Introducing Monjoronson

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Introducing Monjoronson
Monjoronson and Candace Frieze

Monjoronson through Candace Frieze.  Message posted in the forum ( February 1, 2006. Published in this website on February 12, 2006.


Hi everyone, in one of the messages, I provided a channeling by another of Monjoronson called «We Have a Magisterial Son.» That was in September when the Magisterial Teaching mission became somewhat more public. This mission I am told will be publicly announced at some point after Monjoronson has completed his stepping down of his very light Lightbody into human visible form, and of course, the Second Coming events have occurred.

The Grand Universe

This a schematic representation.  All circles are in reality ellipses.
Source: Urantia Book.  Graphic by Luis Prada
Creator God Aton oversees the Grand Universe and resides in Havona in the Isle of Paradise.  Christ Michael is the Creator God and Descending Son of Nebadon.  Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn is the embodiment of Christ Michael as Commander-in-Chief for Earth Project Transition.
Since in our Superuniverse Orvonton the Father, Son & Holy Spirit are manifested as One then the Creator God Aton and Christ Michael are the same and are expressed in the body of Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, a 9½ Ft. tall bold Pleiadian Gray.
See the article: No Other Planet Has Walked with Christ Michael

Now for some quick review, for those new to terms in this message. The Paradise Isle, is at the center of all Creation. It is the location of the Universal Father, Eternal Son and Infinite Spirit. The Paradise Isle is surrounded by the Central Universe called Havona. There are Seven Superuniverses, each having 100,000 universes. Our universe is Nebadon, part of the Superuniverse of Orvonton, which includes the Milky Way Galaxy. Nebadon is number 611,121 out of the 700,000 existing Universes. There are new universes forming yet from many nebulae in outer space. Creation is mighty old, far beyond that which is taught on this planet.

There are three types of Descending Sons from Paradise.
1. Creator Sons, who are called Michaels (our Christ Michael as example). The parentage of these Sons is the Father and Son.
2. Magisterial Sons called Avonals (Monjoronson). The parentage of these Sons is the Son and Spirit.
3. Trinity Teacher Sons called Daynals. (We have some here but names not given at this time. The parentage is the Father, Son and Spirit (hence the name Trinity).

Planets are provided teachings and help in their evolutionary journeys. They get visits from a variety of Sons of God. See my message on the Sons of God under «Changing the Face of Religion.» Earth has received an Adam and Eve and a personal visit by Nebadon’s Creator Son around 2000 years ago. He is back now for this Second Coming, which is a unique event as no other Creator Son has done a Second Coming of this type, incarnate, to walk a planet. A Magisterial Teaching Mission is a visit from an Avonal Son from Paradise. This normally occurs between an Adam and Eve mission and a mission such as Christ Michael did here 2000 years ago.

Creator Sons only incarnate once on a planet in their realm. Other planets receive Bestowal (incarnation by birth) missions from Avonal Sons. Christ Michael is here incarnate, again, but not by traditional birth, which would not be suitable for his mission at this time. He is here in a specially designed body, that will allow him to walk the planet, and be visible to us.

When a planet has reached the time to begin a cosmic spiritual age, the Trinity Teacher Sons come, and we have some here now in preparation for our coming «Golden or Spiritual» Age. They were here when the Urantia Book was being written. Earth is way behind the times, in her evolution, and for this reason, there has been created the «Correcting Time» by Christ Michael. So we have a visit from Christ Michael, also a Magisterial Mission, and fairly soon to come, a Trinity Teacher Mission.

I suggest the reading of paper number 20, in Urantia Book about teaching missions. It starts on page 223. You can read this online if you do not own a copy, at (

Monjoronson is very warm, soft in personality, easy to work with, and is quite capable of laughing and joking a bit. Some might expect these very advanced Sons to be stern and bossy, but they are not, or at least I have not met one that is stern and bossy. His energy is huge, and if I work with him close to bedtime, forget sleep for awhile, it takes time for his energy to dissipate. The first day I spent time with him, back in September I think, I was high as a kite for awhile. So now lets go to the message, which we did in two separate sessions, in part because of the intense energy, I fatigued.


Hello my friends, my name is Monjoronson, I AM the Magisterial Son from Paradise. I am an Avonal Son assigned to the Magisterial Teaching mission to Earth. Candace a few months ago posted a work through another as an introduction of sorts to the Magisterial Mission. I met her that day formally and promised to her I would do a message after the NESARA announcement. In the waiting, now that her website is up, might as well get down to business.

