Truth Will Be Stranger Than Fiction

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Truth Will Be Stranger Than Fiction


Channeled by Mike Quinsey, initially in this website on January 19, 2005.

"You will need to have a very open mind when the Truth is presented to you, as it will be stranger than fiction." —Atmos

January 15, 2005

I still hold my place on one of the ships of theinner ring, and the whole fleet of millions of craft is fully primed for First Contact.

 We know that our allies are ready to go ahead, and that they will take the initial steps that will lead to a number of important decisions being made. The actions that will result will clear the way for us to begin the procedure of First Contact. There is no room for error, which is why it has been planned in minute detail. We are quite confident that all will run smoothly, and achieve our primary object of introducing ourselves in such a way, that we do not cause panic amongst you. Of course your media will initially question our objectives, and that is a healthy development as we must be able to accept scrutiny. We have a carefully worked out response, and all of our actions will be calculated to put you at ease very quickly. The size and scope of our actions is enormous, and it has been planned with what you would call, military precision. But be assured our Command is made up of Beings from all over the Universe, who come from planets that are members of the Galactic Federation of Light.

You were given full membership in 1993, and this was the first step that enabled us to legally set up this rescue mission. You are perhaps surprised at this information, and I can tell you that you were deemed ready to join us and, Dear Ones, stepped forward to represent the Earth so that a plan could be formulated. In the 90’s your reality was different to what it is now, and your expectation of the end-times was also different. You changed that reality by a great expansion of consciousness, and now you are well on the way to Ascension. This reality was always projected, but there was a time when you looked unlikely to make it. It was a wonderful development that partly took us by surprise. Now look at how quickly you have progressed, your Light is so powerful that you have not only met the challenge of the dark, you are now in your ascendancy, and can no longer be deflected from reaching your goal. In fact, on balance you are going ahead of the dark, who can no longer exert their influence upon you to the previous extent. We see your progress, and it is you who have brought it to that point where we can safely say, that First Contact is about start. Of course over millennia of time, many dear souls have contributed to your growth, and you have had teachers both upon Earth and also those who have channeled from the higher dimensions. Gradually you have become more enlightened, and as you have done so you have become more responsive to the Truth. We truly admire your tenacity, as being responsible for your own growth has not been easy.  At all turns you have been faced by more traditional religious teachings that have challenged your own concepts of the Truth.

But the way showers have stuck to their principles and understanding. It has not been easy in a world where the intellect has taken predominance over intuitive and inspired thinking. So many people have contributed to your awakening, and in your more recent times you have had the great teachers who came to Earth to personally lead the people.

Your true history is not yet really known, and it is an area that we will address very quickly as it is important that you know it. It will remove a lot of dissension between those of different spiritual beliefs. It will also allow a coming together in a new understanding of whom, and what you are. All things will be put into perspective, and you will be able to discern the Truth for yourselves. This really is an important subject, and once you realize the Oneness of All That Is It will be so much easier for you to accept all other human-like life forms. You are no different to us and vice versa, and we are not alien to your species. We are very much a part of each other, and have that common source that takes us back to the Godhead. You will need to have a very open mind when the Truth is presented to you, as it will be stranger than fiction. But we hope to be able to present it in a way that will leave you in no doubt as to its truthfulness. We will back up our presentations to you with holographic images, so that you can «see» great events of your past. Indeed you will be able to «see» any part of your history and if you wish, experience it as it really occurred, you will in fact be there. We will leave you in no doubt as to your truth.

I am Atmos of the Galactic Federation and ready to meet you openly. It is an exciting time, one that we all have waited for so long to manifest itself. You wait is over, and very shortly our First Open Contact will begin. We will greet you as Brothers from that great family of the Cosmos, and we come in Love and Peace.

Thank you, Atmos
Mike Quinsey

February 1, 2005

We tell you many times how we are ready for First Contact and that is still the situation. Massive organization on our part has provided a sensible approach to you, that takes into account that a vast number of you do not believe in ETs, or are very skeptical about us. But we cannot allow ourselves to be denied much longer, and it will not just be our presence in your skies that will alter your perception. First Contact will result in the various countries coming out with their own evidence and proof that we have been in touch with you for a long time. You will find that not only have our contacts been kept covered up, but also immense proof in the way of photographs and video recordings.

You will be surprised to learn that we have consistently warned against the testing of nuclear devices, or their use in war. The tests carried out have caused untold damage to your environment and in particular the ozone layer. Each explosion has ripped a hole into it, and this damage is well documented by your scientists. We for our part have cleared up after you and tried to keep it to a minimum, and this has included the dispersal of the fall-out which would otherwise have affected millions of people. In their search for world supremacy, the major powers have largely disregarded our advice and continued on the path to nuclear death and destruction. Consequently, those smaller countries that have felt vulnerable and threatened have also developed nuclear weapons. You have many times come so close to unleashing a nuclear holocaust, but with pressure from other countries have pulled back at the last moment. Our biggest concern has been an accidental war, and again you have come near to such a catastrophe.

What is it in Man’s make up that continually makes him strive for supremacy over all others, and prepared to annihilate them in the process? As far back as you go, your history shows there have been few periods of genuine peace. Greed and domination, often fuelled by religious ambitions have led you into war after war. Historically, so many big powers such as example the Romans had visions of ruling the world, and they were partially successful. Wars have divided people, and left an indelible mark that has perpetrated hatred and utter contempt for the oppressors, and this is carried forward for millennia. No wonder that the population of countries all over the world have designated certain peoples as their enemy. Isn’t it obvious that you cannot broker peace in such circumstances? Fear is the main stumbling block, and is a reality that follows people around, and is perpetuated by generation after generation. In your present world, how could you expect to negotiate peace with one hand behind your back, holding weapons of mass destruction? The lead should have been taken by your United Nations years ago, but they have lacked the will and authority to oppose the big powers. Now you reap what you have sown, and I say it only as an observation because that is how your present period of turmoil has come about.

As the vibrations have lifted upon Earth, so more of you have been able to see what is happening from a new perspective. You have seen the futility of carrying on as you have before. Also that if you are to halt the slide towards total destruction, a new approach is required. The difficulty has been to confront those who ignore your pleas for an end to wars, and all of its props.

But your petitions have not only been heard in Heavenly dimensions, the Creator has also responded. The decree was made that your cycle would end in Ascension, and not destruction, and your endeavors to bring into being the necessary changes for peace have been rewarded. This is a remarkable achievement on your part, as even at the end of your last century you were still likely to be embroiled in a devastating war. It could well have escalated and become another World War.

