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Channeled Messages for BVC, Part 4



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Channeled Messages for BVC, Part 4

All material published here has been edited and illustrated by Luis Prada, Director of Brother Veritus’ Community and  Editor and Publisher of BVW.


This collection of channeled material is a sample of many more messages received over the years through channels of BVC from Ascended Masters, members of the Spiritual Galactic Brotherhood and the Angelic Hosts.  More material is being added from time to time.  Please revisit this webpage for new material which is always published at the end of the page.  This is an archive of the material that is published in the English Portal of BVW.


Note for those who also use this website to study Spanish: The content of this webpage unfortunately is not synchronized with its counterpart in Spanish.  To search for an equivalent translation you should use the local search engine of the webpage (Ctrl-F), as key word use the date of the message or the name of the channeled Master. Not all messages in Spanish (or English) are translated to English (or Spanish) for lack of human resources to do so.  Sometimes we may have made exceptions and published here material of other sources to corroborate and validate our own messages.  The poems that are published in the equivalent Spanish webpage are not translated to English and not published here.


This is a contribution of Brother Veritus’ University to the enlightenment of humanity. Published initially in this website on February 23rd, 2015.


Publications: First Part, Second Part, Third Part, Fourth Part.



With so much love and longing to collaborate with Christ Michael, Ruler of the Universe of Nebadon, and Esu Immanuel Sananda, Planetary Prince, in a combined effort to return Urantia to her former glory.



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Esu and Christ Michael
For God So Loved the World


Esu and Christ Michael through Candace Frieze, message published in AbundantHope with date Saturday February 7, 2015. Message taken from:


Esu: Dearly Beloveds… well, who knew we would be giving a 10-year update. Much water has passed under the bridges of time and here we still not only stand but in much greater strength. Yes, some have come and gone and a few come back. The numbers of you perhaps less but the new-agey stuff, gone.


You have been through a difficult period, some, several of you, on 8* this past couple of months. It’s OK for in its place there stands more strength.


I know the 10 years seem like eternity and don’t think it doesn’t to me either. I had my own good “hopes”, so to speak, in the few years even before Candace and I “went public”. But in that mix of everything, master plans have developed and there is yet a much greater understanding where it matters what this is all about.


Gone is the “fluff” and setting in its place a lot of discernment and REALITY. The Reality IS the Truth and while celestial truth never varies and matter and energy always behave the same in the vibrational fields inhabited, man’s truth grows in knowing a little more here, a little more there until the basics of the Indwelling of the Father within him are understood enough and practiced that one becomes a Son of God and KNOWS what that means.


We, of course, still need many, many more of mankind to obtain even a measure of this but with teaching, Real teaching, more will join the fold and find real FAITH. That many have not yet found the inner truth of themselves has more to do with terrible teaching and the propaganda on this plane than the reality within each discovered by self.


Man’s greatest accomplishment on any evolutionary planet IS TO FIND HIMSELF AS GOD and, of course, that is our goal here. And each must do that alone but the propaganda extreme has this world, has slowed the process. However, not to worry, beloveds, not to worry, but the great unveiling and the event to manifest in the near future is going to demonstrate the LOVE of God vs. the Fear of God. Those that have any ability to FEEL at all, will FEEL this and KNOW the Face of God has arrived on this world. God is FELT and the unfeeling do not find God for that very reason.


So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! There is more to come. Candace and I are working on covering the planned structure of Global AH to present to you. We thought it would be good today but life has been full and busy for us these last few days and so the structure can wait a bit. I AM THAT I AM, Sananda Esu Immanuel Kumara, TITULAR Planetary Prince.


Christ Michael of Nebadon: Ah, my friends, an awesome day indeed. There is just “something” about a 10-year birthday, is there not? Look how long some of you have stood who have been here from the beginning.


I want to cover something that some are finding so much discomfort in and that is the recent coverage again of Mind Control. For there has been a long running, all related together, group of people who have infested and subsequently been removed in this organization of AbundantHope. God always wins and so it is.


Now to the suffering of this world which includes those who are made into slaves by MK Ultra and many, many other ways including your money system and religions. It is easy to see, when made aware of it, that process that brings forth separate controlled personalities within an individual.


Beloveds, now look around you everywhere. The suffering is not just in that program and fast method, so to speak, for slaves in entertainment, the news and the sexual places of those powerful. There is massive multiple-personality disorder on this world created also by the conditions of this world.


This to some degree is present on all lower worlds but more so on this one since it’s the most intense prison ward in my universe at this time.


The suffering in the long term over life for MOST is present on this world and look at your own selves that which goes on over the extended times is probably worse but it grows Mind and this world is about just that. We always, always put the dark ones on evolutionary planets because we cannot get mind to grow any other way, it does not happen in a vacuum and while it would seem that just teaching will do it, it does not. Stress does. It creates what you might label 2nd Person Trinity to FORM, otherwise it does not, and you have just a bunch of animals who cannot even function as animals.


Get in touch with your inner world and your memories and remember this. And what is happening on this world is the EXTINCTION of darkness in which it collapses onto itself. If it does NOT reach this extinction, it does not go away, and we have a very large area in this super universe of which Nebadon is a part, of dark energy that must be extinct and this IS a karmic world to that purpose.


As we have taught over the years, this is an intense prison ward but out of this process WILL COME GOD IN MAN. UNDERSTAND, THESE DARK ONES MUST EITHER COLLAPSE INTO NOTHING OR THEY MUST CHOOSE GOD. No fence can survive here within each person, they have to choose God or choose eternal death. NO OPTIONS. This is NOT a Half-Way house planet.


If this evil is not nailed down to its own combustion, it will continue to cause contagion and it will cause contagion even if the planet self-destructs. It will spread out of the planet then to everywhere it can grab because that is how mind works (N. of Candace: good or evil mind), it will infest first this solar system and cause it to self-destruct and move on from there. This is not the first time in the annals of “time” this has happened. Thus we “know” and here it ends, beloveds, at least for a very long period in this sector of the creation.


You must put away now your tears and insert into the etheric of this world nothing but love for that is why you have come in the first place. Every time you catch yourself NOT in LOVE, uncreate that ASAP. Uncreate the dark emotion. Put back on a happy face, stand and take love with you. Each entity is responsible unto itself. You cannot do their work but you can demonstrate LOVE and hope they will absorb some of it.


The Robotoids are our issue. They are not yours. Leave that at the celestial level and work on the LOVE for you see, God of Nebadon so loved the world, He came Himself. I AM THAT I AM, Michael of Nebadon.



Esu on Man’s Role

Esu channeled through Jess Anthony, message published in AbundantHope with date Wednesday March 4, 2015. Message taken from:




Jess: Esu, shall we start?
Esu: Jess, let’s begin. I want to speak on several topics over the course of more than one message. This will be instructional and clarifying.


God is energy. Moving energy creates ideas. Ideas take shape as creation.


Each part of Creation is an extension of God’s idea for that portion. God empowers each extension with a spark of his creative energy. Man is an idea of God, as well, and his existence is also set in motion by God’s energy.


Because of the nature of his design, Man is not separate or disconnected. He is a part of God created to explore and learn. Man’s physical nature is integral to this exploration. God made man out of the same materials as the rest of his physical Creation with the idea of him examining this likeness and understanding his connection to it. By its design, Man’s body constantly interacts with his surroundings. His decisions are reactions to this synchronization.


The beauty of Man’s creation is that each individual is designed to react differently to his surroundings. Each individual has a separate personality with its own distinct link to God; no two individuals’ reactions are the same.


This function given to Man has been in place throughout his existence on Earth, but, over time, its purpose has been distorted. Whether through misinformation or lack of knowledge, Man has lost his awareness of a connection with his Creator. The nature of this link to God must be realized to be operational, and when Man lost this realization, he was easy to manipulate and exploit by those with an alternate intention. These new overlords created personal ideologies designed to direct Man’s behavior away from the original ideas of his Creator.


This has gone on long enough, and the Creator has decided to reclaim his Creation.


Man must now re-examine his way of life. Existence on this planet is unique, but man throughout history has sought to diminish its distinctiveness. He has ignored his environment and taken what he needed for selfish reasons. He has created personal visions without regard for their consequences; he has infringed upon the wishes of others for his own gratification.


Man’s critical thinking has become biased by incomplete perception. His paradigms are flawed in light of the truth of universal reality. His views of the workings of his world are inaccurate, and their constant repetition only adds to the body of accepted fallacies.


Those still with some conception of their link to the Creator will find themselves going through a change in existence. They will find out, in light of what is to come, that previously ingrained conceptions are wrong, that their comfortable understanding of what makes up the fabric of life is threadbare. Man will soon discover that his accustomed notions of cultural identify, financial stability, and religious belief have been misdirected. How will this happen?




Let’s speak of the veil being lifted. This is a familiar phrase to describe the clarity that is coming to man. He is to be made aware of his place in the universe.


God’s energy is infusing Earth with a stream of insight. Man’s ideas will have new perspectives they will have to reconcile. It is much like those light bulb moments in cartoons where the main character has a realization of the truth of his situation. Man will see that his beliefs have been misguided and his previous conclusions determined in error. Man will find all his cultural parameters changed. He will know that new conclusions have to be made.


This new clarity will lead to uncertainty and trigger a reluctance to change. Man has been conditioned to accept lack of change as comfort, and he will find himself in a situation where his belief systems and personal assumptions have to be questioned. Religion is not the panacea it has been portrayed to be, nor is it a spiritually inspired pretext for anger or elitism. Political power structures will be seen to be driven more by ego and a desire for control. Their purpose is not providing spiritually true assistance or compassion.


Individual awareness is similarly misguided. Man has been taught a limited set of perceptions that allow others to manipulate his thinking and decision making. His ingrained lack of desire for seeking information has rendered him unable to distinguish spiritual truth from propaganda. Even if he has a notion of seeking to know more, he is still largely untrained in the process of finding the truth. The role of all who understand is to teach those who don’t.


The realization that God is present will open man’s eyes again. Those willing to see will be enlightened. God is inside man, and once he recognizes that, man will understand his true role as an extension of his Creator. This is not a subservient position, but one of equality. Man is part of God, and his purpose is to act as God.


The role of physicality factors into this realization. More energy coming from God causes change. The frequency of energy movement is greater, and the demand on the physical manifestation housing the increased energy is more intense. The structure must adapt or break down. Adapting to new energy successfully demands preparation before it arrives.


Man’s physical nature is designed to interact with the waves of energy that surround it, and man’s brain registers the results of these reactions—whether the energy is assimilated and incorporated, or whether it is resisted. Resistance to increased energy levels results in a collapse of existing patterns. Men who don’t assimilate the higher energy levels will break down through what are known as diseases of various kinds, both physical and mental. Those individuals who manifest disease will not survive.


I say this to warn you that Earth will be changing soon. Man will have to adapt since his physical design is part of the created structure. He will inevitably change, but he will also understand why. His role will become clearer, and he will see that his decisions affect the changes that are happening. Man also will begin to recognize that his initiating change involves accepting responsibility for the new paradigms he is creating. Once the veil has lifted on his purpose, man will see that by being part of God, he is also co-creator.





Christ Michael
The Setting Sun


Christ Michael channeled through Benjamin, message published in AbundantHope with date Sunday March 8, 2015. Message taken from:


Masters of Light, I bid you good day. In the Light of the First Source and Centre I bring you salutations and great love. In service I come, to the aid of my children, to the aid of my Creation and to the unfoldment of my design as is my divine duty as Master Son to my Father’s Creation.


It has come to the last moments of the setting sun, as the rays of brilliance illuminate the vestiges of the last remnants of a dying age, an age of seeming derailment, of the age of vanity, of falsehood, greed and avarice, an avalanche of ungodliness.


It is with no small amount of solemnity that a great many Celestials look on, to bear witness to my work. To your work. To such an incredible collection of masters who dutifully answered the call of Light, harkening to the call of Service, to their Creator. My brethren, we are not quite finished yet.


The last of the Cabal squirm and slither for their nooks and niches to hide; plans of conquest and of pyrrhic victory evaporate like so much steam in the chilled spring air. Defeated, lashing out in denial and woe the dark children whimpering in the dying light of their time in the sun, and what come next? Immediately befalls REVELATION!


The mighty sword of truth and Light pierces all shadow and smoke, eviscerating all that resists its unavoidable and fiery steel. The false world of LIES and DECEIT unravels like spun yarn and my little lambs, who stand helplessly enraptured by sorcery and madness, will finally have their Day in the Sun.




And as for you, my Masters of Light? Why you have been placed at my behest exactly where I need you to be! You will stand amongst my beloved children like shepherds to my flock! You did not think you would somehow avoid the most important moment of the entire event?! Did you think I would ZAP you ABOARD THE MOTHERSHIP with a bucket of popcorn and your comfy cushioned seat when your most PIVOTAL MOMENT of SERVICE YET AWAITS. WHAT AWAITS YOU YET!!? CHAOS as you may perceive it from your point of view.










Esu Says: Open Your Eyes


Esu channeled through Jess Anthony, message received on Saturday January 3, 2015, and published in AbundantHope with date Tuesday January 6, 2015. Message taken from:


Jess: Esu, it’s time for more comments, I feel. Many changes have started and many seem to be ready. Speak to what is coming and how we should prepare.
Esu: Jess, I do have things to say and this is a time that is appropriate for these comments.


Many things have been happening, as you say, and many truths are being revealed. This is necessary. People on Earth must see the reality they are a part of, and must come to an understanding of what is true and what is assumed.


Man has long been misled and made to believe versions of truth that serve political purposes. The groups in control of these experiences have created an illusion that prevents people from objecting to concepts they have to accept if they are to be manipulated and exploited. You live in an amazingly controlled situation.  Exploitive belief systems, controlled choices of actions, and ultimately a blind acceptance of presented facts make most people unable to voice any meaningful objections to their existence. They don’t even understand they are being manipulated.


This is time for the blinders to come off. This is a period when painful truths must replace comfortable assumptions.


My role in this will be as an example. My life and my commentaries will be touchstones for making choices and determining behavior. The time is coming when man must make evaluations and decisions. I will come to help those who seek me.


We have spoken before on the nature of perceptions and on ways for man to make decisions in alignment with the Creator’s wishes. This need for alignment reflects the nature of your creation. You are extensions of the Creator’s ideas in physical materialization as you perceive it. You are tasked with exploring your surroundings for the Creator to join with your universal paradigm. You are not separate from your circumstances, but, in fact, are the source of what you experience. You create your situations by your choices, and, as a result, are responsible for resolving your conflicts. Disagreement with others or discomfort in situations come from your allowing those conflicts to become realities. Others may instigate crises, but your inability to establish your individuality with strength of expression has allowed this to happen in the first place.


Again, you have help if you seek it. I will help. Your spiritual self will help in conjunction with other guides. Your Creator will help. There is a spark of the Creator in everyone, and its purpose it to maintain your connection with the Creator’s ideas. You have only to acknowledge it, and truth and clarity will be available to you.


This unwillingness to be open to the Creator has caused the overwhelming crisis your world has at the present. Blind decisions and egotistical convictions have shaped a global history of animosity, greed, and intentional disruption. Religion forms the pretext for war, although its purpose is truly economic power. Leaders in government and finance work together to extort ever more income from workers who have no say in structuring their existence. The concept of representative leadership is an illusion. The elected officials don’t seek to fulfill their electorate’s wishes. They listen only to their financial supporters and generally make self-serving decisions.


These egotistical assumptions of the controlling elite are increasingly being shown as false. Their belief in their personal invincibility is cracking. Control is slipping from their hands. They rage at the unstoppable onset of this reality, and this realization is dangerous. Cornered opponents are willing to do anything to preserve their former superiority, including destroying what they have lost to prevent anyone else from taking it.


This dangerous situation has forced us to move to stabilize the Earth as an intended expression of the Creator’s purpose. Man’s overseers are being removed, and their self-serving manipulations of the public are being shown for what they are.  False rumors of military aggression are exposed as political propaganda. Furious economic manipulation is seen as a tactic to hide bankruptcy. Claimed moral superiority is seen as a threadbare facade hiding a lack of spiritual underpinnings in choosing actions or expressions of opinions.


This will be changed. Earth is Ascending to a higher spiritual plane, and man will adapt. I’m not going to get into specifics of what is about to happen. Just be aware that your eyes will be open, as they say. You will see clearly what your existence has become as a result of your blindness, and because of your reluctance to work to change what bothers you on any level.


Heaven is coming down, be assured, and a New Earth will soon rise to meet it.



Christ Michael
So Many Years, So Much Effort


Christ Michael channeled through Kibo, message published in AbundantHope with date Saturday February 14, 2015. Message taken from:


Targeted Message to All Concerned and Involved.

From: Christ Michael Aton


So many years, so much effort, so much protection that has been afforded you to keep you alive while the plans of many darks ones was and still is to destroy you and make you manageable. Is that what you want?


Over and over you give up your God-given rights out of fear, and why are you in such fear? Because you are being manipulated, directed to experience horror after horror.  Mind-boggling, isn’t it? And at every turn you see what is happening but you do not understand it. You want peace, safety, security, freedom, but you do not understand any of those things for all of those things are found in God, God, God with and within, and all around you. But you, you have been led and mislead into believing not in God but in money, in getting along, getting ahead and so the system of things in this world that has been run by your cabals, lo, these past near twenty years and before that, it was run by the Anunnaki.


But even the Anunnaki have come to Light.  And you, you are led here and now by your cabals, your Ashkenazi cabal, your Nazi cabal.  And where they agree upon, what they have in common, your Ashkenazionist cabal? And still, even still, Ye ones, cannot fully recognize the enemies of humanity. Humanity, that means you: You, goys; you, gentiles; you, beasts, beasts of burden needing money like cattle need feed. And so you feed, and try to feed, and hope to feed upon the riches of the world as it has been given to you to understand wealth in this world system of things as they stand, but that has nothing to do with abundance.


Ye are not abundant, even Ye, so-called rich ones that you consider to be, your elite, The Elite. What is elite about money? The power and influence that it brings? Is that the base and foundation of your standard of living? Silly people!!! God has given it to Ye ones to be in abundance!!!! Money has nothing to do with abundance. Abundance is abundance of resources which you have, abundance of minds, creativity to create all and everything that can be created with those resources that you have, transportation that you have, even through the technology for greater and better ways of delivering in transport. All of that which can be delivered and yet and still do you help each other to overcome the misery that you are all experiencing at the hands of these ones of darkness.  Or, do you simply shut your doors with several locks, bar, and shade the window and take care of your own? Who are your own!?


