Armageddon as Prophesied Is Close Upon Us

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Armageddon as Prophesied Is Close Upon Us
Christ Michael and Candace

Messages received by Candace Frieze.  Initially published in this website on March 18, 2008.

Armageddon as Prophesied Is Close Upon Us
Friday, March 14, 2008
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While today is Saturday that I am posting this,I did this with Christ Michael yesterday per the date above, but I was fatigued and goofy all day, tripping up the steps and the like.  At the time he finished his last word, my computer suddenly shut itself off, a case of gremlins I assume. I couldn’t reconstruct what was lost, a couple paragraphs or so, and a really nice ending. I was so surprised by this. Fortunately MS Word did save the piece and it wasn’t totally lost, but since it saves automatically periodically, we did lose the final portion. I decided to finish it today, after I had sleep. I asked CM to give me another ending today which he just did.

A piece by Hal Turner is referenced in here, and it is at the very end. Congress, I guess the House of Representatives, had a closed session on Thursday evening, which the media reported as being over issues of security. I didn’t even know this until I awakened briefly after midnight that night and turned on the TV and found the repeat of Anderson Cooper on. Christ Michael had suggested we might do a piece Thursday, as he comments in the beginning of this one. I realized when I saw there was a closed session that perhaps this had something to do with why he had me on call for a piece and then the conditions changed.

I think part of my fatigue and confusion yesterday may have been related to the fact that what woke me in the first place, was my house was full of the odor of sewer gas. The whole house stunk like crazy and I told my guards about it. They actually cleared my house of the intense smell, and I turned on the TV while they were finishing after coming back inside. I went outside to get away from the odor.  I thought maybe there was a dead animal under the house or something of that nature and of course, was also worried I had been attacked in some way. They never found the cause of the odor. I wonder if maybe it was related to gases releasing from the ground as I live on a landfill, and I assumed maybe the running furnace sucked the odors into the house. It was nasty.

Christ Michael:

Beloveds, this is Christ Michael, yesterday I considered a message through Candace and, as the day moved on, the issues became complex, and your government decided to have a closed session of Congress. Now don’t believe the little lie in this piece by Hal Turner, who leaks stuff for your black ops folks, that this is only the 4th time ever for a closed session of your House of Representations. For it has happened many times including orchestrations by Navy Seals to see that something good or bad gets done. We were in attendance of course at this meeting.

I have asked Candace to post the piece by Hal Turner, as it is released intentionally through him to set up the fear but it is essentially true. Your nation is in dire shape, and much of this was engineered over the many years and now "bearing fruit" as you can be said. The world is in dire trouble, for much of it is dependent still on the United States and what goes here. Your Armageddon of prophecy has arrived.

Our teams are debating now the course of action and, beloveds, this is why when Jupiter began to "agitate" this last fall, indicating it did not wish to wait longer, we assisted the process to prepare it. I did create a bit more to the story through the team of AbundantHope so that the dark that reads here and listens into team-member phone calls would know that we have prepared our alternative. I needed Jupiter ready for when it was actually needed to move forth, and it was necessary to begin the early announcements that Monjoronson began through Daniel Raphael and Candace, and leading to the full idea that it would happen last April when we announced the coming possibilities. [Note of Editor: See the articleChrist Michael Update on the Coming Changes.]

Beloveds, live not in fear on what you are to read but all of you with any sort of awareness know the time has come. Your world is horribly over populated; you have little ability to grow enough food under the conditions of your planet, which at this time are political and environmental.

As we have stated, we will NOT allow this world to be destroyed. But the time has come to begin before much longer to intercede or the planet would have to be totally evacuated because of the pollution issues.

The peoples of this world have slept but, again, they are not the brightest folks in general and are not to blame. It is what happens on a prison world, and this is not the first time in this universe that measures have had to be taken to relieve the people of the problems. Left without our help you will destroy this planet. While the photon belt is responsible for the massive heating in this solar system, the cleansing heat, the poor use of technology on your planet adds to this, and it quite possible for the planet to blow up and become yet another asteroid belt. And the dark side adds to this with technology that adds heat to the core sun of the Earth also.  This is my most beloved seed planet, and it is my prison planet for those that fell from grace to learn why the rules in place are important and it is my bestowal planet and it will not be lost.

