Changes in Heaven

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Changes in Heaven

Ag-agria from Sirius

Channeled by Mike Quinsey.  Published in this website on August 7, 2004.  Updates from time to time.

August 6, 2004

Good Morning everyone, I am delighted to have this opportunity to come again and tell you of changes that are taking place in the Heavens, ones that are very important to you. I come from a constellation within your Universe that is on a higher vibration, and from our level of understanding we can view what is happening more clearly.

"Let us assure you that what is being observed as ‘intense solar activity’ now is but a fizzle compared to what is going to occur at the closing of your calendar year 2012. That, curious ones, marks the beginning of a solar extravaganza the likes of which not even the Nibiruans (distant viewers of Sirian ascension) can claim ancestral memory."

Your scientists are aware that great changes are occurring within your solar system, and their knowledge and understanding is centered around yourSun. They observe intense activity and an increase of solar flares that as they are thrown outwards affect everything within your solar system. Their concern is that as yet their knowledge is insufficient to enable a complete assessment of the effects. The Sun is your life-blood and sustains the whole process of life in a very controlled manner, and clearly you depend upon it for your very existence. Like your Earth, and everything else that you see about you, the Sun has a consciousness that is the Solar Deity. It is the home of a Being of high consciousness who embraces the whole of your solar system. We see changes within the Sun that signal preparations not just for your personal Ascension alone, but all living forms regardless of whether they are attached to other planets or satellites.

As a complete body you will move onwards together, in accordance with the Universal Laws that determine the manner in which it will take place. Ascension is something you will eventually have total awareness of and far from being anything to fear, it should prove to be an exciting time for you. In short time you will have made the necessary contact with many fellow travelers from outside of your solar system, and you will be informed of the part you will need to play to ensure a beautiful and wonderful experience. You will be assured of your safety as you move from the lower vibrational level into one of brilliant light. In the process your physical body, that you are taking with you, becomes transformed as all else will be.

Upon your arrival in the new dimension you will be quickly aware that you are in a much lighter body, and the physical heaviness that was there before, will have gone. You will be in your ascended body and the earthly limitations transmuted, and you will no longer carry the imperfections that you originally had. You will also find yourselves in the light of binary suns, and a new Earth that some have already named as Terra. It will be very little like your present one, as the blight that existed before will have been removed, and only that which resonates with the new vibration can remain. You will see a clean and lighted planet that functions through the use of natural laws, and dwellings that are made in the perfection of crystalline structures.

Your greatest vision of the future will have manifested all around you, but in a completeness, harmony and balance that will enthrall you. You will feel the wonderful vibrant energies around you, and know that no discordant ones can exist. You will have a restored consciousness, and because of this feel some familiarity with your surroundings. This is because the beauty and perfection you see, has sometimes been reflected upon Earth in your bygone times during the course of great civilizations such as Atlantis and Lemuria. You were all there at different times, and the great temples were so impressive and inspired from the higher realms. Beauty has a lasting impression, and upon your new Earth everywhere you look will reveal more and more wonders. You are told this will be your Golden Age, and there could not be a more apt description of the life you are about to embark upon.

All is now in an upward movement into the greater Light, having been energized by thePhoton Belt. Like you, your Moon and the planets around you will all be carried through the lower dimensions into the Higher Ones. You will emerge as your new Self, within the new Being that your Sun will have become. When you hear that your present Sun is going through great changes, just know that these are necessary in the same way that you are also preparing yourselves for the great transmutation. These happenings are quite normal, although beyond your present understanding. There will not be an explosion, or any harm to you and this event is by no means new, in fact it has happened time and time again in the process of Ascension.

Also bear in mind, that Benevolent Forces, that are your friends from outer space, are constantly monitoring everything within your solar system. There is no chance of anything going wrong, and the whole function and outcome of a successful Ascension is assured. When you shortly make contact with your space friends you will learn more of the details, and enter this final period of your cycle with adequate knowledge to suit your own level of understanding.

I see you from afar, and I am privileged to view the changes that are taking place, showing me a star sun that is about to take its place in the higher realms. The process is well under way and I wait to see and enjoy the marvel of your transition.

Enjoy this period of revelation, you have so much more to know and experience and the count down has begun. Open your hearts and minds to the wondrous events that you are part of, and understand what is happening and greet it with an open consciousness.

I leave you now, and hope I have helped you in part to realize what a massive experience you are about to participate in.

Thank You, Ag-agria.
Mike Quinsey.

November 30, 2004

For those of you who are aware of the breath taking events that are due to happen on Earth, the thought of meeting ETs is something you have given thought to quite often. There is still a feeling amongst some people that you are unique, and that Beings from other planets will of necessity have to be quite different to you. But I wish to tell you that until you move into other Universes, you will find that they are much like yourselves. All have a common source and are spiritual Beings that have the same urge to seek their origin and return to the higher levels. In this, you have the same insatiable appetite for the truth.

Your problem has been that in your present cycle of duality, you have been deliberately cut off from the truth as you have descended into the lower vibrations of matter. Part of your challenge has been to find yourself again, in spite of the difficulties that have presented themselves. The point to remember is that you were aware of the nature of the challenge before you entered the Earth’s vibrations. You were also aware that at no time would you be forsaken, and that in your darkest hour you would be helped to rise up again. You are now on your way up again, and so you will meet your family from space. And family they are, as all of you have origins off Earth, and you are still linked with other groups.

In coming to Earth, you have brought many different vibrations with you and learnt much through experiencing them. Now you are finding your true self. And for example if you had come here from the Venus which is correctly known as the planet of Love, you would bring that vibration with you. There is a merging of energies all of the time, and you all benefit from it. When you eventually return to your home planet, you will have a high level of consciousness from which others can benefit. If you so choose you will go into the Golden Age and to another home, but you will still retain knowledge of your original links.

