eccentricities of mortals on Urantia, and your penchant for autonomy and resistance to good.  And you are used to going your own way.  Some of you simply give up and say, “Show me.”  This is insufficient, too, my friends.  You must join us energetically, actively—not passively—but assertively, willing to reach out, extend yourself and learn how to cooperate, how to be led without feeling like you are leaderless, that you have no participation in where you are going.  It is essential that you thoroughly invest in this co-creative, cooperative effort to complement the Magisterial Mission and the healing of your planet, in the begetting of whole individuals early in their lives.

You have many business examples of diverse groups coming together in a cooperative effort to accomplish a common good, or a common outcome to produce a common service, a functional product and it requires many people working on this, from diverse cultures, different languages, different systems of measurement and come out with a product or service that works.  Now multiply the difficulty of that by manifold—many of you have not yet felt the presence of those who are not material.

You will be startled, some of you will be in awe, [and] some of you will be in denial that this is actually occurring.  As I approach materiality, more and more of this Magisterial Mission becomes “locked in” to the temporal pace of your planet.  We are not ready to lock in place this mission yet, for there is so much work to do.  I will loose my flexibility when that occurs.  In many ways I will be a captive of this planet, though I will have the same capacity to lay down my body and travel elsewhere, as I am needed, or as is required, there upon returning to my body, taking it up, and traversing as a captive on the planet again.

So many of you are waiting.  So many of you are prepared.  So many of you will be gone before I appear.  Those of you who are prepared and waiting, you are much like those so many years ago, who waited for the “return,” who waited for the healing of your planet, healing and completion, patiently waiting for years, decades—perhaps centuries.  I do not and will not reveal to you when the mission will become corporeal in full, and operational at a level that you can participate in.  It would be foolhardy to do so.  You are agondonters.  I envision that one day, a decade or two after the mission is in its corporeal form, that someone will write a novel or a true story of the last agondonters as a chronicle to those who waited.  Those of you who believe, have faith, trust and know that I will be here in material form, that Christ Michael will then follow me in the time after that in the distant future.  [Editor’s Note:  From the Urantia Book.  Agondonters are: “Ascending will creatures from planets spiritually isolated by the Luciferic rebellion, and who, therefore; have gained valuable experience in the exercise of faith and the development of confidence in cosmic reliability, for they must learn to believe without seeing.” —From]

Your faith is a trusting faith.  Your faith is a faith with a smile on your face, knowing that it is happening—not “will happen”—but “is” happening.  You have a gleeful appreciation that it is in process that it is now in the form of becoming manifest.  You are wonderful caretakers of this mission; you are wonderful supporters of what must be done and what will occur.  I know that many of you are anxiously waiting, as though you had invited company over to your home for dinner, and you had an appointed time of seven o’clock for them to appear, and here it is eight-thirty and they still have not arrived, though they call occasionally saying, “Oh, we are just a bit down the road."

We know that these assurances we provide to you feel much the same way—”Well, when are you going to arrive?”  “When is dinner?”  But we say to you, “Keep the stove hot, please, we are coming.”  You will hear this message over and over again; it will be repeated many, many times in the future to help you become aware that you are not alone.  In the meantime, this provides a wonderful opportunity for training, for personal upliftment, for practice in meditation, in silence and stillness to be with your Thought Adjuster in preparation for this wonderful mission in which I am participating.

I am open for questions, if you have any at this time.

Student:  I have a question.  It says in the Urantia Book that the man to land ratio is key to the well being of the human race.  Is our population in line with the man to land ratio?  They predict that there will be nine billion people by 2050.  Are you able to speak on that, or how do we keep our population within limits?

MONJORONSON:  This is not a function that is governable by individuals, or even by societies or nations, except that individuals may responsibly raise a reasonable number of children, so that they are cared for, educated and prepared for their future.  The population of your world is grossly out of balance.   It will be at that time, which you state, approximately three times larger than it should be.  There is truly an equation for the number of people that can successfully, productively, rationally, spiritually, occupy land in relationship to the square mileage or land mass.

