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Channeled Messages for BVC, Part 3

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The university is represented by its campus floor plan, its product by HU-ManBrother Veritus’ Community (BVC)/Brother Veritus’ University (BVU)
Channeled Messages for BVC, Part 3
All material published here has been edited and illustrated by Luis Prada, Director of Brother Veritus’ Community and  Editor and Publisher of BVW.

This collection of channeled material is a sample of many more messages received over the years through channels of BVC from Ascended Masters, members of the Spiritual Galactic Brotherhood and the Angelic Hosts.  More material is being added from time to time.  Please revisit this webpage for new material which is always published at the end of the page.  This is an archive of the material that is published in the English Portal of BVW.

Note for those who also use this website to study Spanish: The content of this webpage unfortunately is not synchronized with its counterpart in Spanish.  To search for an equivalent translation you should use the local search engine of the webpage (Ctrl-F), as key word use the date of the message or the name of the channeled Master. Not all messages in Spanish (or English) are translated to English (or Spanish) for lack of human resources to do so.  Sometimes we may have made exceptions and published here material of other sources to corroborate and validate our own messages.  The poems that are published in the equivalent Spanish webpage are not translated to English and not published here.

This is a contribution of Brother Veritus’ University to the enlightenment of humanity.Published initially in this website on January 1st, 2013.

Publications: First Part, Second Part,Third Part,Fourth Part.

With so much love and longing to collaborate with Christ Michael, Ruler of the Universe of Nebadon, and Esu Immanuel Sananda, Planetary Prince, in a combined effort to return Urantia to her former glory.

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Christ Michael
Aton Says Be Ready

Christ Michael channeled by Jess Anthony on Monday December 31, 2012, and published on Wednesday January 2, 2013. Message taken from:

Jess: Christ Michael, is this it? Is this finally the year of Aton?

Christ Michael: Jess, let’s speak again. This is again a New Year, and again I say it is the one for change. We approach this immense evolution as a fluid activity, however. We move to the next phase when everything is ready to transition. Elements of individual aspects change and transform at their own individual schedules. This is life. This is growth. The visible shift that we have spoken of for several years will occur when it is time.

I refuse to give you a schedule. I say that elements are in place and necessary aspects are positioned and ready. This should give you an idea that the shift is imminent. That is imminent by your own concept of time. We have worked very hard to position these elements. The locations and intentions aligned with our purposes have been the result of the participants’ grasp of the nature of what is happening. They had to have enough understanding to support what is planned. We guided them to those convictions through example and suggestion. They each had to make their own decisions to become aligned. We cannot force a decision on beings with the ability to make decisions freely. This takes time and persuasion, as you can imagine.

Physical situations are only manifestations of intentions and formalized ideas. People act on their assumptions and preconceptions. Their physical shapes take on the energy of their decisions. Their decisions set in motion actions that involve others. Most people react to this involvement through their own preconceptions and emotional interpretations. They don’t analyze the situation for themselves, nor do they ask Me for additional insight. This blind interaction has created the situation you find yourself in today. We have been working to break up this clot, to use that word, and allow man to exist more in keeping with my design and guidance.

I have told you this before, of course. There are no new reason for man’s predicament; only new manifestations of ingrained perceptions. Your existence is ever a challenge to assimilate and determine the best course of behavior in the face of others’ decisions and personal choices for actions. It is a constant evaluation of parameters. Your purpose is to select the choices that are most in alignment with My ideas and My intentions. I have created you all in my universe as extensions of Me and the primary means for Me to experience what I have created. You are my senses spread over the entire universe. You can experience the interaction of specific aspects as they play out. My experiential knowledge is obtained through you.

I created the universe you inhabit, and what I created is good. I didn’t create a good universe and a bad one. Those elements you call dark or deem a mistake are given those labels by your own preconceptions and interpretations of past experiences. You judge them to be bad without the power to do so. You can determine that some situation or some intention is at odds with your own, based on an understanding of your own purpose and as a result of asking if the situation is against My ideas. But others will make the final judgments. You can judge your own decisions and assess the results that may come from a chosen action, but you can only judge others as they have an impact on your own intentions and actions. Everything I created is good—even though there are aspects that have become so misguided they are completely non-reflective of My Light. They no longer are good representatives of My plan for them, nor are they allowing my plans for My universe and bestowal planet to proceed without seriously damaging resistance.

Man’s tendency is to make quick assessments and act as a result of ill-conceived decisions. His decisions are affected by his past experiences and his assumptions. He prefers actions that bring similar rewards. He avoids directions that lead into uncertain results. He prefers not to take chances. He seeks solutions that are familiar actions and continue a level of perceived comfort. This lack of analysis and confirmation from me has led my extensions into misinformed states of being. The world you see is a distortion of my plan, and its inhabitants ignore my guidance.

So, it is time to erase the misdirected preconceptions and re-establish My original intentions. This is the decision of Creator Source, and I am his agent for the universe I have created. Just as my creations are extension of Me, so I am an extension of the Creator Source. He experiences Nebadon through Me as Creator Son, and you, the inhabitants of My creation, provide the information I use as Creator at this level. Your free will to make decisions for yourself is limited to the parameters I have determined to be the design of the universe you inhabit. Similarly, My plans for My universe were approved to meet the vision of the Creator Source of All.

It is time for My creations to understand My vision. It is time for Nebadon to fit within the vision of My Creator Father. It is time for this portion of His creation to go another route. I have told you how to prepare and how to react. Be ready. Aton, the Christed Michael of Nebadon.

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It IS the Year of Destiny
The Year 2013 Is the Year of Aton

Divine Mother Nebadonia channeled by Hazel on Monday December 31, 2012, and published on Wednesday January 2, 2013. Message taken from:

I AM Nebadonia, your Universal Mother. You may not have heard of ME but I minister to you through the energy circuit of the Holy Spirit. I come to join thee as you herald in another year in your calendar. Indeed this New Year that you set to welcome or have already welcomed will be the stepping stone for greater spiritual enlightenment for those who choose to plough the inner fields to uncover greater Light from within. It is the year ofDESTINY. For, behold, you must each choose your destined path. Your destiny cannot unfold without you choosing it. You are the creator of your destiny. No one can choose and create it for you but you.

You are leaving behind the old to engender the new but what will you choose to do differently; how will you choose to live your life this coming year? Are you going to make the choice or is someone else going to do this for you?

Your destiny is Sovereignty. Will you choose to embrace your sovereignty now and work towards its unfolding or do you intend to have grand intentions that will be left by the wayside when the weariness of life surmounts your inner will and resolve?

Beloved ones, this is a year of DESTINY. How many comprehend what this means? I will enlighten you. For many the last year was meant to culminate in either the ending of the world or the birth of the Ascension. Neither materialized. Why do you think this was? You sought to follow records which were out of date and placed your personal interpretation on the legacy. In fact most followed what was accepted to be the norm. How many sought independent confirmation of this from their God selves? It is easy to follow the crowd than to responsibly seek the truth. It is in fact truthful that you are in the spiral of Ascension energies and greater energetic changes are taking place on an individual and planetary level. However, dear ones, your world has by no means Ascended. There is much to occur before you reach this point.

Your dependence on the non-occurring events should instill an important lesson that your destiny is your choice. If you choose to Ascend then you must take the necessary action to ensure that you do. No one will do it for you. Ascension is the reward for your faithful Mother Earth. She has earned her right to Ascend. Have you earned this right? If you choose to continue with warring ways, whether you war with yourself or others, then you create an energetic pattern where war will materialize in your outer world. Your inner reality will mirror your outer reality. Many are taking appropriate steps to clear their energy fields so that more and more Light can rise to the surface. They are seeking to keep aligned with God’s energy and to be cognizant of their creations. Indeed, this is significant and must be sustained if the recovery of their Light within is to be optimized. There is much hidden beneath the surface that must be faced and transmuted. You who desire to Ascend must attend to you inner health.

Many have chosen to follow instead of lead by their Light. You follow often the false light given by others and forfeit the wisdom and truth of your personal inner Light. You convince yourselves that a thing or event will occur and you hold on to it dearly with great belief. What happens when it does not? Little ones, you have much to learn. I AM requiring you to follow the rhythm of God’s thinking. In other words, I ask that you stand naked of your perceptions, beliefs and conditioning and invite the Father to think with you. I AM training you to think with your God mind, NOT with or through the minds of others. I admit that what I suggest may require effort and perseverance on your part; however you cannot emerge into your God self if you are unable to connect with the God mind which you hold within you.

The year 2013 is the year of ‘Aton’. I do not say this in a trite or superfluous manner; meaning, I do not say this as you say “every year is the year of the Lord”. I say that this is the year of ‘ATON’. It will be the year of purposeful revelations; when the spirit of God will take over many in truth. This is the year when the world will be shaken into true knowledge. It is upon you. Rise to meet you destiny which has eluded you for too long. ATON will be present; for HE comes again to gift to the world HIS essence.

What is portended is not doom and gloom, save for those who choose to see it in this way; for they shall be the ones without knowledge, insight, perception or preparation.

The troops are marching in holding the lanterns for those in readiness. Your world is to be besieged by Light. To those who have been indifferent you will have to take notice as it will be inevitable.

I reiterate that this New Year is to be the year of DESTINY. All will be turned upside down so that the reversal can begin. Your world is to enter a new and glorious phase in freedom. I forewarn you that much will resolve itself in this coming year. Tales will be told a good many years after the events of this coming year transpires. History will be remade.

I leave you with the words BRIGHT AND MORNING STAR. I bless you and honor you as Children of God. I ask that you bless yourself through the choices you make. Mother Nebadonia.

Candace: For some who still may not realize what the 3rd Person Trinity is, it is, of course, in the Infinite Spirit of the Creation, source of evolutionary mind. The Universal Mothers of each Universe are Daughters of the Infinite Spirit and gift evolutionary mind to their respective local universes. Mother Nebadonia is OUR Mother Spirit or Holy Spirit of Nebadon. Gaia as Mother Earth is Nebadonia’s daughter, or I suppose you could say a Granddaughter of the Infinite Spirit, for people having some difficulty with this. The Mother Holy Spirit of our universe is NOT the same as the Spirit of Truth bestowed on this world that some Christians have confusion over as the 3rd Person of the Trinity. The words “Bright and Morning Star” are interesting here, as the Bright and Morning Star IS Gabriel, Christ Michael and Nebadonia’s first born Son of Nebadon. So I don’t know her hint or meaning here, I will let each reader discern for themselves.

To become a Sovereign means that you do not "follow" but self-determine and thus do not give your mind and energy over to others. We have far too much following still on this world. To each of you reading this:


Interestingly as I posted this for Hazel, Rosie’s Seraphim Saying 5 was right underneath it. How interesting!

This piece is under copyright protection of It may be placed anywhere on the web as long as it is not changed in anyway and a link placed back to this site. It is preferred you place the entire piece, and if not possible to do so, you must note that the rest of it can be found at the link. Thank you, Candace.

Christ Michael
Refresh your Emergency Supplies
Targeted Message

Christ Michael channeled by Unknown Channel on Friday January 11, 2013. Message taken from:

Beloveds, it is time to reconsider your preparation and look at your stocks. Keep CASH on hand. There are several situations which could manifest. Those in quake zones in particular have on hand water and related needs that would become very unobtainable. Electricity could fail because of the nature of grid systems well beyond the area of any serious quakes. Please make sure you have adequate preparations. Michael of Nebadon.

Christ Michael and Nebadonia
Things Could Suddenly Accelerate

Christ Michael and Nebadonia channeled by Johan on Friday January 11, 2013. Message taken from:

Dearly Beloved Light Workers, Star Seeds, Seeders of Light, Our Children Near and Dear to My and Your Mother Nebadonia’s Heart: Like We (Christ Michael Aton and Mother Nebadonia) work as One in Purpose and Functioning Together, so is OUR (Your and My) Oneness fundamental, in and through the same Mind/Spirit.

For clarification, in whatever situation YOU will find yourself, we like you to Know and Fully Trust that, since times are ahead where you might DO VERY GOOD KNOWING AND REMEMBERING JUST THAT.

Tests are meant for personal growth and strengthening BUT AN UNDERSCORING OF OUR ONENESS IN EXISTENCE is important for all of you who stood your ground through thick and thin. Those who practiced and experienced their Inner Connections and Oneness will fare better, BUT IN NEED, WE WILL BE THERE FOR AND WITH YOU.

Things can suddenly accelerate and so it’s better to prepare to the best of your ability as should always be the case, but We deemed it better to inform you sincerely. More simple things as unexpected flooding and unusual winter weather can throw many people for a loop, SO TAKE NOTHING FOR GRANTED AND PREPARE AS GOOD AS POSSIBLE.

We are bringing this short message after the Targeted One today, so you would take this to heart more than just another statement. That will be all for now. Your Sovereign, Christ Michael Aton and Mother Nebadonia.

Johan: Love and Light.

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Elements of Surprise Will Foster Recognition of Hidden Realities

Siraya channeled by Johan on Saturday January 12, 2013. Message taken from:

Greetings My Dearly Beloveds, This is Siraya, Representative of Papa Source to Orvonton. Another round of meetings, another round of decisions, yet plenty of reasons not to expect the same as before:

The difference is that as your Beloved Sovereign Christ Michael remains fully engaged in this process of TRANSITION that will facilitate his Divine Plan, MORE circumstances are in harmony now. Before He had the same intentions and He expanded the opportunities and possibilities for ALL tremendously, for which we stand in Awe. Still, parts of the plan remained more fluid and some announcements came against the backdrop of the non-cooperatives as you know by now. Perfecting a plan comes alongside making the journey and much remains in limbo until you passed certain markers and goals along the road and that is where we are. THIS IS A BIG UNDERTAKING, My Beloveds.

The general warning and announcement is to be taken most seriously and imminently as some have already experienced changes in weather patterns as the Elements start to act up against the density that does not sit with them comfortable anymore. Your Mother Earth is feeling the same under the arrival of Higher Frequency and Vibratory Energy/Light that will sweep across your environment. Not to mention humans themselves who will clearly feel the same arrival working more intensifying, there is no escaping unless being better prepared. A more ‘bumpy ride’ it was called, and all for good reasons, as the time is here now where that Transition has to start in all earnest versus Cosmic Cycles that are proceeding nevertheless.

As you Sovereign decided to inform you already, so does Papa Source see with Great Joy that all pieces of the puzzle fit together for a more coherent and all round Transition that can start manifest with more determination and gusto for sure.

The call to be prepared needs to be repeated from many times before but to be taken more serious this time around. These are birth pangs that were described already, but will show contractions and convulsions you have not seen or experiences before. The front row seats, as we mentioned before, will give you the advantage of being in the Knowing but also to share your knowledge with those surrounding you when things become obvious. Many Light workers are preparing to step forward in unison and packages and downloads will open the tools and instructions and Guidance next to your Sovereign and His Crew who are eager to facilitate and support and teach and assist where necessary. Some elements of surprise will foster recognition of hidden realities for too long as goodwill must and will prevail once again.

We bid you our great Blessings and support in knowing that after labor of such nature, great celebrations are due when the old has passed and the new is announcing itself. This will take its ‘time as each process that unfolds’ but the difference will undeniably produce the needed steps in the right direction: Up and Onwards, The proverbial Home for ALL and to repeat Our Sovereign His words: ”Things could suddenly accelerate”, so be forewarned.

Greeting you warmly and sincerely, I AM Siraya, In Divine Service to Papa Source.

Johan: Love and Light.

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Christ Michael
Clean Up In Preparation for What’s to Come

Christ Michael channeled by Hazel on Monday January 14, 2013, and published on Tuesday January 15, 2013. Message taken from:

I ask that during this time you remain focused on the vision presented to you. It is all too easy to allow the vision to fade in light of non-materialization of events. Refrain from entertaining dubious or delinquent thoughts. Do not allow them to trespass into the domain of your knowing mind.

What you cannot see cannot be put into words. Events are taking place etherically that will soon transpire in your material spheres. You cannot see Us working but it does not mean that We aren’t. You cannot yet see the fruits of Our labor, but it does not mean you won’t.  Oft times the effort must be invested over a period of time before momentum is gained. As I explained to this scribe when the movement occurs it will not be slow but swift. The wheel shall propel forwards without recess. Do not lose the hope in what you aspire to accomplish, but seek Me to engage with you that you may be given into the knowledge of the steps to be taken to put your mission in order or ‘get it on the road’ as you say.

It is now that you must begin to take the necessary steps toward fulfillment of a greater plan. Let your mind wander to that place where inspiration flows; and seek after your truth of being. What do you wish to accomplish now?  Ask yourself this, ‘What can I accomplish now?’ There is much you can do using the energy system available to you as individual sons of God. You have the power to affect change first of all in your personal world. I say, that as part of your preparation you must do so.

Attend to self first. Clear the debris which may be clogging the pores and arteries of your electromagnetic field which disrupts our synergy. Begin to pull out the weeds which hamper your personal progress. Free yourself first and foremost of the limiting aspects of self. Cultivate a daily routine of de-sensitizing your ego through sustained connection with Me. As you say, ‘practice makes perfect’. Why don’t you try for one day to stay connected in a conscious way with Me? I mean with My thought processes, values and virtues. In other words, for one entire day, and I mean entire day, mirror Me. You know Me well enough, or do you?

What do I represent to you? For those who follow Me you should be able to reflect what it is I represent to you. Being part of ‘Team Aton’ requires a very high standard of perspicuity. It requires you to have clear vision of the goal. Now, I do not here speak of the Earth’s transition. That is inevitability. I speak of the long term goal of building godly people so that the tempo of nobility will reign in the new earthly construct. The building begins now and it begins with self.

Use this time wisely to separate the wheat from the chaff in your inner consciousness and de-pollute your thoughts through a process of ‘thought pattern’ detoxification. Identify that which has been hazardous to your evolution and remit it to the wasteland for transmutation. Resolve to behold a new you, one that seizes perfection, for perfection is the exemplar of Godly synonym.

You are all anchored in Me. See yourselves in the circle of My Light with Me at the center anchoring you. Now see yourselves extending from Me to stand around the circle. Who stands in the middle? That is who you are. In My team My members are Me. They strive ever to reflect Me. Do you think I Am a hard act to follow? It can be no other way, dear children. You who have been chosen to serve in My jurisdiction and you who have chosen to serve My will, must attain within self a level of Christhood. Does that sound unfamiliar or unachievable? It is not, I assure you.

Why do I come to thee to speak of these things? I remind thee that when the wheel begins to turn there will be no catch up time. You will have to move with the wheel. Thus, I say to you, exercise your spiritual prerogative and ‘shape up’ so that you ‘keep up’ with the wheel once the momentum becomes noticeable. What is to come will require spiritual sturdiness in the Light of the significant stupor which will accost your world. Be ready. I Am Michael, your Sovereign Father of Nebadon and Son of the Most High.

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Father of Havona
Perfect Your Hosting Skills

Father of Havona (Source or Papa Source) channeled by Hazel on Tuesday January 22, 2013. Message taken from:

It is unfathomable to many that they are receptacles of My Light. They cannot comprehend that the Presence of God, the Divine, rest in the vehicle upon which their mind is registered.

I AM the interminable aspect housed within you, which is released upon termination of mortal life. You are MY host throughout the entirety of your experience. I wish you to see it from this perspective. You host My Presence. What does this conjure to you?

Let me explain in simplicity. Were you to host friends or family at your home, how would you treat them? Would you be happy to do so? Would you be amiable towards them? Would you look after their needs and ensure that they are comfortable? Would you enjoy their presence? Would you spend quality time with them? Would you engage in activities together which bring you pleasure? Would you be sad when they must depart?

Conversely do you begrudge their presence in your home and wish they weren’t there. Do you unwillingly look after their needs and try to avoid spending time with them? Do you separate yourself from them as much as possible and count down the days until they depart? Are you in disharmony with them? Do you send them away before they are due to depart? What type of host are you?

Now I want you to think about Me. Like it or not, you are My host. Do you welcome My Presence within you or do you wish I were not there? In fact, many of you do not know and will not accept My Presence within you. This lack of comprehension has to do with your poor education and inadequate memory. You cannot accept that I whom you may call God could ever dwell in you, as your perception of yourself is rather tarnished. You cannot therefore conceive that you could hold such purity within. So disbelief is a mighty obstacle to you even crediting My Presence within you. It is easier to see Me as a separate entity beyond your ability to reach.

Those who have received their education may halfheartedly accept it but they cannot verify this as there is no outer sense which they use that can prove I AM there. So they journey through their lives unable to feel the blessing of My Presence within them. They keep Me just outside the door of their home because uncertainty due to lack of proof causes them to falter in what they have been taught. They cannot therefore enjoy My Presence in a deep and truly holy way.

I AM not saying that these who believe in Me do not love Me. They simply love the idea of Me and what I stand for without reaping the fullest benefits of My Presence within. They cannot see Me within themselves so therefore I must not be there. Dear children, you will never see Me for I AM without form. You must acclimatize yourself to feeling Me. For here lies your validation. In the readiness of time as you mature in spirit you will hear the sound of intelligence creeping into your thoughts. I will not communicate with you in the way that other humans do. You will not see me sitting by your side or even holding your hand. Our relationship is much more intimate than that. I AM within you that you may come to feel at one with Me.

The entire purpose of the outer journey is to reap inner rewards which expands your ability to renew your memory so that you clearly recall who you are, where you are and what you must strive to be. Many look without themselves for the Light of guidance but I say, look within yourself for therein is the lantern which invariably keeps vigil for you. I AM no ordinary guest. I AM stationed within you to show you that the Inner Way is the only Path which shall lead to the Ultimate Source to which you must return. As your guest I will not impose My Will upon you but wait upon you to offer yourself to Me. I do not take that which is not offered. If you hide from Me I will leave you be, if your revile Me, I will leave you be, if you ignore Me I will leave you be, BUT know that I will never leave you. It will never be My choice to leave you. If you reject Me in finality, it is then that you get your wish and I depart.

What kind of host have you been to Me? I can surely speak of this. Some are most welcoming and attentive, giving Me all the time they possibly can to draw from the advantages I offer. They feel Me, know Me and hear Me. They have a comfortable relationship with Me and freely express what is in their heart. As they unite with Me, in truth they receive necessary guidance enabling them to overcome the hurdles they may face to bring them closer to Me. I AM not saying that you will experience the fullness of Me all at once. I AM saying that if you can recognize where I AM and how you can connect with Me; and you take the steps to do so, then ever so gradually or quickly as is your choice you will absorb more of My Light into you. As this happens, you will begin to feel empowered and more likened to Me.

There are many who ignore My Presence in the temple of their physical form and I AM left as an observer. There is no unity between us and no derived benefits from My Presence within. There are those who cast Me out totally and deliberately, for them the manna of Light is denied through their own choices. Then there are those who host Me who at times are attentive and welcoming, but at other times feel the pull of earthly matters too strongly, and fall into old habits and traps thus forgetting My Presence for a while. They retreat to their lower selves and find solace in their senses or through others.

Why do you not wish to host My Presence? Is it perhaps because continuous communion with Me will require you to accept total responsibility for your life, your thought patterns, behaviors and creations? Are you not ready to climb the ladder leading to greater spiritual fulfillment? Is it that you wish to serve your senses only without regard for your spirit? Is it that you do not wish to face Self?

Beloveds, Perfection is what I AM and I rest within you. You host perfection yet you choose imperfection. Mediocrity is the spawn of your illusionary world. It breeds contentment and does not aspire to truth. You seek perfection readily in earthly pursuits; so why can you not seek perfection in spiritual pursuits? You will find that should you choose the latter, your earthly life will be more fulfilling and productive.

You who have cast Me out or who have an occasional relationship with Me cannot know true happiness; so I say to you that your senses will never yield joy which is permanent.

I AM given in My position to witness what you term sin and activities too abhorrent, abomination to spirit to speak of. This is where you take Me as you host Me. Yet ever patient I wait upon you.

You will through your soul’s journey have ample opportunity to host My Presence until you are able to perfect your hosting abilities and need not do so anymore in physical form. Until then I will continue to cherish you and effort to reach into your mind and heart with the hope that you will pay Me some attention. I AM in no way needy, BUT you need Me and you call inwardly for Me and I answer but you cannot feel or hear Me. One day you will come to realize that the energy you call God or Creator is none other than your energy. When you ostracize God, you ostracize self, and this will reflect in the patterns you create in your earthly life. Finding God is the beginning of finding self. I AM HERE.

If your earthy Kings or Queens were to indulge you with a personal visit to your home, think of the preparations you would make to receive him or her. Think of the finery you would place to receive them and what your comportment would be like. It is a privilege to host such royalty, isn’t it? What of Me? Am I not royalty? Have you not dubbed Me the King of Kings and Lord of Lords? What finery do you robe yourself with to receive Me? What plans do you have to entertain Me? How do you seek to impress Me? Am I not worth more than gold and silver? Do I not outshine to largest diamond? Do I not wear the most coveted bejeweled crown of eternity? Have I not in humility bestowed Myself upon thee willingly that you may choose to bestow yourself to Me? What will it take, dear children, for you to accept the crown which I offer thee?

You are hosting Me. Accept it, for acceptance can only lead to the resolution of inner conflict as to who you are, where I AM and why you are here. My blessings I yield to thee evermore. Your Source.

This piece is under copyright protection of It may be placed anywhere on the web as long as it is not changed in anyway and a link placed back to this site. It is preferred you place the entire piece, and if not possible to do so, you must note that the rest of it can be found at the link. Thank you, Candace.

Leaving the Nest to Sing in Balanced Harmony

Mother Nebadonia channeled by Rosie on Monday January 28, 2013, and published on Tuesday January 29, 2013.  Message taken from: .

Dear Children on Earth; your Mother Nebadonia speaks gently to you, yet clearly and firmly to you, because her heart is full in anticipation of her fledglings LEAVING THE NEST and approaching spiritual adulthood. Tides of great change approach, and no one shall be left in a state of innocence. All will be known. No longer will you be able to plead ignorance, hiding behind your mother’s skirts. It is time to resume responsibility and walk in adult shoes, realizing that you have in fact been partaking in the “adult” game all along, while adopting a child-like stance.

Now is a time when the words FREQUENCY, VIBRATION and HARMONY will be in the mouths of many. For these will assume great importance. It will not be a case of grouping into different social classes or income groups or religions, as is presently the case, but of grouping into the same WAVELENGTH OF HEART CAPACITY. If your consideration for others is scarce, then you will find yourself EXPERIENCING this lower level of consideration at the hands of others. And if you offer a warm and joyful and open heart to all who cross your path, you will receive similar welcomes along your journey. This is THE GREAT RE-SORTING INTO NEW GROUPS ACCORDING TO FREQUENCY. It is also the great and glorious new part of your Earth’s history where BALANCE and the resulting HARMONY shall flourish.

Regard, oh children of mine incarnated in male bodies, the way you may tend to take the lead, to initiate the beginnings and determine the ends, while acting brilliantly and speedily in between, as in a piano piece where the right hand plays the leading tune.

Meanwhile, regard, children of mine incarnated in female forms, the way you may step in at just the right time, intuitively finding the right chords to enhance, deepen and complement the brilliant right hand tune, enabling radical changes of mood from major to minor (though the tune remain unchanged), providing a rich tapestry of sound against which the leading voice can perform, on which it can rely for support, without which it would lose balance, in the same way which the left hand accompanies the right hand of a piano piece.


The new experiences will be many. The new experiences will push you to new extremes. Your Spiritual Mother —I, Nebadonia— am here to support you when you find yourself tipping too close to the edge. Call upon me, and whatever the pain, know that the balance can be redressed THROUGH YOUR OWN LEARNING PROCESS, AND THAT THE DESCENT INTO DESPAIR REVEALS THE OPPORTUNITY TO SOAR TOWARDS GREAT JOY. For there will also be great joy, little ones. Hold this my promise in your hearts, even as the walls crumble around you, for you will witness the SHINING NEW DAY.

For previous messages from Mother Nebadonia through Rosie see

This piece is under copyright protection of It may be placed anywhere on the web as long as it is not changed in anyway and a link placed back to this site.  It is preferred you place the entire piece, and if not possible to do so, you must note that the rest of it can be found at the link.  Thank you, Candace.

Christ Michael and Esu
Today’s Our Anniversary

Christ Michael and Esu Immanuel Sananda channeled by Candace Frieze on Friday February 1, 2013. Message taken from:

Esu: Hello, my dearly beloved support crew of AbundantHope. Today is our birthday! 8 years ago on January 31, Candace and I birthed the first of our pieces today which was wildly successful and lead to our website in due time later that year. I will again give my special thanks to Patrick and Anne Bellringer of, for carrying our work those first months until we could get a website going.

And, beloved Mark, this for you, my dear one, a HUGE BIG HUG for bringing the website to reality and sticking through with us all these years. Without this gift, where would we be?

I would like also to thank personally quite a few of you, who have come to be telepaths to serve the need. In the early days Candace was not happy being the only one. First, there was Jess, and she was so relieved, who, if memory serves me well enough, came on suddenly with a message from Christ Michael months later. Then slowly you have come forth, and currently we have in service regularly, Eve, Leonette, Hazel, Rosie, Kibo, and Johan, and some others who serve specially as needed, Rubens, Shellee Kim, Peter, Bela, and Adam.

And some who came for a time and found this not how they wished to serve and we appreciate what they did contribute. Some who have contributed in smaller ways but I have not listed are very likely to come into local service after the 3 Days of Darkness. And then, there is Ron who claims he doesn’t telepath, we are inclined to disagree, as his knowing from above becomes very evident in his extensive postings and writings.

Christ Michael had a great deal of interest in our project but almost didn’t approve it, on advise actually of those others above, because of the risks entailed to many, but approval came and the security protocols hugely upgraded as the project grew. He himself came more on board in a couple of months and eventually the two of us did a piece today which Candace will link too, which was published on April 25, 2005, in which we "outed" who we really were. Until then, he was Hatonn to all of you.

Candace: Link to that piece and about 2 weeks before we did it, I finally came to the understanding of who this Hatonn, Aton fellow was. I knew since I started reading the Phoenix Journals that he was something beyond a Pleiades fleet commander, but it took me some time to grasp who he was, and he waited until I figured it out, laughing all the way, I might add, at my ideas. It dawned on me one day and for the next two weeks I was just a mess. I had offered my service, but still held to the idea he was to return someday as I heard generally from "GOD" before then including the information given to me on forming AH a couple of years before then, when I was given the Christic circle to use which was in 2003. And tonight we here, he wasn’t so sure it would work… but yet the plan was set in motion. So, anyway, here’s the piece mentioned, which took me hours and hours with rest breaks as I was so overwhelmed at being the one who was to tell the World, the Michael was returned.

[Note of Editor: This article plus an update was profusely illustrated and published in this website, see it at:]

Esu: It has been an inspiring 8 years. We of course hoped, truly we did, but at the same knew, it was impossible on NESARA. There was not the cooperation and Germain to this day is still a bit saddened on that one. We hoped for GESARA later, still we could not materialize it. But we were gaining other ground, so to speak, through all of you and then when AbundantHope was firmly established as OUR SECOND COMING Organization, many of the plans completely changed and of course have required the occasional remodeling and the target messages and much on the ground work by hidden crew to bring us to today.

So just as I brought the new Good News 2000 years ago, I bring the Good News today, and that of course, is that we are not going to close up the planet after evacuations and come back in 3000 years. We are in great joy on this, and a global ground crew is formed which of course includes also many you are unaware of, who must remain "unknown" still.

There will not be much in the way of new updates, beloveds, there is nothing more to add truly, you are informed of the plans. It is only the time table and this will be the Year of Aton.

Be always prepared mentally, beloveds, and hone your telepathic meditation skills for we cannot update via a public website to let you each know what you need to do when the show begins in earnest. This is your responsibility to go within and have yourselves prepared always for anything.

The world is very tense today. Israel attacked Syria, a plant owned by Chinese interests and this is not what you call a pretty situation. MANY DIED. It was uncalled for. Now plans are being made by the offended parties in concert with our advice. The Earth changes are increasing, as you may have noticed once again. Since when are there tornadoes in the US of A in January??????

Be prepared always, physically and materially, just for these reasons alone, you do not know when Mother Nature, let alone any other circumstances, will undermine your comfortable lives. Especially keep money because, as we have covered before, much of the world’s finances now remain under Chinese dragon control and have not been re-gained by the Committee of 300. You cannot tell when somebody may pull the plug for a short time on any of the banking. And bank cards do not work if the electricity is not available either.