You have many friends who you have yet to meet again, who excitedly await that opportunity. As soon as you meet, you will have an instant feeling of connection to them. In any event, more highly evolved Beings have an aura of great energy and Love around them, and you will have no problem in accepting them. However, you will absolutely know those who are your family. Many of you have been part of a group consciousness, and to this you will return. To be as One, yet retain your individuality is a wonderfully uplifting experience. The coming together even in small groups will be a relatively new experience for you.

Do not confuse advancement in technological matters with spirituality, as they do not necessarily go hand in hand. The Space friends you will soon meet are far ahead of Earth in the Sciences, and you will be given the opportunity to learn from them. But many of you on Earth are more advanced in your spiritual understanding, and you do not need to feel inferior in any way. You have experienced so much first hand, and your soul has plumbed the depths and risen up far greater for it. You have truly learnt the hard way, and you are to be admired and loved for taking on such a challenge. So many will gain from your knowledge and experience.

When you meet ETs their energies will embrace you, and you will be assured of their peaceful intentions. Forget the activities of those you call the Greys, they are not representative of the true ones who are on the many Councils. They are a small group who are only here through the secret agreement made with your Government some 60 years ago. They will no longer be here at the time of First Contact which is ready to be made. But even the Greys have in their own way contributed to your knowledge of ETs, and they have become so well known that they can easily be identified for their distinctive heads and bodies. There are numerous types of ETs that have a similar form, and you will find it is not at all uncommon.

I am Ag-agria a Guide for those who aspire to know about their Space Friends, which is why I am with this channel. With your experiences you may also take such a role, and there will be untold opportunities in the immediate future for you to follow your heart’s desire. You will so to say, have come of age and considered sufficiently responsible and evolved to choose your next area of experience yourself. Look forward to your next exciting cycle of experience; it will be beyond your present imagination and full of wonder and enjoyment.

The time is near for your cycle to end, and it will be one surprise after another once you start to put the negative forces in their place. You will then go on to do great work upon Earth as it becomes ready for the final thrust towards Ascension. I wish you to know that you all have many Guides, and remember they are there for your benefit, and call on them any time you need help.

Thank you Ag-agria
Mike Quinsey

December 15, 2004

We as members of the Galactic Federation are like you, we are cogs in a wheel that when all play their part, everything moves along very smoothly. We are as you might say, on call and committed to go anywhere in the Universe where our services are required. Your calls for help have been received by the higher Beings who have a conscious link with you, and in turn use us to respond. You could call us Cosmic Policemen but we do not use force, except in defense and only then as a last resort.

Where your Earth is concerned if we retaliated against the attacks on our craft, your dark ones would try to use that against us as evidence that we were here with ulterior motives. That is not our way, and we are careful to avoid any incident that would suggest otherwise. There have been some where your Government has fought in the skies with the Grey’s, but I hasten to add that they are a rebel group that have no place in the Galactic Federation. Our only concern is that now you have secretly developed your own space craft, which could easily be mistaken for ours, that an incident will be staged to cast doubt on our intentions.

Your dark forces are prepared to attack you, to make their attempts look genuine. You know this to be true because you have had a number of similar occurrences in recent time, although the majority of you have yet to come to this realization. When we can finally come out into the open and talk with you, we shall have no difficulty whatsoever in convincing you that we come in peace and friendship.

All events that have been planned against you are carefully logged by us, and supported by irrefutable evidence. We are holding things steady until we are given the green light to make our first advances towards you. That time is almost here, and it is a matter of playing our hand in circumstances that will provide you with the proof that you will need of our positive attentions.

The one thing we do not wish to do, is immediately overpower you with our presence, and initially it will be low-key. But we do nevertheless want to show ourselves and our craft all over the world. Many will still be in doubt as to our purpose for being here, and we need to quickly take steps to give assurance of our peaceful intentions. We see that our task will actually be easier in the East, where tradition faithfully records meetings that took place with us eons of time ago. In those times the people were told that we would be back, and they have never forgotten that promise, and neither have we.

Yes, even thousands of years ago we were visiting Earth, but in those days communication between people was extremely limited.  Our visits were therefore known by only a few. But contact has never stopped, and we have guided you at times so that your development has gone ahead in a suitable manner. Sometimes we have been recorded as Gods, and this is something we have always tried to avoid happening, but that was always known as a potential risk. Some of us have had this link with Earth for hundreds of years, as our life span is incredibly long.

Our bodies are more refined than yours, and in our normal environment we are not subjected to harmful rays such as you are. Rays that are responsible for you aging quite quickly, and unfortunately causing many forms of illness. I would add that it was not always like this, there were times when you also enjoyed a longer levity of life. But you have drawn so many negative energies to yourselves, that it has the effect of loosening up matter which tends to break up. As soon as you raise your vibrations, all of this will change and this will be a feature of the remaining years leading up to your Ascension.

Your progress over recent time has been very rapid, and we see you as being ready for that last burst of Light that will bring peace. As soon as people can accept that it has really occurred and that wars will not return, you will see a remarkable change in their approach to life. There will be a new sense of purpose and there will be no difficulty at all in getting you to come together as one unit of Humanity, instead of so many fragments. The sigh of relief that peace will bring, will be heard all over the Universe and great joy will be felt. There are many visitors that will come to Earth once it is safe to do so, and they will have stories to tell you and experiences to share that will keep you enthralled for ages to come. You have been so shut off from the reality of what is around you, but no more.

I hope I have given you a little insight into what is coming, and a resolve to make sure that nothing prevents its manifestation. Start thinking a new way, and leave the old behind, its purpose has almost been completed. Think as Cosmic Beings because that is what you really are, the Universe is your playground and in the future you will travel to the outer realms. There are never ending experiences that are beckoning, and you will be well prepared by that time.

I am Ag-agria and as a Guide to those who seek knowledge of your Space Friends, feel so happy that you are returning to your rightful place in the Universe. Our Love pours down upon you and we see you take it with both hands. Soon we shall meet in great friendship and happiness.

