Sonship with God

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Sonship with God
Candace Frieze

Message posted in the forum ( November 22, 2005.Published in this website on February 15, 2006.

Christians believe that Jesus was the only Son of God. That the Earth was either so special, or so messed up, that God had to send his Son. This is more than a major misunderstanding; it is intentional deception by those in power. In fact, in my studies of many religions I have found few instances where people are truly told of the concept of Sonship with God.

God has a multiplicity of Sons. There are a variety of types of Sons of God. Anyone who has a bit of creator in them, and a mind of his own is a Son of God. Even your pets may become tender young souls when they begin to think and thus potential Sons of God. Thinking, the using of mind, is very much of God. For the works of Sananda Immanuel Esu (Jesus) on this topic as it pertains to animals please read message #16, Our Friends, Our Animals, under Messages from Candace and The Masters.

For the purposes of this discussion, we will cover two general classifications of the Sons of God. There are other classifications but these are less important to this discussion at this time.  First are the Descending Sons of God, those that you know as angels, but there are many types that are not angels. The origin of the Descending Sons is actually of God or the Godhead. God created his angels and others to administer his Universes and to seed the evolutionary planets with life and then to nurture that life.

The Second group is the Ascending Sons of God. This would be you and me, and Sananda Immanuel for that matter, and those animals mentioned above, who become Ascending Sons when they evolve enough to begin to think by intent, to have "will."  The source of our souls is from the evolutionary process. There is the constant forming of new suns and planets. These are seeded with life by God’s Scientists, Descending Sons called Life Carriers. Such is the story of Earth.

Planets are first seeded with life that develops into plants, and then after the plant life has become diverse, and the planet lush with it, then come the animals. The first animals are simple and know little more than how to eat.  Lifeforms, imbued with the Spirit of God, become more complex as they take the journey of discovery and adapt themselves to the planet on which they live. This process is supervised and guided by the Life Carriers throughout the long evolutionary process.

At some point, creatures think more and more, and become upright. One day, a creature will show intent, "will" and the human race is born on that planet. The Ascending Sons of God have come into being. These early humans are tender in their experience, primitive, but humans nevertheless. When an animal, and humans are animals, show "will," a fragment of the Father Creator of all, comes to them. This Father fragment has various names.  The Urantia Book (see The Urantia Book, Simplified) calls this Father fragment, the Thought Adjuster or Mystery Monitor.  Some books call it the Light within, The Divinity within, The God within, and similar names of concept.

This Father fragment assists in helping spiritualize this young soul, connecting with the mind.  In time, this soul, when it grows enough in knowledge, will actually become one with the Father Fragment, a process called "fusion" in The Urantia Book.  Prior to this uniting with the Father Fragment, a person is a Son of God by faith. Many on Earth in the coming years, will fuse with their Thought Adjusters and then become Ascending Sons of God, in actuality, rather than as an act of faith.

But it doesn’t stop here for the Ascending Sons.  An Ascending Son continues ever upward and inward with his/her studies. Yes, women, you are Ascending Sons. The term has nothing to do with sexual identity. Universes create schools for one to attend, to become more like God. The idea is to become perfect, even as the Father is perfect. We all attend a huge variety of schools, at first simple and then with greater complexity until one graduates from the Universal schools.

Then you attend more advanced schools in your Superuniverse. Do not worry about these terms now, I will get to them in another message, called "One Creation, Many Universes." After graduation from the Superuniverse, you become a very advanced spirit, and go on to attend the schools of the Central Universe of Havona, the Original and Eternal Universe around which all of creation moves.

When you graduate the schools of Havona, you then get to actually stand in the presence of the Father of All, on the Paradise Isle, the center of Creation. You will stand at the Right Hand of the Father for a time and then get on with your life moving into many possible jobs.  Eternity is a long time. The example of Christ ascending to the Father and sitting at the Right Hand of the Father was meant to tell this story. Ye all, should you choose the Ascending Journey, will one day sit at the Right Hand of the Father.

Actually as part of your schooling you will hold down many jobs for the experience to be gained. You will not only learn from those above you but will teach those below you on the eternal journey.  Heaven is not a place where you lie around in ease and comfort for all of eternity.  There is work to be done and learning to be done and you can never fully know it all.  Universes are in constant change and growth and actually have governments.