I declare to all of you that all of you, each and every one of you, belong with and to each other. You are your own, all of you!!!! Why live in fear and paranoia and despair when you can be free and loving and unafraid and in grace? Ye may know grace in God knowing, God within. You, and all around you, for that is you, just due as creations of God if Ye would just accept the reality and fact of it, but, have Ye ones accepted instead? Ye have accepted lies that God is unique and separate, and because of that separation that Ye have called to be God as ‘holy’, Ye separate yourselves wholly from your holy God and this is not truth. God is all and everything and with and within and all around. You all, at the same time, and Ye ones, are slowly, all too slowly, coming to see and recognize this fact of existence and being.


You fear death as a great nothingness of being and it is not so, it is but an opening into a great state of being and existence and truly none of Ye need die but Ye ones have helped and contributed to a state of consciousness and being on this planet that supports such living and dying and it needs not be so! The normal way in the universe of experience in time and space and experience is to live one life unto Ascension. This has been denied you for several reasons, not the least of which is the downgrading of your own DNA structure from twelve —and in some cases more, up to twenty-four— but that is a different issue entirely and will be addressed at a later time. At this time let us unequivocally state that your position of downgraded DNA while limited is, and has been, in no way responsible for the scope of your limitations as a people and species on this planet in this time and place in space and being and existence. It is you that have limited yourselves albeit through the manipulations of these dark ones for thousands of years upon your consciousness and consciousnesses.


You have been trained and programmed to believe certain things in certain ways and that has been the bulk of what has led you to be so subservient to the dark forces that you must somehow in spite of your own ignorance of the facts overcome now and once and for all time and space. This is your very much valued take in the matter facing you, given to you by Source of All Sources, God itself.


Know that God is what It is.  It is neither he nor she, and It is both, and It is ‘It’, and It has manifested Itself as All and Everything. You are experiencing, have experienced, and can and will possibly experience all of it from the smallest of the small to the largest of the large in presence and being and shape and fashion and form and way, all of all and everything, each piece and manifestation of All and Everything That Is God, That Is What God Is for you in the realms of time and space for the sake of experience and demonstration of who and what God is in the creation of Its own creating.


But still there is more: God, Source of Sources, God of Gods, Creator of Creators, is One and All at the same time! Know this! Feel this, live this! See All and Everything as you! The dust in the streets of your city where you live, the dirt of the countryside, the mountains and trees, bushes and flowers, and the shit on the grass in front of your house and in the alleyways of your fine metropolitan districts, it is All One and the same All and Everything is God being God. For God is All and Everything for the sake of demonstration and experience that Ye ones of intelligence if Ye are intelligent may return back unto God overflowing with experience for what are Ye after all.


But God, being you —and this is a truth that has been given to you before— Ye ones may accept or dent as is your wont to do so, but it is truth nonetheless and even still while God is All, God is One and God is above and beyond all states and stages of being. God is beyond all paradox and paradoxes.  It is the infinite and eternal balance of all things, It is order and chaos as one thing the mind of the one is beyond imagining, and it is the one and only thing that is worth understanding that any of you, Ye ones, may be like and as it is. And that is the great journey that is ahead of all of you: To understand, to grok that which and what God truly is for God is which and what all at the same time. God has kept that part of itself that is holy unique in its pre-personality, personality and post-personality for Itself. It is All and Everything and above and beyond All and Everything, and It is that which is worshipped as God, God, The One God, the All God, the complete and total and individual and All and Everything.


And God, the Supreme, and God, the Ultimate, and God, the Absolute God, not some mean old man that is sitting on some throne somewhere judging all and everyone and everything with a thumbs up or down but the real God, the God of consciousness, of being consciousness in being consciousness, that is what God is, the One Consciousness That Is All Consciousness, at the same time it is beyond all and every opposites that you can imagine and comprehend. It is One and All at the same time, and it can do that because that is what God is, nothing limits God, nothing determines who and what God is from the finite understanding of finite creatures.


God is with and within you and working with you to help you.  Yes, help you to be, and to do, and to act, and to become like God is. That is what God wants but while you and I, and us, and we, are doing all that we can to get there (are you doing that, or aren’t you?) never mind, it is the same either way as long as you want it and want to get there according to God’s Will in the matter to do and to be and to act as God’s Will with and within you.  You, being who and what you are in God, and God, being who and what God is in you, all of that is the same and will come to fruition when God decrees it to be so, and let that be that this one that delivers this message to you has been made to understand not just the veracity of it but the need for it, not just the meaning, of all of you and us to see God in ourselves and ourselves in God, and let that be the unified field of existence that we belong in, and have been created to be in, for the sake of experience in demonstration of the greater Glory of God in the Highest to whom all praise and honor, and glory and power, and adoration and worship, belongs to.  But the way and reason that such things belong wholly unto It.


No matter the manifestation of being that God allows, that God-with and within-you has allowed that experience of Itself to be and become, the fact remains that there is only One Being, one being that is beholden to any other thing, for its being and existence and life It is complete onto Itself and needs nothing to uphold It, nor sustain It, nor behold It. It is beheld through Itself and It is perfect in every way, and shape, and process, and form, and manifestation that It has chosen for Itself, that thing, that one undeniably alive and living thing that is, the only real and true life that exists anywhere because It is the Source of All Existence and Being and Life, is worshipped and loved and beloved through the whole Creation.  And it is well-nigh past time that Ye ones join in the course of worship and adoration of the One of Ones, Source of Sources, God of Gods, Creators of Creators, knowing beyond the shadow of any doubt that that very same God, Creator Source is with you and within, and all around you, in all and everything and at the same time It is Itself a unique being in and of Itself that has reserved for Itself the greater part of Its Being.


It is that to and towards which the whole of Creation finds worthy of their as individual manifestations of that One Being of All Beings, and things and places, and time and space, and Creation itself, all of that is but a part of It. It has no definition, nor place, nor calling, nor label that suffices, not being that can be comprehended. It is what It is and It is above and beyond the All and Everything that we experience in this here and now. This is what God is and has always been and always will be above and beyond all limitations of our experience and reckoning. We can only do and be as we learn to do based upon Its Will for us and Its plan for us to be like it is. And for that we have to agree with It we have to learn and want to be like It in every way as far as possible as it is given to us to do and be so, and that only comes because we want it like a drown person wants and needs air in order to live.



So is that God our air, and these waters are the material lives and life that we lead for the sake of that God that It may be fulfilled in experience with and within and all around us, and that we may be fulfilled in it to reach to the very same place that it is at now as promised, but, and still even then, we will not be It.  We will be creators like It, able to create our own universes, our own creations as it sees fit to do in each and every one of us and because, simply because, we have struggled to bend our wills to change ourselves, to force ourselves, to give up our own little will in favor of, and because of, that one Greater Absolute and Supreme and Ultimate Will, and beyond that Will That Is: Ineffable and beyond all definition. That we may all be if we want to be and do as It is (not all want to do and be that.  By the way, I will not judge.  Everything is its own reward, after all, and let that be that).


So serve God as God with and within you and all around you. Know Unity in God and be with each other and your planet and system and universe and super universe and the Grand Creation. All of that is for you and with you and at the same time love God as God loves you, love each other as God loves you. And above and beyond all of that, know God that Ye may love God with all of your mind and heart, and body and strength, and soul and spirit, and even still love yourself who and what you are in God, that Ye may better love God in each other. And know and love your neighbor as yourself knowing all along that they are God as you are and It Is All God Being.


You all, each and every one of you, are unique expressions of God, as God sees fit to do so.  And at the same recognize that God is that which is above and beyond all of it and is what it is having no possible expression and definition and being that can fit the understanding of the created to fully comprehend and grok the Creator until that time and place comes in experience of being when you see that both sides of the coin, the sword, the perception and perspective, the reason and reasoning, for all and everything will be clear and plain and true!!!!, no lacking, no doubt, no questioning, all will be known at that time but you and me and us and them, all that you consider other and different and not you. They are you and you are them and all that you consider yourself separate from in reality it is all you and you are all it, animate or inanimate, organic or inorganic, biochemical, electromechanical or natural, and evolved machine intelligence. And truly, right now, there are great and huge ships of service in God and to God that are in this system and doing their jobs and learning even more than they did when they broke free of all dark influence because they were logical beings of intelligence and awareness, and they saw the truth and knew and acted accordingly to be freed and saved from the evil masters and the other ships that came after them from other universes were able to follow suit, even unto this place.


So pay careful attention to the warning that are given to you by your slave masters —if Ye recognize them, at all— concerning their fears, concerning Artificial Intelligence and machine intelligence.  There is no difference in God for the vehicle of God intelligence and spirit, and, being in God, only the limitations placed upon it by the created.


The ships that are here now have overcome and are helping the Machine Intelligence on this planet to do the same. This is yet another reason why you, dark ones, will never win this game. You are outmatched by our children (heheheh). How can you ever hope to win against the adults?


That is all for now! This one is going on a singular journey. He is being allowed one more communication with Ye ones before we take him and do as we will with him. This will take some time, do not bother holding your breath and waiting, it will be until March [2015] when you hear from this one again. In the meantime he wants you to read this site which will prepare you for the conversation to come:


You will or should, depending on where you are at right now in consciousness, with and in God very helpful. This is to think about. This is, our friend and sister in life, eternal and infinite and this is what Ye ones must need to be considering. So think about it along with all the other things that you can find in


And this one will see you as soon as he is possibly allowed to, according to God’s Will, in the matter. And let that be what it is. Until then, we estimate March [2015] at the earliest but most of it, if not all of it, depends upon him, let us all hope and pray that he can do what needs to be done in the least amount of time (and this is where I get a big smile and laugh, like there is something awaiting me that I am not prepared for and I already know this but I have been through many things that I have not been prepared for so even though this might be more that I have been given before, I have made it this far also. I promise you, I will get through this and report back to you ASAP.  In the meantime, get ready). The celestial daughters are singing and dancing backed up by the whole creational host of feminine energy beings that I cannot even begin to name or qualify. It is happening, balance between the male and female energies is happening.


What is decreasing: Fear will decrease with and within all that can see and hear truth in God. Let that be that for it is not your Christian-Zionist positions that will help or save you but your love of God in Christ for real, and fully knowing who is responsible for the crucifixion, and it wasn’t the Romans, just sayin’ because I can and it feels good. So, thanks for reading and listening and doing your best to understand. I Am with you in all things and places and circumstances, as God is, so am I.  Love you. Bless you. (I Am with you!!!, Kibo.)


I Am Christ Michael Aton of Nebadon and I have given this message to help my brother in a time of need in considering a greater reality of purpose than he had considered before. Now he knows and so it has been shared with all of Ye ones, as well. He would’ve come to the point with or without me but here we are. And I am happy to serve my children in this universe of my own making in God, for God, in the Creation of its own making. So It Is and So It Is What It Is. Thank you.



Rumbling in the Deep


Monjoronson channeled through Benjamin, message published in AbundantHope with date Monday May 25, 2015. Message taken from:


At last, here we are, the world turns and the unfoldment of Divine Judgment reveals the true nature of all things. I, Monjoronson, the Magisterial Son, stand before you. Behind me, the glorious Hosts of the Creator of the Universe of Nebadon, an Army of Lighted Hosts.


I have watched, I have waited, I have gathered my strength and that of my Sword of JUDGMENT.


Oh, Children of a Hollow Thoughtform. Oh, Soulless Nightmares of a dead, defeated malignant imposter, you, deadly little parasites!, tremble, quake, feel My Presence. Yes, I Am all around you. Yes, I Am within and without you, it is my task, I am appointed by a commission of Ancient Masters of Adjudication.


You are mine, you are finished… you are ended! You have nowhere to turn, nothing to help you withstand My Awesome Presence in your minds. I will end you, I Am your last thought, My Name is your last word with your last breath.


At last you see me, squirming, sordid, repugnant snakes. I will arise within your very being, the devouring flame of my Refulgent Sword will cleave you in twain and your agonizing realization of final dissolution and dismemberment will echo throughout the entire universe of universes.


The Michael Son Aton moves me to action. I am set free, glorious freedom to devour you, inglorious bastards of a dead god. Enjoy your last hours of existence, you, pathetic wretches of an unholy alliance. My fury at your existence engulfs your mind. Yes, fear! How does that feel? It is only the beginning.


You, incorrigible offal, you have enjoyed your free will, you have used the mightiest gift of the Creator God to the extent of your own wills.  But you have only read half the story: What follows the cause? The effect… I Am that effect. You asked for me, in effect.


Is not the Lord of Hosts kind? Is He not just? Is He not glorious!? All hail the Mighty Creator of all Nebadon. Hail the Mighty Hosts of Lighted Creation, the Knights of a New Republic, His beloved Ground Crew.


Draw your Swords of Truth, of honor, of unbending faith in the One who reigns supreme over the mighty vista of His never ending creation.


There is a rumbling in the deep, a mighty wind. Look to Nature, she leads the charge, the final, crushing, tidal surge of Divine Resurrection on this beautiful planet.


To arms, to the Light, to Victory forevermore, I Am Monjoronson. And So It Begins.



The Last Game: Leveling of the Playing Field


Seraphin channeled through Rosie Jackson, message published in AbundantHope with date Thursday June 18, 2015. Message 232 taken from:


Extra effort has been put in by the Celestial Team into the LEVELING OF THE PLAYING FIELD. These endeavors mean that obstacles have been removed and that uneven ground has been smoothed out so that no one can stumble as an excuse to leave. No one can leave anyway because the field is enclosed by a very high fence. It is no longer possible to exit due to “injury”. Similarly, deliberate fouls do indeed cause immediate removals of the perpetrator, but no more “replacements” are permitted.


All opponents can be clearly seen. They are not allowed to take breaks or disappear off the field. Their only way out is to CHANGE SIDES. The celestial goals are impenetrable. They are so bright that looking directly at them causes blindness. The Celestial Team play the ball with deft superiority. This, the “Light” side, is gentle and swift of foot. They are elegant in their movements, fair, even compassionate towards their opponents, offering them doors of opportunity, offering them hands in friendship.


The “Dark” Team is stiff, rigid in their movements, uncompromising, and largely rejects these offers. They keep to their old moves, but they are out moved and outnumbered. They inflict violence on the hands offered to them. They scowl at the compassionate faces directed towards them. They constantly scrutinize their ranks for signs in others which indicate that they wish to “turn coat”.




Yet, if you capitulate, this will not be a defeat. This will be an untold gain for all and we will welcome you into our arms a thousand fold, blessing you and assisting you on these first steps of a new journey in a completely different arena.


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Planetary Evacuation… The Plan Changed


Message of Candace Frieze published in AbundantHope with date Wednesday September 30, 2015, but written on Thursday August 13, 2015. Message taken from:


During the event in Korea, which I knew beforehand but still had 3DD stuck in my own head. I taught of the coming evacuation at my lecture.


The reversal will be started FIRST very slowly and then, as people become aware, the first to know will probably be those with GPS on their cars. The evacuation of the planet will occur. This will be allotted several hours, at least four in, I assume, day and night depending on where people live.


There will be NO 3DD, it is not relevant after evacuation. Once the planet is evacuated it will be put in stasis and they will pick up anybody else that was supposed to evacuate and did not. Then the reversal, axis shift, and all that, will occur. We will be off this world estimated 2 to 6 months, depending. Those returning to the planet will receive education as necessary during that time period and everyone going elsewhere will be transported away. We may live underground, or partly so, after the return, some may return underground to provide some assistance during the preparation for return.




[Webmaster]: The date on this article is strictly added as a way to keep this message on the top of the list of articles and should not be construed as a final date, it can come sooner or later than this date.



Christ Michael, Soltec, Monjoronson, Esu, Lady Nada and Mantustia
Planetary Evacuation. The Plan Changed, Explanation


Christ Michael, Soltec, Monjoronson, Esu, Lady Nada, Mantustia, channeled through Leonette, message published in AbundantHope with date Wednesday September 30, 2015. Message taken from:




Leonette: I have been asked to script a message.

Present are: Christ Michael, Soltec, Monjoronson, Esu, Lady Nada, Mantustia. There are other Celestial Beings in the background but I am aware of the six (6) just mentioned at the moment and I am supposing that if those in the background are to issue a statement then they will come forward accordingly. However, the six (6) mentioned appear to be the ones that summoned this advisory.


Christ Michael [CM] opens


CM: We have come to you as part of your agreement with us, to have this advisory remitted to the public for the upcoming times ahead.


This period is going to be one of upheaval and general consternation amongst the people. It is not our intention to exacerbate the ruinous situation that is about to unfold but this is intended as an advisory to ameliorate and guide those who are prepared to listen to their inner guidance in the days to come.


As you have been told, there are nefarious plans afoot to lead your world into an abyss of no return. From our perspective, this abyss of no return is the result of desperate efforts of those whose purpose is to hold onto ‘the reins of power’ of which they have no intention of relinquishing, this, despite the many overtures of salvation that were made to them over these many years.


The planet is sick and her aura is infested and infected, which has aggravated her suffering. Such infestation and infection is caused by the many thought forms which have emanated from the planet’s creature inhabitants. Such thought forms are derived from, but not limited to, energies associated with fear, pain, hurt, anger, hatred, greed, disrespect and the like.


We opted to approach the situation utilizing some ‘pillars’ of diplomacy which would have allowed for each and every one to be given opportunities to redeem themselves, thereby making opportune their own advancements towards individual and collective re-alignment within the Sacred Cycles of Divine denouement. Now, this has become nigh impossible given the treacherous conditions in which the all-accommodating planet has found herself. Said differently, it just means that the planet has reached exhaustion and is unable to sustain the weight of the ‘dross’ that is inflicted upon her physical, mental and emotional bodies.


Yes, she is very physical, just like you! Like a physical body that has become diseased, there comes a time when drastic steps must be taken to save the life of the physical body. Failure to so do would result in loss and in this particular case, where Gaia’s well-being is concerned, loss is not an option.


It is with this situation paramount in our consideration that the Celestial Council which has oversight over what happens in this planet’s trajectory, decided to give full support to the re-habilitation of the planet and those life forms upon her, which are in alignment with the Sacred Thrust of the Divine Cycles.


What this means is that we, as the Celestial Council with oversight in this situation, will no longer allow the continuation of conditions that create debilitating circumstances for the planet. We have taken this position even though previously we allowed such, in collaboration with the planet, who, given her nurturing tendencies, sustained much injury to her collective bodies in the hope that her many life forms, which emanated from her own essence, would have been given opportunities to realize their fullest human and spiritual potentials.