Thank you Ag-agria
Mike Quinsey

January 7, 2005

What happenings are taking place on Earth? From our vantage point we see the bigger picture, and never before has there been such a massive explosion of Light. In Europe they held a three minute silence in memory of the people who lost their lives in the tsunami. It was as though the world stood still for those moments of time. We saw how the Love and Light was increased tenfold as Spiritual Beings drew closer to you than ever before. You have suddenly found more power and purpose, and use them to back your efforts to bring even more positive energies to Earth. Now that this powerful movement has taken place, we see a marked change in the consciousness of the people. The net result is that you are forging ahead with firm goals in your sight, and you now have the strength to carry them out. At last, you have accepted that you are one Human Race, and that in essence you are all the same. The coming together that has taken place will break down barriers that have existed for millennia of time. The changes that are occurring will ensure that you never return to the old ways of thinking. You have a new vision of how things can be, built on co-operation and love for others. This has been a wonderful development, showing the way to true unity amongst the people of Earth.

You are venturing down the path that leads to a greater understanding of which you really are, and your purpose for being here. This is vitally necessary as you approach the end-times when you are fully expected to achieve full consciousness. In this we will give you all the help and guidance you may need, but you must have your own realization first of what are your goals. If you understand the significance of this period you are entering, it will be of immense help to everyone concerned. There is no reason why you should not then go forward in leaps and bounds. The beauty of it all is that you are helping each other and the momentum is felt by everyone. There are few of you that do not sense the great changes that are occurring. Those that cannot accept the new energies will be somewhat uncomfortable, as it will be like a tugging of the heart strings that begs a response. There is no pressure placed upon people to accept the changes, but they will feel more isolated and without understanding of what is taking place. There are affectively two different groups emerging that are beginning to become further apart from each other. But do not be concerned about those who show no interest in raising their consciousness, as it simply means that they are not yet ready for it. But all that happens in their experiences impinges itself upon their sub-consciousness, and they will at the very least carry some memories of it with them. This will hold them in good stead for a future time when yet another opportunity to rise up will present itself. It means that even within family groups there will be some divisions, but remember it is all down to free choice, and people must be allowed to go forward on their chosen path unhindered.

The masses of Beings that are waiting to play their part in your immediate future are fully aware of the importance and significance of the remaining years leading to your Ascension. They are here specifically to help you and Mother Earth to rapidly go forward as easily as possible. You will have the advantage of being given any information you require from those who have already experienced such end-times. You will soon learn to have confidence in your helpers, as it will become apparent very quickly that they have your interests at heart. The function of the different groups of Beings is clearly defined and they are already well organized and primed to carry out their particular part of the plan. There will initially be two distinct groups, one will administer to your spiritual needs and the other to your physical needs, and that of Mother Earth. These in turn will be divided into task forces that will serve various parts of the world, so that there is a massive program immediately put into affect.

We have a tremendous amount of work to do, but we take it in our stride knowing that we have prepared for this great event for a very long time. Success is assured, and once we arrive on Earth which will be very soon now, you will see so much activity going on. But we work with you, and it is not a case of us taking over as we will be a team that will tackle all of the problems that presently pervade the Earth. We know that there will be immense help coming from you, and you may be sure we will utilize every offer we receive. It is important that we come together as soon as possible, and this shall indeed be so. We may be different to you, but you will find we have the same Love for the Creator and we willingly carry out this service to you all. We know We Are All One, and the differences you see from a physical point of view are only on the exterior, we are otherwise exactly like you.

Dear Ones, we are the blink of an eye away from being able to announce First Contact, and your longing to meet us will soon be fulfilled. As soon as some major events manifest, it will be our signal to announce our presence. Everything on Earth is rapidly coming to a head in spite of the apparent chaos.

I am Ag-agria acting as a guide to this channel and I am pleased to come again at such an important time. It has been so uplifting to see so many of you bursting out in Love and Compassion when the needs of others have been placed before you. You are truly becoming your real selves, your God selves.

Thank you, Ag-agria
Mike Quinsey

June 2, 2005

All over the Universe there are civilizations reaching a point of transition. Clearly until Ascension has taken place a similar path is being traveled, but bear in mind that it also affects beings at the different stages. Within your own solar system, there are for example beings within dimensions that are part of Venus, who are highly spiritual and they too prepare for Ascension to an even higher dimension. The difference is that they have been fully aware of the pending changes for a long period of time. They have already prepared themselves for the event and it will be a smooth transition that takes place without outside help.

The difference on Earth is quite clear, until recent times there was little awareness at all that you were approaching such a period of change. The Hierarchy that oversee the Universe, have been monitoring this situation ever since you made took those first steps towards Ascension. You created that opportunity through a sudden increase in your consciousness. You sent out a signal that showed you were ready for advancement into the higher realms. This can occur at any time, and is a natural progression of the soul. However, at the end-time of a 26,000 year cycle there is a greater opportunity because there is the Ascension of the solar system which holds your Earth. If you are prepared you can go with the Ascension process, but also move out of it if you are not ready.

There is so much that is a natural progression experienced by all beings regardless of where they are in the Universe. Different forms, yet the same inner spark that like yours has come from the Godhead. You are old souls just like all of those experiencing outside of the Godhead. In your situation having agreed to undertake your experiences veiled from that truth, you are simply unaware of your origins. You may see us as more advanced, and that is true on a certain level as you have found out. We have traveled along a different path and have simply gone ahead of you. It could just as easily have been you, but you chose your present path and took on the challenge of experiencing duality. Each and every one of you came down through the dimensions to take your place in the lower vibrations. Your object in going through duality was to experience all facets of life, and work with different energies for the satisfaction of bringing those experiences to others.

At present you face the challenges of those beings that play a role for the dark, and have subdued their Light by their actions. They have become so single minded that they forget their Light source and totally believe in themselves as they are now. As odd as it may seem, in their own way they believe their actions are right and that the means justify the end. They cannot yet see that they have to answer to Universal Laws the same as everyone else, and as their Light returns they will become aware of how they have transgressed those Laws. No one escapes their responsibility in this respect, and somewhere in the future they will atone for their actions.

