Ashtar Command Mission

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Ashtar Command Mission

Integrated to the Intergalactic Command and in Active Service for the Light Planet Earth
Addressed by the Holy Chief Ashtar Sheran from Venus

Ashtar Sheran

From Ulynis, Original in Spanish.  English translation by Luis Prada, Editor and Publisher of Brother Veritus’ Website.

I salute you in the sacred name of I AM and in representation of the Intergalactic Command!

 My name is Ashtar Sheran, I am a space Commander, and I am in charge of the Star Ship.  The Ashtar Command is a branch of the Intergalactic Command with the specific mission of assisting this planet in crisis.  It is under the direct supervision, the loving care and the attention of Beloved Master Sananda (known by you as Jesus); who, among other positions, is the Supreme Commander of the Holy Alliance.

The Ashtar Command is present everywhere.  In and over the Earth’s atmosphere, there are thousands and thousands of space ships, of course, the majority at an invisible level.  Its function is to watch over the planet and its inhabitants, to be attentive to any fault or danger and if we are invoked, to intervene quickly in an impersonal manner, since our mission of Love is to help.

Due to our great scientific-technological level, we can control matter, energy, counteract and annul the Law of Gravity.  To make our ships visible (which we do now exceptionally), we retard the vibratory frequency and this makes possible densification.  We do not live in a physical body but in etheric level, but our bodies are the same as yours in form and aspect, albeit finer and subtle.  We are the authority that controls the space program to be fulfilled for the Planet Earth.

Humanity is responsible by itself for the current situation of the planet.  Many human beings think we are «invading monsters» with the purpose of conquering Earth, for it was suggested and projected this way by the audiovisual media of the planet: radio, movie, press, television and also this happens because of the ruling ignorance about the Brothers of space.  They are distorted ideas that do not adjust to truth at all.

Know that we, your elder Brothers in evolution, have always assisted you and helped you since a very long time ago.  Our only aim is Love.  It is required that all understand and accept our real existence and to appeal to common sense:  A vast Universe nor the infinite cosmos has not been created for only one planet to remain inhabited by intelligent beings, conscious of their existence.  All is populated: Infinity of worlds, solar systems and galaxies.  Life has its manifestation in each part of the Cosmos, in subtle forms and also in similar ones to human.

There are many evolutionary levels.  That Earth scientists have not found physical life in the remaining worlds of our Solar system is due to Earth being the only planet where life unfolds in such dense levels.  Other worlds do have life, but in finer and subtler bodies, which impedes the perception and visibility at the level of the apparatuses and technological systems with which you count on.  Also, dimensions of a higher level to the ones of this planet cannot be contacted with the eyes of the flesh.  Life there passes unnoticed to you and, when you try to know this with your scientific apparatuses, it is as if you want to photograph smoke.  (The worlds you see in the Third Dimension are like the "shells" left by worlds already opened to levels of superior life.)

I tell you: we have centuries being at your side, but now we are making ourselves known more directly.  Machu Pichu was constructed with our collaboration, Nazca and Palenque.  We frequently visited Atlantis, because this did not astonish them, instead the arriving of space beings looked to them as something natural.  By knowing themselves as citizens of Cosmos, they accepted travelers of other worlds, such as now you do with tourists in you plane.

It has to be comprehended, at the level of multitudes, that our apparent superiority is to be found in the simplicity, Love and humility we have been able to achieve.  If we were «superior», the way that is understood in your world, the Earth were already «conquered» by space beings and it has not been that way.

Our motto is: Union, Service, Love, Humility and we only accept as norm of conduct the laws ruling Cosmos, the will of the One unknown whom you call «God».  We are also beings in evolution as you are.

We the Space Brothers do not present ourselves in the sky to frighten or intimidate human beings nor to astonish them.  We are not interested in standing out or in bringing attention to ourselves to pretend superiority.  We came in a Mission of Love and Impersonal Service, because our brethren of Earth need much help, so the world-school they inhabit does not pass through higher sufferings than the ones they can withstand and which correspond to their evolutionary level.

