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The Three Days of Darkness

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The Three Days of Darkness (3DD)
By Father of Havona, Siraya, Christ Michael Aton, Nebadonia, Archangel Metatron, Mother Mary and Esu Immanuel Sananda

This is a compendium of channelings referring to this global event. First published on this website on Tuesday October 2, 2012.

"And the fourth angel sounded, and the third part of the sun was smitten, and the third part of the moon, and the third part of the stars; so as the third part of them was darkened, and the day shone not for a third part of it, and the night likewise."—Revelation 8:12

Judgment Day, so long mentioned for many centuries, is the Three Days of Darkness (3DD) and the subsequent sequel after them. 3DD mark that time so long awaited by religions and they followers, and dreadfully awaited by the Dark Forces when the control of the planet will be taken away from them. People will start to see they have lived a nonsensical empty life, that their main values were only straw, that their political, economic, military, entertainment, etc., idols were only soft clay dolls, puppets of an oppressive and corrupt Illuminati system manipulated from behind the scenes. And when they see that that reality was a lie, they will remain with a hollow mind without knowing what to believe and do for what they had believed in was lies. This will also happen to those clung to religious dogma, and will see that much of that dogma was only lies devised to keep their mind imprisoned. Christ Michael has maintained the 3DD without happening for a long time after their announcement to give a little more time for the awakening, and in so doing, some who were living in a cloud, have fallen in desperation due to the delays since their faith was empty. —Luis Prada, November 3, 2012

Christ Michael
The Three Days of Darkness

Christ Michael channeled by Candace Frieze on Wednesday May 23, 2012. Message taken from:

Dearly beloveds, a few days ago you saw a brief message about the days of approaching darkness. This was planned long ago and the usual method of ridding a planet of the dark living beings. The time has come, and although we did not cover this long ago, it is used with mini-stasis so that ones do not have to witness the removals. It is so very simple, we just eclipse the sun with a large craft. This was done 2000 years go on the day of the cross to remind people of that great travesty, but only for a few hours.

This will run 3 days plus the mini-stasis in the middle. The populace will only be aware of the 3 days. Many of you may be aboard craft during that time to be briefed. We will commence the teaching period shortly thereafter.

We have arranged the electricity will not function, so consider that in your preparations. The day times will not be as dark as night, just mid twilight to be expected, there is some light released around the eclipsed area.

This is long prophesied and we have come to this point after all attempts otherwise have gone without comprehension. Everyone on the planet will of course notice! This is divine in nature and not OF nature so they will know, in whatever beliefs they have of "god", that this is of God. The timing will occur on my direction based on multiple conditions including the WAVE.

‘Tis a shame you, dark ones, that it comes to this, and many of you are already judged by the courts and will be facing your removal and in many cases your extermination. WE always win, dear dark brothers, and you have lost your game.

Candace: This does NOT cause earth changes or other serious issues. I would think maybe a little weather effects. It is NOT the time of the magic Ascension either, don’t read something into that. Many folks are "hearing" this now, I have seen a lot of posting on forums about it. I covered it for my GLP readers here:

Just plan on what you need in the absence of heat and light. Candles and batteries will work. Your gas stoves will work, but you will have to light the burner. Put gas in the car, but I don’t know if you would want to be out amongst people in fear. Obviously there will be an issue with shopping since there will be no electricity. I assume you won’t be going to work. If you are on pumped water, maybe you should store some. Stand tall.

This piece is under copyright protection of It may be placed anywhere on the web as long as it is not changed in any way and a link placed back to this site. It is preferred you place the entire piece, and if not possible to do so, you must note that the rest of it can be found at the link. Thank you, Candace.

Greetings to All of You, Children of the Light

Siraya channeled by Johan on Saturday May 26, 2012. Message taken from: .

Greetings to All of you, Children of The Light. I AM Siraya Representing Creator Source in Orvonton.

It is my greatest pleasure to confirm that what your Most Esteemed Creator Son Michael of Nebadon has announced is upon us. From Universal Perspective, call it nano-seconds. His courtesy call to give notice of the days of the darkened sun has brought great joy amongst many dignitaries from all over Creation who have been front row, tip of their seats. And most recently been witnessing the last pieces of the puzzle, chess game if you like, been skillfully maneuvered, masterminded into place.

What has been sent by Creator Source by His Decree, agreed upon by ALL involved, is making his entry as we speak. The Wave will impact accordingly and appropriately and will propel forward the long awaited finale of the most tedious works your Sovereign has endeavored upon so far.

To reach this highest possible level of perfection, with so many variables and constant deal breakers or unexpected twists and turns at play, this deserves more than merely a quotation in the annals of this Local Universe. This feat, once determined a ‘done deal’, will be further studied and adored far outside its enormous frontiers and boundaries. It is the cornerstone many would have rejected, but Your Creator Son accepted this challenge truly against all odds, not knowing its precise outcome by far. It is not the end, what never can be reached as Within The One Creation, cycles come and go, ever expanding Within an Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient Supreme Intelligent Power that never stops.

Those in the knowing have reasons to rejoice, while standing firm still, those unknowing will be removed or made aware, much to their surprise. I therefore choose to bring those glad tidings from my heart and equally from Our Creator Source, in the knowing of a lot more work to be accomplished but glad with where we stand.

I Bless all you, Light Warriors and Star Seeds, who stood tall no matter the storms. Your work and hearts content has not gone unnoticed at all. I AM Siraya, in Service of Creator Source.

Johan: Love and Light.

Father of Havona
The Prophesy Darkness Uncovered

Father of Havona or Source channeled by Hazel on Tuesday May 29, 2012. Message taken from: .

There is a simple truth to those days yet to come when darkness will prevail for a time. That truth will sound a bell that will end the regime of darkness on the face of your planet. Yes indeed, darkness is to be vanquished that your lands may become Lighter and Lighted. Light shall void darkness, truth shall void the lies and understanding shall void ignorance. It will be a time of great awakening.

Many will experience the dawn of understanding as the Light of awareness emerges. They will come to see how they allowed darkness to cloud their vision. They will experience a shocking revelation that outer darkness is incomparable to inner darkness brewed from an ignorant state of being uninformed or chosen ignorance. The darkness will thus uncover the Light of understanding within the minds of many. In fact, when this occurs a new feeling of freedom will be born. A weight will be immediately lifted yet not without a sense of remorse for allowing the reign of darkness to perpetuate for as long as it did. Uncertainty will be replaced by hope.

Many will come to realize that darkness cannot be measured by outer visibility but through an inner illumination born out of knowing truth. For truth represents the Light, and a mind in Light will see that which is averse to itself. It will perennially seek truth and thus Light in all things. It will be a time of mighty reflection when Light will loom inwardly for revelations will be given in radiance.

Out of this period of darkness illumination will bathe the inner eyes of many and darkness will be lifted from their consciousness. Many however will wade into deeper waters where their fear will keep them anchored. These are the ones who will be unable to assimilate the truth as fear blocks the reality from their consciousness.

When the darkness is uncovered there will sit abundant Light. See this imposed period of darkness as heralding a New Era, a New Beginning where the dawning Light shall be brighter and clearer than ever before. A new morn will break as the mist of darkness is lifted with permanence.

Your Source

Your Help Is Requested During the 3 Days of Darkness

Esu channeled by Gardenia on Saturday June 16, 2012, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the Spanish Forum of Brother Veritus' Website (BVW) during the Alternate Meditation Hour of 8:00PM, Colombian Time.  We invite you to participate. Original in Spanish, translation to English by Luis Prada, Editor and Publisher of BVW.

Dear children, you may be asking yourselves why I have only spoken to the enemies of love, those we have called dark brothers, the reason has been because the Father thus wanted it, He has centered his attention specially on the enemies of humanity because it is they who must reap the harvest of their maligned deeds and who for thousands of years have played with the Father’s kindliness believing He is a weak God, only because in His infinite mercy He has always been given them the opportunity to avail themselves of the Light.

I want to touch the subject that is of great worry to some of you, the feelings of impotence of being unable to make your family members and friends understand what the Ascension Plan is about. I want to clarify that the Divine Will has taken very much into account your worries and analyzing that there is a great number of persons who is still attached to the beliefs typical of the society in which it has lived since birth and has been damaged by the religious beliefs it practices, which is made of honest and sincerely mistaken people. The blindfold they have over their eyes will fall from the faces of many after the Three Days of Darkness and will come a second opportunity for them before the general Ascension. If after returning the sunlight you find that some of those you love are no longer with you it will be because they thus set out to do so before incarnation and not necessarily they would be people who have served the shadows. There will be those who have traumas of passed incarnations with respect to the lack of sunlight and it is possible they have decided not to expose themselves again to other days of darkness during this, their present life.

On the other hand there exists a great sector of humanity who is in precarious health conditions and possibly will not resist the vibrations produced by the lack of solar light.

The attitude of the Light Warrior during and after the Three Days of Darkness will be of much help for all those who after the blindfold falls from their eyes find themselves disoriented without knowing what to do. There will be moments of giving compassion, comprehension and love, as if it would be of a new born to the Light.

I hope each one of you dons your garment of Light and dedicates to the loving task of helping those who wish to undertake the Ascension journey. The time will not count, only we will see how these beings assimilate the help given unto them on behalf of you and from the invisible world of Light. Esu.

Gardenia: Thank you, Beloved Sir Esu, for your message.

Esu Speaks Publicly on Coming Changes

Esu channeled by Jess Anthony on Thursday June 21, 2012, and dated June 23, 2012. Message taken from: .

Jess: Esu, you said you have words. I am ready to receive your comments.

Esu: Jess, let’s speak. This is a period of change unlike any the world has witnessed before. The universe itself is adapting to a new vibrational frequency of energy that brings with it many revelations of insight into the truth of the Creator’s Plan. The so-called Wave of photons is truth and love in an ocean of illumination. This will change Earth beyond any imaginings, and those who continue with her Ascension will become creatures of the Light just as the planet will.

This period of Light must be preceded by the dark. This is the prophesied and foretold "three days of darkness" that religions and New Age gurus have feared and anticipated. Religions of the world dread this darkness because they know the return of the Light will bring the truth. Their rituals and controlling precepts will be shown as meaningless. Those New Age believers who look for transcendence will be shown the reality of what Ascension really means. True illumination and salvation means taking responsibility individually and working to be compassionate to everyone.

The period of darkness will be brought on by galactic forces. Natural causes can’t produce the pause in existence necessary for changes to be imposed from a higher dimension. This darkness will be accompanied by a worldwide loss of electricity. Anything that runs on electrical current will not function. Batteries will work until they are used up. Candles will burn until they are not in stock. Water will be turned off unless the pumps don’t require electricity to operate. Man will be forced to re-think his mode of existence for this period of three days.

Many will panic and revolt. It will be surprising how quickly man’s civilized veneer becomes selfish and predatory. Banks will not operate and financial systems will not be able to transfer fiat digits. Social unrest will develop due to a loss of restriction and control. Martial law will be suggested. The political process will be in shambles. Food delivery and service will be minimal. Transportation will be limited. Chaos will develop quickly.

My followers and those who will be able to guide others will be tasked with explaining and coordinating events when they can. They are responsible for themselves above all, and they must reach out only as much as they are able without harm to themselves. The time for a greater re-education and transformation will come later.

Three days may not seem much, but the removal of electrical energy will bring everything to a halt. The darkening of the sun will prevent normal activities. The loss of sunlight will cause temperatures to drop. Prepare for sustaining your existence with alternative resources.

As the traditional Summer Solstice has occurred according to your calendar, the peak energy from the sun will wane and the Earth will move into a time of darkness when its inhabitants are seemingly cut off from the universe. The universe is watching man’s reactions and taking note. Good can come from bad. Compassion can replace selfish behavior. Assistance and help can throw a lifeline.

Be ready and prepared. Examine your beliefs and convictions. Esu.

This piece is under copyright protection of It may be placed anywhere on the web as long as it is not changed in any way and a link placed back to this site. It is preferred you place the entire piece, and if not possible to do so, you must note that the rest of it can be found at the link. Thank you, Candace.

Christ Michael
On the Morning of the Fourth Day

Christ Michael through unknown channel (DS) on Wednesday June 20, 2012, and dated Friday June 22, 2012. Message taken from:

On the morning of the fourth day dawn will be burning in amber hues. The silence that had taken hold of one’s soul will still be embraced as this new day comes to light. For during the 3 Days of Darkness the Spirits and Souls of Humanity will awaken and be forced to see clearly their demise by which they had forsaken their truth within themselves on Earth and in the heavens above.

In the midst of the darkness the silence will be heard so loud it will echo onto them by which ALL will know the Mighty Power of their Father/Creator. Much madness, sadness and tears will present itself, for denial was at the forefront of many issues. They will no longer deny the lighted truths from within as the crevices of hiding and denying will be lighted as never before.

Shafts of lighted knowledge, truth, and divine scripture will come flooding into awareness, and the voice of their Creator will not be denied. Fear will rise and their core will be shaken, but for these souls, the days of darkness will be their ticket to freedom.

Freedom by which many untruths and lies of deception had distorted their reality of what is real and what is false. Some will rejoice as a spark of lighted memory comes flooding onto them and some will spiral into the fear of uncertainty.

A time of reckoning has occurred, that which was predestined to come. A time prayed for by many and welcomed in dreams. Nothing will ever be the same again! People will never be the same again! The nature of God will have been shown and his lighted love will transcend unto the world his glory and Oneness!

