Understanding More About Stasis and the Aftermath


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Understanding More About Stasis and the Aftermath
 By S333
February 9th, 2010, 9:56:22AM

Sir Edward Burne-Jones painted The Sleeping Beauty

 S333 channeled through Vince.  Published in this website on February 13th, 2010.

Material taken from: http://abundanthope.net/pages/by-vince/Understanding-More-About-Stasis-and-the-Aftermath.shtml.


Hi everyone, I am pleased to introduce Vince to you, who is now receiving from a new entity called S333 or David, as Vince seems to prefer. After Vince posted below this on AHS I asked if "David" would allow the work to be posted and the answer as a resounding yes, and that Vince was guided to AHS and to AH a year or so ago.  This is an excellent work on stasis below. Regards the names, many "angelics" do go by numbers, this is not unusual. And many of names completely not pronounceable in many Earth languages, English included, so something simple is substituted.

Vince and S333:

Vince: Hello My Brothers & Sisters,

I refer to the Abundant Hope piece: Post Stasis Physical Hardships by Ron Chapman of 9th February 2010, as it is a particularly interesting subject for me, and is well worth a read.

It may be of interest for you to know that I started channeling a new (to me) source of Spiritual information recently, and some of the text related to the Post Stasis period. I wasn’t intending to post it on the Internet at this stage, but because of reading Ron’s piece thought I could at least post it here for AH Support members to read if they wish.

The conversation/s went like this, but I have edited out bits which are personal, or irrelevant to Post Stasis, without changing any of the meaning. He wouldn’t tell me who he is, so here we have me channeling S333:

S333: I have said to you previously, that you are a valuable asset to us, and it is preferred that you remain our asset, and not be on loan to others. There are reasons why, so just leave it at that.

Now the good news, you may channel us!

Vince: Who are you then?
S333: What’s in a name?
Vince: We won’t get far if you keep answering my questions with questions of your own.

S333: I do not wish to reveal my name, or who we are. We are not any of your guides, although we access you via the frequency bridge you built with them over 20 of your years ago. This is well established and in good order, so it’s fine for our purpose.

We are a Source of Great Light, but not THE source of All That Is, which I know you find a tad irritating, because in a very 3rd dimensional Human way, you want a name, or some other kind of handle to grab hold of. There are in your world great jealousies within the collective of those who channel, there is also a way of doing things where the individual has to have a name to enable them to feel that they are dealing with a source of an impeccable spiritual nature, from a place ‘On High’.

Well, we are such a source, and for that reason, we do not consider it appropriate to reveal the nature and position that we hold, so we will give you an identifying label, which is next to being anonymous, but which serves as a handle.

Vince: Where I’m involved, it’s never simple, is it?
S333: In our view it’s very straightforward indeed, and the label you require is `S333′. Look, it’s full of lovely curvy digits; and they’re so nice.
Vince: Are you having a laugh?
S333: Yes & No. We are deadly serious about the S333, for there is much disinformation around, and no one in their right mind in your world is going to latch onto S333 as being of any consequence at all, and pretend they channel us; and for all they know, we are of little or no consequence.
Vince: And for all I know as well.
S333: Yes, and that is the point. We intend to speak the truth and as you will see, everything we write is truthful, or it is nothing. You will recognise the truth, as equally you would recognise fictitious disinformation. Our words stand or fall by what they are, and not because they originate from a source with a grand name; whatever that may be.
Vince: OK, then S333, when do you intend to start?
S333: That’s enough for today, and serves as our introduction to the Material World. Until next time we send you all of our Love.

Vince: Hello S333 are you around and available?
S333: At your service My Son.
Vince: I can’t get over this S333 business; can I call you ‘S’ for short; or should I say, ‘3’ perhaps?

S333: I see you have your tongue in your cheek again. You may call me David if you wish, I don’t mind, but you are still no further forward in finding out who I am. That is your aim isn’t it? Push, push; a little here, a little there and one day bang, bash, wallop; the secret’s out!!! But it isn’t going to work, and the sooner you get used to the idea that it is our desire to remain unknown, the better. It’s going to have to be S333 and/or David, and that’s all you’re going to get.
Vince: What do you want me to do with this and any subsequent channelings?