You all come from the same source, and you will all return to the same source, therefore we are all the One. It matters not where you have traveled, and what you have chosen to experience, you are still all One. It is therefore important that you look at your fellow man and not see some one different to yourself. The outer presentation may be different but certainly not the inner self. There will come a time that rapidly approaches when you will see certain leaders fully shown for what they have been in their life time. There will be very many shocked by the way they have been fooled and the devious ways of those concerned. They will be vilified for what they have done, and many would have them locked away and left to rot.

I remind you that it is not your place to make judgment, although most of Humanity still believes in their Laws. There are greater ones that can operate in total truth, and decide the measures that are needed to put a soul back on the path to the Light. I emphasize, that there is no punishment as such; it is a matter of deciding how future experiences can be used to teach the lessons that are necessary. It may be hard and challenging, but every soul will eventually be successful in bringing the Light back.  The same principle is used at any level, except that those who have had the power to grant life or death have a greater responsibility for their deeds that is answerable to the great Tribunals of Heaven.

On Earth you have to protect yourselves from harm and put violent people in places that are secure. However, we would say that no one really learns from imprisonment alone, it is re-education provided with loving intent that can enable someone to take up their responsibility again as a worthy citizen. It is love that can dissolve the hardest heart, and it is only love that is going to change the path of your wayward leaders. When people learn of their deeds against humanity the horror will reverberate around the world, and great anger will surface. This is an understandable response, but it would help if the voices of compassion were also heard, as in the ultimate I remind you again that you are All One. Those who clamor for revenge will be venting their feelings which need to come out. However, you must not become that which you despise and you will all the greater for taking a loving compassionate view of what has taken place.

Each and everyone of you are answerable for every action, and indeed every thought you have had, but you are not punished. In duality it is obvious that you will err, and that was the challenge you accepted when you agreed to experience it. It is a matter of continual learning until you become once more that which you were. That you can control your thoughts and actions without harm to anyone else, and that you can recognize the divinity within yourself, and also in others.

Dear Ones, I come not to admonish you, but remind you that you are all made in the image of God. You all have the potential to express your Godself now, and as you prepare for Ascension it is important that you live up to your highest ideals. Already the Light upon Earth is bringing miraculous changes into being, and you are the force behind those changes. Never has there been a time when you have had so much power, and you can literally achieve whatever you desire. Remember that energy follows thought, and see the new vision in the Now until it becomes your reality. You are great Beings but have yet to believe in yourselves.

I am Ag-Agria and both a Guide to Michael and representative of the Galactic Federation. I wish you all well until we can openly approach you in the very near future. It is an occasion that will surely pass as has been decreed, and it is just a matter of time. Our Love for you goes before us, and we shall have a wonderful celebration with you before long.

Thank you, Ag-agria
Mike Quinsey

January 5, 2006

As you say, time marches on because indeed time waits for no one. There is an edict that affects you and your Universe, and it will bring events into line so that the shift will be accomplished accordingly. From where we operate it makes no difference as to how you individually respond, the energies will continue to be sent to Earth and the vibrations will steadily be raised up. With them you will achieve your own progress and upliftment, and all will be ready for the final step called Ascension.

So as not to cause confusion, when I say all will be ready I mean that in the context of the choice each individual has made. As you know, some will choose to remain in the lower vibrations. Whatever choice it is, it will be fulfilled by the time this cycle of duality is brought to a close. This is why the dark cannot succeed, as it is not written that this shall be their time for victory. You see quite clearly how they are fragmenting and the complete break up is not too far away.

At this stage it is best to concentrate on your own evolution, and remember that you cannot sit back and expect it to happen of its own accord. Perhaps now more than ever you need to apply yourself to what it is you require from life, and where you are going. The truth is that so many of you already have a long standing commitment, that has directed your lives in such a way that you could not really fail. Subconsciously you have known of the path you designated for yourselves eons of time ago, and now you are becoming aware of what it was.

The chaos you perceive around you is the result of the final cleansing of Earth. It is unavoidable, but there will come a period when as you might say, the loose ends will be tied up. You have many unseen helpers on your side in addition to The Galactic Federation, and these come from the higher dimensions of Earth. These are in the role of Guides and they are more concerned with you as an individual, rather than the whole of Humankind. Failure therefore is not an option, and you have no need to worry about your future or as to whether you will reach your goal.

What is most essential is that you are true to yourself, and you must do your best now to bring the higher teachings into manifestation into your life. Once you have avowed to achieve success in your aims, be assured that you will. This is a very special time for you all, and never before has so much attention been given to you. Keep an open mind at all times as so much new information is circulating, and be guided by your intuition. There is not necessarily an attempt to give blatant misinformation, but sometimes it is coming from unreliable sources. In fact where outright false information is given, you will find it will not stand up against the more recognized and accepted sources.

Fear is still the energy that is most dangerous, and when you hear of the attempts of the dark to perpetuate this way of holding you in their grips, just let it pass you by. This is the time when a firm line is being formed between the Light and dark, and you can decide on which side to be, and it is your decision and no one else’s. However, most of you already have clear ideas of where you are going and what you want from life. We know you will achieve your goals, and we are proud to be associated with you all.

You are somewhat modest about your climb back out of the dark. It has been a phenomenal achievement from a situation that not too long ago gave cause for concern. You were in your slumbers and being pulled into the activities of the dark without realizing what was happening. Have no doubt, that when we say you are great Beings that is absolutely true. Start to believe it and know it is not meant to be a sop for your ego, it is a recognition of the grand awakening of your soul and the degree to which you have brought the Light back into your lives. Hold your head up high and know that your experiences in duality were intended to lift you up higher than ever before, not to bring you down and sentence you to imprisonment in the dark.

