Channeled Messages for BVC, Part 1

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Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC)/Brother Veritus’ University (BVU)
Channeled Messages for BVC, Part 1
All material published here has been edited and illustrated by Luis Prada, Director of Brother Veritus’ Community and  Editor and Publisher of BVW.
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This collection of channeled material is a sample of many more messages received over the years through channels of BVC from Ascended Masters, members of the Spiritual Galactic Brotherhood and the Angelic Hosts.  More material is being added from time to time.  This is an archive of the material that is published in the English Portal of BVW.

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This is a contribution of Brother Veritus’ University to the enlightenment of humanity. Published initially in this website on May 24, 2010.

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With so much love and longing to collaborate with Christ Michael, Ruler of the Universe of Nebadon, and Esu Immanuel Sananda, Planetary Prince, in a combined effort to return Urantia to her former glory.

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A Special Message from Ashtar ~Decloakings Are Seconds Away, Be In Joy!

Ashtar channeled through Elizabeth Trutwin on October 27, 2009 at 9:44pm.  Message taken from:

Lord Ashtar

Greetings, This is Ashtar. One of these days soon there will be mass decloakings of our Ships, all over the World, simultaneously. New developments recently have made this possible. When this takes place, you will know arrests have taken place. We cannot make the Galactic presence known on a worldwide scale until everyone is safe from any threat of danger, including world leaders, news media, and military officials.

Many in the news media are prepared with specials already crafted that they will launch which will explain what mass decloakings means. When Ted Kennedy passed, there were several video tributes ready to go. This will be the case for mass decloakings. It will not be a surprise for the news media. KOS has talked to news media all over the world. Those news media who are penciled in for removal, already know they are leaving.

Motherships, as you have already seen in China and Moscow film footage, will decloak in over 120 countries all at once. This will happen in different time zones, in day and at night. It will happen for millions of people at once. There will be film footage shot in all of these countries. This will go out over the internet as it is happening. YouTube and Servers will be supported by our technology during this time. Not only will there be Motherships in a large number of places, but millions of smaller ships will fill the skies in a shock and awe experience. ALL of these will have their lights on. Some will show in their Higher Dimensional forms as Light Ships and some will show up as metal discs. Some will show as a display of lights. There is an elaborate plan in place for this.

Almost everyone who sees the mass decloakings, anywhere on Earth will be completely filled with universal love. It will be so moving that no one will miss the meaning. No one will be questioning if this is Our Family. Children especially, will be interested in knowing what is going on. They will help the older crowd assimilate the news. Everyone will instinctually be aware that this is something they have waited for a very long time. There will be a raising of energy frequency when this happens. When the arrests happen, it will remove in one large action, a great deal of negativity from Earth. All programs in place to intimidate with fear will, in a blink of an eye, be wiped away. The change will be palpable. Immediately, those prepared to take their places will be put into place. They are waiting for a signal. The news reporting of mass decloakings will speak of the event from a place of TRUTH. They will also be commentating on recent arrests and explaining how the decloakings effect everything. There is no part of this scenario that will be a surprise to TV, radio and newspapers around the globe. There will be a mass dissemination of Truth following mass decloakings.

This is what is meant when we say there is an incremental increase of consciousness for everyone on Earth. This will be a half step increase, a significant rise in intelligence as well as heart opening, together. The heart mind will work more effectively at once. This allows each person to fairly decide for themselves, through their own Guidance, what is taking place, and how they feel about it. The rigid religious types, of all religions, in all countries, will be surprised at how easily they accept the new information. They will be able to see how it fits into the story they now believe, an expanded view of their story, an expanded view of what they believe.

There will be great relief from worry. This will happen as a result of an increase in heart awareness. Egos will shrink and have less power over the individual. This will quiet the mind chatter. The local mind will reconnect with universal mind and memories of the Truth will pour in.

With the criminals removed from the public, with the news broadcasting truth, there will be an almost overnight shift in the fear powered senseless actions controlling the world at the moment of this transmission. The old timeline is, in simple terms, GONE. Nothing can change that and the result is about to be witnessed by all.

When the news media stop reporting lies about the need for war conflicts, and the hearts and minds of all on Earth increase a half step, the result is a swift end to war and a break out of World Peace. The radio broadcasts of hate will be replaced by beautiful music and people will be in the mood to sway to the music. Everything will suddenly "make sense".

All the bankers who have been running their bankrupt empires into the ground will be removed, all the corrupt attorneys and law officials as well as all corrupt doctors-gone, arrested and taken away. Stock Brokerages in New York, London, and Japan, as well as those all over the World, will see an end to the corruption as all of the deal makers who are criminals will be arrested and gone. Stocks will be frozen as things are worked out.

Decloakings will be massive and happen for a sustained amount of time. Those awoken from sleep, due to bright lights in the sky, will not fear they are dreaming. This is not something that will be mistaken for a strange weather pattern.

In the American government, the government officials who are not telling the truth, and stealing funds as well as manipulating the system for their own gain, will be arrested and gone. There will only be a shadow government as things are worked out. The increase in love and understanding will have people celebrating the changes, instead of fearful.

There will be a striking and sudden lack of worry among all people everywhere. The jobless, homeless, sick and hungry, will suddenly feel good again. The almost instant remittance of fear will have a profound effect on the Earth. Imagine a World suddenly with nothing to worry about? The initial good cheer just after arrests and mass decloakings will shortly change to endless questions from all, about what is next?

The answer for what is next, is the Announcement that we have been under NESARA Law since October 1, 2008. There will be a great deal of education placed over the news media of what that means, but it will come directly form the Galactics, in every language, over the Earth, to all people who receive tv, radio or newspapers. People will feel a need to be at home and rest and absorb the news. There will be no urge to be out and about. Not at first. It will be a lot to take in. We of the Galactic Federation have been working on this with the other Star Nations in this Universe to present it to you in the most compassionate and loving way possible. We have worked a long time to formulate a plan that is the most fair to all involved. There will be much support in the changes times. No one will be left out. Be in joy with us, as the changes are seconds away.

Peace. Ashtar.

Christ Michael

We Have Thrown in the Rag, The Earth is Crying by Christ Michael & Candace, November 1, 2009, 12:07. Article taken from:

Dearly beloveds, Christ Michael here to speak a bit after a rather long absence it would seem. First, let’s cover just a bit on what I have been doing.  I recently posted through Daniel Raphael that I have turned over more day-to-day management to Machiventa and Monjoronson. There are some other planets that are part of the rebellion requiring a bit of my personal attention right now in this body that I am using.

One planet is particularly having troubles, and this is in Orion. We are currently removing the last of the Reptilians also from that place, as we did on your world a couple years ago or so.  I am doing much there similarly to here.  This world I am often visiting for a few days at a time is not quite as troublesome as your world, but longer away from Light and Life.  It is not in a solar system yet facing Ascension, but in time, it will also come in the Galactic Ecliptic and experience what your world is now experiencing for 3 years.  It has yet to rotate directly in line.  Your world actually entered a little earlier because we are towing you to a new energy stream, meaning the solar system is being towed, not just planet Earth.

And regards the “towing”, Candace collects a lot of what she calls “crap” on GLP over this, as if we have little tow trucks or something.  We have only to tow “Planet X” and the whole solar system comes with it.  Every solar system has a “planet X”, and it is through these bodies that whole solar systems travel around their central stars. Your central star is Alcyone.  And in time, in your new energy stream, you will be much closer to Alcyone, and thus not in the long dark period you have been in previously, of 11,000 years at a time. You will be “in the light” all of the time based on both, the energy stream and the effects of your 3 suns as Saturn will also be ignited in due time.

Regards being in that Milky Way galactic ecliptic, you should be noticing some of the rather rapid effects regards your Ascension syndromes and that of your animals. Most of you who are around animals should be noticing they are getting smarter too. The god particles remodel everything!!!! There will be a great surge in evolution upon your plane.

Now, let’s get into the not so nice stuff. Despite the now 3 years of work by the particles coming through to you, your dark ones just aren’t getting a hint yet and it doesn’t appear they will at all. We did hope some would awaken a bit, with their Reptilian and Anunnaki controllers out of the way, but sadly, the difficulties remain huge.

Now Candace knew about OITC quite some time ago, but for safety reasons we did not provide her directly with the name of the organization.  OITC, as suggested before, IS GESARA. I hope all of you have visited the website, and viewed the excellent videos if you are not yet convinced.  If you are on dial up, find a computer, perhaps go to a library, where you can view them.

The results of going public with OITC, putting up the website and the like, have been dismal. There is no money for guns, so the thugs are not interested. It is far worse than that actually. I don’t know yet today what for sure has gone so wrong on this world. Usually confining thugs together gets results and an upliftment in the DNA, but this time it wasn’t successful.  The angels that fell into the rebellion have done all right, but the other galactic thugs didn’t learn.

Out of concern for Earth’s peoples in general, we have prevented a large array of 911-type attacks. Russia has been most helpful in this endeavor since they have so many cosmospheres and have come into alignment with the Divine Plan. That allows for easier following of the rules of intervention on a planet. These rules however on this one, MY planet, are different.

We are going directly into stasis fairly soon. We do not believe bringing out Jupiter will be of any help but, nevertheless, we may or may not. It is placed as far out as possible in the corona from time to time and even has been exposed for short periods. It continues to upset the balance on Earth more than we would like. We wish to have that very slow reversal, so going into stasis first will bring that completely under our control. We have continued to keep a quiet sun for this reason.

Your scientists think that these few new suns spots are of the next cycle, but they do not understand that the Sun is also going to be completely monopolar and it will not thusly experience cycles. This is a slow transition into that state for the sun.

We are placing ships so folks can see them at rise and set. This is not very effective either because so many never even notice sunrise and sunset which in normal societies are a time of wonderment and prayer each day. You have lost all of any holy cycles and the knowledge contained therein.

I would suggest that all of you during the remainder of time, sungaze each day where you have opportunity, and MAKE that opportunity. It will help prepare you. You merely stand outside preferably or indoors if very cold or at work, and stare at the sun when it is low in the sky. If it is too high, you will know, you won’t be able to stare at it. This will raise up your energy levels a bit and help in remodeling your brains.

I was going to give more information, more for the dark ones, but it seems completely futile to waste my breath, so to speak. I do breathe in this body, by the way.  I will only say that in ignoring the OITC, you ones completely blew it. There is unlimited help to this world through that organization, except for warfare.

Casper and Bellringer, your story is NEVER going to happen. I have my people in control, and that plan is NOT God’s plan and never was. Those monies, which were traded, could have been, but again, you lied and misused your trust. Some of the thugs actually stole legitimate funds started by private individuals and companies.

Casper, I do know who you are and your purpose. These monies you keep writing about, are Bush et all funds, and illicit funds at that. The metals that sort of backed them, will be fully returned from where they sit, as they are NOT yours to continue to worsen the conditions of this world.  The IMF and similar organizations and banks will be dismantled during the stasis, and the precious metals returned and placed in safe keeping. That Gold in the hands of the IMF, even though being “sold” is not for sale, and will be recovered physically for use after the return.

I suppose you all want the date of stasis. No bananas on that, dear ones. Candace will still go first, for her team, and they will be notified, but the rest, you will just find yourselves when it happens wherever you should be. To put out any date, the dark ones would attempt something more than they have attempted, and will also be off to “safe keeping”, or so they think, before it happens.

The magnetosphere is truly ready to flop. Flop it does, the vortexes will collapse on each other. We will be going into stasis BEFORE this happens, again, so that we can control this, which is probably why we will likely not bring out Jupiter. We will continue with showing ourselves at night, rise, and set, until stasis. Your world, as above, is so out of sync and the rumors of what makes up the appearance of God at the time of cleansing is all over the place, and we are sorry, but Jesus still isn’t going to gallop across the sky on a White Horse to gather the saints, er, Christians.

There are many at this time leaving for the mansion worlds, and you have excess deaths. There are also, as Esu mentioned in his last piece, the beginning of people becoming ill from the released custom-illness, and more than the Ukraine are in great fear right now. The news just doesn’t reach the United States, and you have in increase in this in the United States and it’s being labeled swine flu, and it is not. You do have some better health care there, so it’s less noticeable.

China faced a severe time during the “bird flu” days. This was a direct attack on them and they did place several areas under extreme quarantine and even removed several small towns of people entirely from the face of the Earth to stop the spread. We did intervene with some help in that scenario.

As to the swine flu vaccine, we have been going into the labs and disabling the virus that is contained therein. This is only to keep what little peace remains on the planet in its final days. Many have petitioned to not allow the planet to go into complete chaos and prayers were answered. But this cannot continue, beloveds, because of the pollution to the planet. We cleanse some places as we can, and we leave some of it, to be seen, so you would all learn, but you did not.

We will be studying for a long time just why the people of this planet did not learn over the eons. We will also be studying for some time just why the star seeds did not awaken in greater numbers. In fact, the star seeds have been some of the problem. They have become incredibly blind. Their Higher Selves, to use that word, have been unsuccessful in finding opportunity to download monads into the bodies being used. This is a perplexing condition.

The “Higher Self’ knows but the lower self of the incarnation has been most resistant to hearing “from Above.”  Yea, ones are not fully incarnate into the body, your energies are too high, and the communications go through the “silver cord” so to speak, and the silver cord develops “shorts” and the message is not received. Usually the Ascension process of the DNA makes the communications more accessible, but this did not happen for many. (Candace: And I wonder how many did not listen to what was being sent?)

I am back here to stay until the planet is in stasis, the issues with the other planet and my need to be there are resolved at this time. I needed to personally attend the issues with the reptilians there. Beloveds, the reptilian form has not been successful. These ones are still very cold blooded. Those who did develop worthy souls will continue on in other forms but basically the reptilian form is being gradually removed from existence. They develop on climatically hostile planets, and that hostility seems to be difficult to overcome. Some of you who read here are preparing for various difficult jobs ahead, and thus I am giving this little detail. Such is the nature of overseeing the Creation and all that develops from it.

I will ask many of you to lay back. Do not continue to attempt to educate those around you in these last days. I think Candace can even stop if she wishes on GLP, because as the energies “churn” more, the dark are getting very nasty. And the dark includes family members who are not awakened for some of you. It is not necessary for you all be faced with the increasing intolerance and insults. Just be quiet and look the other way.

It can be deadly to upset some people in these times. Just do the yes, sir or ma’am, when faced with ridiculous requests and surround yourselves in your protective Light. Mormon underwear will NOT do that job!  Talk about people who do not think, thinking that underwear will keep you safe.  That is a sad example of how good teachings are taken down on this planet. That church is the worst for the corruption of teachings given it long ago.

Do NOT frequent bars and the like right now.  Those who get drunk are going to act out even more and, as fear spreads from the rumors of illness and the like, people are going to drink more, use drugs more, and become more dangerous. Do not intervene if you see any sort of disagreements in public and even at home, if there is danger. Walk away. Your lives may be at stake.

Now, I have something to share with you.  This has been a very long and very difficult process for myself. My universe became infested. Some of this infestation was from other universes; some of it developed in front of mine own eyes. I have mentioned before, we must get a handle on this strange, not-seen-before darkness, that has infested the Lighted creations. It is very intelligent. Your movie on Artificial Intelligence touched on this. Some of it is artificial. Some comes from machines learning to think, which have no sense of right or wrong, no God sense and then not being handled properly by those that control machines.  Races also have stolen DNA and in the laboratory downgraded it to make slaves who also have no God sense of right and wrong.

Creation is old. These problems however did not exist in the first 6 Superuniverses. It is in Orvonton they manifested. And this must be solved.  I am a very “open” Creator Son to finding ways to deal with this. It was my purpose in fact before I came to Nebadon. I have long studied this, and we planned ways, actually to attract some of this to Nebadon, and concentrate it, and get rid of it.  And many of you who read this material are volunteers unto that service. This must be stopped.

It is not easy for me emotionally, myself. I do not enjoy having to uncreate something. All universes do face problems of this nature however, there are some life forms that develop that are not satisfactory. But what was a most difficult situation, was mine own angels that “went south” to use your human phraseology.  These are my personal creations and it is not easy to walk from family.  Do not your own selves face difficulties with children who seem to not turn out so well?  Thus the story of the prodigal son, conveyed by me. I have let my ones to go out and err, in hopes they would come home with new wisdom, and that worked fairly well with the angels of mine and Nebadonia’s Creation.

Some failed. Lucifer failed and, when welcomed back, that was his failure, he would not undergo any further rehabilitation to relearn and chose his uncreation, and that was heartbreaking. He was not the evil Satanist suggested on your planet, but awfully misguided, and he did let his ego get the best of him. He did want to be his own God, and you still see remnants of this in the New Age teachings.  You are to come into alignment with the Creation if you wish to climb that big ladder ahead. He made many management errors. So we let him have Earth, my seed planet, for a time, along with the thugs, and he did realize eventually that he had bitten off more than he could chew and that he could not be “god” of Satania in the manner he had hoped.

We still have a great deal of work ahead. I have shed many tears myself, yes, the spirit form of mine, while it doesn’t shed literal tears, nevertheless I have cried. And so has Mother Nebadonia. This was not an easy journey. The plan of placing the thugs together was not altogether successful. These warring groups just don’t seem to get the message and they have been repeatedly “welcomed home” or rather the offer made, and it doesn’t take. This is my universe, and I am going to have to do some more un-creating. We are all learning from this, and I know we will be nipping the problems in the bud much sooner.

We so have to develop ways yet to foresee these sooner. We have to not allow quite so much freedom of will in developing young worlds. Often these worlds have been given, as yours was recently, technology they are not ready for by others, so tough new guidelines are going up regarding the evolutionary and lower “heaven” worlds.

The higher councils of Orvonton have seen the Light, so to speak, and know there must be some toughness, otherwise, much will be swallowed up into black holes. Black holes are not understood by your scientists. They are the garbage dumps. There are too many.  This is an enigma too. What does happen to them, in time, is they become suns again, the matter, as it is compressed gets quite hot, and thus explodes. Nothing is ever lost, but we sometimes also get suns where we don’t want them yet!

This is because black holes are the densest matter can become, and they aren’t “moveable.”  No “tug boats” designed yet that work.  We sometimes have to move some formations out of the way instead. When these explode, huge amounts of matter are released for re use. They do not “suck” in additional matter as some of your scientists suggest.  But they are imploded matter where a Creation went wrong and the like attracts like rule functions.  (Candace: this reminds me of material in the banned Phoenix Journals about the heat compression produces.)

In summary, we are going into stasis at my command. I have been back and forth dealing with this other issue that was necessary but I must also be here personally for the initiation of stasis. We have thrown in the rag. The Earth is crying some more and the pollution continues to worsen, and the lives of other classes of beings on this world are to be taken into consideration, as this is a seed planet and it is going back to its purpose. The DNA forms that are not in alignment will be removed by the process of the magnetic reversal, more so than we have covered to date. And then we start over.  Understand, I said DNA forms, NOT souls, which include that soul/spirit in plants and animals. Soul on Earth will mature in healed forms.  Namaste, Christ Michael.

Candace:  The discussion on the Ukraine above came after I asked about it. It’s being covered on GLP and at least. I haven’t seen much otherwise.  Here’s a couple of the maybe better discussions on GLP.  In this one, somebody posted a section of Esu’s last piece with me that I had completely forgotten about, asking if the Ukraine issue could be related to his prediction.

I am back conversing with WB.  We had some lost material folks. My special address on a Verizon account that I was using exclusively for that project was canceled and anything lost that I had saved there. TPTB have been messing with the email since we started. Some of it is not arriving after being sent. WB doesn’t get mine and I don’t get his at times. My sent file was erased entirely once, after I activated it, so I reactivated it, and then after getting home from vacation, I was getting pages saying the server was having troubles, and then finally, a notice the account was canceled.

OITC is taking some crap too out of our thugs. I am not allowed to elaborate at this point on that. Please, be submitting some more questions to me, by going to our Contact Us Section. I did reopen one of my addresses for questions.  Please use it! Some of you live in countries other than the US of A, and you could be asking relevant questions about activities where you live and anything else that comes to mind.

I have collected some questions unrelated to WB and will post one or pieces answering them, as there are others that might benefit. I simply haven’t taken that up again since I got back. I did need some more time off after I got home, haven’t yet returned to “full time.”  I experienced yet another attack by microwaves in one of the airports I was in, requiring emergency intervention after I got to my host’s home by AA Rafael and his team. I was put in shape enough to enjoy the vacation with large amounts of steroid to keep down the swelling, and keep up my energy but when I got home, I  really wagged out for awhile and still have a little belly pain. So have some patience with me.  I am currently having a period of being down in the dumps, I have perhaps been “murdered” once too many times. There have been at least 5 attempts this year alone on me. Two of them in October. I am tired. (And crying a bit myself too.)


Are You Ready?.The Pleiadian Anica channeled through Amanda R. Ryan on Tuesday November 3th, 2009.  Taken from:, Anica’s Notebook.

You are ready, you say, for Contact to commence on a grand scale that will forever obliterate the way of life you have always known. In every way, you will see the unfamiliar showing you the familiar that had been imprinted on your soul but not so easily recalled by your fact-riddled minds. You are love, yet you find yourself acting in ways that belie that truth. If you had to remember in a hurry, are you ready to as quickly forget the pain that has described and defined you for as long as you can trace your identity as human? Are you ready to forgive injustice and open your hand in a gesture of peace? Your clenched fist has been noted, and its energy feeds that which will not survive the intensity of love that you are capable of throwing at it. The beast weakens as a love-starved avatar of hate, greed, and intolerance. Now that we ask if you’re ready, we clarify: Are you ready to see fear transform? It is obliteration of the beast through its transformation into a butterfly that we reference. You cannot accept the announcement of our arrival en masse until you have shown the hand of peace not just to us, but to those odious folk who have held you back from your full inheritance as galactic humans at home in a world of peace and joy. For those who think this insanity, let me say this. Is it sane to nourish hate if it leads to your own destruction? Is it sane to scratch an itch until you bleed to death? And so, I ask, is it not sane to will a fundamental core change in that which does not otherwise allow sanity to define itself in terms of peace? So begins your introduction into the alliance of Light of which we Pleiadians and others are a part. If you are ready, we will begin our introduction.

You have long heard of a Galactic Federation of Light, a Galactic Confederation of Light, a Galactic Federation of Planets, and so on. We are part of a greater body of beings, a collective of individuals bonded together as friends and family and neighbors across the swirling arms of this galaxy you call Milky Way. You can find intrigue if you look for it, but overall there is a general well-being and ebullience among those who serve OM by being present for peace to be brought into being. We call ourselves Pleiadian, for it is a star you see in the constellation of Pleiades that we know as our sun, but in reality we are human beings of a higher-density planet than your own, called by us Temmer, circling the star Taygeta. I, Anica, am a native of this planet by birth, as are the Pleiadian Renegades you so love, as is the higher incarnation of our scribe and the many who serve on our vessel. We are of a contingent of humans from Temmer serving the call of your people through OM, which would in some ways make us what you would call “angels” but we assure you we are indeed human. Other people are serving together with us, sourcing from other planets and suns, who have their own contact points on your planet at this time. Together, we are a grand presence known as the League of Light, and we align our mission with the needs that your people put forth and those who also have stated their intent to be of service to OM through being of service to your planetary awakening.

My personal mode of service is to communicate to you now through the writings of one who has taken on the role of scribe. We will be doing more together to bring you the message of welcome and integration into a greater galactic civilization and to ease your transformation into a new world. You might call my role that of liaison, secretary of state, ambassador, but those are the words of your world and are inadequate to describe my role more accurately than our own language. You would perhaps find the closest translation in the phrase, “ambassador and grace-tuned agent of change facilitation”. Perhaps. For now, let us stick with ambassador. Our charge is to be present at a moment’s notice to achieve density-busting capability to emerge in your planetary reality and assuage any fears that appear as a result of massive shifts in perception and experience. You always have had a possibility of stray rogue elements dropping in, but that potential lessens the more you pay attention to the very real potential for peace, liberty, and cosmic enlightenment.

Your world inches closer to peace. You have a lot to look forward to. If you can create peace on your world, we will be with you as friends stopping in for a visit. If you can sustain peace, we will be able to move among you and be of greater service in the time of transformation that awaits you. If you can create peace within your own experience — between yourself and a family member, between your home and your neighbor’s — then the wave of peace that washes over the obsessed-with-war world will be a wave of harmonics attuned to the highest vision of reality that will create heaven on earth. Truly speaking, that is what we are here to help you achieve. As the weeks progress toward the vindication of peacemaking on your world stage, I ask you to remember that the only way to achieve peace is through experiencing the transformative effect of letting go of your addiction to pain. You do not move in the direction of world peace without first moving in the direction of inner peace. It isn’t so hard once you remove the obstacles you have in place, in the form of what beliefs have become in the structure of your civilization. We are not asking you to adopt our beliefs in their place, but to allow your eyes to adjust to the Light of a greater truth than you have been permitted to see.

Let this serve as a closer introduction to whom we are and why we are here. More is forthcoming, dear renegade family of Light. You are well on your way to finding a common ground. Keep going.

St. Germain

St. Germain channeled by Spirit Eagle on Friday November 6, 2009, 5:53PM.  Taken from:

I Am St Germain:  There is much that is happening on your world.  There is, as you know, a game being played out for the Soul of Humanity!   What is happening all over the Earth, is a battle for complete power over, and complete subjugation of all of you!   Will you continue to live in fear?  Will you cry out to your enslavers for help, for protection from the calamities that they have created for you?  This, my friends is the crossroads!  Which path will you take?

Will you take the path of continued and complete oppression for the illusion of safety?  Will you straddle the fence that sits atop the earthquake fault waiting to see which way the fence falls?  Or will you now proclaim your sovereignty, as FREE, children of the Goddess, the Great Mother of all?  ARE YOU READY TO CHANGE YOUR WORLD?  Are you willing to speak up FOR YOURSELVES AND YOUR FAMILY?   Are you ready to claim your individual person-hood.

Many are aware now of the not always ‘good intentions’ of those who would lead you.  There are some who are True Warriors of the Light who are protected by us.  Humanity must change in order for there to be change!  This will not be done FOR you!  The Galactic Federation of Light, the Ascended Masters, and the Angelic Realms are ready at a moment’s notice to put the plan into action, but you must call it forth by BEING Sovereign Souls who will stand up for yourselves!  You are truly WHO you have been waiting for.

We are close to a point of Critical Mass.  You ALL are needed now!  Remember, dear ones, that we are here to help you, and you must do your part in bringing the Light and the New World into being!  Into this Third Dimension, this material world, when it is needed, it will be time to say to those who would lead you into further slavery, ENOUGH!  I AM A FREE AND SOVEREIGN BEING OF LIGHT!

We are here.  We are working to bring to fruition the Plan for a New Earth, a True Peace! Till we speak again, I Am St. Germain.

Jesus the Christ and the Spheres of Divinity

Esu channeled by Jorge Arturo López Narváez on Tuesday 13th of April 2.010 for the Brother Veritus Community (BVC) of Brother Veritus’ Website (BVW).  Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

Beloved you are with infinite tenderness. I Am The One I Am, I Am Jesus the Christ, I Am the Christic Force, I Am Jesus.

My words come to you at the right time and in the manner that is adequate for your energetic fields, it is my energy the one that covers you, it is my energy the one that engraves itself in your cellular water. I Am the Son, feel how my energy arrives to your soul and makes you vibrate. Each word of mine vibrates in your energetic field and my words full of love create, in the deepest of your DNA, crystalline structures that harmonize your body, that provide your cells with Light food. My Light engraved in your cellular water expands itself in the manner only you can realize that is in you, something new, something that moves you to the awakening. Love flows more and more in you, love approaches, love transmits itself and reunites, love speaks love, love unites soul with soul and like this is how veracity arrives, look at me in my eyes and you will know the truth. I love you and when that love returns to me, I take care of you, I take you away from evil. You are immeasurably loved, feel me by your side in the moments of sadness, of happiness, you will feel my love and it will give you peace.

Today is the day of the golden blue Light, is the energy that contains the Ascension vibration. Today I want to give you a gift, I want to sustain your Light, I wish you to go forward, I want to bring you love, the energy of the Spheres of Divinity. You deserve everything, for this we give you everything, I give you the Spheres of Divinity, these contain the unconditional love, look yourself at the mirror, see the deepness in your eyes, recognize in yourself why you are a reflection of love, see the perfection of the human being you are, see within you the love of Christ, the love that approaches you to that you love the most, that is your essence, there dwells the great spiritual being you are, let that great spiritual being you are become gigantic, that he may not fit in your heart and it bursts in love.

I give you the energy of the Spheres of Divinity and I ask you to go to your centre, go to the deepest of your heart where the purest love inhabits, from there your chakras will unify themselves and you form a big sun, a sun that emits the most intense rays of Light that cover all your body, this Lights expands itself more and more. The spheres will circulate through your body for 168 hours and after 7 hours you will ask Melek Metatron, Kodoish, Kodoish Adonai Tsebayoth, that the Spheres of Divinity spill their liquid love in your soul and that it may be taken to the superior planes.

Jesus the Christ gives you his word that with just by pouring the Spheres of Divinity you will be able to feel, trust, everything you cannot see, do not see with the eyes, feel it with your soul, recognize your soul, go to your centre as many times as you can. Unify your chakras and ask again and again that the Spheres of Divinity pour their liquid love and veracity will open within you. Do have the intention and when you may be prepared, ask for it. When you have decided, the Spheres of Divinity will come to you and they will place themselves in your hands, receive them with love and the fire they will emanate will integrate them into your being.

When I lived on Earth my eyes saw, but I felt the Divinity within me, I felt the love for the others and the Holy Spirit gave me the truth, the Holy Spirit talked to me in my interior, and my intuition raised because I trusted, because I felt. You are already far from illusion and you can feel it. Go to your centre and unify yourself, allow Jesus the Christ to pour the Spheres of Divinity in you. The spheres are now in you and they will circulate for 168 hours, your energetic body will expand itself, trust, love will invade you. After 7 hours ask Melek Metatron to fuse the spheres in your DNA.

Everything changes and now faster than before. Big changes are seen in the horizon and you will be the one who will allow these big changes, you will walk as a Superior Master of Light in the New Gaia. Everything is as it is meant to be, you are the chosen one because we know who you are. Allow Jesus the Christ to help you, let me love you. Everything arrives to you faster, the messages are different, they contain more energy for you. Independently of the duality you are feeling now, your intuition is acuter. Now you have awakened and the Path of Light calls you, we prepare everything for you, you feel it, you know it is so.

I am with you even though you may not see me, I am by your side, take my hands, my hands over your hands, you do not see them but I am pressing your hands with mine. Look at me, look at me in the eyes, because I see yours, I see your gaze, I note your feeling, I suffer when you suffer, I gladden when you smile, I give you strength when you need it. Trust in me, trust in Jesus the Christ, I promise you a better world, I promise you the biggest love that you have not felt until now. You do not deserve duality, you are my handwork, I gave to you the last lineage of the human being. The New Earth will be for you but you will be different. Put your hand in your heart and you will feel the beat of mine, thy heart is my heart.

With this infinite love, with this soul to soul connection, with this giant sun that has been formed in your centre, we send love to Gaia, we anchor the love through of Aris and we send this love forming the very same heart of Mother Earth. Take my hand, allow me to take you to the Light, allow me to lead you, allow me to give you New Life, allow Jesus the Christ to give you what you desire the most. Your Spheres of Divinity are in you, trust. So It Is.

Sanat Kumara

Sanat Kumara channeled by Jorge Arturo López Narváez on Saturday, April 10, 2010 for the Community Brother Veritus (CBV), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website (BVW) at 1:00PM, Colombian time, Spanish Meditation Hour. We invite you to participate.  Original in Spanish, translation to English by Crisálida.

I am That I Am, I am Sanat Kumara. It is a pleasure to come to all the brethren who in the course of recent years have chosen awakening, have chosen eternal life, living together with your Christ Self and the coexistence with the Universe because within you coexists God’s integrity. The thought of God works in you when you open up to the immeasurable love. I am Sanat Kumara and I serve the Divine Mother and the Divine Father from the Valley of the thought of El Shaddai. There is an opening in the dimensions and thus I cross this gate of Light towards you. My Light is very big and strong. As I come to you I irradiate also Gaia and her heart vibrates to receive the divine Light Source.

Lady Gaia follows the Path of the Ascension, new energies sustain her and lead her on the golden road. Her conscious is very powerful but at the same time she is filled with compassion for the human beings. She suffers and cries of pain for the suffering she is causing her children. All that suffering and fate is very painful to her, there are places where she will do it so with all her full force. For many it is incomprehensible what happens, but is necessary, I say to you everything that is being done is necessary for Gaia to Ascend, she is infinitely supported, we are taken her to a magnetic point of lots of Ascension energy.

Many human beings feel desolated or betrayed, not only by their leaders but also by God. There is no other way to Ascension than purification. All entities with me that conform the Light for the Ascension of Gaia feel great compassion for the human beings departing this way.

For long time Gaia has withstood the exploitation of its resources, the filth, the collective thinking of oblivion and she has submerged in the most dense duality. This materialistic thinking has not provided nourishment of love to Gaia’s heart, so many wars, so much hate! Gaia loves you and has supported this to where it was possible, but no more, it is not possible to sustain this energy because the planet was not made to disappear, it was created to accommodate life and life is the reflection of love.

The collective thinking of the human being in its majority —unfortunately it continues being the majority— represents the Gaia anchor in the current dimension, it is why the great help that you, son of Gaia, provide her with your acts of love, your visualization of a better world is infinitely thanked by Gaia. All those with me who conform the Higher Light are holding Gaia, leading her to the Portal of Duality. This portal will be crossed and she will come to a New Cosmic Dawn. The movements that Gaia will do are very big, the purification process is very strong, it is necessary. Nothing not belonging to the veracity has a place in the new dimension.

Sanat Kumara want to tell you something, it is being done a large cleaning, a great purification of your Lightbodies. People who survive this adjustment of the planet are being cleansed, purified, there are so many years of duality. The majority of people is so dense that its divine intuition is very distant from them. Their bodies are cleansed in its entirety. At this time that are purified, enter new energies of love, of balance. Believe me, trust, it is said to you by Sanat Kumara.

Be a divine human, you are made in the image and likeness of God, courage is a trait of God, you have the courage and is now that you have to be so, you have to be brave to stay in the new time. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that with love you can avoid all, don’t think so, don’t think like the others. The Ascension of Gaia, although the pain and the suffering of human beings, will bring you harmony, love and peace.

The New Golden Age will come to you. All those who were brave and bear in love the changes of Gaia, will again find God themselves. Give compassion to Gaia, send her love, your intent is sufficient for Gaia to react. She will be moving and you have to be prepared, there will be a massive cleansing and many will be isolated and will depend on each other. Since human beings never have gone through this, won’t know the why and we feel great compassion for that.

Sanat Kumara tells you: We, in the field of Light, cannot interfere in the process of Gaia, it is and will continue as well, it is necessary. Dear humans: Get all the help from the Masters of Light, now more than ever you are committed when you intend to return to find the way, is now. We are all with you because we will never leave you alone if you trust the Light.

At this time many stellar tetrahedra are expanding, everything is changing, dimensional gates are opening up and many will be more visible to humans, but they will not know what they mean. The power of thoughts is very large, fear is love at the same time, we ask that you do move away from human beings who are still sleeping, do not play with the same thoughts. Please contact Gaia and send her your love and your confidence. Now you have the strength, now you should help Gaia.

Sanat Kumara wants to tell you something: Gaia is moving more and in the world of humans are very powerful men that hide the truth of what is happening. Much is kept in secret, do not trust your news, do not trust the press, and trust your intuition. Large groups have been formed in the Universe and we observe what is happening. Although not interfering in the process of Gaia, we are very devoted to the Lightworkers. Once again I say unto you, trust. Unify your chakras and this unified energy will become a great shining sun. Have the greatest intention to send love to Gaia. We join the Earth conscious. Perhaps you may feel for a moment what Gaia feels, give her your permission to connect to her, and speak to her through her heart, she will listen to you and you will be recognized because you live in her heart. Don’t underestimate Gaia because she will receive your permission and feel what you think, you will give her peace.

We will ask the Sun God to send its rays of light directly to you and you send them to the heart of Gaia. Visualize the Crystal Aris, it will anchor you to Gaia at this time. Aris, Mother Earth’s Crystal, I anchor myself to you and send the unconditional love to Mother Earth, and the energy of the Sun God with his great strength. Through my own I give thee my peace.

