Return of the Dove

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The Symbol of the Holy Spirit and the Dove Command

 An Explanation by Luis E. Prada

Original text.  Where graphic source is unknown no credit is given.  Illustrations of Figs. 104-7.3, 104-14 and 105-10 done by the author.  All credits should be given if this discourse or its illustrations are used in other Websites.


 Explanatory Study of Keys 1-0-4 and 1-0-5 of the «Book of Knowledge, Keys of Enoch» by James Joseph Hurtak published by the Academy of Future Sciences.  This book is written in a scientific spiritual language giving the Cosmological and Scientific codes for the evolution of mankind into higher consciousness.  It is written in seven levels.  This explanation is not the ultimate level.  The final level of understanding of all the keys is achieved through their applied technology not by any one individual in particular but by a collective of scientists working in 64 different aspects of ‘applied’ science.

 The explanation of these two chapters came as an assignment given to me by Dr. RA-Ja ‘Merk’ Dove of the Aquarian Perspectives Interplanetary Mission.  This information will bring a better understanding to Aquarian scientists working with higher spirituality.  It is of little or no value to current Earth scientists that hold a materialistic scientific viewpoint.  If these subjects may sound funny to these materialistic scientists it is of no importance to me, that is their problem: They still need to work their psychologies through present and future several other reincarnations before they are ready to understand and appreciate this Light.

 First published in this website on the day of our Lord of Light Jesus Sananda, Commander-in-Chief of the Lightworkers, April 20, 2002.

Removed form the Web on June 23, 2002, by request of Dr. J. J. Hurtak.


Have You Done Your Mission?

June 19, 2002

Beloved Reader of this Website:

Above is still shown the introduction to a Magnus treatise I unselfishly did for the Readers of this Website, some of which expressed the difficulties they faced when reading the "Book of Knowledge, Keys of Enoch".  On June 18, 2002, I received this letter from the Academy For Future Science/Dr. Hurtak claiming infringement of intellectual rights.  I responded it and argued some points but I only received, as a cold answer, my response email followed by a copy and paste of again the same original email:

Dear Brother Veritus/Luis Prada:

We have viewed your webpage(s) and found that you have two pages that extensively quote from our book THE BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE: THE KEYS OF ENOCH® (Spanish and English) that need to be removed. The pages are:

There may be additional quotes that we did not find that may also need to be removed. Please note that we have no problem with simple references to our book, but these extensive sections clearly go beyond the "fair use" law.

We realize that your reason for printing these extensive sections was to spread the information, however, the author (who is living) and we, the publishers, do not want such extensive publication of our materials in this manner. Clearly, you have quoted extensively Key 104 and 105 including using images from our book that are copyrighted.

I represent The Academy For Future Science; we are the publishers of Dr. Hurtak’s book, and we must inform you that the reproduction of materials in any form is a theft of Dr. Hurtak’s rights and subject to the violation of federal and state copyright laws (California) and by having this on the web is it the same as committing a theft and infringement of Dr Hurtak’s intellectual rights.

Again we realize this was not your intention — and we are trying to be friendly. Please remove the quotes from our book on these two pages immediately and continue to respect our wishes into the future, and there will be no further problems between us, and we will wish you well in your work for we can see you are sincere.

Thank you in advance for your compliance.


Naomi Gatlin, International Director
The Academy For Future Science,
The Academy For Future Science, P.O. Box FE, Los Gatos, CA 95031

I have decided to comply with this request and remove this discourse from my Website.  I disagree with the statement that I have copied extensively from Dr. Hurtak’s  two chapters, since most of my text is expressed with my own words and only few literal texts were copied between quotes.  What is this out of an over-600-pages book?  I am not giving his work away for free.  With respect to the above reference to illustrations I only posted the map of the Return of the Dove, most other illustrations were done by myself, some belong to other authors with proper credit given.

Personally I think this goes beyond just a concern of alleged copyright infringement, since few quotes used in a Chapter review do not constitute copyright infringement.  This has to do more with the concept of explanation and interpretation of the text.  This is not the first time Dr. Hurtak goes after someone on the web for interpreting his own work.  Probably he does not do the Web policing himself but has someone to do it for him who is also his emissary, who contacts the "culprit" and does the "dirty" work, in this case, Naomi Gatlin.  I did not think he was going after me this time.  This "copyright issue" has really to do with ego and power trip:  "Don’t mess with my toy, that is mine."  A book that was written in a confusing way certainly needs interpretation and clarification.  The language is obscure and cryptic:  Some terms are given without definition, paragraphs keep repeating the same thing with different words, etc.  What is the purpose and goodness of a textbook if people cannot fully understand it?, does it meet its intended goal?  Gone are the days when occultists and esoterists had to write in a veiled way to avoid persecution.  In the Aquarian Age we write clearly and to the point, symbols are explained with common words and true meaning, not using other symbols.  That is the way I did my interpretation of these two chapters.  The book is full of unexplained riddles and not-translated Hebrew words.  By the way:  What is the English translation of Lay-oo-esh?