Earth is becoming new, she is ascending herself, becoming a higher school of learning in the journey of life and as Ascending Sons you may stay with her for a while to further your studies and teach others also.  Many will fuse with their Father Fragment, as mentioned above, during this Ascension Journey of Earth.

There are uncountable Descending Sons here for the process of ascending the Earth.  There are also many Ascending Sons from advanced planets here to help in the journey, lend their advice and technology and learning and in the process learn some more for themselves also.  I am an Ascending Son from an advanced planet.  I have been with Earth for about 400 years.  You can read my story in my autobiography posted elsewhere. I am female.

Some of the "Star People" are here in bodies born into the planet for these times, others are visiting in star ships in our skies now.  The angels are here too, many also in Star Ships.  At this time, I myself am incarnated in an Earth body, this being my 6th life on the planet.  I am "fused" with my Thought Adjuster.

In addition to Sananda, an Ascending Son, we have a rare appearance of a truly great Descending Son with this Second Coming.  Each Universe has at its helm a Creator Son of God. All these Sons are called Michaels.  Our Universe, called Nebadon, has at its head of this vast realm a Michael called Christ.  Christ is his name, Michael his title.  So He is Christ Michael. He was here also with Sananda back during the First Coming of around 2000 years ago. He has returned for this Second Coming.

There are at this time, 3,840,101 inhabited planets in Nebadon. Inhabited means, the planet has evolved humans on it.  Earth is but one of these.  Christ Michael has taken a serious interest in this little planet because it has had huge problems and is way behind schedule. Earth has a history that has not been taught. She is also an extraordinary evolutionary planet with a marvelous variety of life.

Christ Michael is providing the planet with his personal help. Our planet’s real name in the Universal Records, is Urantia, pronounced Ur-an-tee-a. The Urantia Book, is the story of Nebadon’s involvement with this planet and the story in general of how Creation is structured.  It is a complex book and I will simplify major portions of it on this website.  In some writings you will see Earth called "Shan."  This is an old name, commonly used in this area, and refers to the planet being a veil of tears.

Now back to Christ Michael.  He returned with Sananda Immanuel to this planet back in 1954, and both have been working together to prepare the planet for the Second Coming and her Ascension into heavenly status. You are invited to read the messages I have done with Christ Michael, Sananda, Buddha, Mohammed and others in the months from Jan. 31, 2005 up to the present.

I am a telepath, meaning that I can communicate mentally with these beings.  I have personally met Christ Michael and Sananda.  I am a member of the Second Coming "team."  Many Masters are returning to Earth.  Some will walk again on the planet; others will continue work on "The Other Side," our local heaven for the planet.

Included in those messages is a message from Mother Shekhmet, an Ascending Son of God, who has made the long journey through another universe to sit at the Right Hand of the Father. She is one of the writers of the Urantia Book.  You can learn more about her in her message #41, "Mother Shekhmet Speaks."  I covered a little additional information from her in message #42, about the parts of the Urantia Book that she and her soul mate, Father Alcyone, wrote. They are called Mighty Messengers in the Urantia Book.

So you see, there is no one and only Son of God.  This is a tragic fairy tale taught to Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, because it places God "up there" and inaccessible to mankind. God is in you; all of us Ascending Sons together make up the part of God called the Supreme Being.

As the Supreme Being, all of us together have taken on the journey of Making Known the Unknown. Together we are God, experiencing Himself, in all his grandeur. The will of the Father, is for us to become like the Father, know all that can be known, and continue to Make Known the Unknown.

To put Father God up there somewhere in the sky or heaven, is to disenfranchise WHO YOU REALLY ARE. This decreases your power, your divinity, your growth and learning. It makes you small, and insignificant. There are some on Earth who tend to call the masses, "the useless eaters."  This is horrid for all are welcome and valued by God.

Ye are all God’s Sons and Daughters, if you need to use the feminine terminology. You are all working ever to increase yourself in your knowledge.  That never stops.  You have or will have amazing powers.  Your mind is amazing, that you think.  You have the ability like myself to become telepathic and communicate not only with other realms but also amongst yourselves. At some point the telephone will become obsolete.