First, this is the first mission from Paradise that Earth (Urantia) has ever received. You are to be congratulated, all of you from the stars that are here to get the doing done and assist us. We value, all of us in this teaching mission, your help. You have come from many places to lift up this planet and have spent, in most cases quite a few lifetimes incarnate, and also teaching in other realms. Your efforts have paid off and we finally look forward to raising this planet.


Monjoronson has huge energy with his presence, I just had to take of my sweater because I am «roasting» from it.


Earth should have been in the status of Light and Life long ago, even despite so much interference from others. But her peoples, and her Other Side ( the planet’s local heaven) were rather underdeveloped souls, and have required your help and input in order to grow enough to move forward in Ascension. You are going to have to continue the pressure and the help to those around you, in the coming times to assist their acceptance, of a heaven that is not at all consistent with the manipulated teachings upon the planet.

I will add to other teachings right now that there is a tremendous undertaking in the last several years by the dark to cause those of Earth to not accept the Second Coming process. Ministers have been carefully prepared, in all the major religions upon the planet to say no. It may take a time, before we are accepted by our fruits. We rely heavily upon you for your assistance.

The people in your various communities, where you live and where you work, for their very growth and possible ascension with the planet, will need you to continue to cause for them, quite a bit of spiritual chaos. They must come out of old belief systems of control, and into that which is really God, the presence of life that pervades the entire Creation. They must accept their responsibility for their growth and not leave it in the hands of others who say by joining a church and following a long list of rules that they will enter into the kingdom of heaven.


Most churches in fact teach that one must be a church member to go to heaven which includes some generous tithing. I just restudied my Catholic Catechism, to confirm this is the case for Catholics. Many others follow suit. I visited a Nazarene church recently, and this is in their belief system too, and in this I read that to not tithe or tithe insufficiently is to steal from God.


Heaven is a place, every universe has its spheres of higher living, and government. But one can’t enter into the living on those spheres until one has become dedicated to living in Light, and has a grasp of the journey ahead in the decision to survive and receive of eternal life.

Earth, sadly loses many potential souls, Ascending Sons, because of how the planet is controlled and taught. People give up the idea of thought and the need to solve their own problems, and place them in the hands of another. Planets in their younger stages face this, they naturally seek to follow others who seem to know more. But on Earth, the common peoples fail to even consciously seek real teachings. There is the lack of awe for creation.

Even the cave man type peoples of young planets look upon the stars, and know something more is going on. They strive, they seek. But on this planet we have many, for quite a long time now, who will not fuse with their Adjusters, life after life after life. It is such a sad waste to Creation. Many actually drop out, so to speak, and then become uncreated in this. They do not have the desire to take the eternal journey.

You must work to change this. You must encourage folks to actually think. That is how all of Creation, the entirety of it, came into being in the first place, and continues to grow. There are many universes now, past the 700,000 creation, in the making. Go and look up nebulas on your internet. These are all creations waiting to become places of life.

And as Christ Michael is beginning to teach, you are going to be the Creators of those great systems to come. It behooves you to take a very serious journey now at this time, so that you will one day count yourselves as the future Ascending Sons, 7th stage spirits yet to be (as the Avonal sons, Creator Sons, and Trinity Teacher sons are) who will found these systems, implant them with life and nourish their growth.

You find yourselves still not quite awake to that idea, don’t you? But, my dear ones, it is truth. Many of you are here from many systems. Do not block this from your sights. Creator is your destiny, if you wish to accept the challenge. I know in this body you are using now you look around and feel a bit inferior, but it is so very much the truth. You are a special group, here to raise this difficult planet out of her misery. In the process of doing this, you must approach all gently, but firmly in the coming few more years, before Earth reaches her initial destiny of 5th dimension. And it is just the initial destiny.

In the teaching of those around you, in the works you develop to heal the planet, the many works so required in conscious co creation, you are going to take a huge step upwards in your own growth. It is all about solving problems, and you are not to allow the dark to set you back by the really stupid and insidious idea that if you are serious about the planet, you have an ego problem. It goes to your intent, whether you have an ego problem or not. What is your intent? If the intent, in whatever endeavor you undertake is genuinely to serve others, and to heal the planet in any of various ways, this is not ego. It is standing in your solidarity, it is standing in your sovereignty.

There are many of you still wanting to have a mission assignment. We will not give it to you. You are sovereign, you are advanced souls, and you drive your own car. You are not implanted, as are the lower souls of this planet, with instructions about living your life, and in the rules of karma. You are not to sit around worrying about your karma. Karmic rules upon this planets Other Side do not apply. You are sovereign, and into this state, so must you step.