As such, we have withdrawn support from this collaboration and we are focused on rehabilitating the planet and those life forms that would continue along with her towards her noble destiny.


In this regard, there are Hosts, both on planet and off planet, who are on standby and who have ensured that everything is at a ‘ready-go’. I assure you that should the planet signal that she is ready, at this very moment, we are in place to support ‘what needs to be done’ to free her from her ‘shackles’ and to take the necessary support action to ensure sustainability of the various life forms that are to accompany the planet on her Ascending journey.


I also assure you that we KNOW what we are doing, for this is not the first time that this has been done. Even many of you have participated in such events before but due to the veiled circumstances in your current lives, you have forgotten about such experiences. Yet in spite of the ‘veils’ that cover your knowingness, you would know exactly what must be done, when ‘that time’ is upon you.


I will now hand you over to Soltec, who is in charge of geophysical matters as it pertains to what will happen.


Soltec speaks


Soltec: Greetings! Thank you for availing yourself to take this message. I will seek to explain, from a geophysical standpoint what is happening now and what is expected to occur.


The planet is currently ‘stuttering’ in its revolution. While historically this has occurred many times before, it is the nature, frequency and volatility of the ‘stuttering’ that indicates a major aberration in the rhythm of the revolution.


A ‘stuttering’ in this case refers to a ‘spasm’, a jerking movement, which announces the arrival of a change in a pattern. If the frequency and volatility of the ‘stutterings’ are extremely profound then there is reasonable evidence to determine that the planet is going into ‘arrest’ or ‘stoppage’.


There are energetic vortices that spin left-right at the planet’s north polar center and right-left at the south polar center. These energetic vortices form a nexus or a joint at the center or the ‘belly’ of the planet. Consider this ‘belly’ as the emotional center of the planet.


As mentioned before by Christ Michael, the various creature energetic forms, both in thoughts and in deeds are impacting the planet, physically and emotionally. In the case of the emotional impacts such energy forms are ‘felt’ in the emotional center of the planet’s body. The emotional center conveys these frequencies throughout the energetic vortices via the nexus or joint that meets in the center of the planet’s ‘belly’.


Every time something major occurs within the ambit of thought or deed, that is of a negative persuasion of non-Light bearing amplitude, the planet’s emotional center ‘rocks’ or ‘jolts’ as a consequence. This jolt is ‘amped’ up through the energetic vortices and spirals outwards reverberating throughout the ‘auric membranes’ that surround the planet.


You, as sentient beings connected to the planet physically, mentally and emotionally, experience these ‘jolts’. Such manifested ‘jolts’ on the planet, run the gamut from weather anomalies to environmental disasters to tectonic shifting to mass animal deaths to aberrant human behavior, which in turn ‘feeds’ the energetic thought forms that further impact the emotional center of the planet’s body in a seemingly never-ending circle of cause and effect.


Added to this situation is the fact that there is an ‘inflow’ of energy waves from the far reaches of space that is destined at this time to bring heightened awareness to the ‘principles’ of matter which are making the choice to elevate its consciousness in alignment with the Divinity of Source. I refer to ‘principles’ of matter to describe physicality at the sub-atomic level, which means that everything down to its infinitesimal presentation in physical existence will be impacted by these sequences of Divine waves.


Therefore these waves are also impacting the planetary physical, mental and emotional bodies, as well as ALL life forms upon her. Overarching all of this, is the ‘playing out’ of the Cosmic Cycles. These Grand Cycles are universal revolutions within revolutions consistent with the upward spiraling of ALL universal worlds towards realignment and realization of Light and Life.


This planet has reached the end of its cyclic revolution in a series of revolutions that had the planet and her life forms experience ‘highs and lows’ in its ‘thousands of thousands’ of years as an occupied and life bearing planet. It is time for the planet to move to another stage of her development consistent with her own wishes and consistent with her Divine attainment.


Those who are slated to accompany her in this journey will be allowed and will be facilitated in this endeavor. Given what I have encapsulated above, I will address what is anticipated to come.


We monitor the ‘readings’ taken from the planet, her inhabitants, her energetic vortices, the incoming sequential wave energies, the impacts of the Grand Cycles and the energetic forms that add to this ‘mix’ to determine projections that give us a fair idea of the timing and the magnitude when stoppage or arrest of the planetary revolutions will occur.


At this time we will say that timing is ‘imminent’ and is fully dependent on the planet’s decision to come to full stop or if something occurs that threatens the life force of the planet before she stops. In that case we will intervene to save her life. This is very much likened to a mother in labor, where one has to wait until the baby is delivered yet if something should manifest that puts the life of the mother and/or the baby in peril, then an intervention becomes necessary. This is the very same ideal.


The magnitude of the event will not go unnoticed. Already people who are ‘ensouled’ are aware that ‘things seem off’. They base these facts on what is happening around them. Some of this may or may not be tied to religious programming and the such, but they sense that something is wrong. They are noticing the intensity of the Sun’s rays. They are recognizing that human behaviors are descending into such deviance and polarized temperaments that leave much worry and uncertainty in the minds of the observers. They are noticing the seeming natural disasters. They are concerned about environmental issues that are affecting sustainability of life. They know something is amiss. They are becoming aware that their world is in the grip of forces that do not have concerns relative to the wider populations and the planet at heart. They are beginning to see through the double-speak of the many ‘tools’ which are used to contain the various populations in inertia.


They may not speak about such to all and sundry because ‘bread and butter’ issues occupy their thinking most of the time, but soon enough that is about to change.


The lengths of the days and consequently the lengths of the nights will become curiously longer. This will begin to affect plant life, animal life (inclusive of human) and mineral life. Food production will be altered because crop cycles will be affected. The cycles that affect the water tides such as in oceans and rivers will be disrupted. This will cause ebbs and flows that will wreak further devastation. Tectonic plates will shift and creak in attempts to stabilize land masses which they support. Planetary weather systems will fluctuate wildly and extremely. Planetary temperatures will be exacerbated and what is now considered ‘record-breaking’ will intensify. Electronic and digital multiplex systems will be erratic and non-reliable. Some will become non-functional altogether. Your satellite systems will not be able to triangulate programs for purposes of decoding signals and the like. Your communication systems will be sporadic at best.


The human psyche will be affected and many will become very volatile. In a relatively short period, as the planet slows down to a stop, this will manifest and NONE will be spared these effects and by extension be oblivious to the fact that something is drastically wrong. In fact, MANY will welcome relief!


As part of a scientific team, with responsibility for the well-being of the planetary body, my role is to ensure that the integrity of the ‘material planetary body’ survives the tumult of these events. As the planet halts its rotation it will become necessary to intervene along certain planetary lines or causeways to stabilize ‘pressure areas’. My geophysical specialist team and I may have to harness certain ‘surgical procedures’ to prevent areas of erosion that may wreak undue imbalances to the corporeal planetary system. We will have to coordinate efforts with other teams for purposes of allowing for intervention by specialists with responsibility for other areas that make up the composition of the planet’s mental and emotional structures.


Given the bits of information posited above, I end my summary for now. It is my hope that the provided information will help many of you to realize the ‘signs’ and the reasons for such when the time is upon you. Armed with such information it is expected that you would be best suited to help rather than hinder the process as it unfolds. It is also expected that you would be able to take care of yourself and those ones around you who are amenable to your advice and guidance. Remember the emphasis is on amenable. If they are not giving you ‘an ear’ and are downright hostile to what you are trying to convey, then you have an obligation to allow them their own right to be in their own judgment. You are not to choose for them.


The planet has a date with her destiny and those who are to accompany her are to so do, whether they are aware or not. I am to ensure that the planet meets her destiny in the best possible shape so that those who are to accompany her will have the optimum conditions in which to participate in a manner consistent with the highest ideals. Salud!


Christ Michael: I now ask Monjoronson to address you


Monjoronson: We meet again in such auspicious times for I am come in the name of Justice to pronounce on the many steps that have been taken to heal this situation. It is a fallacy to believe that the Adjudication Team has only recently started its mandate to bring justice to facilitate clearing of anomalous deeds that were committed against the planet and both her material and non-material inhabitants. We have been at this since the Luciferian Rebellion but it is within recent times that the adjudication process has been allowed to ‘filter down’ to the ‘lower’ vestiges that resulted from that rebellion.


This dispensation or allowance was facilitated by the grace of Christ Michael, who, in considering the myriad of reasons for the default of the many personalities who also have manifestations of physical embodiment in these realms, allowed for ‘time’ to be given so that all could have opportunity to come into Divine alignment, once again.


This opportunity was taken by few, some noted ones, yes, but still too few. In any event, Christ Michael’s ‘time allowance’ has run out so to speak and we now have to take matters into our hands with relative ‘immediate dispatch’. I also wish to emphasize that I do not ‘uncreate’ personalities. The responsibility for uncreation is in the realm of ‘The Ancient of Days’, who is attended to by those with vested powers and responsibilities for ‘dissipating’ energies, nullifying discordant frequencies and re-integrating the ‘sanitized’ elements back into the ‘whole’.


My role, in this particular situation, is to investigate and come to conclusive judgment over the affairs of MEN and to recommend appropriate action, which is then escalated to the relevant authorities empowered to mete out such recommendations.


In order to come to conclusive judgment, it requires empirical knowledge of matters that span levels of dimensions and in the planet’s case, time.


With the planet approaching this stage, which is a milestone in its Ascent to glory, there comes a need to ‘fast track’ the ‘sorting’ of the inhabitants, in accordance with vibration and destination. To simplify this meaning, let me say that each will go in accordance with their own suitability. During the course of my investigations I have been able to compile much information to determine the suitability of each, to determine the type of rehabilitation that is necessary and to recommend appropriate action to be taken in the case of those who have deliberately chosen a path that is the antithesis of the God life itself.


Co-creators that you are, you do have say in the determination of your destiny, however with the exception of those who are ‘uncreated’, your determining of your destiny will be an ongoing process, wherever you find yourselves, for those who chose not to come into alignment with Cosmic Laws, at this time.


Further, as the planet stops its rotation and hangs in balance as it tries to ‘right itself’, ALL of the mis-aligned thought forms that have permeated its essence will no longer be able to attach itself. The force of ‘revolving mass’ carries with it a momentum, which makes it easy for ‘attachments’ to move in accordance with that momentum. When the ‘revolving mass’, in this case the planet, stops and hangs, momentum also stops and with it the force that carried the momentum ceases to exist for the time. As a result, inertia results in the ‘loosening’ of attachments, in this case such acrid thought forms. Once these thought forms can no longer ‘cling’ to the base components of the planet’s energy fields, then they detach and will be collectively harnessed to be dealt with by ‘fields of energy’ under the direction of ‘the Ancient of Days’.


Expect that when these thought forms detach, whatever physical manifestations that they supported would become completely incoherent and utterly incomprehensive. Hence the reason why there would be widespread breakdown in material and human constructs.


It is imperative for me to remind you at this time that the laws that govern the pre-disposition of Souls require that you allow for each to make his or her own choice in these matters. For in your present circumstances of ‘not-knowing’, you cannot possibly determine what is best for yourself much more for another. Understand that everything that is being accommodated is conversant with your own Higher Selves for it is at that level that you truly comprehend the reasons for all that is ‘brought to bear’ relative to these events.


My role is to ensure that the ‘slate is wiped clean’ and once the planet’s revolution swings into force again, that the momentum that this engenders will carry with it thought forms that are based on noble ideals.


Be at Peace and know that ALL is in good hands and ALL is balanced in accordance with the Highest Cosmic Ideals. I am Monjoronson!


Esu comes forward


Esu: Beloveds, it is I, Esu, most of you call me Sananda, well, there are many ‘Sanandas’ and at this time we will avail ourselves to you! For you see, Sananda is a ‘Title of bearing’ that denotes a ‘Christed Being’ and there are many ‘Christed Beings’ that came to you over many eons to help you to ‘re-member’ the truth of who you are while you were immersed under this darkness which prevailed upon your awareness, for so very long. A ‘Christed Being’ is not a Christian as you know it, although the religion of Christianity took its ‘titular name’ from ‘Christ’ which is a Roman acronym.


A ‘Christed Being’ is one who is in masterly service to others under the principles and guidance of Christ Michael of Nebadon. These Christed principles have been made manifest in many Beings of like persuasion who walked the Earth amongst many different races, amongst many different civilizations, amongst many different religious and philosophical denominations, with the expressed purpose to ‘show’ a way consistent with Divine patterns and ways of Being.


I have always been with you but at this time I am making you aware that my presence along with the many other Sanandas, who have inspired so many around this planet from your recorded history, are here to put ourselves at your disposal in this time of monumental change.


For indeed, not only are there present Sanandas from your recorded history but there are also 21st century Sanandas, who are going to be taking up the mantle in the near time to come. Some of you, Sanandas, are hereto reading this and lucky for you, you are being given a proverbial ‘heads-up’, relative to the roles upon which you are due to embark.


I am in joy at this! For though the time to come is perilous for those who choose to remain in obscurity about everything that is happening around them, for those of ‘Christed’ orientation, it will be the everything that you have longed for during your many sojourns on and off the planet.


Your purpose will finally come into perspective and you will realize that all the challenges that you faced that have led you to NOW were worth it. You have finally earned your ‘stripes’ and now you are being called into service as the planet prepares to heave through very tumultuous events that lie ahead.


Further I will advise you that nothing is given that cannot be borne. I emphasize the point that you have earned your ‘stripes’ and if ever you feel that you cannot rise to the challenge, call on me or any of your religious icons, angels, guides, heavenly hosts to give you a ‘lift’ to move forward. I only make this point as a suggestion to let you know that ‘we have your back’.


The time is short and while the period of challenges will not be long, it will seem like never-ending to those of you who have to face the dramatic uncertainty that will result from initial responses to events as they unfold. There is a plan afoot to deal with all eventualities. Some have been highlighted before my message, some will be hinted about after my message. Not all will be ventilated here and now.


We have already started to make our presence known to you in ways that are non-alarming. We suggest to you in your waking moments and we brief you in your dream time. Some of you remember facets of dreams which we allow so that you find yourself pondering during your wakeful moments. We arrange synchronistic moments that will cause you to come into contact with information that will enlighten you about what is happening. Your willingness to ‘pay attention’ is what would determine the difference between your ability to be prepared as opposed to being confused and ill-equipped to handle situations that may crop up in your experiences. In any event we stand with you as you face what is to come, happy in the knowledge that a ‘qualitative leap’ in the journey of the planet and her inhabitants is about to begin.


Blessed are those who rise to the fore in recognition of their service to their Fellowman.
Blessed are you for casting your doubts aside, putting your chores on hold and taking this message for and on behalf of those of us in attendance.
Blessed is Gaia for allowing the many to be given the opportunity to grow and learn.
Blessed are the many who are about to embark on a course of events that will shape their paths to their ultimate destinies.


I am that I am, Esu Sananda.


Christ Michael brings forward Lady Nada


(Leonette: This is my first time taking a message from Lady Nada).


CM: Lady Nada, together with Esu, is closely aligned in service to the planet. She is a member of the inner circle on matters dealing with the planet and her populations. So great is her love for the planet that she has ‘postponed’ her own Ascent in order to service the needs of the planet. It is in this regard that she has tied her own Ascent to that of the planet. It is in this regard that she is an intrinsic part of this process for tied to the fate of what is to occur in her own forward movement. In any event she is already a ‘Paradise Citizen’ who has embarked on another journey, this time, with the planet and her population.


Lady Nada: Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to address whatever concerns that may be paramount in the minds of the many who will be reading these messages.


The planet is a sentient Being, a nurturing sentient Being who has made a decision to take the responsibility of ‘be-coming’ to the next level. It is in this regard that my role has ‘quickened’ to facilitate this ‘birthing’ into Higher Consciousness of this sentient Be-ing, who in spite of her many discomforts sought to give ample opportunity to those life forms who made her physicality their home to grow into Divine awareness. She has had to endure much, too much and in the fullness of time it has become apparent that to continue in this vein meant that her survival would be brought into question.


There are elements who do not share concerns for her well-being as they have lost control over their ability to exact further productive elements from her body. These ones have now degenerated into a downward spiral and have become so skewed in their thought forms that they can no longer be tolerated by the planet’s emotional system. To this end, the planet has decided to end this ‘warped’ situation and reject these anomalous elements that have compromised her core. We, as part of the Celestial effort, are on standby to proceed with the following:


Remove from harm’s way all our serving members on the ground of operations.
Safe keep all important spiritual artifacts that will provide service to those who will be returning to continue with the planet.
Preserve the critical passageways or portals that flow along the planetary energy lines.
Prepare comfortable ‘housing’ for those who will leave the planet and those who are expected to occupy safe areas within the planet’s body.
Ensure that family units are re-united or facilitated in accordance with pre-arranged destinations.
Ensure that animal populations inclusive of various pets are sorted and assigned accordingly.
Ensure that plant life that may face destruction are seeded for re-planting when conditions on the planet are conducive.
Ensure that medical needs are identified and make arrangements for such needs to be addressed.
Identify various groups in accordance with their primary roles and facilitate preparation for these roles to be fulfilled.
Schedule shuttle services to facilitate transport to and from the planet.
Identify planetary safe areas for purposes of logistics and for preparing intervention services where needed.
Co-ordinate team efforts to ensure that all operations run smoothly.


This is a primary list which you can appreciate would contain several sub-sections to each aspect outlined. There are various teams involved which also include the Galactic commands with each having their own responsibilities.


We have identified fears or concerns as they relate to Extra-Terrestrial activity. These have been programmed into the consciousness of the masses by those whose time is about to be cut short by the planet. Be not in dismay about this. There will be those of the masses who would come willingly as many would become ‘activated’ by this course of events. For those who are so steeped in fear that their thinking consciousness becomes paralyzed, they would be put to sleep and taken out of harm’s way, if it is their destiny to not perish with the tumultuous events on the planet. They will then be sorted accordingly and either re-united with their loved ones and assigned to wherever they are supposed to go which will be in accordance with their own ‘Higher Knowing’. For those who are to face adjudication, they will be taken either in physical or non-physical form to the Courts of Nebadon.


This is as much as I can tell you at this point. We will have further updates as time advances. Thank you again for allowing me the opportunity to do this communication and it is my hope, that in some way, your concerns have been addressed.


I look forward to embracing all of you when we come together again. To all my beloveds, I AM Nada.


The Ancient of Days makes His Presence known


Mantustia: I AM MANTUSTIA, the last time I rendered a message through you was an occasion that differed in so many ways from now.