Well, I must be back at work. Christ Michael would like to say a word or two, so I will step aside. But each and every day, I "go to bed" (and I do sleep sometimes), in great joy of where we have come. Namaste, Esu.

Christ Michael: Hello, beloveds, sorry for the long wait to Candace and you, it’s been a nasty day, as days go. We are dealing with the mess, of course, in Syria, which is not being well covered and various other rather sudden dark issues. So goes it.

You will notice Johan not giving much in the way of new directives for the global meditations. it is time for you to assume your own directives and be ever connected with Me, for, as above, we cannot tell you what to do through updates during times of emergency and stress.

Candace is going to write some commentary in a separate piece about effects of the WAVE as she is seeing now finally some issues being reported on the net.

Even for us, it seems as "LONG” years as plans have been modified, changed, planned, rehearsed and changed again. Some might think God’s a fickle creature! But so it goes and we too look forward, all of us, to the Year of Aton on planet Earth.

It will be bumpy. It may run well for short periods, only to have bumps again. We truly do not know how the populace will respond, although there are many estimates, opinions and ideas, and we like all of you will face it all in the NOW, one day at a time. This is a strange and yet very special world and it is whether people wish to agree or not, the best place to incarnate and get a load of experience besides the opportunity for service.

I myself, when Candace and Esu began this, did not know if there would be any interest at all and we were mightily pleased that there was. Candace rapidly had a good deal of email, and Esu in those days used to pitch in and help with the answers. Over time, the pieces spread over the net, and it is the estimates of those that tract such things that these pieces have been read with various interest of course by about 100,000 people. Not a lot but big enough and we are pleased. Of course there are not 100,000 current readers at all times, as many who wanted instant NESARA riches and the like dropped off and many dropped off because the messages were not sufficiently pretty. And others came to replace some and many have stayed the duration and we are so very pleased to have so many on board and of course even those that dropped away, will likely return once they have the burden of proof.

I came into the show in a couple of months or so after I saw there was progress being made and have myself of course stayed the course, and we officially did make AbundantHope the OFFICIAL SECOND COMING ORGANIZATION.

You folks who have supported this are held in great awe by those of the many universes watching here. You are seen at times on cosmic TV. There is often cheering and flag waving of those who watch from the amphitheaters of their worlds, for this is a big show and it’s my bestowal world and now with the quarantine lifted, the news travels unbelievably far to your eyes. You are watched from even Paradise and Havona with great excitement and of course, this little project that didn’t look like so much at the beginning grew and grew and you have changed through your support the whole show, beloveds. THE WHOLE SHOW. YOU ARE BLESSED EACH and EVERY DAY BY US. GO IN PEACE, my beloveds. I am the Michael of Nebadon!

The Rising Fires

Monjoronson channeled by Shellee-Kim on Wednesday February 27, 2013. Message taken from:

Good day, beloved people. It is I, Monjoronson, here to share a little more with you. Shall we begin?

Many at this time are finding increasing discomforts emerging from the very core of their beings. Much like a pot of food cooking at a high temperature, overflowing and spewing its contents in all directions. While this may be messy and ensure a good clean up and while it may also spatter contents which burn some, it is important to know and understand the importance of this cycle and how it may serve you.

The planet collectively has called to her a great raising up in frequencies. This has begun in earnest. And is, in fact, well underway as we speak. And the above is one of the effects that is to be experienced for those many not in alignment with their true, Inner Selves or Higher Selves.

What is to come will be even more intense, energetically-speaking. And thus the times of increased pressure are upon those in resistance or inadequately prepared. And many are to know these fires as fires which burn, rather than fires which cleanse or heal as a result.

Whichever type of fire is appropriate for your level of preparedness or lack thereof, it is seen that most of your planetary population are to begin consciously acknowledging that great and discomforting change is upon them.

To the majority this will literally represent a time of feeling —individually and collectively— that they are in a hell, of sorts. And that would be true, of course. For it is to be a perceived hell of the one experiencing such emotions. But it is also this very hell that is the cleansing fire of the personal baptism, and one which will serve to ready each for their choice ahead.

Although a sobering time is upon you collectively, the small pockets of those who have risen up around the globe in readiness of what is to come will contrarily experience this cleansing time as affirmative, liberating and a relief.

Now, there is also an opportunity for action. There will be constantly arising issues over all that is occurring and squabbling will break out publicly and through the media over what is occurring and why. This will occur during and immediately post the 3DD [Three Days of Darkness] and just prior to the full activation of Fleet on the planet.

The prepared ones at this time should step forward and begin to use their skills, gifts and experience to share with others. For they will be heavily relied upon to hold the fort, as it were, in this short interim period.

Those of you who have chosen roles in leadership in one or another capacity shall be given the necessary assistance from Fleet that is required and to help your ease of passage into your roles. This has been spoken of already by this and other messengers.

Now, we would also like to draw your attention to the coming night sky. There is to be much activity from Fleet by way of shows and other activity that will be visible for all to see, further evidence that is to confirm Fleet’s benign existence to the masses. So keep your eyes heavenwards.

Adjustments to our recent plans have seen more joining us from further away. Some of these beings were onlookers and have now decided to join with us in a more practical manner, as greater numbers are required in our current plan. (SK: I get many of these beings are not in human form, but various ‘other’ forms. Not confirmed by M.). However, all those who form part of our umbrella body, as it were, are in full service to and with us and thus your planet and her people.

There is little more to be said at this time, other than it is for you all to be extra vigilant now. What hasn’t been learned by you ones by now is likely not going to yield any miraculous turnarounds. But we must and will make use of who we can, what we can and where we can in support of the coming changes.

It is time for all to rise from their slumber and know themselves. Indeed. This is all I would leave you with on this day. I AM THAT I AM, Monjoronson.

Cristo Miguel
This Is It

Cristo Miguel channeled by Johan on Friday March 8, 2013, and published on Saturday March 9, 2013. Message taken from:

This is Your Sovereign Christ Michael of Nebadon. As you will hear more confirmation through other channels, so will you find this one loud and clear: THIS IS IT. Oh, yes, you heard that before. It will be up to you HOW you will experience the difference THIS TIME.

In the days to come, YOU who have bathed in ignorance since it suited you best and you could not care less about others, will finally meet your own judgment as all will land where they DESERVE to be.

We must proceed now as the myriad of plans and decisions taken in utter desperation by those who refuse to yield to their and our Heart, will only aggravate a delicate process in the making. Much time of fine tuning and careful preparations has resulted in THE LIGHT BEING READY TO TAKE OVER FULLY, what always has been the case, yet the dark assumed it differently. Time for assuming has ended. Time for KNOWING has arrived.

Enough advise and counseling has been made available, but as is usually the case, when a ruthless handful are ruling the masses, not much is reaching the hearts of those who need to hear it SO WE ARE STOPPING THE HIGHJACKING OF THIS SOCIETY AND CHANGING THE RULES BACK TO DIVINE RULE that Serves everybody. That handful and many cohorts will be removed swiftly and given ultimate choices. Those able, willing and ready to remain with the long awaited renewal and Ascension process of Mother Earth, will receive all assistance to do just that themselves, and all preparation has reached finality.

We understand the difficulty of credibility when so many earth years have passed since the first plans for CHANGE were made known in public and many have left the privilege of really being in the knowing and prepared, no matter what. The countless side roads and obstructions, deviations and last minute change of plans due to the infinite dark obsession with power of the elite might have taken us apparently of the main road temporarily, but equally countless opportunities and huge improvements to so many their future plans and options have balanced it all very well.

It takes great courage to keep standing against all odds and it took greater numbers to come and help out, BUT THE CRITICAL MASS HAS BEEN REACHED, and we are ready to proceed. The above mentioned appearances were just that: APPEARANCES. I have said it before: This is a world of appearances, YET about to step up on the Divine ladder into the Light. Surely, it will bring chaos and difficulty and again your courage will be tested, but without the mind control, the brainwashing, the manipulation, the greed, the careless and merciless killing and destruction of all and everything, as those dark ones had so refined into an art while blindfolding the rest.

No more of that. Construction will replace destruction. Love will replace hate and where resistance is met, assistance will make all the difference. Truth will replace the lies and deception. The classic path of truth: Being applauded, being laughed at, being attacked and finally being accepted is running its final laps, with some unbelief, stubbornness and mere useless resistance left in the balance after the dust will have settled.

As Sovereign I like to thank and congratulate ALL those who have made it this far, who came to help, who came to make a difference, AND YOU DID. Lots of work and changes ahead, but I can assure you, IT WILL BE MIND BOGGLING to say the least. Most of this generation has only known breathing bad air, drinking contaminated and maltreated water, eating sugarcoated poison, being lied to and manipulated, being kept hostage from Truth and Love and Light and Beauty and Enjoyment, Happiness and Health. You can hardly imagine the difference, but I can assure you, it will be phenomenal. Any hardship in the new settings, how unfinished it may be, will be as seen as a blessing to handle in comparison to what you endure now. Community building and any kind of relationship amongst its members will bring joy and a renewed sense of belonging and appreciation you have rarely experienced.

Before that, let’s get to work on a transition that will bring its challenges to acceptable levels as much help and assistance will be provided. Service to Others will be key and some of you have excelled in that against much counter wind, but kept offering. In doing so, some have connected with their past of Divine Service and showed the way to others. Now all hands and Hearts on deck, my Dearly Beloved Children and Co-workers and your Heart be filled with Delight and Enlightenment eyes have not seen and ears have not heard.

I salute you Dearly, My Light Workers, Star Seeds, Seeders of Light, and again we ask you to stand ready in vigilance, but rejoice, as FREEDOM awaits you. I am Christ Michael Aton of Nebadon, Your Sovereign.

Johan: Love and Light.

Esu Has an Agenda

Esu channeled by Jess Anthony on Saturday March 9, 2013, message published on Monday March 11, 2013. Message taken from:

Jess:Esu, we should speak again. This seems to be a time of closure and transition. I ask for your comments and emphases.

Esu: Jess, I have things to say. This is a time of change and renewal. The efforts some took against an almost impossibly strong resistance have shown man to be willing and committed. This commitment has generated a Light Warrior that is guarded in its openness but willing to battle whatever is a barrier to truth.

I will need these warriors as I tackle the erroneous perceptions that man will retain even after the teaching period and the longer stasis. Man will learn, however, and he will acquire a new sense of perspective on how the universe functions within purposes laid out by Christ Michael Aton.

My task is to guide man to an awareness of the new realities of the Ascended world he will find himself inhabiting. This will be slow work that will require a host of helpers and teachers. Many of you are in position to take on those roles, even if you don’t know this consciously at this point. I know the resources in you untapped, as of yet, and I will approach you with work that will be appropriate for your experiences and conceptions.

I have an agenda I will pursue. We must change man’s thinking in the future, and I will address issues dealing with spirituality. Others will focus on living within this new world, and they will address the means to do this. My emphasis will, of course, affect the focus of the others. The phrase "as above, so below" is emblematic of the relationship that must exist between man’s concepts and his actions. Spiritual understanding shapes decisions. Actions that result from man’s ideas are guided by his thinking.

Man’s thinking is influenced by his experience of spiritual truth. Past involvements and the memories that define those encounters color his perceptions. My role is to bring Light to man’s perceptions and guide the way he experiences new information. His physical circumstances will be different, but he will retain a measure of past beliefs and conclusions. His judgments remain partial until he has the enlightenment I will bring.

The outgrowths of man’s spiritual understanding are expressed at present in his religious and philosophical constructs. The tangled systems of belief and cognitive understanding you see reflect these misperceptions of spiritual truth. Religious dogmas have a residue of spiritual truth at their cores, but their elaborate systems of behavioral regulation and penance are nothing but political coverings. The simplicity of spiritual truth has lost its importance and become an insignificant component of mental and physical control.

Man must realize the error of this way. He must recognize that God is within and that all inhabitants are equal. Each is joined in a spiritual network where all become one. The universe was created in harmony. Each aspect functions as part of the whole. Man approximates this harmony by creations of beauty and balance. The notion of aesthetics formalizes this sense of joy and completeness. Man is joyful when he experiences harmony. Spirituality is beautiful, and man must learn to experience it that way. Spirituality is not hardship or suffering, as he often has been told.

Religion is not spiritual, as man defines it. Spirituality is being centered on God’s truth and using that foundation to influence all decisions. Actions are beautiful when they are guided by this focus. My work here is to direct man to a perception of his place in this universe Christ Michael Aton has created. I am here to help man find beauty and truth.

Esu Speaks on Revenge, Responsibility and Redemption

Esu channeled by Jess Anthony on Sunday March 31, 2013, message published with date April 3, 2013. Message taken from:

Let’s begin. I chose Easter to speak of these things because it is a day, Easter Day, dedicated to my crucifixion and my resurrection. This is an event that has tipped the world’s spiritual thinking. Nothing happened that was different from many other, similar executions, but my purpose and my act of redemption though it has colored religious thinking since that time.

The events told and re-told have unfortunately been a catalyst for man’s perception of blame and revenge. Man is quick in assigning guilt and passionate in seeking to right the perceived wrongs. Numerous belief systems have sprung up to defend one group after another’s view of my situation. Religious groups have been formed because of that event, and wars have been fought to argue the rightness of one group’s perception of those events over another’s. I was crucified in error, and any numbers of other political or religious groups were at fault or so the historians and writers of religious interpretations argue.

My reasons for following through with the act are considered only marginally, if at all. Man’s own view of my execution and his perception of what it means are ultimately more important in his thinking than even my perception. This individual’s view of his own spiritual existence is of more concern; it is more important that his ration of spiritual acknowledgement be larger than others.

Man’s view of others and his actions against them often has religious superiority at their core. One person’s individual perceptions are morally better and the political behavior of groups —however brutal or demeaning— is absolved because of its spiritual approval. Religion was created to empower.

In essence, the act of my crucifixion was one of me taking responsibility. I used it to assume the responsibility for all of creation. I chose to create this example knowingly. Living in a society that understood the symbol of sacrifice, I consciously became the image of that method of redemption. Man needed a visible demonstration of spiritual commitment, and I provided one for him, knowing it would morph into symbolism that would re-direct man’s spiritual thinking.

Man had turned his back on his Creator and was ignoring the truth that was available to him. His sin was not one of breaking cultural taboos —it was choosing to disregard the nature of his existence. Man was forgetting or knowingly disregarding the spiritual truths his Creator had provided for him. Once man had made his choice, he had had to experience its results; the state of the world at that time was the outcome. Even with my regret, I had allowed this creation to progress to that point.

As the physical embodiment of the Creator on Earth, I became my own scapegoat and accepted the blame for allowing man to turn to darkness. I showed man a supreme example by assuming the responsibility for all of my Creation. This was an inclusive responsibility. Everything was part of my responsibility because I was in everything. I was taking full charge of changing its direction, and my visible action showed my commitment.

The act of redemption that is spoken of on Easter was in actuality my commitment to being responsible. Just as I was responsible for the nature of my creation, so man is responsible for himself and everyone he is connected to as part of his own creation. Being responsible means remembering he is part of this connection whenever a decision is made. Maintaining alignment with the Creator means discernment and a balance with all. Redemption for man means honoring this connection with every choice and through each determined action. Man must continually take charge of his own redemption just as he must continually remember his connection to every other part of my Creation.

Forgetting this connection is dishonoring man’s place as a part of Creation. Turning against others for whatever reason is irresponsible. Consciously seeking out this conflict is sin and dissociates one from the connectedness of Creation and the Creator.

Use this Day of Resurrection to impress on your thinking that you are just as responsible for the state of your creation as Christ was at the time of his crucifixion. It is your life you are creating, and it is your responsibility, not someone else’s. You decide how it is shaped and how you interact with everyone else. You determine the extent it honors the Creator’s Plan. You redeem your existence by the extent of your commitment to it. Esu.

About Making the Grade!

Thoth channeled by Leonette on Thursday March 28, 2013. Message taken from:

I see that you have been taking a dim view of things within recent times. This has been driven by the fact that messages such as what I am about to give, seem not to help in your understanding of what is placed before you. Be that as it may, you will realize that an appreciation of your current demeanor has nothing to do with the strangeness of the times and events but more with the fact that you subconsciously KNOW that the climb to the topmost part of the mountain has begun in earnest. You also subconsciously know that this stretch of the climb IS the steepest and most challenging and that there is no guarantee that neither those who appear to be the fittest, will endure the trek nor those best outfitted for the climb, will survive.

The subconscious knowing of that which is consciously Unfathomable has produced within, a seeming withdrawal, as trepidation sinks in while you assess the terrain which abounds. This is a natural response to what you perceive around you and also what your subconscious knows to be critical moments or ‘make or break’ steps.

When you came to these realms, you were aware that certain conditions were created to ensure that those who emerged out of such contrived conditions would be more practiced and learned, than when they first entered. Yes conditions are contrived… but you will never believe that because it is not designed for your current senses to perceive as such.

These conditions are contrived to ensure that you whole heartedly ‘buy into’ the schematic. In so doing you are challenged on all fronts which forces you to emerge honed and confident in yourself when you realize that you have made the grade’ without the benefit of having access to most or all of your Divine attributes.

Said differently, under such conditions, you would earn invaluable merits, as you advance in your ‘cosmic careers’.

This you will achieve as you distinguish yourself in your ‘mortal exams’ without the benefit of knowing the answers, without ready access to those who knew the answers, without cheating, without surrendering in spite of previous ‘failed’ tests, without succumbing to distractions and, most of all, without the blessings of your FULLY ACTIVATED senses to perceive that which is real from that which IS NOT… This is what you have agreed to and as such, you fully participate within the parameters of this concept!

In company with your “Wholeness Navigator’ you have traversed rocky terrains and scaled slippery slopes. You rested when you became weary and forged ahead when so inclined. With each advance, you gained in confidence as your awareness and understanding grew. Qualitative leaps in consciousness became significantly exponential as you approached the summit. Now, as you stand, gazing at the last leg of your monumental journey to the very top of this ‘mountain range’, you survey the panoramic view.

You are absolutely amazed at how far you have come, you excitedly wonder at what lies ahead, but in the midst of this euphoria, you are besieged by thoughts of not making it to the very top of this mountain peak.

From where you are perched… the slopes have become steeper, more slippery and the crags, into which you can find a toehold, are less discernible. Indeed, from your vantage point, as you strain your neck in looking up, you can’t even see the mountain peak. When you were at a relative distance you could see the mountain peak, above the clouds… but now… it would seem… that the closer you got… you lost your view of that hallowed place.

You cringe when you realize that some, who attempted to scale the slopes, have lost their way in an avalanche. At the moment, you cannot see them because they are buried too deep. You worry on their condition, but you can’t do anything because you are precariously perched on this slippery mountain slope, frozen in time, too fearful to go forward but absolutely petrified to go backward.

You take deep breaths of this rarified air that burns your nostrils as it expands your lungs… Deep, deep breaths… into the ‘Dan Tien’ … Into the physical centre of your gravity field, into the ‘core of your being’. You then assume the courage to push on, knowing that you cannot go back and knowing that all you have ‘faced down’ and ‘faced up’ during your ascent to the summit has prepared you for this last leg of the journey.

It is this knowing that overtakes your trepidation… your fear, of ‘what may’ and propels you upward and forward. It is this knowing that would provide the push that will help you Make the Grade. In Making the Grade you will then be able to stand on the peaks of your illusionary mountainous fortresses, to distinguish yourself in your cosmic exams, to escalate the heights of the contrived Matrix conditions, to overcome your Human limitations, to know yourself in spite of your non-awareness, to begin your true understanding of ALL that you are and to fully step into your Divine Glory as you pursue your cosmic careers!

It is my expectation for ALL of you to ‘Make the Grade’ and I expect nothing less! With ‘Hands Outstretched’ to greet you at the Summit, I am Thoth.

Remaining Anchored in Your Core

Monjoronson channeled by Shellee-Kim on Friday May 3, 2013, and published in Abundant Hope on Saturday May 4, 2013. Message taken from:

I AM Monjoronson. Come to you this evening through this one who receives me most graciously. It is time now, my friends and dearly beloved ones. You are now to know the reasons behind all that has occurred.

It is with great pleasure and honor that we now bring to you the start of the many events to burst forth into your world. Amongst them will be your pre-ordained roles being made known to you, the reunion with your many galactic friends and family members and an intensive (re) education/training period for you on ship and on the ground for you, wayshowers.

It is with great love and merciful compassion that those fumbling in the dark will have a swift removal to the places of their individual choosing. Recourse for the remainder of you will be also in accordance with the ‘sorting hats’ of your own choices.

In the days to come much will be said publicly about many of you who are part of AH and those outside of it and on the ground who are yet to join with you. There will be talk about who you ones are, you will be put to the test publicly and some will attempt ploys at ‘catching you out’. You will NOT rise to the bait of any of these superficial attempts of others to rile you or shake you loose from your center. But instead hold true to your course, guided always from within.

There will even be some who may put you under surveillance in a bid to prove your ‘fakery’ to the general population. It will be wise to show these ones compassion, while simultaneously letting them know quite plainly that you will not tolerate a single of their antics. And clearly marking your boundaries, while remaining open of heart. This has been said before and serves as a reminder.

These will be desperate times for some amongst your people, who will find themselves in a conundrum within. Particularly those of certain religious persuasions that will hold even tighter to their conditioned religious ideologies. Listen to your hearts as to what should go said or unsaid, be done or left undone. And this rule should apply to all you interact with and in all circumstances and situations. Know that, as you have already heard, your every endeavor will be fully supported in ways imaginable and unimaginable in this immediate moment.

There are a few who are to be brought up to ship to receive some additional instructions and training. And by this we mean in your fully conscious state as you know yourselves to be. We do not mean here in the etheric, as this one is querying mentally.

But first let us take the initial step forward in breaking new ground as the dimensions merge, the veil lifts and dissolves and where you are to finally perceive and know us in physical form. Selah. Let it be NOW. In the name of the Father’s unfolding Will on Earth. I AM Monjoronson.

Please Stop

Seraphim channeled by Rosie on Monday July 15, 2013, and published in Abundant Hope with date Tuesday July 16, 2013. Message taken from:

Dear Inhabitants of Earth: PLEASE STOP IN YOUR TRACKS IMMEDIATELY, whether you are walking, running, on time, or late; whether you are working, relaxing, enjoying, struggling, living or dying; whether you are happy, uncertain, fearful, despondent or suicidal; whether you are peasant, pauper, citizen, refugee or king.


This may start by planning to have a cup of coffee and finding that there is no more coffee in the shops. This may continue by expecting your rubbish to be picked up by the weekly waste disposal truck, but they do not come. These abnormalities in food supplies and interrupted services are only the beginning. This will spread to limited cash flow and media confusion. Gradually, the lies will be exposed and the truth will emerge.

Even if you are good at adapting to new situations, it will be difficult for even the most adept of you to keep up with these wild fluctuations in circumstances and to continue with confidence and trust through the following devastating changes which will assuredly reveal in all their dreadful detail the extent to which you have collectively allowed your life on earth to degenerate into a demoralized, power hungry, ruthless, inhumane community where killing is the daily “norm”. You have injured your environment to such a degree that parts of it resemble a giant cesspit full of your own physical and mental WASTE.

No one is going to come and clean up this mess for you so that it miraculously disappears overnight without you noticing. You are going to have to look at it FULL ON. You are going to have to face EVERY LAST DETAIL OF IT SO THAT YOU UNDERSTAND WHEN AND WHERE YOU WENT WRONG. You will be presented with the full facts, for example the number of children routinely abducted, tortured and killed, and by whom – people who have enjoyed your allegiance, devotion and admiration. You will not be able to brush off those large-scale revelations as unconnected to yourselves. You will see your terrible blunders in many areas and will be devastated in turn.

What you thought was your kindness, your generosity, your attempt to put things right or to support good causes, were actually well-placed strategies to support satanic circuits and reduce opposition to their activities. You will see that your attitudes of tolerance were condoning further atrocities. You will be forced to see the damage done to YOURSELVES BY YOURSELVES on a material, genetic and health level, and also the damage done to your planet through deforestation, nuclear testing in air soil and sea, pollution of the waterways by sewage and chemicals, to name but a few. You will see the number of holes drilled into your earth’s body, AND FEEL THAT PAIN, as a contrast to your present mild observance of scars on her skin.

Even as I describe what you will be facing, we are deeply saddened for you, but this is unavoidable as we reach the end of this cycle where your new position in the universe and its relation to CENTRAL SOURCE makes masking of the truth and low vibrations IMPOSSIBLE.

We beg you to STOP AND LOOK, as you did so often as children, learning to cross the road, AS THE ROAD IS NO LONGER SAFE. The sooner you begin to realize what is really occurring here, and the sooner you take note of the warning bells which are ringing very intensely NOW, the easier your adaptation to the ensuing chaos will be. Know that we of the spiritual hierarchy are always with you, especially when this path of SEPARATION into those who act WITH a conscience and those who CARRY ON WITHOUT A CARE begins in earnest. Changes are coming with every breath. The fact that we have repeated our warnings so often does not make them less true. On the contrary, it is a sign of our love for you.


We beseech you to react. Seraphim and the Legion of Light.

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The Hathors
Input from The Hathors. The Critical Hour

The Hathors channeled by Shellee-Kim on Tuesday July 9, 2013, and published in Abundant Hope with date Thursday July 25, 2013. Message taken from:  .

We are the Hathors come to you once more after a long absence. How have you been, my friend?

Yes, beloved Shellee-Kim, the way has been hard and steep for many of you. Yet you have not given in or given up. And you are all due to have some very good external help coming from outside of yourselves shortly.

Too many on your Earth have lingered over their choices, even though this has been an ideal period with which to consolidate the aspects within that required this. And, as we see this, there has not been the commitment by a large portion of those that were thought ready. This was partly expected. And a plan existed to cover this possibility also. It can be seen by many at this time as the ‘critical’ hour. Most are feeling this in one or many ways, yet know not from where the feeling comes and great unease prevails amongst your global population, as a result.

Have no fear, little ones. Your Father has made plans which are quite exquisite in their perfection. And all is to be played out in accordance with His Will. Ah, this one smiles, and so she should. For these plans are quite magnificent and of the order not experienced on Earth for millennium.

Our role is to become one of way more direct mentorship as we enter these coming times. There will be numerous of you that are to work with us and our guidance will be a recognizable force, helping to sustain change on your world. Of course, we are to be one of many such groups or influencing energies.

A potpourri of thinking and subsequent resolution from all over your universe and beyond will be a greater part of solutions to come forth for implementation on your world. Always in co-operation with you on the Earth. And we are delighted with our soon-to-be involvement more personally with you.

Our beloved friends on Earth: As you go about your daily work, your interactions, and struggle your way through your various challenges, know that we are ever present. We are far more closely involved with you all, based on our history. And much of that link is yet to be revealed.

We hold you in the highest possible esteem, friends of Earth. For your journey (s) have truly been astounding. And what’s more, you emerge —more or less intact, albeit very war-weary survivors. We are so very proud of your achievements. And we wish to blow a bugle in honor of them and you.

There are many who, had they the opportunity to have this Earth placement at this time, would have jumped at the chance. But it was decided in advance to round up those ones whose experience in planetary ‘takeovers’ was superior, as an extra safety measure. And thus the assignment was offered first to all of you.

We do hope you have no regrets about coming here at this time. You did know exactly what you were in for, in advance. But you and those of your respective teams had great faith in your abilities. You are boundary-breakers, after all. And not ones known to withdraw easily from the ‘battle field’.

Indeed, we will sign off as this one grows sleepy. And we wish for her to be well rested. As we wish our Love upon all of you. We are most anxiously watching and waiting for the moment when we can step forward in greater service to you. For now, we hold you all in our embrace. We are The Hathors.

Christ Michael
Christ Michael Comments on Reality and Creation

Christ Michael channeled by Jess Anthony on Monday August 5, 2013, and published in Abundant Hope with date Friday August 9, 2013. Message taken from: .

Jess: I think it’s time to listen for comments. I am open to whoever wishes to speak.

Christ Michael: Jess, this is Christ Michael, as you call me. I am in you, so it is not hard for me to speak whenever I feel the necessity. The mystery surrounding hearing messages and comments from your guides is not as complicated as people believe. It is a matter of clearing your mind of thoughts that clutter your focus and then being open to hearing what we have to say. Anyone can do this if they let themselves. Think on that statement. My availability is constant; it is only the uncertainty of the listener that creates the barrier.

You have been preoccupied with activities that have enriched your personal life and your view of yourself. This is a good thing. I experience the joy you have when you accomplish a task you have given yourself. I also feel the disappointment or the frustration you experience when your envisioned outcome is not achieved.  Your perceptions on your actions and on yourself are factors that color your willingness to accept the end result as a creation. You feel failure when measured by your imagined standards, when you should regard the end result as an amazing achievement. You have formed an idea that’s connected with your physical surroundings. This is creation, make no mistake about it.

I understand your sense of restlessness in the face of what seems like ever-continuing delays.  Be assured there is a definite end goal that is determined. This will not be prevented. However, the process of getting to that point is always in flux because what you think is a one solid reality is in actuality a vast arrangement of choices that determine what reality is. Reality is a sequence of choices that connect from the beginning idea to the completed product. Once the end product is reached, man tends to look at the sequence as the only path to the result. This is not the case.

There are as many sequences to results as there are individuals making choices. No two individual choices are exactly the same. All are factored by the individual’s personality, the parameters defining the choice options, and the perception of how best to proceed.  No sequence of choices is better than another, in terms of the nature of one choice being superior to another; all are part of my experiences through individuals. However, for man, the nature of the end result does color the decisions along the way. Some sequences are deemed less aligned just because of the nature of the end result. The process itself is not flawed —only the ability to discern the most spiritual sequence in terms of remaining as closely aligned to my truth as possible.

Alignment with me comes in as many colors as the natures of the individuals seeking to be aligned. I am all of my creation, and the aspects of my creation reflect back on me. Some aspects shine more than others, as you know.  Even so, I don’t condemn those who are darkest in their reflection of my Light. You perceive me as disappointed, frustrated, and out of patience with the inability of the so-called dark to see the truth. Remember I still love them.  All you understand is factored by your discernment and past experiences; your characterizations of my feelings are extensions of your own emotional reactions. You perceive me in the likeness of you, and you have me reacting the way you choose for yourself based on your memories and perceptions. I am this to you, but I am much more. Your task is to view me beyond your individual limitations.

Many refuse to do this. This blindness to the Light has caused the disastrous state your world is in. The free choices man has made on your planet have led to unimaginable problems —all because man has refused to ask my assistance. He has taken it upon himself to be the source of creation, not me. I am forgotten and ignored. Man doesn’t understand the limits of his understanding, and he blindly assumes he knows all. This myopic view has led him to create religions and political structures that compliment his misperceptions. It is a chain reaction of bad choices and tremendous mistakes, and the end products have created the chaotic situation you find yourself in at present. I created the means for this to happen, and I am stopping the possibility for it to continue. This is my right as Creator. I love my creations, but I want them to function as perfectly as my original perception of their capabilities.

This is happening now. I am closing down the channels of misdirection and falsity. It is time for man to see clearly again and be able to make choices informed with my truth, not man’s untruth. I always envisioned an Earth that was a beautiful extension of my love and will. The best way for others to perceive my vision is to recreate the experience through exploration and choices of outcomes. Man is created to mirror my intention. He won’t fully understand me until he aligns himself with me. This was my dream and my way of guiding my creation to that end result.

Earth has been a training ground and a laboratory of experience for man. I have experienced this life through my creations. I am in all and I experience all. Your judgment and selection of right or wrong has been your choice. I follow your thinking and your activities to observe your interpretation of your situation. If you ask for me to be with you, I am there. If you choose to ignore me, I observe as you take steps that are not in alignment with me.  I don’t punish as you assume. I watch man as he experiences his own feeling of guilt and sense of punishment. I offer my help even in the direst situations. Man chooses to accept it or not.

I want to move on to the next phase, at this point. I still love my creation and I always support it, but it is time to move it to a higher level of spiritual awareness. This is the decision of my Creator. As an extension of the Prime Source, I experience my created universe for Him, just as you are experiencing my universe for me. He has determined a change, and I am facilitating that.

Man is being given an opportunity to experience this change with me. My plans have determined a way for this to happen. This is at work now. I am resolving misunderstandings and creating a new template for man to experience new ideas. He has more to explore for me, just as I have more to explore for Prime Source. Be ready for this to happen. Christ Michael Aton.

Esu Speaks On Commitment and Completion

Esu channeled by Jess Anthony on Sunday August 25, 2013, and published in Abundant Hope with date Friday August 30, 2013. Message taken from: .

