Channeled Messages for BVC, Part 2

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Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC)/Brother Veritus’ University (BVU)
Channeled Messages for BVC, Part 2
All material published here has been edited and illustrated by Luis Prada, Director of Brother Veritus’ Community and  Editor and Publisher of BVW.
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This collection of channeled material is a sample of many more messages received over the years through channels of BVC from Ascended Masters, members of the Spiritual Galactic Brotherhood and the Angelic Hosts.  More material is being added from time to time.  This is an archive of the material that is published in the English Portal of BVW.

Note for those who also use this website to study Spanish: The content of this webpage unfortunately is not synchronized with its counterpart in Spanish.  To search for an equivalent translation you should use the local search engine of the webpage (Ctrl-F), as key word use the date of the message or the name of the channeled Master. Not all messages in Spanish (or English) are translated to English (or Spanish) for lack of human resources to do so.  Sometimes we may have made exceptions and published here material of other sources to corroborate and validate our own messages.  The poems that are published in the equivalent Spanish webpage are not translated to English and not published here.

This is a contribution of Brother Veritus’ University to the enlightenment of humanity.Published initially in this website on January 1st, 2011.

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With so much love and longing to collaborate with Christ Michael, Ruler of the Universe of Nebadon, and Esu Immanuel Sananda, Planetary Prince, in a combined effort to return Urantia to her former glory.

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Saint Germain
The Violet Being

Saint Germain channeled by Gardenia, on Friday 14th of January, 2011, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website at the Alternate Meditation Hour at 8:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate. Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

Greetings on the Three Points of the Triangle! Lately I am not into sending you messages because at the present time there is much interference in the beloved channels and there are still some of you who have not developed their ability of discerning the truth. Others before a message instead of reading it more than once and meditating on it, they take it lightly without reading between lines what the Light wants to tell them. On the other hand you are full of anxiety for having news and that feeling blinds you. All this is normal in the time that you are living where the waiting for the desired Ascension has been stretched longer than the expected.

I do not want you to think that I come to scold you, far is my intention of telling you something that may displease you but I will try to advise you on the use of My Sacred Violet Flame. You have the power to visualize all the Violet you may wish but before doing so you must be the first ones who feel yourselves as a Violet Being because otherwise, when repeating the Sacred Violet Decrees, you are not doing a good job, nobody can give what he does not have. I cannot understand that a few are reading what they have before their eyes on their screens and thinking about other necessities, that is to serve fifty-fifty. If you have no time to do a good meditation you should better not do it. We know that in the duality of the material world in which you live you have inescapable commitments and if you are still tied to those obligations, you have to attend them, you cannot serve two Lords because one of them will be poorly served.

I speak this way because I consider that you have a good time serving lovingly with the best of your intentions, but by having more understanding of how things work in your Spiritual Being I cannot consent that you continue repeating my decrees like a parrot would do it with no understanding of the Sacred meaning. If you still have not learned how to become a Violet Being, call me, look for me that I will take you personally to one of my Temples to instruct you. By becoming a Violet Being you will make a great step in the evolutionary process of your soul-personality. Now, if there is someone who does not feel good with the Violet Flame, he can become a Pink Flame Being, Blue, Green or of any of the colors of the spectrum, you already know that each Sacred Flame, regardless of the color, has its own scope and all of them serve the Divine Purpose depending on the use you demand of It. For example, when you work to heal the physical and spiritual bodies of your fellow man, the priority is to become a very healthy being harmonizing yourselves with the Sacred Green Flame and with all those who manage that vibratory field. I am not going to speak about all the literal knowledge that you have, only to give you an example of how you can direct your meditations to the better.

I am not good at throwing flowers at the students, but I must manifest that I am pleased to see you using My Violet Flame and repeating Its Decrees, I only wish that you do it correctly. I have saluted you from the Three Points of the Triangle so that you get used to see the perfection that is in that figure of the Sacred Geometry. Saint Germain.

Saint Germain

Saint Germain channeled by Kitiara, on Sunday 26th of December, 2010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate. Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

Kitiara: Saint Germain?

St. G.: Yes, except from a brief message, we had not spoken. But these days you have remembered and invoked me by doing the visualization about Obama’s announcement. And I also see that you recommend the use of the Violet Flame. Remember to use it for you, too.

It is true that we had to make a readjustment in our plans, but everything keeps going on and we have done many things that you are not seeing, but it will come a moment in which you will see them. It is also true that much information is being hidden from you, especially regarding to the movement of the Earth. I am not talking anymore about the hidden plans that have dominated the world until now, about their plans of war or extinction, because that, naturally, won’t be revealed to you by them.

You are not sure about my role, nor you give me importance, rather I create you confusion when you don’t know where to place me. It is true that you have other Beings of Light closer to you with whom you communicate better, but as I know that you are aware of my teachings, that you use them without even noticing, and because you have addressed me in these last few days, I wanted to come to show you my support, to you and to the rest of the Lightworkers so that you may not fall into the deception of disinformation or concealment of information, and so that you may know that everything is going on and you will soon see the results. You can see results if you become steady and look in the right place.

I will send messages again through the beloved sister Gardenia when I may be able to give concrete data that may not be susceptible of being changed later, causing discouragement. Everything is fine. Continue with your visualizations. In service. Saint Germain.

Esu Chats Briefly about Japan

Esu channeled through Eve on Monday March 14, 2011.  Message taken from .

Japan has ignored the development of free energy brought to the world by Nikola Tesla, both in the electrical energy production as well in the production of automobiles and transportation vehicles in general, and ignored the international petitions of We, the People, to stop the use of nuclear energy for the production of electrical energy.  Even more, built its nuclear power plants on volcanic terrain in Fukushima, at the north of Japan.  Now the Freemason japanese secret society who rules pays the consequences of its blunder, it is collective karma.

Eve: Esu, can you comment on Japan?

Esu: OK, Eve, short briefing: Japan is very serious.  We are sucking off the most of the radioactivitywe are shift-working 24 hours a day.  We have taken care of the souls who were victims of the tsunami and there is special care for the ones whose bodies were harmed by radioactivity.  Japan is an incredible mess of harm and grief.

A catastrophe like thatin a place of such a high population density is a pure apocalypse.  You see the volcanic underground of Japan.  This is merely the beginning.  We’ve told you before, how hard Japan could be hit.  A chain reaction is likely to follow from this.  The whole place is like an open wound right now and this is in fact unveiled a drama when man sees what he has created.

So many of you have signed petitions for stopping that nuclear energy thing.  They have not been heard.  To build these kind of nuclear plants on volcanic ground makes it even worse.  Chernobyl has not been bad enough, so it seems -to turn the tide.  The NWO players have placed a big coup by this.  Now they are trying to make you believe they had arranged this by HAARP as a shock and awe scenario.  Your internet is already flooded by rage filled indictions and statements that HAARP had been used to intentionally make a mess out of this.  Not so, beloveds.

The Japanese in special have long played with the fire and now their house is literally burning down.  WWII, the nuclear bombs falling upon Hiroshima and Nagasaki were not bad enough to prevent them from building these nuclear reactors.  Japan is harvesting the grown up seed now, and unfortunately not only Japan.

On the background info of availability and development of free energy and the technology of Tesla in the first half of the last century even, this whole nuclear thing comes out to be the crown of irresponsibility.

And I’m sorry, folks, this is merely the beginning.  You have now Japan as a building ground of drama and what does mankind do if further building grounds will be added and become manifest?

Hopefully you will cry out for God to help you.  I assure you, what we see in Japan is tearing apart our hearts.  You have heard about the high number of missing people.  It’s more, dear ones.  And it will get worse.  Go on joining your prayers and empathy to this location exposed to the elements of nature, to Earth taking back her power, keep firmly anchored while things will be adding up furthermore.

Yes, it’s true, "it wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark".  But now the rain has set in and I hope you have finished your preparations.  This is the final rundown. Esu.

Christ Michael
The Sands of Time

Christ Michael channeled by Hazel on Tuesday March 22, 2011 Message taken from .

The element of time cages man in a euphoric state of non-awareness.  He counts the milliseconds if he must and watches often the clock to direct him in readiness for moments of importance.  He cannot fathom that which is of true import for if he did he would utilise his time more productively.  His measurement of time is now obscure for he has lost control of it.  It is no longer his to measure for I now control this seemingly important facet of his life.  All shall enter into a state of timelessness being an interval of non-time.  This fast approaching event will be the culminating event which shall usher in the great change, the momentous shift that so many are speaking off.

Time is man’s purchase, poorly used in the endeavour of progress.  Yet there has been no real or true progress and time has failed to serve man.  Man has become a veritable slave to time which now pinches him for he no longer has time to secure his power as the brewing storm curtails what little time remains.  The planet and man are in the midst of great upheaval, the mark of a planetary cycle’s end.

By his own hands man has created and will destroy the efficacy of time.  His jaundiced approach bestirs fruitless events and he cannot see that the moments are spent in absolute internal and external mayhem.  He fails to use his time in preparation for the ‘coming’ for he believes that he still controls that which he calls time.  It is man’s endearment for control that keeps him bound in regressive states of thinking and will seal his downfall.

WE have warned them, dear ones, those whose intransigence is the very rope from which they will seal their fate.  They listen not to OUR words.  WE have efforted to place out there all manner of warnings but few hear and many ignore.  WE, the Celestials, must now manoeuvre this ship to its next port regardless of the readiness of the masses.  For a timetable exist which must be adhered to.  Man has been given chances ad infinitum.  He must now take responsibility for his actions and choices.  I am a compassionate God, and the Father, being the Source of All, is most compassionate for WE are but ONE.  Yet the infestation cannot be allowed to continue lest our innocent ones become infected or defect due to pressures.

What say I to you? Prepare.  Know that what impends and now occur on your earth plane is not the wrath of God but the result of man’s continued disobedience.  The outplay of events in your world at this time is merely a transference of man’s inability to listen and learn.  He is fulfilling the prophecies of the wizen ones that came before.

The purse strings of the controllers are empty now and they must raid the temples of others to secure their position of power in the world.  They are likened to flees sucking the blood of the innocent and defenceless.  Let them heed these words- WHAT YOU DO SHALL BE DONE UNTO YOU.  This law you will not be able to escape from.

Man has plagiarised the stories of the olden civilisations by re-writing the script; for yet again another must come to an end for want of man’s integrity, abuse and impoverishment of spirit.  I declare here and now that this shall be the last time, for the VOICE has spoken and the righteous and awakened shall be led out of bondage into the land of true life.  I am coming to meet you, to seal our union with the remembrance of ME, to take you to a brand new level of understanding.  Yes, my children, Light shall shine once again on your planet and the tears will cease to flow.  But I must admonish that before this time you will witness the end of the old through destruction and collapse.  All that must go will turn to sand and be blown away by the heavy winds of celestial encounter.  You are living now in this time.  There is no more time left, beloveds; for these last days have assumed a speed which portends the end of time as you know it.  WATCH THE SAND TIMER AS THE GRAINS BECOME FEWER AND MAN BECOMES DEPRIVED OF TIME.

Every little moment now should be cherished in learning, observing and reuniting with ME from within.  Prepare yourselves for ME for I am coming.  I ask that in the remaining season that you hold on tightly to your Spirit’s anchoring, that you may brave the harsh winds and energies around you now.  Allow ME to be your effort, your strength and you shall remain standing.

I AM Christ Michael Aton.  For those who can discern divinely read these, MY words, and find the untold message within.  The truth WE cannot fully disclose at this time for you WE must preserve.

My seal I place hereto that you may know that I AM ALL AND ONE IN THE TIMELESSNESS THAT IS CREATION.

Salu!, Hazel.

Christ Michael
How the Grain Will Be Separated from the Dust

Christ Michael channeled by Johan on Tuesday March 8, 2011 Message taken from .

Dearly Beloveds, I AM Christ Michael of Nebadon.  As this chela was a little afraid of taking on another message, he surely does not know yet what he is in for in the near future (in a positive sense), I will keep it short in as opposed to the amount of work that has been done now and that only a handful of you are fully aware off.  Go deep inside now and fine-tune yourself with the fabric of Life, the Divine Life and Light and Love that is about to undergo a major transmutation never seen before on that scale.

As you know, many are here from far distant places to witness and learn and take their experiences Home.  That, my Warriors of Light, is what you are awakening up to.  Listen to the Internal Sound of Pure Living Consciousness and that what you hear, you will Become and realize YOU ARE.  If what you see or shall see soon frightens you, GO WITHIN and OBSERVE for that Inner Awareness will harness you at all times and balance you.

When that Flash of Light that rolls like a Wave will embark fully upon your shore, as it has begun, it will open every cell and every fiber of your Being to FULL AWARENESS, to never forget WHO YOU ARE and you will remember your purpose as clear as the Lightening that connects all of Creation with its Creator.  This Divine Process has happened before, even many times, AND WILL SEPARATE THE GRAINS FROM THE DUST ONCE MORE.  Know that it takes grain AND fertile soil to get to harvest!

You, my Children, are High Vibrational Organisms of Light, my Warriors of Light, ONLY IF AND WHEN YOU RADIATE THAT INNER LIGHT TO YOUR HIGHEST POTENTIAL, AS IS THAT RIVER OF LIFE MORE AND MOST ABUNDANT that will embrace and penetrate ALL that exists Within and Around you.  This Flash of Lightening issued by Creator Source leaves no shadow, is pure, all good Light, absolves all polarity or duality, is Absolute, Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient, is the Consciousness of Creation, penetrates through ALL and this Gift of the Father, some have called the Wave, the Black Light, The Purple Celestial Waters, The Celestial Sea of Violet Healing and while you are moving into the Interdimensional Protection Dome or Golden Shield (oh, this chela remembers well), the big transmutation will transpire.  In this you will bathe and Know your Being.

Cleanse yourself, purify your entire Being and this will Lift you unto a Celestial High and you will ride that Wave with pride!  For those that choose their own superficial and concocted thrills, they will come crashing down underneath that Wave and beg for mercy and lick their wounds somewhere else.

May you reflect upon these words, more than merely giving them a glimpse, and accept our Love and, before you know, Celebration will be at hand.  Cry —like this chela who does write my words, for tears of joy will be plenty— AND cleanse and lift your Soul even more.  Carry that joy and peace “that surpass all understanding”, as many quote but very few experienced.  Love all I AM, “Welcome Home to thy Heart", as said before.  Welcome Home for NOW IS THAT TIME.  I AM Christ Michael of Nebadon.

PS: After taking this message, I thanked and asked CM Aton: "Is there anything else you need me to know?" Answer: "After taking this message, is there anything you can possible be missing still?”  I felt the humorous intent and wit and wisdom, laughed, felt a Fatherly Embrace that felt like a Heavenly Hug, and thanked again.  Johan.

The Matrix Is Cracking

Lady Nada channeled through Shellee-Kim Gold on April 13, 2011. Message taken from:—MATRIX—IS—CRACKING.shtml

Shellee-Kim (SK): My beloved Nada is here. And there are things I’d like to discuss with her. For starters: The past few days/week I’ve experienced a kind of emotional ‘woodenness’ in response to watching TV for the brief time I do. Or listening to talk radio I get a sense of something etheric being sealed off around the program. Or is it being sealed around me? There’s almost a surreal sense of unreality in my interaction also with all this and the world at large. And there’s a strong sense of what I’m calling a ‘deadness’ to structures that fuel businesses and corporations I come into contact with. Can you comment, Lady Nada?

Lady Nada (LN): Indeed. Good evening to you, beloved one. Your life has taken on rather frenzied dimensions which have made it difficult communicating with you of late. However, we have continued our dialogues and planning with you during your sleep time, as mentioned to you privately. But in answer to your query: The Matrix of your planet is cracking. Beloved, please try to focus this time and not let your mind go wondering off. You are being given extra help with this issue at present. Please use it.

SK: OK. (Embarrassed grin on my well known lack of mental focus and mental meanderings during these telepathic sessions with Light beings.)
LN: And so you and others are perceiving the old Earth and its outworn structures as literally cracking up. In your case, it is as if this old and dying world is fast becoming the distant dream (or nightmare). Hence your surreal feelings. While the new —not fully anchored yet— is showing you increasing glimpses of itself. Is this making sense, beloved?
SK: Yes. And whereas before I had a certain degree of pleasure or satisfaction by paying attention to MSM, now it is becoming increasingly intrusive in my space. And I feel so much better and ‘clearer’ for lessening these dependencies.
LN: Indeed (smiling). Silence from this ‘white noise’ is golden, is it not?
SK: Yes. I’m also observing people intentionally out of integrity are falling on their own swords, so to speak —left, right and centre. It’s everywhere around me at the moment. And the same syndrome seems to be manifesting through businesses/corporations that operate similarly. Can you elaborate further on the cracking Matrix?

LN: Certainly. Many in your world who have unconsciously aligned themselves with the Matrix are to feel and are already feeling the pinch now. And we say this in no uncertain terms or measure. The design of what is occurring with the Wave and how it penetrates human consciousness and structure is to have profound effects on all. For the quickening vibrations that it brings with it can be likened to a personal, collective and planetary ‘house cleanse’ of mammoth proportions. Of course, for you ones, this is very good in both the short and long run.

SK: [I’ve picked this transmission up again the next evening due to exhaustion. It’s now sunset on April 14.]  Tell me more about this sense of death and decay I feel regarding the structures that I’m interacting with.

LN: The falling and cracking of the Matrix that surrounds your consciousness and planet is rapidly disintegrating. Always there needs to be another expression to replace that which falls. In the case of your growing New Earth, the principles on which the new structures are based are integrity, alignment with Creator Source and a sense of brotherhood which provokes service orientated to others. These are the principles that will be successful in both businesses, politics, economics, your society and all else that drives your world.

This is not a speedy process, however. Although it can certainly be so at the individual level, given the opportunity you ones have at your disposal at this time. We would like to tell you once more to be prepared now. Things are about to change rather dramatically and quickly. You ones will ride the Wave as you have been preparing yourselves to do. There is nothing to fear. Particularly knowing that, you, each of you, have immense levels of protection. Many surround you at this time. It is a question of knowing, feeling and trusting this. And you particularly have felt this in your graveyard shifts and with the many of questionable motive that you have been forced to interact with recently, have you not?

SK: Protection from a close head-on collision with a drunk, contact with a wanna-be rapist and several suffering from mental disorders that could have had way more serious effects than they did on me has bolstered my trust levels hugely. Not to mention those others of ill-intent that I’ve literally felt have been repelled by me and my vehicle, not wanting/unable to come near me. And exactly as I’ve asked for. I’ve been driving a taxi and tour guiding (having temporarily returned to it) for the daily cash it provides.

LN: Indeed. We have told you, you have a veritable small army around you at present. We cannot afford anything to happen to you ones. You have all been under enough duress in your lifetimes. And this is all to fall sharply and the new is to rise rapidly.

There are many now to leave this plane and move on to the next segment of their respective journeys. We ask you to allow these ones to leave with grace. People will interpret this as a time of extreme darkness, yet it will also be experienced as a time of immense and intense Light that comes to lead you ones Home. I AM One who is of the collective you call the Magdalene Consciousness, and of which you also are a part. Please call upon us for our support as needed.  Lady Nada.

How’s It Working for You, Dear Dark Brothers?

Message to the Dark Brotherhood by Candace Frieze. Wednesday May 11, 2011 – 3:48:34 PM.  Message taken from:

Dear Dark Brothers, you know long ago you decided you could keep this world for yourselves, you didn’t seem to want to go to "heaven", or make heaven here.  You just wanted slave folks to serve your needs.  Have you not yet discovered that it isn’t working?  That this has created more problems than you can deal with?  Intelligent FREE people DEAL with LIFE.  Your slaves do not.

Hasn’t this come back to bite you in the butt big time?  How about cooperating with the REAL GOD for a change?  Perhaps that might work?  ‘Tis up to you!  But you seem to have boarded your one-way train to the hell of your making.  Ponder it.  How’s it working for you, now that your "creation" has the mind of Thomas the Tank Engine?

Christ Michael Aton
Speaks on Anger and Perfection

Christ Michael channeled through Jess Anthony on Jul 4, 2011.  Taken from:

Jesse: Christ Michael Aton, I’m asking for comments on anger and blame and seeking perfection. These topics have raised questions with me and I feel both should be addressed.

Christ Michael: Jess, I am here with you. These both are dissimilar but connected topics, as you view them. I speak of perfection, but I understand that man is not capable of that state. I ask for as much completion as possible and as much resolution. Man’s sense of balance and accomplishment is tied in with his sense of achieving a goal or finding a solution. He doesn’t sense equilibrium unless he has no more tasks that are incomplete.

I seek the best resolution possible for ongoing situations that man has started. These are complicated by steps Gaia must take to move ahead with her Ascension to a new level of vibration. We are coordinating various levels of energy that each requires a separate field of operation. The energy of Earth that you view with anticipation of disasters is one complicated level. The winding down of struggles in other fields like banking or military control have still a strong energy pattern that must have closure. Man’s attempts to keep these initiatives going are preventing a peaceful dying down of the energy arc. His last minute attempts to keep control have continued this sequence beyond the limit of what should have been a natural ending. Any possible option is tried with little regard for the peripheral consequences.

I am working from a time frame determined by galactic and cosmic changes that have been planned by Source and his agents in Orvonton. I am privy to the choices, and my determinations are colored by these others at a higher level. I am the Supreme Creator and judge for my Universe of Nebadon, but my position is, none the less, in coordination with the decisions of my overseers. I have my own free will in choices for my universe, but even they must be in alignment with directives from Havona and the Paradise Isle.

Let’s continue with the questions you asked yourself. What is anger? What is blame? How is this manifested, and who is to determine what authority makes judgment?

Anger is a reaction based on memories and experiences. It is an emotional creation that shifts responsibility to someone or something else. Unhappiness or frustration seeks a cause, and man is programmed at this point to assume the source of discomfort or imbalance is external.

All reactions are built around internal decisions. An outside source does not choose an individual response. A situation is analyzed and placed in a category made up of preconceptions and opinions. These categories trigger emotional responses, which then trigger actions or reactions.

An individual perceives a situation, determines the extent of interaction with personal balance, evaluates the extent of this disruption based on past experiences, ranks it, and begins to define it with emotional reactions. These emotional reactions range from anger to helplessness. Based on these emotional colorings, an individual gives up personal control to the perceived threat. The reactions may be an attack or surrender. The blame is put on the outside cause, and the anger or feeling of weakness is viewed as a justified defense.

In each situation the cause of the feelings is the individual, not the outside source. When a person maintains spiritual balance, the perception of discomfort is viewed as an assessment of personal context that needs a different focus. Something internal needs to be examined and resolved to prevent this sense of imbalance.  Why is the external situation causing a sense of threat or weakness? What preconception triggers this reaction? What caused this preconception in the first place? What experience could have been handled differently and resolved with more peace?

Once this core issue is realized, an individual can release the negative energy by asking for alignment with my truth and Light. When this core issue is released and cleaned, the emotional baggage disappears. The outside disturbance no longer takes away personal power and triggers an emotional habit in defense.

Much is happening in your outside world -or at least it seems that way based on the information your senses are able to provide. Perceptions are colored by the perceptions of others, and described in terms that have been determined by the observers as red flags to set off preconditioned emotional routines. It is impossible for man to free himself from these emotional manipulations, even though he tries to remain balanced.

My advice is to examine before you react. Look at the source of the information, analyze the description, maintain a sense of perspective on reactions it may cause in others, and explore your own emotional feelings before you rush into action or surrender your resistance. Ask for balance and alignment to know what steps to take. Don’t automatically fall into reactions that are preconditioned or set up by the information itself.

I am in charge of what is going on, not the powers of the dark, or the voices telling you how to think or react.  Political unrest and natural disasters are just experiences, not events that will cause me to lose control of my creation. I am not allowing the destruction of anything that will be necessary for man to Ascend with Earth. This is a given. This has already been decided, and all the so-called threats you see are only generating fear to tap into instilled habits that prevent you finding spiritual balance and alignment with me.  Focus on me and ignore what is trying to create anger or blame. Resolve your personal issues and move towards perfection.

Christ Michael Aton

Christ Michael
The Glorious Time Ahead

Christ Michael channeled through Candace Frieze on Friday July 29, 2011.  Message taken from

Dearly beloveds, my, it has been a while now since Candace and I did a work together. It is time to update a bit in a more serious manner.

We have just come out of a series of meetings, and are ready to go ahead with a plan that removes the dark. Candace knows the plan, it has not changed since its inception, but we are still not covering it. All I will state is it comes before the lengthy stasis, and it will remove the dark ones from this planet, so we can engage in a teaching period of several weeks to a few months, depending on the conditions of the earth changes and simply the acceptance of the people who are here after this removal.

The removal will be extensive and it includes not only your dark puppets, but also many other dark types, such as those that deal in gambling, the sex trade and other obnoxious activities. The numbers will be quite large. It may thus include people you may know. Also, many of the ones scheduled to move to other planets that are not going forth with Earth will be removed during this event. The teaching period to follow will benefit those moving laterally to other worlds, returning to the mansion worlds and the like who have made progress but are not part of the Ascension group. Some folks will not benefit, such as the robotoids, so they will move during this event. Also leaving will be many Light workers who are released to go Home who are not participating in the Ascension process. They have completed their assignments.

Now the teaching period will include contact activities. We will be giving many people the opportunity to voluntarily begin their next in body journey and thus to board craft to their destinations. These are ones such as those going to Venus, for example, and some even get to go to the underground areas of Mars, but that number is not huge.

There are many worlds taking "refugees" from Earth and they will receive them also on their craft. There will be a great deal of teaching beforehand so that people are truly comfortable with moving on. We have in place an email system in fact, and people can be in contact via that route. There will be rides to and from craft, so that ones get comfortable, with many scheduled landings that will be made public.

Esu will be on television, as well as Candace and many others during the teaching period. It is global and in all languages. (Candace: PLEASE do NOT write and ask if you are to be involved in the public teaching, because I don’t know who is!)

Now, this coming event is going to be shocking to some, in fact, to many, and thus now is the time to put on your best faces. There will be some portion of the events before the removal that are going to frighten people. I will not be explaining this beforehand, but I will rely on all of you to stand up as needed. Now remember what I said, the teaching period is after the events. And man and woman of this planet will be in mourning when it, this period, starts because of the many removals and the shocks of it all. It will be glaringly obvious, a dramatic reduction. There is no point keeping folks here who will NOT benefit from the teaching period. Now, the major portion of this moving will be done during a short stasis period, otherwise it would seem very harsh. During the short stasis period we will be put some other preparations into place so it’s all ready to go before the teaching period.

The ones that came last December, OUR lookalikes, 5000+, are in place, many already seen and people accustomed to them. There must be folks people trust and this includes some in government, of course. But some major dark leaders will not be here even as lookalikes, for therein it would appear a lie as to who is good or bad, so there will be others standing in that people still remain familiar with.

Besides Esu during the teaching period, all those former masters who have walked this plane will be teaching their own and all countries and cultures will be introduced to them, but the bulk of their teachings after the introductory periods will be with their kind.

Mohammed, Krishna, Maitreya, Confucius, Lao-Tse, will be present as examples. There will also be some REAL leaders who are of the Light, but I will inform Americans, Obama will not be one of them. We did of course have "Our Obama" who was shown last fall but these various ones with the massive head scars and people noticing more and more the differences, this cannot stand. Plus the truth process will not stand with Obama and others guilty of great treason.

The teaching period will include, of course, teaching around God. But also, the TRUTH which will be individualized for each country, as to the treacheries. You will be well pleased. And for the time being, that is enough.

I cannot, of course, give a date. "Soon" will have to do, this must be a surprise and some of the events during this period will resemble to some degree what folks have been taught to expect. Jesus however will not be riding a white horse across the sky! (Candace: Me laughing on that, it’s just one of my favorites as to what people can accept as truth).

Now, some of you are wondering about watching to the East. IF POSSIBLE we will bring Jupiter into full view, but, beloveds, we have to be careful with this, again, it depends as its energy is so strong. If it is too much, we have an alternate idea that will satisfy something to the East, but it will have to be at night, we can’t get starships to shine IN the day enough to be seen. So this is a play by ear as you ones use the term.

Now, again, you should have a stock of what you need, pretty much no matter where you live and for those heavily affected by the banking issues, you must have small cash on hand because it remains quite likely there will be a financial shutdown and banking holidays. This is a very tenuous situation and I am not updating about the risk of banks, social security checks and the like. Be prepared for a period of time.

We are hopeful there will also be arrests and many other events during the next days to a few weeks. Be prepared to assist those around you by standing in YOUR TRUTH.

Now, during the teaching period, with so many folks having left the planet, there is going to be a lot of temporary provisions. Many will be unemployed. There is a carefully laid plan to help people make their bills, the planet will mostly be on welfare for those weeks, and there is ample storage of food. Many of your corporate leadership will be leaving during the cleansing. There will also be some significant Earth changes, and thus shipping and the like is not going to go well for distribution of goods.

There will be only minimal distribution of goods, only what people actually need. Toilet paper is included on that list (He smiles). But it is fine for yourselves to stock on what you WANT or NEED. (Candace: You might spend less time in line that way!) I suggest where you are able to make sure you have your supplements and medicines you think you need. The shelves are not going to be very full.

Now, during that short stasis, many of you will sleep also. We will have only the barebones ones we need on board to prepare for the teaching process. If you are IN an area that might be effected by Earth changes, that will occur, you and those who are to survive with you, will be removed to safety, but you may still sleep until the wake up.

If you and others ARE removed from certain areas, there will be fleet counselors and others to assist during the wakeup. You will obviously be aware you are not in the same place and you will be expected to rapidly come around and assist the process, assuring those around you. This process is going to get people’s attention and I assure you, no matter all the material on the web about evil aliens, these ones, still in the billions who are "left behind" after the cleansing of the dark will be very happy once oriented about the assistance of fleet personnel.

Oh, in addition during the teaching period, once TV and radio are on and we have gotten the folks settled down, there are also filmed tours of craft that will be shown, and when people do begin to tour craft they will be allowed to take cameras and the like aboard. We plan to have Youtube running nicely. The Internet will work reasonably well.

The teaching will include the long stasis and the need to move, and, again, many will get opportunity to board craft to move when they are comfortable. There will likely be more quakes and the like which may hasten some decision-making.

This, my beloveds, is meant to be a glorious time for those who are "left behind."

Archangel Michael
Be Prepared – Midnight Approaches

Archangel Michael channeled by Hazel on Friday August 5, 2011.  Message taken from:–Midnight-approaches.shtml

The capillaries of time are unraveling for the flaccid structures in your earthly world as perturbances tear asunder that which is already bent and breaking under the weight of corruption and greed. The cannibals who are your worldly elite are biting the dust as they quiver now in the knowing of what transpires before them. Full awareness is now being brought to those who must make the final choices as the helm is primed to collapse. The bitter end for many is close at hand now and the raging tempest of their own virulent deeds will parade before them as they descend. For theirs is a descent by choice. Do not allow the eyes of fear to stare at you, beloveds, for only if you are one of them will you be consumed by the void that awaits.

The call from Source has been given and all hands are moving now behind the curtains of your mortal world in final preparation for the unveiling. O yes, beloveds, an unveiling is taking place at many different levels now and soon man will come face to face with his Creator. Many of you have the tendency to feel that dynamic changes will not occur in your lifetime. This is indeed not the case; for unless you are close to mortal transition you will experience the global changes that are evolving into a predicament of universal proportions. This is ordained to be and not in the least unexpected. Though your mortal understanding may be poor, the spirits of those ensouled are aware at the essential level. Many will be shocked into their spirit; meaning, that as the events unfold the awe of the effects will actually jar into awakening many souls. Yet the strident nature of the revelations will leave many without their bodies. Yes, beloveds, a time of great fear is at hand but only for those who have shunned the understanding shared by We, your celestial friends, for many generations.

I do not wish you to say that Michael is the bearer of doom and gloom or that this scribe has contrived this information. These revelations have been given before but as the sequence of time unravels and the moments creep to the glory of change, a reminder becomes necessary. FOR AS THE STROKE OF FINALITY breaches the quietude of your accepted existence you must know that your world will never be the same again. Start becoming comfortable with change. Train yourself to adapt and adjust for there will be a period of time within which you will be living in uncertainty as the bowels of the Earth cleanses itself and as the stormy structures in place regurgitate that which has choked the very life of balance. I refer to the Dark Brotherhood and their insidious games. Be prepared to see new faces and to tune your recognition to the Lighted beings who will offer their helping hands to pull you ones on Earth out of the tempestuous circumstances which currently shroud your world. Be assured that during these times you are not alone. We are keeping check and know each and every one of you for each soul’s imprint is recorded in the Book of Life.

Open your hearts and minds now for truly this is a time which requires you to exercise your God given intelligence to make choices that will be of benefit to you. For the choices you make will determine how you deal with the onslaught of changes imminently poised on the steps of your world.

Believe when I say that the changes that are occurring and will occur are necessary to lead you into the land of the living for surely you who are knowing of God must recognize that your world is dying. Man has assigned his very world to death. It is the mercy of the Father which speaks now in the intervention that will lead to the survival of the Earth and those in readiness for Ascension. Let there be no doubt that what is occurring and what is to occur is caused by the hand of man. The very one you call God is intervening at the call and cry of his children, foremost the Earth herself. Call it a divine rescue. Make no mistake however, these changes will manifest as part of the cosmic order which is also eminently occurring on other planets as part of a universal Ascension process.

Beloveds, a gentler tone will I take that you may know that what is to transpire culls that which has so many of you suffering and ill at ease in this your world. The events are necessary for you ones to see who you have allowed to rule you. After you have come into the shocking awareness, you will begin to feel the gentle and loving Breath of your Creator manifest in your world. He has always been with you but you have not acknowledged Him. No more. Eternity is calling and you must answer now or once again postpone the claiming of your heritage which will lead inevitably to a long and winding path back Home. I ask at this time that you think with your Higher Mind and relinquish the thoughts of the ego which will seek to keep you sedated in the false belief that all is well and all shall be well. Indeed, all shall end well!!

Beloved children, the Angelic Realm is closer than you think and we are waiting upon many to answer the nudges we give so that we can pull you truly into the Light and assist you on your journey.

Know that regardless of your choices we shall continue to shower you with our love BUT we cannot choose your salvation for you. Only you can make that choice.

Michael come in the Light to bid you take care during the tumultuous times ahead and to prepare for the great rising.

SanJAsKa of the Pleiadian High Council of Nine

SanJAsKa channeled by Wes Annac on Monday August 8, 2011.  Message taken from:, also at

The hold that has been on humanity for so long is now to be breached. Ready yourselves for the things to come, and know that we have entered a New Age. The ways that have for so long run your planet are fast disintegrating and this is a process that is not just planetary but personal. We can feel the difficulties presented by all of you pertaining to this process, just know that you are getting through it marvelously and venturing further and further into the higher dimensions. We are very happy to be helping you at this time, and soon you will rediscover our ties to each other. We are very present in your unconscious memory and now is a time where tapping into said memory is getting easier and easier. The veils are thinning, personally and worldwide. We continue to ask, are you ready?

Dear Ones, we ask this question not to make you feel like you aren’t doing enough, but to shift your thoughts toward that of preparing yourselves for Ascension and the many wonders that follow. We have said this many times, you are all doing unfathomably well. Your strength and courage in withstanding the dark energies simply cannot be matched, and you are highly revered souls on the heavenly planes. Indeed, every one of you is a part of a bigger soul, and many of you are beginning to rediscover those from your own spiritual family. It was always intended to be this way, Dear Ones, as you have a natural energetic attraction to those from your soul group, and this energy brings you together in one way or another.

The Divine energies of Light have daily been reaching your planet, and we know this increase in energies has been felt by you all in a number of ways. Fatigue usually sets in earlier than usual for most, but these are feelings that can be transmuted with the help of one’s guides. Simply state your intent to have a spiritual guide with you, and you will find them. Many of your guides are simply standing by waiting to be called on. Dear ones, we ask you to take advantage of these opportunities, to receive the help your guides so dearly wish to give you. It is by sheer command and strength of will that one brings the divine energies of their guide to themselves. We wish so dearly that you could understand these matters from our point of view, and that time is coming very soon.

Many have been keeping themselves caught up in politics, we tell you that your current system is both illusory and has no future on your world. For too long your world has been ruled by the interests of the few. Through your manifestation powers and our help, we have achieved a world fit for Ascension. Matters are very close to coming to a head, and we will continue to remind you of this fact even if it is not comforting to hear. Many of the problems you experience daily actually cause your frustration in other areas of Life, and it is regrettable that so many souls give their energies to that of politics. The current ‘big’ governments who think they run the world have never had their interests be in the people’s favor. Instead, many follow their own routes of greed and destruction; these souls will be exposed not for what they are, but for what they have done. The reason we say this, Dear Ones, is because what these souls are, is Divine. Despite the acts perpetrated against humanity by these few, deep down even they carry the Divine Godspark that is present in all of us. Those souls you brand the Illuminati will eventually find the Light in their own respects. For now, their network of power upon your planet has been eroded, with no possible chance of recovery. Even they knew this time was going to come, and yet even still they attempt to stall progress. They know that at this point, stalling progress is all they can do.

Greetings to all! I AM SanJAsKa of The Pleiadian Council of Nine. I come here before you to share my words of Love and support for all. Many acts have been committed across your planet of war, and these acts are to come to a halt. The wars your world is presently engaged in are to cease sooner than you all realize, in fact, there are many legal documents now in place to abolish these wars altogether. We will allow for an easy transition into this New World, as it will be shocking for many. The thought of world peace and ending all wars will sound quite great to many people however, and it is because of our bringing of Peace that so many will be able to accept us when we make First Contact.

You see, the initial disclosure announcements are to go a long way in showing all that we are of a Peaceful nature. Through the Akashic records we are able to show every moment that has ever been, and thus we will be able to both expose the dark ones fully, and prove our loyalty, allegiance to and Love for humanity. So many Lightworkers have waited so long and done so much work to bring these times into being, Dear Ones, I ask how does it feel standing on the cusp of victory? How does it feel having so many angels and friends cheer you on the whole way, and to know that your efforts made a difference on this world? The dear Lightworkers who have held the line for so long and committed themselves to manifesting so many miracles will finally have their day in the sun, only this day is to last all of eternity!!

We are happy as ever to be reporting to you all, as you dearly deserve to know the direction in which things are heading. A quiet spiritual revolution has been well underway for some years now, and all who have been involved are to finally see the fruits of their labors! We have been both helping you and cheering you on, the time when we meet shall prove most satisfying on both sides!! Continue to ready and prepare yourselves, as the world you once knew is fading away, to be replaced by the world you have been visualizing, manifesting and bringing into being by your efforts, collectively and individually!!

I AM SanJAsKa of The Pleiadian Council of Nine, and together with the Pleiadian High Council wish you to know that the time of loss and frustration is over, and the time of strength and happiness is upon you all. The levels of creation and spirituality you will reach are at present unfathomable to you, just know that the beauty you are returning to simply can’t be matched by the third dimension. This beauty and Harmony is your true Home, we ask you all to embrace it!!

Christ Michael
Aton Speaks of What To Look For

Christ Michael channeled by Jess Anthony on Tuesday August 9, 2011.  Message taken from:

Jess: It’s difficult not to be impatient, although I don’t know what will come. I ask for balance and acceptance for what I will be doing. I once again ask for guidance. I feel I could do more, but I constantly fall back into my comfortable routine.  Speak to me this evening whoever is most available.

CM: Jess, this is Christ Michael Aton. I speak to you this evening because my words are most final for what is happening. I am making the final decision, and my perspective is what determines the readiness of my creation.

The time is almost here. I have said that to you many times, so you don’t believe this recent avowal. But the time is approaching by your measurements, and events will lead to a point where no alternatives exist that can be pursued.

I will tell you where to look. The banking circle is losing its control. The fluctuations in stock show that. The printing of more paper money is pointless, and the effect it has on financial uncertainties is only short-lived. It is no resolution of the situation. What is going to happen is the world will lose confidence in America’s ability to counter its debt. The financial resources your country claims are non-existent. There is no way any amount of debt can be repaid. Other countries are in the same situation, but America is the world’s leader in financial exchanges, and these transactions are being called into question. This endangers transactions in all other countries.  The fact that China controls the flow of currency is beside the point in terms of visible trade manipulation. The American actions will continue until they can no longer.

Esu told you that the collapse could come before the quake situation escalates into major disruptions. I could also be given a death blow as a result of a break down in services and economic networking due to a severe upheaval. The potential for catastrophic damage could make the fragile financial infrastructure unsustainable. As the stress continues to build, the financial house of cards is beginning to fall.

I can’t predict which will go first. The decisions are with Gaia and with the few men and women still controlling financial manipulations. They wish for another war situation, but that possibility has been so weakened that what once was a major source of revenue has now become worthless. They have few alternatives left, and a public show of stock fluctuations is one of the last graspable charades they can use to seem in control. They hope that public reaction will allow them to earn some additional revenue.

The most dangerous spots are the ones you have been watching on the Pacific Rim. However, the possibility still does exist for movement in other areas. The New Madrid zone is risky, particularly since it is connected at a deep level to the Gulf of Mexico, which continues to have stress even though no one talks about it anymore. There is also the potential for a major upheaval in the Canary Islands that could send an enormous tsunami to the East Coast. The stresses on Japan and the California and Oregon coast line still seem the most dangerous, however.

I hope you realize that we are monitoring each area constantly, and are ready to spring into action if something happens in any spot. All the imbalances are attached in ways that are related to the tectonic plate movements. A release of pressure in one area causes additional movement in another. These quakes will be unlike anything you have experienced before; the amount of movement the plates have to undergo to find a new balance in light of the increased vibrational frequency that is being introduced is unlike anything previous. Earth is shifting its polar axis and reversing its polar charges to operate more in alignment with the new level of energy vibration. This means the water placement has to shift and new land masses will be moved into position as continents.

Man has long built on the coasts, and this shift of Earth’s alignment will have a devastating effect on existing population centers. Many inhabitants will leave and much established landscape and infrastructure of architecture and civilized communities will be destroyed. This is inevitable given the reshaping that must take place for Gaia to continue her Ascension.

Lightworkers, as they are called, will be the vanguards of stability and empowerment. Your role is to work with the situation as it is and bring closure as best you can. This call to action is still abstract, however, given the uncertainty of what events will occur. The impatience you feel is a result of not having a clear mandate.  We can’t predict what will happen, so you have to find a way to be ready and focused for a range of possible scenarios.

I guarantee that this state of chaos won’t continue long. We are planning to introduce what you have called a mini stasis to remove the most active antagonists to Earth’s Ascension. However, we feel that it is more beneficial to let Earth’s inhabitants experience the loss of the traditional society that supports them but also holds them back. The period of chaos and upheaval will make a profound impression, but it will not continue any longer than I feel it has served its purpose as an object lesson.

Once the mini stasis is finished -and I expect it will only be a few days- then those inhabitants we have determined are best suited to working with rebuilding a life on Urantia will be awakened again and  introduced to the beginnings of a new thinking through a series of educational broadcasts and examples.  This will continue for a period of time as a core of Lightworkers starts outlining what has to happen in the future.

When the lessons have introduced a rethinking of man’s purpose and his relationship to his universe, we will then enter into a longer period of stasis proper that will allow our workers to instigate the major changes that have to happen on Earth. This will involve another sorting of Lightworkers, and it will allow Gaia to proceed into the most radical stages of transformation without man’s interference. This will take longer. When these changes have happened, and the planet’s environment is safe for its inhabitants to return to, we will then bring Urantia out of its stasis period. Man and his planet will be transformed to the new energy level.

This New Era will only be the beginning of the move to what ultimately will be a higher dimension. Man will have to work to that, but he will be assisted in the process with a new environment and a higher frequency mental capacity. He will have a concept of unity and connection with his fellow inhabitants and his galactic family that previously was hidden from him. This awareness will shape his new sense of purpose and dedication to his personal evolution.

This is sufficient for this evening. Post as you will.  Aton.

Christ Michael
Even We Have to Wait and See

Christ Michael channeled by Johan on Wednesday August 17, 2011.  Message taken from:

This is Christ Michael Aton, Your Sovereign.  As this scribe wants to make sure he keeps totally in line and ‘on the money’ with our Divine Intentions and Directives, I advised him to take this message.  Out of a ever growing Sincere Desire to do Good unto Others through Service, my scribe asked Me if MORE could be done, other than focusing on California.

Even WE have to wait and see how strong or NOT AT ALL certain geological forces at work deep down Mother Earth, due to many Energetic Influences from all over Space react or come to the surface or influence nearby pressure points and fault lines. Yet we manage that by closely monitoring those areas day and night, what keeps Myself, Esu and crew on our heels and toes at the same time. Those who still complain about WHEN, while being partially in the knowing, should join this team day and night AND STILL NOT UNDERSTAND the complexity of our Divine Plan AT WORK.

However, Cosmic Deadlines are forcing us to try out new strategies all the time, with many distractions from the dark running out of options (money as one of them) and running on their last legs.

I can tell you already that Jupiter will be brought out to see if that alignment will bring about the required initiation, movement of Mother Earth, who is fully on board, yet can use all of your precious support in Love and Coordinated Divine Light as you with your AH Groups Meditation Team already do each morning and night. My congratulations.

What We and the waves do unto your Magnetosphere and Ionosphere has many of you baffled with body symptoms but worry not, even when they intensify, as this scribe just felt in both his ears, even for short moments, We accept the blame but MOREOVER the results we are to celebrate TOGETHER shortly. August might catch your attention, if it did not already, yet remain flexible, use common sense while being vigilant.

California is indeed the place FOR NOW, where your and OUR combined efforts through focused Divine Light and Love can achieve the most. Not in preventing but controlling and preparing for swift action to come.

Other suggested areas are off limits FOR NOW since other energies might be directed there and are at work and cannot be tampered or interfered with as there is not a lot of space and time to undo what you, good willing YET unknowingly, might otherwise have instigated.

Use your common sense at what scale this Divine Operation is happening and if impossible to understand, depend on your Inner and Higher Spiritual Connection and ask not, but TRUST as all can clearly see the total collapse of your society is imminent. But out of chaos will arise the solution for some of you to experience first-hand, others will see it from afar, BUT ALWAYS REMEMBER OR KNOW WE ARE ONE, WE ARE CLOSER THAN NEARBY AND CLOSER THAN SOON.

This scribe his first message from Me was titled : ”The Time is NOW.”  IF THIS WERE HIS LAST MESSAGE, it still can be titled : ”The Time is NOW.”

As time is a dynamic continuation of NOW moments while We strive to optimum results, always towards perfection, then worry not the extra days in your counting when dealing with the finalizing MOMENTS of a 230 + million years cycle! Once in Full Consciousness, you will understand, and that is closing in as we speak.