Now the Sun God sends its rays to you, receive them in your heart and with the most loving thought send them to Gaia through the Veracity Cristal Aris, direct them to Gaia, and provide her peace, love and understanding. She knows that together we all can make possible this new time. Send them now with all your strength, say it from your heart, she listens now. Together, Sanat Kumara, the Sun God, you and Crystal Aris, we send the immeasurable love to Gaia, the love that she needs at this moment, we give her peace.

Now cosmic currents are flowing in you at this moment, while Sanat Kumara goes to each of you. You can feel the presence of the Spirit, my Presence on my channel. I am now going to touch the third eye of each one of you. Breathe comfortably, I will touch you and you will feel something, this is my gift. Now I touch your third eye, give me your permission. Now Sanat Kumara says: it is done.

With great joy I see you, the Sun God ends its energy transmission to you, Gaia thanks you, you have done it today, you expanded your vision, this is something so great in love that cannot be described it with words, Sanat Kumara tells you, thank you. An Anasha.

Jorge Arturo: We close the energy by saying the words: Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh So Ham.


Esu channeled by Vrindavana on Tuesday 20th of April 2.010 for the Brother Veritus Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website (BVW) at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate.  Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

This day is wonderful, feel the love that flows in you from the deepest of your hearts. There is nothing in these moments that should distract you, keep going, keep going my children, you will soon get to achieve your mastery and your Ascension.

My Father’s Light is with you, all your gifts are now flowing with more easiness because the energy of my Beloved Gaia keeps increasing and washing you constantly. May the 3D vibrations keep being left more and more out of your lives. At this moment, I, your beloved Esu Immanuel Sananda, want to invite you to open your hearts and to receive me, that it may exist a tighter bond of love between us. I wish to help you in healing everything what may still need be healed and to release everything that may still need be freed. It will be you with your free will the ones who will allow me to pass, if you wish so, with all my love I wish that my energy may come towards you and to wash your energetic bodies with the sacred energy from the Universal Source, the blessed Creator Father Who Can Do Everything and Who Is Everything.

You have not became a group by casualty, it is the same law which has reunited everybody in spite of the distance between countries that exists for one reason, do not doubt so. Vibrations of those who are more advanced at these moments have helped and will keep helping greatly the members of your group who come from a lower rung. My dear children, this reunion of minds you have made is wonderful and irradiates many beautiful colors that had called the attention of many Beings of Light who have had contact with some of your channels.

I hope that the vibration of these words inundates your Being and flourish in you the best you have. I leave my blessing and love with you, you already know that if at any moment you may wish to talk to me, you can, I am always at your disposition because we are ONE and everybody is at the service of everybody else. With all my love, Esu.

Ashtar Sheran

Ashtar channeled by Jorge Arturo López Narváez on Friday16 of April 2.010 for the Brother Veritus Community (BVC) of Brother Veritus’ Website (BVW).   Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

I, Ashtar Sheran, address you and greet you, Omar Ta Satt. I, Adonai Ashtar Sherán, bring to you the compensating energy that you need to open and communicate in the Supreme Command of Light. Before I harmonize the masculine and feminine I want to address to you some words, you can be sure that with my words it is engraved the energy of the Light. Adonai Ashtar Sheran tells you that this energy comes adjusted to your energetic body and to you.

You feel it opening your heart, receiving this energy that we send you, and carrying An Anasha in your heart. Now I, Ashtar Sheran, am going to send you the gift and I will harmonize your energies, feel for a few moments the peace you experience. I begin now to compensate your energies with my ray. Adonai Ashtar Sheran has harmonized your energies and I tell you An Anasha and prepare yourself now for the Command of Supreme Light.


Artee channeled by Jorge Arturo López Narváez on Friday16 of April 2.010 for the Brother Veritus Community (BVC) of Brother Veritus’ Website (BVW).   Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

I, Artee, call the angel Don Adas for him to come with his energy and I call the rays of the White Brotherhood. The connection is produced and the ramification of the rays from the field of divine thought, we send you all our love from the quotient God, and I, Artee, open to you these energies. Let a white Light be produced from the center of your heart that expands itself from inside to the outside in the unification. May this white Light expand itself more and more in your energetic fields. Let it circulate. Let it appear in your third eye Avatara and open your crown chakra.

Let the White Light exit from your coronary chakra and let appear the Mohara and Atrana crystals. The white ray begins now to circulate and to extend itself more and more following your Monad soul. The Ray of Christ unifies itself with your Soul Star. Visualize a star over your coronary chakra and feel how your Ray of Christ contacts that star. The 3 rays from the divine fields begin in these moments to create a ray of energy and they now also contact with your Soul Star.

We proceed now to anchor your Soul Star and the more and more intense frequencies produce that your Soul Star moves diagonally and emits clear tones to the Universe. These tones resonate in the Universe, and attract all the aspects of the soul, also the aspects of the soul that inhabit in Mother Earth. Feel these tones and feel the call. Peace expands in you, and you begin to feel how the aspects of the soul approach you. Allow us to enter in your Soul Star, when you may be prepared we can begin the fusion.

Now we adjust your Soul Star in the frequency of divine order in the way that it may be more comfortable for you at this moment. We are glad of having done this work for you. Once again we send you an energy charge of our rays before we disconnect with your connection of your Soul Star.

Your Soul Star is activated now and adjusted into a frequency that is adequate for you at these moments. This frequency can be increased in this moment. The more time you contact with your Soul Star, the more its frequency will be elevated. Your Soul Star is connected and anchored by various threads and it circulates in a wonderful Light in beautiful colors and beautiful sounds.

Now let the Ray of Christ enter into your coronary chakra and feel the unification of your chakras. Before you open your eyes take contact with the Earth with your Aris Crystal.

I, Artee, want to thank you, I tell you An Anasha and now we leave. May the peace be with you. So it is.


Metatron channeled by Jorge Arturo López Narváez on Friday16 of April 2.010 for the Brother Veritus Community (BVC) of Brother Veritus’ Website (BVW).   Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

I am Metatron from de El Shaddai realms, Omar Ta Satt. Om Tat Satt, I can recognize your beautiful Soul Star that resonates in the Universe with wonderful sounds. Activation of your Soul Star is something beautiful for you in the luminous realms. We can see the vibration of colors and we can hear the tones you emit, and we gladden for you, Omar Ta Satt, that you have been able to feel this activation. My child, I ask you to contact your Soul Star as many times as possible. When you do this, visualize your Avatara Crystal and feel Avatara in your heart, in the unified field of your chakras, there where Unconditional Love finds its centre, where you are connected with the Divine I Am Presence. When you are unified and have centered with your Avatara Crystal make conscious contact with your Soul Star. Ask, please, for them to be fused with you. Just do it if your thoughts are aligned with the Divine Order of the reality of the Cosmos.

Practice the unification of your chakras. Also, everyday by the morning when you wake up, start making contact with Earth by means of your Aris Crystal. Draw this crystal in your etheric and physical bodies, in your feet, and feel how the strength of Aris keeps you completely in your body. It is very important that when you contact your soul aspects you may be well anchored to the Earth.

Fusion with your soul aspects won’t be done immediately, but ask with love that they fuse, that your less developed soul aspects fuse with you and so the most developed fuse with you also. In everything you do in your everyday, everything that appears to you in every situation you encounter, I want you to tell yourself the following: “All of this is an illusion far beyond veracity.” I want you to say this phrase. You can do it in your interior, but do it with the strength of your intention. Nothing true can be destroyed, nothing that is not true can keep itself stable. When you go to rest put attention that your last thoughts be anchored in the divine thought.

I, Metatron, am with you in your dreams and I will give you lucid dreams. I will accompany you and I will guide you if you allow me, my child. I, Metatron, from the realms of El Shaddai, thank you An Anasha and I want to tell you how much I love you and that I will accompany you always, I will guide you through resistances, I will guide you and I will take you to veracity. Metatron from El Shaddai fields has a force of radiation so high that makes your body vibrate. Direct your thoughts before the divine reality of the being. So It Is.

Sheldrak, Guardian of Angels and Thrones

Sheldrak channeled by Jorge Arturo López Narváez on April the 11th, 2010, for the Brother Veritus Community (BVC) in the Chat Room of the English Forum of the Brother Veritus’ Website (BVW) in the Meditation Hour at 1:00 PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate.   Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

What a wonderful planet, it is in blue as the big guardian God Metatron, only that he is bluer. If there were no duality in the planet you would know that you are God’s magnificence. The Guardian of Angels and Thrones talks to you, I Am That I Am, I Am Sheldrak, I Am a Guardian of God, I am in the most elevated frequency of God. The entire Universe is in divine order. Everything is a Plan in the Universe. Sheldrak will send you a message through my channel.

When I speak, angels pay attention in all universes. Everybody is with his attention on me now. You will have contact with the Angelic Legions today, on this very special day on Earth. Angels are invited by me to come down to the Earth with their energy. Just at this moment angels are invited by many human beings for different reasons, they open themselves to the help of angels. They are essential in the New Earth that is coming closer.

You are not far away from Divinity. The sun emits golden rays today, this is why you are feeling a great energy. Golden angels arrive on Earth today, and they search for you, they connect to you, we bring you diverse energetic models. You cannot be separated from us or the Universe. We cover you with the Veil of the Angels. Each human has the nostalgia of being happy and unifying himself. Sheldrak will work with you and the angel Sewaja will come through the purified and highly luminous energy of Metatron.

Today all dimensions are more open, today I want to show you my angels’ energy. You are infinitely loved. We bow before you and we reverence your Light again, dear human being. Angels sing for you today, and to Gaia, because everyone in the highest spheres of Light want to see you being happy. Independently of what you live in duality, the frequencies are prepared for you, take them and I ask for your permission to work on you. Today there is a great opportunity. The luminous paths are opened for us towards you, and we come time and again because we love you, because we want that your feet do not stumble. You want to see yourself happy. We want to see that you Ascend and we come today —and tomorrow more will come to you— because you are beloved immeasurably. You are a perfect being. Duality will collapse before your eyes, truth will open through, do not doubt, do not doubt of yourself because then you doubt God. You are powerful, that’s why you are here. We are reunited for you with the golden blue energy of Ascension.

You feel it is enough, don’t you? You are prepared because many brethren of yours will need you. Now give your permission for the Legion of Angels to come to you. Duality is very fine now and Earth elevates, Light is arriving to Earth. Be God’s messenger. You feel a lot of things, much physical unrest because of this, but I want that you, the messenger, may be healed first. Do not be afraid, you are elevating yourself, all the unrest is because you are raising in vibration.

Sit comfortably and raise your hands to the sky and receive the Light. Golden angels are approaching. They are there, in the aperture, with you. Do it the way you desire, in your silence. You will feel they approach and me too, Sheldrak. I will be there with you, do not doubt it.

The moment in which everything will change has come. The moment of truth has come, of comprehending and recognizing who you truly are. You are free, you are beautiful. Trust yourself. You are a part of us. You are our Light on the planet. We make this deep connection with you. You are holy in the great entourage. Holy, holy, holy you are in the great entourage of angels. I thank you and I retire, even though we do not want to leave, because the connection with you is of love. We will return because you love us and we love you.

Jorge Arturo: I give you thanks, An Anasha. I close Sheldrak’s energy. An Anasha.


Merlin channeled by Jorge Arturo López Narváez on April the 11th, 2010 for the Brother Veritus Community (BVC) in the Chat Room of the English Forum of the Brother Veritus’ Website (BVW) in the Meditation Hour at 1:00 PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate.  Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

I Am Merlin and I greet you with the words Omar Ta Satt. Your are beloved, you are venerated and you are always understood by all the Hierarchy in the Light, of magic, of the magnificent alchemy of God, from the Light of the Supreme Council of God I inhabit the divine thought, I am part of the divine engineers.

You are pioneers, dear ones, a Light field has opened for human beings. This has been planned a long time ago, do you know? And everything follows as the original plan that carries out in the Universe when we talk about planetary Ascension. (While I talk, the powerful magic of Merlin, and the energy of Nathaniel as well, delivers the messages. This is a miracle for you, we want that miracles may be for you first, dear Lightworker, because you wake up and this miracle is so loved in heavens.)

See the miracles in you, for you know miracles exist because you have lived them, recognize miracles because if you do not recognize them you won’t recognize the big miracle over the Earth. Trust. Nathaniel and different angels of healing will carry out a mission in everything that be necessary, if you are connected already with the deepest of your soul, if you are prepared, then let’s form together with Merlin and Nathaniel the big healing energy. And this is for you, dear one, it is just for you because for that we come, to give you what you need. You can sense the great changes that are being made. Remember it every day from now on. Remember it, give it the needed importance.

You cannot ignore this Great Change, many things are happening and you do not realize them, there is a big curtain made by man that does not let you see. Everything collapses, this is why we come to you because we want you strong, because we want you prepared. We want you to feel peace, love, because you will be of much help. The energies of the new time are opened, independently of when this may be, do not despair, you are here for a reason, we want you brave. You feel the flow of the Merlin’s energies. Feel how a powerful field of Light is opened. Feel what it causes in you.

Children that are being born carry with them God’s code, the ones that are being born in the Golden Age. They will be the ones who will complete God’s circle. If you have children, let them decide their future. They are being guided by their intuition, do not be afraid, they will know what to do. Liberation and bravery of following your path will open up for you an immense field of possibilities and gifts. Today, decide and take it. If you have comprehended this, you are free, and in this freedom little miracles will be able to manifest on the outside. Feel my energy, the one of Merlin, and we tell you: Live, human being, be happy, have health, happiness, peace and harmony. Do everything that is in you to accomplish your mission with all your capacity and serve your brethren. Everything is possible.

The energy of Merlin has formed and expands in this union, as well as the healing. Allow us to send the tones of veracity, wake up in your totality and Merlin will make you a wizard. You have the capacity of feeling the New Age messages. Get up and receive the gifts. I send you the energy, receive it in your soul, and your MerKaBah, you are paving the Path to Ascension. You pick up the most elevated energies, and they have integrated themselves in you.

Listen to Merlin: When rains arrive on the desert, as floods, when humans apparently are in the water without apparent helping, you will be the ship that will go in their help, you will be the salvation of many. Although the tide may be high, nothing will weigh on you and you will see with easiness everyone who may need your help. This is the technology of the new time, the technology of love and the most energetic models.

Merlin and Nathaniel say farewell to you. We leave on you the energy of change, we leave in you the healing energy, and we tell you, you are the ark of the new time, you are the Light of the blind, we love you so much, A Ni O Heved O Drach.

Jorge Arturo: We close the energy of Merlin. An Anasha, dear Merlin and Nathaniel.

Christ Michael

Christ Michael channeled by Gardenia on Thursday 22nd of April 2.010 for the Brother Veritus Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website (BVW) at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate.  Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

On these days in which everything seems agitated it is very necessary that my beloved Warriors of my Light may be in harmony, love and peace, it is very important that it may be so because a Warrior is not a common person, he/she is prepared for special duties by which he/she has had a careful preparation to serve his/her similar.

My Light does not need to be defended nor protected, it moves silently in the face of my beloved Gaia but my Warriors must be ready for the reaction of the shadows when my Light wraps them, you must be like a ship navigating in agitated waters without allowing the water to penetrate you, this implies that before any situation of disharmony you may find, you may act calmly reestablishing peace without allowing your emotions to be assaulted. When you proceed this way you are placing your Light above any inharmonic situation, you are doing part of the job that I have commissioned you.

I am calling your attention on the matter because days to come will be very difficult for all those who do not understand the natural evolutionary process by which my beloved Gaia is going through. There will be religious groups that will take advantage of painful situations to control more their members through fear. False prophets will come to say that the world will end and that it is God’s punishment. Before situations like this, do not argue, if your opinion or a comment on the matter is asked, it will be the moment that you will take advantage of to clarify things pacifically and using the adequate vocabulary in the understanding of the one who listen you. Do not talk about ETs, talk about Angels. Address clearly the Law of Cause and Effect without mentioning karma. Underline that the Divine Will is love and that it is always giving an open opportunity for everyone who desires to attach to it and, above all, take care of your steps, your actions and words, become an example that may serve others as a behavioral pattern to follow during the confusion.

Each day before leaving your homes dress with the baggage of the warrior that goes out to transmute all the negativity into positivism, put on the protective helmet of Light because you do not know in which moment you will have to act and go on with your daily occupations in harmony.

My beloved children of the Earth, continue sending love to your Mother Gaia, she must be united to your hearts in order to carry on the journey towards the promised land to a happy ending.

My Plan of Ascension for Gaia with her favorite children is moving with all precision, all my beloved children who are carrying out this task are being very careful and are aware even of the minimal details, do not worry, everything will be fine and I will welcome you in your new residence very soon.

My Warriors of my Light, you will have noticed that in this message I have used a lot the possessive [adjective] (my), the intention is that you may feel as what you are, part of mine, one with me and that you feel me very near to you. My loving blessing, Christ Michael.

Gardenia: Thank you, my beloved Father Christ Michael.

Archangel Raphael

The Archangel Raphael channeled by Jorge Arturo López Narváez on Sunday 25th of April 2.010 for the Brother Veritus Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website (BVW) at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate.  Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

I Am the [Arch] Angel Raphael, I Am the angel who brings healing, I greet you Om Tatt Satt, my child of Light, and I give you the cosmic rays of healing for them to touch you, to pierce through you, to elevate you and to cure you. There inside of you where the God’s eternal peace always reigns and the force of love, the force of peace and celestial Light pierces through you in a deep and silent way, so it is how the Divine Source desires it. My bright and glittering rays cover it all, the flame of my healing covers everything in your spiritual suit. My precious green flame of healing flows inside of you, it turns off all the shadows, that terrestrial thing disappears and the Light appears with you in the divine reign united to the terrestrial people.

The voice for the healing of your soul sounds and vibrates in your heart, let it shine in a clear way, open yourself, my little child. Your cosmic human being awakens, be prepared for healing, change and resurrection, be prepared to receive, I am prepared to give to you. I, the Angel Raphael, am now prepared to bring you the maximum radiation of Light that may be adequate for you on these moments. Direct your concentration to the crown chakra, call the I Am Presence of Christ in you. Let grow from the inside of your crown chakra a ray of clear, white Light, in the form of a spiral, and fill that ray with the Presence of Christ. Feel how it expands upwards in the form of a spiral, it moves itself, it circulates soaked in your Presence of Christ, with love and sincerity, surrender and thankfulness for all of your bodies. Outwards and along your Monad Soul the white ray shines, in the Universe of the Mother. Begin now to connect that ray with my healing ray. (A time is given.)

Through the power of the sanctity rays of the Divine Source that have been granted to me, I connect myself now to project through my ray your Ray of Christ, the most intense activity of my healing Light, in the manner that it may be adequate for you at this moment. Feel how my precious green Light of healing flows in you through your energetic body in your crystalline structure, it elevates you and it fills you with the gift of grace of healing.

Be prepared to accept, always gratefulness, An Anasha, with love in your heart. With each respiration your body is washed on all sides with my green Light, it’s soaked. You feel tranquil, appeased, protected and safe. My healing Light glows now in your head, it cures you, it purifies you and it revitalizes each cell. Blockages are eliminated, mind is activated, your third eye purified, your cerebral hemispheres are balanced.

My precious green Light of healing keeps extending itself and it circulates now in your spinal column in your spinal cord and it sends you vital force to all of your chakras. They move in perfect direction, balanced, united in harmony. My Light arrives to your glands, it flows through the nymphs, your poisons are directed out of your body, your immune system is strengthened, your blood is enriched with oxygen, my Light harmonizes your organs, they are purified and they are charged. (A time is given.)

Crystals that obstruct are restructured, crystals of memory that you have memorized in your cellular water begin to change. Precious crystals are formed, formations of Light and love, health, crystals to which I give you my blessing of love. Dissonances are eliminated and you are elevated with the Light of the Divine Mother. I activate you again, with my precious green Light, your cells, your vibration, your Light. I softly draw out my ray from your crown chakra. I finish my healing session, I allow your spiral Light of Christ to enter again. Feel An Anasha in your heart. You are free with the Light of love, of the sanctity, of the surrendering, of the strength and the healing. You are the perfect expression of the field of God’s divine thought.

Now, visualize the Avatara crystal. This crystal sends you a pink reddish Light that covers you and protects you. Now expand this protection circle, and say from inside of your heart: “I Am Light.” I, the Angel Raphael, give you thanks, An Anasha, because you have opened yourself to receive my curative energy.

Saint Germain

Saint Germain channeled by Gardenia on Tuesday 20th of April 2.010 for the Brother Veritus Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website (BVW) at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate.  Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

11:45AM, San Jose, California Hour; 2:45PM, Chat Hour.

I Am Saint Germain, I’m glad to see you united with love serving humanity and Gaia, it is good for you to continue sending energy to her because in these final moments she needs all the support you can give her, she needs to feel loved and understood in her responsibility of arriving to the Fifth Dimension, bless her and thank her for all her efforts in taking care of your physical bodies. As you already know, my loving Violet Flame transmutes it all, the only thing you must do is to invoke it with love and desire of service with the feeling that everything you do is for the goodness of the entire Universe, yes, of the entire Universe because each thought is an energy that travels until it hits something or someone, either a person, a star or a planet producing a manifestation either nice or unpleasant.

I invite you that at dawn or at sunset you may take seven paused and complete breathings and look at the Sun with the eyes half closed and you will see how from the heart of the heavenly body blue and pink hearts detach and they begin to wash the Earth with violet rays and if you sustain the manifestation you will see that my violet color covers you from your feet to your heads. When you get to see yourselves as violet beings, return to your activities and you will feel that you are special beings prepared to give efficient service to mankind. A Violet Being walks always with me and must give me his desire of unconditional service. Many have already done it but it is needed a bigger number of servers in order that at the end, which is very near, it may be not so frightening to all those who will help in difficult times.

You are being blessed in the patient waiting which has been maturing you more everyday. Ascending requires much tenacity in the individual preparation and in the formation of your Lightbodies. Give me the opportunity of calling you to serve with me, call me and if you are prepared I will come, do not worry about the time even though it may be days, I will help you.

I won’t talk about the events you’re already living in, just to tell you to not overwhelm yourselves because of what it is happening, you are already advised, with a brave and full-of-love heart you will end up victorious in the great adventure of your Ascension. I love you. Saint Germain.


Kryon channeled by Jorge Arturo López Narváez on Tuesday, the 6th of April of 2.010 for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC) in the Chatroom of the (English) Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website (BVW) in the Hour of Meditation at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate.  Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

I am Kryon of the Magnetic Service and we greet you with the words OMAR TA SATT. Today Kryon and his entourage of angels and Ascended Masters come with several gifts for the dear and loved human beings of this group, so wonderful which has been formed by a common sense, that of the Light, because as the group gets larger, more energies of Ascension move among you, because the blue golden energy works more rapidly when a great group receives it and transmits it within the same group and when Lightworkers expand it, it is as if it were a Light’s sponge. This energy of love in each of you is felt by the others who sleep. You feel it and realize that it is an energy of love, this new energy of Unconditional Love is coming to the planet in a gigantic way and it is now that this energy will affect your physical body and more, your brain, balancing it, because the Light of the human being who has grown spiritually will expand more and more creating even much inconvenience, enclosedly physical inconvenience, pains, this due to the fact that you will feel small your physical body, even you will feel it is small for you, that you do not belong to this reality. And so it is, dear Lightworker, is not by chance that you feel this; for a great reason you are here, because you have been called, because for a long time energies of love have been sent to you, because for a long time you felt the call. Your intuition was saying it to you, was preparing you and it was because potentially we knew those who had the sensibility of feeling it, and here you are as pioneer with the power of an Ascended Master, though it seems incredible, you are, because the Light we possess is the same you have, but in your case this great force is in part sleeping.

You listened to the call in your heart, again your intuition loaded with divinity made you come, but this great number of teachers that tirelessly work with the highest love and that we have the authority of the supreme being of realizing this work, do it with very much love, with great delivery, dear one, again and again. Again and again we come with love when we feel the energy of the intention, we strengthen it because it is the seed that is getting up of the dream of the duality, and we will never stop attending the one who requests our aid. Never doubt that when you ask us for something that we will give it to you in thousands possible ways, because we will grant it to you, and do not worry when you have a bad day and get angry, there we will be to give you encouragement and support because you do not offer them to make money and material control. Dear one, be free and do not stick to having material things, live the freedom that the new energy of the New Earth offers you, receive it with your heart and only wish that you want to Ascend, and the new energy will work very strong in you.

Dear one, promptly the subtle things will become thinner, this drizzle of subtlety is causing many political and social structures to fall, they are collapsing, and this hastens already, from now on. Many things you will see will seem strange to you, the crystal children will enter action now with their great power of Light that they possess and because of that they came to Earth in a mission for these times. So do not be scared if you see and feel inexplicable things in you because soon you will able to see many kingdoms that the Earth inhabits, and it will be extraordinary for you, everything will be in love, things of which you have heard as legends, some as stories some time ago told. The elemental ones of the Earth are very varied and coexist with you, the majority without you noticing them because they are in different energetic levels. Even you will start seeing more UFO phenomena, you will see how these Lighted big ships cross the great blue sky of this beautiful planet, the most beautiful planet of the system. And in these moments you should anchor yourself in Truth because everything will become evident and you will be happy as ever before because you will acknowledge your brethren that for so long have been with you without you knowing it.

This reality you live in is a mere illusion and it will be more illusion in the future days because the Ascension has been accelerated and many who sleep will see the new truth, that truth that will be for them very inconvenient because does not offer them material power. Do not hear the stupid words of the scientists because they will want to look for forms of which you feel confused in this moment. You anchor yourself in the Light and ask with the heart that we will calm you down, and there will come to you the greatest Light that will make any dread vanish away. For being Melek Metatron the God’s first projection, it is Metatron The Light’s highest radiation in the universes, it is because of it that is special the benediction that he will project to you who read this message. We ask you to raise and stand up.


Metatron channeled by Jorge Arturo López Narváez on April the 6th, 2010 for the Brother Veritus Community (BVC) in the chat room of the Spanish Forum of the Brother Veritus’ Website (BVW) in the Meditation at 1:00 PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate.  Original in Spanish, translation to English by Crisálida.

I Am Who I Am, I Am Melek Metatron. From the valleys of divine thinking I greet you, dear one, OM TAT SAT, and I come to you in this moment in which the energies on Earth are moving very quickly and that in this moment more than ever you need all our love and support.

Receive from me with the words Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh So Ham and with these words I send you my life drops and blessing that will overwhelm you with my energy and will provide you confidence, love, understanding, protection, the most perfect Light from the superior realms come to you. This is a special moment and just in certain moments it is possible to spread this Elixir of Life content in my blessing. Receive it at this moment and let the most pure blessing that exists in the universes fulfill you with my love. These drops of my blessing come from The Eye of God and from now on the Earth, the New Earth, will be for you who have matured and have reached the age of receiving what belongs to you. While I spread the Elixir of Life, listen to the angels’ chant. Thousands of angels sing while I give to you the Elixir of Life. Receive it with love at this moment and as you received my blessing, my love and life drops, and before leaving I reiterate, I am always with you and with what you desire, we will do the indispensable for you to be on the New Earth. I thank you and I retire, AN ANASHA.

Saint Francis of Assisi

Saint Francis of Assisi channeled by Gardenia on Wednesday 14th of April, 2010 for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC) in the English Forum Chatroom of the Brother Veritus’ Website (BVW) at the Meditation Hour at 1:00 pm Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate.  Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

11: 25AM, San Jose Hour, California; 2:25PM, Chat Hour.

I am Brother Francis, the Saint of Assisi, I direct my blessing to this group of brethren that work in the community with love at service to humanity and to Earth.

I have listened that you pray my prayer from some time ago, I would like that your hearts may be filled with humility and that you meditate in each word that was inspired to me from the Highest Celestial Spheres when I was giving my service in my last passage on Earth. This prayer in particular involves a great desire of service to God, taking me as an instrument of the Lord because that is what you are, brethren, an instrument either in the service to Light or to the shadows.

Nobody can give what he does not have, for this reason you should go daily to the Great Fountain of Divine Love to pick up the Light of understanding that you will distribute later to wherever you pass. With the heart full of humility beg for the Ego not to govern you.

Peace is the most precious treasure a human being can have, living in Peace is living in the arms of the Lord, meditate in those five letters that form the word that will take you to the highs. When you are in Peace nothing is needed because you are full of the Divinity. On Earth nations search Peace making war. Brethren, do not do so, the comparison is crude, but there is so much misunderstanding referring Peace that I speak to you in understandable terms for the wise and for the less wise. Taking advantage of this I will tell you which one is the true wisdom, it is recognizing that as children of God you must reflect your Light in each one of your acts taking into account that anything nor anyone stays out of the Creation of the Infinite Goodness. The true wisdom resides in recognizing the own ignorance allowing that Ego give way to humility.

To look for filling yourselves with God must be a very personal need, the divine enters into the heart of the one who searches for it with love, the wonderful Infinite Goodness does not presses anybody. You, as searchers of Light, have had many stumbling blocks, stumbling blocks that you must bless because they have taken you to clear the shadows that surrounded you and to an awaking of the understanding much more above common discernment, this instead of filling you with pride must fill you with charity, compassion and love for the less fortunate that have not taken advantage of the call from the Father.

I wish to unite my heart with the heart of each one of you in order to walk together carrying the goodness everywhere and praising God our Father on Earth. May Peace, Love, Humility and Wisdom lead you on the paths of the Lord. Francis.

Gardenia: Thank you, Beloved Saint of Assisi. Help me to live your Prayer!
Olguita: Thank you, Beloved Saint Francis, for your message and thank you for such an inspirational prayer that fills us up with Love and disposition to assisting others in the Divine Plan of the Father. Please, help us to Live every day on the basis of each one of the words that your beautiful prayer contains. Thank you, Beloved Gardenia.
Luis Prada: Acceptance = To apply Saint Francis of Assisi’s Prayer.

Pythagoras of Samos
Master of the School of Krotona

Master Pythagoras channeled by Gardenia on Wednesday 28th of April, 2010 for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC) in the English Forum Chatroom of the Brother Veritus’ Website (BVW) at the Meditation Hour at 1:00 pm Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate.  Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

11: 45AM, San Jose Hour, California; 2:45PM, Chat Hour.

Greetings, Brethren, from the Three Corners of the Triangle. I have seen that you have been talking a lot about Sacred Geometry. I come to call your attention about the Sacred Triangle which manifests itself in every human activity without you stopping to analyze the things that happen to you. As you all know, the triangle is formed by three sides which by joining them they form three vertexes. Let’s see how it works in your manifestation: Taking the vertex on the right side of the base as a starting point, in an energy of a given frequency, this energy travels on a linear way and reaches the second vertex (to the left). By reaching that point it begins to travel moving in clockwise direction then reaching the third vertex. Until this point the trip has been subjective, you do not have consciousness of what is coming, either a pleasant or an unpleasant manifestation. When the energy has arrived the apex of the third vertex it begins to travel seeking to close the circle at the first vertex and at that moment you begin to understand what is coming, that is, an objective awareness of the issue is being formed; in this part of the travel what is going to manifest when reaching the first vertex cannot be stopped nor speed up, the only thing that can be done is, through the acceptance of what is coming, to receive it with love. This, brethren, is a Law, as simple as it seems.

You may ask yourselves: “What does this simple explanation comes for?” You daily have thoughts which are energies that travel into space either good ones or not good ones and through the Sacred Law of the Triangle those thoughts will have their manifestation one day being aware or not of what you have thrown into space. Now let’s say in the way you use the Verb. The Word is Divine and it is a blessing from the Creator Father given to the human being and that places him above of the rest of the Creation. Take care of your words because the emotion that you put in them carries a frequency of which in the moment that they come out from your mouth you do not know what will manifest (this is for the ones who talk just for talking) because the Law functions impersonally. For example, when you say LOVE you manifest LOVE and if you say HATRED you manifest HATRED. The Law functions the same.

In your daily affairs you can make use of the Sacred Law of the Triangle. On the first vertex place the issue you wish to obtain, this begins in the mind and you build it with all the necessary details and you visualize it as if you already had it materialized and you release it from your mind, after a time review the project and begin to materially work in which you desire (a job interview, construction materials, etc.) with the confidence that the Law is working and that in a given time you will receive what you are looking for. You must put emotion and feeling to the issue you search for, that simple, that’s it. Many use this Law without knowing it and they achieve many goods in the material plane, but in ignorance they also use it to destroy and harm their fellow men. I invite you to meditate in this simple message. Pythagoras.

Gardenia: Thank you, dear Master Pythagoras.

Lady Abundance

Lady Abundace channeled by Gardenia on Friday March 26th, 2010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC) in the Spanish Forum Chatroom of the Brother Veritus’ Website (BVW) at the Meditation Hour at 1:00 pm Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate.  Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

11:11 AM, Time of San José, California; 2:11PM, Chat hour.

Fellows on the Path of Light, I am among you from long time ago, but I have not addressed you a message before because I am not very sure about the acceptance to my words from you. I am Lady Abundance, and to show my face in these moments of shortage and difficulties I do not know how you will take it, but I have to talk to you about me before you leave the Third Dimension.

To begin I must tell you that my residence is Earth and I am connected to your hearts by means of the heart of hers, so do not search for me on heights. By being connected to your hearts it has allowed me to look the pureness that is in them and the merit of having me among you.

As Lady Abundance that I am, the Father has entrusted me with the job of cleaning the selfish desires regarding the material possessions and to give you the opportunity to search to possess Light because when you fill yourselves of Light all limitations and difficulties are bore with love and gratefulness for the lessons learned. I know some ones suffer by seeing that others of your brothers have abundance in money, in jewelry and in material possessions they possess, but not everyone has the true Abundance, they have their hands full but their hearts are empty. As Abundance, I am a great temptation and it is very easy for me to detour the Path of Light to everyone that does not possess me in his heart and that does not have a sincere desire of searching the Father.

The purpose of my message is to make you know the great Abundance you have in your hearts and that you have not realized of, Abundance that when you reborn in another dimension will be materialized for you in your hands with the security that it will be used just to built the well-being of your fellow ones and with security that you won’t be disturbed with selfish desires proper of the dimension you are leaving. You are heir of all possessions of the Creator Father and you are the administrators of his goods, but this is a big responsibility for which you have been preparing during many lives and in the present you have been given only what you have been able to administrate without making yourselves any harm. By today if you check your lives you will realize that you do not lack of anything to cover your needs and the ones of your families, some ones have more than others and this is according to the purification work and deserving you have made or if you have some mission to do.

Many think: “If I had abundant money, I would do this and that”. You forget that poverty of some is owed to themselves and to others because they have come specifically to learn poverty because of their actions and attitudes that in the past hurt others or because they have always had Abundance and do not know poverty and have come to unify suffering of their fellow for learning the best way: Living what they suffer.

Discard of your minds the desire of material possessions that at the end will bring you attachments and on these moments attachments must not exist in your feelings. You have already worked a lot to leave your attachments but there is still need to keep working on it. I know that for some ones it has been difficult to overcome all difficulties regarding the shortage of money in your lives but this has been useful to search and approach to the Light and you have never been abandoned.

Maybe you are the most prepared ones for taking Eternal Abundance in your hearts. I know you have made many Abundance decrees and this have not come to you, but now that you have heard me you know why, your decrees have generated the energy that soon you will have in your hands.

You must not worry when catastrophe arrive to your communities. I will be present for you to do not lack of the essential to sustain your lives before you take flight. Center on your hearts and call me, I will be there. Lady Abundance.

Gardenia: Thank You, Lady Abundance, your message is very well received.


Esu channeled by Gardenia on Monday March 22, 2010 for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC) in Chat Room of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website (BVW) in the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Hour of Colombia, SA. We invite you to participate.  Original in Spanish, translation to English by Pratik.

Beloved children, I come in love and service to my Father. As is known by other means, the presence of your Star Brothers is already being felt and we continue to show our ships so that people are ready when they come to go accepting them and that no mass panic among the people who do not accept them would exist. There are religious groups that have planted distrust on their followers to any sign they see up in the skies and they have instilled fear in them so they can work wrongly their mind at their own will.

