Summary of Dr. Greer’s Press Conference

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Summary of Dr. Greer’s Press Conference
 Held at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. on
May 9, 2001
Summary Made by Dove of Oneness

Steven M. Greer,M.D.,International Director of CSETI Albemarle County,Virginia

This summary is made from the video of the National Press Club Conference organized by Dr. Steven M. Greer on the UFO Disclosure Project.  See the complete video at: .

The summary was made by Dove of Oneness, the internationally-known spoke person for the NESARA Law of the United States.  This article was extracted from her Dove Report of December 12, 2003. First published on this website on December 15, 2003.

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The existence and authentication of top secret documents confirming the retrieval of crashed ETs and their occupants, the numerous photographs and films showing ETS, the reports of thousands of credible civilian and military observers, and the presence of associated landing all provide compelling evidence for the ongoing contact between ETI and Humans.

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Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

Last night I watched Dr. Steven Greer’s video discussed by Nel in the NTAT comments in yesterday’s Dove Report. The video is of the May 9, 2001 conference held at the National Press Club in D.C. by Dr. Greer and to which Dr. Greer invited major media and Congress. Dr. Greer has collected testimony from over 400 witnesses who have first hand knowledge of the fact that we have visitors from space who have been visiting our planet and at times, protecting us. Dr. Greer and many others involved in the Disclosure Project are calling for the U.S. government to tell the truth about these benevolent visitors.

Although I’ve known there was a video of this May 9, 2001 conference, I had no idea how impressive the 20+ witnesses would be. Most of the witnesses received their first-hand experiences while in or working for the military. Some also had experiences while working for NASA, the CIA, or military contractors like Rockwell or Lockheed. I took brief notes of what several witnesses said and am sharing some of my notes below. If you have not viewed this video, I strongly suggest you do so.

I viewed the video at this website: . I played the video on RealOne Player which sometimes works better on my PC than Windows Player and the audio and video was good quality. It took me a few hours to download on my slow modem Internet connection but it was well worth it. You can also find a way to watch the video on Dr. Greer’s website:

Several witnesses discussed the visitors-craft appearing over U.S. nuclear missile silos or weapons storage locations and neutralizing the weapons. I learned that our space visitors —the benevolent Forces have done this to show that they can stop Earth Humans from launching nuclear war. In fact, I’m told that the Forces have stopped nuclear war many dozens of times in the last 50 years. The Forces have neutralized efforts to launch nuclear strikes by the U.S. and also by Russia. I think we owe it to the world to have the truth known and we all should realize that without the intervention of our benevolent Forces, Earth’s people would have suffered a major nuclear war. We have the benevolent Forces to thank for the fact that Earth’s people have not had to experience large-scale nuclear war on Earth.

On March 16, 1967, Captain Robert Salas of the U.S. Air Force was on duty in a facility deep underground in Montana monitoring 10 nuclear Minuteman missiles for which he was responsible. He received a phone call from the Security officer at the front gate of the facility telling him that they were seeing a bright glowing red object in the sky nearby. Captain Salas told the Security person to call back when he had something more interesting to report and ignored the call. Later, Security called again and this time were very nervous as they reported that the bright, glowing, red oval shape object was hovering just above the ground directly before the front gate. Suddenly, without Captain Salas or any other Earth Human doing anything, his 10 nuclear Minuteman missiles went from «ready» status to «no go» status. The visitors had caused the missiles to switch to «no go» status as a message that nuclear war will not be allowed on Earth.  Having switched the missiles to «no go», the bright red oval object left very quickly.

Another witness was Sergeant Karl Wolfe of the US Air Force who had top secret crypto clearance and was loaned to NASA in 1965 for the lunar orbital project. He was sent to a particular NASA facility to do equipment repair in 1965. On his way to the equipment, he saw many high level scientists from around the world and was surprised but did not give it any more thought until later when he was doing the equipment repair.  He was taken to a room to work on some NASA equipment and while he was in this high security room, he saw pictures showing STRUCTURES on the dark, back side of the moon.  [Editor’s Note: In the video "Disclosure Project", Sergeant Wolfe and other contractor describe these structures in more detail.  These structures were known, used and photographed before the famous trip to the moon of 1969, the purported first time man set foot on the lunar soil.  This is the way the Shadow Government operates to fool people, using alternate projects.  In this case, one, the official open NASA, using rocket technology and the other, the covered NASA, using extraterrestrial technology.    Did you notice in the description of Sergeant Wolfe that high-ranked Illuminati scientists from several places of the world, or working for the Illuminati, were present at that moment the photographs were being developed?]

Donna Hare, a NASA employee from 1967 – 1981 on loan from Philco Ford, did lunar maps for NASA in building 8. One day she went across the hall to do some extra work and saw a NASA photo of a UFO over some trees somewhere on Earth. The NASA employee she was helping told her UFOs often appeared in NASA photos and got air brushed out before the photos were shown to the public.