You best be counting your blessings that this is my bestowal planet, otherwise we would consider letting it go, and allowing a black garbage hole to form in this sector taking your sun and the entire solar system into it. However, it is the goal to instead raise up this area and remove the dark ones who have long been responsible and, by remove, I mean uncreate many of them who will never ever grow up. The blots of Nebadon must be righted to contain forever this black mess that has developed in several universes within Orvonton.

Jupiter is indeed ready as I had Henning place recently. That was more than a simple threat to the dark, it was its final notice. I did not expect results but the notice had to be placed. Beloveds, we have not put out the fullness of the Jupiter Event in part because the plans were still being worked.

The condition of your world, my world, my bestowal planet, is dire. Thus the Jupiter Event is going to be very thorough. The environmental conditions dictate that there must be a great reduction in population or we are looking at a total evacuation and reversing the poles. This is the humane thing to do. Understand that on all planets that get themselves into trouble, when the trouble reaches a certain level, we allow some misery for people to learn and then allow the planet its reversal of poles for the cleansing.

This is my bestowal planet however, and so we are doing a partial solution, as it is my training sphere also for the future Creator Sons and Ascending Son leaders and assistants. Many of the younger universes will make use of you in temporary positions and permanent ones according to your career goals. There are approximately at this time 1000 Ascending Sons of high rank who are in training directly for potential Creator Son careers incarnate on this planet.

It is for this reason that we will do a «partial» solution to the coming issues rather than a full evacuation and cleansing of the planet. Those incarnate need this experience, it is not for the planetary peoples that we are doing this, for the peoples in general are not worthy and this is not the fault of most because as I have covered, they do not have their full inheritance.

Accordingly, at my determination, the Jupiter Event will begin. We will allow, if they will occur, some consciousness awakening events yet, perhaps a large earthquake, perhaps the falling down of the United States government, or another government, such as some in Europe. The dark is destroying them all but the United States is the big prize.

All of your so-called 3rd world countries are totally not prepared to handle the catastrophic issues coming. We had hoped that by allowing 911 the people of the modern world would rise up and force pressure upon the «self-anointed ones» and this did not happen to our satisfaction but at least many brave souls awoke to the issues, and the movement begun. At this time, the issues with the available weaponry to coerce people it is probably not advisable anymore to take larger actions by these groups, as this will be used as an excuse to open up the concentration camps sooner.

The United States does not have the time now, the dates given by Hal Turner. All the world countries have turned against the corrupt European Bankers acting through the world, and there can be no given date as to when banks and the Federal Government will fail. In fact, there will actually be little use of those concentration camps for much longer because your «elite» just plan to flee.

To those elite, understand that you can’t leave the planet. We will not allow you to leave in the few remaining vehicles you have for that purpose. Alternative 003 is not an option. Nor will you see your own camps because, my lost ones and you who are clones, will be simply uncreated during the Jupiter Event; that has been your choice. The void is too nice for you ones. No longer will you ever have a chance again, you have created your own solution to your problems, you will have no problems. I think it’s time you just start handing in your resignations and showing your colors. Perhaps you might get for yourselves a trip to the void planet instead. It is your soul, you make that decision.


For those not understanding Alternative 003 above, the Jason Society many years ago, under secret Executive Order of Eisenhower, discussed 3 alternatives to the mess that was coming to Earth citizens and the elite. This was back in the late 1950’s.

Alternative 001 was to blast holes in the atmosphere to allow heat and pollution to escape into space and then attempt to change the human cultures so they didn’t exploit the environment. This was thought unlikely and there was dangerous risk in trying to blow that hole. The concept of «global warming» obviously was alive and well back then, and yet they didn’t develop the given energies to end the pollution, did they?

Alternative 002 was to build a vast underground of cities and tunnels where select peoples representative of all cultures and occupations would survive and carry on the human race. The rest would be left behind to endure and fend for themselves.

Alternative 003 was to exploit alien technology and make it possible for a few elite to escape to Mars and Moon. Interesting, isn’t that idea back then, in 1957 or so, that the moon and Mars were livable, but they never told the peoples, did they? CM has stated both the Moon and Mars have sufficient atmosphere to support life, but the bases for the most part are underground, in controlled atmospheric conditions, which however do need some atmosphere on the surface. Alternative 003 included taking of servant slaves to serve them. ADAM was code for the Moon, and EVE, code for Mars, and there are many Americans living on Mars now.