S333: You may do with them whatever you wish. We have many things to discuss, and these will be primarily of interest to you and your confidantes. But if you wish too, you can publish them as a Blog on the Internet, and these can also be published elsewhere on the web as you deem fit. Really, the most important thing is that they influence your future and activities in a beneficial way, as we are seeking to have long term benefits manifesting in your world.
As a suggestion, as you receive the first few channelings, keep them to yourself for a while, until you can see the general thrust of what we are saying, and then you can decide if you want to Blog them.
Vince: That feels comfortable David; because as you have crept up behind me on this one, I don’t want to publish them to a wider audience, until I feel comfortable with the idea. As you know I prefer to remain very firmly in the shadows behind the scenery.
S333: Quite right too, and do you now feel comfortable referring to me as David?
Vince: Yes, it doesn’t feel as strange as I thought it would; and I know that in itself may sound strange, but a lot more comfortable than S333.

S333 Channeling #10-0002 by Vince: 5th February 2010. Commence 10:15 hrs.

S333: Good Morning, my Son, how are you today?
Vince: A bit fragile thanks and this ribcage thingy hurts like the blazes.
S333: Well, that comes with falling through the ceiling.
Vince: Yes, David, I should have been much more careful.
S333: Are you up for some channeled stuff today?
Vince: Yes, we could do if you wish.
S333: Right then, here we go.

Much has been written from this side of the veil about Ascension and related matters, but in another sense little has been written about it. There are those whose job it is to give you messages introducing and updating events, both from the Angelic Realms and from Starfleet personnel. They carry out their duties well, and their information is good.

But, there is a vast block of information missing, which they cannot comment upon in any detail at this time, and that is what happens when the Disclosure and Ascension start point is reached, and beyond? Ascension is happening now, because the higher energies are flooding into Earth, but there is a tipping point, which is set to coincide with Disclosure of Extra Terrestrials, which can be seen as the kicking off point of the whole process, according to the Human mind.

It has rightly been said that there will be a period of Stasis, when every living thing on Earth will pause, and geological events, cleansing activities and human removals will take place. But not much has been written about the next bit. True we hear about co-creational activities, and there are major plans regarding banking, wealth & debt forgiveness and the reformation of government activities; but what about the level of activity on the ground where you live?

Bear in mind that we expect a very large number of humans and animals to be removed from Earth during this period. The animals will be thinned out by species, and numbers within the species. You can expect animals that are very wild and dangerous to animal and human life to be removed totally, species like Crocodiles & Hippos for example, where they are hangovers from ancient and less pleasant times. Where there are overpopulations and infestations of various species which are expected to remain on Earth, they will be cut back drastically, and given maximum population parameters within their revised DNA, so that their breeding instinct is switched off when those limits are reached. The same applies to vegetation; so that only the pleasant stuff remains, and volumes are kept in check.

With Humanity, there is to be an upper limit as to what the Earth will support, and with a totally new way of reproducing, humans will also have an instinct to stop producing when the upper limits are reached. The humans remaining on Earth will be of an altogether more spiritual makeup, than the total mix of the present age. The bulk will be removed during Stasis to other planets more appropriate to their vibrations.

You have experienced Stasis before, and so it will be no surprise to you, except that you won’t be waking up to 2 weeks growth on the lawn, it will be vastly different. In your own suburb of your great metropolis that is London, England, there are very many houses, apartments, shops and factories, because of the large number of people there at present. But, what if 70% to 80% of them and their animals are no longer there; don’t you think that’s going to be strange?

Vince: David, that’s going to be more than strange and it throws up all sorts of questions.
S333: Save them for later, please.

Things which are very much 3rd Dimensional, are unlikely to survive for any length of time in a 5th Dimensional environment, and you are aware that Earth and its remaining peoples are to become 5th Dimensional, after a period of transition across the 4th Dimensional ‘Bridge’, as we call it. So every being, and everything remaining on Earth, is subject to these dimensional changes.

The beings, creatures and vegetation not staying, will just not be there after Stasis, but most of the ‘Things’ will be. Housing, for example will still be there and much of it will survive into a 4th Dimensional reality, but part way into the 5th Dimension, it will be unable to continue because of the different atomic structure. Humans are changing night in, night out, as we speak, but the prognosis for concrete and brick isn’t so good and in time your built environment will need to be replaced.

This should perhaps not be seen as a negative factor, but as a huge opportunity to construct a totally new built environment to suit the lives of a Galactic society. As we have said, these changes will be gradual, and can be tackled on an as & when basis.

