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Together We Have Made Known the Unknown



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Together We Have Made Known the Unknown


 Christ Michael, Sananda Immanuel, Monjoronson and Candace Frieze

#63, October 24, 2006

Tsunami Papua, New Guinea, 1998


Taken from: Published in this website on November 4, 2006.  Read also these related messages about Earth depopulation and Earth changes:
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Hello everyone, it has been a long tough past weekend for our star folks. There was an intense meeting of minds this weekend, and the end result was the dark continuing to put up both middle fingers in complete obstinacy. I sensed this throughout the weekend, and was getting the busy signal a lot. Our dark friends are just refusing to be friendly, and are not coming around. So the game plan is going to change a little bit.


I have been involved in a discussion today and was asked my personal opinion of where we should go next. There are basically two options, leave, or step up, and get this done. There is not middle option. GAIA, Urantia, just doesn’t have much more time for the fooling around and the planet must come first. This is a grand seed planet for the development of new life forms and new souls and it will not be lost to the dark. This piece is tough in a few places, the information difficult for some. You will understand the title I chose for the piece in the final comments at the end by Christ Michael. This is a long piece, make yourself comfortable before you begin. First Christ Michael will speak.


Christ Michael:


Candace is jesting a bit this afternoon, a pleasant change from this morning. She just told me that it’s my turn, I am now on the stage. I am always on the stage of Nebadon, my beloveds. So where do we go now? As I suggested through Sally, Jess, and Rae, enough is finally enough. I am a loving God, beloveds, and to uncreate one of my creations is not a pleasant chore for me. I am so very patient and thought it best to let the Lucifer Rebellion runs its course, as evil always drowns itself eventually.


So many of you joined with me and came to the rescue. I am in continual joy over this. But we were not successful in converting all of the dark back to the Light, and it is with great sadness that I must now do some uncreation of mine own. It was hard with Lucifer. In his choosing his own uncreation, rather than taking the necessary rehabilitation journey for his missteps, it was like he was going to have the final say, one way or the other. He was amongst my brightest, beloved, and he won the post of Lord of Satania because I thought he saw the vision of this system in my universe, of the system in which Urantia is a part.


Urantia, beloveds, is the major seed planet of my realm. It is also one of the most beautiful planets to come into existence. It was a prized piece of «real estate» by many, and fought for. Although there have been significant rebellions in other areas of Nebadon, it was most intense in this region. Lucifer saw my vision of allowing extensive free will, but something corrupted his idea of it, and in this he decided he would totally run his own show without the assistance of the higher structures in place.


I do allow exemplary free will that many other universes have not allowed. My thinking in this was to produce the best of the best, for those future universes to come forming in outer space. As I have said before, in case some readers missed it, you are the Creator Beings to come for them. There are no more Creator Sons coming from Paradise, you shall be them. This does remain, here on my beloved Urantia, your playing ground to grow up some more.


So where do we go today? It has been discussed the possibility of just lifting you all off, and sending you back home, and allowing the planet at least a pole reversal to cleanse it. This would produce a lot of re seeding efforts to be done, more than currently needed, because much destruction of life would come as a result. We have reseeded the planet twice from rollovers in the past.  If I were to pull away my support at this time, the planet would correct herself starting in a couple of weeks and it would be massive.


I have given more than enough time now, for those that are resistant to the ways of Heaven, to change of their minds. The time draws near for continuing catastrophic changes. We can’t hold the planet this way forever. The pollution is horrendous. The peoples for the most part are still ignorant of the processes of God. It is for a planetary people to solve their problems, from within, and this is not occurring. The dark side has been quite successful in their programs with religion and politics in preventing people from standing in their shoes. America, the shinning light, is in many ways the most behind of all the countries in the world. Religion is much to blame for this.


Even New Age has been infected. There are so many who will not look at the ugly parts of this planet and do something about it assuming instead that positive thoughts are totally enough and lots of prayers will work. Many of you continue to want your form of the rapture, liftoff, and having us solve all your problems.


I have determined there shall be no liftoff. I still want my future «gods» to grow some more. I will not walk away and I ask that you come further into service and don’t walk away either. Service is in the doing, beloveds.  You must do.  «Being» is supposed to be a term of action, not of rest.  Being is doing.  Together, we will «do.»


The game plan hasn’t changed with the exception that the dark are truly going to begin leaving the planet in great numbers now. For the most part, they are going to have heart attacks. I am still awaiting the choices of a few, because I think when they see the evidence in front of them, they will awaken. We know which ones will not, and they shall be gone, their place not found anymore.


There are going to be the quake activities in California. There are going to be quake activities continuing in the various areas around the world that have depleted oil beds, the resettling of surface plates will happen, is happening. There is going to be massive population loss over about the next five years. My beloved Urantia cannot sustain this overpopulation any longer. Despite the recent losses the last few years, the population on the surface has grown to over 7 billion right now. As you have read in a variety of sources, the ideal population for this planet is between ½ and 1 billion. 1 billion with lighted technology is the max.


This is because this is a seed planet. It must have its wildlife, the growing of new souls on the majority of the planet. Man was meant to be the caretaker of this planet and was not meant to populate it in high numbers. There are other planets that do maintain a much higher population of man, by whatever form it appears on them, but these have very «modern» technology and are at peace with all groups. Many of the planets in Light and Life are fairly heavily populated, which is why some of you believe that all can live in comfort on this planet because that is in your memories.


But on this seed planet that is not the case. Man must live in certain areas away from the wild, so that the wild population can grow and multiply. The purpose of man is to provide the vehicles through which the wild population graduates into. And on this seed planet it is possible for several species to attain human-level intelligence. The species most likely, under ultimate conditions to do that on Urantia, besides the human form you know, would be the cats and elephants. Yes, there are elephant people, have you not heard of Ganesh, the elephant God? You will meet Ganesh one day as he is aboard the [ship] Capricorn.


I have a nice little addition to put in here at this point in this piece. Most animals on this planet do not receive thought adjusters until they have their first human life, and sometimes several human lives. We are seeing increasingly many cats, some dogs, and some elephants obtaining this while still in their animal bodies. And I am so pleased about this. This is a good sign, really it is. Candace has experienced two beloved cats in her life recently that have obtained this lofty goal which occurs when an animal or a human becomes self-determinate. Develops «will.»


The Father’s will, beloved, is a term so poorly understood on Earth. This is why a fragment of the Father comes to them, because they have done something of consequence that is self-determinant. They stay in this «I AM» and their eternal journey is reborn. It changes its direction. They have «been» for so long learning the lessons of survival and existence largely in some ways out of their control other than to move on. But one day, a being, regardless of the body type, says, «I AM.» I exist; I control what I become, I run my journey.


And sadly, ½ of the population in human bodies on this planet does not do that very often while in life. These are the robotoids, the downgraded human DNA that the dark put upon the planet to arrest the process of evolution and keep themselves some slaves. These folks are totally new souls; they don’t have the memory of being tulips because they have not been so. It is much the same as a clone. They do on occasion get thought adjusters, around 10% of them. Otherwise they return to a special and abnormal group soul and try again over and over. Many have to be uncreated because they have no concept of God and do the biding of the Beast. This will be changed but that is a topic for another discussion at this point. This is a huge loss to the creation scheme, a great saddening to all to watch.


