The Roswell Crash 1947

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The Roswell Crash 1947

Mike Quinsey

Taken from: Published in this website on July 28, 2004.

This must be one of the most reported UFO crashes ever. I believe it arises from the fact that it was accurately reported in the Press at the time. Despite the efforts of the authorities to cover it up it continually comes up, and a wealth of evidence supports the claims that this was a genuine incident.  You rarely read is what is channeled through other sources, and the following will add to the information available about this intriguing affair. Mike Quinsey

Zoosh through Robert Shapiro "Shining the Light", 1994:

The ETs were a version of the Zeta beings, originating from a small planet near, but not within, the Zeta Reticulum system.

The ship was not really shot down. At that time that base in Roswell was perhaps the only base where long range radar was being experimented with. Today that would not be particularly secret to the services. In those days, they had radar on the ground. They wanted it in the sky, but they knew they had to get the bandwidth figured out first. So what they would do is make more and more powerful radar. What they didn’t understand is that the radiation went not just where the antenna directed it, but it created a radiating field in all directions. I might say that some of the people on this base, not all, got sick in later life as a result, which was certainly not the intention of the people who were experimenting with the radar. But this ship, which was flying close to the ground, albeit not visibly, went through this incredibly powerful field and it totally disrupted their vehicles ability to maneuver. You have to understand that the discs essentially fly on magnetic fields. They move by their own power, but what keeps them suspended, from falling like a stone, is the magnetic field of the Earth. So this radar experiment was disrupting the magnetic field of the Earth in that area. Because disruption occurred so long and so far, the ship tried valiantly to stay airborne, but it could not. As they pumped more into power and to keeping airborne, it became visible and eventually crashed.

They were here as part of the observational staff. They were not directly in contact with human beings. They were essentially in training – trainees, if you will. Sightseeing in a sense, but also keeping an eye on military bases. You have to remember that this base at that time was also associated with atomic devices, so they were trying to keep an eye on it. They did not understand the problem with the radar. That’s to be expected, since they were not as sophisticated as the people who were teaching them. It was an unfortunate accident.

From a letter dated 10th April 1996, and crash debris sent to the Art Bell Radio Show:

 The retrieval team arrived at the crash site and found two dead occupants, hurled out of the disc, and a lone survivor in the disc with a broken left leg. The bodies were sent to Wright-Patterson AFB for dispersal. The debris was loaded onto three trucks. The survivor communicated by telepathic means and stated : The disc was a ‘Probe Ship’ dispatched from a ‘Launch Ship’ that was stationed at the dimensional gateway to the Terran solar system, 32 light years from Terra. They had been conducting operations on Terra for over 100 years. Another group was exploring Mars and Io [one of Jupiter’s moons, Note of the Editor]. Each Probe carried a crew of three. A Launch Ship had a crew of 100.

The disc that crashed had collided with a meteor in the orbit of Terra and was attempting to compensate its flight vector, but because of the collision the inter-atmospheric propulsion system malfunctioned and the occupants sent out a distress signal to their companion on Mars. They were authorized to attempt a soft landing on the New Mexican desert. At the same time, the inter-atmospheric propulsion system had a massive electrical burn out, and the disc was virtually helpless. They could not exercise the option of activating the dimensional power- plant for deep space travel, as its energy vortex would have annihilated the states ofNew Mexico, Arizona, California and portions of Mexico. The occupants chose to hope for the best, and literally sacrificed their lives rather than destroy the populations within their proximity. The Dimensional Power Plant was self-destructed, and also the inter-atmospheric propulsion system was also deactivated to prevent the technology from falling into the hands of Terrans. The survivor was examined and de-briefed over 26 weeks and then placed on board a USAF transport aircraft that was to be sent to Washington DC. The aircraft and all board disappeared under mysterious circumstances en route to Washington. Three fighter aircraft sent to investigate a distress call from the transport aircraft, experienced many electrical-malfunctioning systems failures as they entered the airspace of the aircraft’s last reported location. No evidence of a crash, or debris was ever found.

 Mike Quinsey


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