The main difficulty for the remaining human population will essentially be twofold. Firstly there will be major geological events happening during the Stasis period. It is impossible at this stage to say what they will be, as Earth adjusts to her new reality, but major volcanic activity, earthquakes and tsunamis are inevitable, and some land masses will disappear from view, and other will appear. You can certainly expect a new continent in the Pacific Ocean.

When you ‘awake’ from Stasis, you will be presented with a very different world. There will be many people missing; some cities, regions and countries will be missing or of a different configuration; there will be beings from other planets around. Many people will be totally bewildered, there will be domestic animals seeking food and water, as their owners will not be around.

Every place of employment will have many people missing; houses and apartments will be empty; roads, rail and airlines will be quiet; food production, power supplies and drinking water may be disrupted. But no one can tell you how you are going to be affected with any degree of certainty, because nobody knows how the process from now to post Stasis will unfold.

In isolated areas subject to minimal geological activity or less, it will be easier for the people to re-establish a civilization, but in densely-built urban areas it will be much more difficult, and where there is moderate to major geological activity worse still, or even impossible.

Of course there will be much help available from Starfleet personnel, and new technologies will be available to assist, but you should expect to see major upheavals with your society. Self starters and innovators will have the edge in post Stasis society.

At that point we will take a break. (11:40 hrs.)

S333: Let us continue.

Of the Humans remaining, only a tiny fraction can be regarded as ‘Lightworkers’ (for want of a better description) and to use a term, ‘we know who they are’. There are people who are totally unaware at the conscious level, that they have a mission ahead of them. Some of them have skills vital to the reconstruction of a post Stasis galactic society but all of them will be fully aware of that at the appropriate time, when they will be contacted by the appropriate spiritual authority.

There may be some attempts by remaining governmental sources from the pre-Stasis society, to implement a local, regional or national disaster recovery plan, and in many cases these will end in failure, as they are not based on spiritual principles.

There is going to have to be some major readjustments by people to a completely new way of life. Even allowing for the higher vibration and spiritual principles of 4th & 5th Dimensional beings, you will be at the beginning of a totally new cycle after Stasis, and the old one will have finished; so don’t expect everything to be set up for you. This is where the co-creational element comes in. It is for use in constructing the new society at local, regional and national levels, without empires and supra-national groupings outside of the control of its citizenry, and everyone’s voice must be heard and their views taken into consideration, however inconvenient this may seem within the various new layers of authority, else such a new society will crumble, like a wall with inadequate foundations.

You, The People, have to set the agenda, and ensure that it’s carried out to the letter.


S333: Let us continue, shall we?
Vince: OK David, off we go.

S333: Consider a sub-urban housing estate of one mile square, in which there could be thousands of houses, according to the layout and size. There would have been several thousand people living there, of all ages, both sexes, various racial and ethnic backgrounds, with a whole variety of languages spoken. How likely is it that there will be even one ‘Lightworker’ living inside that area?
Vince: Not very likely.
S333: Very, very unlikely; so what is to become of them?

Well, there will be Starfleet extra terrestrials on hand, and their spirit guides and helpers. Then how likely is it that they will believe that the ETs are there to help them, and they probably won’t know that they’ve even got Spirit Guides. Not a promising start, I think you’ll agree? After all, they’ve been lied to by government and the media for generations, why should they believe what they are told now?

Therein lays the potential for a huge problem, for if they simply won’t believe their new reality, then we have got big problems.


People will need to be led along the right pathway post Stasis, and with various forms of government including the emergency services, transport, police, fire and ambulance, all equally depopulated, they will have to rely on Starfleet personnel and volunteers to fill the void. That is where the community spirit will begin to build from, but it will be a totally different society, without the corruption and greed of the present one.

As part of the reconstruction, there will in time need to be clearances of debris and much of the old style of infrastructure which will no longer be relevant with the new technologies.

It is very probable that once the announcements of Disclosure of ETs are made, followed by programmes depicting the ways that you have all been misled by the Dark Ones, there will be unrest by people seeking retribution or revenge. This is quite understandable, and they will have been told that such action is pointless, but we envisage that we may have to intervene to cease any such disharmony, as there will be enough constructive matters to attend to without this distraction.


S333 Channeling #10-0003 by Vince: 7th February 2010. Commence 10:45 hrs.