Your other question obviously must be, “How will this be aligned?”  We will not institute any global program of eugenics.  This situation of over-population of your planet will be self-rectifying.  It is unavoidable; it is now in preparation, we are aware that there are forces in your world, which will change the population level dramatically in a very brief period of time.  We work with all individuals; we work with all souls.  We wish that the production of healthy, whole, heavy souls occur on every planet, and that every soul that leaves this planet be weighty with wisdom, experience, understanding, insight, and personal reverence.  You make them by moral and ethical decisions; you make heavy souls with the addition of service—not required, obligatory service, but joyful service, generous service, gleeful service, service that is done from the heart.

Look about you in your world.  How many people serve easily, generously, passionately?  How many people are making good moral, ethical decisions, given that they are presented to them every day?  Many souls leave your planet light as a feather, with very little survival capacity.  Yet, many of you leave this planet as heavy souls, having made many weighty, consistent, good, ethical, and moral decisions and have provided wonderful service to your fellow brothers and sisters.

The opportunity for decision-making is before everyone.  The opportunity for service is before everyone.  The awakening of the Thought Adjuster, the awakening of the individual and the connection with the Thought Adjuster, the Father fragment, is essential to the growth of the soul.  You here are heavy souls; you are weighty with good decisions and wonderful service.  You will survive, if you wish to.  This, too, is a decision; this too is part of an intention for living.  These are decisions that you must make, consciously—not flippantly or errantly, but consciously with good intention.  What I am saying in answer to your question is that we appreciate the number of souls that are on your planet, yet we know clearly that many will leave here deciding not to continue the journey.  Many will leave here having no idea of what their life was about, and many will be leaving here who have great value.

This scythe that will cut across the populations of your world, is no respecter of status, power, authority, monies, or spiritual development—it will strike evenly to everyone.  And it will reduce the population of your planet: it is unavoidable; it is inevitable; it will occur.  And when you do cross, whether before or after this occurs, we are there, we are so close to you.  We will help you make this transition more easily.  Thank you for your question.

Student:  Monjoronson, can you assist us in understanding the new being called WAVE?  What types of characteristics did he receive from the four mortals, and what will be his function or purpose?

MONJORONSON:  I wish not to speak of that at this time.  (Pause.)

More questions, thoughts, comments?

Student:  Do you have a suggestion, Monjoronson, how we might best share any information or our opinions about the Teaching Mission?  It seems like it’s problematic enough with those who have background with the Urantia text, but for people with Christian or Biblical background, it seems if we were to state very much about this, it might well be discounted or thought of as something “off the wall."

MONJORONSON:  This is true.  It is very much like a wedding—no one will come unless you invite them.  Therefore, my suggestion is that you have a simple invitation that you provide to people who perhaps show curiosity about your beliefs, or who seem open to its discussion; a brief, uncomplicated but simple message about the Teaching Mission, about my mission.  Your concern about what they think is not relevant.  Simply discern whether they may be open to listening.  You know that you will be rejected—many invitations to higher guidance, to spiritual insight and development are dismissed openly, sometimes with scorn and disgust, yet if you do not provide a simple invitation out of fear of being scorned, then no one will come.

Your mission, if you ask, to give it a name, I would not say it is your duty, but your avocation is to invite and find similar-hearted, similar-believing individuals, and invite them to attend.  There is need for new Teaching Mission groups to develop, to once again begin the initial teachings that are essential to a God-centered life, how to live peacefully, kindly, compassionately, successfully in a complex society.  We wish new Teaching Mission groups to begin, which is my desire and the desires of Christ Michael, Machiventa, and all our staff.  We are pleased that you continue in Boulder to provide these lessons to newcomers.  Does that help?  (Student:  Thank you.  Yes, it does.)

