Galactic Technologies and Abundance

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Through Sheldan Nidle

Galactic Technology and Abundance

Tuesday April 20, 2004.8 Cib, 9 Kank’in, 12 Manik

From The Planetary Activation Organization ([email protected]).  Article taken from: .  Published by permission from PAO.
Published here on April 24, 2004.

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Selamat Jarin! We return, dear Hearts, with more to discuss! As your world approaches its long awaited day of liberation, it becomes necessary to talk to you more about our part in these matters. This, of course, involves First Contact and your accelerating march toward full consciousness. First Contact is our main concern. Heaven is occupied with ensuring that your great shift in consciousness happens on schedule. Our mission involves us with both you, and the public and secret power structures on your world. We rather enjoy our times with all of you. The various power structures of your globe are caught up in a prolonged battle that seems at times to be both petty and chaotic. Despite this, important progress is presently being made. You, on the other hand, are a joy to us. You have taught us much about the ‘art’ of surviving in a limited consciousness environment. Our fascination with you is almost limitless. Your vast gamut of different lifestyles, beliefs, languages, and cultures is amazing. Our scientists, anthropologists, and cultural historians have even compiled a large database on your global society.

      Moreover, the knowledge of your Ascended Masters has further increased our ever-growing understanding of your overwhelming predicaments. We search constantly for ways to hasten your transition into a much kinder world. But our heavenly supervisors insist upon an orderly progression that follows the sacred dictums of the divine plan. We have acceded to their wisdom and know that the time for the rise of your new world is indeed drawing closer. Until that time, we are using our ‘good offices’ as well as our human and technical capabilities to ensure that this moment arrives sooner rather than later. Our ‘touch’ on certain crucial issues has hastened their resolution and allowed other vital preliminary measures to proceed in the swiftest time possible. We have also prevented certain situations from occurring in North America that had the potential to greatly worsen your current position. This permitted our Earth allies to make headway with their task of removing the last dark cabal from its present position of power.

      Our purpose is to see that the first stages of your abundance dispersal are carried out and that the advanced technology possessed by your secret governments is revealed at the time of the formal announcements of our existence. Hence we are watching over these concealed technologies closely. We plan to release a large number of them to help you transform your present reality. Large sections of your world lack the resources to make material changes to their reality, so these secret technologies and the coming financial abundance needs to be used in innovative ways to effect the necessary improvements to their living conditions. To this end, we intend to train you fully in ‘fluid group dynamics’ and introduce you to the basic dynamics of galactic society. We hope to demonstrate to you their inherent efficacy and versatility, as you are going to need to ‘hit the ground running’. There will be very little time for you to assimilate a couple of basic concepts, let alone to practice them, or to apply them on a trial and error basis.

      A new scientific and social paradigm will be introduced as soon as the governmental, economic, and social transitions are underway, and you will be expected not only to become conversant with a much higher level of technology, but also to reconcile many cultural and linguistic differences. You will need to establish some general standards of interaction that honor these intercultural differences and that nurture mutually beneficial exchanges. The purpose here is mutual appreciation and perceiving that your diversity is indeed a great gift. You will thereby be laying the foundations of your emerging galactic society. Our task is to guide you and to help you only where needed. In this regard, our analysis of your various societies has been most helpful to us; it has indicated how to most effectively carry out our mission here. We have a great deal of information to impart and much to teach you about how to rapidly transform your world.

Part of the Last Dark Cabal:
Cheney, Bush and Rumsfeld

      This brings us to what is currently being planned on your world. Certain military and governmental elements are at present engaged in completing their arrangements. Much of this changes on a daily basis. Our liaison teams inform us that these final procedures are almost complete. Many of you have noticed the increasing amount of information being divulged every day about the illicit activities of this last dark cabal. These news stories are merely a prelude to what is actually known about them by our Earth allies. The complete database will astound and greatly shock you. This group has tentacles into every part of the globe and actually came very close to achieving world domination. Its ultimate failure was largely due to your efforts and those of our Earth allies. This is why we continue to thank you for your wonderful work. Without your heartfelt support and dedication, the many splendid events about to happen would never have been possible. Remember, Together We are Victorious!

      As you approach the final leg of this part of your journey, be mindful of the fact that your bodies are still enduring a great deal of change. This change will next involve your diaphragm, lymph system, thymus, and lower throat region. As the body increasingly integrates the sub-layers of your Light Body, it needs to recalibrate itself to a higher frequency. As your body approaches certain frequency thresholds, the thought forms stored in these aforementioned areas likewise need to adjust themselves. This retuning releases long-stored negative energies and thereby precipitates minor health crises. Our medical teams work closely with your body guardians to release a lot of this energy safely. Some of these thought-forms, however, need to be ‘processed’ (that is, recognized and accepted) by you before they can be transformed into positive, healthy energy.

      Be aware also that parts of your physical body are being activated after having lain dormant for the past 13 millennia. This too can cause a variety of major and minor ailments. Hence we recommend that you make use of natural healers and the many forms of complementary medicine that are available to you. This process of change is putting an ever-increasing strain on your mental, emotional, and physical bodies, and it is important to pamper yourselves as much as possible. Learn to express your deep Love and appreciation for each aspect of yourself. The coming events will lead to further stress which is why we again emphasize the need to love and care for yourself. It is vital that you take the time to commune with and care for yourself as this can greatly minimize the aches and pains that signal the enormous changes happening within you.

      As you can see, much is happening on many levels at once. Awesome events are preparing to manifest before you. We intend to use our abilities to guide you toward success, but this will also require a massive effort on your part. Our Earth allies’ part in all this is only the beginning of a much larger operation that will shortly require your diligent assistance. In this report, we barely began to stress the immensity of your responsibilities, although we have underscored this point in many past messages. Your world, Mother Earth, needs to see your great Love for her in action. Another pivotal task is to alter the paradigm of how your society perceives the universe around it. This alone is monumental. Happily, you have divine assistance. But this endeavor is, nevertheless, your responsibility. It is fortunate that you have been primed for inevitable success!

      Today, we have discussed your changing reality. We emphasize the need for you to understand how these changes are reflected both inside you and in the world around you. It is important for you to prepare for these imminent events. Use this time both to evolve a possible plan of action and nurture your emotional and physical needs. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)


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