S333: Good morning, My Son, how are you?
Vince: Not bad David, thanks for asking.
S333: We wanted to comment on the post Stasis map overview of Earth (Urantia), which you saw on the website today.
Vince: OK David, fire away!!

S333: Firstly we are not saying it is wrong or farfetched; but it is a snapshot of a vision given to its earthly creator, as to what could happen, but not what will happen. This distinction is crucial to understand, because it applies to all predictions of this kind relative to Earth post Stasis.

There is a very important variable factor involved, according to how the new Light Energies bring about spiritual upliftment with vast groups of Humanity. We are not yet in a position to draw a line under mankind, and say that ‘x’ billions are ready to Ascend, and ‘y’ billions are ready for removal, for it is still in development, and will continue right up until Stasis kicks off.

That final set of figures is going to have a profound effect on what will take place, and must not be discounted. There are factors such as displacement of water by land mass to be taken into consideration, but the Appearance versus Disappearance of regions, countries and continents could well turn out to be roughly equivalent.

The Pacific Ocean, for example, is a vast stretch of water crying out for a new land mass in it, and one will certainly appear. Some existing land in the Pacific Rim area will disappear, with some degree of equivalence, and for some communities therein, the result will be devastating, but some regions expected to vanish from view will not, for already there is a lightening within humanity, which will provide an appropriate offsetting factor within the natural equation.

I want to spell this out in large letters, that the results are flexible and are "NOT SET IN STONE". The lighter the collective Human spirituality shines, the better the outcome will be.

As you may imagine, when a continent emerges from the ocean floor to form a new land mass, it won’t be available to settle upon immediately, and will take some time. There will also be mountains in parts of the world, which will disappear from view; lakes will appear as well. It will be a wholesale remodeling of a planet, in readiness for a new natural cycle.


There are on your planet a group of areas which we may term ‘fleshpots’ where humanity of a low vibration gathers for events of an unenlightened nature. These areas will be cleansed or destroyed, as they have no place in a Galactic Society based on spiritual principles.


S333 Channeling #10-0005 by Vince: 9th February 2010. Commence 09:10 hrs.

S333: Good Morning, My Son, shall we commence then?
Vince: OK David.

S333: You live in a reality which is an illusion, but you know that already. You are however amongst the relatively few on your planet who understand this, which is a pity really as some folk are in for a big surprise. Just imagine their thoughts as their neighborhoods fill up with alien beings, and their TV News tells them that the understanding of their world, which has been handed down by many generations of their family members, is a fabricated illusion.

Some won’t ‘get it’, some won’t like it and others will refuse to believe it, including members of your own family. As they sit staring at their vast wide-screen TV sets, sip cocktails on their leather sofas, and ponder their material investments, they will not want to consider that their priorities had perhaps been, to bet on the wrong horse, so to speak. After all, they hadn’t done anything wrong, had they?

Didn’t everybody crave the latest gadgets, drive gas guzzlers to work each day, and have a holiday home in France? Well, no actually. There were always the tiny minority who cared for their planet, their environment, and their fellow mankind. It’s just that the others had always done what they saw everybody else doing. They even went to their local church because that entitled their children to go to the church school which was the best in the county. You can’t blame them for that, surely?

No, you can’t. Everyone had the gift of free-will bestowed upon them by the Creator, so quite rightly they used it to their best advantage, but in doing so lost sight of the objective which was that mankind was supposed to move forward together. You weren’t supposed to grab it all for yourselves, then erect a barrier to keep it all to yourselves, and push the less fortunate members of humanity away.

Not only is that selfish and greedy in the extreme, wasteful of your planet’s resources, but just plain stupid. The only way forward is by togetherness, not by selfish isolation, as that is a very 3rd Dimensional concept and unworthy and alien to those intending to become 5th Dimensional.

Did you know that some people use the term `5th Dimension’, in the same way they would name drop ‘Harrods’ if they were talking about shopping? ‘It’s the 5th Dimensional thing to do’, has become the latest fashionable phrase to use in some circles, even though it is clearly ridiculous and generally not meant in a spiritual way.

Even allowing for the minimum 51% unselfish criteria for admittance to the 5th Dimension, it will be obvious to the casual observer, that there has to be some major training of these people to be fit to become 5th Dimensional. That is not to say that they are unworthy or failures, for they have managed to elevate to the minimum level required to be admitted to the 5th Dimension, but without pretty intense training, they won’t be able to understand it, let alone fully participate in such a society.

