The Saga of Casanova Galactico

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The Saga of Casanova Galactico

Luis Prada
Editor and Publisher of Brother Veritus Website

This article was written in response to a reader’s request for advice with respect to some incidents of his private life.  The answer was given to him in the form of fiction and using his name as the hero (or villain?), name herein substituted by "Casanova Galactico" to protect the privacy of the culprit.

Original in Spanish, translation to English by the author.

Earth is an elemental school to educate us into the basics of the Cosmic Laws and to prepare us for more responsibilities in the galactic future that may involve the destiny of worlds or galaxies.

Suppose the Space Lieutenant Casanova Galactico, once graduated from the Arcturian Space Academy, is selected as Commander in Chief of a service mission to save a world at risk of being taking over by a renegade group of the Reptilian Dark Forces in another sector and quadrant of the universe and he is sent there with a Pleiadian crew.

But in the course of the mission he finds a beautiful, seductive and evasive spy, of that planet, named Mata Hari. She seduces him and he ends up disclosing critical secrets of the mission, involved in a skirt mess, she pregnant and her father, an important member of the Planetary Council, chasing at gunpoint "this shameless foreigner ‘outlaw’ "who came to meddle in the affairs of his planet and even worse, to deceive his own daughter.

Mata Hari, the Galactic Seductress

His envoy and Ambassadorial capacity is compromised, his identity plainly revealed, his credibility lost and he has to abandon the planet fleeing at gunshots.

When he contacts Commander Ashtar Sheran from his spaceship, Lieutenant Casanova,contritereports the incident in which he almost lost his life and spoilt the rest of his crew.

Commander Ashtar Sheran

He argues that "man’s flesh is weak" and that "all is that seductive girl’s fault" and that "he won’t do it again.Excuses!

In the spaceship monitor Commander Ashtar tells him that, indeed, he won’t do it again because the High Council of the Ashtar Command, already aware of the affair, won’t send him to another similar mission but, instead, to other of the academy graduates.  That he will be assigned to the gelid tundras of a primitive planet in the periphery of the Milky Way to do weather inspections for the next one hundred years of that planet and that, in accordance with his good conduct and precision of reports, at the end of that time he will be reincorporated to the Ashtar Command.  (By the way, over there the only intelligent life is an immense ameba of the size of a pillow.)

CommanderAshtarcontinues telling Casanovathat his multidimensional memory will be erased and that he will enter the planet without a remembrance neither of his galactic past nor of his Starry Family.

Andwithout time for extra objections here Lord Ashtar’s transmission is finished and the monitor is turned blank.

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