All right, time to return to the original topic here, the game plan. We stay the course, with the exception that many dark are going to be leaving the planet very rapidly now. Some will be taken; others will pass because of the vibrations. I had hoped the dark would pick up on the event of October 17 but this did not happen.


A quick note about October 17.  Beloveds, October 17 was the day that you were awaiting in 2012. The calendars are off for a variety [of] reasons. When the Maya wrote that calendar it was based on the known cycles of that time, and time has changed. One of the first things to do, regards time, is to change your calendars because Earth now has a 360 day year. This is why your seasons are coming early in addition to the changing of the tilt.


As you see in this, the date supposed for 2012 is but a date. It is not Ascension Day.  Ascension occurs not on a date but rather when the planet makes that step.  Ascension Day is when the Earth moves into monopolarity, Light and Life.  There is not a predictive date of this.  When GAIA and her inhabitants make the desirable changes, and move into unity consciousness, Earth will Ascend. That remains the goal.  We are not doing a lift off so that that goal will be attained. To do a lift off and reseed the planet would delay that goal.


Ascension Day, when it comes, will be marked by the installation of the morontia temples. This is the Advent of God, beloved, the advent of enough God consciousness on the Earth plane to move into this higher state. It does not come until it comes. This is behind the story in the bible that only the Father knows. This is the true Second Coming, the Advent of God, when a planet enters in the hallowed stages of Light and Life.  My Second Coming event is an event to jump start the process and wake people up.  It is not the movement into Light and Life.


I think it is now time to give the stage over to Sananda, I have said enough for the time being. Namaste, be in Peace. I am Christ Michael, Aton, the Father of Nebadon.




Good afternoon, my dear friends and fellow journeyers on Urantia. My, but we have a lot still ahead. Our patience has worn off however. I am greatly saddened, almost depressed of this final state of unrelenting resistance to growing up. There are many I had sincerely hoped would turn around. As said above, the planet comes first. She shall not be lost. She shall not be destroyed by the pollution, both to her life, atmosphere, and the mind of her peoples.


This is now largely «my show» as Planetary Prince, still waiting to be announced more publicly. We will have the event as planned that has been awaited. I cannot give certain details right now but I can say that many will be rather suddenly replaced so that the job gets done.


We will be taking over the television cable system in the USA as planned and we will be giving a great deal of education from the Capricorn. There will be «star people» in charge of it and participating on it as appropriate because we must become known so as to not scare the pants off of Earth’s residents when we do commence the Second Coming event. It needs to be seen as a joyous and sacred event.


We will be stating who we are and why we are intervening. I will be one of those star people during this time. I will be on TV, beloveds.  It is necessary.  The Christian folks, so manipulated in the Western Hemisphere and Europe, need to see me.  It is time.  I have grown my hair again and I «look» as they expect me to look.  I’ll even don my white robes for this purpose. Many will see my golden halo; we are working the TV energies so that this will show up on screen.  During this time we will explain that they have been conned for some time now, that a rapture away to a distant misunderstood heaven is but a fake story to keep them from becoming involved in doing God’s work. The truth will be given.


What will happen in this?  I haven’t a clue.  Many will rejoice, others will not be able to come out of their preconceived box put in place to box them in.  Some will be angry, some will feel stupid but I sadly think that most will be rejecting for a time. So many still want the big Mid East war to usher in Armageddon, their style. But again, many are beginning to question how the Republican Party, at least in the USA, has misled them. Armageddon merely means the changing of the old into the new. It does not require horrid wars.


In this long wait we have done much, my beloveds. We are still ahead of the game for this. We have taken the concepts of NESARA to new heights. We have 106 global central banks involved. NESARA, its concepts, were made part of the Second Coming period, the period initiated by the Second Coming event that will lead to the real Second Coming: the Advent of God Consciousness upon this lovely planet, so long delayed.


I know this wait, that we did not fully foresee has been long for those of you who read these messages. Remember that the rest of the world is unaware of this by and large. You have had a little treat in the giving of this knowledge. Yes, we hoped the dark would capitulate after April 3, 2005, when they received the stand down orders of Nebadon. These were on special paper in which there was a laser 3D-type hologram with the Nebadon symbol upon it. This should have left little doubt of the intent of the notice to stand down. We really thought most would stand down, and we were in error in this. But out of error comes great growth, beloveds, for we then took the NESARA idea to global heights. And so it shall be global, not all at once, but it will move a lot faster than had it occurred only in the United States.


Al Gore will be installed and he is held in great safety right now as well as his family. He will hold the position until at least 2008, and maybe for a full four years before re-elections. This is because the American people are not ready for any sort of re-election in a few months. It is because there are catastrophes coming to the United States, the several earthquakes coming to California, the Gulf of Mexico, possibly some volcanic eruptions of significance and the total stress to the American people of seeing their government tossed aside and made new.


There must be one leader in command during this time and not lots of changes in the administration. Al Gore is the real deal. We have had many meetings with him. In a way, it is a blessing that he did not become president back then allowing America to see the degradation in Washington. He would not have been able to prevent 911 that would have happened on his watch anyway because the President is a figurehead in the United States and not really in power, especially the current residents of the White House.


There are some of you who need to consider getting into the political arena and changing it from what is it into sacred leadership. I expect to see, after the government is stood down by us, many of you entering into the ideas behind WE ARE ONE WORLD, recently created, to serve the idea of the civic responsibilities needed around the world to bring unity consciousness to reality amongst the nations.


You will become ONE WORLD. You will do this by your conscious choices and involvement, rather than have forced upon you the New World Order scheme of slavery. Entry into the hallowed state of Light and Life must come only by the conscious direction of the people, by the people, for the people. It’s in the American Constitution, beloveds, and this must spread to all of the world.  I will be there to assist and advise but you must make it so. You will bring Heaven to Earth and return Earth to Heaven.


Now, where is the rest of the world in the progression of changes we have begun? Mostly into support. Putin remains with us but is having one hell of a time with some of the power mongers under him. Many of his brightest committed to this were murdered by helicopter crash on September 11 of this year. Around the world, those in resistance will be dying in their sleep and be gone. Some you will hear of, some you will not know and media will not cover it. This is going to prevent the need for many trials, which would further be used to delay everything. They will simply be gone. End of story for them. It is so very time for this now.


The new president of Mexico is a major thorn in our sides right now. We have made great progress with Great Britain and Tony Blair has capitulated but is a real mess and unsuitable to lead, and he will be moved out of the way. It has not been determined whether he will face trial or go another way. Monjoronson is quite busy with his trial system in place at this time, and these types don’t need to face an Earth-type trial with much paying off and delays by their criminal lawyers.


When will we take over the TV and start all of this?  I won’t give the dark side a date but it is quite soon. It could be tonight, it could be a few weeks. There must be suspense and some secrecy yet. I so long for when more can be open, the secrecy gone, the truth stated.  We aren’t taking over the TV worldwide, that is too large a project, part of the problem being language issues and the large coordination. It is enough to take over in the United States and other services will pick it all up. Some coverage will be supplied in Great Britain also as part of the take over.


