Magnetic Field Affects Genetic Code

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Magnetic Field Affects the Genetic Code

Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain

Saint Germain through Nancy Tate. Taken from: . Published in this website on June 13, 2004.

Tuesday May 1, 2004

Dear ones, there is an issue that I wish to bring forward at this time. I AM St. Germain, and I AM going to first tell you about the changes that are taking place in the atmosphere at this time. There is an ascending particle wave that interrupts the magnetics of earth and it is enveloping the globe at this time. What that does is to slow down the aptitude of the circulatory system of the earth, and reverse the pull that the core has on the moon. This interprets itself as the magnitude drawing that suppresses itself within the structure of the DNA of everyone on earth. This corrects itself as the consistency of the magnetics adjusts to the new frequencies that are being emitted forth from everyone. This is a coalescing of the genetics of the individual as compared with the genetics of the earth to the moon. All this is in preparation to the upcoming second moon that will be placed in position in orbit with earth.

I tell you of this in order to explain something about the state of readiness for the announcement of NESARA. While this is taking place is a ripe time for the announcement, for at this time is the lowest peak of pull that the resistance energies have in co-ordinate with the earth-moon resistance. This creates a magnitude of energies that leave an opening for a free-flow of information that is forthcoming from the resistance field. This field is rendered inactive by this occurrence, therefore allowing information to come forward unencumbered.

What can take place within this time to counteract this free-flow would be for the information within that field to be interrupted and replaced with another less beneficial source of information. The darkness can produce a counter balance to this light information, and render the free-flow to be that of more of the darkness. However, what can take place to keep the information field Light is for a handful of Lightworkers to see that field as being light and being free-flowing with the information of Spirit Light. This is a steadfast knowing from a group of you that all is love and all is light, and that is what prevails. With joy and a peaceful heart you can envision this field as being your own interpretation of color light and bring that knowing into balance with each other. This is a simple yet powerful way to keep the potential of this time period, which will last for a period of approximately two days, in a state of ease with light and love and crystalline energy of color.

We have been observing you through this time, and we have seen how you have risen in your light knowing. We have seen how you are interpreting the actions you take on an intuitive level as being what springs from the Spirit and soul knowing. You have been able to operate from that inner knowing, and you are finding that more and more when you act from that first intuition, that first thought you receive the most powerful result. This is the way of it, my dear ones. This is how it shall be done. Rising from the lower chakras of life, and bringing that energy along with you into the higher chakras is the way of being in the new energy. This is the power that manifests, and this is the energy of transformation. Utilize this energy with the natural flow of information intuition as it springs forth, and you may have the world at your fingertips for always and forever, in the light and love that streams forth from your beingness.

We see that there is a time for all of you in which you feel more powerful, more in control of your destiny. This is because in part you are being governed by the pull and interaction of the moon and the earth. What is taking place at this time and over the next few months is changing that. There will be a time when there will be no push/pull action and influence from the earth and moon, and all will be in harmony and all will be the steady, sure flow of the circular state of being. The field of resistance will have zeroed out, and there will be a constant that will allow anything to manifest at the instant of intent. This next two days is one step in that process. All you need do is be that constant to hold that intent for this world of perfection that you seek.

Whoever told you in life that it is a hard road, one that you have to strive for through mighty upheaval and many obstacles was telling it as it was. Now, there is a different story. This is a story that says, life is a breeze and it flows in and out of corners and crevices without interruption, unencumbered by resistance and free flowing as the river winds through the valley and around the curves of life with an ease that transcends all barriers.

We see you all as that river, and as that breeze that flows effortlessly through life, making your own way through the power and gentleness of your Spirit. We see you living and loving and allowing the ease to seep through every thought, action and deed. We see you singing, and laughing through life with a joy that surpasses any you’ve known till now. We see you in love with everyone on this planet and beyond into the universe and all there is. Life eternal springs anew, and you are the springboard from which your dreams and promises manifest.

We come along with you and join you in your chorus of life. Blessings come forth from every breath you take, and they are Divine and they are Holy, and they are your creations, in God and in love.

Thank you dear Master St. Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate

Wednesday May 26, 2004

My Dear Ones, there is something that I wish to discuss with all of you. That is something that is of direct approach to the situation that is at hand in the world today; I speak of the world at large, and of the world that is within your own being. There is nothing in the world that can equal that which you do with your life right at this time. When you make a decision to do something, you do so with the idea that it is the best that is to be done at the moment. This is always the case, whether you know it or not. There is a natural way to see things, and a way that is determined by the world. Which one of these do you suppose is the appropriate one for today?

I AM St Germain, and I stand here with Sananda and we watch as you go about your days with the ideas and thoughts that come into manifestation, and we watch as some of those thoughts drift off and become part of the static energy once again. We see how you come about the ideas that manifest and become a resolution to a problem, and we see how some of those ideas come to naught because of the indecision that accompanies them.