Realize that what you see happening around you is because of the last throes of the dark. They know not how to graciously bow out and leave the scene of their crimes, and in their blinkered way cannot see the defeat that stares them in the face. They too will be helped to play their part to bring the end times closer, but in essence their roles are already over. If I can be flippant, I think you will agree that they have been fine actors. If you can view their actions in this way, I believe they will have less affect on you, and therefore present no threat.

I am Ag-agria come once again on behalf of The Galactic Federation to appraise the situation. You cannot have too much information as to what is happening, but of necessity certain moves must be kept secret. It is sufficient at this stage that you know there is really nothing to concern yourselves about, all proceeds very well and you shall see the outcome in the very near future. This year is one that will carry you forward with a quantum leap that will enable you to detach yourselves from the old energies. You are already breaking those bonds now and they can no longer hold your progress back.

Dear Ones, grasp the beauty of the moment; take the opportunities to help ground the Light that pours onto Earth. You and Mother Earth are also One, and you can lessen the impact of the physical changes that are yet to occur. We are with you all of the way, and we are part of the team that is supported by the Councils of the Heavens that are formed out of a wonderful love for all life. There is great power in the works of the Light, and it is reclaiming and cleansing Earth. I wish you a most wonderful year and I know it will bring absolute joy and happiness, and a release from all of those restrictions that have held you back.

Thank you, Ag-agria
Mike Quinsey

January 31, 2006

You see straight ahead and time stretches out before you, and this year is tantalizing for you as it is one that carries the fulfillment of the promises that have been made to you. We see also from above and all appears to us as in the Now, and therefore we can say with absolute certainty, that it is manifesting the great changes that shall see the old die away and the new come into being.

Do not be distracted by the happenings that shall precede the announcement of our coming. There will be a number of events that will appear as obstacles to the changes, but these will in no way delay the outcome of our activities and those of our Allies on Earth. They have their plan which we have endorsed for them, and we are fully behind them. Your future cannot and will not be left to the prevarications of the Illuminati, and their rule is ending.

In your dimension it is almost impossible to grasp what the future means to you. You will partake in the greatest upliftment you have ever experienced. We are helping you change in readiness, but you must do your part by cleansing your body and increase your level of consciousness. You cannot enter the higher vibrations unless your own match them, and this is Law. Many of you have applied yourselves in such a dedicated way, and you can already look back and know that you are succeeding.

Some of you worry that your efforts may not be adequate, and wonder if you are progressing at all. I say to you that if you are of a mind to see Ascension as your goal, and apply yourself to the task of getting there, it shall happen for you. The fact that you have the awareness of your greater potential, and belief that you can achieve it is your guarantee. You will as it were, have realized that much guidance will come from within, and this is your very own personal guide. Outside of yourself by exercising a discerning nature you will find more guidance, and you will be inexplicably drawn to that which suits your needs.

Have you not wondered why there are many versions of exactly what form Ascension will take? They all eventually lead along the same path and shall come together in a common cause in the final reckoning. Meantime many will run this way and that, never quite sure where they are heading but resolute with their idea of what the end times represent. There is no need to worry, as the coming of your Space Family and Masters will bring things together in a common purpose. There will be more than adequate advice given so that you understand your role and necessary action over these last years.

Your greatest challenge is to fully embrace Unconditional Love, as it embodies all else that you will need to prepare yourself. The Ones who can reach this level are the proof that Masterhood can be attained whilst upon Earth. In trying to measure up to such a high vibration you will have to leave the old ways behind, as there is no place for bigotry, judgment or condemnation of any kind. Love cannot exist where there is aggression, hatred or anger and you will be called upon to overcome such negative traits. These are human reactions that can only occur in duality, and they have been fed by powerful thought forms created over millennia of time.

We know the task is daunting, but you will never have to tackle it without support.  Be prepared to take it a few steps at the time and note how your efforts are rewarded. Leave time in your life to sit in quietness and speak with you Higher Self, you are on this journey together. No one else can do it for you, but each and every one of you has the potential to do it at such an opportunistic time as now. You are not being asked to achieve something new, but simply to find your way back to your earlier exalted state. It is not strange to you, but very natural and your true reality.

Evolution is continually taking place, in fact it never stops and all life aspires to go higher and higher. It is a marvel of the mind of the Creator that has empowered All with the infinite energy that drives them ever onwards. You have fallen back many times in the course of your experiences in duality, but you have always risen up again to take you place in the Light. It cannot be extinguished, although many have all but a glimmer left, but nevertheless these Dear Ones will one day also fully return to the Light.

Try to be the one who brings peace where there is turmoil. Even your thoughts can project calming energies without the spoken word. Discuss problems without allowing emotions to arise that place it on the level of arguments. Think before you act as often a move in haste is not always the best one. Your test is to stay within your center of peace and calmness when others are trying to embroil you in confrontation. Walk away from such attempts if necessary, there is no gain in staying within negative energies that are assaulting your own body. Most important of all, cast Love on troubled waters and visualize a lifting up that will change the situation.

I am Ag-agria and have helped Michael to aspire to these higher levels of being. I am also with The Galactic Federation and some of our groups will be solely concerned in helping you with your personal growth. In the coming years we will encourage and guide you to enable you to achieve your goals. It will become easier as the negativity is cleared from Earth, and the higher energies are grounded in their place. Already many of you are well on the way to Ascension, and your dedication to preparing yourselves has been admirable in times where there has been so much to distract you. We shall bring peace and Love, and freedom from the bonds that have held you in the lower vibrations for eons of time.

Thank you Ag-agria.
Mike Quinsey

February 9, 2006

For those who are still doubtful that changes are occurring, we would refer to the speeding up of time. If you give it a thought, there are very few of you that at times have not felt that you have insufficient time to get things done. This is for you an odd sensation, as from the outer signs nothing appears to have changed. You still have your 24 hour day, and yet your perception tells you time is going twice as fast as before. As the vibrations increase, so time continues to race by that little bit faster. You are in the transition period that is taking you out of linear time, and it will eventually bring you into the Now.

