Plan For a Galactic Society

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Through Sheldan Nidle

Plan For a Galactic Society

Tuesday March 2th, 2004.11Manik, 0 Ceh, 12 Manik

From The Planetary Activation Organization (  Article taken from:  Published by permission from PAO.Published here on March 5, 2004.

See NESARA Law at: .

Greetings, Dear Hearts! We return to you with more to discuss! In the past, we touched on the nature of a reality and on how it is co-created by its sentient inhabitants. We also explored the divine plan and the way its decrees are unfolding Creation. In addition, we looked at this galaxy and showed you how she is formed from an almost infinite quantity of interlocking realities. All of this is important to know. As you grow in consciousness, you start to see how each galaxy forms part of a larger mosaic called physicality. This, in turn, is an adjunct of Heaven. Lord Surea and the other triad aspects of the Supreme Creative Force forged places of great spiritual and physical beauty whose purpose was to demonstrate how consciousness works and how its myriad forms come into being. The crucial elements are its connectivity and its individuality, and these have been displayed to you in a seemingly endless stream of variations. Your present lifetime is showing you yet another slant on the same issues and is teaching you to apply your wisdom to reach the most desired outcome.

This process of being connected to Creation and simultaneously being its co-creator operates via a special energy. You only sketchily know this energy as Love, and it is this that the Creator uses to unfold the divine plan. Love is also what enables your Soul to exist. In its highest form, Love takes on iridescent hues, one of silver and one of gold, which come together to create the Great Blue Light of Creation. This Light forms Heaven and the whole of physicality. Your Full Self is a part of Heaven and is connected to the Creator’s iridescent silvery and golden hues. These spin out into the infinite directions of Heaven and produce the thirteen sacred color-tones of Heaven. Each is a brighter tone of the many pastels that you know in this Earth plane. These colors are alive and filled with frequencies far above the limits of your present color spectrum. This much broader spectrum is found throughout Heaven and was the source of the color-tones that constructed physicality eons ago. Your reality, Dear Ones, is only a very small part of this incredibly gorgeous realm.

Physicality, like Heaven, is alive. It is a unified, conscious entity. This entity-very much like yourselves-is composed of a great number of realities that behave in ways very much like and quite unlike the cells of your body. However, the key part is consciousness. Consciousness is more than mere awareness, memory, and the intelligence to create solutions. It is a growing ability to recognize not only the way in which you are all connected to the Creator, but also the fact that cooperation and caring for one another is as important as caring for yourself. Remember, Love is the energy that creates us and that attracts us to each other. It is also the means by which we forge societies and discover how to sustain them. This connection to each other is profoundly related to what is now occurring on your world. The forces, which seek to undo what Love has created, have conspired to teach you a number of fundamental lessons over the past few centuries, one of which is how to use new technologies in destructive ways; another is how the spread of mass education is beginning to level your world’s ‘playing field’.

Education and mutual tolerance are the cornerstones of freedom, which is the basis for establishing personal sovereignty. These two conditions —freedom and personal sovereignty are the two essential pillars that support a galactic society.

Think as an extraterrestrial

Education and mutual tolerance are the cornerstones of freedom, which is the basis for establishing personal sovereignty. These two conditions freedom and personal sovereignty are the two essential pillars that support a galactic society. All these elements, Dear Hearts, require a high degree of personal and collective responsibility. Hence, each individual and each group within a society becomes highly precious and important. The contributions of each individual and group in sustaining freedom and sovereignty become greatly prized and are essential to solving any problems that come up. To be successful in these goals, a society needs to be abundant in all areas and able to resolve all issues equitably and to the benefit of all. For us, the base provided by the Four Societal Laws is crucial. These Four Laws guide us in our common quest and permit us to maintain our society while enabling us to express the highest levels of our infinite potential. They form a setting supportive for fulfilling your lifetime’s primary purpose.

Long ago, the Ascended Masters put into motion a plan for creating a galactic society on your world. The three points of this plan were: the rise of new technologies; the spread of education to the masses; and a means to restructure your world’s wealth. The Anunnaki and their greedy, egocentric minions required some ‘carrots’ to ensure their cooperation in carrying out a plan that was ultimately detrimental to them. In order to sustain the new factory system and maintain competitive advantage, new inventions and occasional innovative technologies were required. This ensured that consciousness-raising technologies would ensue. As this plan played out, the need for a globally literate public became desirable, and the earthly minions permitted this development because an educated workforce was equally expedient to their own aims. Finally, a world trust was set up to handle their banking and financial needs, and this was to be at the appropriate moment the lynchpin for laying the foundations for your galactic society.

Ascended Masters’ Plan
to form a Galactic Society

The Plan is primarily implemented in the order given.

1. The rise of new technologies (which rises the consciousness from survival to higher spiritual values).
2. The spread of education to the masses.
A means to restructure the world’s wealth(Saint Germain’s World Banking and Financial Trust, the implementation of theNESARA Law and its Prosperity Programs.)

Plan For a Galactic Society in Planet Earth

By the last quarter of your twentieth century, two of the three most-needed elements were in place. The final requirement was the redistribution of the enormous wealth stored in the world trust created bySaint Germain. This world trust was to mature at the beginning of your twenty-first century. Its purpose was two-fold: first, the monies accumulated were to be given to the Light workers who were to distribute this vast abundance to the world’s people and set up the means to sustain this abundance on a global scale; second, these monies were to mark the end of the earthly minions’ 13-millennia-rule and a new global society founded on cooperation and tolerance was to be the new norm. A divine intervention by your space families was to be encouraged by Heaven whose main task would be to guide you in setting up your galactic society.

We are now seeing the final elements in this plan starting to manifest. The model of wars of aggression (one nation invading another for its own gain) is now illegal on your world. A global antiwar movement exists. A number of nations are looking at ways to end conflicts that threaten to expand far beyond their borders. Yet, one last global cabal ignores the obvious. This led, over the last few years, to a final, covert struggle between this cabal and those determined to unseat it. We are at a point where this last cabal can be defeated. The conditions are in place for swiftly forging a new, abundant reality and opening a formal First Contact between the Galactic Federation of Light and the people of Mother Earth. This moment is growing closer with every passing day.

What we are talking about is a huge change in your reality. This change is programmed to begin shortly. Right now, our Earth allies and we are putting the final touches on a ‘silent’ global revolution which can only take place because the people of the world are deemed now to be sufficiently ready. A group of Light workers of global dimensions has arisen. Heaven has decreed that this shall be the time for a new Golden Age for Mother Earth. In order to quicken this process, you are undergoing an enormous integration of Spirit into matter as well as a restructuring of your physical body’s many energy centers (chakras). This can facilitate your becoming fully conscious when deemed timely by Heaven and the divine plan. This event will end your long, dark night and bring you to the dawning of a bright, new day. Remember, Dear Hearts, Together, we are Victorious!

Today, we looked at the forces at work behind what is now beginning to manifest on your world. These are all part of a much larger picture which includes how Creation is unfolding. This is a time for remaining focused and committed to your victory. You belong to a huge army of Beings who are manifesting a glorious, new reality. We now take our leave. Blessings, Dear Ones! Remember in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! And Be Blessed in Love and in Joy!)


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