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We Will Take You Onboard Our Ships



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We Will Take You Onboard Our Ships


Ela of Arcturus


Ela of Arcturus channeled through Mike Quinsey,Michael@BrookWood96.OrangeHome.Co.UK. Taken from: . Published in this website on June 23, 2004.  Keep visiting it for new updates.



June 5, 2004


Your planet Earth is within your solar system, in a galaxy within a Universe in an Omniverse. You are just one of billions of planets, and less than a speck of sand on a beach. I tell you this not to make you feel small, but to indicate how vast it all is. Furthermore, there is not a planet that does not have a life form of some description at some level around it. As with your Earth, there can even be life forms inside it. The magnitude of all that is around you is truly beyond your finite mind. Everything is the result of creation, or co-creation with your Creator God. Therefore, nothing has come into being by chance, all is in order and has its special place in creation. All life forms have the spark of God within, all are connected by this indestructible Light, therefore All is One. Bear in mind that there are also hundreds of different dimensions, that lead back to the Godhead, and the state of perfection within the Oneness. Earth is a special planet that evokes much interest from beings not just from your solar system, but way beyond. In the first instance you came to Earth from all over your galaxy, and because of it you must realise that it is where you have your connections. Many of you have come from planets within this solar system, many from the one you call Maldek, the remains of which is now your asteroid belt. Maldek had a history of evolution very much like your own. Fortunately, unlike them you have passed the point at which you could easily have destroyed Earth.


Humanity is a collective unit of consciousness, and you are given the same opportunities over and over again to evolve. That is the name of the game, and eventually you always overcome the challenge. No matter how long it takes, you are assured of getting there, and move on to next one. Life is an adventure, full of rewards, yet full of disappointments. It is you who create the playing field and decide the rules. You are aware of this before you allow yourself to become immersed in the lower vibrations, and although you may appear to forget, subconsciously that knowledge always remains with you.


At this end-time for your present level of experience, you are beginning to remember again who you are, and why you came to Earth. In this you are helped by the different rays of energy that are being sent to you by higher beings, these are enabling you to open your consciousness and activate your higher charkas. You could say that you have been ‘incomplete’ beings because the real you has a 12 chakra system. If you are to go forward as fulfilled beings of Light, all of your charkas need activating and balancing once again. This is a natural development for you, restoring you to what you were before you fully entered the physical realms. Your experiences over millennia of time have brought you to this present moment, when all that you have worked for will now release you from the necessity to again experience the cycle of duality. This is where beings like myself come into your life, and take an active part in leading you onwards to the next phase. For you this will culminate in your Ascension, a massive rising-up into the Light. You hardly realise what you have achieved, fighting your way back after having experienced the lowest of the lows. Not every soul chooses to evolve along such a hard and trying path, but having done it, we are in total awe and wonderment at your tremendous achievement.


I am just one of millions of beings that are ready and waiting for the signal to return to Earth and ensure that the final part of your plan is successfully completed. Of that there is no doubt at all, and the contact we seek has already begun.  Our ships are primed and ready, and we have known the part we are to play for a long time now, and excited at the prospect of meeting you. We have so much to tell you; so much to show you, and together we have so much to do. There is no question of us arriving to take over your planet, we are the Forces of Light and we respect Universal Law. We would never transgress such Laws. We learnt a long time ago of the Brotherhood of Light, and the Oneness of All That Is. We are as close to you as your family, indeed in many cases that is exactly what we are. Many of you have come from other planets to help Earth and the Human race, to achieve its final thrust forward as it fully emerges from the denseness of physicality.


Dear friends, at last we can come openly to you. It is not, that you have not seen us in your skies before now. Because we have shown ourselves and our ships many times.  Soon we will come at your invitation and you shall see marvellous sights in your skies all over your world, you will know we come in peace, and shall we say, as your long lost friends. You will be taken aboard our ships at the appropriate time and shown marvels that will amaze you. You will be opening Pandora’s box, and the surprises will be endless. Keep a look out for us, we will become more open now in our presence in your skies.


Your waiting and ours is rapidly coming to an end, we are ready to greet you. I leave you with a friendly goodbye that our Sirian friends use, and is one you have become familiar with-Selamat Gajun Be One. I am Ela of Arcturus and I have again come to you in Love and Light.