OK, a blend of alternative 002 and 003 were the chosen ones and we have lots of underground shelters not available to John Q. Public as a result.

The interim plans to delay action included, as part of all 3 alternatives, forced birth control and inducing deadly disease (AIDS, etc.).  Also use of low-frequency beams to cause mass depression and to addict the world to drugs.

This comment is from Phoenix Journal #3 from Hatonn (Christ Michael). «A symposium was held in 1957 which was attended by some of the great scientific minds then living. They reached the conclusion that by, or shortly after, the year 2,000 the planet would SELF-DESTRUCT due to increased population and man’s exploitation of the environment WITH NO HELP THERETO FROM GOD OR THE ALIENS.  BETTER GIVE SOME CAREFUL THOUGHT TO THIS STATEMENT, FRIENDS.»  P. 37.

You can read a bunch of the above, in Phoenix Journal #3. I highly recommend reading this most basic book, if you have not yet done so. It combines both a great deal of knowledge about the dark side of the world plans, plus describes that the space brothers are here to help if asked. Problem is, the dark side didn’t ask, they stole what they wished, broke agreements like crazy, etc.  And now here we are. I knew when I was a teenager the world was already terribly overpopulated, and it has more than doubled since that time. I graduated from high school in 1965.  We are now over 7 billion people on the surface.

Christ Michael:

To the readers of AbundantHope, I will not give a firm date. Jupiter is ready and can be given its final ignition at any time, and it’s a very fast process, the involution and other changes complete. I am still watching the actions on your globe.  I advise you to put aside small supplies in case there are issues with delivery of goods to you before or after stasis. Star fleet will assist greatly after stasis.

The Earth will be extensively depopulated during the Jupiter Event. You who have chosen to stay the course and serve the process will be protected no matter where you live so do not be in fear. But do understand that many you know may not make this choice, or can’t make this choice because they are of the robotoid mind.

Many of you have noticed the increased energies for 6 months now and this has prepared, along with the assistance of your Higher Self and your guides, for your bodies to survive this event. All those who are not prepared thusly are subject to possible removal or not surviving. We can’t totally predict the degree of axis change and we can’t totally predict volcanic action.

The planet will be experiencing the additional energies of the Jupiter Ignition and this will cause many at a soul level to leave. We expect at least 30%, perhaps more, to leave their physical based on these energies. All leaving will be «judged» and placed where they belong. Regard the robotoids, we do have a marvelous program for them, to help them expand their minds enough that they might choose the possibility of taking the eternal journey. That is the robotoids who are good and kindly, those that are evil will not be given consideration. We do not totally know exactly what the population percentage that is left will be, but it could total as much as 50% from all causes, including also the dear ones who will return to whence they came, who have finished their gift to this planet.

Esu has been aboard the New Jerusalem, in which the records of all ensouled beings are stored. Because this is a partial cleanse of the planet, there will be chaos afterwards, and he, with some assistance, has been viewing the records, quite literally, of the population in every town and city upon this Earth, to find those advanced enough to help. These will be lifted at appropriated times during the stasis and brought to ship or inner Earth for training, so they can assist the reduction of chaos when the planet is taken out of stasis.

The stasis will last as long as necessary. It will begin before the final ignition of Jupiter. After the planet is in stasis, we will be picking up all stored goods, food, and heavy equipment and the like in areas expected to have heavy devastation for redistribution after stasis. It is still the Pacific Rim that will suffer the most. Most will remain asleep during the whole process, except of course we must lift those in areas expected to be hit hard that have chosen survival.

Many of these in the devastated and sunken areas will be sent to other planets, as is the rule when a planet is evacuated. We will intentionally sink L.A. and a variety of other areas so they will not be an issue later on. This is the big event that was long promised. A planet is never allowed to experience the starvation and diseases that mark its ending times when man has gone awry. Always are the poles reversed and the ensouled individuals evacuated.

After the ensouled individuals are evacuated, then those remaining, first children and then others, are offered assistance to leave as there is time left. These evacuations are always done as the planet begins to reverse its poles, before the winds get so high that star fleet can’t get in to do this. Often times the evacuation is actually begun a few weeks before we reverse the poles. Once in awhile, the planet’s poles will reverse totally without our assistance, and this almost happened after WW2.

