Why Are ETs Interested in Us


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Why Are ETs Interested in Us
Mike Quinsey

Article originally published on Sunday February 1, 2004 at:http://www.treeofthegoldenlight.com/Main%20Frames.htm.Published in this website on March 23, 2004.

See NESARA Law at:https://www.luisprada.com/Protected/nesara_law.htm .

One question that may be asked is why benevolent ET’s should bother themselves with Humans, and the goings on upon Earth. We are as unruly children in a nursery, at times seemingly hell bent on causing chaos and destruction. Their main reason is that generally speaking, they are certain to be extremely more spiritually advanced than we are, and from their perspective it gives them a clear view of our past, present and future. They have the ability and right, to search encoded records of everything that constitutes our history as individuals, and the whole Human Race. Through this they have become fully aware of the path we have trod, on the way to our final glorious completion of the cycle of duality. They can now see the end result of the collective efforts of all people working positively for the manifestation of Light and Love upon Earth. Also, what is becoming more apparent because of their long period of contact with us, is that they have been our Guardians for thousands of years. Many of us have our real homes with the principal groups of ET’s that have been guiding and protecting us, and are in fact here because of our wish to work in service to Man, an evolving species. The main group is the Pleiadians said to be the ones who most resemble us, and to whom we owe our initial human development. Many other groups have also had an input over millennia of time, and it has to be remembered that many, many older civilisations have come and gone without trace. There have been many cycles within cycles, as it is normal for each civilisation to ‘move on’ when its time for change arrives. Our time has arrived, because the Age of Light is here, already imposing its presence upon us.

 Whether people are ready to accept it or not, there is a majestic force behind everything, the All That Is, call it God, The Creator, it doesn’t matter what name or make any difference. As we evolve we become more enlightened, and then begin to grasp the enormity of everything, Universes and Omniverses teeming with life, could we have really doubted that there was ‘someone out there’. Dimension and yet more dimensions, parallel Universes and so it goes on, just too much for our finite minds to comprehend. No wonder we need to be gently led to the Truth, by those who have gone before. Yet, in reality we have already travelled the higher path down to these dimensions, and deep within our sub-consciousness the memories still exist. There can be no doubt that we volunteered for the experience of duality, which is a noble cause. When this cycle is completed many other Beings are waiting to use our knowledge, because in the scheme of things we will have made it unnecessary for them, to have to go through that experience themselves. Our memories, and the purpose as to why we came to Earth in the very beginning, have necessarily been veiled from us, to save us from agonising through being parted from our happy state of bliss, in the higher dimensions. It easy to see as a result of this, that ‘First Contact’ will be a great coming together and re-union of friends, and family, that we will instantly know are ‘ours’.

Earth is a very special planet, not quite the centre of the Universe as was first thought, but it is nevertheless considered to be very important in its role, as the home for the experiment of duality. It has been carefully protected to ensure that there was no undue interference by negative ET’s. This was necessary because ‘freewill’ was granted to those taking part in duality, and without this freedom we could not have en-acted our many lives, serving and experiencing both the dark and the Light. Through our experiences and the challenges we have accepted, we have grown immensely, something that could not have been achieved so easily had we simply stayed in the higher dimensions of Harmony and Balance. Again because of ‘freewill’ it was not known what we would have achieved at the end of the cycle. Even up to the end of the last century, the outcome was still very fluid and uncertain, several realities were being created. From one extreme to the other, we could have destroyed Earth, but fortunately through our response to the recent great outpouring of Light, and the strong Will and Desire of the people for peace and not war, disaster was averted. Instead we chose to close this cycle by bringing Love and Light to Earth. We can take credit for that freewill choice, and know that in having done so, through Universal Law, we have attracted our ET friends and great spiritual Beings to Earth, who are responding to a like vibration. They have added their energies to ours, and it has quickened the increase in our vibrations, even further. It brings us the realisation that we have so much to thank our friends for, and in reality they have never been far away from us at anytime. Unseen for most of the time, but always keeping up with our progress without infringing our freewill, trying to influence us for our good, but like caring parents, allowing us to experience through our own choice. One might argue that the Supreme Creator would always have had a perfect plan in place, and that our success was guaranteed, but even so, we still had to play our part without the benefit of that knowing.

For some time, ET’s have amassed their fleets of spacecraft in and just outside of our Solar System, they claim to have over one million at the ready. Some are enormous Mother Ships that are up to many hundreds of miles long, craft so large that they are great cities and totally self-contained. When it was envisioned that they might have to take many off the Earth for their protection, within some craft, the atmospheric conditions of Earth were replicated for our comfort. We surely have to expand minds to try and comprehend the scale of first open contact, and to realise that any promises made to us by ET’s are backed up with resources and technology beyond our understanding. At a stroke, they can equip us with all the necessary means to change our dependency on fossil fuels. Travel will be achieved by using free energy that is of course non-polluting. Magnetic Lifters will be freely given to us for our day to day needs, and so fast and efficient, that travelling on ships will simply become a pleasurable novelty. Flight as we now know it will become immediately obsolescent, and the more familiar spacecraft available to us for long distance journeys, and solar travels to other planets.

All energy sources will change for the better; heating and lighting will be constantly and freely available to everyone. Dwellings will be quickly changed to a new design, using efficient materials, including crystal. The environment will be controlled; waste and pollution will eventually become non-existent. The knowledge of new methods of healing will be given to us. Drugs will become redundant, and colour and sound for healing purposes will come to the forefront in their place. Powerful healing by the power of thought will be taught, and equipment given us that will be miraculous in its concept, including the ability to be able to ‘re-grow’ injured or missing limbs.

In short time we will not recognise our Earth, as it will have advanced thousands of years in development, in a matter of just a few years. All of this is waiting to become ours, and given freely by benevolent forces who wish to see Earth soon take its place alongside them, to become a fully fledged member of The Galactic Federation.  We will become Cosmic Beings allowed to travel anywhere in the Cosmos. A great adventure awaits those who have earnt by right, the opportunity to leave Earth through Ascension at the end of this cycle. They will have mastered physicality and learnt all the lessons it had to offer. New challenges will always present themselves to such people, as evolution is ever ongoing.

At the root of all the changes about to come, the Will and Desire of the majority for complete peace on Earth, is a key factor. NESARA and ‘First Contact’ are both linked and dependent on each other for their manifestation, and answer that call we have put out for total peace in our time. But for that our ET and spiritual friends would have been forced to withdraw, and our reality path would have been quite different, indeed painful, chaotic and destructive. It was always hoped that we would take the higher path, but it was always in doubt until quite recently.

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