Requirements for Ascension and to Be a Part of BVC

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Requirements for Ascension and to Be a Part of BVC
Sunday October 25, 2009
Luis Prada
Director of the Brother Veritus’ Community

Published initially in this website on November 1st, 2009.

To prepare for Ascension and also to qualify to be a true member of the BVC you need to do this. At first, you may not meet all requirements but you should be willing to achieve them, work to that end with consecration and always strive to become a better spiritual being every day.

1. Study the teachings of the Ascended Masters and Star Brothers and Sisters of the Light.  Read BVW.
. Inner preparation, atonement, meditation, inner work.  Find your fears and get rid of them.  Be courageous.
3.Enter into the Silence, which means quieting the mind, stopping the thought for as long as you want, one hour, two hours, whatever.  Develop telepathy to converse with your Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, Star Family and Beloved I Am Presence.
4. No attachment.  No attachments to people or things, nor to culture, family traditions and authority, profession, position in life, titles, peer recognition and glamour, nor to religion neither to past.  No attachments whatsoever, ready to go and serve anytime.
5. Willingness to follow your mission.
6. Desire to serve others with humility and true love for humanity in whatever capacity you can and talent you have and as you are called for to do so.
7. Willingness to serve within our BVC.  Contribute to the forum.  Create a fraternal bond with your brothers and sisters of the Brother Veritus’ Community.  Love them, respect them, defend them, if necessary, and appreciate each other as your true star family. Never deny their friendship before others.

I know it is a hard standard to meet and many would like the benefits and privileges of our community but at the same time they want to carry with them, for instance, their attachments mentioned in #4 above, and because of that they have failed the call.  Some Lightworkers because of this will not inherit the Earth.


If you want to participate in the Brother Veritus’ Community and help with the construction of the City of Light of BVC in the future, please send an email and state that you want to join the Brother Veritus’ Community.

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