We realize that there is a truth being exposed here, and it is a truth that goes beyond the knowing that is exclusive to the individual. We see that this truth encompasses all there is, and with this truth comes the outward experience of the whole. This is the reason that the world looks the way it does.

There is something else we see behind all this outward manifestation. We see tears; we see loneliness, we see sorrow implementing the outside world. We know that this is the direct result of what is being created from the inner tears and sorrow. We know that there is a sunny place behind those tears, and what we would like to see is that sun shining forth from that inner place and reflecting all that is in the outer world.

You can do it my dear ones. You say to not honor the lives that are lost is to not honor the reason for the loss. You say that the outside world is too sorrowful and too wrought with pain, that you cannot endure it. We say to stop enduring it and accept it. Look upon those beautiful souls as being where they chose to be. Look upon the mighty sword as having cast its heavenly swipe at this life and delivering the blow that knocks the winds out of the sails of the mighty fortress that keeps the darkness swirling around all of you.

 There is much that is going on in your world today that is not to your liking. There is much that you do not even know about, and that is part of the reason that your world looks as it does to you. The outward appearance of your world represents the sorrow and the tears that you are carrying within. Those conditions of your world is the outward manifestation of all the sorrow, the tears, the fear that you have been carrying around with you for millennia. Do you really hear me when I make this point? This is the accumulation of the millennia of fear and sorrow that you have experienced; and it is all coming out to be swept away and leave your home a clean, fresh place to be. Your inner world is being cleansed of all that darkness, and the results are what you see in piles all around you. You are seeing the garbage of all that strife, all the injustice, all that innocuous freedom that you didn’t even have awareness was there. You have been seeing the accumulation all around you, but you didn’t know that it was coming from all of you.

Do you see now what is taking place? Do you see now why the outer world is looking the way it does? Do you see any memories being played out here, and any familiar instances of injustice that have before been swept under the rug? This is all the history of what came before that has bound you to the past and to the duality. This is the glue that has kept you all encapsulated in the world of the separation. You are releasing it now, and you are allowing everyone to assist you in releasing theirs.

This is a wonderful elated time for all of us, for we see that these releasings are but bits of memory that have no substance in comparison with what is being allowed to replace the space that this release is bringing about. We are seeing that what is replacing all those tears is a brilliance that is so profound as to give a sheen to the inner world that is beginning to shine forth and illuminate this world in corners that have never seen the light. There are places in your world that are becoming so light that in the very nature of their being they are shining forth and interceding where there has not been the light of day for centuries. This is a beautiful thing that we are seeing. Enjoy the cleansing for this is the way to bring the sunshine forth into the whole of your world.

If you feel inspired to go out into the streets and shout your joy to the world, then do so. If you feel inspired to go out into the streets and shout your news of NESARA, do so. If you feel impressed to carry a banner that stands for freedom and justice, do so. If you feel like going down on your knees and asking God for a release from this life, then do so. Do all of this, and do it with a joy in your heart that sings forth and promises that you are clearing the way for the intermixing of all that has ever been done and said in the name of love and compassion, for that is the way to the lightening of the times.

The refreshing shower of love and emotions that you rain down on all this debris that is being expunged is going to wash away the accumulation of all this expulsion that you are doing. When you do, then you express the being that you are. When you just be, then you are resting from the doing and allowing the voice of your spirit to be grateful and honoring the doing that you have done. In your being, you announce and live the thankfulness and the love that is at the core of your being. In return this inspires another round of doing to express that, which is at the very core of your being. There is a perfect harmony that takes place here, and the result is the perfect, new, shiny golden world that is being readied for the final hour of the duality. The lightness of being is upon you, and the more you see of the darkness the more of the lightness is doing its work so that you can be the very ones that you are.

You are our brothers and our sisters, and we love so much about what you do and who you are. This is the time when all is laid out on the table and the soup is served hot and spicy for the enjoyment and experience of us all. You sift through the ingredients as though it was a puzzle to determine the expletives that will greatly enhance the experience. When all is said and done the value of the mix is that a good time was had by all; and the body has experienced not only a party, but has been nourished as well.

That is it, my friends. That is the message for the day. Make your life a soup to enjoy and experience to its fullest. Make the ingredients as varied and sure as you can, and then experience the benefits that it brings. Never mind that it leaves its residue on the bowl, for that is two seconds away from being cleansed and put aside for another time, another soup, with all new ingredients, that will spring from the recesses of your mind to form a concoction that will delight the senses and appease the appetite and nourish the body with more of your creativity.

We love you all, and we see that light shining forth from all of you. See that in each other and then you will feel it and carry it into your day. You will find that it will overlap all that is in your world; and what you choose to do about that world will be tempered with that lightness of being that supercharges everything that you do. Love is all there is, and you are Love.