Hearts will rejoice and be opened as love prevails and unites many! The golden Light of truth will flow in the air opening all doors to the soul. Clarity beholden to eyes opened and minds eager will come to them.

Decisions will need to be made by each as to where they stand as the Lighted truths will no longer wait or be compromised. It is the time of reckoning! Each souls time to face themselves and see what they are made of, as they can no longer deny or hide that which they will know within.

By the end of the 3 Days of Darkness much will have been addressed and confronted by each soul, as this has been ordained.

As the morning sun rises on the 4th Day celebrations will be heard worldwide.

The darkened cleansing will have accomplished its divine mission of awakening the masses, and mankind will have been purged of the evil dark cabal.

This will be felt, sensed, and known and there will be no denying the changed energy signature within the air and of those around you.

The hunger and thirst for truth will herald in the time of disclosure and announcements! May my Divine Light be upon my Anointed Ones. Blessed be to all!

This piece is under copyright protection of It may be placed anywhere on the web as long as it is not changed in any way and a link placed back to this site. It is preferred you place the entire piece, and if not possible to do so, you must note that the rest of it can be found at the link. Thank you, Candace.

A Small Update on Pre 3DD Activities

Esu (Jesus) channeled by Candace Frieze on Saturday July 14, 2012. Message taken from:

Beloveds, stand in your patience. I know this is tiring, but put yourself in our shoes, or mine at the moment. I am in charge of a very large military operation that is most necessary at this time. You may see some odd quakes around as we are taking out more alien bases and it is useful for us to finish that task, if possible pre the The Three Days of Darkness (3DD).

There are energies in them that need neutralized so as to not effect damage during the mini stasis period that we do not wish. These underground bases are powered by mostly nuclear energies and need tactful handling. I am only reporting this to give you some detail. We are pulling out the reactors and removing them. Some of these bases are even "normal" under ground installations that run on nuclear, and they will likely blow during the mini stasis. There is more to occur during the mini stasis than simple removal of the dark, and on the details I cannot give you at this time. Let’s just say that the removal process includes removing more than people and let it go at that.

There is reason that this cannot wait until the large stasis. As you were informed with the Siraya message through Johan, this plan is related to activities that will affect your future careers, experience wise, and also affect the people that will remain during the teaching period and the length and outcome OF the teaching period. I will say the teaching period will be longer than we have suggested before and therefore to provide special opportunities for all, we must have a "cleaner" format.

Keep your lives going and stop living in the future that is not here yet! And always have preparations no matter where you live, for temporary discomforts, as there is still to come the likelihood of much extreme weather and perhaps some extreme quakes.

Christ Michael
Update on the Three Days of Darkness (3DD)

Christ Michael channeled by Candace Frieze on Monday August 20, 2012. Message taken from:

Dearly Beloveds, this is Christ Michael and an update is due.

The time is close. We give no dates but I am here to update today about a small change of plans that will affect you. The craft to eclipse the sun has been behind the sun and ready for some time, close and easy. We have begun to move it more "forward".

Now, because folks are NOT aware of what is planned, and most are NOT listening within, the 3DD will start with a partial eclipse of the sun. This will last for about 24 hours so that everyone can prepare for something coming. It gives "notice". There are many countries in which the news will cooperate during this time, but some don't plan on it. I think the pressure will require it, when the whole world notices an unexpected partial eclipse and wonders WHY.

The eclipse will look somewhat different than a partial eclipse by the moon. You will NOT see a huge round dark disk as the method is different but it will be obvious and certainly much more obvious that this is not Nibiru or any such other thing, in the method we will use. You will not see a gradual eclipse forming. Due to the method used, it will be sudden.

At the end of the 3DD there will be another 24 hours of similar events. The electricity will be turned off shortly after the total eclipse is manifest but not before. And hopefully most news stations around the world will be making that statement about the electricity, so people can prepare some sort of lighting in their homes. People will be advised to GO HOME. For those traveling, home would be of course the hotel or whatever other temporary arrangements are being used. ALL aircraft will be landed during these first 24 hours, we will see to that.

Countries are being encouraged to bring ships into port, and this has been out for a time to leadership, but not much seriousness has been taken by some players on the world stage. Generally however, the big boats make their own electricity and will be fine and smaller ones, if the people are so dumb to not come in to port, and have no way to generate heat or light, it is their problem.

Hospitals of course will make scarce use of electric generators and hopefully during the initial 24 hours will send stable patients home. Ditto other circumstances. Since most businesses require electricity, everyone is going home, there is no need to run any services except for emergency needs.

This is WELL planned, beloveds. Do not fear. But we will not be dropping flashlights to people. They will be challenged to manage. Of course, native types will get through it fine. There is still the mini-stasis during this. All intelligent animals will be in stasis, those requiring human care. We do not let cows go un-milked, they go to sleep too. This is but one simple example.

The mini-stasis will last at least one week and likely more. Those of you coming aboard during the mini-stasis will be lifted on our schedules devised. Generally shortly after the electricity goes off, but will fluctuate according to local circumstances.

We need those of course in the know, to be working with those who are going to be afraid. If you can have some sort of extra candles, flashlights and batteries that might be useful to share. MANY are NOT needed, one per house is enough, as to flashlights you chose on candles. It is not hard to get through 3 days without electricity and in the dark, but it is made easier if the house has some sort of lighting to find the way to bathrooms and the like. It will NOT be pitch black in the day time. The sun's corona extends a fair distance from the sun and the corona will not be completely blocked, so it will not be pitch black in the daytime, but more like a heavy dusk.

You can assure people that it’s fine to go outside and look out windows. It is the thugs who put out that one needs holy candles and must stay inside flat on the floor in prayer. People will be in prayer though, I assure you.

Where media will cooperate, this will be told in fact. People will be given some time to get small amounts of lighting to find their way in the dark. That is truly all that will be needed anyway, except in hospitals, and nursing homes and most all of them do have generators.

Anything to make light will work as long as it’s not on the grid. Most people with solar electricity and battery storage may have some light and it will be friendly of these who do, anyone with generators also, to invite neighbors in. There will be NO removals during the darkness. That occurs ONLY during the mini-stasis which is scheduled in the middle of the period of darkness.

The 24 hours of fading eclipse afterwards, allows the grid to be gradually brought back on line and the increase in natural light then will encourage those "left behind" to begin gathering and dealing with what has happened.

Many of our team are to be lifted, including those not known to AH who have roles in this. These ones will all help during those 24 hours of "half-light" after the 3 days are over, and many of them will be triggered into action in the preliminary 24 hours. Most of the ones brought up shortly after the darkness starts, will be returned a few hours before the end of the darkness.

Now, during the mini-stasis, the plant and animal life NEEDS the sun and the planet cannot be allowed to cool too much, so of course the eclipsing craft will be moved so the sun can shine. And then the craft moved back when the mini-stasis is over. With the two "half-light" days, this makes a total of 5 days plus the mini-stasis.

As soon as it is visually obvious the sun is partly occluded, you in the know, go to work. Some of you may awaken even to news in the morning if this starts during your individual sleep cycles. This 1/2 "light" initial day also provides a powerful motive to some of the dark to clean up their act, but it mostly so ones can prepare as best they can. It will make the shock and awe LESS.

Plan now accordingly and simply LIVE until the time happens. These 3 days are generally done on any planet where possible in the seasons of fall and spring, or the approaching of those times, so the planetary people do not have to deal with so much cold of winter months. Your southern hemisphere is beginning to warm, generally speaking. And the food is near harvest, in the north. Man will be busy with harvest as appropriate after this is over.

This is more than enough and should probably be the last update that will be needed. In great love of you ones who serve AbundantHope, my 2nd Coming organization. Christ Michael.

This piece is under copyright protection of It may be placed anywhere on the web as long as it is not changed in any way and a link placed back to this site. It is preferred you place the entire piece, and if not possible to do so, you must note that the rest of it can be found at the link. Thank you, Candace.

Archangel Metatron
Events to Come. Three Days of Darkness (3DD)

Archangel Metatron channeled by Shellee-Kim, , on Wednesday August 29, 2012, through a tele-chat with Metatron. Message taken from:

Metatron (M): I AM Metatron come to you this evening. We feel you are ready to start taking messages again to be shared. Are you prepared to take one now?

[There was a bunch of personal stuff first for me, then comments about many now that are to have transformations and awakenings… to themselves, their lives and/or their missions.]

As you know, you are about to have the three upcoming Days of Darkness. During this time, many of you, particularly of AbundantHope, will be taken to ship for instruction and training. This will be followed by a debriefing. Once you have understood your roles, there will be a splitting off into groups. There is to be very much a hierarchical structure in place for ease of operation during this period. And we will be with you every step of the way —both Celestials and Star Fleet crews. No one will feel out of his/her depth.

When everyone has organized themselves into the group they will be reporting to, we will have a series of special events occurring. These will constitute some flyover and public announcements, after which there will be more direct introductions to the people of Earth. At the same time as the re-education begins, there will be the distribution of foodstuffs, adjustments made to certain of the manufacturing sectors on your world (the ones that are necessary to have functioning during this period) and there will be many amongst you prepared ones, who will come forward now into the general public with their own stories to share for the easing of tensions amongst your people. In many respects this period will be a turning point in the history of your world. It is a time that will be seen as a lifeline for many. And many will make their crucial decision as regards to their future, at the last minute in this period, in fact.

A portion of those here beyond the 3DD, it is seen, will begin an uprising in order to try and topple this operation —what they believe and see to be an invasion. And they will organize themselves. But they will soon be seen for what they are. Amongst these will be those whose dogmatic beliefs will be more powerful than their abilities to change or open their mind sufficiently to look at alternatives.

SK: Why will they remain then?

M: Because they must be given an opportunity to express themselves. And we see only perhaps a third or a little more of the post-3DD folks will be returning to Earth after the major stasis. Now, there are other tasks you ones will be performing in addition to sharing your personal stories with the public. Many of you will be escorting people on to craft, where you will be showing them our wondrous technologies, living quarters and our customs/ways of doing things. All this is designed to ease the people’s spirits, relax them and help to promote a relationship of trust between us. As escorts, much trust and faith will be placed in you initially by the people.

It is imperative, therefore, that you keep and maintain your inner balance at all times. And listen to your guidance within at every juncture and you will know just how to handle a person or situation.

Now the fun part. There will be some of you, quite a few, who will enjoy staying on craft during this period. This will be the ‘cherry on the cake’ for you ones. And we will delight in watching your delight at all you are to discover. The idea of this gift and privilege is that you then return to your people, reporting on the experiences had, adding further to the peace of mind of the populace.

We think this is enough for tonight. We know how hard this has been for you and we thank you. It is encouraging to see this shift. And we hope there will be many more messages taken again by you now. I AM Metatron and I bid you adieu this evening.

Update on Three Days of Darkness (3DD)

Siraya channeled by Shellee-Kim, , on Sunday September 9, 2012, and published on Tuesday September 11, 2012. Message taken from: .

It is I, Siraya, wishing for you to take a message if you are in agreement. Time draws very, very near now to the D Day. Please be in position, ready for the events to occur. We know you have many times previously being given warnings and asked to make necessary preparations. Perhaps some of you, as with this channel, will see this as another ‘boy who cries wolf’ scenario, as she fondly refers to these. However, now it really is TIME. There are no further hindrances in our path, although conditions are not as perfect as we wish them to be. Yet we are choosing to proceed at this time, nonetheless.

We wish you all to know there are major flyovers to take place globally. We will create something of a show for the people of Earth. It is important that Starfleet be perceived as playful and accessible, rather than the invasive, controlling dark forces your media and entertainment industries have painted us to be.

Also now there will be many Starfleet members ready to join with you. You have already been told somewhat about this. They will be on standby and available in an advisory capacity.

Please be warned of that element in your various societies whose fear will drive them to lead an attempted revolution against us. They will not succeed in overturning our operation but they will certainly make big efforts in trying.

You ones who are to be the wayshowers now will be specially equipped with the activation of yourselves and, in addition, gifts that will be entrusted to you. These will serve to assist on your Earth in numerous ways during this teaching period and beyond. The ones in receipt of these will have been specially selected for their integrity, level of commitment and therefore ability to use these most responsibly and for the benefit of the whole. This channel has already made mention of this gifting some time ago in a previous channeled message.

In the ensuing chaos of the first week or two after 3DD we will make food available for people. This will be distributed from various depots to supermarket outlets, which will temporarily be run by us. Thereafter and once things have settled down, a new system will be in place with coupons/vouchers being used to exchange for food.

One of the first things to be addressed will be an alternative to the harmful fossil fuels your multinationals have so encouraged for profit. And it will no longer be necessary to use this type of fuel for the running of your vehicles, as we will be introducing one of our technologies. This will mean your cars will largely be running on a form of hydroelectricity/water. Thus eliminating all the harm fossil fuels have brought to your beloved planet. There have already been past efforts to bring forth this alternative to your people, but once again this was either met with dismissal or suppression, by all except a tiny portion of the population.

Forewarned is forearmed, as they say on your planet. There is more which will follow in the days ahead, if you would be so gracious as to co-operate. As you go forth with cheer in your hearts. I AM Siraya.

Candace: As to the hydroelectricity/water, I have seen Youtubes [videos] of people developing this in their own vehicles as an experiment.

