Magic and Wonder

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Magic and Wonder
June 4, 2006

Merlin channeled through Therese Dorer.  From Sedona Journal of EMERGENCE, August 2006 Issue, Published in this website on September 3, 2006.


I see before me a beautiful room filled with magical things: a crystal ball, a notebook full of writing, a huge fireplace with a glowing fire, an owl resting on a perch. As I gaze upward, the ceiling is a mass of stars; it is as if I am looking into the cosmos. I then sense and see Merlin in a magnificent blue robe, with his white beard and blue eyes. He is sitting by the fire in a huge, comfortable chair.  Beside him is an empty chair, and he beckons me to sit by him for a chat.


Welcome, my dear, to this, my magical castle. I thank you for dropping by for a chat. I would like to speak to you of magic and wonder this day, for many of you long for the magic of the times you call Camelot and enjoy the fantasies of the worlds of Harry Potter and Narnia. Do you know why these are so popular in your culture at this time? Let me suggest that it is because you are thirsty and hungry for the delights that magic and wonder can offer. Imagine that you are in the middle of the desert and someone offers you a cool drink of water, of course you feel better when you drink deeply of this offering!

When you deprive yourself of allowing in the magic and wonder of connecting with Spirit in a true and direct way, I suggest you will feel the empty feeling of abandonment, and you will begin to search to fill up the void with all manner of things, such as eating too much, drinking too much or allowing the media to inform you of the reality they would like you to embrace. To enter the castle of your inner being and allow yourself to open the many doors and pathways that are available to you will bring you back into right relationship with self. Allowing yourself to embrace childlike wonder and the beginner’s mind will open up the doors to the magical kingdoms that are there for you.


Indulge me for a moment in time, my dear ones. Imagine you are a visitor to my castle of dreams. Come, enter the castle in your imagination and allow yourself to take a tour of this magical, mystical place. Come up to the castle door, enter and allow yourself to notice what greets you as you walk in the entranceway. Do you see a courtyard filled with water fountains and flowers, or do you imagine a stable full of magnificent horses, ready for a journey of adventure?  Come into the castle and see the grand hall. Let yourself imagine this place and how it greets you as you enter into the inner sanctum. See the staircase as it winds up into the upper levels and find a room that has been set aside for you, my dear ones. What does this room feel like for you? Do you see the beauty and intention that has been bestowed on this place reserved just for you? This, dear ones, is imagination, sacred play.

I suggest you use sacred play to explore your inner realms, which can afford you much knowledge, knowledge that is just waiting to be discovered. Consider it a quest to find your own personal holy grail, one that will inform you directly and that will fit with your own personal knowing and cosmology. The uniqueness of your being cannot be overstated, dearest ones. You are unique in the cosmos, and so only you can truly know what will take you to your highest destiny.

For some it is through the path of meditation, others are exalted by climbing mountains and still others love to contemplate life from the comfort of their own home. No one way is better than any other and, truly, I cannot presume to tell you which way is best for you. Only you can know which path is to your highest good, most beautiful one.


Today my challenge to you is to discover what allows you to experience childlike wonder. Is it walking by a river and noticing the rush of the water as it hurries to the ocean? Is it playing with your dog as you take him on walks to the park? Is it playing in your garden? The time to begin a relationship with self that is nurturing and healthy is now. I understand that you are fascinated by the understandings that we bring and offer you from the domains beyond the physical, and truly, there is much love and respect from all of us here on this side of the veil. The masters, angels and archangels all hold you in the highest regard and love. We are here to hold the energy of love, Light and truth for you and to help you remember who you truly are as you go forward into the most amazing times that humankind has seen on the Earth for a long time. The words I would like to offer you are that getting to know yourself in a deep and intimate way will truly bring you many gifts of joy and wonder, which will allow you to transcend some of the human foibles that trip you up as you journey on the Earth during these times.

Disempowerment of the individual is one of the more unfortunate things to happen on the Earth, and I suggest that this has led to many of the challenges that have brought the Earth to the place where she finds herself at this time. For whenever most of the population believe that  they are small and insignificant and that "someone else" knows better  for them than they know for themselves, then you have a system that no longer functions at a high vibration.


