Great Shifts in Consciousness Are Coming

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Through Sheldan Nidle

Great Shifts of Consciousness Are Coming

From The Planetary Activation Organization ([email protected]).  Published by permission from PAO.Published here initially on March 31, 2004.

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Tuesday March 30th, 2004.13 Men, 8 Mac, 12 Manik

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Greetings, Dear Hearts! We return with more interesting subjects to discuss with you. Lately, your world has been on the verge of great governmental and financial changes. These alterations are part of a procedure that also includes an immense worldwide abundance program. In addition, this operation will mark the first time that the various militaries of North America have supported the ouster of their government. The peoples of this world can no longer tolerate the illegal actions of this last cabal and, especially, its ever-growing global belligerence. However, these actions engendered the coming together of a broad national and international coalition aimed solely at driving this destructive clique from power. This goal has obtained the full approval of Mother Earth’s Ascended Masters. It is essential that a time of peace and growing cooperation be now formally established upon your world. With this peace assured and with governments in power aligned with Heaven’s divine cause, a formal termination of the long-standing UFO cover-up can finally ensue.

These developments can signal the start of the initial period we briefly referred to in our last message. It is important to set up an agenda that emphasizes peace and global cooperation. It can make possible the sharing of new technological resources. Your secret governments possess a large inventory of exotic technologies capable of resolving your present pollution problems as well as new modes of transportation. These can not only teleport individuals to any spot on the Earth instantly, but also move large cargoes across your world at incredible speeds. Further, a whole slew of communication and free energy devices exist which can liberate you from the use of fossil fuels and end the need for televisions, radios, and phones, which emit dangerous amounts of radiation. These devices are jam-proof and spy-proof and are based on crystal light technologies that work by effecting communications between the natural brain-wave patterns of each individual —a precursor of direct telepathy.  Other devices, not yet discussed, can be made available in addition to our own Galactic Federation technologies.

Our contribution is to oversee the complete disclosure of this amazing inventory. We also intend to provide you with technologies that can allow you to rebuild your cities and urban areas within mere days or weeks, instead of years. All ‘solid objects’ on your world are made of reconstituted energies and given the appearance of solidity. Hence, whole buildings, for example, and their component parts are in essence 3-D mental constructs-your collective belief in what they are makes them exist in a specific state. Our technology takes these constructs and in a flash materializes them. Food, clothing, houses, even large buildings, can be produced in the twinkling of an eye. This can end your reliance on the manufacturing and construction industry and even on agriculture. The defining element becomes your own personal creativity and collective design concepts. These technologies stress consciousness. This term goes beyond mere awareness; it is founded on creativity and attitude to life. This world is only a collective illusion, which can be altered by positive and detailed ‘thoughts’ (intentions).

As you move through this initial period of change, much will be revealed to you about the cruel and immoral nature of this last cabal. It mercilessly killed thousands of innocent citizens during its September 11th, 2001 terror attack. The originators of this terrorism were not foreigners, but a special group within the secret government’s special operations division. The purposes of this attack were to complete an attempt at taking full control of your government and to disempower those who were seeking the removal of this cabal from office. This special ops division also intended to ‘stage’ a number of subsequent ‘terrorist’ attacks which they had hoped would result in the complete overthrow of your Constitution. This would have put this cabal in a position of immense global power. However, action taken jointly by our Earth allies and by us prevented the last parts of this scenario from ever occurring.

Part of the Last Cabal:
Cheney, Bush and Rumsfeld

Our primary intention is to oversee a First Contact that includes a further unveiling of your Constitution and its amended pledge to permit the flowering of your natural, unalienable rights. These rights form the foundations of what the Ascended Masters intend as the beginnings of your galactic society. This society needs to take responsibility for allowing the grand potential of every person to be manifested on Earth. A galactic society is also designed to nurture and sustain Mother Earth and her complex, fragile eco-system. With this in mind, the Governing Council of Agartha intends to show you how this can be easily and lovingly accomplished. The next stage in your history is one for disclosure and learning, and for you to discover that your global society is not alone. It forms only a part of all those humans who have lived on or within Mother Earth for untold millennia.