Out of the different realities that you could have created, it gladdens our hearts that you have chosen Love and Peace. It was always considered your most likely choice, but with freewill you could easily have slipped into oblivion. Our presence has helped you, and we have tried to bring some sense into your minds through the sightings of our craft, and the messages we have given you. Also many great Beings have graced your Earth with their presence and teachings. Their efforts have fortunately produced a response that has helped you to rise above the negativity. You have grasped the Light and seen beyond the present days, and had a glimpse of what is waiting for you when you once again become Lighted Beings. You have kept going when you could have become disheartened, and that knowingness of your real selves has been your goal.

I am so pleased to see you on the verge of a great break through, and soon all of your worries will be put behind you. We are coming to release you from the dark, and help restore you to your place in the Cosmos as true Cosmic Beings. There is much work to do to remove all vestiges of the old, and it will be achieved in quick time.

You will soon see the Earth in its beauty and pristine condition, and you will once again acknowledge Mother Gaia who has borne you and shared your experiences. You will realize that Mother Gaia is a conscious Being, to whom you owe great thanks and reverence for her part in your evolution and allowing her body to be used to support and sustain you.

I am Atmos and wait aboard my ship for the final command to make open Contact with you. The Galactic Federation is a mighty force for good, and soon you shall see them in your skies. We will come in Love and offer you our hands in friendship.

Thank you, Atmos
Mike Quinsey

April 19, 2005

Dear Ones, I come again as a representative of the Galactic Federation. Some wonder how it is that we seem to be aware of so much that is happening upon Earth. Let me explain that we can easily pick up your communication signals that go out into space in an ever widening circle. We can therefore tune in to your emissions according to what we are interested in, including your television signals. As one who is part of a contingent who will closely work with Earth, it is both useful and necessary to know what is dominating your news. Sadly, we realize that there are controls in place that prevent you from free access to the truth, and in some cases it is completely censored. Now, you will be told that it is in the interests of security and there is an element of truth in this, but the same reasons are put forward as a means of preventing you from knowing too much.

If we wish to know things first hand, we can also locate any person wherever they are and often relay to our craft their live meetings and talks. We also need to know who our friends are, and we are sometimes allowed to further their cause without actually interfering with their freewill. Of course we have our own members in many countries, who have entered your life stream in a perfectly normal way. They do not always know of their connection with us, but will serve us by carrying out their ordained tasks. What they will have is buried memories of their lives in the higher dimensions, and will find it easy to assimilate information about us. They will have an interest in ETs and UFO sightings because they already know the truth of their existence.

There are far more ETs on Earth than you possibly imagine, numbering thousands rather than hundreds. I do not include the various types of ETs that are based on Earth who have not taken a human incarnation. These ones, who are typically the Greys, are here by invitation of your Government allowing them undisturbed access to underground facilities where they carry out their experiments. They are often seen above ground and linked with the animal mutilations, and these are often monitored by your government whose purpose is not one of preventing them. There are bases in the Earth, and on the bed of your oceans that have been in existence for thousands of years. These ETs also have permission to be there, and this is given by the Galactic Federation who dictates the terms of their presence. It is usually one of non-interference with human Beings, unless it is appropriate or necessary to do so.

In your historical records you have many incidents of ET contact. You will now see that to be so, if you can allow for ancient contacts to have been interpreted as visitation by Gods. In some instances, such contacts were commemorated by drawings and the language of the day, and these still exist in some areas. There are also many statuettes, but they are more difficult to identify as they are representations of how they envisaged their Gods. Traditions and stories held by ancient tribes give a clue and your Dogon Tribe are a good example of how they are handed down over centuries of time and still hold the truth. With an open mind it is not difficult to accept that the Sirians had contact with these people and gave them information that could not have come to them in any other way.

In your present time, we have used various means to make our presence known. Initially our contacts were carefully chosen and mainly met by pre-arrangement and your George Adamski is one such example. Now our presence is bolder and we show ourselves openly to numbers of people at the time. We are very careful not to scare you with our actions, but after millions of sightings the fear element is very small. We are disturbed by the actions of the Greys, although they are identifiable by their physical appearance and their deeds are not normally attributed to other ETs. We can never totally remove the concept you have of us that has been perpetuated by your science fiction writers. We are inevitably shown as part of evil forces that wish to conquer your world and the uglier and more fearsome you can make us look the better they seem to like it.

Many of us in the Galactic Federation are very much like you in appearance, and some could easily walk amongst you without you being aware that they were different. The Venusians for example are very much human in appearance, and often when seen you have remarked on this and the perfection of their features. What is however found with these highly developed Beings, is their countenance and peaceful emanations which you can feel. This is something that has been noted with many other ETs who have the ability to project such energies to you. As human Beings you are capable of sensing such energies, and where they are positive and re-assuring you know that you can accept them. Negative energies make you feel uncomfortable and ill at ease.

Very soon we know that we shall be able to show ourselves directly to you. We are aware of the current situation on Earth and our forces are well rehearsed in the procedure of First Contact. Our fleet communications are instantaneous and we are updated minute to minute and ready to carry out our part in the first actions. You will only see a fraction of our craft and personnel in the initial stages, as we do not wish to overawe you. In time however, we will be a common sight in your skies, as we carry out our tasks mainly concerned with the restoration and cleansing of Earth.

Our understanding is that the Earth forces have nearly completed the first moves, to create a situation and opportunity to remove your leaders of the dark cabal. We are therefore virtually on our way to make that first historic open contact. We are totally in control of events on Earth, and you shall learn of the victory of the forces of Light very shortly. You are told so often that we are All One, and it is so and shall always be so. See us when we arrive as like you, seeking the Truth of our being and doing so in the knowledge that we may look different, but are in essence exactly the same.  [Editor’s Note:  See Stand Down & Stand Aside.]

Dear Ones, I greatly look forward to arriving on Earth as I see souls that are to be honored for their achievements and determination to bring Light and Truth to Earth. You have been admirable in seeing this cycle through to its conclusion, and the best is yet to come. God bless you all.

Thank you, Atmos
Mike Quinsey

June 11, 2005

Sometimes we sympathize with you as we see you very much controlled by linear time. Each day you plan your travels and virtually everything you do is affected by time. It is a commodity that you sell to your employers, and one that you share with your family or other pursuits. You plan ahead and it is easy to see how you become stressed at the apparent lack of time to carry out your plans. We have no such problems but unlike you, we are able to work and travel in the Now. Our existence is not on the same physical level as yours, but much higher and demanding physical activities are not part of our functions. Most of what we are involved in is controlled by the power of thought and an interaction with the subject matter.