We plan to own the TV in America for around two weeks. There are capable media people in place to handle special news as required. The exact time is not determined because all can’t be known in advance of the requirements. This is an unusual event for which we have no previous practice. It will depend much on the response of the American people.


The Second Coming event will happen shortly after this, after preparation as I have covered above. There is quite a beautiful show planned. And there will be more cleansing also during that process. There is something special that will occur during it, and you will not know what that is until after the fact.


When will the big funds be available? After the Second Coming event. The Federal Reserve will be out of business when we take over the television but during the roughly two-week period of education, it is not the time to also be delivering funds. It is also not the time to deliver any paper work because this puts a spotlight on those that are the major recipients of the funds.


In the United States the decimal point will be moved over one place to partially restore the many years of inflation. In Japan, which has had far more inflation than the United States, it will be moved two places. There will still be the restoration of monies for years of banking fraud and fraudulent taxation, as given by Germain in the past. The date is not yet determined for this, but in about a year. Much of the timing is around the American people and their waking up to the responsibilities of that issue in that they can’t just «take this job and shove it.»




For those not resident in the United States, there will be refund programs in many countries around the world according to the graft, greed, and availability of monies to refund. There will be varying circumstances and timetables in the various countries. Thailand recently started its journey into the NESARA concept with the gentle coup and the announcement of a temporary president followed by new elections at some suitable point.




Many jobs will be lost in the banking industry, the money industry, period, and with the loss of everything the Federal Reserve system and Internal Revenue system created. There are plans in place to provide temporary financial aid to those affected. You will find yourselves, beloveds, needing to work fewer hours, as these people enter into other industries. This is why there will be so much teaching. Your public service TV channels will be doing a great deal of teaching in this area over time.


I will still be going to Jerusalem after the Second Coming event. I will be on the Capricorn for my living, for my safety, but I will shuttle into protected areas to begin the teaching that must happen in that region. The big world war planned was abated by us in the Lebanon war recently. That did not come to fruition because we planned quite an attack on Tel Aviv if Israel and the USA did not back off. We had everything in place at that time. When the time came, we would have given notice to workers on the night shifts to get them out of harms way and then we were going to level every single government building in Tel Aviv. They got the message!


ISRAEL was never a country, beloved, not even back in the olden days of Palestine.ISRAEL is a term for the trinity of God, not a place. The country will be renamed after it makes amends with the other Palestinians in the region.  It was planned by the dark controllers to own a huge region as Israel including parts of Egypt, the Sinai, most of Iraq, all of Jordan and Lebanon. The dark side considered this the original area of Palestine. Of course, they really intended to own the world. That has not happened as Russia and China didn’t cooperate with this.


Where is China? Cooperative and very helpful in this stupid creation of the dark around North Korea. They hoped to get the Chinese into war as part of this, and that is not going to happen. The war was to have China attack the United States.  China has, with currency games, quite nicely accomplished this.  China can’t be attacked by missiles. They have the technology, as does Russia, of the plasma shield. Ask Candace how well it works!  The New World Order is quite out of control now, both literally and figuratively, and falling in on itself. We will further assist this rapidly. Your Tell-A-Vision should be rather entertaining to watch while you await our take over of the cable TV system.


Now, beloveds, with this little update, please return to your dreaming of how you will come into action. Stop the nonsense of waiting for god, guides, angels, and psychics to tell you of your purpose. Your purpose is what you say it is, on a 4D planet, and you are now a 4D planet.  See the little film out, The Secret, to get an idea of teaching to prepare the planet for life in 5D and above. There is no blackboard in the sky with your purpose written on it. Some of you did incarnate with a purpose but possibly it has changed. Go about seeing where you yourself fit into the puzzle rather than seeking outside sources to guide you.  You are your own guide.  Go with that, please.  Time now to relinquish the table to Monjoronson who has been most patient in waiting his turn. Salu, my beloveds, I AM That I AM, Sananda Immanuel Esu Kumara. (And by the way, I am known amongst my friends as Esu, (E Sue) my name given at the birth long ago in Lyra).




Will it is now my turn, after Candace took a little break to relief her sore behind despite lots of cushions on her chair. Oh, the discomforts of a physical body which I shall soon experience in great reality, my step down nearly complete!  I too shall have little problems of physicality including those produced by lack of sleep, occasional consumption of bad food and the like. I have experienced these before in my past Magisterial Missions and in my mission of Sonship Bestowal to a lovely planet sometime ago that will shortly enter into Light and Life itself. I have much to do here, during that time. I will be absent for a few weeks time when that planet does install its morontia temple and I will be present for the celebrations of going into Light and Life. And I will see Earth do this also, my friends. Two planets entering this wondrous stage rather close together in my current experience.


But I have a most wonderful staff who will be quite capable in that short absence. This is still about 5 years away for that planet. But imagine my utter joy in having made such an important contribution to that planet about 3000 years ago in your counting. It is close by, a planet actually in Satania, not affected directly by the Lucifer Rebellion but still feeling some side effects of it and necessary replacement by another of Lucifer’s position. That planet is in the very final stages of its Trinity Teacher Son mission. I am in joy of this.


And I shall be present here also because of the Correcting Time in Urantia’s moving into that grand status. How much joy we are seeing now with those planets who took part in the rebellion and in the healing they are experiencing! These others had not quite the extent of discomfort as Urantia experienced when the universal circuits were cut off. They were not made into the type of prison planet that Urantia volunteered to do.


While this planet is horrific in its condition, it is because the darkest of the dark were interned here to stop the spreading of their plagues of rebellion and unrest about Nebadon further. The Galactic Federation has pretty much now ended the long period of galactic warring that involved several universes. Peace is at hand in the galaxy now and a nicer future is portended for the younger universes of Orvonton. So be not so upset at this minuscule delay, beloveds, for it is but the death throws of the dark in action and it is controlled.


I know that many Lightworkers are not happy with delays because they see the suffering that continues. But in the larger picture the suffering is shortened for the plan has been taken globally and the global darkness is caving upon itself, the karma resolving greatly. Karma is not understood on this planet but I am not going to go into that today. Rather I should go into the coming joys and the coming tribulations.


We do not prevent the magnetics of the planet from its functions. The plates are moving because of the upward move of the vibrations of the planet.  This is for the good, a natural process of physics.  We can’t prevent what will happen on the coastal regions of the ring of fire, my friends; the planet must make the adjustments. This is a return to normality. It is the return to the planet’s tilt being straight up and down.


When this final change in the tilt is complete, you will have the same seasons year around. This is part of the unity concept. The more out of whack a planet is, the more tilt, the more seasonal change. I predict you will have the tilt fully corrected in about 5 more years, and the seasonal changes will stop, and so will the earth quiet a bit more also. This will occur quite some time before you enter Light and Life and will assist the process.  You will have more area to farm and thus grow your food. Crop production can go on constantly.




When the change back to straight up and down is finished, we will have year around growing conditions. Time will seem to change in a way because it will be more difficult to measure the year, without the climate changes. However the moon revolving and the changing patterns of the stars in the sky will still assist and of course we will continue to use a calendar to mark the passing of time. For some explanation of the Morontia Temple and Light and Life, check with Paper 55 of the Urantia Book,  I suggest also reading page 578 on the value of living on a planet such as Urantia, this produces more advanced capable souls.