Agartha and its capital of Shamballah are eager for this right divine time of disclosure and cooperation to begin. They have formed special committees relegated to assisting you with your earthly tasks of divine devotion. Mother Earth needs to change her surface configuration and the composition of her atmosphere. A new firmament needs to be put in place above you, and a number of now-submerged continents and other surface features need to see again the bright light of day. This will necessitate major Earth changes comprising enormous seismic and volcanic upheavals, and obviously you will need to be elsewhere when these are finally allowed to happen. These events will be delayed, however, until you have finished your various tasks and begun the last aspects of your transformation into fully conscious physical Angels.

Mother Earth’s inner world and her better-known surface world together possess an astounding diversity of life. Your planet’s inner core, or Central Sun, actually ‘heats’ up your planet. The Sun’s energies simply determine how the inner core energies are dispersed. Mother Earth’s geomagnetic, geo-electric, and gravitational fields interlink to form the life-giving essence that is truly her heart and soul. This living entity is the sacred vehicle you now inhabit. Many coming disclosures will change forever how you define ‘life form’, or even how you categorize ‘life’. These facts will swiftly revolutionize your science’s core paradigms and bring you to a much clearer understanding of how physicality is formed. As we have stated many times, a great shift in your consciousness is preparing you for your new reality.

This new reality is raising up to replace a presently accepted world-view that greatly limited your perception of physicality. These limitations produced societal systems across your world that were at times cruel and quite controlling of their citizens. The changes begun within you many decades ago by Heaven allow the process of ongoing positive change to proceed and flourish. Now this divine intervention is reaching a moment when the results of these changes are to manifest before you. The First Contact mission of the Galactic Federation of Light aided this process. The workings of Heaven and the divine plan ensure a most glorious future for every one of you. Now you need to focus on your role in this operation and use your growing abilities to help us complete this procedure in a timely and appropriate manner.

Today, we have continued our discussion of what is preparing to happen on your world. We ask you to stay fully committed and focused both on your success and on your intentions for this swiftly manifesting new realm. Remember, Together We are Victorious! Blessings, Dear Ones. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! Be Blessed in Love and in Joy!)

Tuesday February 1, 2005.8 Ik, 10 Yax, 13 Eb

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Greetings! We return, Dear Hearts, with more encouraging things to tell you! Our ships continue to monitor Mother Earth and to observe the political and financial affairs of your world. As expected, Mother Earth is entering another transitional phase. This means that a relative quieting down of seismic activity will take place during the next three to four weeks. This respite will take the form of somewhat decreased overall activity, but central Asia, the mid-Atlantic Ridge, and the eastern Pacific basin will remain in a heightened state. Thereafter, a rapid increase in global seismic and volcanic activity will occur. Your upper atmosphere, also, is beginning a period of enormous turbulence. The lower levels of this stratum are undergoing massive changes in ionization levels, which is preparing them for the formation of your new firmaments in the not too distant future. To assist in this operation, the Sun has dramatically increased the size of her coronal ejections.

This solar energy is also being used to augment the many different energies that hold the solar system together. Your scientists are noticing many anomalies in their readings of the energy fields around the outer planets. They are also seeing the inner planets, Mars and Venus, undergoing changes in their atmospheres similar in degree to what is happening to Mother Earth. In effect, the solar system is generating what she requires to change back into her former shape and size. As a result, Venus will display changes to her atmosphere, and her surface will start to exhibit greater signs of coming back to life. Mars’ transformation during the last half decade is proof of how she, too, is reacting to these changes. As these three inner water worlds complete the last stages before their grand renaissance, the Sun, also, is starting to shift her poles in preparation for a return to her former monopolarity. However, the completion of this procedure will only happen when the rest of the solar system is ready to return to its fully conscious status.