Support each other as you do, My Warriors of Light, Love and Love again in each moment, in each encounter, represent ME while being PROUD and occupy yourself wisely, even when in need of more REST, and accept my Sincere Compliments for your joint efforts much to Our delight.  Salu.

Christ Michael
CM Aton Speaks to the US Specifically

Christ Michael channeled by Jess Anthony on Tuesday August 23, 2011.  Message taken from:

Jess: Christ Michael Aton, I sense a need for further communication. I am concerned about what is possible. I have some understanding of what this could entail, I think. Signs are evident for those looking. Guide us as we face the events that are coming. Help us to remain balanced. Prepare us to hear your direction.

Christ Michael: Jess, I am speaking to you clearly this evening. This is a time of troubling potential for your country. Other places in the world are equally in danger, but the United States is poised for special catastrophes. We have spoken of potentials and possibilities many times in the past. I have urged restraint to allow more in America to become aware of what is looming.

This has come to an end. I have told Mother Earth to let go and finish her travail. I have allowed the forces of relief that have strained for resolution to start their process. This will trigger a series of Earth-changing events you have not experienced before in your lives. Just as we have spoken of a series of potential reactions, so have these resolutions begun a sequence that can have wide spread and unforeseen effects.

The Pacific Rim is precarious, and each increasingly large tremor causes other stresses to shift. This is like a bouncing ball that gathers more momentum with each successive point of contact. The energy is rising and the whole area is becoming unstable. The underlying plates are moving against each other and the friction is causing more and more instability. The West Coast in the US is particularly tenuous due to the fragility of the underground structure. The southern part is honeycombed with collapsing areas, and the northern part is being pushed by a renewed volcanic pressure.

The Gulf of Mexico is a potential time bomb. The weather is helping to stabilize the reactions to an extent still, because the catastrophe there could be enormous and would be best dealt with later. The oil is leaking still and the pressure is building up.  As you move into hurricane season, this makes the stability even more difficult to maintain.  The force of the storms causes unpredictable reactions in their environment. Aside from the potential land damage that can occur, the level of interaction between the Gulf and the Atlantic and the atmospheric pressure is unknown.

The earthquake on the East Coast is another harbinger of unsuspected disaster that is impending. As we have pointed out, these reactions were triggered more by the energy that has been created by man. This was not a situation where the geophysical stresses were ratcheting up in a sequence that demands release. This was more a reaction by Earth to counter the intensity of the ideas being created by man so at odds with the notion of Ascending to a higher spiritual awareness. This corps is the most malignant infection with the most impact on the rest of the world’s inhabitants. The decisions there prevent man from moving forward. The irony is that they know they are destroying what they cannot control, yet they continue anyway. You can see their lies and the results of the selfish choices being made. Do not be misled by what you see or read. Ask for guidance and clarity to be able to discern what really is happening.

The East Coast also has potential for disaster that can come from more typical natural reactions. The projected tsunamis and devastation caused by storms from the Atlantic are likely but not certain. The Gulf Stream and the Atlantic currents have been shut down, and the chain of events this may trigger in regards to the weather and temperature changes are again unknowable.  Everything in the eco system is interrelated, and it will not be in Earth’s interest to stop the reactions that have already begun.

I tell you in the United States these possibilities to warn you and to allow you to prepare yourselves for situations you have not imagined. The chaos and devastation will be beyond what you have experienced. You are advised to strengthen your connection to me and listen for our direction. All those who expect to hear will hear.

Christ Michael
CM Aton Speaks on the Significance of Happenings in the US August 23, 2011, Earthquake

Christ Michael channeled by Johan on Wednesday August 24, 2011.  Message taken from: .

Johan: I just asked CM Aton if there is need for a different focus or change for this evenings mediation. Here is what he said:

CM: It was not without reason that the Pentagon and the White House had to be evacuated earlier, as I told you this morning that TODAY would be a significant day. Not so much what happened, but what THEY HAVE ATTRACTED UPON THEMSELVES, AND WHAT IS TO COME, will stand proof of my words. We do not, NEVER bring harm upon anybody, as we abide by Cosmic Rules, and free will cannot be tampered with but what you call the Golden Rule: What you do onto others WILL be done onto you, is still working day and night, for dark and for Light.

What the White House and Pentagon and friends in the Middle East are playing with, is catching up with them. When that much negative energy is directed or intended, that is always coming back home to roost. The elements are on sharp now as they too react against the folly of man and it fits to say that your eyes have not seen, nor your ears have heard what folly man is capable of thinking off and putting into place, it would scare the heck out of everybody with a little bit of common sense, but that is why things starting to happen now.

I can say that the US of A and allies have missed too many opportunities to come clean, to stop the atrocities, to stop planning new ones, and what they have inflicted upon so many nations around the world is now the bullet that comes back to haunt them, and they can run, but no hiding place deep enough can prevent their own energy to come and find and affect them. No weapons shall prosper, not that difficult to understand, but when all means have been exhausted, then WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE, NEEDS AND SHALL BE DONE. When Light recognizes Light, that same Light will protect and Guide, but when Light is ignored, then that same Light will standby, and allow all circumstances to play as the players have insisted on playing, like children with fire, until lessons are learned, as is the case with Everybody and Everything Ensouled.

We only protected to leave the last chance to change from dark to Light, from folly to reason and common sense, but when all options are exhausted, then also stops the protection. Like energy attracts like energy, so the Roaring Elements are only responding to the same signals that certain leaders and people in high places and positions on Earth have sent out.

Remember the meditation report this scribe filed days ago where it was described seeing walls and waves of water on the West coast California, South coast Gulf of Mexico and the East coast? Well, these were options on the table, options attracted by many evil plans and decisions made lately by your leaders who clearly do not have your best interest at heart. Well, you felt the first quake, East coast, you see the first hurricane approaching, do you see where the wall of water can come from? Not to mention the old walls of the old volcano at the Azores that can fall into the ocean and send more walls and waves of water unto the East coast, as all is possible now. The California situation you know about and one heavy quake on the opposite side of the ring of fire can bring about just that what was described as what was seen. The Gulf of Mexico situation you also know about, so there you have just a few scenarios that can roll anytime now.

I urge you to include into your focus for tonight and tomorrow for sure, still California with neighboring Mexico and the offshore coast of Oregon, still the Gulf of Mexico, as things are very dangerous there too and NOW ALSO THE ENTIRE EAST COAST of the US of A, NOT TO PREVENT ANYTHING, NOT TO CAUSE ANYTHING, JUST TO BE THE LIGHT AT THOSE PLACES SO THAT WHAT NEEDS TO HAPPEN, CAN HAPPEN, ALWAYS RESPECTING THE DIVINE PURPOSE OF ALL INVOLVED, AND YOUR JOINED LIGHT CAN GIVE MORE POWER TO THE LIGHT TO DO WHAT WE NEED TO DO, what is more in the realm of safeguarding and helping where help is needed.

Do your regular routine of Connecting with the Celestial Realm, Let that Light come to you through the tree in the middle of your AH Group, and siphon the COMBINED LIGHT towards the core of Mother Earth, before branching off to those particular places. I know there are folks here reading who would love some focus on their areas too, and for very specific reasons, as we know off all too well, but TRUST IN THE DIVINE PROCESS AT WORK that what is about to break loose at the US of A will take precedent and needs our combined attention.

Stay vigilant and continue to do your work you started. As this scribe brought forward: TRUST AND CO-OPERATE WITH YOUR HIGHER SELF, that will show the way in even the darkest night so you have nothing to worry about. Connect as much as possible, since the period ahead will show very little signs of normalcy, HENCE pay attention where attention is needed and leave the rest to us who are nearby and on standby. Use your discernment, your LINK with your Higher Self when you hear announcements only to scare people even more, and follow your teachings at Abundant Hope that will quickly tell if things are real or fake. Remember that United you stand, divided you fall, what I already mentioned before, is exactly the latter what the dark are experiencing now. They too are my children at school, and I love them equally, only their chosen ways and lessons are much harder, but needed even more.

Salu. This is Christ Michael Aton of Nebadon. In Divine Love, Light, Service, Always and in All Ways.

Poetic Section

My Heaven    

I dream of heaven,
It dreams with me,
But all I see
Is reality.

I awake to see
The view of me,
And realize
Heaven’s inside of me!

Poem composed by Crystali in 1998, and shared with the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), Brother Veritus' Website (BVW).


Christ Michael
The Final Battles Have Arrived. Stand Your Ground

Christ Michael channeled by Johan on Saturday August 27, 2011.  Message taken from: .

(Candace: Without trying to cause alarm, the death toll from this may be rather high. A very widespread area and density of population.)

Johan: Dear AH Family, this morning I connected with Christ Michael Aton about the new directives as Mother Earth seems to shift gears in her path to renewal and cleaning up. Here is what CM Aton mentioned:

CM: My Dearly Beloved Children, we have indeed entered into a most dangerous phase. As I have mentioned before, what mankind is capable of planning, organizing is beyond imagination and does shake all of us to our core. Well, that is exactly what Mother Earth is doing right now, and will shake off all what does not serve this pearl of extreme Motherly Care and Love any longer, as Momma has seen the Light, all of Us, including you at the AH Group Meditations have constantly helped generate stronger and stronger until She has fully stepped onboard now. So congratulations to all of you.

Dangers are now lurking from EVERY direction around the United States of America, from natural born elements who are reacting to man’s folly to man himself who continues to plan the most awful scenarios to destroy as much as possible, knowing full when they have received their tickets out, and wanting to take down anything and everything in a desperate attempt to hold control in a sinister New World Order after causing havoc and destruction first. As they have lost control over the economy and finances, fractions from different origin in the United States AND from abroad are coming at loggerheads now, they resort to fanatic destructive ways, hoping to materialize underground, taking advantage of the looming hurricane and setting off much more devastation as retaliation amongst each other. Scenes from the mafia and the cold war and extreme gang wars at the highest levels have no comparison what some are planning right now underneath your very feet.

At the same time, Nature can set off reactions that will cause far stretching devastation, looking at the Mid Atlantic reef with the old volcano at the Azores, looking at the extreme tension and stress under and along the Ring of Fire, looking at the Gulf of Mexico that can change the surface of the Earth in certain know danger areas in seconds.

With regards to the manmade planned evil actions, we intend to NOT nip it in the bud, what normally would be the case BUT this will give us the Cosmic permission to lead all into mini-stasis, where we can step in immediately and safeguard what needs to be safeguarded and controlled once more. This will automatically launch the removal of the dark, as their tickets out are long overdue, and bring about the changes you all have been waiting for.

Much more I cannot share since We also are monitoring EVERYTHING very closely and will have to work with whatever situation comes first or whatever reaction triggers another.  There is where we will be fully present to intervene and help out, as is our major task at the moment.

THAT MEANS FOR YOU WARRIORS OF THE LIGHT: EXTREME VIGILANCE. Your bodies and minds have been cautioned to rest, to be ready, many of you have heard us ask IF YOU ARE READY. Well, NOW IS THAT TIME OF HEIGHTENED ALERT. I ask you to continue your daily meditations/Reiki in full force, put your heart and soul on the line, for you are SAFE, that I guarantee you, as we count your every breath, your every good deed, your every RAY OF LIGHT YOU GENERATE through BEING OF SERVICE.

Now the Service will be TO STAY UNITED, TO WORK AS A GROUP, FOR WHICH I COMMEND YOU ALL, Connect with the Divine Light and Divine Love and all the Celestial Ones, equally most vigilant, focus on your GROUPS STRUCTURE AND STAND FIRM TOGETHER, LET THE TREE OF LIGHT AND LIFE WORK AMONGST YOU, Send that United Divine Light to the core of Mother Earth, send it out to the surface and far beyond as YOUR LIGHT BY PURE INTEND WILL CONNECT WITH COSMIC AND GALACTIC FORCES, as your Co Creator ship IS NOW HIGHLY AT WORK.

And let this come back to the different trouble spots you know off, LET YOUR HIGHER SELF HELP YOU TO DETERMINE WHERE… as you know of the RING OF FIRE, THE GULF OF MEXICO, THE WEST COAST OF THE US, THE EAST COAST THAT IS UNDER THREAD, THE MID ATLANTIC RIDGE, EUROPE AS A WHOLE, THE MIDDLE EAST THAT STARTS TO TREMBLE, and let US take care of the manmade trouble that is brewing, as it will be for some of you also your permission to leave for further duty elsewhere.

THIS IS IT, MY BELOVED CHILDREN, THE FINAL BATTLES, THE FINALE WHERE YOU NOT ONLY GET FIRST ROW SEATS, BUT WHERE YOU ARE PARTICIPATING IN THE RENEWAL OF MOTHER EARTH, WHERE YOU ARE PARTICIPANTS IN THE DECISIVE END OF AN ERA OF DARKNESS AND EVIL. ALL OF YOU who stood your ground and connected with the Divine Within Yourself, as all of this is also playing out INSIDE OF YOU, in total Oneness with All That Is, through the I Am Presence within you, what will equally result in a major VICTORY FOR ALL WHO REPRESENTED THE LIGHT. You still have no idea what this will mean for yourselves, so get going until we meet again, it will be sweeter than honey and the happiest you have ever been.

Again, continue your hard work, connect yourself as much as possible and follow the leads and updates if possible, as this scribe and company will do their best to provide you with. Salu.

Poetic Section

The Seed of Love    

If life makes you feel so low,
Because the world around’s so slow,
To learn the things they need to know,
To show the love that makes you glow…

Then sow the seed that lets them know,
How to express the love that will show,
Come rain or shine and hail and snow,
Within good time that seed will grow.

Poem composed by Crystali in 2001, and shared with the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), Brother Veritus' Website (BVW).


Christ Michael
The Nature of Timing, ‘My Hour Has Not Yet Come’, ‘My Hour Has Come.’

Christ Michael channeled by Hazel on Thursday September 15, 2011.  Message taken from:–My-hour-has-not-yet-come—My-hour-has-come.shtml .

These words were scripted as words I repeated several times during my earthy incarnation. Indeed, it was all about timing then and it is all about timing now. My reference to time is not in respect of the temporal existence of daily measurements but simply readiness in terms of appropriate events and frameworks in place for the unfolding of the master plan. Timing is therefore referenced to preparedness.

Time as you know it is fickle. It bespeaks of rigid adherence to notions and expectations which may or may not materialize. The Divine Plan is not governed by time but by other grander elements, many of which you will not comprehend. A synergy must exist in the energy spanning the universe of time and space and I will know when that time is here.

Certainly, however, your planet is in the throes of momentous times of change. The clouds are lifting now allowing the Light in with the hope that man will find his sight. In fact, this has been the order of things for a while now bearing however little fruit. The resulting response to the Light has not been as effusive as expected. Yet even God cannot and will not control how and when man decides to awaken. The planet operates in cycles and it is no secret that her cycle has in spirit terms ended. The wrapping up work is taking place to engender the plans to fulfillment. I AM not here however to speak to you of the timing of events. You ones have become too accustomed to linear perspectives and this has created an impediment to higher understanding of cosmic workings.

I want to emphasize the need during these changeable times for each child to consider whether his or her time has come and what the implications are for you in this respect.  Deep in the consciousness of each one is a Light that will burn with desire so brightly when the time has come, that it will be a hunger too great to be left unsatisfied. If you remain in communion with the Source or with Me, you will be in no doubt as to the certainty of this eventuality when it occurs. Every part of you will literally scream: “My time has come.” For what?, you may ask. Simply to serve the Divine Will in a way that suits your skills, talents and abilities. You will simply know.

Service has many dimensions to it and God does not compare how one serves in comparison to another. The concern lies in the motivation of that service. For God accepts the path of each, and the endowments of each will differ.

Every moment in your life is precious and must not be wasted. This is your life, you must make of it and with it as you choose but preferably in accordance with the greater will. You cannot abandon life, you live life, you enjoy the blessings in your life and you create the reality you seek in your individual world.

I walked this earth also as man and I endured many experiences. I too was eager to start my mission or ministry. Yet the will of my Father took precedence. He knew what I had to accomplish before I was ready to complete the task at hand and return to assume Sovereignty of Nebadon. Always was I in communion that I would know when the time had come for Me. The years preceding that were spent in humble acknowledgement that I needed to grow and learn from my experiences and face life head on and full on. I engaged in a humble yet fulfilling livelihood. I partook of physical work which kept my body fit and mind active. I also took the opportunity to engage in a private ministry without ceremony. I helped where and when the opportunities presented themselves. I remained committed to the guidance of those who sought it from Me.

I did not hide away from the world. I was inclined to know the peoples of the world, to understand humanity if I were to determine the way to help them understand my Father’s Kingdom. I had to understand their motivations, expectations and desires. I turned away no one yet was careful and wise in my dealings with all.

The journey on Earth was never promised to be an easy one but you cannot run away from it because it does not suit your purpose or because it becomes exhausting to deal with.

If your hour has not yet come, then I suggest that you evaluate your life and find your passion and determine how best you can prepare yourself to further and develop your passion. Stay attuned to My energy within you and I shall lead you to make a healthy contribution. I urge you, My children, to enjoy your experience for many of you shall not be returning to Earth after the changes manifest.

I say to those of you who know that your hour has come, you must resolutely acknowledge it and take up the baton of truth and begin to live your purpose. Readiness is a signal of spiritual preparedness and confidence to assume greater responsibility in My name. It requires total relinquishment and surrender to spirit. You must not only desire and have the motivations to serve but also be disciplined in your efforts. I have precious few who are firmly committed and I need those of you for whom the bell has sounded to seek counsel as to how you can go about My business fearlessly. Many of you have come for this very purpose so do not ignore the call.

This is a time when your faith will be put to the test. I have never and will never forsake my faithful. In all things trust Me but do not use My plans as an excuse to bail out from your responsibilities. If you seek Me I will guide your path and show you the way to a fulfilling life. I will sustain you when you choose the divine pathway.

When your hour has come you will do as I did and seek total communion with the Source, that you may be given instructions and directions in service. I will give to you the wherewithal that you may satisfy My plans for you.

Life cannot be viewed as a burden but as a blessing and you are here to find the pleasure of God in all things and be a beacon of Light and joy. You are to be the exemplars today that will lead the blind out of bondage. Strengthen yourselves in my armor .You are the courageous ones who are streamlined in My energy. If you cannot sustain now, how will you sustain when the going really gets tough?

Christ Michael is not here to rescue you but to work with you to help you rescue your world from the clutches of darkness. It is thus imperative that you shine your Light as brightly as you can for this is much needed now in a world that has grown very tired and has become weak under the governance of the dark. I AM your Father, ONE with the Paradise Father whose Will shall be done. Perfection is the order of Paradise and this Divine Plan shall be executed with precision and perfection. Time cannot purchase perfection if readiness is not achieved.

PS: from Hazel: CM is not mentioning anything to me about timing of stasis. He is not saying. This was not the focus of the piece. He obliquely refers to the Divine Plan, etc.

This piece is under copyright protection of It may be placed anywhere on the web as long as it is not changed in anyway and a link placed back to this site.  It is preferred you place the entire piece, and if not possible to do so, you must note that the rest of it can be found at the link.  Thank you, Candace.

Poetic Section

Release from the Towers of Grief    

High up in a building came
A plane of shame bringing grief and pain
When all around was still and silent,
Without a pause bought a scene so violent.

As they took to the sky with a solid belief,
Devastation came with anger and grief
And not in vain to achieve their aim,
Now many are slain for their cruel game.

And once were the buildings of Rockefeller
And now their down in rocks and tether,
The world once held in unfair trade,
Is free for a spell until their remade.

Controlled Demolition

For this is the way that greed makes the grade.
But the heart of creation looks on in frustration
And offers its hand to the world and her nation,
For man harms itself beyond all explanation.

With the lives that are given, another is taken,
And death doesn’t mean they are ever forsaken,
For now they walk on Angel soil,
Free from all the earthly toil.

So move on in peace,
You have found your release.

Poem composed by Crystali in 2001, and shared with the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), Brother Veritus' Website (BVW).


Christ Michael
The Second Coming Is Upon Us

Christ Michael channeled by Johan on Sunday September 18, 2011, and published on Thursday September 29, 2011.  Message taken from: .

This is Christ Michael Aton of Nebadon, your Sovereign. I come today to bring you a little update about your much appreciated efforts and findings for those who participate in the AbundantHope Groups Meditations regularly, within and outside of your organization.

If it amazes you why I choose to stay in touch with my AbundantHope Light Warriors, then allow me to remember you of AbundantHope being my Second Coming Organization, led by Candace, who, in spite of the many unhappy, painful, treacherous experiences and health-related problems, has stayed her ground no matter what, since Truth and Divine Love and Light Service has always remained her banner on the many battlefields she unwaveringly crossed.

The time is approaching rapidly that the Second Coming will be manifested for all to see. Even if and as many of you long very badly for heavy earth changes, even cataclysmic of nature to happen, to have your heavy hearts and disoriented minds relieved, I reinstate my promise that those of you who did not give up, improved on your Higher Self Connection and diligently partook of the soul evolving opportunities that came along while ‘ waiting ‘, will feel so Blessed and Rewarded, beyond your imagination, as also that most of you left behind when you left your former abode. Some happy reunions and meetings, reported on your meditation thread, attest to exactly that.

Closer to the Divine Plan at hand and at work, your atmosphere all around you is changing and the elements will exercise their powers according to plan. To release your weary minds, we have opted for the smoothest of transitions while you are still on Earth, as disaster numbness is settling in. Instead, many are experiencing the first signs of changing skies, and this is now ready for the full display all around your planet. Still, I come to inform you: When you keep your balance within, where we can guide you, advise you, inspire you of all to come, you will fly high and freely, without too much trouble attached. The new is arriving, the old skin is shedding as we speak, with many dark meetings going on behind closed doors in utter fear for what is coming to the surface so forcefully and impossible to stop. Any serious change brings questions; therefore, GO WITHIN, where all your answers lay.

Even you will be caught off guard, will be surprised, ONLY when you did not listen to the many voices from amongst us that came to inform and guide you that fear is of no matter any longer, and better abandoned all together.

My disciples some 2000 years ago, and I greet some of you again in pretty much the same capacity here at AbundantHope, I advised to pray, Go Within as I demonstrated many times, and receive the Spirit of Truth. You have not heard of any other advice ever since, now did you? Only those who fear the Truth remain in shackles, all others, unfortunately the minority, are set free or have set themselves free!

As the thunder and lightning is roaring above this scribe as he writes for me, so will all elements be put to work purposely or come against the folly of a drunken master, UNTIL all who choose to look shall see, and those who choose to listen, shall hear.

”THE SECOND COMING IS UPON US” for all to know who opened their hearts and souls to the Truth and each other.

Blessed be those who were hungry to know and searching, for some already have, and others will find what they were looking for: That Truth, Knowledge, Love and Light are AS DIVINE as You and I, Children of OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN, AND IN YOU AND ALL OF US. Blessed be His Name, from which ALL and Only Good and Love and Light come, and Blessed be those who stood their grounds in the face of all adversity, My Warriors, for peace that indeed surpasses all understanding shall be yours upon finishing this fight together. To Divine Love and Divine Light, Salu.

Johan: In Divine Love, Light, Service, Always and in All Ways.
This piece is under copyright protection of It may be placed anywhere on the web as long as it is not changed in anyway and a link placed back to this site.  It is preferred you place the entire piece, and if not possible to do so, you must note that the rest of it can be found at the link.  Thank you, Candace.

Poetic Section

Touch of an Angel    

 With this enchanting melody
Of a peaceful lullaby
I guard you with my wings
And with love to you I tie.

I take you on a journey
To a star above the sky,
I show you where your Soul is,
A place that’s just as high.

In fact, it couldn’t be greater
For it’s the heart of your Creator.
You have danced
In the streams of a rainbow,
And sailed in the rivers of time,
For this is where I carry you,
In destinies sweet rhyme.

And wherever fate may take you,
I’ll lend you a helping hand,
For your heart yearns for Home,
So I steer it on its way,
You must know you’re not alone
And will never go astray.

As the brightest star
Is the heart inside you.
With a lighted torch
I walk beside you.
Never be afraid, I, the Light,
Will always be your guide.

Poem composed by Crystali in 2002, and shared with the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), Brother Veritus' Website (BVW).


Christ Michael
The Ice Is Cracking and Breaking, Where Are You? Still On It?

Christ Michael channeled by Johan on Wednesday, October 5, 2011.  Message taken from: .

This is Christ Michael Aton of Nebadon. My Dearly Beloved Children all around, as mentioned through other scribes, it does not make any sense to bring updates, other than you asking for YOUR updates personally through your suggested and most important question: WHAT IS IT I NEED TO KNOW?

No other update or question is more important for yourself right now. Through selected media bits and pieces, you can start to form your own info basis that helps you to see a logic field of expectations and events.

When you walk the icy lake with more weight than the ice can carry, the ice will crack, break and one will fall in the icy water. If that still sounds common sense and logic to you, then look around you as many cracks appear in your society.

One can stretch the imagination, but facts can only be taken out of proportion that much, until reality and the truth comes back to haunt you. Many folks, who did not leave, nor change, who played games at the expense of others only, are now on the ice, having a good time on the outside, yet some sweating blood and tears on the inside, trying to proof to other they are not afraid as clearly nothing stopped them so far. Little do they realize how far the ice is cracking and breaking and only their soul will be light enough not to go under, as pride comes before the fall.

Heed the call to GO WITHIN, to stay the course and remain balanced, as not only the ice has become unstable, so has the atmosphere and energy around you changed and will only support those that can take the higher vibrations, like breathing oxygen, only those that trained at high altitude can take the mountain top air.

The lighter you travel in material sense, the easier you will climb to avoid the storms, the floods, the elements that now revolt against the shores, planes, cities of great density and darkness.

This might be the third, yet last message through this scribe that mention this, but if your life is still business as usual, then you are not ready, then you do not trust what we have told you before, then you have not understood what this magnificent moment in time is all about.

Even you will be loved and taken care off, but you will not reap the rewards that others will, who earned them through Trust, Faith, Service to Others, Love in any form and shape, and truth and knowledge above all else.

We have changed our plans many times to the benefit and highest purpose of all involved but remember the ice, even we do not control its breaking point. It is important that you remain vigilant and through your Inner and Higher Secure Connection will you know unmistakably when to get off and onwards to the mountains, away from the shorelines, cities and planes and when you do understand this, your Higher Self will have told you already what to do. You seek the answers, we guarantee you the knowledge that will serve you the best, but when it’s still business as usual, you will be on the ice when it’s too late to get off.

Go, ask and look nowhere else but WITHIN what this means for you and yours, as I did choose to come to you NOW, and with no delay. The ice IS cracking and breaking, where are you? Still on it? I am sure some of you remember us asking you personally: Are you ready? Salu, Christ Michael Aton of Nebadon.

This piece is under copyright protection of It may be placed anywhere on the web as long as it is not changed in anyway and a link placed back to this site.  It is preferred you place the entire piece, and if not possible to do so, you must note that the rest of it can be found at the link.  Thank you, Candace.

Poetic Section

True Heaven    

 I found the time
To sit and stare
At Nature’s rhyme
Of love and care.

She gives her heart
For all to share
Regardless of
The wear and tear!

The beauty of
The heart of Light
Is all around
From stars so bright.

Even in the still
Of the night,
Darkness shines
With glimmered light.

As the sun comes up
To greet the day,
As many the words
We speak and say.

The sun shines its glory
Just like in a story.
It sweeps its golden hue
Across Earth’s doorway.

If this is heaven,
Then this is true glory,
So open your eyes
And live the story.

Poem composed by Crystali in 2002, and shared with the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), Brother Veritus' Website (BVW).


Communiqué of the Galactic Federation

The Galactic Federation channeled by Wanderer of the Skies on Friday October 7, 2011.  Message taken from:

Greetings from the [Galactic] Federation:

Much is happening on your world these days. You can see the protests occurring all over as you are awakening to the energy of love. There is much going on in your world behind the scenes as well. We have great news to share with you as we keep you forever in our thoughts and send you our love in these trying days leading to Disclosure.

The underground bases, of which we have spoken in the past which harbor those factions of the Illuminati who have created the most resistance to these changes, have indeed been destroyed with no loss of life we have been able to detect. A clear message has been sent to some of the last hold outs to the agreements already in place for the surrender of the Illuminati and their capitulation in your affairs. Other sources have begun to report on these events and the Illuminati needs no confirmation of what has occurred. That message, as we have been able to monitor through the emotions and thoughts of those it affected, has been received quite forcefully. They are now aware there is no alternative and this is their end.

As more and more of the minions of those groups turn away from them in these last hours, the momentum towards a free world gains speed and power. You will see more of this in the coming days as well. Indeed, we have already indicated to you previously that several key media heads have made their deals to open access to the truth and you now see more accurate reporting on what is going on in your world. More importantly, you are now seeing information get to you that would never have been discussed previously.

Your leaders have indeed put Disclosure on the “front burners” of their agenda and it is presently a priority for many nations. There is a great silence in the halls of power across the world as those who are awaiting the orders to begin the disclosure process hold their collective breath. Many levels of government are involved in this process and there is a great sense among many nations that now the time has come. This is a good thing. It prepares the way for those who must make this decision to actually know that what they are doing is the right thing, the true thing, and ultimately, the most important thing they will ever do for the human race. It is time. Those who have waffled on this decision for so long are now well aware of the consequences of making disclosure occur and the need now, more than ever, to make it happen. We await here, excitedly, for the process to begin. We have monitored the thoughts of all your leaders and there is a great consensus that the time has arrived.

We have, in response, stepped up our appearance in your skies as more and more people see our ships and cannot explain them in prosaic terms. We will continue this at an even greater level, with closer contact and more frequent revelations across your globe. In fact, for those who statistically keep records of these sightings, the numbers will rise exponentially. Keep your eyes to the heavens as we prepare to dazzle you with our ships, a prelude to our coming in Peace and Love.

Be at peace.

Poetic Section

Hammer and Pendulum    
I wondered lonely
Through the clouds,
I passed beyond
The hazy shrouds.

The mind once veiled
And re-defined
Runs wild toward
The re-designed.

I find within
A shining star,
I feel the love
Reach from afar.

The spirit and soul
Unite together,
Remaining whole
Now and forever.

Octaves sing
In vibration rhyme,
In waves do swing
To adjust sublime.

And reach out
To my visit,
Don’t blink,
You may miss it!

You see in reflection
Your soul mirror,
And know this is where
The heart must deliver.

The spirit of thought
Drifts this river’s stream,
And tells you soon
Your soul to redeem.

You’ll hear the sound
Of footsteps running,
Toward the silent
Spirit humming.

The spirals of
The ageless planes,
Gather round
While time remains.

They divert
Your attention
To even higher
And offer a mention
To your higher

Now time is due
For an overhaul,
As it listens
To the cosmic call.

Upon the path
That life has chosen,
Forever remains
A memory frozen.

Each moment intense
Is not written in stone,
And never declares
A sense you’re alone.

The pendulum swings
To a silent halt,
And urges the spirit
To wake in exhort.

Nothing compares
To events of the like,
A decade will pass
And the hammer will strike!

(A personal strike!??)

Poem composed by Crystali in 2002, and shared with the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), Brother Veritus' Website (BVW).


Christ Michael
Let Love Be Your Banner and Trademark as We Cross the Finish Line

Christ Michael channeled by Johan on Tuesday, October 11, 2011.  Message taken from: .

Johan: I went on to ask for communication with CM Aton if there was anything different from the given directive that He wanted me to do or focus on and He asked me to come and sit at the computer, exercise the Oneness Principle, while being in meditative state and in the Christ Consciousness and write:

Christ Michael: We have warned, we have explained, we are monitoring, but once the dominoes fall, there will be no stopping anymore… One series of dominoes of one category of life will influence a series of dominoes of another category because when the fundamentals of your society swing and sway and fall, the rest will collapse like the Twin Towers in New York. All is meant to go that way, as it was organized by the dark, yet used by us now as a momentum necessary to prepare the world population to see for themselves. Ignoring still will be impossible, yet a choice that many will make out of fear, and attract more to be revealed in very uncomfortable ways.

The difference with people Guided, Inspired and in the knowing is that they can prepare themselves physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, because of their Spiritual Secure Connection, daily meditations, and be of help to others who panic. This, my starseeds and Lightworkers, is the phase we are entering. Panic will bring many to their knees and they will look up for any help possible. Being there as human and as loving as possible will serve the best, but stay vigilant, although protected, do not follow irrational and illogical paths. No time for heroes, but for balanced leaders and people who trust their Inner and Higher Guidance blindly while standing for what you KNOW and have been informed about.

You are all where you supposed to be, so do not travel in panic, this will not help anybody, but trust that you are where you supposed to be as Guidance has brought you there. Even if news breaks that danger is underway, YOU WILL BE TAKEN CARE OF IF NEED BE, AS WE ARE ON STANDBY AND FULL ALERT as things might change quickly and all will run its perfect course. Go with your inner flow in TRUST AND FAITH and demonstrate what you are made off to the best of your abilities. Know that your Inner and Higher Self is never in danger, and WE are in control of that, if you let us.

Ask each meditation and moment of reflection and contemplation WHAT IT IS YOU NEED TO KNOW, as you have been well prepared and TRUST that what comes as answer is more valid and solid then gold. As the level of anxiety is rising everywhere, as nobody sees good fortune in the near and mid-term future, your balance and determination to do Good unto Others, to help out, to Serve will outweigh all fear, all negative, all questions and will open your lines of Higher Assistance beyond words.

The time has come to cross that finish line. I do not come to panic you, to say stuff is about to hit the fan in the hours to come, but all is possible from now on, it’s happening already, but impossible for you to see and know all at the same time, so remain vigilant, your twice a day and noon inner moments will prove to be of enormous help to you now and I am proud of those who stood their ground even when things become more fluid than ever. Salu, this is Christ Michael Aton opening the lines of communications to all of you Light workers even more clearly now and let Love be your banner and your trademark.

Johan: in Divine Love, Light and Service, Always and in All Ways.

Poetic Section

Illuminati Control Grip    
To live the life that power controls,
Which forces all its hand enrolls,
It takes your freedom, time and love,
And locks it tight within its glove.

It plays its game, it takes you, its pawn,
It tightens its grip from dusk till dawn,
It applies its pressure to ensure you stress,
The issues we fail, or ignore to address.

For all the nations hostaged in its grip,
It feeds its illusion from an invisible drip,
It hands its allure from its silent bite,
And keeps you locked up secure and tight.

It knows you can’t see it, it keeps you in fear,
It leads you a life on the tip of its spear,
It holds closed your eyes in darkness to reign,
It keeps you trapped until sight you regain…

An expanded view of inner vision
Which comes to you with self-decision.
This opens up the eyes inside,
The heart where truth, love, peace reside.

For time is but an essence of change,
Where mind and thought give body exchange,
The power that holds you releases its grip,
The eyes that are blinded the veils do strip.

For only one thing rectifies,
And opens up eyes to realise,
The power that holds you in blind comprehension,
Has nothing to offer but false redemption.

With all that exists is divided apart,
Unite all your differences, watch power depart,
For all that you long for, love, freedom and peace,
Will show you the way to honour release!

Poem composed by Crystali in 2002, and shared with the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), Brother Veritus' Website (BVW).


Building the Light Grid, Reinforcing the Defector Grid

Monjoronsonchanneled (T/R) by Donna D’Ingillo ( on Sunday, October 9, 2011.  Message taken from Conference Call with Monjoronson, Center for Christ Consciousness, , ,,, Superhuman Ministry Service Sector. Topic: Building the Light Grid; Reinforcing the Defector Grid.

Prayer:  Mother and Father, we are so grateful for all of the spiritual feelings and transformational energies that you have brought into our world with the help of so many celestial brothers and sisters. We are immensely grateful. We ask that you receive our appreciation now as we prepare our minds and hearts to receive the presence of our Magisterial Son. We look forward to having him and his entourage here with us in physical form very soon. We are prepared to serve in whatever capacity we may to the best of our abilities. In preparation for this, we thank you for using our minds, using our heart energies to continue to build the necessary structure of consciousness to pave the way for his coming to inaugurate the New Era we so earnestly and dearly seek. May your will be done.

Monjoronson: Greetings, my brethren. This is Monjoronson. It is indeed a time of rejoicing as many hearts conjoin in this effort to remove the vestiges of rebellion consciousness on Urantia. There are many spiritual personalities who are valiantly conjoining with your efforts to reconstruct the planetary grid of Light that will enable more Urantian minds and hearts to feel the impression of [Christ] Michael’s Spirit of Truth within them. The circuits are being cleared and opened for a stupendous display of Truth to be infused into human consciousness. This is a very pivotal time upon Urantia and we ask for your patience and perseverance as you, in your own thinking processes, continually awaken and deepen into these currents of Light and Truth now streaming in from the Portals of Paradise, embracing this world in a Love that this world has never seen before.

Today we will continue to build this grid of Light upon Urantia through your heart-felt efforts. We will engage your mind, we will use the energies you generate from your heart to target those places where the Light anchors have been constructed to allow more Truth and Light to penetrate more deeply into this planetary consciousness. But first, allow me to more fully imprint myself into your hearts and minds that you may know me more fully, that you may gain great strength from my Mercy endowments that I so enjoy sharing with each one of you. Take a moment to center in that sacred place of your hearts. As you do this, let your motivations of being aligned in the Father’s will to echo deeply into your emotions and receive the primal motivation at this particular moment.  Receive and be mercy-full. Embody mercy.  I will move in you and those who are here to assist you in those circuitry assessments will facilitate the reception of my energy signature into your being. Receive me now. (Pause).

There is much, very much, that must still be outworked on your world of this rebellion consciousness. We indulge your patience while this continues to dissipate over time. You are now beginning to glimpse some of the energies of transformation that are stirring in the hearts of many. These movements of many individuals conjoined for fairness, justice, and liberty is not being accomplished by various groups of individuals alone; they are receiving a tremendous outpouring of spiritual energy that you have participated to create. Let us now focus on these groups of individuals who are holding that focus of change. Send your heart energies to them in those places that people are occupying in great amount of space in the cities around the globe. Some of these demonstrations you know of; some you do not. Irrespective of this, intend to join with their hearts, strengthen their resolve. [Note of Editor:].

Let us now move together as one to weave your hearts and minds to embody qualities of Justice, Fairness, Equality, Right-mindedness, and Loyalty to the Father’s Will. Feel your desire for these spiritual values to penetrate deeply into the planetary fabric to strengthen the hearts of those individuals who are holding vigil so these qualities of spirit will quicken in their hearts and minds. We will add our presence and energies and send them where they will do the most good. Be as One in this united heart effort and we will direct them out into the world. (Pause).

Feel your love for these individuals who have taken this bold, courageous action to come against the energies of corruption and greed. These individuals have taken time from their everyday lives to follow that vigil for a better way of life to unfold upon Urantia. Help them stay the course, to attract more heart-aligned individuals to join in this vigil. You can join this vigil from your very home or workplace by sending your heart energy and your thought energy to them. Ask your Mother and Father to seed them with strength, courage, perseverance, help them create a vision of unity where all are served and none are lost.

Now along with what is now coming into various places on your globe, continue to build this grid of the Defector energies that will help many of your brothers and sisters so deeply entrenched in this rebellion mindset. This is an energy form, you might say, that has a particular resonance or frequency that many individuals involved in the rebellion mindset that can resonate within them. As this energy goes into them, it will help them discern in various levels of their hearts and minds they are in error. We are able to add more Love, Mercy, and Compassion to draw them out. We must use a form, you might say, of energy that resonates with certain individuals at various levels of understanding.

You, who have awakened and are participating in this correcting time, do not necessarily need to be infused with this particular type of energy coding or language. But those who are so firmly entrenched in the rebellion mind need some way of being released from it. This word-energy of Defector provides that opening. It gives them something to think about; provides what you might say, an escape clause, especially when these Light energies become so strong that they will be swimming in their own darkness and feel that they are indeed about to expire. So let us focus on this word. Feel your desire for your brothers and sisters who have been so sorely and severely victimized in this grid find their way out, receive my Mercy, know their Father’s Peace, and become a part of the planetary fabric of Love. All we ask you to do is to envision this word in your mind, send love into it, that we may use it where it will be of the most beneficial help. (Pause).

You provide for them a platform, a place for them to find a way out. It is as if they are drowning in a sea of their own misaligned thoughts. This platform is a buoy they can step upon to begin to receive the Light energies that will free them. These are your brothers and sisters and they need your help. Forgive them. Have mercy and compassion toward them. They have been mired in an energy form that has truly made them ill in a very real spiritual sense. By you showing them mercy and compassion, you are participating in raising this consciousness vibratory rate for these rebellion grids to be diminished and dissolved. Continue to send your energies into this word Defector. We are building something new into it to greatly serve these erring children. We are building this to help the erring children. (Pause).

And now, my dear brethren, please conjoin our hearts and lift Urantia up to our Father in Paradise, to the Eternal Mother-Son and Infinite Spirit.  Join with our heart energies and see your world in your mind’s eye, feel your desire in your heart for this world to be embraced by the Paradise Trinity. Let the language of Paradise encode and seed this transformation, to fall like the gentle rain upon the hardened soil. Let the Light of the Father’s love warm the Earth with sunlight to expand the Paradise patterns now growing upon Urantia. Hold this focus for the next few moments and let your world receive the loving embrace and an upliftment in grace and joy.

Take a few moments in your heart to thank the Father and the Mother-Son and Infinite Spirit for the plan of evolution for bringing a world so far removed from all reality to the Era of Light and Life. You have yet to truly comprehend and receive what a monumental undertaking this is, especially for a world that is so chaotic and confused for many generations of your time. Allow this awareness to be understood for this is the way. All that once was evil, sin and iniquitous is now being cleansed and purified. Rejoice in the Father’s plan of redemption and correction and the love that brings every lost soul Home for those who will be about the Father’s business, co-creating the paradisiacal plan upon Urantia. One day you will truly marvel at the enormity of this plan, how you played your role in the drama of co-creation. We ask you to celebrate each day, as a day to be in this co-creative design and look not to the fear that you witness or the darkness in your brothers’ and sisters’ hearts. Stand firmly in your own Light, allow the Spirit of Truth within you to resound loudly and broadly throughout your being, know that in you, seeds of greatness already express themselves in your world.

It is time, children, to fully demonstrate that personality potential that is the Father in what you say, how you think, how you act. Receive the blessings now from your Paradise Creators. Let your bodies be lifted up to the Temple of the Father who lives in you and accompanies you on this wonderful adventure of Ascension.  (Pause).

As you do this, more circuits of Light are added, more ideals of Paradise are being imprinted into this planetary fabric of consciousness. Build the days of glory upon Urantia, our efforts but mostly yours. Allow the energies of creation and joy to be infused into you that you may walk on your path with ever greater vigor and celebration. May your faith attributes swell to magnificent proportions to demonstrate to others the Father’s love.

In closing, one more visualization, children. Envision your world in front of your hearts and ask for my Mercy to hold it in a blanket of Light and Life and Creation as I prepare to be among you, as one of you (too faint to hear). Prepare my way and be in your Father’s peace.

On behalf of all those who minister to you, we thank you for your faith and dedication and your loyalty to the Father’s will. Feel our appreciation for you as we take our leave from you.  We wish you a most joyous, blessed good day.

Poetic Section

Elements of the Sun    

The atomic spiral
Of life’s survival
Lights the path
For time to flow.

Breathes a prayer
Through life’s revival,
Sheds the seed
of love to grow.

From the energetic
Swirls of colour
That unite the gift
Of physical life.

To wrap his coat
Of symphonic splendor
As if the world were
His gracious wife.

Emit forth
The precious song,
Harmonic tones
Of vibration rhythm.

Caress of ether
Flowing along,
Hence banish all ode
To unbalanced schism.

The furthest reach
Of densest light,
Procures the ground
Formed of might.

Light we see
Renewed from night,
Heat we share
Spins the loom so bright.

Through paradox
Comes racing forth,
Bestowed with honour
Of our cycle.

Petals bloom
To reach the optic morph,
Showered in
A thoughtful miracle.

Unknown whispers
Touch the soul,
From the spirit whence
Love does come.

Abound the unseen
Worlds within it,
Through the gateway
Of the sun.

Poem composed by Crystali in 2003, and shared with the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), Brother Veritus' Website (BVW).


Mohammed Speaks with Johan

Mohammed channeled by Johan on Wednesday, October 12, 2011.  Message taken from: .

My Dear Ones, I AM Mohammed speaking. Where Two Come Together in My Name, but where two speak about me, there I want to be too (humor). It is long time overdue to pay a visit to my beloved Second Coming Family, Abundant Hope and greetings to Candace.

We have conversed for a good while some time ago and since Candace was not available at this moment and I found this scribe, in good standing with Christ Michael Aton, talking about me, actually the lady talking about me to him, to be correct, and this was as good as any moment to bring my greetings to this wonderful group of people who still do not fully know who they are, despite all hints and Higher Self contacts through your meditation. Big problem: still business as usual and in the clutches of the BBB&G’s through mind control.

As you have heard lately, THAT comes to an end as we speak and if I am proud about one thing vs. the pain of my mission going down the drain when walking this Earth, then it must be that I gladly say to all ladies reading, your days of oppression, of sexual abuse and accusations of inferiority are numbered. As I mentioned in this previous message that my soul mate was here on Earth as proud reincarnation of one of my women I took under my wings long time ago. Well, unfortunately I can mention her name, since her standing tall and progressive nature was not accepted by the terrible man and war mongering mentality in many Muslim countries, what serves as perfect excuse for the same despots from the West to attack those in the fake name of democracy, a ‘mocracy’ indeed. She was Benazir Bhutto who stands beside me now, and will be walking this Earth once again in service to THE ONE.

May I use this opportunity to point out Again that sitting on the fence will earn you no points, nor respect as many of you still do not dare to speak the truth out loud. We understand you only discover the difference between the many lies and truth, but by now you know The Way, the Truth and Eternal Life enough now to Find Your Own Truth, and yet you hesitate to stand with it. So you will become foot soldiers after Stasis, no rank of importance. Loved, but no advancement made.

What is going on with Mother Earth could and should have been over and done with earthly years ago, and we know the tremendous overshadowing and mind control from the old block of vultures, yet you made it so easy for them. Especially the lack of hunger to Know, the lack of enthusiasm to make a difference in by lack of knowing what was the good direction, it was heart-wrenching to see but the process was necessary for as many as possible to see and wake up, what still has not reached the masses.

Some protests going on show some signs of standing up, but will be crushed and controlled in the usual manners if no more support comes quickly. As we are exchanging these thoughts, and I allowed this scribe to attend to some other matters on his computer, we saw the same usual type of plot unraveling before our very eyes. A false flag attack on the Saudi Ambassador of course blamed on an Iranian citizen as forced and fake excuse to gather support to attack his country. That war machine is still running hard, as it did in my days, even in my name. [Note of Editor:].