Now to the difficult topic of population control. You know you are very overpopulated and very under sophisticated in your knowledge of no-polluting energies. The planet must cleanse this in order to survive. This is not the angry God, this is nature. We have prevented the planet from fully cleansing during this period of your growing up.


The planet was egg-shaped, an abnormality from war activities of long ago. The rising vibrations and the work of some in specialized fields are restoring the perfect round-ship that occurs from the even pressure of cold space on the planet. This is gravity, which is a push, not a pull. All of this is essential to going into Light and Life, a part of the process. It is a good thing but the resolutions are not going to feel so good to many.


There can’t be a lift off described by some, there is not enough places to place this huge population. Not only in physical bodies but also in those that not incarnate. We have moved many to the new planet in spirit and they await bodies. We have moved some in body to start the process and will be moving more there in body commencing shortly with the Earth changes. Those going in body have to have clean uncontaminated DNA and be of reasonable purity. We are not transporting the criminal element to the new planet.  Nor can the new planet handle billions of people all of a sudden on it. Its living population of humans will initially be restricted to about 200,000. It is pristine, it will have a lot of assistance in technology to bring it up quickly but understand that we can’t move billions there to live cave-man style for a time as the billions of earth don’t have a clue of survival. There are not ready-made houses and apartments. Civilization starts from scratch there but will progress rapidly. Population growth must occur naturally and awaiting citizens in the spirit world must await their chance to incarnate.


Your interior worlds can’t handle the surface population either. When Christ Michael returned in 1954 the planet had about 2.5 billion people and now there are 7 billion. Plans were in place at that time for evacuation should it be necessary. But many would have been left behind, to likely perish, as those of God would be lifted first followed by the children who were too young to make decisions and be held responsible. Sananda Immanuel had arranged for many Pleiadian planets to accept some of you as the new planet was very immature at that time. The new planet is ready but still it is being populated also with animals necessary to life there. Man will be placed in about 5 communities to start anew. More can be transferred possibly in the future, there is much assistance.


Most of the robotic population will physically perish in the upcoming upheavals. But there has been created a special place for them in the mansion worlds, even though many, in fact most, will not obtain thought adjusters. They must not be lost to the possibility of eternal existence. Some, in the turmoil, may actually receive adjusters if they go into «will» behavior that they might not have otherwise obtained. Chaos does produce growth in many. And the point is growth in all of this.


This is a planet that is stimulating by its nature of being a seed planet. Life must be stimulated to seek survival. In the story of the first two humans in the Urantia book, they were guided north, into harsher conditions, so that they would continue the journey into problem-solving. Your many apes and monkeys have been rather stationary in their evolutionary growth because they see not point in growing. They are so very comfortable where they are, eating plants and having a good social time but not solving larger problems.


The mind grows by solving problems and that includes every entity within the entire creation. I am where I am at this point from my own experiences in the journey of serving the Father. Although I have stated I am about 3 million years old since my creation, I am fairly «young» at this time and have grown rather fast as the term goes because of my personal desires to handle great change and learn from it. My own journey is behind my selection, my resume, that I offered to Christ Michael, to be part of this grand journey of getting the dark removed from Nebadon. This will, and is yet, my most challenging journey, this magisterial mission, which has been much more than the usual magisterial mission of which I have had several such now. The Correcting Time creates quite a different experience.


Much of the population reduction will occur over the next 5 years. Mankind has brought much of this upon his self, for the lack of awareness of the larger picture. Population control comes from the will of the creature to see the larger picture, and is not successful by the means the dark side has created in attempt to bring it under control. AIDS for example, is being irradiated simply by the will to survive it! It has not worked as well as was anticipated by the dark, nor has cancer and the other attempts at this.


Man will suffer this because he has moved to the coasts and built his houses on the sand. He will suffer this because he has lost basic survival skills. He will suffer this because he placed his well being in the hands of corrupt social institutions. He will suffer this because of the depleted oil used for almost the sole energy resource on the planet and because of the use of the planet’s trees and coal also. He will suffer this because he paid no attention. The dark will suffer this because they so misled man below them and they will suffer in many cases with the loss of their identity, uncreation and the return to being tulips. But man below could have stood up a bit more before it became too late.


Some of the folks in the coming cataclysm in California and the entire Pacific rim can be helped into the underground shelters built by the dark for their escape during these times. But these are not sufficient. There will be many who are known to be of criminal elements that would not be lifted or moved into them. We shall do some lifting of some individuals. The interior United States can’t handle the fullness of this coming cataclysm. You can only do what you can do, beloveds, so do what you can do and have the experience of it all for your learning.


Russia can handle the entirety of its population underground for an extended period of time. They planned this. The United States and just about everywhere else on the planet did not. In the end times, beloved,Russia, seen as the evil one, in fact saved the day for the planet. Granted, there has been evil there, but that evil stood up and said no to the New World Order folks. And that country shall do fairly well in the upheavals to come because they have prepared for it.


But even they will see the depopulation that will occur simply from the fact that only those of high vibration can survive the photon belt effects. It is the photon belt that will cause the largest cleansing of the planet. After the Second Coming event, it is estimated, with the cleansing that will occur then, plus the dark who are not going to awaken from their sleep in rather large numbers, the planet will be around 4.7 in vibration and many can’t survive this. It is simply a fact of physics that is not understood.


Your animals will do well. The animals exist as a higher vibration already, and the photon belt will enhance them in fact as well as the plant life upon the planet.


Now an interesting topic. In one of my works with the Urantia groups, I suggested that some of you would be helped to survive that you might serve. About 1 million of you are currently undergoing de-aging while you sleep at night. This can take anywhere from a few months to 4 years depending on your health and age at the time. Some of you will simply not age further, if you are in your thirties. Some on the planet are attempting to place commercial de-aging chambers on the planet but these will not be successful in these times of the photon belt. Those that will experience de-aging have made the choice at a higher level to continue to serve through these challenging times to come and your mission statement, even if you are not aware of this process yet, has been accepted.


You are also having your immune systems upgraded via a system of vaccinations by Sky Doc Raphael’s team to prevent you from getting ill with the assorted illnesses that occur during times of upheaval.  You have been made immune in one way or the other to the dark side’s creations including, beloveds, the feared «bird flu.»  You are made immune to the damaging radiation of the photon belt.


You will survive, grandly, so put away your personal worries. If you live on a coast that can be involved it is highly suggested you move away and fairly quickly. Your guardian angels can keep you alive and safe in smaller circumstances, but not in a tidal wave.  MOVE.  If you do not trust this then you will be in trouble down the road. Read Candace’s very well-written piece about this.


There are a large number of star workers who will not have this de-aging and related benefits. This is simply because of their souls’ contracts to return home during this time, the reward for a job well done. This is personal choice and many of these will stay in dangerous areas to assist those than can be helped and be on their way when the time comes. These do not fear death, it is their release.


Some of you, who are being de-aged, have made the choice at a higher level to stay for centuries and so this shall happen. Some of you have Light Bodies in storage and will be contacted by your assorted star guardians when appropriate, and you can vacate your earth body and move back into your Light Body. There are lawyers who will be prepared to keep your citizenship wherever you reside despite the physical change of body.