In order to `harvest’ the maximum number of people at the end of this cycle there was a Divine Decree issued, giving the minimum requirement of those to be harvested to the 5th Dimension. It’s not quite a straightforward as just being 51% unselfish, for there are also a whole series of ‘ands’, ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’, which I do not intend to list here before you, as you and others would not currently be able to understand all of them but they are definitive. Thus will the lower rungs of these harvested people need much education, which will mainly take place on the 4th Dimensional Bridge, between the 3rd & 5th Dimensions, and be carried out by volunteers, like you. There is much to do, and many of you will spend part of your time helping these people. There is nobody ‘too grand’ to offer their services in this way, which is a noble cause in its own right, and worthy of a Galactic society.

The day will soon arrive when the people who don’t know why they are here will be given their orders and thus commence their full participation in the most wonderful event called Ascension. Thus will you be aligned with the Creator of All That Is.

Vince: Thanks David.


More on Stasis by S333

Material taken from: http://abundanthope.net/pages/by-vince/More-on-Stasis-from-S333.shtml

S333 Channeling #10-0007 by Vince: 9th & 10th February 2010.

9th February 2010

S333: Now that you’ve eaten, can we channel for a while?
Vince: Yes, we can.
S333: There are some awkward questions arising, which concern the time of Stasis, and I’m going to mention just a few.

What will be the likely pattern of events in any given place on your planet? Nobody knows. Will some of the coasts of Australia and the USA disappear? Possibly, maybe, or not; nobody knows until the end of Stasis.

It really is that straightforward, maybe whole swaths of coastline will disappear, and maybe just limited parts or even just insignificant areas will go. There are many people forecasting disaster, with the recent tragedy in Haiti as an example of what to expect.

Look back to the Christmas Tsunami [2004], many areas appeared to be devastated, and many lives were lost but life goes on and much has been done by the people to rebuild some of their communities. All is not lost. Of course many of the people who died, and those who survived but lost family members, suffered, but in the vast majority of cases this was connected with offsetting negative karma. The same will be true of the Stasis Event.

If we were to say, ‘will you have a roof over your head after Stasis’, then the obvious answer is that some people will, and some people won’t. But if 70% to 80% of the population is moved to other 3rd Dimensional planets, then in the short term, many people will be able to find alternative housing, if theirs is badly affected.

Patience, flexibility and good will are commodities which will be in great demand, and if you can find these within you then you will survive in the circumstances in which you find yourselves. Other citizens, loved ones and family members who are going to the other 3rd Dimension planets will be starting a form of civilization and have their own co-creational opportunities, which will occupy them gainfully, and through those experiences, they will once again be on a positive evolutionary path.

There will be some people who qualify for Ascension to the 5th Dimension, who will not wish to be parted from a loved one, and will choose to continue elsewhere in the 3rd Dimension, and help them. If done for a truly spiritual reason, then this is a magnificent act of unselfishness, and certainly counts towards their long term spiritual growth in a major way.

10th February 2010

Vince: I’m ready to continue if you are, David?
S333: Yes, off we go!

Before you slept yesterday, you asked what would happen if somebody started a project now, intending it to carry on after Stasis, and that’s easy to answer. If they feel deep inside that they must do it, then that is their wake-up call to get started. But, if there is the merest shadow of a doubt, and they have searched deep within them and found a doubt or hesitation, then take heed of it and wait till they reach the Post Stasis reality.

There are so many unknown factors involved with the locality any given individual is currently living in, and New Delhi will be different to Moscow, Sydney to London, Houston to Cape Town, and so on. You could very well find that you have completely wasted much valuable resources on commencing the project, because the Post Stasis reality is entirely different to your expectations.

For some people, the reality will be beyond their wildest dreams, as to how good it will be for them to start up in their locality, whilst for others, they will be beset with many seemingly insurmountable problems. So, with any Pre Stasis start-up, go deep within and find out if you are cleared for take-off, if not, then wait till you are and remember this: ‘They also serve, who only stand and wait’.

What about removals of loved ones, and of the many billions who will be going elsewhere, isn’t this a horrible event for them?