Student:  Try as hard as I might, I cannot picture in my mind or my heart that my personal Thought Adjuster is a pre-personal being, without the personality of at least the Father.  All the transmissions that I have read from other person’s TA’s coming through with much love and tender emotions . . . how can the TA’s show that without being personal?  Thomas recently spoke on this issue as a “particle of Divine energy—omniscient, omnipotent & omnipresent,” but I am still struggling with the lack of a personality when he is so loving.

MONJORONSON:  It is a blessing to address you, concerning this.  The Thought Adjuster cannot be what it is not.  It is from the source of love; it is from the source of harmony.  Expressions of compassion, caring, love, harmony, order, forgiveness, and all the other wonderful virtues of a developed spirit are eminent, are present, are always there with the Thought Adjuster.  It is, in itself a pre-personal being having a capacity that is far greater in its complexity, in its developed stature of spiritual enlightenment, than you can conceive.  Think of it from the perspective of the Thought Adjuster, not that it would actually ask this question, “How could such a lowly being as you have a personality, and I have not?  How generous it is that the Creator, from which I come, and from which it [personality] comes, fills you with personality and I have not?  This is the wonderful, motivating energies for our union, for our oneness, for our travels together in the infinite eras of time and eternity, as we grow to grasp what I have you want; what you have I desire, knowing that in the eventuality of our travels together in our experiences as we go through these many life plateaus and changes, we will become closer and more One.

The fusion of the Thought Adjuster with the mortal does not end this quest, does not end this development, but it continues to mature and grow.  “How is this possible?  It is a mystery.  I will leave it at that.  This is a magnificent, magnificent, wonderful, mystery of the universe, and you only will understand it more thoroughly and completely, almost in the totality, in the embrace with the Creator, when we are embraced together,” speaking as the Thought Adjuster that you have within you.

“Then you can appreciate fully why the Creator has sent out to the ends of time and eternity in the finite universe, these fragments, seeding the whole universe with fragments of itself, to come into being in Wholeness, through these fragile, mortal fragments of life as yourself.  It is a journey of exploration, of completion, of fullness.  Then the ecstasy of knowing personality, from which the source has provided to you, becomes One with me, the Thought Adjuster.  What a glorious, simultaneous, implosion, explosion of energy, as this develops!  It is not an easy concept or process to follow or understand, but one which will become appreciable to you in its great magnificence in the ends of time”.  Thank you.

Student:  Thank you!  Everything you have shared with us today has been very helpful.

MONJORONSON:  You are welcome.  I, Monjoronson, am privileged to be here with you, to take on this grand and awesome and challenging task of helping you heal your personal life, and your world, together.   I wish you well, my friends, and I am as present with you as the Spirit of Christ.  The companionship that he provides to you when you call upon him is immediate and personal.  Do not forget that!  And my assistance is to work with you and Christ Spirit in healing this world.  You are an essential part of that.  You are important. You are needed, and your steadfast faith, appreciation, acceptance, trust, and knowing that this will be so, even if you do not see it in your lifetime, is needed to support these efforts.  And do not be afraid to share this message with others, for there is great fear upon your planet, and in fear there is resistance and separation and isolation.  Be prepared to embrace those who show some meager amount of willingness to join.  I bless you; Christ Michael blesses you, Nebadonia fills you with her presence, and the peace of our Creator may it preside always in your life.  Good day.

(Group gives thanks.)


Correcting Time Stage 2. Received on Sunday Sep 13, 2009, 11:38.  Published on Monday September 21, 2009. Message taken from: [email protected],[email protected].  From: www.TMtranscripts.comNorthern Colorado TeaM, #110, Loveland,Colorado.
Teachers:  Christ Michael and Monjoronson.


ChristMichael: Time to fulfill plans of the Correcting Time

Phase I: Development of awareness. Educational programs. Raising consciousness. Building a cadre of committed workers. Interim Period: Higher staff concluding plans unique to Urantia. Further increase of vibration frequency.
Phase II: Executive management handed over to Machiventa and Monjoronson. Michael will still minister to us on a personal level. An Avonal Son has long been in the plans.
Q & A:  Communication with other fallen worlds? Did Urantia receive an advantage over other worlds due to being a bestowal world? Improvement of DNA.