A number of you who have severely damaged bodies are being cloned in a good way and will move into a new body which looks like you but will have some enhanced mental capabilities where needed. You will be more psychic, in other words. Some of you are advanced but you do not have Light Bodies in storage. Or in a number of cases, your future plans are such that you need to keep your same appearance and moving back into your Light Body is not appropriate at this time.




I am undergoing de-aging right now. It is done at night while you sleep. You may awaken with lots of intense buzzing and tingling. If you feel any pain that awakens you, let the entity working with you know, so that process can be tuned back a bit. You will likely have very strong smelling urine, bad breath sometimes and intense thirst. I myself keep a jug of water close by at night. Your skin may appear initially somewhat worse, with sloughing, and a dry appearance. I have had patches of skin peel much like it does if you have sunburn. You may find age spots falling off! You may loose a little hair temporarily.


As your move backwards in age, you may experience some cellular memory of painful conditions you may have had. I am revisiting some of my past years in this way, and it is not as uncomfortable as those years were. If you have had good health, I assume this is not a major issue. But if you, say, had a broken leg once, you won’t have another broken leg but you might have some memory of the discomfort physically from that injury. This passes rapidly. I have gone through some tendonitis-type discomfort reminiscing of some problems with it in the late 1990s. I had a short period of painful walking which I am now coming out of.




There are many 5 D folks incarnating now and they are choosing incarnations into areas of less threat. And these are bringing, as per usual, much higher DNA with them to continue to upgrade the DNA on the planet which suffered the default of the Adam and Eve mission to the planet.


Now a rather difficult topic for most of you. The dark DNA that came into the planet long ago, created by dark scientists, is going to be completely cleansed from the planet. This will take a longer time than 5 years but it must happen. Some of you, incarnate, do this quite naturally healing the defects of karma and the dark geneticists. For many of you that has been your major purpose to the planet. You have heard many stories of babies that have healed without the need for heart surgery for example. You are cleansing the DNA by your presence within it.


The entire robotic DNA will be cleansed from the planet. Much of this will happen as the natural result of death in the calamities and the work of the photon belt. Much has been improved also by the teams here in ships that have been making the robotic DNA inhabitable by you, with some of your own DNA. So if you are living already in an upgraded body, then you shall have no problems. You could not incarnate into the robotic DNA in the first place.


But the dark created this disconnected-from-source DNA as an antichrist activity to help prevent the retaking of this planet. The planet has been retaken despite this. Only 20 years ago 60% of people on the planet were robotics. Now it is 50% even under great growth in population because of modifications be made during the incarnation process.


But the dark side creation of the robotic has been the major issue in the attempt to keep the planet for themselves.  Robotics don’t solve problems well, they don’t perceive God in most cases. They don’t have a clue that they should keep their numbers in a balanced range. So the dark types fought their war in this way. But the dark side’s attempts to do away with the extra population was more directed at you, many diseases custom-made to harm the Light workers. And many of you have been helped in this.


They also put forth the stories of abduction that were not true. True, to bring in improved DNA in a sneaky way, most of you had your eggs manipulated that became your bodies over and over again, in your incarnations. But this is not abduction; this was by choice and remains by choice. The dark side has done most of the so-called cattle mutilations to create panic and fear. Those in genetics specialty assisting the planet have taken some animal samples for study, mostly to determine how the animals can be assisted to be transported to the new planet, which types will survive in the atmospheric conditions there and be of service to mankind in that place.


This new planet is not a fully evolutionary planet but rather a more customized planet. It was seeded with plant life but has not yet been seeded for animal life, so animals must be taken there. It is being put into service, having been given its life charter recently, early, because of the conditions on this planet. Over the next 20 years, many survivors of the upheavals will be given the choice of moving in body to this planet to further its population as it become able to handle it.


Both the new planet and its coming peoples must adapt to this. After the initial 200,000 placed there adapt and prepare the way, then more can come. We do not desire to transport millions to the new planet to simply watch them perish for lack of survival skills and depression. To do this would throw the planet’s magnetics out of balance and start the tilt that produces the seasonal changes reflective of negativity. That will not be risked.


I am detailing much of this because you who read these need to take this information and use it to more effectively plan your missions. I would not plan a big mission along the western coast of the USA at this time for example. You need to plan your missions around the idea that you will be dealing with a lot of death. As I said many will pass simply because of the changing vibratory level of the planet.


Some areas will be harder hit than others with disease and economic problems. It is sad to see this all come about, but so it has and could not be intervened with prior to this time. This is a special planet in special circumstances and the planet shall have its salvation as the most important seed planet of Nebadon. The purpose of which is to cause the creation of new souls and life types that can be carried elsewhere to assist the seeding of planets not fully evolutionary. There are many ways of doing things.


While you journey here, these are your lessons. You will learn just what a seed planet is and how it must be maintained. You will have seed planets under your control at some point in your distant journeys. You will, in your future journeys face trying times and you will be making tough decisions. You have chosen this experience, and you will survive it, if being a creator being in a future creation is your goal. That is why many of you are here. Others of you are helping out, and furthering your education with different goals in mind. Your eternal journey belongs to each of you alone and nobody else. Use this little missive as a guide to your game plan to come.


The magisterial mission courts are almost in full swing. We are dealing first with the most needed to be dealt with, obviously, and my tasks at hand just increased this past weekend, as the game plan is getting amended. I will soon walk the planet in a body, my body down stepped to your energy. I will get a sore behind if I sit too long too. Candace has sore shoulders today also which necessitated a break to lie down a while ago. I will not openly walk the planet until a few weeks after the Second Coming event. I will be introduced at the appropriate time on your tell-a-vision, to tell yet another vision of the coming times.


There is going to be a lot of education and few surprises shortly. We will be honest about what is going on. Many will not like it. But facts are facts and Mother Earth can’t handle the poison much longer. We must get the energy changes going also that will work in both bipolar and monopolar situations, which use zero-point energy. There are some energy changes coming that use magnets but these are bipolar and will have to be remodeled at a later date.  Remember I said your magnets will not work when you go into Light and Life.


I don’t know the ultimate population of the planet nor how long the adjustments in it will fully take. Much of that is up to you. You must become caretakers of the planet and bring about these changes. You will have great assistance. Your star visitors are generous and loving and will give the technology needed, but they will not do it all for you. You must do the planning and ask for the help. It will not be forced. This is your training ground, use it well.  The planet will have its population reduced by at least 1/3, and quite likely 2/3, depending on how the changes go and how they are reacted to. The population could be maintained at up to 2 billion on the surface and below it if the planning is very careful about preserving the wild areas and concentrating people together in groups and communities using newer technologies.


Some of the calamities will come simply from oil, coal and natural gas becoming scarce during the changing times. Earthquakes are going to upset this process a lot. Shipping changes are going to happen. In the USA you need to look at the fact that much of your goods now come from China, via COSCO and other companies, and the ports on the west coast are going to shortly be non-existent. You must get back to manufacturing your needs at home because China needs to supply itself with its own toasters and you need to make your own toasters. This type of global sales is not sustainable at all. You are going to have to get local again.


The goal of getting off money will be enhanced by getting back to community production of food and items needed. You will for a time learn to live in smaller houses because some are going to migrate before the changes inland. Housing will also be freed up inland because of the photon belt effects to a degree. You need to save those toasters so you have some when China is not able to ship to you.