When you have no foundations to stand on anymore, since all good values have been crushed, then only the path of destruction can keep you going for a while, until that comes around and destroys the destroyers. Christ Michael Aton only knows what he will allow to happen, but perhaps the hen will come home to roost in very unexpected ways. Remember this scribe his renewal of now is the time to give heed to food, water and toilet paper?!?!?!

I prefer to be the bringer of good news, but reality must be faced, as I have learned the hard way. Only the truth will keep standing and only the ones hungry to know will advance as history repeats itself unless lessons are learned. Here is only a school, here is nothing real, except for who you are. And that is worthwhile Knowing since your body may return to earth, but you soul can soar very high this time and accept this from me that is what you agreed to come and DO here.

Once again I shall direct mainly the followers of Islam as will other teachers walk and address their groups and bring together what religion and politics, and military and financial mongers have divided, separated for profit only. Poor souls, yet part of the Universe and its ways for all to see, to learn and to practice if strong enough to stand. That is why we will come and help you, those who stay with Gaia, BUT THE WORK AND THE HUNGER AND THE PRACTICE WILL AND MUST BE YOURS, always has been, always will be. Christ Michael Aton gives you the most comprehensive example what you later will understand, by walking unfamiliar territory on a very high level, yet STANDING BY THE TRUTH AND DIVINE LOVE also at the highest level, so accept his Guidance, my Beloveds, as so much joy will be yours.

It might have taken longer, but the advantages He offers to all of his Creation of Nebadon are almost unimaginable, even for us who know so much more. Know and Trust that you are in good hands, if you make the good decisions, and I need not explain this in a picture, You Know or should know by now by your own choice. The babysitting is over, responsibility is here and your world will soon show just how much the golden rule still works. The laws of Balance work, the One God works, I come to testify and guarantee you once more very soon, but if you do not DO THE EFFORT TO GET TO KNOW THAT FOR YOURSELF THROUGH EXPERIENCE, it will be a much longer school time again. Yet time is of no matter here. One day, you will all catch the good God’s train, and your God is so merciful, He wants to loose none, even that you will one day understand and respect.

My time is up for now, but I will be back since Gaia and all of you, My Beloveds, are near and dear to my heart. BE VIGILANT INDEED, watch for the signs of what you already know to manifest more of the same, until the tide turns against those who kept choosing the other, their own train. Stand tall by what you know INSIDE TO BE TRUE. There is no other way. Salu and Namaste, I AM Mohammed.

Candace: Link to my piece with Mohammed back in 2005 for reference, in case some of you have never read it,

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Poetic Section

Me to You    

My heart gives love
Like flame to fire,
Beyond no doubt
Will not expire.

My love is strong
Can tame the sea,
Knows no bounds
And set you free.
My legacy
I give to thee.

Poem composed by Crystali in 2007, and shared with the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), Brother Veritus' Website (BVW).


Christ Michael
Are You Still Into Belief or You Really Want to Know???

Christ Michael channeled by Johan on Friday, October 21, 2011.  Message taken from:

Johan: After I took this message, it was determined that Gaddafi passed, see confirmation by Esu through Candace, yet it was decided to stay with this message in its original version to help your thinking process, Knowing vs. Believing.

Christ Michael: This is Christ Michael Aton of Nebadon, your Sovereign. Today I have seen many a Lightworker’s Light dimmed, a lot of radiation diminished upon the ‘news’ from Libya. My Beloved Children, even I have to admit that from your point of view, it is not an easy task to separate facts from fiction, especially when you stand in the mud, the muck, amongst all the dirt. How do you distinguish clay from dirt when all is wet?

Let me remind you: Have I not given you wings to fly above the dirt? Have I not motivated you to ask for yourself and KNOW instead of believing what others want you to belief and accept upon what, their holy words???

It would be too easy to tell you if indeed Libya’s leader is captured and killed. Now, what does it matter to you unless you are really hungry to KNOW? Have you no trust in what your leadership at AbundantHope mentioned yesterday with what is happening behind the scenes? Have you no trust in the warning that was posted this morning? Have I also not told you in one of this scribe’s previous messages that each person with soul, incarnated on Earth now, has his soul’s agreement, including this man, including yourself? Then you can trust that what really happens or happened with this leader also follows a certain path and scenario well known to the Light.

If you asked yourself the question: What is it I need to KNOW?, you might have learned a thing or two. Then ask yourself exactly the same question about this event today and every other situation in the very near future, until you are convinced of the answer and/or see the proof in front of your very eyes.

Learn to trust that no matter what side roads, sidetracks, sideshows or new directions those dark brothers and sisters are taking, (what is declining in options rather dramatically now) the author of life KNOWS and allows or stops until all has run its due course to the benefit and Highest Purpose of ALL involved. And the author of life in Nebadon IS STILL ME, CHRIST MICHAEL.

Did you expect all and everything to be handed down on a silver or golden platter? Did you expect all the Truth to roll over the lies in one day without the opportunity for as many as possible to learn? Knowledge and Truth, my Beloved Children, can be acquired by asking the Source of ALL KNOWING, or can be learned in the field by watching, observing without judgment, without being tossed from one emotion to its opposite. Your hunger to REALLY KNOW and standing firm upon what you know by own research or experience, will lead you through this labyrinth or web the dark have created. So stop the guessing and enjoy the learning while you still can.

Have you learned anything lately? I can assure you, the biggest lessons are just ahead of you. Don’t even move your head one inch. A front row seat in the house of spectacles is always reserved and usually worth its money. That is exactly what is offered to you, so watch and learn. One day you’ll thank me personally for that extension of only opportunities to learn, what some of you call waiting.

You are not asked to change the world nor anything out there, if you have not even been able to change your world towards your own soul’s agreement in the first place. We do not ask you to chew the meat when you are barely off the breast. I am not even asking for proof or results since you enjoy free choice. We see your radiation of Divine Love and Light, the essence of what you are made of, and represent. You will reap the rewards for any difference you made in that regard by staying where you are or moving on to anywhere you belong and deserve to be. Trust me, we do not deduct ‘points’ for petty mistakes, they are the road to growth anyway. You earn from your own achievements in Divine Love and Light in combination with what you agreed to come and do.

So back to today: Why do I see you still say: ”I do or do not belief this or that”, and wonder and merely guess? Relax, you have as much right to the show unfolding as we do, AND from the front row. Accept from me: We entered the final act, the final stage as worse could not keep this society together, nor keep Mother Earth alive. To learn and stand by and act upon what you gained in true knowledge and truth is your only task, AND accepted by you beforehand. So make up your mind: Are you still into believing in what is on the outside, OR YOU WANT TO REALLY KNOW from the Inside?  It’s your free choice, always been, and always will be. How can it be any other way, when you truly KNOW WHO YOU ARE??? Salu. Christ Michael Aton of Nebadon.

Johan: In Divine Love, Light and Service, Always and in All Ways, according to His Will.
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Poetic Section

To Madeleine (And All Other Children Whom Suffer the Same Fate)  

There’s a hand of fate that misbehaves,
Shakes the world of vulnerable babes.

 Beyond that hand is a greater law,
Will settle the score, you can be sure.


For the broken lives of the babes of our land,
By the misguided few of the devious hand.

 There is a Light that shines extra bright,
Through their torment their absolved from plight.

To redeem a place in where true spiritual Light,
Love and compassion are restored with great might.

Poem composed by Crystali in 2008, and shared with the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), Brother Veritus' Website (BVW).


What CAN YOU Offer to God? Listen Up!

Esu channeled by Candace Frieze on Saturday, October 29, 2011, and published on Sunday, October 30, 2011.  Message taken from:

Dearly beloveds, I have come for 2 purposes tonight. The first will be a word of advice on the Sunday 7 PM Meditations. First, since this is placed late for some of you, join in on any hour convenient later.

It is time for you ones to find your real place in all of this. Each of you has skills that are unique to you. Much of these lessons have been for the purpose of teaching you to meditate on a regular planned basis, simply because it must become a habit and you must start someplace. You must also be ready to drop into meditation at a moment’s notice should it be necessary. There will be some rough times and you will need to keep your connections going, and you must practice until you have the habit and can drop into it at automatically, so that you can be informed by your higher self and guides as necessary in any tight situations. This is not a long process, you must simply quiet your body and mind quickly.

You must be able to visualize. That has been part of these lessons unto you also, in directing the meditations as to intent. For your visualization sets up a new possibility and once you are powerful with it, you can even change some situations and in that you must listen up within, so that you know when to do this. We cannot guide you all the time. You will miss opportunity of service if you must wait on anything. We will not direct you regularly through messages and on this front site of AbundantHope. You must be able to get your own when the going gets tough.

We will continue for a time in this regard, but you must become self-reliant and not need to run to the net to get what you should be doing. This has all been preparations for your future, as you must walk with God, or not. And God is not going to post it all on the internet for you to read.

It was never intended long ago to put out the Phoenix Journals. We thought that the star seeds should be waking up and walking into duty. It was planned that those with Father Fragments be able to communicate with the Spirit of Truth. It did not happen in any great measure and so the WORD on paper was brought to you. Now it is time for you to get your word directly.

This does not mean we will not continue to publish here and through other sources, but you must get your word from those above directly. You all have guides of one sort or another around you. You have your own Higher Self around you. You have the Spirit of Truth available to you and you have your own common sense available to you. You must lessen your dependability on the printed word, because as things change in the next weeks, what will go out on TV and via the printed word may be even more deep in the pits than now.  We cannot continue to babysit you.

You must determine your own strengths and gifts. There are still too many of you who even now want someone else to inform you of what to do. NO, beloveds, you inform US what you can offer. A great man in the United States once said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what YOU can do for your country.”

Well, you are scattered around the world. You tell GOD what YOU CAN DO from where you are, and then those of your guides can open some doors behind the scenes, but they must know what you can offer up. There is no other way. If you wait on your orders, having not given of your skills, you will be left waiting. Period.

So this Sunday, at each of your 7 o’ clocks or nearest possible hour, tell your guides around you, what YOU CAN BRING as your gifts into this grand plan. For you have gifts. All those surrounding you and Michael of Nebadon himself await your answers, so we may support YOU.


Occupy Movement

Alright, now I wish to discuss another topic. That of the Occupy movements, and specifically the Occupy Denver movement, for something tragic happened there today. There was a peaceful gathering. And then there was the unexpected. Our Dark Brothers had some infiltrators with the demonstrators and they had hatched a plan to have police available. A small amount of trouble was made, some police officers were on duty and were attacked by agents within the demonstrators set to carry that out. Of course, that caused the call for more officers and state patrol members who came in abundance.

There were small skirmishes and an episode of using some tear gas and rubber bullets. People were separated from their belongings which were piled up and then late in the day as it began to darken a dump truck came and hauled the tents and personal articles away.

Now we had our folks in the crowd, who worked tirelessly to calm things down. But to no avail and shortly ago the crowd was attacked by the Denver Police and state patrol viciously so. Coverage from the live cameras dropped and we shall see what is put out in the media.

Now, beloveds, we have put out that we would help when God is there at these things. God was there, but most of the people did not realize it nor ask God in the door to help them. Your thugs, as Candace calls them, worked both sides, as they always do.

What the protestors should have done was pack up and LEAVE the minute the cops were first attacked. There were guides who tried to get a word in edgewise. They were not listened to. Some of ours had materialized for a short time and worked amongst the police and supported attempts to discourage the police from acting. It did not work, ultimately. What resulted at the end was not pretty.

At this time, it is not useful to get into arguments with those that carry the guns. Nor is it useful to destroy property. We through our ones that walk the grounds in all these situations, attempt to prevent all physical fighting. You can gather another day.

We also attempt to educate some of the protestors who are there with improper knowledge. We have carried pamphlets about the nature of truth and what they should be arguing for. This movement is not organized. Our adversaries want it that way, thus always the statements that there are no leaders to these. This is Arab spring all over again. WALK away and gather quietly in other places so that ones can get your attention and so these altercations do not occur in this manner.

We cannot support rag tag groupings. We have many who manifest where needed and others of our own who are incarnate in these movements, and the attempt is and will continue to be made of unity of purpose. The issues are not Wall Street. That is the cover-up. It is not capitalism. That is the cover-up. The issues are the freedom of man to run his own life and you have people there begging to be cared for by government. This has never worked anywhere in the creation.

If you want God involved, you must listen to God. It is that simple, beloveds. And with that listening you then have to gently help others, and in intense situations maybe remove the others from the scenes.

That attempt was made today in Denver.  Some folks were escorted out that are agents and a few were made ill enough they could not participate and had to leave. This is the nature of what we can do. But we cannot do it for you. There is that old but true statement, that God helps those who help themselves. It becomes truer each day. We will not help the agent provocateurs. We will help you deal with them, but in all cases you must form the habit of listening up. Following the intuition. You do not have to hear words, it can be "put upon your Heart." Listen up. Namaste, Esu.
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Siraya Discusses Earth’s Inevitable Change

Siraya channeled by Jess Anthony on Friday, October 25, 2011, and published on Saturday, October 26, 2011.  Message taken from: .

Jess: Siraya, I feel you have comments you want to make. I ask you to use my written voice to speak to our situation as you see it at this time.

Siraya: Jess, I can speak to you now. My voice is your voice this evening. We are watching the developments on Earth and are excited to see the nearness of the completion of this phase of its evolution. This has been a period of great confusion, and many have learned lessons to avoid in the future. A smaller number has awakened to their inner connection with the spiritual universe that surrounds them. They each are part of your Creator Michael’s vision for how his universe grows and deals with its problems. Each has a role, and each must accept his or her place in the tapestry showing the growth and exponential learning of the human collective.

I say we observe because we are overseers for the development of each universe within our Superuniverse of Orvonton. Each universe has its own purpose, and the working out of each set of issues inherent in its design is described by the way it develops and addresses its core problems. Urantia, as Earth is called in our records, has had its share of trickery and persuasion not to accept its place in Christ Michael’s creation. Lucifer, as you know, turned many against the plans of Christ Michael Aton, and Urantia was quarantined for the re-education of many of those siding with Lucifer.

The time of Lucifer is over, as you know. He chose uncreation, and his followers are now without a leader. They continue to act as if they have a purpose, but their cause is lost. The negativity this rejection of Christ Michael has caused is immeasurable. The effect of this reversal is evident today on your planet. The truth of spiritual Unity and compassion has been subverted to a pursuit of individual power at the expense of the rights of anyone in the way. Man’s understanding of his role in the created universe has been hidden from him intentionally, and his self-perception has been blunted to provide little insight into his spiritual nature. He has been trained not to think or feel anything but what has been proscribed for him by those who have obtained power. This reverse education has made the majority of Earth’s inhabitants politically malleable and intellectually undiscerning.

This agenda has allowed the few who have wrested control to use the majority of Earth’s population for their personal interests. Their actions began in opposition to Christ Michael’s intent and have continued their momentum to today. The global nature of this disruption has eaten away at the spiritual reality of Earth’s creation. Man’s attention today is focused more on his surroundings and his perception of position than it is on his spiritual nature and an existence beyond the details of this incarnation. He has lost his awareness that he is an eternal part of the universe that has been created for this stage of his experience.

Earth’s state of being was foreseen as a possibility but not projected as the likely direction Christ Michael’s creation would take. The showplace he created as Earth has become tarnished and almost unrecognizable. Man reflects his surroundings because, unfortunately, he has forgotten his connection to Christ Michael.

The transformation that has been determined for Urantia will restore its original character and nature. Man will be awake to his surroundings and the purpose of his existence on this planet. He will understand the role he has to play. He will see how it interacts with everyone else who is working to actualize this change.

Man will become a vessel of Light and energy. His purpose will be clear and enlightening for the direction he goes as a physical being. His actions will be decided with responsibility and an awareness of his function as part of the spiritual whole.

This state of spiritual enlightenment is not achieved immediately, even as Christ Michael is shaping the parameters of what may be most open to this new agenda.  Man is removing himself from the shackles of his overlords, but his ingrained habits are difficult to erase overnight. The transformation that has begun will be in phases and is dependent upon man’s willingness to embrace his purpose.

The scenario Christ Michael has devised will accomplish his intentions with less disaster than was projected, although his realization that man needs a shock to his mental system to acknowledge a paradigm shift in cultural norms seems to be persuading him that man should experience some of the results of his uncaring treatment of Earth by losing many of what are considered his basic needs. The necessity for him to evaluate and compromise in his interactions with others will trigger the start of a new way of viewing his place as a part of Urantia’s mission.

You ask for details and projections. I cannot give you those. You situation on Earth is uniquely yours, and your reality will be what you make it to be. Spiritual truth means existing within the parameters of your chosen lifestyle and reconciling those with the intentions and choices of your creator. Christ Michael Aton designed and constructed his Universe of Nebadon to explore aspects of an incarnation with a triune spirit. Your existence on Urantia has examined only certain aspects of what is a much grander concept. These have been focused on the limits of duality and lack of spiritual awareness that has shaped your recorded history.

This exploration has run its course, and it is time now for those desiring to continue with the evolution of Urantia to prepare for its next phase of existence. The physical form of Urantia will adapt to new waves of energy and a higher frequency of awareness. All things connected with the planet will change to accommodate this evolution. Man, as part of this physical embodiment will also adapt and assume new forms in keeping with the new levels of energy and information.

I wish I could tell you specific political and economic developments, but like the energy in your universe, they are in flux and no outcome is fixed beyond the reality of your planet changing. The need for restructuring, however, will force existing assumptions to evolve. Those that cannot or will not change will not be able to continue existing.

Watch the results of what is happening. The reportage and the commentaries are misleading, if not downright misinforming.  These untruths instruct you to accept the conclusions they present without any individual research or examination. Accepting interpretations without determining your own opinions is foolhardy.

To survive this inevitable change, man must prepare physically and emotionally. He must be ready to move if necessary. He must be sufficiently rested to maintain any degree of stamina. He must participate willingly and with an idea of obtaining new insights. This new perception will begin to define man’s changing involvement with his circumstances and those he interacts with. The changed Urantia will be reflected in the changes in man’s behavior and attitudes. This entire one unified whole will Ascend together.

I speak to you as representative of the Creator Source in Orvonton. We are pleased with what is happening on your creator’s favored planet. Siraya.

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Heavenly Father Aton from Havona
Time for Passage – The Creator Source

Heavenly Father Aton from Havona (Creator Source) channeled by Hazel on Wednesday, November 30, 2011. Message taken from:–The-Creator-Source.shtml.

The Earth’s clock has slowed down and the ticking sound of those hands becomes feint. Prepare you ones who are in the knowing as night falls to herald an imposed period of slumber. It has become necessary to execute with fervor the saving grace; that which will rescue the planet herself from the doldrums of darkness which has infiltrated her body and awareness and created torpor destined to keep her numb. Gaia’s body has become for the most part comatose through eons of abuse. Her spirit is most willing to abide by her Creator’s Will but her body cannot respond as required. She has become powerless and there is now need for higher intervention.

The prophesy of two thousand and more years ago in your counting must be fulfilled, for this is the very promise made by MY SON. HIS word shall be fulfilled. However HIS return will not be in the likeness of that which most believers expect. Many will be gravely disappointed should they know that their perceptions of his return scantily resembles their expectations. In fact, they will not know until it is too late. It has become necessary for major action to be taken not in accordance with the original plan. Yet as you ones know plans have had to be amended to take into consideration the needs of the Earth and the people and to protect for the greatest good all from the incipient chaos that the dark brothers have planned.

You cannot even begin to imagine the fierceness of their plans for you, ones. For this has turned into a raging battle between Evil and God. Yes, you heard ME. The evil that scars your Earth plane uses man in their battle against God, and by this I mean MY very SON who gave most of them life. Sons against Father; sons and daughters who have disowned their very Source. They care not about you ones who they have infected with their poisonous ways. They seek to attack the Father through you. This they do in myriad ways. Of late however grave diabolism marks their intent.

They will stop at nothing now to have their way for they intend to have the last say. There is an unbridled power emanating from within them now that is at its fiercest as they face the final countdown. They know that it is time. They have for aeons hidden behind man and Earth to wreak their havoc. Now they will face Michael, MY very Son, and His Host. This is the time of true and deliberate reckoning. They know, beloved, and they fight now with every ounce of strength left.

They have been deluded into believing that the victories that they have achieved over the Earth and her inhabitants can endure. They fight with all that is physical, they have not one iota of cosmic or spiritual strength. They are going to be nipped. They will simply and easily be removed. MY SON has efforted to bring them Home using various means and tactics, but they have rejected HIS welcoming love and now they must face the fire of their own choosing./p>

There will be no war, no Armageddon as was and is expected by some. Man cannot fight with God. It just isn’t possible. God has no intention of reducing Himself to man’s level of expectation or perception. God does not indulge in these nursery games. He efforts to bring ones out of the nursery as graduates in Spirit. There will be peace in the movement that will be initiated without acceptance. Man will not now be given a choice for he has long been given the choice. Many have shunned the offering, few have accepted it whole-heartedly and others have tasted and remain undecided.

For those of you who know what is at this very moment eventualizing in another dimension, you will know what must follow. The inevitable is being executed now and time is to pause. The Father knows what is best and for those who have made their commitments knowingly, I ask that you place your whole-hearted trust in the Father’s Will and way. The intricacies of execution should not be your concern. You are not in a position to understand how it will all unfold. Just trust. Readiness of your spirit is all that is necessary. I want you to remember that I AM not moved by words that you utter through your lips; I AM moved by what is in your heart as aligned with your spirit.

You cannot want things of the Earth and also desire to be with Me. This simply means that you must let go now of your desires and wants and preferences and join with MY SON. Let go and let God be the ONE who guides you from within. Empty yourself that I may fill you; that you may be in no doubt where your allegiance lies. Disown these feelings of attachment to earthly things. True Love is imperishable and cannot be lost through death or separation.

Focus now on your spiritual enhancement for wherever you may find your self, God will not do it for you. You will not just find yourself with wings through the manifested changes. You will earn your wings. Let this time be spent in reverence with the Holy One who abides in the soul’s precinct. Allow the feeling of Oneness born from the love of your creation to be your inner field. Effort in the moments of your life now, to consciously join with Me from within and intend to hear Me.

You are not conscious of the hour of change; you will not know when it happens BUT you can transit into it with a supreme knowing and confidence. Know that indeed Michael’s Will shall be done for His Will is always in accord and synchronicity with Mine Own. Trust that your loved ones will be where they must and do not spend your time worrying about this or that. I ask you: What matters now? Think on that.

Michael needs totally committed co-creators, ones who will stand with Him through thick and thin; ones who will not whimper at the slightest inconvenience; ones with initiative, drive and openness, who stands ready to effect His plans for the planet. I will remind you again that though major changes will be effected, each will continue to have responsibility for his/her spirit’s evolution.

God does not discount the human feeling or emotion but does expect that those who have evolved in spirit’s way shall make all choices amenable to Spirit and the infinite ‘Spirit Being’, God.

These are most precarious times on your Earth’s plane and I issue a caution to you of the Light to be vigilant and remain in alignment every moment. The darkened brothers know that they are living and ruling on borrowed time and that MY SON is here now to reclaim what is HIS. The process will be executed with great finesses, sureness and certitude.

Blessed be these words for they are given and received in Holy Truth. Abide by them. Time is now of the essence. I AM YOUR SOURCE AND ULTIMATE CREATOR.

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Adama of Telos
At the End of All Things

Adama, High Priest of Telos, channeled by Eve on Saturday, November 26, 2011. Message taken from:

Eve: It was already at the end of November when I "heard" about evacuation of the complete Agharta network.  Of course I then felt the need to check in with Adama to see what he would comment on this. This piece is the resultI did it on a Saturday. On the following Monday Candace asked me if maybe Adama would like to comment. I just had typed this piece, so I sent it to Candace via Skype and we first published it in the messianic forum of AH. Candace updated it with a picture from Nexus-magazine, which showed one of the large evacuation crafts near Saturn.

I want to comment here, too, that none of these giant ships can really come near to earth, as this would seriously affect gravitation and cause great disturbance. These ships are of incredible size, and if we assume the Agharta-population (including all cities of inner earth etc., like Telos e.g.) was about 1,5 million people one of these ships can take all. They are designed especially for purposes like this. So they are parked in the solar system, far enough from any planet and there are smaller shuttles for transfer. Now, Candace asked for publishing of this piece as the right time has come.

So with the fact of Inner Earth evacuation you may imagine how imminent the big earth changes, pole reversal etc., really are. Don’t worry, dear ones, we will be cared for!  Very much by heart, Eve.

Eve (E): Adama? Are you there?
Adama (A): Oh, Eve! Yes, I’m here! Not quite where I used to be, but that does not hinder our conversation!
E: Daddy, I heard about evacuation of the inner earth, Agharta… I suppose, Telos is void, too?
A: Yes, Eve, most are gone! Already… we are now aboard of one of the big evacuation ships…. there is a special one for the Inner Earth folks. The ones among us who are going to be part of the surface project will move to the New Jerusalem later to work with the surface people and, of course, we will be present at the Phoenix and the Capricorn. No problem at all, you know.

E: How about your pets and plants/crops?
A: They have been put into stasis already, as we cannot maintain the normal routines without manpower. Most likely they will remain undamaged. The stasis frequency is the best possibility to guarantee their health. The good thing is that stasis can be held upright for indefinite time, without any damage or problem. After the voiding of Telos, the whole area was put into stasis, and likewise the other places of Inner Earth and the Hollow Earth.

E: My goodness, Adama, what an adventure!
A: Yup, Eve, you can well say it that way. Most of the people living here have not travelled much, and it’s quite an experience to have a while aboard ship. But we arrange ourselves quite comfortably, we took our most dear things with us, and the kids are enthusiastic, as they are going to become aware witnesses of what is going to happen with the planet. Our part of the ship —where we dwell— is not isolated… we are facing a colorful gathering of all sorts of folks from Inner Earth, which is pretty interesting… to hear all the stories and viewpoints!

E: Now, Daddy, how about the emotional landscape?
A: Oh, Eve, yes… there is, of course, mourning about the sudden change of plans in the way they are now. We had hoped so much for a more joyful occasion… reuniting of family due to an encouraging development —which has simply not happened. Every day passing on the surface has just encouraged the dark ones to go on, all the peaceful interaction of the Light people has not moved anything with the thugs. It has well moved encouragement of Mother Planet, and our hearts… but the New World Order was steadily triggered furthermore, the programming was solid as solid can be, it was just like trying to stop a forest fire by the moisture of a kiss. The crew, the Second Coming team, has been very frustrated from time to time… of course, how else could it be… Meanwhile Christ Michael/Esu and even the Eternal Father have reached the insight that without Divine Intervention there would be no chance ever to rescue the planet. So the wave will be allowed to turn things upside down, and it’s going to be that powerful that there is not even more a guarantee for safety regarding the Inner Earth Folks. Of course, also regarding the imminent pole reversal… See, Eve, we have endured here for millennia just to finally be pulled under the “wheels” at the very end.

Everybody understands the necessity of evacuation, everybody was and is constructive. Everybody is behaving disciplined. So, our reuniting is probably going to take place in space, beloved, and you may already tap into the idea of a glimpse of glory you are going to have…. when the big moment is finally there.

I’m often with Esu and Christ Michael, of course, due to my active role in all of this. Might be that the wave reaches the Earth still before Christmas, so this is literally the “end of all things” as you know it. Remembering all we have ever been talking about, it’s a little bit strange to find everything is now going a different way, but if we are really used to something, then it’s the issue of sudden change, of paradigms fluctuating from now to then. I’d say, the love in our hearts has been the only factor of steadiness.

The decision for evacuation was made in the Planetary Council, after enfolding the likeliness of happenings and the risk included. Otherwise than your surface governments, we care for our people and do everything to keep them safe and in good health. And we of course have the outlook to return after everything is settled well again. Now, as you will imagine, there is an immense vibration of excitement here! Our thoughts are on excursion all day long… they are with you, folks, and with the celestial teams, and our hearts are somehow goose-bumping a little bit while watching a great scenario unfolding. I bow my head in awe in front of our Creator Son and Esu, who are working so relentlessly under full power, just with small breaks to relax from viewing all the mess down there on the planet. When they’d now look into the mirror, asking “have we really, really, tried everything possible?” Then there would just be one answer: “YES, yes, and YES again”.

This is the end of all things in this planetary era, transition is coming in neither way mysteriously or magically, but as a real deal of matter, and here we go again: Mankind was addressed to take efforts to change things, they did not, and so the Universe is now going to change this on behalf of mankind… the whole thing is signed and it’s coming along, in a mighty way. Equal if mankind is prepared to open the doors or not, all doors will be crashed open by the cosmic influence and there will be no single place spared! I sense, Eve, that you are very calm on your inner plane…. I hope this is a good sign?

E: Well, Daddy, generally speaking, I’m fried, like most of us. Even the news about evacuation of the Inner Earth did not bring my adrenaline up much. I sensed as you mention, it’s the end of all things, our last days in the old paradigm, and equal how it will turn for me personally, I just wish things to change, I’m in faith… which puts me in some kind of emotional nowhere-land… even if my incarnation was to end suddenly, I’m in peace with the situation.
A: Are you sure, sweetie, that your peace is not just a symptom of exhaustion?
E: Maybe, might be. But that does not change much, you know. I have just made a balance sheet of my life. I’m just somehow arranging myself with the circumstances.
A: Let me just take you in my arms to hold you tight for a while… we are going to sail again —the wind will fill your sails. I invite you to join me energetically for some minutes.
E: OK, thanks!

Eve: You can see the pictures of the evacuation craft here:
This piece is under copyright protection of It may be placed anywhere on the web as long as it is not changed in anyway and a link placed back to this site. It is preferred you place the entire piece, and if not possible to do so, you must note that the rest of it can be found at the link. Thank you, Candace.

The End Is Come, Man Did Not Unify, But, Oh, the Success

Siraya, Master Spirit #7 of Paradise, channeled by Candace Frieze on Thursday December 8, 2011. Message taken from:

Beloveds, it is sadness but also a sense of joy that we are closing this chapter of your Earth History. The decision comes from the highest councils of the Creation, of whom I am representative of, over Orvonton. Candace may if she wishes explain or provide Urantia Book material at the end.

I AM Siraya. I am Master Spirit # 7, and I reside on Paradise. I am representative of the Universal Father, the Eternal Son and Infinite Spirit. I personify those beings to you of the ascending mortals. I AM in fact, not only my personality, but I am also, all of you, being the source of Evolutionary Mind over Orvonton.

Now, it is not usual for one such as me to become involved in the distant evolutionary worlds, but on this world I took a personal interest and for a variety of reasons. First, many of you on this planet in the teaching mission are from Paradise and Havona in one role or another. You are in training or in observation of one of the worse rebellions under my vast domain.

Of course, you know this as the Lucifer Rebellion. Lucifer, in your expression, “took the cake” in terms of those who seceded from the union. In all that has ever happened in Orvonton, nobody of angelic character actually decided to become God of a large region. And also took so many with him. This is the source of much of the so called galactic warring in your region. It was terrible. Lucifer had a full complement of weaponry and he used it to extreme. Although your Urantia Book lays quiet on this one, this was in fact WAR in HEAVEN. And it was with weaponry.

We were aghast. But we let Lucifer and his various gangs of supporters, work it out for themselves for a very long time. This started sometime before your given records, quietly building over the eons until it erupted fully. The decision was made to let it collapse on its own weight and this did occur.

When the Master (Christ Michael) was upon your plane, Lucifer was not, he had already been removed from power. His challenge to the God’s did not become a reality in the long run. He could never create. By create we mean new beings, either angelic or human. It has taken great effort behind the scenes to keep your sector of Nebadon even alive while this worked out. Never before had we experiences with this level of rebellion and never again will this even come close to being allowed. We have had quite a setback, but at the same time, the necessary learning curve.

You ones accept that God creates with his famous magic wand, as Candace likes to refer to it, and we get much laughter over this. For the whole creation has been created by the ones who reside in it, and not by a single entity.

But let’s move on. Let’s get to the closing chapter here. 200,000 years ago those of that great rebellion were given a fair chance to repent. Many refused and went to uncreation, long before your planet was ever populated with your “fallen angels.” There were 10 billion various ones, angel and human, that decided to earn their way back into respectability.

They were placed on this planet you call Earth in English, and Urantia in the Heavenly records. At that time your Planetary Supreme, whom is also called Urantia was not yet “supreme.” She was truly not able to participate in the decision to place these ones here. She had not formed herself. But, oh, has she now grown into her own conscious divinity, and you ones imprisoned here can no longer inhabit her surface.

You were given 200,000 years, dear ones, to grow up, prove yourselves, understand from the very inside view what you have created, for it was your creation to join in this and become gods. Or so you thought you had been promised by Lucifer. Sadly 8 billion of you did not get the message, and are still trying to become gods on your own and you fight even amongst yourselves still who will have dominion of the planet. Well, you had your chance. YOU BLEW IT. You have all been through your karma. You have been the warriors and you have been the victims. And even experiencing as the victim, you did not learn what human experiences are, on the other side of the coin. You go right back into being warriors.

You thought you could keep Earth? You would destroy her, if you could NOT UNIFY into brotherhood, that chore which all Ascending humans on the evolutionary worlds must accomplish. You did not learn you are not separate from the planetary mind. You had opportunity of greatness that was given to you, because simply you did not know of what you did when you entered the rebellion. You were forgiven but only on condition you take a journey similar to what human must make to become a Unit of Divinity.




2 BILLION OF YOU PASSED, REASONABLY SO. Many of these did return to their former estates. Actually 1 billion of you are back in the realms of glory with a wondrous new understanding, and of this we are of course in joy, because never again will these ones fail. They are strong now, and will be even wiser for this, having done the “been there and done that,” another term Candace loves to use. Unto you who fled from glory, unto glory you have returned, and then some, and in that regard for these ones, the experiment of repentance under the mercy and grace of God was successful. We hoped for more though. We did not expect 100%, but we hoped for more.

8 billion of you cannot become gods. You were not created as creators and you will no more muck up this glorious planet, this Planetary Supreme who found herself out of the muck. She eventualized. What happened to YOU?

Well, some of you are facing the grand courts of Orvonton. It does not look pretty for you. Others, who possess some hope, will get another chance in the DISTANT FUTURE for you ones will never be placed but a few at a time on distant worlds, for you are without trust at this point. We cannot place you in numbers anywhere. You will wait for what may seem like eons in a state of complete sleep, ignorant of your existence, until that day down the road.

You had such opportunity. Such grace was offered. We hoped that the offer would produce true grandeur in terms of your future works. You and you alone are held accountable for your choices and actions.

We are giving out at lot of grace because you created slave beings to the robotoids who had little chance. But surprise, some of them found the Father, a thing even you could not do. And the ones who really didn’t find the Father, but are sweet kind folks, will also get a stupendous chance to become truly human. They go to other worlds, young worlds, to being an incarnational journey in hopes they will find themselves, meaning truly individuate. The Father has such great mercy.

I had such great mercy on you. For it was I who approved the Mercy for you, overriding the Ancients of Days of Orvonton. For 200,000 years I have hoped, and hoped, and hoped. Slowly some of you came around, those 20%. Well 1/2 of those will endure further trials, as these ones have covered 51% or more of their karma. They will get additional chance. But they will submit to the leadership of Michael on this world. They will not have hundreds of thousands of years to finish up.

All those born of human in these ages upon this world since the return of Michael, are cared for. They are young. They will be cleansed of your filth and given fresh opportunity on the younger worlds.

The astral realms of this world will be dismantled. They were of course full of those humans over a time that you did not allow to progress, and who had been trapped here. They are released to move forward. Even though Michael released them to journey as necessary forward, so many were too immature to move much in each life. We will be gradually resurrecting all these ones, even though they are not ready, to the mansion worlds. That is the purpose here now in part of AA Michael’s team. He is the Angel of the Resurrection.

The robotoids having potential cannot go there yet, they must have opportunity to earn their thought adjusters. Opportunity will be given as above. They will not experience the destruction you planned to invest even upon them, who you called useless eaters.

You 8-billion ones, who did not cut the mustard, will be contained in holodecks, until you can be processed. You are done on this world. Those 1-billion, who get one more chance to make the grade, will have mercy of exactly two lifetimes to establish the Brotherhood of Man on this planet. This will be accomplished by each of you, or not, and as a group. This will be your task. This time, it will be done under the normal Nebadon oversight of this world. You will do it, or you will not. It’s that simple.

The planet will be cleansed of your filth. All of it. The animals’ evolutionary patterns will be restored to normal by seasoned beings here for that purpose under the direction of the great geneticist Sekhmet. This is not a thing the Life Carriers can do.

You were given the care of this seed planet, you were so sure you could do that but you set into the infighting and instead nearly destroyed it.

Gaia will make her Ascension shortly. Normally this is done in concert with the sons and daughters coming into Godness with her. She adopted you ones, although she did not fully understand what she had done and look what you brought upon her and all her life.

5 times this planet has tossed you down. This is number 6. Not much of a tract record, is it? And you proved what? Beloveds, WHY? For so long all will be asking that question that has been concerned with this arena. But, dear brothers in God, you are finished and remember, you are not more powerful than those above you and you did not prevail.

Now, let’s get on with some good news, for those of you who came to help the depraved ones. So many of you have suffered at their hands, even unto the Creator Son who has given so much grace to those of His and Nebadonia’s creation. You volunteered in the millions to lift up this world. To bring it music, theater, films, television, and the great achievement of the internet. Your gifts have been substantial, worthy and brought comfort to the lesser ones of this world.

You taught animal husbandry and you took so many animals into your arms, that something wondrous happened also not expected on this world. The higher animals are becoming human before they journey in a human body. How glorious is that! This is rare on normal planets, beloveds. You have given them such dignity, they wanted to become like you. And they are and we of the hierarchy actually have to change a few things, under the direction of Sekhmet on that one. This is a stupendous accomplishment.

Your brought love to those in need. You helped the poor. You brought and demonstrated goodness where there was none and showed another and better way. You gave hope. The disabled have wheelchairs, they have medical care now in much of the world. They have love and they have hope.

You have graced this world with nearly celestial-level music, particularly this last 50 years, music even beyond the times of the Renaissance. You have perfected the art of acting on this world, even under the pressure of ones who did not want the light in the films. You demonstrated through film proper family life. That is until recently when you have been side-railed hugely by money and power.

You have developed technologies where those who preceded you, like the great Tesla could not. You could not bring in what is labeled free energy, but you did well otherwise and the world is a glow in light even if its methods are not what would have been the best. You got it lighted by whatever means you were able to do so.

You brought transportation to the common man. First the railroads, then the auto. You brought housing to the common man. You brought technology to make life easier to the common man. Examples such as washing machines, heat and related necessities.

And most importantly once more, the Internet. You developed your best programming. You have prevented the dark by that programming from shutting it all down. You made it impervious to them. Try as they might, and they have, it stays running. That is an incredible accomplishment.

The dark were given some carrots initially but when they realized the potential of enlightenment through the Internet, they put on some brakes, but you were not squashed. You listened to the Father Within who gave you programming skills you could only dream of, and so it stands.

So many of you who are “star seed” have been here so long. You are tired, all of you, we find no star seed over 20 years of age in his life time who is not already tired. It is not due to the food and pesticides, but due to being tired of the effort it takes to accomplish something, but yet you have, even those who have forgotten who they are over the long duration of time. Some of you have been here since the repopulation of Earth after the last trip through the Photon Belt.

YOU HAVE ENDURED and your rewards in Heaven shall be great. While these dark ones failed, you so shined that your Light cannot be covered. You have won. And we are supporting that. There are over 100 million of you who have endured here anywhere from 11,000 years to the last several hundred. You have endured the inquisitions and so many other roundups. You have endured in Mother Russia, who has once again STOOD IN THIS WORLD in LIGHT. At all costs. She survived the great destruction of over 100 years ago now.

While we hoped the United States would rise to shine the greatest Light ever on this world, that did not happen, but nevertheless you ones within that country did well. You should not feel rejected and lost and so many of you do feel that way at this time of great repression on you.

YOU HAVE LIVED and SHOWN the WAY and by your efforts did this planetary mother awaken to her own being. That again IS the biggest surprise of all. Now rest in your glories, dear ones, for the GOOD NEWS is far GRANDER than the SAD NEWS.

You ones have so grown in stature and you will go rise up to further glory. You have survived the greatest of rebellions in Orvonton and well more than survived, you have created a new way and that is NOT going unnoticed. You will serve well in your future journeys. You have so glorified the Father. IN YOU HE IS WELL PLEASED. You have saved a whole area of the Creation from extinction. You have the expertise now to deal with other dark beings who will manifest, that is the nature of free will.

There will be conclaves on conclaves on conclaves in the future. Whole “universities” will arise to discover what you have done and many of you will be the best of “professors.” These celestial universities will be in Nebadon, Orvonton, and indeed even in Havona. For unto you, the whole of the future creations look BRIGHT. The end of the long age of Evil has come. Never will it rise to this extent again. EVER, for YOUR SUCCESSES WILL NOT ALLOW OF IT. I, SIRAYA, Master Spirit of Orvonton, STAND SO PROUD OF YOU. You are our most cherished of folks. I AM SIRAYA.

This piece is under copyright protection of It may be placed anywhere on the web as long as it is not changed in anyway and a link placed back to this site. It is preferred you place the entire piece, and if not possible to do so, you must note that the rest of it can be found at the link. Thank you, Candace.

Adama of Telos
Our Service Goes On

Adama, high Priest of Telos, channeled by Eve on Monday December 5, 2011. Message taken from:

Eve (E): Now, Adama, how are things going?
Adama (A): Good morning, Eve. Can’t complain, everything is fine according to the circumstances. I see, you have published our previous talk meanwhile.
E: Yes, I was asked to publish and now I’m just curious how quickly the dark disinformation agenda will react blaming this piece as nuts.

A: Truly, Eve, many will have difficulties to believe and some will perhaps put out that everything was still fine in the Inner Earth, I was still in Telos joining door opening ceremonies and what all the “prayer mills” of New Age rainbow press foresee and suggest. This should not bother you, dear, these ignorant ones will soon experience that about 1,5 million inhabitants are not just being evacuated for no reason or for fun, for test issues, or else. It’s an immense enterprise to manage that, even if all is going forth smoothly and fine. And disciplined.

E: Can you tell, Adama, where’s your main risk or what it would have been had you stayed?
A: Well, there are several serious issues which had to be regarded. I know you are at first thinking about the tunnels for tube traffic and general connections, and the stability of the big caverns.

We have always stated that they are earthquake safe, solid enough, many of them have been there already before the demise of Lemuria, and the Earth was shaking much at that time, and they have lasted in good condition. The drilling technique causes a melting of sand and in result of this the walls of the tunnel pipes transform into a very solid quartz glass structure.

However one must ponder about the fact that the coming Earth changes will set free forces which have not yet been experienced in the past of the latest millennia while we settle here. We are talking about moving of the tectonic plates, about earth growing in diameter, about axis changes, about a magnetic pole reversal which might well affect the safety of the Inner Earth’s “infra”-structure.

You must also be aware that our air/oxygen and water supplies still depend on surface supplies to a certain amount and worst case these could be interrupted/blocked… tunnel entrances, too, plus the air at the surface might become that toxic that it will be too much for our filters (we already had to filter and clean it, as it already is so much polluted) and we would then expose our lives and crops to the toxic contents. Right now we have somehow sealed the connections to avoid poisoning.

See, you must consider erupting volcanoes, blowing methane, volcano ashes in masses infiltrating the atmosphere… the fact that surface life and vegetation will be put under stasis frequency, too, has much to do with this. Then, during the pole reversal, the magnetic field of the Earth will collapse and the cosmic rays meet the surface which is then not shielded by the magnetic protection any more… so, stasis frequency will somehow put an artificial field around. Oh, and don’t forget the necessity of integrating the second sun finally.

You already see quite a lot of risk factors adding up. It was finally concluded that the risk of staying might be too high and it’s way better to go now, while all is still intact, than to become refugees from emergency scenarios. Fleet will have plenty to do with caring about the surface folks, it might have just been silly to enlarge the workload by an evacuation of Inner Earth folks at the same time.

In addition the sand in the hour glass has run through now… nearly thoroughly —time is getting very short. So, we had to meet a decision and we did, it was a decision PRO life and health, honoring our physical temples. Better to watch from safety outside than to be finally captured like mice in a hole, without a real escape —apart from being beamed up.

Regarding the tubes, you know they are running by electro magnetism. It’s likely that the energies of the magnetic pole reversal will leave them not working and then, even the Inner Earth connections would be interrupted. We will do our homework when the main part is done, but we are aware that it might last quite a long time… years… until we will return to see what is still there to build on. However, I must admit that our chances are way better for seeing our structures again, than for you on the surface.

So, after having done all that was possible to do, we are finally here on board, joining hands and hearts with fleet efforts to settle all which remains to be settled. We arrange ourselves perfectly with the situation —although I would not exclude some cases of homesickness— and you, folks, will do it likewise once you have realized the great blessing of your Creator to care for you in this extraordinary way. All those will be up having the potential to rejoice on the reuniting of family in space, and we will help you to discover the mysteries of the realities having been kept hidden from you so far.

Of course, the word “mystery” can just be regarded metaphorically, as there is no such thing like mystery or magic. These words are often being used in New Age propaganda, rituals of Ascension and else. But I want to point out that everything is the result of co-creation, of mind over matter, of intention or non-intention, which agrees to be ruled by other forces. It’s all about quantum physics.

Many will say: Oh, what serendipity that the evacuation took place in time. But there is not really serendipity! This is just how it might look like. All this is the result of aware co-creation, of intention, of bowing energy by the forces of the spirit mind, on behalf of our divine origin. All of us are to use the God-given intelligence for the greatest good of all, learn to work with the guides, the planetary midwayers who will love to support you! They will help you to be at right time, right place.

To us it has never been a question to hold Earth static —as change is a must-have in evolution— and it cannot be adequate to bow our host planet to do our will, just for keeping on being comfortable. So we co-created our evacuation in cooperation with the fleet, to serve the planet who has hosted us so kindly over such a long period. I cannot deny that the wellbeing of the Inner Earth inhabitants has been a serious concern for Mother Earth for long and now we took the load from her by leaving her for a certain time, you can do the same by awarely agreeing to your evacuation by fleet, according to the schedules of Christ. This will lighten the load for this mother planet greatly.

Support by prayers and energy service can of course go on from the place of evacuation and this is what we already have arranged at the place where we dwell now. We simply go on in service, we are still here for you and it does not matter if we are doing it from inside the Earth, or from aboard ship.