All of this is occurring as the Sun enters a high-energy section of her nearly 26 millennia orbit. This high-energy region of the galaxy’s Orion arm is noted for its concentration of galactic life force. These energies can only partly be measured by your present scientific instruments. The vast increase in this life force has triggered the currenthyperactivity of your Sun. In turn, these mutations have caused Mother Earth to increase her base frequency and start her journey toward full consciousness. The rising amounts of this life force energy are activating the Sun’s outer fields at the very edge of this solar system. The result is a huge upsurge in the size and length of the streamer fields behind and in front of this solar system. In the past six years, your solar system has been climbing out of her long slumber and awakening to her glorious destiny. These changes have alerted the rest of the major planetary systems in this sector of the galaxy to the fact that your world is finally on the verge of a great New Era! It is this fact that has heightened our optimism as we increase our preparations for First Contact.

These physical and energetic alterations to your solar system also have a very important spiritual component. This great mutation of your solar system is affecting each of you. A Divine Plan is underway to transform you into fully conscious Beings of Light. As the first energies from this section of your solar system’s journey entered your world, a wondrous reaction began in you, which started to revivify those parts of your selves that had been dormant since the fall of Atlantis nearly 13 millennia ago. This wake-up call sounded many decades ago, and the awakened ones among your population almost reached a needed critical mass in the late 1980s. Since then, the Divine Plan set forth and planned a way for your reality to be deeply changed. The first hint of this was the sudden change in the Anunnaki’s role from a highly negative to a positive one. The second was the surfacing of a powerful group from among the Anunnaki’s Earth minions espousing this positive change. Thus the stage was set for many needed global reforms.

The shake-up of your rulers’ worldview left them deeply divided. In many previous messages, we discussed this history and the fact that you are on the brink of enormous changes in how your world is run. As these changes prepare to materialize, it is important that you see them in both a physical and a spiritual light. Your reality is expanding for a purpose. The world you live in is based upon enormous, twisted lies. These untruths and their supporting reams of misinformation were promulgated in order to distort the facts about many great Masters throughout your history. The intention was to allow only those aspects of their life and message to come forth that could be "reworked" into devices to control you when necessary. As part of this process, a huge amount of material was purposefully "lost". Now, these lost materials must be returned to you. The Ascended Masters will include these in their teaching missions among you.

Spirit desires that you look upon these times as very special. Look beyond the forbidding political situations that surround you. Resolutions to these are on the horizon. Ponder on why the dark seems so truculent and desperate, and why their cherished goals have gone so awry. Everywhere the levels of chaos are rising. This is proof that the Light has won the day, and that the dark is on the point of fading into oblivion. This Light is the main component of your future. Therefore, look within, and embark on a journey to discover who you truly are. This sojourn requires you to use both your intuition and what you have learnt since birth. Let these elements cascade around you, and allow your true inner knowing to make sense of them. The results may astound you and will lay the basis for the learning the Ascended Masters wish to present to you.

The coming political changes and great financial abundance are merely spiritual tools. They are to bring an end to the interminable suffering of mankind. They are to raise you all up and heal former societal rifts. They are to transform great divisions into areas of harmony and cultural dignity. Each of you belongs to the huge variegated global culture of planet Earth. You have myriad languages, divergent cultural beliefs, and deep philosophical differences. All these are to be cast in a new light. The time has come to appreciate the wisdom in each culture and to understand your similarities as well as your differences. This diversity of traditional dress, language, and beliefs is to be honored and used as a foundation to learn how to truly care for each other. From this will be born a wondrous amalgamation that will forge your new galactic society!

Your spiritual and galactic families are anxious to meet you! As the time approaches for First Contact, the energy, so long bottled up by the dark, begins to flow within all of us. This energy is guiding us to the divine moment for contact. This moment is just around the corner, which is why it is crucial that you not get too caught up in the events of the day. Use your wisdom to express your beliefs, and your knowledge to organize what you need to help your cause. But through it all, keep in mind what is about to occur. The great shift that you long for is on the point of materializing. Be ready for it, and do whatever "tasks" you deem necessary to this end. Inner preparation is vital, yet you also need to stay abreast of what is happening around you. So remain centered, and balance your inner with your outer work. A great joy is being arranged for us all!