Now, just what is a Magisterial mission? And who am I? Magisterial missions usually occur prior to a Creator Son visit, or prior to the Bestowal of an incarnated Avonal Son from Paradise. Almost all planets do not receive the Incarnated Creator Son. Only one planet in each universe experiences that, and it is usually a planet that does need some extra help and is out of step.

Urantia is very out of step. Other planets learn to fend off the dark invaders, mostly by spiritual growth. Like attracts like, and as the vibrations of the planet increase, the dark lords that rove the universes of time and space, always a problem to some degree, can not even detect a planet that exists in a higher vibration. It is not on their radar. They infect lower planets. And Earth is deeply infected, even now still, but is growing some in the Light with your assistance.

I have a huge staff with me, larger than for many Magisterial Missions. The planet is overpopulated, and this alone requires a larger staff. Also, you are all here, and this requires a larger staff. In my staff are included both Ascending and Descending Sons. There are some very talented Ascending Sons here for this mission.

I have nearly completed the down stepping of my form so that I may be seen by 4D and higher folks. You will be able to see me. Many will not, until their vibrations change. Some of you will perceive me in your 3rd eye only, many others with good enough DNA with their physical eyes.

Some of my staff are also materializing, some not. I will look much like you, taller, because my Lightbody is not as subject to gravity as yours. Earth peoples will be taller, as Ascension continues, for this reason. I can shape shift, a term known to you, but misunderstood sometimes. This means, I can choose to look like the peoples of your planet.

I have many Magisterial Missions behind me. I have also experienced being a Bestowal Son on a planet. I am very old as you would look at it, but of course, the body you perceive will not look nearly as old. I will not appear young, I need the look of an elder. Probably similar to someone in good health, in their 60’s. I will be male in appearance. Based on current expectations, I should be visible to many in around 3 months time.

We will have the announcement of the Magisterial Mission publicly fairly soon after the planned Second Coming activities, and the various contact events, when Earth’s peoples have been made more familiar with what is going. They are going to be told that there are many from Heaven who will walk the planet at this time.

Many peoples, in confusion after they find out there is no rapture, will be seriously emotionally in trouble. I know this will occur, I have experience on other planets, with peoples who have been mis-taught. The rapture away to heaven idea, has been installed on many other planets by the dark forces, both galactic forces throughout time, and on those planets who suffered the Lucifer rebellion. Earth is the final planet to rejoin Satania, (Sa ta nee a) and have its connections to the universal mind circuits restored. It has been the most difficult, because Lucifer set up shop, so to speak on the planet. It was his prison world.

He is with you no more. He is uncreated, meaning that there is no personality, no recognition of his existence. And many others chose this fate, not being strong enough to take the journey required, of reincarnation to understand their mistakes. He seemed genuinely saddened at his trial, disappointed in himself. He was offered rehabilitation, but turned it down. His will prevailed. And with his un-creation, the universal circuits were reopened to the planet.

We will be teaching much to the planet during this Magisterial Mission. Once you are fully 5D, the Trinity Son Teaching Mission can begin in earnest also. It is Christ Michael’s goal, to totally uplift this planet, restore the planet fully. You are not limited to 5D, you may climb as high as you wish. There are many of the Trinity Son Teaching Mission now coming to the planet.

There will initially be a variety of healing centers on the planet. We will in time establish actual schools on the planet for learning the ways of heaven. You have all been attending night school, because that was the only method available to school you. On most planets, much schooling occurs in the daytime because there is time for it, as the planet grows in its technology and becomes more free to move on to spiritual pursuits.

I have been with the planet since before the Urantia Book was written, and I was in supervision of its creation. I have simply not made you aware yet of the Magisterial Mission, it was not time. There has been the teaching, do not give your pearls to swine. So you have been attending night school. You will begin to remember your night time teachings, as the swine leave the planet. It is that simple. Much of your night time teachings have been in school rooms where you have been planning your works. I think those of you waiting around to discover them will do so over the next year.

The Christ, Michael did indeed travel to Mars recently to get assistance in working America from within. You are also seeing the influence of other rulers, in other countries, saying no to the NWO right now. This is what is going on a bit with Iran also, controlling America with oil. Or rather refusing to sell it to America. China continues to dump the dollars, both in selling them off, and in flooding the market much in similarity to how the United States weakened the Soviet Union some time ago, flooding the markets with false Rubles. Time for the United States to experience its karma with the system of the dollar.

We continue to work from within, to take down the New World Order. As has been told, many of the hidden hand are removed and the minions have no one but themselves to stand in front of you. The minions include the many clones. It would interest you to know that Mr. Kerry is now a clone, have you noticed a change in his appearance?  The real Mr. Kerry has undergone a trial and is removed from the planet. The same is true of others. You are looking at programmed clones in many public offices. The same with your Mr. Clinton. The clone has the heart trouble. It is getting older, faster now. Have faith the changes are coming, because the clones are just not that bright, and they are messing up every day before your eyes.

