Light Prevails

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Messages from the Sirian High Council

The Sirian High Council, channeled through Patricia Cori.

Light Prevails

Message for April 2004.  Taken from:  Published in this website on April 24, 2004.

«Let there be no doubt in your minds that those who have grabbed your world by the throat and shaken your humanity to the blood with their talons are losing their unrelenting grip. They are slipping, falling through the cracks their web of lies can no longer cover and conceal. It is unfolding everywhere around you —in these days of merging realities and the cleansing of Earth’s fields. The voice of truth rings crystalline through the haze of lies and deception and you are the voice and the wonder and the power of light emerging. You, sweet starseed, co-creators of all realities, are setting the vibratory pace where the lower frequencies of deception can no longer cling to the human race and you know we are here with you, helping you understand such mechanisms, helping you recognize who you are and what you have come to do. Light Beings from many worlds and dimensions are helping you (as within the parameters of universal law) to alter the direction the misguided have wished to take not only the human race but all species of the earthly gardens of your days …. and of days ‘passed’.

"To those who still wonder when it is that we will come to save you …to those of you who question and doubt our existence (and you do well to question everything that you encounter as somehow outside of your own exquisite experience) we sound the call to celebrations. Now is the time when you truly realize that you are the saviors you are the Earth Light Brigades and you are succeeding in your missions as light bearers of your sphere, in this pivotal point upon the time-space continuum: Ra Ascending.

"Your community, your global outreach, your meditations, your prayers, the love – all your lightworking has been woven into the karma of your world, releasing the knots and cords of darker intentions. Many are the guides and leaders who are rallying the light teams to encircle your world in healing waves that are helping to create this magnificent shift in the design that was laid before you – we celebrate all of you. We have called you to action, rousing the drowsy from their beds, sounding the wake up call for the sleeping and they have heard the call. More and more are rising up, joining the Alliance of Light and Truth, raising the voice of humanity and it is a glorious thing to behold.

"Children of beauty and light you are the shining faces of every Earth generation, come to breathe back into Gaia the gentle wind and the breeze; you have come to still the raging waters, to plant the seeds of human consciousness in her rich brown soils and to carry the torch of her eternal flame.

"You call upon angelic beings, spirit guides, the Masters and the countless entities of light and otherworldly dominions. We, in turn, stand behind you, calling you to the frontlines and you are there as are we: light warriors all. There you are, Dear Ones. You are marching to the rhythm of the Gaian drum the heartbeat of the Goddess and you will not be deterred. You know that you are here as warriors of the Light and how you perform your mission is not the relevance key: what matters is that you shine your brilliance down those dark halls where minds are still shadowed in fear. That is the ultimate battle you understand. Fear is the darkness it is the force with which to be reckoned. Love is the light that shines from the lanterns you all are asked to carry for those who are still bent in their terror, as it has been imposed by the loveless masters and as it has existed within them, product of their own demons. You are asked to turn up the flame so that all the lost and disempowered can know the dark passageway is illuminated and they do not walk alone.

"The kings and queens will not go quietly.  There will be more chaos, great challenges, the clash of darkness and light the trump card will be played.  But they have exposed themselves for what they are. You can see them for what they are. And hence, the game is lost to them.

"Never, not even for a moment, must you lose sight of the one TRUTH: the Light will prevail.

"The Light always does.

"Light, you understand, is All that Is. Despite the ghostly shadows of your 3D stage, you do know that light is everywhere around you and within you.  Knowing that, you will watch the icons of the dark illusion slowly melt into the oblivion and fade away as you dizzy from the whirling spiral of events that have you spinning into position, about to leap into the new.

"You are at the threshold..  So close you can taste the wonder.»

We are the Sirian High Council

Live It with Joy

Message for October 2004.  From Ms Cori’s newsletter.  Published in this website on January 3, 2004.

Mammoth leaps in human consciousness have called greater numbers of Sirian Emissaries to observe the human arena in which you find yourselves, now racing through the Olympiad of your evolution … in time for the great changes that will herald the dawn of the Enlightened Age of Humankind.  We observe with celebration that as more of us become aware of your rites of passage, more of you become aware of our guardianship over your world and that is indeed a divine wonder to us, as it is to you.

You are understanding, as you have never understood before, just what your soul essence intended when the decision was taken to appear at this particular point in space-time. You are remembering who you are and what you came to do. You are remembering, starseed beings, all the wonder of your journey through the eternal voyage of being.

You were sensing…now you know you know
You were listening… now you know you hear
You were watching… now you know you see
You were becoming – now you know you ARE.

Although it may appear that Earth and the living of your world are spiraling forever deeper into an abysmal dark night of the soul,  those of us holding the light of humanity in our hearts observe an untold brilliance emanating from the Earth and we assure you that your prayers, your meditations, your visions of harmony and celebration are raising the vibration of Gaia and so, your Sun: forever outward – across the seas of universal soul; forever inward, weaving love’s golden light through the intricate cosmometry of every particle of your being.