As you might imagine, in the Galactic Federation we have thousands of members and every one of them has ships for home planet or outer space travel. Generally speaking they conform in shape and size, as you will have noticed from the number of sightings you have seen from Earth. The discoid, triangular and rectangular shapes are more common, and you will also see spheroid craft. This you would expect bearing in mind that our method of travel is using the push and pull of what you call gravity. There is also an exchange of technology between members, and we do help each other quite freely.

What we cannot do is help you on Earth until a real and genuine peace has been declared. To this end we are assisting you to make that achievement. You have developed your own craft, but only with the help of another group of ET’s that are not part of our Federation. We cannot and would not stop that occurring, as it would be interference on our part. However, within the parameters of our authority we have drawn a line beyond which further information must not be given to you. This is because you use advancement for military means and conquest, and we will not allow weapons of mass destruction to be taken onto Space. Attempts have been made to do so, but with full authority we have used peaceful means to stop such actions.

We are the peacekeepers, and we seek civilizations that are very much like your own, sufficiently advanced to be helped to make that step forward and join our Federation. With technology there must also be a growth in spiritual development that matches it, as other civilizations would be at risk. Unfortunately, you have not overall grown sufficiently in your spiritual understanding to be let lose beyond the confines of your Earth. We cannot interfere with your progress and must allow you to experience what you create, and this is the Law of the Universe. However, in respecting the sovereignty of others, we are allowed to limit the affects of your experiments and wars to the Earth itself.

You are in a unique situation at present, as your dark cabal is trying to establish a Star Wars program. This is highly dangerous to the population upon Earth and it is being closely monitored by us. What can be turned towards Space, can also be turned inwards to Earth and we will not tolerate such action. You have weaponry that is so powerful that you do not realize its potential danger, and we prevent its use. We have been given an edict by the highest authority in the Universe to protect the Earth and all forms of consciousness that is upon it. This we will do and more, as when the plans are fulfilled that will see the removal of the last cabal we will declare our responsibility to you all, and arrive in peaceful circumstances.

There is a higher plan that embraces all of you and your Earth. No longer will a realistic threat be allowed against you, and it will be removed. It is now time to learn of your true being, your past and your future. We shall give this information to you, and we shall join forces in great joy and happiness as we travel the path to enlightenment and full consciousness. There will be a peace beyond your present understanding, one that brings trust and friendship so that all can come together for the one purpose, your Ascension. We bring with us a great Love for you, and you will see this in all we do for you. It will be a wonderful occasion for you, and also for us as we have watched over you and cared for you for eons of time.

Would it be that we could convey how we truly feel about you and your conquest of the dark within the cycle of duality. It may seem to you that you have not yet won the day, but I assure you that everything is about to change upon Earth. We see your future already in the Now, and we will help you manifest it very shortly. The Light and Love that permeates Earth is rapidly grounding the energies that will bring about an end to your present chaos. There are so many good things that are coming your way, and you will soon forget all of the troubles and pain you have gone through. Indeed, it is time to start putting such experiences behind you, and live the perfect harmony and balance now as it forms around you.

I am Atmos, and trust that I have been able to lift your spirits a little higher. The Creator has ordained your future and it will manifest accordingly. Have no fears or doubts, your day of release from this journey has arrived. You are truly amazing people and I express my Love for you all.

Thank you, Atmos
Mike Quinsey

January 4, 2006

I look at what is happening on Earth and see matters proceeding in a predictable way. The power of the Light is breaking up the dark energies and it is increasing in the speed at which it is taking place. In certain circumstances it could have occurred even quicker, but that would have depended upon the rate at which the Human Consciousness grew. Even now there is an element of uncertainty as to when matters will come to a head, but we have the means to calculate it within a reasonable degree of accuracy. There is not a consistency that can be relied upon all over the world, and local events will sometimes cause quite a different outcome to elsewhere.

The important thing is that collectively you are progressing in the right direction, and it has been an exceptional period since the millennium. A feature of the present time is that more openness exists, and people are not sitting back anymore but becoming active. There are thousands of different groups that have been formed to deal specifically with the problems you have, and we see this as most useful and commendable. You keep chipping away at the establishment, and putting the pressure on those who are blocking your path to restoring your freedom.

The bigger issues, such as your environment, are now too large for you to make much impact, and this is where we are to come into action. As we have often told you, we have for some time closely monitored what is happening and have been allowed to stem the extent of pollution. In fact, we have been doing it for many years, as otherwise you may have already reached the point of no return. We have held the balance, knowing that at some future stage we could come openly to you and help overcome your problems. That time is now so near, and you deserve every credit for having stuck to your tasks. You have diligently worked to bring about a reversal of the trends that have been responsible for what has happened to your planet.

It is the physical issues that cause most concern, as we do not have to worry about your progress towards Ascension. This is a personal issue and an increasing number of you have shown the desire to follow this path. Many have been preparing themselves for such a quantum leap forward for a very long time. It is clearly going to help your collective efforts to lift yourselves up if around you there is a general move towards the same goal. Once we have arrived, so many of you will have the opportunity to express yourselves in ways that can help Mother Earth, and more souls will awaken with the understanding that we shall bring.

We have said previously that it is never too late for any soul to direct their energies and desire towards Ascension. It is sometimes a matter of identifying the drive that you have, and where you want it to lead to as not everyone has the same goal in mind. Some are apprehensive about spiritual progress and the idea of becoming One with the Light is a frightening prospect. The challenge is too much at this stage in their evolution, and it is therefore best that they continue in this present vibration until they are ready. You have all infinity to reach your goal, and there is no pressure upon you except that which you impose yourself.

First Contact and the return of the Masters are all linked together. As with all other benefits due to you as designated by NESARA, it is really one action that has been conveniently broken down for your better understanding. It really started to impact upon you in the latter part of the last century. As you know, there were great expectations of a major change with the coming of the millennium. Your disappointment was soon turned into one of even greater expectations, once you understood that the increase in your consciousness had allowed for a new path to be created. Ascension has always been your goal, but you have determined exactly as to how it was to be reached.

