Are You Prepared for the Coming Earth Changes?

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Are You Prepared for the Coming Earth Changes?
By Elder Wanderer
December, 2007

Posted in this website on January 28, 2008.

What if the international power grid goes down and there’s no electricity to power all of the conveniences we take for granted? Everything that has an electrical power cord won’t work. You turn on any water faucet in your home and there’s no water. Eventually you run out of gasoline for your car and all gas stations are closed. All of the food markets are closed and out of food. There’s no electricity or fuel to heat or air condition your home. Forget about going to work, all businesses are closed. You need to walk or ride a bike to get anywhere. Are you prepared for any of this?


Sananda, Candace Frieze and many others say we need to be prepared for the inevitable: Stasis, Jupiter becoming a sun, and the 2nd Coming. There will be tough times ahead if you don’t take basic survival steps now, while there’s still a short period of time left. I have prepared the following list of things and steps you need to take care of before it’s too late.


Water is definitely my first priority and so far I have 2-30 gallon plastic containers of tap water for bathing, hand washing clothes and etc., 30 gallons of purified drinking water, which can be used for cooking also.


Food items I have stored are:  Dried fruits, nuts, seaweed, and tomatoes. Instant soups and oatmeal, canned soups, vegetarian baked beans, instant cereals, noodles and pasta, crackers, peanut butter, honey, olive oil, thyme, parsley, small cans of corn and peas, dried tofu and flavored teas.


All my dried fruits are stored in glass containers. Plastic containers have been proven to give off an odor which penetrates the foods and is harmful to your health. My dried fruits are: Apples, mango, papaya, cranberries, raisins, pineapple and apricots. All dried fruits should be soaked in water in a covered glass bowel out in the sun. Cut-up small pieces a variety with your kitchen scissors. As they soak in the water, the water becomes like juice, drink it.  


I also store my nut items in glass containers. All of the nuts must be raw and uncooked in order to retain the digestive enzymes. My dried nuts are: Walnuts, cashew pieces, macadamia and almonds. The almonds need to be blanched and the outer brown skin removed, because the brown skin is not good for digestion or your health. Look for blanched almond slices at Costco or maybe a restaurant food supply store.


I have listed dried seaweed which is available at most Asian food markets, which can be cooked or put in a glass bowel with water, out in the sun with a glass top to warm up naturally. 


I’ll be using a portable butane single-burner cook stove, which is also available at most Asian markets or possibly camping stores. These use canned butane fuel, which is easy to use.


For light during the evening hours, I have candles, small flashlights and plenty of batteries. We don’t know how long we’ll be without power and whether the candles and batteries for the flashlights will last long enough, so I have made my own solar light chandelier, which is powered by rechargeable batteries, recharged by the sun during the day. I used solar landscape lights and PVC pipe to make it.  Don’t forget matches.

I also have a PVC stand I made for out on my balcony to put the solar lights on for recharging during the day. I hung the chandelier high enough so you can walk under it, but also low enough so you can easily remove each light every morning to put outside for recharging.


You need a portable radio, with plenty of extra batteries, and I also have a portable CD player for music. My portable radio is also a cassette recorder, for my thoughts.


The Master Jesus said we should be eating a third of what we normally consume, and each mouth full of food should be chewed 40 times before swallowing, which is necessary for our saliva to mix properly with the food to activate digestive enzymes in the food.


You’re going to be washing your clothes by hand, so you need 2 containers for this, one wide one for washing and a pail type for rinsing the clothes, also a small scrub brush is important for small stains. Use liquid laundry soaps rather than powdered.

Stock up on personal needs also like: Toothpaste, liquid hand soap, shampoo, hair conditioner, hand and body crèmes, toilet paper and paper towels. Remember the shower doesn’t work so you need to take sponge baths, use shampoo and hair conditioner sparingly to save more water, and wash from your head down.

Most important is not to panic, take control of your actions like never before, wear good sunglasses when going outside during the day. Spend some time writing down or recording your thoughts and what’s happening around you. Meditate, Meditate, and Meditate some more. Help others and give sound advice.

 Emergency To-Do Check List 


2 containers of faucet water for bathing, each container with a 30 gallons capacity

30 gallons of purified water for drinking and cooking

Food to Store

Dried fruits




Instant soups (that do not need a can opener)


Canned soups

Vegetarian baked beans

Instant cereals

Noodles and pasta


Peanut butter


Olive oil



Small cans of corn

Small cans of peas

Dried tofu

Flavored teas

Dry Fruits













Cashew pieces


Almonds (blanched)


Items to Buy

Portable butane single-burner cook stove


Small flashlights

Plenty of batteries


Solar light chandelier

Portable radio with plenty of batteries

Portable CD player for music

Sunglasses for Jupiter Event


Wide container for washing cloths

Pail container for rinsing cloths

Small scrub brush for washing clothes

Liquid laundry soap


Personal Items


Liquid hand soap


Hair conditioner

Hand and body crèmes

Toilet paper

Paper towels





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