The Anunnaki were quarantined well away from being able to influence the Earth. All of them, because it was seen that some traveled to the Light, and others played a game. So they are all out of the way, while others sort out the good from the bad. So they are not able to influence minions.  Many minions will face un-creation, or rather will not survive this process.  They do not attract Thought Adjusters and thus can’t begin the possibility of the eternal journey.


For those who have not read all the messages, please, do so. They are all on the main site. We covered the issues around the Anunnaki a good deal in the early ones and also the Thought Adjusters (Father fragments).


Now Candace is planning on simplifying portions of The Urantia Book and this is for the new clerics and similar folks that will visit the site in time. I want all of you to acquire the book, and read it. You will understand more of it, with each re reading of various sections. Mother Shekhmet will work with her on simplifying some of the material, which will aid you also.

The book, as I said, I am responsible directly for its creation, although I wrote none of it. I supervised it. It is not totally perfect, some readings are difficult because of language limitations. Some material is not fully true, because we had to hide the pearls from the swine. We had to protect the star people incarnating into the planet. We did not cover space travel and other issues in it, nor did we cover the galactic warring issues. We merely covered «heaven», in a sense, because of the great need on Earth, and the bad teachings about heaven.

The Descending Sons exist, in a nutshell, to raise up the Ascending Sons. You are fragments of the Father, and as already said, you will go on to tend all those future universes. Creation is very old now, the projected 7 master creations, the 7 Superuniverses are all underway. Even the youngest universe now has its Creator Son in residence. The nebula beckon you. Andromeda, a nebula, not a galaxy as claimed by your science, already has planets established with life, totally by Ascending Sons who manage it. It is in the outer space regions, as described in The Urantia Book, outside of Orvonton. You have visitors in your skies and incarnate on the planet also, from Andromeda.

These future universes will grow probably a bit more rapidly, for your vast experience and as the result of colonization. Life is huge and many are on the move from planets with problems or planets that have many people. In general, advanced planets with space travel do not need to worry about population, their populations merely move.

As your Earth ascends, and space travel is allowed from the planet, your populations, what seems the excess at this time (and it is excess) will simply colonize Mars and Venus. Birth control is lesser of an issue to a planet established in Light and Life. It is an issue on planets which do not have space travel and people who are not yet ready to travel the stars, do have to reproduce within the limits of the planet.

Some of you intuitively know this. The issue with abortion before the Supreme Court, was never however, about population control and the rights of women to control their bodies. It had everything to do with aborting star people and their DNA. You will be repealing this law for this reason.

As the planet grows to value life, people will have only those children they care about. They will have children by intent. They will not use birth control, as is on this planet, and they will not abort their young. They will control their sexuality. As the lower vibrations of people leave the planet during the Ascension process, you will see fewer issues with sexuality.

Higher vibration people do not rape, do not use sex as power, do not say to the woman, I need you tonight to relieve me.  Sex will become sacred, child raising sacred.  Marriage sacred. Children not wanted will be easily adopted. There will be fewer unwanted children over time.  Disease will decrease, war will be gone as you unite and there will be fewer children who loose parents to these conditions.

I will address homosexuality here a bit. To be homosexual is not wrong. Love is never wrong. What is wrong once again is any sexual behavior that does not honor life and is done without love. You should read the Phoenix Journals on this. Christ Michael, as Hatonn, was quite correct. Honoring life includes honoring one’s own body. You will learn to value the body, and you will learn to not give into sexual cravings that are harmful. This is a spiritual issue in most cases. There is the lower DNA which will correct itself in time, by the genetic uplifting of the planet in various ways, that you are aware of at this time. But one can overcome the lower DNA by spiritual choice. Spiritual choices can change DNA.

There are many planning on working in the area of sexuality. Christ Michael himself is, and will be working directly with some chosen ones, who came to this planet to heal sexuality. It is the behavior again, not the love. Love never harms by intent. Much harm in sexuality is created from images in advertising, and lower teachings upon the planet. I remind you, that sexual issues occur in both heterosexuality and homosexuality. People’s long memories of sexual abuse through many incarnations are much of the problem. There are marvelous techniques to heal one of sexual issues, and heal thusly their assorted energy bodies.

Now to move on. Candace has explained that there is discussion here in the forum around the issue of judgment. And the teaching is correct to never judge the soul, but you are certainly to judge behavior. However, there is the judging of souls going on right now, by the high Descending Sons, such as myself and Christ Michael who have the capability and the responsibility to do so. There come several times in every planets periods of maturation, where souls who are not ready are removed and taken to other places to continue their education. These times of judgment always occur during any the of teaching and Bestowal missions to a planet.