Now there is a specific plan laid down from which there will be little deviation, and we can talk in more positive terms of exactly what will take place. This year is the turning point, and life will be both exhilarating and hectic for many of you. The responsibility for the projects that you will participate in has been decided, but many of you still only have a fleeting glimpse of your part in it. Of necessity we have to keep you calm and allow you to concentrate on today’s issues. Very few of you have waking knowledge of meeting us during your sleep period, but this is the time we do most of our planning with you. Sometimes you take back ideas with you, and you wonder where they have suddenly come from without realizing the truth.

You will understand from my comments that we all work together much more than you are normally aware. However, when it is appropriate you shall learn of your connection to us. Many of you were already part of our teams, and you could be likened to an advance party who have set up the contacts for us. As soon as you meet your own space family you will have no doubt as to where you really belong. Bear in mind that you are the ones who have already ascended, and you have come back to help those you once left behind. Many E.T. groups have connections with you and Mother Earth, and it is time for you to learn the truth about your connection with us.

Quite a number of you have often felt out of place on Earth, and the reason is that it is not your true home. You have had to bring down your vibrations to work in the 3D, having come from the 5D for the purpose of serving others. It is a most loving and wonderful spiritual gesture, as you have deliberately cut yourself off from the higher dimensions to become one with those who need guidance. It is a service that is performed out of true love and the desire to lift others up. It has been very successful as you will eventually understand. Everyone involved grows through the experience and you will see that it is most rewarding.

I am Atmos of the Galactic Federation and I come from Sirius and, like many of my family, I feel a very strong link with you. It goes back eons of time even before your recorded history. In reality we are one great family within the Creators mind and energies that permeate Everything That Is. The energy is of love, and all life has its origin within it and will forever continue to do so. We have a lot to discuss with you, and it will be a most exciting time for all of us. Until we meet we will continue to send our love to you, and support you in whatever ways we can.

Thank you, Atmos.
Mike Quinsey

January 17, 2006

Every day we look at what is happening, but in our reporting cannot always do justice to the amount of activity that is taking place on our side and our Allies. Over the years since we were first given our «rescue plan» your support has grown immensely. You play a very important part that ensures our progress upon Earth. We can influence events but we need our foot soldiers carry out those functions we cannot do.  As your understanding of the times you are in has grown, so has the Light and this is so necessary to contain the activities of the dark, and allow you to progress.

As the intensity of the Light increases so people everywhere are beginning to feel the changes taking affect. Even those who are more engrossed in their 3D existence sense them, and it can be unsettling for they do not know the explanation. However, the incoming energies must and will intensify until they reach the optimum, and the stage is set for Ascension. It will come like a bolt out of the blue as critical mass is reached. Come it will, and all that remains to get it within your sights is a move that will plant your feet firmly on its path.

At present you have a foot in both worlds, and your consciousness is pulled this way and that. At times you wonder about your reality as it changes so quickly, but there is thread that keeps it on course. Lightworkers have an understanding that allows them to stand aside and calmly assess what is taking place. They know the plan and are able to see a little further forward than most other people. The importance of their presence cannot be sufficiently stressed, as they project a calming influence that is so necessary.

It does not take much imagination to realize that you are in a most vital period. The potential for change has never been greater, and your input into matters will have a great bearing on how they develop. You have the collective power to influence matters for the good, particularly as important decisions are about to be made. It is not that you will be pulled back from the progress you have already made, but a kind of stalemate exists at present. We would like to see the Light absolutely surrounding and transmuting the dark energies, thereby allowing matters to move on and away from the potential confrontation in the Middle East.

It would seem to us that political pressure will convince Iran that they should put a hold on their intention to develop nuclear technology. This will take the heat out of the situation, and allow talks to be resumed from which it should be possible to find a peaceful solution. The Middle East has been a hotbed of activity for so long and it has always had the potential to break out into war. There are conditions that would allow peace to be brokered, but there is so much mistrust of the West that stands in the way.

Our conclusion is that many of the problems cannot be fully addressed until we come as part of First Contact. By then the political situation should have changed, and our brief to put an end to world war will be carried out. Our presence will give the assurance that total peace is viable and that their will no longer be the threat of a return to warlike ways. We can impose it if we need to, but in a way that will take preventative action, and not be confrontational. We shall show our ability to be aware of any covert operations that are taking place and they shall be peacefully brought to a halt.

Our set up monitors not just events and people, but also consciousness and the intentions of those who lead your various countries. We see a picture that you cannot possibly be aware of with your present technology, and this enables us to be in control yet you will not find us directly involved. As we have already told you, we direct events and only take action if there is no other course open to us. We can give you the example of our ability to neutralize and disarm nuclear weapons, which we have been forced to do on several occasions. You will know by know that the use of such weapons will no longer be allowed.

This has come about through a decision made by Councils that reside in the higher dimensions, and represent the interests and safety of this Universe. It has also acted in your protection, and has prevented Earth from being taken over by other Beings who have had their eyes on your resources. We are the eyes and ears of the Universal Councils that oversee the mighty Universe and we act on their instructions. You have to realize that you have been vulnerable over eons of time, as a fledgling civilization that has only recently moved out of its primitive ways. We have guarded you as parents would protect little children, and now you have grown up and about to take your place with us.

Dear Ones, the importance of this time cannot be sufficiently impressed upon you. You stand at the threshold of a great leap forward, a shift into the higher dimensions enabling you to at last leave duality behind. You are coming of age and will stand tall amongst us who are your true family. The Quantum leap forward will advance your understanding and leave the old ways behind. You have already come a long way from your caveman days at the start of this last cycle, but you have always had the potential to rise up. You are not new to the higher dimensions, as these have been your home in ages past. You will take to them quite naturally and you will receive every help to make that peaceful transition.

I am Atmos, a Sirian, and a member of The Galactic Federation that are soon to be with you. Meantime we watch events with great interest, and know that you are soon to be released from the shackles that have bound you to Earth. Already many of you have loosened the chains and stand in your own Light. We are there with you and will help you where we can, listen for our words of encouragement, and feel our loving presence.

Thank you, Atmos.
Mike Quinsey

January 24, 2006

As large areas of your world experience their cold spells, you no doubt look forward to warmer and more pleasant times. We observe you sometimes in sub zero temperatures doing your best to keep the cold out, and it is amazing to us how you cope with such extremes. Human Beings seem to be very strong minded when they face any type of challenge. When you push yourself deliberately to find out how far you can go, it is indeed remarkable how determined you can be. It seems to be part of your make up and holds well when your life is threatened.