Thank you, Dear Master St Germain,
Love, Nancy Tate

Friday June 4, 2004

My Dear Ones, there is an issue that is going around that world that bears addressing. This is the issue of what is the responsibility of all of you to each other. This is a much misunderstood issue that I will address and attempt to make clearer for you. I am St. Germain, and I begin by stating that there is no blame, no one is at fault, and there is no right or wrong.

First let us look at the reason that some of you may be feeling accused. This is old stuff that comes from the idea that there is something that you have done wrong, or have not done enough of. This is conditioning that comes from the idea that you are not perfect, and in every way on the road to enlightenment. Through the actions that you take in the course of your daily lives there are many decisions that you make and they all pertain to whatever emotions and situations you are in at the moment. Often you bring past ideas into that moment and act according to the memory that is stirred up and brought forward. This is because of a scientific set up that has occurred and is according to the magnetics of the information frequency.

The transmutation of that message can be changed to reflect the present moment. What you can do to change that is to be aware of what the moment is, without the residue of the past influencing the now. See the now for what it really is, and address it from that standpoint. Take the initiative, and back it up with the knowledge that you are the authority of the moment, and need not rely on another’s viewpoint of what your moment means to you.

Guilt is another determining factor in the idea that you are somehow at fault, or that someone is accusing you. This is a strong emotion, and can be alleviated by once again knowing that this is a brand new moment, and is unto itself. This life has been a series of steps through a growth that you have intended for yourself, through experience and expression. How can you find that judgment fits into that equation? I speak now of judgment of yourself and any given situation. There is never grounds for judgment, for with that comes the idea that nothing is in perfection.

Perfection is an idea that is widely viewed, with many perspectives as to its meaning. Some view perfection as a state of being that is yet to be attained. They see that perfection is just around the corner as soon as something more is done to render perfection. I suggest that you see perfection as being the moment that is now. I suggest that you view perfection as the potential for what your idea and intent has expressed in the moment. From perfection comes the ultimate in what the moment is. Without the idea of perfection being what the moment is now, how can there ever be an acceptance of what is now? Additionally, how can there ever be the manifestation of what is in the moment, if the moment is not perfection?

 This brings me to the next concern that some of you have expressed, and that is that there is never going to be enough for what you want and intend for your lives. This is a common thought, and it therefore creates that in manifestation in your society. There are those who know that there is more than enough in their lives, and they move forward in that knowledge. These are the ones who outwardly have abundance and share it with those with whom they come in contact, through one means or another.

Then there are those who feel that no matter how they try, they never have enough, and they are always struggling to get along. These are the ones who do not see that they have enough in the moment, and are always wanting more. When they want they remain in a state of wanting. Many of you know this; you are saying that you’ve heard this; this is kindergarten stuff, why are you bringing this up now St. Germain?

I say that there is a coming time when this will be so subtly seen that you won’t remember when you didn’t realize the implications that the idea implied; you won’t realize how wide-sweeping it had been in your lives.  This is the opportunity for you to see the further depth that this has in your being. You are living a life of human limitation, and you are only realizing a part of your abilities. This is changing, and you are finding that you are able to realize more and more of what you weren’t even aware you are capable of. This is the gift you give yourselves, for you have told us that you are ready to be the fullness of who you are. Yet, when some of the measures of how capable you are come forward, you see them through the eyes of your old limited self. This is a natural progression of how the memory of that limitedness is showing itself as it clears away and makes room for the real you to blossom forth.

This new you, is really based on the old you, the ancient you, and it has been enhanced and has evolved through these times of experience. Now you are a being of much more enlightenment and much more depth of knowledge and understanding than before. This is the you of now, of this very moment. What here do you see to judge? What part of you is at fault? What is wrong, or right about what you do, or how you believe? When we say that it is up to you to clear out blockages and to see the debris that clears away and makes room for the light to shine forth, we do so without judgment, and we see you as perfect. We encourage you to know that you are among the whole in a journey through the debris of old conditioning. We invite you to see that what you have in front of you is what you have placed there in your innate ability for bringing perfection to your understanding of who you are at the moment.

So go ahead, state your case, and bring to the podium your ideas of what is being said and suggested. This is the way to clearing out the old ideas of limit, and allowing the innate truth of who you are to come forth and shine for all to see. There is release in this, and it can lead you to a place where you deepen your love for yourself and for everyone else, without judgment and with the knowledge that you are all Gods being the ultimate that you can be at any given moment.

That is how we see you, and this is the best that you are right now. Your potential for greatness is being realized every moment. It is grand; it is glorious, and we love you all and honor your road to the life that you choose.

I leave you now and flood you with the light of my love. Blessings to you!

Thank you, Dear Master St. Germain,
Love, Nancy Tate


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