Do not feel alone in the Universe.  We exist and are always aware of you, of everything happening on the planet.  Some of ours incarnated as humans and are disseminated around the world.  They may or may not remember their labor of help, for the Effluvium (accumulation of negative thoughts-feelings in the atmosphere) make them sleepy and they forget their origin, become confused and lost strayed through the plane density; or do become triumphant, despite so many interferences.

We are as real and tangible as you are, we live and exist.  We do no have any bizarre aspect nor are we interested in war or conquest purposes.  We only wish to help by Love.  If you accept it, great benefits will result from that, as happened in the millenary India of remote times.  The advancement they achieved in architecture is due to our art and technology.  It was left this proof: the monuments imitate our space ships in the tip or steeple and even in the shape of their temples.  The map "Piris Reis" was made under our collaboration and equally our help can be seen in the Gate of the Sun of Lake Titicaca.  Symbolically, the signs point to the period of rotation and translation of our beloved planet Venus.

With all of these examples we present of the past, you can become aware that certainly there has been contact and you were not as isolated as you believe nor our «apparition» is a sudden thing of modern times.

We hope these words give clarity and understanding to many over the truth of our existence and right purposes.  We are your Elder Brothers and we salute you with Love.  He who thus understands it so will greatly elevate his level of consciousness.

We have been integrated in the labor of rescuing this planet, but help comes from much more time ago.  It is an honor to serve the Avatar of this Age: Ascended Master Liberty (Saint Germain) and to channel our labor through his servers of Light.

Honor to the Rose Bridge (today contact Bridge I AM), through which we communicate!  Know that this is the main Light and authorized for the expansion of our labor on Earth and the spreading of our existence to the level of the multitudes.

In Union, Service, Love and Humility: Commander Ashtar Sheran.



Lord Ashtar – Our Fleets Are In Position, Ready Yourselves

Date: Thursday, 19 August 2004

Channeled by Henry David Stites

Greetings my friends and Ground Crew of the Federation Light Command, I AM your dear friend Ashtar addressing you today from my position as High Commander in the Star-Nation Hierarchy. This is to be a declaration of our Arrival, that this very moment and indeed since this year’s 8:8 Lion’s Stargate, we have moved our fleets into position around the Earth, within multiple dimensions and frequencies up to 100D+. What this means in a practical manner is that The Light has been turned up upon the Earth and Humanity (etc.) upon Her to the highest degree yet seen for a LONG time, before even the previous two Ascension opportunities in Earth Humanity’s recent (500,000 years) past.

All Starships of the Ashtar Command and the Galactic Federation have entered their final resting positions in preparation for the forthcoming Declaration of Cosmic Freedom due to be made by a joint force of White Knights on the ground, and White Knights not so tied to the ground (smiles). This will be revealed in due process in an appropriate manner, but will indeed happen for Earth Humanity is now ready. On an outer ego-only level there may be whispers of panic or what-not of negative programming, but it will bow to the Light of the Cosmic Christ that will alight within the souls of mankind at that Pristine Moment of Freedom’s Holy Flame’s final anchoring upon the Earth reality.

Visualize and Know that our Starships surround every inch of your planet, thousands upon thousands of Motherships alone Beloved! They beam forth the Seven Rays, the Twelve Rays, upon the Earth and Her inhabitants. Some ships beam forth just, say, the Fourth Ray. Others, multiple combinations. There are so many unique expressions all focused upon the same ultimate purpose – Earth and Humanity’s Ascension. This goes on and on farther than you are even able to imagine my dear friends, though you are quickly gaining inklings of those High Perspectives!

We work hand-in-hand with your Ascended Masters, for they are our diplomatic contacts and spiritual allies upon your plane. Together we utilize the technology of the Federation of Light to bring-forth a new day, this technology being the same used in previous golden ages and by inner-earth societies of Light today such as Telos under Mt. Shasta.

My goal with this transmission is to alert you to the fact that our fleets are now in final position, and that our Starships are at this very moment bombarding the Matrix Prison of controlled-Earth and your negative-ego-self with higher-dimensional light rays. Visualizing this, Knowing this, allows us to do this action because you have chosen our presence and assistance with your free-will. Understand how the Anchoring of Freedom operation will take place, choose to participate in it as a sovereign individual, call us your friends in to help you – make the choice, take the stand, and watch what happens Beloveds.

Ashtar out. See you soon.

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