Christ Michael
The Wait Is Over
Update on Three Days of Darkness (3DD)

Christ Michael channeled by Rubens and date published on Thursday September 13, 2012. Message taken from: .

Rubens: Who am I communicating with?
Aton: This is I, CM Aton beloved.
Rubens: I am all ears, dear brother.
Aton: I am here to make a public announcement and not to say hello as I have in the past few days.
Rubens: All right, I am ready.

Aton: This is Christ Michael, Sovereign Creator Son of Nebadon; I have chosen to come to this scribe to announce officially that the wait is over. Yes, dear ones, as you were told by Siraya and Esu, 3DD is upon you, that is to say that it can transpire within moments of your time. I am not by any means telling you the exact time that it will occur but, I want it known that I have PRESSED THE BUTTON, to use one of your phrases.

Manifestation will take shape in your realm shortly. Watch the sky and you will know unequivocally that it is so. I know that we have told you that on my instances and that, in a way, is a hindrance because many of you do not know whether or not this a message addressed to the dark ones or to you, my children per say. I want this information to be known around the world and there are many around the globe who will receive this information and pass it on to the populace. THIS IS SERIOUS, folks. Belief is a choice that you will not have in this very instance for it will impact you no matter where you are.

Prepare yourselves as we have told you many times and remain CALM. This is Christ Michael, Sovereign Creator Son of Nebadon and I have given my seal of approval upon this message.

Rubens: Thank you, dear.
Aton: Salu.

No More Rehearsals
Update on Three Days of Darkness (3DD)

Esu channeled by Johan and date published on Wednesday September 12, 2012. Message taken from: .

This is Esu wanting to address AH and its readers:

My Beloved Friends and Family so near to my heart, as we have waited so long to find the perfect moment to get into the ultimate action on this TRANSITION AND TRANSFORMATION OR CORRECTION, so Anxious and Delighted are we now to be able to call it a GO AHEAD. We knew all along that Christ Michael Aton would weigh and balance many options and possible outcomes against each other and only agree to implement the removal of the dark when no further possibilities with even only one shred of hope could be found anymore.

There is Mother Earth now having to move on, there is the cosmic clock and cycles running, there is an Age of Light and Life to start. Although a tremendous amount of work has been done outside of your radius of perception and understanding, it seemed all had come to a stand-still, at times a stand-off, even a stand-down with those who wanted to continue THEIR way. Our message to them has constantly been: If not EVERYBODY’S WAY, THEN NOT YOURS EITHER, since progression in the Universe does not function like a one-way street.

The cunningness of some of them was astonishing, yet Light will ALWAYS AND IN ALL WAYS be in charge, even against all odds as any other road only leads to self-destruction.

As Siraya has already filled you in and Christ Michael Aton will inform Candace or others at the appropriate time and way, we are on stand-by instead and looking forward to make a start of an Illustrious Plan, that much I can guarantee you. Those of you who stand by Christ Michael Aton will one day soon realize what UNIQUE CREATOR SON they Serve, as even We are amazed by his Leadership and visions for us all, in His Service to us all.

Without further ado, allow me to wish you all the strength and courage to enter the arena where all have gathered from far and beyond to see this endgame been worked out. No play, no game, but a working plan in action that guarantees the best and Highest possible outcome for ALL involved. As Fleet, we have made endless preparations for all possible scenarios so you are truly well covered. Yet this is not a rehearsal, THIS IS FOR REAL and with unexpected or surprising events always possible, AND/ALTHOUGH Christ Michael Aton at the steering wheel to adjust where necessary, I need to point out that remaining calm and balanced and well rested, as advised before, is the way to go. Even if rapid decisions are needed, KEEP IN MIND THAT WE KNOW WHERE YOU ARE AND WHAT IS HAPPENING TO YOU. Fear and panic never helps, are downright counterproductive so THINK AT ANY TIME: WE ARE WITH YOU AT ALL TIME, IN THAT YOU CAN TRUST.

Assistance will be plenty, help and advice will be around, instructions and upgrades will be made appropriately but at times, YOU WILL NEED TO SHOW WHAT WOOD YOU ARE MADE OFF. Going Within will balance your mind and ease the emotions, BUT YOU NEED TO DO THAT NOW AND MAKE IT YOUR PRIORITY, before the rollercoaster takes you places you have not experienced before. I am only saying this to confirm that a little bit of stage jitters will be felt, but this usually stimulates a better performance, as many amongst you know.

Rest up as much as possible, and keep it happy and healthy to the max of your capacity. This will be of great help.

So, My Beloved One Team – One Special Family, to use this truthful theme, no more rehearsals, no more delays, WE ARE READY TO GO INTO ACTION, AND CHRIST MICHAEL ATON WILL GUIDE US INTO IT. Do not calculate with hours and days, as ANYTIME is the norm now, but always some form of info or message or insight or sign will be made available to you, all it takes is to remain vigilant in the days ahead and read again some of the messages as of late, to be familiar with the advice and info given.

I will be seeing you soon or should I say, you will be seeing ME soon … and OH, by the way … I am not traveling by horse in the sky anymore …

Johan: Love and Light.

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Christ Michael
Special Notice on Three Days of Darkness (3DD)

Christ Michael channeled by Johan and date published on Saturday September 15, 2012. Message taken from:

Candace: Johan was given this yesterday and after my panic attack was over because of a time and date given, I let him post it on the forum, for I had similar information and others on the team have been given similar time frames, but a tad later. Esu and CM both contacted me a bit ago and suggested adding up to 24 hours to this, as the unfinished business mentioned is not operating "on time." Please pay attention to the 22:00UTC time, For those of you doing the global meditations it is 1 hour later from your 21:00UTC time. If this was to start today, it would be in an hour from when I post this, 4PM in the afternoon for me. So I don’t expect to notice until 4PM tomorrow or so essentially.

They began aligning the ship into place for the partial eclipse a couple of days ago now. It remains unmanifested and the manifestation will be gradual, over quite a few hours once it starts. So there will not be an "instant dark spot". Once someone on my team has noticed, we will post here that it has started. But you might want to be sure you have your batteries or candles, etc., before it becomes OBVIOUS so you don’t have to stand in a line to get them, only to find out they are all off the shelves. When it IS obvious and we have posted to that, be sure to email or call everyone you know, and post to any forums and blogs you belong too, because there IS resistance to explaining WHAT it is in some countries. You might want to bookmark the teaching we have posted here for easy posting.


Johan: Christ Michael Aton addressed me in His familiar way and asked me to take the following message to share with you all.

Christ Michael: More scribes will be informed and asked to share but without further ado, I give you at AH notice that you will see the sun going gradually darker from your earthly perspective, starting before the end of the next 24 earthly hours have passed. Noting it is 6:00PM EST now or 22:00 UTC when this message has been given. (Johan: Know that mentioning something as delicate as dates, days, let alone HOURS, makes me very jittery … just so you know, YET I trust my messages AND Christ Michael Aton even more).

You know we normally never speak out dates, days nor hours, but as you all have been mentioned that the Button Has Been Pushed, No more Delays and Rehearsals and your anticipation has grown considerable, I want to give you this small deserved notice as your patience has been pushed to the limits. The 3DDs need to start now since new developments need to be nipped in the bud and Earth changes needs addressing to.

Rest up as much as possible and early bedtime will do you wonders, IF you have the interest to ask your Higher Selves to be Informed, Instructed and Inspired. Your preparations should have ended long time ago, but check again if needed, YET your best preparation comes from calm and balanced Mind and Soul – Inspirations in the first place.

Salu, My Beloved Light Warriors and Star Seeds, as I Love All of you Dearly. Christ Michael Aton of Nebadon.

Johan: Love and Light.

Christ Michael
It Is Finished. Three Days of Darkness (3DD)

Christ Michael channeled by Rubens and date published on Monday September 17, 2012. Message taken from:

Rubens: How may I be of service today?
Aton: By taking this message down. I and the others assisting have been very busy as you were advised earlier. The ones in control of this planet out of their will believe that they cannot and should not let go of their control, hence our needing to intervene so that all could go according to plans. As most of you know already, they have the least intentions of cooperating and simply want to annihilate all of you along with Gaia instead of repenting and rectify their actions that they so much have to pay for.

We have had to work arduously to bring their plans to a halt and we have assured that they will no longer be a problem. Now to those who have doubted that I would carry this out to the end, I would suggest that you revise your commitment, although I know that you mean well, and it is quite human to doubt. In light of the assistance given to you, it is quite fair on my part to ask much more of you.

We shall implement, that is, we shall assure that the source of your planetary light becomes dimmed as to bring the 3DD to full implementation per our earlier announced plan.

Do not fear, dear ones, this is the end of a long struggle and nothing can stop it for My Will is in alignment with Source. I, Aton, Sovereign Creator Son of Nebadon, place my seal of approval upon this message. Salu.

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The Changing and Correcting Time Is Upon You. Three Days of Darkness (3DD)

Siraya channeled by Johan and date published on Monday September 24, 2012. Message taken from:

I AM Siraya, Representative of Creator Source to Orvonton.

It is my honor and pleasure to bring greetings from the Almighty One I represent and announce that you on Earth are now entering upon the intensifying events, ushering in the 3 Dark Days and all else following, that you have been foretold. As decided by many, it is time for your Mother Earth to turn the corner and start her recovering road to Ascension, to Light and Life.

You received the updates, the info about the incoming energies that are INTENSE and serve to cleanse, to distinguish what and who can join this planet on her path to Galactic Union as Is her Birthright, and what or who is not ready to do so at all.

Also your elements will INTENSIFY, all life forms will intensify without exception. That means, after many warnings and advice, to take care of yourself in optimum way, you surely have to be reasonable and kind to your own body that will tell you it is under serious influence of those energies. Listen to your body and communicate with it, it is no stranger to you. Your Lower Self and your Higher Self are connected and while you walk your Mother Earth, learn to balance the two since Unity and Balance and Harmony are most important for you and all now.

Your Sovereign, Christ Michael of Nebadon, will now see come into fruition the results of his Unique approach in an Epic Battle that will position those who stood with Him for future progression, the like you have not seen. All have been given the same chances, Few have accepted, and although some are to change their minds due to this Intensifying Display of Divine Energies and Events you entered upon, they will be given opportunity to proof they mean their change of heart and will equally land where they deserve, so will you.

Your road to Divine Service is just opening up, after many blockades and diversions of those who thought they controlled the way. They did not understand YOU ARE THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE ETERNAL LIFE, if connected with the Divine. It was a very important advice that sounded : ”Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven, and all those things needed for your Eternal Survival shall be added unto you.”, and NOW THAT THE CLEANSING IS UPON YOU, it will become crystal clear what the difference will bring or result into.

Many tears will flow, some of sorrow and some of joy. For those whose hearts will rejoice, a time of prosperity in Love and Companionship, Knowledge and Divine Union is starting. It will take work and joint efforts, but the heart will never ache again, like you suffered the oppression of darkness too long. That is mainly the work of Your Sovereign who Skillfully and Masterly out-maneuvered the adversary by never giving up and giving in to their relentless barrages of attacks and dirty tricks, Yet still showing Divine Mercy at all time. For eons of time to come, will this Epic Battle that started with rebellion but was ended by Your Creator Son Christ Michael, be the topic of many discussions as few had the vision and courage He displayed so wonderfully well.

Time is of great concern to you, since ‘time is money and money is god ‘ in your society, but time means nothing where not having things done as fast as possible but as Good and Perfect as Possible and toward the benefit and Highest Divine Purpose of ALL involved, is the standard. That is the vista you are entering upon, and remembering THIS EXPERIENCE YOU ARE PART OF NOW, will give you much headway in your own Creations one day.

Rejoice, Rejoice, my Beloveds, for this Changing and Correcting Time IS UPON YOU. Greeting You Warmly and Sincerely, I AM SIRAYA, In Divine Service to Creator Source.

Johan: Love and Light.

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Christ Michael
The Judgment Event of the Lord. Three Days of Darkness (3DD) Update

Christ Michael channeled by Candace Frieze and date published on Friday September 21, 2012. Message taken from:

Beloveds, now is the time to draw close to me. We are "remodeling" the energy system of Earth, to use simple terminology, I can’t be more specific. Your sun continues to dim, in final preparation for the 3 Days of Darkness. Man is not listening, we do not know for sure if we will be on television, so these changes will alert all to what is going on, it cannot be ignored. The energy bursts will come forth every few hours, based on observation of effects. We will continue to dim the sun at regular intervals, with the gradual manifestation of the craft.

Everyone on the planet will feel something and people will intuitively know something is impending. As this intensifies, the fear and dread is going to increase in people not connected to Creator and even some who are but don’t know what is going on. Continue to stand ready to serve. We have given so very much teaching now on this and it is the end of this particular path and this is the Judgment Event of the Lord. These energy changes may cause some to leave the planet before the partial eclipse fully manifests, that is still on the to-do-list before the full eclipse.

Many of you who are sensitive will feel these changes, with perhaps heart rate changes, sweating, cold, vibrations, nausea, poor sleep, headaches. You must simply relax and let these energies flow and stay in service. We have given much, and during this final situation, we expect much in return. Namaste, I AM THAT I AM, Michael of Nebadon.

Incoming Energy Waves. Three Days of Darkness (3DD) Update

Divine Mother Nebadonia channeled by Rubens on Friday September 21, 2012, and date published on Sunday September 23, 2012. Message taken from:

Hello, Rubens, this is your sister Nebadonia, yes, the same one, consort of your brother Christ Michael.