For many of us such experiences are unknown, although we visit such planets as yours which can be quite hostile. At a higher level we are in command and control all features of our home planets conditions. When you have received visitors like us upon  your Earth, you have been told about the conditions they live in, and you may recall that they are ideal and in balance with all else. The idea of weather control should not be new to you, but that is what takes place and even your scientists have learnt about it, but unfortunately it is used for the wrong purposes.

Our dimensions are such that everything that is needed for our quality of life is brought into being quite easily. As you will know by now, we can use our power of thought to change or bring things into manifestation. We also have the technology to control planetary functions and we set up conditions to suit our own requirements. The power of thought is not that strange to you as it is also used at your level. It is just that you do not often see an immediate response, and healing is an example of what you are capable of doing.

When you leave Earth through bodily transition, many of you go straight to what some of you call the Summerland. The name quite obviously tells you what it is like there, and it is a reflection of even higher dimensions. The light is constant and there are no conditions of change in your surroundings, which are perfect and not subject to decay. Colors are strong and there is a vibrant energy all around that you can feel and is very uplifting.

The power of thought can be used to materialize your personal needs, as for example your clothes, drinks and nourishment. These are in fact hardly necessary as your body is no longer of a density that you need physical sustenance. However, if you want coffee and biscuits they will appear in response to your desires, but they are not as you would expect. They are not manufactured; therefore they do not contain the substances of Earth. However, until you no longer find a need for such things, you can continue playing at being on Earth. I say it in this manner because you will find that you need little in the way of drink and foodstuffs. This is because your body is much less physical, and to a certain degree can absorb the energy around it.

It is likely that you have all experienced the Summerland hundreds of times as you spent your time there in between incarnations. The experiences lie within your subconsciousness, so the idea of such levels of being is not really new to you. In fact, you will almost certainly find it somewhat familiar, and have no problem in accepting it. As you are beginning to realize, the Earth vibration is quite heavy, although as you have become used to it you hardly notice. For us to come fully into it is a shock to our system, and I believe it has been likened to trying to move in molasses.

Conversely, when you come into the higher vibrations it is like a load has been taken off your back. You feel a lightness and freedom of movement you do not normally experience. I would say you feel really alive and energetic once you get out of your cloying vibration. On board our ships we replicate such conditions, so you would enjoy your time with us.  Eons of time ago you were quite familiar with such conditions, as you have all come from the higher dimensions. Can you wonder that you had to leave those memories behind to concentrate on your earthly existence? You gradually dropped down into what is your present vibration, cut off from memories of your real self.

Now you are moving up again and it is appropriate and necessary that you learn about your true self. You are leaving all of the old energies behind, and they are fast being replaced by the new ones. You must be prepared for that quantum leap forward, and this is why I and many others make regular contact with you. We are as it were the advance party before we can openly visit you and your planet. We have been with you for a long time and because we have exceptionally long lives, measured in hundreds of years we can claim to know your different civilizations quite well. There has not really been a time when we have left you to your own devices, and in the main our help has been discreet and unknown to you.

I am Atmos of the Galactic Federation and hope you have enjoyed learning a bit more about yourselves. In the very near future we shall tell you and show you so much more, and it will come alive through our holographic illustrations. You will soon understand why we hold you in such high esteem and will greet you as an equal. You are us, and we are you – as you will get to understand. Try not to see us as alien to you, as we are so much like you were previously and will be again. Our bond goes back to the times of creation, and we all acknowledge the Supreme Creator. We are all of the same soul essence, We Are One.

Thank you Atmos.
Mike Quinsey

February 3, 2006

In all of your time, you have not approached an event of the importance as the one now happening. It is the beginning of a whole series of events that conclude with your Ascension. What will eventually occur is unique to this particular cycle, as none of you have previously ascended in your bodily form. The Creator has given this dispensation so that you can go forward to a glorious future.

When you consider what lies ahead, is it no wonder that much effort is being made to enlighten you all. There is a general feeling amongst you that something has to change, but many have no idea as to how it will be achieved and in what form it would take. Your present government is no longer viable, and has ceased to serve the people the way it should. We are pressing our allies to push ahead with their plans, that should see the capitulation of those who are leading your country.

It will give us immense pleasure when we are able to announce the time of our coming, and you will know it is imminent when your last cabal is removed. We are aware of your eagerness to be part of the new Renaissance, and be assured you are included in our plans. The changes that are to take place will involve our joint efforts, and you are very much in our minds. We know what your individual skills and expertise are and they will be applied to achieve the best results all round.

Events that are just coming to your knowledge will show that the noose is tightening around those who are to be removed. Through our allies the most damning evidence is being found, and made public for all to see the way in which the illegal war on Iraq was planned. This along with masses of earlier evidence is making the position of those involved untenable. Soon there will be enormous pressure for those involved to be removed, and moves taken to obtain their resignation.

We now intensely watch these developments to see what reactions there are, and expect some diversion to be created to place the focus elsewhere. We have our instructions and authority to remove the last cabal, and we shall exercise it if matters are not concluded within a certain time frame. As we often inform you, we do know the moves that are planned by them and they will be unable to escape justice. Again, we would prefer to see you take the lead and be in the forefront of any action taken to achieve a conclusion.

If necessary we can penetrate any base that the cabal try to use to avoid detection. We freely walk exactly where we wish without any risk of detection, and in our cloak of invisibility are quite safe. At the appropriate time we shall reveal ourselves directly to those who head your government, and they shall be told what is expected of them. If they refuse to obey the higher authorities, they will be removed there and then and taken to a secure location. We will apply no force of any kind, but we will receive their resignation in writing. Once this becomes public knowledge, the rest of our plans can go forward.

No matter how the changes are achieved, speed will be of the essence. Clearly we have to show in no uncertain way that our actions are totally for your benefit. After all you have been through we consider that task to be one that we can successfully complete in short time. What we look to contain is any backlash against your authorities, as we do not come to cause more trouble. Ours is a peaceful mission and our intent in this direction will become crystal clear.

Dear Ones, it must be increasingly evident to you that your Government leaders are living on borrowed time. They certainly know this to be the case but press on in their misguided fashion, believing that they can somehow escape the ultimate collapse of their regime. Sometimes you see them only going through the motions of governance, as they have completely lost their way. By their very actions they compound the evidence against them, and lies and subterfuge will not serve their purpose any longer. People are seeing through their acts of pretence, and you have a War President only in name, as we might well ask you where is the war.