Monjoronson: Rapid events orchestrated from above

Greater spiritual pressure. A cause of separation between heart and mindal energies. Quorum of consciousness. Time of greater union, connection & empowerment. A quickening of events for next two years. Greater empowerment for teaching.
Q & A:  Materialization depends on development of right order. Further distinctions between phases 1 & 2. Linear/mindal thinking versus heart energy thinking. Character versus personality. Time for conjoint engagement.

TR: Daniel Raphael (channel)

CHRIST MICHAEL:  Good afternoon, this is Christ Michael.  (Hearty welcome.)  It is a pleasure to be with you, my friends, my children.  This is an auspicious occasion, one that we have been preparing for, for a good deal of time.  The space, or interim, or hiatus of energy and activity that you have felt in the last number of months is now at a close.  All the preparations have been made and the plans and orders have been executed, now for them to become fulfilled.

This time, now, ends the first phase of the Correcting Time Program.  This phase had to do with developing awareness, educational programs, [and] raising the consciousness of spirit-filled individuals, to develop a following, a cadre of heart-felt, minded individuals, who are committed to the Correcting Time plan and the co-creative healing of this planet.  These plans have been under my direct supervision and management, with Machiventa, and recently with the addition of Monjoronson.

During this interim time where you felt little activity, we were concluding the plans for the following segment of the Correcting Time program.  The variables on your planet, and experimental and experiential planet —as are the other ones that were in quarantine— offers tremendous variability for the future.  The almost sure predictability of what will happen on a planet that has not been in quarantine is far more assured than what has been with these planets, and Urantia has been particularly difficult to predict, as there are so many strong personalities, political interests and war-like mentalities that are involved in the development of local events on this planet.

Although I am Sovereign of Nebadon, the future on planets as this is known far, far in advance, but the process, the day-to-day, week-to-week, month-to-month, year-to-year process of achieving that is a piece of art—it is artful management, artful execution of Divine and Sacred plans, so that your celestial teachers can bring you along with us, to contribute to the healing of your planet.  I have signed the Executive Orders for the completion of this phase.  This also declares that I would not be the exacting executive, moment-by-moment, but have given way for the more direct influence and management and execution of these plans by Machiventa and Monjoronson.  Do not interpret this as a withdrawal on my part; it is simply managerial; it is simply executive in function to have these two individuals begin the process of more direct participation in the events of your world, as they unfold.

I am here, available for you, as always.  I now can devote more time to the other planets that have been in quarantine.  I can devote more time with you, individually.  Call upon me!  You will find me there with you, beside you.  I am available as your counselor, as your teacher, as your way-shower, just as I have always been.  This development is, and has been, a known factor and a part of the plans for healing this planet and the other planets.  It was known long ago that there would in some time, in some way, be an Avonal Son, who would come to this world and to the other worlds.  The “when” of that was not clearly known, but the divine developments from Paradise brought Monjoronson here in a timely manner.  Now he and Machiventa, as they have been since Monjoronson’s arrival, will continue to directly participate and manage the execution of the Correcting Time plans.

I therefore, relinquish the podium, the lectern to him, and he may address you at this time.  I would be glad to address any of your personal questions at this time, if you have any.

Student:  Does your bestowal in this world give this world any advantages over the other fallen worlds?  And the second part of my question is, since we can’t be part of the universe circuits—at least not yet—I wondered if it would be possible for us to communicate with other fallen worlds?  Would that be helpful or realistic?

MICHAEL:  I will answer the second part of your question:  No, it is not realistic and no, you would not be helpful.  These planets are unique, just as Urantia is unique, and there are none to very few individuals on this planet, who have the capacity to be helpful on those planets where they [would] need to be engaged in the circuitry of communication with those planets.  I thank you for your question, though.  Would you repeat the first part of your question, please?