Jess: Esu, the topic of commitment and completion came to mind. Is this something you wish to speak on? I await your connection and insight.

Esu: Jess, I’m here. I sense it is time to address more specifics on what you asked. This is a topic we considered and touched on briefly before. This is a subject that has some complexity in terms of how people look at the issue and how it fits into Christ Michael Aton’s Plan for cooperation on Earth.

People inhabiting Earth generally think that commitment is giving themselves over to the wishes of another. They find the other person’s ideas more rational or inspiring and feel that their own perceptions are inadequate in comparison. They feel a sense of insecurity in themselves and seize onto another’s plan for confidence in what they choose to do.

This is out of balance. Another person doesn’t understand the true requirements someone else has, no matter how analytic or persuasive they may be. The act of imposing one’s ideas on someone else is just as wrong as another person seeking to replace his ideas with those of someone he feels are better. One person doesn’t take enough responsibility for him or herself, while another assumes too much responsibility over another with no valid reason.

Christ Michael Aton asks that his creations understand their link with him and strive to explore their existence on Earth within the parameters he has set up. Those incarnate are given free will, but their choices mostly likely stem either from embracing their connection with their Creator and living in accordance with his plans, or from rejecting the clear linkage he offers and struggling to live at odds with his blessings. All else really evolves from those two options.

Either scenario is defined by the degree of acceptance of the Creator. The concept of responsibility plays an interesting role in these decisions. Those who acknowledge their Unity with Christ Michael Aton conversely find the range of choices they face expanding exponentially. All of Creation is linked to the Creator, and an individual’s awareness of being connected to all of it brings a sense of profound harmony and fulfillment. All decisions are right when in alignment with Christ Michael Aton. The constant feeling of affirmation creates a sense of belief in one’s perceptions and choices.

This profound conviction about the appropriateness of decisions allows an individual to take complete responsibility for all choices and actions. All is determined in dialogue with the Creator, and all actions as a result are appropriate. This assured individual has no need for the opinions or dominance of another in determining what direction his or her life takes.

Individuals who don’t listen to the advice of their Creator are assuming control over their lives without an assurance they are making the correct choices. Immediate results may seem to be a great achievement, but the premises for these decisions and subsequent actions are disconnected from the intentions of the Creator. The end result is always a failure because it is out of harmony with Christ Michael Aton’s Plan for his Universe.

Individuals who do not consult with their Creator do not take seriously the responsibilities involved in their incarnations. The message of Christ Michael Aton is spread globally at this point, and there are few who don’t have some understanding of how Earth is supposed to function. Those who choose to ignore his wishes now have no place in the Unity of Creation. As Christ Michael Aton has concluded, these days of disharmony and imbalance are ending.

In view of this determined reality, the notion of commitment is different. True commitment for an individual comes through an awareness of role he or she plays within the Plan of the Creator. An additional important factor is the knowledge that no individual purpose is more or less important than another. This type of assured commitment allows full individual responsibility. All responsible choices are made after a dialogue with the Creator to confirm their appropriateness. Once options are discussed, an individual may choose freely whichever course of action best fits his or her situation, given the ever changeable parameters influencing these choices. The Creator doesn’t dictate the terms of decisions nor determine the consequent actions; he only approves or disapproves the intentions of the selection.

Once the choice is made, the chosen actions must be followed through. The Creator remains supportive even if a decision is inappropriate for an individual’s purpose. Creation gives ideas form, and man is allowed to be a co-creator on Earth through his free-will nature. Man thinks in the context of his existence and selects courses of action. By rights, he also should be responsible for his decisions and their results. Often he is not. The outcome of his choices can be illogical or unexpected. To prevent this, man’s task is to become aware of the importance of his choices in achieving his own individual purpose within this created world. Much of the time he fails to follow through with Christ Michael Aton’s intentions.

The notion of completion is a corollary to commitment. Once a person commits to an idea, the concept has a form and an embodiment. Although the end results vary, they have a conclusion. If the person making a decision has a connection with his Creator and an awareness of his individual role in creation, his choices show a strong commitment to Christ Michael Aton’s intentions for him. The choices, the sequence of events, and the final results reflect what man wants to achieve for his Creator. The actions acknowledge his Creator, whether fully or dismissively.

If someone ignores the intentions of Christ Michael Aton, he is committed only to himself. The results he achieves satisfy only his ego. This self-focused conclusion is disharmonious and out of balance with the intentions of Earth and this Universe. The power of this achievement often creates a block for others seeking to discern their own link with the Creator. They should be able to recognize their individual connection for themselves, but the persuasive powers of the ego-driven are too strong an attraction to counter. Too few can recognize the disharmony this course of actions creates with their own individual purpose. Too few are able to reject the pull this outside appeal has on their unformed sense of self.

In contrast to this pervasive corrosion of purpose, Lightworkers must take on the task of creating examples of lives centered on balanced decisions and aligned actions. An awareness of individual purpose fashions the parameters of exploration, not limits imposed by culture or those in power. Commitment acknowledges connection but does not restrict choice. The Creator wants to experience his Creation fully and expects his creations to discover everything that is possible. Not limited by his alignment with his Creator, man has an infinite range of choices to make that allow the Creator to experience his universe through them. The possibilities are endless, and the results are beyond imagination.

Esu Immanuel Kumara

Message 151: Release, Re-Focus and Fuse

Seraphim channeled by Rosie Jackson on Tuesday September 17, 2013. Message taken from:

Rosie: Dearest Seraphim: I recently had a wonderful experience regarding RELEASE. I had composed two songs. My singing instructor advised that I combine them, putting the words of one to the music of the other. This put me in a temporary state of shock, as I considered both songs as “unique” and “finished”. After a while I was able to release these thoughts and try out the combination. The result was a high quality song which was even more “unique”. You have given the title RELEASE, RE-FOCUS AND FUSE, so I suppose you want to say more about this process.

Seraphim: Yes. Imagine that you have written two stories (you are in fact always writing many different versions of your lives simultaneously for others). For person number one you may be vivacious and outgoing. For person number two you may seem introverted or lethargic. Imagine that these two people meet. Both of them may be forced to REVIEW THEIR VIEW OF YOU, should they decide to spend time discussing your characteristics. They may come to the conclusion that they were partly mistaken, and then they will RELEASE THAT THOUGHTFORM, or person number one may CLING STUBBORNLY TO HIS OWN PERSONAL CONVICTIONS and treat person number two like a small child, indicating that they are inexperienced or intolerant or biased. Thus person number one may take a stance of arrogance and pronounce person number two WRONG. Or vice versa.

However, if it is possible for them both to RELEASE THEIR OWN CONVICTIONS, then co-creation can result —a composite picture of yourself, formed by two agreeing parties. But what if they then ENTER YOUR PRESENCE and tell you their conclusions, telling you their impressions of your character and behavior? What is your reaction? You may laugh or cry or stamp your foot in anger or simply nod in a bemused fashion or reject it outright. If YOU give expression to YOUR true feelings, then PERSONS ONE AND TWO WILL AGAIN BE FORCED TO REASSESS THEIR PERSPECTIVES.


Your world at present is a trough of lies, yet many are convinced of the opposite. Know that the stream of “whistleblowers” will increase rapidly and SHATTER YOUR VERSION OF TRUTH WHICH YOU HOLD SO DEAR. This does not mean that you should crawl into holes. This is not a tragedy. This is the very opposite of LOSING FACE, SINCE THIS IS GAINING INTEGRITY AND DISCERNMENT SKILLS, SHOULD YOU BE ABLE TO LAUNCH INTO OPEN INQUIRY. Prepare yourselves to FORGET AND RELEASE the foundations on which your particular “world” and experiences rest, for these foundations are about to crumble.

You will feel as if you have been hit over the head. You will feel disorientated and dismayed. You will cry. You may revile yourself. But if you are capable of RE-FOCUSING, then you will simultaneously feel an inner SURGE OF EXCITEMENT because you sense that things are changing for the better HOWEVER PAINFUL THE TRANSITION.

We would like to ask you: How long is your RE-FOCUSING PERIOD? Will you wallow in pain, Beloveds? Will you lament the old life where all was familiar and comfortable, or will you recognize STAGNATION, CORRUPTION, INEQUALITY AND POLLUTION OF MINDS AND THE ENVIRONMENT FOR WHAT IT IS?

Following the refocusing period, and being open to new streams of thought and information during which you listen with the ears of a child, and when you look with the eyes of a child, you will gain access to new “truths”, and will be capable of FUSING WITH OTHERS to form the BEST POSSIBLE PLANS. These plans will not be orders issued by authorities on high. THEY WILL BE COMPOSITE PLANS CREATED BY ALL FOR THE BENEFIT OF ALL.

So take heart, dear ones, as you enter the PERIOD OF GREAT REVELATION. Be prepared to drop ALL PRE-CONCEPTIONS, even if these have formed the very basis of your activities or professional occupations, for the carpet will be pulled out from under your feet. We encourage you to stand up again as soon as possible with humble determination to enquire and determine WHY IT HAD TO COME TO THIS, and ENSURE THAT THE DEPRAVITY RIFE ON THIS PLANET WILL NEVER GROW AGAIN.

We love you, Seraphim.

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The Last Leg. 3DD

Monjoronson channeled by Shellee-Kim on Friday September 27, 2013, and published in AbundantHope with date Sunday September 29, 2013. Message taken from:—The-Last-Leg.shtml.

I AM Monjoronson come forth this day. Would you be so kind as to take a message? SK: I surely will.

Shall we proceed? Let’s recap on current affairs. All is in place now for the first of a series of events to be triggered off. Be under no illusion that the effects of all of these will adequately serve the purpose they are meant to. And that is to mobilize the sleeping (until now) populace on your Earth plane.

The various events are designed to each have differing effects on the human psyche. But as you know by now, all ultimately serve the same purpose of awakening through shock, discomfort and denial/disbelief, in the main. Not our first choice, but the only choice left and the one your people on Earth have chosen as a collective.

It has been a long time building and in arriving on your plane. And you have already been made aware (SK: In Leonette’s piece by Christ Michael, of the necessary steps that had to be put in place in support of the upcoming series of events now to be made manifest.

You are all feeling the pressure now, are you not? Both the people of Earth and the Earth Mother must have release from this buildup. And the people are to first know the ‘removal’ of the old world and all that came with it. Each must be given the opportunity to understand the workings and mechanisms that drive their countries and cultures. And thus themselves. And all will become quite transparent in this regard.

It is high time that in these final moments on your plane and as the dramatic last ones are played out that people understand what their lives have been about and why. And, of course, who’s really been running the show from behind the scenes.

This allows and creates a precedent for what comes next and post the 3DD [Three Days of Darkness]event. And the greater shall be the readiness of the ones returning also. This is the briefest of moments and the lull before the mighty storms of your time. And one that brings with it the greatest opportunities for growth and learning.

[Cont. 28 September 2013]

For those who have controlled the planet, their learning period is officially over. And those who continue on of this group will be doing so in far harsher conditions. It is what they have called for.

As with you on Earth, you are also now in the throes of receiving what it is YOU (collectively) have called to you. It will not go on too long, this period. But will provide enough experience time-wise that many will have their greatest awakening yet. We anticipate some ‘miracles’, as a result. And positive changes and shifts within could come from people you least expect it from.

Of all the choices that were open to you and us, we see this one as having the most potential for change and growth, without too many of the circumstances that would detract and distract the masses from the embracing and learning of such.

Those of you ‘in the know’ are to have your work cut out for you. See this as a good test run for the post-3DD teaching days. You have carried out such great works on behalf of us and with us. As well as for your fellow brethren and your exhausted Mother Earth. And some of you wonder how it is you find YOURSELVES still standing due to your own weariness.

This is the last and final leg in view. And as you have just heard from Mother Mary, we are all waiting at the finish line for you, ready to present your laurel wreaths, provide sustenance and pamper you all fully. The end is in sight. That will be all. I AM Monjoronson.

Esu Gives Warning to Be Prepared

Esu channeled by Jess Anthony on Monday September 30, 2013, and published in AbundantHope with date Thursday October 3, 2013. Message taken from:

Jess: Esu, speak to me about what is approaching. Prepare me. Warn me where I should place my focus.

Esu: Yes, Jess. I am here today to give you warning and suggestions for what is coming to pass. The consensus is that a lesson must be learned before the current situation comes to a close. The teaching for this will be harsh and eye-opening. Much will be seen to be a lie. Much is operating with false purposes.

Most people are ignorant of the situation they live in. Many will be angry and rise up to change what they find is happening. They will be unsuccessful, for the most part. Expectations of comfortable solutions will be tested, and the possibilities available will be limited.

This scarcity will test men and force them to be self-reliant. If they are not able to find a solution for themselves, they are not able to take responsibility for their lives. Man must be completely in charge of his own existence. He must make his own decisions and not assume others will provide what his existence needs.

This is a necessary step, although we had not initially planned on taking it. We hoped man would become perceptive enough to recognize the prison he is living in. The parameters of his existence, unfortunately, have made this realization almost impossible.  Man doesn’t realize he is living in a comfortable prison with more restricted movement than he recognizes.

Why are we doing this, you ask? Because man is part of creation and creation, as an entity, is changing the context of man’s existence. The world is changing for the better, and all aspects of creation’s manifestation must synchronize.  Man’s physical nature must adapt; his soul will be glad to work through a more efficient carrier.

We decided the lessons we plan to teach later would not be as meaningful without a firsthand experience of life without basic assumptions. It became necessary to provide a means for seeing what life on Earth really is in order to underscore the value of the gift life will be once Earth moves into a higher level of Ascension energy. Man would not realize the significance of the gift unless he could experience life without it.

I will coach as warranted. My presence is more observational at this point. I must see how man is able to assess his situation when obstacles unexpectedly appear before him. His life on Earth —even though manipulated and superficial— still is generally one of ease without threat. The larger part of Earth’s population has not been forced to deal with major challenges for a long while. This is what is now going to happen.

Man must prepare for the unexpected. He must learn to rely on his inner guidance and resourcefulness. Since man is conditioned not to be self-reliant, he should set aside certain necessities to make his existence less troublesome.  Some preparation for the inevitable is better than total surprise.

Ask yourself what would you need to survive if resources suddenly were not available?  What if you experienced the destruction of a major natural disaster?  What if you had no [electrical]power as a result? What if you had no money or means to obtain it? What if you had no means of transportation? How safe would you be in your home? How connected would you be with others in your community?  How much would you be able to turn inward and rely on spiritual guidance and insight? Taking total responsibility means having an answer for these basic questions and not expecting anyone else to solve your problems. How feasible is that for you?

The danger of potential disaster is clearly evident today. The possibility is real for economic collapse, unprecedented military conflict, internal political chaos, or martial law —any one of which could cause global disruption if positioned appropriately. The electrical grid system could fail. The supply of natural utilities could be blocked. Think about how you would react if you were facing those scenarios.  Could you maintain your personal balance and draw upon your experiences for insight? Or would you be paralyzed by fear and remain helpless?

These scenarios are no longer hypothetical, I must say. Man will be tested. Those who find their way through the upcoming trials will be welcomed into Earth’s Ascension as resilient and reliant members of the new universe. Ask for guidance and you will receive it. Esu.

Christ Michael
A Few Words from Christ Michael

Christ Michael channeled by Shellee-Kim on Friday August 9, 2013, and published in AbundantHope with date Wednesday September 25, 2013. Message taken from:

Shellee-Kim [SK]: Hello, dear friends! I only felt to post this one now. Actually, I see there have been quite a few messages I’ve taken that I haven’t shared in this past month or so. And then forgot about. I’ll rectify that shortly.

How could I ever have thought Christ Michael was limited to just a single talent like tap-dancing. Yesterday, I saw him in yet ANOTHER creative role; this time no tapping, but dressed in black and white in smart tux/black tie as an orchestral conductor! We —all sincere Lightworkers of the world— were part of one huge orchestra, all sitting with our violins, cellos and other string and other instruments, waiting for our cues. This was while I was listening to my favorite Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, Summer, First Movement.

He was conducting with such finesse and passion and I was ecstatic to see him in this role. And it came to me that each of us is to play our ‘instruments’ separately and together, making our voices heard through them and together under Christ Michael’s guidance and in harmony and balance with our fellow musicians, we play/sing our song of Unity for the world, in unity with each other.

Love of the One Heart, SK.

9 August 2013

SK: What type of a mood are you in, Christ Michael?
Christ Michael [CM]: Fine and temperate to slightly cloudy… *smile*
SK: *Giggle*

CM: Let it be known that you ones are doing a most splendid job. And I come forth today as I wish to commend each and every one of you on this. Your commitment is unwavering along with your devotion and it means a great deal as we proceed with the unfoldment of our plans.

For you, my beloved Warriors, what great surprises and treats are in store. *Smile*. It will be as a Christ-mas every day for you ones and we look forward to watching you revel in your rewards.

As you go forward into these last days (SK: Not to be taken literally as actual days only. [24/9] SK: But perhaps NOW it could be actual days!) and as this cycle is drawn to a close, beloved gems of my heart, I ask now that you stand tall, that you set the example of ones who are worthy of being called the Christed ones. For that is what you are.

You are the best of the best, gathered here together in this time-place. You have long since planned and prepared for the action about to start and all that follows into the New World. You would do well to ensure you are permanently anchored in an emotional stability within. This will serve both you and others superbly as the rocky ride begins.

Please note not all of you have chosen to see this through until the end or/and into the new on Earth. For you ones there are other things to get on with elsewhere and therefore there is no need for any type of self-judgment here. This would not be considered any type of a ‘failure’ reflected upon you. It is merely another choice.

I will leave these thoughts with you now. My beloveds, you are deeply loved and forever cherished in my Heart. Your Sovereign Christ Michael Aton (aka Tap Dancer Extraordinaire.)

Oh, you can add that in. A bit of lightening up to disperse some of those clouds is perfectly in order.

Mother Mary
Messages from Mother Mary. 3DD

Mother Mary channeled by Shellee-Kim. First message channeled on Monday September 9, 2013, and published in AbundantHope with date Thursday October 3, 2013. Message taken from: Second message channeled on Friday September 20, 2013, and published in AbundantHope with date Friday September 27, 2013. Message taken from:

A Few Comments from Mother Mary

Remember, your world will go into an emergency crisis situation for a number of weeks. And there will be great disarray and confusion amongst the masses. Hence the need for all global wide to prepare as best they can.

Our rainbow warriors of Light will be expected to go into whatever action is necessary and required in the moment, be it the answering of questions in a clear, simple, concise manner, being an extra pair of hands on the ground to assist in distribution of goods or taking a public podium to speak more officially and as opportunities arise.

You will all be kept mightily busy and it will appear as if there are a never ending series of tasks and demands placed upon you by others to attend to as well as in your own lives.

What we speak of here are the preliminary introductions born of the chaos your world is to know now, BEFORE the Three Days of Darkness, 3DD, set in.

Priority is to keep as cool a head as possible in your specific circumstances you will be facing. And ask, ask, ask for your angels, guides, Christ Michael’s and Source’s assistance and protection throughout the many moments of your days. And even as you go about the Father’s business in service to aiding and uplifting the many others around you that will need it.

There are also to be numerous assignments given now that are part of the plan of some of you that will be kicking in for practical purposes.

Due to the power grid going down, many of you will now also be tested in ways as yet untested. We see this as a wonderful learning curve. Particularly as your reliance on your Inner Voice and connection to Source may grow ever stronger. This, you will see, will be a blessing in disguise. Even if perhaps not recognized in that moment as being such.

Too many of you have suffered from an ostrich-head-in-the-sand syndrome. And it is this that will bring on the worst of the shock. So do be prepared to deal with those suffering in this way.

This is all for now. Your beloved and ever-loving Mother Mary.


More Updating From Mother Mary

Beloveds, we are all here, cheering you on to the finish line and the return to your True Heart. To the place and state that is your truth, your authentic expression. It is in this expression that you find your spiritual ‘feet’ at long last. In this state can you express all your wondrous gifts and fully live in your multidimensional nature. As it should be.

For were it not for the journey of a thousand journeys that you have made this time around, you would still be certain experiences short of completion. So bless the struggle that has been your existence, thank the pain and the losses for the lessons brought forth; the many and varied reflections within and from others that have pointed the way forward for you. For indeed, when all is said and done, what matters is the learning and the stepping up —or back up— into your true Self.

Now, let us discuss a little of what is to happen. We see that you Ones have been putting yourselves under considerable strain of late in a bid to finish up with the remainder of what’s needed by your Higher Selves to go forward. We are cheered by these choices for it means you will be far better prepared in your service and the myriad ways in which you are to assist.

It is delightful and most joyous to have you call on us for help, you know. We see more of you are starting to make use of us in this way. And, of course, more on our side have stepped forward to make ourselves available to as many of your requirements as possible. Now this is also due to an ‘opening up and Lightening up’, cosmically speaking.

The gathering in groups is to shortly begin. What this means is that like will attract like, as you say on your Earth. And, in greater numbers, far more can be achieved. This, our one, Shellee-Kim, has already been alerted as to what is to occur. What remains an unknown until the time, of course, is how this is all to play out in the minds of the masses and thus how things manifest on the ground.

There are backup plans within plans, depending on choices and reactions, and all is in accordance with Divine Law. This is an operation that is mammoth in its undertaking… quite the largest on Earth in millennia. And your personal back up teams —us— will be surrounding you ever closer so that you may feel and know our presence and guidance also as you step into your roles.

Let not what emerges from the mainstream media have any bearing on your decisions. But always seek, as you have been taught, to forever go within to verify all that occurs externally. Many will feel as if they have literally been blasted out of orbit (and their personal orbits along with it).

Immediate attention is therefore to be given to emotionally stabilizing people enough that rational conversations and debate might occur. This period before the Three Days of Darkness, 3DD, though short-lived, is critical for many. And every opportunity is to be given to all on Earth for both learning and the opportunity for greater life choices.

I will leave this with you for now. Bidding you all a most glorious day. This is Mother Mary bearing great love for you all.

Gabriel of Nebadon
Message from Gabriel of Nebadon

Gabriel of Nebadon channeled by Hazel on Sunday September 22, 2013.  Message published in AbundantHope with date Saturday September 28, 2013. Message taken from:

Hazel: On Sunday [Sept. 22, 2013] Gabriel of Salvington presented himself. I cannot hold that frequency within me so a trifle of his energy came through using my voice and he gave a message to my group. The message is below.  I have sent the recording to Candace. A student who is clairvoyant saw the energy and felt the presence, for she reported this to me after.

Gabriel of Nebadon: I Am Gabriel, I AM a divine emissary from that place you call Nebadon. I AM not the Angel known as Gabriel. I AM not that Archangel. I AM an emissary from Michael, the Light of Nebadon. I come in HIS favour with His favour to bring a documented truth to you and I use this vessel, this child to bring through this message. But you will know the vibration is divine, for as I speak through this child it is indeed the voice of Michael which speaks. First and foremost I bless this body that is allowing me entrance to make the position clear. I come from the Lighted realms to thee and I have chosen to make your acquaintance this day for each of you bear the Light of God and each of you is walking in this Light. I applaud you first and foremost this day for the choices you have made, and as I come through this vessel I reach through this vessel to bless each and every one present here.

And know that when you hear my voice, you hear the voice of Michael. Michael, the very Father of Nebadon, the very ONE who you will call God. The times on this plane are grave and I ask you open your inner eyes to see what transpires now in your world; for the effect is beginning to become ready to meet the Cause. You have heard me correctly: The effect is being made ready to meet the Cause.

This is a time of new awareness on your Earth plane, for time as you know it now is giving birth to a New Time, a new relevance. The Light of this Earth is dim and Michael is making ready for a re- birth of new Light as the time is beginning to change. The antennae on your Earth is changing now and soon you will begin to reap a new vibration. The latitude is changing in your world and so too is the longitude.

Be aware, Be aware.

For I come to bring to you a new awareness today —Not fear, but awareness. You are to capitalize on the time which remains on this Earth as it is. For I have spoken and I have said that the new is being birthed and time is now regressing as you know it —so make the most of this remaining— so that you may reap the fullest benefit of this time, for a New Era will begin to roll itself out very soon.

Soon you will be able to uncover the diamond on your Earth plane. Rest assured that you are not alone and your celestial counterparts are ever close —and are coming ever closer now— to assist to bear this vibration to higher grounds. You will become enchanted with the energies that will begin to float into your world to lift you up to new grounds. Be aware, the time is here. I shall come again at HIS behest to renew this message, but bear with certainty that which I have given to thee.

The bell has rung and it is time for the children of God to enter this new room —this New Life. It is time for you to leave the playground and enter for new schooling, and now, I must return, but bear my words and bear my words with care. It has begun. The Creator Has Spoken —It has begun.

I leave your presence with love, and know that we are ever near thee, assisting thee as you walk this Path to Freedom. For this is how it shall be, you shall once again be free. The ONE you know as Michael has begun HIS descent. We love you, We bless you. We will join you to create you New World. Adonai, Adonai.

Editing today Sept. 27, 2013, to add the now to add the linky to the now completed audio file on YouTube. Thanks to Christ L. for removing background sound from the recording and placing it with the text on our YouTube channel. Enjoy. I have talked many times now with Hazel over the phone and on Skype, and she does NOT pronounce these words at all like Gabriel of Nebadon does through her vocal cords. Again since he descended partly into her body, there is the difficult sounding breathing.

Mind of God, The Collective Consciousness of the Master Universe
The Final Pay-off

Mind of God channeled by Hazel on Thursday September 26, 2013. Message taken from:

Light need not be announced, Light is ever present.

The irreverent forces are releasing now its hold. There is slippage of authority for the Divine energies play havoc with their resolve. You cannot see the energetic war being played out here. All is reflected in energy and WE have already witnessed the outcome. It is simply playing out itself in your material world now. Hold your head up high, ye ones of the Light, for culture is to be restored. The transmutation is underway.

There are many who have been plunged into darkness who are beginning to witness the Light re-surfacing. Others have been so long caught in the mire of self-will that extrication is unreasonable for them. Though you cannot see, the dark elements are engaged in fear themselves. They are outnumbered and know it. Their puny weaponry will stall as the larger elements of universal ‘Light fare’ wills another outcome. As rocks slip and tumble down during erosion, so too is their hold on the power handle. Fear grips them and they are holding on to the ledge by their fingertips, soon to grow raw with weakness.

You are in the realms of culmination. Imminent change is due. There will unity amongst the people as trauma reveals its nature. Yes, the goal post is now in sight and the referee is to blow the whistle for the final pay off. Who will win? Who shall you bet on? Will you gamble with your life or will you choose the side you support with finality? No more moving between the lines. You must choose your camp NOW. The whistle is about to be blown. We say no more.

We are from the Master Universe where life is still and magic real. We are the WILL.

In the end there was the beginning and in the beginning there was the end. Let It Be.

Message 153: Celestial Drums and End of Transmission

Seraphim channeled by Rosie Jackson on Thursday October 3, 2013. Message taken from:

The drums are rolling, dear inhabitants of Earth. Not constantly, but now and again, audible for those who listen, inaudible for those who sleep or whose lives are crammed with constant “events” and distractions which cancel out celestial noise. By celestial noise we mean the sound of DIVINE TRUTH as it travels on paths winding and unexpected, managing to pierce the veil of your presently heavily encumbered “reality”. This will increase and accelerate. The rhythm of the celestial drums is varying: It comes in many surprising guises and melodies which may catch you off guard. It may also stop completely for a time allowing for PERIODS OF SILENCE, contemplation and reorientation. It may come suddenly —a single boom— or it may trickle like a tiny silver river.

In the end, it will flood everything. It is at this point that we would like to refer you back to a previous message concerning FLOODGATES (Message 97: OPENING THE FLOOD-GATES OF TRUTH, see below). Take this one to heart now, because when the floodgates open, nothing can stop the water. There can be no resistance. You will either swim with the flow or drown if you struggle against it.

To the dark brothers: Your previous stronghold, your grip on the media, is slipping, and your faulty and deceptive and selective transmissions will end, leaving a huge INTERMISSION BREAK which will leave many people without their trusted references and their context for living, showing up their excuses for not going into action. They will no longer be presented with “news”. They will be presented with THEMSELVES. They will be forced to investigate their own dependency on others and will be forced to develop ideas for survival. They will be forced to adapt to what is possible and available. They will have to improvise and continue without “luxury items” and paid services. They will learn to become autonomous.

Presented with horrors, they will have to choose between flying to the rescue, or sending compassion from afar, or make choices concerning self-preservation, to varying degrees. What will win, Beloveds? Will you run and hide? Will you confide in your fellows? Will you collapse in a heap? Will you lament endlessly? And most importantly, WILL YOU HELP TO RECTIFY? WILL YOU SHARE? WILL YOU ASK WHY THIS HAS HAPPENED? WILL YOU DISCOVER WHAT ROLE YOU HAVE PLAYED IN IT? Will you crawl with closed vision along dark familiar corridors of behaviour, or will you welcome the opportunity to STEP INTO THE LIGHT? Will you bear the torch for others in one hand, and offer your other hand to those in despair? Will you be able to separate yourselves instantly from the clothes or shoes or food which will save or comfort another?

You will see that all choices facing you are ETHICAL ISSUES DEMANDING YOUR UNDIVIDED ATTENTION, and while it will no longer be possible to offer your help and services to those on the opposite side of the globe, you will receive the BEST OF PRACTICE IN SMALL LOCAL COMMUNITIES. The learning curve —in the midst of such close, sudden contact due to emergency— is very steep. You may greatly profit from this unprecedented scenario which will come to pass on your Earth. We watch you moving towards this and we bless all your endeavours. We love you, Seraphim.

Here is the message Seraphim refers to:


Seraphim through Rosie, 29th April 2012

Dear Children on Earth who walk in Despondence and Darkness, who continue on your well-trodden path, down-trodden by your fellow travelers, elbowed into unpleasant corners by your “elders”, made to wait at every gate before you are allowed to continue, forced to pay toll at every stretch, subject to scrutiny and search before you are allowed to progress.


In short, Children of the Earth who know no other way, who follow blindly, who are unable to re-set the buttons of their programming and start anew.

To start again from scratch means to face NOTHINGNESS, BOUNDLESSNESS, THE FREEDOM TO CHOOSE NEW PATHS. Who has seized these freedoms and forced you to accept their plans, their tolls, their taxes, their divisions, their corruptive practices, their degenerate behaviour? The ones who have seized these freedoms of choice —who are well aware of their inherent power (AS YOU ARE NOT)— have chosen to subject you to their yoke. And you have willingly complied and ceded thereby your own free will.

Dear Children who are Downtrodden: Attempt to tread consciously, not in the tracks, ideas, suggestions, concepts, plans, hierarchies of others, but IN STEPS OF COMPLETE PURITY, KNOWING EVERY SECOND WILL COUNT, KNOWING THAT EVERY PACE IS A POINT FOR DIVINITY OR FOR THE “DEVIL”.

Yes, you Children love to surmise about heaven and hell; about battles between “God” and the “devil”, as if these are forces OUTSIDE OF YOURSELF, and thus OUTSIDE OF YOUR CONTROL. But we say THEY ARE INSIDE YOU. YOU ARE THE ULTIMATE CONTROLLERS OF YOUR FATE.

You may be concentrating on walking forward (and of course you are urged continuously to do this through repeated stress on the importance of GROWTH, PROFIT AND EXPANSION ABOVE ALL ELSE), and you may be putting one foot with determination and solid honest intention in front of the other, earning applause from the sidelines for unswerving steadfastness and increasing pace, but we warn you in no uncertain terms that THIS NARROWNESS OF PATH AND VISION WILL LEAD TO YOUR DOWNFALL.

Dear Children of Earth: Stop for one moment and consider THAT THIS MAY BE THE WRONG DIRECTION, that your concerted and often brilliant and dedicated effort may have been used to promulgate a deadly weapon, a useless product, an unnecessary wastage, a desecration of resources, a pollution of beauty, a flattering of ego, a contribution to conflict, a pandering to power, a squandering of Earth’s riches, a support of corruption, an upholding of lies.

In your mind’s eye, imagine that you are walking down your familiar road, your regular path of life, looking always at the ground instead of connecting to the surroundings, to the sidelines where a completely different story or HISTORY may be taking place.

Imagine that —as you look onto the road— you see a small trickle of water. You may think to yourself, “Oh, a small trickle of water. I don’t know where it is coming from but I am sure it is nothing to worry about”.

Imagine that as you walk, you see a small crack in the tarmac. Similarly, you may say to yourself, “Oh, I wonder how that got there, but I am sure there will be a good explanation.

