The Stargate 8:8 Is Now Officially Opened

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The Stargate 8:8 Is Now Officially Opened
(Lion’s Gate)
Beloved Ascended Master El Morya

Posted originally in in this website on August 14, 2004. From Paul LeBreton,, channeled on Sunday August 8, 2004.  Posted as email with the subject line "Ascended Master El Morya, Star Brothers and Sisters and the 8:8 Stargate."

Greetings, everyone.  I AM That I AM, Ascended Master El Morya.

The Stargate 8:8, Lion’s Gate, is now officially opened.  With this, many Beings/Entities will be coming through onto the 5D earth plane at the Entry Vortexes all over your star planet.  ET Traffic will be very heavy.   Forget looking for ships, they will be beaming down.  Some of you will be contacted by these Beings because you are readied.  Some of you will not at this time be contacted because the time is not right for you at the moment of your Spiritual Growth.   Please, do not be disappointed for your time will come very soon.   You must be ready, emotionally balanced and physically balanced in the 5D and conditioned to accept your Star Brothers and Sisters of the Universe.

Officially the contact will start today 8:8 [Note of Editor: August 8, 2004].  Some of you will be able to visually see these Beings for exactly what they look like, for example, a Reptile will look like a Reptile standing and walking upright.  And this Being may be very tall, about 10 ft. or so, possibly bigger and taller.  Another example is a Humanoid, may look very much like you, except they may appear very tall and have very large eyes.  They will be walking out among the population but only some of you who have expanded your "5th Dimensional Vision" will be able to see them.  The same goes for the other Beings.  Only some of you can see.  And others of you are not ready to see these Beings of Light.  But they will walk among you and you will know that they are benevolent Light Beings because your Discernment will allow for it.   The Veils will be lifted and over the next several weeks many of you will start seeing them mingled into your population.  Other humans cannot see them when you are able too!  So, don’t make a fool out of yourself with your spiritual friends.  They may not be able to see what you can see…as of yet.

These Beings/Entities can only be seen in the Higher Frequencies.  3D is not a Higher Frequency.  Those who are living the 3D experience will not be able to see or feel their presence until they grow into their 5th Dimensional way of life and the body and emotional changes take place.  For many this will happen and for many more it will not.  Only 2.5 Billion humans presently will ascend into the 5D reality over the next 8 years.  Many of you have broken off relationships with those who will not move forward out of the 3D.  The reason for this is your missions will now begin shortly.  The life you used to have will no longer be the same. Some of you are already experiencing this.

The graduation process for many of you happened August 1st [of 2004] and during the first week of August.  You know who you are.  You are the first group of Humans that hear clearly and synthesize information accurately.  You are the ones that have your own thoughts and processes connected to the Universe and the ETs.  Not all of you "think" alike.  This has more to do with your connection with certain E.T. groups in the Universe which will be facilitating what you will be doing for your mission.  Many of you in these groups will have "like-minded" thought processes because many of you are connected to the I AM Presence of your Guides.  Connecting with them connects you with the Universe.  Remember, the Universe is vast and so are the thought processes, billions of thought processes expanding your minds.  You all have much in common and yet you still may think differently about certain things you have not experienced as of yet.  Give yourselves time to acclimate and understand different philosophies of the Universe with no one being right and no one being wrong.   So put aside your petty differences and start doing the work.

Among many of you, if you ever thought you did not belong to this world of the 3D Earth, you are correct.  Your physical bodies are Human but your Souls came from the Universe.  Many of you are of the 144,000 sent here as Lightworkers, some of which have incarnated here on the earth plane countless times.  For many of you it is the first time in the 3D reality and this was very hard for you Souls to connect to a Lower Vibrational Frequencies, "Free Will" was not granted to any of you.