Student:  If your bestowal on this world gave us any advantages over the other fallen worlds?

MICHAEL:  The answer is this:  It does give Urantia additional assistance, as the other planets have received assistance as well.  The benefit is that my presence here, 2,000 earth years ago, was a major factor in the healing of this planet.  It gave hope to many, where hope was not available.  It gave others a way of knowing God, when there was no other avenue to do so.  Thank you for your question.Are there other questions?

Student:  I was reading recently—I think it was in one of the transmissions—something about change in our DNA.  Is that possible, once we are created, that there is some way in which our DNA can be improved?

MICHAEL:  Most certainly!  DNA is programmable; it is programmable by behavior, by consciousness, by change of behavior in thoughts and actions.  The execution of decisions does influence your DNA.  Your scientists are only beginning to realize that DNA is a malleable, programmable function within your species, and that it is evolution “on the run,” so to speak.  As your consciousness rises, so does the capacity of your own generation, and those around you.  The raising of the vibration of your consciousness has a direct connection to the vibration of your DNA, and the DNA of others in your species.  It is a wonderful mechanism, one that we are very pleased with, that the Life Carriers have produced in their laboratories, and yet, your species is one of the more primitive sentient beings in this local universe.  See how marvelously you are put together!  How incredibly intricate and thoughtful the designs were, and this is all a part of God’s Creation, creation that is continuing.  Thank you.

Now, I will step aside for Monjoronson, my Brother from Paradise, who is here to begin his more active role in this Correcting Time.  (Thank you, Father Michael.)  Thank you for being here.

MONJORONSON:  This is Monjoronson.  (Welcome!)  Thank you for your greeting and my gift to you is my presence and the increase of your vibration.  For us, this change of executive management has come swiftly, even in terms of the last 2,000 years from Christ Michael’s bestowal on your planet.  My arrival several years ago was also seen as coming here rapidly.  These events have all been orchestrated from Uversa, with the support and agreement from Havona.  There is not a withdrawal of executive talent by the change of roles of Christ Michael, for he is the Sovereign of Nebadon; he is here, a permanent, dynamic ingredient to this wonderful local universe.

You will see a change in the development of events of this phase of the Correcting Time.  Already, we have begun the increase of spiritual pressure on your planet [that] some of you felt in June, July and in August, and this will continue each month into the future.  This is a —for you and for your world— a “sweet and sour” situation, for spiritual pressure beckons, engenders individuals to aspire to a higher level of consciousness, and to engage the Divine at the level to which they are capable.  People who had not thought about God, now are yearning to know God; [they] go to church to say affirmations, say prayers, ask for forgiveness and so on.  This is all evidence of increased spirit pressure on your world.

Many are now coming to appreciate the charismatic side of their religions, to understand and feel the presence of God, and to know God personally, intimately.  This, as you were told some years ago and repeatedly, is causing a separation between those who believe, and those who do not; those who are great in heart-energy, and those who are solely of the mindal energy, those who aspire to the material gratifications of material existence.  You will continue to see this separating, this shredding between individuals, families, cultures, communities and nations.  This is part of the increase of spirit pressure.

This comes at a time in the history and the future of this planet, as it undergoes tremendous change —through physical change, social change— and social change of all stripes and degrees, with its political, economic and commerce, or whether it is in family dynamics, or community enterprises.  This social fabric of your world, will increase, improve, develop and mature.  It is undergoing an evolution that you contribute to with your consciousness.  We —meaning “us,” meaning “you”— together have brought your world almost to the position that we call the “Quorum of Consciousness,” where there is a quorum of strength, of energy, of consciousness sufficient to then sway the whole planet forward and upward.