Imagine that you see a smear of blood on the ground. Here also you may say to yourself, “Oh, someone has been hurt, but I am sure that someone will be looking after them now”.

Our question is: HOW CAN YOU BE SURE? Know that this is ignorance, not certitude.

Know that those who do not look up will sooner rather than later be confronted by the consequences of their non-investigation and will be presented with the truth: That the trickle of water comes from a large dam, about to burst its banks; that the tiny crack in the ground is the start of huge Earth changes already long initiated; that the blood belongs to one of millions who have suffered in these centuries of carnage which have taken place on this “free-will” planet.

You have not been stopped in your carnage so far. Your free-will choices have been allowed to continue because it has been deemed necessary to find out just how far you will go. But know that you will be stopped in your tracks —regardless of whether you wish to raise your eyes or not— and forced to see the wider perspective and larger consequences of your one-sided behavior and ultimately of your INACTION.


As your famous poet Shakespeare said: Your little lives are made of the stuff of dreams. Now is the time to rise from the dream, appreciate the dream for the learning experience it has afforded you, and leap into a new world, a new paradigm, a world of colour as opposed to black and white, a world of many dimensions as opposed to the purely physical, a world where there is no need to punish, control, jail or tax anyone BECAUSE ALL EARTH INHABITANTS INTEND GOOD ALONE, INTEND TO DEDICATE THEIR ENERGY TO EACH OTHER’S HEALTH AND THE HEALTH OF THE PLANET.

Hold this dream so close to your hearts, Beloved Children, that it becomes reality. NEVER LET IT GO. Ensure that this planet never again sink to the low levels of depravity, corruption and decimation which you have collectively allowed. Earth will follow this path to health and purity and beauty whether you choose to accompany her or not. Be aware that you have a choice and exercise your choices.

There will be those who read this far and who choose to say THIS IS GROSS EXAGGERATION! THIS IS FEAR-MONGERING! THESE ARE NEGATIVE VIBES! Again, this is your choice how to react. While it makes us sad to see you walking into your own demise, despondency and destruction, we know we must let you continue walking so that you are confronted by your next learning experience elsewhere.

There will also be those who are uncertain of what is meant here. To those we say: Root out the underlying causes of the problems in your world —not the causes offered by scientists, experts, opinion polls, the media, the banking community or the pharmaceutical companies. Root out the story behind the story. Do not accept the first explanation which is pushed so easily and reassuringly towards your fingertips, do not sigh simultaneously with relief that THINGS ARE ACTUALLY NOT AS BAD AS YOU THOUGHT.


Imagine what it would be like to see BEAUTY, HONESTY, RESPONSIBLE BEHAVIOUR AND LOVE IN EVERY DIRECTION YOU LOOK. This is our vision for your world. Love, Seraphim.

This piece is under copyright protection of It may be placed anywhere on the web as long as it is not changed in anyway and a link placed back to this site.  It is preferred you place the entire piece, and if not possible to do so, you must note that the rest of it can be found at the link. Thank you, Candace.

Christ Michael
On Recent Stabilization. 3DD

Christ Michael channeled by Kibo Dabi on Sunday October 6, 2013. Message taken from: .

Kibo Dabi (K): What’s up, Boss?
Christ Michael (CM): Just wanted to let you all know that stabilization has been achieved.
K: Great! Congratulations! Care to elaborate, y’know, for those out there have no idea what you’re talking about?

CM: Sure. 51% of the consciousnesses of the ensouled human beings on Gaia are standing in Light. More are striving for greater Light. However these numbers fluctuate in the future will have no impact insofar as the foundational majority of the mass consciousness being more Light than darkness. It has been established that it will never again go below that 51%.

This means that over half the population of human beings desire to live in Light and are willing to act upon that. They recognize who and what the problem is and wish that problem to be solved.

They recognize that Israel, or rather the Talmudist, Zionist agenda, is the cornerstone of the world’s misery and suffering and want that issue to be addressed in an adequate and expedient manner.

They recognize that global banking, as found to be run by the City of London and the Rothschild and Rockefeller syndicates, is the core fuel that runs the machinery and mechanisms of the psychotic system of oppression that they have been experiencing.

They recognize, more and more, the manipulations of media, education and organized religions, as they are all operated by this dark system.

They want real change and they are no longer willing to place faith in the persons of the systems that they have endured as their leadership. They are willing to effect change without them and in spite of them.





K: That’s a good sign.

CM: It is more than a sign. It is a fact of life on Earth. Light reigns supreme in the minds and hearts of humanity! We realize that it seems to you, in America, that it is not so and, indeed, the numbers are lower there than in the rest of your world.

But the rest of your world has actually endured much more than you ones there. So it stands to reason that they would produce the tipping point. Actually, WE have Bibi to thank. His latest ranting and ravings have succeeded only in showing their true colors and causing the rest of the world to take a step back and consider Israel in a different, brighter Light. That Light of conscious consideration has caused decision in the minds of so many to reject the memes and manipulations of the past and seek to build a better future where such psychotic mindsets do not exist.

Now that WE have what WE’ve been waiting for, SOURCE has given the green light to begin our operations. It will commence now and grow gradually, as our influence becomes more and more obvious and the final breakaway from the influence of the shadow-mind becomes more and more absolute.

WE would like to commence the Three Days of Darkness before they play with the North American power grid. Weather patterns dictate that such a situation would be better handled when global weather as a whole is more matching and less extreme. Loss of power in the approaching winter months of the Northern Hemisphere would create needless hardship, as they had planned for in their desire to shut the grid down in November. It serves no purpose other than their own agenda of population control. There is no sense in waiting for such a thing to happen so WE are putting a stop to all that now.

WE are preparing the new governments to take over and also laying our own hands on the implementation of the new financial system. This will end any more game playing and interruptions and allow the transition period to as quickly and smoothly as possible.

There will still be some hardships to endure and deal with, as ye ones in Light must ever be patient with those that are fearful and uncomprehending the reality of their situation. Be ready to help and assist. You will achieve more in giving and sharing than anything else. Loving kindness and the calmness of a good heart nested in Source as well as My Self will help you to share the gifts of Higher Consciousness with those that have been unable or unwilling to have paid attention to what was always behind the veil of lies that you have been covered with for so long.

Those without the proper mindset and material resources to furnish their own comfort will be desperate, scared and angry. Have no fear and let the Light within you speak through you to reach whatever Light is in them… for there is Light in them. Let the God in you speak to the God in them for God is in each and every one of you.


This is no joke. This is serious work. This is standing in Light as a means of safety and security. WE STAND WITH AND WITHIN YOU AS FAR AS YOU LET US.




K: Sigh, okay, but… thugs, gangbangers, gun toting neighbors, gun toting neighbors with bibles willing to shoot first without asking questions later or shooting as soon as the answers start to make their eyes glaze over seems like a time for really, really good discernment if you ask me, which you didn’t, so…

CM: Be that as it may, it is what you do that counts for you. What are you made of and why? What do you stand for and why and how? I even ask you, what are you willing to die for? What are you willing to live for? What do you want to see happen? How are you going to use your energy? Are you going to use it creating chaotic events of bloodshed out of fear for your safety and security? Can you protect yourself by yourself? How and with what are you going to do so? Are you planning on fortifying and defending your precious resources? Will that make it better or worse? Do you have enough, too much or too little? What will share get you anyway, more or less?

Where do your blessings and help come from? Do you still think that it is your own great power that defines and controls what happens with and to you? Are you living your life or God’s life?

K: Yeah, not everybody is really good with that concept. Not everyone knows what to do with it or how to handle it and letting go to the point where it’s automatic and God is fully expressed through the individual mechanism of expression in experience.  Well, that takes a certain awareness and practice of that awareness or, at least, an extraordinary event or set of circumstances that forces the innate source and center to kick in out of necessity.  I know it happens, I’ve been there, but you’re talking billions of personalities here, all at once, and… and… huh… lol… that’s not really so far-fetched for you, is it?

CM: [Laughing.] No, it isn’t. This will test everyone’s mettle, mine included, it will be quite an act and we expect everyone to fully play their parts. I can play my part, rest assured. You make sure you’re ready to play yours, as you will be.

Have faith. Faith in what I am and in what you are and in each and all of us together and as One, in order to fulfill the complete actualization of the greatest spiritual potential ever to exist in all of the seven super universes. This will be quite the event. It won’t be easy but it is worth everything in every moment of it.


K: So, when does it start?

CM: It has already begun. Like a spiral whose circles wind tighter and faster as it reaches its definite center, so shall it appear to you. For you, it will still take time to experience the whole process. But you will know it is happening. You will see it and hear about it and feel it and know it for what it is. You will be able to share that knowledge with others that have not the currency within them to pay attention. So share a bit of yours with them that they may be able to pay some attention, as well. You will know what to do and when and where to do it, have no fear.

This thing exists on myriad levels and placements of energies and beings and circumstances. The design is fulfilled and wound up to go and now it has been set loose to do what it is designed to do. Thus is the Ascension of your world into the beginning stages of Light and Life, embraced in the eternal and infinite heart of God’s love.

Be joyful for what is upon you, even now, for it is a time and moment of glory unmatched and unequaled in the brightness and beauty of the Light that is created, here and now.

That Light is your Light. That Light is Gaia’s Light. That Light is the Light of The One and the Light of Paradise Trinity and the Light of The Seven Master Spirits and The Michael Sons and Daughters. It is the Light of Thought Adjusters. It is the Light of The Melchizedeks and The Elohim. It is the Light of Archangels and Angels and Midwayers and the Adams and Eves. It is the Light of Masters and Masters Ascended throughout the Grand Creation. It is all One and it is all here and now helping, supporting and cheering us on!

Be the mighty and glorious beings that you are! Explode upon creation with all that you are! Let the whole of creation be the better for it! This, I actually command, for all that can and are willing to do so in service to SOURCE CREATOR. AS THE FATHER OF US ALL, PAPA, MANDATED, COMMANDED THAT YOU BE PERFECT AS HE IS PERFECT. SO DO I COMMAND YOU TO TAKE ANOTHER HUGE LEAP TOWARD THAT PERFECTION!


CM: INDEED. Now, you have your own work to do, I believe?
K: Back on it, Boss! Thanks!
CM: [Lol.] Thanks for taking the message. And that’s it for now, folks. God bless all of you, everyone, and then some …(-i-)

Lady Nada
Choices and Getting Real With the Self

Lady Nada channeled by Shellee-Kim on Wednesday October 2, 2013, and published in AbundantHope with date Thursday October 3, 2013. Message taken from:

Beloved Ones:

We wish to bring forth some information for your perusal this night. It has come to our attention that many of those whose missions it was to stand up and be counted are shying away from their work. This is not in accordance with your contracted agreements. And it is imperative that you ones find the courage within to face your respective Dark Night of the Soul in order that you can reclaim yourselves.

Ask yourselves where your complacency has taken you. Is it where you would have liked? Is it taking you to the next step of evolution and service? Or is IT leading you down the garden path, rather than you directing IT?

When the calling occurs, we expect those of you who are ready to jump to attention. However, there are many more that are required to be at the ready. With the extra time given you, we hoped you would put this to good use, using it as further preparation time. However, it appears as if many more of you have instead become lackadaisical and more bogged down by your daily trials. We wished and hoped that this would be different.

Further, we ask as many of you as possible to now make that internal commitment to your contracts by ACTING upon them. A commitment to serve means you are required to serve through ACT-ION. This is how you solidify and anchor in such a promise. Doing this then allows the next natural step to unfold, allowing for further choices along that path.

Understanding the dynamics of choice is mightily important here. To choose is not merely to say something is so. Or to intellectually choose it alone. It is to embrace with your entire being that which you have decided is your choice. And if there are obstacles in your pathway to embracing this, then it is to get to grips with these obstacles, removing them one at a time (if needs be) from your pathway.

To move fully into the wholeness of yourselves requires this anyway. So it is merely a question of doing this now or later. Of course we would suggest there is no time like the present moment.

There is much work to be done at many levels and all hands are needed on deck, as it were. We have relied upon you Ones (the sincere Lightseekers) to hold the fort. Now it is time to go forth from the fort into the field, to help those flailing about and in real need. You have spent, many of you, years in preparing for what is to come. And now is the time when your preparation should pay off. And we would like to see the success of each and every one of you.

That, we think, is all for tonight. Although there is much more to say on this important topic. For choice, is that which consciously and unconsciously, guides your every next move. As you journey ever onwards and upwards.

With great love, Nada.


Sa-Ra channeled by Shellee-Kim on Thursday October 10, 2013, and published in AbundantHope with date Sunday October 13, 2013. Message taken from: .

Tonight, beloved friends, I would like to cover an aspect of consciousness that is little discussed. And that is the development of spiritual growth that friendship brings and triggers.

How is friendship relevant to our growth, our expansion of consciousness and our personal healing within? You may well ask. Friendship can be both a gift and a mirror and thus in the main, the provider of many great lessons if we allow it. Sometimes it can even be a curse, as some might describe it, filled with darkness and pain and betrayal. These are no lesser gifts, yet they are generally perceived as such.

Sometimes a friendship is merely for a season. Others, last a lifetime. But most seem to span somewhere in the middle of these. It is our human needs that draw us in, especially where there is a particular resonance with an-other which impulses us into being desirous of a closer bond with someone. It is often also a soul agreement at work on a higher level and thus a fulfillment of an obligation; a duty to the Self and the other.

Friendship can be a many-faceted experience and its influence can vary over one’s life —from superficial to intense bonds bordering on co-dependency. And while the exchange of this energy may be supremely comforting, as these cords of attachment grow ever thicker over time, often this results ultimately in a power struggle. Even if it’s never acknowledged as such externally — as the entire struggle may take place on the inner planes. This is one of the things we mean by ‘great lessons’ provided in friendship.

Some friendships become such a necessary ‘escape’ from other commitments or abusive scenarios in one of the party’s life, that the comfort, soothing and validation provided by the friendship may often become the mainstay of the life of the one (or both) experiencing suffering of this type.

The element that best fuels inner growth in friendship is based on the fact that friendship is an intimate relationship between two —regardless of gender. Yet it is not that intimate that it crosses lines or promises to replace the relationship you have with your partner. That is not its function. However, friendship can serve interchangeably and momentarily as both of these at different times, fulfilling very personal needs.

Friendship can also often do what an intimate relationship with a partner perhaps cannot achieve. And that is to hold up that mirror to you that you might see yourself more clearly; more objectively. And because of your regard for your friend, you will wish to know and understand what it is your friend perceives, and therein lies the gift to you. Of course, this can and does work both ways if both are open to such an exchange.

More importantly, friendship can be close enough, without being too close in that manner that might offend or upset. And this level and type of intimacy is perceived as the delicate balance required to both mutually inspire, comfort and challenge simultaneously.

We are not here talking of the friendships developed out of romantic partnerships, as valuable as these might be, but those that are purely platonic and remain so for the duration of the friendship.

Somehow friendships are often perceived as filling the unfilled gaps of a romantic relationship, and the unfulfilled dependency is moved from the intimate relationship to the friendship. This is unhealthy, beloveds. Of course, dependency on and within the romantic relationship is in itself, unhealthy. But what this ‘transference’ does essentially is defer dealings and confrontations necessary in the romantic relationship while at the same time setting yourself up for failure in the friendship in some way by storing an increasing amount of emotional energy into it, and thus expectations. And in scenarios like these inevitably the bottom will, sooner or later, drop out.

The healthiest way to relate within a friendship while still deriving maximum benefit of the gifts it brings is to love one another as one does a family member, yet still maintain some level of healthy and respectful space from one another. That you can appreciate one another fully at all times, be aware and open to all that is being brought forth for your learning and enjoy that special space that has been created by the two of you, just for the two of you.

This is all for now, beloveds. As always, it’s my pleasure and delight to share with you. Until the next, Your beloved Sa-Ra.

The Judge
The Judge Speaks. The Winner Takes All

The Judge channeled by unknown channel on Tuesday November 5, 2013, and published in AbundantHope with date Wednesday November 6, 2013. Message taken from: .

Candace: Below here in blue is what I posted November 2, with the Target.

The Judge is NOT Monjoronson… He and the WE are a special team from the very high places and this is all that was desired to say… I have been in contact the "the Judge" for a couple of months or so now… Not sure on the time… This team is "special"… and unusual… and the DARK ONES know these ones are here… Target statement published actually on Nov. 1, 2013.

This is the new piece today, November 5, through our unrevealed telepath. I am waiting to hear if the name should be provided, my sense on it says, no. Please check the forum thread called Mysterious Circles in the Telepathic/Spiritual section.

The Winner Takes All

Candace: OK, the other one on the AH team that knows about the judge and the others participating, which we called "WE", has brought forth this piece, which I will post to the front site and to the targeted messages thread where I did put the short target from the judge recently… I need to discuss whether I reveal the receiver or not before I stick the receiver’s name to it. Nice piece.

A Message

We are within your time and space to affect that which must be done in accordance with the Divine Mandates which emanated from ‘points of reference’ beyond your current ability to comprehend.

This is in keeping with the Laws of Cause and Effect, Laws by which many have knowingly and unknowingly lived their lives but much less of you have understood. We, as those responsible for creating the laws that govern ‘cosmic’ rhythms, have come to ensure that the effects of such edicts have been weighted and applied.

We act as co-coordinators of the ‘conclave-determined’ course of action that facilitates the award of Cosmic Judicial penalties imposed upon those responsible for transgressions of Cosmic Law. Such Transgressors have already been identified and classified for appropriate adjudication.

Amongst us are those who have sat in adjudication, those who have to effect the outcomes of the adjudication process and those who have to perform administrative functions as they relate to the adjudication and penal processes. For ALL is required to be ‘recorded’ for posterity.

Be it known that within our ‘entourage’ we have those who would ‘action’ the results of the Conclave for THESE ONES have power to determine Spiritual Life or Spiritual Death. Aside from that fact, THEY too will work together with others who shall determine physical, mental, emotional removals to ‘stations’ that befit the personality energy signatures.

We comprise of some of which your legends, myths and religions have spoken and some that are unknown within your Space and Time.

Amongst us are those who, in the most ancient of your times, assisted the coming into existence of Humanoid populations and other Life force streams.

Amongst us are those who ‘did time’ on your earthly planes for purposes of growing the intellect of Humanoids and raising the consciousness and vibrations of the planet.

Amongst us are those who journeyed with you on your path to ‘becoming’ and every time you stumbled and fell, we held fast to the Original Plans that were promulgated for expansion of these worlds.

At times when the trajectory of the planet deviated ‘off-course’, there was always a requirement to reset the design and ‘re-calculate’ rhythms to ensure that the ‘biosphere’ would seed and support life.

As such, some, amongst us, have been those ‘re-setters’ of time and plotters of rhythm and now we are here to again reset a new octave that will launch the planet into a higher vibration.

Some of our ‘carriers’ you will see, most you will not. Some of you who are involved in deliberate acts that frighten the populations about our presence are fools to an undertaking that will lead to nowhere positive. For, by your very acts, you have removed any pretense of innocence as a condition for clemency. For you, especially, justice will be dispensed swiftly, though the swiftness of the dispensed justice will do naught to the price that you will have to pay.

Justice, at the closing of an age is swift and unconditional. The sedimentary layers of rock that cover your Planet’s outer body, is testimonial to that!

The perception of fact that ‘those who transgress’ are prepared to continue in their imbalanced energetic outputs will only lead to their further deterioration as the containment and confinement of spatial coordinates ensure their own self infliction. The ‘boomerang’ effect is more immediate as the ‘walls have closed in’.

Our ‘layered’ approach to containment confinement has left but two alternatives: Surrender or Erasure.

There is one last thing we wish to provide to you at this time. Amongst us we carry THOSE of High and Mighty Authority. We warn you that we take care of our charges seriously and a warning to the wise is sufficient!

Oh, and we should also let you know, WE are from the realms of ALL THAT IS!  And as such, The WINNER takes ALL! Adonai.

Esu, Aton, Siraya and Creator Source
Esu, Aton and Creator Source All Speak of Inevitable Change

Esu, Aton, Siraya and Creator Source channeled by Jess Anthony on Monday November 11, 2013, and message published in AbundantHope with date Friday November 15, 2013. Message taken from: .

Jess: Comments today? I’m eager to hear what is appropriate for me to communicate. A variety of sources are fine, if that is better.


Jess, there is a variety of speakers today. This is Esu first. I have much to say to prepare for what is to come. The time has arrived for closure and evolution. Many things we have told you in our various voices have come to fruition. We see a political chaos and a financial collapse ready to happen. We have taken charge of both situations and are now poised to make the pushes needed to topple the precarious balance.

I look at political crises in many countries, not just the United States, as you call it. Financial control is loosening, and the players the money has bought are being seen for what they truly are. The governmental decisions they have influenced are leading to the chaos that is boiling up. This instability will cause vast numbers of people affected by these decisions to recognize the true nature of their society and their lack of control over their lives. This powerlessness will become clearer as the days pass.

It will take a few strategic incidents to trigger this new awareness. These have to be so overwhelming at this point that the mindless public will see and understand. This conditioned state of mindlessness has been a tool developed by those seeking to control them. This control goes beyond what you can imagine. It is not just control of activities —although that is evident in the laws that regulate every action you take— but it is also control of perceptions and expectations. The general public doesn’t complain because it no longer feels it can.

 Once the public’s eyes begin to open, it will find an innate sense of personal responsibility that has been blunted and covered over until now. This is part of the role I will take as this enlightenment starts. I am designated as the coordinator to bring a new perception. My task merges with that of others to steer the direction the Ascension will take. Other coordinators are tasked with evaluating the results of chosen actions on Earth. Others still are in a position to make decisions as a result of these evaluations. Closure must happen to end the actions that have led up to this point. The Creator Source you refer to as God the Father has always had an end point determined for this phase of Earth’s Ascension, and the nature of the process getting to that point must be finished out.

Man has had the freedom to choose how he has pursued this end point, and his decisions play into the shape this wrapping up embodies. The level of complexity of this closure, in truth, is evidence of the level of intelligence that has been involved with man’s blind incarnation on Earth. He was tasked with finding a way back to his Creator without the direct guidance normally provided. It has led to immense difficulties, but also amazing growth and maturity.

This has been a testing ground for a most difficult scenario, and man has caused the unexpected to take place. He has forced those coordinating the Ascension process to modify normal parameters and create a way for him to continue on Earth as an active participant. This is new and without precedent, and the process has now become a collaborative involvement that includes both man and those from higher dimensions. The parameters are untested and the uncertainty of the steps has led to this sense of flexibility in reaching the end goal.

The bigger picture was always in place, however, to use your phrase. The time for closure and Ascension is part of a larger template that involves much more of your universe than just Earth. This is the point that the Creator Source determined would end one phase and begin another. The changes on Earth are part of a vast interconnected shift that brings this section of the universe more in line with the spiritual Light of the Paradise Trinity. The unimagined changes that will take place on Earth are only a miniscule portion of the immense changes taking place throughout your portion of creation. This is all to bring you into a stronger unity with your universe and your Creator as spiritual beings.

Christ Michael

I am Aton, your Christ Michael. That title means I envisioned your world and your universe, and I created you to embody my idea of spiritual experience. I shaped you with physical natures of various sorts to explore and learn. I use all of you to learn for me. I am the creative energy you extend, and Nebadonia gives you the spiritual insight to know how to use it. You all are extensions of me in the sense that arms and hands explore for the body and the brain. I experience through you. My desire is that you remember this connection. Earth has been special to me as the site of my own physical experience. I look at this part of my creation as a special jewel that has become tarnished almost beyond recognition. I want to reclaim that pristine beauty as part of the vast evolution that is taking place.

To that end I am intervening again to be involved with the direction my planet goes. I have taken many steps to reach the point we are at now. I have allowed the initiatives man has begun to reach their inevitable conclusions, and one by one I have allowed my forces to take charge of the processes. We have control over the decisions now, and no new directives will be ordered that are not in alignment with my wishes.

The public’s perception is only of the desperate struggles that are taking place to retain control. These struggles are now useless. Much will be revealed and explained as man begins to take back his responsibility. This is happening now.


I am Siraya. I speak again as I have before to Jess as a link with his spiritual purpose. I express the ideas of the Creator Source to his universe of Orvonton, and I say that this process is unstoppable. The distinctive form this evolution takes on Earth is shaped by those who have worked on preparing the way for this to happen. Man on Earth has an innate sense of what is true, and this is pointed out to him by the means he has come to cherish as embodiments of the truth.

Man will recognize what is in alignment with his Creator through the aspects of his life that resonate with him. He will have an awareness of what is right and what provides spiritual nourishment. He will recognize the façade his existence has become to ignore this truth, and he will seek to remove the elements that prevent his alignment with his Creator. He will experience the joy that this Unity will bring. His existence on Earth will become the extension of Christ Michael Aton that it once was.

Creator Source

I am Creator Source, as you call me, and I speak directly. I have determined that your existence on Earth is ready to take its next step. This is one of an unlimited sequence you will take. I view the process and know how it will evolve. I have created those to make this happen. Many levels of connection and coordination, all being parts of my creation. You are my vision. My vision is for joy.


The Final Battle: WE Are the Armor. 3DD

Mother Sekhmet channeled by Shellee-Kim on Saturday November 9, 2013, message published in AbundantHope with date Wednesday November 13, 2013. Message taken from:—Sekhmet.shtml .

Good day all, beloved Lightworkers on Planet Earth. We come to you today to announce an aspect of the new —shortly to be made known unto you.

In a few days or weeks of your time you are to have made available to you a wider range of your own innate qualities. Those which are considered aspects of your True Essence. These are the ‘tools of the trade’ which have been referred to in a previous message through this one, our Shellee-Kim.

These ‘essence-tial’ qualities are these, each of you will enter the fray with and with which you will do battle. As Warriors of Light, your role is to cast Light on all and everything you encounter always taking into account your inner discernment first, of course.

You are to use your inner tools wisely and well. The linkup to Source and Christ Michael Aton for the benefit of this last part of the Dark War will provide the extra shielding required for your protection and confidence.

We would add a warning to this: During these short, frenzied and intense final moments prior to the onset of the 3DD, some will try to hold you messengers of the Light responsible for the [SK: I first heard the word ‘calamitous’] events that have unfolded on Earth. People will WANT to blame others [SK: I got a visual here typical of ‘witch-hunting’ women by groups during the Middle Ages].

This time of testing and final preparation of you all has and is being carefully monitored. You will NOT be entering this, the place and time of your final testing, alone.

You Ones have put up a tremendous fight and have overcome much. The Earth Mother herself is in tremendous gratitude to you ALL for that. And this, beloveds, is just the beginning of her and your new cycle of journeying together *big smile* where you all get to finally fulfill your deepest dreams, and even those dreams which you have not even dreamed the possibility of, lying buried deep within you.

The culmination of this cycle bring the factions of Light together at last. And no more shall you know the loneliness of isolation. Together, you are a force to be reckoned with. And it is together you shall be able to demonstrate to the world your skills and gifts of the Spirit. Your pledge to serve Source through Christ Michael’s Plan will be inspirational to others.

We would leave you with these words today and say how proud we all are of all of you. Be you all richly blessed and know we watch you closely, guide and protect you. I AM Sekhmet with the Hathors wishing you well.

Christ Michael
Grand Finale Points

Christ Michael channeled by Shellee-Kim on Monday November 18, 2013, message published in AbundantHope with date Thursday November 21, 2013. Message taken from:

Christ Michael (CM): Ready to take up the cudgels?
Shellee-Kim: Yes!

CM: Oh, good! Let’s go then… Firstly: To all my devoted Ones. You are the reason for our flurry of preparation we are now in. If you could see the activity now underway in honor of you all, you would be as excited as we are. But that is just an aside.

What I would like to inform you all of is the series of events to unfold dramatically now in your reality. For some, as you’ve already heard —this will be awesome, breathtaking and beyond belief in the most positive sense of these words. For others: The experience won’t be nearly as good or pleasing. But these are the choices that have been made and are just now to begin manifesting.

My beloved children: You ARE to know the glories of multidimensionality on your plane and within your minds and hearts. This phase of the unfolding revelations has long been awaited and prepared for you all who are joining forces with my Legions of the Light.

There are some points you would do well to remember that I’d like to impress upon you this day. Do make sure you include, as part of your daily practices, some form of protection that acts as a personal shield when you go out (into the ‘battlefield’ of the world). It is and will continue to be important to keep yourself ‘clean’ that the Light of your very being may continue to flow unhindered through you.

There is to be no more nonsensical leverage given to the Dark ones —their time is up! Their core group still hasn’t yet accepted this, but this is their personal struggle and has no place in your future journey. When all is said and done, they have been given ample opportunity to rethink their own strategies. And have refused to do so over and over again.

But more importantly, the chaotic Grand Finale will push final choices upon people —and especially those who have refused to choose, up until this point. Indeed it is to be a most grand turning point. One which has been devised as the most accessible means to both recognizing the Games played on Earth for all this time and to begin re-connecting with the God Within in more authentic fashion. And we see much being achieved in a very concentrated period of your time.

Glory be to the One Father that has and is making all this possible. It is and has been a truly stupendous bit of planning. Particularly given the constant changes within the larger plan. Now we are to know no more delays.

Let the Light and mine Shining Warriors stand forth as mine channels of my Light. And know that nothing further is to be tolerated. We ARE now to override all time-delaying tactics and everything else that has produced delays. The Mother (Earth) is to wait no more. IT IS TIME! Selah. So Be It. I AM your beloved and most loving Creator Son Christ Michael Aton of Nebadon. Over and out…

The Road to Exposure

Sa-Ra channeled by Shellee-Kim on Sunday November 24, 2013. Message taken from:

Beloved friends and all my family members on the Earth: It is with great pleasure and delight I AM RETURNED once more! Here we all are in these days of the End and the New beginnings. It is indeed a most propitious time to be on the Earth and taking advantage of all that that brings.

For now, it is a great time of secrets that have dwelled long in the hearts and minds of mankind to be revealed to both himself and the world. This is already happening and happens at many levels. All that is hidden is to be made known; to be exposed that all might know what hides in the depths beneath. And this applies equally to the individual as it does governments, corporations, the military and more besides. All are to encounter themselves finally, whether they like what they see or not. This is what drives the revelations of the End Times, as many of you ones have come to call it.

And so let it be known that no more lies and deceptions of your world and your very selves are to be tolerated. There can be no growth without this occurrence. And all your millennia spent endlessly incarnating here will have been for naught.

This is to be a profound experience for you all and one which you cannot do without for further progress of your soul. Together we will be helping and supporting you along each inch of this road, and when you reach its end, you will, if you allow yourself, be profoundly changed from the experience. This will further your soul goals immensely.

Following on from a discussion we had with Shellee-Kim recently, it is also to be known that many of you are to be subject to great confusion through all this. Again, WE will be offering our assistance here for your greater clarity and inner peace. This is not a road exclusively open to some and not others, it is one that is for all of humanity at this time.

And those already at the end of this road or walking upon a new one are to lend a hand to those behind them; those that may have become stuck amongst boulders or other items obstructing their walkway. For all those that are willing and able to reach the end of the road that they may choose anew at the crossroads, great rewards of choice await which can ultimately lead to a massive acceleration in your spiritual evolution in the longer term. This is how crucially important choices are during this period.

We will leave this with you now to mull over and to hopefully RE-MEMBER when the time is upon you. With my great love and gratitude to you all for the work you are doing within, its importance cannot be underestimated. This is your ever-loving Sa-Ra saying goodbye for now.


Archangel Metatron channeled by Hazel on Monday November 30, 2013. Message taken from:

I am Metatron in the Light of radiance, impeccable in service to the ONE. Palatable energies decree that the legitimate structures of cosmic influence entrail your world.

Light generates as division degenerates into molecular imbalance but the nature is to change in a blink of an eye. The soul revolution is at its best now. Yes, note I say soul revolution. The souls of many are calling for revelation. Be prepared, for nature will speak her virtue. The clueless cannot withstand. It is to be that the pilgrims shall rise up.

Deliverance is close at hand. The Mighty Source condescends to arrange your removal. The jar is opened now and the culture of silence must be lifted for the tone of a New Day is to be set. We will eradicate the forces of destruction and illuminate the present. Pontificate on my words.

The zealous ones will ignite a flame of relentless persecution but the travesty will be theirs. They will remit to the fulcrum. The cage is prepared. Disaster is the note on their impending creation BUT salvation is on the hand of the protector. Kindness will regain its presence on your pitiable Earth.