There were many miracles performed by Jesus, and He said that you shall do these and more, and you shall, if you come out of limitations you set upon yourselves in organized religion.  All in Good Time. You will meet many from the stars over the next years, who can teach you what they have learned, if you desire to take advantage of their knowledge. Learning must be desired and you are limited only by yourself and your imagination.

Own your Son of Godship!  Become a creating person.  Stop placing God up in the sky somewhere, in a distant place called heaven.  Become the Ascending Son of God that you are, for all can be had by you, and one day, even the works of participating in a new Universe might come your way.  There are no limits to what you may become.  Start Becoming now, and stop the following of others making Gods of them. Ye are the Gods!  Look for teachers and become teachers. But give up the following.

Learning does not require that you "follow" someone else.  You are an independent person.  Find your "I AM."  I AM is the term of someone who has God presence, is a Son of God.  I AM THAT I AM, is the statement of who you are at any point in your journey.

I AM Candace Frieze, and right now, I am working for the Second Coming project and thus becoming even more in my own journey, continually "remodeling" my "I AM THAT I AM."  You must own and take responsibility for your personal journey as a Son of God. It belongs to NO ONE ELSE. Do not give away your power to another by following silly rules. I am going to cover many more silly rules and beliefs. It is time to recognize them for what they are and give them up.

One Creation, Many Universes

On Planet Earth, we tend to label everything visible from our telescopes, and indeed the entire Creation, as The Universe. However, there are many universes, 700,000 and counting at this point. We are told also that this Creation is around 15 billion to 20 billion years old and now it is being said maybe more.

Why so many?  Because Creation constantly creates.  You may, in your studies, have come across the term "nebula."  A nebula is a universe in the making.  A young nebula is circular, and composed of gases. When the timing is right, a nebula is "initiated" by a staff of God that specializes in this activity.

The nebula then undergoes massive changes, whirling and growing immensely. Over time, after reaching a maximum diameter, the gases begin to condense and gravity forms creating organized matter.  The nebula continues to condense and becomes in time a spiral nebula.

In time, changes in heat and gravity in the nebula cause the formation of suns and eventually there are planets and many other space creations.  This is a long process.  In time the nebula no longer exists, it has become a universe.  So if you go to a planetarium and look at nebula, you are looking at a future universe.

Our Universe, called Nebadon, was born from a nebula called the Andronover Nebula, which was initiated around 875 billion years ago, and is one of the younger universes, 611,121 out of 700,000 now in existence. Creation has been going on considerably longer than believed by Earth scientists!

At the center of Creation is the Eternal Universe of Havona called also the Central Universe. Although the formation of the first Universe is in the records of time, there can be found no starting point for Havona. It has always been, apparently.

At the center of Havona is the Paradise Isle, home of the Father of All, The Eternal Son, and the Infinite Spirit.  In simple terms, the Father of All is just that and the source of personality. The Eternal Son is the source of the Spirit of Life and the Infinite Spirit the source of Mind.  The story is more complex than this, but for the time being, this is a good introduction to the concept of the Trinity.

The Trinity of Christianity of Earth is totally misunderstood from the above perspective, and the idea presented in "Sonship with God." The Earth version is very limiting, creating a Father, with an only Son sent to Earth. The Holy Spirit does include ministry, but again, the misunderstanding produces limitations. The Bible in Christianity was modified and changed. In general, what was given to Earth at Pentecost was the "Spirit of Truth."  I have seen this term in some translations of the Bible.

There is a huge number of planets and moons and similar creations that have been implanted with life. Each of the 700,000 universes will have an average of 10 million life-bearing planets, making a potential total of 7 trillion.  Nebadon currently has over 3.8 million inhabited planets. Earth is but one of these!

There are seven Superuniverses, each having 100,000 universes under their jurisdiction. Universes have government, and submit to the higher government of the Superuniverse, at least during their earlier stages. Nebadon, our Universe, belongs to the Superuniverse, called Orvonton, the 7th Superuniverse. The vast Milky Way Galaxy is within this Superuniverse.

The information in this section was taken from the Urantia Book, given to Earth’s peoples around 1934-1935, and brought into publication in 1955. You can buy the book, or read it online at  This book is over 2000 pages long, and somewhat complex.  I will simplify portions in a section dedicated to that purpose on this website.


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