This is not a quorum based on the numbers of individuals, but it is based upon the quorum of energy of your world, that is capable of bringing positive change.  And this is where the selfishness of those who do not believe, actually aids us in this process, for were they to be united and concerted in their efforts of ignorance, they would cause an imbalance in this quorum of energy.  But you, my friends, are conscious of your union with us, and with your conscious fellow brothers and sisters of this planet.  We are soon approaching that quorum of energy, that quorum of consciousness, where your presence, our presence begins to have sway —not to “just begin a sway”— but to have sway, to have preference, to have command of the growth of Light on your planet.  And this influence is augmented by spiritual pressure on your planet, so that your efforts are multiplied productively —not just in frenetic activity, but in productivity.  Your efforts of Light will become more effective.  You do not know how to measure your spiritual efficiency, but we do, and that will increase as well.

You here have had a mighty influence on your world.  Those of you who read these words and listen to these words have had a mighty influence on your world.  That is why we have told you to stay the course, be strong, stalwart, steadfast, to persevere, be unwavering in your attachment and empowerment from the Divine, from your Thought Adjuster, from Christ Michael, your Guardian, and Celestial Teachers.  This is the time of much greater union, connection and empowerment on your part.  You have grown, you have developed.  I see in many of you a much stronger Thought Adjuster connection, as you have reached to it.  You are closer to this empowering being within you of divine nature, than you have ever been—and we thank you, immensely.

The second part of what I have to say today is that you will see a “quickening” in the development of events around you.  Historically, since the Teaching Mission began, you have seen a slow rise and fall of events that have progressed through time.  A large number of people has come in, and a large number has left.  Always has there been a sifting.  This sifting has been of great assistance to us.  We knew that this would occur, for the sifting has given us those individuals who now can be entrusted with greater responsibilities for the conduct —the mortal co-creative conduct— of our joint programs and efforts.  Social change will continue at the same pace and increase, but the pace at which the spiritual developments occur around you, those programs in which you can participate, will also develop very rapidly.

The midwayer corps is extremely pleased to be far more active; these hearty individuals on your dark planet have been challenged by the work that needs to be done.  They still are under capacity, and so they are eager to engage their talents and abilities to bring about more rapid spiritual growth and development.  When I speak of that, I mean that you will see organizations become empowered, and developed with more sure guidance, and forward movement.

Those that are not fully engaged in our program will dither about and wither; they may continue to exist, but they will not prosper.  You will see your efforts prosper, meaning that you will see them grow, you will connect with others whom you can empower, and those will empower you in return.  You will see your organizations grow, the numbers who come to your meetings, to your workshops, to your training, will grow and the spread of this word will grow as well.  Yes, we do have an influence in that; yes, we have held you back in the past, for you were not ready.  Your world was not ready for you, you were green and you were immature.  Many of you have had many failings in your attempts to spread the word about what you are doing and what we are doing, and have had difficulty spreading the word about the change in your world, and this healing empowerment through the Correcting Time.  Now that will change.  Your efforts will be —not necessarily rewarded, that would be the wrong word— but they will be empowered.  You will find what you need provided to you, so that you can move forward rapidly, carefully, and effectively.

Yes, many of you will hold back, waiting, sitting on the fence, waiting for more evidence.  We expect that.  Those of you who do not sit on the fence, but run the path beside that fence, you will move forward, and they will turn their heads, watching you leave dust in their faces.  Some will come along with you, and others will still remain —this is their choice.  There is no coercion in this at all.  Your will choice is sovereign.  We fully respect that; never will anyone ever usurp your sovereign decisions, or that of your world.  You must experientially, developmentally, join with us co-creatively to heal your planet.  Many of you have said, “Yes;” many of you now are going to be putting on the harness and pulling this load with us.  We embrace you, we enjoin you to continue with us.  Those who sit on the fence, we ask you to join us too.

Lastly, my relationship with Machiventa is as it has been since I arrived.  We are, so-to-speak, two parts of a tripartite leadership, management, [and] executive function of Urantia.  Christ Michael is one-third, I am one-third, Machiventa is one-third, and with Christ Michael delegating his executive powers to myself and to Machiventa, we become the balanced and empowered dyad of the future.  Always we check with Christ Michael, and with the Edentia Leaders, and Uversa Leaders for direction and guidance in what we are doing.  We want to move forward, this is our desire, and this is the time to do so.  These are auspicious and incredibly instrumental and pivotal times and events that are occurring during this year and next year.  They will be instrumental and influential to set the course and the effectiveness of our actions, well into the future.  That is why this action by Christ Michael has been taken now.