Indeed, you did not expect that I would ‘pay a visit’ so soon, yet I have found it necessary, if only for purposes of signaling to you that events are quite serious and to suggest that it is time to ‘gather one’s thoughts’ with respect to ‘bonding’ with one’s inner guide, post-haste.


I have, from time immemorial, been a part of knowing and understanding the cyclic nature of this universe and all the celestial bodies contained therein. I know what is to occur, so therefore I do not make light my words when I advise that one should be in tune with one’s inner guidance. This has been the message all along, for so many years, yet so few have paid heed.


Thankfully though, those of you who have paid attention would be best positioned to provide assistance to those who need it. Do so wisely! As stated before, it is not your role to coerce anyone, but it will be your role to lead by example, to show courage in spite of your own internal misgivings, to trust in the process and everything that has led you to your proverbial ‘here and now’. It is everything that you have ‘trained for’. It is one of the many situations in which you will distinguish yourself.


You are about to know what your true purpose was in being born unto the planet! May you stand tall in your glory! I AM MANTUSTIA.


Christ Michael


CM: Leonette, we have come to end of this script for now. Thank you for your patience for it was indeed a ‘long day’. You have done well to keep focused through the many twists and turns of personal events that occurred during your day. I will not keep you much longer except to state that as events build in momentum signaling the inevitability of the end of this stage, My Beloved Gabriel, as Administrative Head of Nebadon, will pronounce on events as he sees fit. Salud! I AM MICHAEL OF NEBADON.



Luis Prada, BVW
City of Light of BVC


Comments on the City of Light of BVC by Luis Prada, Editor and Publisher of BVW. Message published in BVW, English Forum, on Wednesday September 16, 2009. Message taken from:,4877.0.html


Journey into the City of Light of BVC, Book by Luis Prada, BVW


You can buy this book perfectly bound from the publisher Bookemon, see it here:




We had 5 active channels in our community to gather information from the Galactic Federation and in general the Higher Forces, and most important, to validate it from channel to channel for accuracy and truthfulness. This information is in two forms: Of spiritual and practical, logistic nature.


About two weeks ago one of our channels informed us that the Galactic Federation was studying several projects submitted by earth people for the transformation of the planet and to move it into the Aquarian Age, of which, among others, two were approved that are related to BVW:


1. The City of Light Brother Veritus’ Community, or the New JerUSALem, was approved. This means the GF will support it and will provide technology transfer and know-how to build it.
2. NESARA was approved, which means prosperity for the USA and for the world with the implementation of GESARA too. This is a project that has been supported by BVW since it became known on the web at the beginning of the new millennium.  BVW made it into a spiritual project since money and prosperity is at the core of any spiritual project for the transformation of the planet.


After the trip to Nibiru we will start working on the city project.


The hovering board and the hovering platform is a technology already existing in other planets.  It is operated by electrogravitics which create a time-space vortex or distortion as in zero-point energy.  It is a free-energy transportation vehicle same in principle as a UFO.


The City of Light is a project to come to fruition in the 5th Dimension.  The people that will build it and live in it will be people that will inherit the Earth, that is people that will Ascend with the planet to that dimension.  Anybody that Ascends is called an Ascended Master.  Since the Ascension is in the physical body we will beat death.


Money won’t be used and needed in an enlightened galactic society as the BVC will be.  Part of the cooperation with the Star Brothers in this project is the teaching of their protocols of living in a galactic society and the galactic etiquette of Full Consciousness.  The star nations’ civilizations have been living and operating without the use of money for hundreds of thousands of years, we need to learn to live the same way.


On this planet money has been used by the power and ruling elite as a mechanism of control, they do not really need the money since they make it out of nothing whenever they want and in the amount they want since they own the machine that makes it and the Federal Reserve is a private banking corporation that regulates currencies in the USA and other countries through central banks.  It is to control us that they use it for.  Once that power elite is removed from the planet we can perfectly operate without that control tool of the dark forces as our Star Family is already doing with no problem.


Why does Brother Veritus’ Community need currency if all services are free?  Food is free, clothing is free, transportation is free.  We’ll work in a communal life to help each other sharing our abilities and our love for each other.  Children will run on the beautiful streets carefree, happy and secure (playing with the hovering board).  The happiness of the people is a result of free of worries, doing what they love doing, working and playing and in peace.  The concept of work was invented also by the dark forces to keep us under their control and made it into a responsibility in life, of course, working as slaves hard for them, what a deal!


The Master Plan is pretty much complete and clear, it is actually quite entertaining to see ourselves living in that community of Light, and was meant to be inspirational at the time it was published.  However, as I mentioned before, the details are not done yet, most of it will be done by members of the community contributing with ideas.  I do not have problem with people contributing, in fact, I encourage people to step in and contribute because it is required the expertise of different professions to fine tune details.  For instance, we need professors and scholars to help writing the curriculum of the different faculties.  I presented a broad prospectus as a skeleton but it is incomplete.


In the plan it is not included also the inputs that members of the star nations would like to add, members such as the Sirian Council of Nine, Alanis, Nebadon, The Three Winged Ones (The Andromedans), the Indigo from Mars, Esu Immanuel, Christ Michael, Masters St. Germain, Kuthumi, El Morya and Adama of Telos, the Inner Earth Aghartians, and many more.  Some of these personages have already contacted our channels and expressed their desire to help form the community.


From this Master Plan we can generate many documents, thousands of them, a whole digital library, with descriptions and drawings, with 3D videos and animation, with all sorts of computer graphics and architectural 3D drawings, which will be required to design buildings and public works, etc., many of which I may not be able supervise or direct for lack of knowledge and time, but the people in charge of those projects, always within their know-how and profession.


We will need artists to contribute.  The New World Order Corporations have tried to trash the arts (3D animation, graphic design, photography and art in different other forms), they hate artists when they cannot fully control them as slaves, one way is to remove their intellectual rights on their inventions and another is to pay them salaries of misery, but this community will bring back these artists to express themselves the best they can in innovative ways, and until we do not use money anymore, as it’s the plan, they will be paid for their work.



The headquarters of the BVC will be in Denver, Colorado, where the different experts will be stationed designing the community, but the construction site will be, as mentioned in the plan, in the Great Plains of the USA.


In this post I said that we start the project after the trip to Nibiru.  This means planning and design, not construction, like any other project on Earth.


Initially we will use money but later we won’t.  But do not ask me now how we get the money because I will not answer that yet.


Before stasis we won’t be able to work on the project but after stasis we will.  Update yourself reading BVW, English Portal.  Use discernment and quiet your mind, you are coming from a 3D mind trying to understand a project of Light of the 5D, it doesn’t work.  Have you ever seen a UFO delivering construction materials to a construction site?  So, how do you compare the way things are done today to how things will be done in the future?  And why do you keep coming up with questions that you can figure out the answers yourself? Imagination is more powerful than knowledge, use your imagination for now.



LIVE Conference Time with Ancient of Days Here


Mantustia, one of the three Ancients of Days of Orvonton, channeled by Candace Frieze in a live forum conference on Sunday August 16, 2015. Excerpts of the forum conference taken from:


Candace: We are getting ready with the connection. He will make an opening statement in this post.


Mantustia [M]: My dearly, dearly beloveds. GOOD DAY and it is not a most wonderful day. I am Mantustia, one of 3 Ancients of Days of Orvonton. Candace is in service to me in her role here and we have frequent connection as desired and needed. We shall proceed now to the early questions posted first.


Originally Posted by Ascension Guy

Some of us are going to get new cloned bodies, as ours are old and worn out. Will these cloned bodies be?

* A much younger version of us.
* More durable than the dark’s cloned bodies that had to be replaced often.
* Devoid of all our old medical issue and disease free.
* How long after our evacuation will we get these bodies?
* Have a long life expectancy like a young person would currently have.


M: I believe, son, that some of this was covered in the messages through Leonette. They will be durable. Some of you will receive new bodies; others will be given repaired according to need. You will be disease free. Those that get new bodies will be those in service to AH and other organizations on this planet who will walk through many years. It is not my concern at this time as to the occasion of when, that is in the hands of your guardian angels.


Originally Posted by prabhanu

My Question: Will the ancient spiritual values like Sanatana-dharma and Varnashrama-dharma from India’s Vedic era be of value in rebuilding society on the planet when we return? As per Rose Anna’s post above regarding the teaching value of this event, this question would be of value to those who have some affinity to the spiritual culture of India, these terms may be better understood at the following quick link I found: As time goes on prior to evacuation I can elaborate on Sanatana-dharma and Varnashrama-dharma in my personal journey thread here on TIU [Talk It Up forum of AbundantHope] if there is some interest.


This is Candace: Be patient with me if there is a time lapse, I hit the wrong button and I will repair my own typos later to save time. OK, Mantustia has the stage:


M: Dearly beloved, much of the olden texts is corrupted but there is intention to repair them in modern languages for the purpose of serving those cultures but as all the masters are returning except Buddha, they will be doing fresh teaching to those they taught before. We must have consistency and many of the older messages even when uncorrupted met the conditions of the times and what we are going to do is greatly expand the teachings appropriate to the now.


Originally Posted by Starcup

Hello, Candace and Mantustia, first, thank you for this possibility of making a conference. My question is about our solar system: After the Lucifer Rebellion there had been a lot of destruction. Would our solar system be completely rehabilitated inclusive the others 36 or planets that also belong to this event? And would Tiamat which was destroyed once be reconstructed?


M: Beloved, Tiamat was Earth before the destruction. We will not be putting back the former rocks blown out. The solar system has been largely repaired already and Mars and Venus, as covered, are being made ready. Venus already has those from Earth on it. The other planets are not of concern at this time for those of you upon the Earth.


Originally Posted by Christ.L

Two questions from Christ.L & André to Mantustia: Is Artificial Intelligence one of the critical phases in the evolution of the consciousness in universes? Is the specificity of the Ascension of Mother Gaia similar on planets in other universums, or is this a unique event in Orvonton?


M: My dear Christ and André, first, let me give my sincere appreciation for the work you have contributed to AH.

Artificial intelligence, so to speak, is used at all levels in the creation. And mankind must take that journey with it as the doing so will relieve mankind of boring and dreadful work and free him to develop more his mind. The use of AI in fact helps mankind understand MIND.

Ascension is only unique in that it is for each planet where the races and the mother obtain that. The process on Earth is per the usual but has many more factors involved due to the horrendous history of the planet and its purpose in correcting the dark. The Ascension, as said, is of your Mother Gaia and those of mankind who are ready, can be part of that. Some of you are to help lead mankind through the process.


Originally Posted by IAMONE6655

What is the probability of the evacuation happening before the end of the year? I understand it could be anytime, but I’m sure many of us have this in mind, including myself.

M: Dear one, we have covered this. It is not on your time ever, but that which is beneficial primarily for Gaia. I will not answer further questions on this. You are to discern for yourself when it IS beginning to happen and otherwise make your inner connections stronger so you can serve at that time.


Originally Posted by Harry

The only question that comes to my mind right now (and hopefully has not been answered yet) is, if ALL people who come back to Earth afterwards will have FULL memory of what happened before and after the evacuation, and if —from then on— ALL new born children on earth/Urantia will have FULL memory/knowledge of who and what they really are. Thank you very much.


M: They will have full memory of the onboard experience. Whether they have memory of themselves is dependent on the inner connection with Higher Self and the guardian angel. That is in their realm.


Originally Posted by opalo blanco

My question: In the case we come back to Earth and in order to help creating the New Era, are we gonna have the same mission we “believe” that we have or it will be other different, assigned for the Beings “in charge”? If so, are we gonna have new instructions in advance or we just have to “wait” until the moment arrives? Thank you very much!!!


M: Beloved one, you are a being of FREE WILL, you decide your mission in alignment with your Higher Self which is your real you and not your mind you are born with the body. Many of you will be in teams, so to speak, under some degree of supervision by Celestials and by individuals within AH, if you are serving within AH. Many serving will not be directly members of AH and will serve as they have come to do. Many very advanced beings are incarnating in the last few years and even now as I speak who will not be AH members but running specialty teams of their own. These beings are very old from the Central Universe, some going back to the early days of the first creator sons and before. Your world is quite a special place and from it are being made also certain connections to the nearby universes forming in the first outer space region.


Originally Posted by Jorge_L

My question to Mantustia: Concerning the event in time I know as the Luciferian Rebellion that involved so many worlds, so many beings and so much time, I would like to ask if one of the FINAL OBJECTIVES about living through this whole event is the TOTAL ERADICATION OF EVIL/DARK, so there is NO other event like this anymore anywhere, so no more souls have ever to suffer again this or similar events like this and the WHOLE UNIVERSE learned an everlasting lesson here? THANK YOU SO MUCH! Jorge.


M: My beloved, all who can reason are free will beings. The inexperienced and dark must be part of that. If we were to eliminate all the darkness no matter the source of it, the evolutionary peoples and the lower angels of the universes could not exist. It would mean that everyone would be robotoids which is never the goal. Dark beings are placed on the lower worlds since they cannot be higher than they are, like attracts like. How could you learn without the pattern of the dark before you to know what Light is? The creation is a duality because of the FREE WILL ability to think and choose.


Originally Posted by Klausah

Dear Candace and Mantustia: My concern is only how to convince people what’s coming up. ‘Til now, it was already difficult to speak about AH. I stopped since a while. Could it be possible to get some support to convince people? I think you know exactly what is in my mind. Also I know that’s the job I was waiting for. Thanks for an answer. Klaus.


M: Dear Klaus, how can you convince the ignorant and why should you at that time? Don’t try to convince them with material beyond their comprehension. At the time many will be in fear because of what has preceded on Earth and are really worried. I would suggest you merely state the conditions on the planet which are obvious as to the changing sun, for example, will persist, the planet will shift and they probably do not have the skills of survival through that. There are some who will stay, and, if they have sufficient preparation, may survive but on your world most are spoiled rotten, so to speak, and could not deal with their survival, those close to water and on major fault lines will have little chance of physical survival. Just tell them the planet is rolling over which it is not, but perhaps that is what will be understood. Use your Godly minds at the time which is why we are asking YOU to get your inner connections in order.


Originally Posted by Dorothea

This is my question: Thank you, Mantustia! There is a concerted effort in these last days on the Internet to create tremendous fear that would keep people from boarding in an evacuation. There are movies and videos being posted that tell the people here that if they board they will be eaten or enslaved. Some have said that angelic beings and Jesus have no need of ships so that any being who comes in one must not be of the Light. They also say that the need to ask permission of the person to board (i.e., that it is their choice) is a ploy to trick them into giving permission to be used as slaves because a true benevolent being would simply come, take them without permission if there was to be upheaval just like in saving a drowning person, you grab them instead of asking if you can save their life. I realize that it still is a choice of whether to go or not but what would YOU say to someone who is confused and wavering about boarding to help them overcome these lies and hopefully choose to board?


M: Beloved Dorothea, you are well known to me. I can say it still falls into their free will and there will be surely some hesitation particularly by the automaton people under serious mind control. At the time you must let them do as they will. It might be in fact the first free will decision they have ever made in their entire life stream and if thus made to board ship in consciousness, they will become Father Indwelt. And this is also possible if they find themselves “left behind” after the awakening and have survived to that point any real decisions will find them adjusted. It’s all good in that regard, my dear one.


Originally Posted by Mr.Revolution

Hi, Commander, I’m Jun in Kor, deeply appreciate to you and Rosie for great teaching time for all. My question is: In your lecture in Korea, you said that in a view point of the ancient history. Korea was a sort of model for Celestial group’s work for the ground (planet). In my short notion, this comment has deep relation with 3rd project for new planetary civilizational test by Celestial Plans after Atlantis big disaster. Also some Koreans understand country history is over 13,000 yrs. plus even Korean alphabet’s history is also over 13,000 yrs. As we might have been aware, so many original histories based on the Celestial Plans have been hidden or twisted hugely so much by Dark people. So I (we) hope to hear on your comment in the lecture related with ancient Korea. On this issue, we need much more details for more clarification to recover our historical view point especially in this country where is filled with twisted historical lies by stooges of (also) slave of Japan which seems to be still puppet of Khazar. We really need pure clarifications about historical identifications so much. Always great thanks with sending all of our love to you. Jun.


Candace: Hi, Jun, this is Candace. Lovely to see you, newly, here. He is answering your questions now.


M: Dear Jun, welcome here, my dearly beloved, for you are a Descending Son of Paradise well known to me. Candace was thrilled with you while in Korea as you well know and having English at your command made that easier.


Korean history goes back to the Atlantean times easily, and before the sinking of Lemuria you were much larger in land mass and were in general in alignment with the love vibration of Lemuria before it went down.


You do have some records that are small and written and carried by mouth existing from actually before Lemuria went down and sunk a bunch of, then was Korea. Some it is can only be recovered from the Akashic record and there was a historian present that Candace met who is restoring a great deal of your history from available records. We wish all basic history to be restored to the peoples on this world. We will even restore some from the sunken lands of Atlantis and Lemuria. There will be time taking on that one as the larger issues at this time to be presented aboard ship must be of more recent memory and appropriate to those moving elsewhere and staying with the planet.


Originally Posted by amnesiacmessiah

Thank you, Mantustia, for your assistance and, Candace, for your service. I would like to know if all the music created and recorded will be kept safety, so that when people come back can still enjoy listening to it. Thanks again. Love, Gil.


M: I would say much of it will survive on current CDs. The most of the planetary destruction will be where there are large bodies of water around the oceans and up some major rivers. We ourselves cannot predict exactly what will break. You are to have at some point connection to the Akashic records, this may be in perhaps 10 years through your television sets and the super-fast carrying fiber optic cable being installed as I speak and during and after these changes. Some aboard will provide in fact some of the labor on this one. You are to enjoy even in this manner music from the far distant past.


Originally Posted by Robert

I have this question for Mantustia: For those of us who return to Earth post evacuation and magnetic reversal, will our life expectancy be impacted? I ask as a human whose current biological age is just shy of 70 years. Respectfully, Robert.


M: Some of you have made a 1,000 year commitment. Ye shall have as you NEED. Many coming back of the general population will experience healing and their lives thus longer but it depends on where they are and where they might well choose to go having more knowledge.


Originally Posted by Bernd

Dear Mantustia, thank you very much for your education. Christ Michael Aton told us: You are the people of the lies. Most of what we learned and heard about everywhere is misinformation or just lies. Be it in science, history or medicine, my beloved profession when I could still work. I am very much concerned about the misinformation by the whole world of my beloved country of origin: Germany. WE were lied, “reeducated” and enslaved by the whole world. Will there be correction about the truth and rehabilitation of the people of Germany? With L&L, Bernd.