I beg all of you to develop a positive view on all of this, embrace what is to come and cannot or shall not be avoided, and look forward to the imminent adventures in awareness of your divine heritage.

I think I might well end this monologue now, Eve, and thanks for still holding the “get real” stage on my behalf. Be blessed, all of you who awarely decide to become a cooperating and active part in one of the biggest and brightest matters of transformation this world has ever seen! Holding all of you dear to my heart, I Am Adama.

Eve: If you want to help yourselves to come into a joyous mood, I recommend you to listen to this beautiful Christmas song by heart, Eve.

Poetic Section

It Came Upon the Midnight Clear    

It came upon the midnight clear,
That glorious song of old,
From angels bending near the earth,
To touch their harps of gold:

"Peace on the Earth, goodwill to men
From heavens all gracious King!"
The world in solemn stillness lay
To hear the angels sing.

For lo! the days are hastening on,
By prophets seen of old,
When with the ever-circling years
Shall come the time foretold,
When the new heaven and earth shall own
The Prince of Peace, their King,
And the whole world send back the song
Which now the angels sing.

Traditional Christmas Carol.


Christ Michael
Urgent Message from Christ Michael

Christ Michael channeled by Candace Frieze on Thursday December 22, 2011. Message taken from:

This is your sovereign Creator Son, Aton, coming to you in sort of an emergency basis. Write down what I have to say for it is important. We are about to enter stasis, yes, I do understand that you are skeptical and would prefer not to take this message. It is not up to you to decide whether or not this is true and I would rather that you show more of an understanding towards the matter.

There is an urgency regarding the plans of the controllers of your planet to send the entire populace into disarray and confusion while condemning many to a certain cruel and undeserved death. That certainly will not happen under my watch and frankly we had already made provision for that sort of thing. As we have stated previously, although the clock is ticking towards the denouement of this theatrical piece prepared for you, we had our own plans to counter the misdirected actions of the PTB.

It is with regret and joy at the same time that I am officially announcing the end of this era and the beginning of a new one that stasis means to so many of you. This is not to be taken lightly and I am asking you to post this to the forum and the rest will be taken care of.

Why did I choose you? Because it is within the plans that I already had in place among other things. Dear one, do not be dismay for you should rejoice despite the immense fatigue of the soul that you go through as so many others can relate to.

There is nothing else to say and I ask all of you to go within and we shall meet soon. Your sovereign, Aton.

Christ Michael
Targeted Message from Christ Michael Aton to the Last Cabal

Christ Michael channeled by Candace Frieze on Thursday December 22, 2011. Message taken from:

Merry CHRISTmas! I know how much that bugs you so I threw it in for good measure.

Our Earth Allies, aided by the Aghartans and some others of our Lighted Federation of Star Nations, are busy tying up loose ends, meaning you, and some of you, might find yourselves literally tied up facing several weapons, a pen and papers for you to sign.


Let Me make one thing perfectly clear. WE don’t need you to sign the papers. WE can go ahead without you at this point. WE hold jurisdiction over this planet and the entire system, not to mention the rest of this universe, which is MY creation.

Ye ones seek to ‘be like Mike’ and create your own world and then a whole entire universe in your image. Ye have not the means to do so nor would such a thing ever be allowed. Yet you cling to this dream, for you have made it your reason and purpose in life. It is an empty and hollow life that seeks its own destruction, for that is the only outcome that you will experience if you continue to insist upon clinging to such megalomaniacal delusions of grandeur. Ye ones will not be the gods of this or any other universe. Ye have failed to develop the spiritual values necessary to earn the right to progress upon that path.

If you’re going to dig one hole, then dig two. You know full well the meaning of this and yet you fail to understand that both of these holes are for you and that you have dug them yourselves.

Much as your national or federal governments claim to supersede the laws of your states or localities, so do WE. It is with this in mind and with the full backing of universal, superuniversal and grand universal federations and councils, that WE do therefore, now move to enforce OUR RIGHT to govern and advise as WE see fit and to remove ye ones, by any means necessary and as WE see fit to do so, from this planet entirely. Whether you sign the papers or not changes nothing in this regard. WE are simply allowing our Earth Allies the time and opportunity to make as much headway as possible for the sake of the planet and humanity.

We know your plans and fully expect you to go ahead with them and so WE have decided to act regardless of your actions as WE see fit to do so, having all rights and powers on Earth as well as the heavens. WE can do this and WE are doing it and that is that.

Sign the papers for your own sakes and for the sake of all involved. If that does not suit you, even to doing what is in your own best interest as beings that still hold a possibility of survival, then so be it and the full measure of it shall be upon your heads. Ye ones took the weight of this measure upon yourselves thousands of years ago and ye have never tried even once to remove it from your heads. So upon your heads shall the reckoning of it be.

You may sign or not sign. It will benefit you to sign. It benefits Us in no way since WE act above and beyond you in more ways than you can imagine or comprehend.

WE have signed our own papers, so to speak, and WE have promises to keep and they will be kept in a timely manner whether ye ones believe or not. By now, all means of escape for you have been blocked or removed and the truth now stands before you in all its glorious reality. Ye ones may choose or not choose to go quietly into the Light. Rest assured that it is the last and only choice you will be able to make concerning your fate until you are given the choice of survival or uncreation in adjudication before the heavenly councils and Divine Seat of Judgment.

Until that time, I bid thee adieu and Merry CHRISTmas!

Esu’s Comments on Stasis

Esu channeled by Jess Anthony on Saturday December 24, 2011. Message taken from:

Jess: Esu, comments?

Esu: Jess, let’s talk. Now is the time. We have begun the preparations to start stasis, but it is not ready to activate yet. That moment has not been determined precisely, but everything is in position and can move into action when required. There is a rest mode before the action starts in earnest.

We can speak about the logistics because I know you are curious. Perhaps others are too. The ships are moving into place to cover an arc of 180 degrees. This allows the ships to move in parallel and work their way around the complete circle of the Earth. The width of the beam they will use is about a degree of longitude. This focus is not a problem because they can change positions quickly. It only takes a few minutes to trigger a stasis condition in one place. As was said in other situations, the frequency of the beamed energy causes the vibration that activates the cell to be transformed into a frequency that matches the one being beamed. This new frequency is not compatible with the range of frequencies that make up the structure of your physical existence currently. Once this frequency changes, your individual energy frequency moves into a place that has no interaction with where it came from.

This disconnect from current-existence frequencies creates the illusion of you being paused. Once you are paused, so to speak, we can maneuver your energy with our range of energy frequencies. We can move you around easily and quickly, if we need to. Energy is fast moving, as you know. We can disassemble and reassemble you with no difficulties.

The notion that you will be beamed up to the ship is more an energy exchange than physical lifting, as you probably imagine it to be. Remember your physical body here is just energy at a specific range of frequencies. You have the belief that it is solid, but it actually is just energy moving. Energy carries information archives and these are used to create your individual definition of identity. You have a template that you build to experience various interactions with other energy patterns. This appears as if you are physically in contact with another person.

We can control the frequencies of your energy packets, so your perception of yourself is the result of what you agree to work within. You also have input into the ongoing shape of your embodiment, and the experiences you undertake influence the body you imagine you inhabit. Your surroundings are determined by you and your perceptions of what you think you should experience. Your reality is what you determine it to be, based on an unlimited number of paths you can take. In the larger sense, reality is all of those options. Once you make a choice, the other options remain options, although you have not followed that path. In your individual situation, no other options exist once you have made a choice. The range of options exists for your next choice, however.

The timeframe is difficult to describe. Once a segment of the globe goes into stasis, time stops at that point. Midnight, for instance, is always midnight because there is no later time to measure it against. In that way, stasis can be imposed in a way that seems almost instantaneous. The explanation doesn’t seem logical, I realize, but remember that "time" is an artificial measurement you have constructed to gauge your existence linearly.

Jess: Esu, let’s go back to the timing. How long will it take in terms of our time measurements? We were told it would be 24 hours, starting in the Far East. Is this still valid?

Esu: The time frame is different now. We have more precisely focused beams that can move more quickly than what we told you earlier. We expect to move through the transition in a matter of your minutes. That doesn’t seem possible, you argue. We can stop your time even before it registers on your perception. The passage of time is flexible and is dependent on the energy involved with the frequency.

I don’t have much more to say. This transition will be very quick when it happens. You won’t know it is happening until you wake up. We promise you that. There is no way to prepare for it beyond being accepting and at rest.

Once you wake up, you will find many things have changed. You will be changed, as well, and many of your global problems will be alleviated. There is no way that man alone could tackle some of the critical issues that are facing the planet. We don’t want these to reach the point they could. It would be very difficult to resolve the crises that would then result.

This stasis is an intervention of sorts to allow Gaia to prepare for the configuration that is necessary. As part of that, many of the toxic situations will be removed by us. This will entail physical changes and destruction of much that man has constructed. That is unavoidable because many of the templates used cannot be acclimated to a higher energy frequency. Stable structures in the third dimension are not so reliable in the fourth or higher. We have to set everything up properly for your true Ascension.

I say "we" but man is also a part of this restructuring. Just as the initial creation was coordinated by those with understanding of human DNA and the physical structures that would be needed to activate this range of energy, so can this re-configuring be started by galactic brothers with the intention of allowing man to continue with what has been started. There should be no feeling of condescension in acknowledging that knowledge and expertise is specialized in different areas. Experts coordinate and lead others to follow in sure pathways. Education and experience are constant, and new information is always being discovered.

I would read other posts and messages and plan accordingly. Adequate information has been provided and Christ Michael Aton’s intentions are clear. A galactic timetable is working, and the process for stasis could begin at any moment. There is not more that I can tell you now. You will know when the time is called. Esu.

Poetic Section

Christmas Bells


I heard the bells on Christmas Day
Their old, familiar carols play,
And wild and sweet
The words repeat
Of peace on earth, good-will to men!

And thought how, as the day had come,
The belfries of all Christendom
Had rolled along
The unbroken song
Of peace on earth, good-will to men!

Till ringing, singing on its way,
The world revolved from night to day,
A voice, a chime,
A chant sublime
Of peace on earth, good-will to men!

Then from each black, accursed mouth
The cannon thundered in the South,
And with the sound
The carols drowned
Of peace on earth, good-will to men!

It was as if an earthquake rent
The hearth-stones of a continent,
And made forlorn
The households born
Of peace on earth, good-will to men!

And in despair I bowed my head;
“There is no peace on earth,” I said;
“For hate is strong,
And mocks the song
Of peace on earth, good-will to men!”

Then pealed the bells more loud and deep:
“God is not dead, nor doth He sleep;
The Wrong shall fail,
The Right prevail,
With peace on earth, good-will to men.”

Poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1864), also a Christmas carol.


Christ Michael and Johan
That Will Come Close Enough

Christ Michael channeled by Johan on Wednesday December 21, 2011. Message taken from:

Johan: During my evening meditation, I was again suggested by Cristo Miguel Aton to follow the latest directive and that included all my Love and Light and Reiki to all of my AbundantHope family.  The second part, as usual, is asking Cristo Miguel Aton for what He allows me to see and report:

Just at the beginning of the meditation, after greeting Cristo Miguel Aton, I had asked Him boldly: My Sovereign, My God Aton, My Spiritual Father, would you find it disrespectful if I ask you: ” When exactly will the Stasis start?” Cristo Miguel Aton answered:

"My Dear Son, would you find it disrespectful if I don’t tell you, if I cannot tell you for a few good reasons? What if I also have to respect the ‘Thief in the Night Scenario’ even for you AND your friends at Abundant Hope? Now, let us make a deal: Concentrate on the mind movie I will send to you, that will come close enough!"

I knew Cristo Miguel Aton would sail His way diplomatically around an exact date, KNOWING AND TRUSTING HIM ENOUGH anyhow.

I was looking at a small canoe that was rushing down a river with increasing speed. It seemed like the water was flowing ever faster and with more vigor as the meters and yards passed by. All of the sudden, the small canoe became a normal size fisherman’s boat, still on the same river. That turned into a ship, what resulted into a parade of military marine vehicles, from a destroyer to a big battle ship, to ultimately an aircraft carrier. All followed the same river, one by one, at the same increasing speed, BECAUSE … AN ENORMOUS WATERFALL WAS JUST AHEAD AND NONE OF THE VEHICLES WAS ABLE TO STOP OR TURN AROUND OR ESCAPE THE DEADLY WATERFALLS.

Cristo Miguel Aton put upon my heart:


”All the dark are taken hostage by their own river of greed, power, lies and deception, control, money and once they embarked upon that journey, it’s almost impossible to escape their own deathtrap. Very few make it out before they crash down over the edge, over the waterfall. Although many times, they are thrown life lines, rescue gear is lowered down, but most will not dare to change their path, change their often ‘known’ ‘ suicide path, including out of fear for their partners in crime.

"We are at the point right now where the military and many other departments of world control hungry groups are about to plunge into their own created abyss right in front of everybody’s eyes, eliminating themselves and all those who did not dare to get out. Now ‘everybody’s eyes’ means others are still around, on both sides of that wild river. But the WAVE coming in does not allow ANYBODY, on the water nor safely on the river banks on both sides, to be around, as all will be swept away by a lot stronger energy than that river.

"That will need you all to be in safety, if not the bodies, surely the souls. Since a lot more factors than you can possibly know, are a High Risk to Mother Earth, even unexpected events, no matter how much we monitor them closely, can trigger an emergency Stasis as we have indicated before. Without an emergency, as we see evolving now, knowing the plans and dates of the dark, we are still within the timeframe that has been put forward. So let me repeat here that as things stand now, Christmas is still a long shot and you will not see the beginning of a new Earth year. As I said, that will come close enough.”

Johan: This was Cristo Miguel Aton putting this upon my heart.  Love and Light, Johan.

This piece is under copyright protection of It may be placed anywhere on the web as long as it is not changed in any way and a link placed back to this site. It is preferred you place the entire piece, and if not possible to do so, you must note that the rest of it can be found at the link. Thank you, Candace.

Christ Michael

Christ Michael Aton: I Confirm, This Is It

Christ Michael channeled by Johan on Friday December 30, 2011. Message taken from:

This is Christ Michael of Nebadon, Your Sovereign. It is my Greatest Pleasure to announce through several scribes that my final decision for this time of Correction, especially on Urantia, will go into effect. By the time, according to your earthly calendar, that a new page will have to be turned, a New Dawn and a whole New Chapter and a New Cycle will have commenced. Still, it is not within my desire to announce the exact hour, as all will and must be found ready or not.

It is my Greatest Pleasure however to inform you in advance: THE STASIS IS HERE. No more delay, no more impatience, no more suffering, as We have heard your cries and felt your pain. This most enthusiastic and eager scribe already stated days ago: ” This is it. ”, well, let Me, as Your Sovereign and God Aton, CONFIRM THIS: ” THIS IS IT, INDEED.”

In hours-time, that is as close I can go, will our Federation of Light Fleet commence its procedures to induce STASIS globally. All will be found in the exact heartsand souls’ condition of that moment, so be it. I welcome you Home anytime now, and please expect and anticipate the sweetest of rejoicing you have EVER known. Salu. I AM Christ Michael of Nebadon.

Johan: Love and Light.
PS: And my heart is anxiously racing and pounding as I finish this message.


Forthcoming End

Christ Michael channeled by Rubens on Wednesday December 28, 2011. Message taken from:

This is your beloved Aton, Sovereign Creator of Nebadon. I have come to you to let you know that the bell rang and the well-anticipated push of the button is upon you, meaning that I am to push it shortly, yes, the famous shortly in your time frame means exactly that, shortly.

It is with pleasure that I am announcing the close of the first major period of my Correcting Time and as you have heard from Uriel the time is upon you. I am most pleased with those who stood steadfastly in the face of enormous challenges and never gave up. Your just reward awaits you and you so deserve it.

To those who have not paid attention to the innumerable attempts made to steer them in the right direction, time is up and you too shall reap your just reward, except that it is of a nature different from what you have expected. I am pleased that we have no regret as to what was accomplished and all has been utterly done and nothing else remains.

I will be waiting with open arms for many of you who are true valiant and worthy warriors. A celebration awaits you and you will be pleasantly surprised. This is the moment that you have waited for and nothing shall change that from this day forth.

I am going to bid farewell to many of you for that is what shall be staring you in the face for where you are going will not be anything that you have ever imagined yourselves to be faced with for you are so inebriated with your malice, stubbornness and a truly false sense of importance that is the least that you deserve.  Many times, have I come to you in earnest to see if your heart would mend and see that you change your ways in service to your brethren but, you never saw it differently and you adamantly refused to bend to My Will which should also be yours. The sense of power has driven you mad beyond belief that you thought that you could actually govern this world as you see it fit. Poor delusional ones, with lightning speed will come your just reward and judgment. Enough with you, malevolent ones.

My brethren and children, come Home so we can celebrate this long journey and then rest before you re-enter in service. Many thanks and see you soon. Your Sovereign Creator Son, Aton.

This piece is under copyright protection of It may be placed anywhere on the web as long as it is not changed in any way and a link placed back to this site. It is preferred you place the entire piece, and if not possible to do so, you must note that the rest of it can be found at the link. Thank you, Candace.

Christ Michael
Let’s Finish What You Are All Supposed to Be Working Towards

Christ Michael channeled by Johan on Sunday December 18, 2011. Message taken from:

Johan: Upon waking up, saying Hi to my Higher Universal Family, I found myself knocking on Christ Michael Aton’s door for the morning news, update, when??? , weak as I am, or hungry too, perhaps dying to know even so knowing that we are in good hands and expecting to hear the same Fatherly Advice and Answers, yet expecting the unexpected all time and ultimate revelation (should I call myself ‘poor child’?)

Christ Michael Aton explained upon my (silly) question if any progress towards the start of the Stasis had been made:

Christ Michael: Of course, my son, progress has been made. How do you expect anything different from a well-oiled machine you call the Heavenlies where everything is preplanned, prescheduled, prepared, except for what some of the players on the ground are or choose to be doing. And still I say as your Sovereign: Even though also We had hoped for better/other/different results, do you think that the GIGANTIC organization to keep Creation ever expanding has not kept in mind that what we allowed to unfold might have taken a different course AND still staying in charge after all??? I seriously hope there is no doubt in that compartment or your schooling might take a little longer due to many more opportunities to learn to overcome just that, that might be coming your way or you might have invited to come along.

When we dangled a carrot in front of the dark to allow them to dig the tunnels we knew we needed for later:

In the material sense, of the underground facilities,
In the financial department, allowing their greed to bring us closer to the unity currency or way of conducting business or outcome we actually needed and planned, going in the direction of bringing Mother Earth into the Light and Life,
In the political department, allowing their hunger for power and absolute control to narrow down the way to diversified ‘governance’ of the world’s population,
In the military department, allowing them to bring forward the available Higher Potential and Advanced Technology to come to the surface in order for it to be used to the benefit of humankind instead of abusing its power to destroy, etc.

We had hoped indeed for it all to run differently, BUT WE DEAL WITH EVERYTHING TO PERFECTION UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, there is no other way.

That does not include having the job done before a certain time, however there IS a Cosmic Clock ticking its last fragment of a nanosecond when put into perspective, but having the job done TO PERFECTION, regardless of its complexity, a concept that will only be understood once you see things from the other side of the veil.

And glory to the Heavenlies, some of you are already peeping through that invisible and non-existing veil, others will sleep just a little longer and need the wakeup call we have ready for you, not to mention those that will sleep very much, and much, much longer upon their own choosing.

To satisfy your hunger to know, my son, and those you represent with your call, let me say that also We have learned very much in the process, what will greatly enhance some of your future Bestowals as you already know some of you are not here to waste time or play around, but to WORK on your future Heavenly or Spiritual Functions and closer team work with the Divine. I enjoyed your expression yesterday when you mentioned to one of your esteemed colleagues that you are all in ‘bringing together the Divinity with the Divine Within ALL’, or vice versa, and if that did not spiritualize in the dark, at least it might have worked for some of yourselves, also using the method of learning through HOW NOT TO DO THINGS. This might also show the importance of understanding and estimating ALL involved and not dividing anything; actually observing and learning from ALL you see and get to know for what it really is.

That is all for now, there is not much more to explain, we have work to finish although closing in most rapidly towards the moment you are all waiting for, or, let me say: WHAT YOU ARE ALL SUPPOSED TO BE WORKING TOWARDS and I hope you DO exactly that, on your behalf. I AM Christ Michael Aton, your Sovereign.

Johan: Love and Light.

This piece is under copyright protection of It may be placed anywhere on the web as long as it is not changed in any way and a link placed back to this site. It is preferred you place the entire piece, and if not possible to do so, you must note that the rest of it can be found at the link. Thank you, Candace.

My Congratulations to Christ Michael of Nebadon Via AbundantHope

Siraya channeled by Johan on Wednesday December 28, 2011. Message taken from:

Some time ago, I brought some ‘final news’ through your Beloved Leadership of AH, Candace. We had expressed the notion this to be her last message, and so you can still view it, yet more water has been running under the bridge.

Good water or good news with some of the dark indeed realizing they are fighting a lost cause, a lost battle since their ammunition and fuel is being taken away or blocked. No evil plans will be allowed from now on. And that is final indeed! There is enough clean up and restructuring to carry out on this planet without further destruction, depletion and suffering.

Your Sovereign, Christ Michael of Nebadon, and I have finished a number of meetings where His wishes and desires for the general wellbeing of His Creation of Nebadon under His Leadership, especially for his Beloved Bestowal Planet Urantia, have been studied and approved.

It is therefore with the Utmost Respect that I want to express my congratulations towards Him, a Creator Son of His Stature, Courage and Determination. One day sooner than later, also many of you will understand in full. I choose AbundantHope, Your Sovereign’s Second Coming Organization, near and dear to many of you, to be the place to let my appreciation and admiration for His accomplishment be known.

Expect Christ Michael to inform you further shortly. I also know of the specific news Archangel Uriel brought to all of you earlier. Yes, we have discussed and both agreed and approved THE NEED TO ACT NOW. So Be It. Stand tall in WHO YOU ARE in as much as you know and don’t look back. Up and onwards is the only direction from now on; for your mother spirit of Urantia AND for those who earned their return, also for those who deserve to go Home. My Blessings to All, I Am Siraya.

Johan: Love and Light.

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Christ Michael
The Big Cheese Speaks Out

Christ Michael channeled by Candace Frieze on Tuesday January 3, 2012. Message taken from:

Dearly beloveds, you must understand there is a reason for everything. The intense pressure we have put on the dark through our messages and other means appears to have born some fruit. We must test the fruit. If the tree bears the good fruit, this is going to allow a short time to prepare people for the eventuality of the closure of the planet. That is all for now. I AM Michael of Nebadon.

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Siraya Speaks of Man’s Role in the Universe

Siraya channeled by Jess Anthony on Thursday January 12, 2012. Message taken from: .

Jess: Siraya, I would like some additional comments from you. Please explain to me the lines of authority and the extent that universal decisions can be modified. I have an understanding of the enormity of the process going on, and realize it is more complicated than just pausing existence. Speak to that, if you will. Speak to our involvement and our achievements at whatever level Orvonton perceives them to be.

Siraya: Jess, I’m speaking to you from far away, to your way of thinking on Earth, yet we are as close as your thoughts. We are intimately involved with what you do on Earth because we have determined the template of your DNA and your human attributes as they are manifested in your universe and on your planet Urantia. You are an extension of us. Your physical frame is a reflection of the concept we gave you. The concept of fully Trinitized form represented in this superuniverse is passed from us to you as your embodiment.

How can you say we are not intimately involved? You are using the guise that is necessary for existence on your planet in your universe. Your choice to experience these parameters dictated the manifestation your energy would take. We selected the spirits that would make the attempt to exist on your planet. Christ Michael Aton created the forms that became your bodies, but we passed the spark of life to you from Creator Source through Christ Michael’s spiritual counterpart, Nebadonia. We are linked to each of you and know intimately how you live our lives here.

The Creator Source has decided Earth will Ascend to a higher level of energy and spiritual alignment. This is definite and the process whereby this is obtained is the only variable. In the case of Urantia, the paradigm for existence is so threadbare and toxic that assistance is necessary to allow this planet to meet the natural evolution taking place in other planets in your immediate solar system. An unimaginable process of growth and perfecting is at work currently in all the planets, not just Urantia. This is necessary to set up the frequency of formal energy that will be able to meet and incorporate the so-called Wave of creative transformation that Creator Source has authorized for this sector of creation. The immense wave of energy is moving into place. In order to accommodate this energy fully, galactic forces have been moving your solar system into a better position. This was a calculated move to have fullest healing energy connect with your ailing planet.

These decisions were made on a higher level than Nebadon, although Christ Michael Aton was always present at these discussions. He was given the assignment, as it were, of implementing Creator Source’s choice. Since he is linked to Creator Source as his embodiment in Christ Michael Aton’s own created Universe of Nebadon, the decision can be said also to be Christ Michael Aton’s. Within his Universe, Christ Michael Aton has free range to select how this process will take place. However, we are not separated from you, and we are similarly experiencing the discoveries that are taking place as situations are explored and then improved. We observe, but also participate. It is an aspect of creation.

The process of Ascension is vast and all, encompassing for everything that is part of the created form. The scope of what is proceeding is beyond your imagining at this time. Earth’s transformation is only one part of the complex picture. Given the complexity shown in the process on Earth, you can sense in a way the immensity of what is occurring in this part of your universe. This is all being monitored and coordinated by Christ Michael Aton and his galactic forces. Your involvement is just as significant for the final result, but it is not the only set of actions that must be carried through.

You asked about your role in this Ascension. Man’s role is crucial at this point because Creator Source and Christ Michael have determined that some inhabitants of Urantia will stay and continue working to find greater spiritual truth in their form of incarnation. As has been said before, cleaning a planet typically involves allowing it to collapse in on itself and rebuild in a slow, coordinated process. Because Urantia was a bestowal planet for your Michael, and because it can restore its function as an experimental laboratory for its inhabitants, an exception was made. There was enough cry for change —however uninformed— after the events you call 9/11. Enough people were of like mind globally to cause a re-thinking of the previous plans to evacuate and let the planet restore itself.

Words and commentaries have been transmitted through various means, but their direct effect was not substantial enough to cause a change in man’s thinking. The unimaginable act that brought down the twin towers became a trigger to shift the thinking and resolve of enough inhabitants. Man called for change in one voice. The energy of the immediate reaction was sufficient to cause a shift in the attention paid to man as a spiritual being. The possibility of having man be part of the Ascension process was broached, and the decision was made to change the parameters of the reconfiguration of Urantia to include the participation of man.

Man’s awareness has grown, and his understanding of the complexity of the Ascension process has been nurtured through a range of messengers and by examples of cultural assumptions falling apart. The underpinnings of current lifestyles are being shown to be pointless and not in accord with the universal spiritual truths that have formed the templates and building blocks of your planet and its solar system.

Man, at least a satisfactory majority of Urantia’s inhabitants, has begun searching for a way out. Established educational and religious preconceptions color the types of salvation inhabitants are searching for, but they are looking, nonetheless. This is the corps of Urantia’s population that will be returning to rebuild their global civilization once she is ready to receive them again.

Man will remember the past when he returns, but he will also realize he must change his thinking to align his ideas and activities to the fundamentally different Spiritual Path that will be introduced. The role of teacher and the task of providing visible examples of spiritual integrity and responsibility will be the function of the so-called Lightworkers who have returned. Those with a greater understanding and sense of spiritual alignment with Creator Source and Christ Michael will lead others to the point of view they have developed. The teaching will be enlightening, and the end result will be the beginning of the sort of spiritually unified civilization that Urantia must have to continue her Ascent.

This will be new but also remembered. Urantia’s inhabitants have experienced this type of cultural situations before, but their immediate memory has been blocked to allow them as volunteers to explore and create from their discoveries. Much has gone awry from the blue print Christ Michael Aton developed for his Universe of Nebadon. His seventh bestowal planet has become so toxic, it is almost too damaged to save. Certainly not with the experimental process that is ongoing now. The long checklist Christ Michael Aton is working from has many unknowns and unpredictable results because of the uniqueness of what he is undertaking. There is a correlation to man’s concept of time, so that man is able to make his behaviors correspond to what is in process. Christ Michael Aton is working within the parameters Urantia’s inhabitants have developed to measure their existence. But the process remains in flux even so, always being reshaped to accommodate man’s efforts or challenges. The schedule of events is not written down; the only constant is the fact that Creator Source has determined Ascension will take place on Urantia with man as part of its game plan.

As so it is near. Most of the checklist items have been resolved or implemented. Much is going on behind the public façade broadcast by the news agencies. Man should be preparing for this amazing change as best he can —resolving personal issues that block spiritual alignment and providing living examples of the type of compassion and responsibility that will make up new Ascension communities.

The process of change is already ongoing, and the final moments of your old style of existence are here. Look for this to be resolved at any moment. Siraya.

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Christ Michael
Brief Update from Christ Michael

Christ Michael channeled by Jess Anthony on Tuesday February 14, 2012. Message taken from: .

Jess: Christ Michael, I would like a brief update and specific clues about what to expect. I ask for more strength and awareness, and clarity to see what I can best do.

Christ Michael: Jess, I can speak to you now. Once you have cleared away the debris, we can speak more clearly and cleanly. Much is happening. You know the immense scenario that is being undertaken. This is a new adventure, and we are learning as we are acting. There are no past examples to draw upon really for much of what is happening here, so we are careful to examine everything in minute detail before we move ahead with an action that will inevitably have major impact on your frame of existence.

The schedule at this point is this: We plan to have some announcements about those that are controlling the streams of influence that determine what governments and countries choose to follow. The government’s decisions are not reasoned or discerning. They follow others’ dictates for fear of losing their position —which is a very real possibility and they know it— or because they are not aware sufficiently to see the flaws in the game plan they are told to take. There is a group of elite overseers who determine what all the political policy is and plan what economic directions the financial sector takes. This is not a free market, nor is it purely based on success and failure. The group manipulates levels of economy and governmental decisions to create a global existence that is controlled by them. They have been trained to believe that no other alternative is workable, and they pull the strings to cause nations to do their wishes.

The announcement will be soon. We want the political system in America to collapse around Obama’s attempts at pre-emptive legislation. Obama is, of course, not the one making the decisions or calling the shots. He is essentially a mindless puppet that is used in various environmental situations to paint a picture of stability and control. Nothing could be further from the truth, but this doesn’t stop Obama’s group from pursuing continued development even though they are using their power without a sense of perspective or bigger picture.

The instability in Europe will trigger several things that will cause the American economics to appear as the sham it is. Germany is trying to manipulate events in other countries to take away the public’s attention on what is actually happening there. Any news scoop will dominate the airways and prevent any sort of genuine discussion about political actions in the mainstream media and effectively continue the destruction of the American Founding Fathers’ Bill of Rights. This is sufficient for tonight. A. CMA.

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Christ Michael
Happy Love Day from Michael of Nebadon

Christ Michael channeled by Candace Frieze on Tuesday February 14, 2012. Message taken from: .

Good evening beloveds, just doing a short but desired by you ones, an update. We are continuing the process of preparations for the short and changed announcement period. We have little time left.

Now, some of you have been noticing the ear tones of the wave and our energies to the Mother’s body to enhance her ability to receive them. We are not mitigating this lap, but there had not been enough response to it, so we are assisting.

Candace is now joyfully hearing what she remembers as the Music of the Spheres. Beloveds, when matter is not so compressed, it sings! This is your proof of some response to the WAVE. On all better worlds everybody hears the local creation sing. There is constant quiet soft loving music that comes quite naturally. It is your compression that has prevented this.

As to the sounds being heard worldwide, your trumpets sounding as being reported, that is also related to the Wave and the heating of the core. Some of these are volcanic movement, others have other origins. These will get much louder and more frequent and will frighten people who currently ignore them, when they become louder. Some cannot hear them at all even when right over head, YET. Their ears are not attuned. It is much like the dog that hears sounds man cannot hear. They will hear eventually.

The arrests continue. I will not cover them, but some will leak out. Some may leak out as resignations. There is one great one you all know who is affected, not one of you, unless you live in a very backward place, has not heard of this one. We are still working out how to throw some advanced hints, but soon enough it will not be coverable. I will not risk placing the name until it’s in the media, to protect my ones.

Now you who read this material, as often suggested must be the rocks as these energies continue, and guide those around you out of fear if you can. The quakes are steadily increasing, many not reported, that are “out of sight” and we have given some encouragement to more accurate coverage, so people begin to realize times about up.

We wish to have enough Earth changes if the Mother will do it, before the short announcement period, so the people of Earth are wishing for some help. This will help the acceptance. You ones who live anywhere near quake areas or in places where weather is unpredictable MUST remain prepared. For it rains and shines on all.

Please keep small bills and coins at home, no matter which country because there may still be bank holidays. We are not wishing this personally, but we will allow it as part of the wakeup call. Man must be uncomfortable to accept our presence and the announcement process.

This is enough for now. Further details are not necessary and will not be given to protect our ones on the ground, until that is not needed. I again, say Happy LOVE Day, beloveds, for Valentine’s, as commercially given, does not mean just the love of a man and a woman anymore, but is for all and rightfully so. I AM That I AM, Michael of Nebadon.

PS: Candace just reminded me, we were interrupted as I was about to mention the beautiful Whitney Houston, whose time had come to leave. She was not murdered, beloveds, and while they will find drugs, it was her way at the end to leave the planet. It was TIME. She was one of my glorious ones who came to serve this world, and she did it well, despite the horrible issues she faced as so many do, that are controlled by the Elite. Remember her with true Love, for she endured much to serve ME here. She is personally one of MINE OWN, an Arch Angel incarnate. Tough road she endured while here and I am in joy to have this one back in mine own realms.

PSS: Beloveds, I wanted to add another comment. The announcement period should last about 2 weeks, and it will be global. We have a special plan too early to give, but man is going to have plenty of time to watch.

Candace: Only a short comment on that music. RELAX yourself, if you do not hear it, maybe with head against a pillow in a QUIET Place. The tones are changing from the sounds I used to hear. It is gently melodious and has no particular rhythm. It changes as it goes but retains a crystalline sound that is markedly different from the sound of the Wave itself. I am indeed overjoyed to listen. IT IS PROOF TO ME of the effects taking hold.

Today, they pumped the energies up again. Perhaps last week some of you were aware of similar being done for around 3 days. Some did post on the net about the huge changes in what their ears were picking up. Some seemed a bit worried in fact. I had an “ear block” where the ear feels sort of plugged, that lasted over 1/2 hour, and the first day I heard a large GONG sound too. More sounds than usual in the left ear, which was really noticeable to me.

The first energy burst today caused me to become profoundly sleepy, very suddenly. So I did go back to bed, the yawns were intense, with tearing eyes, and laid on my right side to listen to the music while I rested. I cannot lie on my left side, so I don’t know if I would hear it as well in my left ear. There was a 2nd which also produced the sleepies but I didn’t want to crash, so I did coffee instead and waited it out. Right now I have my earphones on my head, not connected to the computer, which allow me to "hear" the music of the spheres by blocking some of the sounds in the room.

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Paul of the Galactic Federation

Paul of the Galactic Federation channeled by Greg Giles on Monday February 6, 2012. Message taken from:

The shadow is all about the government. Your world is today steeped in a dark conspiracy that involves the taking of your homes, your money, your health, and your freedom, if you can consider what you are experiencing as freedom. You all, every one of you, are prisoners in a world of your own creation, although there are different levels of your complicity in it all. Some of you have been willing participants, others forced or threatened, others conned, but all of you have one thing in common, you are all prisoners and you must escape your captors if you ever wish to breathe the sweet air of freedom ever again. And this is the plan.

We, the Galactic Federation of Light, are here and there are others as well, to assist you to free yourselves, but as we have stressed many times we are not here to do your work for you. We are here to make your decree a reality, nothing more and nothing less. What is your decree? Do you wish to go on living a lie such as you are, that you are free and enjoying all the gifts the Creator has bestowed upon you? Or are you to awaken and take fully conscious notice of what has slowly crept up all around you to encase you within the walls of an ever growing fascist dictatorship?

There are so few of those who wish to enslave you, and so very many of you. The numbers are so in your favor and we are currently seeing to it that these dark ones be disarmed, to give you, the people, a fighting chance. Without a military armed to the teeth with advanced weaponry of untold proportions, we see the playing field leveled a great deal, and we now see the people rising up to take back which is rightfully theirs. The time has come for this. We look to you to stand up and take back what has been systematically stolen from you over so many centuries of time.

It all starts with you, not you as a planet of billions, but you individually. When each of you as an individual awakens to this injustice and then joins his fellow man who has shouldered the responsibility to inform himself of what is transpiring all around him, then it begins. That is when the wheels are set into motion and your reality can change, but not until the individual you are awakens to join the collective. Are you now awakened? That is the question before you today. If you answered yes to this question, then we salute you and ask you now to join your fellow man who has also answered yes to this question. It is only when every one of you awakens and seeks change that we can assist on a further level. We are at the ready. We are prepared and very eager to help you facilitate the removal of your dark ones who today infest your world. We know where they all are. None can hide from us. Let us assist you in this way and do what we do best, which is to help lift worlds like yours out of the darkness they find themselves in.

Disclosure is a very real and necessary step that must be made on our way to a reunion with you that will allow us to more efficiently assist you in your time of need. Time is running short and there is much to do, so we ask you now to clear the way for us to make open contact. We cannot do this for you. We ask that you spread the word that we are here. We can only promise you again that we will not let you down and leave you looking the fool or the lunatic. You will be perceived as a pioneer, a groundbreaker, a leader of your fellow man when all this is through and we land on your soil for all to see. This day will come and come soon. You can be assured of this as this must happen to ensure the most suitable transition from your current 3rd dimensional state to your new homes in the 5th. That is our intention. You can and will benefit greatly from our assistance. Know this, as we speak the truth.

See to it you all do the tasks that are required of you to step up our involvement in these affairs. This is an important job, and each of you reading these words has been carefully chosen for this assignment. Many expressed interest for this mission as your reward for your efforts here will be great, as well, of course, due to your inborn natures to wish to help others in every way you can. We selected those we felt would not allow fear or latency to deter them from their assignments and we are also happy to see so many of you responding in such great numbers. We now see the light at the end of the tunnel, and we wait the moment when your voices of truth spread just far enough for us to make our move. You are so very close to this moment. Do not slow now. Do not allow the recent disappointment many of you felt deter you away from your duties. All has not been for naught, and many positives derived from this experience. Know this as this is the truth and move on.

We will again step up the sightings of our vast fleets of lightships so our Lightworkers can photograph and videotape them to disseminate throughout your Internet. This is one part of the plan we can get underway and we feel many of you will enjoy these opportunities to see your Star Families flying overhead. Know that we fill our ships and that we can see many of you as you witness our appearances. We even know some of you by name, as we have met before to work out some details about our working relationship. Keep your eyes to the skies. Keep up the good work you are all doing, as you are making an untold difference each and every day.

The vast endeavor we have all agreed to undertake is not an easy one by any stretch of the imagination, and we honor your courage and your patience to persevere under the difficult conditions you live in. We can assure you we are moving ahead with the operation precisely according to a prearranged schedule, as there has been, and will not be, any delays permitted under any circumstances. There are far too many of us on our side of this mission to permit such delays, so you can be certain we operate on a very tight schedule. Your mission will be completed according to the time schedule agreed upon, no later, and many of you will re-sign with us for more duties here, and even on the next world that can benefit from our assistance. This is what we do, and we could not do this without you. You are very special to us and your entire universe, and you are revered for your courage and your selflessness.

Today, many eyes of the universe are upon you, and we know you will succeed as you have so many times before. Continue on now with your duties, we cannot thank you enough, dear ones, and we will persevere with our duties on our end, and very soon we shall meet on middle ground. Allow us the time to continue coming through to you in this way, as much is being gained from this as well.

We have in store a few surprises for the Cabal, and wish to present them with these soon. We know they will be very surprised of what we have in store for them. Be on the lookout for information in this regard, as we know you, our trusted Lightworkers, will also find this news very interesting. Mind you, this will all be displayed for all to see and you will not need a privileged pass to witness firsthand the fruits of your efforts. Let’s just say that matters are heating up and there will be those who hop from the frying pan into the fire very soon. We promised you that if you all did your parts and upheld your end of the bargain that we would uphold ours. You will soon bear witness to just how we keep our word. Stay tuned, stay focused. The end of this chapter is near.

Moving on through the days after the last of the cabalists are removed from your path, you will see your days filled with more and more uplifting moments and great surprises. Not all your work is to be so difficult and seemingly unrewarding, as we have promised worthy payoffs as well, and this we shall also deliver on. Many new projects will get underway building a better infrastructure of your society. Everyone will pitch in and everyone will be pleasantly rewarded as this is how a Galactic community operates and thrives when all resistance is finally removed, and this is what we are together accomplishing today. Please be advised many of you will be contacted in the near future, in an offer of a more personal working relationship with us, as you have proven your meritorious service and commitment to your duties and to the Light. For this, you shall be compensated, and we greatly appreciate each of your individual, as well as collective, efforts.

Continue on in your service today. We are nearly at the point where we can close out the initial purification stages of our multifaceted operation. With your continued assistance these pressing matters will be resolved quickly and efficiently, allowing us to then proceed with the next phase of the plan which we know you will greatly enjoy. Until then, continue to persevere. The end is well in sight.

I am Paul of the Galactic Federation of Light, and it has been an honor to speak with you today. Be well, my friends.

Ashtar Command

The Ashtar Command channeled by Greg Giles on Wednesday February 1, 2012. Message taken from:

I am dedicated to watching over my Lightworkers at home. We, of the Ashtar Command, respond always quickly and efficiently when a Lightworker is in need of assistance. We clear the area of any negative entities and make sure the perimeter is secure before moving on. You, our comrades in arms, are never alone when you incarnate into the physical on your missions to seed love and light into worlds that have fallen into darkness.

Command Ashtar LogotypeToday, we have many Lightworkers in position for the great upliftment of Gaia and her people that have chosen a new way, one that brings them closer to their Creator along the lighted path. Many new recruits are ‘signing up’ every day to join us in our efforts here, and we welcome warmly each and every one of you into our family. We have undertaken countless missions in our long history, and our stories can fill libraries. Earth is but one planet on our long list of worlds that could benefit from our experience and our assistance, but we will not move on from here until every necessary task is completed to our high standards.

For some of you this is your first mission with us, the Ashtar Command, and for others you have gone through this process many times. Earth is a special place and this is a special assignment, though all the worlds we travel to in service receive the purest of our efforts and our absolute commitment. In the case of this world, she has been quite abused by so many for so long. She has seen her vibration decrease steadily for eons, with only small and short-lived revivals from time to time. She is now being lifted, with your much needed assistance, up from the depths of the lower 3rd dimension up into the 5th dimension where she will be free from all those that see no wrong in harming her and her children. Not unlike a parent that has taken care of her children for many years, she now deserves reciprocation in return for her devotion. You are all her children who have benefited so greatly from her love and protection, and now it is time when she needs you. Do what you can for her today. Do what you have come here to do. It is the time for this. You have all trained extensively to be of service, and you are now being summoned to action.

Photograph  By AdamskyThere are many tasks you can begin immediately, if you have not yet begun your work. Taking a lead role in sharing the news that your world is being visited by your brothers and sisters from the stars is a task most important at this time. Reaching out to your brothers and sisters who will look to your wisdom for guidance in these challenging times is one of the tasks you are well-prepared to handle. There will be those who are frightened of the changes who can benefit greatly from your soothing words of reassurance.  You know what you are capable of, and we are very confident in you as we always are. Lead by example by remaining calm and composed while explaining our presence here and our honorable intentions to assist you, as we assist many worlds, more easily facilitate the changes needed to advance your world into much higher standards that will benefit greatly every man, woman, and child on the planet regardless of where it is they live or of what people they are.

You needn’t overburden your discussions with others with unnecessary details, as just the simplest explanation of who we are and what we do will always suffice. If you always remember to speak from a position of calm and balanced reassurance, you will always leave a positive impression upon another, even if at first it may appear your efforts were in vain. Just plant the seed and let it sprout on its own. You are a Starseed. Your specialty is incarnating into many worlds that may be quite strange and challenging for you, to plant your seeds of wisdom and higher vibrational concept and idea. This sphere is their planet, as we are merely guests, so please allow those you speak with to proceed at their own speed. Always remain mindful of this. There is no deadline, there is no ticking clock. There is always plenty of time to get our job done. There is only a sense of urgency where your motivation is considered, but there is no cause for alarm when speaking of external matters of this world or our mission.

All is well, and all is proceeding perfectly according to our carefully conceived plans. Our mission will be complete soon enough my dears, and then many of you will soon begin yet another, so you see how there is no call for impatience. Enjoy your time here on this beautiful blue planet. There are so very few days left for many of you that will be departing here when our work is done. Savor this experience, share time with your friends and family and see to it that all your tasks you have come here to accomplish are completed. We of the higher realms will soon be able to work more personally with many of you, and we look so forward to this opportunity.

We are your Family of Light from the stars.

Galactic Federation of Light

The Galactic Federation of Light channeled by Greg Giles on Monday and Tuesday February 20 and 21, 2012. Messages taken from: and


Ready yourselves for the changes, for they are coming soon. All along we have advised you to prepare and to help spread the table for the many changes that needed to be accomplished, and the time for their implementation is upon you. Prepare yourselves by stocking up on a few household essentials to last a few days or even as much as a few weeks, as it is difficult to predict whether services will be down and if so, for how long. Much of the inner workings of your systems are controlled by the Cabal, and it cannot be ascertained for certain whether any sabotage may occur. We, the Galactic Federation of Light, will do all we can to get your systems up and running again if they should be affected in any way.

There are those members of the Cabal who, of course, are not happy with the news that they will now face justice for their crimes as they arrogantly believed they were above any law, earthly, karmic or universal. They were wrong, as now they must pay the piper for their misdeeds. There is a lesson in this for all of you, that no matter your station in life you exist under and within the laws of karma, the balancing force of this universe that will bring all things back to you that you release outwards. This is one of the designed mechanisms of this wonderful universe and you have all abided by this law throughout all of your incarnations whether you were conscious of it or not, as this does not matter.

Looking ahead for these men and women soon to be losing their freedom, we see a long rehabilitation period consisting of many incarnations where they will experience situations of difficulty as a direct result of their choices throughout this lifetime. For many of these souls their lifetimes will bring much hardship and struggle just as you have experienced due to their manipulations, and they will also experience an existence where they are ruled by a tyrannical and oppressive force comparable to their rule during this, as well as other incarnations. The road for these souls will not be an easy one, this is assured by they themselves, and they need only look into a mirror if they seek someone to blame for what they now must face. Remember this lesson, my dears, and do not miss this blessed opportunity for growth and self-improvement.