Machiventa is the Planetary Managing Prince, and Executive of this planet.  He is responsible for its care-taking, or its stewardship, for its management and its development.  I am here to manage and execute decisions and actions and energies for the, generally speaking, the spiritual development of your world.  This is the head and heart, the heart-mind of the planet, between myself and Machiventa.  We work together and our decisions are inseparable.  We have a course of action, a play of action that has been published in Nebadon, particularly in this region of the planets that were in quarantine.  All are in support of this and we are moving forward.  You can anticipate very rapid events coming into the forefront of the future, very soon.

Machiventa is here, today, though he has not come forward.  He will remain with us and available to answer questions.  I am available, as is Christ Michael.  If there are questions particularly relevant to this, we would be most happy to answer them.  If you have other questions that may not relate to these developments you are most welcome to ask them as well.  We await your questions.

Student:  Monjoronson, how is this going to affect the time that you will be materializing?

MONJORONSON:  It will.  Thank you.

Student:  No time estimates yet?

MONJORONSON:  We are not dealing with time, we are dealing with developments.  This is a totally developmentallydriven program.  Time is not of the essence, but developments, right order, are of the essence of this program.  I do not mean to be evasive, but I do mean to be accurate.Do you have other questions?

Student:  Yes, how would you describe our second phase that we are going into now, to distinguish from the first phase we’ve been through?

MONJORONSON:  The first phase had to be involved with awakening, awareness, and education.  The second phase is now engaging those individuals who have demonstrated their competence and their perseverance to join with us co-creatively in the active engagement of social, spiritual and religious programs to advance your race on this world.  Now you will see conjoint actions, between us and you, to advance these programs.  Does this satisfy your question?

Student:  Somewhat.  At the present time, our world is in kind of a war-zone mentality, and I just wondered how we were going to get out of that into a more peaceful mentality?

MONJORONSON:  By going through it.  My presence here in phase two does not address the war-like mentalities of your world.  We can address it indirectly by developing and enlarging the quorum of influence on your planet.  This will have a far mightier effect than anything else that can be invoked at this time.  Your world will not be healed by miracle or divine fiat, but rather by the careful, developmental evolution of your social institutions, and the consciousness of humankind.  Yes, you will have wars and you will have worse wars.  Yes, you will have pestilence and worse pestilence.  Yes, you will have tremendous social upheavals in this world, which is an opportunity for re-directing the course of your world.  It is unfortunate that this has happened, is happening now, but it is very typical of a planet that has only so recently come out of such primitive social and historical developments as your world.

In terms of planetary developments, you are now engaged in programs that are far advanced for your planet, compared to others [planets] that have engaged and enjoyed these programs.  These programs are brought to you at this time because they must be brought into existence at this time so that your world has a sustainable platform of social evolution and development, so that it can continue, rather than your civilization decline and collapse.  This is not good news.  It is not bad news.  It is simply the state of affairs on this planet at this time.  Thank you.

Student:  You have repeatedly stated that the population is a problem, and from the readings of Mother Nebadonia and you, have referred to the fact that when we are conceived, we are known and … what happens to those whose gestation period is terminated before they are birthed?  And what path should we take in curtailing our reproductive capabilities so that we can stay in line with the population need of the world?

MONJORONSON:  I thank you for your questions, they are very good questions but they have been answered several times in the past.  Thank you.

Student:  Maybe you have answered this question in the past, it’s a little like the previous one, but when a fetus is lost before birth, is that being given life again when one of the parents reaches the mansion worlds?

MONJORONSON:  I again thank you for your question, and it has been answered previously.