When you are able to understand the “Now” your thinking about time will drastically change. You will have no need for time as you presently use it. When you can move at will into the past or the future, it will no longer be necessary or applicable. Everything just “Is” and there is no measure that can be applied to it. Those of you who are beginning to grasp these concepts are finding that as you let go of a life regimented by time, so your thinking becomes compressed into a state similar to the Now. You will become forgetful and lose track of time, and those markers such as the days of the week become less important. These are signs of the changes you are experiencing and there is no need to concern yourself at the affect it is having upon you.

Time is not constant, and I tell you nothing new by making that statement. However, since this can be proven it does help to confirm that it is not all you have been led to believe. How many of you have been lifted up into our craft, and experienced time with us only to find that it has passed at a different rate to your earthly time. If you follow such happenings you will have undoubtedly read of such experiences. It is a strange subject to put to you whilst you are still in linear time, it is almost intangible.

One of your problems regarding time is that so many of you do not allow sufficient for your daily requirements. You are left with the impression that there is insufficient time to do everything you wish. You are continually in a race against time, and you are unable to relax and many become seriously stressed. Some of you become very much regimented in how you allocate your time to the various things you need to do. This deters you from being able to be spontaneous, and you will tell yourself that you do not have the time to do other things.

This is all very unnatural, as you should be able to lead your life in a more relaxed manner. You should be the master of time, and not the reverse so that you can follow the promptings of your heart. Even after First Contact you will find your circumstances beginning to change where time is concerned, as many of you will be released from the daily necessity to work full hours as you do now. When you are receiving abundance you will no longer have those worries that plague many people. Stress will gradually disappear and you will feel at liberty to do as you wish, rather than at present when you are bound by the need to work.

Because you are trapped in time you find it difficult to know what it is like to be free. That will increasingly change as you move more into the future, and your vibrations are increased. Jumping ahead to Ascension, you will already have changed considerably to what you are now. It will be easy for you to take your place in the higher dimensions, as these are your real home and they will be quite familiar to you. I remind you that Earth is not your true reality, it is the object of your own creation that now bears little semblance to the truth. We smile at your childish delight when you are passing through the fairground haunted house, but are these not more like your experiences now?

Dear Ones, we know that you forever worry about your well being, and it is not easy to adopt a different approach. However, it would help you immensely if you could lessen your dependence upon time. Try to be more relaxed, and if you believe you do not have enough time to do what you wish, let it go and come back to it when you can. Over a long period of time you have gradually been acknowledging that changes are necessary in the way that you use time. One example that comes to mind is the more flexible working hours rather than fixed times. Although your free time has increased over the years, it is still inadequate to allow you to fully follow other pursuits. You were not meant to work to such an extent that you had insufficient time to follow them.

All of these things will change in due course, and it will be a much happier period in your life. You will move into more natural circumstances that allow for your free expression of your talents. You collectively have so much to offer each other, and more of you will be working together. Indeed, you will work with us and we know already that so many of you are eagerly waiting that opportunity. It will come very soon and of that you can be sure.

I am Ag-agria of The Galactic Federation and hope you are relaxed and happy about the coming changes.  They are ultimately for the good of Humanity, as you must conclude your time in this cycle as it is closing to make way for the new.  Glorious and wonderful times are ahead and you do not need to worry about Earth changes, as these will only involve those who have already agreed to be part of them.  Focus on the outcome, which will be a fully cleansed and restored Earth, and a renewed Humanity.  Love and Light will abound everywhere and the dark shall disappear forever.

Thank you, Ag-agria
Mike Quinsey

February 17, 2006

As happens when the mass consciousness grows, it occurs quickly and we see the Light strongly glowing out from Earth. There is no doubt that more people are turning to the Light. From our point of view this is exactly what we have been working towards, as this is your time to show the power you have to mould what occurs upon Earth. Hitherto you have left all decisions to your elected representatives expecting that they would acknowledge your views and opinions. Instead through stealth and corruption they have ignored you and now find to their chagrin that it has been thrown back at them.

No governing body lasts very long once they have lost the support of the people and you have a typical example in the U.S.  Their allies in war are feeling the same objections that are being voiced stronger than ever, and you will note how the leadership of Tony Blair of the United Kingdom is also coming under fire.  These developments are a sure sign of how matters are rapidly changing and something clearly has to give. Normally an unpopular leader will resign but it is typical of those who have abused their position to have to be forced out.

What is occurring is having a worldwide affect and the outcome is so important for everyone’s future. Short of interference we will do whatever is required to ensure that there is not a contrived situation to alter the outcome. The power of the people is at last determining what is acceptable, and the demands for change will not go unheeded. Matters of this nature have a path that usually results in them escalating and we see this to be the case. You are winning this battle against the intentions of the dark and you have an ailing government that cannot keep control for much longer.

When you find yourselves in such a position, it needs the pressure for change to be sustained. All of the time you are creating the energy for such an outcome and you have the added strength of ours which is making a formidable difference. Keep the pressure on those who are controlling your destiny as it is to be removed from their hands. Your destiny is written in the stars from whence you came, and greater powers than those on Earth are preparing to assist you on the last part of your journey. Things are pretty chaotic but out of it will emerge a clear path that will allow us to finally commence the next stage of our tasks by arriving on Earth.

At present it is difficult for you to put aside what is happening all around you, but you can still watch events without becoming directly involved. Your greatest service to your fellow man is to keep bringing the Light to Earth. Send it to those areas where it can help reduce the emotional outbursts that threaten to result in hasty actions that may have repercussions all around the world. All of the problems will be sorted out in due course but for the meantime you are prominently involved in holding the balance.

You may wonder how we feel about what is happening all around you. I will say that because we know it is akin to a game between the Light and Dark, we know the result has been pre-ordained and we can play our part accordingly. We lessen as far as possible any impact that may be placed upon you and we always have in mind the part that Mother Earth has yet to play in the final outworking. Unlike the dark, we do have knowledge of every event that may materialize, and so armed we are allowed to intervene as long as it does not go against any Karmic outworking.