No, not really. They will be going to a new reality, and will by and large have no memory of their recent past, except that it’s in the nature of things for a few individuals to get a ‘bleed through’ into their consciousness. Their new 3rd Dimensional reality will no longer be fallen and infected with darkness, so they will thus be no worse off. Where there are unpleasant removals, then this will be for reasons of karma, but they will have no memories of this, and will be able to fully participate in the creation of a genuine 3rd density environment, as it was meant to be, without the greed and corruption, so they will be very much better off than they are now. Do not weep for them, for they will be fine, and when you meet up with them again, you will all take great delight in recounting your individual experiences.

Please, please, please, do be kind and generous to the so-called Dark Hats, for without their greed and corruption as a catalyst in your present cycle, you would not have advanced as rapidly as you have done. They too have a piece of our Creator within them, so if you were to seek revenge, you would in fact be hurting yourself in more ways than you could envisage.

What about the various forms of Government, Post Stasis?

Well, they mostly have no remit from the people at present, and that applies equally after Stasis. Ascension is a huge spiritual leap forward, and as we have said, Starfleet personnel, the ones from the Angelic Realms, and your Guides will be there to help you through the transition between the different realities. It will be clear that elements of 3rd Dimensional Government will still be around Post Stasis, and may still seek to govern, even though it will have been explained that it is not their place to do so.

In some cases, we will license them to help out in the short term through the difficulties, particularly where they have relevant skills available. But, like everyone else, they will only be permitted to operate in a governmental function on a long term basis, if they are over and above a certain spiritual level, and then only with the agreement of the people. It has taken a very long time, by the measure of your years, for a solution to be found about the darkness infecting parts of your universe, and so by Divine decree, we’re not going to repeat the same process, where greed and corruption takes hold again. Trust me on this!!!

A person planting rice in a paddy field in China will have the same rights as a well known personality in New York, and this ruling will be embedded not only in the rules of your new reality, but in the revised DNA of each 5th Dimensional human. Would it surprise you to learn that this will also apply in the 3rd Dimension as well? Mankind will still have freewill, but the Divine law will be embedded in the DNA, and thus the individual will be steered back onto the lawful path automatically, rather than let the situation fester, and send the dark rot to the other apples in the same barrel.

I am aware that some phrases like ‘apples in barrels’ do not necessarily translate easily into other languages, so translators will need to be creative in their work.

Now let me turn to aspects of you society. It has taken you many thousands of years to reach your present situation of development. With the new 3rd and 5th Dimensional realities, you are where exactly?
Vince: At the beginning, I’d say.
S333: Yes, at the beginning. Whatever conditions you find yourself in, that’s your start position. Now, we know from studies that Man does best when he’s struggling to contend with a difficult brief, and when he’s got to the easier stuff, he begins to get decadent. Well, this time the Decadent Button has been removed!!

For those Ascending to the 5th Dimension, there are elements of the previous civilization still in situ. Much of it will have to suffice for the time being because there will be some big issues to get to grips with, but gradually you will have to reconstruct the built environment.

The main issues will be how to construct governmental organizations in the new society, to reflect the wishes of the people. There are already some people placed where we want them, and others will be selected as and when required. There will be massive re-education programmes for teaching everyone how to live in a 5th Dimensional Galactic society. It is going to be some time before everyone is reading from the same page, but it is essential that they do, because otherwise the society just won’t work properly.

Most people have skills other than just those they use for their day job, and all of these are going to be valuable in the creation process. Starfleet personnel will be on hand to walk you through the new technologies, and do you know what?, you’re going to love them! You’ll wonder how you got by with what you currently use.

There are machines which think by themselves, computers light years ahead of your most advanced ones, and our transportation is second to none. For every task there is an advanced technology available, and if you currently have trouble setting a digital alarm clock, don’t worry it all works intuitively. "Like what?", I hear the audience declare.

Well, it’s like Santa’s sack at Christmas. You know it contains all sorts of goodies, and you can’t wait, but you have to. So it will come as no surprise that just like Santa’s sack, you’re going to have to wait. And the reason for this is the arrogance of the Dark Governing Cabal of your present reality. They have got certain advanced technologies, compared with what you have available, and they think they know it all, but they don’t. If we were to reveal just a fraction of what we’ve got and what we can do with it, that knowledge would give them an advantage which we don’t want them to have. Just talking about something sets off a train of thought, which at some point is hijacked by them into their depot, and not ours. Thoughts create things, and so the Illuminati are best left in the dark as to what we’ve got and how we can deploy it.