Major George Filer, III, U.S. Air Force was a pilot and then an intelligence officer. In 1962 he was stationed at a base near London and he was contacted by «London control» and asked to «chase» a UFO. The UFO did appear on the plane’s radar and then the UFO suddenly went off into space and disappeared from the radar screen. He also heard about a UFO over Tehran, Iran, and when the Iran planes tried to shoot down the UFO, the plane’s weapons failed to work.

Sergeant Clifford Stone of the U.S. Army was assigned to do recovery of crashed saucers and aliens. In 1969 he was stationed at Ft. Lee, Virginia, and went to a nearby area «Indiantown» (?), Virginia where there was a crash site with alien bodies. In all, he did 12 different recovery missions of crashed UFOs; sometimes the aliens were dead, sometimes the aliens were alive.

The accounts of first-hand experiences by the witnesses went as far back as 1947 and as late as 1995; most of these people were retired from the positions in which they had these experiences. They mentioned that they know other people whose experiences were even more in-depth but these people would have to be «protected» before they would be able to share accounts of their experiences.

George Herbert Walker Bush

Three other important issues were raised. There is a shadow government running our country and this was proven when President Jimmy Carter requested a full briefing from the CIA on everything the CIA knew about visitors from space. The CIA Director at the time was none other than the arrogant Illuminati, George H. W. Bush, aka, Bush Sr.  Bush Sr. flatly REFUSED to give the President of the United States this information! This same flat refusal was given to Bill Clinton when as President of the U.S., he requested full disclosure from the CIA Director regarding UFOs and visitors from space. If the President of the United States cannot obtain this information from a «subordinate» CIA Director who is supposed to be working for the President, then WHO is really running the country? The Illuminati shadow government is running the U.S. and these two incidents prove it.

Another point was raised by witness Dr. Carol Rosin who worked with brilliant scientist Werner Von Braun in 1973. Von Braun told her many times that those controlling our country intended to build and implement a space weapons program. He said that there would be some «cover stories» for the military building of a space weapons program and that the first cover story would be the Cold War with the Communists. In 1973, Von Braun said the second cover story would be the «terrorist threat» and the government and military would claim there were terrorists which had to be defended against; this is exactly what we are seeing today. Von Braun said the final cover story would be the government and military building space weapons due to a non-existent alien threat.

It’s easy to see that our space visitors are NOT a threat to us because they have, with great ease, shut down our sophisticated nuclear weapons and have STOPPED the U.S. and Russian efforts to launch nuclear war dozens of times in the last 50 years. Also, since our space visitors can so easily neutralize our weapons, if these space visitors had meant to harm us, they would have already done so.

Dr. Steven Greer discusses the REAL reasons for the cover-up and the hidden government’s efforts to build an offensive space weapons program.  He mentions that our space visitors use energy technology which would immediately solve all our energy needs and could give us non-polluting energy technology to replace fossil fuels. He makes the point that those who profit from fossil fuel sales are involved in hiding the truth. We certainly know the Illuminati control all big oil companies and this is why the Bush regime attacked Afghanistan for the oil pipeline and Iraq for the Iraqi oil. [Editor’s Note: See in this website two interviews to Dr. Greer: 1. "Reasons for Government Secrecy" located at: (scroll down to article), and, 2. .]

As I write this tonight, I’m watching a documentary on UFO cover-ups centering around a crashed UFO in Rendlesham Forest in the UK in 1980.  Many military people who investigated the UFO are interviewed. British author, Timothy Good, who wrote a book entitled «Above Top Secret» about UFO sightings in England, is also interviewed. Bryant Gumbel, previously a host of Today Show, is the investigative narrator of a series of documentaries called Sci Fi Declassified Specials on UFO cover-ups on the Sci-Fi cable network.

The Illuminati shadow governments have worked with certain «dark agenda» space visitors since the early 1950’s; this will be proven in the exposes that come out after NESARA’s announcement. Our benevolent Forces have in the last years taken action to clear out the dark agenda space visitors from Earth and now our benevolent Forces are keeping the dark agenda visitors from causing problems here. The Illuminati do not want Earth’s people to know about our BENEVOLENT space visitors who have been PREVENTING nuclear war on Earth because these benevolent visitors have shown they have the capability to neutralize the Illuminati.

The Illuminati do not want Earth’s people to know about our BENEVOLENT space visitors who have been PREVENTING nuclear war on Earth because these benevolent visitors have shown they have the capability to neutralize the Illuminati.

As I have said many times, we need the help of the benevolent Forces under the command of the Ascended Masters to help the White Knights defeat the Illuminati interferences with NESARA and to begin the worldwide defeat of the Illuminati. I believe some things are occurring which will ultimately ensure NESARA is announced in the next announcement time period and I will report on these things as they evolve. NESARA Yes!

Yes to NESARA!

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