Sananda On the Upheaval Times Ahead

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Sananda On
The Upheaval Times Ahead

Sananda through various channels.  First published in this website on April 16, 2006.

March 25, 2006

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First I would like to address the issues of your nation, as they are the most pressing. There is upon you a time of dramatic change, one that will ensure the freedom of the people once and for all. This time at hand is one that will shake the countrymen and women to their core for they will be in search of truth. Truth as you have known it up until now has been nothing but the gain of your leaders’ power. Now, truth shall prevail. Come one, come all and join in the parade for truth.

The time for a revolution is now and all are needed to claim back their rights and sovereignty. It is up to you to find the truth, for the truth shall set you all free. Take what is rightfully yours, gather your sources and strength in numbers and you shall prevail. You all have the opportunity and responsibility to take control of your destiny in the coming moments, use this opportunity to ensure that you never fall short of your country’s potential again

Be righteous in choosing government leaders that will support your freedom, freedom for all. We encourage you all to see the bright future before you and desire for you all to know that in your heart lies the secrets to peace. When you are all united through the heart of mankind you will prevail victoriously in all of your ventures. When each deed is done with the thought of your fellow man in mind, you will have transcended the lower realms of physicality. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". This has never been truer for the people of earth. You all are beginning to see the interconnectivity to life and realizing that each action has an equal and opposite reaction. That what you think, you become. That what you long for, you gain.

All of these truths are more apparent to you now and this gives you the advantage to create the best of what you desire. Ultimately it is up to all of you to pull together and create this world as a community of like minds. When all realize that you are united under one God, the Creator of All that is, then peace will prevail.
No longer is it necessary to segregate and divide nations for you all will soon hold a common purpose, that of restoring your precious earth. This is no small feat and will require the participation of all, worldwide. But together and with the help of your galactic brethren, miracles will happen.

We stand before you now ready to lift the veil of deceit, prepare yourselves for the moment of transcendence for it will be a thrust of great magnitude that will catapult you to a new reality, the reality in truth. We say to you, be at peace and know that all you have waited for is here and now. Buckle up, for it will be a bumpy ride but be assured that we are guiding your every move. All is in Divine order and the battle has been won.

I Am Sananda Immanuel.

March 29, 2006

There is to be a change made in your government to restore the earlier constitutional law for your government leaders. The efforts for this change have been long thwarted by those in power who control the present administration. You and I shall be most pleased to have the government changes made and the constitution restored as it was before your former president (Roosevelt in the 1930s) began the changes to put other powers in control.

You will be pleased at the changes that are soon to come to your government. These changes will also help pave the way for my coming in the spirit and later my coming in the flesh. America must be restored to the world and be able to be looked up to as the best type of government for the benefit of all of its citizens, instead of a few. The restoration of constitutional government to the United States is the beacon to the world that is important to me and for many people in many nations. There are great events that are beginning to transpire for this earth. There is a New Era coming.

March 30, 2006

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Message 1 (through Hal)

Although there have been many delays in the distribution of the bank documents, I am pleased to tell you that it does appear that the final distribution of the bank documents is now underway. That will mean that there can be an announcement this weekend, possibly even tomorrow (Friday) from the government. I expect that the announcement will be concerning the new currency.

There does not appear to be any barrier now to the completion of the delivery of the bank documents. However, there is a great effort involved to prevent such distribution. Hopefully, there will be a failure of those efforts.

My great concern is for the changes that will soon come so that I can be with you at the time of the first landing of one of the shuttles in your valley. That means, of course, the change in government and the rescinding of the orders to shoot down any UFOs. This unfortunate order that has been in place for so many years, as you well know, has to have an ending and that ending will be soon now. Then there shall be the beginnings of great changes that will help change the world, including the way the world produces and distributes energy. We will be pleased to be with you in the spirit and to help in that regards.

Message 2 (through Lauren)

Take Heed

The sun is radiating new frequency waves which are penetrating your earth as we speak. These energy waves are responsible for much of the changes in consciousness on your planet at this time. We are in great admiration of the ways in which you are all affected by the new energies and as we monitor your progress we can see the success at which you awaken to truth.

We are anticipating great things to happen this week. There is a lot of information that is being circulated in your media and has been prompted by forces of Light. This explosion in media awareness will bring truth to the masses, truth through portals of respected reputations and trust. This is imperative, that we gain the respect of those willing to listen to truth by using the mouthpieces of respected and trusted individuals in your nation.

We are using many modalities to ensure the success of this mission and it is almost complete. We have observed that many are now willing to listen, that the state of affairs of man has become so dire that people will listen to any sound of hope. This puts us in an advantageous position as you might imagine since so many will be new to the information that will penetrate the masses shortly. We are guiding you to a winning solution and all the waiting and anticipating has served its purpose now. We are delighted in those who remain in constant communication with us because it gives us an opportunity to be heard. Your mission, as previously stated, is an important one for spreading truth. Many rely upon the words that you and other telepaths put out to the world and your voices as well as ours are being heard. Because of this, change is happening.

Those who choose to listen have great benefits over those who choose to remain in the dark. It will take the strong of you to live by example so as to inspire others to make the same choices you have. We are in great admiration of all who swim upstream in these tumultuous times and we encourage all of you to stay on course so others have these special examples to follow. You who choose to stay on course are headed for great rewards and we will foster those in our care.

With respect to your currency we anticipate that the truth of the Federal Reserve will be in full view by the weekend. We are strongly urging government leaders and constituents of truth to come forward at this time. We are in need of the courageous who have positions of influence and incriminating evidence to support the coming changes. We say to you, stand tall and proud and have firm resolve, for only the truth shall set you free. Now is the time, dear ones, to be honest with yourselves and each other and to take back the governing of the people. Without your support, there is no government. Without your firm resolve, there is no sovereignty. Take back what is rightfully yours and claim your freedoms once and for all. Allow no other to control your destiny for each of you are co-creators with God. We are supporting all of you on this journey to freedom and we applaud each effort that you make toward truth. Pull up your boot straps and dig deep for the will to change all that has kept you down. Rise up to the challenge and stay committed to your quest and you shall prevail. This is a clarion call to justice, an opportunity to emerge out of darkness. Let not this opportunity pass you by for there are few more of this magnitude designed to take you all the way home. The energy that is calling you is backed by legions of fellow beings of Light here to assist you back to your inherent sovereignty. Use the assistance wisely and be prudent in your applications for they will only serve you in the Light of forward movement. We are here to assist you but you must assist each other in your willingness to not stand down.

You cannot succumb to the fear tactics of your corrupt leaders in their attempts to dissuade you. You cannot be submissive to those who try to dominate your will. You must use your strength and resources now and gather the collective power in numbers to walk straight into the line of fire. You are capable of monumental changes when you gather together in the name of God. You outnumber those who rule over you and with this knowledge you can stand up against tyranny with great force. Call unto others to support the cause of truth and to finally right what’s wrong. Countless numbers of supporters are behind those of you who are willing to talk about the truth. Show these brave souls your support so that they may take the steps necessary to free this nation founded on equality. As they step forth one by one, call out their names, send them your love, show them the rewards of courage and when they prevail be astute in whom you choose to run your country.