We see many of you also who have reached the understanding that this is not a time for gloating or for lynch mob mentality, but for understanding and compassion. For this we salute you and ask you to lead by example to allow your fellow man to see an alternative to bloodthirsty revenge. We are not suggesting to you to allow these men and women to escape justice, for it is important that they too receive all they can from this experience. For what good would all this serve if the lessons behind it all were not learned? All we are suggesting to you is to reflect upon the virtue of temperance, for it is this virtue that is called for as these lost souls are brought to justice.

All along your long journey you too have had to face the consequences for your misdeeds. Some of you may have spent portions of lifetimes imprisoned by your societies, and we ask you to reflect upon this even though you have no conscious memory of this. Ask yourself if there may have been a better way towards rehabilitation rather than waste your life away in a small dank prison cell. There are many avenues of rehabilitation, and prisons are but one. As your world is set to Ascend into the higher realms, many other options will become clear to you, not only options of justice and rehabilitation, but of all educational systems of advanced learning.

Upon you Ascension, you will be leaving behind many old and outdated methods for the running of a society and we look forward to explaining to you the many options that will become available to you. No longer will you have to rely on systems that have failed you so throughout your earthly 3rd dimensional incarnations, as there are better methods that produce successful results. This is one of the many new aspects of your civilization that you will experience upon Ascension into your new 5th dimensional home.

Continuing with our discussion on karma and justice, many of you also have karma that must be cleansed at this time as this is a necessary step towards your individual Ascension. Many of you have faced recent challenges and even hardships as a result of this need to cleanse negative imbalances of your karma. Many of you have recently balanced this karmic debt and are now free to Ascend without any further need to experience the balancing effects of this universal law. There are others of you who will get to balance you karmic debts and it is necessary you do this before the culmination of the great dimensional shift. How this karma will be balanced and what you will experience will all depend on just how unbalanced your karma is at this point. Keep in mind, there are those of you who have carried over into this incarnation a karmic debt from past lives, and this will have to be accounted for. There are also many of you who have carried over from a past life a positive balance of karma, and for this your transition will be relatively smoother. This is how the law of karma must operate, and no one or nothing can alter its effects.

We do not suggest to you this need to balance your karma in order to frighten you. We only suggest this to you so more of you can understand why your lives at this point have been met with hardships and negative experiences. Your economic woes that today canvas your world are one area where the balancing effects of karma can be clearly witnessed. There are those of you who are battling adverse health effects, and in many cases this too is an example of your karma being balanced by unseen forces.

Know, dear ones, that no one or nothing wishes to see you suffer, yet this might be in some cases as it is Ascension many of you came here to experience and it is only through the balancing of your karma will this be made possible. All of you understood this completely before your current incarnation and still jumped at the chance to be here at this time with a truly wondrous opportunity well within your reach. This is one of the reasons your world at this time is in the shape that it is in, as a trial such as your current incarnation is just what many of you needed to act as a springboard into the higher realms of existence. Many of you may be beginning to see your world not as a disaster of creation, but as a marvelous design that will allow so many of you to reap the sweetest reward possible for your efforts to incarnate into the physical to gain the experience necessary for your graduations into the higher realms of possibility.

Do you see now the men and women who will now face justice for their crimes against you in a slightly different light? Are you beginning to see that all things, good or bad, positive or negative, are designed to enable you to reap the maximum benefit for your forays into the physical? Do you now think it is possible, in light of our discussion on karma, that without the assistance of those of the dark many of you would not have experienced a sufficient balancing of your karma and therefore would not be Ascending into the higher realms at this time, but instead you would have to remain within the cycle of the incarnate wheel.

If you could see what we see clearly for you upon Ascension, if you would allow our descriptions to paint a portrait for you, and at the same time understand that the souls who performed the roles of the oppressors assisted you to make this vision your reality, do you now feel you may be able to find it in your hearts to forgive?

We understand many of you are angry upon learning of all the misdeeds and the crimes committed against you, but in light of what all this has made possible for you, do you now feel that other forms of justice and rehabilitation then you are accustomed to may be far more fitting for these dark ones? As we have said, there are many advanced methods of rehabilitation that will soon be made available to your society, and we only ask you at this time to review these techniques when this information becomes available to you. That is all we ask, as this is your world and will always be your world, no one else’s, and you, democratically, will make all the decisions that govern your society.

Looking out towards the days ahead, we see the arrests of many members of the criminal Cabal causing quite a rumbling throughout your world, and it is this rumbling that will awaken so many of your brothers and sisters from their slumbers. We see the new freedoms you will all immediately experience upon the arrests of these criminal elements coupled with the awakening of so many of your brethren creating such a powerful wave of momentum that will easily carry you through these final months before Ascension.

What a tremendous period of transformation these last months will surely be, as more and more of your human family awaken to the new available energies. Great changes are in store for you as we head down the home stretch, and many of these changes will release you from your bonds of daily toil. Many advancements in technology will be made available to you in the coming days when we can more personally interact with you, and upon the removal of the Cabal and many of their minions we will be free to make such an introduction. The is sure to be a very exciting period for many of you, and you may see these imminent arrests of these dark ones as the starting gun for the many events that will quickly follow that will see to the complete transformation of your world as you prepare yourselves for your great leap into the higher dimensions.

We see the struggles and the difficult times you have gone through as necessary components of your Ascension, and without them and those to facilitate them we see many of you not making the transformation. Every one of us has done our parts, from above you as well as all around you, and everyone deserves credit for this endeavor that has already been tremendously successful in so many ways and that is about to show you its greatest reward yet to come.

Your Ascension into the higher realms is something many of you have been striving towards for many consecutive lifetimes. It is not easy at all to advance so greatly as to be a candidate for Ascension and because of this, the helpful cooperation of those willing to play the roles of the dark ones was seen as called for. These dark ones were enlisted to ensure the balancing of your karma, while at the same time teaching you many valuable lessons that were necessary for your advancement. Always keep this in mind as you enter the next phase of your experience, as an alternative view to these proceedings may find its place amongst many of you.

Punishment is usually weighed against the crimes committed along with how much a victim has suffered. Upon weighing your suffering against your reward for such experience, you may reach a new perspective in this regard. The crimes committed against you by these men and women are severe in some cases, this cannot be denied, but as you are immortal beings who never truly die and who gain so much through such experience, you may be able to see even many of these crimes from a somewhat fresh perspective. As we have said, justice is better to be served as this will benefit those who need to also learn certain important lessons, it is just the type of justice dispensed at which we wish you to closely examine and discuss amongst yourselves. It is your world and it is you that have been the victims of these crimes, so again we say to you we will honor each individual, as well as collective decision you make and will assist to see to it your wishes are carried out.

Again you see how we do not wish to take a leading role in your affairs. We are merely guests here, to offer you the assistance you may agree is necessary to see many of the needed tasks accomplished. This is what we do, we have been doing this a very long time, and our services have been applied all throughout this vast universe. Earth does hold a special place in our hearts, but it is by no means the only planet that we have given care to as there have been, and will continue to be, many other planets in need of a helping hand from time to time. Again, there is no reason to fear that we are here to conquer or plunder, as higher dimensional worlds have all they would ever need or desire. Our mission is one of service, and you shall witness this firsthand when we are free to commence on our many projects together.

Again, these projects will begin upon the arrests of sufficient numbers of the Cabal, and we see this moment drawing very near. You will be informed of further developments and of opportunities to work with us on these many projects through our channels of information, and, as we have said, some of your media companies will soon be assisting us with the task of relaying information to you. This is an important phase of our operation, as we see many still who receive their news and information from what is broadcast through your television sets. In time, all your media companies will align with your new system of honesty and balanced reporting, and, if they do not, they will have no place with you in your new Home within the higher realms.

There are many other areas of your society as well that will be realigned to function as a higher dimensional component of your new world, and we will explain to you and even demonstrate to you how some of your systems can be greatly improved upon.

Until then, do what you can do to improve upon the areas of your lives that you do have control over, and we will assist our Earth allies tear down the sections of your world that you do not at this time have control over. In time, all the areas of governance of your society will be returned to you, The People, and no longer will you be forced to submit to the will of another. This will be your new system, which will be implemented upon the removal of the old, and this is the task at hand at this time. You will see this task accomplished very shortly, as we and our Earth allies are set to move ahead with this operation.

We are looking forward to these events just as much as many of you are, and we see that we have reached the time when all that has been discussed will begin to unfold before you. Hold on tight, it will be at times a shaky ride, but it will also be a joyous time for those of you who understand fully what is transpiring here. Please continue to inform each other of what these events signify so they too can see them for what they truly are and enjoy them as much as you will. After all, you did not come here to this planet only to suffer and struggle, you also came here to experience joy and happiness and it is this that many of you will now experience. You have earned it, you have created it, and we say to you feel free to enjoy it. The good times are about to begin.

We are the Galactic Federation of Light.


More is happening behind the scenes at this moment than is being reported to you either through your worldwide media outlets or even through our trusted channels of information. We wish at this time to relay some of what is transpiring to you, but due to matters of security and safety concerns for our allies in the field, we must resist the temptation to share with you some of this rather exciting information. Let us just say that more is happening beyond your perceptions at this time and that these matters are of the nature of what we have assured you would take place. This information will be shared with you, you can be assured of this, as we do wish to keep you informed every step of the way and you have certainly earned the right to be included in all our discussions, however, as we have said, we must protect our many men and women in the line of fire and as such must for now maintain an air of secrecy. This will not be for long however, and in time this cloak of secrecy will be removed for all that is transpiring to be revealed to your entire world.

We are continuing to apply the pressure to all those yet stubbornly aligned with the Cabal and their oppressive agenda, and the screws are tightening all around their leaders, officers, and soldiers throughout the world and even throughout space. These forces that remain to continue their resistance to your new system will also be taken into custody when the time is appropriate, but for now, we have them safely bottled up where they can do no further harm to our forces of Light or to you, the citizens of Earth.

Our campaign against these dark ones has been fought for many ages and throughout many vectors of this universe. We have brought this fight to your planet you call Earth as this is where their front lines are and have existed for many eons. To defeat these legions of the dark here on their own turf is an important victory in this ancient and epic struggle, and when the last of their army of darkness has been defeated it will not only be humanity who is freed from their tyrannical rule, but many other worlds throughout this universe as well. This is why we remind you often that what happens here affects this entire universe.

The day when you, as well as beings from other worlds you have little if any knowledge of, are finally freed from your oppressors is but moments away, and you will be the first to know before this incredible news reaches these other worlds. This is one of the reasons our campaign against the dark ones is so important, and why we do not possess the luxury of taking any undue chances such as divulge too much sensitive information to you when the timing for this is deemed inappropriate. We see a moment very soon when the latest updates to our campaign can more safely be shared with you, and we assure you that you do not have long to wait. Please extend to us this courtesy and allow us to conduct our business under the veil of secrecy for just a while longer and we promise you that you will not be disappointed at the results.

Today marks a triumphant day on many fronts, and we say to you that our operation is now proceeding smoothly and according to our carefully conceived plans. You will soon bear witness to how efficient our operation is being conducted, and we have promised you that certain portions of your media companies are covering these proceedings. Expect to be able to see some of this coverage in the near days ahead.

Moving on to matters concerning your personal advancements towards Ascension, we monitor and detect your collective rate of vibration and we are pleased to share with you that your vibrational frequency has surpassed what we had hoped for at this present time. This is truly a most spectacular finding, and we see humanity well on their way to joining their Ascended family in the higher realms when other factors beyond your concern at this time are met. The universe itself will take care of these details for you, and we wish to say we are so amazed at the progress you all are showing and thank each and every one of you for your hard work to share your higher vibration throughout your online communities and everywhere it is that you travel throughout your day.

This area will surely soon enlarge greatly once many of you begin to work with us as official members of the Galactic Federation of Light and you are easily able to traverse your entire planet within the time it would take many of you to commute to work. We feel this will be a very exciting time for many of you, and you will be able to see so much of your world you have until now only been able to view through photographs. What a wonderful view awaits you just up ahead when so many of your planet’s beautiful locations come to life right before your very senses.

You have been deprived of so much, and we say to you that you will be shortchanged no longer as all the treasures of your world that have been kept from you will now be yours to share forever. What a special day this will be and we promise you it will be so very soon as all the obstacles standing before you today are removed one by one.

Our Earth allies are finishing up the last vestiges of the paperwork that will permit the implementation of your new financial system and we say to you that upon the initiation of this new system your lives which have been so governed by debt will be reborn, freed once and forever from the chains of lack and scarcity. Your new system is a system of sheer abundance, and each and every one of you will share its bounty as the natural wealth and prosperity of your planet will be yours, distributed equally among every man, woman and child, and your days of financial competition against one another will be a relic of your outdated and no longer viable past.

Can you imagine the joy that will spread like a great wave around your planet, bathing all in its splendid properties of abundance? This day will be yours, and today many men and women of your world work day and night finalizing your new system and we see that it will be ready for its launch as the last of the leaders of the Cabal are taken into custody. You also have many brothers and sisters working on that front and many other fronts as well, and when all can be safely shared with you we feel many of you will be very surprised at how many of your human family have been a part of your battle against the dark and how many allies you truly have.

The forces of Light are great and we are many. Did you think it would be any other way? We have great leaders, and we are stationed all across this vast universe always engaged in our mission of protection and guidance. Many of you will soon join us as members of the Galactic Federation of Light, and we look forward to this day when we can continue our service together on a more personal level.

Many more of you are already members of our organization, and your memory of this will soon be returned to you at the appropriate time. We have been working with many of you for many years and throughout countless missions, on many worlds and all throughout this universe. Your lives here throughout this lifetime have been so very brief compared to your existence beyond the veil of your current incarnation, and we are sure many of you will be quite taken aback at the discovery of who you truly are and what you have experienced.

What an incredible journey of remembrance this will be for you, and many of you have already begun on this path. Many clues have been sent to some of you through dreams and other means as well to help jog your memory and ease you back into the remembrance of who it is you truly are. Your Star Families have been assigned this trust to lead you back to your true selves, as it has been decided that it is your own families that know you best. Be on the lookout for these clues and pay close attention to your dreams, for it is here that many clues and reminders will be placed before you. Follow these clues, follow your heart, and follow your intuition wherever they may take you, no matter where in this universe this shall be.

You must know there must be a powerful guiding force behind all that is transpiring in and around your world, and we say to you to think big, outside of the normal realms of thought that you may have grown accustomed to here throughout your 3rd dimensional incarnations. There is so much to this vast universe and so many different levels of conscious awareness, and we would just like you at this time to begin to ponder these immense possibilities in order to prepare yourselves for what you are soon to experience.

What is in store for you is immense and what could be rather shaking for some of you. To transform from a limited 3rd dimensional being, isolated for so long from the rest of your universe, to then suddenly behold such vastness, such wonder, such beauty, excitement and surprise, will surely come as quite a shock to some of you and this is where we are concerned, as shocking your systems is not what we intend for you and is not good for you in any way on any level. What we wish for you is a slow and careful process, where increasing levels of knowledge are carefully administered, allowing you the time to process this new information well enough to then permit you to safely learn more of what exists outside of the world you have come to know as your only home.

You are all much more than you can possibly understand at this time, and you all have vast experiences beyond your current lifetimes. We wish for you to remember once again all of what you are and all your experiences as we are sure you do as well. We must tread so very carefully however, through these stages of remembrance as your safety and welfare is our greatest concern and it is we of the higher realms who have been entrusted with your care. We will make every attempt to see to it that you are well cared for and that you are all carefully and safely returned to your natural states of Full Consciousness and we ask for your patience at this time and allow us to proceed as safely and cautiously as is necessary.

We too wish for you to return to Full Consciousness so that you will remember us, your Star Families, and our reunion can be as intimate as is possible and we do see this day on the horizon. Please continue to pay close attention to your dreams, as many of your Star Families will be sending you gentle reminders of yourselves and clues to your past.

You all have many members of your Star Families looking out for you and assisting you at this time, and they would be heart warmed to know you are consciously looking out for their signs that they love you. We see so many of you searching diligently for these signs, and we say to you that if you search for these answers to your questions you will find them, for they are there waiting for you, sometimes in the most mysterious of places. Continue on in your quest, for you shall not be disappointed, and tomorrow you shall discover a treasure so great that today hides just beyond your reach.

Christ Michael
Your Self-bestowals

Christ Michael channeled by Eve on Friday February 24, 2012. Message taken from: .

Christ Michael (CM): Hi, Eve, this is your Big Cheese! I shortly want to comment on some phenomenon which is very common among you. So many of you are in deep regret to have become incarnate down there and cannot understand how they ever agreed.

(I have heard a lot of people complaining during the time I have been doing my job here…and once in a while I was complaining myself. Eve.)

So, let’s have a look at this, going back to the time you were planning your incarnation… one can clearly see that most of you were electrified to go into service this way. I’m not talking about souls still occupied with their Ascending career, I’m talking about fully educated and graduated universal servants, either from Paradise, from the Central Universe, from the Super Universe, trinitized, etc.

Many of you were pretty fascinated about my latest and 7th self-bestowal and from that time on self-bestowals became —especially on Urantia— very common, almost trendy, not just for reasons of proving loyalty, but also for taking an extraordinary chance to move something and to prevent my work on the planet from becoming extinct.

Many of you have followed my model role, by offering self-bestowals, from “few” up to “many”, and even “not so nice endings” were not able to prevent you from doing it again and again. Many were really astonished finding out about the immense degree of density and amnesia, and some even struggled a bit. But all in all, without this incredible support and service, the torch would not have been carried on. I wish you to remember that, when you seem to break down crying the next time, well, not very much longer! I wish you to remember that your true wealth is not material on this world and that your true Home is in the Kingdom of Heaven. You came into your incarnations as my ambassadors, as the celestial troops to demand and claim the earthly battlefields back on my behalf.

All of this is trouble you perceive; it is pretty much a question of how you place your personal view. You can regard the famous glass half empty or half full. You can complain about losing wealth, but you can also perceive that your weight of dealing with wealth was eased.

The conditions of the surface of Urantia offer an immense potential for developing creativity, not only to you, also to us as conductors of this project, all in all this project would not have been possible without these many volunteers, who followed me in regard of my self-bestowal. You did not simply become incarnate, you bestowed yourselves.

It was hard to find suitable possibilities for being born and many of you even took the hardships of a terrible family, just for the sake of getting a body and knowing you would have to lift yourselves out of the mud later and come into power. Many embryos which would not have been suited for carrying your big souls had to be adapted and modified aboard ship, so that to more universal beings could be offered a possibility for bestowing themselves to the planet and humanity.

This project has always been a joint venture between you and me, even if you have not been able to see it as clearly as I had wished so far. To many of you it’s not important to find out about their cosmic identity, you are simply there in service, contributing in highest possible ways, while you are enlarging your storehouses of experience to make even more valuable service and contributions wherever you may go and serve in the future. Your self-bestowals are granting you highest honor in the eyes of the administrative higher ranks, as it is always the greatest gift that can ever be given to bestow yourself for the sake of the Father’s Will to be done, and for the implementation of the Greatest Good of all.

Remember, nobody forced you to come here, every self-bestowal was in agreement and a volunteer act.

Eve: CM, will you allow me a question?
CM: Certainly, Eve.
Eve: How does it come that I feel you somehow tried to “convince” me to come back here another time?
CM: (Laughing) I did not try to convince you, I just suggested another go-round in relation to many benefits which could then arise for you after the big finale, understand… as a win-win-situation… the offer was simply attractive enough to make you sign.
Eve: That sounds pretty much like the common habits in economy.

CM: You were clearly able to see the benefits which would arise for you, my dear, and, even more, you were able to see the benefit for the development of this planet. If you need someone to blame for making you become incarnate another time, you may bash me of course, but if you are honest with yourself you will admit that you have already graduated much more than you thought you’d ever do, up to simply leaving some “footprints” in the hearts of some of your co-travelers. Just love can propel that, love combined with dedication. All of you should daily ponder about how you can make these last days of your self-bestowal most efficient. I’m with you and I’ll always be, I wrap you in my arms while you go on shining through these final days.

Always yours, Big Cheese, Christ Michael of Nebadon.

This piece is under copyright protection of It may be placed anywhere on the web as long as it is not changed in any way and a link placed back to this site. It is preferred you place the entire piece, and if not possible to do so, you must note that the rest of it can be found at the link. Thank you, Candace.

Adama of Telos
Coming Home

Adama of Telos channeled by Eve on Thursday March 22, 2012. Message taken from: .

Eve: Hi, Adama, how is life up there?

Adama: Oh, sweetie, my dear, thanks for asking! We are excited when we observe what’s going on upon the surface. It’s much more than you perceive. Yes, the fate of the dark ones is now sealed, the case is closed. The documentation is now being transferred to the courts, if not already there, and very soon the remnants of the Luciferian dark ages will perish and the trouble makers will be forced to take over responsibility.

While this chapter of history can now be regarded as closed, everything is being prepared for what was called "the Big Rip" and for the coming Home of our brave hearts. As you might say down there: OMG, I’m not sure if my knees will make it or get weak and just cease to support my weight when I’m about to meet the celestial VIPs, many of us say: OMG, we are "head over heels" on imagining this glorious moment of having our beloved family members back in our arms.

Believe me, Eve, as I’m about to say that, tears are coming into my eyes. We may well plan the words we intend to say, but it may happen that they will fail to come out subject to our awe regarding the honor and imprints which have energized your auric fields.

To have you back in our arms will be certainly beyond words! You ones who have been in service up to the last hour will be given time to rest, to regenerate, to be loved and cared for, you will have your "time out" for a period, and we are anxiously striving to make you literally feel "as in heaven".

Many of you have dear ones waiting here for you, mates, who have been in sorrow about your well-being over a longer time, and we have prepared many towels to absorb the rivers of tears coming from the springs of joy.

Finally, everything turned out much differently than originally planned, but you know, Eve, if something does not manifest, it’s always for a certain reason, at last it turns out that the final results are much better, improved, even if you fail to be able to see it now from the perspective of where you dwell.

Everything is prepared for the coming Home of the ground crew, this will be the most powerful reason to celebrate we have ever had since the dark Luciferian ages have kept holding this planet wrapped in separation.

Now, Eve, you will hopefully be in peace with the prolonged scenario up to the finals in the now and I hope you enjoyed the joker you were offered as a symbol of universal gratitude out of the celestial cookie-jar. (I won’t comment! E.)

We recommend to all of you to remain prepared, to stay aligned and to make yourselves as comfortable as possible while keeping your focus upon the inevitable coming down of the curtain, ending the drama of a big and unsuccessful attempt to steal this planet from Christ Michael of Nebadon.

Thanks so much to all for participating in this big project of joined hands and hearts and look forward to fly through the period of regeneration and making everything new. Big Daddy hugs. Adama.

This piece is under copyright protection of It may be placed anywhere on the web as long as it is not changed in anyway and a link placed back to this site. It is preferred you place the entire piece, and if not possible to do so, you must note that the rest of it can be found at the link. Thank you, Candace.

Poetic Section

Look for the Room into the New    

Into the room
Follow the cue
Out of cocoon
Into the new.

Nobody’s lost,
Just taking time.
Some holding on,
Some crossed the line.

Some slide and fall,
Some come apart,
Some give their all,
Some give their heart.

Some turn away,
Some create day,
Some want to play,
Some kneel and pray.

Nobody’s lost,
All find the truth,
Look for the room
Into the new.

Poem by Rosie  

Christ Michael
Christ Michael Says Curtain Up!

Christ Michael channeled by Jess Anthony on Sunday April 1 and published on Tuesday April 3, 2012. Message taken from: .

Jess:I’m going to leave the table open to whoever wants to speak. I feel the need to convey something, but I don’t have specific issues or questions. I just sense there is something to talk about.

Christ Michael: Jess, this is Christ Michael, as you call me. I have some things that it will be good for you to say beyond what you normally comment on. We are entering a time for you on Earth of impending change and drastic upheavals. The events you have anticipated are here. The defense Earth has provided has been transformed into a new game plan with her own restoration and revitalization, the paramount issues. Change is occurring. You see some traces physically, but more choices are being made on man’s mental and spiritual levels.

Let me point out, first of all, that all of creation in this universe is my idea, and that I am experiencing my manifestation on Earth in the conflict that still is being pursued. I am, in a sense, at war with myself. I want a resolution, and am taking steps to end this dispute. I am by nature balanced and unified. My willingness to explore duality and free will has resulted in a long history of imbalance and division. The lessons in this state of being have been taught over and over, and no more possibilities exist in terms of alternate interpretations or resolutions.

I have experienced a wealth of new pursuits that have allowed me to learn options that have never been envisioned before. I understand much more about how this level of existence operates and have seen firsthand the problems that develop. I am involved in all, and I have a full awareness of everything that man has tried and experienced. I am in man as he makes his decisions, and unfortunately, am disregarded too much of the time. My voice is ignored. It often is not even listened for. Man lives his life —and that is what I wished— but not at the level of disconnection he has grown to assume is normal.

The decision has been made to transform this level of confusion and struggle into one of focus and cooperation. This edict has come from the Creator Source, as you call him. The time for this experiment is over. I have been allowed to examine the paradigms in my Universe until I have taken in all there is to know that is unique and creative. The Earth is part of a much larger cosmological mechanism that is moving to a new formation and purpose. The miraculous thing is man has been given the opportunity to witness much of this reformation. This participation is new and unexamined within the universal dimension where you find yourself at present, and man has been blessed with the opportunity to be part of this.

We have spoken of responsibilities. Man has come to Earth to learn and experience. Your choice was to participate in a difficult existence that involved searching for your purpose without much clue where it was or even what it was. Man has been manipulated and misled because of his ignorance and naiveté. Others have taken control and used most of the inhabitants as objects to provide the things the controllers’ personal wishes desired. Man has been blind to his situation and only a glimmer of my essence was causing a sense of judgment and discernment. Not enough to cause an awakening.

We provided tools and guides to trigger some sense of dissatisfaction with current circumstances. Examples and demonstrations showed alternatives; guides and teachers indicated more productive methods to use for achieving more satisfying outcomes.

Man’s responsibility on Earth was to take what was available and use it to find the truth of his existence. He was charged with examining his life and finding a way to return it to its spiritual origins. Some did this; most did not.

I have now called an end to this experiment in this laboratory. Man has chosen his position at his basic level. He may still not be conscious of his choice, but he is being presented with an increasingly visible spectacle of treachery and gratification that he has cooperated with previously. His enlightenment is soon to be complete. Those who have intuited a problem will find it easier to realize the alternative direction they should head. Some others, who have ignored their misgivings, will find their future is a continuation of this attempt to have them realize the errors of their blindness.

Earth’s choice has been to wake up and ask for renewal and spiritual Ascendancy. Much upheaval will have to happen to Earth’s current configuration to allow her changes to begin in earnest. This will cause chaos and geographic instability. The continental plates must move and realign themselves. The atmosphere surrounding Earth must be transformed. These changes must take place before Earth can move into a higher frequency of balance and freedom.

Let’s talk about your role in this. We have spoken of this service on many occasions. You came to Earth to help adjust the imbalance that had developed with those from off world influencing the conceptions of those who had chosen to experience life on Earth during the time you call the Atlantis epoch. Man was developing a sense of reasoning and an ability to evaluate the circumstances he was experiencing. This was necessary for him to learn as he became further detached from a direct link with spiritual truth. His existence was becoming familiar and automatic; comfort and blind acceptance were taking away a need to hone his ability to discern. This is much the same situation as now, unfortunately.

You came to show them a way to use their circumstances to reconnect with their forgotten inner understanding. Situations became tools for examining their own personal preconceptions and reactions. You created a system which used the best of their creations as templates for excellence. The products that have become known as art provided the most perfect creations. Their structure and the messages they communicated guided man to a higher level of spiritual insight. Art became the best guide to inner awareness and clarity.

Certain men were inspired to express this inner awareness in works that, in turn, influenced others. Artists realized ways they could use external media to exemplify their own personal insight. Each was different and unique because they saw how to use their individual insights to manifest creations to express their individual realizations. Each person’s personal agenda was distinctive, just as were the creations that exemplified their unique perspectives.

Each creation found the energetic vibrational pattern it needed to manifest. Let me explain that process more clearly. Man may perceive that he is a solid physical object, but this is a misconception. All creation is energy and light that moves at an infinite number of speeds from one point to another. A thought is a focus of particular energy streams that move in a specified direction. When this wave or burst of energy interacts with another energy focus, it synchronizes with the other and is understood through the nature of the interaction. The objectified thought acquires a resulting shape only to the extent the originator and the receiver can assimilate the interaction. The effect of this reaction with intersected energy is understood by the thought originator only to the extent the observation can be measured by previous experiences. The originator of the thought can only look on, as it were, and categorize it from his personal perspective. The nature of the assimilation can be measured by the receiver only through its similarity to his range of previous experiences. Because of the uniqueness of individual memories and experiences, the originator and the receiver will each perceive the created thought differently. The truest communication has the fewest differences in understanding.

Man is a focus of energy that moves at different speeds. The different frequencies are attracted to other energies that move at similar speeds. I have told you that my physical body at the present is more correctly understood as a shell surrounded by my true essence. I enter the shell and cause it to function in human ways. Your physical body on Earth functions in a similar way. Your true self is a focus of energy that vibrates at different speeds. The surrounding energy that defines your personal identity is fastest moving and interactive. It connects you with your universe by forming an identity that is discrete but linked. The layer interacts with other energies. The information it collects is then assimilated into your energy focus. The information coming in arrives vibrating at different speeds, depending on the source of the original energy. Your energy field then synchronizes with the data to take it in. Different types of information cause reactions with different layers of your energy field, some slower than others. These levels of layers communicate with different segments of what makes up your awareness and understanding.

You have been told there are seven layers of your aura. In a general way this is a good description of the sorts of interactions that are happening to you and defining who you are. Each layer is a slower vibrational level with its own range of vibrational input. The physical body you perceive as a solid is still moving energy, but at a speed that man’s perceptions identify as physicality. This physical state is your own shell that gives a form to your energy body in this dimension and at this density. It was designed to function in this way. Your actual energy self is linked to this shell and provides the information that the body uses to function here. The layer of energy surrounding your physical shell contains information about the makeup of the body you have chosen, including the nature of your organs and other physical systems. This energy level is most directly in contact with your body shell and conveys the information it receives to the brain to be passed on to the internal mechanism.

The layer surrounding that, synchronizes with the energy that shapes feelings and emotions. Emotional conflicts register most keenly at this level. These wavelengths mostly closely match those of music and sound. The layer above that connects with individual thinking and discernment, and is separate from emotional reactions. This level connects with the frequencies involved with perceiving color and light. The faster vibrating energy above the mental layer links with the spiritual purpose of the individual and his cosmic memories. The layer above that, links the person with his personal identity and spiritual uniqueness. The highest level is multi-dimensional and connects with the soul’s purpose.

All these energy levels make up an individual and develop at different ages of maturity; however, many have their spiritual growth blunted and never rise any higher than the lowest levels of emotional reactions or mental analysis. These humans never realize their spiritual nature or their connection with the universe they are part of.

The task you took on in coming here was to find a way man could raise himself to the highest levels of his spiritual identity. You guided the development of art as a metaphor for spiritual awareness knowing that man would synchronize with these vibrational patterns and assimilate the spiritual truth it represented. Works of art became patterns for growth and rethinking, representing the closest approximations of spiritual truth. Visual art and music and the descriptive corollaries with words and languages established patterns for balanced interaction and harmonious existence. As tarnished as these examples may have become, they still provide man’s most reliable guide to his personal spiritual nature. Man relies on art to refresh his civilization and stimulate its growth.

In a true sense, man has become his art for better or worse. It reflects his preoccupations and answers back to his attempts to ignore the spiritual truth at its core. Each person has a vibrational pattern that is distinct, and all information that he comes in contact with is assimilated with varying degrees of success. If the vibrational frequency is too dissimilar to his, it won’t register or cause his personal vibrations to synchronize to a different frequency. This is why certain music styles or certain colors are not as appealing. Their outside vibrational frequency won’t easily match up with a person’s distinctive human vibrational pattern. On the other hand, if a person is out of balance and missing some aspect of his vibrational identity, then introducing these frequencies in music or color can cause the listener or observer to assimilate this balancing component.

Once these balancing vibrations are assimilated, the receiver incorporates this new artistic energy pattern into the ideas that it creates and sends out. The spiritual truth of art has reshaped the person’s spiritual perspective and influenced the way he interacts with his environment. His creations now begin to exemplify the art that has reshaped him, and he has a new awareness of the way he should be in harmony with his fellow man.

The role of the Lightworkers, as you call yourself, will be to preserve these spiritual truths and continue to teach others. Some will do this through art and the ideas that have been embodied. Others will embody the creative nature tapped into by artists in the past and use it to generate new ideals and metaphors for spiritual Ascension. All will not be battle and chaos. The bulk of what we doand the best will be to guide man to finding his own spiritual nature in its truest and fullest sense. The time is now for this to begin. The stage is ready for a new performance, and the players have their roles in hand.

Curtain up! Christ Michael Aton.

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Christ Michael
Curtain Rising Preparations Are Ready

Christ Michael channeled by Candace Frieze on Tuesday April 3 and message published on Friday April 6, 2012. Message taken from: .

OK, beloveds, time to update you through Candace. We are going to let things happen as they go and make decisions on those things as needed. Gaia is beginning to respond with some Earth changes now, it seems she was nearly asleep and depressed. She is not happy about the war on her surface but she is the one who has to toss them off, so to speak. We now see increasing pressures and activities.

I know some are curious about the March 31 date alluded to in the previous targeted messages. This was a date of our thugs and what they had planned as, let’s say, passed away. It was never something of our plans. I will not give details on this that could harm my people and Candace was never allowed awareness of it. I am only mentioning it for those that have memory and curiosity.

Now for you of our dark brothers, we have said your fate is sealed, and the "paperwork" and documentation is now actually long on its way to higher channels within Orvonton. There is nothing anymore that can be done on your part and we go forth.

This war between the Dragons and the Khazars will not turn out well for you of the Khazars. This stand you hope to happen in taking back the United States from the hands of China is not going to work. All things are laid out on this topic and it’s a waste of your efforts to continue. The Federal Reserve is not in your hands and attempting at martial law in the United States this month is not going to get it back into your hands. You were not successful against China in your Libya endeavor, so how do you figure you can pull this one off?

It would be advised that you withdraw this one called Drake from the internet activity games. It would be advised you also withdraw the games with David Wilcox and the replaced Ben Fulford. For protection I am not placing the other names in that scam.

I will continue to suggest and remind you that you have no contact with the Queen. She is no longer in service as Chairman of the Committee of 300. She is not long been in service at all, and this game of parading the Look alike with the Diamond Jubilee as you are already finding out, is not going so well for you. You have reached the point where the games will fall into greater failure.

As the Earth changes continue to bring forth problems for you, I think you will find this attempted re- takeover of the United States fruitless and non-affordable to you in the very short run. Since we saved your arises with the GOM, by reversing time, this has produced more pressures elsewhere, and you are seeing this now along the northern Mississippi. The reports of problems and strange noises in California also continue.

The buoy off of Seattle is making huge movement. This is not something to ignore and I would suggest you make whatever preparations you can for the problems that will arise from that. That whole side of the Pacific Rim along the western Americas is coming very live. There have been many small shifts of your axis over the last 1 1/2 years. Some of that shifting caused the sun to rise south of normal at equinox last September and now this has reversed a bit, and your equinox arrived early and north of the previous norm.

We will continue to control and monitor the sun, over which you have no control. Nor will you get away with any sort of global EMP burst to shut down all the electricity. We will not allow this, and you do not even have the ability to do such and it is time to take the story of an EMP burst from the sun, off the internet, because the sun does not do this in the first place, and you cannot do it in the 2nd place.



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Christ Michael
Easter Message for Newcomers

Christ Michael channeled by Eve on Monday April 2 and message published on Sunday April 8, 2012. Message taken from: .

Eve:Christ Michael, I feel you wanted to address some words on the occasion of the coming Easter holiday?

Christ Michael: Good morning, Eve, indeed this is so. You are into the Easter week already, and with many events people start again to memorize what happened about 2000 years ago. In your neighbor village there is a choir event named “Jesus will come again.”

Now, many of you KNOW about already, THAT I AM BACK, and not only since yesterday. My return and presence took place in a hidden way for most who still follow the church teachings warning about the so called “false prophets”. And truly, many disciples of my former son Lucifer have fulfilled this prophecy, as the false prophets have adopted a range you are naming “New Age” and distracted so numerous people from the Path I paved for you. When I refer to the glorious times ahead, I name it “the Age of Light and Life”.

It is a great need to clear up an understanding which has been implemented by church into your minds, and let me again mention this, as I think it cannot be said clearly enough.

While it is true that this civilization on Urantia is the only one who has literally nailed their creator upon the cross on the occasion of the 7th self-bestowal it is NOT TRUE THAT I HAVE DIED UPON THIS CROSS, although it looked much like this.

Neither have I died upon your cross, nor have I died for your sins. You are fully responsible for what you do or don’t do. By experiencing the torture upon the cross arranged by the dark forces I have not given you any bonus for committing more sins. It is always love forgiving sins, not death.

If you have been following the teachings we provide via AH, you will be informed that I had a double incarnation together with the one you call Sananda Esu Immanuel Kumara, and my name back then was Immanuel.

The crucifixion marked the end of my 7th and last self-bestowal and I left this earthly body and returned into the celestial realms, and by this act I was gaining sovereignty over my Universe of Nebadon. My earthly body was left for use by Sananda Esu, who went to India afterwards.

Those among you who have read the Urantia Book already might now ask, why this is not told in it. Dear ones, please remember that the book of Urantia, the fifth revelation, was given at a time which now lies back several decades. The first publishing took place in 1955, and the process of implementing the scripts on this plane needed many years. These were still times when the celestial makers did not consider it adequate to reveal certain things due to reasons of security and also because they wanted to make sure that the publishing would take place. Furthermore, as Eve has stated many times so far when asked by readers or in the UB study group she attends: This is an evolutionary planet, and so also the revelations are to be considered evolutionary.

The times now are different from the times when the UB was manifested, so there has to be updating and adaptions. Unfortunately several unauthorized sources have jumped upon this train and started to distort the UB teaching in very inadequate ways, while other ones are relying upon the UB in fundamentalist ways and are adding new dogma to the pool. The Phoenix Journals can be regarded as some attempt to deliver further background beyond the UB.

So, after all, the crucifixion turned out to be a message pro LIFE and not pro death, if you mourn on the Friday of crucifixion you should NOT mourn for me, instead you might pray for all of your fellows who have —even in the present days— still metaphorically failed to take me off from the cross.

The symbol of the figure of Jesus hanging upon the cross has turned out to have become a symbol for the dark dominating their creator, for hopelessness, this is how it was used by your churches, to keep people in despair.

Would it be used for the “good message” as always claimed, the cross had to stand empty and the figure of Jesus standing tall aside, with blessing hands widely reaching out to all the world, with open arms to welcome you Home in the Kingdom of Christ.

If you feel like pondering in this Easter week, you may ask yourselves, “What have I done to take Christ down from the cross?” “What have I failed to do to take Christ down from the cross?” “Why is it not adequate for a teaching of love to adore a symbol of murder with a dead person?” “Why would I need the energy of death surrounding me by this symbol, when it does overwrite the message of eternal life?” “Why don’t you take the ‘Risen Lord’ as a symbol instead?”

Walk you planes with open eyes, my dear ones, and go “tell it on the mountains.” So many people use this symbol of brainwashing, they hang it at their living room walls, inside their cars, inside the churches, of course. Always keeping you in the energy of mourning, of execution, of disconsolation…. Why don’t you leave little paper notes there reading “TAKE ME OFF, I’M ALIVE, I’M BACK!”

Go ahead and tell everybody that Christ is alive and has returned. I’m back, knocking at your hearts’ doors. Will you finally open me, or will you mix me up with all these false prophets who have knocked there before?

I heartfelt invite you to make the joy about my return a part of your daily life, and by that the energy of resurrection from the dark will become a great Light and take a mighty share upon this planet!

Now, help me to make this Easter holiday 2012. SPECIAL! Big Cheese Hugs. Christ Michael of Nebadon.

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Archangel Michael
A Great Time Lays Ahead of You

Archangel Michael channeled by Johan on Friday April 6, 2012. Message taken from: .

I am Arch Angel Michael. Beloved Masters, On behalf and upon request of Christ Michael, it behooves me to address you, Light Workers, Star Seeds, World Servers, many of whom have not fully awakened yet to their full potential in the Divine Plan of Christ Michael, your Sovereign for his Beloved Final Bestowal Planet.

At appropriate time, codes and packages will be opened and give some better understanding, insight in the choices and souls agreements some of you made before engaging in your task, especially THIS life time you engaged in.

Now that Christ Michael has come forward with the Cosmic Courtesy of letting you know what is to transpire upon the surface of your Mother Earth, also seeing and knowing what is already manifesting within, it is my task and full responsibility to coordinate much of what Souls in comparing circumstances need : Assistance, Guidance, Inspiration, usually through Higher Selves and other close Spiritual Companions.

All stand ready to step forward, to step up and do as they are Inspired and Instructed to do. Some of you MIGHT be leaving a little before all rolls into Stasis and other Souls will be guided most accordingly. Many of your Guides eagerly await to cooperate and be the liaison between us and yourselves.

A Great Time lays ahead of you, My Beloved Masters, and after all the dust has settled and all air purified and all restored to your Creator’s satisfaction, some of you will find the renewed planet, called Gaia by you, a Delight and Most Heavenly, however premature in the New Beginnings.

Glad tidings and Blessings to all of you, I Am Arch Angel Michael.

Johan: Love and Light.

Now remember for those that don’t know or forgot, AA MICHAEL is the Arch Angel of the Resurrection on this planet.  His name is not actually Michael, it’s a job description, he is the AA serving the process of the resurrection on this planet for Michael of Nebadon. Any planet going through this process has a representative Arch Angel TO Michael of Nebadon.  To those familiar with Revelations, Michael (and his angels fought the dragon story), that Michael is Michael of Nebadon, NOT AA Michael.  That story is about the Lucifer Rebellion. –Candace

This piece is under copyright protection of It may be placed anywhere on the web as long as it is not changed in any way and a link placed back to this site.  It is preferred you place the entire piece, and if not possible to do so, you must note that the rest of it can be found at the link.  Thank you, Candace.

Galactic Federation

The Galactic Federation channeled by Wanderer of the Skies on Sunday March 25, 2012. Message taken from: .

Greetings from the Federation:

Let us begin by saying that your world will shortly be undergoing changes that will bring it into alignment with the Ascension process. Gaia has sent her message to the Creator that she is ready. She, and all of us, are anxiously awaiting the response. It is no small matter. The response from the Creator could be the “green light” which allows us to move forward with disclosure. Therefore, our hearts are turned towards the Creator at this time as we await word of how and when to proceed.

This message from Gaia is her assurance that she is prepared for the next step and is willing to proceed. It is also her “assessment” that all living beings which take sustenance from her are reasonably prepared for the next phase. This assessment is very important, for without it Creator would not consider such a position viable. Therefore, we have moved collectively into a very important phase of the process and one which brings us no end to the excitement of the prospects before us.

There has been a turning away of many who see this process dragging on and use this as proof that it was never meant to be in the first place. This will change upon the Creator’s response and we are reasonably excited to believe that the time has come. The call has gone out from the Federation to all systems in the cosmos and an even greater number of visitors are now heading this way to observe this next phase in activities. In that respect, you can expect that another “Norway spiral” will occur as more dimensional beings arrive over the next several weeks.

Many exciting things are now planned in the days and weeks ahead. As changes continue with your world governments and your media, with emphasis on your financial institutions, you will see more and more a willingness to openly discuss what has, until now, been the 800-pound gorilla in the room. You will hear statements as politicians and media personalities begin to openly talk about the Illuminati and their role in your world and what must be done to take back the world for your people.

A new “discovery” about to be revealed to the masses concerning the deepest underground cave yet found is a leak of information on one of the doorways to a world containing beings who you have called the Aghartans. It will set the stage, if necessary, for future revelations about these beings and their role here.

Keep in mind that as these matters develop, they are done so in a specific order for a specific reason that is interconnected to a much grander plan than we cannot reveal to you now. But as these pieces come into place, they will be self-executing. And when the dominoes fall, they will fall quickly and without any doubt on your part. There will be no guess work involved at that time.

Quiet your mind so that we may speak to you. Open your hearts so that you can hear each other. Stay in the moment and stay courageous in your calling. We are with you and we are you. Be at peace.

Galactic Federation
A Great Time Lays Ahead of You

The Galactic Federation channeled by Wanderer of the Skies on Saturday April 14, 2012. Message taken from: .

Greetings from the Galactic Federation:

There is a great sense of hope developing on your world today as your collective thoughts focus on the arrest of the Illuminati and the restructuring of your financial systems. These are as have been intended. They are being played out all over your world in an orchestrated manner that would overwhelm you in its strategic development if you could know its depth and breath. We are here to speak about that which we can without jeopardizing actions already in play that you will see come to fruition over the coming weeks.

Prepare for great movements of information all over your globe that will focus those who are not in tune with what you have been accomplishing all this while. This will be the next, and greatest to date, mass awakening of individuals who have been asleep through the process thus far. This information will come from many sources, including your media, which has even now begun to unravel the Illuminati control about it. Truth is rolling over those that resist, and those who have always wanted this information to “get out” now see no impediment to their actions to make it so. This trickle will now become the floodgates of information that are a precursor to disclosure.

Indeed, we have had our hand in the rocket launch recently making news and it is now abundantly clear that there can be no reprisal from rogue military operations on our actions in the world. While fear mongering will cause many to focus on nuclear weapons and their potential use in terrorist activities, we say, as we have always advised, that there is nothing to fear at all.

Your nation of Iceland is being used as a testing ground for the rolling out of financial strategies for the betterment of your planet. It would be wise to follow their progress in this respect, as it will be the fate of all nations in a very brief period of time. We have always advised you that such an action would never come from the larger powers and nations of the world, but they will follow in lockstep once the actions begin their domino effect.

The time of doubt is at an end. The time of hope has begun. Now, you will begin to see real change occur, palpable and observable by all. These matters will come on so quickly it will spin your head. Hold on now for the beginning of the beginning. And as these changes come, so will Gaia react to your hope and love. She is already making changes that will benefit all. There are several more massive earthquakes yet to occur, all with minimal damage to life, as these changes continue.

We are forever with you, our family. We look forward to our reunion and the chance to share with you our love and excitement for your future. Be at peace.