The bands of the controllers are rapidly disintegrating as the False Lords of Earth scramble to create the new techno-grids.  Yes, they are more determined than ever to corral you, to round you up in cages and hold you in servitude, to crush your will and harness your power – but with every new dawn you realize ever more that their omnipotent manipulation of your lives is simply not working.

It is not working, that is, FOR THEM

It may be difficult yet for you to recognize how those dark players, so committed to disruption and the de-unification of the race, have actually helped you raise your expectations for the greater human experience –  the heightened vibration of global consciousness. Their wanton destruction of the environment has called Gaia to action with far greater urgency and you respond to those outbursts of Earth’s rebellion with renewed determination to heal the planet. Their force-feeding of fear and terror wears tedious and you see that they are actually helping you face the demons that lie buried once deep within you, now rising to the foreground of your minds’ eyes to be released or accepted. Indeed, contrary to their intent to weaken and disintegrate human hope and nobility of spirit, their horrendous manipulation of human affairs is actually serving you – is it not? Is it not the great catalyst for what they most fear – the awakening of the masses?

By exasperating the human condition, they are forcing you to face the inequities that exist in the world and through their misguided vision a new global awareness is emerging. Your comfort zones are being re-defined or eliminated altogether. Although it is painful to experience violence, to know the constant uncertainty of terror, to feel the suffering of others…you must know what lies beyond your safe harbors if you are ever to truly understand how absolutely connected you are to all the living.

Redefining your barriers will soon take on new meanings, as you face the questions of alien life, for once and forever, as will the entirety of your civilization. You who have come to our message trust that there are numerous layers and levels of consciousness involved and dedicated to your smooth transition into the unknown – your awakening to the Galactic Family. You may also be aware that there are significant numbers of alien beings (some already walk amongst you, others observe or visit you from various vantage points in space) who are absolutely bent upon utilizing you for their own ends. To deny that inevitable possibility would be to underestimate your understanding of the polarities in which you reside or worse – to create for you a pabulum that can be easily swallowed but which offers no nourishment for the soul – no extraordinary questions for the mind to contemplate!

You may also realize that there are plans being drawn for the inevitable contact moment, when science fiction meets the 21st century, and you are confronted, face to face, with beings from other worlds on an immense planetary scale. What is required at this critical phase of your understanding is that you consider that encounter with great objectivity and a fearless curiosity – for you will face this in your lifetimes. You are soon to know how incredibly vast is the universe of the living, and with what diversity your own galaxy is populated.

What will this mean to those who wish to control you and to own Earth’s wealth? Consider: what will happen to the world government when the entirety of the human race is faced with the fact that all its arsenals and weaponry have been unable to hold back a massive fleet of alien ‘invaders’? What will happen when Homo Sapiens confronts the reality that these same journeyers have far surpassed humankind in their technological prowess and their understanding of the physics of the universe?  Indeed, what will happen when they stand before you, no longer cloaked in the mysterious uncertainty of your own wild imaginings?

We believe that all those postured in power positions upon your planet will be more or less immediately dethroned – their reigns of terror ended.  The secret government, built of hidden agendas and humanity’s apathy, will lose its true weapon, as Truth resounds through the valleys and hills of every tribe, every community, every state. The delicate economic structures of your world trade markets will crumble – for reality will have so changed the game that the old will not hold its value. War, that great creator of wealth for the few and the mighty, will end – all human eyes gazing up to the stars. All human beings will anxiously and with understandable fear wait for the first gestures of alien intelligence: will it be war-like, will it be loving?

We wish to remind you that the collective consciousness of humankind ripples forever through the cosmic seas of universal mind and we invite you to help others understand that fundamental. Your perception of the arrival affects the arrival; the vibration of those thought waves determines the vibratory nature of the matter upon which those craft will enter into Earth atmosphere – changing the very fabric of the time-space continuum … changing the beings, the craft, the consciousness of each and of the many.

In essence, we are telling you that the One Mind of humanity will determine the time and place of the great arrival. It is about when you are ready , it is about where the greatest numbers of you have consolidated your energies enough to hold the space around these events. Countless ships have already appeared, each altering the nature of your 3D material substance, changing the auric field of Gaia – altering time itself. They are studying the human response, measuring the fear and the wonder, helping you assimilate what is about to unfold.

Moreover, the dimensions are bleeding into each other and beings from every level are passing through the portals. Craft and ships are not needed to make the journey and you know this deep within you. Some are mere holograms, helping you understand the essence of contact.  And there are the fields – forever imprinted with the signs of our communications. Channels are opening, the lights are on, your hearts are ready…hopeful…inviting.

It is up to you what you make real in your lives
What you weave into your hearts and shine golden in the light of your souls
How you approach the unknown – fearless, with eyes wide open … .or cowered in powerless and dread – determines just how extraordinary will be your experience as universes, worlds, nations, peoples, animals celebrate the Great Reunion.
You have an appointment with destiny..
Live it with joy, starseed.
Live it with joy.


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