I am here to announce the arrival of waves of energy and the ensuing precipitation of series of events that must occur on your beloved planet Gaia. What such arrival does is to allow all elements to align themselves properly as if by divine hands so that the manifestation of the 3DD that you are so expecting on Earth can take place in the fashion that it ought to without creating havoc on your ground; that is not to say that there will not be any catastrophes occurring during and after such event but there is sort of a cushioning of multiple blows (as conceived from your point of view) so that we do not provoke a lot more than needed in terms of geological events and their consequential departures of ones on the ground.

This is a much needed happening for it as has been forecast some time ago and it is a divine occurrence that must take place in order to create the atmosphere needed to have an adequate terrain that will see the beginning of a long process of entering into Light and Life. Yes, dear, as you will know it that is the aim of all that is to occur.

I, Nebadonia, Creative Spirit of Nebadon, am joyous at the prospect of that which will become soon, your long awaited turn of events. I am Nebadonia and greet all of you good bye in the hope that we shall see one another soon. Adieu, my children.

Candace: Several of our other telepaths have also received notice of serious change and have posted small notes on the forum.

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Christ Michael
Clarification of Energy Process

Christ Michael channeled by Adam on Sunday October 7, 2012. Message taken from:

Adam: Is there a message?
Christ Michael Aton: Yes. Good evening, Adam.

Light workers are clamoring for an “update.” I am here to tell you that the new phase of The Project, as you think of it, is already underway. There is a lack of understanding about what is happening and that is regrettable.

The energy bombarding your world has changed permanently and that is an important step. This energy will clear the way for important and dramatic changes that must occur. There will soon be a tipping point that will allow physical manifestations that will be recognizable and unmistakable.

This process has begun. We are not waiting for concessions or any sort of actions from the dark ones. We are moving over them. They have ceased to matter.

Let it be known that we are in the beginning of The Harvest phase right now. The true natures of all people will be revealed to themselves and to Us and The Sorting will begin. Each will know instinctively his or her place and path and will move in that direction without fail. It cannot be otherwise.

Some of you have begun to notice the beginnings of this. Continue to watch and clarity will follow. That is all for now.

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Mother Mary
Mama María Speaks to T.  The 3DD

Mother Mary channeled by T. on Thursday October 18, 2012. Message taken from:

T: Hi folks, I know it’s been a while since I last posted anything anywhere, especially any meditation reports. There is a good reason for that; the need for me to work out some very heavily unresolved emotional issues from my past. As my guide Laoshi put it: "You can’t seriously expect to convince anyone to have a bath when you yourself stink like a Tibetan yak, can you?!"

He has a lovely way with words, my Laoshi does… Good point he’s got there! Anyway, all is a lot better now, and so I’m back. I had asked Mama Maria a couple of weeks ago, due to one of my many pangs of impatience, about the 3DD. She had told me this:

Mother Mary: “Do not ask IF it’s going to happen. Ask what YOU will do WHEN it happens. Are YOU ready for it? If you say you are, then you certainly are NOT. Ask yourself: When you are about to sit for an exam, can you truly say that you are perfectly ready for it? No. One can only keep on maintaining the process of readiness as much as possible until the event occurs.

“Realize this. The event is occurring as we speak; and when it does happen, even the most knowledgeable of the so-called "Lightworkers" will not know how to act IF they have not worked out their spiritual and other issues from this present lifetime. Many people will have to assess if they have been just idling time away waiting for events to occur —yes, one MAY look at this as an indirect form of service to self— or if they have been helping others in some manner to alleviate suffering and pain, being of service to others in some way or form. You will see when the time comes, that quite a few of the former will have to face a judgment of their own making —of their errant thoughts and actions, against themselves, by themselves— and they will also have to account for having mislead many who should have been rightly guided by them.”

T: At that time, when I asked if I should put this on the site, she told me not to do this. She said that this was because those who were going to listen were already hooked up to their Higher Selves and were busy preparing themselves by assisting those who came their way in whatever capacity was needed of them. Others, who were not going to listen, would not bother with the material anyway, and carry on doing as they have been doing. These would to be awakened by their own Higher Selves, guides and angelic guardians when the time was right. I am assured by her today that it is the right time to put that message up. So, I am including it here.

OK. This morning, I was just finishing my meditation as per Christ Michael’s latest directive, when Mama Maria came to speak to me. When we had finished talking —and most of it was either personal stuff or that to do with my spiritual path— I told her my intention of resuming my postings on the AH forum website. I asked her if there was anything wanted me to put there. She affirmed that there was. Please —like I usually say— use your spiritual discernment. Take what resonates, leave what does not. Anyway, this is what was said to me:

Mother Mary: "My dearest children, I have warned many on this planet, for many years, about this time of darkness. Yet, many have refused to listen. Some have listened, but not heard. Only a very handful have truly believed. Now, I say to you: Be aware, now. Be vigilant, now. Now is the time to assume responsibility; to be an anchor for the passengers on a ship in the middle of this awaited maelstrom. The storm will be felt to be terrible, even though it will rage on in both darkness and Light for the predicted three days and longer. In this darkness, it will seem as if there is no horizon on which to fix one’s gaze.

“In this darkness, too, one will not be able to make out who is friend nor who is foe, who is family and who is stranger. For many, it will be a testing ‘Night of the Soul’; a time when they are being forced to evaluate the validity of all that they have held dear for such a long time. It has already started, my children. This is why all around you many are unable to function as they once used to and are acting irrationally and totally ‘out of character’. I say to you all: Look inwards. Look deeply. Be at one with your I AM. Attune to He who you call Christ Michael, the One who is as your Father. You will be guided at this time by Him, by your spiritual guides and your guardians.

“Less words. More action. That is what is needed. That is what is been commanded by the Father Creator, the Source of All. That is what is being done by your beloved Christ Michael.

“So, my dearest children, lift your spirits. Let happiness shine out of your souls in this coming darkness. Be the beacon of Divine Light that you are. Let your smiles decorate the unveiling of the ‘New’ Earth with Divine Love and Light! We will all meet again, aboard our vehicle, which you should know quite well by now, even if you do not consciously remember it. My Love will remain with you all no matter where you decide to go after this event is through."

T: Well, as for the meditation report: I received no visuals. Just a sense of unbounded happiness, overwhelming love and joy emanating from Mama Gaia. Apart from this, there is currently nothing more to report. See you all soon. Love and Light. T.

Candace: Beloveds, just to update a bit, those watching the sun should be noticing something. Some of us here have friends noticing the sun but with no clue as to why it’s not so bright. I can now gaze it for a short time at high noon without any pain or eye protection, it’s dulled that much but I still don’t want to gaze for a long period. Takes about only 5 seconds for me to discern the disk (not the craft) now. We have completely clear sky above right now, no chemtrails, no haze, and it’s NOT as bright and sunny as it should be, the feel is sort of like the sun being behind thin clouds. It is as I post this, 1 hour or less from solar noon.

777777777777  This is an AH telepath piece. It may be posted anywhere freely but may not be modified in any way and the Linky back must be included. If you cannot post it in its entirety, be sure to state that, and again, put the linky back to here. The Linky IS above.

Father of Havona
Invitation to the Grand Finale. The 3DD

Father of Havona (Papa Source) channeled by Johan and published on Monday October 29, 2012. Message taken from:

My Dearly Beloved Children of the Light, I AM Papa Source. I will keep this short and sweet, My Beloveds.

A while ago I left you the news that My Son Christ Michael of Nebadon could call forth the hour for all to see. I come to confirm and announce THAT HAS BEEN CALLED FORTH NOW.

As you read through another already, WE DO WELCOME YOU PER NOTICE AND INVITATION TO THE GRAND FINALE. As My Creator Son, Christ Michael already told this scribe this morning that all orders had gone out to curfew and curtail those who thought to harm others upon the first sign of a darkening Sun, now I come to confirm that and further insist : YOUR HOMECOMING IS BEEN PREPARED, READIED AT FULL AND AWAITING YOU. It might not be palaces yet, but you sure will know the difference with your present situations when all comes to pass.

Enjoy the sun in its full glory as you will wish you did, when it is not the case for a very short while. Make sure your Inner Battery is full of Divine Light, so you can shine in the darkness since although only for a short while, but Light Houses will be in great demand. May all Blessings be upon you as you deserve and be happy to know, WE ARE GOING DARK SHORTLY, when the notice has served its purpose in full.

Again, I love you ALL, as does my Son, Your Sovereign, and may our Blessings Be Upon You All as much as you can take by your own merit. Papa Source, I AM.

Johan: Love and Light.

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Christ Michael
I Know You Ones Are Hungry for News. 3DD

Christ Michael channeled by Hazel on Monday November 12, 2012. Message taken from:

Update: Christ Michael present.

I know you ones are hungry for news. Much of import is going on but none of which I can and will reveal to you at present. There is some ‘wheeling and dealing’ taking place, the outcome of which I await. The course of MY plans has not changed. I have not amended the original plan. I AM seeking only to have MY house in order before the final curtain is drawn down. You see there are universal laws that I must abide by and that is what I AM acting upon now. When they are complete there will be a clear conclusion to what appears to be a long and drawn out saga.

The Earth is going to move a few times before the grand event, and chaos will ensue a bit, it is needed now. She needs to release and the occurrences will be tolerated. By this I mean I am allowing it to go ahead. It will draw the population’s attention to matters that are more important than everyday issues. It will cause an awakening amongst some.

The world clock continues to tick as times speeds up. Instead of spending your time waiting for it to happen, attend your minds to your inner awareness and seek to expand your understanding of God within. It will do you no good to complain about Christ Michael for Christ Michael knows what HE is doing. I ask, do you know what you are meant to be doing? If not, attend yourself to the force within and ask after your purpose at this time.

I have said multiple times that the time is NOW. Do not let it catch you unprepared.  NOW does not mean this exact minute, it refers to a ‘period’ and you are in that period. Ensure that your inner lamp burns brightly. Take the journey with ME in consciousness so that you inwardly remain calm and present.

I AM not prevaricating but simply ensuring that perfection is achieved before I bring the curtain down on this time. You may have noticed the energies sporadically being pumped into your Earth. The energies are finer now and those attuned will feel or even hear the energies. They are having the effect of quickening, that is awakening some of the sleeping masses but more so preparing the Earth for her move. There is but a short time remaining and I mean quite categorically in terms of linear time or as you understand time.

I will briefly address you on the 3DD. Your sun continues to dim periodically. We are experimenting with certain things at the moment but it should be most obvious to you who engage in sun gazing activity. The craft is still very near the sun and working in and out as required. It is not my intent to coincide the eclipse with any planetary eclipse your world might experience. As I said earlier, there are miscellaneous matters being addressed as a prelude to the 3DD. There are no real delays, beloveds, just events taking place that MUST. I AM Christ Michael.

This piece is under copyright protection of It may be placed anywhere on the web as long as it is not changed in anyway and a link placed back to this site. It is preferred you place the entire piece, and if not possible to do so, you must note that the rest of it can be found at the link. Thank you, Candace.

Christ Michael
New War Is a False Flag by Israel. 3DD

Christ Michael channeled by Candace Frieze on Saturday November 17, 2012, and published on Sunday November 18, 2012. Message taken from:

Dearly Beloveds, I mentioned there would another update by a different telepath and so it is today. It is time for one through Candace.

We are of course not pleased about the war, but we have allowed as that a final small testing and the people are not doing well with it as a group in countries supporting Israel. Israel has gone all out smug, you might say, thinking they are untouchable. Your recent news of various important ones being fired for all sorts of social ills are experiencing the wrath of the State of Israel. Your country remains fully under their dominion. There have been many fired who didn’t desire to support Israel.

I remind some of you that many in Gaza are incarnating Khazars experiencing dying by the sword and not to become too upset. That whole issue there is totally an Israeli false flag.

It is time for all readers of AbundantHope to seriously join the Global Meditation tomorrow and focus on your Mother who needs all your support at this time.

We are continuing to darken the sun and before long, it should not look bright to anybody glancing at it. I have ground crew providing updates as to how it appears.

It is necessary to the Mother’s energies at this time to dim the sun gradually rather than suddenly, as we had planned. We made the decision to, if possible, get through the US of A election and thus we went to the gradual darkening, as a means of mostly notifying certain ones we indeed had the power to do that. This continues. You need not know the mechanisms of why the Mother should at this time experience the gradual darkening instead of the sudden "bull’s eye" as it became known.

I will continue to not provide detail, the dark should not have to any of my telepaths so as to not endanger them or those they love. You are going to have to maintain your patience and your spiritual readiness because, as it has been said, even the day is known by nobody but the Father and we ARE under that.

The date I put out in August was for notification of our dark brethren, and you are to hold no telepaths accountable for OUR decisions. This is done for a reason, as this is "war" and we must not give all to the enemy. We give what the enemy needs to hear as appropriate.

The necessary cosmic laws as to notification have been handled. More and more people now on Earth are being notified by various angels, Higher Selves, custodians and the like of the impending changes. Candace can give you a link to a very interesting thread she became engaged in yesterday on GLP in fact. There are several who work forums such as GLP getting messages with the hopes they will have the courage to post them and take the heat.

I am leaving now to get back to the preparations and other details, and you ones must be about the Father’s Work. Namaste, Michael of Nebadon.