We have said to you time and again that this country is your responsibility to manage. Be not complacent in this opportunity to rise up against untruth. Take matters into your own hands now and forever more and when you succeed in removing all that does not align in God’s country, you shall truly be free. This is your time to shine: your nation depends on it. Be vigilant and wise of corruption and turn not a blind eye or deaf ear. Change happens when you happen to make change. Step forward now my warriors, children of Light, and remember who you came here to be. We are counting on you. I Am Sananda Immanuel and I ask you now to take heed.

Sananda on the Second Coming Through Lauren

April 2, 2006

We are anticipating some very good news for you this day: news that will back up and support our claims.

We are ready now to embark upon this journey with all of you and hope that together we can help the great mother to cleanse and ascend. She is not in good shape as you know, and it will take legions of Light Beings to restore her to her original condition, that of Paradise.

The earth was originally designed to be the template for other societies to learn from. We have lost touch with the original imprint over time due to layers upon layers of destructive thought patterns and negativity. The fall of man was once described as the beginning of the end. Now we say that the enlightenment of earth’s inhabitants shall be the beginning of the end, the end times that is. These end times are in line with many prophecies in various religious organizations and cultures of spirituality. Knowing that these times are in fact upon you is especially noteworthy for that entails a broad and open mind of awareness.

If you are one of those who comprehend truth, then you are well on your way to co-creatorship with the One. You have all endured various journeys in search of the Light, the Light which until now was indefinable for most. As you pursue your life’s calling, you will undoubtedly be connected to the Light of all that is, for this Light is the same Light that illumines your sense of purpose and wellbeing, balance and peace. When you encounter all that has been bestowed upon you in truth, you will reside in a place of pure joy, the joy of being. This is why we say to you that to be at peace with the world as it is, you must find peace within yourself as you are.

This is no simple feat, for finding peace within your turbulent sea of uncontrollable and influenced thought systems can be futile. At this time we are asking you to take notice of all thoughts that are not aligned with your being and release them to the Light for transmutation. To be successful in the upcoming times you will all benefit from being free of unworthy thoughts. These thoughts can actually derail you and send you reeling with the intensity of energy that is surrounding your planet at this time.

As Mother Earth finds her way to the higher realms, so too will you be in a space of true creation if you so choose. This space of creation holds great responsibility for you will ultimately be in control of your destinies. We cannot overemphasize this point, that to be a co-creator means taking responsibility for every thought, good or bad as you perceive presently in polarity. As you recognize and transmute these lower thought forms you will find yourselves more and more at peace. Ultimately the only things that hold you back from true peace are your perceptions which are precipitated by these negative thought filters. So we say to you, release these thoughts now, for they no longer serve you. Thoughts of fear and inadequacy are the most damaging to you and your environment. Lose the addiction to fear and you will lose the repercussions to it, which are vast.

Fear will not serve you well in the coming times for you will be feeling much more intensity of emotion. This means that you will know love on much deeper levels, but you will also know pain on deeper levels if your fears are not lifted. Be diligent in these next moments of your time-based reality to let go of ALL that does not serve you now. This release is imperative to walk into the dawn of a New Age. Though this is new to all of you in your state of limited reality, the process of awakening to truth is one you have undergone many times. Be not afraid, let go in faith, and trust that the support of heaven is with you always. We are guiding you to your personal and collective awareness of who you truly are. Blessed be, I AM Sananda Immanuel.

April 6, 2006 (1)

We are in observation of great turmoil this day over certain parts of your country. It seems the turmoil is leading to the culmination of events in your governing body.

We know the stress of living in the 3D world and we can sympathize with the daily struggles of just being human. We assure you that we do not take lightly the circumstances which you are presented with each day. To simply coexist with each other is an impossibility at this point and we look forward to the change in these times. We are aware of some disturbing facts pertaining to your government leaders and soon you all will be dismayed at the information that is to come before you. The wrongdoing of so many in secrecy will astound most of you. People with whom you’ve placed your trust have all but annihilated your wellbeing as sovereign citizens. Now is the time of rising up and now is the time to be fed from the hand of God. We will provide you with what you need to live comfortably again. We are here to offer you resources and technology that will lift you out of the darkness with great speed. You have nothing to fear in these coming changes for they will finally allow each of you to rest and breathe. So many of you have been working tirelessly for the Ascension of Mother Earth and of yourselves. You who have worked for many years shall finally reside in a place of comfort. You have all strived for goals that to many seem unattainable and you all are applauded on this side for your tireless determination to make positive change in your own lives and in your communities. We could not have accomplished even half of our plans without your selfless service to God.

We are preparing for much to occur in the next moments in your time. This fact alone should begin to prepare you for what’s to come. We have many willing participants of Light who will assist us to see this through as a smooth transition. We ask of you to only be alert and full of joy for this major undertaking. The many things that have been tended to, to ensure the success of this mission are beyond your scope of understanding. We cannot put into words the enormity of all that is required to manifest. Please be sure to allow time for gratitude for your brothers and sisters of Light who devote their entire life plan to serving yours. We are grateful to their service and their gifts delight us. Now is the time for many to become one, to see the Light of God in your neighbors and even your enemy.

As these changes begin to take form in the physical you will all be aware of the many plans to bring this new reality. You will harbor no ill will for you will realize that each of you has a role to play, a role that makes up the whole. With this respect for one another, violence will begin to diminish in your world. You will have no need to destroy life on earth in order to protect your own because you will all be safe and provided for. This concept is a foreign one, and we mean no pun here.

Fragmented foreign relations is something that will cease to exist in the future, your nation’s lines will be blurred as you merge to become one. Imagine a life where your resources, wisdom, talent, and love are freely shared. Imagine how full life can be when all brothers and sisters under God unite. Together your lives can be blissful. Sharing and caring for one another on the deepest levels is who you are in truth. This truth will manifest freely in your new world and you will all enjoy the many cultural offerings to one another. How limited your lives are now. These limitations force you into insular societies where dominance reigns over another. This comes in many forms; religion, race, government, etc. All of these segregations have no purpose now, as they only serve to divide. This division keeps man ignorant and without the freedom to choose. As you break free from these organizations of limited scope you will begin to trust in yourself as a divine being and allow for yourself to condemn no other for their choosing. You will open yourself up for many rich opportunities that will fill the voids and halt your ceaseless searching.

The open nature and love of another human is what will mend your woes, partly because you mirror one another and partly because you long to be united with all that is. Soon the opportunities to satiate this longing will be before you and you will choose how to serve this perceived lack. You can try to fill the void in the ways that you are accustomed to, externally, or you can venture out in faith and learn about your fellow man and ultimately know of yourselves.

