Why Children Should Access the Light


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Why Children Should Access the Light

Our special children can help the planet by working with the Light

 By Bryan James

Bryan James and wife

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Published in this website on December 21, 2005.

I have learned through my children’s experiences (Kevin and Katherine), that Light work is an excellent way to enhance their spiritual growth and training.   Children incarnating at this point in history have come in with a unique and specific spiritual agenda, and they know that time is of the essence for the planet. Working with the universal Light energies helps expedite their spiritual growth and awareness in several ways.  Of course, this is true for adults too.

Katherine James

Code activation

First of all, Light energy activates the coding they carry within them, that signals when it’s time to either awaken or pursue a specific course of action related to their mission.  It can also take them to a higher level.  We all have prearranged codings that were put in place for the same purpose.

Sometimes we can even tell when we’ve activated a set of codes because we may experience a significant spiritual event like a vision or series of visions.  Or, we might observe ourselves receiving (much like a computer on the Internet) a downloading of a substantial amount of information or images at a fantastic rate.  This downloading usually occurs at night when there is less electrical interference to impede the process.  For me, it often appears as a slide show stuck in ‘warp drive’ as what seems like dozens or hundreds of images and symbols are fed high speed to my soul’s consciousness.

 Spiritual tools

The Light is a wonderful tool that children (as well as adults) can gain tremendous benefit from.  The Universal Light energy is designed to flow into our energy centers (chakras) and alter our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual state, in spite of the situation we face or condition we are in.

For a child, that might mean learning to direct healing energy at an early age.  In my family, we often use the Light to cure a simple headache or even a sprained ankle.

Another use might include using the Light energy to help prepare for a school exam, or improve reading skills.  My son has gone from ‘most likely to get into trouble’ to becoming an honor roll student in an advanced program.

The Light is also very useful in helping children facilitate their personal and family relationships.  In my home, when a conversation gets a little heated, we have learned to rely on the Light energy to bring peace and forgiveness to the situation.

When I was a child, I could have really benefited from the Light’s ability to build my poise and self-confidence.  Now my children don’t start their day without a healthy dose of self-esteem brought on by the Light energies.

Kevin James

Increased vibration

One of the most important benefits from working with the Light energies is the dramatic increase in our vibrational levels.  These higher levels of frequency will prepare our children for higher levels of spiritual work.

The Light increases their effectiveness in healing and overall Light work, and helps them develop their spiritual senses (i.e., seeing, hearing, sensing, feeling and knowing).  You might find that they start seeing and hearing their angels and spiritual teachers.  Or they might just start telling us things that we would swear they have no way of knowing.

Some may hear prophetic messages or perhaps see a vision from the distant past.  Besides their angels and teachers, my children visit with fairies, devas, unicorns and other beings from different dimensions.

They also occasionally receive visits from Jesus Sananda or some famous saint from ancient times.

I still remember the many conversations the children have had with these beings and recall fondly the time Kevin tried to comfort his unicorn friend who was being harassed by a bad spirit (according to the unicorn).  Kevin sent him Light and made him feel better. 

And there was the time that I had to yell at Katherine and her angels for jumping on my bed.  Or as I mentioned in Children of the Light, the time Sananda got Katherine to get out of bed one morning after I couldn’t get her to budge. Who would have thought this was possible? 

The increase in vibration also brings with it a greater level of personal protection from negative forces and a significant increase in the number of spiritual teachers available to our children.  Besides their regular compliment of angels and guides, we can all earn up to 58 personal teachers to guide us on our spiritual path.  These may include ascended masters as well as beings from other planets and galaxies.

For the planet’s sake

One of most significant reasons for our children to use the Light is the value it provides the planet.  Our dear Mother Earth desperately needs these higher vibrations from all of us (including our children) to help heal the havoc and destruction we have inflicted on her through our war, greed and various environmental abuses.

My family’s experience has been that the more we reach out to send healing Light throughout the planet, the more thanks we receive from her inhabitants in return.  On numerous occasions we’ve received visits from the various unseen nature, animal and ocean spirits, thanking us for our efforts.  That’s one way I know that we are making a difference.

Since we always include and partner with various Federation beings in our planetary Light work, we often get special visits from them as well, as an acknowledgment of our Light work.

And through Katherine’s various conversations with Sananda about Light work, I realized how much the Holy Ones want our children to send Light around the planet to help bless and heal the afflicted of the world.  He told her to care for the poor, the homeless and the orphans.

Spiritual treasure

Another special blessing for those who work with the Light is the variety of ‘spiritual treasure’ or gifts we all receive during our meditations.

We frequently receive special etheric crosses, pyramids, stars, flowers, hearts, rings, necklaces, crowns and precious jewels (e.g., diamonds, rubies, sapphires, etc.), that are placed in our auras to provide us a spiritual boost and an increase in our vibration.  These are especially fun for the children once they are actually able to see them.

Solutions to Life’s Challenges

Imagine the tremendous benefit any child could have by growing up utilizing the universal Light energies, and how that would affect their perspective on life.  They wouldn’t have to see problems and challenges as insurmountable barriers.

Whatever situation they find themselves in, they will know and have confidence in an effective tool that will support and comfort them during the good times and bad.  They can look to the universal Light energy to help see them through a crisis.

So they won’t have to feel like a victim, and they’ll never feel like they just need to give up!  Regardless whether their difficulty is related to their health, personal relationships, finances, or world events, they know they will always have an almost magical solution, a source of unlimited power to turn to, which will provide them with unshakable peace of mind. Our children will learn valuable principles of how their thoughts, words and actions generate creative energy and they will learn to monitor themselves to ensure they create positive, beautiful energy.