Thank you, Ela.
Mike Quinsey


Wednesday January 5, 2005


When you have been informed that there are millions of Spacecraft stationed around your planet, you will understand that there are also millions of personnel manning them. Because of our advanced technologies we only require a minimum number to operate each craft, but even so we are a formidable force to be reckoned with. It is not that we are militarized in any way but, regardless of our enormous size, we have an immaculate communications system. However on a personal basis, most of us can contact each other by mind to mind contact.


Our methods of operation are very sophisticated and there is a chain of command that is impeccable and totally efficient. We carry this out with what you would perceive as computers, except that they are vastly more advanced than your versions, and interact with their operators.


We have been in place for some years now, patiently waiting for the go ahead to make First Contact. Time as you understand it does not affect us, and we have no sense of impatience or concern over the delays that have occurred. Firstly the plan is firmly in place and although subject to changes, in principle it has remained the same. Secondly, we are never idle, and we find much to do in the meantime. Because distance presents no problem, we do work in other parts of the Universe, and are what you would term as «being on call».  The Universe is vibrant and ever on the move, so you can imagine that there is always some activity taking place that requires our attention.


To understand what we can do, you have to think on an entirely different basis. We can control energy, re-direct it, or alter it, and we are often called to do such things to maintain a planetary balance, as has happened frequently with your own Earth. We are all volunteers on this mission for the Earth, and we feel extremely privileged to be here at such a monumental time in your history.


Many Beings from all over the Universe have their representatives here, so that they may record the events leading up to, and covering your Ascension. You have not really grasped the magnitude of what is about to take place.  It is an event that has required delicate changes to your planetary energies that also have to be at a certain point consistent with your own energies.  It has to exact, and of course we know what is required, but even so we hold our breath sometimes as we bring everything together for the next phase.


You have energies pouring into your Earth, and the grids around it, and these come from commanding entities such as the Angelic Kingdom, and even from the Great Central Sun. Make no mistake, what is taking place is magnificent in its concept, and all to enable you to ascend with your physical body.


You may feel that your goal seems impossible because of what is expected from you. But be assured that each and every one of you has many helpers around you, to guide you and ensure that if you have elected to Ascend, it shall be so. You are treated like royalty, and we have that reverence for you and admire your total focus on your goal. You always have your freewill option open to you to change your mind, but we cannot foresee anyone pulling out at this stage.


You have come a tremendous long way through various civilizations that have long been lost in the mists of time. Some of you would have been in at the beginning some 50 million years ago. It is just as well that you do not have a conscious memory of everything that you have experienced; it would be too much to bear. But as you know, you have lost nothing but gained all, and carry the sum total of all of your experiences with you. Can you imagine how much wisdom you have acquired, and how much understanding you have of the conflicts between dark and Light?  Beings who have never experienced duality cannot comprehend what you have gone through.  But because you have done so, others will be richer through your shared experiences.


Some of you have had contact with a group of Greys that are based upon Earth, and the one factor that comes out quite clearly, is that they do not understand emotion. But even they are beginning to understand through you, what is lacking in their own make-up. Understand their actions are out of ignorance, and they do not purposefully mistreat their «abductees».  It should also be remembered that they are here on Earth by agreement with your Government, and they are not breaking any Universal Law as otherwise they would have been removed immediately. The Greys comprise of many factions and as a species they will retain their connection with Humans for a long time to come.


You have stronger links with other more human-like Beings, who have been with you for eons of time, and I refer primarily to the Pleiadians and the Sirians. These will be amongst the first to greet you when First Contact takes place, and for you it will be like meeting old friends again. This event is so near to happening, and you will have little time to wait to experience a most exciting time, it will take your breath away. Do not have any fear, as the Beings concerned are your allies, and in their presence you will feel the wonderful Love that they have for you.


I am Ela of Arcturus and I let you know all is well, and try to lift your understanding of what is happening right now, and the magnitude of what is about to occur. The operations are carried out with great Love and respect for you all. You are wonderful Beings of Light.