Great times are ahead and we assure you that all that you have waited for will greet you with joy and peace as we have long promised. Now is the time, my brothers and sisters, to gather yourselves together and embrace the magnitude of what lies before you. Really think it through and allow yourself, without fear, to explore the many options that you will have to make this world a better place. We need each and every one of you and you all have a divine purpose for being here. Note that this time of incarnation is a gift, a special time in your lives and in the history of your earth. Feel the joy of choosing this option for your soul growth and feel the love that is coming to you from so many around the universe. We are in great anticipation of your arrival and we greet you all with open arms. I AM Sananda Immanuel.

April 7, 2006

I wish to tell you of some upcoming events in your world today. It seems from various sources that things are well underway in your physical realm. We observe so many truths emerging on many different levels and now it is our intention to begin to inform those of the Light of how the next stages in your plan will manifest according to the current energy. If you listen closely to the sound of your heart, you will all realize that the time is very near. This may manifest almost as feelings of anxiousness and impetuous behaviors. Do not be dismayed by these energies, they are simply the remaining vestiges of your ego’s control. Your ego is perceiving all of the changes as something to be feared when, in truth, it fears losing itself in the process of awakening. This is not the case, in fact the ego will suddenly become useful for many of you who choose to use it as a tool of the mind, a great tool of reason.

You all will soon be faced with many opportunities to be of service to your world, and they will be in the smallest and largest ways depending on your choosing. If you are one who actively participates in the process then you will most likely have an active part post-change as well. Similarly, if you currently hold a passive role in all of this then your role will likely be a passive one. Neither is more important or worthy, as all of you are designed to reach different personality types in times of great need.

We have spoken to many about the likelihood of turmoil in the coming moments, we wish to reiterate that the time of upheaval as it will be presented to you on earth is in actuality a time of great spiritual shifting. Similar to how in moments of your own personal ascension process you are often faced with your greatest fears which arise in turmoil, only to eventually be seen for what they actually are – illusion. Treat this coming process the same, with detachment. You will undoubtedly encounter many challenges in the upcoming times and those challenges should be faced with a centered and grounded nature. Take to those who need you with a firm presence, assuring them all that they are safe with your awareness. Now is not the time for chivalry nor pride, it is a time to come together and unite. All of you who have worked so diligently for this time in your lives are headed for the finest victory of the ages. Now you can share this victory with all as heaven and earth begin to merge.

Note that the upcoming times warrant great personal power, for each of you will be imparting your knowledge on many. This is why we say to you that you will determine how this plays out. Ultimately, it will be up to each individual to decide their path, but they will have ample opportunities, with your assistance, to choose the best path for their soul’s journey.

Take a moment to realize the impact that a few kind words can have on a fearful soul. Prepare in your hearts, minds and even in your dialogue how you will present this information to those who call on you. Know that you may feel pressure to deliver this information adequately so we recommend preparing yourselves so as to be most effective and wide reaching. This is the moment for you to shine, to show your brothers and sisters all that you have been working so hard for in silence. This is the moment of redemption for your service to God. In this moment of seeming crisis, you who have truth will finally feel peace, you will be saved from the ensuing drama and will be delivered from evil. No more waiting in the shadows, as each of you will step to the forefront of your communities, countries, and eventually the world.

In your new roles you will be supported by the forces of Light and never again shall you be shunned for your truth. You will prevail as the warriors, teacher, wayshowers and prophets of the New Era. You will enjoy the peace and salvation of resurrection in the Light of All That Is. You will be deemed respectable amongst your peers and society will adorn your ways of wisdom. Be certain to accept all that is bestowed upon each of you with grace, for you will be coming to terms with your true powers and this is not something to take lightly.

Your powers will be what leads your world to its final destination and each of you are gifted with abilities beyond your current comprehension. As you come to terms with your true talents, you will be in a position to assist as never before. Many will look to you as examples of the new ways and you will be inspirational to many. This was decided by you before incarnation and based on your spiritual advancement in this and many lifetimes. Now you will bring into harmony all that you came here to be.

We say to you, use your gifts and share your wisdom for the betterment of mankind and Mother Earth. Take part in the adventures of your soul and you will forever feel fulfilled. In this final act when the curtain is drawn, you will all come forth for recognition of your hard work behind the scenes. Then, you who staged the performances of the past will become the leading roles in the new theatrical performances of the future, a future in paradise. I Am Sananda Immanuel.

April 6, 2006 (2)

Message of Mother Mary.  "Speak Out Now" and Prepare for Great Changes

My child, we are together in a state of joy and despair. Joy for what is to come, despair for what currently exists. We feel the pain of each of you and it is difficult to bear sometimes. Because of this we are strongly urging those of you who have a leg up in government affairs to come forth at this time to support the changes. We are in need of those who can make a difference to find the courage to speak up for the sake of all. We realize that this is no small request, however there are those of you who are programmed to step forward at this time and we wish to activate those souls immediately. Please pass a message along to others that there is great pain and suffering in your world that must end now. Not only are humans needlessly suffering but the well being of our great mother is suffering immensely as well. There is an urgency in my tone because these are urgent times and therefore I plead with all of you who may have some influence to please stand up. You know who you are and we are behind you all the way. You are protected by legions of angels and Light beings and no harm will come upon you. You are safe now to express yourselves now freely and many are counting on your bravery.

We also wish to express that the coming times will enter your domain with great force and it is our wish that you all be duly prepared for the changes. By this we mean having a firm connection with earth and knowing your position in all of this. Your firm decision needs to be imprinted in the energetic grids of earth now. This means you will have to firmly understand what you believe in and take responsibility for your understanding of it. You can no longer believe only if you are persuaded by outward signs, you must dig deep within and have the resolve regardless of external proofs. We say this now because soon your decisions will be imperative for the entrance of this magnitude of energy that will be coming to earth with rapid speed.

When the time arrives you will all know your place and you will have an opportunity to share your understanding with others. This is why we say to you, know your position. Know how you will express this information to others and know how they will respond. Have a backup plan, and know how you will greet each of their fears. Know how you will comfort those in despair and know how you will give them feelings of safety in these uncertain times.

Though the plan is Creator’s will, how it manifests is up to you. This is our role as masters, to prepare each of you to prepare each other. We can only do this by allowing you to make the choices, but the information that we provide you with will allow you decide with knowledge. It is our hope and desire that each of you will become who you came here to be.

The road has been bumpy and long but is coming to a rapid close and when it does, there will be a new road opened up for all. It is up to you, my dear children of faith, to guide your fellow brothers and sisters to this new path, the FREEway to paradise. On this freeway are many challenges for all to take part in and succeed with. Know that you will all take great pride in creating your new earth and together you will have enough collective talent and energy to move mountains, and we mean this literally.

The earth will change form in many ways and the land that you know now will be a new land for most. This new land will cater abundantly to your needs the way you will cater to hers. The great mother has asked that we all be prepared for the influxes that may arise and we will do our part to assist her while assisting each of you to be aware.

The times ahead are too vast to explain in words, however, you will all know exactly what to do when they arrive. In the meantime, please allow for yourselves to come to complete terms with the magnitude of it all, on every level. We cannot stress this enough, that to consider the changes you must consider every aspect. Noting how it will affect you, your loved ones, your neighbors, your communities, your societies, your country, and your world. To imagine all of this in advance will be to allow the coming times to enter with ease into your lives. This ease will greatly impact the ways in which your world feels the effects.