There is exactly one reason why we did not allow that then and stabilized the planet. It was because this planet is my bestowal planet, and I have a different plan for it. Otherwise you would not be here incarnate now, the planet would be in its resting and regenerative stage. All of the planet since 30 years ago, the people I mean, as they came to God and expressed the desire to grow their minds, have been assisted in the changing of their bodies so that they can if necessary tolerate the light beams of the levitation ships. Few on any planet needing evacuation have body changes enough for dematerialization on a rapid emergency basis. We must be able to get the beam ships close to the ground to evacuate so the timing always allows this.

So, to you who read this material, fear not, for if you are to stay, you will stay, and be removed if necessary and be part of our teaching team later if you were chosen for that. We will not remove everyone to ship or inner Earth during this, only those chosen to assist the issues of chaos afterwards. Those of you not attending this training will sleep peacefully in your protected dwellings or, if the dwellings might be lost, you will be moved to safer location.

Those on the Pacific Rim, as I believe I stated above, that are not to stay with the planet, but who at a soul level are suitable to be placed elsewhere and their body will tolerate the levitation beam, will be allowed to emigrate elsewhere.

When stasis is over and we are through the initial chaos, then there will be made the offer for more to voluntarily emigrate to other planets, and perhaps also the underground (not inner Earth) shelters created by your elite for themselves. Russia and China thought way ahead and cared for their peoples and made adequate shelters for long-term survival. These could well be used for a time also. At this time we have not made that decision, we will await and see the results of the Jupiter Event and make those determinations later.

While this seems extreme to many of you, those that are not to survive at all will pass peacefully as they sleep. These ones, many of them the robotoids, are not responsible for their condition. However, these ones will be placed in morontia form into various locations, including the mansion worlds and aboard some of the evacuation ships, and given further assistance at growing their minds.

The morontia form is a physical form, especially at the lower levels, and the Life Carriers and their assistants will create this form for them. This form is a nice one, there is no elimination as the nutrients required are absorbed fully. This is a bit of an experiment because planets do not normally have the robotoid concentration you do on this planet but we will give them this chance and see how it works out on such a massive basis.

Understand our planning has been intense the last year since we went ahead and announced the Jupiter Event. I did not want Jupiter to begin its process before its time, but it did and we successfully got it through that and thus have been able to control it now until the time is right. We did not want it to go prematurely and create a mess.

When the Phoenix Journal projected failed in 1999, and the teachings did not go out to the 4 corners of the Earth, I threw in the rag, and allowed the planet to begin going where it would go. We allowed the 911 event and hoped that there would be a consciousness awakening, and to my happy and pleasurable surprise, it happened, and your world begins to shine as we have stated before.

In 2003 I made the decision to get back in the game because sufficient Lightworkers incarnate awakened to the issues. We had begun awakening them in small groups before but the world was not ready. The big awakening began about 1990 and many of you know this as the literature became more available in print. In fact, we prevented some material that was given and not allowed printing until around 1995.

In a situation such as this planet, when a planet is known to become a problem with overpopulation as it becomes global, many incarnate to set the stage and many never sometimes even get their chance because we do not awaken people until the time is right. There is so much for you to learn, and it’s time to stop yelling at star fleet for any delays because in your consciousness you do not know at this time the divine plans and how they are laid out.

Some of you look to your Higher Self and wonder why you can’t extract the information you need. You can’t have the information until the timing is right for its release and this is evermore the requirement on prison planets that house many dark entities. The pearls may not be released until the timing is right.

Many of your now carry little packets in your minds, and the packets will open automatically when the time is right to open them. It is much like the condensed computer files that you download onto your computer and then install them. Except you may not install these packets into your mind and brains until your guides and angels are told that the time is right and these then «turn» the keys that open the files. And then you will further open them when you have the thoughts or whatever is required to finish their installation. You unzip them so to speak.

The Divine Plan is always orchestrated on high, and is only allowed to the incarnates when it is time. Do not punish yourself on this one. Candace, her team, and selected others have been upset as to why some others outside the team knew Jupiter was not ready, and not they themselves. The reason is this team carries the knowledge we wished to be distributed, and they were given what we wished distributed.