If many of you felt the work of getting where you are today was "Tough", it was because you could not "Resist Nothing".  "If you Resisted", you could not turn back, once you awakened you could only move forward.  This was in preparation for "NOW".  Many of you are still struggling to move forward.  Remember, it is not only the physical body that has to change in its density but the emotional body has to change too!  DNA changes take place in both, the emotional and physical bodies.  Many of you have had countless experiences here on the earth plane and were more than willing to come back and do it all over again.  Some of you don’t know what to think of those who came here that are from the Universe.  They seem very different than most spiritual people.  Some of you even think that these humans may be of the Dark.  Let me assure you all, they are not.  Their Wisdom and Intellect is that of the Higher Dimensions and they have a hard time connecting with the lower 3D plane.  Many of these humans are vibrationally higher than the 5D.  The 9D Vibrational Humans and Higher will be doing work on another level to connect with the ETs off Star.

Everyone has a small part to play.  No one is more important than another.  Some will be leaders among you.  Accept their leadership for it was a Thankless Job they signed up for and many times these humans have sacrificed much more than you realize to be here with you, pushing you all the way.  Many of you came from all parts of the Universe to be here NOW.  You connect to each other and even rub each other the wrong way.  Come together and connect for the Wholeness of the Evolution of Humanity, there is much work to be done.  For this is the Real Beginning of your Work and all the help you can get is advisable for you to start your missions.

Many healers have awakened early to help many of you on an emotional level as well and physical.  Do not take their judgments and/or criticism lightly, for it is not what you think is really going on.   The push is not coming from the healers; it is coming from your Guides pushing you to move ahead and get the healing and the cleansing done.  Your Guides have contacted many of these individuals who do the healing work so that you can move along to the next part of your journey.  The changes you go through help you accomplish or help you move into your 5D manifestation.  This is called Ascension.

Some of you will move along quicker than others.   We have allowed the growth time for this because many of you "resist".  Take the time to understand that you cannot do all the work of clearing yourself.  All the chakras have to be cleared in order for you to release the baggage of Karma from the present lifetime and previous incarnations that prevent you from moving forward.  Many of you have illnesses that are man-made manifestations of Chemtrails and from the foods you eat, as well as vaccines you once have been exposed to.  Take the time to have these illnesses release and move on with your Spiritual Journey.


Conspiracy of the secret government: Chemtrails

The time has come when Humankind will evolve to a greater existence and presence in the Universe.  It is your inheritance for we are all One!

So be it!


By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Article taken from, newsletter of August, 2004.

As the sun sends forth her rays of clarity a personal and planetary sonic boom is heard throughout the land. Explosions of the old are nuclear (new clear) as they are cast off like dust in a dirt devil. Truth unfolds itself to be seen in the long and short of it. Narrating an internal bedtime story that can only be learned by heart. Sleep beckons but the energy shouts so loud and is so demanding that sleep is short and not so sweet.

As the vibrations of the 8:8 Stargate come forth into materialization the human body bucks at the thought of housing more Light, downloading more encodings, or receiving any more truths. If the truth be known the energies of the 8:8 Stargate are being birthed to smooth out the static cling of the personality. The tiredness comes to slow down the ancient angers that stir in the emotional layer of humanity.

The gravitational pull has increased not lessened as earth begins a new evolutionary spin. Centrifugal force fails as all that was within the spinning bucket falls changing scientific truths to a point beyond confusion.

The Sun behind the sun (at the center of our galactic nucleus) is seen with a new eye. As the Invisible Light from the Superior Sun is felt and not seen our humanness explodes with untapped potential. Pathways of cortical transmissions (from the core projections) intersect with all of earth, challenging even those of devout faith. The Invisible Light from the Sun behind the sun at galactic center spreads itself over our lives like softened galactic butter soaking into every pore and membrane of our person.

What was once hidden is seen, what was once seen is changed. The eyes of the soul see with a new clarity redefining what was once considered dark. The overlapping of the two suns creates a portal (vesica pisces) for all to enter or exit depending upon choice. Liposuction of the soul moves what had been weighty and dense into a placement of understandability. Deleting the need for repercussions or judgments. What is, just is, until you shift it. The 8:8 Stargate assists us in this knowing and portal preparation.


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