Preserve your strength for roughened times are calculated to leave breathless the unprepared. Jest is not my function. I come in seriousness to forewarn you. Those who are intent on pulverizing truth will be rented, for truth binds. Failure to heed will render the unprepared in anarchy.

We are now policing your dimension. Be ready. The cries have been heard through the realms of the material and immaterial. The forces are benign who attend your dilemmas now. Joy will soon initiate itself again.

A monstrous dynamo (a divine happening) can recreate your reality but life is imperishable. Those who must return, will return. The sadism of the few will be annihilated and rest will be assured again. Joy will awaken within the faithful as the calendar peaks. Know you are in the TIME.

Admiral Emmanuel Jhonka of the Ashtar Command
(General Kevin Radetsky)
The General Will Speak. A Warning to the Dark

General Radetsky channeled by Hazel on Monday November 30, 2013. Message taken from:

Crimes against humanity are noted in the Book of Life, all are lodged. The karmic cycle for many is to continue. We will sequester those who amplify their heinous acts, mobilized to create warfare incalculable. As they ready themselves to execute, we are prepared for combat.

The Master Plan is in execution and noticeable events will begin to be drawn to the attention of those who can see. You are required to open your eyes for we will begin to show you how ample the defeat is that will begin to surface. Verily I say, the doom of darkness is to be. Rank and file we shall enter unperturbed. It is to be.

Close no more your eyes lest you miss the grand elevation. Resist not the Forces of Light which are the cavalcade entering your domain. Astute energies will parade in silence and then in a minute second all will change.

We are more determined now than ever to address the disease which claims your world. Be ready. Your Earth is under attack and it is not from the cosmic fire which shall purge. The attack is an inside job and be sure of that. They will plan to make it seem otherwise but we shall avert them.

This is all for now. Let vigilance be your armor. Radetsky.

Christ Michael, Esu and Ancient of Days
Target to Our Readers and the Dark Brotherhood

Christ Michael, Esu and Ancient of Days channeled by Candace Frieze. Message posted with date Friday December 6, 2013. Message taken from:

Christ Michael

To OUR Readers: It is time to check and double check your preparations for the Shit to Hit the Fan, beloveds… There is little time left… And also prepare yourself spiritually over the next short weeks to fully support this project or not, because I cannot have people I cannot depend on to know the WHAT IS.

To the Dark Brotherhood: Enough of the ISON games already. This is a dead comet for all practicable purposes. It is not going to move over and run into Earth nor will Earth be in any debris field. There is NOT going to be a catastrophe of this magnitude and the games to convince people they have no choices will end. We are HERE, you know this, and I remind you the Judge and his team know everything you are up to. NOW YOU WILL change your tune about the idea of any incoming debris or objects that are going to hit the Earth or roll it over.


The Ancient of Days

Now the Ancient of Days will speak briefly. KNOW That THE POWER OF HEAVEN is fully engaged and you cannot overcome that which is chosen to be. We do not err.


This comment is to our support base, you the long time readers and members of AbundantHope and anyone else who comes across this piece. YOU MUST GO INTO Clear SPIRITUAL MEDITATION AS NEEDED, beloveds, so that you can hear. Be about learning to relax your bodies and then forget them very quickly so you will be able to discern whoever is contacting you. Meditation, the seeking of quiet, is not difficult and you must be able to nearly instantly seek this when there are issues of intensity going on. Your various guides are there to assist you in this. Be practicing NOW. So you are ready when you need of it.


OK, there is a thread I am teaching in, just worked out that way on TALK IT UP, in this thread which announces our anniversary celebration , there were questions so I started answering them. Now I am not going to copy and paste that here. YOU CAN READ it in that thread, the discussion starts around post 17 or so in it. You can READ perhaps easier there if you make the membership which allows you to select HOW you want to view the forum. I may check the back end and see if there are any settings that will make it better.

When I as a member log in, I see the latest page first for instance and when I go in under my alternate account which is not an admin account, the order is quite different and I think the largest page number is the newest page. You can set your account to read the newest post also on top which is my personal preference rather than scrolling down through 30 or 40 posts to see the latest. MAKE AN ACCOUNT, it costs you nothing to do so, except a few minutes of your time. And an email address is required too. You need that and a password and a user name. Preferably your user name ought to reflect your real name in some way. If your name is John, you may need to make yourself John A, if John is taken.

As to the password, please write it down, because the software does not record it to OUR view. You cannot write me and ask what it is if you forget it, you are stuck making a new one and you cannot yourself change your user name either, so be careful in making that because I do not have time and neither too the few of us that moderate and are admin have time to change your user name if you decide you don’t like it. So like it before you complete your registration. And don’t then write me and tell me that you are really asd123 from the old forum or email. I don’t like to memorize such and have to know you twice by two or more names, in other words. That is why you should use your name.

Living/Teaching the God Within

Sa-Ra channeled by Shellee-Kim on Saturday November 30, 2013, and published this message with date Monday December 2, 2013. Message taken from:

It is I, Sa-Ra, come forth once again. And this time I would like to speak about another very serious matter. I would like to speak about the nature of the God Within as it relates to your upcoming service. Yes. What or who is this God Within? This is my question to you today… Do you know?

The God Within, dear Ones, is the most gracious, the most noble, the most balanced and the most compassionate, tolerant and loving aspects of your Self expressed. And these are just a few of the God Within’s attributes. The God Within is one whose love knows no bounds.

The Father Fragment within is the God Within. The God Within is the Father Fragment within. These are both one and the same. There are many other names for this, but suffice it to say the Father Fragment is the best description.

When the Father Fragment, or God Within, is fully operational within each of you, you will know these and many other attributes besides. When you are able to give full expression to these or the God Within, you then also have access to the Lighted realms of other dimensions.

And this applies to the feeling? (SK: couldn’t hear word/phrase on recording clearly) and knowing of the Truth of all things. It is through this knowing that your wisdom is automatically able to shine that all might have access to and receive of this. Standing tall in your wisdom is being in great service to others.

It is important to note, beloved ones, that some might perceive you as the God/Goddesses that you are. This is so, but in some cases they will see you as ones above and beyond them, out of their reach. Then there will be others who will feel threatened by you, which will perhaps only serve to diminish their own already shrunken sense of Self. These will be some perceptions and reactions that you can expect to come forth. However, all you have really done is embraced your God Within, your True Self. Not to speak too lightly of that either, for it comes at a cost to many of you.

Embracing and living the God/dess Within comes with its own set of responsibilities also. Namely (SK: or mainly?) due to what I’ve mentioned above —the projections and perceptions of others who occupy a different space energetically. But of course these you cannot be responsible for. You can only continue to behave as per that which the God Within requires of you.

The God Within is your access point to eternity in the Now.

Cultivating this relationship successfully assures you of permanently having on hand within: A protector, wise counsel, a teacher of Truths and many more roles that co-exist simultaneously within you when this relationship is successfully activated.

The God Within is that which each one of YOU, Light Warriors, have prepared for over all these many years (and the many lifetimes of experience) to come to this point where you are able to teach the God Within and what it is and what it can mean to others. That they may know, be inspired and so seek to have the very same relationship with their own individual God Within.

Do you see the importance of your past work, beloveds? Do you understand that you are the Way show-ers? The show-ers of the Way? And do you understand that by your very demonstration of living, expressing, feeling the God Within, that you are doing exactly this? Whatever your respective gifts and skills, your talents… it matters not. For as long as you are living the God Within, you are teaching, beloveds, and you are serving.

This is all for today, beloved ones. May you find these words thought-provoking, that they might bear some fruit and assist you a little further in your preparations for the immediate future. With my Love and great Blessings upon you all this is your beloved Sa-Ra saying ‘Adieu’ for now.

Esu Speaks on Criticism and Sexual Presumption

Esu channeled by Jess Anthony, message published with date Thursday December 5, 2013. Message taken from:

Jess:Esu, chat? I have issues with sexual attitudes I perceive and with my seeming lack of association with political concerns. I feel separate and view situations from a different perspective. I feel you don’t disagree or you would have made me be more conflicted.

Esu: Yes, Jess, I’m here. You have been working through your own perceptions on many issues that you will be dealing with, quite frankly. I haven’t felt the need to interject in this process. I have trusted you to reach the most appropriate positions on these issues. We have observed your thought processes, and we have steered your ideas as appropriate.

I can say things, but I think you know what I will say. Your perception is one of more compassion than most tackling the issues. You are on the “other side,” as it were, and you see issues differently. This was the purpose of you constructing this incarnation. You saw the issues with gay men as a most crucial problem to work with, and you put yourself within the issues to be able to understand their intuitive nature. This lifestyle, as it is called, is by and large not a rational choice. It is a deep seated compulsion that has unfortunately manifested itself in physically disruptive forms.

I’m not going to say these choices were good or bad. I’m going to say they were less supportive of the physical design you were given to manifest your spiritual nature in this dimension. It comes down to decisions that ultimately are damaging to an individual.

I’m also not going to say that the most damaging decisions are universal. They also are not made by men uniquely in the gay spectrum. Nor are they as little understood as they were thirty years ago. So much research and understanding has been inspired by the AIDS breakout that man has raised his level of sensibility in many areas. Man has moved to a different place in terms of his understanding of the enormous field of sexuality and cultural perceptions of the function of sex. Historical attitudes have been examined. Spiritual merging with physical actions has become a common attitude in many. The nature of sexual understanding is more complex now.

I have told you that I don’t want to draw up a new list of prohibitions —even if actions create problems. I want to teach that there are better choices. I want to love the individuals and tell them that there are more spiritual ways to reach a higher level of awareness. I don’t want to condemn them and make them feel they are less than equal to anyone else just because they have become conditioned to a less than optimal set of behaviors. I’m not throwing the baby out with the bathwater, to use that phrase again.

You have lost patience with the time table for change. You feel the best thing to do is continue with the work you are involved with. You do have subliminal influence on those around you, even so. This is best for you at this point. You can’t honestly drop all your activities that are in motion. We are working on our plan. It is immense, and you don’t understand the levels of detail we must accomplish. The calendar seasons and fast-moving days are only in your perception, you must realize. We measure our accomplishments in terms of results, not days we have left. I know this is not a consolation, but it is an explanation.

I say don’t worry about politics. I understand your frustration with insensitivity and a refusal to view a broader perception of problems. Ego is a factor in most controlling decisions. The chaos is coming to the surface, and I would suggest watching the situations with detachment and even bemusement at the extent of people’s willingness to give up control. People have been taught not to think, only react emotionally. Their emotions have been manipulated, and people have crafted ideas they don’t understand are programmed into them.

I’ll speak also of anger. I know you feel constant criticism only feeds the anger towards some issue. Belittling the object of criticism is a common practice. There is a sense of power and superiority in finding fault with another. Ego concerns are placated by feeling better than someone else. The physical and emotional reactions a person goes through in the act of criticism are addictive. They allow a person to transfer personal responsibility to someone they can blame for their lack of satisfaction.

People are not to blame for your discomfort. You are the responsible one. You allow yourself to be open to issues that you know will pull certain triggers. Rather than calmly teaching a better way of being aligned with the creative concept and allowing all to work together on spiritual progress, most people ignore their own role in this dialogue and blame others for being the cause of discomfort.

It is very possible that the other person’s decisions were made with no intention of harming you. You are affected only because you haven’t resolved personal issues that are irritated by other’s actions. Piling on fault is not a way to resolve your own problems.

Defuse these situations. Don’t exacerbate them.

This advice is particularly appropriate when you are faced with situations that have developed into serious imbalances. Gay issues are troublesome, but you can’t approach them by feeling superior and condemning those caught up in that lifestyle. You are not better than they. You are more aware, in some cases. You should not presume you know all, nor should you presume you can judge. Your work will be helping by being supportive and compassionate. You will not be judgmental and elitist. You must understand any situation before you address it. And you must have an open mind to be able to recognize the good elements within situations that are hopelessly imbalanced. There is good in all. This is Christ Michael’s Aton’s creation. He is in control. He has not allowed others to create evil within it, even if the attacks by some have manifested the negativity to such an extent there is now a war going on to wrest control.

Man still has the ability to make choices within this incarnation on Earth, although his choices have been hampered by the decision to remove direct connection with spiritual sources. The glimmer of Christ Michael’s nature that has remained within individuals is easily ignored and misinterpreted. This myopia has caused the degree of darkness that has had to be lifted. This is being done. Light is stronger each day in terms of spiritual awareness. The physical manifestation the dark has created, however, is uniquely challenging to overcome. It will not win, but it is a difficult adversary. Man learns as he experiences. We learn as man experiences.

The end result is already determined. There is no chance of failure. The only unresolved issues that remain determine the direction the progression moves toward the predetermined goal. Man continues to create ideas, and we must work with the ever-changing shape of manifested creation. Progress is made continually, even if you don’t recognize the accomplishments.

My final advice is to seek balance and compassion. Avoid being manipulated by others —whether by other’s ideas or by their direct actions. Defuse situations and teach alternatives by example or by actual teaching. The time is coming when this will be the norm, rather than the exception. I will be guiding you in this transformation. Esu.

Christ Michael
In The End YOU Will Find That The Entire Box WILL Be Thrown Out

Christ Michael channeled by Kibo on Friday December 13, 2013, message published in AbundantHope with date Monday December 16, 2013. Message taken from:

Among the many and constantly changing and fluctuating energies and vibrations that all lead to the inevitable point of convergence —WE gained an opportunity to make things better and so WE took it and now here we all are and what is coming, comes like a snowball rolling downhill.

WE remind the shadow players that WE are not held back by their concepts of things, such as non-interference. There has been nothing but interference in one form or another on this planet for millennia. WE are simply setting things right and making crooked lines straight —polishing and sharpening curves and angles as need be. What WE have extended to you, dark ones, and all of you, really, is mercy. Do not let either your arrogance or ignorance let you continue to believe or think otherwise.

We fully understand that negotiations are crucial in your efforts to begin your new world system of good, as you call it. But you cannot solve old problems using old paradigms, values and ideas. You are trying to think outside your little conceptual box of perception using only what you know that exists inside that very same box. While WE commend your effort and dedication to change, in the end you will find that the entire box will be thrown out and you will be left with a wide, open and expansive field of limitless possibilities all based upon the new spiritual understanding that you must have in order to exist where life on and in and around this planet, is heading.

Make no mistake. It is a done deal and there is only the perception of being in the experience of doing it. WE watch with some humor your attempts to continue to lead the mass consciousness in the direction that you want it to go. WE smile in disbelief at your continued hope of pulling off a miracle save of your agenda and from the outcome that stands before you that looms larger with each passing moment.

While you are negotiating how you want the ‘new’ money to be and the ‘new’ politics to be and the ‘new’ governments, the ‘new’ environment, the ‘new’ humanitarian mindset that you think will suffice in order to keep as much of a semblance of materialism as you can, intact… WE are reminding you that this entire universe is owned by Me, A Creator Son, having been created by ME as a gift to The PARADISE TRINITY and SOURCE OF SOURCES. It is and will always be run by MY WORD, WHICH IS THE WORD OF SIRAYA, WHICH IS THE WORD OF PARADISE TRINITY, WHICH IS THE WORD OF THE ONE.

Do not forget that this is a time of Divine Adjudication and evaluation and sorting. GOD’S WILL IS DONE IN ALL THINGS AT ALL TIMES. Do you think that you are exceptions? The scales continue to tip away from and against you every second of every day. Light bears witness in truth that, as the mass consciousness grows in Light, the shadow that it cast diminishes. It happens with a simple statement of the energetic heart and spiritual mind: GOD’S WILL BE DONE!, THE DESIRE TO ACT, THINK AND FEEL IN GOD ACTING, THINKING AND FEELING IN YOU.

What care WE about your diatribes about aeons and archons and the lords of karma? Karma is but a mechanism that bears witness to the balance with one and all in the causes and effect of acting, doing and being. It is automatic. Everything is its own reward. It is as simple as that. You do it, you are it, you get it. Whatever ‘it’ you birthed, you must take responsibility for it and act and be accordingly.

You tell people not to give up their power to any outside thing or separate thing and it is well and good advice. But God is within all things and all things are within God and you desire to place your power in your own ownership when it is God that has given it to you that you may learn through your experience and experiences, the perfect wisdom of the doing and the being of God’s Will. You are free, at this time, to further evolve in the doing and being of God’s Will, or to go back to learn how to get it right. However many times it takes, however long the road to your promised perfection is, that is what you have manifested in experience for the sake of the experience of God being you in experience. WE know that not all of you understand this point, but it is what it is and you will learn to give way to God’s Will within you and all around you and be in synchronicity with it.

The Path to pure and perfect knowledge, wisdom, being and power is not easy nor should it be. The ability to appreciate true freedom and liberty, being able to do any and all things anytime, anywhere, is not to be taken lightly. The discipline and strength is enormous. At the end, you are God and God is you and yet, you are yourself, with your own perfect personality, knowing all things and doing and being as God is and yet you are each other.

Until that day, you ones that understand that the journey is far beyond the concepts and values that you have been limited to during your sojourns on Urantia/Earth Shan/Gaia must know that now is always, always the time to think about God’s Will in you and you in God’s Will. To take personal inventory of self as being consciousness, mind and heart and spirit is an eternally perpetual process that is crucial to overcoming. Remember who and what you are, or learn that, for too many of you have no clue about yourselves beyond being a physical being. You are, more and more and more of you, are coming to realize that, and act upon it and be that.

So this is what WE see as the scales tip further and further to the Light and, as things progress to their inevitable point of convergence, the scales will be able to tip no more and it will be done. I will not give you any more statements concerning when and how long… any moment, now… will have to do and you should live in each moment of now, being and acting accordingly.

Make your choices and live by them for all will understand when the time comes for them to continue the experiential journey of their spiritual evolutionary Path to perfection. You will go where your choices have led you. This planet or another. This density or another. One form or another. Be not so thoughtless and dense and dark as to insist upon uncreation, as Lucifer did. As it was given to him, so shall it be given to you, if you leave yourself no other choice.

Know that the life of spirit mind/consciousness, in Light and love, is infinite and eternal. There is no fear of anything for there is no harm to anything. DO NO HARM is a foundational rule of such a state of being. But the denser realms work with denser bodies and denser brains that can develop denser minds and hearts, and so it is here that the lessons are best learned in experience that you may fully and truly appreciate the wisdom of The Great Path, The Perfection Of God and The Way Of God.


Gabriel of Salvington
Two Messages

Gabriel of Salvington or Gabriel of Nebadon channeled by Hazel.  Message published in AbundantHope with date Tuesday December 17, 2013. Message taken from: .

This is not Archangel Gabriel.

Number 1

Hazel: Below is Gabriel’s first message to my group.

Gabriel of Salvington: Welcome One and All. What beautiful energies radiate in this space. I too come to bring the energies from Salvington, my home base in Nebadon. I AM the representative of Michael, the one you know as the Christ.

HE comes to say that indeed there is no space between them (meaning you and HIM). I (Michael) bridge the gap between what you call time and space and indeed it does not exist. In your perception it does. We are ever present with you even here.

You are not able to tap into higher dimensions at this point in time at will. The time is evolving when in fact there will be recognized that there is one dimension where all exists.

We salute your bravery and courage and know that you are walking the path now where you are prepared to engage in fearless endeavors on Our behalf.

Truth be told there is none to fear. It is thy world which creates the energy that perpetuates fear-dom in the masses. We are working steadily to liberate you and this kingdom you are in from fear. I come to offer words of encouragement to each of you for you must know now we have chosen you to be anchors of our Light in this place.

In particular this country must rise for it is in a strategic position on the Earth plane to make a difference from an energetic point of view. As the vibrations begin to become more enhanced in this proximity, the race on this plane will begin to experience a different realm of consciousness. We are beginning to activate more and more of you who have come to perform tasks for the Light.

I cannot promise you that the path will always be undisturbed, but I can give you the assurance that we are ever walking by thy side even in thy most troubled moments.

There is none to fear. Do not make fear a part of your consciousness. It is imperative as you go forward to inspire others that you release the bondage of fear and walk steadily in the framework of Light which was bestowed since the moment of your soul’s conception.

There is indeed no difference between us, save in perception. That which holds you in separation will begin to drift away. I declare in your presence that Light is here and Love prevails.

We hold each of you dearly in Our consciousness that you may use Our consciousness as your pasture upon which to graze, that the nourishment you receive may truly begin to create a new dynamic of being and feeling within self. You will begin to experience release and communion at the same time, for as you release those elements that belittles thy consciousness, you will begin to experience the ever living presence of the Divine in the moments of your existence. It will then become real to thee as you begin to identify with this Presence as thyself.

Know that We are beloved of thee and you are beloved. Michael surrounds you even now with HIS Light in recognition. Go forth and anchor Our Light throughout these parts and know that we walk beside you. We shall be present. Call upon Us and we shall answer.

Let love be your guide in all things and know that as you begin to convert your energy, your entire breath will change as will your respiratory system. You will begin to experience the Divine Breath circulating through you and this is the Breath you will begin to exhale into your world.

I will depart now but know how loved and precious you are to Us. I AM Gabriel of Salvington. I AM in the Light of Michael, my beloved, Blessings, Adonai.

Number 2

Hazel: Thanks you, dear friends, for your kind support and encouragement. Today Gabriel of Salvington appeared to bring a message to my class but my throat and weary body could not house the energy through transfiguration mediumship. So the message was given telepathically and I spoke it as it came. Victor recorded it (and it is transcribed below —Candace). Gabriel later returned to answer my question as to why he had appeared to bring the message and why so many messages were being brought to the group. His answer is below. I though the sentiments would apply to us all.

Gabriel of Salvington: We came to give encouragement that you may know that though the tasks may seem insurmountable we will help to penetrate the barriers of human discord.

Dents are being made in human consciousness but the Light is needed to dredge and excavate the deeply hidden fears which pollute consciousness. So for those who have extended their hands in service to us, we bridge the gap in consciousness to allow them to experience our divine signature that they may seek comfort in us, as the path of service in truth can be unpredictable as human dilemmas resist change.

We offer our service through divine might to pacify your energies when they may be troubled and to grant relief when others embark in chagrin against the tasks you are to undertake.

Release all fears and agendas to us and we will assist you in creating a determine route for success.

We have this day anchored within each of you a seed for survival, allowing you to transcend the dim realities you face and the restless energies at hand.

We need level ones whose balance must not be shaken and who will not throw in the gauntlet (challenge) in the face of uprising or opposition.

Indeed the tasks at hand require brave hearts and sturdy unpolluted minds. You have heard the call and have answered. You are here and this is our indicator. For your commitment you are preserved. Dense are the qualities which threaten the Path but religious must be your resolve to overcome. We are in the Light and we overlight thee. Cherish Our presence and find your relief in us. We love you. Peace.

Candace Frieze
The Boxes HAVE to Go, Dark Brothers

Message by Candace Frieze.  Message published in AbundantHope with date Saturday December 21, 2013. Message taken from:

You got yourselves into quite a pickle now, didn’t you? You did not heed what was placed Wednesday. Beloveds, and we do love you, you have to give up your boxes and let those from the Celestial Realms assist you with the planet. You cannot go it alone and especially with all your infighting.

I ask now and then, do you know what glory is? It’s NOT WHAT YOU ARE DOING!, and IT NEVER WILL BE. Surrender, please, to the HIGHER WAY, because the Way of the Dungeons and Wars has NEVER WORKED FOR YOU. Has it? NO, if it had, you wouldn’t still be on this planet!!!!! PLEASE, ALLOW THE ASSISTANCE OF THOSE WHO KNOW and see further than you do.

As has been posted, you are not going to get anywhere by continuing to use that which is in your boxes. You will TOSS the boxes. God has NO LIMITS. YOU DO.

You cannot handle the huge population anymore. We CAN. You cannot handle the Pollution anymore. We CAN. You cannot overcome the Earth changes upon you, but we can provide assistance through them. In fact, this assistance has been provided since, well, the end of World War 2 and you know this. You know this because you are still here!

You have dug yourselves into a big sucking sink hole with your fake money system. How much bigger can you make that sink hole? At some point in time the bottomless pit must hit the bottom. It has done so in all ways now. There is no place but up and it’s up to each of you whether you move up or out.

You cannot make anything permanent that is not of God, and it’s not of God, and it cannot stand that which you are doing, or have been trying to do, is the better terminology. The only way out of the mass poverty is to do away with the stuff completely. You have no other options. It seems your printing presses, so to speak, are dried up.

You have your cyborg Obama out there today speaking about how it’s going to be OK to increase the debt limit in the United States anyway because of spending already done is the excuse. Well, why did you spend that which you do not have? The miserable little man out there learns this when he can’t pay his credit bills, why have not you? USURY and Fake money do not work.

It’s time to let US help you out of this mess, isn’t it?, whether you like of it or not. Fleet is going to show up and remove you if you do not engage our help and engage it OPENLY and Very Quickly. The planet will not be lost. So you can come into glory or go out in disgrace. It’s but your own choice. You have no right now at this point to deny the people what they must KNOW.


The Meaning of Life

Sa-Ra through Shellee-Kim.  Message published in AbundantHope with date Monday December 16, 2013. Message taken from:

Good day one and all. And a very good day it is. *Big smile*. We are all having and experiencing breakthroughs, are we not?

Today, beloved friends, I would like to speak of the meaning of Life. Of course, this is and ever has been one of the most bandied-about questions since humanity began its quest on your plane.

Although this quest-ion is not one reserved for humanity on Earth alone. In your unconsciousness and mass amnesia and in battling the forces of duality, the Earth plane is rife with difficulty and most challenging lessons and one of the reasons you all chose to be here at this time. The choice to be on Earth at this time allows you far closer to the answer to this question because, beloveds, the meaning of Life is to be found in your relationship with God and the God Within.

It is in becoming a Co-creator with Him that all things are possible and all things are KNOWN. It is in the development of your-Self as a conscious and willing instrument of God that YOU are able to help others answer the big Questions, including this one. It is in your ability to demonstrate the answers also that others will know you KNOW them, rather than just speak OF them. Being able to answer such questions is one thing, but living the answers to demonstrate ‘proof’ of KNOWING is another and one that is far more convincing to those that will come upon you seeking guidance and answers of their own.

Beloved ones, age-old questions such as these encompass all of the lifestream’s desires, dreams, fears, fulfillments and so much more. The meaning of Life is an utterly simple but simultaneously most complex question and answer. Simple in that when the entire being has been aligned with complete Self-love and Self-acceptance, it is also automatically aligned with the allowance of the Higher Self into expression through you, or, as Shellee now calls it, EM/Expanded Me, which we like very much as this is what the entirety of YOU in full expression, IS, and complex due to the very nature of duality playing out in every facet of your thinking and feeling world while you experience. And more importantly, how you choose to process that which you experience in your daily living, all of which takes you further towards joining with your EM or moving further away from it, moment by moment, day by day.

So, in short, beloveds, “What is the meaning of Life” as a question cannot be asked/answered unless accompanied by, “Who and What Am I?” You are Life and Life is You.

You could not exist here without a physical form as you’ve chosen it on Earth at this time and therefore there would be no experience of Life as you’ve wished for it right here, right now. This also answers, in part, the question of what is Life, as Life is a vehicle for expression, for growth and evolution of the Soul, for the fulfillment of dreams of Co-Creation and for tying up loose ends within (including the experience of cause and effect or karma, as some call it) in order to have all this.

The ultimate and most sought-after expression in physicality is in the joining of all aspects within of your-Self. It is then you have reached a profound goal as one who has taken a physical human form on such a world as this. And this, beloveds, is the answer to the lives you seek and the lives you live. It is also the completion within the experience of a Life in duality; an ending and an arrival point, both. Thus it is a gateway to a new consciousness. And many of you reading here now are inching ever closer to this gateway and we are overjoyed at the accelerated progress we are seeing.

It is truly our pleasure and our privilege to be able to have a hand in supporting you through all of this as you figure out further the answer to the meaning of your Life.

In awe of you all, in gratitude and with my heart-felt appreciation for your efforts, I Am your Sa-Ra bidding you ‘Adieu’ until the next.

Candace Frieze
Trust and Faith Are One and the Same

Message by Candace published in AbundantHope with date Monday December 30, 2013. Message taken from:

Please be reading of the Monjoronson piece through Ben published this morning and consistent with this timing… YOU ARE SO LOVED… FIND THAT FAITH IN KNOWING…. YOU HAVE SO MUCH TO GIFT from YOUR VAST EXPERIENCES that CAN SPEED THE CHANGING OF THIS WORLD INTO LIGHT AND LIFE.

Unknown Author
Remember…  Your Choice Will Always Be Honored

Message by unknown author and channel, and published in AbundantHope with date Sunday December 29, 2013. Message taken from: .

Dear dark brothers, you have destroyed countless lives, spilled rivers of blood and mocked the Creator of ALL while in pursuit of temporary power over one small fraction of a dot at the outer edge of the inhabited universe. Why do you jeopardize your eternal existence in a futile pursuit of that which you can never hope to achieve? Why do you persist when your time is done and your energy all but spent?

By now you should know that you will never be allowed to expand beyond this world or be allowed to destroy it. The Victory of the Light is imminent. Resistance is futile. Return to the Light and experience the full mercy of the Father. He does and always will love you. Save yourselves, return and claim your inheritance of Divine Glory. Deny the hand of Divine Mercy, though, and only you shall be responsible for the consequences upon your head.

Remember… your choice will always be honored, be it Eternal Life or Eternal Death. Choose wisely.

Earth seen in space from the Saturn’s rings by Cassini spacecraft perched in those rings nearly 900 millions miles away. Picture taken on July 19, 2013.
Indeed a pixel or dot in space, and of this dot only a portion is controlled by the Illuminati who gave up eternal life and will face uncreation
for this insignificant control that will be taken away from them anyway


Monjoronson channeled by Ben, message published in AbundantHope with date Monday December 30, 2013. Message taken from:

Greetings in the One Light of All Creation, I am Monjoronson, come on behalf of the Divine Father to provide administration in adjudication and achieve swift justice to the myriad of awaiting souls who will move onwards from such a tremendous growth opportunity that has been provided to them.

I am come at the behest of the One called Michael Aton of Nebadon, to act for him in a role I have acclaimed many, many times before. You might say I have a plethora of experience in dispensing my role in Divine Justice, and it would be remiss of me to suggest I was known for the more ‘merciful’ demeanor of certain other Descending Sons of whose realm I am now assigned. Indeed I speak truly when I say THE MERCY AND COMPASSION OF THE ONE MICHAEL ATON IS A MIRACLE.


I make no apologies for WHO I AM, I AM THAT I AM, and I come to dispense justice as decreed by DIVINE LAW. I will wait patiently with the breath of an infinite being for as long as required by MY SUPERIORS and in DEFERENCE TO MY DIVINE BROTHER ATON WHOM EVEN NOW ARGUES FOR YOUR PARDON AND REMISSION.




To all Beings on this tiny blue green orb I say, IT IS DONE. If you still have not realized, have not heard, IT’S OVER. The Lord and Master of this Realm will now make his 2nd appearance in little over 2000 years.

To those beings in service to the ONE TRUE GOD, to those beings in affiliation with this DIVINE ORGANIZATION ABUNDANT HOPE, I say:



Candace Frieze
Love Only Creates

Message by Candace published in AbundantHope with date Thursday December 26, 2013. Message taken from:

Again, Dear Dark Brothers, I approach you again. Surely by now you must understand something of Cosmic Law. It is not just laws Celestials make up for it includes that which one might label Natural LAW, or how things just work.

LOVE JUST WORKS… and it is the only creating energy of the cosmos. Everything that appears in the cosmos as "nature" simply is and exists only in LOVE.

Some of you think of yourselves as "creator beings." Now examine that which you "think" or "believe" is a creation of yours in your lives. Truly examine your "creations". In doing so, you will discover that, that which did not work, has no love in it.

If you found something it worked, and persisted because there was love in it, it expanded, it grew. It went some place "more". Now look at what you have "lost" because it did not work. It did not work because there was no love and thus no permanence to it. Love was not there. Anger, hate, desires not consistent with Nature as cosmic law, all the negative emotions, they passed downward and came apart. There was not the glue of Love. LOVE IS GLUE. The negative emotions are not of love, they do not glue and expand.

As long as you persist in this negativity, YOU WILL NEVER CREATE ANYTHING ENDURING. BY NOW YOU KNOW THIS. I Hope anyway.

You have often heard the expression of Two or More in My Name. "MY" being Creator. Where two or more are Found in MY name, There I AM. You must know by now that creating in LOVE is exponential in nature to greater powers in a mathematical sense. And the reverse is true also on that which is done in a negative manner.