Christ Michael
The Lighthouse Effect

Christ Michael channeled by Hazel on Monday May 14, 2012. Message taken from: .

Many stormy nights lay ahead in the wake of thunderous change swimming toward the shore of your planet. Many will grapple with the new temperatures and become tossed and turned in the sea of uncertainty that will define their lives. They will need an anchor; a quiet place of refuge to shield them from the whirlwinds and abrasive weather which shall burden the routine of their lives. These are the ones who have no spiritual feet or whose tendency is to follow the leader/s. As they find themselves bereft of leadership, they shall be seeking warmer waters to rest within as the tidal energies rise, threatening to overcome all that they know.

This is the inevitability of that which awaits you. I will not leave My ones stranded. It is not My way. Those of you who have been groomed for these times must act as lighthouses on the shores of turmoil. Be firmly entrenched on the firmament of divinity and stand your ground. Let the radius of your Light extend that all who are in need can see your Light and take shelter within your knowledge. Keep the portals of your heart open to all and welcome those who seek you out. Provide a haven for them that they may see the Light of truth and seek from you greater understanding.

It is you ones who are firm of faith and knowing who shall be the new anchor. Do not underestimate the service to be rendered. In preparation I suggest that you keep alight the lanterns and lamps in your inner house; that being your soul, and cause such Light to multiply as the effect of your collaboration with Me. You must burn brilliantly that no fear or doubt may remain within you. You shall not be in danger even though you may stand amidst the fracas. Think of the stationed lighthouse. The brighter your Light, the greater the possibility that those who are lost in darkness and seeking a way out will be drawn to you if they can but see the offering of your Light. Likewise I expect that you will keep an eye out of those who are bewildered and lead them into your station.

There are many of you placed strategically who will keep the embers of God alive during these times ahead. You shall be solid and unshakable for it is My hand that shall keep you steady.

You will see beyond the horizon of activity and know what the result shall be. The momentum shall be swift but the outcome certain. I AM Christ Michael.

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Christ Michael
The Three Days of Darkness

Christ Michael channeled by Candace Frieze on Wednesday May 23, 2012. Message taken from: .

Dearly beloveds, a few days ago you saw a brief message about the days of approaching darkness. This was planned long ago and the usual method of ridding a planet of the dark living beings. The time has come, and although we did not cover this long ago, it is used with mini-stasis so that ones do not have to witness the removals. It is so very simple, we just eclipse the sun with a large craft. This was done 2000 years go on the day of the cross to remind people of that great travesty, but only for a few hours.

This will run 3 days plus the mini-stasis in the middle. The populace will only be aware of the 3 days. Many of you may be aboard craft during that time to be briefed. We will commence the teaching period shortly thereafter.

We have arranged the electricity will not function, so consider that in your preparations. The day times will not be as dark as night, just mid twilight to be expected, there is some light released around the eclipsed area.

This is long prophesied and we have come to this point after all attempts otherwise have gone without comprehension. Everyone on the planet will of course notice! This is divine in nature and not OF nature so they will know, in whatever beliefs they have of "god", that this is of God. The timing will occur on my direction based on multiple conditions including the WAVE.

‘Tis a shame you, dark ones, that it comes to this, and many of you are already judged by the courts and will be facing your removal and in many cases your extermination. WE always win, dear dark brothers, and you have lost your game.

Candace: This does NOT cause earth changes or other serious issues. I would think maybe a little weather effects. It is NOT the time of the magic Ascension either, don’t read something into that. Many folks are "hearing" this now, I have seen a lot of posting on forums about it. I covered it for my GLP readers here:

Just plan on what you need in the absence of heat and light. Candles and batteries will work. Your gas stoves will work, but you will have to light the burner. Put gas in the car, but I don’t know if you would want to be out amongst people in fear. Obviously there will be an issue with shopping since there will be no electricity. I assume you won’t be going to work. If you are on pumped water, maybe you should store some. Stand tall.

This piece is under copyright protection of It may be placed anywhere on the web as long as it is not changed in any way and a link placed back to this site. It is preferred you place the entire piece, and if not possible to do so, you must note that the rest of it can be found at the link. Thank you, Candace.

Introduction for Newcomers

Esu channeled by Eve on Monday April 30, 2012, and published on Wednesday May 16, 2012. Message taken from: .

Eve: Esu, I thought I’d check in shortly!
Esu: Good morning Eve! I’m grateful that you still remember me!
Eve: The last meters demand so much from us and this week especially feels more than busy, too! I’m still awfully tired, it feels I am even too tired for mind movies, I’m even not in the mood to ask about progress!
Esu: I appreciate your honesty, Eve. I agree that all has been going on much too long. You still have your leadership load of AbundantHope. I understand that you avoid asking Christ Michael, as you did so many times before and still the big rip did not manifest. I know, Eve, I know. We keep working hard on the planet and the announcements are still a part of the plan. Do you still need an introduction message for newcomers, as Christ Michael’s?
Eve: Now, this would be nice to have. Should we try now?
Esu: OK.

Dear newcomers, my name is Esu Immanuel Kumara and I Am the one many of you know as Sananda. Sananda is not a name, it’s a title and it means “One with God". I will explain about this later.

I am the son of the one you know as Sanat Kumara and his cosmic consort Anna. Our clan origins in the system of Lyra, so you might call us ETs, but more than this we are celestials, we are in full support of Christ Michael of Nebadon and his consort Nebadonia, who have created this local universe of Nebadon.

My title is one of the most misused ones on this planet. The New Age matrix has created myriads of “messages” which claim to be given by me, but most of them are fake. Many are intentional fakes and many were created by the people’s ideas about me. I have people I directly “work with” but these are not many.

People connect my name with the figure of “Jesus” of whom I was a part, supporting the mission of Christ Michael. The image you have of me does not really match who and what I really am. Among Christ Michael’s Hosts of Heaven I’m something like a commander and I got a job to do, here on this planet, again, to bring her Home into the Light, including all souls who are prepared and educated enough. Now, what job would that be.

At first you must become aware that universe has a hierarchy and rankings, jobs, myriads of. Everything is in divine order. This planet has fallen out of it, due to bad circumstances, and now Divine Order is becoming established again.

Every planet in this universe of evolutionary progress is under Celestial Supervision. These jobs are called “The Office of the Planetary Prince”. Of course this planet used to have a planetary prince, too, his name was Caligastia, but he fell to the Rebellion of Lucifer and had to be replaced. The office is now run by Machiventa, who is a member of the teaching son order of Christ Michael, called the Melchizedeks.

Now and where is my place?  This planet does need much support and it was considered useful to have some sort of additional planetary prince for more support, for a transition period of about 1000 years, aiming at the implementation of the “Age of Light and Life” for this planet. Entry into Light and Life is what your New Age guys call "Ascension". My job is called “The Office of a Planetary Prince on a Material Level” and I have accepted. This means, I’ll walk your plane again, visible, among you, and I’m closely working together with Machiventa. We, my staff and me, are going to have a headquarters on the surface, but we’ll also do a lot of travelling founding teaching places, universities etc.

At my side will be my celestial consort named Nada, whom you formerly knew as Mary Magdalene, and whose name has also and unfortunately been misused so many times. She’s my beloved mate, lover and partner, we have been through many missions before. 2000 years ago it was not possible for us to live our lives together for a longer period, we had a daughter in common and she had to grow her up on her own, but this time it will be different and we are aiming at some kind of model role.

Now, regarding the title of Sananda, this is something one has to earn. I’m what you call an "Ascending Son"this means I have made my development from the material worlds upwards through the universal levels until I was ready to see and be embraced by the Universal Eternal Father and the Holy Trinity. This process is called “trinitization”. You may regard it as a Universal Graduation. Afterwards I received the title of a “Mighty Messenger”I’m in eternal servicedue to the fact that I had succeeded to stand tall and strong on behalf of the Divinity and the Eternal Father on a material world in rebellion. I have fused to be “One with God”.

Back then, 2000 years ago, I had a chance to prove this here on the planet, by the legendary “double incarnation” of Jesus. In the body of “Immanuel” whom you call Jesus, there was me, Esu, together with Christ Michael of Nebadon, who did his 7th and last self-bestowal, which he needed to become “Sovereign” in His Universe.

Your goal, beloveds, is to become “One with God”, too. This is the ultimate goal of every cosmic “career”, to be embraced by God and to “Be One” with him.

And I heartfelt ask you to modernize your image of me. Just because I had lots of draped cloth around me when I was here 2000 years ago, this does not mean it will still be like that. We celestial ones usually adapt to the habits, so don’t expect me still to wear what Eve calls “a night gown”. Well, who knows… perhaps I’ll put a jeans on? I have always been a fan of “keep it simple and natural”… why should a planetary prince not wear a casual outfit?

You who believe in the divine, you will live to see
You who start to remember, will be Home
You who have stood strong in the name of the Father, will be the pillars of the New World to come

We are about to set the old “New World Order” chess mate, as everything excluding God is meant to go down and just these things will last that truly integrate the divine factor. Together we will build this New World Divine. And this way, dear hearts, we will be a smile in the eyes of the universe. So Be It.

Esu Immanuel Kumara
Planetary Prince on Material Level
Sphere of Urantia
Local Universe of Nebadon

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Greetings to All of You, Children of the Light

Siraya channeled by Johan on Saturday May 26, 2012. Message taken from: .

Greetings to All of you, Children of The Light. I AM Siraya Representing Creator Source in Orvonton.

It is my greatest pleasure to confirm that what your Most Esteemed Creator Son Michael of Nebadon has announced is upon us. From Universal Perspective, call it nano-seconds. His courtesy call to give notice of the days of the darkened sun has brought great joy amongst many dignitaries from all over Creation who have been front row, tip of their seats. And most recently been witnessing the last pieces of the puzzle, chess game if you like, been skillfully maneuvered, masterminded into place.

What has been sent by Creator Source by His Decree, agreed upon by ALL involved, is making his entry as we speak. The Wave will impact accordingly and appropriately and will propel forward the long awaited finale of the most tedious works your Sovereign has endeavored upon so far.

To reach this highest possible level of perfection, with so many variables and constant deal breakers or unexpected twists and turns at play, this deserves more than merely a quotation in the annals of this Local Universe. This feat, once determined a ‘done deal’, will be further studied and adored far outside its enormous frontiers and boundaries. It is the cornerstone many would have rejected, but Your Creator Son accepted this challenge truly against all odds, not knowing its precise outcome by far. It is not the end, what never can be reached as Within The One Creation, cycles come and go, ever expanding Within an Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient Supreme Intelligent Power that never stops.

Those in the knowing have reasons to rejoice, while standing firm still, those unknowing will be removed or made aware, much to their surprise. I therefore choose to bring those glad tidings from my heart and equally from Our Creator Source, in the knowing of a lot more work to be accomplished but glad with where we stand.

I Bless all you, Light Warriors and Star Seeds, who stood tall no matter the storms. Your work and hearts content has not gone unnoticed at all. I AM Siraya, in Service of Creator Source.

Johan: Love and Light.

Father of Havona
The Prophesy Darkness Uncovered

Father of Havona or Source channeled by Hazel on Tuesday May 29, 2012. Message taken from: .

There is a simple truth to those days yet to come when darkness will prevail for a time. That truth will sound a bell that will end the regime of darkness on the face of your planet. Yes indeed, darkness is to be vanquished that your lands may become Lighter and Lighted. Light shall void darkness, truth shall void the lies and understanding shall void ignorance. It will be a time of great awakening.

Many will experience the dawn of understanding as the Light of awareness emerges. They will come to see how they allowed darkness to cloud their vision. They will experience a shocking revelation that outer darkness is incomparable to inner darkness brewed from an ignorant state of being uninformed or chosen ignorance. The darkness will thus uncover the Light of understanding within the minds of many. In fact, when this occurs a new feeling of freedom will be born. A weight will be immediately lifted yet not without a sense of remorse for allowing the reign of darkness to perpetuate for as long as it did. Uncertainty will be replaced by hope.

Many will come to realize that darkness cannot be measured by outer visibility but through an inner illumination born out of knowing truth. For truth represents the Light, and a mind in Light will see that which is averse to itself. It will perennially seek truth and thus Light in all things. It will be a time of mighty reflection when Light will loom inwardly for revelations will be given in radiance.

Out of this period of darkness illumination will bathe the inner eyes of many and darkness will be lifted from their consciousness. Many however will wade into deeper waters where their fear will keep them anchored. These are the ones who will be unable to assimilate the truth as fear blocks the reality from their consciousness.

When the darkness is uncovered there will sit abundant Light. See this imposed period of darkness as heralding a New Era, a New Beginning where the dawning Light shall be brighter and clearer than ever before. A new morn will break as the mist of darkness is lifted with permanence.

Your Source

Father of Havona
Time for Collection

Father of Havona or Source channeled by Hazel on Thursday June 7, 2012. Message taken from:

Creation is MY investment and MY gift to MY children. You are the assets within MY creation. Your worth is measureless. You were born into wealth wearing the crown jewels I placed upon you at birth. You then decided to create lives of your own for the sake of experience but always with the promise that you would return to ME with your wealth intact.

I gave you leave to explore the elements of space and time; not to seek out your fortune but to simply experience and interact with MY creation. I expected that you would have invested your assets wisely to enrich your experience and know the WHOLE and ALL of ME, though you appeared to be separate from ME. Many have forgotten their roots and cannot comprehend ME. They have forgotten WHO I AM and where I AM. I AM the long forgotten Source for many and for others I AM a being wholly separate from them; a ruler who sits above in a place called Heaven waiting to meet our judgment at an appropriate time. The truth being, you were and are never without ME, in spite of the myriad journeys you have taken.

What many of you do not know is that I take the journey with you for it is impossible for ME to be without you and for you to be without ME. The difference is that I AM aware whilst many of you are not. The Creator is always in attendance on creation; forever observing HIS assets as they sojourn in time and space to see whether they are allowing their experiences to rob them of their birthright or whether they are using their birthright to maximize the experiences which will in turn yield returns and enable them to find their way Home. I AM constantly nudging you from within that you may recognize MY presence and in so doing your creative ‘creator’ abilities.

Many have lost memory of their inherent wealth and seek to fill a void with that which is of a material nature, transient, as its worth is meaningless in the place where they must return to. Those who have come into remembrance and knowledge of the treasures they bear within themselves have wisely invested their timeless assets in choices amenable to longevity of spirit. Their wise investments have earned them ‘spiritual dividends’ stored in their cosmic bank accounts. For it is that which is stored herewith that will determine their next placement.

For those unable to recall their Source and homeland, I have paid special attention to; mercifully recognizing that they needed and are in need of assistance. I have sought to purchase their passage home through the ones I have sent time and time again to provide the vehicle for their return. Yet many have spurned this offer in preference to extending their journey. So I watch as these ones gamble their assets on unwise investments and forfeit in the process the most valuable gift bestowed upon their birth; their sovereignty.

There are those who remember who I AM and who know where they have come from yet they have chosen against ME. They have surrendered their spiritual assets in favor of the material and worldly ones and seek to create a kingdom for themselves in a material world that has no reality.

It is Collection Time. I have come to reap the returns on MY investment. I come to assess how my assets have fared and to determine where next they should be invested. Those who have earned high returns will Ascend to places where nature will support the accumulation of greater spiritual dividends.

Those who earned little during their experience as they bought into false doctrines and precepts and in so doing surrendered their sovereignty and freedom for imprisoning chains will be freed by MY hands and be given another opportunity to regain what they lost in places more supportive to the pursuit of self-awareness.

Those whose spiritual coffers are totally bare due to their malignant choices, preferences and investments in barren affairs, will struggle to survive as they flounder for the breath of life. Ever merciful, I offer a lifeline as I extend MY hands offering assistance. I ask them to choose ME as their new partner that I may inject fresh capital of Light into deadened assets. A few have accepted this offer in wisdom as they know that they are spiritually bankrupt. I will be their Trustee in Bankruptcy and so will decide how and from which placement they shall repay their debts and thus begin to regain the assets they willingly abused and lost.

The rest have rejected MY offer. They have chosen to forfeit further investment in experience and thus coldly severed themselves from the Source of their lives. They have rejected life and, in so doing, have determined their penalty.

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Your Help Is Requested During the 3 Days of Darkness

Esu channeled by Gardenia on Saturday June 16, 2012, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the Spanish Forum of Brother Veritus' Website (BVW) during the Alternate Meditation Hour of 8:00PM, Colombian Time.  We invite you to participate. Original in Spanish, translation to English by Luis Prada, Editor and Publisher of BVW.

Dear children, you may be asking yourselves why I have only spoken to the enemies of love, those we have called dark brothers, the reason has been because the Father thus wanted it, He has centered his attention specially on the enemies of humanity because it is they who must reap the harvest of their maligned deeds and who for thousands of years have played with the Father’s kindliness believing He is a weak God, only because in His infinite mercy He has always been given them the opportunity to avail themselves of the Light.

I want to touch the subject that is of great worry to some of you, the feelings of impotence of being unable to make your family members and friends understand what the Ascension Plan is about. I want to clarify that the Divine Will has taken very much into account your worries and analyzing that there is a great number of persons who is still attached to the beliefs typical of the society in which it has lived since birth and has been damaged by the religious beliefs it practices, which is made of honest and sincerely mistaken people. The blindfold they have over their eyes will fall from the faces of many after the Three Days of Darkness and will come a second opportunity for them before the general Ascension. If after returning the sunlight you find that some of those you love are no longer with you it will be because they thus set out to do so before incarnation and not necessarily they would be people who have served the shadows. There will be those who have traumas of passed incarnations with respect to the lack of sunlight and it is possible they have decided not to expose themselves again to other days of darkness during this, their present life.

On the other hand there exists a great sector of humanity who is in precarious health conditions and possibly will not resist the vibrations produced by the lack of solar light.

The attitude of the Light Warrior during and after the Three Days of Darkness will be of much help for all those who after the blindfold falls from their eyes find themselves disoriented without knowing what to do. There will be moments of giving compassion, comprehension and love, as if it would be of a new born to the Light.

I hope each one of you dons your garment of Light and dedicates to the loving task of helping those who wish to undertake the Ascension journey. The time will not count, only we will see how these beings assimilate the help given unto them on behalf of you and from the invisible world of Light. Esu.

Gardenia: Thank you, Beloved Sir Esu, for your message.

You Have Very Little to Lose But Your Patience

Siraya channeled by Johan on Monday June 18, 2012. Message taken from: .

Blessed be all of you, Children of the Light, I Am Siraya, Representative of Creator Source in Orvonton. With His Most Beloved Greetings, I come to confirm that the ‘last great consultation’ has finished. Out of chaos, order must come. Out of chaos, order SHALL come.

Your Sovereign of Nebadon, Christ Michael, is assured of Our full cooperation at this point in time and at this level and stage of His Divine Plan. With the final date set already and His crew fully prepared and in action already, you have very little to lose, but your patience.

If that is so, then you are not occupying yourself wisely. As co-creator of your path and that of ALL, you are to experience a freedom you don’t remember.

It won’t take long to familiarize yourself in some old and some new environments once chaos that cannot be ignored, has passed. As this scribe has repeated many times upon Our Inspiration: To the benefit and highest purpose of All involved, in Service to Others and in accordance with the Divine Laws of Creation and Balance, your narrow road will proceed steadily.

A Grand Welcome Home is awaiting you, so on those last legs, keep it together, at the Highest Level of Divine Love and Light possible. Let this be your focus as it is Our pleasure to see you make it through this momentous times for your ‘Mother Earth’ and all of you.

Greeting you warmly and sincere, and with glad tidings from your Sovereign, I am Siraya in Service of Creator Source.

Johan: Love and Light.

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Siraya channeled by Rubens on Wednesday June 20, 2012. Message taken from: .

Rubens: Hello, Siraya.
Siraya: Good evening, dear one. I am here to give a message of finality to all of this; yes, it looked like the message given through Johan was just that but, such is not the case.

We have offered many, many opportunities to the dark ones out of love and in their unnatural state, they have failed to understand the Grace and Mercy handed to them, not because they deserve it per say, but rather because Love is the governing Law throughout Creation as a whole.

As said, previously, a date has already been set and nothing will change that at this point. I am here to remind the ones coming back to the planet to take a very careful and attentive look at their world as it stands now and understand that they will never again see it as is.

It is time to bid their adieu to all that is and know that it is all for the highest purpose. We salute those who have been able to withstand the heat and fear generated by the unnatural ones and stood their ground until the end. Blessed are you indeed, dear children of the Highest.

There is nothing more to say than that it is done for the last time and prepare for what is around the corner.

Blessings upon you, our blessed-ones, and good riddance to the malevolent ones. I am Siraya, Master Spirit of the Super Universe of Orvonton.

Rubens: Thank you.

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The Ancients of Days of Orvonton
The Ancients of Days Speak

The Ancients of Days channeled by Candace Frieze on Wednesday June 20, 2012. Message taken from: .

Behold cometh the darkness upon your world. The darkness that shall in the end cause the great shining of Light.

For those that have found their Light, shall come the opportunity to perceive great glory.

For those who made the final rejection shall come the loss of glory and, for most, the lost of who they be, as they are returned to the great uncreated to become again remade in the Light, but not as their former selves.

It is but the cycling of the universe. For old to new to old to new, to brighter even than the last new and so it shall be for those on Earth.

After the days of no light, planet will come forth in the beginning of its new glory. The Mother has won her great battle.

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Esu Speaks Publicly on Coming Changes

Esu channeled by Jess Anthony on Thursday June 21, 2012, and dated June 23, 2012. Message taken from: .

Jess: Esu, you said you have words. I am ready to receive your comments.

Esu: Jess, let’s speak. This is a period of change unlike any the world has witnessed before. The universe itself is adapting to a new vibrational frequency of energy that brings with it many revelations of insight into the truth of the Creator’s Plan. The so-called Wave of photons is truth and love in an ocean of illumination. This will change Earth beyond any imaginings, and those who continue with her Ascension will become creatures of the Light just as the planet will.

This period of Light must be preceded by the dark. This is the prophesied and foretold "three days of darkness" that religions and New Age gurus have feared and anticipated. Religions of the world dread this darkness because they know the return of the Light will bring the truth. Their rituals and controlling precepts will be shown as meaningless. Those New Age believers who look for transcendence will be shown the reality of what Ascension really means. True illumination and salvation means taking responsibility individually and working to be compassionate to everyone.

The period of darkness will be brought on by galactic forces. Natural causes can’t produce the pause in existence necessary for changes to be imposed from a higher dimension. This darkness will be accompanied by a worldwide loss of electricity. Anything that runs on electrical current will not function. Batteries will work until they are used up. Candles will burn until they are not in stock. Water will be turned off unless the pumps don’t require electricity to operate. Man will be forced to re-think his mode of existence for this period of three days.

Many will panic and revolt. It will be surprising how quickly man’s civilized veneer becomes selfish and predatory. Banks will not operate and financial systems will not be able to transfer fiat digits. Social unrest will develop due to a loss of restriction and control. Martial law will be suggested. The political process will be in shambles. Food delivery and service will be minimal. Transportation will be limited. Chaos will develop quickly.

My followers and those who will be able to guide others will be tasked with explaining and coordinating events when they can. They are responsible for themselves above all, and they must reach out only as much as they are able without harm to themselves. The time for a greater re-education and transformation will come later.

Three days may not seem much, but the removal of electrical energy will bring everything to a halt. The darkening of the sun will prevent normal activities. The loss of sunlight will cause temperatures to drop. Prepare for sustaining your existence with alternative resources.

As the traditional Summer Solstice has occurred according to your calendar, the peak energy from the sun will wane and the Earth will move into a time of darkness when its inhabitants are seemingly cut off from the universe. The universe is watching man’s reactions and taking note. Good can come from bad. Compassion can replace selfish behavior. Assistance and help can throw a lifeline.

Be ready and prepared. Examine your beliefs and convictions. Esu.

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Sanat Kumara
The Battle Is Won

Sanat Kumara channeled by Candace Frieze on Thursday June 21, 2012, and dated June 22, 2012. Message taken from: .

Oh, dear ones, it is I, Sanat Kumara, whom you know as Solar Logos of the silver ray and as Grandfather.

Rather than child the dark, the purpose here is give praise to all of you who have passed your difficult testing on this world. I am specifically speaking to the ones directly involved in the project of raising this world that are from the highest realms, but we are well pleased also with those evolving on this world who have made enough of a grade in progress to return here after the long stasis.

We sit in great joy that we have come to this event, the coming 3 Days of Darkness, which was not envisioned as being possible many years ago. Hope was about gone that we could keep this world running. It was pretty much accepted that she would be rolled over, after the lifting of successful students and star seeds and things started over thousands of years into the future.

You have made it possible for this intermediate option, since a full Ascension of Earth’s inhabitants did not occur, and we stand in amazement of this accomplishment. See the Hope and Light in this! The battle is won.

Christ Michael
Ultimate and Final Words

Christ Michael channeled by Rubens on Thursday June 21, 2012, and dated Friday June 22, 2012. Message taken from: .

This is Your Creator Son, Sovereign of the Local Universe of Nebadon, your place of inhabitation which Urantia is a part of. As you can assess, Siraya and The Ancient of Days came ceremoniously to give the dark ones a final warning, or promise and you, who must continue the journey, were congratulated on your steadfast stand against an almost insurmountable resistance from the sick ones who refuse to let go of their illusory sense of control and power.

I must say that they have surprised us in their obstinacy and sheer madness in pursuing their course. We have exhausted all possibilities as pertain to offering them a way out and an opportunity to express regrets and make amends. In vain have they persisted in their madness and we must say that it is truly pitiful to see that they have wasted so much to effect significant changes on Urantia for the benefit of all.

It is now over and we must move on. We are going to effect those changes necessary to bring about balance to Urantia and its children. We are going to instruct the inhabitants on what has taken place on the planet for so long with their unconscious approval and paint to them the scenario that has been placed in their face which only needed final adjustments to come to full implementation. You, the inhabitants of Urantia, would have not been able to shake the shackle of slavery that you already had around your neck and legs. We are about to undertake an operation undreamed of by many which will serve them as a template so that this aberration never takes place in My Universe and hopefully the entire Super Universe of Orvonton.

You are the subjects of a lot of talks in the entire Super Universe and even beyond and this has to come to fruition no matter what because a lot has been invested for a long time so we can bring it to a successful halt which is truly the beginning of a wondrous journey ahead of you. Let this be a reason for celebration for indeed there is plenty to be happy about; yes, there will be many tears shed as well but, in all it is much more about success than anything else. Let this be imprinted into the very core of your mind in order to never allow it to take place anywhere else so when the time comes to serve again, you will be better equipped to deal with it swiftly and efficiently. Once again, let me remind you of the importance of this moment that you’re currently living which will accelerate quickly to the end.

Peace be upon you all and let the end come to an end. This is your Creator Son, Aton the Sovereign of Nebadon.

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Christ Michael
On the Morning of the Fourth Day

Christ Michael through unknown channel (DS) on Wednesday June 20, 2012, and dated Friday June 22, 2012. Message taken from: .

On the morning of the fourth day dawn will be burning in amber hues. The silence that had taken hold of one’s soul will still be embraced as this new day comes to light. For during the 3 Days of Darkness the Spirits and Souls of Humanity will awaken and be forced to see clearly their demise by which they had forsaken their truth within themselves on Earth and in the heavens above.

In the midst of the darkness the silence will be heard so loud it will echo onto them by which ALL will know the Mighty Power of their Father/Creator. Much madness, sadness and tears will present itself, for denial was at the forefront of many issues. They will no longer deny the lighted truths from within as the crevices of hiding and denying will be lighted as never before.

Shafts of lighted knowledge, truth, and divine scripture will come flooding into awareness, and the voice of their Creator will not be denied. Fear will rise and their core will be shaken, but for these souls, the days of darkness will be their ticket to freedom.

Freedom by which many untruths and lies of deception had distorted their reality of what is real and what is false. Some will rejoice as a spark of lighted memory comes flooding onto them and some will spiral into the fear of uncertainty.

A time of reckoning has occurred, that which was predestined to come. A time prayed for by many and welcomed in dreams. Nothing will ever be the same again! People will never be the same again! The nature of God will have been shown and his lighted love will transcend unto the world his glory and Oneness!

Hearts will rejoice and be opened as love prevails and unites many! The golden Light of truth will flow in the air opening all doors to the soul. Clarity beholden to eyes opened and minds eager will come to them.

Decisions will need to be made by each as to where they stand as the Lighted truths will no longer wait or be compromised. It is the time of reckoning! Each souls time to face themselves and see what they are made of, as they can no longer deny or hide that which they will know within.

By the end of the 3 Days of Darkness much will have been addressed and confronted by each soul, as this has been ordained.

As the morning sun rises on the 4th Day celebrations will be heard worldwide.

The darkened cleansing will have accomplished its divine mission of awakening the masses, and mankind will have been purged of the evil dark cabal.

This will be felt, sensed, and known and there will be no denying the changed energy signature within the air and of those around you.

The hunger and thirst for truth will herald in the time of disclosure and announcements! May my Divine Light be upon my Anointed Ones. Blessed be to all!

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Christ Michael
Come Home

Targeted message. Christ Michael through unknown channel on Saturday June 23, 2012, and dated Monday June 25, 2012. Message taken from: .

To my Beloved Sons of the Dark Nature. Ponder carefully this short final period. Some of you have chosen your uncreation and it seems fixed in your nature, but there is still a short time to experience ME before it is over and you are returned to cosmic energy. In doing so, you might, in the experiencing of my LOVE for you, change of your minds. For there is no changing when this is done.

Come unto ME. Feel my warmth and love. Do you really want to abandon that? Don’t you wish to consider it could be otherwise? Eternal life is a wondrous undertaking and you will be tossing the eternal wonder down the drain, never to be experienced again.

I want you to feel MY AGE. I was first created, beloveds, nearly 2 trillion years ago. Image that! And here I stand today with a Universe of my own creation. There are no limits ever placed on where you can go. I took over the reins of Nebadon but only a short 300 billion years ago when mostly it was still clusters of nebulas, but the Central Creation, the Central Worlds of Salvington were done with the making of them. The abode of the Gods had been "finished" enough for myself and teams to come and set forth our creation of MAN. And of course a lot of the angels, of necessity created for this creating endeavor.

Many of you here are my direct sons and others of you are Nebadonia’s direct daughters. FEEL My Grace, Feel MY LOVE, FEEL her LOVE, Feel OUR LOVE and come Home! For Glory always will await thee. I am Michael of Nebadon.

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Don’t Be Fooled by These Fear-mongering Tactics

Esu (Jesus) channeled by John Smallman on Sunday June 24, 2012. Message taken from:

God’s love for humanity is beyond any concept that can be imagined while you are enclosed within the illusion and entranced by it, as so many of you are. Yes, there is much that is wrong, unsettling, and that causes suffering as you experience life in the illusion, but that does not prevent you from being entranced by it. Even those of you who know that you are experiencing life in an illusory state still find it almost impossible not to identify with your body almost all the time as it makes its constant demands on you —sleep, nourishment, healing, entertainment, distraction, movement, etc.

The illusion is very convincing because it is a mass belief system about an illusory environment that all of humanity chose to engage with and maintain. When someone realizes this and attempts to draw attention to the insanity of it he is quickly ridiculed and told that it is he that is insane, a nutcase. He may even be institutionalized or arrested if the “authorities” believe him to be a threat to himself or to society.

And of course, within your illusion, there are indeed some who are more disturbed than most and who do need to be restrained for their own good or for that of society. Frequently, however, the boundary between these two states is very difficult for you to sensibly discern, and this increases the suffering of those who are already feeling like social outcasts when others judge them and find them wanting.

Many of you do try very hard and spend much time mediating to relieve and reduce the disharmonies, the imbalances, the conflicts, and the disagreements that occur in your families or in society at large, and this is most commendable —it is love in action— but the fact remains that the illusion is an illusory state from which you are to awaken. Until that happens many issues will continue to arise that disturb and unsettle you, and it may well seem to you that to attempt to assist others often only aggravates a situation. Just remind yourselves that this is not the case —every loving thought, word, or action has very far reaching beneficial effects even though they are not apparent to you.

To behave lovingly and to address and release unloving behaviors and attitudes is the path to your awakening, and never before in human history has such a vast multitude of humanity trodden this path together. That is why there is so much joy in the spiritual realms, and why so much assistance and love is pouring down on the planet at this point in your evolution. Because of this there is absolutely not the slightest possibility that humanity will be unsuccessful, and so your awakening is guaranteed.

Do not be unsettled by the bad news, the suffering, the unfairness, and the conflicts on which so many, no doubt inspired by the constant outpourings from the mainstream media, appear to be focusing their undivided attention. Enormous changes are occurring in preparation for the moment of your awakening, and because that involves the dissolution of the illusion it often appears that things are going steadily from bad to worse as you are constantly informed about the growing number of woes and disasters all over the world.

Part of the reason for this influx of bad news is that those who would run the world and control you see that they are losing their grip. They are frightened, and they want to frighten everyone else into believing that only they know how to solve the issues that are threatening worldwide stability. Then they believe that they can reestablish their self-awarded or inherited pre-eminence, and take the power that ordinary people willingly or unwillingly give them when those people accept that that is their role.

Do not be fooled by these fear-mongering tactics, their sole purpose is to convince you of your inadequacy and their brilliance so that they can continue to try and run the world solely for their own benefit. Their days are numbered. They no longer have the influence, the competence, or the support to maintain their authority structures and the self-centered agendas that those structures support, and it is those that you can now see are on the verge of collapse.

God’s Plan for your awakening, for your return to Full Consciousness, and for the dissolution of the illusion is moving forwards precisely as He intends, and nothing stands in its way. You are going to awaken into the glory of your true and divine state, and your joy and amazement will be wondrous. Remind yourselves of this frequently throughout the day, and relax in the knowledge of this divine truth. Your loving brother, Jesus.

Father of Havona
The Litmus Test and Graduation Message from Source

Father of Havona or Source channeled by Hazel on Saturday June 23, 2012. Message taken from:  .

Behold the litmus test is now complete and the results measured against MY will. The time of revelation is present and each of ALL in his individuality will know in doubtless form the results. For those who pass will be offered passage BUT those who fail must repeat or abandon the course of life. Rest easy all MY ones who have obliged ME for your Ascent is assured.

Live in this moment and savor its joy, take a journey through the inner mind and heart and rest there for a while. Plough through the unwanted and cast aside that which is fruitless, clear away the debris and find your rest. Allow the stillness of these moments to usher in Light, see it flow in the mirror of your mind as it settles within you and you become the Light. Become the Light. With certainty this will serve you well on the road ahead as your days become night and night precedes further night for a short, yet what would seem lengthy period of time.

Be like unto ME, effort to be likened to ME for less than ME does not exist. Peel away the layers of false perceptions, release it unto the cosmos for un-creation and observe yourself being filled with MY Light to replace the antiquity of falsehood. What sits in discomfort within you is false and must be eliminated to allow for new frequencies to fill your vessel, that streams of elevated awareness may begin its culture.

Make ME your Home, your resting place, your tabernacle, your playhouse and I shall in turn create with you an inner dimension from which your outer world can be birthed. It is MY rhythm that you must match to create as I do and as I would. I speak these words to all who will take the Ascending journey for graduation time is at hand and I AM rendering the speech that will usher you into the great halls of Light.

I have thus far lent you MY eyes for those who wished to see through ME and espouse a higher vision. I have lent you MY mind for those seeking to draw from its education and be united with truth. I have given you MY spirit that you may seek in spirit to know and become spirit. All things have I bestowed upon thee of necessity that you may tend to your soul and seek its survival beyond the contemporary material octave. I HAVE OBLIGED YOU.

As the handle of the door which separates you from a new world opens I desire you to know that greater power awaits you which demands a new found sense of responsibility for yourself and the evolution of planet and people. The old ways cannot and will not sustain, old thinking and beliefs which fettered progress must be abandoned. New vision must be espoused and that vision must be founded in HOLINESS. Perfection must ever be the goal, and the I AM Presence, the Way.

What has been taken for granted in the past must be brought to the forefront and tended to. Let not limitations or perceptions of limitation gather in your force field for they will only sour your journey and pre-empt greater fulfillment of God potential. Do not think that you know all of ME for only when you can do what I do then you shall in truth know ME. Let this be your yardstick of measurement.

A brilliant era of transformation is now upon you and you the graduates are to be commended for your resilience and readiness to assume the mantle of greater responsibility for self and planet. I entrust MYSELF to thee that you may use this Timeless Resource to light your Way forward. Ample instruction will be provided so that when you enter your brand-new classroom you will be equipped to begin your creation. The measure of your handiwork, the source of its conception, direction, focus and goal will find its foundation and blueprint in a new paradigm, Light, love, balance and perpetuity.

As you Ascend, the gap between US will lessen and greater motivation will strike and you will plot your way ever forwards until the totality of Oneness becomes your experience.

I congratulate you and commit to ever walk with you on this your onward journey. I AM your goal and your goal must ever abide in your consciousness lest you forget the purpose of the journey. I AM your First Source and Centre. Blessings flow from Paradise; receive and be renewed.

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Saint Germain
Peace Is Decreed!

St. Germain channeled by Spirit Eagle on Saturday June 30, 2012. Message taken from:  .

Peace is decreed! An end to the suffering of the Earth Mother and ALL of her Kingdoms is about to unfold! This is the Time you have been awaiting! It is Unstoppable! Those who would delay through chicanery are being removed now. The Will of the Light Is being implemented now! I am St Germain!

As you go through your days now, know that you are at the end of a long Dark Tunnel and you are walking into the Light of Ten Thousand Suns! We are here with you! You are not, and have Never been alone through this journey to the Stars! We are your sisters and brothers of the Heart, of the Love of the Universal Wisdom. Although many are feeling the repercussions of the End of this Journey, KNOW that this is the End of this Long trek through the wilderness of a world that is sick and bleeding in Her body and in her heart and even in her pain is filled with Love for all, even those who have hurt her the most!

At this time the ones who have held the reins of the governments of this world are in a panic for they know that their "party" is over. Their Plans for conquering this Earth are unraveling in short order! They would destroy Life on this Earth if they could! They are cornered and seek a way out! Theirs is a futile search, but the Earth Mother will be ravished NO MORE! ALL of the company of Heaven and the Galactic Federation of Light are here to aid and protect the Earth from these Minions of the Dark!

You, who are committed to the protection of the Earth, and to the safety of humanity, THIS IS YOUR SHINING MOMENT! THIS IS THE TIME YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR! With love in your hearts, with courage and strength of Will, with Peace and Commitment to FREEDOM for All Beings everywhere, go forth and be a leader in the GREAT ARMY OF LIGHT!

Stand with your sisters and brothers across the world and say, "No" to Tyranny, and "Yes" to Justice! The Drum beats with the Heart of the Mother Earth. Synchronize with it, it will keep you grounded. Take this moment and Be in Courage for you are THE RAINBOW WARRIORS OF THE LIGHT! YOU WERE BORN FOR THIS MOMENT IN TIME!

We are at your side in this Battle for the hearts, minds, and souls of Humanity! The Time Is NOW! Good Night, my dears, rest well, and Be Ready! Gird yourselves in the Armor of Light and in the armor of Courage and in the armor of Love!

The Ecological Community of BVC Renegades

This message was given by Luis Prada, Director of the Brother Veritus’ Community, on Wednesday July 4,  2012, for the BVC, message shared in the Chatroom of the Spanish Forum of Brother Veritus' Website (BVW) at the Alternate Meditation Hour at 8:00PM, Colombian Time.  We invite you to participate.  Original in Spanish, translation to English by the author.

In a human group never all are satisfied with everything given to them and what they share, specially when they have come from the 3D. There always is expected some dissent and discomfort. In the BVC of the future we must walk the line, straight and without two-facedness, always in accordance with the Plan of God.  The decisions are taken by a ruling group of leadership who are the ones who give orders of the work to be done and they expect all collaborate and do what they have committed to do with responsibility and goodwill.  But there will be people who do not like to receive orders, nor they will like laws and rules to be imposed upon them, they will feel uncomfortable with this. Some people like the consumption of drugs or alcohol, the dissolute and dissipated life, open sex and other things proper of the 3D life they have left behind in the previous earth but to which they still have attachments. So when we live together in the BVC, some will show themselves rebellious and will protest, won’t want to follow rules nor obey. They will want to only receive orders from Esu, but Esu won’t do it since He will delegate that to bosses under his authority.  Our BVC government will be a down-sized copy of the government of the Universe of Nebadon.  It will be a pyramidal hierarchy of command.

Some managers are strict —and on that we have not much control— so some members will resist obedience. At the beginning some BVC members will ask to be dropped out from the community and will like to walk away. But outside its walls they will find immense savannas where hang around wild buffalo, coyotes, wild animals and where is very difficult the survival. It will be then the American country as was seen by Lewis and Clark during their famous expedition at the beginning of the XIX century.  It is for this reason that the BVC will help them establish on the Northwestern Florida in an ecological community without technology, an agrarian and simple life waits for them.  There they will not have government nor authority that limits them, they will live a hippie-style life, without norms of conduct, a lawless society.  They will learn to cultivate the land and will lead a free communal life.

Once in a while the BVC will visit them to give them help and to verify they are not degenerating themselves or losing moral values that might take them down to a fall. Over time more will want to join them so their community will grow.  Those who resign the community or are proscribed for wrong incorrigible behavior will be taken there in a scout ship and left in this ecological community.  Meanwhile the City of Light of BVC will continue growing in technology as a beautiful pioneer city, and those who live there will be all Ascended Masters.

This subculture community, agrarian and ecological, and which will be near Florida in areas not inundated by the sea, was seen by Scayatus in one of his visits to the future.  Ideally nobody will live in that ecological community, but as you can see now, we have had some who differ from the authority of BVC, this is why this alternative way of life will be created.

There will be more communities around the world but in North America the BVC will be the main, and will be isolated since it will be surrounded by vast uninhabited savannas. The City of Light of BVC is the most important community of the planet since its king is Esu Immanuel Sananda, the Planetary Prince of Urantia.

Comments to the Message

Luis Prada: Brother Scayatus, we are speaking of the ecological community that will exist in the future in the North Western part of Florida, to where will go dissents of BVC and the social refuse.
Scayatus: Yes, dear brothers, some Lightworkers of the 5D told me some time ago that I should communicate to the Lightworkers of this timeline that they should be more prepared. There exist two main cities in the 5D, one of them, and the most beautiful, is the City of Light of BVC, let’s say it is the main, the other was not finished by the groups that belonged to it.  I personally take groups to populate the New Earth and I know the geography of the new planet,  That is one of my tasks.
Luis Prada: It was not finished because is made of renegades and they lack the discipline to do a project so organized as the BVC.
Scayatus: It’s like that, brother Luis. That is why the brethren of the 5D asked me to communicate to you to be more prepared to cross to the 5D better fitted.
Blanca: It is required too much discipline to be able to study in the Brother Veritus’ University.
Luis Prada: Yes, Blanquita, studying in that university requires responsibility. Some do not want that neither follow rules, nor vegetarian diets.  They will rebel to that and to have bosses.

César R.: Scayatus, specifically, ¿what do you refer to when you say that the brothers warn us to have more preparation?, ¡please!
Luis Prada: César, Scayatus is referring to that when the energies go up to the 5D some still attached to 3D will be badly prepared for that new dimension and therefore will make mistakes.

Goyo: Merit, brethren, there is no favoritism nor ego that is worthy. That is why I encourage you to work with the ego, brethren, that work is personal.  May the universal sentiments of consciousness, liberty and divine love be with us! Our today’s opinions serve to reflect and draw out the Light of understanding and they do not define the 5th Dimension. We know that for that we need to work with our ego.  Now is the moment of self revising our soul, to what degree we continue carrying inside our egotism, the lie, arrogance, etc., from psychological-type defects. To find them is a success since they must be eliminated from our life, this is a work of supreme URGENCY for ourselves.
Luis Prada: Yes, Goyo, it is not about favoritism what I said above, it is about personal behavior.  Those who wish to go to that ecological community ask for it, ask the drop out and it is given to them.  However, there will be cases of incorrigible ones who will be proscribed from BVC and will go there.

Cecilia M.: Proscribed? Even being in the 5thD, don Luis?
Luis Prada: Yes, Cecilia, there will be the possibility of proscribing incorrigible and problematic persons who create disharmony in the community and DO NOT ACCEPT ANY ADVICE NOR HELP offered to them. The disharmony of conflicting persons affects all the community and lower its energies.

César R.: It will be as it is commented by Drunvalo Melchizedek in his book.  He says that we must control and quiet our mind or thoughts so that they be more harmonious and positive. Also we must learn to quiet our mind since in the 5th Dimension what we think is manifested immediately. Is that what you refer to, Scayatus? OK, don Luis, thanks.  Even so, I lend weight to the previous comment.
Scayatus: It’s like that, dear brethren, so many carry attachments of the 3rdD that won’t let them advance to the 5thD and they separate themselves of the other groups.  Brethren, you must know that to reach a vibrational level that allows us pass to the 5thD does not mean we convert ourselves from night to day into sort of saints.  In the 5thD we also will have work to do since we carry some imperfections that will be polished from plane to plane even to the higher levels like the 6thD, 7thD, etc.

Luis Prada: Yes, César, you hit the nail o the head, what is thought manifests rapidly in the 5th D, that is why we must work on ourselves, or on the contrary when we have the joy of living in the City of Light of BVC, we won’t appreciate it for ego and we may end up losing everything for our ego and attachments of 3th D, and living in the ecological community of renegades.

Pacho: With the most respect, brethren, I believe we are warning about and questioning the same vices and defects of the 3thD when it is supposed that if we passed the exam to 4thD or to a 5thD is because we must’ve gone beyond the ego and changed our consciousness.
Luis Prada: Yes, Pacho, but not everybody will be at the same level, if a strict cut-off or selection be made almost nobody qualifies for the 5thD. Pacho, they may Ascend to the 5thD but they carry problems that later will show up as ego and attachments.
Pacho: How nice, don Luis, in truth your words fill me with hope.

Cecilia M.: Don Luis, how important is the influence of our emotions?
Luis Prada: Our emotions, Ceci, are key because the wrong qualification of them is what precipitates illnesses, and with illnesses we cannot enter the 5thD. The 3 Days of Darkness will create an atmosphere appropriate to work on ourselves and to remove from us the veils.

César R.: You’re right, don Luis, and it is an energy that has affected our computers since we are connected by converging in the Astral of our Sacred Etheric Temple of our Community.  We are as a cell inside the Unified Field at the quantum level! That is why that disharmony of one affects all the Network of BVC connected at a specific time, specially during a meditation. But the incompatibility of the renegades with the higher vibrational frequencies of 5thD won’t send them ipso facto to dimensions of 4thD or 3rdD, or, as is the case of the Lightships with the tractor beams of Light, would they disintegrate their matter?, because, how would it be explained they have survived processes of raising to higher frequencies in a planet and to pass on to another dimension?