Candace: The thread on GLP. One there had a lovely vision with AA Uriel and some didn’t like it at all. It continues today. I put in my two cents worth and there is a list in it of all of Hazel’s work with AA Uriel, as the name is less commonly known on this world and people were curious, including the OP of the thread, as he was not familiar with AA Uriel either. Some attacked the thread of course calling Uriel a Demon and all that rot out there that exists. Please do not be upset by my later posts in it, as since working nice is not effective, I decided to work with more intention. It is an act of love. But I loaded it up with slang and other techniques, these ones have little more time to "see."

As to the nature of the thread, you are seeing fully in it early 4D manifesting in which ones have to get off the fence and serve one side of the other, so read it from that perspective. It is obvious who remains on the side that is not of God there. And also those still upon the fence (ones I have pleaded too), and ones who recognize the piece as being a true message. I was going to post just OP’s posts I collected yesterday but then many would not look at the thread. He posted his vision in parts, sometimes in response to questions asked.

Also OP’s user ID changed over my night, from 27875016 to 27904634 . OP is from Spain.

This piece is under copyright protection of It may be placed anywhere on the web as long as it is not changed in anyway and a link placed back to this site. It is preferred you place the entire piece, and if not possible to do so, you must note that the rest of it can be found at the link. Thank you, Candace.

Archangel Uriel
Vision and Message from Archangel Uriel. 3DD

This is a vision of a user of GLP forum (OP) and which was referred to by Candace Frieze in the Christ Michael’s message of Saturday November 17, 2012, channeled by Candace Frieze and published at .  The message is fragmented and posted in 3 pages at ,, and

The quote below and the following information were taken from :

"Uriel means ‘God is my Light.’ Other spellings of His name include Usiel, Uzziel, Oriel, Auriel, Suriel, Urian, and Uryan… Uriel is known as the angel of wisdom. He shines the Light of God’s truth into the darkness of confusion. People sometimes ask for Uriel’s help to: Seek God’s will before making decisions, come up with fresh creative ideas, learn new information, solve problems, resolve conflicts, let go of destructive emotions such as anxiety and anger that can prevent them from discerning wisdom, and recognize dangerous situations so they can try to avoid them."

They said that they are here to help bring peace and stop any wars. They are here to save and free the planet. They said they speak with the authority of God. And that we must not be afraid and to believe this.

They said that their presence will be noticed. They are intervening already, they said to deactivate conflict. They said it just simply is not permitted. They looked very beautiful.

I googled and found this: “Uriel isn’t mentioned in canonical religious texts from the world’s major religions, but He is mentioned significantly in major religious apocryphal texts. The Book of Enoch (part of the Jewish and Christian Apocrypha, describes Uriel as one of seven archangels who preside over the world. Uriel warns the prophet Noah about the upcoming flood in Enoch chapter 10. In Enoch chapters 19 and 21, Uriel reveals that the fallen angels who rebelled against God will be judged and shows Enoch a vision of where they are “bound, until the infinite number of the days of their crimes be completed” (Enoch 21:3).

In the Jewish and Christian apocryphal text 2 Esdras, God sends Uriel to answer a series of questions that the prophet Ezra asks God. When answering Ezra’s questions, Uriel tells him that God has permitted Him to describe signs about good and evil at work in the world, but it will still be difficult for Ezra to understand from his limited human perspective. In 2 Esdras 4:10-11, Uriel asks Ezra: "You cannot understand the things with which you have grown up; how then can your mind comprehend the way of the Most High? And how can one who is already worn out by the corrupt world understand incorruption?"

When Ezra asks questions about His personal life, such as how long He’ll live, Uriel replies: “Concerning the signs about which you ask me, I can tell you in part; but I was not sent to tell you concerning your life, for I do not know” (2 Esdras 4:52). In various Christian apocryphal gospels, Uriel rescues John the Baptist from being murdered by King Herod’s order to massacre young boys around the time of Jesus Christ’s birth. Uriel carries both John and his mother Elizabeth to join Jesus and his parents in Egypt. The Apocalypse of Peter describes Uriel as the angel of repentance. In Jewish tradition, Uriel is the one who checks the doors of homes throughout Egypt for lamb’s blood (representing faithfulness to God) during Passover, while a deadly plague strikes first-born children as a judgment for sin but spares the children of faithful families.”

Uriel said they are here to protect and save and to maintain and bring peace because it is not permitted to do war.

He had fair hair and had a sword in His right hand. You couldn’t see the blade, just the light like in Star Wars. It shone like sunlight.

He was speaking from the clouds. The sky was like open and He stood there, in the gap or opening, with the sword raised. His legs were spread apart as if over the world, as if His feet were resting on the planet. With wide spread legs and His raised arm holding the sword.

He told me much more. The other angels were in the background. Lots of them but blurred. He said many were confusing people making them think that war would bring about the Promised Land, He said, pretending to speak using God’s word. (He used the words Promised Land). He said, this is a lie, war is not the way and not permitted. He repeated that war is not permitted. He repeated it three times.

He said, "tell them my name is Uriel." He was not smiling, He looked very severe, He had a very intense and severe expression. His face did not alter expression while He spoke. And never smiled once.

The sky opened in the dream, like wrapping up as if made of paper or cloth rolling back, and in the gap His figure formed. Then He raised His left arm and said to me: “Look”, and He pointed to the sun and the sun became black and He said: "Look again." And I could see the moon and the moon became red. He said: “Tell them." I don’t know what it means, some sign, I think. I know it’s in the Bible, it rings a bell. But I don’t know what He meant and after showing me this, He repeated again: “Tell them my name is Uriel.”

I would like someone to explain this if you know what it means, what He meant. He didn’t tell me. I understood it is a sign. But He didn’t say of what.

I found it. What He mentioned is the opening of the sixth seal. Watched as the Lamb broke the sixth seal, and there was a great earthquake. The sun became as dark as black cloth, and the moon became as red as blood. He said many would say war was good and would bring about the Promised Land pretending to speak using God’s word. His right arm was raised holding that sword though I could not see the blade. I felt it was a sword though it looked like a beam of light. I felt as if He was poised to strike the Earth with it but He didn’t say anything about this. I watched on expecting Him to strike because He was poised as if going to. He said this was a lie, He said war was not the way and would not be permitted.

This is just my interpretation. He didn’t say anything. 1. The angels in the background were waiting and looking on. He had His raised right arm as if waiting to strike. 2. He said war is not the way and is not permitted. 3. He showed me the sun going black and the moon red and told me to tell them and to tell them His name is Uriel.

This is my interpretation: That if necessary to stop war He will strike the Earth, that would be Him lowering the sword and striking the Earth with it. And that is what the angels at the back were waiting for. And that the sign of this going to happen would be the sun going black and the moon red. That that would mean He was going to strike and the angels would do what they are waiting to do, which I don’t know.

Question: Did you know of this name before hand?

OP: No, I didn’t know it before. But He repeated it several times. It seemed important that His name was known. That they/you know that it is Uriel who is warning. Seemed very important as if to give validity to the message, maybe. I know it’s somewhere in Revelation, I think. But to see it is something else, even in a dream because it seemed real, so real. It just made this reality seems so small. In the dream I couldn’t move, I just stood there looking up. The dream happened right where I live just a couple of streets from my home. In the dream I was out on the main street walking.

He didn’t speak with a voice. It was with His mind. Uriel is often referred to as the Great Archangel of the Earth. The Book of Enoch describes Uriel as "one of the holy angels who is over the world… the leader of them all." [Link to]. That coincides with my dream.

Archangel Uriel
Wrap up Time. 3DD

Archangel Uriel channeled by Hazel on Sunday November 18, 2012, and published on Monday November 19, 2012. Message taken from:

I have chosen to direct this message to the one who has placed herself at my disposal. She has offered to be the bearer of this my directive. I have come before now to alert one whom I have chosen to bring forth a short yet searing imagery that would depict what your world has to envision in a pronounced moment that will conclude a restless phase in your Earth’s history. I chose to make that announcement to one who has not yet before been a bearer of messages so that others could see it through a fresh pair of eyes.

Many continue to dwell in denial of the truth and continue to carry the torch of the old and worn out teachings. This will not serve them for they will have to confront the very lies that have been spewed to them for ages and which they repeat ad nauseum.

The truth seldom sits comfortably. There remain many in ignorance of what is to transpire. The truth is too overwhelming and farfetched. They cannot consider a new world for to do so will upset their painted picture of what they know. But so shall it be. For the time is at hand now. Tremors will be felt on your Earth plane as the Earth kicks off her olden shoes in preparation for new wear. This is the primary time which precedes major activity on your Earth. It has been foretold by the Father what is to be expected. Your linear time is moving very quickly now.

Your Earth is being positioned for the final moment in the grand cycle which will terminate her revolution. This cycle will culminate in a darkened hue over lighting your sun that her rays may be regressed into her form but for a short time. You call it an eclipse but we refer to it as a ‘solar closure’ albeit a temporary one for a specific purpose. She will cease to smile but for a time as the rancid elements of your Earth are ejected. So it is in indeed true how the story goes for many of you think that this is a tale. This story I am here to tell you will have a real ending and all shall witness it. It is best that you seek now your own validation from the angels of the Divine so that you could prepare yourselves accordingly. Denial based on historical information will not serve you. Heed my words; there will be an ending to the charade and the Father has chosen the method to ease the pain of the Earth before she makes her Ascent.

The globe will enjoy days of darkness and when the light comes on again a new feeling will be had by all. This is not doomsday as some have prophesied. This is in fact the day of deliverance; Divine deliverance. No aliens are coming to steal you or your planet, but your star brothers will come to your rescue, your star brothers of pure light. Do not be fooled by the naysayers and the fear mongers, seek the truth and only the truth and you shall be given. Cleanse your mind from your beliefs and programming for what is going to happen will happen and we the guides of the Earth do not wish to see you flounder in confusion.

So, I, Uriel, come to announce that indeed I am real, quite real and very present as a Divine energy working with your Earth and humanity. It will behoove you to at the very least to consider what I say and seek confirmation from your inner divine. Uriel come to say that this is wrap up time, so join us in serving the truth and let go of the lies as the time for its death is upon you, Peace be with you. I AM Uriel of the ONE Light.

Candace: Yesterday in my work with Christ Michael I mentioned a GLP thread in which one there received a stunning vision with AA Uriel and he took quite a beating. He is the one referred to in this piece above: “I have come before now to alert one whom I have chosen to bring forth a short yet searing imagery that would depict what your world has to envision in a pronounced moment that will conclude a restless phase in your Earth’s history. I chose to make that announcement to one who has not yet before been a bearer of messages so that others could see it through a fresh pair of eyes.” The GLP thread is: I have made an extensive appearance in it and I took a few there to the woodshed. Hazel’s Website is

This piece is under copyright protection of It may be placed anywhere on the web as long as it is not changed in anyway and a link placed back to this site. It is preferred you place the entire piece, and if not possible to do so, you must note that the rest of it can be found at the link. Thank you, Candace.

The Last Leg. 3DD

Monjoronson channeled by Shellee-Kim on Friday September 27, 2013, and published in AbundantHope with date Sunday September 29, 2013. Message taken from:—The-Last-Leg.shtml .

I AM Monjoronson come forth this day. Would you be so kind as to take a message? SK: I surely will.

Shall we proceed? Let’s recap on current affairs. All is in place now for the first of a series of events to be triggered off. Be under no illusion that the effects of all of these will adequately serve the purpose they are meant to. And that is to mobilize the sleeping (until now) populace on your Earth plane.

The various events are designed to each have differing effects on the human psyche. But as you know by now, all ultimately serve the same purpose of awakening through shock, discomfort and denial/disbelief, in the main. Not our first choice, but the only choice left and the one your people on Earth have chosen as a collective.

It has been a long time building and in arriving on your plane. And you have already been made aware (SK: In Leonette’s piece by Christ Michael, of the necessary steps that had to be put in place in support of the upcoming series of events now to be made manifest.

You are all feeling the pressure now, are you not? Both the people of Earth and the Earth Mother must have release from this buildup. And the people are to first know the ‘removal’ of the old world and all that came with it. Each must be given the opportunity to understand the workings and mechanisms that drive their countries and cultures. And thus themselves. And all will become quite transparent in this regard.

It is high time that in these final moments on your plane and as the dramatic last ones are played out that people understand what their lives have been about and why. And, of course, who’s really been running the show from behind the scenes.

This allows and creates a precedent for what comes next and post the 3DD [Three Days of Darkness] event. And the greater shall be the readiness of the ones returning also. This is the briefest of moments and the lull before the mighty storms of your time. And one that brings with it the greatest opportunities for growth and learning.

[Cont. 28 September 2013]

For those who have controlled the planet, their learning period is officially over. And those who continue on of this group will be doing so in far harsher conditions. It is what they have called for.

As with you on Earth, you are also now in the throes of receiving what it is YOU (collectively) have called to you. It will not go on too long, this period. But will provide enough experience time-wise that many will have their greatest awakening yet. We anticipate some ‘miracles’, as a result. And positive changes and shifts within could come from people you least expect it from.

Of all the choices that were open to you and us, we see this one as having the most potential for change and growth, without too many of the circumstances that would detract and distract the masses from the embracing and learning of such.