The above "law" of Two or More applies to cooperative efforts. Where there is cooperation in the creative Love process, there is explosion of energy.

As I mentioned in the last "target" I wrote, You have Fucked up Everything and you cannot unfuck it. To unfuck it requires cooperation in love as to cosmic law, that which IS.

IF you wish to continue to work HERE, you are going to have to come into cooperation with US. Otherwise, there can be no creativity on your part. There can be nothing NEW and Enduring made on this world from your efforts for you have hit "rock bottom" now of that bottomless pit of NON CREATION. What have you to show for your efforts? NOTHING.

It is COSMIC LAW also that consciousness is expansive by its very nature. You cannot curtail it, not truly, and to attempt to do so is in violation of the Creation AS IT FUNCTIONS. Because of the cosmic natural law of LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE, you are done for. Again, you have hit rock bottom of the bottomless pit. You can go no further downhill. So OUT YOU GO, or YOU GROW UP.

You cannot exist where there is creative love. IT HURTS, doesn’t it, dark brothers? YOU ARE IN PAIN. So where do you go in this pickle you have yourselves in? Well, it can’t go down anymore, so either you are out, or you co-create in LOVE with Those of us who are Celestial. Matters not if we walk the planet in the open or ride in the craft above.

Celestial means obviously "Divine". It is an earned status. You cannot at this point in time call yourselves Celestial. There is no love in it. What you have done, the natural process of like attracts like is destroying all that you thought you created.

Because consciousness IS expansive, you cannot contain it. That is why the Internet was placed in fact because it blows away that which you did not create, as truth spreads. Because consciousness is expansive and you cannot contain it anyway, it is going to do what it does, EXPAND. And you have no RIGHT TO contain it, even if you could do so.

Oh, you have so tried over the eons and it has kept you on these lower worlds, has it not? You cannot expand yourselves into truly great beings because only TRUTH and LOVE "write" to the "Light body". It’s simply how it is. It’s simply HOW it is. It’s SIMPLY how it is. IT’s simply how it is. It’s simply how IT IS. You cannot change of it. You can only change yourselves within it.

And this change again comes from cooperation and those who walk in love here, that walk in the Alpha and Omega, in the concept of Two or MORE in MY NAME, form the Sacred Circle of Life, hey!, wasn’t there something taught of that in LION KING?

We are creating that CIRCLE OF LIFE on this planet. It is impregnable. And because of that, you will join IN IT, or it will block you from it. The Circle has no opening in which to sneak through.

You are given your final chance to choose to CO-CREATE WITH GOD in LOVE. There is in fact no other way. If you wish to CREATE, that is, truly create. You are invited one last time to enter into genuine CO-CREATION in LOVE on this planet. Try it out, you might like it. The pain would go away, the JOY would predominate and you would no longer CRAMP other people who are coming into their own Divinity for you cannot cramp DIVINITY in ACTION. You cannot stop the Spirit when it’s set into action. It is simply again, natural law.

In this long process of darkness you have engaged in, you have cramped your own divinity. Ponder that one last time. You cannot draw others into your crampedness unless they actually desire it and it cannot last forever anyway, do the expansive power of creation.

Look at "outer space", it’s growing. You cannot stop it, it’s from LOVE. Do you want to be a part of that in your eternal future, or just slam the door shut on it? It is your choice and with the incoming cosmic energies, particularly this thing we call the WAVE, which is the Creator entering the Creation, you either come into love or the door slams very shut, and that door is a circle without leaks anywhere. It’s just how nature does things.

Come and enter the SACRED CIRCLE OF LOVE/INFINITY and let’s build something enduring of God together, Two or More in MY name. Imagine the power extended to BILLIONS of people on this world who are consciousness expanding, if only we could educate them as to what it means to be HUman, for it means to BE GOD. Good night.

Christ Michael, Esu, Enki, Enlil and Candace
After Enlil

Messages through Candace Frieze received on Sunday January 12, 2014, and published in AbundantHope with date Thursday January 16, 2014. Messages taken from:

Ea (Babylonian), Enki (Sumerian)

Christ Michael

Hello, beloveds, this is the Michael of Nebadon speaking and bringing to you the promised piece. As you were informed several days ago… a beloved son of mine, an Ascending Son, Enlil, returned to Lighted service. Enlil is a son of Anu and a brother of Enki and both will be part of this message today. They do not have circuits with Candace and I will lend mine for Enki and Esu will lend his for Enlil at the appropriate times.

Candace was aboard recently at the momentous moment when two brothers made up after a long period of disagreement. It was a joyous time and it is part of the reason behind the Parable of the Prodigal son in your bible, always does the Father welcome home the wayward son.

Many of you on this planet are of origin with the Anunnaki, just as many others of you have your origins on this world with the Lucifer Rebellion. The Anunnaki have a somewhat bad name in your resources, but they too, all of them of the Ascendant group of Sons had their lessons to learn and experienced to be gained.

One day when those maturing on Earth, no matter your origins, after this world reaches a stage of Light and Life and not before, HUman at that time will also begin the experience of traveling to other worlds outside this solar system. It is an earned right and will not be granted until those who are mature enough are truly ready. In the meantime you will gain your legs checking out your own solar system as is happening to some degree now. The Russians in fact have earned the right, as a nation, to explore the solar system and they do. They have the cosmospheres we have mentioned in the distant past. (Candace: Over 300 of them!)

You in the United States will, for some time to come, be restricted to your silly rovers. So Be It… you have not earned the right to put men in space, other than the joint project with Russia on your International Space Station.

As you grow we will also provide rides within the solar system and perhaps transport for those worthy to and from other worlds. But you will not have your own craft capable of travel outside your system until you are mature. These are the rules and so be it.

Now, let me proceed further on this topic of when you shall travel. Not until you have earned the right to seed other worlds with YOUR OWN LIVES and with animals on this planet, for as of yet you are not ready to spread your seed, your DNA, until you have Ascended. As we have covered before this is a seed planet for the development of NEW SOULS from scratch. It is also an experimental planet in an effort to build a stunning new level of Consciousness to be seeded elsewhere and not until this matures, will you be allowed to spread around your DNA which of course IS reflective of your spiritual progression.

(Candace: The creation ever grows and some planets are selected to be seed worlds for this development of new souls, when mature can then "seed" other planets with themselves. The period required to develop new souls of HUman nature is very, very long, and thus some planets are selected as seed worlds which actually shortens the process by which the growing creation is populated. Life thus MOVES to other worlds, but before HUman seeds them, life is carried to these other young worlds by both the Life Carriers and those migrating. Before animals, including the HUman animal, can live on these worlds, planet life which produces atmosphere and food must be developed. It is always a pretty long time before a planet can have animal life on it but once the plants and atmospheres are there, advancing human IS allowed to MOVE to them and so shall HUman and his animals and some plants too, journey to younger worlds in due time.)

So, now some of you have read that the Anunnaki seeded your world and did a damn poor job of it. Not so. They did however upgrade a simple race of beings from existent developmental life into slaves and that was a NO, NO and they broke the rules.

(Candace: Some of you would want punishment for this… but in the natural cosmic way of doing things, this family got to EXPERIENCE the results of what they did, for how else can the knowing be obtained? Knowing does not come from BOOKS, it comes from experience. You can get ideas from books, such as fixing your plumbing and cars, but without digging and doing it, you truly don’t "Know", do you? To clear the karmic garbage stored in your morontial soul, you have to LEARN by the effort of experience and that is the only way it is cleared into TRUTH, which is the knowing coming from the experience. Nobody ever becomes a master craftsman without experience. What better experience than to deal with that which was created, whether created in breaking the rules or not.)

So, in short, there was a serious disagreement between the two brothers (and this is the short version, beloveds), over whether to keep these ones ignorant and dumb, or whether to raise them up by teaching. There were more issues, for example, such as fighting between Anu and Marduk over this world and who should be boss of it.

Perhaps it’s time to bring in Nibiru for this is the planet of the crossing so to speak which visits your world every 3,600 years. It was made out of a world that did survive a war between two planets that orbited a Sirius star. I am re-visiting this information for newer readers who may not have heard this story. The Anunnaki imploded that star in the process of attempting to destroy the neighboring planet. This was much war there, and this war was kept within the bounds of the said solar system.

With the implosion of that sun, the one planet experienced total perishment of life and its souls were brought to this solar system to continue, and placed on Mars. Well, wars between themselves continued and using weather war, they destroyed their atmosphere and their souls were raptured off to Earth to continue. The other planet of that system survived because the people had long before moved to the interior but the surface life was lost without a sun. This planet, because there were surviving beings, was assisted to continue and of course needed a new orbit around something. They were given technology to make their planet into basically a battle star as you would recognize it, and that is a bit of the tale told in Star Wars, with the battleship part of it. They were not allowed full propulsion, but enough to steer this now ship you ones called Nibiru around two suns, yours and a remaining Sirius sun. This provided for the 3,600 year orbit that Nibiru has for all these many, many years, close to actually 1 million now in your counting.

Why were they "saved", beloveds? Because they survived. It’s how things are done. The goal after all IS the salvation of man until he becomes HUman. As above, since the other planet had NO bodies left, their souls were moved to this solar system, and the reason behind that was the Pleiadian influence also in this placement. And the ongoing wars and disagreements over quite a long period of time between them and the Sirian system. (Candace: Allowing thus the working out of those issues between the two. Mars already had life status on it and there was an immature race into which they could incarnate in, as to body suits.)

You of Earth, your sun belongs to the Pleiadian system and orbits Alcyone as did the destroyed Sirian sun, and there was a lot of repair needed in that small system from the imploded sun. This was the case of two suns which orbited the main sun, just as at this time you now have Jupiter Sun to orbit your sun and you will in due time have also Saturn in the same role, as a mini sun.

Translation: 2.160 AÑOS, ERA DE LUZ = 2,160 years, Era of Light; 22 DICIEMBRE 2012, INGRESO DEFINITIVO, ERA DE LUZ = December 22, Definitive Entrance, Era of Light;
AÑOS = Years; NUESTRO SISTEMA SOLAR = Our Solar System; AÑOS DE OSCURIDAD = Years of Darkness

The peoples who war in this manner, beloveds, they are generally taking the slow route to their Ascensions which occur never before 6+D level of consciousness and there is a long period spent on various planetary systems until there is enough knowledge to obtain fusion with the Father Fragment. By the time you fuse with it, beloveds, you have been involved in interplanetary problems, issues and negotiations. You are always placed by your guardians on suitable worlds for this experience.

And so thus it was with the Anunnaki group, which at some point then entered your solar system on this schedule of every 3600 years. At first they too did not have interstellar craft at the time of this implosion and were wholly stuck on Nibiru, they had lost their right to even operate in their own solar system which was under repair and then when re-earned, they were given the right to develop small craft for local journeying within this solar system. Always, beloveds, is man moved about and given experiences for his Ascension. And for some, it’s a really long rough trip, often affected by the individual and cultural circumstances and responses to such. Now I will stand back and let Esu come in.

Esu Immanuel Sananda

Hello, dear ones: First, Candace will post that this piece has been done but will not be put up until at least tomorrow as she will be making some additions to it. Now to further the simple history lesson, the Kumaras to which I belong. We matured also in a warring enslaved civilization. Understand where you have been, so have I been, and my clan. I know some of you might feel a righteous anger, from what you have read, about the Anunnaki, but all who choose eternal life and continue at it, through the difficult testing period experience a great deal of "unpleasant" testing. It is the nature of these worlds. In order for the HUman soul to grow it must be challenged and the dark are always quarantined on worlds like this, because it challenges mind of those born to these worlds. Granted this area has experienced worse than what you might label Average and is way behind.

Now to the Kumaras. We came together and escaped our world. We migrated to a higher planet in that system of worlds, as there were several and gathered others who were interested and together over a long period we liberated the people of that world from whence I first came into my own being. From this we earned the RIGHT to travel beyond our solar system and enter into the affairs of others. We came into the Pleiadian system which was also a system of dis-rest. However, it was not as bad as the Lyran system. It was in conflict with the Orion system which is also part of the Alcyone system. Orion stars orbit Alcyone. We worked eventually with that which we had learned and gave it to these people of Pleiades and most of the planets there around the several sisters you see in your night sky entered into peace amongst themselves but still had difficulty with Orion which was INFESTED with those serving Lucifer.

(Candace: Pleiades is a large grouping of some 500 or so suns which orbit Alcyone, their central star. You are taught about the 7 sisters in material man has created about what is seen in the sky. There are 7 that make a cluster sort of similar in shape to the big and little dippers. A mini dipper so to speak those are 6 stars which orbit Alcyone. There are many more. And our star, our sun, is one of them. I myself spent some time on a planet called Myrua which orbits Merope, before beginning my service incarnations on this planet some 400 years ago. This is my 6th incarnation serving our Michael here at this time. I spent time on Myrua which prepared me once again for planetary life before coming here. Myrua is an evolutionary planet much ahead of Earth, being an 8D planet, as to consciousness of its people and LONG in Light and Life.)

Let me state here, the Anunnaki are primarily Pleiadian-origin humans, but there were negotiations and agreements with those of Orion and a number of intermarriages between the reptilians and the humans. By humans here, I mean the body-type on Earth because that is what you call yourselves, humans. But truly the term HUman means advanced soul level regardless of body-type and there are HUman-level beings in all systems who have different body-types from yours. Lyrans had this time and so did Pleiades. Orion had some of our type, but the preponderance was reptilian and don’t assume all reptilians are dark folks for they are not. Like all races, dark individuals arise because that is the nature of the free will.

By free will, we mean the ability to reason and make decisions, which is god mind. Animals don’t have this ability, until they begin to evolve it. Man is also an animal in his beginning stages and must transform himself by his own will into greater mind.

(Candace: HUman means Higher Universal Man no matter the body-type used. The reason the Anunnaki although living on Nibiru, are of Pleiadian origin, as to body-type, has much to do with migration to Sirian Planets from Pleiades. There was much interchange.)

Now your planet Earth is NOT how it was in the distant past. In the distant past, she was MUCH, MUCH larger and a portion of her resides in the Asteroid Belt, as we shuttled the broken away sections up there. There was a war action taken by Nibiruans to empty Tiamat, as she was called then of the reptilians, and again another "solution" did not work out so well. But this is PART of YOUR TRAINING so to speak, beloveds, before you ever make your Ascension. It is a LONG, LONG period for most. You have on your orb some folks promising if you do this, that, or the other routine you can hasten your Ascension. NO, YOU CANNOT for before your Ascension you have to go through these experiences and come out on TOP OF THEM.

Always is there wars and confusion, for you do not gain the god mind necessary to make your Ascension any other way. Always you are moved onto more and more advanced worlds as your learn and you don’t move to ones who offer lessons in PEACE until earned. So be it. You cannot handle that which is difficult without the EXPERIENCE, BELOVEDS, and any of you not yet Ascended who might be reading here, cannot make your Ascension until your TO DO LIST is checked off. Candace will supply the Urantia Book teaching that would be relevant or her own, being she has long taken that journey to Ascension. And now is also a Sananda as am I. We share in the celestial paradise group which is labeled Mighty Messengers. I earned Paradise after my incarnation with Christ Michael Aton and she has earned hers while on duty in this solar system.

(Candace: Fill in here? or at the bottom.)


Dear ones, I am known to you as En Ki, Son of Anu and the Reptilian Queen named Dramin. Anu had several wives and Enlil and I have different mothers. I am thus part reptilian in my "soul origin" (Candace: I did not ask if this was a "first life" for Enki, or an incarnation. I might ask that later). And some of you may wonder, as to the difficulty between Enlil and me is related to the parentage as Enlil is fully human. So understand it’s not necessarily the body-mind type that you ones have been given about reptilians. There is a great deal of misinformation on your plane but it is generally true that the reptilian races are more violent in nature, owing to the degree of cold bloodiness that is part of the genome. But the true soul is that which is important and the experiences of each one.

It was once thought, according to various Pleiadian systems of thinking and who becomes boss of anything, that I should be the leader of Earth quite some years ago, perhaps 8000 or so. I declined this, because my interest lies much more in science than in leadership roles. For a disastrous period of time, Marduk held this role and vacated it to my brother Enlil because Marduk took by force the command of Nibiru from Anu. And still commands Nibiru. Anu was formerly on a Pleiadian light ship, but had to be removed for violating the NO channeling interference on Earth. This was around 2005 or so of your years. Understand at this time, and forever more, in fact, Nibiru will not be visiting this solar system again and is being held in a small orbit around Sirius B, which is a small sun left that orbits Sirius A and has only craft orbiting it plus some hunks of rock. Sirius B cannot bear life. These are used as storage facilities essentially with artificial life support for residents on them.

I am an Ascended Master and made my Ascension about 6,000 years ago in your time frame. The reason I must borrow Esu’s circuit, is that while I can use somebody’s vocal cords while they are under hypnosis I cannot get engaged in regular telepathy with those on Earth. I have at times connected with a few persons of higher evolution on your planet but with the assistance of others who make it possible. There are "translators" so to speak available and much of your channeled material you read comes through assistance. I am resident on Jerusem [N. of E.: Celestial planet, capital of the system Satania] at this time technically but am aboard various craft in your solar system as I am needed. Candace has met with me on the New Jerusalem and the Phoenix. I am in a physical form for my service but of a higher vibrational order. I am not yet anywhere near graduation from Nebadon. I am not yet "spirit being." I require still a body to function of some sort. I have one suitable to my needs at this time.

I serve with the panel about the progress of Earth and have no voting rights as of yet, but express my opinions as needed and serve providing intelligence so to speak. I give advice through dreams to some of my progeny on the planet.

I am the father of many, many children, not all in marriage, but we, myself and others labeled Anunnaki, have seeded on Earth with our DNA, thus the stories of the Nephilim and others in your religions, than came unto women of Earth. This is not uncommon. Many stellar beings do this and by stellar I am meaning from planets whose people have earned the right to travel interstellar space. Many of my children were born though of this solar system, mostly on Earth and like all beings, are working at their own Ascensions. I have not fathered Earth children since the time of my own Ascension. So if you hear of any sons of Enki born in these times, ignore some of those stories but there are some of my sons and daughters making their progress on your planet at this time incarnate into your forms.

Per some of the stories on your plane, I did wish the children of Africa and the Middle East who were upgraded genetically, to be considered the potential sons and daughters of God, but in those days I did not myself fully understand consciousness or the Ascending journey, but it seemed quite wrong of me to prevent a people from progress and many of these were intelligent enough that learning should not have been denied to them. It was to me, purely common sense and also the knowing that enslaved peoples do grow regardless and there comes a time to included them, or face some pretty horrid problems as their minds grow and unhappiness follows in those so enslaved. In some instances I prevailed, in others I did not.

It’s important to say here, our influence was mostly in the Middle East and Africa. Some of our progeny set up also in South America. Your planet has had many, many civilizations rise from the colonization by other worlds. We are not the only ones to influence it and we are not the only ones who settle here, that caused war and the discomforts from it. Your yellow people [N. of E.: Asian people], who came about 1 million years ago, long before we actually began to meddle here, were quite violent also. And they enslaved each other essentially in their power struggles. Some of them fled some time ago to your moon, yes, the Chinese before this time had some craft too, and they aren’t about to let you of Earth have anything to do with them. Candace calls them the moonians and they are a peaceful lot and fresh out of wanting war with you.

They are assisting some with the rulers of China at this time and if anybody walks on the Moon from this planet, it may well be the Chinese in the future. The Moon itself cannot support a huge population but the moonians are engaged in creating an atmosphere on it and have some lakes, canals and the like and are growing some vegetation on the surface now which is part of the procedure to build atmosphere. The Moon is actually going to be moved to another of your planets, as Earth needs moons that are rocks and two of them orbit you now at a distance and your scientists know this. And although I am not responsible for such in any way, those of the celestial hierarchy do have the ability to move a planet with an atmosphere to another place and so it will be with your Moon. I myself will watch and learn from this process in fact, for I have not been so involved before.

That I have many children as above is true and I had 2 wives at one time, but none at this point as neither made their Ascensions yet. I am not sure should this happen we would still have a compatibility or not. The form I currently use is not a reproducing form, it is "semi etheric" in nature, but not reproducing. As it is said, in your teachings, in heaven you don’t procreate. And so it is. I will vacate now and let the channel be prepared to bring in my beloved brother Enlil.

(Candace: At this point Christ Michael, who was to finish this up with a bit more, came back in because he was called away for something else to attend, so Enlil is after this below.)

Christ Michael

Alright, beloveds, this ties it up for now. Candace has been given a packie of material to open and work with for more history lessons which will be a Part 2 we have decided of this particular narrative. I hope that which is in this first part will help some of you who have not realized the protocols before of the journey prior to making the Ascension. It is a LONG journey and not less than perhaps 200,000 of your years, and often 500,000 or more depending on the individual and his choices. And by these numbers it is generally meant, the times spent incarnate, not the times spent resting in sleep until a general resurrection occurs. With this upcoming mass resurrection of those still living, there may be a significant wait simply because of the space limitations on Mansion Worlds 1 and 2, for few of these ones are even ready for #3 at this point. These souls at this level sleep always between returns to the worlds of my universe, for a body is needed by them to function.

Not until they are spirit beings can they function without a brain, and that is what is meant by "sleep" until a resurrection. All those in my universe and the others, spend some time in that sleep until there are positions they can fill for the guidance is replete and time is not wasted on what might be called useless incarnations. So there are "years" where the being has NO activity. You ones belonging to the suns and their planets, that journey around Alcyone, (which include Sirius, Pleiades and Orion, are all part of Satania administration) get experience not only on those mansion worlds which really are rest periods in a sense, of life not being torn by war on them, but only learning and socialization, but also on many other worlds.

The so called 7 sisters of Pleiades, these 7 suns, their planets correspond in fact to the 7 mansion worlds in the teaching of lessons, and this is enough to ponder for the time being. I actually came in before Enlil because we have spent nearly 2 hours and I have been notified my attention is needed and so I am logging off this at the time being. And then Enlil will come forth. Salu, beloveds, there will be another update soon through Candace by me or Esu or both, about here we are with the two brothers and other details of plans. Watch carefully your news, in your various countries as there are going to be increasing exposures. Candace can point out some in her country in this past week and some has been enhanced by intel from Enlil. I am indebted and so are you to his return to Lighted service.


Well, dear readers of AbundantHope, let me introduce myself. I am Enlil. The story is true that a long time ago I did not feel we should upgrade our LULUs, the miners we made, I say We, but in reality I am not a geneticist, there were family members who were and are still. I have not made my Ascension yet, and I was faced with the reality of this time of giving up my eternal life, or growing up would be a fair statement.

Now I have read at Abundant Hope, or perhaps, better said, others brought me initially the information since its inception. I am, after all, the Lord of this world, as to an Ascendant being. My brother En Ki did not wish this role and for a time it was Marduk, who vacated the position to attack and take over Nibiru from within. I would say at this point, my Father Anu is not yet an Ascendant being either, and thus not the best of "gods" himself. We are in fact not Gods, but in general the family conveyed that concept to man. My father is frankly a bit fallen and is at a level below myself at this time. I am now at what you label early 6D consciousness and that is why with the ending and sorting going on of this world, I was required to make a choice one way or the other. (Candace: All beings progressing this on this world are making these choices, where they have the ability to do so even the more intelligent animals, are making the choice to move UP into man’s meat suits or not. Most on this world are nowhere near ready for Ascension and not always can choose their next placement, it is done for them by guides and guardians.)

I actually have been working towards progress on this world but totally inept at various junctions of this field. I have been realizing this. Your one labeled Kibo who posted a message recently, finally really began to get my attention. I do read at AbundantHope myself now, with the material that that new solutions will not come out of the same old box. Then Candace really got my attention with that one and the series of little target messages she wrote aimed at me, referred to as the ONE. It is rightful, I am the ONE, at least to the Anunnaki perspective of governance explained above.

I am behind all that material about the coming placing of money into your world, but that is not working because those under me will parcel it out for themselves and fight and bicker to no end and I realized this and thus my old box, which I borrowed some from the ideas of NESARA from Germain, whom I do have contact with, was NOT going to work. Germain does advise me at times.

I was finding myself in a quandary, not able to fully make the changes and it is because of my old box. It was getting very tight, dear ones, and my shoes were tight too. So then I see the notes about how the Celestial Hierarchy does know how to fix the issues, and I see the other little targets including the very important one to me, about how there are to be NO TITS FOR TATS and because that is how we are in my group, I expected of course Tits for Tats, you rub my back and I rub yours, and then it said only working together, would work. Then the offer, which said "Shall we Meet", and YES, YES, I said, for I did first want to meet this lady, a little grandma living in a worn-down mobile home, I have long sensed some great honesty in her and no tits for tats at all. And so we met, and near the end of my interview with her, in comes this fellow going by Christ Michael she has always talked about, you see, not all of us truly know the journey but I have read the Urantia Book, and it would not have gotten published had I disallowed it.

There, of course, was another discussion and I was given every assurance by the both of them, of this “no tit for tat” stuff and only service that mattered and I DO CARE ABOUT THE SUCCESS OF this planet, my dear ones. I am not an ogre but I have been a slow-learner. I now will serve in peace with this Celestial Team. It was my honor to actually engage with the Michael Son. I am Home.

(Candace: At this point there was huge emotion from Enlil and he just stopped the transmission and as he said I AM HOME, I choked up from HIS emotion I felt. And so this ended for the time being. Maybe more later.)


Candace now on Tuesday January 14:Yesterday I had a long harsh day of being TIRED and could not function with this, after a long, long night of interference, work and lots of vibrating that made it difficult to sleep. I did add in some material above, but wish to wait to do anything more. I am still not fully up to snuff and this is enough, and I want to get this published today.

There are some discussions on the forum you can look at around the topics of Enlil and the Gods of this world. is for placing references and discussion about the Gods of this world. The Anunnaki are not the only ones, hopefully some folks from Asia might post if they are in English some of their stories too. India has a rash of olden Gods.

Perhaps as part of this process of the Nibiru/Anunnaki story I might gain myself from questions and comments placed there and answered there, with perhaps gathering some of that into a Paper #2 for the front page. Perhaps Christ L. could make a nice PDF of the end result. I am simply not ready to write it yet and want to review some other materials. I have one Sitchen’s book on my computer I would like to review, the Lost Book of Enki. And Leo suggested a read called The Terra Papers she felt she had been led to a few years ago… so perhaps ask some more questions there. I have not yet read either of the above titles. I have one book at home which is full of some truth and a lot of Baloney by Anu when he was NOT supposed to be working with Earth folks. That one is We Are the Nibiruans by Jelaila Starr.

Christ Lippens has posted selections of material in that thread above from the Phoenix Journals and a bit from the Urantia Book. I have a list of potential topics I still want to teach on based on this work I am publishing today. This paper is already long enough and I think it better to wait and not force myself to produce something sloppy. This is the Enlil thread on the forum. Perhaps maybe some of you can ask questions of him and Enki, which perhaps later might be answered. This needs to be an ENLIGHTENING process and not a BASHING process. Anger and old feelings, right or wrong, don’t work in the now.

I am on hold for updating as to plans in a few days. But as to the small target I posted today on the front site to get thyselves prepared, DO IT. Mentally and the things of a material nature you need. The monetary circumstances are not good right now, and the planet wants to act out some more.

Siraya Speaks on Man’s Spiritual History

Siraya through Jess Anthony received on Saturday January 25, 2014, and published in AbundantHope with date Tuesday January 28, 2014. Message taken from:

Jess: Siraya, do you have comments? A bigger overview is good. I want to step back and see events with more context.

Siraya: Jess, I speak with authority and comprehension. Much emphasis is being placed on the ramifications of a single reported event. This is not an insignificant action. The brothers that have reconciled shaped the development of your planet. They and their family created the physical nature of your residence and, in fact, created the physical nature you are using to identify and single out yourself. Their history and their choices influenced your options and your incarnation.

This has been perhaps the most influential agent that man has dealt with in shaping his life on Earth, and it was influence that was caused by accident. You must realize that a universe —even a small one— is vast. The Michael that creates the shape and purpose of a universe is represented by the structure of his creation, but he must let it choose its direction toward that purpose. He determines the plans the creation manifests, and he starts the sequence of causes and effects that give his creation its shape based on his ideas and parameters. The universe determines the way it embodies the Michael’s ideas. The Michael is observant, but detached from the actual choosing. Once a choice is made, it must be resolved. The process can be interrupted, but the sense of incompletion remains.

You have some history of this interruption that became your physicality. Most stories told are only partially accurate. The reasons for the interruption of your life development were complex but ultimately self-serving and inconsiderate. The galactic wars that preceded this interaction were immensely destructive—so much so that they caused a paradigm shift in the intentions of this universe. The rupture necessitated new solutions to allow healing and regrowth in both the spiritual and physical dimensions.

Many groups involved in the struggle were focused on their own survival. They had no awareness of a larger picture of intention and cooperation. They were nevertheless agents in the working out of the new structure that presented itself to the Creator. They made decisions, and their choices became manifested in actions that set in motion sequences of events that were unplanned. This became yet another template for learning and experiencing even though it was not initially envisioned so. These choices, after all, were only some of the infinite series of options for a concrete expression of the Creator’s reality.

Many groups interacted with your developing civilization, and they each left aspects of their nature in the physical embodiment you developed. The Anunnaki were only one such family, but their impact has had a most profound effect on your sense of cultural identity. They stumbled upon your planet, in a sense, and realized its potential for satisfying their own needs. Their goal was not Christ Michael Aton’s intention, but once they began their mission, the decisions they made to control and modify the Earth were unstoppable. Earth’s paradigm had shifted. Their technology was so much beyond what Earth inhabitants had developed, they became gods and people worshiped them.

The perspectives of the Anunnaki, and the examples of their behavior and interrelationships, distorted the intended development of man’s spiritual and physical nature. Spiritual development is a slow process, and the ongoing growth being observed by the Creator was interrupted before it could reach much maturity. Man had much potential, but his immature perceptions were channeled in another direction to serve the interests of his conquerors. Man’s developing spiritual parameters had little context to continue to grow as begun. His perceptions and thoughts were re-focused on a more utilitarian existence that served the interests of the Anunnaki.

Your planet had had many thousands of years of inhabitants before the arrival of the Anunnaki, and some groups had achieved higher levels of cultural development than others. Almost no physical remnants of those cultures have survived today. When they came to your planet, the Anunnaki were searching for specific elements that were missing on their own planet. The settlements they established in what became your Africa exploited the inhabitants for their own purposes.

You have heard the stories of the Anunnaki mining operations and their attempts to modify the physical capacity of the workers. More significant was the influence the overlords had on man’s cultural perceptions. Their presence and their dominance changed the intellectual paradigms of the cultures they controlled. They brought the idea of subservience and blind allegiance to man. Their example of control distorted man’s spiritual conceptions. God could be fickle, they taught. God could be vengeful. God could punish for selfish reasons. Man copied the examples of his gods and learned to be warlike and self-serving.

This spiritual reshaping was the most significant contribution of the Anunnaki. The religious concepts that developed from their influence continue to shape man’s sense of his relationship with other men. Wars can be fought for religion. One culture is spiritually better than another because they are in control. No matter what embodiments cultural groupings ultimately developed, their spiritual perceptions had been blunted by the example of the Anunnaki control.

This interference has had a global influence, shaping everything that man’s development has pursued. Political priorities are given religious approval. Economic dominance and ruin is valid and desired. Personal satisfaction is more important than compassion and consideration of others. All the dominant religious systems and beliefs in place now truly have been seeded by elements of the Anunnaki’s need for absolute control.

Man’s Creator has continually been allowing spiritual guidance through incarnated teachers and examples man has created to exemplify the ideas that have been ignored or forgotten. Some were the Anunnaki themselves. Others came from higher spiritual realms to attempt to lift man up again. Man’s spiritual history has recorded these helpers, but often their importance has been recognized by only a few. These few have developed spiritual streams of their own, and this countering sense of reawakened awareness has shifted the spiritual paradigm on Earth again and again. This is happening once more at this time.

You must remember that everything is influenced by everything else. What man is now is the result of his past. Once energy is set in motion it continues moving, having an impact on everything it intersects. Each action has consequences on every similar situation, and every interaction reshapes the paradigms it comes in contact with. Each new situation that is the result requires new insights to make further decisions.

But these decisions don’t happen purely by random. The Creator’s predetermined end result governs the direction the flow takes. Spontaneity is conditioned by the reason for the decision in the first place. The beauty of creation is man’s ability to choose how the end result is reached, but he doesn’t determine the end result. Discernment plays a role, but it operates within the paradigms the Creator has provided for his Universe.