Today, we discussed some of the things happening both in your world and in your solar system. These events indicate that a great jubilation is nearly at hand. We therefore ask you to remain committed and to fully prepare yourselves for what is so surely to happen! We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

Tuesday February 22, 2005.3 Akbal, 11 Zac, 13 Eb

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Selamat Jarin! We return, dear Hearts, with more to tell you! Progress continues to be made on all the projects undertaken by our Earth allies. The most important of these are the global distribution of the abundance funds and the much needed regime change in North America. These enterprises are close to fruition. Thereafter, it becomes possible for us to set the dates for First Contact. We, therefore, watch closely as these ventures materialize. As noted in our last few messages, our scientific teams are also working with your planetary Elohim to stabilize Mother Earth. Your beloved planet still needs to make a number of corrections to many of her surface regions. We are now formulating a scenario whereby this can be done with a minimum of distress to your global society. Over the next few months, the areas that we denoted in our previous reports will be under great stress; and relieving this stress as gently as possible is our scientists’ current objective. These alterations to Mother Earth’s surface need to be balanced by concurrent modifications to her atmosphere.

The upper and lower atmospheres of your world are much like the layers of your oceans. The top and bottom levels constantly intermix as currents of energy and air intertwine. This complex system is driven by energies from the galaxy, the Sun, and Mother Earth. The central sun or core of your world puts this system in motion. The degree of this motion is determined partly by the Sun’s energies, and partly by those emanating from throughout your galaxy. This mix produces a layered "soup" of air that greatly affects the movement of your oceans. The interaction of these two elements affects land movement, which in turn acts as a heat buffer for the world’s oceans and the "sea" of air that surrounds them. It is in this way that Mother Earth "breathes" and recycles the huge amount of information and energy that she gathers in daily from the infinite universe that envelops her. These enormous energy and information streams are increasing each day. It is for this reason that she needs to alter the way she functions; she requires massive changes to her surface areas, and soon.

To accommodate both the needs of Mother Earth and those of your global society necessitates a delicate interplay, or "dance". To maintain balance, certain geophysical conditions must be allowed at times to play out. Either an occasional adjustment or "disaster" is allowed to take place, or the needed changes get bottled up. But eventually, the necessary alterations must be carried out within a set timeframe. Thus, it is imperative that your world’s secret rulers recognize the desires of Heaven and the events in store for the people of this world. Only one group, primarily rooted in North America, remains unyielding in the face of these overwhelming geophysical dangers. However, another international consortium, drawn from among these same secret rulers, is putting the finishing touches to their plans to bring down this arrogant North American cabal. Then the promised grand destiny of your world can be manifested, followed by the completion of our First Contact mission and your subsequent return to full consciousness.

This ever-changing process encompassing First Contact requires us to be both a neutral observer and an enlightened, involved participant. This dual role gives us a unique opportunity to creatively expand our involvement in your society: for example, the "embedding" of our sociologists throughout your global society. Their many resulting insights were used by our diplomatic team in numerous far-reaching negotiations with your governments and secret ruling societies. In addition, the cultural nuances gleaned by our sociologists allowed us to recast our Galactic Federation medical team protocols and to establish procedural ground rules for our psychological and anthropological teams also embedded in your society. Our purpose is to gain a thorough understanding of you, so that we can minimize the fears that may be created by a First Contact event. This knowledge has also lead to a new "first broadcast" procedure.

After the first formal "ground-breaking" announcements about our existence by your major governments, we need to begin preparing you for our massive arrival on your shores. Our initial idea was to do a complete takeover of your airwaves and use this interruption to introduce ourselves to you. Our revised concept is to make two or three "broadcasts" that are intended to waylay many potential fears and to set out clearly our landing procedures and protocols. A team of galactic-human females and males, who have experience of your world, will make the initial communication. As this is occurring, we will carefully monitor your reactions. This will determine the content of the second and/or third broadcasts. Then within 24 hours we will land and swiftly carry out our assigned tasks.