Luis Prada: In a planet of perfect harmony persons of other planets that live in attachments and ego problems cannot be accepted because they carry bad vibrations and these ones affect the vibrations of all the planet and its inhabitants.  That is why these beings do not allow beings of lower vibrations in their planet.  In the BVC we will have the same problem. Scayatus seems not to remember the community of renegades of which in the past he told us he saw. However, he tells us of the groups of people in the 5th D that split because of ego and attachments problems.  That is the same idea.  With the development of telepathy in the City of Light of BVC we are going all to be attuned with each other and therefore we are going to be more sensitive to the disharmonies of those who live with nuisances, annoyances and other “ances”. It is for that reason that the alternate ecological commune will be the outlet or escape to those persons of low vibes.
Cecilia M.: Don Luis, that confirms what Scayatus said previously.

Scayatus: Yes, brother Luis, if we go more prepared there will be less problems. That group I talked about does not want to have contact with the other groups and split towards the East of the map and they are divide from the rest by a great river and some small rivers and they almost do not let anybody come in.  Their vibration is felt from far away, they are the only ones that have marked their territory.
Luis Prada: Exactly, Scayatus, it is that group I am referring to here, the one of those renegades. That is not the Río Grande of the limit between the United States and Mexico, but an isthmus formed with the flooding of the coasts of the United States and Florida almost all under the sea, under the Atlantic Ocean.
Scayatus: Yes, the colonies that were made have a representative in the Council of the City of Light but the renegades do not want to be told how to live.  They have attachments to the 3rdD, they remember how the governments in the 3rdD deceived them and because of those attachments —that they did not leave behind— have problems of adaptation.

Luis Prada: Exactly, those renegades did not want bosses in the BVC and left, now they live as in Slab City in the Nevada dessert of the United States, a commune hippie-style.  I have posted several videos of the American nomad life in the English forum, there is a video of Slab City. I recommend you to see it.  It is a town without any law. It is like living in the American wild West of the mid XIX century. It is for that reason other colonies have representatives in the City of Light of the BVC, except the colonies of renegades since they are unsettled ones who want to live lawlessly. They think because the City of Light of BVC is so organized in technology and because it follows the law, can be turned into a New World Order.

Hugo: That city of renegades will be a city of training for the attachments. If that is so, I better start training myself right now. What do you think, brothers?
César R.: I think such persons will not remain very much longer in those higher dimensions since they will contaminate the astral of the planet sensitized by the higher frequencies incompatible with the one of the renegades who will feel separate and different to the others, typical of 3rdD. You are quite right, Goyo.

Cecilia M.: ¡Wow! It’s scary to know that some brethren can go down to those levels of low vibration.
Luis Prada: Do not get scared, Cecilia, remember that several members of BVC believed that Esu is living in Venezuela, and when it was told to them no, that they were wrong, they got upset and left.
Cecilia M.: Don Luis, it was a way of saying since what a pain it would be to see our brethren fall to those states because of caprices or stubbornness, for their egos.
Gonzalo A.: I hope the 25 that left return.  They should have at this time reflected they were mistaken. I said it, Cecilia, that those 25 brethren that left are returning with other pseudonym, since they feel a little bad to know they were mistaken and return with a different name.
Goyo: We hope so, Gonzalo, the only way of recognizing the error is not to throw the blame on another, by being ONESELF responsible for our acts. In the Fifth Dimension we will live in accordance with universal laws.

Scayatus: I don’t remember that information you’re talking about specifically and don’t want to err, but we’re cleansing various both dimensions and alternate timelines or parallel realities.  Ceci, there’s nothing to fear, the frequency of the renegades is of the lowest of the 5thD but they reached a percentage that allowed them to pass over to the other side.  That is why I tell you that reaching a level or percentage that allows us to elevate ourselves to the other side doesn’t mean that we already are some "saints" to say it in some way.  If not, we’d pass directly to higher dimensions above 5thD. In the 5thD we continue our work to eliminate more weight and to raise ourselves to the dimensions we need to climb.
Cecilia M.: Yes, I know, Scayatus, only that makes you sad that brethren may fall with full consciousness and do not give in.
César R.: Cecilia, dear Cecilia, focus your love and thought in that everything will be different, as really you want to see and feel it, and not as you don’t want it be, that will be enough to contribute your grain of sand in helping the brethren that have the possibility of being renegades.
Cecilia M.: But it does not prevent that our emotions be sensitive to our brethren although they do wrong choices. Love, thought and discernment will help us to open roads to others, brother César.
César R.: Exactly, Ceci, and we could make things change before that possibility in the future so it won’t be different as it is being commented here.
Cecilia M.: That is the change, César, to open our hearts same as Esu does it with us.

Fabiaz: Being renegade doesn’t mean he is dark or of low vibrations. To me it’s already being confirmed which ones of my family members will Ascend and which ones won’t. I have my father I love dearly and my sister of blood, they won’t be able to Ascend. Imagine the attachment I have for them, it’s very sad. That is why our Ascended Brethren warned us to overcome attachments.

Scayatus: When we were in evacuation works a couple of years ago when I was calling those we would evacuate to the ships on that occasion in South America a man approached me and asked me: “Who are you? Are you angels?” It was before the first Chilean earthquake.

Well, along the planet history there always have been evacuations before what some call a catastrophe. When they call us to work at night they gather us in the ships and then we go to the place. When we arrive we get out and there starts the job. We raise our vibration and as it is said, those who have ears, let them hear. Let’s raise our frequency, and the people who are good or of high vibration start to arrive. The ships have a very high frequency and only can get in persons of high frequency, those of low frequency cannot enter since the ship will repel them, it is like going down to a deep depth in the sea. They wouldn’t withstand a high frequency of the ship, those who has it low and would like to get in. The persons get out of their homes and head to the evacuation ships. Some think they’re dreaming.

A person that was more conscious of the event was going to the ship which was shooting out a great light and high vibration and he walked towards this one. He approached me and asked me: “Who are you? Are you angels?” I pondered myself and analyzed what we were doing, as we raised our frequency our bodies shine and I felt great. I felt our work is worthy although it is not recognized by the sleeping ones.  It was a very nice experience.

Remember to work with telepathy.  In another evacuation, this one was in China, the first that the Chinese government did not want to officially recognize. In this evacuation we used telepathy also to communicate and love to calm them down.  Well, there among the evacuees was a Russian woman.  Since I speak a little bit of Russian I wanted to greet her in that language. So I left the telepathy and greeted her in Russian and as she heard her language she spoke to me in Russian very fast and became more nervous and I could not know how to answer since that broke the telepathic and harmonic link by the nervousness of the woman. So I switched back to telepathy and raised my frequency to communicate telepathically and with love I calmed her down.  So remember to practice telepathy.  Much inner work, dear brethren, the elimination of egos.  And as the Bible says, and all these things shall be added unto you. Let’s learn from each other, we are a big family.  We learn every day, so take advantage of each moment.  We are Masters and Students for each other.

Cecilia M.: It is for this the importance of the meditations to elevate the vibratory frequency.  We are on that, Scaya, practicing telepathy and also in our inner work.
Gonzalo A.: See, I tell you, Gardenia was right.
Scayatus: It’s like that, Gonza, learn all you can from the dear sister Gardenia, she’s a good teacher. I’m leaving too, dear brethren.  Blessings from the Heart, Word and Thought.
Cecilia M.: Thanks, Scaya, it is a blessing to share with you tonight. Scayatus is one of my best teachers I have and it is he who is helping me a lot on telepathy.
Scayatus: Thank you, Ceci, we are all Students and Teachers at the same time. Thank you, for listening.  Remember the advice of the brethren of the 5thD, prepare yourselves more to arrive better prepared to the 5thD, it must be for something.
Cecilia M.: It’s me, Scaya, who thank you for all the help and advices for the improvement of our Inner Being.  Blessings, brethren, have a great night.
Gonzalo A.: Blessings, Scayatus, rest with the angels and you look for me around here. Something from Chichiuas came out of me. Blessings, dear brethren, masters, Light Warriors, I leave you.  Good bye to everybody.

A Small Update on Pre 3DD Activities

Esu (Jesus) channeled by Candace Frieze on Saturday July 14, 2012. Message taken from:

Beloveds, stand in your patience. I know this is tiring, but put yourself in our shoes, or mine at the moment. I am in charge of a very large military operation that is most necessary at this time. You may see some odd quakes around as we are taking out more alien bases and it is useful for us to finish that task, if possible pre the The Three Days of Darkness (3DD).

There are energies in them that need neutralized so as to not effect damage during the mini stasis period that we do not wish. These underground bases are powered by mostly nuclear energies and need tactful handling. I am only reporting this to give you some detail. We are pulling out the reactors and removing them. Some of these bases are even "normal" under ground installations that run on nuclear, and they will likely blow during the mini stasis. There is more to occur during the mini stasis than simple removal of the dark, and on the details I cannot give you at this time. Let’s just say that the removal process includes removing more than people and let it go at that.

There is reason that this cannot wait until the large stasis. As you were informed with the Siraya message through Johan, this plan is related to activities that will affect your future careers, experience wise, and also affect the people that will remain during the teaching period and the length and outcome OF the teaching period. I will say the teaching period will be longer than we have suggested before and therefore to provide special opportunities for all, we must have a "cleaner" format.

Keep your lives going and stop living in the future that is not here yet! And always have preparations no matter where you live, for temporary discomforts, as there is still to come the likelihood of much extreme weather and perhaps some extreme quakes.



Christ Michael
Update on the Three Days of Darkness (3DD)

Christ Michael channeled by Candace Frieze on Monday August 20, 2012. Message taken from:

Dearly Beloveds, this is Christ Michael and an update is due.

The time is close. We give no dates but I am here to update today about a small change of plans that will affect you. The craft to eclipse the sun has been behind the sun and ready for some time, close and easy. We have begun to move it more "forward".

Now, because folks are NOT aware of what is planned, and most are NOT listening within, the 3DD will start with a partial eclipse of the sun. This will last for about 24 hours so that everyone can prepare for something coming. It gives "notice". There are many countries in which the news will cooperate during this time, but some don't plan on it. I think the pressure will require it, when the whole world notices an unexpected partial eclipse and wonders WHY.

The eclipse will look somewhat different than a partial eclipse by the moon. You will NOT see a huge round dark disk as the method is different but it will be obvious and certainly much more obvious that this is not Nibiru or any such other thing, in the method we will use. You will not see a gradual eclipse forming. Due to the method used, it will be sudden.

At the end of the 3DD there will be another 24 hours of similar events. The electricity will be turned off shortly after the total eclipse is manifest but not before. And hopefully most news stations around the world will be making that statement about the electricity, so people can prepare some sort of lighting in their homes. People will be advised to GO HOME. For those traveling, home would be of course the hotel or whatever other temporary arrangements are being used. ALL aircraft will be landed during these first 24 hours, we will see to that.

Countries are being encouraged to bring ships into port, and this has been out for a time to leadership, but not much seriousness has been taken by some players on the world stage. Generally however, the big boats make their own electricity and will be fine and smaller ones, if the people are so dumb to not come in to port, and have no way to generate heat or light, it is their problem.

Hospitals of course will make scarce use of electric generators and hopefully during the initial 24 hours will send stable patients home. Ditto other circumstances. Since most businesses require electricity, everyone is going home, there is no need to run any services except for emergency needs.

This is WELL planned, beloveds. Do not fear. But we will not be dropping flashlights to people. They will be challenged to manage. Of course, native types will get through it fine. There is still the mini-stasis during this. All intelligent animals will be in stasis, those requiring human care. We do not let cows go un-milked, they go to sleep too. This is but one simple example.

The mini-stasis will last at least one week and likely more. Those of you coming aboard during the mini-stasis will be lifted on our schedules devised. Generally shortly after the electricity goes off, but will fluctuate according to local circumstances.

We need those of course in the know, to be working with those who are going to be afraid. If you can have some sort of extra candles, flashlights and batteries that might be useful to share. MANY are NOT needed, one per house is enough, as to flashlights you chose on candles. It is not hard to get through 3 days without electricity and in the dark, but it is made easier if the house has some sort of lighting to find the way to bathrooms and the like. It will NOT be pitch black in the day time. The sun's corona extends a fair distance from the sun and the corona will not be completely blocked, so it will not be pitch black in the daytime, but more like a heavy dusk.

You can assure people that it’s fine to go outside and look out windows. It is the thugs who put out that one needs holy candles and must stay inside flat on the floor in prayer. People will be in prayer though, I assure you.

Where media will cooperate, this will be told in fact. People will be given some time to get small amounts of lighting to find their way in the dark. That is truly all that will be needed anyway, except in hospitals, and nursing homes and most all of them do have generators.

Anything to make light will work as long as it’s not on the grid. Most people with solar electricity and battery storage may have some light and it will be friendly of these who do, anyone with generators also, to invite neighbors in. There will be NO removals during the darkness. That occurs ONLY during the mini-stasis which is scheduled in the middle of the period of darkness.

The 24 hours of fading eclipse afterwards, allows the grid to be gradually brought back on line and the increase in natural light then will encourage those "left behind" to begin gathering and dealing with what has happened.

Many of our team are to be lifted, including those not known to AH who have roles in this. These ones will all help during those 24 hours of "half-light" after the 3 days are over, and many of them will be triggered into action in the preliminary 24 hours. Most of the ones brought up shortly after the darkness starts, will be returned a few hours before the end of the darkness.

Now, during the mini-stasis, the plant and animal life NEEDS the sun and the planet cannot be allowed to cool too much, so of course the eclipsing craft will be moved so the sun can shine. And then the craft moved back when the mini-stasis is over. With the two "half-light" days, this makes a total of 5 days plus the mini-stasis.

As soon as it is visually obvious the sun is partly occluded, you in the know, go to work. Some of you may awaken even to news in the morning if this starts during your individual sleep cycles. This 1/2 "light" initial day also provides a powerful motive to some of the dark to clean up their act, but it mostly so ones can prepare as best they can. It will make the shock and awe LESS.

Plan now accordingly and simply LIVE until the time happens. These 3 days are generally done on any planet where possible in the seasons of fall and spring, or the approaching of those times, so the planetary people do not have to deal with so much cold of winter months. Your southern hemisphere is beginning to warm, generally speaking. And the food is near harvest, in the north. Man will be busy with harvest as appropriate after this is over.

This is more than enough and should probably be the last update that will be needed. In great love of you ones who serve AbundantHope, my 2nd Coming organization. Christ Michael.

This piece is under copyright protection of It may be placed anywhere on the web as long as it is not changed in any way and a link placed back to this site. It is preferred you place the entire piece, and if not possible to do so, you must note that the rest of it can be found at the link. Thankyou, Candace.

Archangel Metatron
Events to Come. Three Days of Darkness (3DD)

Archangel Metatron channeled by Shellee-Kim, , on Wednesday August 29, 2012, through a tele-chat with Metatron. Message taken from:

Metatron (M): I AM Metatron come to you this evening. We feel you are ready to start taking messages again to be shared. Are you prepared to take one now?

[There was a bunch of personal stuff first for me, then comments about many now that are to have transformations and awakenings… to themselves, their lives and/or their missions.]

As you know, you are about to have the three upcoming Days of Darkness. During this time, many of you, particularly of AbundantHope, will be taken to ship for instruction and training. This will be followed by a debriefing. Once you have understood your roles, there will be a splitting off into groups. There is to be very much a hierarchical structure in place for ease of operation during this period. And we will be with you every step of the way —both Celestials and Star Fleet crews. No one will feel out of his/her depth.

When everyone has organized themselves into the group they will be reporting to, we will have a series of special events occurring. These will constitute some flyover and public announcements, after which there will be more direct introductions to the people of Earth. At the same time as the re-education begins, there will be the distribution of foodstuffs, adjustments made to certain of the manufacturing sectors on your world (the ones that are necessary to have functioning during this period) and there will be many amongst you prepared ones, who will come forward now into the general public with their own stories to share for the easing of tensions amongst your people. In many respects this period will be a turning point in the history of your world. It is a time that will be seen as a lifeline for many. And many will make their crucial decision as regards to their future, at the last minute in this period, in fact.

A portion of those here beyond the 3DD, it is seen, will begin an uprising in order to try and topple this operation —what they believe and see to be an invasion. And they will organize themselves. But they will soon be seen for what they are. Amongst these will be those whose dogmatic beliefs will be more powerful than their abilities to change or open their mind sufficiently to look at alternatives.

SK: Why will they remain then?

M: Because they must be given an opportunity to express themselves. And we see only perhaps a third or a little more of the post-3DD folks will be returning to Earth after the major stasis. Now, there are other tasks you ones will be performing in addition to sharing your personal stories with the public. Many of you will be escorting people on to craft, where you will be showing them our wondrous technologies, living quarters and our customs/ways of doing things. All this is designed to ease the people’s spirits, relax them and help to promote a relationship of trust between us. As escorts, much trust and faith will be placed in you initially by the people.

It is imperative, therefore, that you keep and maintain your inner balance at all times. And listen to your guidance within at every juncture and you will know just how to handle a person or situation.

Now the fun part. There will be some of you, quite a few, who will enjoy staying on craft during this period. This will be the ‘cherry on the cake’ for you ones. And we will delight in watching your delight at all you are to discover. The idea of this gift and privilege is that you then return to your people, reporting on the experiences had, adding further to the peace of mind of the populace.

We think this is enough for tonight. We know how hard this has been for you and we thank you. It is encouraging to see this shift. And we hope there will be many more messages taken again by you now. I AM Metatron and I bid you adieu this evening.

Update on Three Days of Darkness (3DD)

Siraya channeled by Shellee-Kim, , on Sunday September 9, 2012, and published on Tuesday September 11, 2012. Message taken from: .

It is I, Siraya, wishing for you to take a message if you are in agreement. Time draws very, very near now to the D Day. Please be in position, ready for the events to occur. We know you have many times previously being given warnings and asked to make necessary preparations. Perhaps some of you, as with this channel, will see this as another ‘boy who cries wolf’ scenario, as she fondly refers to these. However, now it really is TIME. There are no further hindrances in our path, although conditions are not as perfect as we wish them to be. Yet we are choosing to proceed at this time, nonetheless.

We wish you all to know there are major flyovers to take place globally. We will create something of a show for the people of Earth. It is important that Starfleet be perceived as playful and accessible, rather than the invasive, controlling dark forces your media and entertainment industries have painted us to be.

Also now there will be many Starfleet members ready to join with you. You have already been told somewhat about this. They will be on standby and available in an advisory capacity.

Please be warned of that element in your various societies whose fear will drive them to lead an attempted revolution against us. They will not succeed in overturning our operation but they will certainly make big efforts in trying.

You ones who are to be the wayshowers now will be specially equipped with the activation of yourselves and, in addition, gifts that will be entrusted to you. These will serve to assist on your Earth in numerous ways during this teaching period and beyond. The ones in receipt of these will have been specially selected for their integrity, level of commitment and therefore ability to use these most responsibly and for the benefit of the whole. This channel has already made mention of this gifting some time ago in a previous channeled message.

In the ensuing chaos of the first week or two after 3DD we will make food available for people. This will be distributed from various depots to supermarket outlets, which will temporarily be run by us. Thereafter and once things have settled down, a new system will be in place with coupons/vouchers being used to exchange for food.

One of the first things to be addressed will be an alternative to the harmful fossil fuels your multinationals have so encouraged for profit. And it will no longer be necessary to use this type of fuel for the running of your vehicles, as we will be introducing one of our technologies. This will mean your cars will largely be running on a form of hydroelectricity/water. Thus eliminating all the harm fossil fuels have brought to your beloved planet. There have already been past efforts to bring forth this alternative to your people, but once again this was either met with dismissal or suppression, by all except a tiny portion of the population.

Forewarned is forearmed, as they say on your planet. There is more which will follow in the days ahead, if you would be so gracious as to co-operate. As you go forth with cheer in your hearts. I AM Siraya.

Candace: As to the hydroelectricity/water, I have seen YouTubes [videos] of people developing this in their own vehicles as an experiment.

Christ Michael
The Wait Is Over
Update on Three Days of Darkness (3DD)

Christ Michael channeled by Rubens and date published Thursday September 13, 2012. Message taken from: .

Rubens: Who am I communicating with?
Aton: This is I, CM Aton beloved.
Rubens: I am all ears, dear brother.
Aton: I am here to make a public announcement and not to say hello as I have in the past few days.
Rubens: All right, I am ready.

Aton: This is Christ Michael, Sovereign Creator Son of Nebadon; I have chosen to come to this scribe to announce officially that the wait is over. Yes, dear ones, as you were told by Siraya and Esu, 3DD is upon you, that is to say that it can transpire within moments of your time. I am not by any means telling you the exact time that it will occur but, I want it known that I have PRESSED THE BUTTON, to use one of your phrases.

Manifestation will take shape in your realm shortly. Watch the sky and you will know unequivocally that it is so. I know that we have told you that on my instances and that, in a way, is a hindrance because many of you do not know whether or not this a message addressed to the dark ones or to you, my children per say. I want this information to be known around the world and there are many around the globe who will receive this information and pass it on to the populace. THIS IS SERIOUS, folks. Belief is a choice that you will not have in this very instance for it will impact you no matter where you are.

Prepare yourselves as we have told you many times and remain CALM. This is Christ Michael, Sovereign Creator Son of Nebadon and I have given my seal of approval upon this message.

Rubens: Thank you, dear.
Aton: Salu.

No More Rehearsals
Update on Three Days of Darkness (3DD)

Esu channeled by Johan and date published Wednesday September 12, 2012. Message taken from:

This is Esu wanting to address AH and its readers:

My Beloved Friends and Family so near to my heart, as we have waited so long to find the perfect moment to get into the ultimate action on this TRANSITION AND TRANSFORMATION OR CORRECTION, so Anxious and Delighted are we now to be able to call it a GO AHEAD. We knew all along that Christ Michael Aton would weigh and balance many options and possible outcomes against each other and only agree to implement the removal of the dark when no further possibilities with even only one shred of hope could be found anymore.

There is Mother Earth now having to move on, there is the cosmic clock and cycles running, there is an Age of Light and Life to start. Although a tremendous amount of work has been done outside of your radius of perception and understanding, it seemed all had come to a stand-still, at times a stand-off, even a stand-down with those who wanted to continue THEIR way. Our message to them has constantly been: If not EVERYBODY’S WAY, THEN NOT YOURS EITHER, since progression in the Universe does not function like a one-way street.

The cunningness of some of them was astonishing, yet Light will ALWAYS AND IN ALL WAYS be in charge, even against all odds as any other road only leads to self-destruction.

As Siraya has already filled you in and Christ Michael Aton will inform Candace or others at the appropriate time and way, we are on stand-by instead and looking forward to make a start of an Illustrious Plan, that much I can guarantee you. Those of you who stand by Christ Michael Aton will one day soon realize what UNIQUE CREATOR SON they Serve, as even We are amazed by his Leadership and visions for us all, in His Service to us all.

Without further ado, allow me to wish you all the strength and courage to enter the arena where all have gathered from far and beyond to see this endgame been worked out. No play, no game, but a working plan in action that guarantees the best and Highest possible outcome for ALL involved. As Fleet, we have made endless preparations for all possible scenarios so you are truly well covered. Yet this is not a rehearsal, THIS IS FOR REAL and with unexpected or surprising events always possible, AND/ALTHOUGH Christ Michael Aton at the steering wheel to adjust where necessary, I need to point out that remaining calm and balanced and well rested, as advised before, is the way to go. Even if rapid decisions are needed, KEEP IN MIND THAT WE KNOW WHERE YOU ARE AND WHAT IS HAPPENING TO YOU. Fear and panic never helps, are downright counterproductive so THINK AT ANY TIME: WE ARE WITH YOU AT ALL TIME, IN THAT YOU CAN TRUST.

Assistance will be plenty, help and advice will be around, instructions and upgrades will be made appropriately but at times, YOU WILL NEED TO SHOW WHAT WOOD YOU ARE MADE OFF. Going Within will balance your mind and ease the emotions, BUT YOU NEED TO DO THAT NOW AND MAKE IT YOUR PRIORITY, before the rollercoaster takes you places you have not experienced before. I am only saying this to confirm that a little bit of stage jitters will be felt, but this usually stimulates a better performance, as many amongst you know.

Rest up as much as possible, and keep it happy and healthy to the max of your capacity. This will be of great help.

So, My Beloved One Team – One Special Family, to use this truthful theme, no more rehearsals, no more delays, WE ARE READY TO GO INTO ACTION, AND CHRIST MICHAEL ATON WILL GUIDE US INTO IT. Do not calculate with hours and days, as ANYTIME is the norm now, but always some form of info or message or insight or sign will be made available to you, all it takes is to remain vigilant in the days ahead and read again some of the messages as of late, to be familiar with the advice and info given.

I will be seeing you soon or should I say, you will be seeing ME soon … and OH, by the way … I am not traveling by horse in the sky anymore …

Johan: Love and Light.

This piece is under copyright protection of It may be placed anywhere on the web as long as it is not changed in any way and a link placed back to this site. It is preferred you place the entire piece, and if not possible to do so, you must note that the rest of it can be found at the link. Thankyou, Candace.

Christ Michael
Special Notice on Three Days of Darkness (3DD)

Christ Michael channeled by Johan and date published Saturday September 15, 2012. Message taken from:

Candace: Johan was given this yesterday and after my panic attack was over because of a time and date given, I let him post it on the forum, for I had similar information and others on the team have been given similar time frames, but a tad later. Esu and CM both contacted me a bit ago and suggested adding up to 24 hours to this, as the unfinished business mentioned is not operating "on time." Please pay attention to the 22:00UTC time, For those of you doing the global meditations it is 1 hour later from your 21:00UTC time. If this was to start today, it would be in an hour from when I post this, 4PM in the afternoon for me. So I don’t expect to notice until 4PM tomorrow or so essentially.

They began aligning the ship into place for the partial eclipse a couple of days ago now. It remains unmanifested and the manifestation will be gradual, over quite a few hours once it starts. So there will not be an "instant dark spot". Once someone on my team has noticed, we will post here that it has started. But you might want to be sure you have your batteries or candles, etc., before it becomes OBVIOUS so you don’t have to stand in a line to get them, only to find out they are all off the shelves. When it IS obvious and we have posted to that, be sure to email or call everyone you know, and post to any forums and blogs you belong too, because there IS resistance to explaining WHAT it is in some countries. You might want to bookmark the teaching we have posted here for easy posting.


Johan: Christ Michael Aton addressed me in His familiar way and asked me to take the following message to share with you all.

Christ Michael: More scribes will be informed and asked to share but without further ado, I give you at AH notice that you will see the sun going gradually darker from your earthly perspective, starting before the end of the next 24 earthly hours have passed. Noting it is 6:00PM EST now or 22:00 UTC when this message has been given. (Johan: Know that mentioning something as delicate as dates, days, let alone HOURS, makes me very jittery … just so you know, YET I trust my messages AND Christ Michael Aton even more).

You know we normally never speak out dates, days nor hours, but as you all have been mentioned that the Button Has Been Pushed, No more Delays and Rehearsals and your anticipation has grown considerable, I want to give you this small deserved notice as your patience has been pushed to the limits. The 3DDs need to start now since new developments need to be nipped in the bud and Earth changes needs addressing to.

Rest up as much as possible and early bedtime will do you wonders, IF you have the interest to ask your Higher Selves to be Informed, Instructed and Inspired. Your preparations should have ended long time ago, but check again if needed, YET your best preparation comes from calm and balanced Mind and Soul – Inspirations in the first place.

Salu, My Beloved Light Warriors and Star Seeds, as I Love All of you Dearly. Christ Michael Aton of Nebadon.

Johan: Love and Light.

Christ Michael
It Is Finished. Three Days of Darkness (3DD)

Christ Michael channeled by Rubens and date published Monday September 17, 2012. Message taken from:

Rubens: How may I be of service today?
Aton: By taking this message down. I and the others assisting have been very busy as you were advised earlier. The ones in control of this planet out of their will believe that they cannot and should not let go of their control, hence our needing to intervene so that all could go according to plans. As most of you know already, they have the least intentions of cooperating and simply want to annihilate all of you along with Gaia instead of repenting and rectify their actions that they so much have to pay for.

We have had to work arduously to bring their plans to a halt and we have assured that they will no longer be a problem. Now to those who have doubted that I would carry this out to the end, I would suggest that you revise your commitment, although I know that you mean well, and it is quite human to doubt. In light of the assistance given to you, it is quite fair on my part to ask much more of you.

We shall implement, that is, we shall assure that the source of your planetary light becomes dimmed as to bring the 3DD to full implementation per our earlier announced plan.

Do not fear, dear ones, this is the end of a long struggle and nothing can stop it for My Will is in alignment with Source. I, Aton, Sovereign Creator Son of Nebadon, place my seal of approval upon this message. Salu.

This piece is under copyright protection of It may be placed anywhere on the web as long as it is not changed in any way and a link placed back to this site. It is preferred you place the entire piece, and if not possible to do so, you must note that the rest of it can be found at the link. Thankyou, Candace.

The Changing and Correcting Time Is Upon You. Three Days of Darkness (3DD)

Siraya channeled by Johan and date published Monday September 24, 2012. Message taken from:

I AM Siraya, Representative of Creator Source to Orvonton.

It is my honor and pleasure to bring greetings from the Almighty One I represent and announce that you on Earth are now entering upon the intensifying events, ushering in the 3 Dark Days and all else following, that you have been foretold. As decided by many, it is time for your Mother Earth to turn the corner and start her recovering road to Ascension, to Light and Life.

You received the updates, the info about the incoming energies that are INTENSE and serve to cleanse, to distinguish what and who can join this planet on her path to Galactic Union as Is her Birthright, and what or who is not ready to do so at all.

Also your elements will INTENSIFY, all life forms will intensify without exception. That means, after many warnings and advice, to take care of yourself in optimum way, you surely have to be reasonable and kind to your own body that will tell you it is under serious influence of those energies. Listen to your body and communicate with it, it is no stranger to you. Your Lower Self and your Higher Self are connected and while you walk your Mother Earth, learn to balance the two since Unity and Balance and Harmony are most important for you and all now.

Your Sovereign, Christ Michael of Nebadon, will now see come into fruition the results of his Unique approach in an Epic Battle that will position those who stood with Him for future progression, the like you have not seen. All have been given the same chances, Few have accepted, and although some are to change their minds due to this Intensifying Display of Divine Energies and Events you entered upon, they will be given opportunity to proof they mean their change of heart and will equally land where they deserve, so will you.

Your road to Divine Service is just opening up, after many blockades and diversions of those who thought they controlled the way. They did not understand YOU ARE THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE ETERNAL LIFE, if connected with the Divine. It was a very important advice that sounded : ”Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven, and all those things needed for your Eternal Survival shall be added unto you.”, and NOW THAT THE CLEANSING IS UPON YOU, it will become crystal clear what the difference will bring or result into.

Many tears will flow, some of sorrow and some of joy. For those whose hearts will rejoice, a time of prosperity in Love and Companionship, Knowledge and Divine Union is starting. It will take work and joint efforts, but the heart will never ache again, like you suffered the oppression of darkness too long. That is mainly the work of Your Sovereign who Skillfully and Masterly out-maneuvered the adversary by never giving up and giving in to their relentless barrages of attacks and dirty tricks, Yet still showing Divine Mercy at all time. For eons of time to come, will this Epic Battle that started with rebellion but was ended by Your Creator Son Christ Michael, be the topic of many discussions as few had the vision and courage He displayed so wonderfully well.

Time is of great concern to you, since ‘time is money and money is god ‘ in your society, but time means nothing where not having things done as fast as possible but as Good and Perfect as Possible and toward the benefit and Highest Divine Purpose of ALL involved, is the standard. That is the vista you are entering upon, and remembering THIS EXPERIENCE YOU ARE PART OF NOW, will give you much headway in your own Creations one day.

Rejoice, Rejoice, my Beloveds, for this Changing and Correcting Time IS UPON YOU. Greeting You Warmly and Sincerely, I AM SIRAYA, In Divine Service to Creator Source.

Johan: Love and Light.

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Christ Michael
The Judgment Event of the Lord. Three Days of Darkness (3DD) Update

Christ Michael channeled by Candace Frieze and date published Friday September 21, 2012. Message taken from:

Beloveds, now is the time to draw close to me. We are "remodeling" the energy system of Earth, to use simple terminology, I can’t be more specific. Your sun continues to dim, in final preparation for the 3 Days of Darkness. Man is not listening, we do not know for sure if we will be on television, so these changes will alert all to what is going on, it cannot be ignored. The energy bursts will come forth every few hours, based on observation of effects. We will continue to dim the sun at regular intervals, with the gradual manifestation of the craft.

Everyone on the planet will feel something and people will intuitively know something is impending. As this intensifies, the fear and dread is going to increase in people not connected to Creator and even some who are but don’t know what is going on. Continue to stand ready to serve. We have given so very much teaching now on this and it is the end of this particular path and this is the Judgment Event of the Lord. These energy changes may cause some to leave the planet before the partial eclipse fully manifests, that is still on the to-do-list before the full eclipse.

Many of you who are sensitive will feel these changes, with perhaps heart rate changes, sweating, cold, vibrations, nausea, poor sleep, headaches. You must simply relax and let these energies flow and stay in service. We have given much, and during this final situation, we expect much in return. Namaste, I AM THAT I AM, Michael of Nebadon.


Incoming Energy Waves. Three Days of Darkness (3DD) Update

Divine Mother Nebadonia channeled by Rubens on Friday September 21, 2012, and date published Sunday September 23, 2012. Message taken from:

Hello, Rubens, this is your sister Nebadonia, yes, the same one, consort of your brother Christ Michael.

I am here to announce the arrival of waves of energy and the ensuing precipitation of series of events that must occur on your beloved planet Gaia. What such arrival does is to allow all elements to align themselves properly as if by divine hands so that the manifestation of the 3DD that you are so expecting on Earth can take place in the fashion that it ought to without creating havoc on your ground; that is not to say that there will not be any catastrophes occurring during and after such event but there is sort of a cushioning of multiple blows (as conceived from your point of view) so that we do not provoke a lot more than needed in terms of geological events and their consequential departures of ones on the ground.

This is a much needed happening for it as has been forecast some time ago and it is a divine occurrence that must take place in order to create the atmosphere needed to have an adequate terrain that will see the beginning of a long process of entering into Light and Life. Yes, dear, as you will know it that is the aim of all that is to occur.

I, Nebadonia, Creative Spirit of Nebadon, am joyous at the prospect of that which will become soon, your long awaited turn of events. I am Nebadonia and greet all of you good bye in the hope that we shall see one another soon. Adieu, my children.

Candace: Several of our other telepaths have also received notice of serious change and have posted small notes on the forum.

This piece is under copyright protection of It may be placed anywhere on the web as long as it is not changed in any way and a link placed back to this site.  It is preferred you place the entire piece, and if not possible to do so, you must note that the rest of it can be found at the link.  Thank you, Candace.

On Devotion

Monjoronson channeled by Shellee-Kim, , on Wednesday September 12 and date published Wednesday September 19, 2012. Message taken from:

Shellee-Kim (SK): Monjo popped in to ask whether I’d take a message. I asked him to call back in a couple of hours.
Monjoronson (M): (2 hours later) It is I, Monjoronson, are you ready for me now, beloved one?
SK: I am.

M: This evening I would like to talk to you about the subject of devotion. You ones have stood the test of time and it is therefore appropriate that this is a seed you will be planting amongst many as you go forth and spread your wisdom.

Devotion —to the God Within and the God Without in all living things— are to become an integral part of the regular person’s living in the future on your planet. It will be a wholly new and exciting way of life. And it is up to you ones in the knowing to extol the virtues of this, the importance of living with and in honor of your God Spirit, and, above all else, the creating of time to devote to practices in which this bond may be strengthened.

It is important that people know the entire life and all future unfoldment for it now rests and is determined by how much or little they put into the development of this relationship with the Self. That is to say that fairly quickly and extensively will it be known that this is imperative as the focus for their new lives, particularly those remaining after the major stasis.

How you ones can help them work towards the building of such a relationship in their lives is purely through demonstrating by example of that which you speak. There is no better way of reaching people, touching them, moving them.

Devotion requires first a desire to achieve a particular end or aim. It will therefore require people who are inspired enough to trigger such in others. And people will be inspired in any one of many ways by you, wayshowers, who are stepping forward with your personal stories, skills and gifts to share with the many.

It will be a complete paradigm shift that will occur and during the course of the breaking down and away of what remains of the old, many will exist for a time in a ‘no man’s land’ kind of state of mind and heart.

This stage is a necessary part of the cleansing and each will travel through it at his/her own pace. It is not for you ones to rush this or see yourself as anything but facilitators of the processes that others must go through in order to evolve.

Devotion will shift in the minds of people from being the worshipping of something outside of themselves to the gradual acknowledgment that it is they themselves that own and are in charge of their own lives. The magnitude of free will then become a most significant talking point.

This is how we see some of the unfoldment occurring, but it is a broad generalization, as each will work at the pace most comfortable to them. Yet there will be a time frame laid down for the achievement of certain stages that must be reached before the major stasis when your planet goes in for repairs and her upgrade.

While people should not feel pressurized, the awareness of the timetable and what it will bring is important. And it is to be stressed continuously that it is through devotion and practices to strengthening the bond between them and their divine inner selves, that will more quickly help them move to their next respective levels within.

This is to be a time of great flowering amongst the remaining masses. And, as values shift from the individual to the collective level, a great rise up in consciousness will occur. This is the purpose of this final phase, of helping to raise as many to as high a state as possible in both the interests of the future Earth and of their own personal journeys ahead.

[Continued 13 September 2012]

Now you ones who will be instrumental in aiding this process are to make it known publicly how devotion has played a most important part in your own lives. How your very personal journeys have reflected this and in the multitudinous ways this has come forth to each of you. And that there is no single way or manner in which to be committed to acts of devotion. For some this might mean dancing to connect more to the God Spirit Within. For others this could mean quiet time in some type of meditative practice, while others may find their devotion taking the form of a more active, specific service to others. The main point being that this is one of the single most important factors in fuelling forward movement in the evolution of the soul. And by your very stories shared, you ones shall be the inspiration that drives people to begin desiring this experience and state also.

Why is it that so many amongst you suffer from low self-esteem? It is because you know not nor fully accept your God Self Within. For if you did, you would surely embrace and celebrate every aspect of yourself. And you would do so in a continual state of wonder and awe at who you really are.

People have so very little sense of themselves —what with the extreme mental abuse by way of programming and general numbing out and dumbing down— that in some ways starting from a clean slate in building consciousness anew will be fairly easy. For there is very little of substance that lives within the minds of most at this stage. And it won’t take much more to remove the remnants of dross in the collective. (SK: I receive the image of dust being blown away). Then follows a time of setting the example, implementing new ways and solutions to old problems. And thus a new value system within a society slowly unfurls.

Perhaps this description sounds over-simplified. Although the consciousness of people will be ripe, it is for you, wayshowers, to find the best ways of implementing these solutions, which will sometimes not be simple or easy. But you will have definite advantages to work with, like this described above.

In closing all that needs be said is that you ones, you, wayshowers, are in a great position of privilege. It is expected at all times that your commitment to the introduction of love and life onto the planet remains priority. To this end, we suggest you daily enter into a period of self-evaluation in order to ‘keep your game face on’, so to speak *smiles*. This way you will be able to make the continuous necessary adjustments within for your own personal growth and evolution also, as you remain devoted to your service.

That is all for today. It is with great pleasure that we now have this one to add to our channeling team on the ground. It has been a difficult journey for her but she has come through. With that said, many more of you are to awaken to our call in the days ahead. We wish you joy of the wonders and the glory of the great discoveries you are now to make about yourselves and your world. Revelation time is here indeed. Heart-felt love to each one of your for your unstinting service. I AM Monjoronson.

Christ Michael
Clarification of Energy Process

Christ Michael channeled by Adam on Sunday October 7, 2012. Message taken from:

Adam: Is there a message?
Christ Michael Aton: Yes. Good evening, Adam.

Light workers are clamoring for an “update.” I am here to tell you that the new phase of The Project, as you think of it, is already underway. There is a lack of understanding about what is happening and that is regrettable.

The energy bombarding your world has changed permanently and that is an important step. This energy will clear the way for important and dramatic changes that must occur. There will soon be a tipping point that will allow physical manifestations that will be recognizable and unmistakable.

This process has begun. We are not waiting for concessions or any sort of actions from the dark ones. We are moving over them. They have ceased to matter.

Let it be known that we are in the beginning of The Harvest phase right now. The true natures of all people will be revealed to themselves and to Us and The Sorting will begin. Each will know instinctively his or her place and path and will move in that direction without fail. It cannot be otherwise.

Some of you have begun to notice the beginnings of this. Continue to watch and clarity will follow. That is all for now.

This piece is under copyright protection of It may be placed anywhere on the web as long as it is not changed in any way and a link placed back to this site.  It is preferred you place the entire piece, and if not possible to do so, you must note that the rest of it can be found at the link.  Thank you, Candace.

Mother Mary
Mama María Speaks to T.  The 3DD

Mother Mary channeled by T. on Thursday October 18, 2012. Message taken from:

T: Hi folks, I know it’s been a while since I last posted anything anywhere, especially any meditation reports. There is a good reason for that; the need for me to work out some very heavily unresolved emotional issues from my past. As my guide Laoshi put it: "You can’t seriously expect to convince anyone to have a bath when you yourself stink like a Tibetan yak, can you?!"

He has a lovely way with words, my Laoshi does… Good point he’s got there! Anyway, all is a lot better now, and so I’m back. I had asked Mama Maria a couple of weeks ago, due to one of my many pangs of impatience, about the 3DD. She had told me this:

Mother Mary: “Do not ask IF it’s going to happen. Ask what YOU will do WHEN it happens. Are YOU ready for it? If you say you are, then you certainly are NOT. Ask yourself: When you are about to sit for an exam, can you truly say that you are perfectly ready for it? No. One can only keep on maintaining the process of readiness as much as possible until the event occurs.

“Realize this. The event is occurring as we speak; and when it does happen, even the most knowledgeable of the so-called "Lightworkers" will not know how to act IF they have not worked out their spiritual and other issues from this present lifetime. Many people will have to assess if they have been just idling time away waiting for events to occur —yes, one MAY look at this as an indirect form of service to self— or if they have been helping others in some manner to alleviate suffering and pain, being of service to others in some way or form. You will see when the time comes, that quite a few of the former will have to face a judgment of their own making —of their errant thoughts and actions, against themselves, by themselves— and they will also have to account for having mislead many who should have been rightly guided by them.”

T: At that time, when I asked if I should put this on the site, she told me not to do this. She said that this was because those who were going to listen were already hooked up to their Higher Selves and were busy preparing themselves by assisting those who came their way in whatever capacity was needed of them. Others, who were not going to listen, would not bother with the material anyway, and carry on doing as they have been doing. These would to be awakened by their own Higher Selves, guides and angelic guardians when the time was right. I am assured by her today that it is the right time to put that message up. So, I am including it here.

OK. This morning, I was just finishing my meditation as per Christ Michael’s latest directive, when Mama Maria came to speak to me. When we had finished talking —and most of it was either personal stuff or that to do with my spiritual path— I told her my intention of resuming my postings on the AH forum website. I asked her if there was anything wanted me to put there. She affirmed that there was. Pleaselike I usually sayuse your spiritual discernment. Take what resonates, leave what does not. Anyway, this is what was said to me:

Mother Mary: "My dearest children, I have warned many on this planet, for many years, about this time of darkness. Yet, many have refused to listen. Some have listened, but not heard. Only a very handful have truly believed. Now, I say to you: Be aware, now. Be vigilant, now. Now is the time to assume responsibility; to be an anchor for the passengers on a ship in the middle of this awaited maelstrom. The storm will be felt to be terrible, even though it will rage on in both darkness and Light for the predicted three days and longer. In this darkness, it will seem as if there is no horizon on which to fix one’s gaze.

“In this darkness, too, one will not be able to make out who is friend nor who is foe, who is family and who is stranger. For many, it will be a testing ‘Night of the Soul’; a time when they are being forced to evaluate the validity of all that they have held dear for such a long time. It has already started, my children. This is why all around you many are unable to function as they once used to and are acting irrationally and totally ‘out of character’. I say to you all: Look inwards. Look deeply. Be at one with your I AM. Attune to He who you call Christ Michael, the One who is as your Father. You will be guided at this time by Him, by your spiritual guides and your guardians.

“Less words. More action. That is what is needed. That is what is been commanded by the Father Creator, the Source of All. That is what is being done by your beloved Christ Michael.

“So, my dearest children, lift your spirits. Let happiness shine out of your souls in this coming darkness. Be the beacon of Divine Light that you are. Let your smiles decorate the unveiling of the ‘New’ Earth with Divine Love and Light! We will all meet again, aboard our vehicle, which you should know quite well by now, even if you do not consciously remember it. My Love will remain with you all no matter where you decide to go after this event is through."

T: Well, as for the meditation report: I received no visuals. Just a sense of unbounded happiness, overwhelming love and joy emanating from Mama Gaia. Apart from this, there is currently nothing more to report. See you all soon. Love and Light. T.

Candace: Beloveds, just to update a bit, those watching the sun should be noticing something. Some of us here have friends noticing the sun but with no clue as to why it’s not so bright. I can now gaze it for a short time at high noon without any pain or eye protection, it’s dulled that much but I still don’t want to gaze for a long period. Takes about only 5 seconds for me to discern the disk (not the craft) now. We have completely clear sky above right now, no chemtrails, no haze, and it’s NOT as bright and sunny as it should be, the feel is sort of like the sun being behind thin clouds. It is as I post this, 1 hour or less from solar noon.

This is an AH telepath piece. It may be posted anywhere freely but may not be modified in any way and the Linky back must be included. If you cannot post it in its entirety, be sure to state that, and again, put the linky back to here. The Linky IS above.

Galactic Federation Fleet
Unified Group Message

alactic Federation Fleet channeled by Kibo and published on Friday October 26, 2012. Message taken from:

This is a message from the whole fleet as one. The time is arriving that the dark has dreaded and that you and we, together, have not just hoped for, but have worked long and hard to achieve. During the course of time between what was and what will be, will be given to you three days of an opportunity to come to the final decisions of your lives.