Only the Creator knows the complete purpose of his creation. Man can attempt to understand his intentions and align himself with these paradigms, but his perceptions are conditional, based on the extent of his alignment with his Source. It is not man’s place to judge that one way is good and one bad, except within the context of his own perceptions. How can he alone determine that one opinion is better than another? No one can determine that but the Creator. It is man’s responsibility to ask what that determination is.

Christ Michael
Things Are At a Head

Christ Michael through Shellee-Kim received on Saturday March 22, 2014, and published in AbundantHope with date Monday March 24, 2014. Message taken from:

Christ Michael (CM): It is I, your sovereign Christ Michael, SK. Can I have a word?
Shellee-Kim (SK): And you even need ask, CM? You know I drop everything to hear from you and make myself available to you… well, in most instances.
CM: Indeed I do. There are some things to mention and others to elaborate upon. Let me update you.

Most of you know by now of the planned flyovers and other sky activities that are to occur. There are also to be some additional ‘cherries on the cake’ that will delight many of the masses. The exercise is primarily designed to raise the vibrations of humanity en masse, while simultaneously demonstrating those from elsewhere/off-planet are benevolent and come in peace and joy as friends/family of Earth people. These are important events for those reasons and others.

Now this is not to say that change within the hearts and minds of mankind will be permanently altered for the better by such open displays. However, what occurs and its effects are to go a long way in softening, opening and allowing the masses greater accessibility to the Truths that will be brought forth. And this is of major importance.

This great final act and gifts of Source will serve as a mighty bridge between the inner and outer worlds of man, between us, your galactic family, and you, between the limitations of your peoples’ programmed mind control and your freedom, etc.

When all is said, or rather shown, people will deeply desire to know what and who has limited them for so long. Enter the Adversary. Or the darkies, so named by SK. And no amount of cowering in a corner or trying to run for cover will ‘save’ them in this instance. For indeed, they long since chose to give up on the possibility of being saved or saving themselves. And they will, at that moment, officially belong to the people of Earth who will decide upon their fate further. So be it.

Is this pleasing to you so far, my beloved and long-suffering children? As WE are well pleased with our progress thus far. And all is in place now for the impactful events to follow.

It also pleases us deeply that things are at a head now and a measure of relief will be provided to all. But of course it won’t be relief alone, but a mixed bag of all manner of emotions that will be triggered as you’ve already understood by a range of messages over time.

WE understand the tension you feel (SK: I get a visual of all of us frozen, poised in position on our individual athletic tracks, waiting for the gun shot to signal our ‘start’). At a point in time, all waiting must dissolve, making way for ACTION. That time is now.

Let the games begin. I AM your beloved sovereign, Christ Michael Aton of Nebadon, always and forever at your service and brought forth in love.

Esu Speaks on Conclusion and Closure

Esu Immanuel Sananda through Jess Anthony, message published in AbundantHope with date Saturday March 29, 2014. Message taken from:

Jess: Esu, the topic that came to mind was completion and closure. I would ask for comments that have a sense of summation and direction. I sense that time is poised for a shift.

Esu: Hello, Jess. I have come to talk more. We have created a sequence of comments where one picks up where the previous one left off. The titles indicate the continuation. This was perhaps subconscious on your part, but the linking is there. We have worked through preparation, defining attitudes, and knowing how to discern what is appropriate for individuals. We have encouraged independence and guided readers to seek compassion and balance with others. We have spoken on man’s life on Earth and described ways it has tested his adaptability. Events inevitably have materialized from man’s misguided ideas, and the existence you find yourself in at the moment is the culmination of thousands of years of compromise and bad judgment.

It is time to end those ineffective pursuits. Man has become enough aware to feel dissatisfied. He may not yet know the reasons for his discontent, but he senses that his life can be different. Every element of his existence is colored by the misinformation that traps him, and most are unable to see the reasons for this.

Man has been manipulated and directed against his nature by controllers with the ability to determine the rules they wish to impose. This can be labeled government, but it is more accurately those who control the governments-people with unlimited resources and an unrestricted conviction of their right to determine man’s behavior. This conviction stems from an inability to see their link to their Creator. For convenience, we can say this blindness on Earth started with the interference of off-world groups with little concern for this planet’s spiritual purpose.

As a result of this interruption, Earth was taken out of the ongoing process of Universal growth and evolution. It became a quarantined planet to allow the working out of many challenges to the Creator’s vision. This radical step has proved remarkably successful, in many ways, but such core emotional issues as anger, dominance, rejection, or criticism continue to dictate man’s concerns. The reasons for their being emotional triggers has not been examined objectively, as a general rule. Without his knowing it, man’s thinking has been conditioned to validate the self-belief of his controllers. This skewing of Earth’s purpose for the benefit of a few is counter to the evolutionary vision of its Creator. Dominance of Earth’s inhabitants for glory and the personal satisfaction of a few was never the Creator’s intention.

Despite the chaos and disruption this sequence of actions has produced, Earth’s Creator has maintained a detached state of observation to see how his creation copes with these unexpected crises. The Creator also learns as his creation figures out ways to assimilate its problems and become independent from such challenges. He intervenes only when his purpose is no longer a determining influence in his creation’s decisions and behavior.

The Creator’s love for this specific creation is unparalleled. He chose an incarnation here to fulfill his evolution as sovereign of its Universe. He has continued to watch over his bestowal planet even though it has developed an almost unrepairable disdain for his intentions.

Man in this incarnation was created originally to exemplify his Creator within the dimensional parameters of this planet. He was designed to function independently, even as he gave up a sense of connection with his Creator. His task was to find a way back with only a glimmer of this connection to guide him. This journey is the history of man’s incarnation on Earth. He has searched often unknowingly for ways to re-establish his connection to his Creator. This need for connection has taken many forms and interpretations as a result of man’s intellectual inquiries. Incomplete understanding has developed erroneous beliefs and philosophies. Misinterpretations and ego-based reasoning has taken man’s spiritual awareness in many wrong directions.

This has played out in a vast range of experiences for the Creator, but it can go no further with any semblance of productive discovery. Man has reached the limit of his usefulness as an experiential inhabitant within a dualistic civilization. It is time for him to be aware of his full spiritual nature within the paradigm of an evolving planet. He must understand his relationship with his environment and his Creator and learn to make decisions based on this interconnection. His actions must be based on discernment with the compassion needed to maintain the larger network of spiritual community.

I spoke of completion and closure to you. Completion in this sense means following an action to its end result. Man’s ideas have created his belief systems and dominated the circumstances they have engendered. His lack of understanding has caused him to ignore the symbiosis necessary for him live in balance with his planet. These causes and the effects they have manifested are coming to an end, but man still tends to revert to actions that remain conditioned by his education and his life experiences. Much has to be stopped and much has to be changed.

Your charge, and that of your readers, is to assist with this change. This implies closure in resolving an issue. Bringing a satisfying conclusion to a situation brings positive closure. The emotions and ideas invested in an action may continue to color a participant’s view of his behavior, but his sense of successful completion brings a feeling of finality.

Man will learn to discern. His limited perceptions will be expanded, and his intellectual resources will be nourished in part by the personal and leadership examples of your readers. Man’s understanding of his spiritual nature will be illuminated; his subsequent actions will be coordinated with the intentions of the Creator of whom he is an extension. The systems of belief that develop will bring transformation to his current shortsighted religious misconceptions. Personal interactions will be in alignment with universal truths, and collaborative endeavors will be structured with an awareness of Unity and equality.

"Cultural decisions will be based on agreements among individuals in alignment with spiritual truth. One group of men will not presume superiority over other men. Individual skills and cultural traits will be recognized as a spectrum of personal talents that can be used for the betterment of all. Each person is unique with a role to play with others in a unified quest for Ascension."

Cultural decisions will be based on agreements among individuals in alignment with spiritual truth. One group of men will not presume superiority over other men. Individual skills and cultural traits will be recognized as a spectrum of personal talents that can be used for the betterment of all. Each person is unique with a role to play with others in a unified quest for Ascension.

All current belief systems must realize a sense of positive closure. They must not continue to influence man’s spiritual conceptions. He must be free to examine and choose independently.  We will provide guidelines and examples of how to achieve this completion.

This change begins now. Man will soon see the reality of his existence and the unimagined place he has been given in the evolution of his planet and his universe.  The evidence of his purpose will be made clear. He will then realize that it need not be taught or assigned.  He will see that man must only look at himself to see his true nature. All is Light and man is part of it, he will recognize. When he does, he will know that he must shine even more so that others may also see themselves more clearly. Esu.

Christ Michael
Galactic Central: Trip to the Milky Way Galaxy’s Capital City, Trantor

Christ Michael (as Pleiadian Commander Hatonn) through Richard T. Miller, received on January 12, 1978, and published as Chapter 11 of the book "Star Wards" (Publisher: Solar Cross Foundation). This is a fascinating trip where Father Christ Michael takes us through the dark and treacherous corridors of the Trifid Nebula to finally arrive at Trantor, the home of the Universal Confederation and headquarters of the Solar Cross. Message taken from:


Greetings in the "Light" of Our Radiant One. I am Hatonn. I have been asked to be your tour guide, this your evening, to take you on a little trip to the center of your Milky Way Galaxy and to the Capital City of Trantor.

Let us for a moment now, all of us, gather together and mentally join our hands. We step now outside the realm of your planet, out beyond the planet Earth, and there we meet the craft which will take us on our little journey.

Traveling Path

Our first view as we gather aboard the craft is one of reference. We see first of all the Solar System of Earth, your Sun, and we see it in the perspective of the galaxy. Here, my brothers and sisters, we find the Sun of your Solar System, and as we look inwards towards the heart of the galaxy we see the myriads of stars which we will be passing.

Our next view is one referenced to your star charts, for in this view we see the path that we will be traveling. As we look closely now at the chart, we see the constellation that we will first pass through, known to your astronomers as Octans. And then beyond, another constellation called Pavo, and still beyond, another constellation by the name of Telescopium. Our ultimate destination lies within the constellation of Sagittarius.

[Continue reading this message by clicking here.]

Christ Michael (as Commander Hatonn), Soltec, Korton, Voltra, Kadar Sutko and Kadar Mon-Ka
Excerpts from the Book "Star Wards" by Richard T. Miller

Christ Michael (as Pleiadian Commander Hatonn), Soltec, Korton, Voltra, Kadar Sutko and Kadar Mon-Ka through Richard Miller. Excerpts from the Book "Star Wards" (Publisher: Solar Cross Foundation). Article taken from:

Dear Friends:
I have received inner guidance to share with you several key excerpts from one of the classics in the authentic extraterrestrial literature: Star Wards, channeled by Richard T. Miller and published by The Solar Cross Foundation in 1979.

On 7 January 1948, Richard Miller was an eye-witness to the early stages of the so-called UFO cover-up following the death of Captain Thomas Mantell, who lost consciousness and crashed while attempting to pursue a UFO in his F-51.

On 30 October 1954, Richard Miller was contacted by Soltec of Alpha Centauri, a fifth-dimensional space being of the Galactic Survey, who informed him that they had already contacted the political leaders of Planet Earth with very disappointing results and that they were now beginning to contact ordinary citizens capable of telepathic communication.

On 7 December 1955, Richard Miller began serving as a conscious channel for telepathic messages from fifth-dimensional emissaries of solar and galactic government, such as Hatonn, Korton, Voltra, Soltec, Sutko, and Mon-Ka.

On 12 February 1958, Hatonn [Christ Michael, Creator Son of Nebadon] transmitted a momentous message which included the following words: "Soon our physical presence on Earth is called for. Earth is about to experience the dawn of a New Age. The Human Race… is about to become extinct. Those who remain on Earth will have made a transition and will now be MAN… Even as we speak, a Great ‘Light" from the cosmos draws closer to the Solar System containing Earth. Soon it will fill the heavens, and the Earth will be transfigured." (Page 45).

"In the year 1962, Kadar Sutko of the Solar Tribunal [of Saturn] became a representative of the Galactic Tribunal. The Solar Tribunal on Saturn elected Mon-Ka, of Mars, to be the new leader. Mon-Ka, now officially Kadar Mon-Ka, began his new position and duties at that time." (Page 177).

On 22 September 1970, Kadar Mon-Ka revealed: "The Earth is unique in that it is the only planet where combativeness and competition between life forms exists —where the ‘survival of the fittest’ is the supreme order. Now, perhaps, you will know why, through eons of time, we have been so concerned about the Planet Earth." (Page 185).

On 23 September 1970, Soltec predicted: "The constitutional form of government, under which the United States has existed, will cease to exist. It will be replaced by a so-called benevolent dictatorship… It is necessary, people of Earth, to state that many upon your world will face death for lack of food… Your national history… will be besmirched by much more intense forms of imprisonment, because your new-found leaders will not tolerate dissension of any type… That which I have described to you at this time will… occur within the next thirty of your years… At that time, a transition towards a beneficial New Age in your world will start to occur." (Pages 189-191).

On 30 May 1973, Kadar Mon-Ka submitted the following eloquent request to the members of the Saturn Tribunal who govern our solar system: "As it is known to many who are gathered here at this time, I have had the honor of representing the planet Earth, as its unknown advocate, before this body. And, if you will pardon my levity of the moment, my responsibilities in accepting the office of the Kadar of this Tribunal, instead of relieving me of certain duties, merely added the weight of responsibilities to which I am now happily accustomed… For, it is known amongst all of you that there is responsibility and… that there are upon planet Earth our people, our brothers and sisters, who in a coming day and time will realize a reunion that they never dreamed existed. I most humbly submit for the approval of this Tribunal, for the actions of the Galactic Council, the request that there be rendered all assistance possible to those men and women upon planet Earth who are sincerely seeking for an understanding of who they truly are, what they are to be, and an answer to the riddle of why they live their lives. It is within the scope of our abilities to present this knowledge and an understanding to those upon the planet Earth who ask to receive it." (Pages 221-222).

On 28 March 1975, Hatonn [Christ Michael, Creator Son of Nebadon] had this to say about the radical changes that we are now in the midst of: "Oh, people of Earth, you are undergoing change. Even as these words enter your awareness, your bodies are changing… All matter upon your world is changing —the result of your Earth returning to its natural state after so many eons of existence in an unnatural state… All about you, that which has seemed real to your peoples is now being exposed as illusion… You are witnessing throughout your world the massive failure of your governmental systems. You are seeing… the hypocrisy, the fraud, the deceit that is present in these governmental bodies… Your governments, as those who are governed become aware of how they have been manipulated and misled, will crumble… When your planet has undergone the transition that it is now experiencing, there will be no falseness in your environment. Only that which is true will exist… You either live in the Light, in truth, in reality, or you will not exist upon the planet Earth, for any other condition will find the Earth to be inhospitable." (Pages 270-271).

On 20 August 1978, Korton predicted: "There is coming a time when our appearance will be made to all of Earth’s peoples." (Page 338).

Also on 20 August 1978, Kadar Mon-Ka addressed the following words to the Saturn Tribunal: "As all of you have been made aware, I have chosen to represent the planet in this system termed Earth, as their unknown and unofficial representative, I speak therefore at this moment, not as Kadar Mon-Ka of this Tribunal, but as Mon-Ka, a representative of the Planet Earth… Your affirmative action will shorten the span of time necessary for our objectives to be reached, that of bringing as many of humanity as possible into a heightened degree of awareness —so they will be able to comprehend us and successfully function in the new vibratory state that the Earth is approaching." (Pages 341-343).

On 27 October 1979, Kadar Mon-Ka concluded the transmissions for the book Star Wards with these words: "To all of you on Planet Earth, a time of enlightenment and a great awakening is soon to be experienced… All life forms that have or will have achieved the degree of awareness necessary to graduate to this new state of reality and being will be present as day one of the New Age dawns on Planet Earth. All life forms that have not reached this new state of vibration and awareness will vanish from the Earth in wave after wave of cosmic exodus… If what I have shared with you… has stirred your innate character… then prepare yourselves… to receive the Light of the Radiant One and to welcome us, your brothers and sisters of the stars, who are the Heavenly Host in the Second Coming of the Light to your world… . And this shall be within a few short years of your time." (Pages 356-357).

In Love’s pure Light, All-Is-One Heartsong.

Christ Michael (as Commander Hatonn)
The Most Important Teaching in the Phoenix Journals

Christ Michael Aton (as Pleiadian Commander Hatonn). Excerpts from the Phoenix Journal 28. Article taken from:

There are more evil adversaries of Christ and God in the so-called Christian churches than you will find anywhere in any group, dead or alive; and I think "dead" might fit the Christian Churches as a whole.

Dear ones, it is not a matter of accepting or denying the Man Emmanuel "Jesus"—it is a refusal to recognize the “Christed Path” not the Man. You MUST understand that evil was birthed on your place in far greater numbers than are God-following Children of Light.

— PJ 28 — page 232

Earth is an adversarial dwelling place. We refer to it as a prison colony where those who would not come into balance and within the Creation’s laws and cosmic rules were placed-sent, if you will, for reclamation and rehabilitation. Original sin? Well, I don’t know what you mean by that phrase exactly, but the original sin was not that which is touted unto you—it is that your ancestors were simply a Godless bunch of hoodlums.

There is no NICE way to put it. God told you then, He has told you now; He sent Christ teachers then and He sends them now—to show you the way back within the fold of Truth and Godness. If you as a planet full of people refuse to turn away from the evil things of the physical you are doomed to re-experience until you recognize your plight and set your path to right. Does this mean that ALL have to change? No, we can take as few or as many Home when we return Home as are suitable to go.

At any rate one way or the other—planet Earth is going to be emptied of all evil that she might begin to be reclaimed and she is coming from metamorphosis into her new dimensional frequency and that which is left shall be healed, nurtured and recreated by God. Whether you move with her into her glory or transport to another experience is unto each of you.

Our job as the Hosts come before God unto you is to bring you the Truth of it and He is coming to take those sorted ones who claim Him into His places of security. As a species you have moved into the places with evil and follow the adversary (anti-Christ). Does this mean that all Christians are anti-Christians? Most are. What about these “Jews and/or Khazars“? Most are—and most non-Christians are anti-Christ but those who follow that Christ Path are not, they are of Christ and God. Christ is a state of being, not a label of a given Man. If you are against the laws of God and The Creation—YOU ARE AN ANTI-CHRIST, no more and no less, and going to church every Sunday does not make you otherwise.

It is simply that the Anti-Christ beings have chosen this route and "RELIGION" to hopefully prevail and bring the world into total evil. In the long-run it matters not for it is an experience as a school-room and after a given number of years the physical is put aside as being experienced, changed and re-changed. This is why Truth is being brought forth in this final cycle for you ones are ready to blow away the planet and it is not suitable that you do so. All ones will be given opportunity to accept Truth and change intent—if you choose "not" then so be it for you shall simply be left to experience in the absence of God. I promise you, threaten you —whatever you wish to call it— you will not be forced by any of God’s Hosts to do either one—ours is to remind you of the Laws of Truth and God is the Word and so shall it come unto you and then YOU shall have responsibility for self! He certainly will not whisk you to the clouds in exchange for your false knowledge and the false teachings of those who deceive you.

YOU will answer for your own intent, there will be no absolution because another MAN shed his blood 2000 years ago. It is the Lighted Path of Truth given for you to follow —not the bloody evil of killing at the hands of an evil mob which is intended for your learning.

When the Christed Teacher told you that "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life and except through me shall no man come into the Kingdom of God", that is exactly that which he meant. He did not mean by "me, the Man, by some label or other"—BUT

— PJ 28 — page 233

THROUGH THE ROUTE OF THE CHRISTED TRUTH. And so it shall be—absolutely, no if’s, and’s or "but I thought’s"! Men shall be in the fields at a certain time and one shall be chosen and one shall be left—where will YOU be? I care not that which you CALL selves, i.e., Christians, Jews, Judeans, Khazars, Islamics and thus and so. God sees not your labels—He sees only Truth for GOD IS TRUTH and ONLY TRUTH SHALL COME WITHIN THE HOLY PLACES. “But I thought—”, simply will not cut the cloth, my friends.

I tell you now that you may not go forth and denounce the Khazars and/or the Jews and find you have whipped the anti-Christ. I am only writing these portions of this Journal to allow you to see that you have been WRONG in your perceptions. Anti-Christ comes from all walks, all creeds, all colors and all human species, just as does Christ-ness.

What I am telling you is that you blame and expect the wrong parties to show up at Armageddon. You look for your enemy closely, my friends, and find that you are they! You, along with the majority of the world, have fallen into the trap. What you should concern self about is how do you extricate yourself from the trap already sprung upon you.

Then you watch the clues of the world events to see WHERE and from which direction thine enemy will strike—for that you can accept the prophecies for the enemy has already told you what to expect. If you are of God and/or God’s Hosts in service—you shall be removed into security, at any rate. If you still serve the adversary in attention only to physical Earthly matters, ye shall undoubtedly forfeit that physical manifestation for you will have failed the lessons.

I promise you that if you come into Oneness with God—you will care not at the moment of earthquakes, etc., other than as a curiosity for ye will have prepared self against that day. I do not mean in a worldly manner—however, if ye have come into attunement with God and are receiving Truth in the WORD then you shall be otherwise prepared also.

How many will make the journey Home? You look around and tell me how many you discern living totally within the laws of God and The Creation? On a day like today, I would say we won’t be too crowded aboard ship. How many will SEE GOD? ALL! Ah, but most simply turn away! Well, chelas, it is not a matter of letting someone else do it, of letting someone else walk the Path.


— PJ 28 — page 234


The Arcturian Group
Protests and Dissatisfaction Among People. Message of June 8, 2014

The Arcturians Group channeled through Marilyn Rafaelle on Saturday June 7, 2014. Message taken from:

Dear ones, again we speak to you of the many changes taking place within this present timeline as mankind Ascends into a new and higher dimensional energy. There are many still unaware of what is going on and thus continue to live their lives as usual, even trying to convince awakening family and friends to continue in the old ways. However, these dear ones are finding that to continue trying to live in energies that are quickly disappearing, does not bring the desired or familiar results. Much third dimensional energy and its manifestation has dissolved or is beginning to dissolve now.

The protests and dissatisfaction you observe among the people of many countries is because they have begun to resonate with the new and higher frequencies resulting in an awakening dissatisfaction with the old, leading them to seek change through new forms of governance, living, education, medicine etc. So called "leaders" of many of these countries feel threatened by change and do not respond, choosing instead to lash out with violence and rejection. Eventually these "leaders" must fall because the energy holding these situations in place is dissolving. Where does the shadow go when light is shown into it? In your quiet time focus on peace, not on anti-war. You see, there is a different energy in resistance to anything. Resistance gives power to something that in reality has no power, and is a facet of duality.

Old false concepts and beliefs based in duality and separation cannot be carried with you forever, and through choice and intent must be consciously as well as unconsciously cleared from your energy field. However, being open to moving beyond what is familiar is a free will choice. There are many who are ready but unwilling, and they will continue to do what they always done, relying on what they have been told by others and looking outside of themselves believing that they already have all the answers.

Each must decide for themselves when enough is enough and this is sensed through a lack of resonance with the old ways which in turn leads to a time of questioning and seeking. At some point the spiritual student will begin to practice what he has learned and live out from a higher state of awareness, drawing to himself other seekers and spiritual students. Friends, co-workers, and family do not always recognize that an individual has changed, but will observe and often criticize his new responses to outside pressures and daily issues. Those ready will be drawn to his energy and will begin ask him about his spiritual journey.

Many of you are finding that you no longer resonate with people, ideas, entertainments, laws, etc., that you previously fully embraced. This is because your vibrational resonance has shifted and is no longer aligned with them as before. That which you love and accept is that with which you are aligned on the same frequency with. This is why most cannot see Guides or relatives that have passed on —the human eye is unable to align with the higher frequencies of the Light Body. This is also the secret of happy relationships.

You may not even realize any change has taken place until you go about your day experiencing it differently. Once an individual has the intention to clear and release old energy, the deeper clearings will begin. Some clearing has already begun for everyone on whatever level they are ready to embrace, offering them an opportunity to grow. Clearing often takes place in sleep and can be experienced as a frightening dream which is simply the old energy of some past experience releasing.

At this time much of what needs to be looked at and cleared is presenting as chaos —things out of sync, relationships no longer working, breakdowns on all levels. When these things happen, go deeper —examine your belief system very honestly, dear ones, taking time to sit quietly with paper and pen writing down: "What am I believing that is making me feel this way, experience these things, or to have these difficulties?" Be very, very honest with yourself, for this is not a time to play games and make excuses. After you recognize some belief you are holding, ask yourself, "Is this true or is it simply something I have believed because I was told it was true?"  This is work, dear ones, because nothing will happen or change without individual effort and intention. There is no one coming with a magic wand, you are your magic wand. Those of you who resonate with these messages are already doing the work, helping to create the new world. This is Ascension.

As you go about your day you will start to have seemingly irrelevant but new ideas and experiences. Never be afraid to act upon these new insights —speaking your truth and having the courage to say "no" if something feels old and finished for you.

There are still many who hunger deeply for the love and acceptance they are entitled to, but in ignorance continually look outside of themselves for that which is within. Because of this, these dear ones say "yes" to everyone and every idea no matter how personally destructive it may be and regardless of how much it may not resonate with them, they believe that by saying yes they will be accepted and loved. This yearning and search for that which can only be found within, is the root of all problems and is the bottom line of all actions resulting in imprisonment.

Fear of "bucking the system" is usually the result of past life experiences in which an individual was forced to align with those in power under threat of severe punishment or death. The energy of these powerful experiences remains held in physical cellular memory as well as in the emotional body until cleared. The emotional body dictates to daily living in many ways. If the emotional body is filled with fear and other negative emotions it can influence the choice to clear the physical and mental bodies. When you experience fear emotions, recognize them for what they are —old memories (you do not need to know the exact cause), then give gratitude that now you are evolved enough to acknowledge, clear, and stop dragging these old energies with you from lifetime to lifetime.

Make it your daily intention to release and clear any old energies still resonating within your physical, emotional, or mental bodies —anything not resonating with truth and Light. Consciously state your intention to release all lower resonating cellular memories stemming from old vows and promises, physical inheritance beliefs, painful experiences, diseases, etc., etc., (whatever you are guided to address).

Arcturian Group wishes to speak to that which causes so many to resist change, for we see many ready for the new truths, but who consistently resist bringing truth into their lives. These dear ones believe truth to be very nice ideas, but far too impractical for actual daily living. They believe that they must get on with their lives in more practical ways, ways given them by the "experts" and familiarity. Dear ones, if you are to evolve you must begin to LIVE and practice truth until becomes your state of consciousness at which time it will become the practical every day way of living for you.

Living spiritually is the most practical way of living there is, for you begin to create from truth and not from the illusory concepts of duality and separation. Meditation is the best beauty treatment a person can give themselves. As an individual begins to understand his true essence to be completeness, harmony, wholeness and all the qualities embodied within the Divine Consciousness, he will begin to manifest this in everyday living.

Resistance to change and opening to truth is always fear.  Fear of the unknown, fear of losing self along with all that has been held as necessary and important —the belief system that has been one’s foundation. The third dimensional energy of duality and separation causes people to see themselves as separate beings who must personally struggle and strive for every good. Letting go of these beliefs means a letting go of the personal sense of self —EGO. This can feel like a death and be very scary, for one’s foundation is being pulled out from under them. However you must understand that nothing real can ever be lost, only that false sense of self, SELF is forever. The real foundation will appear as the illusory one dissolves. Let go of the dream, dear ones, let go.

Trust is the answer. Trust practiced through knowing that you are always being guided and helped. Try to see those times of chaos as blessings, revelations of beliefs you still hold needing to be cleared. Try not to claim any painful experiences and emotions you may be having as yours, personal to you, for this will give these clearing emotions a home once again. Instead, allow them to release and be gone through your awareness of what is happening, knowing that they are impersonal regardless of how awful you may feel as they flow through and out. Try and stay centered, rest, and drink lots of water when you are going through the deeper levels of intense clearing which many of you are experiencing right now.

Mankind over time and through ignorance has given away personal power by believing that others know better than they about how life should be lived. Over eons of time, individuals have learned to distrust themselves allowing this belief system to become the consciousness of each following generation. There will always be those who loudly proclaim their expertise about any and all topics but the choice of believing them is up to you.

Begin to trust your intuition and act upon it for this is your connection to your Higher Self. Begin to actually accept that you are a Divine expression and that everything you need is already present within your consciousness. Know that you have access to as much and probably more information than that person loudly proclaiming their leadership and knowledge. This does not mean you cannot consult someone who specializes in the sort of help or information you may be seeking —it may be the only way you can get to a deeper understanding of something at this point in your development. However, begin to understand that those who serve in these ways are guiding you toward the answers you seek, but they are not the source of them. Your own consciousness draws to you that which you need, in the forms you can relate to.

Pull back from constant news and media hype about what you must have and need in order to be happy and healthy, along with all the self-serving political nonsense you are exposed to at all levels. Question the statements of all who would have you believe they have all the answers and solutions for you and the world. It is time for mankind to put on their long pants and get “spines" so to speak for this is a vitally important time in the spiritual journey of mankind and if the opportunity is ignored, he will be left behind.

Because of the gift of free will, every individual can take as long as he wants or needs to evolve, how you use this gift is your choice. Think about what you choose, dear ones, for the time is NOW.  We are the Arcturian Group.

Esu Speaks on Many Topics

Esu Immanuel Sananda through Jess Anthony, message published in AbundantHope with date Tuesday August 5, 2014. Message taken from:

Jess: Esu, let’s begin.

Esu: Jess, this is a comprehensive discussion of many topics. It is time I addressed material that will be important in the days and weeks ahead.

Many of you see how the world goes —its games for power and physical dominance. I am very aware of the sources and the projections for these actions, who is pulling the strings and who is being duped. Man has created this impasse, unfortunately, and it will be his problem to resolve. He can have as much help ask as he asks for, both physically and spiritually, but he more often than not acts as if he can find the solution on his own.

The knottiest problems are interconnected, and one set of actions is predicated on an assumption of change in other sections. Military aggression is based on a belief in economic security; economic risks are based on a presumption of sovereignty. Governmental control depends on power to determine behavior. People’s behavior is manipulated through a conditioned lack of reason. Dictated educational emphases and politicized religious teachings play a major role in restricting man’s ability to perceive objectively.

This tangle of cultural necessities generally precludes any sort of reasoned discernment. Man goes through his motions without much question of their purpose. He is locked into an existence that asks him to use his physical capabilities without question. Any sense of misgiving or dissatisfaction is labeled disloyal to the superimposed program.

The notion of man being unable to examine his situation’s effectiveness for his life’s purpose is completely at odds with the spiritual mission he was created to undertake. Man is an extension of his Creator, and, as such, he is designed to explore and experience for Him. Creation is nothing but an idea manifested to allow learning from its manifestation.

A distinctive misperception of man’s place in creation has contributed to the type of problems he has developed. To root out elements of rebellion against his plan for the Universe, the Creator placed his worst antagonists in spiritual quarantine to prevent a direct involvement with his plans. Disruptors had to rediscover the true nature of Creation’s purpose through their own experiences.

Earth’s initial overseers were involved with the rebellion, and man who incarnated here intentionally evolved without a direct awareness of his true spiritual nature. A reconnection with spirit remained possible, but it required a willingness to cultivate an alignment with universal perceptions beyond basic individual needs. Man’s spiritual development was further complicated by a physical hybridization carried out by off-world explorers seeking to exploit Earth’s resources. Man was made physically stronger but mentally subservient to his controllers’ wishes.

To help man grow beyond his imposed limitations, many teachers and examples of truth and beauty have appeared throughout history to spark an awareness of man’s existence beyond the routine. Art, philosophy, and religious beliefs have all grown from this inspiration. Man’s perception of these spiritual truths has, unfortunately, remained tarnished and distorted. A few incarnates with a need to impose their ideas on the many have continued using these examples for their own purposes. Symbols of universal spiritual truth still are distorted from their purity to become tools for control and manipulation.

This manipulation will change only when man begins to modify his view of himself and his existence. We have provided numerous examples and teachings over the decades to less avail than we had hoped. Some of the more perceptive have developed the ability to view themselves objectively and see the disconnection from the Creator’s wishes their life exhibits. Most, however, remain blind to the damage caused by their controlled behavior.