They will learn to be positive in a crisis (e.g., kind, loving, forgiving, gracious, pure, patient, etc.) by using the Light effectively, because they will know that whatever they set in motion is exactly what they are going to get back (i.e., cause and effect, sowing and reaping).

When they see someone upset or depressed, they will know how to help diffuse the situation by sending them the appropriate Light energy.  And best of all, as they develop that trust in the Light and in themselves, they will begin to remember and acknowledge who they truly are and what they came here to accomplish.

 The Training of Young Lightworkers

How Light beings support the spiritual development of our children

 As Indigo children of Light, Kevin and Katherine (like some other extraordinary children) became consciously aware of their unique life purpose at a very early age.  At age six, Katherine had remembered and shared with me why she chose me as her father.  She had an inkling of her life mission, and she knew I would support her agenda and help her see it through.  At about the same time, Kevin at age eight, was getting messages from angels and other beings of Light announcing his commitment to help save the planet.

Every person is special and unique in some way, but these children often come to Earth very aware of their specific spiritual purpose, and we have to respect and acknowledge them for that.  One way we can support them and their life agenda is to teach them about the Light.  Learning about the Light energies will also activate the children’s soul memories deep within, bringing to Light their specific for this life.

As my children interact with the Light on a daily basis, I’ve become increasingly aware of just how important their Light work is by the many visits and conversations they have with various Light beings.  These spirit beings from higher dimensions constantly remind them of their special role for the planet, and even support them in their training and development.

Besides their angels, one very recognizable guest of Katherine and Kevin has been the being we’ve all call to know as Jesus Christ (now often referred to as Sananda).  It seemed that his primary interest during these interactions has always been the children’s Light work.  A constant source of encouragement for the children, he seems intent on having them do their part to bring Light to the planet.

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The following excerpts from my book, Children of the Light, demonstrate just how active he is with the children in preparing them for their mission.

Katherine:  «Jesus has appeared to me several times in the Light. Sometimes he’s with my angels and sometimes he’s by himself. He is always surrounded in different colored Lights . . . Jesus gave me a hug and we talked about the Lights.  He told me about what it was like in Heaven. He said that it was beautiful and the angels are very beautiful too. . . I didn’t know much about the Lights, so He talked to me about them. He told me how to send the Lights. He said to send the Light to the children who were recently kidnapped and died and also to the poor and homeless.»

Occasionally, Katherine received visits at school.

Katherine:  «At school, I see him sometimes and he tells me about the Lights, and I ask him questions.  He tells me how to do important things.  Jesus told me there are some things I can tell people and some things I can’t, because some things are very important and it might make me nervous to talk about them.  At school, we have to put our head down when somebody in class is naughty.  Sometimes, I see Jesus and the angels floating around, and I talk to them in my mind so my teacher doesn’t hear me. I don’t want her to think I’m crazy or something. They say hello to me and ask me how I’m doing or what I’m doing.  If I’m doing Math, I tell them, «Math.» They ask me what Kevin is doing and ask what I’m going to do when I get home.  Then I usually have to go because the teacher lets us put our heads up again.  I quickly say, «Bye, I got to go.»

At the time, I thought it was interesting that Sananda spent most of their time together talking about the Light, and explaining how to help the needy people of the world.  But it wasn’t until he came several times later while she was awake, that I realized how much he wanted her to work with the Light.

Katherine:  «Jesus taught me how to see homeless children and children who are poor, were stolen (kidnapped) or don’t have families. You have to lie down and close your eyes and focus on the children you’re trying to see.  But it takes practice.  He said that is also how I can see more angels and God.  It takes a lot of focus. I’m trying to work on seeing Jesus and Michael so I can tell them when to make the bad people go away, and I also give the children some Light.  Jesus also comes to me in my dreams and teaches me.  It’s like taking an enrichment class at school.  He teaches me to see  the Lights I’ve not seen yet.  Jesus is very nice to other people and me.  He brings down the Lights for them, and when people get the Lights, it makes them happy.»

During his visits, he also taught Katherine how to do her meditations properly.

Katherine:  «Children can sit down or lie down on their back. One time while meditating, I had a visitation from Jesus and he told me not to lie on my side (because it affects the energy flow). He told me to say: «Dear Heavenly Father, Holy Mother God, please send me down the (name any) Light to all of my energy centers (chakras).  I thank you that this is so.  So be it.»

During their training sessions together, Sananda and Katherine discussed posture during meditation, what to say, who to send the Light to, how to see it better and how to further develop her clairvoyance. This reinforced for me just how useful Light work is for the planet, and how helpful it is for a child’s spiritual growth.

It also underscored in my mind how important the Light work is to those in the etheric realms, and how much they want us to use it for the world’s sake.   It’s also become very obvious to me that even the children are badly needed for the Light work, and in many cases, they’ll probably be as effective as, if not more so than an adult.

Besides their angels and Sananda, Katherine and Kevin also receive visits during their Light work from their guides, fairies, devas, unicorns, people from ancient times, and beings from different dimensions.  They often have a special message or word of encouragement to impress upon the children the importance of what they’re doing.

As other parents of Indigo children know too well, each day brings new and often life-altering experiences for our children (and us) as we observe them on their spiritual path. These children are so great and they can teach us so much, if we’ll just let them. I’m so impressed and delighted with their child-like ‘everything is possible’ innocence; the very attitude Sananda recommended we take in approaching our lives.

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