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Arcturus, My Home Planet



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Arcturus, My Home Planet


Ela from Arcturus


Ela channeled through Mike Quinsey. Published in this website on October 1, 2005.



September 2, 2005


At my level in the higher dimensions I am privileged to be in a beauteous expression of the Creator’s perfection. One of great harmony and color beyond your present understanding. The Light and consciousness of all abounds in ways that you have not yet touched upon. The consciousness of all living forms interact, and each acknowledges the existence of the other. There is a wonderful feeling of Oneness and joy in everything that takes place.



How I wish that I could bring you into these dimensions so that you could experience these things first hand. However, it will not be long before you too will have risen to dimensions in which the expression will be very much like our own. The difference will only exist because wherever you are, you create your own existence. Creation will become natural to you, and your personal abode will reflect your own desires and vision of perfection.


The greatest sights are the amazing gardens that are thought into existence, that do not rely on conditions such as you understand them. There can be all manner of beautiful flowers, bushes, trees and additionally small streams and other features that truly reveal a Garden of Eden. Can you envisage all of this?  And not only is it perpetually at its peak of bloom and color, it requires no labors to keep it that way. There are of course flowers and fauna that you have not seen before, and some are so enormous compared to those on Earth. The growth underneath foot is lush and soft and as you consciously connect with whatever you see, it acknowledges your presence. The aliveness of everything is a marvelous uplifting energy and it seems to be part of you. There is constant light and no variation, and weather does not exist as such.




There are other forms of life, again not exactly as you have been used to but recognizable as small animals and birds. What will please you all is that insects have no place at these levels, and there is no necessity for them. On your Earth they are all part of the grand interplay within nature as everything contributes to the whole. It might occur to you that birds need them for food, but again there is no need for them. All living forms «feed» off the energies that are all around, and that includes us. Also, when we create form we use light and mould it through the power of thought. Where you have sunlight, we have perpetual light from the source of All That Is.


We have buildings, but again whilst they are not unlike some on Earth, we incorporate harmony into their design and there is not the sharpness or edges that you are familiar to you. We love the curves in structures such as domed ceilings, and colors that blend together that are most aesthetic and everything glows with its own light. It creates conditions where there are no shadows, and you would find that immediately noticeable. We have our temples and other places where people can meet and these too are created in wonderful designs that make good use of the crystal. The whole effect is one that is most pleasing to the eye and most enjoyable to be in. At the higher levels only such perfection can exist and you will experience this when you enter your own Golden Age.



If you can for one moment imagine what it is like to exist in the higher dimensions, you will be glimpsing your own future. You really know of these beauties but have simply forgotten them in your veiled condition upon Earth. You toil each day for the means to exist and are continually under the pressures of providing for your self and family. These conditions will cease, and are only found in the physical levels of existence. Even now some of you are lifting your consciousness to the higher levels, and in your mind’s eye you can visual the wonders that are beginning to manifest. There is a stepping stone that has been offered that many of you will take, that is called Ascension. At present you are beginning to grasp its significance and you will see how the changes that are about to happen upon Earth reflect it.



We suggest you prepare to put aside your old concepts of how things should be, because there will be a quantum leap forward that will take your breath away. It is not simply a matter of leaving the dark energies behind, but the acquiring of a new consciousness that is more expansive than you have at present. Already you are beginning to move in this direction, and you are becoming powerful individuals. Although you may not realize it yet, your power of creation is increasing and it is Lightworkers that are now achieving so much that is contributing to bringing about change. Have you not been often told of how powerful you are?, and know that you cannot have that taken away from you. There was a time when you were unaware of your ability to create your future, but now you are waking up and using your power to move out of duality.



I am Ela and I have told you a little more about Arcturus my home planet. The energy that is carried in the words will enable your visualization to be enhanced by it. Sit back and still yourself and let your imagination run free, and you will lift your consciousness into the higher levels and the pictures in your mind will become real. Some of you already have the ability to recall your out-of-the-body experiences, but for most of you there is little recollection at all. This has all been for a purpose so as not to distract you from your earthly responsibilities. Now however, those veils are being broken down and you are encouraged to see that which is all around you.


I leave you with the Love and Light of Arcturus that is linking with you and helping you rise up. It is just one of many energies that now flow to Earth and nothing will prevent them from being grounded and assisting you to Ascend. Let the Divine Light of our Creator open up your hearts, and gather you in the Oneness of All That Is.


Thank you, Ela
Mike Quinsey



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