Thank you, Ela.
Mike Quinsey



January 18, 2005


The path towards First Contact seems very clear to us, but then we have the advantage of seeing the whole panorama spread out before us. Events are well advanced that will soon carry you into a period of much activity, and changes that will be quite staggering to the majority of people. Our input will not be immediately apparent, as it is our Earth allies that will come to the fore and carry out whatever is necessary. We see this as a most exciting time, as we long to show ourselves upon Earth and in many cases renew old friendships. In reality you have come from all over the Universe to experience the cycle of duality, and some have been placed here because of the need to speed up their evolution. Others have come to help these dear souls to gain from it, and ensure the Plan works out in its fullness. This has been largely achieved, and although some are still unable to make that step up, it has been a remarkable success. As you already know, another «Earth» has been prepared for the continuation of experience for those who wish to stay in such an environment. These souls are still dearly loved, and in no way are they being excluded from other realities, or considered failures. Their time will inevitably come, so we have no concern about the actual outcome of their further experiences. Everything in the Universe works in an immaculate way, and even when problems seemingly occur it is found that the answers are with us.


For those of you that are doing your best to live your new reality, we say very well done and see how remarkable your success has been. Day to day you have many distractions to deal with, and you are tested in your resolve at almost every turn. This is why the Earth is offers such a wonderful opportunity to grow, there is really no where else where you can evolve so quickly.


We have to admire those of you who have, so to say, given up your homes in the stars to be part of the great Brotherhood of Light. Ones that have worked continuously to bring those evolving souls to the point that they can finally leave the wheel of re-birth.  Ascension is an event that has drawn many observers to Earth, from all over the Universe. Your Solar System is also ascending, and there is great interest in the Earth itself which is birthing a new Earth. It is amazing to us that so few of you are aware of the magnitude of what is going to happen. But once we have made open Contact with you, we shall ensure that you are fully conversant with all aspects of Ascension.


As you would say, there is a great buzz going through our fleets, and we are at the ready to come to you, the culmination of years of planning and patient waiting. You may be assured that all will take place without any fear of interference from the dark forces. They will have been put in their place, and their ability to cause trouble will be totally removed. Yes, at the moment we can control their activities, so that they do not get out of hand. But we have to allow the final outworking of the Plan, and you will see that it ultimately works out to perfection. In Earthly terms, there is not much time left before Ascension takes place.


However, with our advanced knowledge and abilities that are far beyond your present understanding, we can achieve the changes that are necessary quite easily. We effectively have to bring you on, to make up for those lost years when you should have evolved much quicker. I refer to technological advancements that have been suppressed, or covertly used for military purposes only.


On my home Arcturus, we live in the Light, and are in fact Light Beings. We create from the power of our thoughts, and in the higher dimensions we can manifest what we require quite easily. Our home would seem strange to you, but then our needs are different as we are not physical Beings as you would understand it. Our creations are perfect, and all operates in complete harmony. Yet, on the other hand you would recognize out Temples and other creations. You would see our lakes, the trees and other forms that would be familiar to you. The colors would please you and they go beyond your present range, everything glows with a gentleness that you could feel. We use crystal a great deal and it makes for a wonderful presentation. Everything is vibrant and full of life, and harmonizes with all else.


One day, you shall have the opportunity to visit planets such as ours, and we would welcome the new Light Beings from Earth. Indeed we welcome the new Cosmic Beings. I hope you can feel our excitement, and our positive approach to you upon your final days on Earth. We are looking ahead because the victory is yours, and you can focus on your reality knowing that nothing can now stop your onward march to Ascension.


I am Ela and I share my Love with you, and my admiration for your wonderful achievements. Until we meet, I send you greetings from Arcturus.


Thank you, Ela.
Mike Quinsey



February 4, 2005


Space is seemingly never ending, and well able to accommodate the millions of spacecraft of the various groups that comprise the Galactic Federation. We avoid accidental collisions due to our advanced system of identification, and computed information. In an instant we can take the necessary action to alter our path, and it all happens quite automatically. You have your own reports of the sighting of our craft within your Earth’s atmosphere, and you will know that we can carry out what are to you, impossible maneuvers. From traveling at speeds well in excess of your type of aircraft, we can stop ours in a split second. We can also move off as quickly, and in an instant reach high speeds that can take us out of your sight in just seconds. Often when in your view, we attract the attention of your military aircraft and we move away completely, or cloak ourselves in invisibility. We can lock into your communications, and we are able to be prepared for missile attacks and many times you have attempted to destroy our craft. We do not use the same methods against you and you could say we are a peace keeping force that has never used weaponry against Earth. In different circumstances, as might occur when confronted by craft and technologies as advanced as our own, we do have the dispensation to use whatever means are necessary to protect ourselves. This has happened in the past when we have been attacked by members of the Draconian Empire engaged in Galactic war. But even then, we do not defend ourselves in this way without first having given a warning.