We call time on those who pursue their own agenda, and a different one that will bring peace waits to be announced. Do not forget our actions will restore your freedom, sovereignty and justice, all of which are sadly lacking at this time. We come for the people that pray for intervention and a return to those principles that you once held dear. You are a great nation that has been pushed into decadence, and borders on collapse as a result. We shall reverse that trend and appoint new leaders that will ensure it is so, and they shall not be corrupted in any way. We mean what we say, and soon matters must come to a head.

I am Atmos, and I will confirm that we of The Galactic Federation stand at the ready to implement our plan, to restore you and the Earth to its rightful place. No one shall cause our plan to be blocked or altered. It is as we remind you often, a Divine Decree that no earthly force can interfere with or stop in its manifestation. Heaven will not be mocked or held back from the path that is lighted and put before you. It is your opportunity to move on from this cycle, and the new one beckons and waits for you to join it. We shall ensure that it is so, and we shall surround you in the love that we bring. We are part of the plan, and it shall succeed because it is the unalterable path to your future. What joy and happiness awaits you, and peace shall be reclaimed for once and all.

Thank you, Atmos.
Mike Quinsey

February 11, 2006

Have you ever wondered why when you are brought to account for your actions that thoughts are also included as part of your responsibilities?  I talk of Karmic Laws that you acknowledge that cover what you have done whilst upon Earth.  Thoughts are personal and would seem harmless, although you sometimes choose to share them with others.  Perhaps you may have heard of the expression that «first comes thought followed by energy and then action». They are not as harmless as you have suspected, even although you may not have initially intended them to be so.

Thoughts are energy and by the Laws of Attraction are drawn together, so that eventually they become a force to be reckoned with that at some time will manifest. Some of you innocently think harmfully of another person, and if sufficient numbers also gave strength to the thought it would have an effect.  It is a matter of degree but those who understand learn not to think ill of others.

Clearly not all thoughts are negative in nature and take for example those of who constantly desire to see First Contact manifest.  The numbers who do so are increasing all of the time, and it helps to ensure that this reality takes place. It would be so in any event because it has been thus ordained but what your thought energy does is to give it much more power so that the action fully manifests.

Now, there is a factor that not everyone is yet aware of and that concerns fear. It is in respect of that which you fear, and through that continually create the very conditions that you do not want to manifest.  Take the scourge of Humanity which is cancer, it matters not that you fear getting it or affirm that you do not want it.  Those very thoughts if continuous create a thoughtform that attaches itself to you and can bring into your life the very thing you are desperately trying to avoid.  I do not want to cause more fear and assure you that it would require intense thoughts to create the power to bring it about.

Another factor is the Karma that you have brought with you and as you know sometimes problems can be thrust upon you from out of the blue.  There is little if no thought concerned with the bringing about of Karma as it is written into your soul contract with each life you have. However, some have an underlying feeling deep within their consciousness and have what you call a premonition of what is to happen.  In these instances they give more power to that very manifestation.

Looking at the more positive side, some people are so single-minded that they have a focus on what they want out of life as soon as they born.  Can you now see why such people are successful in creating what they want?  Some of you are already thinking of something you have continually wished for that has so far not materialized and I have to say that there are some things not due to you in this lifetime.  Karma is about creating around you the conditions that will enable you to experience the lessons you came to learn.  You cannot become rich if your Karma required that you are poor.  You may not knowingly choose such a life but sometimes living in poverty and suffering lack is a great teacher.

When you evolve and that is rapidly taking place now, Karma still exists but in an enlightened state it becomes more refined and subtle. You are all aware of occasions when someone has interfered in your life and you may have objected. It may have been a family matter and the «interference» may have been with the best of intentions. However that action will have to be understood and eventually the lesson will be learnt that you must not interfere with another’s will to do something even you do not approve. Now it can get complicated, as you also know that if you are aware of someone being abused you should try to do something about it. Perhaps commonsense would be applicable when it comes to deciding when it is right or wrong to «interfere».

You have a very good example of what can happen when whole nations create a powerful thoughtform such as happened in Germany.  They were ready to conquer the world and their energy brought them the leader that could do it.  However, just like the Romans before them, they became the victim of the very fate they planned for others.  Of course in any society there are always people who will present an opposing view, and this also included some of Hitler’s Generals who were removed because of their opposition to his plans.  There will always be some kind of balancing between the dark and the Light.

In your great country there is at present a battle between the plans of the Illuminati and those of the Light.  After eons of time the Light has finally gained the upper hand and the dark hang on knowing that they are fighting for a lost cause.  The positive energy for change has been growing for a very long time and it must now manifest and the edicts of Heaven say this must be so.  Your powerful thoughts of visualizing the future lifting up and a return of your freedom and sovereignty are of immense help in this respect.

I am Atmos of The Galactic Federation and I have followed your progress for a long time, and it is wonderful to see how you have moved into the Light.  A New Dawn has started and the New Age of Love and Light is beginning to manifest and your positive thoughts and actions are speeding it into being.  Live the New Now and you will easily move into the transitional period. In reality it is happening now, even if for many it is not apparent.  We are soon to be with you and it will be a marvelous time.

Thank you Atmos.
Mike Quinsey

February 16, 2006

We frequently come to you with our messages and you should know that current events are going to have a profound effect on the timing of the first changes that are so important. The international reputation of your government is being further tarnished by more revelations about the treatment of prisoners in Iraq. It is also increasing the resolve of those who are against foreign troops, who they view as occupiers of their land, and not the liberators they originally claimed to be.

There are also increasing problems at home and we foresee a clamor for your present government to be removed. The harm it is doing to the reputation of the U.S. is bound to result in a backlash that will affect many people. The enquiries held in respect of the help program for Katrina victims is already confirming that there was a lack of action and it has gone right back to the top. This whole scenario is creating cracks in the set up of the Illuminati and they no longer have firm control over events. The opportunity is therefore soon going to arise when those of the dark can be removed and we expect to see some movement before very long.

The emphasis for the moment depends on the action that you are taking to bring about the changes. There will come an optimum point when the actions must proceed without delay. We can cover for you and will silently ensure that you are given every possible help. We work behind the scenes and be assured that we are well aware as to the obstacles that will be placed in your way. Some of our allies are directly influenced by us as you will need our guidance as you come out into the open with your plans.

There are options available to you but each one is dependent on circumstances that are not totally predictable. Our function will be initially to back you and ensure that we are there to enforce the law. By that we mean your laws which will be invoked to bring the perpetrators of crimes against Humanity to justice. From thereon we shall be announcing First Contact and we shall openly assist in placing the guilty ones in places where they will be unable to exercise their authority any longer.

