The Manifest for the Liberation of Planet Earth

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The Manifest

For the Liberation of Planet Earth and its Inclusion Into the Galactic Brotherhood

Katja Znidarsic

Published in this website on February 25, 2005.

PS: This Manifest was created as a direct consequence of Jean Ederman’s Internet message "Change the World!” This Manifest was given to humanity as a tool and a key for its awakening and is exclusively intended for those who have chosen to spread and expand the Light of Consciousness in the world. The author is not important, what is important is You and Your Manifest.

Say yes to the extraterrestrial civilizations of Light and change your life and the world 100% absolutely, irrevocably and unconditionally into Light, Love and Divine Purpose.

We live on a planet ruled by darkness and ignorance. The Dark forces that occupied the planet in time of Atlantis still hold the reins firmly in their hands. Victory of Light over Darkness, Love over hatred, Knowledge over ignorance is only possible with a conscious decision and action of every individual for a total liberation of the planet, termination of the quarantine and entrance into Galactic Brotherhood with extraterrestrial civilizations.

After all the revolutions in last 2000 or 25000 years this will be the last revolution with positive outcome. And its result will be a true liberation of the planet and all its life forms!

People don’t believe in revolutions anymore because none of them brought the true final liberation.

But this time it is for real. If the critical mass of people makes a decision for entrance into the Galactic Confederation of Planets, success is guarantied. The time is coming when each individual will be faced with a choice between Light and Darkness. And now it is time to make people aware about the existence of highly developed civilizations of Light that have direct contact with the Purpose of the Source and that are waiting for people to say yes to them and invite collaboration with them. There was enough fear and mistrust of extraterrestrial, enough misinformation and negative aliens that abducted people in cooperation with the shadow government. All those beings that were putting pressure on the planet were forced to retreat and given the final choice: Light or Darkness. Light that is penetrating towards the planet has caused the shrinking of the field of action of the Dark Forces that rule the planet towards a narrow ring around the planet and the planet itself.

This is a call to everybody who wants a real change on the planet and a real change in their lives.

To everybody who remembers the taste of fruit from paradise, where they once lived. To everybody who wants a real and tangible liberation on the physical plane!

This is a call to everybody who wants, with the full power of their being, to say the final NO to vegetate on this planet, NO to every day fight for survival, NO to slavery system of exploitation, NO to manipulation and ignorance, NO to unawareness and inertia, NO to all negativities that are happening on this planet and in their lives.

This is a call to everybody, who decided to live their VISION. This is a call to everybody who has chosen to take the power back in their hands, who have decided to stop with the game of duality, who has chosen to stop playing being a victim, a fallen angel. This is a call to everybody who has chosen to manifest the deepest essence of their beings.

This is also a call to everybody else who feels the retardation and stagnation of this planet and life on it and who wants evolution on higher planes of existence.

So a solution is given to you: support it with all of your Heart, with all of your Being, with all Power of your Essence.

The Manifest – Say YES to it, internalize it and act upon it!

Our common sincere decision and action will lead to final Victory.


Until our reunion in Freedom!

Mea Maa Anutara Antara


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