We are more vulnerable when our scoutships travel in your atmosphere, and often have to come quite close to you. You have frequently locked on to us with your tracking system, and also your missiles. We can take avoiding action, or we can destroy the missile in flight. But you also like to try out your new weaponry upon us and it can cause us difficulty. Our craft and that of the Greys, have crashed upon Earth for various reasons and it shows that we are not totally infallible. Where you have seen battles in your skies, this is not our craft but those of the Greys and other off world visitors. We would never engineer a confrontation with these Beings, and we respect their right to be in contact with Earth and its Governments. By and large, the different groups of ETs that have Earth bases keep very much to themselves and out of each others way. For those like us who visit your Earth, there is an agreement of non-interference with you.


Our presence now is becoming more evident, and will shortly become totally open as part of the authorized First Contact. You have signaled your readiness to meet us, and progressed sufficiently for us to know that you will achieve Ascension as this cycle draws to a close. In different circumstances, we would not have been able to promote an open meeting between us. But you have suddenly gone ahead with your personal development at such a rapid speed, that the original plan can now be completed. With the direction of the Spiritual Hierarchy and other high forces, we have over the years been able to help you from a distance. But our main responsibility has been to prevent you destroying yourselves and your Earth. This must sound very dramatic to you, but on several occasions your big powers have been on the verge of a nuclear war that could have engulfed the whole planet. And now with so many smaller powers having nuclear capabilities, you could have been dangerously standing at the edge of the cliff of oblivion. But I hasten to confirm a fact that is now becoming known to you, that you will NOT be allowed to use your nuclear weaponry. You are like most civilizations that have reached a point where they have discovered the secrets of nuclear fission, and invariably it is used for ulterior purposes.


A long time ago, but within your last century, you were given the knowledge of clean nuclear energy. But like a number of other useful inventions including free energy devices, it has been sidelined and suppressed in the interests of global companies. You have a driving force that requires profit from whatever you are producing, and it is maintained regardless of how much damage and deprivation it causes. This will eventually change in light of events that are about to occur.


I am Ela from Arcturus, and I shall be one of those who will land on Earth in the early stages. Gradually you will be introduced to the various Beings that are part of your history, and will also be in your future. It will be exciting for all of us, and it is a long time since such an opportunity has presented itself. My home is one of great Love and Light, and we shine out as a beacon in your skies continually sending our Love to you.


Thank you, Ela.
Mike Quinsey


March 24, 2005


Outwardly we are different in appearance to you, sufficiently that you would know that we are not of the Earth. Yet, you would also see that we are very much in the human mold. We are at a level of development, or as you would say vibration, that is presently beyond yours. We do not need form like yours, because we are able to exist in the expression of Light, in our Light Bodies. It is however, possible for us to transform our appearance to one that in your eyes will be familiar, pleasant and acceptable to you.


We can move into other dimensions, and over long distances simply through the power of thought. Space vehicles such as you are now familiar with, are used by us only when it is appropriate to do so. They have been seen about the Earth, when like many other visitors we follow up our interest in your development. The sheer magnitude of what you have achieved is astonishing, you have brought Light to your planet that has enabled you to speed up your evolution. You are now at a point where even if you are not yet sure of your success, we can tell you that you have achieved your goal. You are one step away from being fully prepared for your Ascension, and that is but the blink of an eye.


If you truly understood what a long journey it has been to reach this point, you would not be concerned at the short time which is remaining. Heavenly forces are amassed to ensure that you do not falter over the last few steps. At times you have naturally felt as though you were alone in your fight to overcome the dark. Truthfully, you have never been alone even at your lowest points, and you have been accompanied by a host of Light Beings.


It is no coincidence or accident that you are on Earth at such a momentous time. The Divine Plan has been in place ever since you first agreed to experience duality, and you have been protected and guided ever since. You are not some chance happening that has arisen from the original building blocks of Earth. You were selected for the experience which you accepted, and allowed to find your own feet as you descended into the lower vibrations. Freewill has been the foundation stone of your experiences, and you have learnt an immense amount about its application.