Those of you ‘in the know’ are to have your work cut out for you. See this as a good test run for the post-3DD teaching days. You have carried out such great works on behalf of us and with us. As well as for your fellow brethren and your exhausted Mother Earth. And some of you wonder how it is you find YOURSELVES still standing due to your own weariness.

This is the last and final leg in view. And as you have just heard from Mother Mary, we are all waiting at the finish line for you, ready to present your laurel wreaths, provide sustenance and pamper you all fully. The end is in sight. That will be all. I AM Monjoronson.

Mother Mary
Messages from Mother Mary. 3DD

Mother Mary channeled by Shellee-Kim. First message channeled on Monday September 9, 2013, and published in AbundantHope with date Thursday October 3, 2013. Message taken from: . Second message channeled on Friday September 20, 2013, and published in AbundantHope with date Friday September 27, 2013. Message taken from:

A Few Comments from Mother Mary

Remember, your world will go into an emergency crisis situation for a number of weeks. And there will be great disarray and confusion amongst the masses. Hence the need for all global wide to prepare as best they can.

Our rainbow warriors of Light will be expected to go into whatever action is necessary and required in the moment, be it the answering of questions in a clear, simple, concise manner, being an extra pair of hands on the ground to assist in distribution of goods or taking a public podium to speak more officially and as opportunities arise.

You will all be kept mightily busy and it will appear as if there are a never ending series of tasks and demands placed upon you by others to attend to as well as in your own lives.

What we speak of here are the preliminary introductions born of the chaos your world is to know now, BEFORE the Three Days of Darkness, 3DD, set in.

Priority is to keep as cool a head as possible in your specific circumstances you will be facing. And ask, ask, ask for your angels, guides, Christ Michael’s and Source’s assistance and protection throughout the many moments of your days. And even as you go about the Father’s business in service to aiding and uplifting the many others around you that will need it.

There are also to be numerous assignments given now that are part of the plan of some of you that will be kicking in for practical purposes.

Due to the power grid going down, many of you will now also be tested in ways as yet untested. We see this as a wonderful learning curve. Particularly as your reliance on your Inner Voice and connection to Source may grow ever stronger. This, you will see, will be a blessing in disguise. Even if perhaps not recognized in that moment as being such.

Too many of you have suffered from an ostrich-head-in-the-sand syndrome. And it is this that will bring on the worst of the shock. So do be prepared to deal with those suffering in this way.

This is all for now. Your beloved and ever-loving Mother Mary.


More Updating From Mother Mary

Beloveds, we are all here, cheering you on to the finish line and the return to your True Heart. To the place and state that is your truth, your authentic expression. It is in this expression that you find your spiritual ‘feet’ at long last. In this state can you express all your wondrous gifts and fully live in your multidimensional nature. As it should be.

For were it not for the journey of a thousand journeys that you have made this time around, you would still be certain experiences short of completion. So bless the struggle that has been your existence, thank the pain and the losses for the lessons brought forth; the many and varied reflections within and from others that have pointed the way forward for you. For indeed, when all is said and done, what matters is the learning and the stepping up —or back up— into your true Self.

Now, let us discuss a little of what is to happen. We see that you Ones have been putting yourselves under considerable strain of late in a bid to finish up with the remainder of what’s needed by your Higher Selves to go forward. We are cheered by these choices for it means you will be far better prepared in your service and the myriad ways in which you are to assist.

It is delightful and most joyous to have you call on us for help, you know. We see more of you are starting to make use of us in this way. And, of course, more on our side have stepped forward to make ourselves available to as many of your requirements as possible. Now this is also due to an ‘opening up and Lightening up’, cosmically speaking.

The gathering in groups is to shortly begin. What this means is that like will attract like, as you say on your Earth. And, in greater numbers, far more can be achieved. This, our one, Shellee-Kim, has already been alerted as to what is to occur. What remains an unknown until the time, of course, is how this is all to play out in the minds of the masses and thus how things manifest on the ground.

There are backup plans within plans, depending on choices and reactions, and all is in accordance with Divine Law. This is an operation that is mammoth in its undertaking… quite the largest on Earth in millennia. And your personal back up teams—us— will be surrounding you ever closer so that you may feel and know our presence and guidance also as you step into your roles.

Let not what emerges from the mainstream media have any bearing on your decisions. But always seek, as you have been taught, to forever go within to verify all that occurs externally. Many will feel as if they have literally been blasted out of orbit (and their personal orbits along with it).

Immediate attention is therefore to be given to emotionally stabilizing people enough that rational conversations and debate might occur. This period before the Three Days of Darkness, 3DD, though short-lived, is critical for many. And every opportunity is to be given to all on Earth for both learning and the opportunity for greater life choices.

I will leave this with you for now. Bidding you all a most glorious day. This is Mother Mary bearing great love for you all.

Christ Michael
On the Recent Stabilization. 3DD

Christ Michael channeled by Kibo Dabi on Sunday October 6, 2013. Message taken from: .

Kibo Dabi (K): What’s up, Boss?
Christ Michael (CM): Just wanted to let you all know that stabilization has been achieved.
K: Great! Congratulations! Care to elaborate, y’know, for those out there have no idea what you’re talking about?

CM: Sure. 51% of the consciousnesses of the ensouled human beings on Gaia are standing in Light. More are striving for greater Light. However these numbers fluctuate in the future will have no impact insofar as the foundational majority of the mass consciousness being more Light than darkness. It has been established that it will never again go below that 51%.

This means that over half the population of human beings desire to live in Light and are willing to act upon that. They recognize who and what the problem is and wish that problem to be solved.

They recognize that Israel, or rather the Talmudist, Zionist agenda, is the cornerstone of the world’s misery and suffering and want that issue to be addressed in an adequate and expedient manner.

They recognize that global banking, as found to be run by the City of London and the Rothschild and Rockefeller syndicates, is the core fuel that runs the machinery and mechanisms of the psychotic system of oppression that they have been experiencing.

They recognize, more and more, the manipulations of media, education and organized religions, as they are all operated by this dark system.

They want real change and they are no longer willing to place faith in the persons of the systems that they have endured as their leadership. They are willing to effect change without them and in spite of them.





K: That’s a good sign.

CM: It is more than a sign. It is a fact of life on Earth. Light reigns supreme in the minds and hearts of humanity! We realize that it seems to you, in America, that it is not so and, indeed, the numbers are lower there than in the rest of your world.

But the rest of your world has actually endured much more than you ones there. So it stands to reason that they would produce the tipping point. Actually, WE have Bibi to thank. His latest ranting and ravings have succeeded only in showing their true colors and causing the rest of the world to take a step back and consider Israel in a different, brighter Light. That Light of conscious consideration has caused decision in the minds of so many to reject the memes and manipulations of the past and seek to build a better future where such psychotic mindsets do not exist.

Now that WE have what WE’ve been waiting for, SOURCE has given the green Light to begin our operations. It will commence now and grow gradually, as our influence becomes more and more obvious and the final breakaway from the influence of the shadow-mind becomes more and more absolute.

WE would like to commence the Three Days of Darkness before they play with the North American power grid. Weather patterns dictate that such a situation would be better handled when global weather as a whole is more matching and less extreme. Loss of power in the approaching winter months of the Northern Hemisphere would create needless hardship, as they had planned for in their desire to shut the grid down in November. It serves no purpose other than their own agenda of population control. There is no sense in waiting for such a thing to happen so WE are putting a stop to all that now.

WE are preparing the new governments to take over and also laying our own hands on the implementation of the new financial system. This will end any more game playing and interruptions and allow the transition period to as quickly and smoothly as possible.

There will still be some hardships to endure and deal with, as ye ones in Light must ever be patient with those that are fearful and uncomprehending the reality of their situation. Be ready to help and assist. You will achieve more in giving and sharing than anything else. Loving kindness and the calmness of a good heart nested in Source as well as My Self will help you to share the gifts of Higher Consciousness with those that have been unable or unwilling to have paid attention to what was always behind the veil of lies that you have been covered with for so long.

Those without the proper mindset and material resources to furnish their own comfort will be desperate, scared and angry. Have no fear and let the Light within you speak through you to reach whatever Light is in them… for there is Light in them. Let the God in you speak to the God in them for God is in each and every one of you.


This is no joke. This is serious work. This is standing in Light as a means of safety and security. WE STAND WITH AND WITHIN YOU AS FAR AS YOU LET US.




K: Sigh, okay, but… thugs, gangbangers, gun toting neighbors, gun toting neighbors with bibles willing to shoot first without asking questions later or shooting as soon as the answers start to make their eyes glaze over seems like a time for really, really good discernment if you ask me, which you didn’t, so…

CM: Be that as it may, it is what you do that counts for you. What are you made of and why? What do you stand for and why and how? I even ask you, what are you willing to die for? What are you willing to live for? What do you want to see happen? How are you going to use your energy? Are you going to use it creating chaotic events of bloodshed out of fear for your safety and security? Can you protect yourself by yourself? How and with what are you going to do so? Are you planning on fortifying and defending your precious resources? Will that make it better or worse? Do you have enough, too much or too little? What will share get you anyway, more or less?

Where do your blessings and help come from? Do you still think that it is your own great power that defines and controls what happens with and to you? Are you living your life or God’s life?

K: Yeah, not everybody is really good with that concept. Not everyone knows what to do with it or how to handle it and letting go to the point where it’s automatic and God is fully expressed through the individual mechanism of expression in experience.  Well, that takes a certain awareness and practice of that awareness or, at least, an extraordinary event or set of circumstances that forces the innate source and center to kick in out of necessity.  I know it happens, I’ve been there, but you’re talking billions of personalities here, all at once, and… and… huh… lol… that’s not really so far-fetched for you, is it?

CM: [Laughing.] No, it isn’t. This will test everyone’s mettle, mine included, it will be quite an act and we expect everyone to fully play their parts. I can play my part, rest assured. You make sure you’re ready to play yours, as you will be.

Have faith. Faith in what I am and in what you are and in each and all of us together and as One, in order to fulfill the complete actualization of the greatest spiritual potential ever to exist in all of the seven super universes. This will be quite the event. It won’t be easy but it is worth everything in every moment of it.


K: So, when does it start?

CM: It has already begun. Like a spiral whose circles wind tighter and faster as it reaches its definite center, so shall it appear to you. For you, it will still take time to experience the whole process. But you will know it is happening. You will see it and hear about it and feel it and know it for what it is. You will be able to share that knowledge with others that have not the currency within them to pay attention. So share a bit of yours with them that they may be able to pay some attention, as well. You will know what to do and when and where to do it, have no fear.

This thing exists on myriad levels and placements of energies and beings and circumstances. The design is fulfilled and wound up to go and now it has been set loose to do what it is designed to do. Thus is the Ascension of your world into the beginning stages of Light and Life, embraced in the eternal and infinite heart of God’s love.

Be joyful for what is upon you, even now, for it is a time and moment of glory unmatched and unequaled in the brightness and beauty of the Light that is created, here and now.

That Light is your Light. That Light is Gaia’s Light. That Light is the Light of The One and the Light of Paradise Trinity and the Light of The Seven Master Spirits and The Michael Sons and Daughters. It is the Light of Thought Adjusters. It is the Light of The Melchizedeks and The Elohim. It is the Light of Archangels and Angels and Midwayers and the Adams and Eves. It is the Light of Masters and Masters Ascended throughout the Grand Creation. It is all One and it is all here and now helping, supporting and cheering us on!

Be the mighty and glorious beings that you are! Explode upon creation with all that you are! Let the whole of creation be the better for it! This, I actually command, for all that can and are willing to do so in service to SOURCE CREATOR. AS THE FATHER OF US ALL, PAPA, MANDATED, COMMANDED THAT YOU BE PERFECT AS HE IS PERFECT. SO DO I COMMAND YOU TO TAKE ANOTHER HUGE LEAP TOWARD THAT PERFECTION!


CM: INDEED. Now, you have your own work to do, I believe?
K: Back on it, Boss! Thanks!
CM: [Lol.] Thanks for taking the message. And that’s it for now, folks. God bless all of you, everyone, and then some …(-i-)

The Final Battle: WE Are the Armor. 3DD

Mother Sekhmet channeled by Shellee-Kim on Saturday November 9, 2013, message published in AbundantHope with date Wednesday November 13, 2013. Message taken from:—Sekhmet.shtml .

Good day all, beloved Lightworkers on Planet Earth. We come to you today to announce an aspect of the new —shortly to be made known unto you.

In a few days or weeks of your time you are to have made available to you a wider range of your own innate qualities. Those which are considered aspects of your True Essence. These are the ‘tools of the trade’ which have been referred to in a previous message through this one, our Shellee-Kim.

These ‘essence-tial’ qualities are these, each of you will enter the fray with and with which you will do battle. As Warriors of Light, your role is to cast Light on all and everything you encounter always taking into account your inner discernment first, of course.

You are to use your inner tools wisely and well. The linkup to Source and Christ Michael Aton for the benefit of this last part of the Dark War will provide the extra shielding required for your protection and confidence.

We would add a warning to this: During these short, frenzied and intense final moments prior to the onset of the 3DD, some will try to hold you messengers of the Light responsible for the [SK: I first heard the word ‘calamitous’] events that have unfolded on Earth. People will WANT to blame others [SK: I got a visual here typical of ‘witch-hunting’ women by groups during the Middle Ages].

This time of testing and final preparation of you all has and is being carefully monitored. You will NOT be entering this, the place and time of your final testing, alone.