Really, I’d love to share these gadgets with you, and if we could show you the technical specs, all of you, techno fans, would be in Gadget Heaven. It would even serve to convince the usual skeptics on Internet boards, you know, the ones who say, "Photo and Spec, else it doesn’t exist!" But, we don’t intend to let the Illuminati reverse engineer any of these great products, and so you’ll just have to wait, I’m sorry to say.

There are other issues like that, and that is why some channeled messages become fuzzy when it gets down to the nitty gritty, as you would say. To have an image or knowledge of something is a form of empowerment, and for that empowerment to get into the wrong hands, is the road to get severely beaten with your own stick. We’ve had plenty of that, so that’s why we’re keeping it all to ourselves at this time.

Consider if you will just a few of your urban and sub-urban services which make life tolerable: Water, Gas, Electricity, Phone, TV, Radio, Sewers, Street Cleaning, and the list goes on. Well, if they get interrupted by geological events, the chances are that they are going to be difficult to fix.

Take the size of your present community as 100%, take away 70% to 80% of the population, and you may not be left with 20% to 30% of the trained technicians required to ensure your water supply continues; you may have removed 100% of them, or 10% of them. How would you get water from where it is collected to where it is consumed?Well, firstly we have small devices which remove some of the humidity from the air and purify it ready for use. Where there is very dry air, it is possible to collect fresh water or sea water, humidify the dry air and transmit it to the small devices for extraction and purification.

When you are in a position to understand how this technology works, you will then be able to see that water can be taken from any ocean and sent to bone-dry land in the middle of a vast continent where it ends up as pure water of drinking quality, and is available in staggering quantities. There is no pipeline required and energy consumption is modest, using freely available energy, and some equipment which is cheap to make and replicate. Thus food can be grown in most places on Earth, where the climate is not freezing.

You see, the Bankers, the Oil & Coal Barons and their masters have been very stupid, because they sought to get rich with gold and paper money, and that’s exactly what they did: they got stinking rich, so rich they were rolling in it. And in all cases of monetary wealth, it is extracted willingly and unwillingly, overtly and covertly, from the rest of the community, many of whom couldn’t afford it.

They thought material wealth was real wealth, but of course it is nothing of the sort, it’s just paper and metal. You will find as you migrate to your 5th Dimensional reality, that real wealth is respect, happiness, love, spirituality, and paper notes and metal coins are just trading tokens, and everybody is going to get their fair share of these. That means, you won’t have to take objects into a shop to barter with, you will use tokens just like the money you now use, but unlike them, if a person hoards and covets them, he will not be looked upon as a wonderful person, but as the fool he really is!!!

If a man invents a product or device which will benefit the community, it will be developed fully and not suppressed so that others make money by hiding it, and the kudos associated with the inventor will be his true wealth.

Now I am telling you this for very good reasons, because we want your citizens to know that after Stasis life goes on, not the same, but differently, and there are technologies available to help you live your life. For each problem there is a solution, but we are not going to go into them all as previously mentioned. However, the water thingy is a good example of our engineering and how we can apply it to resolve these issues, which aren’t really daunting at all.

Food isn’t a problem either, so when you hear doom laden comments about how awful things are going to be, remember that we have solutions to help you overcome these problems. You will be in a new and genuinely exciting place with a whole world of opportunities open to all those who qualify.

The Dark Ones and the Two Suns

Material taken from: http://abundanthope.net/pages/vince/The-Dark-Ones-Two-Suns.shtml

S333 Channeling by Vince: March 10, 2010, 2:45:28 PM

Hello Dear Ones. In the coming days, look up into the sky and you will see your new second sun, and you won’t have seen that before. It’s already been photographed, and soon you can view it with the naked eye; and then you will see this great present from The Spiritual Hierarchy. This is the sign that big changes are coming to your reality, and it isn’t going to be the same on your planet ever again. That means your ‘normal’ life isn’t going to be ‘normal’ any more, and that will be a very big change indeed.

Faced with this sign of major changes, the Dark Ones have decided to play their mind games with the Abundant Hope website, and with certain individuals. The stage is set, and the die is cast, and this process of change will happen whatever the Dark Ones try to do, as it is a Divine Decree. That means it CANNOT BE STOPPED. Now, faced with that, wouldn’t you have thought they’d try and do something positive, instead of playing these negative games? Well, that’s what fear does for you; don’t try and get accepted back into the fold, just saw off the branch you’re perched on, and it is very sad to watch.