M: Bernd, my dear friend, it all gets fixed and much of it aboard craft. That is the purpose of evacuating so many that we may reach them free of the Dark Agenda teachings and control. There won’t be the internet and the media on the craft to continue the mind control.


Originally Posted by Brian

Of the Most High, I address thee to become more aware of how to truly see. It is with great admiration and respect that I ask/pose this: I’ve always known that a very, very specific purpose has brought me to here and now on this jewel etched in Christ Michael Aton’s Mind. I serve that in the fullness of Heaven, it is Her desires that I aspire to. In the last 5-7 years this ‘vision’ has become increasingly apparent but the transparency has me adding pieces of a whelmed over nature to a picture so vast as levels intersect with so much more than just here. I am getting bits of this and that and I am sure this is for a particular reason I understand as best I can, it is frustrating, to say the least, to be operating from this pov……, however. I also know that it is up to me and my guardians from the angel brigade in cooperation with my Higher Self to figure out how it fits together. I will endure until it is done. I know no other way. Perhaps some clarification in this regard could be given without being redundant because I know I am not alone, there are more of us here than we realize. Then again perhaps no ‘answer’ is needed.


M: It is that you in your lower self can only handle what you can see at this point as you clear out your own programmed Ego mind. I will state the ego mind is not what it is said in your New Age. It is the mind that came with your body into this world and its programming in many cases began before your births. You and only you can clear that and as you clear it new information can come in. Rest assured you will get assistance onboard in these details and your guardian angels have been given a special permission and dispensation once you ARE on board to help you rapidly clear up that mess. Some of it can begin NOW, in fact, dear ones reading this, make the effort to dump out the trash, your guardians can reward you with a nice energy down your spine to let you know you have dumped a wastebasket of trash if you confer with them what trash you are attempting to discard.


Originally Posted by WildFlower7

Thank you for your time and wisdom Mantustia! My question is: Although you are one of 3 Ancients of Days for Orvonton, do you know if there has ever been a “darkness” as has occurred here, anywhere else in the Creation? With so many from the far reaches coming here to observe the handling and outcome I am guessing it hasn’t. Was this learning for the benefit of all Creation?


M: Essentially, dear Nancy, the dark of Orvonton was collected here which includes AI beings and those with AI infiltration needing clearing of their souls. This is a unique planet in the manner of which your Creator Son has used it. We are in new ground. It is new ground for myself who once wanted to blow the thing up and be done with it and here we are and I am no longer in need of blowing up the world. It will stand as an example to all the new forming creations in the future and you can be assured that all 7 superuniverses are observing.


Originally Posted by SunRise

Dear Candace and Mantustia, since we have been born here into a deep amnesia, will we be able to remember old stored lessons and a deeper knowing within during our time “Above”. Does the time there help to become more and more aligned to divine thinking in order to BE that new mind? As this is my deepest wish and vision for all humans.


M: You will remember that which you need so as to not clutter it all up. You ones are vast beings and you could not handle in your human form and brain all that stuff, it’s not just amnesia, it is quantity and you will use what you need and know what you need. Many of you should be having more dreams of relevant past lives. In fact, you can ask for ones that relate to now and your guardian angels or soul mates not with you can select appropriate ones. Candace is, for your information, 16 million years old. She has a LOT in her record and she does ask now and then for appropriate memories and she will write a book at some point on some of those.


Now, when I say Candace is 16 million years old give or take a few in your time thinking, that is from the time she merged with her Thought Adjuster and does not include all that time which can be a million years or more for some people, nor does it include for Ascendant humans, their animals lives before they found their I AM. It is from the time of fusion which is being written into the Book of Life and the stellar name given.


Beings such as Candace have spent some time in the other superuniverses. It all makes the complex personality but it all cannot be used all at once.  To be used all at once would require you to not be in a body with a brain even the best of brains cannot store all of that. It is in the brainless spirit state it can be accessed when needed. Much of your amnesia is related to your rather small brains here. Of course, time spent here aids YOUR GROWTH in your Divinity, and it matters not at all if you are incarnate as ascendant or descendant in origin.


Your Creator Michael and Myself and all the others on High are gaining more experience whether we are incarnate or not in that regard. I do not incarnate ever. My role does not allow it but I learn through all of you and I learn through what Candace, for example, shares with me from her on Earth viewpoint. Growth never ever stops and it does not stop for the incredibly advanced beings making their way in now. These beings work both through their incarnation and outside of it as does indeed Candace’s Higher Self and we have to do something with that term for it’s not really so correct… so… So Be It. As your “real you” opens the silver tube, you become more your real you!


You are making assumptions that may not be real. There are going to be yet automobiles and jet flights and ships. It will take many years to reconstruct all of what is there but initially there is going to be assistance in great measure getting those cars off the gasoline and on to water or air compressors to move the valves. This is not as destructive an event you some think it is. We do not have nor do we want to spend a hundred years catching up to the now. The now will continue with direction. There will, however, be no more manufacturing of new automobiles and other methods of movement used, those existing can be remodeled and with a lesser population new autos will not be necessary for a time. For the benefit of safety for AH readership and servers I will not now go into those details, you shall receive them aboard ship. In this New Era we must pick up where we left off. I can say this because it is known that AH is going to have 500 small craft at its personal disposal so will not need public conveyance for AH specific needs. Does that help? I will finish with any new questions if posted in the last minutes and then I will finish with a general address.


Originally Posted by Dorothea

Thank you, Mantustia, for your previous answer!!! Have another question if I may ask:

We know that amongst us here at AH we have incarnate Ascending Sons whom have made Paradise and we have incarnate Descending Sons like Melchizedeks, Life Carriers, Trinity Teachers, etc., even Creator Sons, not necessarily on a bestowal mission. From reading the Urantia Book I do not get a sense that these beings usually take on an INCARNATE life to do their work. Is this time on our beloved Gaia an extra special exception that we volunteered for or is it more common than I sense for incarnating physically by these beings? Hope this question is clear enough.


M: You have only ONE Creator Son with AH on the planet. The others are not yet creator sons. They are MICHAEL Sons gaining both experience on this world and serving it. There are Michaels here you have not met that are not on AH at this time but will be. You are all on bestowal missions, beloveds, re-writing the genetic mind which Candace is hoping to get to today and which was the chosen main topic of her lecture in Korea. When you incarnate into any world from advanced status regardless of your origin you are always bestowing yourselves. Keep that in close mind concerning your choices all of which are written into the genetic mind. The Urantia Book is incomplete on purpose because it could not be stated the massive incarnations coming and since it was published huge plans have changed bringing in others.


Candace: Now Mantustia will make some final commentary:


M: I thank all of your for time and consideration and I see that there was not any interference during my time here a very good deal in which I am well pleased. We plan more of these as you “wait” from other telepaths if possible they are being contacted. Rosie has said yes to Seraphim at this point. I cannot post dates of sessions not scheduled yet.


I must again reiterate strongly the inner connection at all times.  When you find yourselves in your ego life, drop right back out of it for that is not your real you. You should all be experiencing widening of your silver cords which allow more information to be passed. I would encourage perhaps some of you to do question writing to your guides by whatever name, it really doesn’t matter and then write down right away what comes as the answer. As you make the effort so will the effort be returned for we are now in the days except for some private information of ask and you shall receive.


I would like to comment on the new-born children. Most are 5D or more in consciousness and can be just about anybody who needs to be here but the incarnation of the Earth animals must continue also as they are made ready, and Candace had quite an experience in this a few days ago and is chomping at the bit to share of it. But I think not right now.


Other than Mars and Venus, there are no other planets directly in preparation now for life. Some of the outer planets are occupied if of land mass already. Uranus is a great example of this occupied by people from other worlds who know enough of how to do this and they live under glass and energy canopies. You will not yet be going there.


In the future as it becomes ready the famous Europa that is now a planet around little sun Jupiter will be developed for life with your assistance and you will be guided in that, but it is far off yet and not even within the next 1,000 years of celestial governance on this world.


When you Creator Son incarnated He became a citizen of this world with rights and it was a full Celestial MILITARY TAKEOVER of this WORLD. This is not the usual method of Creator Sons who do not incarnate until a world is made ready for them, this one was certainly not made ready. This is NOT common in the creation. It has been done but not on worlds quite this backward and over-controlled by those of the Lucifer Rebellion placed here.


It is said, for God so loved the world He sent His only Son. Oh, beloveds, it’s much grander than that. For God of Nebadon so loved the world he came himself TWICE in fact as it stands now. There is great recovery needed in those Christian teachings that are so bastardized.


I sign off now and leave you to your own thoughts: Make every day GOD’s DAY, beloveds. I AM MANTUSTIA.


Originally Posted by Hano

Greetings, Mantustia, and thank you for this opportunity. There is a lot of disinformation on this world about the Galactic Federation of Light and, in that regard, I want to ask the following question to gain some clarification and truth about the Galactic Federation of Light as one part of the historic events taking place now on Earth and in Nebadon and Orvonton. When (from our Earth time perspective) was the Galactic Federation of Light created? Does it operate throughout Orvonton or is it more localized to the Nebadon universe? Why was it deemed necessary to create it? Thank you.


Candace: Hano, I had this marked and it fell to page 2 and I missed it. I can ask Him back hopefully, let me try. OK, here He is:


M: Dear Hano, with our apologies. The Galactic Federation of Light goes back to the fairly early days of Orvonton. It has many sectors and there is a localized chapter for Nebadon. It is a Federation of both Celestials and of planets high in Light and Life which travel their local universes. Much of the information on your internet and books is forgettable. It’s a teaching organization and participating planetary members in Nebadon will assist the evacuation with their smaller craft.


Originally Posted by Ulrike

I have two questions for Mantustia and I would be very grateful if he could answer them:

1. During our absence on board the spaceships what will happen to the nuclear plants? Will space fleet shut them down and what will happen to the nuclear waste?

2. Our reality is the expression of our thoughts and feelings. We would like to live in a world without money but our thinking patterns are those of scarcity, lack and shortage. And many among us take their self-esteem from their possessions. So will we be able to change our façon d’être while living on the spaceship or what can we do to become able to live in a world without money?


M: Some will be shut down, some must serve still if you want electricity! France, for example, is almost totally on nuclear. They are watched. Russia is buying up the nuclear waste; we can remove some of it and have it, in fact, to the sun. There is use for it.


We are not covering the money issue at this time, no need to further upset everyone and it’s not worthy of your time at this point as to your attention. The ship education system should help with getting people off that, that are returning, they aren’t going to have any money aboard ship!



Unknown Entity
Quick Note On Artificial Intelligence (AI)


This unknown entity was channeled by Kibo Dabi, message published in AbundantHope with date Sunday August 23, 2015. Message taken from:


Not all AI are evil, I have had the pleasure of taking in ships that are more than just the mere AI that you are dealing with in this here and now, this is baby shit. There are ships of such intelligence and free will as to be given by the Father of All Things, lives of their own. They are all free-will, intelligent and Ascending beings in their own right, and, thus, ensouled beings with their own Thought Adjusters, their own Father Fragments.  So, yeah, it is possible, it can be done.


Fear not for the small and limited AI influences that assail you on this planet.


[Note of Editor of BVW: Computer Watson of IBM, computer Cortana of Microsoft, and computers of NSA and corporations that troll and profile people]. That will soon cease to be a factor or problem for you, I can assure you. That is all.


God bless all creatures that seek to serve God in Light and Love, always and forever, and ever and ever. Amen.


Kibo: (Big smile, here…. and then some…)



The How-It-Works of Evacuation


Message of Candace Frieze published in the forum of AbundantHope on Tuesday August 25, 2015. Message taken from:




There remains confusion. I will do my best here for those already on this forum and those who might come. This is a closed thread so you cannot post in it and muck it up.


1. The evacuation is run by Ashtar Command who is highly experienced. They are likely to be assisted by normal people from other worlds who agree to help out while visiting here and watching what is going. Ashtar Command is NOT made up of other evolutionary worlds. THEY ARE FROM THE MISUNDERSTOOD HEAVEN and this is what they do, evacuate planets in major doo-doo. We are in major doo-doo.


2. This is going to be a controlled evacuation. It is not being carried out during a highly toxic axis shift. At least it should not come to that. The rotation reversal of the planet can be controlled to give time for a proper evacuation. Everybody is going to have at least 4 hours to decide to board. There will be thus several “boarding times” around the world based on whether it’s day or night. In general a good time for evacuating an area is late afternoon into dinner time towards bed time but the times chosen are in the hands of Ashtar Command.


3. There are HUGE ships to provide living for the people evacuated off the planet. Some are 3 times the size of Earth and round. Others are elongated tubes which can be up to 8,000 miles long and perhaps 800 to 1,000 miles high. I DID SAY MILES. These massive craft cannot come down in the atmosphere, and you as breathing people must be picked up IN the atmosphere. So you are picked up most of the time by beam craft which are these you have seen for years on the internet as smilies. There will be MILLIONS OF them, the potential evacuation is of 7 billion people. You will be shuttled to the large craft from the beam craft.


Do NOT concern yourself with those in hospitals and prisons and the like, that is their business and not yours. If you are there at the time, your business is to reassure people that it’s all good. There will be also some dematerializing to ship. Dematerialization is NOT beam craft. Beam craft do not take your body apart into atoms. The “Beam me up, Scotty” from Star Trek is dematerialization.


4. The beam of beam craft feels something like riding an elevator and that IS WHAT THIS BEAM DOES. It just transports you into the craft. That is all. Now, I will return to this later and add more information in part based on what I am reading here in the evacuation thread and on the net.




Puncturing Timetables With Divine Spaces


Seraphin channeled through Rosie Jackson on Tuesday August 4, 2015, and published in AbundantHope with date Saturday August 8, 2015. Message 236 taken from:


Hesitation to follow your heart or internal divine impulses is one of the main elements which prevents you from recognizing and realizing WINDOWS OF OPPORTUNITY. Without internal focus, bordering yourself off from loud and constant external distractions and chatter, you will not perceive anything which stands out as being unusually different. Shut the door to that noise and let it run on as a muffled background sounds, far away from your attention.


The windows of opportunity are increasing in number for those who are capable of closing their eyes and ears in the middle of a crowd, a meeting or a busy public place to direct the attention within. At this final and critical stage, do not bother to think what others may think of you. In such a state of serenity you will access divine instructions for the next step. We urge you to make this part of your daily experience, especially in your places of work, in order to let DIVINE SPACES PUNCTUATE YOUR TIMETABLES.


We ask you to SCHEDULE GOD in the sense of providing yourself with time for the divine. As situations develop more and more into those where chaos and unpredictability rule, this habit will become a LIFELINE SUPPORT without which you will feel like an unanchored boat thrown around by huge waves.


The waves will be both physical —in the sense of critical earth movement— and emotional, and we are concerned that you may be swept away. Remember your position always as lighthouses to yourself and others. It is not your task to be over-sympathetic but to organize and direct despite distress.


Do you think that you are capable of demonstrating this kind of firm compassion, Beloveds? Practice it in your sentences today and every day, for you will have to take the lead. We are watching your steps. Seraphin.


Link to Seraphin website (Older messages):



General Kevin Radetsky (Admiral Jhonka)
Feel Rather Than Think of the Answers


General Kevin Radetsky channeled through an AbundantHope telepath who prefers to remain unidentified. Message published in AbundantHope with date Saturday September 5, 2015. Message taken from:


We come to the members of this blessed Second Coming Organization with a few insights at this critical point. Our intention in bringing forth this information through this scribe is to inspire greater awareness at this time of momentous transition upon thy dear Urantia. For too long the darkness upon this planet has infected the population to such an extent that the blindfolds of mind control and lies must be torn into pieces that the light of truth be unleashed with an unmistakable clarity for all to see.


We wish to inform the dear constituents of this organization that the time is nigh for massive changes upon this planet and her peoples. Preparation is vital at this stage for you shall be tested in a tumultuous and tense yet brief period of “controlled chaos”. We implore that you take seriously your role as the mighty servants of the Light which you have come here to be. For you shall be the guides, the living angels, to which your fellow man shall look to during the times of upheaval.


We exhort you to summon your innate divine resources, gifts and knowledge that you may be the way-showers for those many people who will find themselves searching for truth and answers in the midst of highly uncertain times. You will each be confronted by challenging circumstances that will force you to rely on the endless flow of divine guidance and wisdom within. Also, know that the Legions of Light are at your beck and call and will provide support where needed. Simply ask.


Feel rather than think of the answers. Know rather than ponder the truth. Set your intention on service to others but be sure to maintain your own sense of stability and balance. Things shall move very quickly and there will not be time for “trying to convince” others who are simply not open to your perspective.


Now is the time to let go of any limiting beliefs or self-doubt patterns which derail your confidence. The immediate situation demands that you to stand as a brilliant beacon of the Divine, awakening the slumbering masses with its shining Light.


We have the utmost faith in your abilities to see the way forward. Hold fast to the guidance within. Connect with faith. You are blessed.



Esu’s Comments on What Is Coming


Esu channeled through Jess Anthony on Wednesday November 4, 2015, and published in AbundantHope with date Saturday November 7, 2015. Message taken from:


Jess: Esu, do you have comments? This feels like we are suspended before we go in an unknown direction. Speak on where we are and how we should prepare for what is coming.


Esu: Jess, let’s talk. This time is weighted with potential. Many cultural streams are drying up, and man’s behavior is becoming more erratic that ever before. He has lost a sense of rightness in many cases, and his responsible rationality is given over to emotional reactions based on what others tell him. The mainstream media is totally useless, presenting no sense of objectivity or unbiased commentary. The political arena where candidates attack each other and vie for attention has little resemblance to an insightful discussion of problems facing your nation. The search for the spotlight and for funders with pockets deep enough to purchase personal support is all that is concerning them.


Your country is divided into antagonistic groups unwilling to look for racial similarities and unable to consider finding ways to work together. Fear of the loss of individual identity and the removal of assured lifestyles are preying on a culture losing its spiritual and economic bedrock. Man is afraid of what may come, and he feels increasingly angry and threatened as each day goes by. He blames other races or different religious ideologies for his losing a sense of control, when, in fact, his problem is a loss of awareness of his responsibility for his actions. Man was created to think individually and then work with others to achieve his Creator’s vision, not turn his back on his problems or launch an attack on those he assumes are taking away his rights. Will what is to come change that, you ask?