If you have friends or family who are curious to hear about the ETs, do not hesitate to speak of them telling the truth of their existence, as the brothers from other planets and stars without speaking about evacuations in the past because there were many abductions and we don’t want to harmful panic recalling stories of the past. No pressure, just talk if they see that they will be heard. It’s also good to talk about the existence of Jupiter as Earth’s second sun and some wonder if the three days of darkness that is referred to in some prophecies and even in their Bibles will happen. Clarify that it will not be any punishment from God, that all will be due to natural cycles of Earth’s evolutionary and sun.

Have tolerance and patience with those who deny these events, be compassionate with those who express fear and talk to them with love and security to convey confidence in the Project of the Father. My children, not just sit there meditating, work has already begun, we must prepare the consciousness of the masses although they may not Ascend a thought is provided, a feeling or emotion to cling to in the difficult hours ahead and undergo their transition with the lowest possible traumas. Be humble when you are trying to show the events to come to your brethren. The beings who have remained happy in the Third Dimension will suffer the most and we must give them some help however small it may be. This kind of service will help you to see that all you have endured and suffered, tests that arrived to the learning and knowledge that now you have, has not been in vain, you have filled yourselves with strength, security, trust and faith in Me and my Father, that is what you transmit to their brethren.

In the next few days my beloved Gaia will intensify and move simultaneously in several places. You already know what to do, have no fear at any time. And my beloved son Kixo (so you know him) has told you the experience he lived in the place where he lives. He was never alone, so it is, you are never alone and help will come at the moment you invoke it. Christ Michael greets and blesses you. United in love and service. Esu.

Gardenia: Thank you, Beloved Esu, thank you for your message and thanks, Blessed and Beloved Christ Michael. Esu sends us to reach the mass consciousness to give it a little help when the difficult hour comes, so to work, brethren.

Ashtar Sheran

Ashtar Sheran channeled by Gardenia on Tuesday March 23, 2010, for Brother Veritus Community (BVC) in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website (BVW), in the Meditation Hour at 1:00 PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate.  Original in Spanish, translation to English by Crisálida.

11:30 AM, San Josè, California Time; 2:30PM, Chat Time.

I am using this channel for the first time. I am Ashtar Sheran, greetings, brothers and sisters, in this last moments of our mission of service to the Father.

I want to tell you that many of you will be connected physically and invited to come to our ships, so you can be objectively get in touch of what you already know in your consciences. I know you are anxious for this to happen, but you have to keep silence about it, there is, no comments of anything you will see, to people who don’t believe in Star Brothers existence. You can comment about our existence here, to those who believe in us and among you, you can have conversations about your experiences, with each other, as you will see things through different perspectives; some have a more expanded vision and some have a more acute hearing.

We will work shoulder to shoulder in rescue operations, changing people that should not have to die, from one place to another, picking up those who are ready for service, and helping maybe in places far away from your home places. Evacuation will be the last step; we will be flying near Earth and everything is going according to plans made in advance, but we have to be alert as emergency movements can happen.

Our ships have been showing up and we can see there is acceptance from the public, at least as curiosity. As this level of acceptance increases, we will show up massively to start immediately our work as Urantia won’t wait, neither the Sun, and Jupiter is anxious to project its light all over space so there won’t be any doubt that it is a true Sun and not a reflection of the Great Central Sun.

My beloved Athena will command the forces working with Mother Mary and the human beings will see, showing up all the Marys they adore, in different cities. They will attend a big segment of the population of Earth, that in desperation will call to them for help. That is a very dear sector for the Marys, and they have a reward for their devotion. (not my responsibility to talk about that).

We were in Haiti working in the rescue squadrons for three days after the earthquake and there were just a few noticing our presence as human beings working miracles. We were in Chile a few days before the earthquake and our ships still there in the skies of that country. We will not abandon that place as Urantia has yet mucho to do there.

To tell you about our work is to give you confidence, strength, and so you can feel that Commander Ashtar is with you all; and as some time have passed without me communicating with you, don’t want you to think that I have gone away, on the contrary, I have been observing you working and your meditations and some have even felt my observing presence.

Light Worriers, soon you won’t have to battle the dark, your learning activities will be of another type. For the moment, be alert in waiting for the call to service. Each one has already their position, and it is expected that you won’t look back, and with firm and secure steps you will be ready for work. Commander Ashtar Sheran.

Gardenia: Thank you beloved Commander Ashtar, for the wonderful experience of allowing me the privilege to give your message.

Kryon and Esu

Kryon and Esu channeled by Jorge Arturo López Narváez on Resurrection Sunday April the 4th, 2010, for Brother Veritus Community (BVC) in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website (BVW), in the Meditation Hour at 1:00 PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate.


Original in Spanish, translation to English by Crisálida.

Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh. I am Kryon of the Magnetic Service and I greet you with the words OMAR TAT SATT. I come in love to men and women of good will as Kryon and his group are celebrating today the day in which Jesus Christ demonstrated to the human people that incommensurable love of Divinity, of Unconditional Love, true love to fellowmen, for family, for father and mother, that love that only one man in that time lived on Earth in body and soul and gave proof in that reality of the infinite love of God Father, Mother and Son. So it is that with this love for Earth and for the love that we have in the heavenly Realms of Light we give our blessings to all the planets that had come to the decision of Ascension to the dimensions of love, to the dimensions you claim in your own right and so you bring the Christed blessing of supreme harmony, the integration to the superior planes of Light.

We celebrate now the Christic integration of the loved Lady Gaia and we celebrate the integration of the new magnetic grid of the planet, that golden grid of Ascension that since several years ago allows that the magnetic grid of this universe stays in perfect harmony of Ascension with Lady Gaia in a synchronized manner. As it is we give as initiated the activation of the new planetary conscience and the removal of mental blockings, and full harmony of the human cerebral hemispheres. That is, the magnetic energies of golden harmonization act directly toward the new conscience and renewal of the human being.

From now on, dear son of God, human being, the energies of love will take you in a torrent caudal, do not resist to it, remember that Gaia has decided to Ascend and now the process is accelerated. It is now that you will see and feel the power of love in action in the planet. Do not resist the love that comes from the center of the universe, love this energy and go with it, embrace it as it is an acknowledgement to your struggle, to your decision of incarnation in this world and of having lived this experience.

The energy of Kyron blesses you and so his angelic entourage, AN ANASHA. We give the word to Master Jesus Sananda, Planetary Prince, encircled by the Masters Saint Germain, Lord Buda, Lao Tse and Christ Michael.


Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

You are beloved from the deepest of my heart, dear ones. I Am the One I Am, I Am the Son, Prince of the youngest Universe of Creation and there is the Beloved Gaia and with her my beloved Sons of Light. I want to spread my Light this day to those who read and feel these words from the deepest of their hearts.

Allow me, dear Son of Light, to enter in your Light and to harmonize with my supreme Light your body and to cover your channels and to synchronize your brain and to unlock any obstacle that remains in it and to allow the rays of pure love to enter which from now have been activated in their totality. Allow me to send my Light in this moment, from the Son of God. I am Jesus Sananda, Planetary Prince, my love towards you is infinite and a big entourage is here with me forming a circle, an encounter in attention to my human sons, and an encounter of celebration in a new evolutionary stage in human beings.

Allow me to continue emanating my Light to your Light Body and to work on your body and to harmonize you, to balance your two hemispheres. Allow me to continue, feel my Light of Jesus Sananda. I send you the biggest love upon the Universe, open your channels, beloved, and allow my love to balance your head, left and right sides. I am here and you can feel my Light, keep feeling my Light… just with my words… It is done. From the ship, big Lightship Atoros we welcome this new cycle in the life of humanity. Let’s celebrate God Father, God Mother, God Son, let’s celebrate the New Age in which the human being has met again his Divinity, let’s celebrate from our heart, let’s celebrate, dear Supreme Being, human, OM TAT SAT, that you have decided to Ascend along with Gaia.

Dear brother, dear son, Ascension accelerates in this moment and you who are in harmony with yourself will Ascend. For those who are not, it will cost them to accept their new reality. We bless you and recognize that the Unconditional Love has awakened in you, the most elevated intuition has been activated in you. Be blessed by Jesus Sananda and my brother Kryon, be blessed by the Supreme Council of Light that is with you in this road that has not been easy for you and we bless you for that, because in the densest duality that exists you have known how to find your Path back to your divine origin.

We bid you farewell for now from this reunion of higher Light and pour down on you our deepest love. We are all a big family. Let It Be So. A ni o heved o drach.

Jorge Arturo: A big reverence to Ascended Masters and a reverence to our big I Am Supreme Being.

Mother Mary

Mother Mary channeled by Gardenia on Wednesday March 17, 2010, for Brother Veritus Community (BVC) in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website (BVW), in the Meditation Hour at 1:00 PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate. Original in Spanish, translation to English by Crisálida.

Loved children, I have not be able to come to give you my messages before as I have been very occupied, but my love and protection have been always with you every moment. As you have seen, Gaia has initiated progressively the events that approaches you to the end of experiences that will complete preparations for your Ascension.

Here at the Celestial Realms the Father wants us to have conclave meetings very often, as it has been observed very close the events that pertain to the whole galaxie with its Sun. Though all our attention is on Gaia and all living beings on her, we have to be very alert to whatever can happen, the peeking of the new face of the new Sun, Jupiter, is going on very slowly so the consequences will be minor in all the galaxy.

My children, this are times to be in love, harmony and communion with the Father, ready to serve in the moment that you least expect. You have seen the experience of your brothers in Chile, they have been working very hard helping all around them, giving strength, faith and hope, and yielding proper consolation words to all in need of it. My children of Light serving where disaster rules have forgotten themselves and the material conditions their families are, in order to throw themselves totally to service.This is what is expected of you right there in the communities where you live.

At this point there is no reason to try to move to where you might think is more secure ground in order to avoid disaster, remember that as you came into this world you did it in order to accomplish a mission and it is not casual that you are where you are now, you are free to escape from wherever you are but you will lose a great opportunity of Service. I point this up to you as I know there are energies that are trying to drive you out of the places you live in. Do not hesitate or be afraid, you have been told very seriously that you will have all the protection you need. Christ Michael crowned your heads with his Light and it was not to decorate them, it is so you can remember you are Light before anything, and when difficulties come remember your crown unites you more to the Father. That crown elevates your energy and it comes to be like a bridge between You and the Father.

My Army of Angels are covering the places next on the Plan of changes of Gaia. Also your Celestial Brothers (the ones who are your real family) are ready to help you. Have Faith, trust and strong character, so when the hour comes you wont be draged where you are not planning to be. It has been told to you to live attachments because we know that for some it will be very hard not to be able to return back when time comes to live.

It is not in vain to tell you that my loved son Esu is watching over You every moment and to remind you that you must accept with love, comprehension, tolerance and good sense (wisdom) all of that you might think you do not deserve whenever it comes to you. Remember that your thinking and actions activate the individual and colective Karma. With love I live you my blessings. Mother Mary.

Gardenia: Thank you my beloved Celestial Mother Mary. Your counseling will help us so much.

Elementals of Nature

The Elementals of Nature channeled by Gardenia on Wednesday April the 7th, 2010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC) in the Chatroom of the English Forum of the Brother Veritus’ Website (BVW) in the Meditation at 1:00 PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate.  Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

Gardenia: After studying many times the channeling I made to Aquaterra, a new energy arrived to me and told me:

“The ones you call elementals want to talk to you of our work in the integral formation of human being and how we work in nature, but you do not give us importance, it means that nobody wishes to listen to us. We come to you because you are full of love and you are the only one who thanked Gaia after an earthquake and talks to her about your comprehension for the work she is making, that in other words, is the work of us. We are also beings from the Second Dimension with a lot of power, but you call us destructive, we are divine beings: The Father created us to make a helping work for his Creation where it may be necessary to do cleanings. Tell to your channel partners and to everybody to love us and to open themselves to receive our messages that will be of much knowledge for everybody. Do not be afraid of us, we are beings of 2nd D.” (Gardenia: And the energy was gone.)

Gardenia: I will take advantage of the offer from the little elemental brethren (very powerful) for them to take care of me in addition of everyone else who takes care of me. See you tomorrow.

Prophet Jeremiah

Prophet Jeremiah channeled by Gardenia on Thursday, the 8th of April, 2010 for the Brother Veritus Community (BVC) in the Chat Room of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website (BVW) in the Hour of Meditation at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate.  Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

11:11AM, Hour of San Jose, California; 2:11PM, Chat Hour.

Glory to God on Heavens! My name is Jeremiah, you are surprised, don’t you? Some time ago I heard a discussion between you of what you think about the Holy Bible. I know some ones are not religious, that does not worry because Religion is not Salvation, but it calls my attention that you, being a group of scholars with an elevated spiritual level as few, you do not see in the Holy Bible something more than history and deformation from the ones who lead Religions and Sects. Brethren, in the Holy Bible there are hidden treasures that only a good searcher of Light can find.

The free interpretation of the Word has given way to the diversity of religious denominations that instead of centering in the worship of Jehovah they dedicate themselves to attack one another. It is a job of the demons that have whipped humanity. You, by attacking the Holy Bible, are cooperating with the darkness. Do not talk of what you do not know, read the Word with the Light of he who is one step from achieving Ascension. Take care very much of your word, it is not time for making karma. Water and oil cannot be mixed, do not confuse the True Word with the human beings who have the power to lead the Church issues. Most of the heads are possessed by shadows and dedicate themselves to confuse and harm the congregations instead of elevating them to the Light. You are Masters and Guides to where you moved even though you do not notice it, there are a little ones who treat you with respect and accept your words, because of this, there is a need of having much care of what you say.

I do not come to defend the Holy Bible, I come to advise you because of what is written is for everyone who wishes to read it and to understand it in his own way, but you are Ascending, elevating yourselves above the masses that still have not awaken to the Light, you are a group Crowned by Christ Michael for doing a work of leadership and guidance in the future, in the New Age or in the 2nd and 3rd Dimensions. You still do not know where and in what the Father will send you to serve, He has a purpose for each one of you and you have been prepared by a long time. Brethren, behave at the height of what you are.

Another issue, to talk bad on the back of your fellow man is a cowardice because this one is not present to defend himself, and it also generates a very harmful vibration for the one who is talking, for the one who is listening and for the one who repeats it. Bad comments travel dragging innocent victims that allow easily sinking themselves without using their own criteria. Everyone knows that the vibration that words trigger moves at the speed of sound affecting your fellow men either by good or bad, use your word to construct, do not forget that you are co-creators in the Vineyard of the Father.

I do not know if you found me, I am Jeremiah the one that is known in the Old Book in the Holy Bible. The Catholic Church has me as if I were a Saint, but I am no really a Saint, like many others. Surely this kind of message was not the expected, but I wish be well received. In love and service you will arrive to Ascension. I share my Light with you. Jeremiah.

Gardenia: Thank you, brother Jeremiah, your message is very well received, I will practice your advices.

Mother Mary

Mother Mary channeled by Gardenia on Wednesday March 31st, 2010, for Brother Veritus Community (BVC) in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website (BVW), in the Meditation Hour at 1:00 PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate.  Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

11:30AM, San Jose, California Hour; 2:30PM, Spanish Chat Hour.

My children, it is my desire to reach your hearts and to make you remember that you are children of a same Father-Mother and even though making use of your free will each one thinks differently from one another, you must unite by means of Divine Love, that love that can do everything, that love that gives to you understanding for the weaknesses of your brethren and fills you with compassion and charity.

One of the biggest blessings that the Father has given you is your free will, by this he made you co-creators in his vineyard, he gave you the freedom of searching him with love, and own decision for departing from Him. In the world some of my children have not made a good use of this blessing and it is because of this that humanity and Earth are on the point they are, scientists may say that everything is because of the evolutionary cycles and in certain way they are right, but they know that as creators of their own reality humanity has transformed these cycles into pain and suffering delaying more and more this Ascension process.

All of those who have accepted the Divine Will in their lives is because they have allowed the Light Forces to govern their free will and this has been seen through history, life for them was not easy, they passed through tests of faith, confidence, loyalty, obedience, love and acceptance. The biggest example you have it in the mission of my son Immanuel, he came to the Earth to carry out his mission entrusted by his Father and could lead it to an end because he directed his free will to the acceptance and obedience to Divine Plan. Each one of you has come to the Earth to carry out your mission and to learn necessary lessons for your personal evolution towards other plains of service for the Father and the lack of love sometimes offsets the purpose by which you are here. Put love to every difficulty you find and you will see that roads will be opened that will lead you to a solution for it.

Christianity on these days commemorates and celebrates the Easter festivities, I suggest a very good way of celebrating: Reunite with your families in love and devotion, living the divine principles which implicate the meaning of these festivities, forgive yourselves and forgive, remain united as what you are, CHILDREN OF A SAME FATHER-MOTHER!

Placing my hands on the crown of your heads, I bless you, your loving Mother Mary.

Gardenia: Thank you, Beloved Mother Mary. Help me to assimilate each one of your words.
Luanna: Thank you, Beloved Mother Mary, Thank you for your Love and your Light which I carry in my heart, like a gold collar for keeping you present! Thank you, Gardenia!
Olguita: Thank you, Mother, I LOVE YOU and the thing I desire the most is to be able to imitate your great LOVE and your great OBEDIENCE. Thank you because I know you are with me in each breath I give. Thank you, Beloved Gardenia.


Esu channeled by Gardenia on Friday 30th of April, 2010, for Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC) in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website (BVW), in the Meditation Hour at 1:00 PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate.  Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

11:15AM, Time of San José, California; 2:15PM, Chatroom Time.

Beloved children, blessings to all, feel me in the beating of your hearts at this moment. I am here to remind you of the pact of service we have, my beloved Gaia needs you so much, be with her not only at the Meditation Hour, but keep your connection with her the longest possible time because she needs to feel supported from you at every moment. She in her bowels carries multiple toxic deposits that the children of darkness have stored and this energy is very strong and it is suffocating her, besides everything you perceive in the environment. Very little remains without contamination.

This strife for the cleansing instead of going forward, moves backwards with more wastes that are affecting the entire life on the Planet. Gaia will give back all of this with intensity, she cannot be more generous, she is ready to break off the chains of shadows that surround her and to do that she will have to be strong. The liberation of Gaia is your liberation since your bodies belong to her, she will take care of all those who love her and try to protect her, but for that you must be united to her the longest time you can.

When feeding yourselves think of where everything you have on your table comes from and by giving thanks for the food show a thought of gratefulness to your Mother Earth. When walking or riding in your cars feel yourselves united to the surface which supports you. When you contemplate the beauty of the forests and gardens feel grateful of all the natural beauty that your earthly house offers you. Thus, you see, you can be united through the umbilical cord of your earthly mother.

The Community (my Community) is growing in number and the Lightbody of its members (you) grows more everyday. It is pleasing to see that you are taking advantage of the time you have left, you may have noticed you do not despair anymore because physically you do not get on space ships yet although every morning when you wake up you get down from your MerKaBa with more Light and discernment to carry out the activities of the day.

Our pact of service continues standing and I would be pleased you renew it each time you feel the need of doing so since I am always aware that the shadows fervently wish to snatch away from me anyone of you, I hope it may not happen again. I want to see you together in harmony and love, I receive in my heart the wish you have to serve me, but if anyone turns his back on me, he will carry my blessing wherever he goes, but he will walk alone.

Light warriors at the service of Christ Michael, I love you deeply. Esu.

Gardenia: Thank you, my beloved Esu, I renew to you my love and unconditional service.


Gaia channeled by Kitiara on Sunday 2nd of May, 2010, for Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC) in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website (BVW), in the Meditation Hour at 1:00 PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate.  Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

Long time ago that we did not communicate, but I am aware that you are very in tune to me and that you keep sending me Light and energy.

The time has come. I have already done everything I could do without harming my children too much, but now the time of the strong movements has come. You already know what you must do, my dear children Lightworkers, you must be the ones who guide and advise your ignorant brethren of the causes of what they will encounter.

I won’t tell where the strong movements will begin because I will shake all myself and they will come out from several places of the Earth at the same time. The volcanoes will release my contained fury, all simultaneously. (When I say all I mean many at the same time and in different parts of the globe, it was not literal). You must not fear, this was what we waited for our evolution. Some will Ascend and the ones who may perish is because they need so to continue with their evolutions in other 3D worlds. Everything will be as it must be. Let’s keep moving forward. I will move myself, I will Ascend.

Lady Nada

Lady Nada channeled by Gardenia on Friday March 26th, 2010, for the Brother Veritus Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website (BVW) at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate.  Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

11:43AM, Time of San José, California; 2:43PM, Chat Time.

Beloved children, I greet you from this, your Temple in the Ether, now remains little time for this type of meetings. It is nice to see that you do not let yourselves bring down by the shadows and that you keep your work with the same love in your hearts. You have already noted the protection that is given to you from here, we (the ones you call Beings of Light) are with you and we take care that no darkness disturb the work you make, the one which is very appreciated by my beloved Esu.

A community is like a tree that is prepared on the Earth, it is seeded and it is given the necessary water for its growth, over time it starts to flourish and give its fruit, some of their branches will grow more fruits than others, and some fruits will be born but won’t become mature. Making the comparison, each one of you has formed a community, some of your works form the branches, some others the leaves and finally they become the fruit of service to your fellow men and to Gaia. Some fruits have grown beautiful to sight, but they do not mature and they fall from the tree, maybe because of an insect biting them or because they could not get water and Sun’s energy and they dried out. There is an understanding of why the fruit did not reach maturity, so the ones who search for Light, when they have advanced a long way on the Path, they let themselves be distracted by pettinesses and they decide to leave the group. They are on their own right and it is when we take care of them the most from here so to not let them lose their achievement, but as always we have to respect the free will of everyone and we cannot go beyond the limit they put on themselves.

To our mentioned tree will grow new branches, some leaves, and will grow new fruits, it is the Law of Evolution. We cannot be happy that the BVC tree go missing branches, leaves, flowers and one and another fruit, evolution does not stop and this project of my beloved Esu will arrive to its end in the accomplishment of the proposed even if it arrives to the ending with few fruits in service or maybe from some branches begin sprouting out new and renewed fruits of love to service and learning.

I have called your attention on the steps to follow from planting a tree until seeing the fruit and it has been for you to understand that to form this BVC has taken a lot of time, work, dedication and love, and the path has not been easy because of the many shadows on the way, more than one has wanted to destroy this project, but they won’t achieve it, my beloved Esu won’t consent it, unless the brave heart of your Director gets weak, we count on this not to happen, we know that we have put a great charge upon his shoulders, but we also know that he is very strong and that he will know how to take it to the end.

Keep meditating on the prayer of the Saint of Assisi (Live it). Gaia thanks the energy and love you send her each day. In loving brotherhood, Lady Nada.

Archangel Gabriel

The Archangel Gabriel channeled by Gardenia on Wednesday 5th of May, 2010, for the Brother Veritus Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website (BVW) at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate.  Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

I come from The Heavenly Hosts, my name is Archangel Gabriel which means Man of God. I am located in the Tree of Life of the physical body of man in the Chakra of the Genital Center, that is, in the belly and the reproductive organs. My Divine Name is Shaddai El Chai which means, The Almighty Living God. I work in the Foundation and formation of the objective world where the energetic networks are organized which serve to organize the most dense forms structuring images and impregnating the dense matter for it to acquire certain configurations in the objective world, also in the field of my work ideas in the Astral level are elaborated which will be made later.

I am not alone, in The Heavenly Hosts I am intimately linked to all the Archangels, and in the same way they with me. We work in the functioning of intuition, earthly sensibility, sensitivity and emotions in the human being. We activate all of the energy potential to give the mass its maximum expression.

I have come to bring you another way of knowing me in the great labor that is to put in motion the Machinery of the Universe. A Legion of Angels works with me too, they are the nearest link between the Earth and the Skies, they come to aid you every time you invoke me. I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that every call that comes from your hearts is answered immediately although you do not notice it at once.

Now we are going to do the following exercise of harmonization with the Heavenly Hosts:

Take three deep breaths and feel yourselves relaxed. With the eye of the mind visualize your favorite Archangel or Angel, look at his color, the Light in his eyes and an attitude of action, may it be healing, enlightenment, advising, question answering, etc. When you have him well made in your mind, send him love. After a moment, call him by the name you know him, feel yourselves one with the Being of your choice and talk to him about what you desire to demand of him in either help, protection, guidance, blessing, orientation, of your sadness, happiness, problems. Remain in silence for a short time waiting for an answer, it will surely come to you as a sensation of peace, harmony and a new vision of the issue you’re dealing with your Angel, then beg of him to bless you and at the end you say good bye to him with words of gratitude that come out of the heart.

You can do this little exercise daily and preferably before going to sleep. In the name of The Heavenly Hosts I bless you. Archangel Gabriel.

Jorge Arturo: Gardenia, I have the honor to let you know that the angel that came to you is transparent, of yellow hair. His tunic seems to be white but transparent. His wings are opened and on his chest a blue color is reflected. He comes with millions of angels and they sing in chorus, their voices are very high (they sing Hallelujah).

Archangel Sandalphon

Archangel Sandalphon, twin brother of Metatron and responsible of the Terrestrial Kingdom, channeled by Gardenia on Tuesday 4th of May, 2010, for Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC) in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website (BVW), in the Meditation Hour at 1:00 PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate.  Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

In the Cabalistic Tree I appear in the lower part of your bodies, I am the [Arch] Angel Sandalphon. Outside of these studies, very few address me. It is good for you to know that I support the base of your energies, Metatron comes from the heights to close the circle uniting himself with me. My service directs itself in helping you to clean all the energies belonging to 3D both in your physical and in your spiritual bodies. I am united to the Earth and my strength flows through everything that has life on the Planet.

My Legion of Angels and I are working untiringly helping Gaia in her great adventure of taking you to the Fifth Dimension. They represent me as a chubby human figure and it is not because I am a gluttonous, but because I have within me all the abundance of the Earth and of the skies represented in material form.

You may ask yourselves: What has this Mister come to? I have simply come to remember you that in the integration of your bodies I am also present and I have worked for millennia. With my energy I help Gaia to sustain and support her physical bodies as they look today. My work is also of Ascension, soon I will say good bye to you, because in 5thD you will be more aware of your union with Gaia and there won’t be the need of an intermediate that balances the energy of the Heavens with that of the Earth.

I know that you are in the waiting of major events that Gaia has begun to manifest, I consider that you are prepared to do the work that has been commissioned to you. Do not pay too much attention when there may be messages that tell you that a certain place is going to move. Dear children of mine, under the conditions in which Gaia is, not even herself can anticipate for sure where she will accommodate best. For example, lately all the channels point to California, and it could be Colorado, or they say the Pacific Ring of Fire and it could be China, the only thing that I can say to you is that you do not have to move from the place where you are, because any terrain is Gaia’s and she is driven by the movements of the Sun and of the youngster Sun Jupiter that the moment will come when even the Galactic Federation won’t be able to stop her anymore.

The final test of service is to come (although some already have gone ahead of you, as is the case of your Chilean brethren). With a big smile on my lips I bless you and I say good bye to you. Angel Sandalphon.

Gardenia: Thank you beloved Angel Sandalphon.

Archangel Zadkiel
Angelic Order of Aralim or Thrones

The Archangel Zadkiel channeled by Gardenia on Tuesday 6th of May, 2010, for the Brother Veritus Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website (BVW) at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate.  Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

Information about the Archangel Zadkiel: The name of Zadkiel means ” Righteousness of God”. This Archangel works in the Seventh Ray (violet) of transmutation. He works also with the Silver Ray of Mercy and Grace, this ray is associated with the Violet Flame of Transmutation under the guardianship of Saint Germain. The Soul Star chakra that Zadkiel works with is located 6 inches (15 cm. approx.) above the head. Zadkiel works likewise with the Higher or Divine Mind. His twin flame is Amethyst and his spiritual retreat is in Cuba.

I come from the Angelic Order Aralim or Thrones, I am the Archangel Zadkiel, my Divine name is Elohim or Gods and it means Contemplation of God.

With a Legion of Angels we work in the area of comprehension of the human being where form and channeling of ideas is given shape. We operate generating forms with vibrating and resonant protoplasmic substances, forms that will be concreted in the material world of all living beings, here the verbal thought is established. In this area of work it occurs the manifestation of the Spirit that will lead to the formation of the material world. The Divine Mother flows as Sanctifying Intelligence in the heart and the emotions of the human being, it is the base from where faith emanates.

From these heights the Angels can contemplate the stubborn stupidity, avarice and the afflictions of the human being, likewise also feelings of love, goodness, charity, tolerance and justice. We see how you strive working to obtain a discernment that may strengthen the understanding of the new concepts, which are feelings and emotions changing in your environment.

I have come to you today to talk to you a little about our labor because I consider that the assimilation of the concept of what we Archangels and Angels are has given a step forward in the understanding of the Divine Truth. I know you do not see us as distant beings anymore, you feel that we work with you in the development of the Great Plan proposed by the Father for this era that is about to end. You know that we are Beings of Light who travel in time and space to come to the aid of you in need every time you call us. You have learned to speak with us, you have invoked us so much that we now walk with you a great deal of your time.

Brethren, some of you belong to my Divine Order, only that you decided to give of your service in Urantia because you desired to experience the free will. Because of your free will you have learned to obey, although with many difficulties you are achieving your purpose. It is easy to do the work without free will, you obey without any nuisance and you are more aware that the labor that the Father has sent us to do is being done. By referring to this is to suggest you to submit the free will to the Light, that may it be the one who decides for you and thus you won’t commit mistakes that you will bitterly regret later.

Before leaving I want you to be sure that we, the Angels, are at your service to help you succeed in the difficulties you may find. Our work consists in making you suggestions, filling you with Light, giving you strength, calming your emotions and thoughts, strengthening you in your self confidence, giving you company, showing you different paths to get out of the tunnel, but it is you, exerting your free will, the ones who will choose your own path. If you do not put attention and you go wrong do not say then: “My Angel went wrong”. Brethren, we have already overcome that stage, we obey only the Divine Will —and it is perfect.

From the Thrones and Powers I bless you tenderly with all my love. Archangel Zadkiel.

Gardenia: Thank you, beloved Archangel Zadkiel.


Esu channeled by Kitiara on Saturday 8th of May, 2010, for Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC) in the Chatroom of the English Forum of BVW, in the Meditation Hour at 1:00 PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate.  Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

Yes, now is the moment. The hour has come, you are prepared and ready to act. We have already said it more times to you. Now you will be witness of the events that will happen and you will perform an important role. We have told you this more times, but it is that you must be prepared and convinced. You must not be any more trusting that the waiting is long and your life will remain the same for some more time. No, you must be already convinced, firm, confident.

I know these words resound in you. The channel doubts because she has said similar words in other occasions and she thinks that she won’t say anything new, but it is because the moment is closer and closer, the wolf is already here.

Dear Kitiara, as Christ Michael told you, the information of what we are doing is confidential, we do not want infiltrations, but you know that we are on the verge of something great, of that which you were waiting for. It will be a surprise for almost everybody. But you can be tranquil, happy and confident. We have already told you in other occasions that you are protected (remember to ask for help to the Angelic Hosts, if you need it) and that everything will happen as it must be. I continue with the preparations but I am still in your hearts too. You know that I always accompany you in this moment, in this, your temple.

Beloved you are, brethren of mine. Great surprises wait for you because nothing will be as it is expected. Have faith, keep the happiness, be in your center. I love you.


Esu channeled by Gardenia on Monday 5th of April, 2010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC) in the English Forum Chatroom of the Brother Veritus’ Website (BVW) at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate.  Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

It has begun a new energy cycle in Gaia, solar winds have unleashed with more strength and you soon will see the results as major events where more human beings will disincarnate. Movements until now have been slow and continued, there are approaching events of great intensity, it is moment to be gathered together with your family members and fellow men.

Christ Michael expects from you (the ones who have comprehension on what is happening) to unify yourselves with your brethren. These are moments of living tolerance, compassion and love for your fellow men, it is not moment for criticisms and disagreements with people who do not think as you, and much less to create disharmony in the group. It has been told to you to be ready and prepared for service, but if you do not remain in love and unity with the world that surrounds you, you won’t be able to carry out the entrusted work. With a compassionate heart you must address any situation that presents to you always remembering that by serving you are very favored with the blessings from Father-Mother.

Some of the ones who will Ascend to the 5th D as masters in the New Earth are worried and have lowered their energies falling in discouragement because even though they do not have attachments to their love ones, they feel sorrow thinking that they will remain and that it will be difficult to leave them. When life in Urantia becomes possible no more, massive evacuations will be made, you will be picked up with all your family, any person that you love won’t remain, but passed the whirlwind, when everything becomes calmed down, inside of the ships it will be asked each one of them if they wish to return to Earth and the one who desires so, will be returned, he won’t have another opportunity anymore, he will perish, but of that you won’t have consciousness. Inside of the ships there won’t be cries or farewells, there will just be harmony, but the boarding of a space ship is not having a passport to Ascension, you will be taken to the place that each one of you has obtained and where you will be happy of starting a new evolutionary cycle of your soul personality.

Christ Michael has planned it all for not having the trauma you suffered in the past during natural events and which has been very difficult for you to overcome. Small animals who are now part of your family are going to meet you too in the place where you go. My loving blessing. Esu Immanuel Sananda.

Gardenia: Thank you, Beloved Lord Esu Immanuel Sananda, your words are of comfort.


Ashtar channeled by Kitiara on Thursday 13th of May, 2010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC) in the Spanish Forum Chatroom of the Brother Veritus’ Website (BVW) at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate.  Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

The same one. Now the time has come. They are giving you many signals. Don’t you notice the changes? I myself will tell you that from time ago we are giving giant steps in the advancement towards that First Contact that you so much expect. Right now your sky is plagued with our ships. You would be surprised to see all that surrounds the planet.

You are waiting for instructions. Do not worry nor tense up yourselves. The instructions will arrive to you clearly at the adequate moment, when it may be necessary. Soon we will meet, soon we will see each other. Soon you will be able to carry out your part of the contract, your participation in the Plan.



Gaia channeled by Wilson on Thursday 13th of May, 2010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC) in the Spanish Forum Chatroom of the Brother Veritus’ Website (BVW) at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate.  Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

Kitiara: Moments before, Wilquigar (he was the one who was talking with me via messenger) perceived an aroma of herbs and he channeled Gaia.

Gaia: You are feeling the true aroma of my being, beloved son, I am Gaia, it is the characteristic smell that fills you with life, with love, with joy, it is that sharing with me, it is the happiness of being together united in love and Light, it is the unity of your energy and mine.

Wilson: Yes, Beloved Mother, it is delicious the sweetness of your aroma.

Gaia: Yes, my son, it is true, every breath you take is a breath of life, it is a rebirth in the most recondite place of your being, it is the courage of being where you are, take it as a balsam that I offer you for you not to decline and keep fighting in my help and in everybody’s for the Ascent to superiority.

Wilson: O, Beloved Mother, I want to be like this all the time with this perfume of yours.

Gaia: Be tranquil, my son, you are and you will be like this with me and with all who may desire so, you are my beloved children and for you is that I do what I do for love, because you are my seed, you are my children, born from my innermost parts of Light. Keep going forward, my beloved, I bless you.

I leave you this, your aroma, yes, it is yours now that you have it within you. Receive my love for each one of you, Lightworkers, you make me so much happy when I see you with tenacity and ardor! They are not material wealth, but they are wealth that will last in you for the rest of the times. You are beloved and I bless you, my children, I love you with the crystal heart of Light.

My beloved [Kitiara], I thank you for your help and support, what a pleasure to have both of you. Go in peace and in love forever. I say good bye in love and Light.

Ka & Maro

Ka & Maro channeled by Gardenia on Friday 16th of April 2.010 for the Brother Veritus Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website (BVW) at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to take part.  Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

11:28AM, Hour of San José, California; 2:28PM, Chat Hour.

Ka & Maro, we are Beings from Space that are orbiting very near of Gaia’s Gravity and we see that very strong and difficult times are approaching you with the awakening of volcanic energy. The Galactic Federation is helping a lot by offsetting the volcanic evacuation out of the built-up areas, but we do not know how solar winds may act, the awakening of this energy can activate volcanoes that have been asleep for millennia or hills that have apparently never been dangerous.