We know that powerful Light is continually being beamed to Earth, and we see how it is lifting you up. It is a process involving changes that are essential to your preparations for Ascension, and we are very much involved in them. Our presence is not out of some idle interest or curiosity like some visitors to Earth and we come as a fully organized group that you know as The Galactic Federation. We are comprised of those planets that have evolved to the point where they live in peace and Brotherhood. You are now a member, as it is seen that soon you will have brought permanent peace and Love to Earth.

Outside of Earth there are conditions and situations that are not unlike what you have been used to experiencing. However, these are confined to the lower dimensions which you are rising out of if you have chosen Ascension as your path. Those who are not ready will continue to receive guidance in a similar environment to what you now have. However, they still have lessons to learn and every single individual will be accompanied by their Guides. It is no shame upon these ones who are not ready, they simply require a longer period in which to complete their experiences.

Do you not think it wonderful that there are Beings who preside over your evolution who have such Love for every single soul? Ones who have compassion and great understanding of your trials and tribulations. Who can provide the means to continue your experiences in a way that is hardly noticed and all groups are equally catered for exactly according to their needs. The Heavenly Hierarchy is indeed absolute pinnacles of Love and Light, and is truly aware of all of your needs. Have faith and leave the details to those who oversee Earth, and you will have no concern about your future.

As you stand in your own space and begin to assimilate all of the knowledge you have gained over eons of time, the truth begins to emerge. No longer do you need others to dictate your thinking or your needs, go within as you hold all of the knowledge you will ever need. Be guided by those who have gone before as they have much to offer but let the decisions be yours as to your future.  Force or coercion is never used by those who are truly in the Light so do not succumb to fear or control. You are all free souls and you can only give that up by knowingly forsaking it.

I am Ag-agria and marvel at your strength in adversity and I see why you cannot fail to bring in the beneficial changes that are now needed. You have been to the lowest points and back up again, and you are wonderfully prepared for this particular time. With it you have grown immensely in your ability to Love all life around you and you have reclaimed your place in the higher realms. I say, come and join us, there is a place already prepared and it is called Terra and is to be your abode in the Golden Age.  Well done, Earth people, you have drawn the admiration and love of many Star Nations.

Thank you, Ag-agria.
Mike Quinsey

March 3, 2006

How strange everything must seem to you as the dark try to tighten their grip and you draw the strings tighter around them. However, you have risen to the challenge and you work to establish the points of Light that surround the dark. Now that you have understood how your freedom is being removed bit by bit, you are equal to the efforts of the dark who try to justify their actions.  Now you confront them with your version of the truth and they are feeling very uncomfortable.

Knowledge and awareness are so vital to the work of the Light and there is no better source of news than your Internet. It will always be eyed by those who prefer that your freedom of expression is curtailed. Fortunately that is easier said than done and I see that the possibility that its power to effect matters will be contained for quite some time. It is so important to Lightworkers, who share a whole wealth of information about various activities that are taking place. It is a place where the truth can be found if you are prepared to be discerning.

One of the most amazing events that came upon people with little warning was the fall of the Berlin Wall. This was an example of the power of the people to overcome the regime of Communism and break out to claim back their freedom. The energy for change often works this way, and as it builds up against your present government you could yet see this happening to them. They are teetering on the brink of collapse and one more little push could see their unstoppable fall commence.  When the supporters of the Republican Party are themselves critical of the leadership, you know that their end is in sight. You can never let up in your campaigns to bring the changes about but the die has been cast and the changes must take place very soon.

Since the new energies have been lifting your vibrations, many have awakened to the possibility of the New Age.  It has taken some time to throw off the last vestiges of the expected changes that were to accompany the turn of the Millennium. That was an important turning point when through your expanding consciousness you went beyond the predictions that would have seen you end the last century in chaos. The end times cannot themselves be altered, as there has to be a conclusion to this cycle. However, the manner in which it takes place can, and you have raised yourselves to a level where it will occur in a less disruptive way. This also applies to Mother Earth who no longer needs to carry out the dramatic earth changes that were originally envisaged.

Our part in the changes was initially meant to take place in a way that was not so intrusive in your affairs. We were always going to be behind the events ensuring that the Divine Plan worked out. Since you have become more aware of the truth of our presence and warmly invited us to join you that has opened new options and allowed us a more direct approach to you. If you look back to how far you have come since the Millennium I am sure you will agree that a tremendous amount of progress has been made. Now you stand at the threshold of another giant step forward and amid the apparent confusion a new way forward is emerging.

We have mentioned quite often that the old ways no longer serve you and they are being rapidly replaced at higher levels that are about to manifest that energy upon Earth. You create the potential and by increasing the vibrations upon Earth you draw it to yourselves. It must be so and you may be assured that the day of completion is ever drawing closer. Even those who are not deeply involved in working for the changes are sensing that something is about to happen. There is a very positive attitude amongst many people that will help continue to speed things up.

The time is approaching when there shall be a fair distribution of wealth throughout the world. It is Man who has caused the imbalances, and it has happened through greed and the desire for power. Your problem has been that your leaders have not been chosen for the right qualities. Often they have had a hidden agenda and for many years that has been formulated by the Illuminati.  People have to some extent been naïve and believed the election talk that has promised you what you want to hear.  As the truth has been emerging, you learn that for many years you have been manipulated and lied to by the very ones that you gave your trust.

It is time for a new breed of leaders to take the reins to lead you towards the final preparations for Ascension. These people are known to us and have come into incarnation specifically to carry out this role. As soon as it is possible to install them they will be announced and you will know them for the good work they have already carried out.  It is necessary that your leadership is spiritually empowered and able to make decisions for the good of all. They will have our support and guidance and quickly restore those freedoms that have been systematically taken away from you. They will be the right people for the time and reflect your desire to see a new society emerge that addresses the real needs of the people.