We could not allow their conscious knowing of the preliminary game, because none of them are very good «poker players» being beings high in Light that do not like to play a game. It is too easy, and it’s normal for those not trained in sleuthing to blow the cover. Had they been individuals who were already operating in positions of high security and used to the keeping of secure knowledge, then they would have been told. These ones are not «navy seals» and the like in this life. They are not intelligence officers. And every word said on the phone and the tone is noticed by those that do collect this kind of data.

Understand, dear readers, we sleuth. It is necessary against the dark ones. There is much material we publish through AbundantHope that is for the dark readers. And of course the Jupiter announcement was also for you, so that you could hold the light around the idea, and add creative thoughts to the genetic mind and mass consciousness, and choose also whether you wished a role in service. It was your awakening and your time to ponder and think.

This will be «soon», and we push the trigger so to speak when the conditions necessary are fulfilled, or if something untoward should happen. There, as I said, may possibly be some consciousness raising events prior to Jupiter, the purpose of which is to awaken some more sleepers, and give some opportunity for some to change of their minds about whether they wish to «get to heaven» or not.

Do not fear in this case, please. The banks will fail, but the monies for restoral will not be released before hand, this is not wise because, indeed, many will not be around to be involved, especially the dark ones. We have some interesting ideas to explore during stasis about where still to take the money system and some of this is related to what happens during it.

There will be volcanoes that may excessively pollute, and there are star teams to clear this pollution to protect the other life forms on this Earth. During this whole process it is the other life forms of Earth that will get a great deal of attention for they must not perish if we are to Ascend this planet with people on it. People will awaken to working utilities and a working Internet and public broadcasting system. The technology will be saved for it must not be lost. You will not be returned to the stage of the cave man. To Ascend Earth with man on it, the modern global changes must be preserved that have been set in place these last 60 years.

It is normal for normal planets to Ascend with their people because there is the understanding of God and the acceptance of celestial assistance. The progress tends to be steady, and these cleansings are not needed. Ascension always involves the planet having a global society that is ready to enter Light and Life.


For readers who have not done so, please read my postings from the Urantia Book found under that section in the menu. I posted these for quite a few reasons, and you can see how normal worlds under celestial guidance proceed. We should have been in Light and Life long ago. Don’t forget that this planet was also captured long ago by the galactic warriors who destroyed much in this solar system alone.

Christ Michael:

Had I chosen to reverse the poles and cleanse the planet thoroughly, we would have only allowed higher souls to incarnate back into the planet after its restoration, but it would still be a long period until the global society would exist. We will be far ahead to do this partial scenario. Having 2 suns must be dealt with also as technology and housing must change. You will not be «Ascending» into Light and Life for an estimated 25 to 100 years even now.

Those readers who believe in a magic Ascension the dark side has fed you, just as Christians were given the rapture, you must drop this. A planetary people must do the work. The Jupiter Event levels the playing field, opens the doors. Many of you have been given false information, thinking at the time of the magic Ascension you will remember who you are and can create all things with your mind instantly and this is not so. You are here to remember you came to help when called.

Many of you incarnate do not yet have that mind to create all things instantly, and one is not even allowed that knowledge and control of mind until it is known how to use it with godly goodness. Some of you will remember this tool that have it. But this is not a generally available tool. You will manifest easier than you did before, if you will accept celestial help in your missions, should you choose to participate in the mission co creative projects. You will use your mind to work with the celestials serving the process.

I have said enough of this; it is now the next day, beloveds, Candace lost the last portion of our work when her computer suddenly turned off. I reconstructed the lost material with added notes. Namaste, I am your Creator Son, Source of your being if you are from my Universe in your origin. I am God with you at this time. I invite you to be one with Me.  Christ Michael.

PS: To the many here from higher realms that do not Source in Nebadon, I am most blessed by your agreeing to serve Earth in this final transformation to higher being. For there will never again be the need to cleanse this long suffering planet, for you shall be the ground crew that will assist this process.

With the Jupiter Event and the events leading to the Ascension of this entire solar system, so will this system be in the Eternal Circuits of Higher Life. Jupiter and eventually Saturn will work in concert with the existing and original sun of this system, and with the higher powers of the peoples it will shine on forever and forever.