Your roles as Lightworkers are very important in the coming times, though they will be times of great joy for you. You will no longer suffer the hardships of carrying so many amidst. For now it will be up to each and every soul to determine their journey and you will be the resources to assist them to their final destination. With your abilities, you will help many and many of us will be among you in your endeavors to assist. I am delighted to be part of something so amazing and know that I too have a role to play in this grand event. I will be making my way to each of you who call on me and will offer blessings of loving support. There are many of you who already receive my blessings and know the effect the light has upon you. Call to us in times of need and call to us to share your joy, for we are all one. In the coming days and weeks we will undoubtedly be drawn together in unprecedented ways.

May the light of heaven shine upon all of you as we guide you to the entrance of the Golden Age. Blessings.

April 16, 2006

Sananda On the Times Ahead.  The Day the End Began.

From: .

Lauren: Sananda?
Sananda: Yes, love, I am with you.
L:Happy Easter Lord.

S: Indeed. Today is celebrated among many Christians as the day of the Risen Christ. This day, symbolic for so many, is also heralded by the legions of heaven for it is the time of great uplifting for the masses.

Today is symbolic for the resurrection of consciousness among all. We celebrate this day with joy as it represents much more than ever before in the history of this planet. Never before has there been an uplifting of this magnitude and it is due to you, workers of Light, that we are able to feel joyous on this momentous occasion.

Today is a day of great celebration of love for all humanity. Today is the waning of dark control over the power of the people and the resurrection of the Christ Light within. Today is a day to remember for all eternity for it marks the beginning of the end of duality. Today you rise, tomorrow you shine, and for all eternity you bring peace to your field of presence.

Make no mistake that, as you enter the new domain of Christ-consciousness, you enable the Light to emanate from your being in unprecedented ways. You will begin to see the world as it is in truth, not through the eyes of illusory pretence. In this awakening phase of reality you will then begin to understand on very deep levels the effect that you truly have and the influence that you emanate through the ethers. You are the risen ones, the way showers and the teachers of the new world. Your promise to yourself was one of great undertaking and you have prevailed. Now you shall truly inherit the earth. As you begin to come forth in all your glory, you will be beckoned by many who reside in your soul families. Take to these who call to you and guide them with your illuminating Light. As you shine forth others will come and you shall begin to create the new world. We ask of you only to be joyous for your achievements at this time.

You who work so diligently for the Light against all odds shall know freedom now. This freedom that you have earned shall unchain the grips of the dark upon this Earth and allow our great mother to be free at last. This is an honor that shall be bestowed upon those who exemplify the grace of the Christed heart. The Christed heart is indeed the gift from Creator for a job well done and will enable you to know yourself in truth. With this gift you will be able to embellish upon that which brings you joy with great intensity. You will be given the freedoms that will enable you to create your realities and you will finally express who you came here to be.

My children, take not lightly the gifts that you have redeemed for they are well deserved. Delight in what you have created and the energy that you have grounded upon thy Earth. For it was your commitment that has seen this day arrive and it will be your valor that will prevail in the times ahead. The last vestiges of the dark barely remain and you of the Light have won this battle. Stay yet focused upon your goal and never waver for this coming entrance will be not for the faint-hearted but for the warrior of faith. Those of you who have roots in the Atlantis will feel the energies of familiar upheaval. We ask of you to hold steadfast in the Light and know the reality of what’s to come. You who are in the grips of fear shall release many old wounds of your past and be free for this time you are saved. You need not understand the fear, only to acknowledge its past presence and allow for it to resolve itself. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it just is. Allow it to be, and you shall be free. For those of you who have roots in Lemurian times, you too shall be lifting the fears of many. We say to you, allow these fears to pass and regard them as your saving grace, for the grace of God is with you.

Now on to the times ahead. As we perceive all that is before you we claim to know the outcome of your present intent. This laid before you, would astound you and you would be grateful for your times of woe. We wish to impart some pertinent information that will be beneficial for your upcoming days. At this time there is scheduled a great uprising of the American people. This energy is so large now that nothing but an act of God could curtail it. We say this to you with encouragement for this is the time you have beckoned. You know truth will set the world free, therefore it is up to you to take matters into your own hands now and trust that we are behind you. As the gravitational pull toward Earth ascends, you are all readying for a grand experience that has never before played out in your realm. This grand experience is one that will undoubtedly shake your country to the core. Once again you will be free and once again you will regain consciousness. Toward the end of past civilizations you who were prophets and seers knew of the impending cataclysmic changes that were upon you. Now in the rising of the enlightened age, you who are prophets and seers know an impending upheaval once again is upon you, yet this time we assure you that you shall prevail.

(L: I am being shown a scene of riots and anger and the release of very deep grief. I am being shown that many will choose to leave the earth at this time and that it is planned this way).

In the times ahead you who take part in this uprising will have a planned role to undertake. Each of you knows your part on a deep level and each of you will emerge victorious. As this planned undertaking manifests, go within to find peace the way the ocean remains calm under the waves. Know your role is a necessary one and that your path is leading to sovereignty. We unite now and reclaim the earth as we did ages ago and on this day we shall remember ‘the day the end began.’

We call to you to rise up, we call to you to take back what is rightfully yours.As we approach these days of uprising, know that your reality will be very different indeed. It is difficult to explain with words how this will take form, but we say to you that you will indeed be joyous. Know that as we descend to your beloved planet, you too shall rise up to meet us. In this merging of Light we will allow for many unforeseeable opportunities to arise and in them we will take a firm hold on the forces of evil. You have already prevailed and we are here to confirm that your day of lifting is before you now. The Light of Creator is upon you all as we celebrate this very special advent. We are especially proud to be part of something so gracious and we celebrate with all of you on this very special Sunday. Go in peace to prepare for your new roles on this very new earth. You have fared well and you, my children, are the Christed ones.I Am Sananda Immanuel.

April 18, 2006

Sananda:  May the Word of Truth Be Spread Far and Wide

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Lauren:  Sananda, are you calling me?S: Yes beloved, I am awaiting your attention.L: Sorry to keep you waiting, my environment is more suitable now.

S: Blessed be.  I come this day with news from the highest realms. I come with a note of encouragement and an answer to your prayers. I come with legions of Light beings to assist in the completion of this process on Earth, the process of duality. All who beckon the Light shall receive accolades and adornment for their righteous ventures on Earth. Those of you who long to come home shall be praised for your determination and commitment to stay and complete your roles, for you have willingly chosen these great roles and for good cause.

Today we infiltrate your skies and determine when we shall finish this old business. We are set up now and prepared for proper divine intervention in every aspect of your world affairs. We come from far and wide to support you on this mission of peace and we are obligated with joy to answer your many requests for sovereignty. Take heart for ye shall not pervade untruths any longer and as decreed by Creator you shall be saved. It is time now for a great promise to be fulfilled, a promise that you have waited in earnest for. Today we say, buckle up for the ride will be bumpy, but to meet the requirements of galactic intervention we must wash away all that is depleting your well being with great force.We affirm that this is the month of great change and as decreed by heaven this must be so.