The sending of this message is not to alarm you or for you to have fear, the purpose is to remember you that all these events bring you closer to the end highly expected by you, besides, you must think that everything is part of the natural process of cleansing and creation of new life. Not only you suffer, Gaia is suffering too, she suffers her own pain more than you, her children, so the best thing you can do is to unite in love with her in order to make her feel a little bit better. Never accuse her for everything that is happening because she, as well as you, is serving the Father. Send her your support and understanding. We know that it is difficult for you to love a natural event that produces apparent disasters, just think that life has been transforming itself like this, do not have attachment for your physical form, you did not look like today before and you will surely have a different body, they are natural processes in the evolution of every being in which the energy of the Father beats. We make reference to this not precisely for the group that will save their bodies, but for the ones that are already programmed to leave their physical bodies during the natural changes, or, as you call them, disasters.

You must love and take care of your physical bodies as the most precious vehicle that you were provided with at birth, but do not attach to it, love it as something borrowed that one day will be returned to Gaia, with this understanding you won’t suffer too much when a loved one goes away from you. Gaia can just hardly support herself, the Galactic Federation is giving her a lot of help, supporting the solar crown and directing Jupiter to move the most slowly possible because if everything unleashes at the same time everything would be so violent that even us could not help you. Do have consciousness of this and bless the waiting. That waiting, which according to some has been too long, has taken you to a bigger understanding and discernment of the magnificent natural processes and of the infinity of the Father’s domains.

As servers of space, we are ready to intervene when necessary, all commandos have the pertinent labors of evacuation assigned (Ashtar is checking me on the message). Help is ready, you just have to request it, but remember that you will be evacuated only when you cannot sustain your lives on Earth anymore because you must assist before the ones who are in need, even though there are some who will be changed from the place they reside because their services will be needed in other places. Our job depends in great part on you in zones where, because of the shortage of human understanding, we will not be able to enter directly. We have orders to save everything as much as possible and so we will do. Later on, passed beyond the confusion, each one will decide his final destiny.

It has been nice addressing you, our brethren. Ka and Maro.

Gardenia: Thank you beloved Beings from Space, Ka and Maro.


Esu channeled by Gardenia on Thursday 13th of May, 2010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC) in the Spanish Forum Chatroom of the Brother Veritus’ Website (BVW) at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate.  Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

Beloved children, all your works are about to finish already, therefore the ones who have been loyal to the service of the Light will have the crown of life that will take you to where time exists no more for you. All the efforts that you have made have been taken into account one by one, and now the work must be focused on yourselves. Work cleansing and generating energy in your centers of Light (chakras), it is necessary for you to raise your frequencies because it will be necessary in the service to come to help your brethren. If you are going to aid others you must be very strong, to give you have to have first.

I will give you a little exercise that you can practice as many times as you want, it consists of raising the energy from the root: Begin making a petition of help, direction and orientation. Sit down comfortably and relaxed, drop all tensions and worries, loosen your muscles of your upper and lower limbs, loosen all the muscles of the face and of the interior of it, relax the tongue and the roof of the mouth, you can do this while you fill up your lungs with air.

When you are ready, concentrate on the last vertebra of the lower part of the spinal column, commonly named as little tail, proceed to cleanse it from all improper energies of its nature, then bathe it with Light until you visualize it as a center of Light that travels to the four dimensions (left, right, up, down), see that the Light travels and comes out from your bodies cleaning all the shadows of your surroundings. Continue for 5 or 7 minutes generating energy. When finishing give thanks from the deepest of your heart for having been allowed the cleansing of your lower body.

My beloved children, I always desire to see you together in harmony working for the service of Our Father, have a little more patience and enlist yourselves to assume part of the karma of humanity that will stay to perish on Earth, this is a very difficult labor but you are masters and redeemers at the service of the lower dimensions.

My presence accompanies you always, do not see me distant from you, I am present in your lives all the time necessary to see you grow and take care of you for you not to fall down from me. My loving blessing. Esu.

Gardenia: Thank you, my beloved Esu.


Esu channeled by Auxi on Monday 5th of April, 2010 for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC) of Brother Veritus’ Website (BVW).  Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

Auxi: Once made and verified the protection, I am open to the Light who wants to talk to me tonight, I open my channel for being able to receive your energy. Dear Esu, who is always with me.

Esu: Yes, dear Auxi, I talk to you and you always listen to me, even though your daily duties do not give you a truce, but this situation will change soon. Indeed, everything will change soon, even before than you think it will. Changes have been happening since long ago, but they were very subtle to you energies, to your eyes. We have been able to wake a great number of humans and veils are falling down every day, one, another, the next one.

The love I see vibrating in you is so special, that it fills me with pride to know that all my army is doing its job with so much dedication that the results are tremendously wonderful. From here from my situation, where Uriel is present in all of you, he does not stop praising my Lightworkers because they are always so ready to have more and more responsibilities upon their backs, you know this Path is like this, and you won’t stop until peace and Light be established in this dear Earth. He is helping notably your consciousness still asleep, to wake it up little by little and to determinate the steps to follow. At this point is where I want you to know, dear children of mine, that you have passed a very important level and that before you a new door is opened, new teachings are very soon to come to everyone and to each one of my groups, be attentive because we have to work in your dreams, we will implant packages of information in all of you. Your are already prepared for it. Someone may tell me he carries them already, it is also true, it is just a way of saying, that you will open little by little.

You are going to live deep changes, and you are prepared for them. I know you think that it is easy to say it so and then encounter yourselves with these changes, but you will be surprised with everything you will learn with a big turn in your lives. We want you to be prepared, we are already in your Earth beginning to work more directly with each one of you, you must not stall and if that means to radically change things in your lives, that is what will occur. Do not fear nor enter in panic: The truth is in you and will be uncovered little by little, in a very short period of time.

In order to be informing of your changes, they will be both physical and spiritual, your connection with your Supreme Being will be very developed, like with the angels and archangels, it is for this that Uriel is paying close attention to you. The heart chakra will be worked out in depth, you will feel it very deeply. This will open the first chakra, the one that unites you to your primary instinct, to earth, to the flesh. You are going to feel how the relationships with your partner are so much intense. This is good in every sense of the word.

My heart is full of love for you, those who get together and join energies pro Ascension of Earth and of all of her inhabitants. You have fortuitous encounters that are not by chance, groups that are formed with love and respect, and new formations that will soon see the Light, everyone united and fighting for the same: For Love, Peace and Light.

This is it for tonight. I love you, dear children, I see that you are prepared to take an active part in this Great Change, that makes me so proud. Share this information with all mankind, daughter, this is your present.

Auxi: Thank you, beloved Esu, my heart is with you.

Saint Germain

Saint Germain channeled by Gardenia on Tuesday 18th of May 2.010 for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate.  Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

Beloved students in the Path towards Light, do not worry for the spill of crude oil that is occurring in the Gulf of Mexico, all in itself is a natural process forced by the hand of man as they have done so many times in the past in different aspects of life of the planet and of humanity. The source that today is spilling the oil will be closed by the Galactic Federation at its moment, but at the present time it is open and it will be so until humanity sees how it is destroying herself.

Rains out of season, droughts in winter, excessive rain destroying villages and this oil spill is producing a lot of damage not only to the ecology of the planet but rather to the environmental conditions of all that has life and the shortage of food will begin to be felt soon, undoubtedly the most dispossessed will be the ones who will suffer the most, people who came prepared to give their quota of pain in this passage through Earth, the sacrifice of the Lamb of God in pro of the awakening of the ones who still refuse to change their way of living.

The Galactic Federation is present in the Gulf of Mexico and in all the places where the treasures from the innermost parts of Gaia are extracted. Gaia is already tired of the egocentric ambition of the dominant group that has enriched itself to mistreat its fellow men. The human act will move the Divine Will, Christ Michael receives the reports of what is happening and thus in conjunction with the Divine Government decides the steps to take according to the need of the present time you live in. This does not mean that the project of Ascension of Gaia with her children may have changed (no, please do not think so), they are just little delays that repeat themselves in benefit of the sleeping consciousness and in more strength to the Children of Light (you).

The Divine Will makes its decisions always for the good even if humanity does not understand it, everything in a natural way, although sometimes the decisions may seem violent. Continue getting together to give your service (very appreciated by the Light), it is not good to walk alone, united you are the strength of one another and be always ready because you do not know in which moment you will be called to serve in the tasks for which you have prepared yourselves. You are not alone, my brother Esu is always among you, you are one of his work groups that is most appreciated and close to him. Cultivate brotherhood, love your galactic brethren, they are working a lot for you, unite with your brethren that inhabit the interior of the Earth and offer yourselves to work with them in case it be necessary.

Before I leave, I wish to call your attention about the partners that you have in Chile, they need to feel the support of their brethren of the Chat, it has been insisted to you so much that you practice telepathy, that universal language that can keep you connected whenever you wish. Place yourselves in Kixo’s shoes, for example, and you will feel that support is needed to the brother who feels and understands the experience that he is going through. It has been very pleasant to be with you, I wrap you with my Violet Flame. Ascended Master Saint Germain.

Gardenia: Thank you, my Beloved Divine Violet King, Ascended Master Saint Germain.

Creator Father of Havona

The Creator Father of Havona channeled by Kitiara on Monday 17th of May 2.010 and published on Wednesday 19th of May 2.010 for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate.  Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

Yes, I Am the Father Creator. You doubt because you feel me softer than at other times, but this also has to do with the state in which you are at the moment of channeling. Now you are more prepared, more in tone for Ascension, event that is happening already.

My beloved children, I am full of joy for what is about to happen. Do not fear for the ones who will take different paths because that has been their choice and at the end everybody will arrive at the same port. Privileged are you who will take now the big step for you will move on to a world full of Light and Love in which you will feel happy and fulfilled with the work that you will develop.

Here the work won’t be a burden, it will be pleasant because will be chosen by you at every moment and it will make sense. You won’t do a routine or hard work at the service of others, but at every moment you will be doing this you have chosen and you will see the sense of your work (to build, to create, to give happiness and joy to others with your work, to share…), everything will be different.

All that you consider evil will be over. You will live in harmony and love among all human beings and in a special relationship with animals and plants. Also your extraterrestrial brethren will join your fraternal relationships and the ones you call Beings of Light. Everything will be so different and so wonderful for you… compared to what you have lived until now.

And I am happy for the big step that you are taking to return to Me. And for the experiences you have reported to Me and for the happy experiences you will live from now on. I love you, My children, My Self, your Self. Keep going through your path to Me. I wait for you and I accompany you.

Archangel Uriel
Chief of the Guardian Angels

The Archangel Uriel channeled by Jorge Arturo López Narváez on Monday 24th of May 2.010 for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate.  Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

I Am the Luminosity of Everything That Is, I Am the Archangel Uriel, I Am the Archangel of Salvation, I Am the Face of God. I Am the Abundance, the Archangel of Repentance, of the Fair Retribution, I bring the good fortune and the abundance. I Am the one who can bring to your life the rapid changes. I Am the Guardian of the Mental World, I give you tranquility and good judgment, I am here to bring you tranquility and good judgment for the decisions. I bring you the grace of repentance to resume the Right Path, I want to help you so you arrive to your full spiritual destiny.

Feel your Unified Chakra and may that unified chakra irradiate to the outside my red and golden color with my Light, may your body rest, relax. I give you my tranquility and my peace, and may you do the connection of my red golden Light and your center. Breathe Light.

And now I talk to your Light. I Am the Archangel Uriel and I call you by your name. Breathe Light, integrate yourself, my Light travels through your body, from your dorsal spine and my Light expands itself in you. I form a sun of golden red Light and I project it into your monad soul. Now We Are One, your entire body is now my Light in every breath.

I travel with my Light through your face, the neck, the shoulders, the back, the arms, the hands, the hip, the thighs and the feet. Breathe my Light, you have integrated yourself with the Archangelic Realm and let yourself be guided by me. The Divine Source erases all grudge that may exist in you and it fills it with faith, faith that you are here and that we need you in the new time. You integrate yourself more and more into the realms of the Divine Spirit and you feel the presence of the Light strongly every day. Do not distract yourself, feel my peace, my heart is pure love and it is a gift for you.

From the higher realms we thank your dedication with all the infinite love. I bring you peace. I invite you to think together about THE MOMENTS IN WHICH WE COULD NOT MATCH UP to the circumstances, in which situations we are not on the right thing. We can be sincere because I do not judge. I know your life perfectly and I know what everybody is going through. Open your heart and let’s invoke the Divine Source. Let’s invoke together the Father, the Mother, the Son: “Grant us the grace of forgiveness and guide us through the Right Path, You who grant us the grace of repentance.” (I intercede for you before God). “Make us walk through the path of virtue, give us strength to carry on.”

Now there comes a ray of golden Light that pierces your heart and fills it with joy. All the Angels of God now observe, they look at you with tenderness and understanding and you are moved. Breathe the Light from the Divine Source, it cleans you and you locate yourself on the Path towards God. We guide you, and I, Uriel, repair the damages that have happened to you in your lives. I give the answer to your heart, now or in your dreams.

You are eased, keep being the best person, I leave you the abundance, it will be always by your side. I Am the Chief of the Guardian Angels.


Esu channeled by Gardenia on Sunday 23th of May, 2010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC) in the Spanish Forum Chatroom ofBrother Veritus’ Website (BVW) at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate..  Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

Beloved children, I know that some of you have thought that it is a wild idea on my part to send you little personal messages when I can do it directly to your hearts as I accustom to do. The Brother Veritus does not agree with this and neither does Gardenia. I will tell you a little about my intention in doing this type of work with you:

1. I am facing you with that attachment you have to WHAT THE OTHERS WILL SAY OR THINK of you. 2. I am measuring the degree of tolerance that you have with each other and your way of thinking about the brother. 3. I am facing you with your fears that you may meet yourselves with something that you may not like and that your brethren may find out. 4. These messages are a meeting between brethren, it is to share something of one with the others as it is lived in a community. 5. To give you the opportunity to lower the ego by sharing something personal with the others and that someone may not think that he/she is better than his/her brother. 6. It is a work of depuration of many specific emotions of 3rd D. 7. To test the acceptance of what is told to you before the others or to pack your things and leave saying insults against Gardenia or the Brother.

Apparently this has been a very simple work, but here I am receiving all your emotions about it and measuring how much of 3rd D your emotions and feelings have or if they have completely disappeared.

My beloved children, investigate on the meaning of the term COMMUNITY, you will come to the New Earth as a Community to give your services, there are some who do not arrive yet, but they are already traveling towards you, many members from other groups will come to work in the community in the future and therefore the BVC must be very solid in what it means to be a Community.

This is a private message only for the ones who attend the Chat or for those that for occupations cannot assist. I continue with the personal messages to those present and to the ones who did not come today, please make them arrive to them.

[Note from the Editor: Below continues the personal messages that won’t be published on this portal. It is asked the members of the BVC who have received messages to keep them and to fulfill them.]


Esu channeled by Gardenia on Tuesday 13th of April, 2010 for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC) in the Spanish Forum Chatroom of Brother Veritus’ Website (BVW) at the Meditation Hour at 1:00 pm Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate.  Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

11:20AM, San Jose Hour, California; 2:20PM, Chat Hour.

My beloved children, I am always with you. If you can understand me better, in the 24 hours block that you receive at waking to your daily life I am with each one of you, therefore I am aware of all the emotions and feelings which drag you to the dimension that you supposedly should have already left, but I see that you do not understand, it has been advised to you until fatigue that you direct yourselves to your Light, that you put love into everything you dislike. It is easy for me to pass a test of how you have assimilated the advices that have been given to you, the little things are as important for Me as things that you call big. Have you realized that you are also the ones who have delayed your Ascension?

Each one of you must Ascend in your personal life, you must Ascend all trivialities that you may find on your way; through love and service you have been dominating and controlling the Lower Self, you must Ascend from all selfishness, gossips, anger, betrayal, greed, hatred, jealousy, resentment and grudge. A person that has Ascended all that we have mentioned walks firmly, compassionate, full of tolerance, charity and understanding for all the weaknesses of the others.

At the time of service to my Father on Earth, I chose a group of Beings that helped me carry out my mission to a happy ending that ended with my crucifixion, which was just the first part of the work, those persons were properly prepared for being able to perform the tasks when I was physically no more with them. Maybe this I am telling you will give you an idea of the greatness of the service to come. You are anxious for getting to Ascend and you have asked: “And then what?” To give yourselves answer to that question you must Ascend day by day from all those things that bring you setbacks and misunderstandings. In other words, do not live in 3rdD full time anymore, move away from all that that may drag you to it, a gossip does not prosper if it does not find someone who listens it and someone who repeats it. Let each one take the path he believes be appropriate even though you see he is wrong, time (it remains very little) will show them in where those braves who can do it all end up.

You have being prepared to be leaders and guides, but, of what service has been so much theory, so many messages, so many advices to you? If I come and take one of those leaders and place on him a test of charity, tolerance, love and understanding of the weaknesses of your fellow man, there are very few who do not fall. The more you approach your Divinity, the more understanding and comprehension you will have for those who are around you.

The one who is Ascending is not he who has accumulated more scientific, philosophical, religious, charismatic, esoteric, New Age and space knowledge, but the one who has assimilated that knowledge and has transformed himself into an individual full of virtues and understanding for any situation that life presents. He is an individual that walks happy, with gratefulness for every event that he may confront knowing that everything will lead him to a learning.

You like very much when you read “Luanna: acceptance”, but after going through the emotion of the moment have you asked yourselves, “how much have I accepted today?, have I meditated in the content of the word acceptance?, have I begged for help to accept what I do not like?”

Do not be over-confident, I am very loving but very demanding at demanding the best of your services. I am very careful and I do everything that your free will allows me to help you. My Light Warriors, the only thing I wish is that you keep traveling towards your longed Ascension without looking back, that all emotions and feelings of the lower dimensions remain completely in the past, since of them you will only carry the knowledge that may allow you to comprehend and guide the beings that will help in the time to come. Lovingly, Esu.

Gardenia: Thank you, my Beloved Lord Esu. Help me to follow your advices!


Esu channeled by Gardenia on Tuesday 25th of May, 2010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC) in the Spanish Forum Chatroom of Brother Veritus’ Website (BVW) at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate.  Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

Blessed children of mine, it is good to see you committed with your true work in pro of your preparation for the Ascending journey you will do soon.

Today I wish to talk to you about the spill of crude oil that is still in boom, many may ask themselves: “Why have the Galactic Federation not closed it?” Beloved ones, as all that is natural, there is no waste of energy, this oil that comes out from the innermost parts of Gaia is producing a void that will be somehow filled soon during the movements of the Earth, the wrong hand of man forces the natural processes, but the Divinity always transforms any event into some natural benefit, on the other hand it is appreciated that there are many groups that have been praying and begging God to close this pipe, this results in benefit for their souls.

It is also seen how the only thing that my children servants of the shadows do is to blame on each other, we have not seen a serious concern from them to get together and solve the problem. I give you the news that Gaia will close that source very soon for the hand of man to be able to cover the orifice, what we do not know is how she will do that and it is because of this that the Galactic Federation is in possession of that area of Earth. Do not grieve for the marine life that has perished, all that has perished was not going to be evacuated, the cetaceans and all the big animals are safe in clean waters waiting for the arrival of their moment to be evacuated.

I will tell you about the big earthquakes that have been predicted with exact dates, my children, there is no accuracy on the dates of what is going to happen, there are approximations because an event triggers others, some movements are sped up and others are delayed and everything is because we are always careful of not affecting the ones that must not be affected and on the other hand the freedom of action Gaia has. She is thinking about the magnetic shift of her poles because a great sector of humanity must suffer the experiences of the days of darkness, what is commonly said as the Final Judgment. If it had to do with giving dates for everything serious to come to manifest I would say between the Summer Solstice and the Autumn Equinox.

Well, this is according to how things are at this moment and if a Galactic emergency does not occur, think of everything as a whole, the sun with the entire Galaxy. Anyway you must be ready at every moment and continue with your meditations and services to Gaia and humanity, do not lower your defenses for any reason because you can get discouraged and that may lead you to doubts and hesitations about what you must do or not do when difficulties arise.

I am always with you, you are deeply loved. Esu Immanuel Sananda.


Esu channeled by Gardenia on Wednesday 26th of May, 2010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC) in the Spanish Forum Chatroom of Brother Veritus’ Website (BVW) at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate.  Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

Some days ago I asked you to investigate on the meaning of the word Community, how many did it? I will be laconic about this because I am not going to repeat what the books say, neither am I going to tell you about the entire project exposed on the Internet [on BVW] which I imagine you all know. A Community is what gets the closest to the term you use a lot: We Are All One. When it is lived in a common city, the egos are educated in such a way that the member of the community forgets about his/her own interests and all his/her energy is used for the benefit of everybody else.

In the future BVC there won’t be rich and poor as it is appreciated nowadays, there won’t exist helpless people nor big hierarchies of power, everybody will be servers with different assignments without considering one as being more important than the other, each one will know in his/her heart that the only greatness is to have the blessing of being among brethren and to be able to serve them. Love will prevail in each one of the actions of the members, nobody will work for himself, the joy of one will be the joy of all. The organization of the BVC in its projects is almost perfect, I am thinking on calling it later a city because it will be growing more and more each day. Meditate on “We Are All One united with the ONE AND WITH ME.”

Moving to another topic, I wish to tell you that all the difficulties that you are going through, specially the economic ones, are the ones that are ending your purification from all the preoccupations and attachments to the 3rdD, for example, if you have a need for money, let go of the feeling of need and say: “There is a void here that must be filled with money”, and in any container that is completely empty, place a coin visualizing that the container will be filled some day, this does not implies that someday you will find the deposit full of bills, it means that by doing what I told you, you will trigger the energy of money as a means and not as a need or a shortage. You will see that solving the problem of money will be less tedious, you will have only the necessary. At this stage of the journey the abundance of money for you, my children, would be a very heavy burden and you would come through many doors that must remain closed for today.

Esu: Now the personal messages. [N. of E.: Omitted for this publication].

I am very glad of the results that the personal messages are having on you. Most of them has been listened to and put into practice, that tells me that I have not preached in the desert. I was deeply pleased that yesterday during the argumentations in the Chat, my beloved Poet followed my advice and he did not add more fuel to the fire, I know that it was difficult for him, but if he keeps putting into practice my advice he will soon be the best of moderators in any hot discussion. I love you deeply. Esu.

Gardenia: Thank you, Beloved Lord Esu, for being always among us and giving us your advices.


Master Adama, High Priest of Telos, channeled by Gardenia on Thursday 27th of May 2.010 for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate.  Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

I Am Adama, I am present right now in your meeting, I have been in silence from some time because I have dedicated myself to walk through the surface of Gaia to study the cycles that get you closer to the reunion in new lands. Everything is ready for the change, but it occurs that Gaia does not accept any kind of help and she has been being convinced that this time it is necessary that she accept the help that is offered to her. She has her free will and it is respected by the Light. She has always made her changes and restructuring without any kind of help, even the sinking of Lemuria and Atlantis which she did alone, she says that it is part of her evolution to give birth herself alone to the New Earth.

That attitude of Gaia has tied up the hands of the Light and it is being made her know that this time the work is different because she has a lot to take care of, but she says that humanity are her children and that many groups have joined her in their meditations and in love as a single heart, she won’t have problem in saving them. The difficulty is that she does not know that when splitting up in any place violent events may be unleashed in which maybe she herself won’t be able to have control on the situation, then the Galactic Federation will be forced to proceed with the evacuations before time. And I say before time because there is a sector of humanity that still needs to suffer to finish the awakening and the Light Warriors make their service of help to their fellow man. On the other hand it has been told to Gaia that any sudden movement on her surface may produce an emergency in the Galaxy.

This is the way things are thus far, dear brethren, today more than ever you must be ready to depart because it is not known for sure how and in which moment the great catastrophes may unleash, probably our intraterrestrial ships will work with intensity before an emergency, but in Agartha and Telos there is no space to shelter you all.

Beg Gaia with much love for her to accept the Plan of help that the Light has for her. Many times the good mothers yield before the loving request of their children, thank her for all her efforts and show her understanding for the decisions she may take. Whatever may come, I, Adama, will be present.

Gardenia: Thank you, Beloved Master Adama, for your message.


Zoroaster channeled by Kitiara on Friday 28th of May, 2010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC) of Brother Veritus’ Website (BVW).  Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

Zoroaster intervenes when our Lightworkers doubt and weaken. We need you strong and united. It is OK to free yourselves from ties and not to have attachments, but, are you going to detach yourselves from God or from yourselves? You must detach yourselves from everything that hinders your mission, but not from the new opportunities that are presented to you to help you. The instruments that we put in your hands, in the form of souls, incarnated beings or virtues that you discover, you must use. All that makes you grow and raise the vibration, what helps you Ascend and does not anchor you to the 3rdD, may it be welcome.

Love, when has reached the adequate soul, must not be reject it. You must not take it all literally, you must discern and there are priorities.

Stop the nonsense and generalities. Let yourselves be guided by your inner self, your heart, your Higher Self, by us, by God. (Do not try to change my words nor their form.)

This already has to be clear to you. And now, go ahead, keep moving forward. We are waiting for you to keep on working. From the 6thD, we now laugh at your doubts and stumbles, with this that distresses you so much in the 3rdD. Really, it does not have a great importance.

The Arcturian Brethren

The Arcturian Brethren channeled by Gardenia on Friday 28th of May, 2.010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website in the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

Beloved brethren, we are here to remind you that on these final moments you must be united with you families and with the people you love the most because it is not known in which moment you will be called to service in other places, maybe very far away from your cities. For some of you, your work will consist in going shoulder to shoulder with your brethren from space, moving people to safe places, you will be those Angels that will help the others in moments of distress, desperation and disorientation.

What will be lived on Earth is something that has never been seen before. You must talk with your families telling them that before a catastrophe you will leave to reinforce the aid squads, it is not the moment of telling them that it will be a work with ETs. A few members of the BVC will be called to come up to the ships to receive instructions before the great earthquakes to be of help and support to all those who may have been picked up and that will be sent to the Earth again to finish with their karmic cleansing. This will be before the general evacuation because it will be until there is no human that may be able to survive on Earth. We will pick up the ones who may desire to leave and, as it has been told before, the ones who stay will perish in their physical bodies with great pain and suffering.

The Plan of Ascension of Gaia with her children is the same, only that there will be small variants because Gaia has her own plan and she has not told us yet the sequence that she will follow, everything seems that after the earthquakes in Tonga, Australia and their surroundings she will continue with South America.

The ones who may be picked up, who will integrate the support team for the ETs, will go to the small ships where they will receive their training. Do not worry for clothing to wear nor for shoes, as soon as you enter the ships you will leave your clothes and after a cleansing of your bodies you will receive the adequate garments. This cleansing will be very simple, it will consist in leaving the skin completely free of germs and parasites and in evacuating all that you may carry in your intestines and in the liquids of your physical body.

I wish you to take these things that I am telling you seriously and not to think that it is as the movies that you are accustomed to watch. The ET brethren are very kind, practical and serious in their work, you must not put any resistance because they are very careful and if they perceive discomfort in you, you won’t be a fit for the work and they will send you back to land for you to wait for the general evacuation.

We know that there are still some ones who doubt of this process and read the messages as if they were science fiction. It is necessary that all be taken with seriousness and that you remember that nothing in your Earth is assured, because she won’t tell you the hour and the minute when she will move. We also know that a group within you is very enthusiastic and with a very good disposition.

We insist again that you delve into the practice of telepathy, we do not desire you to remain disconnected, all the channels must be prepared for days of intense work, perhaps the moment will come in which it may be the only way of communication among you while the new means of communication are reestablished. Imagine this one, my sister, giving you a message from her ship. All the Channels must be in the best disposition of service either on land or in space. Communication is very important in times of disasters and it must be kept actively.

We hope not to have frightened you with this message. Your Arcturian Brethren.

Gardenia: Thank you, beloved Arcturian brethren, for your message.


Esu channeled by Gardenia on Friday 4th of June, 2.010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

Beloved children, beloved L., depression and discouragement are two fierce enemies of the seeker of the Light, they mean that the energetic frequency has lowered and he/she falls into a negativity wave forgetting the Light of his/her being.

Many are the obstacles that appear in the life of the seeker and which are necessary for him/her to learn to jump over them, to face them, to solve them, but to never forget them, they are the thorns on the path that one day will allow him/her to see things differently. Understand that in your lives yourselves are the biggest obstacle, learn to get out from the problems and to put on them Light and love, then ideas will come into your mind that will allow you to see things from another angle.

By falling into discouragement you have moved away from the Source which daily sustains the necessary strength to come out to the battlefield of the daily living. Problems and difficulties won’t disappear, but the seeker of the Light learns to see everything naturally, he/she knows that things do not arise by chance and he/she is not so overwhelmed for what comes to him/her. The seeker has developed an out-of-the-ordinary understanding. I am always with you, Esu.

Creator Father of Havona

The Creator Father of Havona channeled by Kitiara on Wednesday the 2nd of June, 2.010, and published on Wednesday 19th of May 2.010 for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate. Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

My daughter, that you already know who I am! Your big Creator Dad. Come on, what questions you ask when you already knew before getting to channel whose love was the one that you felt!

Well, beloved daughter, I am with you and on this occasion I express myself to tell you full of joy that you are very near of taking the big step. You are already with you foot lifted, you just need to support it and to lift the other foot. Now it only remains that your ground, the one that supports you, the one of your beloved Gaia, decides how its surface will be. You wobble because the surface is not very defined yet nor decided about the form that it will adopt, but you all are on the path, in one or another path.

Everything is movement and progress. You are already arriving, beloved children. Be happy. Some of you are surprised for this joy you feel. This sudden happiness that has invaded you is because you are getting closer to your paradise. Beloved children, here we are prepared to help you in this step and to receive you. Continue enjoying your happiness, happiness which I also experiment through you. Thank you for making me happy. I want you like this, happy, joyful, hopeful, confident. Keep it up, continue. I continue to accompany you, loving you and waiting for you.


Esu channeled by Gardenia on Thursday the 3rd of June, 2.010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

Beloved children, do not allow the discouragement to enter into your hearts because of the delay of everything that you wait, all is at its time. It seems that Gaia is thinking of accepting the help that the Galactic Federation offers her, she has finished a carefully review of every part of her body both internally and on the surface and she has realized that the deep injuries that she has in her interior will produce many voids when she moves with intensity, violently swallowing many who maybe are not supposed to perish. She is now reviewing the plan of help that is offered to her and soon she will make the decision of accepting it or not.

Gaia is living new experiences compared to the ones of other times in which she has transformed herself. Her children whom in a disoriented way have served the shadows have become rich themselves with her treasures and have produced pain to all life on the planet. The ambition for the exploitation of oil has produced voids in other places and there are entire cities which are floating as if they were the leave of a tree floating on a lake and any movement of 10 or more would produce a great emergency in the entire planet and therefore in the Galaxy, because she does not exactly know the hour and the minute in which it will be produced, since she is affected by vibratory frequencies that are beyond her control.

The powerful and potent Aquaterra does his job through the energetic confluence of the precise moment in which it may be necessary to discharge the pressure of the inner gases of Gaia. He continually travels to the inner parts of the Earth checking the frequencies that determinate the intensity of his work. Maybe some of you have heard out-of-the-ordinary or weird sounds without exactly knowing where they come from, it is the passage of Aquaterra who checks at a low depth the energetic frequency of Gaia and her children. That Being, who very few love, does an invaluable work, due to his work the Earth has not exploded as if it were balloon that resists no more pressure.

My beloved children, continue with your work that is carrying you out to your Ascension. I won’t Ascend any of you for as much as I love you, it is you the ones who have been working to achieve it. I only have been the help, the support, the loving guidance that suggests you the path to follow and blessed be all the ones who have followed my advices, I see you being able to take the big evolutionary step of your soul-personalities. To all of those who have turned their backs against me I wait with all my love for them to return and all action of love they do is taken into account for their own benefit. They also carry my blessing, but it is not pleasant for me to see them walking astray, the lessons will unfortunately be harder for them. My loving presence with you, Esu.

Gardenia: Thank you, Beloved Master, Lord Esu, I renew to you my unconditional love and service.

Earlyne Chaney
Confounder of Astara (

Earlyne Chaney channeled by Gardenia on Thursday 10th of June, 2.010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

I am Earlyne Chaney, perhaps not well known to you, in my last recent pass on Earth I was cofounder of the ASTARA Organization dedicated to elevate the spiritual consciousness and health of humanity, that organization was founded under the Guidance of Ascended Master Saint Germain. I was chosen for such an honorable labor to write monographs, rituals, discourses and conferences.

I have introduced myself to you today for you to get to know that I am also working on the Project and Development of the BVC, we are getting together all the organizations that will carry the study of the philosophical and spiritual truth in the New Earth. There will be no divisions or denominations anymore, there will be a central focus from where will branch out the diverse schools specialized on the different branches of knowledge and comprehensively study of the human being and its environment as a social individual.

All those interested on rituals will be able to work with me, we will rescue all the spiritual Atlantian knowledge and great Priests and Priestess from Lemuria will join us. Our organization will be an immense focal point of Light as it has never been seen on Earth before. Some of these Priests are very near of you in the interior of Earth waiting for the moment when Gaia and you take the liberating step to your 5thD.

Do not be anxious because of the waiting of the events that will culminate in your Ascension, everything has its time, the Cosmic Law in its manifestation does not makes leaps, it is progressive, it never stops and what is to come, will come. Students of life, you are living at a time of opportunities as humanity has never had before, there is nothing hidden anymore, knowledge is at the reach of your hands. You are supported with technology that allows you to shorten the distance, you just have to put yourselves to study. Gathered together with your Spiritual Guides you will happily arrive to the goal. Thanks for listening to me. Earlyne.

Gardenia: Thank you for having listened to me, Earlyne.

Serapis Bey

Ascended Master Serapis Bey channeled by Gardenia on Wednesday the 9th of June, 2.010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

I Am the Ascended Master Serapis Bey, I carry within me the Flame of Ascension, the Archangel Gabriel and his legion of Angels join me to keep alive the Flame that will bring you back in consciousness to the Mansions of the Father.

For a long time each one of you, as a member of the Community, has been jointly doing a work of Ascension giving service to humanity and giving your love and support to Gaia, but some still do not know what "to Ascend" means, at least that is what is appreciated in certain attitudes before the difficulties that you are going through in your personal lives. Every day you must Ascend trifles, yes, because the blindfold that you still have on your eyes does not allow you to see and tackle the problems that afflict you.

Students on the Divine Path in search for Light, all the advices and suggestions that have been given unto you in multiple messages are to put them into practice, do not get distracted nor allow that anything and anybody move you away from your path, you have come to learn lessons which are carrying you little by little to the spiritual heights and on this times in which everything is about to turn around completely leaving behind the lower dimensions, the difficulties are greater, that is, you are speeding up the learning process. In other words, you have to finish settling pending accounts of other lives plus today’s instant karma. It is imperative that you understand this and get to work full time and with full hands.

I wish to call your attention about an emotion that some still carry within them and that is damaging them too much: PRIDE/ARROGANCE. When you enter into anger, cockiness emerges, harmful emotions are triggered, and pride and vanity begin to talk. Believing that they are in the Light, lacking of humility they run over their fellow man. ARROGANCE makes unfortunate the one who suffers from it and the few who surround him/her. Nobody likes to deal with a person who looks at others from a position above them. Beloved students, ARROGANCE knows how to hide very well, it disguises itself deforming virtues, making the person who suffers from it appear as a loving, humble or charitable person. As opposite to humility, it passes unnoticed. Be very careful, Walkers of the Luminous Path.

I have seen that for a long time the subject of ACCEPTANCE has been discussed, but it seems that it is not enough. How many accept the difficulties by which you are going through? How many feel victims of others? That wonderful and enlightening prayer of the Saint of Assisi that you repeat almost every day is a chain of acceptance of the Divine Will. Practice it in your daily living, I know that it is not easy, but it is not a privilege of the Saints.

Some of you are under my care and belong to my work team even though for now they may not have awareness of that. I sometimes attend your meetings and thus I get to know you all. Beloved students, do not despair, the Golden Dawning is very near. After silence comes activity, and so after the storm comes the calm, you must be ready because when the Trumpet of Liberation sound nothing will be the same anymore. I have been glad to address this very special group of the BVC. Serapis Bay.

Gardenia: Thank you, beloved Ascended Master Serapis Bey, your advices are very valuable, help me practice them.


Gaia channeled by Kitiara on Sunday 2nd of May, 2010, for Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC) in the Chatroom of the English Forum of BVW, in the Meditation Hour at 1:00 PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate. Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

Long time ago since we communicate, but I am aware that you are very in tune to me and that you keep sending me Light and energy.