This First Contact is intended to progress you swiftly to the point normally encountered by a First Contact team. This requires that your primitive and fragmented society of artificially created nation-states transform rapidly into a global union founded on true sovereignty. Furthermore, the coming reunion with Inner-Earth (Agharta) will introduce you to your true history and your extraterrestrial origins. The combination of new technologies, new governments, and the novelty of experiencing true personal sovereignty will open exhilarating new horizons for you. For the first time in 13 millennia, you will be reconnected to your spiritual and space families. Your Ascended Masters intend to come among you regularly to guide you through this immense reorientation. Many incredible changes await you!

The present is one of great uncertainty and apprehension. But try to look upon this time as the final transition from a world, long familiar but nonetheless dysfunctional, to a glorious new one in the process of coming into being. Your role in this transition is to prepare for any possibility and to be ready for whatever is needed. Many of you are waiting for the events that signal our arrival. Know that this magic moment is quickly approaching. Many among our Earth allies are ready to spring the final series of traps that will dislodge the last dark cabal. These actions will appear suddenly and will probably astound you. These events will lead to the necessity for our landing and completing our reunion with you. Likewise, the Ascended Masters are ready to formally intervene and help you finish what Heaven expects of you. For this reason, we continually stress the need to stay focused and to be ready for action.

Much is expected of you! The pollution of Mother Earth, inflicted upon her by your society over the eons, must be stopped and reversed. This process of rehabilitation will cause you to leap ahead centuries in your spiritual and technical knowledge. You will be learning about and using a spiritual science, which is based on universal, living consciousness. This science can recast your many deep-seated religious philosophies. This is where the gentle wisdom of your Ascended Masters is essential. The path to your new reality will be revealed by their far-ranging teachings and wisdom. The Aghartans, too, have assembled several teams to aid the Ascended Masters and will arrive with a cornucopia of learning materials designed to assist you in your education. The coming time is filled with wondrous adventure and exploration of a fascinating new world.

Today, we have discussed the events of the day and touched on some of the changes we have instituted for First Contact. The time for many astounding and marvelous events approaches. We anticipate their arrival with glee! Soon, we will be able to walk freely among you! A new reality and an age of miracles await you! We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

Tuesday August 23, 2005.3 Chicchan, 8 Uo, 1 Caban

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Selamat Jarin! We return, Dear Ones, with more to discuss with you! As you prepare for a truly momentous change, let us talk about the events involved with First Contact and how the immediate post-Contact world is to look. A process begun in the 18th century by Saint Germain and completed by a special investment group is now ready to bloom on your world. This profound transformation of your financial resources is to be accompanied by a series of important laws designed to bring about personal and national debt forgiveness, an end to the present fractional banking system, and the dismissal of a number of major illegal regimes. This much needed legislation will throw the last dark cabal from power and usher in an era of peace, global cooperation and, for the first time, worldwide prosperity. Shortly thereafter, announcements will be issued by these newly designated governments about the Galactic Federation’s existence and its benevolence. This will be followed by a series of preliminary statements from us about First Contact. These are intended to prepare you for our arrival on your shores.

Shortly after our arrival, Mother Earth’s Ascended Masters will reveal themselves to you. These special Beings intend to increase the positive high-energy fields and control grids to levels that will make it impossible for the skullduggery of the dark to continue. Moreover, the Ascended Masters want to impart to your global society the fundamental truths that, long ago, were so distorted by the dark’s earth-bound minions. The restoration of these basic concepts will allow the major religious and philosophical divisions of your world to be finally healed. The age-old disputes as to your true origins can also be put to rest. Your world was divided by the twisted truths of the dark for millennia; now it is time for you to learn the truth about the sacred missions of many Ascended Masters and be directly addressed by these great Soul forces that incarnated on your world in order to seed your major global religions. You are to be freed from the nonsensical doctrines decreed by the dark in their name. These revelations can help you to learn your role of planetary guardians and graciously fathom the workings of Heaven.