It is a good thing that Jupiter hasn’t happened yet, because there is still being work done to prepare people that need a physical liftoff during the event. I am offering this little piece from Phoenix Journal #3 written by Esu, written August 1st, 1989, page 131. I think the term «Ascension syndrome» will be more meaningful after reading this. I was being taken by levitation beam years ago and didn’t of course know it early on. So were many of you. I then was able to be taken to ship at some point by dematerialization and I am still training in raising my vibrations rapidly to lower the time to prepare the physical body for dematerialization.

(August 1st, 1989, from Phoenix Journal #3, page 131):


For a year and a half I have been transporting Dharma back and forth in human format and it is still most hard on her.  You pick up air bubbles in your audio system, pressure compression in your gastro-intestinal system and all of sorts of things happen within your fuel lines (circulatory system).  God is «unlimited» but you are most «limited».  So be it and Selah.  How do you get on the training program? You go within where God dwells and ask permission. If you are sincere He hands you over to My circuit and you get immediately placed on My «lift off» charter book, and together we start training. You see, your God mind can do anything and all things —but it must know what it is it is supposed to be doing.  Well, in this instance, it is supposed to be getting you vibrationally changed that you might make it nicely through a beam of light. One of the largest portions of that place which is prepared for you for transportation is a «hospital» unit and much help is standing by on both Earth and aboard to make the late-comers mend their wounds.  You ones want to make mystical hocus pocus of everything—nay, nay—soul essence is light, so it goes most naturally; the physical flesh and bone body has to be trained by the souls mind itself to respond on command.



Also the Ascension syndrome you are experiencing, in addition to last minute preparation for transport through a beam, is also related to the greatly rising energies and the merging of the Higher Self with the physical body. So many have come late to the show that this last several months has been intense in the preparation of you who need to travel to ship and inner Earth for the training described above, plus of course for those ones who will emigrate to other planets in their physical bodies.

Also realize that the robotoids being removed during stasis will be leaving their physical bodies (dying), so that they can start the morontia journey, which is the next step after the first human life. Generally people do not reincarnate during the early morontia training, that comes later as advancement proceeds, and is never required after the first life, but rather a choice to gain additional experience, which most choose to undertake. Others wait until after fusion with their Thought Adjusters for incarnational experiences. Some never incarnate at all but the progress tends to be slower and more limiting.

The reason reincarnation is so heavy on this planet is because it is the prison planet for the followers of Lucifer to work out their salvation, plus those galactic laggards preferring warring are also here. They still love to war, don’t they?. When will they ever learn, when will they ever learn?

Ok, here’s the piece by Hal Turner referenced by Christ Michael. As you can see, those in power are getting pretty worried, as things are getting out of their hands, and the rest of the world just says no when asked for help. Part of this is also engineered to cause the NAU to come intobeing. AMERO coins were minted at the Denver Mint last fall, and dear Hal Turner let out that one too. I have asked at functions I attend how many people have heard of the NAU. Most have not a clue. Only Lou Dobbs tends to cover the idea.

I wonder how aware are our leaders in the USA of the issue with our foodstuffs, the almost depletion now of the huge Ogallala reservoir, which does not refill, and the potential collapse of that reservoir plus collapse of areas where gas and oil have been taken, and all the other problems that could affect food in this country. There is NO discussion of food in this list from Hal Turner. There will be more and more huge sink holes and the like from excess withdrawal of water. That is part of the issues in Lower California. And this is an issue all around the world from depleting ground waters, gas and oil.

These gas deposits are also increasingly susceptible to fire underground from depletion and drawing in of air.  The Council of Foreign Relations met maybe a couple of years ago and I read a piece on their website about how they think that our «bread basket» can provide for American growth for a really long time and we could sustain a couple hundred more million people? Insane.

Hal Turner:
Thursday, March 13, 2008


Word has begun leaking from last night’s special, closed-door session of the United States House of Representatives.  Not only did members discuss new surveillance provisions as was the publicly stated reason for the closed door session, they also discussed:

The imminent collapse of the U.S. economy to occur by September 2008,
The imminent collapse of US federal government finances by February 2009,
The possibility of Civil War inside the USA as a result of the collapse,
Advance round-ups of "insurgent U.S. citizens" likely to move against the government,
The detention of those rounded-up at "REX 84" camps constructed throughout the USA,
The possibility of retaliation against members of Congress for the collapses,
The location of "safe facilities" for members of Congress and their families to reside during expected massive civil unrest
The necessary and unavoidable merger of the United States with Canada (for its natural resources) and with Mexico (for its cheap labor pool),
The issuance of a new currency —THE AMERO— for all three nations as the proposed solution to the coming economic Armageddon.