The time has come. I have already done everything I could do without harming my children too much, but now the time of the strong movements has come. You already know what you must do, my dear children Lightworkers, you must be the ones who guide and advise your ignorant brethren of the causes of what they will encounter.

I won’t tell where the strong movements will begin because I will shake all myself and they will come out from several places of the Earth at the same time. The volcanoes will release my contained fury, all simultaneously. (When I say all I mean many at the same time and in different parts of the globe, it was not literal). You must not fear, this was what we waited for our evolution. Some will Ascend and the ones who may perish is because they need so to continue with their evolutions in other 3D worlds. Everything will be as it must be. Let’s keep moving forward. I will move myself, I will Ascend.


Gaia channeled by Gardenia on Friday the 4th of June, 2010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC) in the Spanish Forum Chatroom of the Brother Veritus’ Website (BVW) at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate. Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

Beloved children of my innermost parts, I have finished reviewing the Plan of help that the Galactic Federation offers me to take the step into the 5thD with you, children of my being. We have made some reforms to the proposal and I have accepted a little of help just to make sure of not harming the ones who must not be harmed.

I am very wounded, maybe you will never understand the damage they have done to me. The ambition, the selfishness, the hatred, the envy and dominance of the power elites over the unprotected, added to the unpleasant habits of a sector of my children, those who never think of me as their mother and in their dulled minds they think Earth will be eternal, not noticing that I am their house and so as in any dwelling house that is not looked after, it will fall. I have been about to perish letting myself be taken by the actions of my disoriented children who lack of love for themselves, but at least, groups like the BVC, the Naturalists and Environmentalists, sincere children who give me their love, support and take care of me the best they can, day by day they give me the necessary strength to go ahead with my Plan of Ascension.

In my free will as many destroy themselves, I could also give myself a single round flip and end everything producing a general disaster ending all life and myself. Do not grieve, I have just released a thought that harms me to have thought it, I already passed the crisis, the help that I have asked you and that you have kindly given me has strengthened me and filled me with energy to continue with the Plan of the ONE.

The original Plan of Ascension has not changed, neither will it be delayed for too long, I have begun some months ago as you can see and I am grateful to you for understanding my actions. My beloved brother Aquaterra is very active with the elements and he is anxious to proceed with the earth shakes, also the general Plan of the Galaxy cannot wait for too long. The energies that are arriving to me, whether we like it or not, will speed up the process.

On the other hand think that I am ending a life cycle, we will soon celebrate my birthday on an Earth cleansed from all negativity. With my loving children I will sing the Hallelujah of Resurrection. Gaia.

Gardenia: Thank you, beloved little mother Gaia, the ONE could not give us a better mother than you, like you, I am a mother and I assimilate and understand very well your love and sacrifice.


Esu channeled by Wilson on Thursday 10th of June, 2010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

Wilson: This temple is a part of Heaven manifested here on Earth, therefore Esu is always here, he always accompanies us. Hello, beloved Master, we salute you in the biggest love and Light. From the deepest of our heart, blessed you be, beloved Esu. Well, it seems that it is only you and me, beloved Esu. Our beloved Kitiara must be very busy in her labors. Well, it doesn’t matter, with you the temple is full of love and Light and that gladdens me very much, it fills my soul and heart. Thank you for being here with me keeping me company, beloved Esu.
Kitiara: Hello, I love to be here with Esu and other related souls.

Esu: My son, you know that you will always be with me, my energy, my love and my Light will be always with all of you wherever you may be, just open up your heart and let my energy flow within you. Do not frighten yourselves, let everything go in the love. You are very blessed for this labor and love of self-surrendering you give day by day here in this, your beloved temple which I am very proud you have, because here you leave aside the things of that dimension in which you are and you can throw yourselves into your heart and work in harmony and union with your other brethren. This is how the work is done, in the union of efforts and energies of each one of those who are willing to contribute here day by day.

Wherever you can and go, everyone will see the Dawn of the New Day. Yes, that so expected day that is manifesting itself here and now. You just have to feel how everything in the more elevated plane is changing and then it will manifest itself in the physical plane that is the one that you see and feel here in the 3rdD. Do not let your fears grieve you.

(Kitiara: From here I ask if I can make questions. This part is more personal, but I think that it is interesting, so I will put it.) Esu: Yes, beloved daughter, you can, but let me tell you something before, beloved daughter: Why are you always at the expectation of doubt? You know that many of these questions have their answers within you, in your heart. Just that you give more energy to your doubts and you do not perceive them, I tell you only what I see in you. Well, do not take me as a nagging father, no. Now you can ask me, my daughter.

Kitiara: Insecurity? Maybe it is because you have given me the image of a so wonderful future which I am looking forward to and… Beloved Esu, is the dream that Wil had a couple of nights ago, the one that happened in Barcelona, something that will happen?

Esu: The beloved Wil, as you call him, has premonitory dreams since his youth. He can tell you about many of them that have been fulfilled, so, yes, he was in the astral in Barcelona, because of the affinity of energy between you both, and he saw how all had changed and the help of technology that they received from their Elder Brethren. Everything in Gaia has to suffer a change in one way or another. The dream also showed him something that was interrelated, the old constructions, and the antiquated streets, symbol of the old that you must drop, of what you must get detached to, of everything that will serve you no more, and the other one was the New Age with the new technology. Therefore that dream was two times in one, the past and the future. No more questions? OK, I leave.

Kitiara: Thank you. I liked the dream. Even though it indicates battle, I do not doubt that the Light will triumph. The fight will be for learning and only will perish the ones who may be destined to. Beloved Esu, can you tell us if have there been, on these days, people killed by tsunamis on islands of Oceania? Have there been attempts of evacuation and people have not wanted to go to the ships?

Esu: I have urgent things [to do]. Beloved children, I bless you in my love and in my Light. Esu.

Kitiara: Thank you, beloved Master. Thank you, beloved Wil.
Wilson: At your orders, beloved Kitty.


Zoroaster channeled by Kitiara on Friday the 11th of June, 2.010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate. Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

Kitiara: (Is anyone there in the temple?) Beloved Archangel Michael, help us to make us a space in the Light of the Temple, removing all darkness that may be here.

Zoroaster: You surprise and you do not have to be surprised. You know that I work with you. Although rather, at these moments, in this dimension (in which you receive me at this moment), you may not be doing much, but you will. You are in a waiting period after having prepared yourself. Since you were born in this life, in this last incarnation, you must have practiced patience. You already know why.

Do not be so meticulous and pay more attention to what I tell you. Yesterday you saw a miracle that Esu made for you. It was a signal and a miracle. He understood that you were helping someone and therefore you did not pay the right attention, but now it will be your turn to wait if you want to keep making questions to yourself or to listen to what I may need to tell you through others. Your time (even though it does not exist here) is very valuable and I really was busy (even though it may seem difficult for you to understand, because we are almighty, we are everywhere, time does not exist… those things that we tell you to see if you can make yourselves any idea of the different thing that is to be in a dimension, 3rdD, or in another more elevated one).

Today you have wakened up because of the Gaia’s movement, you have felt her strength, the pain when she pushes. Yesterday, the answer to the question that you made Esu remained pending, and as Esu rightly told you, you know the answer, it is in your interior. Certainly, every time that it has been announced, an island has been “swept away” and its habitants (the most of them) have not wanted to be evacuated, they have feared the ships. Neither were they informed, therefore we try to spread these messages, for those who do not believe, when they get into that situation, may remember what they have read and they may consent to try to be evacuated, for them to go to the tractor beams instead of avoiding them. (Do not analyze what your write. You will read it later, although you already know that there are things that I do not allow you to change.)

Do not let earthly issues affect you. We are already in full process. Live it. You have seen the signals. We have given you many, directly and through your brethren. The ships, the clouds, their extraordinary experiences… and you, the sun, the text that I did not let you change and that only the other person involved in the issue that you raised saw it the same way you did.

As Esu told you, why do you doubt? Stop doubting. You have already had many proofs. Soon you will live in a different reality from today. Live in peace until then. We continue to be with you. And we keep working for the advancement of Urantia. Receive my love.

Kixo’s Report and Testimony, from Concepción, Chile

Kixo’s report and testimony shared on the 17th of March, 2010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate. Original in Spanish, translation to English by Crisálida.

The Report

Dear brethren, I have my heart overloaded of sentiments that I want to share with you. I want, if is not an inconvenience, to have your full attention. Before anything else I want to tell you that until yesterday I was able to read all the emails sent by all of you, and with tears in my eyes I could verify all the immense love that unites us and that will never separate us. Thank you all, my dear brethren, your words help a lot at this moment we are going through in the South of my dear country.

The experience I was in, and I thought I was not going to survive through… sorry… it has been a very strong replication at this moment… I think it’s over…ufff!!!, there are many each day, some stronger than others. The experience, as I was telling you, one can hardly put it in words, you have to live it through to understand. You cannot imagine how much it helped me to be in this wonderful group and to be more prepared than so many people I saw, this allowed me stay more tranquil, submit myself completely in the arms of the Father. I could only think: "Father, thy will be done and just give me strength and clarity to act the best possible at this moment." And so it was as I received all of that and was able to be safe with my family, friends and neighbors.

Alvaro: Yes, that is the truth because I live near Kixo and near where the epicenter occurred. The good thing is that we passed the test (one of many).

Testimony of the Sighting and the Message

Here it comes, the most wonderful thing of all and that comes to corroborate what was received from Kitty a few days ago and today from Gardenia. I am going to share with you what happened to me the next day of the earthquake because I think it will serve all the group and will give us Faith and Strength to face everything that is coming.

When I was safe in my sister’s home after the 1st day of what happened, I felt my vibrations very low, so I got up at six in the morning and started to meditate first and then pray. After I finished I went back to bed, and as I was laying down I felt myself being transported automatically to my own house. I was AT THE DOOR!!! There was a beautiful day with some clouds. I was alone, I knew all the people had run to the hills so there was nobody in that place.

Suddenly the few clouds started to dissipate and appeared right there, just above my house, the most beautiful mothership I could ever imagine. I could watch it with much clarity, it had something spinning and was very precise. At that same moment it began materializing many, but many small ships. All around, of many colors, sizes and shapes. I was feeling an inexplicable happiness. And at that moment I felt that from the main ship came a voice directly to my head that told me: "Before, during and after this event we were here, if you could not get out by yourself we would have intervened, YOU ARE NOT ALONE". At that moment, full of wonderment, I was back in my bed. It was SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL.

That has given me a sense of faith and security as ever before. So incredible! And in this I coincide with what Gardenia has given us [from Mother Mary].

As I have returned to the place I live, I am here 50 meters from the sea and I am not afraid. I know I have to be here and talk and help whoever asks. Remembering this gives me so much emotion, dear brethren, but I needed to let you know since I hope from my heart this helps in the moments of greatest weakness. It is real, brethren, WE ARE NOT ALONE, WE ARE CARED AND LOVED FOR.

Divine Light of the I Am, Luanna’s I Am Presence

Luanna’s I Am Presence channeled by herself on Sunday 13th of June, 2010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate. Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

From the Light of God that I Am, I salute you, I come to notify you that everything is on the way to the Light. Do not fear, I speak of Love, of Peace, of Light. Do not hang on to what is not. That is the knowledge that I come to deliver to you.

The step into Light you relate it with death, somewhat it is, it is the death of the non-eternal, it is a change of vision of what you now consider happiness. Accept Light, accept Love, accept Peace in your heart, it is easier than the tortuous path that you have gone through. You do not explain yourselves how you are so near and yet you feel it so far. Therefore I announce you that the day has come and it is within you, within the Divine Light in you. (Luanna: I thought to tell him if he had a message for my brethren).

Listen, you and your brethren are One, what I tell you is also for them. The beginning of the Day of the Sun has come already, the truth has already knocked on your door and the inherent virtue to All That Is already occupies its final space.
L: What should we do?
IAP: Act in accordance with truth and truth is the only one outside duality.
L: And what is that truth?
IAP: It is the one of the Light.
L: And how?
IAP: Expansion towards All That Is.
L: Who are you?
IAP: I Am the Divine Light, I Am the Light of the I Am.
L: What is my labor in this new facet as a channel?
IAP: New, do you say? Perhaps you forget you were my scribe? Deliver to the Light the knowledge that forms the basis of the New Creation.
(Luanna: This morning while I cleared the soil for planting, I saw a small avocado plant and I felt a little pain at the thought that perhaps I would not watch it grow and give its fruits. That thought went through my mind to what the Divine I Am Light said:)
IAP: Attachments… Don’t you realize that the change is towards a better world?
L: But, how do we free ourselves?
IAP: Dissolve the Essence and convert the Light into All That Is.
L: What is the Light?
IAP: The Light is you. That’s all for today.
L: Thank you, Divine Light of the I Am.

Ma Ha Lias

The Arcturian brother Ma Ha Lias channeled by Jorge Arturo López Narváez on Sunday 13th of June, 2.010 for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate. Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

I salute you with the immensurable love, dear Lightworkers, dear Brethren of Light, Omar Ta Satt. I Am Ma Ha Lias and I am an Arcturian.

It is a high vibration the one that gets me closer to the soul brethren because actually the unconditional love is a creator and you carry that creation of unconditional love in your interior, you are Light and you are perfect, and it is now that your Lightbody is a great flame, your Lightbody blazes when I am before you, and see your wonderful colors and tones. We are the same Light and when a higher vibration touches another Light, it doesn’t matter if it is more developed or not, this one gets excited and begins to blaze.

It is an honor, it is the greatest blessing to be with my earthly brethren, to see from the high vibration how many human beings have routed themselves towards the Return to God, you awaken in such a fast way, dear ones, it is a joy that there is no way of glorifying you with words. We feel a deep love for the human beings and for Gaia. You, dear ones, are One with the beloved Gaia, and that is why we love you with tenderness.

I am here with all of you, I am here and there at the same time because I bring to you the gift of God, allow me to embrace you with my words, because my words come in representation of the great supreme races of Light, because many races of love, of the Light, are very proud of you, because duality is very difficult, however, your strength is very big, your intention has opened up for you the Path Back to the Consciousness of God.

Many situations are presented themselves upon the planet, the intensity that Gaia has taken Ascension with, speeds up more and more every day and therefore you are already noticing that every day that passes the energy moves faster. The big mechanism of Ascension adjusts itself in a much accelerated way and the thinking minds of the world control get closer and closer to their end. Nothing can be hidden before the immense changes that beloved Gaia is doing. The interior of Gaia is doing great changes which are reflecting themselves on the surface. We, the Arcturians, are working to leaps and bounds before this. The consciousness of Gaia elevates itself faster and faster and the adjustments cause a lot of movement. We come immediately and we soften that energy to the maximum and connect it to the crystalline magnetic grid, and adjust the energy at a planetary level compensating it with the biggest love.

Gaia is very special, in the galaxy there exist many planets, but with the beauty of Gaia, none. That is why the Arcturians chose to come up here and be participants of the Ascension of Gaia and the human beings. You, dear ones, are doing much to aid the planet, you have created a consciousness that moves itself over great distances and heals; for you it escapes a little from your understanding but in the future you will know how to manage your power more and you will know that there are no limits, that love oversteps every limit and that love is more than a word, it is the creating essence of God.

Beloved ones, remain until now in the correct line because when you get together, when you unify yourselves, that intention causes an equilibrium in Gaia. The love that she feels towards you is very big because you and she are One, because what Gaia suffers, what she feels, you feel. If she gets polluted, you get polluted, if she is with the greatest joy, you are comforted.

Great changes are at the door but as any loving mother, she wants the best for you, dear human being. The great changes that are about to happen will bring harmony to the planet, will bring peace, will bring equilibrium. We, the Arcturians, are sure that you understand that the planet could not continue as it was before, the extinction would be imminent and for a long time Gaia had endured but the situation was each time more and more unsustainable.

The consciousness of power and control will become extinct and, with it, duality, that is why we ask you to remain in your center, fill you up with love and may you give the greatest love to your brethren. It is important at this time that you transmit love by example, that example of divinity, and with great security your Light will be so magnificent that will blaze the souls that ask for love, that ask for forgiveness, that suffer in the material and spiritual poverty. We are with you and we advance together in the great job by which we have chosen to come to duality to help with love, with our technology. The Arcturians are friends of man and we want peace for you.

It will bring to you the highest consciousness of Jesus the Christ that at one time arrived on the planet and who preached the truth of what you are, divinity, the magnificent race of love to which you belong. The time that you chose to be in duality is coming to its end. You carry with your Light of God more Veracity to a planet because your soul decided to return and help the planet that was going through suffering and pain. You have submerged yourselves into the deepest of your heart and you have asked many answers which have been replied through your Higher Self because in the heart resides your Soul Seed and it is from there that when you speak, your energy is heard, there your divinity resides and every day more frequently you go to your heart and you talk to us and you are heard with love.

I, Ma Ha Lias, am an Arcturian and I represent the love of my civilization. From our planet Venus now reside many higher civilizations that are aligned now by the love of God and that will work together with the Arcturians and humans in the New Earth, in the new vibration, in the new dawn. Together we all will have overstepped the limits that a few had been supporting for a long time. The new Gaia will be, with all of her inhabitants, a worthy representative of divinity and Light, she will for eternity be like the warmest dawn, with the brightest colors and the most beautiful sounds.

Beloved human being, you are for the eternity with Gaia and with the most elevated beings. You are about to arrive in consciousness, remain at your center and talk to us with the heart because we are here for you, never forget it. All in the Universe Is One. I Am Ma Ha Lias.

Jorge Arturo: It is a heartwarming energy, it is like if they put you on a carpet and you walk barefoot, it is like if you accommodated yourselves on a very comfortable velvet armchair, it gives you the exact energy, the exact climate, it surrounds you in a comfortable energy sphere and it gives you just what you need to transmit its energy. Indeed I had never felt that comfort, it is like if momma embraced you for a long time.


Kryon channeled by Jorge Arturo Lopez Narváez on Friday, April 9th, 2010 for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website (BVW) at the Spanish Meditation Hour 1:00 pm, Colombian Time. We invite you to participate. Original in Spanish, translation to English by Crisálida.

Jorge Arturo: I would like to thank you. Since few days ago masters are coming to me at this time taking advantage of the time in which you are together. We take advantage of this and we pass you over a live channeling at this time. I will do a power transfer. The important is that you retransmit the energies of the Master at this time. I will get directly to the heart of each one of you in the words of the Master arriving at this time.

Kryon: I am Kryon of the Magnetic Service, I salute you with the words OMAR TA SATT. You are my brother and my best friend, I spill all my love on you. My message will enter deeply in your heart because your soul opens at this time. I give you the energy of the new time, my immeasurable love. You’ve met today and we celebrate with you because you step into the true when you do this. My energy expands in you because when a Master comes, the dimensions open and join the major force in you. We have created a very strong link between you and me and I have anchored myself in the deepest of your being. We are gathered and we will use, and we will send the crystalline energy to you. We hold a feast of love and peace.

Infinities of things have changed in you, in your soul and in Gaia. We will be in at this time… in this meeting you are going to shape this energy, we will make it stable the way that is right for you so that it flows, and you then feel truth, peace and love because every time your Light expands there is a party, there is joy, because you are the son of God, you are the Messenger of Light, you are a wizard, a healer. You are what you are, you are not only human, you are power, and now you have a mission, have qualities and your impact on the Earth is now very large. You unify and expand this infinite Light within you.

Breathe in Light and your energy strengthens up, that is why you feel me. Arrive at your center, allocate you in your center and breathe in Light the way that is appropriate for you at this time. Unify your chakras, your luminosity raises up, your Alpha Chakra opens, and this energy takes you to the truth. Now your soul emits powerful impulses. It has come to the Light, the Supreme Light, and together we head on to the aspect that gives life, together, united you and me.

I send you the Light of the Cristal of Veracity, the Don Adas Light, harmony and grace. Your point that keeps life is very important to you. Now I sent you the Light of the Aris Crystal, the most sublime Light, your connection to Gaia, your personal anchor. I sent you The Pradna energy, the force. Thus also the energy of the Atora Har Crystal, more harmony for you, with my infinite love. Listen to Kryon. Stabilize your energy and the strength of the crystals brings down the crystalline structures you don’t need, which are useless, and gives way to the energy of the Crystals of Veracity.

I will give you the Language of Light, you will speak and write it, it is a gift of Kryon. Feel my tone, I know your name. Now feel the connection with your cosmic parents. We want you to acknowledge your power and that will bring you the joy of living.

You are now stronger, I see your Light, I see you at this moment, I see your Light as a bonfire that rises up from your body and goes out to the sky, you are fire. Now I ask you, choose a Crystal in your conscious mind: Don Adas, Aris, Har Atora, Runa, Pradna. It will now flow from you with strength, freedom, it is very large, recognize the strength in you of your divine power and you will recognize your freedom. I know you feel duality, turn free, free in your thoughts, do not limit yourself. Free of feelings, trust. Trust, all that happens is for your benefit. Everything now has a meaning for you.

Breathe in Ana which is love, that is Light and trust Kryon. Many laugh at the spiritual but the changes are so large, energy rises. The time will come when we will laugh at duality. Feel awake and feel the vibration, my connection. You have accepted the highest energies in you by means of my channel and I. Let’s pronounce together the words: Ehyeh Asher Ehye, Ehyeh Asher Ehye So Ham. And so it is.

Jorge Arturo: We close the energy of beloved Kryon. We thanks you, dear Master Kryon, An Anasha. So Mote It Be.

The Will of God

The Will of God channeled by Luanna on Tuesday 15th of June, 2010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate. Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

L: Who are you?
The Will of God (WOG): The divine Light of the heart, The Will of God.
L: Beloved Divine Light, what are you going to teach me today?
WOG: The spiritual strength, the power center is in the etheric heart, the bubble of love and Light which lies in all life. It is there where you must concentrate your energy, it is there where the power of strength lies.
L: How?
WOG: Accepting what already is, accepting the totality of the I Am in you and in me. Remember who you are, remember where you come from, from the pristine essence of God, from the One energy, from the indivisible force, from the totality of All That Is. Become the Mirror of God. It has been told you, assume your divinity. Remember, remember… Everything is in you, rescue the freedom, rescue the will. Strength is the opposite of the image you possess, the true Strength is Freedom. When you are Free from attachments, free from control, you are strong. You have been dedicated to your planting and you know all that is needed to clear to plant the seed. The freedom that strength gives to you also requires of the energetic cleaning, the clearance of the centers to shelter the Light. Re-member, remember… do not see it in a so complicated way, it is only to remember your original essence.
L: Any exercise?
WOG: Breathe and remember, breathe and assume the truth, allow the Light of the Eternal to overstep your body and to turn Itself into your Essence. When you breathe you know you are life, you are the eternal Light, you are the eternal Peace. When you remember, you awaken to the truth.
L: And, what is truth?
WOG: Your original Essence, your divine state of Light.
L: How can I serve you?
WOG: Just be. That is all for today.
L: Thank you, Beloved Divine Light.

Theo, the Grace of God

Theo, the Grace of God channeled by Luanna on Friday 18th of June, 2010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate. Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

From the blessed Light of God that I Am, I salute you. I am Theo, the Grace of God.

I will talk to you about Divinity, the essence of Light in you and in the entire Universe, the Light of Life and Appearance, the created. That is the service of the Divine Grace, the fusion of the energy of will and intention, of every creation. Every creation comes from the fusion of these two energies which inhabit in you, that is why you have been told about the open eyes, those which look in your interior, as long as you may not make use of them you will always search for the tools outside of you.

Request for the Grace of God when you may not have clearness in your objective, search for the energy of Love from wherever everything flows and rescue the certainty of knowing yourself as a creator. The Divine Grace is the emotion which pushes your soul to seek, to Be from a higher level, thus every clearance will be given according to higher truth. It is the moment of searching from the higher spheres, from the higher aspiration, because repetition does not work anymore when it is about change.

When the Light is sought after, you go towards the Light, then it is useless to delve into the darkness of the past because no reference works when it is about creation, because it is based on the old and change is what it is sought after. The change that new energy generates, the energy of Light. Allow the Divine Grace to melt down into your soul. (Let’s receive its energy.) May that emotion you feel now in your heart be the divine strength which boost you at every moment as an ascending spiral towards the Light of All That Is. Act in accordance with the Divine Will in you. So Mote It Be!

Luanna: Thank you, Beloved Theo, the Grace of God.


Zoroaster channeled by Kitiara on Thursday the 17th of June, 2010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate. Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

We are all waiting for the moment, with you. We wait for your rapprochement to our dimensions. And you are very near of achieving it. Actually, it does not depend on us. You have already chosen, now it depends on Gaia and on external elements as the suns. That is why you are so disconcerted, discouraged, without stimuli, because you know that you have already done everything that you needed to do and you are ready. For some time you are ready (the most of you, Lightworkers), although you take advantage of the time to prepare yourselves more, but your Being feels that he has nothing to do here anymore, at this time, in this dimension, in this situation, and he gets discouraged to feel himself useless, to feel that he is doing nothing in the waiting, unexplainable for him. This is because you cannot contemplate the whole picture, but everything continues in its perfect order and the Plan will be accomplished. You won’t take too long to see it, to live it.

Feel all the love of the universe with you. You are on the way and everything helps you, everything accompanies you. Now, free yourself from that headache. You are beloved.

The Angels of the Lord

The Angels of the Lord channeled by Luanna on Thursday 17th of June, 2010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate. Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

You feel yourselves lost and it is all an illusion, the message is hidden in your heart and the Light which reveals it is the faith in the Being, the peace in the soul and the Light in the reason. We are the Angels of the Lord, we come to talk to you of peace and virtue that leads to it. Drop your work instruments, penetrate in the deepest of the Light and see the face of God drawn in yours.

It has been a long journey, as well as a long wait but Light already gets itself closer to illuminate the darkest corner. Feel the quietud in your soul and all will be so. Remain in the Light and your steps will be illuminated. The Path back is a long one when you feel only separation, always searching for the other half… You call the true feeling “premonitions”, then close your eyes to understand that it is what you feel and what you do not see… it is the Path back to the Light but you see only darkness.

Visualize a beam of Light that penetrates through your crown and goes throughout your body to your feet… It is an axis of Light which supports you. Loosen yourself, allow, through Faith, that you be supported by the Light, do not doubt… Light keeps you in perfect balance because it is straight, it does not deviate itself, it supports you, accept… That is the peace I talk you about, the sublime surrendering to the Light with the certainty that you are supported. And So It Is.

Luanna: Thank you, Beloved Angels of the Lord.

The Angels of the Divine Light and Thoth

The Angels of the Divine Light and Thoth channeled by Luanna on Sunday 20th of June, 2010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate. Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

The Angels of Divine Light

From the peace of your being sprouts the Divine Light of Love, let it install itself in you, and to grow as the beautiful flower of Light that you are. We are the Angels of the Divine Light, we are the creators of the divine essence in you, we ensure you to continue in the search for knowledge and the establishment of the bases of the City of Light. Allow the Light to be established in you (effusion of energy.) Clarity and truth establish themselves to build the bases of your mastery. Your energetic strength in service to the Light.

(Luanna: I was receiving the energy of these angels and I heard: Thoth.)


Attract all your thoughts to the Light, only then they are clearly seen, they have the tendency to magnify. Why don’t you simplify and search for the root of all things? It is the essence where everything starts from. If we take it all towards the vibratory essence, then we may have the automatic understanding, where it starts from is to where it goes, from the origin to the end. Are you trying to understand a whole in parts? Does the sum of the parts make you balanced?

Comprehension… by vibratory correspondence the message comes as comprehension. We do not talk about the parts of a temple to understand the totality of what it is, we say the temple and that includes the parts. To dominate the vibratory communication you must dominate the language of Light that is Comprehension. How do you do that? As you ask me for images to understand my messages from a totality. Would it be then a language of images? Not everything has an image that may represent it, it is about the vibrationally codified Knowledge. Once you access the level of Knowledge you will understand. (Luanna: He made me remember his initial words: Attract all your thoughts to the Light, only then they are clearly seen.)

Luanna: Thank you, Beloved Master Thoth.


Gaia channeled by Kitiara on Sunday 27th of June, 2010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate. Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

I am striving, I am containing myself and I am moving myself. I feel the strength that you give me, the loving energies that you send me. We are a single immense and celestial being. Our Path is united. Our goals and objectives converge at the same ascendant point. And we are heading there.

Together, with the strength, [with] everybody’s energy, we will make it. It is the work of all and of all will be the merit. So it should be and so it will be. The apparent obstacles that darkness places on us serve only for magnifying us. We will carry on, without breaks. I count on you and you count on me.

The forces of Light observe us and support us. The triumph is ours. And we are heading towards it, to pick up our price. But we still need to work a little bit more before picking up our trophy. Now the final apotheosis is missing. And we are on that.

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit channeled by Luanna on Saturday 12th of June, 2010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate. Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

I Am the Light of the Holy Spirit, I come to give you my loving energy and to tell you that the One guides you. Do not fear, the goodness of All That Is guides you and protects you. Only peace must inhabit in your minds and hearts. May the Light of the Divine descend and fill up each one of you individually. Every progress is being carefully observed according to the Light. Do not lose the gifts of the Father which are the Lights that light your Path.

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit channeled by Luanna on Thursday 24th of June, 2010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate. Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and The Holy Spirit, it sounds familiar to you, I know it because I Am the Light of the Holy Spirit. You are close to your work because your work is to find yourself with the Source of God, to find your divine essence which has been hidden behind so much duties and assets. That is why I bless you in the name of the three energies of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit whose Light I transmit to you today.

It is blessed your intention of working for your fellow man, you are capable of any effort, that is why I tell you that your work is to found yourself, to love yourself, which has not been that easy for you, and you have hidden it behind the good will. It has to do with the cultural idea of being social, there it begun the division of the Being and the confusion of the divinity in every being.

A painful journey is taken for the reunion and you think that the Homecoming is in the heavens, but not, it is in you, in your divine consciousness, in your center of power and Light. Isn’t it funny? All the time you looked for what was inside of you. (Luanna: He laughs because I tell him that I was not amused.) Every experience was taking you, where? To yourself. Every step was looking for, what? Developing your inner wishes, but, what an insistence of yours of wanting to search outside what you carry within yourself!

Now, in fatigue, in surrender, you come to yourself, you search in the deepest of your soul and you listen to a voice, your inner voice, your voice of Light, your voice of love. It is the voice of the reunion, it is the voice of the Return, it is the voice of Peace. Do not stop listening to it… May Peace be with you…

Luanna: So Mote It Be! Amen!

Christ Michael

Christ Michael channeled by Kitiara on Thursday 24th of June, 2010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate. Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

Kitiara: (First I asked if it was Christ Michael.) Beloved Christ Michael?

CM: Yes, daughter, I know that you missed to talk to me for some time, but I knew that you would want information and we have been continuously adapting the plans. You have talked a lot to Zoroaster and you have also had news from Esu. Well, this has come to a point in which it seems that finally we will be able to conclude the project.

My daughter, I do not want to announce you what will happen, even though you already imagine it, so you do not create more expectations. Let yourself go with the confidence that everything is alright and you will do the right thing, what is expected from you, at every moment. Yes, there will be evacuation. It will be there where you will have to help in the first place. Then it will come the task of the reconstruction. A pleasant task, you will see, because everything will be different. That will be the planet that we wanted. And in the middle, the stasis, the stay in ships or in other planets or in intraterrestrial cities, learning, marveling for what you will see and know. It will also come the moment of the reunion of souls, of the recognition.

Yes, my daughter, everything keeps going on and I like it, it moves me that you think of me with that affection, love and even gratefulness. You may not care about the comments of the others. You know your truth and your path. As you have seen, for your golden color, you have continued moving forward. You [Kitiara] do not need to meditate anymore; at this stage, your life and your disposition of service serve you as meditation in action, because you include our contact, by having us present in your thoughts and actions. Just wait attentive for the events, without tension, with patience and relaxed.

Attentive, we have already told you, our Celestial Father has told you that everything was in place. And it moves forward more and more every day. The great changes are imminent. You are going to be very glad, but do not celebrate nor show your happiness before the fear and bewilderment of others. Show yourselves confident, informed, tranquil, so as they may not see you as crazy fools. Well, daughter, it has come the moment that we all wished for. Soon we will be able to relate to each other more directly. You are about to remember. Welcome back Home, to my arms, with love.

Lord Aquaterra

Lord Aquaterra channeled by Gardenia on Tuesday 6th of April, 2010, for the Brother Veritus Community (BVC) in the Chatroom of the English Forum of the Brother Veritus Website (BVW) in the Meditation at 1:00 PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate. Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

Traveling companions in the journey towards the Light, I have come from faraway lands to be with you in this day and to bring you my energy, that energy that few talk about. The Light has its levels and it manifests itself in many different forms (I have to elevate the frequency of the person that helps me, as she is not accustomed to me.) Pause.

I come from further the deep waters where it is manifested the Power of ONE in dimensions unknown even to the enlightened. When earthquakes happen you see that in the surface of your Earth fissures are produced or openings giving way to my energy that is beginning to reach humanity. Geologists that study earthquakes are perceiving that now something different is happening after the recent quakes and they do not know what it is, that is my energy that Earth needs in order to complete her journey to the 5th D and therefore you as children of her are also absorbing it all over your bodies giving way to uneasiness incomprehensible to science.

I have considered that it is time for me to speak to you about me and I have prepared for this, my companion resulted ideal because of her experience in earthquakes in different parts of the geography. Well now, you can ask yourselves: What more is he coming for? and, how does he call himself? Well, let us talk about some uneasiness some of you are feeling, perceiving strong waves of air without any tree moving, you feel tremors and even earthquakes without them manifesting on the surface where you are standing, you listen to sounds in and out of your bodies when all is calm, momentarily losing objective conscience, confusion about the measure of time (something you did in the morning at sunset seems it was some days ago), sudden euphoria or dismay without nothing motivating it, all of these changes are product of my energy combined with other frequencies from Space that are working in your DNAs.

When Father Creator of everything that has life conceded to Urantia the raise to 5th D, He decided that this should be done with the humanity that lives on the surface. To fulfill this Project we have been intervening all the workers of the Father to help Urantia and prepare you in an integral form, fellow workers, to raise a dimension. It is great work in conjunction with Beings of Light, Beings of Space and Gaia, and yourselves have been preparing since lives past before arriving to Urantia and you are already one step from achieving it.

I have talked of my energy so you may familiarize with all said and so you won’t be afraid and run to take legal drugs to your bodies, the best you can do is rest and if you can try to harmonize the discomfort looking to see what teaching it can bring, and maybe to help others that feel the same way and do not understand it. I am present in each one of the earthquakes, do not see me as a malignant being, I am just doing my work and if you are in trouble taken care of your physical bodies, call me, I can lift you up and change you from the place you are to another, I have done it many times in the tsunamis. In service very close to you, Aquaterra.

Gardenia: Thank you, Lord Aquaterra, for your message and thank you for all the energy you gave me during it, Blessed Being of God!

Lord Aquaterra

Lord Aquaterra channeled by Kitiara on Monday the 21st of June, 2010, and published on Sunday 27th of June, 2.010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate. Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

Kitiara: Lord Aquaterra?

Yes, I am Aquaterra, you are feeling my vibrations, the work that I am doing for the elevation of Gaia. I go from here to there leveling and regulating. The strong movements are very close, that is why you have noticed me, because my activity is now incessant.

The announcements are not in vain. You are warned and you should be prepared. I continue with my work for the good of all, of all the good souls, of Gaia and of all her good inhabitants. I want to say with this that it won’t be for the good of the ones who have been enslaving and oppressing the inhabitants of Gaia, and destroying her. What I am doing is necessary.

Cherub Kron & Thoth

Cherub Kron and Thoth channeled by Luanna on Wednesday 16th of June, 2010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate. Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

Cherub Kron

Humble Scribe of God, I salute you through the Light of the I Am. I am Kron, Cherub of the Lord, Angel of Light and Love. We are all gathered in virtue of the new Light event, the arrival of the times of the Lord, the construction of the Temple of Light in the heart. The search comes to its end, the truth triumphs and knowledge establishes itself…

Thoth, Scribe of the Gods

I Am Thoth, King of the Empire of the Light (Temple of Knowledge). I will talk to you about the construction of the Temple of Light. When the universe was created, it was trusted in that All was the base of the One, from the One arises All. All the temples were seeking contact with the One, to remind us the promise of the Universe, the One is the base. In accordance with the divine design, everything must be constructed in Unity with the One. So you see the pyramids, whose bases join in the One point, emanating and receiving Light. That is the central point of every created thing, which is the ultimate goal, to emanate and receive Light.