L: Lord, may I interrupt for a second?
S: As you wish.
L: Thank you. I wish to ask if the time frame you affirm here is one to be counted on? Not so much that I doubt you, but more for the hope of depleted Lightworkers who are very tired and weary.

S: My child, this statement of interjection is one of valid concern and I see that you are not alone in this thinking. However, to be sure of one’s commitment one has to be peeled for the right doings of others. In this scope of understanding it is imperative that each of you see the interplanetary and intergalactic scope of such massive proportion. We say that this is the timing that we have allotted and it shall be so, however, due to unexpected and unprecedented interruptions in the past this has not always been possible as it is you who ultimately determines the outcome.

As it has been decreed by the Father we shall proceed with this timetable with no expected delays and shall bring forth the new world as promised. To those who waver, we say hold steadfast to your goal. The determining factor of change is found within and the effects of this change will appear without. This is a basic law of energy that what you think you actualize. You have been thinking of these changes for many years and now you have begun to actualize your thoughts. Be at peace within, regardless of without, for you shall need these tools to get you through the next phase of your reality. This tool is the most valuable.

L: Thank you Sananda, I apologize for the interruption. Please proceed.

S: Very well. It is of considerable interest to many that we inform you of the next steps in your proposed plan of action. These steps are ones that are integral parts of the whole and therefore are imperative to be brought forth with certainty.

In a few short moments in your time, there will be a massive uprising country wide. This uprising will be the result of some truths that will be spread via mass media and telecommunications. Know that in this uprising of the people, many will not understand what is actually happening and therefore it will be up to you who know truth to help in keeping the waters calm. This is a great task but one that you are prepared for and in this doing you shall be rewarded with the grace of God so as to ensure the calming force of your words. Those who take to the streets will be positioning themselves against tyranny and will be marching for the freedom of all. We ask of you to be in a position of peace for this great undertaking. It will be provoked by some truth and it will result in full truth, but the process can take on many forms. Use your lighted ways to encourage peaceful protests.

Use your hearts to calm those in despair and know deeply that you are assisting others merely by your presence of peace. In these coming days you will be witness to the greatest undertaking ever to have been recorded in the history of this planet and we assure you that you will be safe. You who know truth, know that your mission is to serve those around you and that you are protected from harm. For what other purpose would you know truth but to help others? We ask that you take to your roles with no pretense for now is a time of great need. A joining of hands and hearts as you march toward your freedom. A front line of warriors who will accept nothing other than full truth for all. A rising of families and friends and even enemies as you blur the lines of segregation and inequality.

My brothers and sisters, now is the time of awakening and now is the moment of truth. We called to you and you have risen. We beckoned you and you have come. Now call to your neighbors and gather in numbers to form the united nation that you truly are. We are preparing for victory. I Am Sananda Immanuel.

L: Thank you Sananda…do you wish for me to publish this?
S: Indeed. May the word of truth be spread far and wide.
L: As you wish.

April 19, 2006

Sananda:  The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Oil


Sananda, is that you?
S: Yes, beloved, it is
L: Do you have a message?

S: Indeed. We can talk of much. Let’s first reiterate what’s to come. We have told you that there is an uprising in your nation that is on the cusp of explosion. We have told you that there is coming a time of great upheaval.

We have told you that there is before you now the opportunity for great change. What we have not told you is when or how it will play out. This is because it is up to you. We say this again to encourage you to keep moving forward and to not sit back in complacency. We have issued a warning to your leaders that they are on the brink of destruction and that they will be a part of a world wide revolution, however, they will be taken out legally and with your consent.

This is an uprising of the people, for the people. This means that you will take this victory with your own hands and hearts and will be greater for it. Many of you wonder how this will be possible and we say to you, what is possible is only limited by your thoughts. Soon you will realize that what you think is possible is really just the tip of the iceberg.

Today the sun is shining upon the white house but in short time there will be looming veils of darkness that will overtake the administration. Be prepared for many to deliver you from evil, even in the face of destruction. The tearing down of one reality can only make way for the new and what is necessary to procure the intended outcome shall prevail. We are making declarative statements that you are the victors of this battle, no matter what is seen on the surface.

As you know by now the surface story is only the personification of what your government wants you to see, not actual truth. To change this deceptive act, you need not stand down but to repudiate the acts of violence against you. Your courage is needed and your armor will be truth. In the illumination of truth all darkness shall cease to exist and you shall accept no less. Your power is something you gave away under false pretenses. Now you must rise up and take your power back, for without this power you have no future to uphold.

We make claims that now is the time to act and we strongly urge you to make some noise. You have a phrase that ‘the squeaky wheel gets the oil’. To rattle the cages of the sleeping tigers, you must make noise. Your solemnity has no purpose here, this is the time to shout from the mountains and wake your brothers and sisters. Do you not see that you must impede? How else can you be heard when your voices are stifled, your truth is distorted, and you are made to look like fools, extremists, lobbyists and activists. This is their way of keeping you down, to discredit your wisdom and intuition and bargain with your rights.

You decide the fate of your future, you decide the extent of your freedom, you decide the impending doom that is upon you, for how could it be any other way when you outnumber the empire? For each of you who know truth there is at least one person who you share your thoughts with who in turn shares their thoughts with one more and so on and so on. This means that your backing has grown exponentially in record breaking time. Those of you with the courage to speak out against your leaders have made a considerable impact upon your people by asking the right questions. This is the way to truth. Do not only claim to know the truth, ask others to find it. This is the way to stimulate the awakening of thy neighbor.

When each of you has asked enough of the right questions you will be in a position to seek truth, that which will arise within. You can guide and elude to it but ultimately it must come from within. Therefore, we say to you, formulate the right questions and start asking others for the answers. See if they too do not begin to seek answers. This is the beginning of a movement, and this is the way to truth. Stand tall and stand proud but do not stand down. Most importantly, stand up now. Sananda Immanuel.

August 22, 2006

The Lion Has Left Its Cage

From 9:25am.

Sananda: We of the spiritual hierarchy have a message to share with you.
: Please proceed.
S: Very well, thank you. We are gathered this day in remembrance of a nation founded upon virtue and sovereignty. We are pondering the last days of your current paradigm and envisioning the world anew. We are anticipating and gathering our memories for the purposes of visualization of a new and galactic society upon earth.

What we have envisioned for the New Earth is something extraordinary in this solar system. The reason for this is the high impact that planet earth has on all of the neighboring planets. Many are with you now to witness an event that has never been attempted in this galaxy. The uplifting of humanity is an experiment born out of a desire to manifest total consciousness while inhabiting a physical body. This is by no means a simple task, in fact it is quite complicated, however we of the hierarchy are here to ensure that this transition takes place in a most graceful manner. We have many things to learn from this shift as you do, yet we are aware of the lessons that you are still veiled from. This is in no way a disadvantage to you because you have all opted to experience duality for the purposes of awakening to your true heritages.