You all need to go over the use of energy that is taken from the Mother and used in every sort of wasteful way. This would be a good discussion topic on the AbundantHope forums and other forums. I suggest a lot of discussion. There can’t be massive lifts as covered in this long piece. The interior of the USA can’t handle 30 million people all at once from the western coast and you can’t even evacuate the western coasts in a year if you have a year.


California will likely experience some super quakes before the event that could well topple LA into the ocean. It is time to get serious about what is coming. The population has grown so much in 60 years as to have made previous ideas not workable anymore. It is out of control and not fixable by any means other than the natural cleansing that will come.


Many organizations will probably go into disarray and fail. Look what happened even in your New Orleans situation. The government can’t be remade over night to handle these effectively. The poor peoples in Pakistan that was hit last year are still very underserved by the world community. It is time to pay for the mistakes made. It is a sad thing that the dark side has convinced those who go to church to expect rapture away to heaven. In doing so, they have disabled the survival skills of these people. They have disabled the desire to correct the problems because so many feel they will be in heaven and don’t have to face their errors. Their trip to heaven guaranteed by their belonging to the «right church» or the right religion, whatever it is they belong to. So they will experience the learning of this folly too.


Christ Michael would like to have the table again, for the final comments to this long piece. I bid you well, and I hope some of you will loose some sleep for a time, so that you might spend it in creating your creation!  Be In Peace, I know that sounds like a stupid statement at the end of this long journey into discomfort but so it may be anyway. Monjoronson at your service in the Magisterial Mission.


Christ Michael:


Hello to all again. In my recent work with Jess, I made an apology to him and all of you reading. I would like to better explain that comment. I was deeply saddened at the time, and I still am, for the changes that must be made. I maybe should have just moved forward sooner because so many have suffered in this waiting. But I love my creations and I held out until what finally became the final moment for their return to God.


The powerful of the dark, when they make the change to the Light, are very knowledgeable and these could have assisted moving the changes forward very quickly. But it was not to be apparently, and it is time to throw in the rag. How is it for you, if you have a wayward child? Do you grieve of this situation? I do, beloveds; I am the Father after all. Remember the parable in the bible of the prodigal son who came back to the father and was forgiven. I waited and I waited to forgive.


But we must finally move on, and it is time that we do so. I have felt your pain of the wait for too long now, your deprivation. I have felt the pain of those in places such as Africa as they suffered. But, beloveds, in the cleansing there is suffering in the point of view of some. Many at their higher levels know what is behind all of this. And there were those that had to feel the results through their karma of their doings in the past and this appears as suffering to you.


Candace often says she is tired of the karma stuff, the suffering by whatever cause, and this is certainly a most valid opinion and objection. But this karma, the suffering is in the astral body, it is an act of nature and physics. You build your Light Body when you substitute the electrons in your astral body for photons. This is each individual’s course and often in what appears to be a suffering is instead great growth and photons put in place. Once you graduate my universe, and most others operating in a similar manner of duality, you are all photons, beloved. And that point of when you become all photons, and no longer have an astral form, is when your journey is truly at its beginning in moving into the greater knowledge of making creation work.


A Sananda is a person, a Christ, who has graduated my universe. There are quite a number of you who are unaware yet that you are Sanandas; you are Christs. There are many of you who are in-between the state of the Sananda and the state of the Ascended Master. An Ascended Master has fused with the Thought adjuster.  And some of you are going to fuse with your thought adjuster soon or may have recently. There are many masters at various levels of development on the Earth plane.  Many masters are in those regions where there is much suffering, and although they may appear to suffer, they do not, but rather aid others in that predicament. They show another way and thus lend a hand to those who need to reach a bit more for the stars.


The evolutionary journey of your soul is never an easy one. That is because there is free will and imperfection in those making the climb. All teach(es) to those below them on the rung of life. Life is truly a ladder and even so it is for me also. Every universe presents its challenges to every entity that plans a role in it.  Some of you may seem to suffer but you then understand suffering personally and thus recognize it and can sympathize with it.


In my journey upon your place 2000 years I experienced a great deal of the rawness of life on planet Earth, and yet I loved mankind deeply here. That is why I am back, the direct result of my personal sufferings at the time, for we must do away with the degree of suffering that has happened. It is not necessary to suffer to this degree. But without some chaos, life does not grow.


New souls are not made free of the experience of the evolutionary survival, especially on a seed planet, which presents more challenges to life, than do planet that are not seed planets. The travel into Light and Life does take longer on a seed planet, but the experience of an evolutionary seed planet provides that which is so needed to every universe. This is my precious seed planet, beloveds, love it well, it so needs it. It has served beyond its requirements as a seed planet, in serving also as a prison facility for the darkness that arose in Orvonton that was in great excess of the «normal» darkness experienced in past creations.


You have served long and well. Rise and continue this journey, I ask of you, so that you well be those very experienced Creators to come who had been there and done that and know of what you speak. Blessings to you for this for because of the suffering on glorious Urantia, My dear beloved GAIA, so shall this darkness never appear again. Think on that. For you shall know it before it rears its ugly head, and you will have the strength to do something about it. The reason it got so far in Orvonton was the lack of experience.  Simply that.  Nothing more. Now there is experience and you have assisted in making known this unknown. It is now known. Peace be upon you all, and in future creations for this journey.


Namaste, I am deeply indebted to all of you who have joined with me to rid not only Nebadon, but also the entire galaxy of Orvonton, of this mess. The journey is nearly done, it must, truly is. Be patient for but a very short time more as we remove the recalcitrant from the way. And then you shall grow into that which you already are.  Christ Michael.




Well, this was a long piece, and I did have some tiredness from other issues during this time. It took 5 hours with my breaks, so I put it aside for the night and came back to it today to correct the typos and add some comments. My new word processor has made the job a bit easier. I apologize that I thought I would be done around noon today, and it is now a couple hours later. I spent some time watching Bush Clone this morning in a press conference. Some people challenged him pretty good and he was getting angry with them.


Indeed I feel the feelings of those I work with, and this past weekend was not pleasant for them. I have spoken to many who also felt this in some way or another. I do believe we have reached the place where enough is really enough now, but this journey was necessary to bring about the global effort that the NESARA idea generated.


Now to a short new topic: I have mentioned in the past few months that I would make the forum private, for messiahs only, and this will occur as soon as Marcel reads this piece and makes it so.


We need privacy to discuss the difficulties coming. The ultimate purpose of AbundantHope and the Messiah program is to awaken people to the need to get actively involved and to co ordinate the whole process as we are able.


I have made some of the people I have met in this journey into regional directors and there will be more who will fill these positions as required around the world. In time we should have thousands of missions in action. We will develop a logo system and will ask many of you to have a website to teach and document your progress.


We will, when funded, create some simple templates for those who require a simple website to make this process easier. Those with approved missions will be able to display the AH logos, which will certainly include the Christic Sacred Circle given to me to use for AbundantHope more than 3 years ago by Christ Michael. We may have a special logo for each regional director and those under his/her care to use on their websites within those regions. Many of you will be ordained into service to Christ Michael and be entitled to wear our emblem as a piece of jewelry after your fruits have been observed.