But we’ve gone past the point of bothering very much whether they are saved or not, as they seem to be sowing the seeds of their own destruction very well, as we move into these great changes; and one can only guess that they are going to be delighted with over 20,000 years of successive incarnations on a lesser planet; and the worst of them face un-creation, the ultimate sanction.

Perhaps when the coming geological events happen around your planet; and the massive adverse weather systems halt food production in many places, some of these folks are going to get the message; time’s up fellas. For those of you who are wired into the Source of All That Is, there’s going to be a very exciting opportunity of building a new society based on Spiritual principles and free of conflict and war, which is such a prominent feature of your existing reality. All that will be possible soon after the Dark Ones are removed from Earth.

They should also be advised that a Scorched Earth policy carried out by their operatives will not be tolerated and we have measures in hand should this be contemplated. Remember, we and our allies who are multi-dimensional are invisible to them, and so when they are making their plans, we are by their side listening to every word, reading every document electronic or otherwise. They cannot escape our view and they cannot win. But because they have refused to accept our existence and Divine Law, they just carry on their games regardless of the coming changes and their inevitable fate.  And so it is…


Material taken from: http://abundanthope.net/pages/vince/Stasis.shtml

S333 Channeling by Vince: March 14, 2010, 7:21:07 AM

Hello, Dear Ones.  The major geophysical and weather events around your planet are hardwired into the system and cannot be stopped. They will be frightening for many people and they will be seen on Earth in your reality very soon. Your peoples of the world will have to know that your societies have sunk to the very depths of depravity, and that all negative energy is to be swept away.

For those who are not passing away from your reality during these major global events, your salvation will be through the stasis process. This is when, at the appropriate moment, all living things are ‘frozen in time’ whilst the mess around them is cleared up.  Stasis will endure for a number of your years, but you will not be conscious during this time, and you will not age either. When you are switched on again, you will not be aware of the passage of time and will still be living in the moment. But things will be different.

Everyone has chosen their future reality but not normally at the conscious level. Some have chosen by not choosing, others have chosen a future path, because based on their depravity or lack of Spiritual knowledge, they were left with no other choice. Then there is the minority who are of the appropriate Spiritual level, and who are to stay with Earth in her upgraded form and will build a new civilization from the ground up and they are the chosen ones. These are the Dear Ones who will Inherit the Earth.

For the remainder, but not those who are going to be uncreated, they will have the novelty of being awoken from their time in stasis on other planets, where they too will have the challenge of building their future reality from the bottom up; but it will not be as pleasant as the New Earth which they have excluded themselves from.

There are the Bigwigs of the Illuminati; or the Dark Elite as we call them, who have come to the end of their tenure both on Earth and of their own existence. They have been so Evil that uncreation is the only possibility left for most of them as they refuse to give up their dark practices, even in the face of defeat by the Forces of the Light. They have millions of captains, lieutenants and foot-soldiers who have taken their money and lived a very comfortable life at the expense of ordinary people, who have been robbed blind and tricked out of their assets at every turn. Even now further robbery is being planned in the form of new taxes, and financial scams.

Time’s up, Boys & Girls; your Illuminati Chiefs can’t save you from the inevitable, and if you don’t give it up now and inform on them so that ordinary people can hear your confessions; then your future is very bleak, indeed. And don’t think you are going to get away with a Scorched Earth policy either for if this is introduced, you will be thwarted very quickly indeed.  The ordinary people of Earth asked for change and they are going to get it and it isn’t the kind of change the Illuminati Dark Brotherhood had planned. Your secret handshakes won’t help you now, brothers and sisters.

Just watch the skies, listen to the Earth rumbling and you will know that life for all of you on Earth will never be the same again, and God is your only salvation. He can be found within you but not necessarily in a Church, Temple, Synagogue or Mosque, for many of these places are run by the Dark Ones who wanted to control you. (This is not an attack on the great religions of your world; but a statement of truth relating to how certain aspects of your reality have been designed to control you and the forthcoming presentations will clearly show you the evidence of this.)

Soon there will be presentations on your TV & Radio sets where every aspect of this vile control of you will be explained in all its detail, and most ordinary people will be surprised and disgusted as to what’s been done to them, and the majority regarded this as their ‘normal’ way of life. You won’t have long to wait now.  And so it is…

This is a message from David S333 of the Spiritual Hierarchy received and transcribed by Vince.

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