It is unfortunate that we come in such circumstances but our past offers to join you and help your development have always been rejected. You have been denied world peace and advances on many fronts that would have ensured that you put behind you the problems you have today. There would have been no energy problem and the millions dying of starvation would have long been released from such difficulties as there really are ample foodstuffs for everyone. Care would have been arranged that overcame the medical deficiencies you now experience and the whole question of good health would have operated on the basis of preventative medicine. There is so much that has been delayed that would have been part of your normal development but so many advances have been suppressed.

You are to rightly claim what should have been shared all around and you will still have those benefits. This time you will do so as the one Humanity, as it is your destiny to become One again before Ascension presents itself. It is not that you necessarily need these advancements, as you could otherwise still make your way to Ascension regardless of any situation. However, you are to have what has been withheld from you, as it was intended to be part of your experience as you entered the end times. It needs to run its course and it will do so.

Life is orderly although it may not seem so just now, there is always an underlying plan and higher forces are in charge to ensure that it works out. All of this occurs within the framework of your freewill and Karmic responsibilities. All is carefully directed to give the opportunities for your continued evolution as planned by The Creator and no one outside of Earth can directly interfere with what has already been ordained.

Very soon those of you that are of the Light will come into their own, and you will be banding together to play your part in the changes. It will be a great release from the machinations of the dark and people everywhere will find that they have a stronger voice in what takes place. Life will become pleasurable and enjoyed as you will see that your efforts are worthwhile and to the benefit of everyone and not just the few. At present you cannot imagine how quickly all will change and for many it sounds too good to be true.

Dear Ones, I am Atmos of The Galactic Federation and you have been given a lot of information of late, so that when we come you are prepared for what will happen. It has been an intense period of communications as the minds of the people must as far as possible be prepared for the event of First Contact. Our craft by and large are quite familiar to most of you, even if there is some dispute as to where we come from and why we are here. We feel that the groundwork has been completed and we will be favorably received. We inspired the idea of the Internet and it has proved invaluable in getting our messages to thousands upon thousands of people at the time. They are passed on and we know that they reach many new people every day.

We are very happy with the position at present and whilst we would wish the circumstances could have been more peaceful it will not deter or delay our coming much longer. We are able to look beyond the difficulties and see for you the wonderment and happiness that we can bring to you. Some day into the not so distant future you may well find yourselves serving others, as we are doing for you. Life becomes one of joy and great satisfaction as you move into the higher realms. Oh, yes, you will get the chance to see and experience all of those things we tell you about and more.

You will be free souls and visit our home planets or wherever your fancy takes you. Heaven may not quite be as you have been told in your earthly teachings, it will be far more exciting, rich in colors beyond your present perception and presenting harmony in all possibly expressions. You are Beings of Light and into the Lighted Realms you will go! Everywhere there are the energies of Love present and you will compliment them and use them for your own creations. Joy of all joys, we Love you all.

Thank you, Atmos,
Mike Quinsey

February 24, 2006

You must sense by now how near you are to remarkable changes that will signal the beginning of the end of your last cabal. They have of course already started, but on Earth matters that are of a legal nature do take an immense amount of time to be concluded. It is like all energies that follow thought, and it must manifest itself at some time.

As you are beginning to understand, everything around you is energy and that includes yourself. All is subject to certain laws that determine how it holds together and conditions that allow for transmutation. A simple law ensures that the energy of Light will always be superior to the dark, and in this New Age you are using it in that way. The Light continues to increase in spite of any outward appearance that would suggest the dark is the dominant force. This is an illusion created by the fear tactics used and the chaos that usually results from their actions.

Hear the voices that speak out for peace and freedom, they cannot be muted forever. They are beginning to get the attention they deserve, but the media is still controlled through those that are determined to keep the status quo. This situation cannot be really altered until those who own the Press and TV outlets are removed.  A freedom of expression will be returned to you quite quickly, and we shall use all forms of contact to reach you everywhere. We will ensure you are all well informed as to the reasons for our presence, remembering that many are totally unaware as to the historic meeting that is soon to take place.

Those who already know much about our activities will be our bedrock. We need many ambassadors to move amongst the people that can assure them of our truthful intentions. For a long time we have been very careful about how we have made contact with you, and avoided any contentious or inadequate occurrence. We still have to battle with the «little green men» impression, and those fearful stories and films that depict us as conquerors from Space.

Never mind the potential problems as we have them all under control, but we will need our allies to move amongst you and bring calm. When we have laid out our plans and the populations of the different countries see what we propose, it will be evident that we come as friends who fully understand your problems. Furthermore, it will be re-assuring to you that we can bring changes in very quickly and you will not experience too much inconvenience. If need be we will place you in a created Earthly environment on board our massive ships until you can return to Earth. Our plans are well thought out, and our concern is for your safety and well being at all times.

You are in fact protected and have been for eons of time, and no outside visitors have been allowed to interfere with your evolution. You are often informed as to how special you are, and you are shortly destined to complete your time on Earth. There have been other visitors that would have colonized Earth, and taken away her valuable resources but they have been prevented from doing so. Imagine for one moment how your own civilization would act if able to travel to far worlds. Already they talk of mining your Moon and Mars, and they would destroy areas in a similar way to what they have done on Earth.

Many of you are ready to conform to a new way of living, one that will release you from the drudgery of your daily life. You will be able to exercise your creative skills, and through new methods of teaching you will advance rapidly. You will have new techniques at your fingertips and methods that will be quite astounding to you. Food and housing are a priority and in short time no one shall be assailed by the elements and be without adequate protection. Be assured there is no task that we have not carefully considered and have not found the answers to already.

We will enjoy our coming together and it will be a wonderful occasion when all can be revealed. Meantime your dark forces press on with their agenda, but they are in disarray and no longer have the control they desired. It is obvious that whatever the outcome you will need our presence at some stage to ensure your safety. We cannot allow destruction for the sake of it, and we are aware that we are dealing with dangerous people who support your Illuminati. As we have informed you before, we track them and their activities and we are ready to curtail their actions until they can be totally removed.

Slowly but surely through various channels you are beginning to learn a lot more about yourselves. Most important, you are also learning about the other dimensions and the type of life to be found within them. One not referred to very often concerns the people of to your Inner Earth who are also coming out to greet you. They are connected to you as your family of old and stories of their existence can still be found in your archives. These Beings were your fabled Lemurians, and they continued their evolution inside the Earth when danger threatened and they lost their continent. They too are now very advanced and you have seen their craft in your skies that are very similar to ours.