Before you lies the most unheard of changes about to happen to mankind. Yet with this otherworldly perspective many know that the seat of change is stationed in your skies. In order for you to rise up to the level of consciousness necessary to ascend, you must be shown the truth of who you are. This presents little opportunity to be led astray once the foundation has crumbled beneath most and been rebuilt upon truth.

What we are attempting to accomplish in this realm is a chance for many souls to realize their divinity. This may seem like a complicated matter yet most will have a feeling of relief to know that you are not alone in this universe. It is a most advantageous position for your current leadership to have directed you to the belief that you are alone, however their objectives can no longer be met under the current circumstances. Rest assured that the days of untruth are limited and you are about to be set free.

In the coming days of your time there will be little opportunity for the leaders of your nation to escape the inevitable. They hold the position of invincibility, yet they know their demise. It is all a show of smoke and mirrors as you say, but in the end, the Light is always victorious. Many are driven however to experience the dark in the name of polarity. Those who are finished with the duality game are seated at the helm and prepared for their new roles as teachers and wayshowers of the New Earth. Take for instance your level of consciousness. For without the amount of growth in awareness many of you would still be experiencing duality without even questioning the external circumstances of your world affairs. This should, in itself, lend credence to the fact that there is imminent change before you.

The lion has left his cage and roars in anticipation of great changes. He knows not of failure, only victory as is the way of the mighty beast. As the courageous lion trail blazes to uncover and reveal the hidden truths to your reality, you all are in an advantageous position to follow his lead and rebuild the structures that will crumble. Use the strength of the lion to change all that is not in alignment with your highest good and pacify those in need with the gentlenurturing of the lamb. For in this sacred balance lies the blueprint to your very new lives.

We of the hierarchy are before you now and in great anticipation of the next steps. We curiously await the next moves of your cabal in order to surmise how your inevitable destiny shall be attained. For although this move is theirs to take, undoubtedly they will eventually remove one of the most essential blocks to their paradigm that will cause it to fall upon them. We have a saying in the skies that one who claims the title of victory in vain, shall wear the crown to their demise. This is clearly the way of the ego and it is the imbalance of energy that will falter every time.

Now in these last moments gather your resources and strength to dismantle your society and rebuild your foundations upon love. You are the workers of the Light that is bestowed upon your planet and you are the ones who will emerge victoriously. We stand beside you arm in arm prepared to battle the forces of evil with sovereignty and fortitude. You, our beloved warriors of truth, will know better lives. May peace and love blanket your endeavors and may the Light of God shine within each of your hearts for all to see. You are leaders of the truest kind, in a literal and figurative sense. Blessed be all who venture on the path to righteousness, we look forward to meeting you in the new world. I am Sananda Immanuel of the Spiritual Hierarchy and together we bid you farewell.

SundaySeptember 3, 2006

Sananda On Leo Wanta Through Jess Anthony


I think it is very important that everyone read the two articles just posted concerning the latest ramifications of Leo Wanta’s prevented attempt to deposit $1.6 trillion into the US Treasury. The present government officials are not allowing this to happen and are taking the money for themselves. This is having global ramifications, and
Russia and the two Chinas are furious.
I am posting a comment I just heard from Sananda that urges everyone to envision a positive outcome to this mess to prevent the unbelievable chaos that will otherwise happen. Read the articles and act as you see fit.

The times are ready and ripe. The Leo Wanta money is going to be a trigger of world wide confusion and pressure. Once the facts become more fully known, the Earth’s inhabitants will demand resolution. All actions by the Bush governments in their various guises have been to deny the imprimatur of Christ Michael in this Universe. They have rebelled just as Caligastia
[the Planetary Prince of Planet Earth during the time of Lucifer. Noteof E.]rebelled and just as Lucifer before him. This is the anti-Christ you have heard referred to. They are anti-Christ Michael and anti-a connection with the oneness of Light and love that the Universe represents. The days are numbered. You see, though, why we cannot rashly impose our inevitable right to justice and connection. Too many people still are blinded by the persuasions of the darkness, and we must gently maneuver the shift so that it is seen as one of their conscious understanding. The scale has tipped, yes, to use the metaphor, and the time for change is upon us. The elements are in place and the end is near. The movement will be determined by how the players interact in this last scenario. You must continue to send Light and positive conviction so that the balance is maintained in a positive way that will determine a positive outcome. The alternative is more chaos. We will take whatever you decide you want but, as you know, we would prefer a cleaner outcome. No one is separate and clean, however, and all must work together to determine what direction this resolution will take.

Weigh these words and let them sink into your consciousness.

September 21, 2006

Sananda On The Risen Christthrough Lauren


9/21/06 12:24
S: I join you this day with the Legions of Heaven. I see to it that all is divinely ordered in your realm during this transformation.
L: Thank you, Sananda.
S: Blessed one, this day brings you much to employ. We say this as a unit due to the high levels of frequency by which you are now capable of ascertaining. Needless to say the words that fall upon your keyboard are the words of many masters and beloved beings of the Lighted realms Together, what we wish to include in today’s message is of the highest vibrational frequency available to Earth at this time. For those who read this message it will create a cellular reconstruction of DNA by which those prepared to enter into the lofty states of being will be achieved.

Note that those who can assimilate the energy of this information will be in an advantageous position for the entrance to the Golden Age. It is with joy and unprecedented gratitude for those in service to the Light by which we extend this grace. All who read these words this day with joy have the knowing that they too are at the arrival stage.

What we refer too today is the archetype of transcendental awareness. This archetype is known as the precipitous event of an initiate’s path to greatness. In all realms there is a process by which one must achieve levels of mastery contained within the paradigm structure of that dimension. This passing through is what is known as the portal to transcendence. We use the word transcend as a way to explain in human terms what becomes of the consciousness of man while undergoing such an event. It is a moment or breakthrough in awareness akin to the sun’s emergence after many days of rain. It is the Light upon which all Lightbodies feed and that this nourishment shall sustain. We of the Lighted realms are with you now to assist in this momentous occasion for those souls preparing to journey forth in the Light of All That Is. This is a time of completeness, a wrapping up of the old and emerging into the new. As you walk forward in the Light of higher consciousness know that all who come upon you will be transformed. It is in the presence of a Lighted being that many are drawn. It is the higher awareness that those souls will long to achieve and participate in. It is the summoning of the next wave of those preparing to walk forth into the Light.

All those currently prepared to make the ascent will have known that the time has arrived for greatness. It is a re-patterning of thoughts that will emerge from your thinking. It is a new faith in life and the feeling of abounding joy that will replace the lower grasp of human peril. All who walk in the name of the Light shall receive thy covenant. All who remained faithful to the Light of God shall know their truth. Those who read these words with joy and peace shall know the time has arrived.

In the waking of slumber may your blurred vision be clear, your thoughts clean and your inspiration high. May you join others in dance and song. May you reveal the God in you to show the world that the time has come. In all your glory you will march. In all your joy you shall be free. In all your reckoning you shall be saved. Henceforth, you shall proclaim that Christ is risen! Christ is alive! Christ is among us all! For you will be the proof and you will be the saviors for the masses. You will be the avatars and the beacons for many to follow. You will be the heralded ones. Your risen bodies will be the examples, and your hearts will be the evidence.