The bases are the divine principles of all creation, on them is settled the knowledge of the formation of All that continues to the infinite. They represent the 4 worlds, the 4 points, the 4 principles, the 4 faces of God. Love, Justice, Light, Knowledge, Will, all in perfect equilibrium. All power is guarded by knowledge, which makes it sacred. Your body is the Temple of God, it keeps the laws of Light in divine origin. Establish the norms and guard the maintenance of their structure. May the Light and Power prevail, so I salute you.

Luanna: Thank you, beloved Thoth.

Additional notes: Thoth is more commonly written as Thot or Tot in Spanish. Olguita: Dyehuty (in Egyptian), Tot (in greek), is the god of knowledge, writing, music and symbol of the Moon, in the Egyptian mythology. Poet Alción: Thank you, Beloved Tot = Thot for this so longed assistance, Thank you, Beloved Luanna. Origin in the Culture of the Nile, endorsed to the mythology for not finding written proofs at its moment but chronologically and for the initiated ones, even though with large margin, they place his existence between the 12,000 and 20,000 before the Beloved Master Esu. Kitiara: Thot, patron of the scribes. And the Egyptian names can be written in many ways, because they did not use the latin alphabet. Luis: He is the patron of the scribes as Kitty said, Lord of Knowledge, ancient Atlantian master who traveled to Egypt with the sinking of Atlantis.


Esu or Jeshua channeled by Carolyn Evers on Tuesday Junio 29th, 2010, and published on Wednesday June 30th, 2010.  Message taken from:

Today is Tuesday, June 29th, 2010. This is Carolyn Evers and there has been some e-mail that has crossed my desk that I found fascinating and it came from a newsletter that David Icke puts out, and of course he wrote the article and it is his newsletter June 27th, 2010. The title of this article is “And the Sea Shall Turn to Blood” – – and he brings forth a lot of facts about what is happening with the oil spill and those people who are involved with the oil spill. Since this is a topic that I’ve been following very closely myself, I was very interested in what he had to say and I have become somewhat familiar with the dangers of the oil spill and what is happening to the ecology, and so I read this with great interest. And what I did is what I do so many times, I will turn towards those in the spiritual hierarchy for their input because I see their viewpoint as perhaps being wider and deeper than my own, and they do have a sense of being able to see into the future, where the possibilities and probabilities lie and therefore I turned towards Jeshua, one that we listen to many times, and this is the message that he has brought forth today that we are passing along to you, my friends. And he is saying:

I have come forth today to comment upon this article by David Icke. David is one who has conducted very wide research into the activities of the dark and he is one that has brought forth great and powerful information in regard to their activities. I would say that David doesn’t always get the picture right. He has not understood the role of the Light, for example, in secret societies over history, however I do not wish to dilute the contribution that this man has made. The article in this newsletter is a very powerful article. It talks about the fact that this oil spill was planned, that it is an agenda of the dark, driven primarily by that arm of the dark, you could say that is represented by the Rothschild family and hence the European base, that indeed this entire spill was planned and it is not intended for this to be readily stopped . He talks about the fact that one of the major American banks sold a major part of its shareholding in BP weeks before this spill. It talks about how the CEO of BP sold something like £1.4 million in stock of BP, ostensibly his entire holding weeks before the spill happened and he talks about the chemicals that are being used are not optimal for dealing with this spill – indeed they are highly toxic. It talks about the agenda of the dark to, you could say disempowered America and to force the country to its knees through this interruption.

Potentially this spill could damage the planet’s entire ocean system within 18 months and I say to you that virtually all that David has spoken of in his newsletter is accurate. This indeed is a plan of the dark, a plan of the very highest order put together by those who are not satisfied by the level of power and control that they already exercise. They want everything. They want it all and this is their attempt to grab it all, and it is why the efforts that so many of you have put forth to endeavour to stop this spill have been ineffectual, because the dark have acted very strongly to prevent this from coming forth. They intend to retain control of what is happening upon your planet and indeed are willing to risk the entire planet for greater control, and it’s time humanity woke up to the level to which these people will go. There is nothing that they will draw the line at, and in a sense it is useful to have this display of their callousness, of their abuse so freely displayed. They have been behind all of the wars that have unfolded upon your planet over the last few hundred years and very few of humanity are aware of this, and it’s time for this understanding to come forth.

So this spill is a very useful illustration in that regard and I put it in those terms because this will get taken care of. But I wanted to draw your attention to this newsletter of David’s because it truly does paint the picture very accurately as to what is unfolding here and why those ostensibly looking to take care of the spill have no intention of doing so. Even a company as large as BP can be sacrificed for the broader purpose of the dark. They control this company as they control all of the oil companies, though not all of them are controlled by the same factions. But this one is very much controlled by the European faction and so they have acted, and if BP fails as a result of this spill, then so be it. It is a small price for them to pay as they see it for the results that they wish to achieve. So make no mistake about this . This is the kind of activity that they are willing to undertake to achieve their ends, which is complete control of the entire population of the planet for their own ends. So I wanted come forth and let you know the truth that David has brought forth. And so it is.

Commander Sohin & Mother Mary

Commander Sohin and Mother Mary channeled by María Cecilia Teixeira on Sunday the 2nd of May of 2010. Message taken from: .

Commander Sohin

To all the Lightworkers. It is now the time to act. The time to act has come. The Mother Earth suffers the labor pains right now. She is ready to expel from her belly all the energies that do not vibrate in tune with the 5th Dimension. The process has begun in the South Atlantic where strong storms and hurricane winds are happening. The coasts of Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia and Colombia will be particularly affected.

Meanwhile volcanoes will be activated, earthquakes in many parts of the planet, typhoons and hurricanes will be felt all over the Earth. The planetary hologram of the Earth of 3rd Dimension gives way to the Earth of 5th Dimension. And we need all of you firmly anchored into your own Light. Do not fear either for yourselves nor for your loved ones, because you will be protected at every moment. To each inhabitant of the planet will occur only the best for himself/herself and for his/her evolution.

The die is cast. Remember that you will never be alone. We need you tranquil and acting to aid your brethren. Only then you will be able to hurry up your inner ear and listen to our voice through the heart. The ships of the fleet of the Galactic Confederation will be proceeding to the evacuation of those who may wish so, or that may be in imminent risk. I Am the Commander Sohin of the Alpha Ship, and I leave you, Cecilia, with Mother Mary, who also wishes to talk.

Mother Mary

Beloved children: My heart of Mother breaks apart in pain by seeing that many of my children will leave the planet without getting to know of what is going on in fact. But here I am to support you and to give you strength in this so difficult moment. Trust in the divine help and in all of us, from our side of the veil, we will be by your side inspiring you about what to do or where to go to. I know that before a situation of crisis it is not that easy to hear the heart. Because of that I ask you to keep yourselves serene and firmly hold onto the hands of God. Know that nothing will happen to you, my beloved. I Am Mother Mary and I leave you shrouded in my Mantle of LOVE and PROTECTION.

Christ Michael

Christ Michael channeled by Gardenia on Friday the 2nd of July, 2010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate. Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

Gardenia: [Talking about fallen angels.] When they fell down, they sank into the depths of darkness, many decided to stay there and serve Lucifer, others repented and walked alone, without the help of the demons and with God’s displeasure over them, but the infinite mercy of the Father soon opened up to us the opportunities of getting back to him again. Christ Michael is with me and he tells me not to get scared, that some others from here rebelled against him at some time, but now they are a star of his crown.

CM: Beloved children, do not get scared or worried for what you did yesterday, the important thing is what you are doing today, all your works are pleasant because the one who serves my son serves me as well. I see you united with my Beloved Esu, strengthened with the experiences that time left you in the past. You are my beloved children and all your experiences have been collected by me and analyzed. You carry in the roots of your soul so much Light that darkness was not able to touch it. This Light that no rebellion could hinder, of what was sown by me not all the harvest was lost. There were some ones that I have not been able to rescue yet and that is my determination because my love for my children is my love for myself. Whenever you are reunited I seek for what I can also learn from you, because the children live experiences in relation with the performance of the times that maybe the Father has not considered and in the infinite movement at some given point it fits as a gear assembly.

In the cosmic wheel everything has a counterpart to unite itself with the big part of the whole and I, as part of that whole, also learn from more parts. It is good that you work in Unity because without Unity you cannot get anywhere. At this stage of the journey it is not good to walk alone.

Kitiara: Beloved Christ Michael, do you have any message for us, the ones who are gathered here? Besides the message you have given to us in this beautiful token of trust by getting together with us and speaking to us.

CM: As I know that my beloved daughter is always ready to serve me and you are desirous of listening to me I have decided to look into the window and send you some words. My blessing to each one of you and your families. Do not worry about my daughter Zuleima, she will be alright, she has to take more care of herself, to work less and to rest more. You see, at any moment I can look into your window when you are gathered in love.

Álvaro: The window will always be open, Daddy.
CM: I love you deeply. Esu is pleased that I have addressed you. My blessings. Christ Michael.
Gardenia: Thank you, beloved Father Christ Michael, at your orders always.
Álvaro: Thank you for your words, Daddy. Blessed you are.
Kitiara: It is always appreciated the company, intervention and words of our beloved Father Christ Michael. The company is very pleasing. As Esu’s company is very pleasing too.

Christ Michael

Christ Michael channeled by Gardenia on Wednesday 7th of July, 2010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate.Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

Beloved children, I come today to talk to you about of what you are anxiously waiting for, the triggering of the end of times in which everything will be transformed, this is a process that does not occur from one day to another and it already has some years of having begun. You have started to notice them over the last months.

Do not think that Gaia is still, she is always moving herself and you will soon notice it more on the surface, her intense movements will be unleashed on the seas very soon. I warn you to avoid travel as possible to the beaches and not to use the maritime transportation, it doesn’t matter how heavy it may be, for the strength of the energy when the sea shakes with violence there is nothing that does not move.

The pressure has been concentrated in the waters as a result of the criminal actions against all life in the seas, the abuse and annihilation of the marine species for the commercial exploitation or for the ghoulish fun of some ones. Many species have perished and others have been saved because they breed rapidly, and also humanity is feeding herself greatly with the food of the marine inhabitants, they have forced themselves into the need for food of the marine species that eat each other.

All these actions have to make their effects felt in the ones who have been providing this catastrophe which does not comes out to the sight of the common citizen. It is not the same to get a fish and some seafood for the consumption of the families that live on the coasts than the commercial exploitation that ends with the species without giving them time for their renewal, or cutting out the fins of the young sharks just to drink the soup which they say is an aphrodisiac. It is barbaric the exploitation of the whales and the abuse of the dolphins, creatures that only do good to humanity by keeping the ecological balance inside the waters of the planet.

Between the period of New Moon to Full Moon of this month of July we hope that what was planned becomes a reality, you will see the waters entering the coasts with violence and the evacuation of the marine species will begin, and some human beings that reside around the coasts will be moved, always respecting their free will, the one who may be ready to perish, will perish.

It is expected that the dark hand of my malicious children may not raise any event that may bring us delays in the execution of what is planned. You may have already realized that an event triggers others and we have been like this since the last two decades, having to make changes on the time to prevent something that was not expected to come to us. You will think: “The Father can do anything”, and SO IT IS, but everything that happens in my creation is analyzed and taken into account to direct it in the best way in accordance with my Laws, the Divine Order is never altered, it constantly flows in the way that it may give each one according to their actions.

I am attentive to everything that happens, I move and work continuously for the good of my beloved children and of my creation in general. I am desirous of seeing you coming to Me with all that cumulus of experiences which have enriched you in your journey around the world and to feel in the immensity the WE ARE ONE! My loving blessing. Christ Michael.

Gardenia: Thank you, my beloved Father Christ Michael, I renew you my unconditional love and my desire to serve you always.


Michel de Notredame (Nostradamus) channeled by Gardenia on Tuesday 20th of July, 2010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate. Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.
Note: Gardenia initially did not want to publish this introductory note to the channeled message but I asked her to allow me and she agreed. I think that this personal touch fits perfectly as a preamble to her channeling. The way Nostradamus initially talked to her was by giving her quatrains in the style that he did in his time as a prophet and seer/clairvoyant. Luis Prada, Director of BVC.

Gardenia: Around 10:30 in the morning I felt a strong masculine energy on my right ear. After a few seconds I said: “Welcome in the name of love, could you give me your name?" The Being began to talk to me with words that I did not get to understand, then I told him: “Sir, I am neophyte in the practice of telepathy, please, talk to me with more simplicity.” He replied: “You are not new in this work, as a disciple of Saint Germain you are ready to reach the heights of your mind.” I told him: “Sir, if you want to tempt my ego, you are wasting your time, I accept my limitations.” The Being smiles and tells me: “I Am Nostradamus, that is why I have entered through your right ear.”

Michel de Notredame (Nostradamus): In my times there were no computers, but the trance is the same so let’s proceed. At the present moment you do not have to make prophecies anymore because you are living all that was prophesized since times before Christ and over that period of time in some place of history it fits in all that was predicted by me.

The cycles are being accomplished and in the silence of time humanity has not asked herself where is she going. There are a few ones that have been making use of their Divinity and behaving as what they are, they are working in the service to God using their intellect, studying the cycles of the heavenly bodies and the stars.

The entire universe is established mathematically and in the course of time everything comes to clarity for all, but man with all his vices and bad habits has been speeding up and pushing the catastrophes for them to happen before expected. Man has always been the enemy of himself and his kind. In my times I suffered the lack of understanding of the society in which I lived in and until today some judge me as a mere charlatan, but that remains in them, the truth always comes out cleanly to the clarity of the eyes that wish to see it.

I have seen your works and the energy that is in the group has impressed me, there is so much potential that each one of you has not dedicated himself/herself to develop, there are great telepaths and prophets but they had fallen asleep. I am at your disposal to help you, look for me. I have not come to give you a prophecy, I just want to affirm what is happening and that in a short future everything will be over.

It is sad to see how the planet begins to be poisoned through the leak of toxic gases that are flowing in the Gulf of Mexico, as if it were not enough the toxic burden that all the industrial companies release and all that uses petroleum/oil for its movement, also the ionic load which escapes from all the nuclear and atomic technology. It is admirable the resistance of Shan to such evil from the human being.

It is not necessary to give dates, you are already living the beginning of the end. Do not get worried because it will not resist until 2012. Everything fits together to start a very violent period of the elements of Earth over the next weeks or days depending of Shan’s decision, if she will make it through the earth or through the air, probably air, fire and the water with the earth will merge to put an end to this cycle of suffering for humanity.

You must be happy and compassionate in the midst of misfortunes, to help the most unprotected and ready to depart without looking back again when your Guides call you. We will see each other in the New Earth, I will be your master for a short time in the field in which I am specializing myself. You will have to study a lot and to be very studious in sciences. It has been a pleasure to be among you. Nostradamus.

Gardenia: Thank you, beloved master Nostradamus.

Saint Germain

Saint Germain channeled by Gardenia on Friday 9th of July, 2010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate. Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

I Am Saint Germain. Beloved students, it is necessary that you be alert, the triggering of a great catastrophe is about to occur, keep my beloved Violet Flame always with you because when the wave rises it drags with it all that it finds without making any discrimination. I do not wish to scare you, but to only prevent you and do not be confident believing that, as always, nothing will happen. It is recommendable that you seek to be united with your families and to leave your house only when it may be necessary, forget about wanderings and distractions, it is the moment of being sure-footed in the waiting of what is coming over you.

There will be evacuations only if it is strictly necessary, we hope that all of you behave at the height of your Light in all aspects. If there are some ones that at a given time feel that they cannot make a decision, or have doubts, do not forget that you can appeal to your Spiritual Guides or to the Saint of your Devotion.

For some time some of you have dedicated yourselves to collect messages and to file them in somewhere and have forgotten to discern the teaching contained in them and to assimilate them in your Being so that they may get out from the file of their consciousness in times of difficulty and be put in practice. I am not that much into giving this kind of message, but today I have considered necessary to do so because even though it has already been told you until fatigue that you be ready, I see that there are still some who are not and the ones who say that they are ready still have missing trifles to overcome. That is why I call your attention once more so that you seriously focus in what a server of the Light must be, only the continuous connection with the Light will keep you relaxed, peaceful and in love to deal with the emergency around you.

Be carefully preparing your families without alarming them and put attention to all of the latest messages, especially to the ones from now on. I hope that you follow my recommendations. I wrap you with my loving Violet Flame, Saint Germain.

Gardenia: Thank you, my Beloved Divine Violet King, Ascended Master Saint Germain, forgive me, Lord, for having insisted whether should I pass this message or should I not.

How to Remain in your Center
Interview to Luis Prada, Director of BVC

Interview made to Luis Prada on Monday 26thof July, 2010, in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website at the Meditation Hour at 8:30PM, Forum Hour. We invite you to participate.

Michael: Mr. Luis, how do you do to remain in your center?

Luis Prada: I am going to give you my answer. Listen, Michael. You consider yourself a complete unit, you do not need more or are lacking something. You are full and complete as per the design of you done by the Creator. As such, anything people tell you do not contribute to your unit, only is a reference material. You do not need adulation nor put downs. So, if they do, OK, but if they do not, is OK, you are in your center at all times, complete unto yourself, and full. Do not depend on others for your happiness, or comfort, because if they are not there, you are unhappy and as a unit, the way God created you, you do not need others to be in line and in your center.

Michael: You never get mad anymore, do you, Luis?

Luis Prada: I don’t get mad anymore, because that is against the answer I gave you above, and against what I teach.

Esu’s Teachings and Gardenia’s Experience
About Astral Larvae

Esu channeled by Gardenia on Saturday 17th of July, 2010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate. Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

Beloved brethren, with my Lord Esu’s permission I proceed to relate to you the following experience:

Gardenia (G): The night of the Friday 16th to Saturday 17th of July, 2010, was a night where my dream became anxious and sometimes distressed with many periods of awakening and then sleeping. At moments during my dream I got to see a small being of about 3 feet, greenish in color, it had no legs, its feet were joined to the trunk, its arms, very thin ones, joined to its body, and with very small hands like the ones of a frog. I observed it carefully and told him: “I know you, I know you are harmful, there is no good in you.” The being had its eyes half closed and when it listened to me, it closed its eyes completely, from then I could not sleep anymore. It was about 2 in the morning.

About half an hour later I got up to go to the bathroom and felt my head spinning and a great pressure in my ears. It is indescribable the way how I felt my head, as if it was going to explode, as if it was not mine. I went to sit down at the edge of the bedroom window and I began to take deep breaths, but the discomfort got worse. I went back to bed, I turned on the television thinking that maybe I would forget about the discomfort, but before that I cried out to my Lord Esu and I did not find an answer.

At 5:30 in the morning my Twin Flame arrived to see what was happening to me. I told him and after listening to me he told me: “Turn off the television, you are making things worse, I am going to look for help.” Then I slept quietly. At 7 in the morning my Lord Esu awoke me and told me: “You have to thank me.” I proceeded with my usual appreciation for my return into objective consciousness. Esu repeated: “You have to thank me.” Confused, I told him: “I do not understand.” Then He began to give me not very clear images, but at a given time he showed me the following: A being with a rhomboid-like head and a big tail, something like a kite that children play with, the expression on the face of the being was the same as the being that I described before. Then I engaged in the following dialogue with my beloved Lord Esu:

G: What is that, Master?
Esu (E): A larva that I have just taken out from you, it is a larva that has been following you since past incarnations.

G: Lord, why did you allow that larva to enter in me if I go to sleep in harmony and surrendered to service?
E: In order for me to take it out from you it had to enter first, also it had to see the degree of humility and love there is in you because that larva pursues you since a long time ago.

G: Lord, what is a larva?
E: A psychic larva is a larva which introduces itself into the astral and mental body of the individual, it contains a manipulating and controlling material, it is an energy with motivations, with intelligence, it lives at the expense of the astral body of the one that possesses it, as a parasite lives in the physical body of the human being.

G: Why do larvae enter into the Light seeker’s psyche?
E: In the Astral plane there exist parasites or larvae, and also in the entire Universe, the seeker of the Light sometimes unintentionally creates psycho-spiritual conditions that generate low frequency energies which settle themselves in the Astral and become psychically independent entities built out of lower mental elements and using the body of desire as a support. We could say something like evil entities or animals of a low spiritual level which can be found somewhere in the Universe. On the other hand let’s analyze the spiritual work that a seeker of the Light does, with his/her Light he/she fights darkness and here the principle of polarity comes into play where each part looks for generating its opposite. For example, the seeker with his/her Light works doing good, something good at any given place and time, and at the same time the corresponding polarity to this action has to be detonated as a reaction of the shadows. Now, if the seeker of the Light has insecurities and fears, he/she is fertile ground to produce larvae.

G: Lord, in which way do larvae harm us?
E: The simplest damage is producing in the human being definite trends as impulses to do or to participate in activities that go in detriment of the Higher Self forgetting about their Divinity, also the loss of Astral matter is felt in the other bodies producing diseases in the physical body and it can get to produce in him/her an acceleration in the loss of life.

G: How many kinds of larvae are there?
E: As many or more than parasites you can keep in your intestines.

G: Lord, does everybody in the Community have larvae in our astral body?
E: The work that you do day by day in your Etheric Temple has been cleaning you of small larvae, that is why messages are sent to you which by putting them into practice, the astral body is cleaning itself. Remember that you live in a Universe full of larvae and only you are the ones who can let them in. It is not necessary to walk in evil ways for a larva to reach you, darkness may want to defend itself from the attacks of Light.

G: How long could a larva live in the astral body of a person?
E: If it is not ejected from the Astral it can live until the physical body disintegrates itself with dead, but there are larvae that are very strong and when the physical body disintegrates itself they hold onto the conditions of their surroundings and they incubate and camouflage themselves for hundreds of years, or before the dead of the physical body they have already turned themselves into independent entities and they return to the Astral.

G: How can we protect ourselves from the astral larvae?
E: Every event that occurs in the Universe is natural or produced by the very same man because he as a co-creator is able to trigger the necessary energy to produce any manifestation. Under this premise there is no need to be afraid, we know that fear is the favorite child of ignorance, then you have to prepare yourselves through prayer and meditation looking for the Spiritual Guides who will instruct you in what you do not know, conforming yourselves to a life code full of love, humility and acceptance. Yes, acceptance, because there are a few that carry more than one larva in their system and instead of accepting it and proceeding to eradicate them, they close their eyes and dedicate themselves into feeding the larvae that manipulate them.

You have to get rid of all the erroneous concepts that society has inculcated upon you and detach yourselves of all the harmful habits that have provoked you many troubles in life. In other words, you must free yourselves from all that is alien to the Light. You must learn to recognize when the ego is being inflated by larvae of arrogance and pride and from all that you consider is not yourselves.

G : When we Ascend to the 5thD, are we going to carry few larvae?
E: By no means, to Ascend you have to be clean of all energy of the lower Astral, that is why we are assiduously asking you to be ready, we mean that you have the energetic frequencies at the height of your Light. A few have brought larvae from other incarnations, but those are removed with the help of your Spiritual Guides (if you allow them).

G : Infinite thanks, my Beloved Lord Esu, for having taken the larva out of my astral body and for having instructed me on this topic.

Loyalty to the Master

Esu channeled by Gardenia on Wednesday 14th of July, 2010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate. Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

Today I wish to center my message in the Loyalty to the Master. All of you know the description dictionaries give to the word Loyalty and I am not going to be redundant about that. I want to refer myself to the service you give to the Light, helped and oriented by your Spiritual Guides to which you profess love and devotion. These Beings educate you and guide your minds, they see you growing in the Luminous Path with discernment that is preparing you to serve the Father and his Creation. There is one of these Beings in particular who becomes a part of yourselves, you are One with his Light and he takes you under his care and service trusting that you will always be there for what is needed in the great work of Ascension. This Being of Light is at you service at the same time and he is always ready when you cry out for him, in the religious language they call this Being the Saint of your Devotion, this does not imply that you do not respect, know and utter prayers to other Saints, Angels and other Identities of Light.

Here at the BVC there have been established groups of harmony with the future work to be done with various Masters according to the specialty in the service that corresponds to you to do so, and many of you already have the denomination where you will work on. These Masters are being prepared as what they are, “Masters in their specialty”, and they are together with me day by day carrying out the work with you (you do not have objective consciousness of that), but there are some of my beloved children that have unintentionally turned their backs against me by leaving and giving their Devotion to another Master in particular and they have placed Me in a place as another server of that Master, they have lost the way.

In the Divine Order all of us have a place, a mission to carry out with humanity, and there exists a Plan well conceived by the Father since the beginning of times and it must not be tried to hinder because of the ignorance of the student. I respect the free will and the spiritual growth of each one of you, if anyone has gone to give his loyalty and devotion to another Master with whom he feels in better harmony than with Me, I respect him and give him my blessing knowing that this particular student is not ready to work faithfully with me. It is not that he may be in the wrong path or that he may be mistaken, he has looked for another path of Light where he happily gives his services.

I am not in contradiction with any Master or Being of Light who help you to grow spiritually, what happens is that BVC is a Community with a previously established Plan. I have invited many Masters of the past and present and many Beings of Light to work with us, some have accepted to adapt themselves to my Plan, but there are others who have looked for making their own communities and that is fine because we all serve in the same Vineyard, also some of these groups will join BVC in the future to serve and learn at the New Schools.

Many give me their loyalty in other frequency of Light and they are very blessed. I know that I have loyal children in the entire surface of the planet and they are part of the Ascension process in other level of understanding, they are my beloved children that you will help when difficulties press, but I want you to understand that the BVC project is different and therefore I need that the one or the ones who stay with me may be sure of what they are doing.

I am continuously testing your Loyalty by placing on you little things that you do not notice, but I do read your minds and hearts. Lovingly, Esu Immanuel Sananda.

Gardenia: Thank you, my beloved Esu Immanuel Sananda, for your valuable message, I renew to you my love, devotion, loyalty and desire to serve you, help me to do it unconditionally.
Luis Prada: The BVC Plan is like an oasis of fresh water in the midst of this desert of the New World Order where hopelessness is seen in the people. It is the Light which draws us forward because it represents hope, and hope is the Path that guides us to a better tomorrow.

About the Implants

Esu Immanuel Sananda channeled by Luis Prada, Director of the BVC, on Monday 26th of July, 2010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate.Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

The implants are in many forms: physical, ethereal, astral and the ones of the mental kind. The larvae are thought entities that have lodged themselves in the astral body and feed themselves of your energy as I already told you before through Gardenia. Do not confuse the implants with the larvae. In the Galactic Federation we have removed implants from the Lightworkers to the extent that they show their commitment with the Light. Some members of the BVC are still implanted. But it is our wish that you activate yourselves more in your commitment for us to proceed to free you from those negative implants. There are positive implants as the one Luis has to improve his telepathic transmission, these are installed by us. That’s all. Esu.


Gaia channeled by Gardenia on Wednesday 28th of July, 2010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate.Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

Beloved children of my physical creation, as you have noticed I have been in silence and the reason of my silence is due to something that I must confess to you with shame. As well as you, I have had some attachments that I have already resolved, but it happens that I am attached to my physical form. During all the transformations that I have had through my existence since my creation I had never had a physical figure as the one that I have nowadays and I like it a lot, I wish not to change my physical appearance and I have made known this to Christ Michael, but his answer was rotund: “Resolve your attachments as soon as possible because time presses on”.

I would wish to find myself in 5thD with a less broken appearance and that the terrains emerging from the seas may not remain as patches around of what is left, but it happens that it is not my decision only, because I have to move myself according to the need that my disorientated children have produced. My brother Aquaterra tells me that I must not care about how my physical constitution may look. He tells me that you will see me equally beautiful.

You may ask yourselves: Why have I confessed my weakness? The reason is that I need that each one of my loving children may send me energy to heal this terrible attachment that I have to proceed with my work of Ascension and to be able to take you with me. This attachment to my physical form that I have is part of the damage that the fiend children of my own creation have done to me. When the Father created me, he did it pristinely, but all the emotions, feelings, vanities and all their negative ways of feeling and thinking have got into my veins —at a given time and without noticing it. I have already cleaned myself up of all that crust that I had had accumulated in my body. When I went to ask for permission to the Creator Father of Havona to Ascend —I did not want to perish— I began my cleansing taking advantage of the conditions created by humanity, and small catastrophes have been produced, but time keeps its course and I must not wait any longer, I understand it, but the strength of my attachment stops me from starting, that is why I need that you make an extra effort by giving me your cleansing energy and thus liberating me to give the great leap that you have been waiting for since a long time ago.

My beloved children, as man has damaged the Moon and Planet Mars with his expeditions, I have not stayed behind, you have no idea the damage that the sector of humanity which serves the dark forces has produced to me. I talk to you, my loving children, of this that is happening to me because I am sure that I will have your understanding and that you won’t harm yourselves by judging me.

Gardenia: Mother, I am crying, give me a few minutes, please, to continue. My Lord Esu comes and asks me: “Why are you crying?” I answer him: “Beloved Master, now I understand the magnitude and reach of all negative thoughts, feelings and actions of the sector of humanity which triggers the forces of evil. I locate myself in some moment of my life from my creation and I take responsibility of this evil and I ask for forgiveness.” Esu says: “Dry out your tears, you have freed yourself with that understanding, may peace be in your heart, allow Gaia to continue with her message.”
Gaia: Do you feel fine, my daughter?
Gardenia: Yes, Mother, at your service, I wait for your words.

Gaia: Beloved children, do not despair nor grieve, with the energy that you send me everything will be fine, I just hope that my words make you become aware of what has been happening through millennia of existence both mine and yours and that you must follow your path taking much care of your thoughts, emotions and actions because they are energies which travel through space and you do not know where are they going to be deposited on. Soon I will give you an update of what is coming up through your dear Commander Ashtar. Lovingly, Gaia.

Gardenia: Thank you, dear Mother Gaia, for having entrusted to us your secret and forgive me for what corresponds to me in the context. Thank you, my Beloved Lord Esu, for your love and your help. Brethren, this message of Gaia has touched me and shaken all my being, it is a beautiful gift that our Mother gives us by trusting in us and I feel very blessed because she embraced me today at 5 in the morning with an energy that came out of my feet and went through all my body and exited through my crown. I am so much blessed that I don’t think that Gaia gives such message to channels outside the BVC and this is due to the work of Light that we do every day. I think that it has been the best birthday of my life, 66 years of fighting in search for the Light, I think that we are arriving to its end. Thank you, dear brethren, your love and Gaia’s message had made me travel to the stars. Thanks to all the pretty Beings of Light that have given to us their Light today. Thanks to all the brethren who served in the meditation and channelings. Thanks to all my dear brethren for assisting, your energy is very valuable and we need to be together in community doing the work that our Lord Esu desires. Blessings to all those who leave and remember that Esu waits here for you tomorrow.
Ramón: I am sorry, Divine Mother, for my negative feelings and actions, I send you the Violet Flame inside of my heart so it may transmute all the bad qualified energy and only my pure Love is for you.

Presence I Am That I Am of the Universal Father of Havona

Presence I Am That I Am of the Universal Father of Havona channeled by Gardenia on Thursday 29th of July, 2010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate.Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

I Am That I Am, beloved children of Earth, your love and energy has arrived to me transmuting itself into gratefulness for the service that you give during your meetings. The humility and temperance that is in your hearts has returned you to your Childhood of Light, that in the remoteness of time and the bitter experiences to which you have been submitted to it remained well hidden in the depth of your Being. You have worked a lot to drop the chains that kept you tied down and day by day you have been picking up the delights of what your prompt and complete liberation will be.

Within the Universal Plan of Creation you now occupy a place of much responsibility, you are part of the gear assembly which moves the entire Universe. Do not feel small, the loving and voluntary service that you have given and keep giving has placed you in an important part of the work to come. You have traveled for millennia under the yoke of the ones who administrate the opposite forces of good, but that is already over. Your Guides have informed me about your works and tribulations that you have suffered under the dominance of the aforementioned. On this evolution of times the energy has not been wasted because each one of you day by day has been strengthened himself in the weakness, has risen from the depths of pain and has learned to assess all the good that you carry in the roots of your soul. That is why now you are what you are: ONE in consciousness with the I Am That I Am.

There are no promises of salvation, there is a reality of liberation that you have earned with all your services in pro of humanity, of Gaia and of yourselves. You have become beings of good, for the good of everybody. Now you are already children of the Summum Bonum and you must behave as such because in this moment I place in the hands of each one of you the sword of good. Don’t be scared, go and investigate the uses of the swords in the Arcane, Philosophical, Mystical and Spiritual knowledge. Every server of the Light must carry his sword very well sheathed and it must be unsheathed only to use it, otherwise if you unsheathe it and you do not use it, the contrary will finish you over, but you must be very careful, to have a sword in your hands carries much discernment, much reasoning, much responsibility. You have to be very careful with yourselves, because the Ego loves to feel powerful.

Some time ago, Christ Michael placed a Crown of Light on your heads (the one that you usually forget about), now in the name of the Summum Bonum I place the sword of good in your hands. The reason for giving you this weapon of good is because the last assaults of the enemy of good are looming. You are for the good of all, now you are already children of the Summum Bonum and you must behave as such because in this moment I place in the hands of each one of you the sword of good. No, don’t be scared, go and investigate the uses of the swords in the Arcane, Philosophical, Mystical and Spiritual knowledge.

(Gardenia: Brethren, they have just made a cut in the message and the one that I saved was erased by them, be patient, I will put it together again. The ego… powerful. Christ Michael… do not consider that because it is there where they made the mixture of words, I will come back. I am going to continue, you will see where and why the dark ones did not want me to give you the message. N. of E.: The message arrived misconfigured at the beginning, with paragraphs in disorder. Gardenia published it again correctly in the chat as how it is published here.)

Why have I placed on you a sword of good in your hands? Because the enemies of goodness from some time ago are gathering their energetic remnants to proceed with the final assault. When you travel in missions in the astral body do not forget that you are protected with your swords of good and be ready to use them if it is strictly necessary. I Am That I Am, do not forget it, my children.

Gardenia: Thank you, my Beloved Lord I Am That I Am, the power over All That Is, it is a great blessing that you have addressed us, your humble servants. You could realize that the dark ones were watching me and they did not want the Father to give us a powerful weapon against them. This sword of good will finish darkness, you already know. The commanders who travel to the Astral to accomplish missions, see yourselves before sleeping with your sword of Light in your hand. Brethren, while taking the message I had a lot of interference, that is why I took so long, but Lord Esu was with me so that I could take the entire message. Take notice that they did moaning noises behind my desk twice and when I thought that I had defeated them, they interfered at the time of passing you the message, but thanks to Esu everything succeeded. The key is not to have fear, to anchor yourselves steadily in the Light. Thanks to all the Pretty Beings of Light that have given us their Light and protection today, we beg you to look into the window of your humble servants.
Nahuz: Exactly, beloved Gardenia, the key is not to have fear, even if they blear us completely for moments.
Luanna: Thank you, beloved Father, for such a grand Honor! We are at your service Always! And always is always! I love you! Thank you, beloved Gardenia, for bringing his message to us.
Álvaro P.: Thank you very much Gardenia, you are beloved!! Thank you, Presence I Am That I Am, thank you for remembering us and for blessing us with that sword to deal with the dark ones, we will use it with great responsibility!
Kitiara: We are defeating them. They did not want us to know that we had more weapons to defeat them.
Crisálida: How spoiled our little dark brethren are… they deserve some good spanking!
Rayo Rubí: Beloved brethren, I love you with all the strength of my heart. We cannot have fear nor doubt in the precise moment.
Loren: I think they give their “flailings of a drowning man”. Imagine, accustomed to millions of years of controlling, but, they won’t stand anymore. Well, be always alert. Once I had a very horrible experience. I was in wakefulness and I saw 8 larvae and they caught me off guard, I just asked the Virgin for help and I saw her covering me with a cloak of Light and I got up sweating and coughing but happy. The Angel of the Ministry has the mission of dealing with a life. For every human being, for every laggard loafer of other systems, and every Guardian Spirit, there is a Ministering Angel who voluntarily performs the function of protecting the life stream for so long as he decides to remain on Earth or to be a part of this evolution, that is, the Guardian Angel.