Members of Congress were FORBIDDEN to reveal what was discussed.  Several are so furious and concerned about the future of the country, they have begun leaking info.  More details coming later today and over the weekend. SPREAD THE WORD!!! from Hal Turner Show,


Hi all, I am adding a little PS;  Go to Hal’s site above and find the article on the front page. There are so far over 70 comments posted to it, and you can read them by clicking on it. Add a comment if you wish, its’ easy on Haloscan commentary features. Some dude posted" What would Jesus do? Will I had a bit of fun, don’t know if it will be allowed, as it is moderated, but I said that Jesus just Posted what he would do, on my site, under the name Christ Michael!!!!!!!!   I will check later to see if my post made muster and the response if any to it!!!

It Appears the False Flag Attack Will Happen
Thursday, July 24, 2008
Taken from:

Christ Michael:

Hello, beloveds, I am back, after a hiatus from the previous material. I am not going to further on what I have given above, but add instead a bit of some more other information.


(I didn’t even think about this statement when I posted the piece. I decided to not post our previous piece we were working on yet, and thus I should have removed the above statement. Just remove it from your translations, and start with "Barack Obama…)

Christ Michael:

Barack Obama is being prepared to return to the United States and may possibly not complete his full schedule of events, having already canceled meeting the troops in Germany.

Their game is still on, beloveds, we thought possibly they were delaying it, the activity quieted, but indeed it is still on. We are unable to give dates still, regards the false flag attacks on America, but it does appear they will be sequential instead of all at the approximately same time.  It is important for you ones to keep the faith and let people know this is a false flag.

Right now, it appears George Bush will continue in office, (that is, the clone), but also possible, depending on the games to be played, that he will be «ousted» along with the others and Obama possibly falsely installed. They have a number of possible scenarios planned and we don’t know which one. Obama is NOT in line to become President in any legal manner according to your constitution.  As you know, if the President is killed, resigns, or is incapacitated in any manner, the office then falls then to the Vice President, and then on to the Speaker of the House and none of these individuals will likely be placed into office. You are not ready for Nancy Pelosi, and neither are «they».

I hope all of you have taken some precautions such as being prepared for electricity outages. It matters not if the lights are turned off by intent or from the results of damage. This will allow work in the darkness of night. As I have stated we will NOT allow harm to come to ours who have agreed to serve, (that doesn’t mean you do not prepare), and we will not allow the taking of anybody into concentration camps. Please make sure you have gas in your cars, food not requiring refrigeration, (and you can eat first that food which does!), flashlights and candles and the like. If any of you are known to be on water that is pumped to you using electricity, you must also the minute any of this happens, put aside some water and quickly.

Those of you who own guns, make sure they are operating and you have ammunition. This is not so much to protect from the military but to protect against those that may be out of control. During this time, there are those who are secretly with NATO and the UN who will be activated and who have no problems serving the New World Order. If arrests are made it is likely foreigners under these uniforms who will carry out the deeds. These are primarily Mexican and Russian Nationals. These ones are still here, your Russians, they have never left that were placed into this country over the years and doing menial jobs in your country, waiting their time.

WE HAVE DISABLED ALL THE APPARATUS ON CELL TOWERS THAT WOULD HAVE ACTIVATED SOME OF THESE ONES AND MANY OF THE CHRISTIANS UNDER THAT CONTROL MECHANISM, SO DO NOT FEAR THAT WHICH WE LONG AGO DESCRIBED AS POSSIBLE. There will be no one receiving electronic sound orders through the towers. But there are plenty of others but awaiting their call, uniforms ready, to spring into service if required, and these ones in leadership of these groups have communications equipment with secret channels to receive information.

We have some plan in this, but not to be disclosed at this time. WE shall observe the results in the United States and abroad for that matter, but this particularly involves the response of Americans. Initially, of course, nearly all Americans will think this an outside attack, but as NATO and UN troops make their appearance, we hope that will change. Undoubtedly the Internet will be taken down for a time since thereon resides the truth.