The critical factor for you has been the Law of Cause and Effect, which some of you still do not realize is what brings certain experiences into your life. An understanding of it means that you do not treat others differently to yourselves, but as you would wish to be treated. You cannot go through your life with impunity for others, as you are All One and your actions affect the whole. They also rebound on you if you are creating negativity, until you have learnt the lessons that your actions can teach you. Universal Law is exactly that, and it is designed to bring an understanding into being that will enable all to flow in balance and harmony.


At our level we have long ago learnt the basic lessons of life. But, we have not ended our search for knowledge and wisdom, and the quest goes on in the never endingKingdom of God . We have become a group consciousness and are One, yet we are also still units that express ourselves in accordance with our individual soul. In a manner of speaking you also experience group consciousness, but in a way over which you have little knowledge or control.


There is always an interchange of energy taking place and strong thoughts get stronger as more of you give them your energy. Thoughts become so powerful, that they establish an energy and consciousness of their own. They may exist for centuries of your time, and it is the degree of negative thought forms that have traveled with you, that have perpetuated the chaos that you experience. This is why you hear a lot about the cleansing of your Earth, and it is not just the physical aspect, but the negative energies that permeate the whole planet. The transmutation of these energies is taking place, and presently the Light is the most powerful force upon Earth. Some acts of cleansing are performed through specific intention, whilst others result from the mere presence of Light.


The preparation of your Earth so that it is ready to ascend is already underway. But the task is formidable, and help is soon to arrive as your space friends, who are your real family, come openly into your lives. We will be part of that wonderful occasion, but take our place more in the background. We are great healers and we shall give of our abilities to those who are in need. Indeed, all of your needs have been ascertained and there will be no lack of attention to your complete requirements. There are many specialist groups waiting for the cleansing to commence and it will be thorough and take place in short time.


I am Ela of Arcturus, and I see your victory and success. You are at the gateway of Ascension and nothing can now stop your progress and fulfillment. There is so much love involved in the process, and it is surely going to be the most beautiful time you will ever have experienced in this cycle of duality.


Thank you, Ela.
Mike Quinsey



May 18, 2005


Unlike some time ago, and not very long at that, you now have a greater awareness of the energies that are lifting up you and the Earth. There is an energy that is joyful and exciting, and you know that big changes are afoot. Better still, a good number of you are actively engaged in some of the processes that are coming to their conclusion, and will finally bring all into the open. Realize that you have come into this particular period to do just that, and it is absolutely no coincidence that you are where you are at present. Some have missed their calling, but as the changes are manifest there is much work that requires everyones help to ensure a speedy completion.


It has been the outworking of a plan set in motion eons of time ago, and you have been working towards it over many lifetimes. Even your families and occupations have been set so as to bring you into this time. There are a whole variety of skills and experience that you have to offer. So do not worry if you have not yet been called, your part may be destined to come into play once the changes are under way. There will be ample guidance, and many of you will visit our ships and be prepared for what is to come. Your expertise in various industries can be furthered by knowledge and understanding of advances made by us, and you will be educated accordingly. Our technologies are quite simple to use, and so many of you are already conversant with computer programs and applications, which will make it easier.


Is it not strange, that although you have been denied advances in the technological field, because your dark forces have preferred to keep them to themselves, you have gained some advances that have entered the public domain through their interaction with the Greys. The object of the darks agreement was to gain advanced technologies, in exchange for allowing the Grey’s freedom to work on and within Earth. Yet, as the new technologies have been developed for both military and space research, they have found their way into your everyday life. The chip is the single most influential development, and has now found its way into many sectors of Industry. Your computer systems have advanced in leaps and bounds as a result, and many communication systems have come to rely upon it.


All through your history, advances have made through the development of weapons of war. How nice it will be after peace is declared to remove all evidence of such technologies and equipment. As a member of the Galactic Federation you will be protected by us should the need arise, and protective shields and other defensive systems will be put in place. These are purely defensive in nature and cannot be covertly used for ulterior motives. As a peaceful nation you will of course have disbanded your armies, as no internal threat will any longer exist. What a wonderful prospect real peace offers, can you imagine freedom of movement, communications and transport that are so advanced that they will take you a thousand years forward. An end to poverty and inequality, a sharing of the Earths abundance and a great coming together of all nations and all people.