Ashtar Sheran

Ashtar Sheran channeled by Gardenia on Saturday 24th of July, 2010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate.Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

I Am Ashtar Sheran. I have passed by to salute you at the hour of your meeting and to give you certain updates about the process that my fleet has just begun. We have started with the evacuation of the marine creatures, we are having little difficulties because so much damage humanity has done to these beings that they are disoriented, on the defensive, they believe that we are going to harm them, so we have begun to have talks with their guides for them to appease them.

We would never engage in a fight with them and we understand their attitude. Every being when it has been always abused, reacts out of fear by defending itself from that which considers will harm it. Humanity has emptied into the seas all kinds of harmful materials to the marine life and the fishing boats which invade the waters make the creatures to continuously run away and get into the refuges that they have fabricated by themselves. We will never use force, they have to know that we come to save them from their possible extermination and this process is taking time. We cannot hurry them either, we must heal their fears first before evacuating them because we do not come to fish them, we come to help them in their Ascension because they will populate the seas of the New Earth.

As you can see, the Galactic Federation knows that at the hour of doing the work, certain setbacks that we did not take into account may be found and that is why all the work set to be carried out is constantly checked over because we will work with free will beings, starting with Gaia until we reach any creature of her creation.

My fleet and I have prepared very well, but this preparation of ours in the development of our activities does not depend only on us. We have and we will have a lot of patience because we will do the work as Christ Michael wishes it —blissfully He already decided not to do any other change nor will he intervene in anything of the process. I tell you so because we have seen that you complain of waiting and you are on your right, but you must have awareness that the work to be done involves many elements of the free will and we must be in harmony with all of them.

Everything is ready to proceed, but it is Gaia the one who determines our actions, we hope that she may not change her decision of moving herself in the depth of her waters because we have begun with our work.

Do not think that because we are working in the seas we have left the land aside, my fleet is very large and we count with the help of brethren from other nearby Galaxies of the Milky Way to work in the specialties of their milieu. We are covering the entire Earth, we have populated the terrestrial space so that if you could see us, even the most brave would surely be scared. I count on you to carry out the work at the human-to-human level, do not come with a last-minute surprise. We must be ready for any emergency. It has been a great pleasure to greeting you. Commander Ashtar Sheran.

Gardenia: Thank you beloved Commander Ashtar Sheran for your presence among us today. (The Commander said good bye with a big smile on his face and raising his hand as a sign of farewell. The Commander put a kiss on his hand. I did not want to say that, but Lord Esu told me: “Do not be selfish, do not keep it for you only.” And I answered him: “Master, forgive me, I thought that I was mistaken and that he did not give a kiss away.” And He said: “No, you wanted it for yourself.” And he smiled).
Luis Prada: Dear Commander Ashtar, we love you in this community and it is a great pleasure that you visit us. Some day we will thank you personally for your dedication to the Light and for your love for this suffering and enslaved humanity of this prison planet that won’t be so anymore. Thank you, Esu, for you company and love. Thank you Gardenia and Luanna for your channelings.

What It Means To Be Awake?
By Christ Michael Through Hazel
August 3, 2010, 2:08:13 PM

Message taken from: .

We have been using the word "awake" rampantly over the years. I have caused to question however how many truly comprehend the full meaning of what it means to be awake. This explanation is long over due and I hope that the clarity which I bring this day will settle the minds of you, my children, that you are left in no doubt as to what I mean when I say you must "awaken".

There are many dimensions to the context in which this word or concept is used. Firstly, we, the Spiritual Hierarchy, wish that you ones will awaken to the reality of your earthly existence and see that you have become veritable slaves to a matrix that is so entrenched that it is difficult for you ones to decipher that which is real. We wish that you will become cognizant of the lies and heinous practices of the dark ones which bind you in slavery to their exquisitely nefarious vendetta against the Light.

You ones are embraced in a dark culture and the Light is trying to peek in but the dark ones are seeking to cut off every vent that will allow the breath of Light in. Only you have the power to press against the boundaries of the darkness initiated by those who seek to bleed the very life from your souls. We desire you to awaken to the drudgery of your existence which deprives your soul of food for growth. For those who remain unconscious to the darks’ agenda, exist in the quagmire of ignorance and have assumed a machine-like existence.

So to be clear we wish that you will see what you have become a part of and a willing participant in. For when you are able to see clearly that you are slaves, then you can rise up and fight for your freedom. It is time for you on Earth to awaken to the illusion within which you exist. I want you to know that there is no life where there is illusion. When you can awaken to this, you will wish to recapture what is real for only then will you stand a chance of living and growing.

We wish you to awaken also to the plight of the planet Earth to which I made you loyal custodians. You must see that I intended her to be a sovereign being just like you, yet she has been treated with contempt, disrespect and perpetual abuse.

Awaken in this context means that you must become aware of, and acknowledge that, the planet Earth, whom the Celestials call Gaia, is a living being just as you are and who must evolve and Ascend as you must. She is a part of my creation and must be afforded the love and dignity that she is deserving of.

I desire you, my children, to awaken to the Presence of the Mighty I Am within you, being the God Presence, the divine you. It is this awareness that will truly start you on your eternal journey. When you become aware of your divinity, you will see the greater picture of you and come into a greater understanding of who God is and what He stands for.

This is man’s greatest challenge for he is slow to recognize himself as a supreme being because for aeons the dark has subjugated him and taught him to measure his worth only by that which is physical. Man has forgotten where he came from and he must come into remembrance of his birth, his birthright, heritage and legacy. When man is awaken to who his is, he will begin his Ascent for he will have become aware of the Light within which will guide his every movement as he scales the mountains of life after life.

In awakening to his divinity man will come to know Me intimately if he so desires and he will come to understand My Ways and Laws by which he will abide consciously. He can awaken that spark within himself by connecting with his God mind initially, that the eyes and ears of his mind become activated which enables him to see, hear and know the rhythm of Me within him. Thus, will begin the unfolding of a beauteous relationship between us in the measure of his effort.

Awakening to My Presence within is not enough, for man’s consciousness must unfold in greater measure that he discovers more and more about Me and thus himself. I fear that for those of you who think that you might be awakened you will find that you may be so in half measure. When you attain Enlightenment, only then will you be fully awakened. Until then your efforts must be directed to coming into a greater awareness of your God Self and mastering with tenacity those God attributes all the time. When I say you must be awake I mean all the time, not some of the time or when it suits you.

Being awake also means being aware of your habits, practices, thoughts and feelings every single moment of your life. It is only conscious awareness that will enable you to align your actions with Me.

I desire you ones to be alive to the fact that as your grow in Light the dark ones will seek every opportunity to attack that Light. You must therefore be aware of that fact and as I have taught you, protect yourself with the white Light of God.

Finally, I desire you to awaken to the Oneness in all things. Many of you sprout the phrase because it sounds "nice" or it is the spiritually correct thing to say. How many feel that sense of Oneness with all? How many can bless their dark brothers and pray for them? How many can see every life force in creation as One and Equal? When you can start to see, know and feel that Oneness through your God mind, then you will find that you will move in swiftness, into a knowing of your Oneness with Me. You will become that Oneness.

I Am Christ Michael Aton, your Father who has been telling you for aeons to awaken to your Light. Will you hear me now?


The Seven Qualities of a Warrior of Light

Esu channeled by Gardenia on Wednesday 4th of August, 2010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate.Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

Today we will talk about the qualities of the Warrior of Light during combat. It is already known by you that I refer myself to the fights that are triggered in the Astral and Mental bodies and I do not want you to think at any time that this is with the physical body.

Courage, I won’t define it according to the dictionary, courage is a quality that the student in the Path of Light has been developing in his soul-personality. He has learned to distinguish the shadows within himself and in his surroundings, he knows that the biggest danger before any situation is himself and therefore he has learned to dominate the shadows that are ready to manifest themselves in his life. By having courage he has left his fears aside and there is nothing that could make him hesitate before any situation.

Honesty, when you are honest you walk with truth and rectitude. In all actions you proceed with justice and temperance. A Warrior of Light never betrays the principles that he fights for.

Strength, he must be strong before the aggressions of the enemy and never faint, whichever the difficulty might be. Strength to succor the brother in danger without thinking in his own risk. Strength when he might see that the balance is tilting towards the enemy. He must not lose confidence in his forces knowing that these are granted from beyond the field of his actions and to never think of defeat because just with that thought he is already defeated.

Obedience, to obey the orders of the Superior Commandos knowing that he does not walk alone and that any carelessness or negligence in the action field can put his partners at risk. He must always think in the general plan that he is involved in and accept with humility what he has to do.

Respect, he must have respect for the symbols that contain the truth that he fights for. Respect for the ideals alien to his own. Respect for his Superiors and respect for himself.

Confidence in himself. Trusting oneself means to have educated the ego, because the ego can elevate him to feel victorious before time and to abandon the action in the least indicated moment and to perish when he least expect. Trusting oneself is to have full awareness that he does not walk alone and that the inner guide will help him to take the correct decision. Trusting oneself is to be pious and righteous with the defeated one knowing that the one he overcame is also his brother who just walked on wrong paths. Trusting oneself is to know that the right thing is being done, without hesitation of any kind.

Being grateful, to be grateful is to know that the place that he has come to conquer is not due to himself, gratefulness towards the commandos that he works with —The Light. To never forget that the blessings he has received in the battlefield are not product of his own work.

My Warriors of Light, these are the most important qualities that I hope that at this stage of the journey you may have developed. Use the time to refine them. Lovingly with you, my blessing, Commander of Light, Esu.

Gardenia: Thank you, my Beloved Commander of Light, Esu. Here is your Warrior to serve you always.

Saint Germain
The Shield of Light

Saint Germain channeled by Gardenia on Monday the 2nd of August, 2010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate.Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

Beloved students in the Path of Light, today I come to you as a Warrior of Light of the Ancient Order of Malta. I have seen that you have worried about the use of the Sword of Good that was given to you by I Am That I Am and at this stage you have enough information about it, but what each one of you has surely meditated upon is all regarding the great gift that was given to you. The only thing I see is that there are some of you that still do not know when to use it or have fear of harming to whom the ray of Light is directed to, do not worry, the Light does not harm itself and good does not attack good. The only way in which you may misuse the Sword is that you may not be worthy of using it, for example, if in your Being you have feelings of superiority, you feel angers or you do not have the reason in which you consider that you are defending yourselves, it is for sure that the Sword with its Light will turn itself against you to transmute what you are feeling, situation that the enemy will take advantage of to get into your lives.

I wish that you remain clear about it, if the Sword of the Summum Bonum was placed upon your hands is because you are ready to use it, but you already know that to use it you must be in harmony and to proceed in the name of good in what you have to do. It is time to give the Shield, visualize a breastplate of Light over your chest, feel yourselves protected by this Light, nothing will touch your hearts unless you allow it. This is simpler to use, when you feel you are attacked with emotions and feelings alien to the Light, center yourselves in your Shield and transform it into a mirror of Light that returns the attack to which you are object of and no dark energy will touch you, but, as when you use the sword, you must be in harmony and peace, if you keep emotions such as anger, desire of harming others, ambition of power over that which tries to harm you or, what would be worst, if you get angry, there is a very true asseveration: “That which is capable of getting you angry, can conquer you”, this is valid in all ambits of life, either in the objective or the subjective plane.

The darkness will look for you always, you must not forget that, they will be there waiting for the moment in which you neglect yourselves. While you live in 3rd and 4th Dimensions, there will be those who might wish to get you out of your frequency and snatch away your weapons of Light. Esu and I are very interested that you learn to defend yourselves because at these final moments of life in the dimensions that you will leave very soon, everything is scrambled. The Divine Order makes an effort to keep the harmony on Earth and the forces strange to good have finished getting together to survive, according to them, by holding onto what they find in their way.

I hope that you learn to make good use of the weapons of Light that have been placed in your hands, Salut, Soldiers! Ascended Master Saint Germain.

Gardenia: God of the Universe, we are grateful because you have allowed us to get together in the name of Esu to love you, serve you and adore you. Allow, Lord, that our meeting may be carried out with no interruption from the enemies of Light. Sanctify our work, Lord, and help us to reflect a little of your Light. So Mote It Be! Thank you, Beloved Knight of the Order of Malta, Ascended Master Saint Germain.
Luis Prada: Previously the Summum Bonum gave us the Sword of Light, now St. Germain from the Order of Malta gives us the Shield that we were missing. Let’s use these protection tools wisely and with responsibility.
Silvia Viviana: The night before last I was sleeping and I felt that the larvae or the dark ones were trying to make me believe that I was not worthy of the Sword, that all this was an illusion and that I was not capable of using it. Immediately —so as I was sleeping— I unsheathed my Beloved Sword, that so much respect I had for it since the first moment, and with a shield on my chest, held by my left hand, and with my right hand unsheathing the sword, I immediately felt the strength to defend myself and to keep my will of serving the Light. The last thing I remember is that I held it with decision, from there I do not remember more because I immediately continued resting in peace. I know that when I went to unsheathe my Beloved Sword, I immediately felt that I had the shield on my left hand, and I faced “that”. It was very brave of me and I congratulated myself and I felt very happy for having defended the Light with so much Love. Thank you, little brethren, for reading me and accompanying me. I love you. It is an honor in my heart to feel you, my brethren. If maybe somebody reads the [
internet] site of the community —as with the love that I felt when I read it but I did not share with you intimately like this— congratulations. Every time I read on the site [BVW] what we write and feel here, it fills me with love!

Saint Germain

Saint Germain channeled by Kharla on Tuesday the 3rd of August, 2010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate.Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

St. Germain: Dear ones, you may have realized that the parenting titles are disappearing little by little, we are no longer children, parents, nephews, neighbors, because we are all brethren, we are part of our Father-Mother Creator. In the same way you will be able to realize that several things will be modifying themselves, that established concepts won’t be the same anymore, the established patterns will be simpler, that is part of the so many changes that you will experience. The divisions, the classifications, won’t be there because dividing won’t be needed.

We are really proud of the progress taking place in you, that is why we are giving you tools that will serve you on this Path of Return to the essence, not only to protect you but to guide your brethren. Remember, we are all related, the progress in you will also affect the rest somehow. On the other hand I would like to clarify the doubt that arose yesterday [Monday the 2nd of August, 2010] about the message in which I referred to a protection on the chest protecting the heart, because you already have the protection of the crown. You are really loved, dear Warriors of the Light, we were and we’ll always be helping you, we love you.

Kharla: It is something I received while I was on my way to work. I asked Saint Germain about yesterday’s doubts and I received this.
Nahuz: So it is, Kharla, the dark ones have spread the culture of “Divide and Conquer”. We are all connected, Kharla, somehow it comes to us and it affects all of us.
Gonzalo: We are a good team, which is one of the very important keys.

Lao Tse
Releasing the Control Barriers

Lao Tse channeled by Luanna on Friday 30th of July, 2010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate.Original in Spanish, translation to English by Crisálida.

Lao Tse: It sets a limit on your mind when you work from the desire, from the mere pursuit of temporary pleasure, then each space becomes a step towards a place, nor closer, nor beyond. All retains its desired location. To each step it is attributed a value without real meaning, only illusion, verify to what you attribute your walking. What is the hurry?, if life is today and every day it starts gifting us with its eternal breathing, its Light and its sight!

Luanna: Master, the energy changes are what keeps us so altered like this?
Lao Tse: And what has changed? Are you looking now for something different?
Luanna: Well, Master, we are looking for awakening.
Lao Tse: Is it not enough to open your eyes? Light enters only to opened eyes, and the more Light, the more clarity. This is not to find something lost, stumbling in the dark. When you are in the Light, everything is in sight, Everything Is. Look up and recognize truth. What lies behind your sight but yourself? Want to wake up? Then clear the image of the observer, from which all else proceeds. (I’m not scolding you.) I speak the truth, is not that what you are looking for?
Luanna: Yes, Master.

Lao Tse: You look for an awakening with fear, you remain victims of control. Awakening is Freedom and it can only be reached with the firm decision of releasing the chains of desire and habit. Free your minds! Liberate your hearts and be the Light which is hidden behind your sight.

Luanna: So Mote It Be! Thank you, beloved master.
Beatriz R.: There is no day without the night and no night without a day, without dawn there is no dusk, without dusk there would be no dawn. What appears to be dual is the same in a divine cycle. Thank you, my beloved Lao Tse, for speaking to us with a truth so clear and beautiful.

Ashtar Sheran

Ashtar Sheran channeled by Gardenia on Tuesday 10th of August, 2010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate. Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

Salut, my human crew! Ready? We have begun to set ourselves in the emergency positions and in a few days or hours we will begin to relocate people who are in the East of the United States and Mexico, we are seeing if we can do it only with the members of the Galactic Federation that are on land, but if we find difficulties, we will appeal to the human crew, you.

My crew and I are very happy to begin our work of the evacuations and there is joy among the members of the Galactic Federation. Our meeting is very close, the veil which separates us is already falling down and at any moment each one [of you] will find in front of himself in the way that he has never done before and he will be able to get together with us in the great celestial adventure of the Ascension of Gaia and of her valued children, you.

You can rise the fist in a sign of victory against the darkness that has harmed you for millennia, but you must be cautious because when something falls down it can drag whatever is on its way, something like when a tree is torn from its root down during a storm, when falling down it can crush all that is on its surroundings, do you understand me? Because darkness will be torn down from its deepest roots and it will never mistreat anybody because in the Ascended Gaia there will be no room for them.

Have your families prepared, to the ones who are alien to your mission tell them that you could take a trip suddenly and that they may not get scared if they do not see you for some time. This is one part of the Evacuation Plan, but if the gases that are breaking off from the bottom of the ocean of the Gulf of Mexico are extremely toxic and there may be danger of perishing massively, we will give a quick turn and we will proceed to the evacuation of all that must not perish.

The higher marine lives have been mostly evacuated already, only have remained behind some ones who have voluntarily decided to give their service to sustain the life in the seas until the final times, they are very well trained and ready to get into the ships in seconds in case of emergency. As far as all that serves as food for humanity, it soon won’t serve anymore, they are developing adapting mechanisms for the oil in their bodies, and becoming harmful for human consumption. Do not be surprised that the organisms transform themselves to endure the life in other environmental conditions, it is nothing new, humanity has selfishly or by negligence harmed the natural kingdoms making them change their environmental status and transforming their bodies.

Behind the veil all of you have been trained in the Space Ships already and each one has his position of service. We have tried to strengthen all those who still have their doubts about the certainty of what has been told you for a long time. Do not think that you are going to the ships to sleep, after the novelty has passed there is much to learn and help to the ones who still may not be firm in the future of what 5thD will be.

I will be giving messages, but be careful, do not believe impostors, I am one of the most used by darkness to confuse you. Commander Ashtar Sheran.

Gardenia: At your service, my Commander. Thank you for your much appreciated message, you are very loved. (The Commander Ashtar says good bye with a smile on his face.)
Olguita: Thank you, beloved Ashtar, my heart is overcome with emotion and happiness to know such good news. We are willing to serve, assist and support the Divine Plan! An immense kiss of Light with all my LOVE, beloved Commander Ashtar! Thank you, Beloved Gardenia!
Gonzalo: Thank you, Commander, I bow to accomplish your orders.

Christ Michael
The Void Planet, the Zero Planet and the Uncreated Ones

Christ Michael channeled by Gardenia on Wednesday 11th of August, 2010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate. Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

Beloved children of My Creation, the moment has come, the ones who deviated themselves from my Light won’t be able to mistreat you anymore, by their own free will they are being pulled out of my beloved daughter Gaia and located in their proper place, some uncreated, others to the Void Planet and some are going to begin to build a Zero Planet to learn their lessons that may take them to begin the return to their Light which was given by Me since their creation.

I have thought about the creation of a Zero Planet that will be a place of opportunities for the ones who at the last hour repented of turning their backs on me and due to the burden of their actions they do not deserve to go to a place of First, Second or Third Dimensions. The ones who remain on the Void Planet will sleep in a dream of learning for a long time until they can find themselves because the one who has lost himself is not capable of anything. In the coexistence of the Void they won’t be able to harm themselves nor to hurt [anybody], it is the tiny opportunity of my mercy. As for the uncreated ones, they are not longer part of My creation in any way.

The order of beginning the activities corresponding to the implementation of the Ascension Plan is already given. My beloved son Esu Immanuel Sananda is finishing reviewing the commands. Possibly, the development of the events in the Gulf of Mexico may be made in two phases to avoid damaging too much the Pacific. I have also been meeting my Intraterrestrial children to see in which way they could be affected. If this is done at once it could generate much violence and my beloved daughter Gaia is very worried about her children who will travel to the 5thD with her. This event of the Gulf of Mexico has been very painful for her.

You can take this message as an update of what is already traveling your way. You know that you can ask for help at every moment. At this stage of the journey each one of you has already entered in harmony with the Being that has guided you to here. You can request for my help if you wish so. As your Father that I Am, I am the greatest server of you.

Gardenia: Thank you, Beloved loving Father Christ Michael.

Esu and Christ Michael

Esu and Christ Michael channeled by Gardenia on Wednesday 23th of December, 2009, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate. This is the original message in which the Crown of Light was granted to the members of the BVC. It is the first one in which this topic was talked about. Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

Esu: I, Esu Immanuel Sananda, am always among you, I wish that you feel my strength and that you may not let yourselves be dragged by other schools of thought alien to the purpose of our work. This meeting of minds in the Etheric is not a séance as the ones that have been happening since medieval times, or don’t you feel my Presence? I am more than a Spirit, I am the Creator Son of the Father. Of course, as you accustomed yourselves in your consciousness to see me far away on heavens thinking that I am ready only to hear your requests, prayers and complaints from some and negation of my Presence by those who form the group of the dissidents of my word, NO, my children!

I understand that in the poor discernment of the events some close their minds and do not see beyond their little experiences as for what spiritism is, I, Esu, walk with you working unceasingly to finish clearing the darkness which has afflicted humanity for millennia. I do not move objects, I move the soul of the one who hears me, I move the Earth, the seas and all that you can contemplate and imagine. If until now I have shown mercy and carrying out the events with smoothness, I am getting tired already that you loosen yourselves with silly words, the ones who are at my service must be strong in the conviction of what they are doing. I know that the dissidents have hold onto the delay in the triggering of the changes to bother you. Christ Michael whishes to tell you something.

Christ Michael: I am going to place a crown of Light upon your heads so that nobody touches your thoughts.

Beloved children, do not faint. My beloved channels, ignore what they say of you, each one must feel me in his heart and distinguish that we speak to you from here. You have forgotten your physical discomforts when we were finishing preparing you for your honorable mission of serving me, take possession of your role and ignore what wants to separate you from the very good work that you have been doing. The Crown of Light that I have placed upon your heads is a link between Heaven and Earth and at these final moments, may you not fall down.

It seems that there are elements on Earth that wish a strong manifestation, we will see how to separate the righteous and it will come to them, as the cycles are repeated, humanity pulls herself up with fear and comes out from those harmful thoughts until she sees a big tragedy. I, your Father, wish that you serve me with love and that you manifest always with love and never with fear, I previously said that I do not punish, each one has the harvest of his actions. May much joy be in your hearts now that it is the season on Earth of paying tribute to Immanuel, your love vibrations are received with pleasure. Blessings from me and from my Creator Son. Christ Michael.

Gardenia: Thank you, beloved Father, and thank you Esu, I accept my Crown of Light, thank you.

Xenon of Sirius

Xenon of Sirius channeled by Gardenia on Monday 16th of August, 2010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate. Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

You are already coming out from the great dream where you have apparently forgotten everything and you begin to remember what you are in essence. The work that you have been doing in these last incarnations has been preparing you for the awakening of the great meeting with your Divinity. Those ones who have had confidence in the Ascension Plan and have not let themselves go by impatience and discouragement are about to crown their efforts very soon. Putting your energetic frequencies at the service of the Light has brought to you the benefit of reasonableness, discernment and security that everything will come to a happy ending.

Christ Michael Aton, Creator and Governor of Nebadon in Orvonton does not make promises, He develops the Plan of his creation according to the established by Himself in the Cosmic Cycles previously conceived and if there have been delays according to you in the execution of the same plan it has not been his will only, because the free will of humanity also moves the will in his Divinity.

Nowadays he had to stop Gaia again because there are some beings at the service of the shadows that have awakened suddenly and He in his infinite mercy has allowed them to be helped to accommodate themselves in the repentance that they are showing to not be uncreated. Every creature in the creation is loved and appreciated, it doesn’t matter how much has it walked away from its Light. The Father has his arms always open to receive them if they wish to undertake the journey back to Him, but do not think that Christ Michael when receiving the repentance of those beings is going to clean the negative burden that they carry with them, the only thing they have achieved with repentance is not to be uncreated and be part of the creation of the Father in some way. Do not think that this event is going to take much time of yours, when Gaia moves herself again she won’t be stopped, although She is worried because she sees that the catastrophes will be of a greater magnitude than the planned before, but the advantage is that the actions to be taken by the Galactic Federation will be faster.

The time of Oblivion has already passed for you, beloved brethren, you have already come out of the limbo where you were, now you are Beings of Light aware of their Light, co-creators at the service of the Father. All the exposed in Christ Michael’s Plan will happen believe it or not, but do not get overconfident thinking that since in the past there have been delays, this time the same will happen, you have to be prepared at every moment. Keep your bodies internally and externally clean, I mean the food you consume which are the generators of the energy that you use for everything and the personal grooming is very important because if your physical bodies have soil crusts over them and odors of the food that you have consumed during the day, it affects the polarity in your energy. The intestines without emptying them are the responsible for not being able to rise spiritually, do you understand me? A brother of Sirius greets you, Xenon.

Gardenia: Thank you, beloved brother Xenon.


Anubis channeled by Gardenia on Tuesday 17th of August, 2010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate. Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

Greetings, students on the Path of the Light! Anyone who has learned to see both in the Light as in the darkness no shadow hinders his way and has understanding for the weaknesses of the ones who possess a poor vision of the true search for the Light. Those who can see in the darkness are the ones who have been getting humanity out of the darkness, of ignorance, of taboos, vices and all kinds of negativity that has hindered the process of Ascension until now.

Be happy because you are a very strong group in this kind of work, every day your tenacity has labored in the conversion of darkness into Light. I come to you at the end of the Summer Solstice because it is my favorite field of action and at the beginning of the Autumn there will come to Earth many manifestations of destruction and disincarnating of all those that did not wish to keep going on in the fight for a better world, good people but that still need to develop their discernment of what the higher worlds are. This does not mean that only the not-so-good will remain, to each one will come the encounter with his own actions and in the judgment of life they will take what is theirs.

A new path that will take you to the golden Earth is opening before you, and for the remaining ones —that unfortunately are the many— a new path is also being opened for them because by traveling in the shadows they will find their own judgment. In Ancient Egypt I was considered as a symbol of resurrection and I thought appropriate to come to you at these final moments of Gaia when all is giving a turn to a happy resurrection in which you are leaving behind dimensions of learning that have nothing to do anymore with the future that awaits for you, a luminous future where all limitations, sufferings and pain do not exist. This world of strife has finished for you because every event that might be presented to you, you can address it with strength, understanding and discernment knowing that the cycle has ended and it doesn’t matter how hard the experiences might be, these won’t make you fall down, as long as you may not flinch and look for your Guides who have accompanied you for incarnations.

It is not overemphasized to tell you that you will soon have in your hands all knowledge of Ancient Egypt that in those times was only at the service of the ruling elites. I hope to have contributed with my words to the emotional welfare in these times of social, economic, cultural and natural turbulence. Yours truly. Anubis.

Gardenia: Thank you very much, beloved Anubis, for your message, very surprising, I never expected that you addressed this one, your humble server.

Archangel Michael
The Way Of One Who Achieves Greatness

Archangel Michael channeled by Michelle Coutant.  Message of September, 2010.  Message taken from: .

Dear Ones: At this time many of you are at a crossroads. You have opportunities to raise your consciousness, to raise your vibrations to new heights, or you may stay with the status quo you have achieved and continue on in this way. There is no right or wrong Dear Ones; it is a personal choice which each one of you must make. It is a personal choice for each one of you as to how long you choose to remain in the lower vibrations. There comes a time in your spiritual growth when you will reach a plateau, and it is easiest to take the path of least resistance, in this case remaining at the plateau which you have spent much time, much dedication and perseverance, in achieving, and reaching this level of growth. We tell you, Dear Ones, that you must keep on reaching for the higher level. You must polarize the higher level, you must begin to magnetize the next higher lever to you, even as you are achieving, integrating and bringing into balance and harmony, the level at which you now reside. These levels also coincide with the initiations you must pass to continue to new levels of spiritual growth.

There is a time of integration, balancing, and harmonious acceptance as you settle at a new level of spiritual growth. As you integrate new concepts, new truth, the old truth which was yours, is replaced with a new and higher truth. This is the path of spiritual attainment. One may call it climbing the spiritual ladder; one may call it climbing a spiritual mountain. It matters not, the words used for description. You must understand that you will rise up the path, and you will fall back on the path, you will rise up on the path and fall back. It is as if there is an ebb and flow in your integration, and you must stay focused as you experience the ebb and flow, so that you ultimately move up the path. You must remain in your dedication and your truth and your diligence.

We ask you now that as you achieve a new level of spiritual growth that you do not “rest on your laurels.” We know you are weary, we know you are tired, but we ask you, Dear Ones, to be the greatest and highest version of your Selves that you can possibly be. We ask you to persevere, to stand in your light, and to raise your light quotient to the highest level that you are capable of holding with ease and grace. We ask you to continue on the path, once you have integrated the last segment of truth and wisdom and growth that you have attained.

Move forward once again, Dear Ones, reach up the spiritual ladder to the next step. The rungs of the spiritual ladder are not linear. You may be on one step of the ladder, yet reaching up into the higher steps, the higher rungs of the ladder for much greater truth and wisdom. Allow yourselves this great movement, Dear Ones. Allow yourselves to step out of linear time, as you see it. Allow your Selves to continue your path, expanding and ever increasing your wisdom and your truth. You must go within your heart center as you become comfortable at a level of attainment. Your will know when this time is. You will instinctively know that you have achieved a new level. You must go within your heart center and be within the love of your Sacred Heart. You must ask for the strength, the courage, the wisdom, and the vigilance, and the dedication to continue on.

Each level you achieve is as if you have polished yourself, as you are a shining diamond and you now shine just that much more brightly. You are a jewel whose light has been dimmed, and now this light is being refined, and polished to the brilliant light that it shone upon its inception.

This is the way of the spiritual warrior, Dear Ones. This is the way of one who achieves greatness; it is the way of the one who achieves ascension, liberation, and integrated ascended mastery. It is the path of wholeness, the path of completeness. It is the path leading to the All That Is, the God Source within you. Each level you achieve brings you into a deeper connection with your inner wisdom and your inner Divine Self. Each new level of growth you achieve brings you into a stronger and deeper integration of your God Self. Each new level you achieve brings you into greater balance and harmony within your four bodies. You must seek and you must ask for integrated ascension. This is the way of the great ones who have kept on the path, never giving up, in the face of all adversities.

As you continue to lift yourselves up on your spiritual path the rewards become greater and greater, even as more is expected of you. You are expected to light the path for others, as others have shown the way for you. You are all teachers, and you each have been given gifts which are unique to you, to share with others. As you awaken to your spiritual potential, you awaken to your gifts. We ask you to share your gifts, radiate your light out to all humanity and the planet, and be the bright, beautiful, God Selves, which you came here to be, in all your glory.

We of the Higher Realms are here to assist you on your path to self mastery and your return to the higher realms. You are never alone, we are here by your side in love and in joy. I am Archangel Michael, and I bring you this truth.

You may copy and share, with Love and Blessings. Please copy the message in its entirety, giving credit to Archangel Michael through Rev. Michelle Coutant, and provide a link to: .

Elisha, the Biblical Prophet

Elisha channeled by Kitiara on Saturday 21st of August, 2010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate. Only an excerpt of the channeling is published at the request of the channeler.  Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

Kitiara: Elisha?
Elisha: Knowing what you know, it is surprising that you do not get to identify me nor recognize me. I am an inhabitant of the Pleiades, but I have passed through the Earth, years ago, as a prophet, you knew me as Elisha. Now I am again among you to help you in this transition, as many of us.

Clarify your ideas, your mind, clear it, just write what I say to you. Right now we are surrounding your planet and we are at a state of maximum alert. It is not allowed that you see the state of your sun nor the authentic situation in which your planet is. They have lost the control and now it is our turn to assume it. Do not fear because nothing will happen to you. That is why we are here, so that nothing out of our control happen, so that nothing deviates from the path, so that nothing be lost. Everything is well planned and calculated.

I have come because I know about your anguish at noticing certain slowness, an unexpected calm when you believed that you would see great things. These great events are happening, but you are not yet at a level in which you might be able to perceive them. Forget about those dates, about thinking in the time in your terms. You are completely immersed in that process. The moment won’t be in a few years, the moment is this moment, and the next one and the past one. Yes, you are missing to see ships, and that others may see them, by saying one of the things that would not be attributable to natural phenomena. Everything will come, is coming. Just keep hope and faith. We are working on that, and whether you, and you all, be aware or not. Stop asking for dates, it is now. We will stay in touch. Do not desperate, trust in what you do. We will see each other soon.


Elaion channeled by Kitiara on Saturday 21st of August, 2010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate. Excerpt.  Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

Kitiara: Elaion? Are you here?
Elaion: You have called me (for a second time) and I have come up (as the first time). I see that you are disappointed because you did not see any event happening at the planetary level during your trip, however you received a very personal message from the Father. It was direct, touching. That must be enough for you, that must indicate you how much important is what you are doing. That must indicate you that you are on the Path and that everything flows as it must be.

(…) You also expressed your concern about the pain of your parents if they felt you were missing in a strange country. So let’s allow you to disappear in your own country when it is seen that great changes and strange events occur everywhere.

The information that you want is the one that they are constantly giving. Everything goes as planned, with little variations, adaptations of the program according to the circumstances. Nothing has stopped and we are still here with you. We have already said that we won’t give more dates because they only produce undesirable effects. Euphoria when you receive them and discouragement and bitterness when the indicated date arrives and it seems that nothing happened. That is why there is this silence, this absence of messages. Everything remains the same, that is, moving forward, working nonstop in the process of Ascension and of cleaning of the darkness that is on the planet. If there are news or any remarkable event that you should know, it will be communicated by the very same Christ Michael or by Ashtar Sheran or Esu. We the others are mere observers that collaborate when we are required. We are here to serve, to help you, and to help ourselves, in your transition. Meanwhile, keep ahead in your Ascension, in your preparation and in your works on the astral and on duality, in your work at all levels. But above all, be happy because you must keep the vibration high. We are waiting for you.

Christ Michael

Christ Michael channeled by Kitiara on Sunday 29th of August, 2010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate.  Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

Kitiara: Beloved Christ Michael, is that you?

Christ Michael: Yes, my daughter, you missed talking to me. I know that from days ago you think that we have communicated with each other very little lately, but that is only what you believe because that is what you remember when you are in the 3rdD, but we have had much contact lately.

Even though you believe that I have you abandoned, we have been in continuous contact. And I do not abandon any of my children, although many may not even be aware of my existence, and I also communicate with some more than with others, but that is also because most of them do not try to communicate with me, they do not believe themselves worthy of being able to talk to me directly, that I contact with them, but I am open to talk to all my children and I will never abandon you. And I always will answer you. I may not tell you what you want to hear, but I always respond to the one who asks me.

It is not necessary for you to ask that thing that you are thinking about because another part of you (that part which is in another dimension) knows the answer, but you know that you are not allowed to remember, that nobody within duality must know the exact plans, how will develop what is coming, so that you may not get frustrated. Remember that the observation of something always makes it change a little, and we do not want that the observation of our plans may change them.

All of you know more and less what is coming, and you also know how you must react when the moment comes. So do not get obsessed with that and keep on with your lives in the most placid and pleasurable way, living in the Love and helping your fellow man when it may be in your hand, but having present that you will have a chance to provide a great help in the future. And your help will be very necessary for many of your fellow men.

Everything goes on and in order. In the Divine Order. Fear nothing. Experience happiness and Love, now and always. Your Father who is always with you and who loves you immeasurably, Christ Michael.

Luis Prada: In this message there is a key of the quantum physics, when observing the experiment, this makes it change. If we remember the conclusions of the meetings on the ships when we return to the 3rdD, we begin to observe the events and with our mind we create scenarios that make the reality change altering the plans. That is why they clear our memory of them.