Before we arrive, the massive release of the so-called prosperity funds will manifest. Then, in the first 72 hours after this event, the regime changes will take place and laws, until now kept secret and in abeyance, will officially be proclaimed and put into effect. In addition, many amazing devices, concealed for decades, are to be unveiled and demonstrated to the world. Next, a complex procedure to recharter all the world’s corporations will be carried out and completed within 60 days. A designated global watchdog taskforce will oversee this highly involved operation. To help start an immense global clean up of your world, technology long suppressed by your ruling elite will be released. All this is to be merely a prelude to our mass landing operations. Upon our arrival, we will add our technologies to yours, and together they can permit you to rapidly cleanse your planet’s water, air, and land. Nonetheless, this will be only the start of a great cycle of planetary renewal.

Via our technology, you will learn how we can restore the various fossil fuels, minerals, and gases that have been so harmfully extracted from Mother Earth. All living Beings need particular elements in their make-up in order to remain healthy. The Industrial/Petroleum Age created enormous greed that resulted not only in large-scale pollution but also in the most brainless and self-defeating attempts to enslave you that the world has ever seen! Many of the Anunnaki’s minions were resolved to complete the many heinous plans begun shortly before the unforeseen demise of Atlantis. Thus, this present age continued the playing out of their "game" of greed and arrogance, which is now leading inescapably to their doom. Saint Germain foresaw all this and so used his considerable skills to assure their most appropriate downfall. The many instruments he set in motion for the advancement of democracy and for the education of the masses proved to be this world’s great salvation.

Mother Earth requires that the materials pumped out of her in such great quantities be restored. These materials are part of the system that helps to move the tectonic plates and, when necessary, to lock them together. An insufficient quantity of these sticky, gooey substances at the intersection of two major plates resulted in the Sumatra earthquake of last December. We propose to remedy this perilous deficiency by giving you the means to recreate and replace all the petroleum removed from Mother Earth in the last two centuries. However, we cannot do this until the global petroleum industry is permanently shut down. Once this is done we can, together, begin the replacement procedure. Your role as Earth guardians is to keep your planet and solar system in abundant health. For this you need to adopt new technologies and move on from your current hierarchical model of society.

Petroleum is only one of the many elements that your planet needs for her health; another is ozone. The ozone layers of your atmosphere must be restored as well. Once this is done, these layers can lower the amount of radiation now streaming into your world, and this in turn can stabilize the most dense and most vital part of your atmosphere. Indeed, the first 36,000 feet or so of atmosphere are critical for sustaining your present troposphere (the lowest level) and the next layer, the stratosphere. The key is to allow the natural oxidation levels of your lower atmosphere to return to former levels, between 23 and 36%. These higher levels will increase your own degree of health and permit the upward seepage of oxygen into the upper atmosphere, thus quickly restoring the ozone layers.

In short, the petroleum age is to abruptly end, to be replaced by the new electrical and Light, age. This swift change can greatly help your planet and offset the grave dangers posed by the mass extraction of petroleum. Your secret government long had the remedy for this in the form of new transportation systems; these vehicles have interplanetary and interstellar abilities. Our input is to update these devices and begin a safer and more practical means for making them. Even if your industries were redirected, they would still rely on fossil fuels to provide the basic materials for assembling the many types of items you buy on a daily basis. Since you can no longer use materials from the body of Mother Earth for your necessities of life, we can give you a family of devices that create directly from interdimensional Light and can supply all your material needs.

These Light processors are built to any size and designed to create, in the twinkling of an eye, whatever you desire. They bestow anything from food, clothing, and houses to vehicles and even motherships. It is this technology that permits us to create our global societies and sustain them as needed. What is required is the wisdom to discern the difference between what is needed, and the often-shocking whims of the ego. These Light processors turn your sincere ideas for your own needs and those of your communities into abundant reality. Then, when everyone is fed, clothed, and housed, your vast gift for creativity and joy can be given free rein. These devices are not toys; they are the way to set you free and to allow your potential to soar. To this end, we intend to oversee the use of these tools during the early days. Remember, Together, We are Victorious!

Today, we reviewed the initial fundamentals of our First Contact with you. We also went over what is to happen prior to our arrival. We then touched on what will be put into effect once we land on your most beautiful shores. We take this opportunity to thank you for your gracious support and commitment in helping us to complete this most vital mission. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)


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