The dream of being able to put the past behind you, and live without threat to your lives is more than that: it is to be your reality very soon. The new energies being brought into the Earth grid will also lift up the vibration of those who are struggling to find their real selves. Help will be given to re-program their personality and allow a development that will take them beyond the need to express themselves in a negative way. Negative thought forms will also be transmuted, and a new society will be born. Everyone will be encouraged to participate with whatever skills they have, and it will be of a voluntary nature and therefore very enjoyable and productive.


I am Ela from Arcturus, and in the areas of healing that are of particular interest to us, we shall show you how many changes can be made from conventional ways and ideas that will become outdated. Again there are advanced technologies and methods that will come into being, and illness will largely disappear, and disabilities will be addressed. Hospitals and places of treatment will be quite different to what you have been used to, and long stays in such places will become a thing of the past. As the vibration continues to rise, there will come a point where illness will be unable to exist at all because of the harmonious levels reached.


Dear Ones, we have so much to offer, and it may be hard for you to believe that you will ever see the changes promised. They will happen, and once we have made contact with you will start immediately. Everything is planned for that purpose, and we wish you to wait no longer. You have been denied the true quality of life that should have been yours a long time ago, but for the denial of it by the selfishness of the Elite.


Our forces await the wonderful days ahead, and we lift up you and Mother Earth in next to no time. It is your right to live in peaceful co-existence and we intend that it shall be so. Never look back, but look forwards to a time of great happiness and release from the clutches of those who would subordinate you for their purposes. It is time for change and it will go ahead without fail. I am ready and come with great Love and will help manifest the Creators Plan which has been conceived in the greatest Love of All.

Thank you, Ela.
Mike Quinsey



June 8, 2005


Greetings from Arcturus, I am Ela and I am attached to a specialist section of the Galactic Federation. Once contact has been made with you, we will arrive to assist you in a change over from drug dependent treatment to one of natural healing. At our level of existence we are not prone to illness at all, but we do take an interest in various healing methods. Our concentration is on restoring the body through the use of color, sound and crystal energies, or a combination of them.


On Earth there have been periods when you were more aware of the power of natural healing, and great civilizations such as Atlantis fully used them. They had mastered the use of powerful rays and knew how to apply them for their purposes. Such energies if misused could prove to be dangerous and destructive in the wrong hands. Special temples of healing were built, and many of you will have deep subconscious memories of receiving healing in them from the Order of the Priests. Equally, many of you have brought memories with you of carrying out healing and the knowledge is being revived once more.


Healing can be brought to such a fine art that there is no need for surgery, and instead the restoration of a body to bring it back into alignment. Such methods would be quite advanced by your present understanding, but given time you would have gravitated to these higher levels. Your problem has been the low vibrations in which you operate, and the heaviness of physical matter. Also, you have not always been able to determine the cause of illnesses, which regardless of the symptoms are due to imbalances in the body. Often your illnesses start outside of the body, and your environment, living style and emotions have a bearing on the conditions that create them.


Our brief is to help restore you to good health, and that will include all types of mental problems and disablement. This is part of the plan to prepare you for your new reality, as you cannot enter it unless your bodies are in perfection. There is a degree of healing taking place all of the time, and particularly now as the energies coming to Earth are lifting you up to a higher vibration. However, we will set up healing sanctuaries and you will be trained to use them. There are also healing modules and equipment to be used in respect of the healing rays. The nature of the healing provides results that require no further attention, as they are complete within themselves.


Injuries to your physical body can also be treated quickly, and tissue and muscle can be restored by cell replacement. In time even our methods would prove unnecessary, as you will develop the power of thought to such a degree as to be able to carry out self healing. In the 5th dimension which many of you will rise up to, you will live in perpetual perfection and you will suffer no illness or imbalance whatsoever. Every one of you could reach that level if you so wished, and that is your freewill choice. At some stage in your evolution you will ascend, and that is the ordained plan of the Creator.


There are wonders galore in every corner of the Universe, and you will never tire of exploring its many dimensions. The opportunities are limitless, and much of which you will encounter will have a certain familiarity, as you have traveled this way before. Yet, the Cosmos is still expanding and new discoveries are to be found. You will have a special place within it, and your experience will be used to administer your wisdom and understanding to others. You will become the Ambassadors of theAngelic Kingdom and highly loved and respected.