Corruption and bribery shall be replaced by honesty and open handed dealings. For too long politicians have said one thing and done another, and broken their promises. You the people will have more say in what is done in your name, and you will be consulted about major issues that affect your lives. What is already proposed in the changes that we have informed you about, will restore your civilization to a place of freedom and sovereignty which we know will be welcomed by you. They will solve the problems that have created inequality and overcome poverty and want all over the world.  We come for All and what will commence in the U.S. will set the stage for everyone else.

I am Ag-agria and I have taken a look at the position you now find yourselves in, and it is continuing to be one that is progressing satisfactorily. The Galactic Federation and the Spiritual Hierarchy are well aware of the tension brought about by the delay in the manifestation of the anticipated events. As ever there has to be a correct time for our official announcements but be assured that like you we will be delighted when that day arrives. We work incessantly towards a successful conclusion and it will come soon enough as the hard work has now been completed. We and our allies are at the ready and our victory looms ever nearer. Go in love and carry out your work with your heads held high and know that the Light has encircled your Earth and is bringing the peace and happiness you richly deserve.

Thank you, Ag-agria,
Mike Quinsey

Monday September 1, 2008

For those of you who are abreast with the news of what is happening in the world, it is no surprise to find that its collapse is far reaching. However, what is becoming apparent is the powerful energy generated by the people who are seeking changes that will move them onto a new level of being. The old ways are suddenly being seen as inadequate and unfulfilling, and unable to deliver what people desire. There is tiredness amongst you from being repeatedly embroiled in issues of war and confrontation. It is no longer acceptable, and your patience with your authorities is running out. You have realized that life should provide you with much satisfaction and would do so as long as you were not having to consistently fight for acknowledgment of your entitlement to a happy and joyful life.

There is a sense of impending change even with those who are not spiritually aware, and as the new higher energies continue to reach the Earth so it will become more apparent. A stirring is taking place all over the world, and there are powerful movements forming that are determined to remove corrupt and dictatorial governments. For a long time we have told you that the truth is coming out and today you see this to be true. The arrogance of those who thought they had covered up their crimes and would never be discovered, has changed to one of near panic as they see the walls of truth are approaching them from all sides. There is no escape and as much as they try to stem it, the truth continues to haunt them because of their dastardly deeds. Whilst it is true that they have little in the way of regret and their consciousness is awash with denial, they can still have an awakening Light within. They dare not face it, and will unsuccessfully try to avoid answering to themselves for their crimes against Humanity.

Not a single soul can get away with harming another one without knowing exactly how that soul felt and the effect on their lives. How else will you learn to accept the right of another soul to live in peace and in a manner chosen by them as part of their life experiences? You have laws and not always ones that are fair and just, but within your society it is the only means of exerting some measure of Law and Order. In the future, when you have turned totally to the Light, you will live in absolute harmony and peace with all life. You will then be subject to Universal Law, and to live otherwise would be quite beyond your thinking or actions.

Some Dear Ones already Endeavour to live up to the higher ways of living, and do so quite successfully. It is in the recognition that All Is One that such steps can be taken, and you radiate your Light and Love wherever you are. Jesus was one such soul who cherished and loved every other soul, and he walked the Earth as an exemplary example in that he could do so even when faced by those who would take his life. You too are destined to become Masters, and the path is not as difficult as you would imagine, and will become progressively easier as the higher vibrations become grounded upon Earth.

Those of pure Light could not exist on Earth, but as you raise your vibrations so you are helping lift up those around. You have to keep your feet on the ground, as you cannot hide away, or indeed would you need to. Others who desire to uplift themselves need your support and guidance, and you must of necessity be amongst them. By your example you too can help many souls without even being aware of it, and it is a matter of walking and talking in the Light and Love that you have discovered. Being at ease when others are worried and in despair helps calm situations, and a kind word or gesture such as a smile can work wonders. The Earth and duality are not your natural Home and are far from it, you came from the higher realms and intentionally left your true identity behind. You became separated from your essence for the purpose of experience and your evolution. Now you are lifting up and you are returning to your higher state of being.

The Earth has been your home for a long, long time and you have come to love it. Fortunately Mother Earth is Ascending with you, and will again show her true beauty and magnificence as she returns to her pristine condition. Your destiny is absolutely guaranteed and nothing can stop your Ascension. You will understand why, regardless of what is yet to happen on Earth, it is not going to prevent the outworking of all that has been planned for you. Go with the flow, and adjust as necessary, because you do not have much longer before you will be part of the changes that are so eagerly sought. Allow the old to crumble into disuse as it has served its purpose now, and let those who still cling to it create their own pathway through their freewill choice.

Your hopes have been raised by the announcement of the 14th October sighting [Note of Editor of BVW: See the message and video of August 2, 2008, at ]. It has caused a ripple of excitement and anticipation that has gone far afield. It is testing many people’s beliefs, but is necessary to bring forward the day when our presence will be officially recognized. The sighting will be an acknowledgement to the many Dear Ones who are ready to welcome us to Earth, a show of peaceful intent and proof that we are benign and have no desires to enslave you as some think. It will not be the last time that such a demonstration of our presence will be made. It is the start of our plans to speed up events that will be the preliminaries to the greater show that will involve flyovers all around your world. First Contact as such will follow when we shall come and meet you on your Earth, and speedily proceed by attending to the priorities that exist. We talk first of helping the impoverished nations and overcoming starvation, thirst, the need for medical attention, safety against invasion and other natural elements.

I am Ag-agria from Sirius, and on behalf of the Galactic Federation can tell you that we have never been more adequately prepared for the tasks ahead. We have vast resources, and personnel totally aware of their responsibilities to you and the Hierarchy who stand behind them. It is no small task, yet it will be handled extremely efficiently and with minimum inconvenience to you. Simply trust us and know we have your best interest at heart. We come in love and the utmost concern for your wellbeing and welfare.

Thank you, Ag-agria.
Mike Quinsey

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