Student:  I have one more question.  (Certainly.)  In one of your earlier discourses you said something to the effect that we would revert back to linear thinking.  Is the quality of our thinking advantageous to connecting with our Thought Adjuster, and could you give us an example of a difference between linear thinking and other modes of thinking?

MONJORONSON:  Most certainly.  Linear thinking is minded thinking.  It is logical, progressive and developmental in a linear sort of way.  It is the kind of thinking that makes laboratory researchers effective by extinguishing all possibilities in their research program.  The other thinking comes from the heart; it is parallel, it is divergent, it is multi-dimensional.  It appeals to the sensitivities of your heart, of the Christ Spirit that is available within you and around you.  It is the qualitative aspect of thinking that adds to the quantitative aspect of thinking.  Through this, you are able to carry a spider from inside your house to the outside, because you have something in common with it, rather than commonality of living in the same house, and you do not want it there anymore, where you could kill it and destroy it.  The energy of the heart says there is a connection there.  The energy of the mind says it wants it out of the house, or wants it gone.  The energy of the heart provides a living example by setting the spider free outside of the home.

The heart energy in your thinking prepares you for engaging the larger aspects of your world, for the universe is far, far more than a mechanical mechanism.  Yes, planets revolve around suns; yes, there are myriad galaxies throughout the universe.  The Architects of Time have done a wonderful job, and it continues.  The program of Ascension is principally a program of the heart where you can be partners with your Thought Adjuster, that fragment of God within you, and experience the fullness of an infinite career of Ascension, to appreciate God’s largesse of the universe and also his caring that you Ascend to appreciate it and enjoy it and engage it, [on the] same level as the Creator.  Now there, my friend, is the energy of the heart!  And it is the energy of the heart of Christ Michael and Nebadonia who have provided you with the Correcting Time.

The energy of the heart says, “There is a possibility", we will make it a probability that your world will come into the days of Light and Life, and we will engage that, build it, and invite those who can assist in this to participate.  I thank you for your question.  It is very thoughtful and I appreciate being able to address it.  You will find the energy of the heart will pervade all that we do, it must —it simply must!  For linear results of saving your planet are insufficient to save the souls, that they might Ascend and join us in Paradise.

Student:  I recently read a transcript from Elyon that was excellent on the subject of character.  He said, “Character is a deep, true, permanent acquirement that is ‘you’.”  How is this different from personality?

MONJORONSON:  Personality is a gift of the Father, character is an acquirement, as Elyon said.  It is gained through experience and through the application of wisdom and the right use of knowledge.  (Thank you.)

Last questions?  (Pause.)  In closing, you will find, my friends, that your Light has been shining.  Now you will find that other people will be looking toward you and wondering about that Light, and they will want to engage you in one way or another to know more about that Light, to be served by you with that Light, and to learn how to serve others as you are doing.  This is the very heart of the program of the second phase of the Correcting Time.  This is where you can engage your community and see results.  You will see people come to you, these will not be simply developments from your urging, from your aggressive, assertive going out and making things happen, but you will see people coming to you as they search for answers as well.  Do not be surprised to find people come to you, whom you have not met before, but who have heard about you, or who have awareness that there is something going on in your life, that they want to participate in.  This is a time of engagement.

All the preparation, all the training, all the raising of consciousness, now is the time to engage in real, mortal activities that better your world.  And, yes, it will be slow, but you will see a change, and these changes will come about more rapidly as you participate and as others come on board with us.  I thank you for your presence here today; it is important that you witness with us, this new opening of the Correcting Time, this new phase where we can work more closely together, joined together on the programs of your world.  Good Day.  (Group gives thanks.)

Candace Frieze: There are some problems in particular with one of the other planets that were part of the Rebellion, and Christ Michael feels some personal attention is necessary to them also for time. He comes and goes between them all as needed, I have had several discussions with him on this. He wishes to have even more personal involvement in process with the others also. He is always but an "earshot" away. This is a lovely piece, is it not, with Daniel!!!!


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