I know what some of you may be thinking:  That you need more preparation and advancement to understand this book, that, by the way, it is written in "seven levels" as Hurtak claims.  If you read any of the Hurtak scientific writings in all of them he uses down-to-earth language, easy to understand, of course a scientific academic level may be needed in some cases to understand scientific concepts.  But when he wrote his mystical experience for the Lightworkers he drop this "seven level" style on you.  Why?  Most people stretch their budget to buy this expensive and heavy book, struggle through it understanding little of its "first-level meaning" and then put it on a shelf to collect dust as an adorning white elephant.  They probably think that if they mention their difficulties in interpreting it the sacrosanct Gods of the New Age may look down at them with scorn because they have not diligently prepared themselves enough to understand it.  And so the New Age paradigm goes on rising the Gods of the New Age on pedestals even higher, adorning them with garments of glamour, and nobody seems to see the Emperor’s new clothes.  I have seen some of the same concepts of this book explained in more simple and practical terms by others who may not have read this book but have been able to tap into the same source.  Eventually the book may fall into oblivion and the concepts will be studied and applied by others, become obvious, and life goes on.

I thought that I could help others finding the way around these two most important chapters.  After hundred of hours of research and working for almost six months on and off I thought I had cracked the code.  My spirit guides told me that since I still have veils of ignorance and am not an Ascended Master yet I had some errors, but my explanation of these two chapters was quite accurate.  Then I felt happy for I had crowned a great achievement.  I felt inner joy and wanted to share it first with the only one who could have understood it best:  Dr. Hurtak.  I was near to write him an email and let him know of my accomplishment.  He was playing a role model for me.  But something inside of me told me to stop and not do it.  That was the wise voice of my Master Within whom in so many other occasions I had not paid attention to or heard and had got myself in trouble.  But fortunately I did pay heed this time.  So the article went on the Web and many people read it.  Then the above email came and made me open my eyes.  I was puzzled and confused.  Without probably wanting it, but by writing this book Dr. Hurtak was now a public figure and a role model for others who expected him to lead the way to the Grand Awakening with a burning fire in his heart, to Spread the Light to the four corners of the Earth.  And I found instead somebody citing ‘Legalese’ at this crucial time that is running out when humanity needs so badly more spiritual light than ever.  Preoccupied by copyright infringement on a document for which I make no money, but was done out of pure unconditional love for humanity. Then I searched the Web and did not find study groups publishing on the Web their findings, studies, interpretations and applications of the principles of the book, instead I found only short book reviews done by books sellers.  Why? You may now be thinking the same I am thinking.  The fingers of your hands are more than enough to count the years left before the great economic and political collapse of this civilization as we have known it today and the beginning of a new Era of Understanding where, among many other things, this business of copyright violation claims will be a thing of the past.

One of the great inventions of humanity came in the person of Dr. Thomas Bearden with his "Motionless Electromagnetic Generator that extracts energy from a permanent magnet with energy replenishing from the active vacuum".  TheMEG will be the energy liberator of humanity from the world energy cartel and will bring non-polluted Nature-friendly forms of zero-point energy.  It was a great accomplishment when on March 26, 2002, for the first time the US Patent Office issued Patent 6,362,718 to Dr. Bearden and his team for his great invention whose mathematics goes back to the beginning of the 20th century.  Curiously this extremely important future science has gone totally ignored in Hurtak’s "Academy For Future Science" Website as of today when it is mentioned in so many Websites.  Why?  Was this because it has been a controversial subject?  In one of his scientific journals Dr. Hurtak only presents the design of a more efficient transformer which still requires a connection to the electrical power grid.

I also find the Academy For Future Science Corporation, as it is claimed to be, not posting book reviews and additional studies on the Book of Knowledge or connecting the book to the scientific writings of Hurtak, as if perhapsashamed of an association with this book in front of the scientific and corporate world —the book Hurtak wrote in his youth when he was more idealistic, although today welcoming its sale orders and worried by copyrights!—  Why Dr. Hurtak does not further promote his book and has followed it with a second book or explanations of this book?  He does not seem interested in becoming a New Age guru or public speaker through New Age Expositions, tours, seminars, workshops, book signings and public speaking in places such as the Wesak Celebration in Mount Shasta withDr. Joshua David Stone where great gatherings of Light Workers are assembled.  Are we not suppose to be here for a mission to let this message go out to reach and awake the sleeping Lightworkers to their true mission?  I do not judge him because I am far from being perfect but I am just as puzzled as you maybe for the inconsistencies.  They are hiding something, but whatever it is, it is their business after all.  I am not questioning here the authenticity of his mystical experience, but what followed after it really sucks!