Each of you has a mission to employ and the blueprints to follow. Each of you holds the power of Creator dormant in your soul. Freedom abounds as your power emerges and you become your might. All in readiness for service shall be acknowledged. All in readiness to be lifted shall rise. We have come to take you home and we are many. Heaven upon Earth is now and it starts with you, the freedom bearers of Light. All is in readiness to begin the restructuring of an outworn world. All is in place for the beginning of life as you will know it. Prepare yourselves by being joyous and full of laughter. Ride the wind to your destination in Lightness as society crumbles before your very eyes.

The witness shall take all
As hierarchies fall
Pleasant dreams for you
Who withstood the pain
With little to gain
And trail-blazed the path for few
Who is willing to listen
With Light shall glisten
In radiance of heaven’s glory
And the test of time
Withered sublime
For those who tell the story
Many of you
Who walk life anew
Shall receive thy bounty in earnest
And those who refuse
Shall rise or be used
By those who fail to be honest
For Kingdom come
Thy will be done
On Earth as it is in Heaven…

L: Thank you Sananda, that was beautiful.
S: It is in the rising of few that man will be made resurrect. It is in the proof of the dawning of a New Age that the Light of Heaven shall shine forth upon thine Earth. It is in the deliverance from evil that man is free to be God incarnate. My brothers and sisters of initiation, take heed. The Heavens have fallen and Earth is risen and we meet you at the gates. Our clarion call has been heard and successfully employed. Your work is completed and the fun shall now begin.

Your radiance will remind others of the truth and your joy will awaken the Light of God in every soul you meet. The power from Heaven shall be bestowed upon you now to share with all. Blessings for your virtue and remarkable stamina. We bow to you in praise and admiration for a successful journey home. We are moved by your willingness to right the wrongs and continually amazed at the human spirit. Together, you will move mountains and part the seas. We join you now in celebration of gratitude. Your service is of the highest order and rewarded you shall be. I AM Sananda Immanuel and together we have made miracles happen, together we will make more. Join us in praise as the legions of Heaven come to lead you home. Give thanks for your work and the assistance provided as each of you has been guided with the dedication that only Spirit can fulfill. We are ever so proud. Blessings be.
L: Thank you, Sananda.

September 26, 2006

No One Knows When the Final Steps Will Be!through Jess Anthony


Journal 9-26-06
Jess: Sananda, I ask for specifics. I ask for information on where we are and what is happening. I ask for guidance in what I am to do and what other will do with me. I see chaos and I ask for clarity. I ask for understanding and insight into what I should say. I ask for resolution and a move into the next phase. Explain what that entails and outline the steps I should tell others.

Sananda: Jess, this is a missive with facts and predictions of times to come and steps to take for their improvement and resolution. This is not to paint a negative picture of the events that must take place, but it is a realistic point of view that must be acknowledged and allowed to generate new ways of thinking to cope with and remedy what will happen.

The information Candace described is based on projections that Monjoronson spoke to his audience. This is a series of realistic projections that are based on the actualities of what is inevitably going to occur in one shape or another. This is —like all events on Earth— filtered through Earth’s inhabitants. Your reactions to Mother Earth’s events are what determine your decisions to cope with the realities you find in front of you. You must accept them in your own terms and choose your own ways of dealing with the situations you draw to yourself.

This is couched again in the notion that you draw like energy to your own individual sphere that is complementing your own energy progression. You must determine a way of reaction that fits your own best way of proceeding in your pathway. The only realities that are yours are those you choose to partake of. You are affected only by what you choose to incorporate or assimilate into your own stream of development.

Having said that, you should be aware that your attitude is first and foremost the determinant in how you react to anything you draw to you. If you fear the circumstances, you react with emotions and behavior that is based, in part, on preconditioned experiences. You are preventing things from happening again that have made an impression on you. This memory is not erased immediately, although it will become more objectified as your awareness broadens and becomes more encompassing. You will see repetitions of past events as learning examples that can’t manipulate you if you choose not to let them do so. This is a sign of your maturing ascendancy. You are growing a new consciousness. This new consciousness is also bolstered by a revolution of new information and new concepts that can replace past notions. I say "can," because it is again your choice how you react to the new information you draw to yourself.

Let me speak to some specifics, if I can at this point. Some things are still now open to discussion, and since I am aware you will be sending out this message, I want to be sure that the information is what should be broadcast. The government shift is ongoing. Many levels of changes are taking place that you don’t see. The culmination of the removal of the Bush faction is the last piece in the puzzle. Many levels of preparation have to be secured and in place before this topples. This involves money changing hands and being controlled by the proper authorities. This comment alludes to many topics currently in discussion: the trillions of Wanta money, the prosperity payments, the bank certificates, the demise of the Federal Reserve System, the reliance upon and allegiance to pure intentions and honest money exchanges. All of these topics are in progress and are nearing success and completion. This should be in place in the next few days. This is again an approximate time allusion, but exact decisions and final steps will not be explained further. NO ONE KNOWS WHEN THE FINAL STEPS WILL BE!

This must be in place before the government can be successfully toppled. The steps for doing that are also in place, waiting the proper time for this to happen. The charade that is the government seen publicly is acting on reserves of former initiatives, and the events you see before you are not going to have much long-term effect. They have to be resolved, because they have been set in motion as a created reality, but they are not indefinite or in keeping with the intentions of the changing Universe of Nebadon.

The physical chaos that will ensue from governmental upheaval will be handled with less uncertainty than you presently imagine. Again, elements of calm are in place to step in and channel the turbulence. My voices will speak of solutions, and people will know to listen to the suggestions we provide once they see the immensity of the Universe that envelops them. Once they have met their Galactic brothers and sisters, they will understand the impact of what is occurring. This step of being visible is a crucial one for the progress that must be made.

Thecatastrophic events predicted on the geophysical plane are devastating to current expectations, but are necessary in the longer-range scheme of restoring the planet to its former pristine condition. These will be announced as closely as possible to the time they will occur, and steps will be taken to provide as much of a solution as feasible. This will again be dependant on the choice of the populace involved. They can choose to listen or choose to ignore the information. This is not a condemnation of their decision. It is but a statement of the inevitably obvious. Everyone chooses to explore their life path at their own speed and in the fashion they prefer. They are to be honored as making the choice that best suits them. Their decisions are not to be criticized or second-guessed, just as yours are not by them. Emotional reactions and preconceptions of judgment will also flare up inevitably.

Your job is to accept the realities that you create for yourself and determine the best way for you to deal with the situations in your own interest. You will find this best involves cooperation and compassionate concern for others who are following a similar path to yours. You are all part of the same soul group and your individual experiences are all becoming part of the mass understanding that is being generated by the interactions occurring.