Sadly many from Earth can not ascend with the planet. They are not ready, and in the schooling systems of the universes of time, no one graduates until one is ready. Those who advance, on any normal planet can move on, after personal graduations at any time. In the younger evolutionary planets, in general those young souls are moved forward in groups, called millennial judgments, generally every 1000 years of planetary time. As souls mature, on a maturing planet, individuals move on whenever their graduation requirements are met.

You will read in Urantia, that many from Earth were kept here, by Lucifer, and not allowed to move on. This is true, and with the coming of your Bestowal Creator Son, Lucifer was removed, and the normal progression was re established. Many left at that time to continue their growth everywhere.  Lucifer had his own schooling system on your Other Side, and it left a great deal to be desired. I do believe that Buddha will be discussing that in more detail.

Since the planet was isolated, souls did not go to the Mansion worlds for proper schooling in general. They found themselves in a huge mess, unorganized and not productive, on your Other Side. Soul growth has been slow for this reason. But I move on, as that is the topic Buddha will cover.  So yes, this is the time of judgment, and those that create the mis-teachings by intent, in the various religions on the planet, have created something that sounds awful, terrible, by a terrible and angry God. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is mostly a natural process, a separation by the natural vibrations of the person.

And again sadly many are to go elsewhere, to the new pristine planet talked about, to start over again. It is pristine, because it is still rather in a void state, a state of balanced energy, neither positive or negative. There will be many there, both incarnate, and in spirit, to assist this planet and the peoples going there, to get them started in a better direction. Their karma will be removed, a beautiful grace being extended to them, and they get to start over, minus many tragic memories. Hardly the judgment of an angry God.

And these will graduate in the normal fashion, dependent on individual progress. They will not be there for any specified period of time. That planet does have a cycle of about 35,000 of your years. Remember that you cycle around Alcyone every 26,000 years. Such is a similar cycle of that planet. But an individual’s time spent there need not be any where near that time. Some of your souls, that are not ready to ascend with Earth, many in government and leadership positions, who have failed in their growth will go there, some in body, some after passing this plane. It would be expected that these ones, who are going with greater knowledge and with divine grace, will graduate much sooner than younger souls.

And as has been taught, some will find themselves on the void planet, which will be explained in greater detail, I am told with Candace, by Maitreya. He knows of what he speaks, because he spent some time in that place. It is not filled with horrid giant dinosaurs, and other horrors that have circulated. There is no hell, my friends. But the conditions there are quite different than on this new planet that has been prepared. And graduation from it always occurs. However, beings when they graduate the void get new assignments and some do revert to old ways. In this case, they will face un-creation, because the void planet is a last resort type of place.

The universes of time are organized, and there are real legal courts. But these are not the courts in place at this time of judgment, generally speaking. This is a time of sorting, more than judgment. But some are being judged in trials, usually these are Descending Sons who have not carried out their work as they should. Some people are being returned for civil and criminal trials to their planets of origin. Many Anunnaki will be experiencing criminal trials, and these will be facing the universal courts for these trials. These numbers who are facing real trials, are a small percentage of the overall planetary population.

I think this is enough for this current paper. I will be doing more with Candace. I suggest readers make some questions addressed to me concerning the Magisterial Mission, and myself. Please read the description from Urantia, and create more questions from this. I will be here for a very long time in your years. This time is dependent on the planet’s progress. Namaste, Monjoronson, Avonal Magisterial Son, assigned to the Correcting Time of Urantia.


I have created a special thread in Questions for the Masters, for questions specifically to Monjoronson, around the Magisterial Mission and who he is. Please keep to this, and not spend excess discussion in this thread. Just please post your questions. I will delete posts not appropriate to the Monjoronson thread.

As you all may have noticed, we have continually remodeled the Forum, adding many forums a couple days ago. I have also created specific threads, which are stuck in the Enlightenment forum, for channelings from various entities. Please study these changes before you post, and post carefully to the correct sections. I had an individual angry with me for moving threads to the right sub forums. But that is the point of this software that was chosen, to have multiple forums, for multiple discussions. AbundantHope is going to grow, and with it the website as a teaching tool. The forum will be remodeled at needed to accommodate change.

I am again thanking Mark for his thoughtful insight in choosing the software, and his many efforts to remodel it as needed!  Thank you, Mark, for all that you have done to bring the AbundantHope website and the forum into reality. This has kept the energy going during this longer than anticipated wait. We have established a community!  Take care, Candace.


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