To be associated with AbundantHope makes a huge statement to those that visit to study our work. It states you are in support of the larger goal of raising up this planet into Light and Life. Using our logos on your websites with permission gives you a very special status and sets you apart as being part of this larger Second Coming process. It will help you to seek help and support that you need, identifying you as a trusted organization.


Once the forum is private, you must post an acceptable mission statement to both read and participate. Right now you have been allowed to read but not participate.  In the current process, this is how you submit a mission statement, by posting it to the forum.  After I have a secretary, and we have some more websites up, this process could change.


Also, for those who speak Spanish and live in Mexico,Central America, or the Caribbean, and have difficulty with English, can post your mission statement with Damián [Carmona], my regional director of that area. I will place information on how to do this on the main site.


Once John is free to begin his work as Regional Director of the United States, he will begin to handle this main forum and mission statements of the United States and other regions until such time as our regional websites are created. Other regional directors will then do likewise. I am considering some others at this point in time and will make further announcements on the main site as necessary.


We will maintain the current readership list until December 31 of this year so that you do not have to recreate a forum membership when you decide to submit your mission. The only site visible on the forum, once we are private, will be the forums for submitting your mission, and containing the information which you must read before you submit your mission.


I am very open and allowing with the mission statements which can be remodeled as you grow and develop your mission. What is important in these early times is that you post something because the simple writing down and going through the very easy acceptance process right now helps you actually begin the process of bringing your creation into reality.


Had I not done what I have done since I undertook becoming public with this project then I would not be where I am at this point and many of you would not either. This is your opportunity to begin to form a statement of who you are and how you might serve.  I have only refused a few due to very inappropriate behavior statements or user names selected.  I have had to remove a few who came to cause some trouble and exposed their fruits after approval.


Down the road also, as more missions are approved, we might will discover overlap in certain regions and the suggestion will be made of that, and the person or group encouraged to make some changes that reflect need. In this coordinated effort, we will also be able to identify need.


As we move about the world and more needs become obvious, these needs will be published on the appropriate websites as well as also announcing which missions need some extra funding. We will be fund raising to direct funds around the world into areas of need. The citizens of the United States and quite a few other countries are going to be very wealthy and I will have staff that will ask for these monies and direct them where needed. Missions and future missions may apply for these funds. However, in the United States you will often be funding your missions out of the rebate program that will be so very generous.


There are many organizations already in existence that my team will approach for inclusion in AbundantHope. I have already made some suggestions to some local organizations. Membership is not required of course, but it will make a statement and add trust and validity to these organizations.


I will update any instructions I have placed on the main site about the forum and how to post. If you are not a forum reader at this time, then you will have to go through the process of joining the forum by creating a user name, password, and providing a valid email address. Once that process is complete, you will have access to post your mission statement.


If you are currently a reader if you do not post a mission statement prior to December 31, 2006, you will have to rejoin the forum. Once the forum is private, which will be very obvious, current messiahs may not place forum material elsewhere with the exception of news items. I will further explain this on the forum.


I want to thank all of you for your wonderful participation in this project since I became public in February 2005. I have grown greatly. I have learned so much. I have met really great people who have agreed to journey with me into this new venture and become messiahs. We have well more than 100 mission statements on the forum now!


I have found several people to participate more directly as regional directors. Mark made my website possible and will continue in the development of the organization handling many information needs and more. Marcel has provided important help with the forum and will continue with us in whatever manner he finds useful to his goals in Europe. Two people have created mirror sites on the web and I will finish getting the links up to these. One is Damián [Carmona], and those links are up. I will get you up, very shortly, Henning!!!! My apologies for my sloppy habits at times.


Many have translated much of the material into a variety of languages. And, please, if you have posted this translated material on other websites, please, email me this information. I had some links for a time, but I need to make sure of their accuracy again before I place them on the main site. I think I will seek Marcel’s help in some of these tasks during our wait. I still have my address but right now it is disabled. I will take care of that shortly.


Jess and Lauren showed up too, to my great delight. Others took an interest in learning telepathy and are beginning to come forward. Helen continues to firm up her telepathy training course. Some of you have been gifted with telepathy crystals to assist your progress and more will have these in the future.  Those of you who have posted missions and participate on the forum actively have made new friendships and we are definitely building community there. There has been much progress accomplished and I stand in awe of what has come into being in such a short period of time. This has been so much fun!  Please join with us in the great adventure!  Take care, Candace.


© Copyright by, all rights reserved.



Confirmation of Message of Christ Michael Through Jess Anthony


Saturday October 28, 2006


Taken from:


Jess: I asked about the generally negative reactions to Candace’s message. This is what I heard from Christ Michael.

Journal 10-28-06

Jess:  Christ Michael Aton, I ask for comments today. This is a time of negative reactions reaching the surface. This is a time of disbelief in future events. This is a time of unwillingness to examine another possible way of following one’s path. Please speak to these issues. Please assure us of our ability to ascertain our direction and our best situation to examine our path.

Christ Michael: Yes, Jess, I hear you and I will speak this afternoon. The information I sent through Candace was difficult to accept, hard to believe. This is because people in America are predisposed to a quick fix and a happy ending. This is a fiction that has been foisted upon you by the church and by Hollywood, in a sense. This illusion of simple resolution has been a weak link in the chain we have needed to form to enact the next phases of reclamation and Ascension. Earth must be restored to its pristine condition. Man is part of Earth. His spirit and energy are not separate commodities. His quick decisions and supposed wants are not a priority. They are built upon thoughts that have been nurtured for centuries of acculturated inbreeding and dumbing down in intellectual pursuits. People don’t think they are able to rise above the given and their thoughts and visions are predicated upon the limited baggage they have been taught.


Let’s speak more of the coming events and the role the Lightworkers will play in them. Mother Earth —GAIA, to use that name— is healing her distorted visage and regenerating her depleted energy. She has given much to man because she has wanted to preserve his ability to survive. This has cost her much and has almost caused her to sacrifice her current existence. Think about that when you bemoan your present circumstances. Earth almost died for you. And you have been a very uncaring recipient of her unlimited bounty. She has cried out to us in her last moments and we have determined to allow her to come back to life and resume her path of Ascendancy. This is tied in with all who inhabit her body. Just as you derive your energy in part from her, so does she derive her sustenance and nourishment from you and your actions. Again you have taken much more than you have given back. This is now changing. Her parameters are once again determining yours to the extent that your survival is now dependant upon her, and upon her method of achieving this.


Whatever we determine is the best course of action for her is what will happen. This involves reshaping her form and reconstituting her etheric bodies by changing the electronic grid that constitutes her firmament and her magnetic polarity. Just as you feel a sense of calm and peace when you mediate and force your physical body to realign its chemical processes into one of stillness and fluid interchange, so must Mother Earth move into a new form of stillness and peace.


This will involve physical reshaping as well as electrical. It’s rather like Mother Earth is a guest on Nip/Tuck and having her surface made beautiful with the removal of excess skin and unsightly growths. Sunken surface features will be returned to achieve a global balance of energy. Global proportions will be shifted to allow a more perfect vehicle for her purpose. The ozone will be removed to allow the new absorption of photon energies. Her firmaments will be restored to allow the energy to be distributed and balanced again. This is a complicated process that must be accomplished quickly. This has been postponed much longer than was advisable when considering a smooth transition.