It is time to begin preparing for compassion and interaction. It is time to being finding your own path and realizing others who are on it with you. It is time to being working together to broaden the circle of your interests and include more and more in your circle. There is an immense amount of knowledge and ingenuity that is available to you. There is a wonderful ability you have to create the solutions you find you need even in the face of adversity. This will stand you in good stead and will enable you to face the situations that will be occurring. Look at everything with objectivity and with a view to it being yet another lesson for you to grow from. You are immortal masters and nothing will be insurmountable.

Sananda Immanuel of Earth and Nebadon.

Christ Michael
The Second Coming Is Upon Us

Christ Michael channeled by Johan on Sunday September 18, 2011, and published on Thursday September 29, 2011.  Message taken from: .

This is Christ Michael Aton of Nebadon, your Sovereign. I come today to bring you a little update about your much appreciated efforts and findings for those who participate in the AbundantHope Groups Meditations regularly, within and outside of your organization.

If it amazes you why I choose to stay in touch with my AbundantHope Light Warriors, then allow me to remember you of AbundantHope being my Second Coming Organization, led by Candace, who, in spite of the many unhappy, painful, treacherous experiences and health-related problems, has stayed her ground no matter what, since Truth and Divine Love and Light Service has always remained her banner on the many battlefields she unwaveringly crossed.

The time is approaching rapidly that the Second Coming will be manifested for all to see. Even if and as many of you long very badly for heavy earth changes, even cataclysmic of nature to happen, to have your heavy hearts and disoriented minds relieved, I reinstate my promise that those of you who did not give up, improved on your Higher Self Connection and diligently partook of the soul evolving opportunities that came along while ‘ waiting ‘, will feel so Blessed and Rewarded, beyond your imagination, as also that most of you left behind when you left your former abode. Some happy reunions and meetings, reported on your meditation thread, attest to exactly that.

Closer to the Divine Plan at hand and at work, your atmosphere all around you is changing and the elements will exercise their powers according to plan. To release your weary minds, we have opted for the smoothest of transitions while you are still on Earth, as disaster numbness is settling in. Instead, many are experiencing the first signs of changing skies, and this is now ready for the full display all around your planet. Still, I come to inform you: When you keep your balance within, where we can guide you, advise you, inspire you of all to come, you will fly high and freely, without too much trouble attached. The new is arriving, the old skin is shedding as we speak, with many dark meetings going on behind closed doors in utter fear for what is coming to the surface so forcefully and impossible to stop. Any serious change brings questions; therefore, GO WITHIN, where all your answers lay.

Even you will be caught off guard, will be surprised, ONLY when you did not listen to the many voices from amongst us that came to inform and guide you that fear is of no matter any longer, and better abandoned all together.

My disciples some 2000 years ago, and I greet some of you again in pretty much the same capacity here at AbundantHope, I advised to pray, Go Within as I demonstrated many times, and receive the Spirit of Truth. You have not heard of any other advice ever since, now did you? Only those who fear the Truth remain in shackles, all others, unfortunately the minority, are set free or have set themselves free!

As the thunder and lightning is roaring above this scribe as he writes for me, so will all elements be put to work purposely or come against the folly of a drunken master, UNTIL all who choose to look shall see, and those who choose to listen, shall hear.

»THE SECOND COMING IS UPON US» for all to know who opened their hearts and souls to the Truth and each other.

Blessed be those who were hungry to know and searching, for some already have, and others will find what they were looking for: That Truth, Knowledge, Love and Light are AS DIVINE as You and I, Children of OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN, AND IN YOU AND ALL OF US. Blessed be His Name, from which ALL and Only Good and Love and Light come, and Blessed be those who stood their grounds in the face of all adversity, My Warriors, for peace that indeed surpasses all understanding shall be yours upon finishing this fight together. To Divine Love and Divine Light, Salu.

Johan: In Divine Love, Light, Service, Always and in All Ways.
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Esu Gives Warning to Be Prepared

Esu channeled by Jess Anthonyon Monday September 30, 2013, and published in AbundantHope with date Thursday October 3, 2013. Message taken from: .

Jess: Esu, speak to me about what is approaching. Prepare me. Warn me where I should place my focus.

Esu: Yes, Jess. I am here today to give you warning and suggestions for what is coming to pass. The consensus is that a lesson must be learned before the current situation comes to a close. The teaching for this will be harsh and eye-opening. Much will be seen to be a lie. Much is operating with false purposes.

Most people are ignorant of the situation they live in. Many will be angry and rise up to change what they find is happening. They will be unsuccessful, for the most part. Expectations of comfortable solutions will be tested, and the possibilities available will be limited.

This scarcity will test men and force them to be self-reliant. If they are not able to find a solution for themselves, they are not able to take responsibility for their lives. Man must be completely in charge of his own existence. He must make his own decisions and not assume others will provide what his existence needs.

This is a necessary step, although we had not initially planned on taking it. We hoped man would become perceptive enough to recognize the prison he is living in. The parameters of his existence, unfortunately, have made this realization almost impossible.  Man doesn’t realize he is living in a comfortable prison with more restricted movement than he recognizes.

Why are we doing this, you ask? Because man is part of creation and creation, as an entity, is changing the context of man’s existence. The world is changing for the better, and all aspects of creation’s manifestation must synchronize.  Man’s physical nature must adapt; his soul will be glad to work through a more efficient carrier.

We decided the lessons we plan to teach later would not be as meaningful without a firsthand experience of life without basic assumptions. It became necessary to provide a means for seeing what life on Earth really is in order to underscore the value of the gift life will be once Earth moves into a higher level of Ascension energy. Man would not realize the significance of the gift unless he could experience life without it.

I will coach as warranted. My presence is more observational at this point. I must see how man is able to assess his situation when obstacles unexpectedly appear before him. His life on Earth even though manipulated and superficialstill is generally one of ease without threat. The larger part of Earth’s population has not been forced to deal with major challenges for a long while. This is what is now going to happen.

Man must prepare for the unexpected. He must learn to rely on his inner guidance and resourcefulness. Since man is conditioned not to be self-reliant, he should set aside certain necessities to make his existence less troublesome.  Some preparation for the inevitable is better than total surprise.

Ask yourself what would you need to survive if resources suddenly were not available?  What if you experienced the destruction of a major natural disaster?  What if you had no [electrical] power as a result? What if you had no money or means to obtain it? What if you had no means of transportation? How safe would you be in your home? How connected would you be with others in your community?  How much would you be able to turn inward and rely on spiritual guidance and insight? Taking total responsibility means having an answer for these basic questions and not expecting anyone else to solve your problems. How feasible is that for you?

The danger of potential disaster is clearly evident today. The possibility is real for economic collapse, unprecedented military conflict, internal political chaos, or martial law any one of which could cause global disruption if positioned appropriately.   The electrical grid system could fail. The supply of natural utilities could be blocked. Think about how you would react if you were facing those scenarios.  Could you maintain your personal balance and draw upon your experiences for insight? Or would you be paralyzed by fear and remain helpless?

These scenarios are no longer hypothetical, I must say. Man will be tested. Those who find their way through the upcoming trials will be welcomed into Earth’s Ascension as resilient and reliant members of the new universe. Ask for guidance and you will receive it. Esu.



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