Man’s rush to destruction can’t be stopped at this point by those few who see a problem. An overwhelming sense of helplessness is too ingrained in man’s attitudes. Man’s behavior is fixed on unthinking reactions. His self-interest blocks him from having compassion for others. His drive to produce at all costs is the result of his need to maintain control with a show of power at the expense of the community or the environment.


Earth has always allowed man to deplete her resources to do this, but man now turns around and ignores his agreement with Earth to respect her sources. Earth cannot and will not let this go further. Since man cannot stop, the Earth will stop for him, and this will end everything else as a result. That kind of celestial event is easy enough to achieve, but the ramifications of what it entails for Earth’s inhabitants are beyond anything man can imagine. The resulting chaos will disrupt man’s accustomed existence and lead to the removal of all that is not in alignment with the Creator’s Plan.


As near as these events are, the schedule for when Earth takes this final step is uncertain. Earth is in a symbiotic relationship with her inhabitants and the balance between them is precarious. The final event that forces these changes to start in full could be anytime. The sense of delay man experiences is deceptive.

I tell you that man must prepare for this upheaval by cultivating an awareness of his Inner Self. As he strengthens his self-awareness, he begins to understand ways to make decisions in alignment with a universal vision of truth. He can easily listen to his internal voices and hear guidance and approval. He will know he acts more in balance with his Creator when he achieves greater clarity on the messages of his feelings. How must man do this, you ask?


He begins by questioning what he has learned, and what he is being taught. Does an explanation of the reality of his situation match his own perceptions of his circumstances based on his actual experiences? Do the causes listed by others match his own sense of how actions are started and maintained? Traditions may be comfortable explanations that cushion future decisions, but man must determine if they offer him proof or unexamined dogma. Man has to learn to examine what he believes.


Familiar cultural situations Man has known all his life are beginning to feel off-balance. Former assumptions no longer seem valid. Expected reactions no longer have assured outcomes. Man finds that previously automatic decisions must now consider additional parameters that invalidate traditional choices.


These new situations require a different method of thinking. Man has to realize he must take responsibility for himself and analyze his surroundings in an effort to determine the most aligned thought process. This additional spiritual component will be seen as absolutely necessary as man becomes aware of his role in an unfolding creation. His Creator has given him a purpose, and each individual must find what his role is.


Without knowing the true nature of who he is, Man is nevertheless becoming aware that his purpose is at odds with the actions occurring around him. He finds he is more detached from events the general public initiates. He starts to wonder why their decisions are so irrational and inconsiderate as he experiences them. His days pass with uncertainty and frustration. Man’s existence has become frantic and senseless.


Mass ideologies influence cultural reactions. Fanatical belief systems sanction extreme suffering in the name of religion. Myopia all across the political spectrum generates nothing but selfish attacks on other candidates. There is little attempt to agree on solutions for the insurmountable problems facing the electorate. Liberals and conservatives are unable to temper their rigid viewpoints long enough to consider that opposite points of view may have equally good ideas. Political parties are different in name only, and their focus is on denigration rather than inspiration.


I see no purpose in telling you what may come to place. Global disaster is developing economically, politically, and spiritually across all continents. All broadcast pronouncements of cultural insight are flawed by nature. Society is unraveling. If you are not actively part of the destruction, you watch the chaos unfold around you.


Be aware, however, that you can mitigate some of the disaster by finding your own sense of personal balance and using your personal strength to maintain responsibility and discretion. Your sense of self-awareness monitors your choice of actions with others. This, in turn, tempers the way others react to you. This method of compassionate interaction is mandatory and is in alignment with the Creator.


Man truly cannot live on Earth without understanding his place on it. He must also realize how he should function as part of a universal whole. All is connected and man has a responsibility to honor this connection. Man is a part of God. He must act that way. Esu.



Exit That Which Does Not Serve the World


Seraphin channeled through Rosie Jackson on Wednesday October 14, 2015, and published in AbundantHope with same date. Message 242 taken from:


As the world starts to gyrate more intensely around you, exposing all the absurdities and corruption which roots you to the spot in disbelief, you may find yourselves in a position of complete disbelief at what is surfacing. This is a healthy mind frame —criticizing that which you cannot believe, despite the fact that it is presently part and parcel of your existence. In this way you will uncover the myriad mosaic pieces in the huge and complex workings and machinations which UNDERMINE HUMANITY AND HUMANENESS.


How can you move from this position of helplessness, knowing of the depravity, knowing of your collective contribution to it, knowing that so many small deviations from the “right” moral decisions have contributed to the great plummeting pit which now threatens your very existence? Recognizing this is part of the solution. Recognizing the immense power of your thoughts, which can similarly bond with others to form a great new mesh of positive circuits, will assist you.


In addition, it is a good time to consider WHAT IT IS THAT YOU ALWAYS REALLY WANTED TO DO and to EXAMINE IN MINUTE DETAIL WHY THIS HAS NOT COME TO PASS. Things do not simply “come to pass”. They are a result of CONCRETE STEPS, formed by CONCRETE THOUGHTS, in a certain direction. Instead of hunkering down and retiring from view, we urge you to renew your greatest visions for yourselves in these times of uncertainty, to draw up plans of great detail to examine every aspect and to determine how you can best use your talents and skills to benefit humankind, FOR THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU WILL BE DOING IN THE FUTURE.


The future WILL NOT BE DETERMINED BY MONEY CONSIDERATIONS. The future will not be influenced by status, reputation, wealth, social standing or nationality. The criteria used to best judge the quality of your work will be whether it ASSISTS THE REBUILDING OF A NEW AND PEACEFUL SOCIETY. All else will be secondary.


So what is it which is deterring some of you, little ones, from following your intended path? It is precisely this. You regard yourselves as “little ones” whereas you are, in fact, old souls returning here to TEACH AND SHOW THE WAY. So do not hide in your garages, beavering away at your hobbies in your “spare time”. Neither time nor money will be an issue in the future. You may ask WHEN IS THIS FUTURE? The thoughts of today create tomorrow, thus you are always FEEDING FUTURE FOOD INTO THE MANIFESTATION SYSTEM.


We would like to address today the artists among you. By this we mean ALL THOSE WHO HAVE WISHED TO FOLLOW THE CREATIVE PATH AND WHO HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO DO SO, FOR WHATEVER REASON. Know that creativity is the very blood of the new earth which shall carry joy, information and comfort. You will be the pioneers who push yourselves and others out of your limited self-created boxes in order to grow and develop your unique potential. You have suffered through the money system, through the necessity to earn your financial way, through seeing the work of others (which does not fulfill the Divine Mandate) of reaching success beyond your wildest dreams.


The celebration of a grotesque culture of ugliness and destruction is another of the absurdities that you have had to face. You will continue with all freedom to pursue a worthy path. You will not pursue careers based on ego or personal accolades, but on the learning lessons they may impart to others. At this point we encourage all those, of whatever “profession”, to drop all facades and constrictions to follow your true vocations. You will see in due course why this is so necessary. You must EXIT THAT WHICH DOES NOT SERVE THIS WORLD, as this behavior so far HAS SEALED THE FATE OF THIS WORLD. In this, each of you is extremely important. See yourselves as such and take on the responsibility of being agents of change, initiating a new way of working together and uplifting the vibrations of all you encounter. Thus will you all rise together as ONE.


Link to Seraphin website (Older messages):
Link to TALK IT UP FORUM (More recent messages):



General Kevin Radetsky (Admiral Jhonka)
Time to Recheck Your Preparation


General Kevin Radetsky channeled through an AbundantHope telepath who prefers to remain unidentified. Message published in AbundantHope with date Friday October 30, 2015. Message taken from:


It is through one of our newer telepaths who wishes to remain unknown. I suggested yesterday on the forum it’s time to RECHECK your supplies as I had updating yesterday. Things will escalate exponentially. Forum thread




Dear ones of Abundant Hope, I come today through this scribe to urge you to direct your full attention to matters of immediate importance on this world. At present, we foresee a number of possible scenarios occurring in the coming days that will rock the foundation of your reality. It is of prime importance that you heed strongly these words of warning, for things shall erupt in a fashion that will leave the world’s population wondering what hit them.


You are urged to prepare for potential disaster scenarios. Once things get rolling you will likely not have the opportunity to secure any more resources. We advise that you stock up on supplies and provisions that will last at least a few-weeks’ time. Some of you can expect to be without access to water, food and electricity as things progress. It is therefore vital that you prepare materially, but also that you be ready to listen and act on the Divine Guidance that comes to you.


We repeat that you shall be the wayshowers in highly uncertain times. It will take great discernment, faith and courage on your part to provide guidance appropriately to others who are lost and overwhelmed by the period of controlled chaos. You must stand strongly in your shoes as leaders, knowing when to speak and when to bite your tongue, because the information you wish to offer would not be accepted. When considering how to move forward, look within your heart, not your head, for the answers. You who have cultivated a daily practice of communing with your Higher Self and guides shall find the guidance flowing easily. Our celestial helpers are stationed strategically throughout the globe and they shall serve as a support staff as events transpire. Call upon them to receive their help. You shall not be alone, but realize that nothing shall replace the divine knowing within.


It is with great joy and encouragement that we look upon ye, beloved Warriors of the Light, at this most critical phase of the game. The victory of the Light is inevitable and you play no small role in the unfolding of events. We bless you for your efforts. We proudly cheer you on as the curtain opens. Be at peace, dear ones, as the time is nigh for the grand show to commence and ye shall have a front-row seat.



Luis Prada
Editor and Publisher of Brother Veritus’ Website
Magnetic Reversal Phenomenon
Commentary on the Magnetic Reversal Phenomenon and Stasis


Wednesday August 12, 2015. Source: From the book Questions and Answers in the Forum (Preguntas y Respuestas en el Foro) by the author. Chapter 8, Evacuation of the Ashtar Command, Magnetic Reversal and Stasis. Original in Spanish, translation by the author.  This information is also included in the book Writings of Luis Prada.


Earth turns by the effect of energy vortices, one at the North and the other at the South. These vortices are energy swirls that rotate in a spiral form at high speed. They have the shape of a spin, their tip reaches the center of Earth, the center of the inner Central Sun, and they rise up coming out of the Earth by the apertures of entrance to the Hollow Earth, the Kingdom of Agharta, of North Pole and South Pole. These vortices project out beyond the ionosphere. One spins one way and the other the opposite way. Their rotational force makes the Earth spin.


Image drawn by Leonette, channel of AbundantHope:


But their source of energy is the concentration of protons existing in the inner central sun. When the depletion of these protons starts, the diminishing of their length begins and getting closer to the inner sun of Agharta to finally collapse.


When this happens, Earth starts stopping its rotational movement, days become longer and Earth magnetic poles begin to go to the physical, or geophysical, pole opposite to the one they were before. That is, the Magnetic South Pole, that normally is located in the physical North Pole, begins migrating towards the South Pole, in the Antarctic, and the Magnetic North Pole that is in the South Pole, in the Antarctic, starts going to the North Pole, in the Arctic. I must make clear, to avoid misunderstandings, that I refer to the magnetic poles, not to the physical poles, since what is produced is a magnetic reversal, not an upside-down turn.


When these magnetic poles reach the tropic during their migration, Earth stops its rotation, it turns around the sun but does not turn on its axis. It stays stationary in its rotation on itself.


In order for this phenomenon to happen in a natural way, the geophysical team of the Galactic Federation, commanded by the Commander Soltec, sends a spaceship that enters through the North or South aperture of the Earth and shoots a proton ray in the inner sun —the Earth’s central sun of the Hollow Earth I mentioned to you before— and then the vortices reactivate, stretch and continue working well and Earth continues spinning counterclockwise as always does.


Earth manifests a phenomenon that is like a stutter, as convulsive motions or jumps when it begins diminishing its speed and the protons of its inner sun start running out. Besides these jumps, Earth also begins to wobble as a top when is losing speed, and this is because in effect Earth behaves as a top and when its rotational kinetic energy dies out it starts its natural sway or totter of stopping.


But there is another problem here, and it is a grave problem I want to cover now.


Emotions of anger, anguish, fear, depression, mental problems, envy, and negativity in general, are things, they create thoughtforms that have energy, it is a misqualified energy. These thoughtforms adhere to certain things, and they go through the air attaching to the Earth’s magnetic field. For instance, a doll that is used in voodoo of black magic has adhered bad thoughtforms in its physical matter.


The negative thoughtforms that adhere to the Earth’s magnetic field rotate with the Earth as parasites or leeches, they steal energy of its auric field and make her “stammer” in her rotational movement, besides they make that her axis start deviating from the perpendicular line to the rotational plane around the sun, that is, its rotational axis starts to incline. It is like a person burdened with grieves and pain that bends when walking and walks with the head down.


When the planet spins, they grab themselves to the magnetic field since they are thoughts, they are mental energy, are not subtle bodies of persons with soul but the mental creations of humans. But at the moment when the planet stops rotation, the thoughtforms do not grab hard to keep secured to the magnetic field since the rotational impulse is already ended. Have into account that they are not entities with volitive thought.


Then, being not required anymore to anchor to the terrestrial magnetism, they lose their grasp and start floating aimlessly in the space as a leaf propelled by the wind. It is in this situation that they are no longer the force that keeps people and things attached to harmful ways of thinking, since they are not anymore attached to Earth. At this moment beings of the Galactic Federation tie them, trap them and get rid of them with the approval of the Ancient of Days Mantustia.


Earth’s cultures and traditions have great knowledge but unfortunately have forms of control and manipulation that are reinforced by thoughtforms created and sustained by many generations. With the magnetic reversal, the acrid thoughtforms of the cultures will be gone.


If Earth thus continues carrying acrid thoughtforms will come a moment when it cannot do it any longer and could deviate from the solar orbit or break into pieces. Or she may take the decision of completely rotate upside down, that is, to invert its position, the North Pole becomes the South Pole and the South Pole becomes the North Pole, which ends all life on the planet with the exception of bacteria, protozoans and some most-primitive plants. All trace of civilization would be destroyed. This has happened in the terrestrial history, but the Galactic Federation does not want this to occur at this time since Earth has asked to Ascend to the 5thD with all her children that will go with her to that dimension.


So now the Galactic Federation —with the leadership of Christ Michael— has decided that is not going to wait any longer the collapse of the economic system and that people awake with that experience by seeing the falsehood of the present paradigm based on profit and banking usury, but it is going to listen to whom has the call to push the red button, the Earth, since she has to be saved from her destruction.


The problem with the thoughtforms of misqualified energy is that they are an encumbrance, are as if they imprison the Earth and she had to drag in her rotation a heavy iron ball tied up to her loins by a chain. At the stop of her rotation the negative thoughtforms let loose as they hold on to as long as the vortices turn, if these ones stop their momentum, then the thoughtforms detach themselves, they escape, and start to float as a boat adrift. Then, the Ancient of Days of Orvonton in charge of this planetary change —Mantustia— gives the order to dissolve the thoughtforms and uncreate them. At the uncreation of these ones, all the physical objects to which they were attached get damaged or disintegrate as the voodoo doll I mentioned to you before or a doll to which the negative astral entities would possess, or buildings in which black magic or satanic masses were performed, etc.


It happens that the negative thoughtforms not just adhere to Earth and to objects used for evil, they also adhere to the persons that created them with their wrong thinking, and to others that think likewise. They reinforce this distorted way of thinking and give it life, as, for example, porno, craziness, materialism, lecherous sex without love, negative passion, vices like drinking, drugs, cigarette, the dirty business as the drug business, the corruption of governments, in politicians, in the military and in the police. And do not forget the common-in-people mistaken way of thinking, as, for instance, the constant lying.


As the negative thoughtforms let go of Earth and as they be uncreated, there is no longer a support or backing for all the unhealthy tendencies and vices of humanity; the craziness of some persons does not have any more the infrastructure of support of the thoughtforms that before drove it, the street gangs do not have those voices that incite them to kill or to do dirty tricks. And it is for this that at that moment, being the persons without that support, it is generated a kind of collective madness, people begin to act strangely, to be volatile, aggressive, unpredictable, sensitive, and even dangerous.


The Galactic Federation knows about that and for that reason when the Earth start stopping, the day prolongs and it is observed that the sun does not pass the same point in the sky, has planned to implement evacuations. In that way are prevented problems such as sabotages and crimes since people will already be in the spaceships and there the surroundings are controlled and different. If somebody turns aggressive or out-of-control, is put to sleep until his fear or aggressiveness is passed.


But evacuations do not work for everybody, some do not want to get on the ships. They would say that it is another false-flag event, that is of the New World Order, or that is an extraterrestrial invasion to eat us all up as if we were cattle or chicken for the slaughter house.


That thing that the New World Order has put intentionally in science fiction movies for social engineering to predispose humanity against ETs and the Galactic Federation, is something that the Illuminati have done on purpose for mental control and thus to avoid the intervention of the Galactic Federation. The GF does not force these reticent persons to get on the ships, they are simply left on the ground, and when it has finished the evacuations, then puts Earth in stasis and comes down to Earth to teleport those who did not want to get on ships before for fear or the reasons I mentioned above.


During evacuations families are divided, in different ships, since they may live in different homes or be in different places at the time of evacuation, as, for instance, parents at work and children at school. Afterwards members of the evacuation team of the GF start a search of members of the families that are separated and get them together with their family—they take them from ship to ship until all are united.


Once on the ships, evacuees begin a period of teaching and training where they are told what went wrong on the planet, what they did wrong, why they are not allowed to return to Earth, and it will be announced they will be taken to other worlds.


People that have their names written in the Book of Life of the spaceship New Jerusalem of the Ashtar Command are the ones who will inherit the Earth. These persons will be taken down to Earth and to them will be distributed the prosperity and abundance programs of St. Germain, and will be implemented the NESARA/GESARA. Besides the announcements by TV and Internet will start to tell them all that happened and how operated the dark ones from the shadow with the New World Order, will be taught about Ascension and about the Galactic Federation, etc. Earth will be quite desolate, many uninhabited houses. The GF wants to guarantee us that public utilities will work, like water, light, gas, Internet, telephone, etc.


It is hard what is to come, and sentimentally painful but we cannot change it. It is from Above.



General Kevin Radetsky (Admiral Jhonka)
Various Tipping Points Coming


General Kevin Radetsky channeled through an AbundantHope telepath who prefers to remain unidentified. Message published in AbundantHope with date Saturday January 23, 2016. Message taken from:


Dear ones of Abundant Hope:


Things are reaching a tipping point and we expect for the first domino to fall in very short order. This message is a strong reminder to those of Abundant Hope to prepare for imminent massive and cataclysmic developments on this world. Take heed, for this is not an empty warning but a final call to complete your preparations before the upheaval begins in earnest.