However, we of the galactic forces are perfectly capable of helping her achieve her goals. Man is a consideration in drawing up the game plan that must be carried out, but he is not the priority. My energy is distributed just as freely to the rocks and plants as it is to the Lightworkers. Particularly those with vested interests who don’t want to listen to my larger scheme of evolution and Ascension. Earth will Ascend into a planet of Light and life and the inhabitants who have agreed to work to that end will be part of this change. Inhabitants who have not determined this upheaval to be part of their evolutionary plan will not be a part of it. I don’t kill people at a whim and I don’t cause disasters as punishment. Everything that happens is for a reason and everyone that experiences that situation does so for the purpose of learning and deriving new information we all can use. Every one individual is unique, and the experiences and perspectives of each have their own uniqueness. The information each person contributes to the vastness of knowing is his or her own contribution.


The information Candace gave that was provided by Monjoronson and by me is correct. You may accept it or not. It is your decision. I ask you to examine always why you make a decision and see why you have determined your choice. That is how you grow and how you follow your path more clearly each day. Everyone has their own path, and that path leads them wherever they realize they must go to participate in the scenarios they need to learn from. There is not one happy ending for everyone, in the Hollywood sense. There is the assurance that you wouldn’t be on Earth at this time unless you weren’t contributing a major piece of your energy to affecting the outcome of what has been determined to be by Heaven and the Creator Source through me, Aton of Nebadon.


That is my comment for this afternoon. Post as you wish and determine to be most proper. Aton of Nebadon.


Update of Christ Michael Through Jess Anthony


Saturday December 30, 2006

Earth Changes Update: Aton Speaks on the Future Events


Taken from:


Journal 12-30-06

Jess: Aton, I ask for clarification today on comments by Patrick [Bellringer]
and others. What is the truth on the evacuation of Earth, in your words? What is the timeframe we are facing now in terms of Mother Earth’s needs? What can we expect in terms of geophysical upheavals? I don’t want to undercut any other’s work on these events, but I ask for an outline for publication, if that is allowable. I feel a sense of imminent change at the beginning of this New Year. Help me assimilate these changes and help others to accommodate them.

Christ Michael: Jess, I will speak to you this afternoon on these topics you have asked about. There is misunderstanding and misperception of what others have said that I have said. Everyone that hears our messages hears them in the terms they wish to hear. You have been told this before and you recognize the validity of this statement. You hear through the mechanism your brain has constructed throughout your life. Certain brain structures are more adaptable to our communication than others. That is not to say that all cannot be adapted, but that is to say that life and one’s experiences of perception have affected some more than others.


Having said this, let me say that your commentaries are clear and accurate representations of what I say through you. You know your limits, and you are clear in your questions and your inquiries of my information to impart to you. This relationship is a more formal one than some, but your lifestyle functions better with this dialogue setup. I can tell you essays that you will use to function more completely. These are then passed on to others to make of them what they will. This is a tool I use to communicate with many of similar mind to your own wavelengths.


I have never said since the days of the Phoenix Journals that Earth would need an evacuation. Your —mankind’s— progression in awareness and willingness to accept the light we are shining on you and Earth in ever increasing amounts has made this plan a non-issue at this time. You have proved that you can weather the storms that must inevitably come as Mother Earth Gaia re-shapes herself to make her own guise able to accommodate the changes she eagerly anticipates. Many of the present inhabitants will not be able to go with her. That is true. This is the «decimation» that Monjoronson has been speaking of so clearly and so eloquently in the last few months.


[Editor’s Note:  See the articles Monjoronson: Planetary Changes and Monjoronson: Population and Earth Changes.]  Many of the present inhabitants will not be able or willing to adjust to the increasingly higher frequencies of light and energy that are bombarding Earth from your sun and from the Central Sun of your system and Universe. The alignment is occurring on a galactic scale, and the changes that will come from this are incomprehensible to your present understanding. This will be, however, a marvelous and miraculous undertaking that will take Earth with it as the glowing jewel I had always intended her to be. I use the feminine gender because she is the receiver of all the glory and power I wish to send her. She nurtures man and all that is on her. She is the Mother of all that are connected with her.


This time frame that everyone bandies about is fluid. It is all contingent on how man and all the players in this scenario choose to shape the movement towards the light and life that have been determined to be the outcome. This end result is the outcome that everything is moving towards. There is no one way to get there. There are millions of possible outcomes that can be used as links in the chain of movement towards the final goal of ascension and realization of your true self and complete purpose. You are here on Earth as a test and an experiment to learn much that others will never have the opportunity to learn. This is a unique situation that will be the breeding ground for many new Creator Sons who will in turn shape other Universes to explore their own ideas of relationship with the Creator Source. That was my purpose in creating Nebadon. I wanted to explore the relationship that duality proposes. I wanted to see how beings could be separate from their Source and find their way back.  What a wonderful success I have had, although the route here was never mapped out beforehand.


The time now is for closure on the past and a moving into a new phase of your existence. Yet, this shift will not be an instant change. I want to see how you resolve your issues. I want to see how you take our help and create your own methods. I want to see you be co-creators with me. I have created you, and now I want you to learn to create as well. There will be nothing more that I will be able to guide you to. This may take what seems an infinitely long time to you, but it will be only a minute in eternity.


The method we will use is this: there will be an announcement soon. The banking debacle is almost resolved. It can go no further. There are no more alternatives. The government changes are in place and ready to go once the existing government relinquishes its ill-gotten grasp on control. This scenario has been complicated beyond your wildest imagining, and the results we now have accomplished have been global and complete. The NESARA idea has become the game plan for the re-structuring of the world. The first has become last, because of the delays they have contrived, and America will emerge from its dream of unawareness as the last step in the process.


Once this is accomplished, the door will open to the galaxy. Visitors from everywhere will come to see what has happened and offer their help in making the changes that must occur on the physical planet. The plates must stabilize, and volcanic eruptions will take place. We see no purpose at this point in delaying this occurrence. Earth must adjust herself in the way she can. She has accommodated man longer than she had a to right to, and now man must accommodate her. We will do whatever we can to ameliorate these major upheavals, but there is no way to prevent them. There will be a time of chaos and disaster to your way of thinking before the way is clear for true ascension to light and love. We will warn you of these events, but there will be many who disregard our warnings. Many will choose to leave Earth. Many will choose to stay to help. This is all determined by your individual life path. I will stress, however, that those who choose to stay will finds ways to do so, and the rewards they find will be an accurate compensation for their decision to invest their life purpose in this unfolding.


Let me say a little more directly to those reading this that I am making comments here that are general and addressed to a wide audience. Each person reading this has their own interpretation and resonance with the words Jess has recorded. They speak to him because they are coming through him. They will speak to you as you are willing to accommodate what he says within the parameters of your own individual perceptions and life experience. There is truth for you in whatever you determine for your own understanding. You must discern your own purpose and make your own decisions.


This is my pronouncement this afternoon as the year 2006 draws to an end. Aton, Creator Son of Nebadon.


See a continuation of this message at Christ Michael: Update on the Coming Changes


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