Some of you have heard of people who have come across the Inner Earth entrance at the Pole, and it has been photographed from Space. Certain individuals have been allowed to make contact with the Beings inside the Earth, and you should read about Admiral Byrd’s experiences if this is new to you. The entrances have been protected, as you have set out to penetrate them and that is not allowed. You cannot just walk into the abode of another civilization without their approval, anymore than visitors can impose themselves upon Earth.

The truth has so often been held back from you, and you will be astounded as to what has been hidden away from your eyes. You have been misled for thousands of year. In recent times you have been denied new knowledge and understanding that we shall provide you with quite quickly. History, Religion and Politics have all been presented in a way that is intended to hold you in the power of the few who have so far controlled your destiny. That is all about to change and the truth shall come out and you will know it to be so.

I am Atmos of The Galactic Federation, and know that when we arrive we shall be open to your questions and happy to put your minds at rest as to our intentions. Remember that you are now also a member of The Galactic Federation and we are joined in a common cause to bring Light to all life forms in the Universe. You are not different to us because you already have the potential to reach our levels. We are going forward together in service to the Creator who has decreed that it is your time to be raised up again. We look forward to working with you and the Masters who will also walk upon Earth once more. What marvelous times beckon, and how wonderful it will be to share our love and friendship with you.

Thank you, Atmos.
Mike Quinsey

February 27, 2006

There are three main objectives in the daily messages that come through Michael. When they started it was seen that information was needed that would be circulated amongst people and groups, that would bring out an awareness of Ascension. To know of it is one thing, but each and every person who aspires to be part of Ascension must not lose sight of the fact that they have to continually work towards that goal so that they are fully prepared. This event will take place regardless of any action by Man, as it is part of a greater plan that involves the whole Universe. Our desire is that as many of you as possible achieve Ascension but bear in mind there will be some who will exercise their freewill to stay in the 3D vibration.

The second objective is to prepare people for the advent of First Contact which has also been decreed by the Hierarchy who oversee the evolution of Humanity. Without our help you would be ill-prepared for such an event and it is vitally important that the purpose of our coming is fully understood. We clearly cannot arrive on Earth without first having made our intentions crystal-clear. In fact we have been gradually gaining the confidence of Man for a very long time. These are not matters that can be rushed but we are now satisfied that there are sufficient of you who understand the necessity for our arrival. Our approach has been patient and at all times we have shown our peaceful intentions.

Thirdly, there are many actions taking place on Earth that must be allowed to work out. Some are Karmic, and some are the present re-actions to the frantic efforts of the last cabal to hang on to power.  We are allowed to work behind the scenes as we have done for a very long time. However, we must not interfere with your own endeavors to remove those individuals that stand in the way of change.  Indeed, we have encouraged you to set up the scenario that has the potential to achieve that degree of success. In the eyes of many people, the removal of the last cabal would look better as a result of your own efforts. What we have told you often is that there is an ultimate date by which time we are authorized to bring matters to a conclusion. If the dark are successful in preventing you from having them removed, then we shall intervene and ensure it takes place. We have planned for the event which one way or the other will take place this year.

With daily messages it is possible to find statements that appear to convey a different impression, but be assured that this is because of the number of contacts involved. They come with an idea in mind and as you might say cannot give verse and chapter every time. It is necessary to see the overall picture, and hold that in mind when you read these and messages from other sources. The end times and the path towards them are complicated inasmuch that there are a number of realities being played out. The left hand does not always know what the right is doing, and it is quite possible that some confusion will result.

We use our opportunity to speak to you, to keep your eyes on the immediate problems whilst not losing sight of the ultimate goal. We do not want you to ease up on your efforts to remove the dark.  Because we have informed you that the changes will come this year, there is always a chance that some will sit back and wait for that event to occur. You, the Lightworkers, are an important team that has undertaken to be here at this special time. We want to encourage you, and see you achieve what you came here to do as part of your life contract. Every day you place another brick in the wall that is isolating the dark, and it will not be long before the energy for change that you are creating will show results.

Let me state that IF necessary the last cabal will be removed by us if such a result has not been achieved through your own endeavors.  The criterion for such action is the date by which the Hierarchy desires it to have taken place. Then and only then, can peace be declared and our arrival on Earth commence. Do not be concerned at the amount of activity that will need to follow. We have a meticulous plan and with our advanced technology will achieve in short time all of the changes that we have previously told you about. In a human time frame we cannot expect you to full understand our ability to effect the changes quickly but see that our resources are inexhaustible and we have millions of craft and personnel at our disposal.

Be assured that those of you who have already committed yourselves to go forward with Ascension will do so. You will be fully informed as to what it entails and be totally ready when it is time for your lifting up.  This is not an entirely new venture for us and The Galactic Federation has previously served others who have also reached this point in their evolution.  Do not forget that in bringing the changes to your planet we also serve Mother Earth who will go forward with you into the higher dimensions.  Mother Earth has given herself to you for the precise purpose of allowing you to experience in the 3D, and like you she will do whatever is required for her own preparation. However, we are here to help you all and you will see that our actions do exactly that.

Matters progress slowly upon Earth and you must be patient, but know that all will work out well. Your last cabal will be forcibly removed if they deny the process of Law. No one is a law unto themselves and we have already made that clear to them. Yes, we do as we have stated work behind the scenes but it has to be done our way and in accordance with the authority we have been given. You are in safe hands, and our allies are working hard to bring a result very soon. You are in even safer hands as the Creator has given the command that will release you from this cycle of duality.

I am Atmos, and I come to make clear the position that we are at, so as to remove any misconception about our present activities as related to your own input. We are closely working together with you, even if we do not reveal details to you. There is nothing that happens without our foreknowledge, and we have the means of predicting the most likely outcome of any actions taken on Earth. Remember however that there is always that additional factor as you might call it, the «X» factor of freewill.

I hope you are re-assured as to where matters rest at present and know that we shall continue to work closely with you. When the time for change arrives you shall all be made aware of it, but meantime we exercise some measure of secrecy for the protection of those whom we work with upon Earth. Rest easy and still apply yourselves to your own special skills and do your best to make it clear that we present no threat to the Human Race. We come with great love and we see you and treat you as our Brothers and Sisters which you are. We Are ALL One and brought into creation from the same source, the Creator of All That Is and Ever Was and Will Be.

Thank you, Atmos.
Mike Quinsey


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