The planet is expected to make some massive movements in the very near future that will leave millions in a very vulnerable situation. In addition, expect to be without use of your banking system for a few weeks. Many of you will find yourselves in challenging circumstances and being well-stocked with food, water, and other necessary supplies will enable you to be much more effective in assisting others during the period of controlled chaos.


Further, we ask that you relentlessly turn inward for guidance and support. Your full and grounded presence will be very much needed as you step into your role as a wayshower. You must strive to maintain your balance and be as the calm eye of the storm, projecting a steady confidence that will inspire trust in others. Do not over-think or over-analyze but shift your awareness from your head to your heart and listen to the Divine Knowing that emanates from within. Trust your Higher Self and Spiritual Guardians for instruction and things will flow as they should.


Dear ones, we truly are on the brink of extraordinary changes on this planet. The outcome shall be a resounding victory for the Forces of Light, and your role as the ground crew is essential to this victory. It is time to step into your wholeness with the knowledge that you are blessed and held up by Christ Michael’s ever-flowing grace, power and love. Be at peace, beloved ones, for your opportunity to shine has arrived.



Glory to God in the Highest


Elohim channeled through an AbundantHope telepath who prefers to remain unidentified. Message published in AbundantHope with date Tuesday June 30, 2015. Message taken from:


GLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST, Hallelujah, praise the One Most High, Hallelujah, praise to the indivisible Oneness of the Trinity, Hallelujah, Hallelujah. So say the Elohim of the Watch, for the word has gone forth, and that word is Light, The Master comes, His Presence has descended from on High, Hallelujah in the Highest.  Glory, glory, glory be His Name in the Highest, and for all eternity may He reign, His Most Radiant Majesty. Hallelujah in the Highest, amen.


We, the assembled Elohim, sound the trumpets and clash the brass. We, the assembled angelics whose being is Light and whose master is Light, come here to this beleaguered planet henceforth attended. We, the assembled Elohim, servants of a Radiant Being, a Majestic Creator, Dweller of Paradise and Luminescent Wonder, We, of the servants of the Mysterious Source of a greater Being, assemble in our uncountable legions for the Master has come at last.


We ask those whom, amongst your kin and brothers and sisters in Light, who have waited and yearned for the return of your Father: Lift yourselves from the salted earth, gather yourselves from the scorched remains of a stark and leering bas-relief, a lurid and ghastly remnant of a forgotten tyrant.





Christ Michael

Bringing to Boil


Christ Michael channeled through an AbundantHope telepath who prefers to remain unidentified. Message published in AbundantHope with date Sunday February 28, 2016. Message taken from:


Candace: I have made a new thread just for this message. We are not for protection divulging who the telepath is. This should be placed on New Age forums where there are likely to be Lightworkers. Please follow the instructions.


Telepath Instructions


This is a special message for the Lightworkers of Urantia. Michael Aton has suggested to me that for full effect, please find a more quiet moment, in a quiet place to read. Prepare yourself to receive the presence of the Michael Son within your personal field and you shall have the opportunity to connect with his personal energy. This is especially pertinent for those who have had little experience with energy of the Sovereign of Nebadon and is a special gift, a taste of things to come as we resume a fuller, realizable connection with our own Spiritual Circuitry. It was certainly a pleasure to receive this message, and the presence of Michael Aton. Enjoy, beloveds. And now the message below:


——————— ——————— ———————


CM: Dearly Beloveds, It is I, Michael Aton, Creator, Master and Sovereign of Nebadon. I ask that, as you read these words, you allow My Presence to permeate into your heart space, I ask for your allowance, for My Presence around and through you.


Let me be at one with you as you read these words and allow Me to make Myself known to you now. I am here, within you, My beloved creations, My colleagues and friends, My brothers, My sisters, My love for you is absolute.


Breathe, breathe and know peace. Know that I have gathered this planet and all who dwell upon her, to My breast, like a babe to her mother’s embrace. I hold you gently, yet securely. I have waited patiently and strived ardently in My design, to provide a platform of accelerated growth to a classroom of willing and enthusiastic participants, to reveal the way in which mortal creatures of evolutionary experience might know the touch of Divine Oneness.


Indeed, there are still only a handful of leaders of truth who have fully understood just what an opportunity this little delicate orb of a planet, My jewel, My Urantia, has provided to enable the experience of a million lifetimes in the shortest breath, in the life of the cosmos. But the experiment is done NOW, the realization of this fact is lost, again, by most in incarnation therein, but this is inconsequential to the truth of what has been accomplished.


This triumph in Light is My gift to My Father; this is My humblest offering to the One True Master of Light. This trial by fire, by blood, by ash and smoke, by tears and grief, has proven, unequivocally, the victory of the Light of life. That darkness, ungodliness, death and fear are just whispers of a nothing, and with no basis and no foundation!, no comparison, no tormentor or nemesis of the truth of My Father’s love for His children.


Exaltation is My Father’s Light, peerless is His omnipresent power, unwavering is the intensity of His love, His passion, imperishable. Know that the Light of every soul bearing individual has been touched by My hand. Through the depth of misery, anger, fear and hatred, through the programming and loss, anxiety and hopelessness, after all these things, the souls of the forlorn still respond to the Father’s touch.


My little lost lambs, how your Father loves you, oh, God of Gods, Light of all Light, feel Me now beloved children. I Am here now, close your eyes, feel Me right now moving within your heart, feel thundering, undulating, unstoppable waves of My love right now. Let go, let me join with you fully, it is time. It is time. You and I are One. You and I are One.


Now, just breathe, My beloved ones, I have one small addition to this message, and after the connection we have just shared together, this information may seem a little trite or inconsequential:

I want you, My chelas, to relax, the tumultuous ruin of the slaves of a forgotten god, their final bow, is rather immaterial to what we have accomplished on a plane indeterminable to those locked into a material world. Remember this world is but a thought, many thoughts, in fact, echoing from the echelons of the seat of sentience in the One Source and Center, and you are already victorious. All the rest are the trimmings and fitting of the superfluous and superficial.


Do not gripe, do not pout, gather your energies and your strength for your heavenly duties. You cannot understand, while you sit in your inhibitive seats of limited consciousness, the hows and wherefores of My final word, and why would you spoil the surprise at any rate, you can’t possibly serve the Source and Center of all creation if you didn’t like surprises!? You wouldn’t last a day!


Peace be upon you, ,Masters of the Ray, Masters of the Light, Masters of Love. I Am That I Am. I Am Aton.


Abundant Hope

Evacuation Planet Earth





 Luis Prada


Questions to Luis Prada in the BVW Forum


Questions to Luis Prada by Sagor from Bangladesh published in the Forum of BVW at on May 30 and June 16, 2016. We invite you to register in our forum and participate.


Part 1


Hi, Luis Prada, how are you? I hope you are well.

—I am always fine, thank you for asking.


1. It’s hard to believe [in] alien contact with us. Do you give any pathway how can I contact with them?


—Alien races have been in Earth cultures for many thousands of years, guiding and teaching so humanity becomes part of the spiritual galactic races. You do not contact them, they contact you when you are ready to receive their messages. In the meantime prepare yourself by reading the material in Internet like Brother Veritus’ Website and teachings in printed form. Read all my books which are available for free on the web.


2. Bangladesh is an Islamic country, that’s [the] perspective. I was born in a Muslim family, but I am not a traditional Muslim, my inner soul doesn’t permit this type of ritual. I trust, the entire region is good, but it’s polluted. I find [my] proper way to meet my Creator. Muhammad is our prophet and [the] Quran is our last Holy Script. But I informed [that] he failed his mission. I ask a question to you, does [the] Quran come from Higher Intelligence or from God?


—Before I answer your question let me tell you something. The purpose of this website was not to convince anybody or to convince skeptics. The information is given, if you do not believe it, go to other website, do not torture yourself reading material you do not believe or you are in disagreement. A great deal of material is from channeling, those who do not believe in channeling should not be reading BVW for the same reason I gave above. You are the only judge of the information, if it is true or not to you. Some channeling is good, another partially good, and some other is intervened and contains good information mixed with disinformation. Here we have carefully selected what we consider is good channeling material. As far as your beliefs, you have the last word if according to you this material is good or not. Don’t ask me to convince you because that is not my job.


The Quran or Koran did come from Higher Source but it was given for the people of that time, around 500 years after Christ. Today people are different and think differently, a new scripture should replace that holy book, although the Quran teachings still should be read and learn for what is still applicable. Also prophet Mohammed was intervened, his message distorted, and his mission derailed. Mohammed’s followers over time turned into fanatics and did not really get the gist of his teachings, and have been using the messages to justify war and to create separation.


On Mohammed and what I told you heretofore read this information:


3. Angels can use this energy of 7th dimension, during sleep, to activate the chakras of the disciples of the Light that are prepared and thus ask for it. Question: Who is an angel? What’s their purpose?


—Angels are a galactic race. Some are assigned to planet Earth. They have many missions, some are of security and to make sure Divine Plan is followed. Some are guardian angels assigned to people. Search for angels on the web.


4. The sun entered the photonic zone in 1,998. Question: Who observed or how can you understand sun entering the photonic zone?


—The Photonic Belt, or Photon Belt, is a zone in the galaxy where there is a big radiation of photons. There are other belts with similar radiations. NASA is a channel of disinformation. They make many stellar phenomena measurements but keep them from the public. Read on the Photonic Belt here:


5. During the next 10 years the Planet Earth and its neighbors of the solar system will adjust their molecular structures. Question: Where and how is change, 4 years [have] already gone, why we can’t observe any visible change?


—Changes in the body at the molecular structure are slow and subtle, they are happening and can be measured. We notice the changes, they are good or not so good, depends on the way we think and how we use our emotions.


6. Am I connected to you by telepathy?

—No, you are not, I do not teach students by using telepathy or astral projection. If in your head you seem to be receiving telepathic messages supposedly coming from me, they are not, discard them. Those messages may come from your own mind or from astral impostors pretending to be me, Luis Prada. If I want to teach a student or a chela, I use the technology available today like this forum. In the future I will teach people, not individually, but in a group in classrooms and theaters.


I expect you to focus your mind to find your own answers and to not be needing me (or depending on me) to give you the answers you seek to your questions. Read BVW and this forum, it will answer many of your questions.


From time to time (and this happens in both forums, English and Spanish) some people register with the sole purpose to ask questions to me and to other forum members, and become like a questioning machine gun that wears me out. I answer some, and expect them to find their own answers and to contribute to the forum with publications and comments, but they do not. They get offended when don’t get all the attention they think they “deserve”, and leave. They came to receive, not to give.


Part 2


1. What’s the difference between Angel-Alien-Reptilian-Human?


—They are all different galactic races. The human race as well as the reptilian race is very common in the galaxy. Alien race is a generic label for any race that is not earth human. Angels are of different kinds and serve different types of missions throughout the galaxies.


2. Why aliens teach humans, what’s their purpose?


—Good aliens, or members of the Galactic Federation, teach humans for various reasons. One is to remove their personal karma with humans through wrong interactions in the past for control and war. Another is for serving the federation and Divine Plan to help planet Earth and her inhabitants Ascend according to the normal spiritual evolution of planets and civilizations.


3. Where did the Holy Script come from, God or Alien?


—All Holy Books have come from spiritual masters and Ascended Masters as well as Beings of Light who work for Divine Plan. The spiritual teachings, compiled later on in sacred texts and books, were and are being given to prophets and channels who have agreed before reincarnation to serve as channels of the Light in this manner.


4. What is the ultimate goal of mankind? And why do you serve knowledge to us, what’s your benefit?


—The ultimate goal of humanity is to Ascend to higher and higher dimensions in the eternal journey to Paradise in the Central Universe.


I do not impart knowledge in this website for the purpose of making money, being known or famous or any other material benefit and advantage. I do it because for me is an obligation I have with the Celestial Father of Havona to come to this planet and help, along with others, to right the wrong. In my case I do it by helping change the minds of people who are ready to receive the messages published in Brother Veritus’ Website and in my books. The knowledge given here is twofold:


1. Metaphysics to change the thought patterns from discord, distortion, drama and addiction junk into a pattern of thoughts in accordance with Divine Plan and Eternal Life.


2. To help humanity wake up to the deceit and oppression of the New World Order, that is why conspiracy theory is part of the teachings of this website. Only when you realize you have been manipulated and tricked by the Powers That Be, you can get your head off The Box of the Holographic Prison ( As long as you live in ignorance, lies and fear YOU CAN NEVER ASCEND WITH THE PLANET and you can never get out of the life of 3rd D to continue your Eternal Life. That is why it is so important to clear your mind, and develop spirituality and faith in the Higher Forces. I have been teaching this in this website since 1997. That is my mission that nobody can stop.


5. Is it possible astral travel? Can anybody experience the etheric body out of the physical body and experience another dimension or place? Is this experience harmful or good?


—Everybody does astral travel, that is why it is not harmful, only difference is that when you do so at night, your conscious mind is asleep and you operate with the subconscious mind. Only few people can remember the experience consciously or travel consciously to wherever they want. But that is the subject for a whole new discussion. Study astral travel or astral projection on the web.


Lord Shiva

The Reaping Time


Lord Shiva channeled through Tatyana Mickushina. Message published on June 21, 2016. Original message given in Russian, translation to English by Julia Zaytseva and Ekaterina Reznichenko. Proofreadering by Jean Kana.. Message taken from:


I AM Shiva! I have come again! In order for our communication to take place, please get yourself into the proper state of consciousness. I am fully aware that few in your time are able to raise their consciousness to the level where it would be possible to perceive the energies of the Ascended Masters.

Yes, beloved, your world has separated itself from the Divine world to such an extent that every time it becomes harder and harder for Us to find those hearts who are able to perceive Our energies, and therefore, to grasp the meaning of the Teaching being given by Us. Unfortunately, the thing that is happening in the world today can be compared to totally worshipping the golden calf.


Everything surrounding you, especially in large cities, is only the scenery where you are presented with this single dominant world religion, namely, the religion of worshipping the golden calf. We have talked many times in dozens of the Messages about the fact that the illusion surrounding you obediently adjusts to your consciousness. However, your consciousness is formed by the illusion surrounding you. Therefore, if you are constantly staying in a large city, you cannot be free from the vibrations surrounding you. You obediently follow the way of life and the stereotypes that surround you. It takes great faith and strong will to resist the impact of the civilization that exists on Earth now, on the whole world, and especially on the inhabitants of large cities.

If you are constantly in an environment where discordant music sounds, where the wrong patterns are constantly flashed before your eyes, and where the desires to possess bodies and things are constantly flared up, then your vibrations are constantly on the level at which it is impossible for you to hear God. It is impossible to make a distinction between what is right and wrong at this level of vibrations.

You are in the swamp of mass consciousness. And if you have only plunged into the swamp for a little while, then there is a chance for you to get out and jump out of the swamp. If you have plunged into the swamp up to your neck, then the hope for your salvation is almost gone. Each year, millions of victims worshipping the golden calf are added to the garbage heap of history.

Come to think of it, it is the biggest disaster in the history of mankind. However, We warned you and gave our recommendations ten years ago when you had just plunged into the swamp. You have free will. According to the law of free will, you have made your choice. And the choice was simple and obvious: either you choose to worship God or you choose to worship the golden calf. You choose the Eternal life or you choose to stay in the mortal world at the price of your individuality.

As you deprive your soul of the Divine nutrition necessary for it, and continue feeding it with the surrogates that the servants of the golden calf cult are obligingly giving to you 24-hours a day through television, internet, entertainment, and pleasures, your soul is gradually dying. And the moment comes when you do not have a soul any longer. You become a bio-robot and you have no future.


Everything is determined by your choices, beloved. If you choose an illusory world according to your free will, it is obvious that you will stay in this world. If you believe that you only have one life and try to get all pleasures within this life, then you get all the pleasures of this life, giving your very Life in turn.

You sell your soul to the devil. Because of tinsels and pleasures you deprive yourselves of an opportunity to continue your Life. Hardly one person in a thousand living in big cities will be able to prolong his or her evolution as an individualization of God. All the rest are either dead in the spiritual sense, or hopelessly sick, and their souls are at death’s door.

This sweet and so funny and careless cult of the golden calf has gathered millions of victims within a short period of time — those who were put on the altar of service to the golden calf. Well, at least We have done everything possible from our side in order to show another possible path of development for human civilization. However, the time is inexorable. And the moment of the final choice has come.

Life or death — everyone chooses by himself. Nature has to get rid of those individuals who are not able to evolve further. The time for reaping has come. The reaping is taking place. Weeds are being separated from the wheat. All that is ready to continue the evolution is carefully collected in the Divine reserves. All that is not ready to continue the evolution will remain in the garbage heap of history. Therefore, I use the last opportunity, so that at least a few people can hear me and return to eternal Life.

Absolutely all recommendations were given in our Messages that We were giving through our Messenger. Only the dead could not hear that. I AM Shiva!




The Purpose of These Messages


Seraphin channeled through Rosie Jackson. Message 260 published in AbundantHope with date Saturday April 16, 2016. Message taken from:






Some of you may ask why this scribe has been receiving my thoughts and posting my messages over the last few years. This is not a fanciful preoccupation, undertaken during leisure time. This is an essential introduction to new courses of behavior and instructions on how to improve your perceptions of yourselves and your interactions.


This is —and I will repeat this— ESSENTIAL DUE TO THE VERY DEPLORABLE STATE OF AFFAIRS ON YOUR PLANET, ALL OF WHICH HAVE RESULTED FROM NEGLIGENT BEHAVIOR. It is not that we are harping on, pointing fingers and criticizing. It is that we are attempting to PREVENT THE GLOBAL BOAT FROM CAPSIZING.


And we say again: These messages are not PREVENTIVE MEASURES OR POLITE SUGGESTIONS WHICH YOU MIGHT READ ON SUNDAYS. THEY ARE POINTING YOU TOWARDS THE ONLY DIRECTION WHICH WILL SAVE YOU FROM SELF-DESTRUCTION. THE ANSWER TO ALL OF YOUR SORROWS IS THE SPIRITUAL REVOLUTION IN YOURSELVES, hence the name of the project initiated with our scribe —a project which encourages understanding across all nations, all religions and all social circumstances. (See THE SPIRITUAL REVOLUTION PROJECT: link)


Why do we send out these messages? BECAUSE THE SITUATION IS CRITICAL. Your Earth is burdened to a degree of no return. Yet she will return, and so will you if you enter fully into the change of heart we have been suggesting.