Christ Michael

Christ Michael channeled by Kitiara on Friday 3rd of September, 2010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate.  Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

Beloved daughter, you know that the moment has come, that everything is taking place, we have told you so before, but so it is. It will come very soon the moment in which you may perceive those changes at the physical level of the 3rdD. Now you are prepared.

It is already difficult for many more souls to awaken in a considerable number without big events being placed before their eyes and that they live them in their flesh so that they may not be able to turn the head and look away. What must come will be evident, palpable, portentous, ostensible, great.

Just as you, the ones who are experiencing the 3rdD, have advised us, the sleeping ones must awake suddenly because they do not attend to subtleties nor to magnitude 7 earthquakes. Only to the superficial life, to the economy and to what affects them directly. So now the alarm clock will sound for them.

You, my awaken children, my envoys to help at this moment, already know what you must do. And you know that I am going to do it very well. You felt that, and so it will be. And I know that you trust me and that you have faith.

You know that the last pieces are being strategically placed already on the board and we are going to give a checkmate to the darkness to start a new game, on a new board, a shimmering one, more beautiful than the last one. We wait for you to continue the game.

To Facilitate the Anchorage of Christ Michael

This message of Gardenia was published on Thursday 9th of September, 2010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate.  Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

I let you know that I have been having [visions like] lightnings, of situations of a broken floor, cracked pavements, people running from one side to another and things like that.

Also, Christ Michael has told me that He wants to get closer to Earth as much as possible and that He needs to rely on our energy to be able to lower his frequency. Others are helping me but more dedication of a greater number is needed. We need to be in love, harmony, acceptance, gratefulness and not to ask questions but to let ourselves go when we feel the Father’s Presence. Just tell Him: “For whatever You command, I receive You in love and gratefulness.” That’s all, if you begin to ask questions you interrupt the vibration, do not even ask: “Are You Christ Michael?” Let yourselves go like a child in the arms of his father. I say: “I submit myself to the Light, only the good can come in to me, only the good can come out from me. I give thanks, I give thanks, I give thanks.” And I say other things but they are in English, so you can give yourselves an idea. Imagine that you are with your earthly father and you bombard him with questions about the same thing.

Last night Esu explained me the reason. And I cried out to him so that he may tell me why there is so much silence, and The Lord told me: “That is what you believe. The Father is very active, he is traveling to the Earth. He wishes to see the events by Himself for the first time."

Brethren, think that all which flies needs a landing path, Christ Michael by lowering his frequency, by relying on our energy, is a very great blessing for the reason that our energetic frequency rises up while His lowers, an energy exchange that He cannot do with common minds.

Christ Michael

Christ Michael channeled by Kitiara on Monday 6th of September, 2010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate. Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

Kitiara: Christ Michael?

Christ Michael: Do you doubt it? Do you see how you deserve those reproaches for your doubts? What the beloved Wilson tells you, even if you dislike it, is for helping you to grow more, to eliminate those little defects that you still have. And doubting so much is one of them. Doubting our word is a real defect (without the diminutive). Yes, I know that you excuse yourself saying that you do not doubt of us, but of yourself, that you may have received it well, but that is a waste of time and the moment will come in which you might not allow yourself to lose seconds in asking yourself if whatever you receive is exact, so eliminate your doubts.

I see that you have received with pleasure the report of the beloved Gardenia. That is what you expect for and something like that you will have. We have told you already that we won’t give you details, nor the time nor the place, but everything is about to come. It will be a surprise, for some very pleasant, but it will be so for a minority. I do not want to forward the events, but you have already seen that we are in permanent contact. That after several days of silence (at the conscious level, 3rdD), now there is arriving news that although it pretends not to give you information, it reminds you that we are here, that we keep in touch and that everything keeps going on, nothing has been paralyzed. The Plan continues. My beloved Lightworkers, you are going to have to work for the Light very soon. My Love surrounds you, shields you, protects you and nourishes you. Feel it. And speak.

Kitiara: I have spoken already.

The Practice of Mercy

Esu channeled by Gardenia on Monday 30th of August, 2010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate. Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

The practice of mercy must be a virtue among all humanity. For the lack of mercy there are many who have sank in their weaknesses. Being merciful implies to help the brother compassionately by having piety for his errors giving him guidelines to follow with his life to rise above the incurred mistake. But for being deserver of mercy, the person must recognize that he has proceeded incorrectly and to show a firm purpose of amending himself, to accept that he has to overcome the committed fault, to forgive himself, to form the habit of walking through the Right Path and not to give a stumble on the same that harmed him a time ago.

He who does not shelter in his Being the virtue of compassion is not able to give and feel love for his fellow man, nor to love himself. He places himself in a misunderstood superiority before his fellow man and for lacking compassion he does much harm to the ones he has around him.

The ego, inflated with arrogance, crushes down the one who has committed an error and who firmly begs for compassion, this is appreciated in the societies of all times on Earth, but that yoke will be already over because in the Ascended Gaia, where love will prevail, the vices and bad habits of the not-Ascended-human being will remain in his dimension in which he continues living today and in which he does nothing to get out of that jail that binds the best of him.

Beloved children, continue working as you have done up until now and do not forget that I am ready to help you every time you ask me to. My blessing, Esu.

Gardenia: Thank you, my beloved Lord Esu, for your message.


Esu channeled by Luis Prada, Director of the BVC, on Tuesday 24th of August, 2010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate. Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

The changes are already happening, don’t you feel them in your interior? The Illuminati of the top of the power have been removed, they won’t be able to harm you anymore. The forces of Light have taken control of the system, if you do not notice it yet is because there are dark ones in many positions of the government who follow the former Illuminati agenda, they will be removed during stasis. With regard to the stasis, it can come to you at any moment.

The problem of the Gulf of Mexico is unstoppable at this moment, that is why Christ Michael has decided to proceed with the stasis as the next step. The methane pollution, if it’s released at once, would pollute the air of the planet making all the species perish.

Wait for the changes with love and confidence in that everything will be for the good and within the Divine Plan. I love you, Esu.

Kitiara: Thank you, beloved Esu. I am convinced that everything will be fine. We are in God’s hands, it can just be perfect. Thank you, beloved Luis, for bringing this message to us.
Olguita: Thank you for your words, Beloved Esu. We trust in the Divine Plan, and we are willing in LOVE and LIGHT to serve at any moment!!!
N. of the E.: During the stasis there will be a census of the people to locate them according to their vibratory level. Some Lightworkers, and particularly the members of the BVC, will be called to do this separation of people. For this it is need to be centered, with no attachments and to have much patience. We were talking with Luanna about this subject when Wilson then channeled the meaning of this census using that word as an acronym. Wilson: Census = Special Commandos of our Omnipotent Omnipresent Omniscient Lord [N. of the Translator: From the Spanish word “Censo”, which means: “Comandos Especiales de Nuestro Señor Omnipotente Omnipresente Omnisciente”] that is, God.
Rayo Rubí: It is of vital importance to walk in the path of the center. A Self Master does not take sides for or against the conflicts that are sweeping across the world. The personal power is more effective when you remain centered within your sacred heart and when you are guided by the knowledge of your sacred mind. Your position must always be that of a Good Will and its platform will be for the greatest good of all.

Birthday of Esu Immanuel Sananda, August 21st

Esu channeled by Gardenia, on Saturday 21st of August, 2010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate. Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

Beloved children, it is very pleasant for me to see that you appreciate my passage through the Earth. There are very few ones on the planet who know the real date in which for the first and only time in physical form I walked through Gaia in the body of Immanuel. The shadows tried to give another course to my mission since my birth, not only they changed the date of my birth but they also changed my name, but the ones who have already come and lived in the Light since my times on Earth know what the truth is. You may involve yourselves in the celebrations of Santa Claus and in the birth of Jesus the day 25th of December as a social event of your times, but in your hearts you must have always present that Mary, my beloved Mother, did not give birth to me on that date. I showed my face to the world at 3 in the morning on a 21st of August of your Gregorian calendar.

All that darkness has done to get me out of your consciousness and hearts comes since my birth and they have achieved it with a great number of people who praise me and direct prayers to me in the Churches and Temples, those children of mine who still have not removed the blindfold off their eyes and have not been able to go beyond the Religious Dogma which has their consciousness chained, they are my worry at these moments. I am working hardly with your help so that those beloved children may open their eyes and pick themselves up with my Mother Mary to try to take them to an Ascension of understanding according to the sincere and loving self-surrendering to the Plan of our loving Father. Although it may be through distorted directions, they do not know where they are walking, but I see the devotion, love and self-surrender to me through the service and help to their fellow man. This work that they are doing is very valuable for humanity, for Gaia, for them and for their families. As you know, each one at his moment will pick up what he has sown and they who have sown love and service, will have their pay in times of Ascension.

I will refer to the dominant groups who have spread the shadows throughout the face of the Earth using the power that the counterpart of the Light has given to them, they have done much damage, they have brought much pain and suffering, but their plan failed from the beginning because have always come souls to the Earth to be guides and instructors of the sector of humanity who came to this incarnation prepared to work on its Ascension with Gaia. As it is known to you, some of these elements have been already uncreated and there exist others who at the last hour are repenting for having turned their backs to the Light and have stopped harming their fellow man. The Creator Father in his infinite mercy is giving them a new opportunity so they may return to the right path.

Walking through the Earth today I am having a happy birthday with you, my loving children, thank you. Esu Immanuel Sananda.

Gardenia: Thank you, my beloved Esu Immanuel Sananda, I feel that it is my birthday too, yes, beloved Master, a birthday in you! I leave, brethren, may you have a Happy Birthday! Ones more than others get older of having united ourselves in objective consciousness with Esu, and I say objective consciousness because we with all our mental faculties love Esu and we feel him in our life when we walk to wherever we go.


Gaia channeled by Kitiara on Friday 10th of September, 2010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate. Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

Kitiara: Gaia?

Gaia: Beloved daughter, I am preparing myself for our transition. All of you, the ones of your circle and many others, will come with me. I am sorry for leaving many others behind, but they have chosen that. I cannot be responsible of their choices.

I am receiving much help from the interior, from the exterior, and from my surface. Tell your brethren to be prepared, that together we will soon begin our journey. From time ago I am ready and you may have also noticed that from some time ago I have begun with the changes. It has not been in a sudden way, but constant. And they will continue in crescendo, until they get to the apotheosis.

Thank you for your support, specially these last days in which you have done so much for me in your meditations. This will be for the good of all. We will all end up benefiting. All the ones who continue in the same Ascendant Path. I do not say good bye, no, because we continue united and we will continue united for a long time.

Sanat Kumara
Invocation to Intervene on October 10th, 2010, 10-10-10 Dimensional Portal Opening

Sanat Kumara channeled by Kitiara on Friday 17th of September, 2010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate. Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

Planetary Logos Sanat Kumara, here I am willing to give you instructions for the opening on October 10th[of 2.010]. You must congregate in the sites where you usually gather. Unite your souls, direct your energies towards a same goal.

This message is for you: It is your turn to direct, it is your turn to work, it is your turn to do what you have come to do. For the time being, you must prepare yourselves for that day. Do not miss it. You must be aware of the importance of this portal and to take advantage of it. Everybody congregated, the largest possible number of souls. You must make the call to us so that we help you by intervening with all means at our disposal, with no limitations. It is necessary.

Take note of the hours. Do it. It is for the good of the planet and her inhabitants. Thereby you give us permission to evacuate. That will be only the beginning. For the time being write down this date on your agenda and remember to call us. United you will have more strength. We count on you. You count on us. We are ready and desirous to go to your call.

[Note of Editor: This invocation to the Forces of Light to intervene is to be done at 6:00AM or Noon or 6:00PM, Local Time. Make your invocation like this:

"I authorize the intervention of Christ Michael at this very moment to establish the unconditional love on this planet Earth. I authorize and ask for the return of the Hosts of our Planetary Prince Esu Immanuel Sananda to Earth. I authorize, solicite and thank the direct intervention of the Galactic Federation and the angelic hosts to any process that serve to save Gaia (including the living beings that inhabit her, forming part of the Spirit of Gaia) and to elevate the planet to the 5th Dimension. May the Light be present in the heart of humanity."

You may do this invocation in the English Chatroom Meditation Hour of the BVW English Forum,, on October the 10th, 2010, or attend the Spanish Meditation Hour which will be working all day long and use Google Translator.  To enter the forum you must register first.]

Christ Michael
The Internet Cannot Be Controlled

Christ Michael, Creator Son of Nebadon, channeled by Luis Prada, Director of the BVC, on October the 1st, 2.010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate. Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

The internet cannot be controlled by the dark forces, do not worry about that. Before that, the stasis is precipitated rather than the dark forces controlling the internet. This is a message of Christ Michael.

Dear children, do not worry about this, live the present where I inhabit. I won’t let this happen because it is the way in which my children share ideas for the awakening of humanity. (Luis has problems with the computer, so I leave this here.)

Luis Prada: Brethren, believe this message and live the Now, not the future nor the past, trust in the Father. He knows that the internet is the vehicle of the expansion of consciousness and that its absolute control by the dark forces firmly establishes the New World Order. The internet is the dark controllers’ greatest headache because it reveals their most hidden secrets which are directed to control us as a flock of sheep. It is the best weapon against the dark ones, to make the people aware of the Holographic Matrix. It was going to be the next controlled media, but unfortunately for them they did not count on that We, The People, were going to improve it by working millions of hours for free, giving alternative information and working in thousands of free download programs that facilitate the exchange and creation of information. Now the dark ones see that their secrets, which they kept in the closet, came out to public and they are alarmed. It is already late because they are defeated.

On the Opening of the Portal 10-10-10

Esu channeled by Gardenia, on Friday 8th of October, 2010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate. Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

Beloved children of the Light, you have asked yourselves much about the opening of the Portal 10-10-10, allow me to remind you that part of your mission in this incarnation is to open all the portals and grids of Light which move the energies for the great ending of this cycle of 13,000 years.

All that you have done so far is because you had it already planned before coming to incarnate, only that some, much to my regret, have fallen asleep forgetting the great responsibility they carried when incarnating in this last part of the time that will take you to the Resurrection. We have waited for them to react and have called them in different ways and they have turned a deaf ear, wasting the opportunity of their lives. They are human beings of good living, but they have chained themselves unto myths, taboos, dogmas and misunderstood responsibilities, neglecting the true task of their lives, the Ascension. They have stayed behind, they have not worked on themselves to settle the score of the past and to break away from attachments.

Each portal that opens is a door of Light and a movement towards the end. All the works that you have done —and that you continue doing— are the ones that have now carried you to prepare yourselves into taking a step together towards a new frequency of Light. Even though you may not feel it, you won’t be the same after the opening of this new portal. Over the days you will be surprised of the different perspective in which you will see things, you will find yourselves more calmed and you won’t see the problems that afflict you as an immense dilemma without knowing what to do anymore, you will see that the understanding for all that afflicts you is only a process that is taking you to the last learning of the 3rdD.

Do not worry about making preparations for this memorable date, carry your luggage of love, devotion, humility and acceptance without forgetting to place in the suitcase compassion for all those of your brethren who by negligence will not pass through the Door Number 10. If you do not have time to get together at the indicated hours, do not distress, just harmonize your thoughts with the thoughts of your group wherever you might be. In the mental silence and fervor in your hearts nobody will disturb you. Here at the Astral will be a great group of Beings who have always accompanied and guided you in your journeys for thousands of years to assist you in your passing of Light through the Portal Number 10.

My blessing to each and every one of you, extended to your families who have been learning of the activity that you carry out daily. Esu.

Gardenia: Thank you, my Beloved Lord Esu.

Christ Michael
About Humility

Christ Michael channeled by Gardenia, on Tuesday 14th of September, 2010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate. Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

Humility is one of the too little practiced virtues at these times where the ego demands priority attention. You, as seekers of Light, must know that humility is not in the appearances of dressing or in the comfortable living, humility is something that must come out from you as a flash of Light arriving to those who surround you with no need to lower the head. When you are very humble, there is temperance in the speech and you do not mistreat the one who ignores what you know. The wise one expresses himself with simple words that may reach the understanding of his fellow man whatever might be the educational level he have.

Humility in manners requires of naturalness in every movement of the body and an expression full of love, understanding and tolerance for others upon the face. Humility in dressing does not mean to dress in rags, you can wear the most famous and highly monetarily-valued brands according to the environment in which you perform, but with an attitude that this dress does not make you a better, more intelligent, or a more skilled person in the work you perform. Humility when walking, you are the owners of the world, but you do not have to walk showing it to others, walking with firm and secure step without expecting someone to bow before you.

Humility in beauty means to show the beauty impersonally as a beautiful flower does, or a tree full of colorful fruits, or a little bird with its precious plumage or a landscape that shows us the natural colors in the skies or in the forest. All that I have mentioned is very beautiful, but they are not proud of their beauty, simply each one is beautiful in its elements. All the diversity of my Creation is beautiful, I have not created something lacking beauty. It is humanity who has created the parameters of beauty as a business and exploitation of the natural elements, they have gone beyond the normal accommodation in the Planet to provide themselves with amenities, they have physically deformed themselves in the body to look in a different way to what they received at birth. It is nonsense because you forget that each one of you is born with the body he must dress with according to the Karmic and Evolutionary Laws to learn and give the lessons that are necessary for the growth of the soul-personality. What you have been doing is hindering your spiritual progress, staying behind in showing the natural beauty that you carry within you. This is totally out of humility, you forget that one day Gaia will reclaim what is hers (your physical bodies) and she does not care if you have a long and broken nose or a short and stylized one.

This little message is to remind you that you must be humble whatever the condition in which you find yourselves may be and to tell you that I created you perfect, I did not make fat ones, nor skinny ones, nor tall ones nor short ones, you are the ones who have created your physical appearance according to the Laws of Cause and Effect.

Every day my energy surrounds you more, I am with you, and no longer so much, so much, so much in the heights. I am working a lot for the meeting with each one of you —the jewels of my Crown my beloved Warriors of Light. Lovingly, my blessing, Christ Michael.

Gardenia: Thank you, my beloved Creator Father Christ Michael, for the enlightening message you gave us.

Lady Nada

Lady Nada channeled by Gardenia, on Thursday 21st of October, 2010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate. Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

Beloved children of the Light, do not get discouraged because from High Spheres your weaknesses be pointed out, it is necessary you meditate on the commitment you have to the Light. Your Guides are continuously evaluating the individual progress of each one of you and when they call your attention is only to remind you that you must not forget what you are and where you are going to.

We know all efforts you make to not fall into habits you are ending and leaving, it is necessary that you be always furled in your Divine Being. You are living in a very tumultuous and scrambled world where the energies of the Light are anchoring themselves into Gaia, replacing darkness and this brings up setbacks that surround you accidentally. That is why today, more than ever, you must not forget why you came when incarnating in this evolutionary period on Gaia. The difficulties that you will face will be more intense day after day and therefore it is required that you remain together in love. It is a good thing to pay attention to the common adage: “If someone is lacking, may someone else have more than enough.” If for a moment any of you is lacking of Light in his expressions, let the other one compensate it with his Light and to try to harmonize that wrongly channeled energy. For a war conflict to exist, two people are needed, you must overcome that attitude eminently of 3rdD which has kept humankind in war among brethren, between families and countries and even with oneself.

I am looking at the difficulties that you have to make your meditation today and it is nice to see everyone’s concern for not staying disconnected. At these moments love for your work prevails and the desire to be together, you must proceed always like this, but do not hurry, the connection difficulties are due to the energy that Gaia is generating with her changes. These meetings of you generate much energy of Light and generate energetic circuits which also look for accommodating themselves into the system. Fear not, it is not an attack from the darkness, neither it is negative energy of any particular member.

Calm down because normality will come soon, but even so you must be prepared for all the changes that are currently occurring. You have been told before that many difficulties will come and that you must be ready to overcome them, not only at a personal level but also at a collective level, it is there where your services will be needed. You have been preparing and strengthening yourselves because you will use all that energy in the accomplishment of your duties, so do not waste it on silly things beyond your duty of serving humanity and Gaia.

All of Us, Beings of Light, appreciate your works and we are pleased to see the tenacity that you put in the loving service you give day by day and we are attentive to each one of you because we won’t let you fall. You have come to the Crown of the Father Christ Michael and it is there where you must remain. In the Service of the Light, Lady Nada.

Ashtar Sheran

Ashtar Sheran channeled by Kitiara, on Monday 18thof October, 2010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate. Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

Kitiara: I asked: “Beloved Ashtar, is that you?”

Ashtar: Yes, beloved sister, you have no longer required special effects, sounds in your head, to notice me, this time your heart was enough, with the love. This message is not addressed to you only, it is of general interest, for your brethren, the ones you have in the 3rdD and 4thD.

The moment you waited for has come. Soon (the feared “soon”) you will see more ships again, but this time in more places at once. It will be difficult for them to find excuses (like saying that they are balloons) and the moment will come in which they will not be able to hide the information, the real and palpable fact of what is contemplated on foot in the street. We want to be well received. So people (even though they may be asleep) perceive our good vibrations, so they realize that we come to help, not to invade.

This will be prior to Gaia’s movements and government changes. You must know that Beings of Light will be the ones who will replace your rulers and that their intentions are honorable, good, of the general welfare. That they are in that position to help this world to be a better one, a real good one, as it should be, as it should have been since thousands of years ago. Do not worry about how things will happen. Everything is well calculated and expected. Everything will happen as it must be. This is already done. It only misses to be expressed in your dimension.

You count on our Light and our support at all times. You are not alone. You know that we are with you, you just need to feel us and to trust. The Plan keeps going on. The Plan is being fulfilled.

I embrace you with my Light and my Love. We are not warriors, we are Beings of Light and Love even though we fight for good and to take away darkness and bring the Light. Welcome to your world of Love. Don’t you notice how you are entering? And we wait for you here with open arms and willing to help you, we are with you, always with you, we do not leave you alone. There is nothing to be afraid of. Here we are.

Goyo: I tell you that in my dreams our Father Christ Michael showed to me that he was protecting the Earth from a solar storm with his arms, that were it not for his GRACE, we may have disappeared since long ago. We are living times that we do not deserve, EXTRA times, so let’s dedicate our days, our lives, to Father-Mother’s work. Gaia needs us now more than ever, let’s endeavor to send Light and Love at every moment of the day, as much as possible individually. Thank you.

Esu’s Works with Religions

Esu channeled by Gardenia, on Sunday 24th of October, 2010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate. Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

Beloved children, I have brought with me some of your brethren that I have just taken out of the Churches with misguided beliefs to show them other ways to see where they can accommodate themselves, they are people who love me, but they still do not finish opening their eyes. Some of them have got excited that you serve me through a machine. I have shown them that the work you do is very valuable and that you have been knowing each other in essence without seeing your physical bodies. I made them feel the love that you feel for each other and for your respective families. I have shown them that your meetings are very encouraging in many ways, they have also seen and felt your company here in the Astral and my beloved Gardenia has sent them her love.

It is important that you remain united and in loving service because it is good that others see your devotion for Me, our Father and His Creation. I am in the task of taking more of my children out of the churches where they still see me hung on a cross and I am working hard with my brethren who are founders of ancient religions in order to end with all customs that do not fit at all to the evolution of these times, distorted beliefs of a vengeful and punishing God. I wish to make these Gentlemen understand that you have left behind alienating customs and habits for today’s society.

It is time to end divisions of creeds and religions, we are all brethren and with different thoughts and ideas of what really is Divinity. We won’t be able to take the Earth to its Ascension like this. We have been sitting discussing the points of how to take away from people’s minds —who still profess— dogmas of many millennia ago. I have been working on that for a long of your time. We have got to have some changes but stoning people is still seen as in my times when I physically walked on Earth. The work is not easy, we have to pull out from people’s consciousness that there should no longer exist castes nor citizen superior to others.

I come to you to tell you a little about one of my current occupations. You ask yourselves: “What is Esu doing in so many meetings?” Trying to lift up the largest number of people is not easy, and some of the ones who won’t Ascend are being prepared so that they may go to a better world because we cannot place people who are wrong but love their personal God that they have made to the image and likeness of the society in which they have been born and grown with people who have walked away with their material god.

My Father’s mercy is not immune of giving everyone what he deserves according to his work. My children, that is why I insist that you remain united in love because I am taking you as a model group to follow. There have been other times when I have come with people so that they see you working and in the Astral they have attended your meditations, some ones of different denominations. I consider you as a model group to follow by others, please, behave in height, do not make me look bad.

Some of the ones who have left the Community feel nostalgia for your meetings but their egos do not allow them to give way to the humility of coming back, and what they are doing is delaying their Ascension. Now to what you wish to hear:

Gaia’s events continue as planned. A slow and silent work is being done, but it goes progressively. We have to proceed like this because we do not want some ones who are already prepared to Ascend but that still have an open window to let the panic to enter in their lives may fall down. We do not want to step backwards and we are giving them all the necessary help for everybody to come to a final term. Analyze and observe where Gaia is moving and this, along with your meditations, will give you a pattern to see where things are coming.

Your astral travels are full of work and learning. You must go to sleep in total harmony and surrender yourselves into service in your last prayer or meditation that you do during the day because you do not know where you will be called to serve. Do not think that because there has not been a great event, things have stopped, everything goes slowly with a safe passage. All of you after the Opening of the 10-10-10 Portal have approached more to the Divinity and, therefore, the Divine comes to you with more strength than before. It’s been a time in which I expect that you may have assimilated the new energy, you are more Divine than yesterday. Your works are giving fruits, although you may not notice it, look at yourselves and you will feel that you are more self-confident, you live more peacefully, you have more understanding for what you call tests and you already should feel yourselves shoulder to shoulder with Me in the work.

It doesn’t matter where I may be, if you need me I will come momentarily leaving everything to assist you, but if you get into discord and banal discussions, I won’t be able to come because you will have moved away from me. Blessings for everybody (it is not necessary that you kneel down, Olguita.) Your families are also under my care, although they do not understand but they feel it. It is an exchange, you take care of my creatures, I look after everybody who loves you, even your little dogs and cats. Esu.

Esu’s later comment: I know about the multiple difficulties that you have to attend your meetings, but this strong desire to get together mentally is the melting pot where you burn your difficulties day by day imploring that everything may be different in the context in which you move. One day you will bless these limitations because they are taking you through the path of purification of your egos. You have more problems to overcome duality because your Divinity pushes you forwards.

Comment from Luis Prada, Director of BVC (taken from:,1717.msg7564.html#msg7564 ):

Just imagine this scene: Esu brings from the other side of the veil, in the astral plane, beings who have passed away years ago, maybe centuries ago, people who worshiped him on Earth in churches, prayed to the image of him hanging on a cross, to his spaceship The Capricorn, angels do this job for him. Then he talks to these people that on Earth there is a group of people who to him represents a model to follow, people very dedicated to spirituality and who do meditation, a group of people who are members of his team (means we at BVC). These "dead" people then prepare themselves to see this model, because it is going to be shown by him as an example to follow and whatever this group does, has got the approval of Jesus.

But what a surprise when they are shown in the monitors of the ship us during our Meditation Hour, seating at our computers following a guided meditation. The Jesus’ "worship" group is not in a church or temple during a Christian service or Catholic Mass as they expected it to be, nor are people getting together in a sanctuary room of a chapel for an afternoon prayer as is customary, repeating prayers with rosaries in their hands, and a priest leading them, no incense, no candles, no Gregorian chants in the background, but instead each member is at his home using a machine! "What?, that is really weird, they don’t even know each other physically and are in different parts of the world", may they think! It is a shocking example to them that breaks down what they are conditioned and expecting to see.

We must be an example at all times, specially when we are at our Meditation Hour, because at that time there are attending spiritual beings and we do not know who may that particular day bring Esu to show us as a model to follow, we should not let him down. Monitors in the ships can show anybody, anytime, anywhere. We should avoid quarrels and banal discussions and show instead ourselves as a model of brotherhood to follow when we are congregated in the BVW Chatroom.


Esu channeled by Gardenia, on Wednesday the 3rd of November, 2010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate. Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

Beloved children, do not despair because time passes and you see no manifestation of what you expect, time does not pass in vain in your 3rdD, even though you may feel prepared to Ascend, there are some whose physical bodies do not have the energetic conditions to board the ships and we are working to achieve that everybody may be able to travel as it is expected. We do not want wastes of physical vehicles that are apparently in good condition. To be lifted physically it is necessary that you may be in perfect health.

There are some of you whom we have not been able to place the energetic ray that will connect you to the elevator that will take you to the ships and the reason is that we still have to clean them of certain larvae that have stuck on their egos and that still dominate them sometimes, also there are some who still have attachments and who refuse to recognize them as such, that is why you are being told to continue working on yourselves and that you request for help to become the Children of Light that you must be.

The waiting also allows you to be near your relatives and friends who perhaps you won’t see again after Stasis.

My children, bear in mind that the physical body you wear is an earthly body that was created and grown in the environment of the Earth, when going to Venus or to another planet this body won’t serve you as you currently have it, that’s why we have been doing cleanses, changes in the DNA and placing certain implants on you. The preparation work has been intense and comes from a few years ago.

This Father’s project is unique, it was never done before what is being done today. It is simple with the people who will leave the physical bodies here on Earth, they will go through birth to incarnate in the place which corresponds to them with a physical body that adapts itself to the conditions where they will live and learn their lessons. It has always been like this in the Wheel of Incarnation, but you are already getting yourselves out of that process.

Gaia is very sick, but the Galactic Federation and your love are helping her. She is very desirous of taking her journey into the 5thD with you to a good ending, but she knows that she cannot give jumps and that she must do teamwork with the entire Galaxy.

It is nice to see that you have turned the Meditation Hour today into a party of love supporting each other, that is the corrector to act in the final times that you are living.

I want everyone to take a strong inspiration, that you fill your lungs with Divine Love and to hold it counting mentally 1, 2, 3 and while expelling the air very slowly send that love to all humanity. Take a normal breath and then fill your lungs with Light, hold it 1, 2, 3, now expel the air slowly illuminating the entire planet. Take a normal breath, to finish fill your lungs with air and mentally picking up the Divine love that you sent to humanity and the Light that you sent to the planet and when exhaling wrap yourselves in that love and Light closing up a circle with the One. (If the Higher Self of some one gives you another direction, follow it without fear). Time to do the breaths.

May my Love and my Light embrace you and may your love and Light wrap me. Esu.


Luis Prada, Director of BVC: The first point on Esu’s message is that they are installing on us in the unified center of the thymus gland a rod of Light, it is an anchorage point of the tensor and tractor lifting bream for moving us up into the ship. This is an alternate method for boarding the ship, the other one is the dematerialization but it is not known if some bodies of the BVC members may not be prepared for dematerialization which is too demanding for the body.

The anchorage point does not work well if the person has low energies of ego. It is urgent to raise our vibratory level so that the energetic point may be installed.

There is a lot of work that the Galactic Federation is doing, and the delays give us time to raise our vibration, for them to work on us, and for us to enjoy our families, because when stasis comes we won’t see them again. The long stasis is the time of separation.

Our bodies are not adequate to live on Mars or Venus, these changes prepare our bodies for these environments. Even when we are going to live on the Earth in the BVC, we are going to have to travel to Venus and Mars to help the ones who live there. Our help is mainly in teaching, in showing them what they did wrong and why they are there instead of having inherited the Earth.

I do not give dates because if they fail we get disappointed of the plan.

The final part on Esu’s message of today is a breathing exercise that he gives to us. It divides the time of inhalation into three parts, where we inhale visualizing that we take Divine Love of the Creator and that this fills our lungs, after this we exhale in three parts and we deliver this love to humanity and the Earth.  After this we do the same but this time we imagine that when inhaling we pick up the love that we sent out coming back in from the Earth multiplied in positive energy, it is an energetic feedback process, of assimilation positive karma.


Esu channeled by Gardenia, on Sunday 21th of November, 2010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate. Original in Spanish, translation to English by Miguel Stegensek.

Beloved children, I am always among you, I receive your love daily, but today I have stayed longer because I am more relaxed, in a short time we will be nearer and you will be able to see and touch me as many of you desire in the deepest of your heart.

It is nice for Me to see you obey mostly the advices that have been given to you. Everybody asks themselves what will you do during the evacuation and stasis period before your Ascension. You are in your final preparation and you are learning to obey because the work you will do is a work that only a group with your preparation can carry out. Some think that because we do not tell you about the Archangels and Angels they are out of work but it is not so, it is them who are helping you in your preparation in terms of obedience and acceptance. Also, do not think that your ET brethren are replacing the Angels in their missions, in the established order under the Universe of our Father each one has his mission and along with the other missions is how the great work of taking you together with Gaia into the 5thD will be carried out.

(Please, wait a moment to respond your questions, I could respond a hundred questions at once and give the message I have thought to give you, but my beloved Flower, she cannot deal with so much, do have understanding of her work.) (Gardenia: Brethren, I am channeling live.)

Some of you still doubt of the presence of your galactic brethren in your homes and this should not be so. Without the help of the Beings you call ET’s it would have been impossible to prepare you in the way in which you have been prepared. Some of you have your Higher Self very developed and it is easy for them to travel through other dimensions, but do not stick on that, the preparation is not just psychic and spiritual, the preparation must be integral which helps you conduct yourselves without the vices of the ego and you are always being worked at that you leave the attachments and all those attitudes of 3rdD. If you as a group fight and make discord invoking as a justification that you have been offended, you are falling into vices of 3rdD. My children who have the Light must know how to rise above all those little things and the common person is very common to place himself on that plane.

All of you when you sleep go in groups to carry out works that are still necessary before Ascension. Some have a development which allows them to see and know what they do but the ones who do not remember anything is because they still do not have a sufficient development which may allow them to see, hear and feel what is happening. You must be tireless in the work as my beloved son Wilson does with his group, they work day and night for humanity, leaving very little time for their personal life. I do not ask of you sacrifice, but when you will be prepared you won’t see sacrifice but you will feel an immense gratefulness for doing so and your love with expand filling you with peace and harmony.

There are still some who do not believe that I could be talking to you through the keyboard of a machine and that I should do it personally to each one of you, but, as I told you before, there are some that have stayed a little behind in the development of their Divine senses, but the good thing is that those beloved children are working hardly to achieve it.

You do well in sending energy to Gaia. As her children, she needs you and do not forget that where she goes, you go.

Everything is ready for the journey that you wait for, likewise as when you are going to travel on an airplane, you have your baggage ready, you are already on the passengers’ list, ready to board but who commands the ship has to wait for the signal from the control tower to take off, if a storm approaches you will have to wait, it is a little analogy for you to understand that everything is ready, In my analogy Christ Michael is the chief in the control tower and He is who sees what would happen if we take flight in this moment. When the skies are in their time, the ships will take off with no delay. I know that dates are being shuffled, it’s said that in 2013 or 2016, but at this moment Christ Michael has said through Abundant Hope that you won’t see the New Year. It is all for now, I will see if we can respond your questions.

[N. of E.: Follows a Q&A section not translated here.]


Esu channeled by Gardenia, on Friday 3rd of December, 2010, for the Brother Veritus’ Community (BVC), message shared in the Chatroom of the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website at the Meditation Hour at 1:00PM, Colombian Hour. We invite you to participate. Original in Spanish, translation to English by Luis Prada, Director of BVC.

There has not been stasis, it has been postponed by few more days. You should not be surprised of having dreams traveling in spaceships, from some months ago you are doing it.  Keep your questions for another moment, respect the Silence of Creator Father Christ Michael as I do.

Gardenia: We will wait for stasis until it comes, we will wait with confidence, faith and acceptance for the delays, I love you.

Poetic Section

I Love You, Olguita    

The dawning Light
To the New Dimension
In its pure expression
Brings me your sight.

No greatest love, no other
But that simple sweetness
Fulfilled with your tenderness
Reminds me of Esu’s Mother
The Pure Virgin beloved.

Each syllable that comes out
Of your mouth is sentiment
In its most full argument
Nothing there’s that equals out.
You are Love and Temple.
Who attests you, attests us
To the limits of timelessness.

Thank you, Love divine,
For reminding me of Mary,
Whose Light guides me fine
To the most sweet goal line.
Thank you, sister of mine.

Poem composed by Esteban de Rivas,  Poet Alción, on November 24, 2010, and shared with the Brother Veritus Community (BVC), Brother Veritus' Website (BVW).  Original in Spanish, translation to English by Luis Prada, Director of BVC.



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