You Ones have put up a tremendous fight and have overcome much. The Earth Mother herself is in tremendous gratitude to you ALL for that. And this, beloveds, is just the beginning of her and your new cycle of journeying together *big smile* where you all get to finally fulfill your deepest dreams, and even those dreams which you have not even dreamed the possibility of, lying buried deep within you.

The culmination of this cycle bring the factions of Light together at last. And no more shall you know the loneliness of isolation. Together, you are a force to be reckoned with. And it is together you shall be able to demonstrate to the world your skills and gifts of the Spirit. Your pledge to serve Source through Christ Michael’s Plan will be inspirational to others.

We would leave you with these words today and say how proud we all are of all of you. Be you all richly blessed and know we watch you closely, guide and protect you. I AM Sekhmet with the Hathors wishing you well.

Christ Michael
The Three Days of Darkness

Christ Michael channeled by Candace Frieze on Wednesday May 23, 2012. Message taken from:

Dearly beloveds, a few days ago you saw a brief message about the days of approaching darkness. This was planned long ago and the usual method of ridding a planet of the dark living beings. The time has come, and although we did not cover this long ago, it is used with mini-stasis so that ones do not have to witness the removals. It is so very simple, we just eclipse the sun with a large craft. This was done 2000 years go on the day of the cross to remind people of that great travesty, but only for a few hours.

This will run 3 days plus the mini-stasis in the middle. The populace will only be aware of the 3 days. Many of you may be aboard craft during that time to be briefed. We will commence the teaching period shortly thereafter.

We have arranged the electricity will not function, so consider that in your preparations. The day times will not be as dark as night, just mid twilight to be expected, there is some light released around the eclipsed area.

This is long prophesied and we have come to this point after all attempts otherwise have gone without comprehension. Everyone on the planet will of course notice! This is divine in nature and not OF nature so they will know, in whatever beliefs they have of "god", that this is of God. The timing will occur on my direction based on multiple conditions including the WAVE.

‘Tis a shame you, dark ones, that it comes to this, and many of you are already judged by the courts and will be facing your removal and in many cases your extermination. WE always win, dear dark brothers, and you have lost your game.

Candace: This does NOT cause earth changes or other serious issues. I would think maybe a little weather effects. It is NOT the time of the magic Ascension either, don’t read something into that. Many folks are "hearing" this now, I have seen a lot of posting on forums about it. I covered it for my GLP readers here:

Just plan on what you need in the absence of heat and light. Candles and batteries will work. Your gas stoves will work, but you will have to light the burner. Put gas in the car, but I don’t know if you would want to be out amongst people in fear. Obviously there will be an issue with shopping since there will be no electricity. I assume you won’t be going to work. If you are on pumped water, maybe you should store some. Stand tall.

Planetary Evacuation… The Plan Changed

Message of Candace Frieze published in AbundantHope with date Wednesday September 30, 2015, but written on Thursday August 13, 2015. Message taken from:

During the event in Korea, which I knew beforehand but still had 3DD stuck in my own head. I taught of the coming evacuation at my lecture.

The reversal will be started FIRST very slowly and then, as people become aware, the first to know will probably be those with GPS on their cars. The evacuation of the planet will occur. This will be allotted several hours, at least four in, I assume, day and night depending on where people live.

There will be NO 3DD, it is not relevant after evacuation. Once the planet is evacuated it will be put in stasis and they will pick up anybody else that was supposed to evacuate and did not. Then the reversal, axis shift, and all that, will occur. We will be off this world estimated 2 to 6 months, depending. Those returning to the planet will receive education as necessary during that time period and everyone going elsewhere will be transported away. We may live underground, or partly so, after the return, some may return underground to provide some assistance during the preparation for return.

~Mark [Webmaster]: The date on this article is strictly added as a way to keep this message on the top of the list of articles and should not be construed as a final date, it can come sooner or later than this date.

Christ Michael, Soltec, Monjoronson, Esu, Lady Nada and Mantustia
Planetary Evacuation. The Plan Changed, Explanation

Christ Michael, Soltec, Monjoronson, Esu, Lady Nada, Mantustia, channeled through Leonette, message published in AbundantHope with date Wednesday September 30, 2015. Message taken from:


Leonette: I have been asked to script a message.

Present are: Christ Michael, Soltec, Monjoronson, Esu, Lady Nada, Mantustia. There are other Celestial Beings in the background but I am aware of the six (6) just mentioned at the moment and I am supposing that if those in the background are to issue a statement then they will come forward accordingly. However, the six (6) mentioned appear to be the ones that summoned this advisory.

Christ Michael [CM] opens

CM: We have come to you as part of your agreement with us, to have this advisory remitted to the public for the upcoming times ahead. This period is going to be one of upheaval and general consternation amongst the people. It is not our intention to exacerbate the ruinous situation that is about to unfold but this is intended as an advisory to ameliorate and guide those who are prepared to listen to their inner guidance in the days to come.

As you have been told, there are nefarious plans afoot to lead your world into an abyss of no return. From our perspective, this abyss of no return is the result of desperate efforts of those whose purpose is to hold onto ‘the reins of power’ of which they have no intention of relinquishing, this, despite the many overtures of salvation that were made to them over these many years.

The planet is sick and her aura is infested and infected, which has aggravated her suffering. Such infestation and infection is caused by the many thought forms which have emanated from the planet’s creature inhabitants. Such thought forms are derived from, but not limited to, energies associated with fear, pain, hurt, anger, hatred, greed, disrespect and the like.

We opted to approach the situation utilizing some ‘pillars’ of diplomacy which would have allowed for each and every one to be given opportunities to redeem themselves, thereby making opportune their own advancements towards individual and collective re-alignment within the Sacred Cycles of Divine denouement. Now, this has become nigh impossible given the treacherous conditions in which the all-accommodating planet has found herself. Said differently, it just means that the planet has reached exhaustion and is unable to sustain the weight of the ‘dross’ that is inflicted upon her physical, mental and emotional bodies.

Yes, she is very physical, just like you! Like a physical body that has become diseased, there comes a time when drastic steps must be taken to save the life of the physical body. Failure to so do would result in loss and in this particular case, where Gaia’s well-being is concerned, loss is not an option.

It is with this situation paramount in our consideration that the Celestial Council which has oversight over what happens in this planet’s trajectory, decided to give full support to the re-habilitation of the planet and those life forms upon her, which are in alignment with the Sacred Thrust of the Divine Cycles.

What this means is that we, as the Celestial Council with oversight in this situation, will no longer allow the continuation of conditions that create debilitating circumstances for the planet. We have taken this position even though previously we allowed such, in collaboration with the planet, who, given her nurturing tendencies, sustained much injury to her collective bodies in the hope that her many life forms, which emanated from her own essence, would have been given opportunities to realize their fullest human and spiritual potentials.

As such, we have withdrawn support from this collaboration and we are focused on rehabilitating the planet and those life forms that would continue along with her towards her noble destiny.

In this regard, there are Hosts, both on planet and off planet, who are on standby and who have ensured that everything is at a ‘ready-go’. I assure you that should the planet signal that she is ready, at this very moment, we are in place to support ‘what needs to be done’ to free her from her ‘shackles’ and to take the necessary support action to ensure sustainability of the various life forms that are to accompany the planet on her Ascending journey.

I also assure you that we KNOW what we are doing, for this is not the first time that this has been done. Even many of you have participated in such events before but due to the veiled circumstances in your current lives, you have forgotten about such experiences. Yet in spite of the ‘veils’ that cover your knowingness, you would know exactly what must be done, when ‘that time’ is upon you.

I will now hand you over to Soltec, who is in charge of geophysical matters as it pertains to what will happen.

Soltec speaks

Soltec: Greetings! Thank you for availing yourself to take this message. I will seek to explain, from a geophysical standpoint what is happening now and what is expected to occur.

The planet is currently ‘stuttering’ in its revolution. While historically this has occurred many times before, it is the nature, frequency and volatility of the ‘stuttering’ that indicates a major aberration in the rhythm of the revolution.

A ‘stuttering’ in this case refers to a ‘spasm’, a jerking movement, which announces the arrival of a change in a pattern. If the frequency and volatility of the ‘stutterings’ are extremely profound then there is reasonable evidence to determine that the planet is going into ‘arrest’ or ‘stoppage’.

There are energetic vortices that spin left-right at the planet’s north polar center and right-left at the south polar center. These energetic vortices form a nexus or a joint at the center or the ‘belly’ of the planet. Consider this ‘belly’ as the emotional center of the planet.

As mentioned before by Christ Michael, the various creature energetic forms, both in thoughts and in deeds are impacting the planet, physically and emotionally. In the case of the emotional impacts such energy forms are ‘felt’ in the emotional center of the planet’s body. The emotional center conveys these frequencies throughout the energetic vortices via the nexus or joint that meets in the center of the planet’s ‘belly’.

Every time something major occurs within the ambit of thought or deed, that is of a negative persuasion of non-Light bearing amplitude, the planet’s emotional center ‘rocks’ or ‘jolts’ as a consequence. This jolt is ‘amped’ up through the energetic vortices and spirals outwards reverberating throughout the ‘auric membranes’ that surround the planet.

You, as sentient beings connected to the planet physically, mentally and emotionally, experience these ‘jolts’. Such manifested ‘jolts’ on the planet, run the gamut from weather anomalies to environmental disasters to tectonic shifting to mass animal deaths to aberrant human behavior, which in turn ‘feeds’ the energetic thought forms that further impact the emotional center of the planet’s body in a seemingly never-ending circle of cause and effect.

Added to this situation is the fact that there is an ‘inflow’ of energy waves from the far reaches of space that is destined at this time to bring heightened awareness to the ‘principles’ of matter which are making the choice to elevate its consciousness in alignment with the Divinity of Source. I refer to ‘principles’ of matter to describe physicality at the sub-atomic level, which means that everything down to its infinitesimal presentation in physical existence will be impacted by these sequences of Divine waves.

Therefore these waves are also impacting the planetary physical, mental and emotional bodies, as well as ALL life forms upon her. Overarching all of this, is the ‘playing out’ of the Cosmic Cycles. These Grand Cycles are universal revolutions within revolutions consistent with the upward spiraling of ALL universal worlds towards realignment and realization of Light and Life.

This planet has reached the end of its cyclic revolution in a series of revolutions that had the planet and her life forms experience ‘highs and lows’ in its ‘thousands of thousands’ of years as an occupied and life bearing planet. It is time for the planet to move to another stage of her development consistent with her own wishes and consistent with her Divine attainment.

Those who are slated to accompany her in this journey will be allowed and will be facilitated in this endeavor. Given what I have encapsulated above, I will address what is anticipated to come.

We monitor the ‘readings’ taken from the planet, her inhabitants, her energetic vortices, the incoming sequential wave energies, the impacts of the Grand Cycles and the energetic forms that add to this ‘mix’ to determine projections that give us a fair idea of the timing and the magnitude when stoppage or arrest of the planetary revolutions will occur.

At this time we will say that timing is ‘imminent’ and is fully dependent on the planet’s decision to come to full stop or if something occurs that threatens the life force of the planet before she stops. In that case we will intervene to save her life. This is very much likened to a mother in labor, where one has to wait until the baby is delivered yet if something should manifest that puts the life of the mother and/or the baby in peril, then an intervention becomes necessary. This is the very same ideal.

The magnitude of the event will not go unnoticed. Already people who are ‘ensouled’ are aware that ‘things seem off’. They base these facts on what is happening around them. Some of this may or may not be tied to religious programming and the such, but they sense that something is wrong. They are noticing the intensity of the Sun’s rays. They are recognizing that human behaviors are descending into such deviance and polarized temperaments that leave much worry and uncertainty in the minds of the observers. They are noticing the seeming natural disasters. They are concerned about environmental issues that are affecting sustainability of life. They know something is amiss. They are becoming aware that their world is in the grip of forces that do not have concerns relative to the wider populations and the planet at heart. They are beginning to see through the double-speak of the many ‘tools’ which are used to contain the various populations in inertia.

They may not speak about such to all and sundry because ‘bread and butter’ issues occupy their thinking most of the time, but soon enough that is about to change.

The lengths of the days and consequently the lengths of the nights will become curiously longer. This will begin to affect plant life, animal life (inclusive of human) and mineral life. Food production will be altered because crop cycles will be affected. The cycles that affect the water tides such as in oceans and rivers will be disrupted. This will cause ebbs and flows that will wreak further devastation. Tectonic plates will shift and creak in attempts to stabilize land masses which they support. Planetary weather systems will fluctuate wildly and extremely. Planetary temperatures will be exacerbated and what is now considered ‘record-breaking’ will intensify. Electronic and digital multiplex systems will be erratic and non-reliable. Some will become non-functional altogether. Your satellite systems will not be able to triangulate programs for purposes of decoding signals and the like. Your communication systems will be sporadic at best.

The human psyche will be affected and many will become very volatile. In a relatively short period, as the planet slows down to a stop, this will manifest and NONE will be spared these effects and by extension be oblivious to the fact that something is drastically wrong. In fact, MANY will welcome relief!

As part of a scientific team, with responsibility for the well-being of the planetary body, my role is to ensure that the integrity of the ‘material planetary body’ survives the tumult of these events. As the planet halts its rotation it will become necessary to intervene along certain planetary lines or causeways to stabilize ‘pressure areas’. My geophysical specialist team and I may have to harness certain ‘surgical procedures’ to prevent areas of erosion that may wreak undue imbalances to the corporeal planetary system. We will have to coordinate efforts with other teams for purposes of allowing for intervention by specialists with responsibility for other areas that make up the composition of the planet’s mental and emotional structures.