Imagine that each of you has a vibration that you radiate into the world, like thousands of radio waves that are being transmitted into the cosmos.

(Merlin shows this to me like a light show, fireworks that flare up in the sky in all manner of colors, red, blue, turquoise, purple. Some of the lights go high up into the sky and seem to go on into infinity.)

My suggestion to you is that you can desire and have the ability to raise your vibration to the highest levels and become the spark, the Light that will shine beyond your earthly domain and transcend into the cosmos. Be curious as to what creates magic and wonder for you as you journey upon your life in this incarnation. Delight in the small wonders that are there for you every day. This not only brings you into present time but also continues to inform you as to what gives you the drink of water that will refresh and rejuvenate your spirit.  Only you can truly make that journey into the inner realms of self where the riches of knowing and transcendence are stored, waiting to be discovered by you.

Imagine that you have this storehouse of amazing gifts that you packed with you to come into this incarnation. What if you were to leave this Earth without even taking the time to look into the treasure chest you brought with you? The most magical part of the chest is that the more you unearth the gifts you have, the more you will discover; it is like a treasure chest with no end to the treasure, and you have the key to open the chest.

To give you some examples: If you never spoke, how could you know the sound of your own voice? If you never moved to music, how could you know how to dance? Life is a feast, dear ones, and you are the main guest at the feast. I invite you to taste, to drink deeply from the nectar that is life. It is important to not allow it all to flow by you and to participate to the utmost of your potential.


So we come to the place where you begin to give me excuses as to why you cannot go forward. "I do not have enough money, love, talent or time." Ah, my dear ones, this is where I invite you to allow yourself  to believe that all of the illusions that keep you small and unable to  move forward are sorcery tricks of your ego that you are playing on self. These illusions you have allowed to inform you will dissipate like a puff of smoke when looked at with compassion, love and Light.  Allowing time in your life for magic and wonder will bring you into right relationship with many of the areas of your life that you may now be struggling with.

Here is my challenge to you, my dear ones: Take some time tomorrow or even better, today to allow yourself to go into childlike wonder. Walk in a garden and allow yourself to feel the fairies who are there.  These little ones must be there, for a garden cannot produce flowers or vegetables without the wonder and magic of the elementals. Go to a tree and allow yourself to feel the energy and magnificence of the force behind this tree. Talk to the tree; ask how it is doing, and be delighted when you receive the answer. Go to a water source, a river, lake, ocean or stream and feel that these places are the waters of emergence. Just as you came from the universal consciousness as a bundle of Light, the waters hold the energy of creativity, and you can source to them for nurturing and well-being.

I come to you today in the energy of Merlin, the wizard, the old wise one. This I do very intentionally, for there are many faces to Spirit, and we here understand that there are different energies each of you resonates with. In this manifestation, I bring forth the innocent and childlike wonder of awe and magic. When you go forward in life and leave behind your childhood, there is a veil of forgetfulness that comes over you; you become engrossed in death and taxes. So it is this veil I ask you to throw off and allow yourself the gift of going beyond the obvious and allowing in the lighter, more enlightened energy of laughter, play and imagination. Your world is a better place always for the gifted ones who write the stories, sing the songs, play the games and paint the paintings. I come forth to remind you that each of you can access your imagination and sense of play, and when  you do, your world and the world at large will be all the better for it.

So to be very specific, don’t take yourselves so seriously! My suggestion is that you will be able to connect with Spirit in a much more profound way if you do so with a sense of fun, laughter and play.  I invite you to join the fairie realm and their sense of fun and play.  Look at the wonders of the flowers, grasses, trees and shrubs, the domain of the elementals. This could be serious work, fraught with worry and grief, but instead it all unfolds season after season, year after year in perfect chaos and harmony. Yes, I did say chaos and harmony, for what at times looks like chaos is transformation, and the elementals know and understand this. They do not take on the human foibles of worry, doubt or angst, for they live in the Now, completely and absolutely. You could take a page from their book in this regard, and trust that at times when you cannot logically know the outcome and life seems chaotic, a stream of transformation is taking place. This is where your sense of humor and play will afford you much relief, my  dearest ones.

I thank you for this unique opportunity to speak to you, my dear ones, and ask you to take care of yourselves. I am magical Merlin.


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