While we haven’t given up on man’s realization of his need to realign his individual purpose with that of his Creator, we have decided to move ahead with a bigger agenda of which man is only a part. Earth and its section of the Creator’s universe must change the frequency of its energy to raise it to a dimensional level more in sync with the intention of its original design. Many manifestations of imbalance and disharmony will be changed as a result, or eliminated completely, in order for this part of creation to function more in alignment with spiritual truth. Man’s egotistical drive for control and sovereignty has, in the past, taken his planet to a level of damage that was considered almost unrepairable. Earth nearly was wiped clean to allow it to start again in several thousand years with new dimensional mandates. If that had happened, man would have been removed along with all the other damaging aberrations.

This changed when enough of Earth’s population began to see the larger purpose coordinating their previously myopic existence. They began to understand that man had a much larger spiritual mission on Earth. Rather than view themselves as disconnected beings struggling to find some sort of defining identity, they realized that each man was part of a vast spiritual network that was an extension of the Creator’s universal vision.

Man also began to realize he was responsible for how he lived within that universe. He saw that all his actions and reactions were extensions of his own perception. Decisions based solely on self-interest were recognized as often being misaligned with higher spiritual intentions. Actions based on these personal motives tended to ignore other peoples’ interests. This selfish lack of consideration led to disagreements and outright struggle. Man’s history on this planet has been one of egotistical concerns and dominance over others. Earth’s inhabitants long ago gave up their spiritual alignment with the Creator’s truth to focus on sensory gratification and personal satisfaction. Man’s achievements have been a compromise as result-productions that don’t exemplify the true possibilities of co-creations shaped by universal truths.

A desire for control has manifested in greed and restriction. The ones successful in grasping more have created a system to prevent others from being as successful. Resources are controlled and given out in monitored portions. This system benefits those running the process, but robs those being manipulated. More control breeds more governance over others being controlled. Cultural systems are developed to ensure that control remains. Options for other choices are removed, and man’s long experience with dictated behavior lulls him into a sense of unthinking apathy. This is amplified through constantly coordinated explanations and limited releases of information. As a result, those manipulated don’t realize they are not in control.

The ones who have assumed power over the Earth’s resources dictate what policies the supposedly representative governments issue to control their electorate. Elected officials ignore those they speak for and negotiate with power brokers to secure their own place in the controlling group. To placate the voters, the officials broadcast false images to disguise the reality of man’s existence. Fears are ramped up to foster distrust and anger and avoid any sort of closer examination. Half-truths are churned out continually to prevent more than the most superficial discernment.

This is changing. Every day more and more wake up to a realization they are being controlled. The onslaught of spiritual truth is unstoppable at this point.

The decision was made that the Earth will change, and since enough of its inhabitants awakening to at least a glimmer of the Creator’s vision, there was an agreement that Man would also Ascend along with his surroundings. That decision was unprecedented, and the ramifications involved in working out that process have made this path to Ascension more difficult than expected. The vast numbers of people involved is a factor, along with the near collapse of the planet, and the critical levels of their states of awareness and physical readiness have affected the timeline of when is optimum.

At this point, the difficulties have been resolved and the process has begun, although those attempting to control man are still resisting this inevitable transformation. They are fighting with every last effort they can imagine to preserve what they see is slipping from them. Decisions are becoming increasingly irrational and desperate. Rumors of wars are a smoke-and-mirrors tactic to use man’s emotional memories to block his ability to discern the insanity of his leaders’ intentions. The loud propaganda accompanying these threats conveniently masks the moral and financial bankruptcy of those calling for war. Those who are in fact controlling the money are using government leaders to manufacture these scenarios for invasion, not for idealistic reasons, but to boost revenue by seizing control of other nation’s assets.

Do not be misled. Do not accept an explanation you haven’t determined yourself. Examine what is happening. Discern the reasons events take place. Follow the thread of benefits to see who profits from everything. Once you do this, realize the role you play in this. Each person can control only his own individual circumstances, but if his decisions are aligned with the larger spiritual purpose of the Creator, each action will affect many beyond the situation itself. Always remember you have to act responsibly for yourself with the knowledge of why you choose to act in a certain way. Once you do this, you begin to engage with the network of humanity you are a part of.

Now is the time to begin this. Now is the time to start stepping away from chaos into a glorious expression of the Universe’s purpose. Change is coming and you must embrace your role. Esu.

Message from a Being Called Elohel

Elohel through Hazel, message channeled on Sunday August 3, 2014, and published in AbundantHope with date Wednesday August 6, 2014. Message taken from:

This is the Ancient One, a Being of Light resplendent in love, perfected in the Light of the essential One. I come in the Source. I come to bring thee a certain missive.

I come from the realms of Light in the heighten Creation. I am from beyond your local Universe called Nebadon. Enchanted am I to view your life on this plane. There is great dereliction at this time prevailing upon thy simple Earth. We watch not in amusement as the hideous outworking of machinations of the lower consciousness outworks itself in your innocent land.

It is time for you to begin to prepare for intervention, for this you will see quite soon on your place, and the edict is about to be released. We the ones of the higher realms have been summoned to intervene in the perplexity that contagiously pervades your Earth.

Life will begin to develop a new momentum. The issues that are now explaining themselves in your world through discord will continue, yet we have been asked, of the realms on high, to remain close. There is little time left, for with certainty the rigors of human life will change as higher energies now demand change.

The bestial practices of the human nature will fall and crumble as the Divine begins to descend, for in truth the Divine essence has begun to descend creatively in ways that you cannot begin to contain. You have no control over this. It is to be. The celestial realms weep at the catastrophic happenings on your plane, but man is being exposed to his own choices, his very creation.

He has another choice available to him but it requires him to entertain the essence of God, the Creator, the Specialist of Creation. Will he do so? Will he do so? It is unlikely. What remains is for the higher realms to pour its energy towards thee and this is in session.

Peace can be yours of the choosing. We cannot give to you peace. You must choose it. You are now walking a fine line between survival and total eradication. The Creator over lights thee and has begun to descend to return, to receive and to repair. Polarities will shift, enlightenment will dawn again.

Sadly it will not be of man’s choosing, but life cannot continue in the spectrum of disease and disastrous living. It must now be contained and so shall it be. The life of the One, the expression of the One will make itself known on your plane in derivative ways. Be on the lookout. I am the one known as Elohel, I come from beyond your Universe. Elohel.

Christ Michael
A Way Is Being Made for the Earth Plane Now

Christ Michael through Hazel, message channeled on Sunday August 3, 2014, and published in AbundantHope with date Wednesday August 6, 2014. Message taken from:

Michael of Nebadon comes as Commander Hatonn (Hatonn). A way is being made for the Earth plane now.

Enough is enough. Time is at hand. Be prepared. Relish the changes that are upon the Earth.
Prepare to stand up and do your duties and task which will become apparent in days to come.
Much is occurring now on periphery of your world. The Ladders are being let down. Beings are beginning to enter. You will not see us. We will take you by surprise.
Some natural changes to occur on your Earth.
Some will have to be plucked out of the Earth who bring contamination on your plane.
Prepare, engage with us. Renounce the left hand and choose the right. He who shall elevate you beyond this place… He says: “Time out.”
I am the told: Change is coming. Some things will move very quickly. Something is being allowed to happen on the Earth. This is a warning.
He will come again to bring a longer message.

Infinite Mother Spirit
Many Victories to Be

The Infinite Spirit or Infinite Mother Spirit through Shellee-Kim, message channeled on Wednesday July 23, 2014, and published in AbundantHope with date Tuesday August 12, 2014. Message taken from: Infinite Spirit is the Third Person of the Sacred Trinity of Havona, the Third Source and Center, the Conjoint Actor.  It is a female spirit and represents the Mother in the Trinity. The other personalities are the Father and the Son.

I am here, beloved children. It is a most great and gracious day today and I am in a state of joyous delirium for the stamp of approval on the affairs of man has been given the go-ahead in Heaven, which means we now step forward with our various bestowals. We here —of Heaven and in the skies— is what I speak of. And you will now begin to see manifestation of that which allows us to step forth visibly amongst you.

Shellee-Kim [SK]: What do you mean when you say “… which allows us to step forth visibly amongst you”? Do you mean on the ground or limited to ships visible in the sky?

Infinite Mother Spirit [IMS]: I am speaking of both. Those who come from the stars on their ships will make their presence known. While others whose mission it is to accompany you on the ground, will begin to appear around the globe. And this will mark the beginning of our Ground Crew meeting with the Heavenly Crew, as it were.

All is to flow freely now, unobstructed, unimpeded and in much the way as we have planned for it that you all on Earth might be given an opportunity to fully participate in these, the last days of this cycle on Earth.

The best is kept for last, it is told. And this is most certainly what this final phase will produce —the best. The best amongst men, the best actions executed FOR men and the best choices made subsequently. Not without trial and error, as you have been told numerous times. However, this will pale into insignificance in the light of the fuller picture as IT emerges amongst all.

We are ecstatic and I am delighted with the outcome of the great many efforts from outside/our side? [SK: not audible on recording] and YOURS and the subsequent breakthroughs that create this space for humankind to easier discern that which IS from now on. This makes everything all the easier for the many whose future choices hinge upon discerning truth.

We are having a moment to celebrate our victory —one of many to be. And for each forthcoming one shall we celebrate in just the same way for all THESE are jobs exceedingly well done by all involved.

And my gratitude and my love in deep appreciation go out to all for all efforts made. Of course, as you perceive it, the action has not visibly begun on your plane. But you may call this the preliminary work, if you like, the necessary preparatory steps to allowing the visible to begin to manifest. That you may see it, that you may know it.

For you, precious ones of Source: There is surprise upon surprise in store for you. And when we say surprises, I mean those of the best possible kind: Rewards, joys, for service and commitment long given. And this will strangely be juxtaposed against many of the upcoming chaotic moments you will also be immersed in. The two go hand in hand in your case, you could say, and will occur simultaneously.

All that you have given, do remember, will be given unto you. It is our joy to be the providers of such. [SK: Garbled on the recording here.] Your work —which many of you have longed for and some have almost given up on— …. ever presenting the necessary possibilities. Your work is shortly to begin….??? All is in place now. All is as it should be that the action might begin.

Do dwell upon this, beloved ones. For each and every one of you is our gateway to the expansion of your bright new tomorrows upon your Earth plane [SK: I see a visual of a dawn breaking]. Each one of you is especially equipped to come alive/be activated in just the right and most perfect way for you, with your own special gifts that you bring forth as an essential piece in the jigsaw puzzle.

Know this, hold it in your heart, treasure it. For you in turn are so very treasured, my beloved children. Now I will take my leave. I AM the Infinite Mother Spirit saying good bye for now. Blessed Be.

Pull the Plug

Monjoronson through Ben, message published in AbundantHope with date Tuesday October 7, 2014. Message taken from:

Candace: Ben just sent this a bit ago… Spanking Monjoronson is the author…

Greetings Citizens of Earth plane, it is the One, Monjoronson, Master, Judge, Deliverer, Executioner. I come to you through the commitment of this one in service, a being of tremendous Light, refulgent and glorious himself, in splendor, bound to this planet Terra. As many others like him, he serves in a capacity best suited to the energetic body of his essence, as directed by the Master Aton of Nebadon, Creator of this Eternal realm.

The being, who receives this message, observes with increasing perturbation the manifest absurdity of a planet in utter turmoil. He asks himself the question, in reference to his dark brothers, those darklings at the very heart of this PLANETARY CRISIS, HOW LOW CAN YOU GO? HOW FAR DOES THE ABYSS PLUNGE? WHEREFORE DOES THE CURTAINS OF THIS END TIMES WORK OF COSMIC THEATRE FINALLY DRAW CLOSED? WHEN WILL THIS MADNESS END?

Well, I would like to allay your fearful doubt about that one. Consider for a moment the Grand Conductor of this unfolding work of Majestic Orchestration, the Perfection of the One, Michael of Nebadon, THE MASTER SON WHO COMES FROM THE SOURCE AND CENTRE OF ALL THINGS, A REFLECTION OF HIS FATHER IN GLORY AND ACCOMPLISHMENT. THIS CREATOR SON HAS ACHIEVED TRUE SOVEREIGNTY OF HIS DOMAIN THROUGH THE EMULATION OF HIS FATHER’S PERFECTION, HIS FATHER’S COMPASSION.

Such a being as He has brought about His finest work to date with the subtle evolution of the dramatic GRAND FINALE of the PIVOTAL MOMENT of EPOCHAL SHIFT. And has, with great WISDOM, COMPASSION and ALLOWANCE, ACQUIESCED to the will of the children of your beleaguered planet to FEEL THE FULL FORCE OF THEIR ACTIONS to bring about full circle THE CONSEQUENCES OF YOUR CHOICES at YOUR BEHEST. And furthermore, HE HAS DONE SO IN A MANNER WHICH ALLOWED YOU TO SURVIVE THE FULL COURSE OF REVELATION AND FULFILLMENT OF YOUR HEINOUS DEVIATION FROM THE RED ROAD OF TRUTH.


There could not be a more fitting and jubilant END to this cosmic affair on your world, something wondrously exciting and effortlessly complete, something for everyone really. I must say I too have derived no small delight in watching the unfolding SUCKER PUNCH that those who would MORONICALLY and SUICIDALLY DEFY THEIR MAKER are about to experience, A GRAND SPANKING THAT WILL REVERBERATE THROUGHOUT THE UNIVERSE OF UNIVERSES, AND IT’S GOING TO LEAVE A MARK. LOL.


Divine Dancing Daughters
The Dark Ones Deliver Themselves

Divine Dancing Daughters through Shellee-Kim, message channeled on Sunday October 5, 2014, and published in AbundantHope with date Wednesday October 8, 2014. Message taken from:

We come once more, our beloved friends and family of Earth! We are delighted with the progress being made both within yourselves and the various structures within your world.

It is time, high time, that the dark ones had their comeuppance. And it comes as we speak. There is much more to be known and understood by way of accurate answers around their moves than your discussions and debates amongst yourselves and your reading and discerning can provide you with at this time.

But WE would like you to be quite assured the dark ones are most definitely to know the consequences of their many and varied actions over time, and their mass murders and continued persecution of the globe’s majority. Nothing comes without a price. And they have begged and pleaded, in a manner of speaking to have this [SK: ‘This’ is…?, but no response] which now comes.

As the first piece falls into place for you, observers, you will guess which are the cards that will fall next. And you will likely guess accurately. This will be the start of the descent of the roller-coaster that Monjoronson recently alluded to. And a most exciting journey will be had by all, it gives us pleasure to say.

Your world and its people have long wished to learn in this manner coming, and so we can only deliver and help to orchestrate the very thing chosen by you as a collective. Universal law works just the same at the collective level, as it does at the individual one. And nobody or no one can escape it, no matter how hard they try or how much will, scheming or devious plotting they may attempt to bypass or transcend it. It is not by-passable, it is of God and of His Creation and His Will which is ultimately unsurpassable.

These dark ones have held a mistaken notion about God and themselves, both for far too long. It is easy to understand why, for they have had little to challenge them in the history of this world thus far. And the more overtly unchallenged they remain, the more they will believe they can ‘win’ this game too. For this is how they see it, a win or a lose situation. There is no middle way for them, no grey in between the black and white, it is how they perceive the entirety of existence and Creation too. More is the pity that they have been unwilling to see the grey, the middle way that would shatter their own blinkers in a hurry and aid them.

But we here work with exactly what we are given to work with. And we have no qualms about feeding them to a soon-to-be very hungry pack of wolves. After all, it is the dark ones’ wish at some level of their being.

Our brothers and sisters: You are at the end of a very, very long journey. We know how exhausted you all are and how draining the path you have travelled has been on your energy. We do what we can each night as you sleep to assist you in rebalancing yourselves and to re-invigorate you in all the ways we can. You are attended to by many at this stage and the further down the road this takes you all.

Know that the end is in sight. Though many will not like or enjoy the form the end will take, yet it will, nonetheless, serve its purpose most graciously.

And finally will you and your people know freedom like never before on your planet though some will still continue to resist all that is known, all that is obvious and all that is to become plain as the light of day. These ones will merely be reacting negatively to change. But you, ones of God, will be ready to deal with them accordingly too so all balances out in the end in all spheres.

The dramatic ending and closure on your plane in this cycle has required only the fittest (of mind and spirit), the bravest, the most committed and the most devoted to the Plan of God and Christ Michael be in the lead. And you, our beloved friends, the ones chosen for this mission, are held in the highest esteem possible for doing what you have done to hold, anchor, clear and help heal wherever it has been needed.

We rejoice in you and all you have accomplished for Christ Michael, God and the Earth herself. Bless you all, beloved Children of God. We are the Divine Dancing Daughters with love and ever at your service.

Taking the Plunge

Monjoronson through Shellee-Kim, message channeled on Wednesday September 10, 2014, and published in AbundantHope with date Monday September 29, 2014. Message taken from:

Our beloved friends of Earth: You are at the top of the roller coaster ride, right about now. And are ready at this point, hopefully, for the downward plunge. Yes, expect both delighted and terrified shrieks of anticipation and shock in encompassing altogether new experiences and this applies to everyone whether awake or asleep. It is for you, awakened ones, to determine what sort of screams you are hearing that you may know best how to respond. Yes, this long-planned roller coaster ride has taken quite some time to reach the peak, longer than many anticipated, including us. All the better that we now have the necessary momentum for this next leg of the journey. It will certainly move fast and furiously.

Many of you, awakened ones, will be whooping in great joy at what you see and experience. Everything you and we both have been preparing for now comes to fruition. Make sure you are at the ready and your sleeves rolled up, prepared to spring into action at a moment’s notice.

The dark ones are just about done in nailing the final nail in their own coffins. They haven’t needed much encouragement. For they are hell-bent on their own self-destruction. But they will not be taking any souls further down with them. They will go only with those wishing to play Slave to their self-selected Master role. No more will their reign of terror amongst the many on Earth be a consideration. Source has deemed it so. And so it is.

And then, out of the chaos begins the real work. That of the re-education of the population at large. Between our side and yours you cannot go wrong. This joint operation has been in the making for some while already. And we anticipate great success and mutual learning in our exchange. I do here mean the galactic crew whose mission it is to join with you. Numbers are needed on the ground and this plan goes a long way in resolving this issue.

We are very, very pleased to see how so many of you ones —our most cherished ground crew— are taking seriously the need to take yourselves in hand. And the diligence with which you are doing your further necessary healing and clearing work that you may create closer connections with your God Within and ourselves. This is most encouraging to see.

And yes, the collective and individual impulsing towards this is helping you all along here also. By this I mean the openings that have created opportunity for extra assistance (of an energetic nature) to be given you. Of course, we expect no less from you as those on the frontline to-be. Your lives will be changing both from the outside in and the inside out simultaneously and you are to know you are under constant surveillance, as well as having those walking alongside you who will be offering you protection, if needs be. All this and more is being given unto you that you have the utmost confidence in yourselves, maintaining the necessary poise and calm required of you.

We move onto another point I wish to make. It is in all of your personal interests for you and your immediate future unfoldment that you allow yourselves to receive more fully. Some of you have difficulties with this. But holding onto your past feelings of unworthiness will not be serving you now. Please allow with grace as all is to be offered and given you with the same grace.

Do make sure your diaries have a big chunk of empty space in them. You will be needing this to attend to a variety of requirements around you: Everything from training to teaching, counseling, resolution, group participation meetings, healings for others (physical, emotional, spiritual) and conflict resolution. In addition to many practical ways you will be required to be hands-on.

All in all, most busy times ahead for you all. I wish you every success. We know you will come out of it all with much gained and consolidated within. The manner in which you bring yourselves to each situation requiring your participation will be your ultimate tests. You are already winners. Know this.

This will be all for now. I AM Monjoronson signing off.

Infinite Mother Spirit
In the Final Moments

The Infinite Spirit or Infinite Mother Spirit through Shellee-Kim, message channeled on Tuesday October 14 and Wednesday 15, 2014, and published in AbundantHope with date Sunday October 19, 2014. Message taken from: Infinite Spirit is the Third Person of the Sacred Trinity of Havona, the Third Source and Center, the Conjoint Actor.  It is a female spirit and represents the Mother in the Trinity. The other personalities are the Father and the Son.

Infinite Mother Spirit [IMS]: Indeed, there is some very good news for you all in the pipeline now… [Private pep talk between IMS and SK here for a bit…]. SK: OK, well, please, don’t let me stop you from your public message… continue on as you will.

IMS: All is very well in our realms. Plans are taking shape in a whole new way that signifies a New Day for you all. It is time to know the start of the changes that you all so desperately have wished for.

The dark ones know this cannot be staved off any longer. And it is with some regret that we have decided to allow a more cutting and forceful end to their reign of terror than we had originally planned for. I use the words ‘cutting’ and ‘forceful’ with deliberation for the dark ones will feel the full brunt and power of both those words but in the nastiest of ways for they will be on the receiving end of the whims and deep anger of the many.

Their exit route will not be as gradual as originally planned, but, regardless of its speed, the same objectives will be achieved. All they have worked so hard towards, have expended so much energy over, is due to their sheer misbe-lie-f (as you like to say, Dear Daughter of Mine) that they could not possibly fail. An extremely sad wastage of energy and waste of a lifetime, yet another they have chosen to fall foul of.

For us, this is all in a day’s work. For each of you incarnate on Earth —the greatest school in your universe and beyond— a grand opportunity presents at every turn for your growth, your learning and thus your further advancement on your eternal journey as you have previously been told.

The realms of the liquid Light are open to all, all can access them if they make the grade to do so. There are no higher dimensions that are exclusive to some and inaccessible to others, but it is a question of preparation in order to enter.

This is nothing more or less than the equivalent of studying effort you may put into to obtaining your degree at university or your final year at high school, that you may be awarded your school certificate. Of course, there are some that are fond of cramming all in at the final moment before you sit the examination, and this can present mixed results, while others are slow, but steady and committed students who choose to tackle a little each day and as each lesson presents; working harder on those elements that present challenges to their understanding and absorption process. Though the latter may have had to sacrifice on some ‘fun’ times of indulgence, friendship and pleasure shared in the short term, in the long term their approach will prove to be a winning one where pleasures will take on a whole new meaning.

Yes, pleasures of the earth are but a paltry shadow in comparison with the totality of all that CAN be experienced. And those that have chosen to sacrifice some of their life for the All and for God shall know pleasures and celebration and indulgences beyond even what the remotest corner of imagination has not yet been fully able to conjure up. All to be divinely and galactically orchestrated.

And this will be a most sublime experience, you will see. Please do allow yourselves to imagine what it might be like to live in a state of celebration, of joy, not momentarily, but permanently! Can you imagine this, beloveds? Dear Daughter of Mine, there are now to come forces that will work alongside you to help you achieve your immediate short terms plans.

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I mean this collectively, beloved. For this is what we are executing at this time: A plan for the collective of humanity to shift gear. The forces that will aid humanity will be ones that are entirely benevolent, but as yet unknown to most of you. You will be surprised initially as to what they will suggest you implement. Yet you will see and hear much innovation from them that will inspire you to think quite differently about much. Think of it as a helping hand up when most needed.

The trickle-down effect now takes a sudden and sharp rise in acceleration which speeds up further towards the moment of manifestation all of you await. Ensuring you are well prepared for all and any eventualities —many of which you have studied and been educated about— will now see you in good stead for the coming months. You are not expected to do everything alone and many will be dispatched to aid our ground crew when the time is right.

For now, though, stay alert to yourselves in particular, to the places within that need smoothing, the areas within you that are not aligned to the Father and your Higher Selves. You may use this time to get yourselves aligned and to release the last of your baggage. You cannot take it with you into the new world, beloveds. So letting it go is all you can do. The time is now for this.

You have done a great deal of expanding and healing, as I look at many of you. It is time for that final step —to put down all your remaining baggage as you cannot step onto the plane if you are over the weight limit, so to speak. Some of you are literally having this baggage squeezed out of you. That which you have held to for so long has become a part of your identity, even while it brings great discomfort, and we understand that this letting go is hard for some of you.

This is all I have for you for now, dear ones. It is as always with much Love and Grace I say goodbye. I AM the Infinite Mother Spirit.

Esu Speaks on Connection with the Creator

Esu Immanuel Sananda through Jess Anthony, message channeled on Sunday November 2, 2014, and published in AbundantHope with date Wednesday November 5, 2014. Message taken from:

Jess: Esu, I sense it is time to speak about the levels of connection with Christ Michael and Creator Source. I see a disconnection between predetermined knowledge of all creation’s elements and the plan for man’s choice. Speak to that, if you will.

Esu: Jess, it is time to speak again. I see you have questions about what others have said, and I think it is good to clarify the extent of man’s connection with his Creator. We have told you that man is an extension of his creator. He is designed to experience this level of creation more immediately. Man’s physical perceptions have been developed to examine his interactions within this level of understanding.

Man on Earth as you perceive him is involved with his surroundings in both an active and a passive way. He makes decisions on how to connect with his situation, as well as constantly evaluating how he has to adjust his reactions to remain in balance with the battery of challenges he experiences. He perceives himself choosing his course by way of his ability to evaluate his options.

This is, in fact, what is happening on one level of his awareness of himself. He has chosen to incarnate here in this level of dimension to experiment and learn. The best way to do that is through trial and error.  In order to learn the most effective method for carrying out Christ Michael’s vision, he has to explore. To be aligned with the Creator’s purpose, however, he also has to keep his Creator’s intent in mind as he goes about exploring. Considered choices are usually more in balance with spiritual goals.

Man finds that emotions color his choices and his actions. Emotions are based on memories of past experiences, with both positive and negative results informing recurring choices. He seeks to avoid discomfort and move ahead with ease and pleasure. His actions are programmed, in a sense, by previous examples. This process does involve choosing, but it is also conditioned by preconceptions. The choices are not completely without a rubric of the results of different actions.

Choices are never without a context. Man has to examine possibilities to determine what his course of action should be. Investigation and analysis play a part in this discernment, as does experience and instinct. Decisions are not separate incidents, but are built on a sequence of previous results that shape the new choice.

It is vital that man realize the complexity of making a decision. He must realize that he draws upon his experiences and his acquired information as he shapes a route to a new result. He must also be aware that his past experiences color his perceptions, and that the data he has collected is not complete. His goal is to make choices that are as informed and embracing as possible. This allows him to have a more balanced judgment.

This context then must be additionally measured in terms of its spiritual parameters. Any decision must ultimately be evaluated in terms of its alignment with the Creator’s purpose. The Creator’s vision involves all aspects of his creation, and man’s decisions should embody this integral nature. No decision is without ramifications within man’s experience on Earth.

This process for making decisions is constructed to suit man’s type of incarnation. He perceives history as being linear and space as having breadth. This perception gives him tools to examine his existence of experimentation.  His awareness and knowledge is defined in his third dimensional terms, although his spiritual nature is moving to a higher vibrational frequency than what has previously defined his understanding.

This is a dichotomy. Man’s analysis is in transition, even when he is not aware of the expansion of factors he now has to examine. This is why decisions that previously were effective are now failing and leading to misinformation. A new layering of perception is needed, one with some aspects adjusting to the new spiritual components and others falling away into routine and habit.

This layering was not accidental. The nature of Ascension allows those Ascending to understand more and discern a more comprehensive spiritual nature of their experience. Christ Michael Aton has determined that Earth will Ascend, and the effects of that shift are becoming obvious. Man’s choices remain experientially free, but their context is changing.

In that sense, you can say that man’s free choices are prescribed within an established template. The parameters that he perceives as determining positive and negative, successful or unsuccessful, are pre-determined. The nature of success was created to be that way, with the definition of success planned to suit a universal ideal. The process of choosing was designed to provide a sense of independent experiences, although the final outcomes were already planned. As man Ascends, he learns more about this comprehensive system that uses his exploration as only one layer. He begins to see that individual decisions are necessary for his physical existence, but also that his actions as a whole must fit within a large universal vision.

Now is the time that man is beginning to see this layering of choice and purpose. It is clear that his role is taking on an awareness of this larger vision for his existence. Man’s choices must now be tempered with a new purpose and perception. They must be integral to a broader outline for Earth’s Ascension.

Man is part of his Creator. His connection is complete, whether he realizes this or not. Your role should be to help him understand this realization. Esu.

Candace Frieze and Chief Thought Adjuster of Urantia
Short Message to All Readers/Supporters

Chief Thought Adjuster through Candace Frieze, message published in AbundantHope with date Wednesday December 31, 2014. Message taken from:

OK, I am right now in contact with the Chief Planetary Thought Adjuster of Urantia (Earth).

He advises strongly that all of you who read here and progressing with this planet into the Ascension process learn NOW to connect to your "Higher Self" which for you, souls serving this process, includes your Thought Adjuster whether you are "fused" or not with it. YOU MUST learn this so you can hear your individual Father God, is what this amounts too.

Times will be tougher and you must listen. This includes paying attention to your intuition and any actual "statements" you may "hear" within your head. You should develop the habit DAILY and preferably more than once a day of gently quieting your mind so you can listen up. Request to be informed by your own Father Fragment/Divine Spirit/Thought Adjuster.

Every planet in which there are, has been, a bestowal paradise son there comes a personalized Thought Adjuster to provide leadership to all the Thought Adjusters indwelling the humans whether fused or not with their subjects on the planet, thus we have had ours since the times of Jesus/Christ Michael. All these thought adjusters indwelling the people get needed information broadcast to them from this Planetary Chief. Particularly those individuals who have a larger planetary role, YOU ONES, thus is there planetary organization of purpose and unity. All is coordinated, so the Planetary Chief Adjuster is making contact directly with me also and some others.

The above is a paper in the Urantia Book about Mission and Ministry of Thought Adjusters and it has a small comment on the Chief Planetary Thought Adjuster. It’s the only place so far I found it listed during my conversation.

Here is the sample within the paper [108] on page 1188:

(1188.5) 108:3.3 Human subjects are often known by the numbers of their Adjusters; mortals do not receive real universe names until after Adjuster fusion, which union is signalized by the bestowal of the new name upon the new creature by the destiny guardian. (Candace: I placed this little statement because when the human fuses with their thought adjuster this constitutes being written into the "Book of Life". The destiny guardian is your personal guardian angel which comes when you reach 5D God-knowing Consciousness. Fusion never happens before advanced 6D Consciousness).

(1188.6) 108:3.4 Though we have the records of Thought Adjusters in Orvonton, and though we have absolutely no authority over them or administrative connection with them, we firmly believe that there is a very close administrative connection between the individual worlds of the local universes and the central lodgment of the divine gifts on Divinington. We do know that, following the appearance of a Paradise bestowal Son, an evolutionary world has a Personalized Adjuster assigned to it as the planetary supervisor of Adjusters. (Candace: This was the bestowal for Urantia of our Michael Son as Jesus).

(1189.1) 108:3.5 It is interesting to note that local universe inspectors always address themselves, when carrying out a planetary examination, to the planetary Chief of Thought Adjusters, just as they deliver charges to the chiefs of seraphim and to the leaders of other orders of beings attached to the administration of an evolving world. Not long since, Urantia underwent such a periodic inspection by Tabamantia, the sovereign supervisor of all life-experiment planets in the Universe of Nebadon. And the records reveal that, in addition to his admonitions and indictments delivered to the various chiefs of superhuman personalities, he also delivered the following acknowledgment to the Chief of Adjusters, whether located on the planet, on Salvington, Uversa, or Divinington, we do not definitely know, but he said:

(1189.2) 108:3.6 "Now to you, superiors far above me, I come as one placed in temporary authority over the experimental planetary series; and I come to express admiration and profound respect for this magnificent group of celestial ministers, the Mystery Monitors, who have volunteered to serve on this irregular sphere. No matter how trying the crises, you never falter. Not on the records of Nebadon nor before the commissions of Orvonton has there ever been offered an indictment of a divine Adjuster. You have been true to your trusts; you have been divinely faithful. You have helped to adjust the mistakes and to compensate for the shortcomings of all who labor on this confused planet. You are marvelous beings, guardians of the good in the souls of this backward realm. I pay you respect even while you are apparently under my jurisdiction as volunteer ministers. I bow before you in humble recognition of your exquisite unselfishness, your understanding ministry, and your impartial devotion. You deserve the name of the Godlike servers of the mortal inhabitants of this strife-torn, grief-stricken, and disease-afflicted world. I honor you! I all but worship you!"

(1189.3) 108:3.7 As a result of many suggestive lines of evidence, we believe that the Adjusters are thoroughly organized, that there exists a profoundly intelligent and efficient directive administration of these divine gifts from some far-distant and central source, probably Divinington. We know that they come from Divinington to the worlds, and undoubtedly they return thereto upon the deaths of their subjects.

(Candace: I suggest even though it may seem confusing that all of you read the entire paper.)

Continues on Part 4

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