To serve the will of The One alone and as it is manifest in His Michael Sons and the Lords of the super universes, is the worthiest endeavor that any faith child of Creator Source can undertake. The path to perfection is fraught with delights and terrors that all together, in the end moment that you stand on the verge of fulfilling your goal, gain you the ultimate and supreme appreciation of the mind of the Paradise Father in the preparation that He has so meticulously laid out for each and every individual free-will, ascending, intelligent faith child of the realm of time and space. We all have our own unique paths to perfection that is just as different as our personalities are from each other, yet we learn to come together as One in the cause of supreme family to aid and assist each other for the sake of each in love and devotion to the One that created and creates all things through Himself and shares of His Self with all that all may return to Him in perfection as creatures of eternal and infinite Light, Life and Love.

The discipline of true liberty is the freedom that we all seek that must be earned in order to fully comprehend and agree with, and in The Father’s Will is neither always easy nor so full of hardship that it becomes unendurable. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, but the love of God is the active wisdom that evolves from knowledgeable use. That knowledge can only come from knowing one’s self and knowing God and find them both in each other. It is in the actualization of the inherent values found in that, which automatically binds and bonds all things together as One in The One so that we may not only truthfully say, but truthfully live in being each other, with each other, for the sake of each other.

You have a saying, “all for one and one for all”, and this is truly our way of life in the Father and Source of all things as He is The One, as He is One, so say we all: All for One and One for All!

It is in this spirit of shared love and devotion that we prepare to meet and be reunited with all of you, that we may reconnect and share the God in all of us as One. We ask that you look forward to meeting us with the same love, peace and joy that we have as we look forward to meeting you.

Much is about to change on your world. Your freedom and abundance and true knowledge are at hand. Give thanks and praise to Creator Source, The Paradise Trinity, Lord Siraya, and Christ Michael Aton for all that has been done and is being done and will be done; and for all that has been given, is being given and will be given, in experience it is all God. IT IS GOD! There is no other thing existing and IT is what we are and we are all part of What IT Is.

Behold! A new and greater life of understanding is upon you! Be in Joy and be One in joy! We are you family in the great adventure of Life in God and soon we shall embrace each other, face to face, in love and Light, as together, we shall now journey forward and upwards to our promised perfection!

This piece is under copyright protection of It may be placed anywhere on the web as long as it is not changed in anyway and a link placed back to this site. It is preferred you place the entire piece, and if not possible to do so, you must note that the rest of it can be found at the link. Thank you, Candace.

Father of Havona
Invitation to the Grand Finale. The 3DD

Father of Havona (Papa Source) channeled by Johan and published on Monday October 29, 2012. Message taken from:

My Dearly Beloved Children of the Light, I AM Papa Source. I will keep this short and sweet, My Beloveds.

A while ago I left you the news that My Son Christ Michael of Nebadon could call forth the hour for all to see. I come to confirm and announce THAT HAS BEEN CALLED FORTH NOW.

As you read through another already, WE DO WELCOME YOU PER NOTICE AND INVITATION TO THE GRAND FINALE. As My Creator Son, Christ Michael already told this scribe this morning that all orders had gone out to curfew and curtail those who thought to harm others upon the first sign of a darkening Sun, now I come to confirm that and further insist : YOUR HOMECOMING IS BEEN PREPARED, READIED AT FULL AND AWAITING YOU. It might not be palaces yet, but you sure will know the difference with your present situations when all comes to pass.

Enjoy the sun in its full glory as you will wish you did, when it is not the case for a very short while. Make sure your Inner Battery is full of Divine Light, so you can shine in the darkness since although only for a short while, but Light Houses will be in great demand. May all Blessings be upon you as you deserve and be happy to know, WE ARE GOING DARK SHORTLY, when the notice has served its purpose in full.

Again, I love you ALL, as does my Son, Your Sovereign, and may our Blessings Be Upon You All as much as you can take by your own merit. Papa Source, I AM.

Johan: Love and Light.

This piece is under copyright protection of It may be placed anywhere on the web as long as it is not changed in anyway and a link placed back to this site. It is preferred you place the entire piece, and if not possible to do so, you must note that the rest of it can be found at the link. Thank you, Candace.

Christ Michael
I Know You Ones Are Hungry for News. 3DD

Christ Michael channeled by Hazel on Monday November 12, 2012. Message taken from:

Update: Christ Michael present.

I know you ones are hungry for news. Much of import is going on but none of which I can and will reveal to you at present. There is some ‘wheeling and dealing’ taking place, the outcome of which I await. The course of MY plans has not changed. I have not amended the original plan. I AM seeking only to have MY house in order before the final curtain is drawn down. You see there are universal laws that I must abide by and that is what I AM acting upon now. When they are complete there will be a clear conclusion to what appears to be a long and drawn out saga.

The Earth is going to move a few times before the grand event, and chaos will ensue a bit, it is needed now. She needs to release and the occurrences will be tolerated. By this I mean I am allowing it to go ahead. It will draw the population’s attention to matters that are more important than everyday issues. It will cause an awakening amongst some.

The world clock continues to tick as times speeds up. Instead of spending your time waiting for it to happen, attend your minds to your inner awareness and seek to expand your understanding of God within. It will do you no good to complain about Christ Michael for Christ Michael knows what HE is doing. I ask, do you know what you are meant to be doing? If not, attend yourself to the force within and ask after your purpose at this time.

I have said multiple times that the time is NOW. Do not let it catch you unprepared.  NOW does not mean this exact minute, it refers to a ‘period’ and you are in that period. Ensure that your inner lamp burns brightly. Take the journey with ME in consciousness so that you inwardly remain calm and present.

I AM not prevaricating but simply ensuring that perfection is achieved before I bring the curtain down on this time. You may have noticed the energies sporadically being pumped into your Earth. The energies are finer now and those attuned will feel or even hear the energies. They are having the effect of quickening, that is awakening some of the sleeping masses but more so preparing the Earth for her move. There is but a short time remaining and I mean quite categorically in terms of linear time or as you understand time.

I will briefly address you on the 3DD. Your sun continues to dim periodically. We are experimenting with certain things at the moment but it should be most obvious to you who engage in sun gazing activity. The craft is still very near the sun and working in and out as required. It is not my intent to coincide the eclipse with any planetary eclipse your world might experience. As I said earlier, there are miscellaneous matters being addressed as a prelude to the 3DD. There are no real delays, beloveds, just events taking place that MUST. I AM Christ Michael.

This piece is under copyright protection of It may be placed anywhere on the web as long as it is not changed in anyway and a link placed back to this site. It is preferred you place the entire piece, and if not possible to do so, you must note that the rest of it can be found at the link. Thank you, Candace.

Your World Is Being Prepared for Great Change

Archangel Metatron channeled by Hazel on Monday November 12, 2012. Message taken from:

I am Metatron of the Pure Light of God. A celestial visitation preceded this message that I may come through the consciousness of this scribe to perform this message. It is a holy time upon your lands. Your firmament is being prepared and soon a new halo will surround your world. It is not yet complete however. I come not to speak to you of these matters.

I come to reintegrate you into the cosmic dynamic as your world is being prepared for great change. You cannot comprehend the movements taking place for indeed words are limited to correspond with you in a way that you will truly grasp the efficacy of what underlies the great movement. So we speak to you notionally, meaning in the language you can comprehend yet still this does not afford us the opportunity to speak in the fullness of our truth for you will not know what that means.

There is conjecture in your world about many things and different versions of understanding plough ahead. Some are taken in by some versions, others choose the alternatives and each makes their version of the truth. This way is not a solid foundation to knowing what truth is. You must desire the truth of God to be emblazoned on your heart and seek it like you see nothing else in your material world. Only then you shall have the truth, I mean, the real truth.

This child contemplates my origin for she knows me as being of Arch angel stock for that is what your world tells you. You do not in truth know me in title. You know my energy and that suffices. The moment it will come upon your world when all will seek in truth and the truth will be told. For now you play with truth or that which you call truth which in many cases is a figment of your imagination or an imposed value thrust upon you. I am from the highest heavens, the ultimate Paradise. I serve the Creator as you are meant to. For now that will suffice.

Your world is on the brink of a mighty fall. But the hand of the Divine will reach down to lift you before all comes to nothing. Your Father Michael has already addressed you this day and it is not my place to superimpose my thoughts upon what HE has expressed. I have simply come to add that the old is being bitten away and the tempo of this has miraculously increased. In your consciousness many are prevailing upon the set date and time given by and through the Mayan calendar. In reality this no longer exists, meaning that the time has long been spent. Your mind is programmed on time so you need to have a date in your consciousness to anticipate.

Surely you must know by now that what you term the Ascension is already in play. Each will have his or her own Ascension in measure of his/her readiness. This does not depend on a set time frame. The Ascension of the Earth, however, is another matter. This will take place in accordance with the galactic cycles that have long been in place and you are in the run up to this. The Earth’s ‘matter’ has already begun to shift but you are still a long way from what you call 5th dimension. That will progress more slowly after some initial changes are conducted upon your Earth plane. All will change. Levels of awareness are already shifting amongst your population BUT there remains a large number who remains unaccounted for, meaning they are mightily in ‘rest‘ mode.

I am not here to repeat what has been given to you already. I am simply here to reiterate that matters are progressing and the face of your world will take on a gradual change. Earth activity is to be expected but the major clearing will not happen during a conscious state. I mean that the population will not be conscious when this is taking place. It is only thereafter that a new cycle can begin.

The process will be a lengthy one. The storm is not yet over for with certainty there shall be more upheaval before the end of this age is revealed. All is in the hands of Divine Creator and it will bode you well to stay in touch with HIS essence for all you need do is to penetrate the outer layers of falsity and move within the malleable flow of the Creator’s mind. You are almost over the bridge but the bridge will rock a few times as the water rises before you land to safety.

I Say No more. I am Metatron of the ONE LIGHT.

Candace: I want to add some comments. To those seeking the December 21, 2012, magic date, it is not so and has been always a date placed by the dark, and not based on anything. There is much to do now on the internet in forums, with people claiming we enter this, that, or the other that day, or we magically Ascend. None of it is true. As to the "date", Jesus was born in 7BC, not 0 BC, so you see, 2012 was at least 7 years ago already.

Metatron is a Trinity Origin Being from Paradise, beloveds. There are many orders of Trinity Beings and it would mean little to place a title/name of an order to you at this time. I am also a Trinity Being, but since I am an Ascending Son, I am a Trinitized Being, not a Trinity Origin Being as I rose out of the stock of some planet in Nebadon and Ascended my way to Paradise. I did not start in Paradise. Metatron Is of Origin there in the first place. I earned mine. Hope this helps. Candace.

This piece is under copyright protection of It may be placed anywhere on the web as long as it is not changed in anyway and a link placed back to this site. It is preferred you place the entire piece, and if not possible to do so, you must note that the rest of it can be found at the link. Thank you, Candace.

Father of Havona
It IS Coming

Father of Havona (Source, Papa Source, the Father in Heaven, the Universal Father) channeled by Hazel on Monday November 12, 2012. Message taken from:

I will give you a few words to assuage your hunger and placate your spirit. I AM present, your Source. What will it take to convince you that the time of revelation is at hand? The works of God are mighty yet seldom explicable to the human understanding. GOD may be ONE but must address ALL. Every finite concern must be resolved before action is taken. You require a time frame yet I say to be prepared. What does that tell you?

Focus your mind on being prepared at the level of the heart and soul for this shall bring further awakening to broaden your awareness and understanding. You speak of matters of Ascension. Is that what is happening to your world? Dear ones, your world is being reborn, re-birthed. I AM saying that she must be cleaned and purified first and foremost. Only then can she sustain the vibratory changes that will cosmically align her with her divine fragment. You seem to think that she will just rise and things will remain in the same situ. That is not so. Her cleansing will be prolific. She will rise from the ashes of the destruction man has wielded upon her, but she will be cleansed first. What does this say to you?

Your Earth will have heavy movements during this cycle and deluge of waters will cover the plains. It would better suit you to prepare for this instead of waiting for a fallacious date to materialize what you desire. I say that there will be major Earth movements on your world and some catastrophe before the anticipated changes ensue. Know that you are in the times of great change. Your world will have a bit of a shake-up before things begin to change.

Michael’s plans have not changed, HE is simply allowing the ‘chips to fall where there may’ for a moment and HE has his reasons.

I simply ask you to go with the flow now and spend your days involved in constructive matters. You do not need to know all the ‘ins and outs’. Simply trust. I AM your Source.

This piece is under copyright protection of It may be placed anywhere on the web as long as it is not changed in anyway and a link placed back to this site. It is preferred you place the entire piece, and if not possible to do so, you must note that the rest of it can be found at the link. Thank you, Candace.

The Paralysis of Peace-Keeping

Seraphim channeled by Rosie on Monday April 16, 2012, and message published on Thursday April 19, 2012. Message taken from:

Dear Children on Planet Earth who wish well but rest in the Unknowing:

Your position until now has been one of PLEASANT PARALYSIS turning your eyes away from PERVERSE AND PERFIDIOUS PURSUITS. This has been of a voluntary nature. From the seat of observance and inaction you have been viewing a concocted version of history and contemporary world events through distorted glasses, willingly sitting in cozy cages.

These cages or mental landscapes are of your own making, result from your own passivity, from the inability to utilize your minds critically and constructively. Your minds are like balls of cotton wool which do little but absorb the fodder which the media and those in power are so happy to provide you with. These cages are not only of your own making, they are also UNLOCKED. YOU CAN EXIT ANY TIME.


Yes, Dear Ones on Earth. THIS IS THE TRAGEDY: Your desire to keep the peace, to exercise tolerance in the extreme in all areas of life has turned you into a degenerate, warring and godless society. KNOW THAT THERE ARE MANY GODS OUTSIDE YOUR PLANET WATCHING THE ACTIVITIES OF YOU WHO CONTAIN THE GOD FRAGMENT INSIDE YOU ALSO, AND WHO HAVE THE POTENTIAL TO BECOME GODS ALSO.

Know that you are all without exception loved by your galactic brethren who survey your present plight and observe the extreme poverty, inhumanity, carnage and ugliness for which you are jointly responsible.

At this point I can hear those upset rebellious voices of dismay screaming in reply “BUT THERE ARE SO MANY GOOD PEOPLE HERE AND SO MANY POSITIVE THINGS HAPPENING HERE TOO!” While this is also part of the truth, expressing this in response to the gross and acute and complex depravity of behavior which has desecrated millions of lives (including the life-blood and reserves of the planet herself), is NAÏVE AND INAPPROPRIATE. This is where we ask you to OPEN YOUR EYES, conduct intense investigation into the true causes instead of distracting yourselves with superficial entertainment, with ego-centered activities, and with “work” which creates stress and leaves little time for reviewing your very serious situation from a new perspective.

Search for the true roots of this. Do not flee from unpleasantness in order to keep a superficial and short-term peace, but seek out and weed out corrupt thoughts, actions and practices with steadfastness and integrity and dedication. SEARCH OUT EVERYTHING WHICH DOES NOT FIT INTO YOUR VISION OF A PERFECT AND HARMONIOUS WORLD.

We sound harsh, but we are motivated as always by love. Seraphim.

This piece is under copyright protection of It may be placed anywhere on the web as long as it is not changed in anyway and a link placed back to this site. It is preferred you place the entire piece, and if not possible to do so, you must note that the rest of it can be found at the link. Thank you, Candace.

Christ Michael
New War Is a False Flag by Israel. 3DD

Christ Michael channeled by Candace Frieze on Saturday November 17, 2012, and published on Sunday November 18, 2012. Message taken from:

Dearly Beloveds, I mentioned there would another update by a different telepath and so it is today. It is time for one through Candace.

We are of course not pleased about the war, but we have allowed as that a final small testing and the people are not doing well with it as a group in countries supporting Israel. Israel has gone all out smug, you might say, thinking they are untouchable. Your recent news of various important ones being fired for all sorts of social ills are experiencing the wrath of the State of Israel. Your country remains fully under their dominion. There have been many fired who didn’t desire to support Israel.

I remind some of you that many in Gaza are incarnating Khazars experiencing dying by the sword and not to become too upset. That whole issue there is totally an Israeli false flag.

It is time for all readers of AbundantHope to seriously join the Global Meditation tomorrow and focus on your Mother who needs all your support at this time.

We are continuing to darken the sun and before long, it should not look bright to anybody glancing at it. I have ground crew providing updates as to how it appears.

It is necessary to the Mother’s energies at this time to dim the sun gradually rather than suddenly, as we had planned. We made the decision to, if possible, get through the US of A election and thus we went to the gradual darkening, as a means of mostly notifying certain ones we indeed had the power to do that. This continues. You need not know the mechanisms of why the Mother should at this time experience the gradual darkening instead of the sudden "bull’s eye" as it became known.

I will continue to not provide detail, the dark should not have to any of my telepaths so as to not endanger them or those they love. You are going to have to maintain your patience and your spiritual readiness because, as it has been said, even the day is known by nobody but the Father and we ARE under that.

The date I put out in August was for notification of our dark brethren, and you are to hold no telepaths accountable for OUR decisions. This is done for a reason, as this is "war" and we must not give all to the enemy. We give what the enemy needs to hear as appropriate.

The necessary cosmic laws as to notification have been handled. More and more people now on Earth are being notified by various angels, Higher Selves, custodians and the like of the impending changes. Candace can give you a link to a very interesting thread she became engaged in yesterday on GLP in fact. There are several who work forums such as GLP getting messages with the hopes they will have the courage to post them and take the heat.

I am leaving now to get back to the preparations and other details, and you ones must be about the Father’s Work. Namaste, Michael of Nebadon.

Candace: The thread on GLP. One there had a lovely vision with AA Uriel and some didn’t like it at all. It continues today. I put in my two cents worth and there is a list in it of all of Hazel’s work with AA Uriel, as the name is less commonly known on this world and people were curious, including the OP of the thread, as he was not familiar with AA Uriel either. Some attacked the thread of course calling Uriel a Demon and all that rot out there that exists. Please do not be upset by my later posts in it, as since working nice is not effective, I decided to work with more intention. It is an act of love. But I loaded it up with slang and other techniques, these ones have little more time to "see."

As to the nature of the thread, you are seeing fully in it early 4D manifesting in which ones have to get off the fence and serve one side of the other, so read it from that perspective. It is obvious who remains on the side that is not of God there. And also those still upon the fence (ones I have pleaded too), and ones who recognize the piece as being a true message. I was going to post just OP’s posts I collected yesterday but then many would not look at the thread. He posted his vision in parts, sometimes in response to questions asked.

Also OP’s user ID changed over my night, from 27875016 to 27904634 . OP is from Spain.

This piece is under copyright protection of It may be placed anywhere on the web as long as it is not changed in anyway and a link placed back to this site. It is preferred you place the entire piece, and if not possible to do so, you must note that the rest of it can be found at the link. Thank you, Candace.

Archangel Uriel
Vision and Message from Archangel Uriel. 3DD

This is a vision of a user of GLP forum (OP) and which was referred to by Candace Frieze in the Christ Michael’s message of Saturday November 17, 2012, channeled by Candace Frieze and published at .  The message is fragmented and posted in 3 pages at ,, and

The quote below and the following information were taken from :

"Uriel means ‘God is my Light.’ Other spellings of His name include Usiel, Uzziel, Oriel, Auriel, Suriel, Urian, and Uryan… Uriel is known as the angel of wisdom. He shines the Light of God’s truth into the darkness of confusion. People sometimes ask for Uriel’s help to: Seek God’s will before making decisions, come up with fresh creative ideas, learn new information, solve problems, resolve conflicts, let go of destructive emotions such as anxiety and anger that can prevent them from discerning wisdom, and recognize dangerous situations so they can try to avoid them."

They said that they are here to help bring peace and stop any wars. They are here to save and free the planet. They said they speak with the authority of God. And that we must not be afraid and to believe this.

They said that their presence will be noticed. They are intervening already, they said to deactivate conflict. They said it just simply is not permitted. They looked very beautiful.

I googled and found this: “Uriel isn’t mentioned in canonical religious texts from the world’s major religions, but He is mentioned significantly in major religious apocryphal texts. The Book of Enoch (part of the Jewish and Christian Apocrypha, describes Uriel as one of seven archangels who preside over the world. Uriel warns the prophet Noah about the upcoming flood in Enoch chapter 10. In Enoch chapters 19 and 21, Uriel reveals that the fallen angels who rebelled against God will be judged and shows Enoch a vision of where they are “bound, until the infinite number of the days of their crimes be completed” (Enoch 21:3).

In the Jewish and Christian apocryphal text 2 Esdras, God sends Uriel to answer a series of questions that the prophet Ezra asks God. When answering Ezra’s questions, Uriel tells him that God has permitted Him to describe signs about good and evil at work in the world, but it will still be difficult for Ezra to understand from his limited human perspective. In 2 Esdras 4:10-11, Uriel asks Ezra: "You cannot understand the things with which you have grown up; how then can your mind comprehend the way of the Most High? And how can one who is already worn out by the corrupt world understand incorruption?"

When Ezra asks questions about His personal life, such as how long He’ll live, Uriel replies: “Concerning the signs about which you ask me, I can tell you in part; but I was not sent to tell you concerning your life, for I do not know” (2 Esdras 4:52). In various Christian apocryphal gospels, Uriel rescues John the Baptist from being murdered by King Herod’s order to massacre young boys around the time of Jesus Christ’s birth. Uriel carries both John and his mother Elizabeth to join Jesus and his parents in Egypt.

The Apocalypse of Peter describes Uriel as the angel of repentance. In Jewish tradition, Uriel is the one who checks the doors of homes throughout Egypt for lamb’s blood (representing faithfulness to God) during Passover, while a deadly plague strikes first-born children as a judgment for sin but spares the children of faithful families.”

Uriel said they are here to protect and save and to maintain and bring peace because it is not permitted to do war.

He had fair hair and had a sword in His right hand. You couldn’t see the blade, just the light like in Star Wars. It shone like sunlight.

He was speaking from the clouds. The sky was like open and He stood there, in the gap or opening, with the sword raised. His legs were spread apart as if over the world, as if His feet were resting on the planet. With wide spread legs and His raised arm holding the sword.

He told me much more. The other angels were in the background. Lots of them but blurred. He said many were confusing people making them think that war would bring about the Promised Land, He said, pretending to speak using God’s word. (He used the words Promised Land). He said, this is a lie, war is not the way and not permitted. He repeated that war is not permitted. He repeated it three times.

He said, "tell them my name is Uriel." He was not smiling, He looked very severe, He had a very intense and severe expression. His face did not alter expression while He spoke. And never smiled once.

The sky opened in the dream, like wrapping up as if made of paper or cloth rolling back, and in the gap His figure formed. Then He raised His left arm and said to me: “Look”, and He pointed to the sun and the sun became black and He said: "Look again." And I could see the moon and the moon became red. He said: “Tell them." I don’t know what it means, some sign, I think. I know it’s in the Bible, it rings a bell. But I don’t know what He meant and after showing me this, He repeated again: “Tell them my name is Uriel.”

I would like someone to explain this if you know what it means, what He meant. He didn’t tell me. I understood it is a sign. But He didn’t say of what.

I found it. What He mentioned is the opening of the sixth seal. Watched as the Lamb broke the sixth seal, and there was a great earthquake. The sun became as dark as black cloth, and the moon became as red as blood. He said many would say war was good and would bring about the Promised Land pretending to speak using God’s word. His right arm was raised holding that sword though I could not see the blade. I felt it was a sword though it looked like a beam of light. I felt as if He was poised to strike the Earth with it but He didn’t say anything about this. I watched on expecting Him to strike because He was poised as if going to. He said this was a lie, He said war was not the way and would not be permitted.

This is just my interpretation. He didn’t say anything. 1. The angels in the background were waiting and looking on. He had His raised right arm as if waiting to strike. 2. He said war is not the way and is not permitted. 3. He showed me the sun going black and the moon red and told me to tell them and to tell them His name is Uriel.

This is my interpretation: That if necessary to stop war He will strike the Earth, that would be Him lowering the sword and striking the Earth with it. And that is what the angels at the back were waiting for. And that the sign of this going to happen would be the sun going black and the moon red. That that would mean He was going to strike and the angels would do what they are waiting to do, which I don’t know.

Question: Did you know of this name before hand?

OP: No, I didn’t know it before. But He repeated it several times. It seemed important that His name was known. That they/you know that it is Uriel who is warning. Seemed very important as if to give validity to the message, maybe. I know it’s somewhere in Revelation, I think. But to see it is something else, even in a dream because it seemed real, so real. It just made this reality seems so small. In the dream I couldn’t move, I just stood there looking up. The dream happened right where I live just a couple of streets from my home. In the dream I was out on the main street walking.

He didn’t speak with a voice. It was with His mind. Uriel is often referred to as the Great Archangel of the Earth. The Book of Enoch describes Uriel as "one of the holy angels who is over the world… the leader of them all." [Link to]. That coincides with my dream.

Archangel Uriel
Wrap up Time. 3DD

Archangel Uriel channeled by Hazel on Sunday November 18, 2012, and published on Monday November 19, 2012. Message taken from:

I have chosen to direct this message to the one who has placed herself at my disposal. She has offered to be the bearer of this my directive. I have come before now to alert one whom I have chosen to bring forth a short yet searing imagery that would depict what your world has to envision in a pronounced moment that will conclude a restless phase in your Earth’s history. I chose to make that announcement to one who has not yet before been a bearer of messages so that others could see it through a fresh pair of eyes.

Many continue to dwell in denial of the truth and continue to carry the torch of the old and worn out teachings. This will not serve them for they will have to confront the very lies that have been spewed to them for ages and which they repeat ad nauseum.

The truth seldom sits comfortably. There remain many in ignorance of what is to transpire. The truth is too overwhelming and farfetched. They cannot consider a new world for to do so will upset their painted picture of what they know. But so shall it be. For the time is at hand now. Tremors will be felt on your Earth plane as the Earth kicks off her olden shoes in preparation for new wear. This is the primary time which precedes major activity on your Earth. It has been foretold by the Father what is to be expected. Your linear time is moving very quickly now.

Your Earth is being positioned for the final moment in the grand cycle which will terminate her revolution. This cycle will culminate in a darkened hue over lighting your sun that her rays may be regressed into her form but for a short time. You call it an eclipse but we refer to it as a ‘solar closure’ albeit a temporary one for a specific purpose. She will cease to smile but for a time as the rancid elements of your Earth are ejected. So it is in indeed true how the story goes for many of you think that this is a tale. This story I am here to tell you will have a real ending and all shall witness it. It is best that you seek now your own validation from the angels of the Divine so that you could prepare yourselves accordingly. Denial based on historical information will not serve you. Heed my words; there will be an ending to the charade and the Father has chosen the method to ease the pain of the Earth before she makes her Ascent.

The globe will enjoy days of darkness and when the light comes on again a new feeling will be had by all. This is not doomsday as some have prophesied. This is in fact the day of deliverance; Divine deliverance. No aliens are coming to steal you or your planet, but your star brothers will come to your rescue, your star brothers of pure light. Do not be fooled by the naysayers and the fear mongers, seek the truth and only the truth and you shall be given. Cleanse your mind from your beliefs and programming for what is going to happen will happen and we the guides of the Earth do not wish to see you flounder in confusion.

So, I, Uriel, come to announce that indeed I am real, quite real and very present as a Divine energy working with your Earth and humanity. It will behoove you to at the very least to consider what I say and seek confirmation from your inner divine. Uriel come to say that this is wrap up time, so join us in serving the truth and let go of the lies as the time for its death is upon you, Peace be with you. I AM Uriel of the ONE Light.

Candace: Yesterday in my work with Christ Michael I mentioned a GLP thread in which one there received a stunning vision with AA Uriel and he took quite a beating. He is the one referred to in this piece above: “I have come before now to alert one whom I have chosen to bring forth a short yet searing imagery that would depict what your world has to envision in a pronounced moment that will conclude a restless phase in your Earth’s history. I chose to make that announcement to one who has not yet before been a bearer of messages so that others could see it through a fresh pair of eyes.” The GLP thread is: I have made an extensive appearance in it and I took a few there to the woodshed. Hazel’s Website is

This piece is under copyright protection of It may be placed anywhere on the web as long as it is not changed in anyway and a link placed back to this site. It is preferred you place the entire piece, and if not possible to do so, you must note that the rest of it can be found at the link. Thank you, Candace.

Important Decisions That Will Begin to Affect Life on Earth Seriously

Siraya channeled by Johan on Tuesday November 27, 2012. Message taken from:

Dearly Beloveds, I AM Siraya, Representative of Papa Source to Orvonton. As per this scribe, I would like to announce from Papa Source and Christ Michael of Nebadon that we have come to important decisions that will begin to effect life on your Beloved Mother Earth seriously. You all know what we are talking about, but it was seen as best to all involved and in the knowing to give you some heads up. Although given before without immediate results, you also have been explained why.

To prevent further atrocities out of sheer desperation and to stop a mad goose chase for power and control, IT IS TIME. You know if you are prepared to the best of your abilities, yet check again, it will and can never hurt. No need for further words, as all has been said and explained, it is now through action that the rest will unfold. If you have the eyes to see and the ears to hear, front row will be quite the place to be. Just don’t get caught up in the drama unfolding left-, right- and center-stage as your usual senses might fail to capture it all. Shifting gear into Higher Senses will be like watching a movie in 3D and give you a depth of understanding others will have to miss for now.

Only advice: Those living in low laying areas and coastal environment, NOW IS THE TIME TO GET SERIOUS TO FOLLOW YOUR INNER AND HIGHER GUIDANCE. And Going Within, to support our scribe in what he does best.

This, My Beloved Light Warriors and Star Seeds, will do and more confirmation might come, but, if not, no way you can say: ”I was not aware.” Greeting you warmly and sincerely, I AM Siraya, In Divine Service to Papa Source.

Johan: Love and Light.

Nebadonia’s Invitation: Walk With Us

Mother Nebadonia channeled by Rosie on Wednesday November 28, 2012. Message taken from:

Rosie: You wish to give me a message, dearest Mother? Shall I write it down?

Nebadonia: Yes, my child, for this is how you cement your confirmation, how you can best convey my thoughts to others, and how you can reflect upon them in the future. You may thereby make my words seemingly more concrete. I say SEEMINGLY as my words are words of LOVE IMPRINTED ON YOUR SOUL, PERVADING ALL YOUR BODIES SEEN AND UNSEEN, PHYSICAL AND ETHEREAL. So actually, I never leave you. I live on in you even as you “die”, leaving your physical body behind.

My love is all-encompassing, though not widely recognized. In your world it is so normal to bend to the authority of a male voice, and to bow before your vision of a male creator. I am the “female” counterpart of that Creator, permeating “him” also, being an intricate and indispensable part of “him” also, to produce the perfect balance and blend.

To those parts of the universe which lack awareness of my presence, I send my emissaries to redress the balance and to increase awareness.

You live lives which are very much in the “physical”. That there are realms far and beyond this, involving a rich tapestry of experience is presently considered ridiculous by the majority of present inhabitants. It lacks credibility. It cannot be documented for the incredulous ones among you, except in the way you now write, to preserve and show our thoughts and inclinations, and except our interactions with you who are prepared to enter into new realms without blocking off possibilities which seem impossible or dangerous or threatening to you. You may fear that you may become someone who is not “grounded” and who can no longer be taken seriously.

I SAY “ENTER IN AND WE WILL RECEIVE YOU WITH LOVE. DARE TO PASS BEYOND THE BOUNDARIES OF PHYSICALITY, SPACE AND TIME”. For this will bring you gifts and experiences which embellish and heighten your experiences on the physical plane.

Your experience of OUR LOVE and BEING ONE with us will allow you to POUR MORE LOVE ONTO YOUR FELLOW HUMAN BEINGS. And so we invite you to search us out, ask for help and for pointers so that your lives are fulfilled on many levels.

You may imagine yourselves in a multi-storey car park. Youdifferent parts of youare in different cars on many levels, all searching for the space which is perfect for you and your physical vehicle. In this sense, you may be many people simultaneously driving many lives. And when you are tired of driving and searching, you park your physical vehicleyour body, usually at night. And you leave the multi-storey car-park on foot, leaving your body/vehicle behind to WALK WITH US.

Our invitation is that you start to do this more consciously and with greater intent, as this will serve you personally and us all. Remember that there are always inner connections of which you are not entirely aware and which await your discovery. Turn your humdrum lives into lives of adventure, and your journeys through different realms and the fusions and relationships which you form with other beings will strengthen you, teach you the GREAT JOY, GREAT LOVE AND GREAT COMPASSION WHICH YOUR EARTH TODAY SO DESPERATELY REQUIRES.

This we say to you in deepest love. We await you and we welcome you. Nebadonia.

This piece is under copyright protection of It may be placed anywhere on the web as long as it is not changed in anyway and a link placed back to this site. It is preferred you place the entire piece, and if not possible to do so, you must note that the rest of it can be found at the link. Thank you, Candace.

What Is Your Message

Seraphim channeled by Rosie on Tuesday May 22, 2012. Message taken from:

Dearest Children on Earth who have no trust in your DIVINITY:

The fact that you are gods of divine origin with divine blue-prints has escaped your attention (and this is astonishing for us to watch). Your attention is elsewhere, sucked up by pre-determined activities and amusements.

Yet if you conduct your searches diligently, seeking that which has been radically and systematically eradicated from your holy books over the centuries, you will discover and retrieve this, YOUR TRUE NATURE, YOUR TRUE RELATIONSHIP TO THE CREATIVE COSMIC SOURCE. While this may be beyond your present comprehension, you are always in a working partnership with Source which is IN YOU and WITH YOU ALWAYS.

So, as divine messengers, we would like to ask: WHAT IS YOUR MESSAGE? What “vibes” are you sending out into the world around you, and what sort of message does the world REQUIRE so that the vibrations of this planet can be raised to those of complete harmony?

ARE YOU MAKING A DIFFERENCE? Know that the answer to this question will always be YES. Your messages, words, emotions, actions, insinuations, accusations, congratulations, praises, expressions of gratitude, attempts to reunite, disperse, corrupt, inspire or condemn, ALL THESE ARE MESSAGES WHICH HAVE THEIR EFFECT.

These may not always be measurable by the human eye in the physical sense, due to your limited or untrained powers of perception in other realms and dimensions as yet unfamiliar to you. However, should you attempt to familiarise yourselves with the world of dreams, meditation and spiritual experience, it will become all too clear that EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED, that EVERYTHING IMPACTS EVERYTHING ELSE, and that your thoughts and intentions MANIFEST AS YOUR OWN CREATIONS 100% of the time.


Your journey, likewise, is eternal. Your imprint in this life is but one footstep on a continued path upwards. You may stop, rearrange, open doors, close doors or take “time-out” on the way, but there will always be a Light, an inspiration, a sign, drawing you along into the next experience. Thus you determine your own path and your own happiness, assisted by the heavenly realms which —at this moment— still remain unseen. And by your own decisions, you similarly determine the happiness of those around you.

So we repeat our question:

WHAT MESSAGE ARE YOU SENDING? Are you sending MESSAGES OF CLARITY, or are they vague and uncommitted? Are you sending MESSAGES OF BEAUTY, while ignoring ugliness? Are you sending MESSAGES OF ULTIMATE TOLERANCE, allowing others to indulge in unpleasant or perverse behaviour? Are you sending MESSAGES OF CONSERVATIVE POLITENESS, bound by rigid structures which you have collectively imposed? Are you sending MESSAGES OF BOREDOM, to be relieved only by increased consumerism or physical gratification?

Or are you sending NO MESSAGE AT ALL, in which case there are others only too happy to fill in this void for you, not always in your best interests.

The time has come to send HOLY MESSAGES, proclaiming the sanctity of life, the value of integrity, the necessity for full responsibility. The time has come to send MESSAGES OF HONESTY, admitting mistakes and revealing corruption. The time has come to send MESSAGES OF LOVE, irrespective of the response, irrespective of the degree of forgiveness that this involves.


We love you. Seraphim.

This piece is under copyright protection of It may be placed anywhere on the web as long as it is not changed in anyway and a link placed back to this site. It is preferred you place the entire piece, and if not possible to do so, you must note that the rest of it can be found at the link. Thank you, Candace.

Winds of Change

Tara channelled by Shellee-Kim on Saturday December 15, 2012, and published on Friday December 21, 2012. Message taken from:

Tara (T): It is I, Tara. Hello, beloved friend. Can we speak?
Shellee-Kim (SK): I’d love to.

T: Things are about to get moving now in no uncertain terms. Indeed, the Mother’s time has come. Are you prepared, beloveds? Inside and out?

It has been decided on that very shortly we are to make our presence known, very openly. Your skies will be filled with our fleet’s vessels and many will look upon this in wonderment, in bewilderment. This is a necessary next step in the current plan.

There were several scenarios, but this is the one we have decided to go with, the one that would potentially have the most positive impact upon the people of your world. The Dark will, of course, try their hand at creating distractions and diversions through their attempted psy ops plans, which will not succeed.

Now, let us discuss your arrival here on ship. There are some of you who are to be called and brought to ship slightly earlier than planned originally. A pre pre-preparation, if you like.

It has become necessary due to the ever so slight change in plans that you, the forerunners, will help to implement. (SK: I get an image of water flowing outwards from a level, down to the next level and the next… signifying the start of and the impact on all who will receive this energetic flow of Light/information wave).

For this time period, those of you in this group are to be given certain tools that will help both in your discernment of those around you and in their upliftment. These are very precious gifts of a higher dimensional nature, as has already been discussed in other messages. THESE ARE NOT TOYS AND ARE TO BE TREATED WITH THE UTMOST RESPECT. (SK: I get that this applies to a small group of maybe up to 30 people).

Now, on to something else. Many on Earth now have a new chance, a new opportunity that wasn’t present a few months ago. Due to all that has transpired recently this has created an even greater ease of transition for the choices of those remaining. And equally amongst those who are leaving for their own destinations of choice. What this period has accomplished is a greater removal of the dross which disempowers the minds of men.

Although you may not say this, looking around you and in your general interactions with the world at large. When the moment of impact occurs this will become clearer to you. And the subtle changes that have been accumulatively taking place during this past period will now more visibly begin to be seen in how people begin to USE THEIR MINDS. This is partly what we were aiming for. And much pressure will be removed from you ones, as a result.

This is really most wonderful news for you all. And so it is with pleasure I have brought this to you today. The winds of change are indeed upon us now.

SK: (This is the first time Tara, who usually expresses with such a sense of humor that I’m constantly giggling at, has spoken with such seriousness and authority.)  Is that all, Tara?

T: Yes, that is all for now, my beloved friend. I am delighted to have had contact with you again. We do so love you all and are anticipating a most wonderful reunion with you. Until then. I AM Tara.

(SK: We had a good chat after this and she reverted back to her ‘lighter’ Tara self ‘now that the heavy stuff is out of the way’. Not that I want to pigeon-hole her, but still nice to know I’m not the only one around with more than one personality.)

A Lighted Source
The Value of the Dark

A Lighted Source channeled by ShelleeKim on Thursday May 21, 2009, and published on December 24, 2012. Message taken from:

Good morning beloved people. It is a great honor to speak with you this day. There have been many hiccups of late around the timing of ‘events’ beginning on your plane.

We would like to speak with you a little of these delays, so that hope and fortitude might be conveyed to you. It was not foreseen the Dark would put up this level of resistance to the changes they had been forewarned about. This, combined with people turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to their activities, have resulted in the course of action shortly to manifest.

We see there is no other option for the way things now need to play themselves out. A choice has been made unconsciously by humanity as to how the final hand will be played. It is not one we would have wished for you. However, it is one in which greatly accelerated learning and understanding will transpire. And it is these lessons and subsequent soul growth you are after in the experience of duality. We of these realms are allowing this because we believe it is never too late to awaken and there is much to be gained from the coming experiences for each of you.

The Dark in physical and non-physical embodiment are on a course of annihilation, but this does not stop any of their last-ditch efforts to take the ship down with them. There still remains some belief amongst them that they are able to change the course of events by their actions and their version of ‘power’, but this is not to be. In the meantime, it is business as usual for the majority of you.

We wish to draw your attention now to the many wolves in sheep’s clothing walking amongst you. These one are to be found in every sphere of human activity, from business and politics to those in the helping professions, including those offering spiritually-inclined services.

You see, there are many who consciously walk with the Light, but unconsciously have given over to agreements with the Dark. And so there is a dichotomy at work. Most of these are in complete unawareness of that which walks with them and operates through them. And we have seen this occurring more intensely in recent years.

How and why does this happen when someone is consciously practicing working with Light principles? While there may be a commitment to working with Light consciously, the many other aspects of each human being are at play etherically, in other dimensions and in parallel existences. Remember, ‘you’ are just a small portion of the total ‘you’ that exists. And agreements made without your conscious understanding and permission are entered into by you ones with many who wish not to see the success of your Ascension on Earth.

Without the conscious understanding of that which exists etherically, the parts of you that are involved and the constant interaction you are having with other dimensional beings is never brought to the surface of your conscious minds for either recognition or clearing.

The danger here is many on Earth have in this same recent time period experienced psychic occurrences, channeling abilities, spiritual gifts and a multitude of other new healing abilities that have come forth. You, who have experienced this, have assumed all of this must be of the Light. However, this is not necessarily so. And we see you ones accepting what comes to you, usually without any questioning as to its source. The mass manipulation of the Dark has seen to this. Humanity’s, and many Lightworkers good surface intentions, fall by the wayside and to unconscious and subconscious harm when all parts of the Self are not ‘owned’ consciously.

Being multi-dimensional beings and only being able to access a small portion of your entire, huge Selves is part of this dilemma. However, with application of certain techniques you Lightworkers need not be led by the nose ‘down the garden path’ by those who wish to feed parasitically off your Light, ensuring you remain at a denser vibratory rate.

The Dark feast off your own unresolved unforgivenesses, amongst other things, of Self and others. These emotions act as open doorways that they can easily latch onto within you. Healing and releasing those parts of you means these doorways will no longer exist to tempt them in. Understanding the vastness of your energy and as and how it interacts with other dimensions and beings is hugely important in your experience of duality on earth. For you are here to heal through synthesizing all these many hidden aspects of your Self.

One of the ways in which fragmenting/giving power away can be noticed is through the ‘sudden’ onset of such ailments as mental disorders, where feelings of vulnerability and dysfunction threaten to overtake a once reasonably-stable existence. Instead of using this as a clue to understanding what may be occurring with other dimensional entities, many of you prefer to numb your minds and psychic centers so you feel no more ‘negative’ e-motion (energy in motion). Such an action works well in the favor of the Dark for they can continue parasitically leeching off your energy field without you suspecting much at all, with your attention diverted to and bound within the symptoms of your illness.

Another tell-tale sign of having unconsciously invited the Dark in is the subtle encouragement of divorcing yourself from your feelings. Anyone who tells you your feelings —be they ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ as per your value judgments of such on Earth— are of no significance and to let them go (i.e., suppress them) is telling you a bald-faced lie. And is certainly not aiding your soul progress in any way, but rather aiding you in retarding it. Of course, you have allowed this by trusting that person and choosing to give your power to them in the first instance.

Beloveds, it is through the very act of feeling your feelings as often as possible that you allow for a recognition, an acceptance and a subsequent healing of some of these divisions within to occur. It is also through feeling your feelings that we are able to reach you and assist you more easily.

Denying yourselves of acknowledging your pain is doing yourselves a great soul disservice. And so the Dark use ones themselves that have not healed of their own traumas, but rather stuffed them out of sight (and out of mind?). It is often at the time of, or shortly after great traumas have occurred in these ones’ lives that they find themselves in possession of these new ‘gifts’. The Dark are well-versed at striking at exactly the most vulnerable moments, and in so doing fool the recipient into a false sense of healing also.

Difficult as it is in duality to know what lies beneath the conscious mind, we urge you to use your discernment at all times. Be aware of who is asking you to ‘let your emotions go’ and why, who is telling you that hope and faith are all that are needed to survive the coming times, and who amongst you talk of using passive techniques such as meditation and ‘being positive’ alone to grow. While meditation is excellent in moderation, as with all things, we would rather you chose to explore the very parts of you that frighten you most and that make you feel the very emotions that you would rather run from.

It is this acknowledgement of the uncomfortable emotions that show your Higher Self and your guides you are willing to grow yourself to the next level. I repeat: There can be no growth for those who deny ‘bad’ feelings. Life in the polarity of living in Earth’s duality is about embracing all parts of you to bring about true balance. Not to split off further parts of your psychic and emotional bodies by denying their existence and inadvertently inviting the Dark in.

It is in embracing and integrating the Dark parts of you that an energetic shift into greater balance within occurs, resulting in more peace and an increase in your Light quotient/further activated DNA.

SK’s Note: The ‘Dark’ refers to both negative and lower thought forms/destructive patterns within us, in addition to actual external energies/entities. (A related note from one of my blogs.)

It seems some folk weren’t clear on what constitutes my reference to the ‘Dark’ in Part 1. These are not necessarily etheric vampires alone. To clarify: Both off-world (embodied and etheric) and on-world beings who walk with Dark intent includes those who wish to consciously or unconsciously ‘steal’ from your energetic field, keep you/your emotional bodies in a state of chaos and in general continue to keep you separated from your Higher Self through fear, doubt and continued feelings of unworthiness. Living in these vibrations where the separation between you and your authentic power is assured then means they get opportunities to manipulate and potentially control you and the world for that much longer. Many Lightworkers believe they are somehow immune to this. Why? As it is negative thought forms we all carry that assist in helping keep destructive patterns locked in place within us. It is in the Dark’s interest to maintain this; their very survival is at stake. Hence the importance of their human Earth minions continuing to persuade us to disown parts of ourselves and thus remain in a state of non-alignment with our true Selves.

Father of Havona
Active Preparation

Father of Havona, aka Creator Source or Papa Source, channeled by Shellee-Kim on Thursday December 13, 2012, and published on Friday December 21, 2012.  Message taken from: .

Good morning beloved. It is Creator Source. I wish for you to take a short message. Will you do so?
SK: Certainly.
Indeed. Let us begin.

Please allow yourself to look around you. What is it you see in your world currently? What is it people are be-coming? Are they appearing to be more connected with their inner selves or less so? Are you? And what of it? How and what is it you feel you can bring to the lives of those you touch daily?

You believe many of you that this is a waiting period. A time of passivity and of preparation for what is to come. Preparation it is indeed. But I say to you now that the type of preparation needed is the kind that best serves others at this time. Declare yourself as the Light workers and warriors you say you are by practicing the principles of Light and helping to guide others with it.

Your world has fallen amuck to the forces of ruination and many are stuck in the ever-deepening quicksands of their own making. Please do take it upon yourself to give them a helping hand up and out where and when you see opportunities to do so. And where appropriate to do so.

This is how best you can prepare at this time, in addition to self-reflection as a commitment and necessary tool towards your personal mastery. I AM Creator Source.

Continues on Part 3

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