We will do some hidden protection as above. We have some plans but for the most part, Americans will experience this as they experience it, without our apparent presence. I suspect you will all be reporting a number of mysterious fireballs however. (Emissions from shuttlecraft.)

We can’t at this time show ourselves as this could be turned into an «alien attack» and that will not do. It is not in the plans however, at this time, for this game.

I wish you well. I hope for your support. I expect you to do your own work in this and see where it takes you. This is a time for great growth. We hope such growth will occur in many in the population. We hope we will see the growth in the rest of the world; particularly governments who have refused to stand up to the United States, or are part of the problem. It will be interesting to the reactions of government in Europe. They are NOT immune to another false flag, so perhaps this will serve as an awakening to them.

I personally hope this additional address, read by the Dark Brotherhood, will assist them in deciding it is NOT a good idea to continue with this. And, dear Dark Brothers, this is because the American People are NOT used to being treated this way, the installation of martial law planned, and I think it will backfire hugely on you when all is said and done. These ones are not used to discomfort, nor are they used to foreign troops on their soil and they will not tolerate American troops and police manhandling them. Take that in consideration. I have faith the failing churches will see the act, wise up and rise up.  Salu, Christ Michael/Aton.


My personal plea is that those of you in the military who have failed to protect the people of this country from the rogue government will now step into your shoes and find your courage.  Also, to our readers I have a piece CM gave me about a week ago, not fully finished, but he suggested I post it, but I am not posting it as part of this. Maybe tomorrow. I am not exactly a happy camper right now.

Heads Up to Prepare
Tuesday, July 22, 2008
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Hi everyone, just a "heads up" or better yet a "heads down", the attacks may occur soon while Obama is overseas. He went in a special 747, especially fixed up for him and repainted. That was actually on TV today. Interestingly, a person who posts really good dreams on some forums, had one where Obama was flying in Air Force One, accompanied by 2 fighter jets, over an emergency in this country. This person had the dream a couple of months ago.

And CM has agreed that while Obama is overseas now, this is the possible game. My team will not go right away if this attack occurs, and I have been busy making sure I can make do if I don’t have utilities, especially electricity for a few days. Please if you live in any of the 4 suggested cities, Denver, Chicago, Kansas, and Texas City, please make some preparations and it wouldn’t hurt to make some anyway, since I haven’t been informed of the whole game. I do have some details but can’t release them.

I had a strange experience a few nights ago. The lights suddenly went out as I was going to bed and immediately there was a big explosion. Well, under normal circumstances I would have figured this was just an explosion having various causes, but since I live in Denver, you know what my immediate reaction was!  It was frightening to me, to say the least. However there were no sirens or anything, and I figured the explosion was probably an overloaded transformer because of our heat wave here and NO rain for 6 weeks at least now, I think more.

The electricity did come back on a couple hours later, and then there was another explosion further away, but didn’t affect my electricity. I was deeply saddened again, because there are people all over the world, and especially in areas where the USA plays its games that have to live with this all the time, explosions, from acts of war, not overloaded transformers.

Anyway, I discovered a couple of my flashlights were broken and I couldn’t figure out how to get fresh batteries into my little fluorescent emergency flashlight. I gave up on the flashlights and found my lighter and lit my gas lamp, and then a candle and carried the candle around for light until I went back to bed. I couldn’t go to bed right away, I was more than a bit roused up.  Anyway, I have flashlights working now, fresh batteries, and I bought one of those lanterns with a radio in it that winds up to generate electricity. It was on sale at Wal-Mart for $15 and it comes with adaptors that will fit one of my cell phones to charge it.

To think, after using this little windup thing, that we still think we need gasoline for cars and homes. The turning parts of a car could provide all the electricity needed to drive it. Such a shame. Tesla did make the continuous running device to generate electricity that only had to be started up the first time. So after experiencing this little windup lantern, this just reinforced my sadness at what has become of this planet and what the thugs have done to it.

The reason we have this sudden stuff on TV about building wind farms, drilling offshore, making gas from coal, building 45 new nuclear reactors (McCain just announced that idea today), is because Russia and Iran have been successful in booting us out of the Middle East pretty much. Obama is over making trouble however, trying to rev up Pakistan and Afghanistan. I hope he doesn’t fly home in a nice pretty 747, escorted by air force fighter jets, to install martial law in America, after this proposed false flag attack.  Take care, Candace.

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