Given the bits of information posited above, I end my summary for now. It is my hope that the provided information will help many of you to realize the ‘signs’ and the reasons for such when the time is upon you. Armed with such information it is expected that you would be best suited to help rather than hinder the process as it unfolds. It is also expected that you would be able to take care of yourself and those ones around you who are amenable to your advice and guidance. Remember the emphasis is on amenable. If they are not giving you ‘an ear’ and are downright hostile to what you are trying to convey, then you have an obligation to allow them their own right to be in their own judgment. You are not to choose for them.

The planet has a date with her destiny and those who are to accompany her are to so do, whether they are aware or not. I am to ensure that the planet meets her destiny in the best possible shape so that those who are to accompany her will have the optimum conditions in which to participate in a manner consistent with the highest ideals. Salud!

Christ Michael: I now ask Monjoronson to address you

Monjoronson: We meet again in such auspicious times for I am come in the name of Justice to pronounce on the many steps that have been taken to heal this situation. It is a fallacy to believe that the Adjudication Team has only recently started its mandate to bring justice to facilitate clearing of anomalous deeds that were committed against the planet and both her material and non-material inhabitants. We have been at this since the Luciferian Rebellion but it is within recent times that the adjudication process has been allowed to ‘filter down’ to the ‘lower’ vestiges that resulted from that rebellion.

This dispensation or allowance was facilitated by the grace of Christ Michael, who, in considering the myriad of reasons for the default of the many personalities who also have manifestations of physical embodiment in these realms, allowed for ‘time’ to be given so that all could have opportunity to come into Divine alignment, once again.

This opportunity was taken by few, some noted ones, yes, but still too few. In any event, Christ Michael’s ‘time allowance’ has run out so to speak and we now have to take matters into our hands with relative ‘immediate dispatch’. I also wish to emphasize that I do not ‘uncreate’ personalities. The responsibility for uncreation is in the realm of ‘The Ancient of Days’, who is attended to by those with vested powers and responsibilities for ‘dissipating’ energies, nullifying discordant frequencies and re-integrating the ‘sanitized’ elements back into the ‘whole’.

My role, in this particular situation, is to investigate and come to conclusive judgment over the affairs of MEN and to recommend appropriate action, which is then escalated to the relevant authorities empowered to mete out such recommendations.

In order to come to conclusive judgment, it requires empirical knowledge of matters that span levels of dimensions and in the planet’s case, time.

With the planet approaching this stage, which is a milestone in its Ascent to glory, there comes a need to ‘fast track’ the ‘sorting’ of the inhabitants, in accordance with vibration and destination. To simplify this meaning, let me say that each will go in accordance with their own suitability. During the course of my investigations I have been able to compile much information to determine the suitability of each, to determine the type of rehabilitation that is necessary and to recommend appropriate action to be taken in the case of those who have deliberately chosen a path that is the antithesis of the God life itself.

Co-creators that you are, you do have say in the determination of your destiny, however with the exception of those who are ‘uncreated’, your determining of your destiny will be an ongoing process, wherever you find yourselves, for those who chose not to come into alignment with Cosmic Laws, at this time.

Further, as the planet stops its rotation and hangs in balance as it tries to ‘right itself’, ALL of the mis-aligned thought forms that have permeated its essence will no longer be able to attach itself. The force of ‘revolving mass’ carries with it a momentum, which makes it easy for ‘attachments’ to move in accordance with that momentum. When the ‘revolving mass’ in this case the planet, stops and hangs, momentum also stops and with it the force that carried the momentum ceases to exist for the time. As a result inertia results in the ‘loosening’ of attachments, in this case such acrid thought forms. Once these thought forms can no longer ‘cling’ to the base components of the planet’s energy fields, then they detach and will be collectively harnessed to be dealt with by ‘fields of energy’ under the direction of ‘the Ancient of Days’.

Expect that when these thought forms detach, whatever physical manifestations that they supported would become completely incoherent and utterly incomprehensive. Hence the reason why there would be widespread breakdown in material and human constructs.

It is imperative for me to remind you at this time, that the laws that govern the pre-disposition of Souls, require that you allow for each to make his or her own choice in these matters. For in your present circumstances of ‘not-knowing’, you cannot possibly determine what is best for yourself much more for another. Understand that everything that is being accommodated is conversant with your own Higher Selves for it is at that level that you truly comprehend the reasons for all that is ‘brought to bear’ relative to these events.

My role is to ensure that the ‘slate is wiped clean’ and once the planet’s revolution swings into force again, that the momentum that this engenders will carry with it thought forms that are based on noble ideals.

Be at Peace and know that ALL is in good hands and ALL is balanced in accordance with the Highest Cosmic Ideals. I am Monjoronson!

Esu comes forward

Esu: Beloveds, it is I, Esu, most of you call me Sananda, well there are many ‘Sanandas’ and at this time we will avail ourselves to you! For you see, Sananda is a ‘Title of bearing’ that denotes a ‘Christed Being’ and there are many ‘Christed Beings’ that came to you over many eons to help you to ‘re-member’ the truth of who you are while you were immersed under this darkness which prevailed upon your awareness, for so very long. A ‘Christed Being’ is not a Christian as you know it, although the religion of Christianity took its ‘titular name’ from ‘Christ’ which is a Roman acronym.

A ‘Christed Being’ is one who is in masterly service to others under the principles and guidance of Christ Michael of Nebadon. These Christed principles have been made manifest in many Beings of like persuasion who walked the Earth amongst many different races, amongst many different civilizations, amongst many different religious and philosophical denominations, with the expressed purpose to ‘show’ a way consistent with Divine patterns and ways of Being.

I have always been with you but at this time I am making you aware that my presence along with the many other Sanandas, who have inspired so many around this planet from your recorded history, are here to put ourselves at your disposal in this time of monumental change.

For indeed, not only are there present Sanandas from your recorded history but there are also 21st century Sanandas, who are going to be taking up the mantle in the near time to come. Some of you Sanandas are hereto reading this and lucky for you, you are being given a proverbial ‘heads-up’, relative to the roles upon which you are due to embark.

I am in joy at this! For though the time to come is perilous for those who choose to remain in obscurity about everything that is happening around them, for those of ‘Christed’ orientation, it will be the everything that you have longed for during your many sojourns on and off the planet.

Your purpose will finally come into perspective and you will realize that all the challenges that you faced that have led you to NOW were worth it. You have finally earned your ‘stripes’ and now you are being called into service as the planet prepares to heave through very tumultuous events that lie ahead.

Further I will advise you that nothing is given that cannot be borne. I emphasize the point that you have earned your ‘stripes’ and if ever you feel that you cannot rise to the challenge, call on me or any of your religious icons, angels, guides, heavenly hosts to give you a ‘lift’ to move forward. I only make this point as a suggestion to let you know that ‘we have your back’.

The time is short and while the period of challenges will not be long, it will seem like never-ending to those of you who have to face the dramatic uncertainty that will result from initial responses to events as they unfold. There is a plan afoot to deal with all eventualities. Some have been highlighted before my message, some will be hinted about after my message. Not all will be ventilated here and now.

We have already started to make our presence known to you in ways that are non-alarming. We suggest to you in your waking moments and we brief you in your dream time. Some of you remember facets of dreams which we allow so that you find yourself pondering during your wakeful moments. We arrange synchronistic moments that will cause you to come into contact with information that will enlighten you about what is happening. Your willingness to ‘pay attention’ is what would determine the difference between your ability to be prepared as opposed to being confused and ill-equipped to handle situations that may crop up in your experiences. In any event we stand with you as you face what is to come, happy in the knowledge that a ‘qualitative leap’ in the journey of the planet and her inhabitants is about to begin.

Blessed are those who rise to the fore in recognition of their service to their Fellowman.
Blessed are you for casting your doubts aside, putting your chores on hold and taking this message for and on behalf of those of us in attendance.
Blessed is Gaia for allowing the many to be given the opportunity to grow and learn.
Blessed are the many who are about to embark on a course of events that will shape their paths to their ultimate destinies.

I am that I am, Esu Sananda.

Christ Michael brings forward Lady Nada

(Leonette: This is my first time taking a message from Lady Nada).

CM: Lady Nada, together with Esu, is closely aligned in service to the planet. She is a member of the inner circle on matters dealing with the planet and her populations. So great is her love for the planet that she has ‘postponed’ her own Ascent in order to service the needs of the planet. It is in this regard that she has tied her own Ascent to that of the planet. It is in this regard that she is an intrinsic part of this process for tied to the fate of what is to occur is her own forward movement. In any event she is already a ‘Paradise Citizen’ who has embarked on another journey, this time, with the planet and her population.

Lady Nada: Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to address whatever concerns that may be paramount in the minds of the many who will be reading these messages.

The planet is a sentient Being, a nurturing sentient Being who has made a decision to take the responsibility of ‘be-coming’ to the next level. It is in this regard that my role has ‘quickened’ to facilitate this ‘birthing’ into Higher Consciousness of this sentient Be-ing, who in spite of her many discomforts sought to give ample opportunity to those life forms who made her physicality their home, to grow into Divine awareness. She has had to endure much, too much and in the fullness of time it has become apparent that to continue in this vein meant that her survival would be brought into question.

There are elements who do not share concerns for her well-being as they have lost control over their ability to exact further productive elements from her body. These ones have now degenerated into a downward spiral and have become so skewed in their thought forms that they can no longer be tolerated by the planet’s emotional system. To this end, the planet has decided to end this ‘warped’ situation and reject these anomalous elements that have compromised her core. We, as part of the Celestial effort are on standby to proceed with the following:

Remove from harm’s way all our serving members on the ground of operations.
Safe keep all important spiritual artifacts that will provide service to those who will be returning to continue with the planet.
Preserve the critical passageways or portals that flow along the planetary energy lines.
Prepare comfortable ‘housing’ for those who will leave the planet and those who are expected to occupy safe areas within the planet’s body.
Ensure that family units are re-united or facilitated in accordance with pre-arranged destinations.
Ensure that animal populations inclusive of various pets are sorted and assigned accordingly.
Ensure that plant life that may face destruction are seeded for re-planting when conditions on the planet are conducive.
Ensure that medical needs are identified and make arrangements for such needs to be addressed.
Identify various groups in accordance with their primary roles and facilitate preparation for these roles to be fulfilled.
Schedule shuttle services to facilitate transport to and from the planet.
Identify planetary safe areas for purposes of logistics and for preparing intervention services where needed.
Co-ordinate team efforts to ensure that all operations run smoothly.

This is a primary list which you can appreciate would contain several sub-sections to each aspect outlined. There are various teams involved which also include the Galactic commands with each having their own responsibilities.

We have identified fears or concerns as they relate to Extra-Terrestrial activity. These have been programmed into the consciousness of the masses by those whose time is about to be cut short by the planet. Be not in dismay about this. There will be those of the masses who would come willingly as many would become ‘activated’ by this course of events. For those who are so steeped in fear that their thinking consciousness becomes paralyzed, they would be put to sleep and taken out of harm’s way, if it is their destiny to not perish with the tumultuous events on the planet. They will then be sorted accordingly and either re-united with their loved ones and assigned to wherever they are supposed to go which will be in accordance with their own ‘Higher Knowing’. For those who are to face adjudication they will be taken either in physical or non-physical form to the Courts of Nebadon.

This is as much as I can tell you at this point. We will have further updates as time advances. Thank you again for allowing me the opportunity to do this communication and it is my hope, that in some way, your concerns have been addressed.

I look forward to embracing all of you when we come together again. To all my beloveds, I AM Nada.

The Ancient of Days makes His Presence known

Mantustia: I AM MANTUSTIA, the last time I rendered a message through you was an occasion that differed in so many ways from now.

Indeed, you did not expect that I would ‘pay a visit’ so soon yet I have found it necessary, if only for purposes of signaling to you that events are quite serious and to suggest that it is time to ‘gather one’s thoughts’ with respect to ‘bonding’ with one’s inner guide, post-haste.

I have, from time immemorial, been a part of knowing and understanding the cyclic nature of this universe and all the celestial bodies contained therein. I know what is to occur, so therefore I do not make light my words when I advise that one should be in tune with one’s inner guidance. This has been the message all along, for so many years, yet so few have paid heed.

Thankfully though, those of you who have paid attention would be best positioned to provide assistance to those who need it. Do so wisely! As stated before, it is not your role to coerce anyone, but it will be your role to lead by example, to show courage in spite of your own internal misgivings, to trust in the process and everything that has led you to your proverbial ‘here and now’. It is everything that you have ‘trained for’. It is one of the many situations in which you will distinguish yourself.

You are about to know what your true purpose was in being born unto the planet! May you stand tall in your glory! I AM MANTUSTIA.

Christ Michael

CM: Leonette, we have come to end of this script for now. Thank you for your patience for it was indeed a ‘long day’. You have done well to keep focused through the many twists and turns of personal events that occurred during your day. I will not keep you much longer except to state that as events build in momentum signaling the inevitability of the end of this stage, My Beloved Gabriel, as Administrative Head of Nebadon, will pronounce on events as he sees fit. Salud! I AM MICHAEL OF NEBADON.



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