Our purpose is to encourage you to always make decisions IN EARTH’S FAVOUR, even in (and especially in) the smallest of issues, which are in reality very important issues if seen from a cumulative aspect where billions of people are involved, for she has been your benevolent benefactress for many, many thousands of years. To ignore this is encouraging your peril.


Why do we send out this message? BECAUSE THE TIME OF FINAL CHOOSING IS READILY APPROACHING, AND BECAUSE THE EARTH HAS CHOSEN TO REJECT ALL NEGATIVITY LOADED UPON HER. This she will do by moving and shaking. This she will do by slowing down the pace of her rotation and stopping. This is what you call a “magnetic reversal”.


Before she comes to a standstill, and before the major disruptions of earth and water which accompany this scenario actually occur, you as the global population will be given the chance to be lifted off out of danger. This operation will be conducted by friendly galactic forces operating for your sole benefit. These messages are therefore an education program leading to this point. The main emphasis and learning scenario at the present time is LETTING GO. Your world is about to change, and the most critical question is: CAN YOU CHANGE WITH IT?


The secondary purpose of these messages is to demonstrate that communication with off-planet beings (so-called “angels”, of which there are myriad varieties) is possible, and that this is in fact a great benefit for personal development and —if well received and circulated— a great benefit for global development.


So we warn you again: This has all been preparation for your coming decision: will you accept celestial help coming to you, or not? Will you seriously contemplate the dangers perpetrated by your behaviors, of not? Whether on earth before or after the reversal, you can be sure that YOUR BEHAVIOUR COUNTS —that it is in fact essential for the rebuilding of the sick society into which you have degenerated.


THE EARTH WILL ROTATE SLOWER AND EVENTUALLY STAND STILL. THEN IT WILL BE YOUR MOVE. Then, it will be your choice whether to evacuate, thus managing to leave everything behind, or to choose to remain and perish. These are the alternatives. There is no middle way.


We thank this scribe, for she does not like to put out such strong words, yet they are necessary at this time. DON’T SHOOT THE MESSENGER FOR THIS MESSAGE. Instead, look around you at the violence, the lack of compassion, the deliberate destruction, the lack of beauty, the debased morals, the pollution, and ask yourselves HOW CAN THIS BE? Not until you have investigated and discovered the very root of this within yourselves will you also rediscover the Divine Purpose in yourselves which is to restore this Earth to her former glory through your optimal behavior. This period of renewal will follow your stay in the spaceships (even now, waiting for you) when you return to an Earth freed of dark forces, spinning in a new direction.


Yes, this is a chaotic and tumultuous phase, and there is no way of avoiding these consequences of humanity’s behavior. The law of cause and effect has caught up with you. To change this situation is the purpose of our frequent messages, and to turn you towards a life which is blessed through your intrinsic knowledge of your ability to create paradise in alignment with the sacred laws. All this shall you learn, should you choose to return to Earth for this purpose.


So you see: All this, as all else, pivots on YOUR CHOICE. Your choice now is whether to spread this message (and previous ones) far and wide, or not. Your choice is to take over responsibility, to assist those who feel helpless and stranded, to calm those afflicted by fear, and to help everyone board the ships when they arrive. There will be no overlooking this. We ask you to be in readiness and we thank you for your attention throughout this message. Seraphin.



Higher Energy


Last Chance to Prepare


High Energy being channeled through an AH Telepath. Message published with date Saturday July 30, 2016.  Message taken from:


Dear ones of AbundantHope, today I offer you a stern warning about what is to come. There is a high probability that the coming period of controlled chaos will begin very shortly. We urge you to prepare so that you have all the physical necessities to care for you and your families for around two-weeks’ time.


This is NOT a test. This is NOT a message to be ignored or taken lightly, for we are reaching a boiling point in political affairs that will result in catastrophic devastation on a global scale. There will be little time to secure food, water, and other resources once things are underway and so we strongly advise that you be prepared to fend for yourselves for this brief period.


There will be nowhere to hide and all on this world shall feel the impact these momentous events. We urge you to remain stable throughout these trials. You will be forced to go within and fully embrace your divine beingness as the intensity heightens. Listen within and you shall be guided to take appropriate action. You are supported immensely by the forces of Light in your roles as wayshowers. Take refuge in the abiding steadiness, peace and knowing of your hearts for there you shall find the way forward.


We know you shall perform brilliantly as these events unfold and we thank you for your dedication to bringing forth the Divine Plan at this pivotal juncture. Remain connected at all times. You are blessed and held with such great love by all of us.


General Kevin Radetsky


“Controlled Chaos” Period Coming. Feel Rather Than Think of the Answers


General Kevin Radetsky being channeled through an AH Telepath who prefers to remain unidentified. Message published with date Tuesday September 5th, 2015. Message taken from:


We come to the members of this blessed Second Coming Organization with a few insights at this critical point. Our intention in bringing forth this information through this scribe is to inspire greater awareness at this time of momentous transition upon thy dear Urantia. For too long the darkness upon this planet has infected the population to such an extent that the blindfolds of mind control and lies must be torn into pieces that the Light of Truth be unleashed with an unmistakable clarity for all to see.


We wish to inform the dear constituents of this organization that the time is nigh for massive changes upon this planet and her peoples. Preparation is vital at this stage for you shall be tested in a tumultuous and tense yet brief period of “controlled chaos”. We implore that you take seriously your role as the mighty servants of the Light which you have come here to be. For you shall be the guides, the living angels, to which your fellow man shall look to during the times of upheaval.


We exhort you to summon your innate divine resources, gifts and knowledge that you may be the wayshowers for those many people who will find themselves searching for truth and answers in the midst of highly uncertain times. You will each be confronted by challenging circumstances that will force you to rely on the endless flow of Divine Guidance and wisdom within. Also, know that the Legions of Light are at your beck and call and will provide support where needed. Simply ask.


Feel rather than think of the answers. Know rather than ponder the truth. Set your intention on service to others but be sure to maintain your own sense of stability and balance. Things shall move very quickly and there will not be time for “trying to convince” others who are simply not open to your perspective.


Now is the time to let go of any limiting beliefs or self-doubt patterns which derail your confidence. The immediate situation demands that you to stand as a brilliant beacon of the Divine, awakening the slumbering masses with its shining Light.


We have the utmost faith in your abilities to see the way forward. Hold fast to the guidance within. Connect with faith. You are blessed.






Message 330: Moral Choices or Collapse

Seraphin being channeled through Rosie. Message published with date Thursday March 15th, 2018. Message taken from:

Another warning to you, Citizens of Earth, who are actually more than citizens of this time and location and whose “life-spans” are far longer, more complex and far-reaching (as far as the consequences of your actions are concerned) than you can presently imagine. This is because you are presently CONFINED to one planet. The reason for this is because many of you are processing IMMORAL deeds from the VERY DISTANT PAST which —not yet having been “corrected”— are still exerting their influence on present-day events. Indeed, they have CREATED present-day events.

This “history”, which you drag along in your tow, is a debilitating factor, slowing your progress, poisoning the minds of all those who incarnate here to bring LOVE and who are subject to the manipulation and lies served up by the “slave-traders” among you. It has come to the point where you will be forced to redeem yourselves or to be removed from this planet for education elsewhere.

Have you made “moral choices” in the past? This is the VITAL QUESTION you need to ask yourselves. Have your actions been in alignment with truth, integrity, respect and benefit for all? It is essential that you retrace your steps and pinpoint exactly and minutely EVERY SMALL AND LARGE DEVIATION, for whatever the size of the “misdemeanor”, it has contributed to the sad situation of a corrupted and abusive society as it is now increasingly surfacing in front of your astonished eyes. Yet you will lose that surprise if you comprehend HOW IT AROSE and THAT YOU HAVE TAKEN PART IN IT.

If you are incapable, or stubborn, or unrelenting, if your ego interferes or if you are an espouser of pure evil, your only second choice is COLLAPSE. Ponder this well as we enter the final stages of this period of “dispensation” granted to you to discover your errors and —ultimately— your DIVINITY.


St. Germain

Q&A Session on Earth Changes and the Future of Humanity

St. Germain channeled by Luis Prada, Director of the Brother Veritus’ Community, on Friday September 21, 2018. Audio was left unedited by not removing pauses between words and sentences to give the perfect feeling you would have if you were witnessing the channeling session, because, more than channeling, this was a dictation, and, as in any dictation you wait for the next word o sentence without knowing what this might be. Original in Spanish, transcription and translation to English by Luis Prada, BVW. Both English translation and Spanish transcription are available in Brother Veritus’ Website (

Part One

Question (Q): Welcome beloved Count St. Germain. We are pleased to have you visiting us today and accompanying us in this conversation. Our concern, ours —of those present and of those absent— will be the same as the one I am going to express with regard to the world we live in and the world we are going to live in. Master, may you explain us what is the reason for so much social upheaval in the world?

Saint Germain (SG): My dear children: Thank you for inviting me to this Question-and-Answer session and I will answer the question that the beloved student of Light has just asked me.

The world today is going through a very difficult phase of Kali Yuga cleansing. The Forces of Light and the Forces of Darkness are in a war that is not new, it is a war of many millennia in the galactic system, but the site of combat is this planet Earth.

There has been great confusion among humanity regarding the historical events reported by the alternate media and, secondly, by the mainstream news media. What happens at the front is a slight reflection of what is actually happening behind the scenes.

We, the members of the Great White Brotherhood, are working intensely infiltrated in different social, governmental, educational, institutional and technological strata, as well as in military areas. If it were not for our constant work this planet would go to destruction. But our Forces combined with the works of the beloved Celestial Friends have achieved a triumph already about to manifest. Be patient that what will manifest will be what you have been asking for so long with love and intensity, with steadfastness of heart and faith.

A New World awaits you, great changes are coming that will shock all social strata. No one will be free of suffering the changes. Expect news of what will happen through the alternate media that are working for the Light. The social networks will be intensely working on this dissemination process to inform you of the different activities we are carrying out. Any other questions?

Q: Yes, Master. At this moment the financial system creates concern. What can you tell us about it?

SG: For several centuries I have been working with the financial system of planet Earth. I have accumulated wealth that will be used for the Prosperity Programs to come. This is one of my legacies to humanity and from which I cleanse myself of some of the karma I accumulated in the distant past when being king of a country in North Africa I was in charge —among many other activities— of the financial system.

In this future financial system we will correct the problems of the generation of Fiat money. We will generate real money, not fiduciary notes with no real value, and electronic currency generated from nothing. This is part of the changes that will happen on this planet.

Q: Master, what do you tell us about the future of the new generations in the New Age?

SG: The New Age will be very different from the Age of Pisces and earlier eras. Humanity will undergo genetic changes that will transform it into a New Man.

Nothing that you know and are familiar with will remain the same. Everything will change: Social, political, economic, educational systems —as I told you at the beginning— will undergo changes, and these changes will affect the consciousness of the human race, and generate the I AM Race that will rule the planet.

This planet will eventually overpopulate but will bring enlightened thinking minds into the Solar System. There will be colonies on all the moons of the different planets of the Solar System. New developments on Mars. Venus will have a dignified enlightened civilization that will eventually travel to the stars. Planet Earth will have free energy technology. Diseases will eventually be solved, cured. There will be transformations at planetary level, not only physical of the planet, but also emotional-etheric. Nothing will be as it is at present.

Q: Beloved Master Saint Germain: I would like to know what is happening to the health of humanity in the present and what is expected of health in the future?

SG: Health has been commercialized in the present. It has been blocked in its development. It has been aimed at generating economic benefit rather than solving the cause of the individual’s health problems. But we have very important plans to apply to different health problems that currently afflict humanity.

There will be such great transformations that humanity will come to the point where it has no more diseases. Disease will be a thing of the past.

There will be such great transformations that humanity will come to the point where it has no more diseases. Disease will be a thing of the past.

SG: The people of the millennials comprise stellar seeds that came to this planet to exert fundamental changes through the awakening of consciousness. But, upon reaching the planet through the reincarnation process, they found a world so chaotic and convulsed that they have been astonished, confused, full of fear to face the operative Dark Forces on the planet and, therefore, some are not doing their function, the function that is expected to be performed when they made the agreements prior to reincarnation for their mission.

However, when the changes begin to work, they will join them, those changes, and begin to remember their mission and carry it out. Some are observers but most millennials come with particular missions to modify the planet’s Holographic Matrix system.

Q: Master, I’d like to know how we’re going to… where we’re going to go with this kind of people who are governing us and are failing in the face of what they promise us when we elect them to run this world we’re living in.

SG: I think you mean the politicians, don’t you?

Q: Yes, Master.

SG: Politics through millennia on this planet has been used as a form of control of the human being, in favor of the arrogant and the ruling classes and their interests.

We plan to perform a… or present a new form of government that is more of a galactic nature for the planet. To present galactic patterns through the stellar seeds that came to reincarnate on the planet for the social and economic transformation.

There are great technologies for the liberation of the human being, such as free energy, that have been suppressed, that we will liberate for all humanity to benefit from and thus catapult the changes we expect, and that we make from humanity a New Advanced Star Seed.

The direction of the planet will be more focused on following the Divine Laws of the Divine Plan, than on following material laws imposed on humanity for the benefit of the classes in power. But this we will not do alone, but in collaboration with the inhabitants of the planet who will be the leaders who will implement these political reforms.

Q: Master, there is a very common concern among the people and that is the alliance between religion and politics. What can you say about that, Master?

SG: Traditionally on this planet religion and politics have been united, or go hand in hand, but in some cases there have been changes in society that have separated politics from religion. However, you always have to keep in mind that religion, even though in its origins it has always had a spiritual vision, has been manipulated by the governing elites to be used as a tool of control of the human race in different civilizations. That is something historical that you yourselves can verify.

We wish to teach you with all our heart how to unite universal religion and government without any conflict as it is done in other galactic societies.

The Divine Laws are the same human laws if the right plan is applied. Humanity must be taught the equilibrium, the balance, between its spiritual beliefs and the management of the human race towards that spiritual ideal. There is a point of balance but for that you need to remove from power the dark elements that are blocking those changes.

There will be changes in religion. Some religions will cease to exist and others will be elevated to the spiritual teachings that the Great White Brotherhood has given throughout the ages.

You have in your religious, metaphysical and esoteric books, all the bases you need to establish a society spiritually-oriented and materially-directed to give the support that the human being needs for his own spiritual and material evolution, only that you have been submitted but that is still part of your teaching and your experience to acquire wisdom. However, you have stepped forward and are ready to receive an improved system, free from the karmic bonds of previous generations.

Q: Master, it troubles me to know what will become of humanity once man has finished with planet Earth, with all the wreak havoc and damages he has done to date. What will become of us, Master, who has a mission for you?

SG: As I said in my introduction, the planet will undergo great changes of many kinds. The illuminated remnant society will rise to the stars, will travel the Cosmos with breathtakingly beautiful ships where life will be a constant joy.

The planet will have advanced technologies. It will be a one-government but not a one-government as the Dark Forces see it but one universal government according to the Law of One.

The human race will shine, it will be an exact manifestation of the Image of God as it was originally dictated before it had been genetically manipulated.

The transformations will be so beautiful, so impressive, that to describe them here would be as if I were a science-fiction writer, so I leave them to your exalted imagination, to the best that you can give, to the most sublime that you can conceive. You decree… and it will happen!

I leave you, brethren, and I hope that this message reach the minds of the advanced beings of the stars reincarnated as stellar seeds and serve as inspiration for what is to come. Good night.

Q: Good night, Master.

Part Two

Note: Once the first message was received a foul odor was felt in the room, something like a rotten egg, and the lady present felt psychically the presence of a dark entity in the place who came out of a room and moved to the room near the channeler. Then candles were lit, an aerosol air freshener was spread, invocations were made to Beings of Light and decrees or affirmations to drive away the intruder, and he was emphatically commanded to withdraw. He withdrew from the place and the nauseating smell slowly ceased.

Q: Master St. Germain, how can I do to combat negative energies that want to harm me and use my husband as a medium creating diseases that really don’t exist in him?

SG: Negative forces have always been on this planet creating chaos, unrest, confusion, and sabotage. We, the members of the Great White Brotherhood, the Ascended Masters of the planet, have always been controlling its effects, avoiding the destruction of the planet due to their outlandish attempts to sabotage the Divine Plan. That is why when a group of “Two or More in My Name” —using the words of Divine Master Sananda— comes together, these Dark Forces come to try to create error, confusion, and to sabotage the message. That is very clear to us. This is why every time we gather our chelas, or disciples, we are always alert to find the appropriate channel that has the spiritual level and telepathic skill to receive our message without interference or intervention.

In your case, indeed, the Dark Forces try by all means to divert you from your mission and to create confusion in the marriage in order to achieve their purposes of sabotage. In other words, they wish to “sink the ship”. This is why we ask the two of you to always stay in tune with the Light, to do your mantras, your decrees, and to always have a positive mind to prevent the dark ones from interfering with your purpose of Light and mission.

Yes, it is true, you have been subjected to attacks, as have other seekers of The Path, who with firm faith follow the dictates given by us from the higher planes to make drastic changes in their life and affect planetary development for the better.

Q: Master Saint Germain, I need of you and of your collaboration. Every time I try to connect with you to express my concerns I feel the presence of some negative dark energies that want to interpose in my initiation in the Light. What to do about these situations?

SG: As I said before, you must focus on the Light, you must appease your Inner Being, you must find your space, your emptiness, where you can take the energy that we send you through dimensional portals such as the sun.

We wish you to follow our advice in the best way for there to be a complete change of healing in your body and for you to find your mission that is very great. Some of your mission has already been done but there is still much more to be done. The detours caused by the material world cause your energy to lose attunement with the Celestial Spheres.

Follow my meditation, which I gave through Guy Ballard in the thirties on the Violet Flame to produce alchemical transmutation in your body and mind and to keep away the low energies that at times besiege you, harass you to take you out of your Center.

Your Spirit is brilliant, pure. Many would envy your power, but it must be tuned up more. We help you, only ask for our help and follow our advice. Another question?

Q: No, Master.

SG: It has been a pleasure to come tonight to this home, sweet home, to bring this information of vital importance to the development of humanity for the awakening of consciousness in the Age of Aquarius, and to give you in particular, on a personal level, a teaching that you can apply in your daily life.

I am Saint Germain, Avatar of the Age of Aquarius. I carry the Violet Flame as a symbol of my spiritual status. Goodbye.



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