With a new initiation, with a new spiritual Light, with a new revelation and understanding comes peace and joy and responsibility to promote it, to use it for benefit of others and own, unfortunately that is part of the price, it comes with the office, I mean the Office of the Christ.  According to the channel Elizabeth Clare ProphetAscended Master El Morya gave his precious blue jewel he wears on his turban to the Lords of Karma as collateral to get a dispensation and to be returned until the job was done because his chelas had failed in previous dispensations given to them by this master, so this time this energy went out with a price attached.  Let not fail the Master again!  The most burning question on the other side of the veil when facing the Lords of Karma will be this:  Have You Done Your Mission?, the one bestowed to your care? the service to your fellow men?  Posing this question before other things we have deemed so important in our physical lives such as raising a family, a position in life, a job, a title, etc., all of them seem dwarfed or trivial, even though on the earthly plane the contrary seems to be true.

It is not OK to judge people, but it is OK to judge attitudes with detachment of people and circumstances.  Otherwise Madame Karma may inexorably turn one more time her wheel for not doing when supposed to or for doing it the wrong way(omission or commission).

And speaking on interpretation of sacrosanct truths:  No one person can claim to be the possessor of the ultimate Truth and the only rightful interpreter of Revealed Truth since Truth is relative and its interpretation depends on the angle in which it is seen. We all walk different avenues of service out of the twelve available and belong to a ray of wisdom.  Even within the same ray I may know something in particular better than you because that is my focus and mission, where I am really good at.

Dr. James Joseph Hurtak I wish well to Dr. Hurtak and his team and leave them on their own way.  I do not mean to pick on him necessarily because at the soul level he has a great soul, that is why Ophanim Enoch chose him and not you for that wonderful mystical experience he witnessed, but with the removal of my treatise he has become an instrument to give me now the opportunity to make some points and teachings for my readers.  One thing brought another to balance the energy, as it should be for peace and good understanding.

You may request an electronic copy of this discourse for a modest sum of US$7.00.  I will supply you with the illustration hyperlinks.  All illustrations will continue to reside on this Website as long as it is online.  Pay using the Paypal logo on our Brother Veritus’ Store.  Posting this 27-pages treatise on the Web was free, but sending it to individuals constitutes an extra burden on my busy schedule.  If you are a serious student of the "Book of Knowledge, Keys of Enoch" you may want to study this, my Magnus work.  Then you may copy it and send it to others, also print it and distribute it, only keep the credit of my work and reference this Website, do not alter it by adding or subtracting material.  If you want to post it on the Web you may do it at your own risk: Dr. Hurtak may chase you down.  Believe me:  Do not think naively that Dr. Hurtak is not fully involved in this, nothing comes out of the office of the Academy For Future Science that does not have his seal of approval.

The request to remove the material was not an attack against me nor my Light, I already have benefited from my study, it is against you, my Reader and regular visitor to this, your Website, who are now deprived of the opportunity to study it.  You may write the Academy For Future Science requesting the reconsideration of their decision.  You may state your reasons, be polite but firm.  From the way the Book of Knowledge was written you may deduct that Dr. Hurtak and his team are moving in the Mental Path, with them you should be respectful and bring good reasons, if they are walking the talk, then they should listenYou may get more using honey than vinegar.

For my Hispanic Readers:  If you do not speak English, you may write to them in Spanish, they publish this book also in Spanish and most likely have somebody to translate it for them.

Write to:
Academy For Future Science
Dr. J. J. Hurtak/Naomi Gatlin
P.O. Box FE, Los Gatos, CA 95031, USA


Final Words

Beloved student:  Be sure that when you receive a dispensation, a revelation by the Ascended Masters, given out of compassion for you and for humanity, that this new Light won’t dazzle your vision so as to prevent you from seeing the Light in others.  So Mote It Be!

Luis Prada, Webmaster

PS: "The Book of Knowledge, Keys of Enoch" is not a collection of writings of Dr. Hurtak but his description of a prophetic revelation shown to him by Ophanim Enoch.  Dr. Hurtak is only the scribe.  As in speaking in tongues, the interpreter for the congregation is not necessarily the one that has this gift.

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