I must however point out that there are many on Earth who are here to assist the Ascension process, and these souls will return to their own planets. These Dear Ones have already ascended, but have returned to Earth to serve the Creators plan. Not all of them are aware of their majestic background and importance to the people of Earth. It is perhaps sad that working in the lower dimensions means losing your full consciousness and recall. Some become so deeply mired into the lower vibrations, that they almost totally lose knowledge of their real self.


We the Arcturians see you as glorious Lighted Angelic Beings. We are proud to be associated with you, and full of admiration for the great sacrifice you made when you descended into matter. Your journey is almost complete, and we along with many other groups wait that wonderful time when we shall meet you again. You do not yet fully understand how magnificent you are and the enormity of your achievements.


I am Ela, and I feel very privileged to address you again. Time is changing quickly and speeding up as you have noticed. We will be happy to help you on your journey of awakening, and soon you will only be aware of the Now, and All will be One.

Thank you, Ela.
Mike Quinsey



February 22, 2006


Around your world people watch the developments intently as the war of words and threats grow. The future has always lain at the door of the major powers and decisions they make do not just affect their own people. The focus is therefore on the U.S. but other key players are not idle and use their influence to keep the peace. We try to bring those together who can have a say in what happens and the immediate problem is to diffuse the Middle East situation.


Unfortunately passions play a part and certain religious groups are being taken advantage of because of their sensitivity to ridicule. This plays into the hands of those who manipulate events so as to proceed with their secret agendas. The American people have a great responsibility to others as well as themselves and if they allow matters to go unchecked they could get out of hand. It would be easy to ignore what is happening, as after all you are told it is in your own interests. It really is time to put your political and religious preferences aside as if the dark are not stopped it will benefit no one except their own.


In the higher realms we settle matters by sitting down with each other and sensibly discuss the problem. All parties are intent on a peaceful solution and its effect on each one is carefully considered. These are quite different meetings to yours, inasmuch that they are working for a result that satisfies all of them. It is carried out in an atmosphere that is cordial and where each person is putting forward views that are given totally in truth. Much attention is given to ensuring that sovereignty is maintained, and this is where it differs greatly from your meetings.


You have agendas that are set up for selfish reasons and you give only where you get something back in return. Sometimes you collude with others using bribery so that you get your own way, and as a last resort use threats. Sanctions and withdrawal of help are also used to force people into your way of thinking. Is it no wonder that your different countries and people find it so hard to get on with each other?  In the circumstances, how can there be trust and honest agreements reached and who really cares about the people themselves?


You will realize that you will not get far at all until those that represent you are chosen for their integrity, honesty and spiritual understanding. Your problem is that you do not readily know who comes into this category. Often you are voting on very limited knowledge of the people put forward and a good orator will often sway your opinion. However, your political campaigns usually concentrate on destroying the reputation of others rather than considering their suitability to represent you.


When you move into the higher realms, each and everyone is known in truth for what they are and for their spiritual evolution.  There is no hiding the truth or pretence as you are seen for exactly what you are, no more and no less.  It would be pointless to tell lies as they dim your Light, and your thoughts cannot in any event be concealed.  It is not that people intrude into each others thoughts but you cannot say one thing and mean another without it being known.  Do not be worried at this prospect as by the time you ascend you too will have moved beyond the double standards of Earth.  If you had not, your vibration would not match that of the higher realms.


Try keeping to the truth now and see how you fare, of course it is difficult and I realize that in some matters it is better to maintain your privacy and keep views to yourself. That arises from the reactions you get from others, and you may even suffer punishment for your views. You choose words carefully and they do not always carry the ring of truth. Already some sensitive people pick up the vibrations and «feel» uncomfortable about them. Why is it you cannot speak openly with each other, I would say it is sometimes the fear of being rebuked or ridiculed. People can be cruel to each other, and it is often inspired by an ego that is too inflated with self esteem.


Dear Ones, you do not live a real life, you have been reduced to a shadow of your true potential. Over millennia of time you have been placed into a mould dictated by different cultures and religions, and pushed all over the place by political dictates. This is all about to change and many have already broken away and found their true path. They have lifted themselves up by recognizing the way in which humanity has been pulled down by allowing and encouraging their dependence on drugs, alcohol and sexual perversions.  Some have stood back and recognized the trap they have fallen into and have created their own fortress of Light around them. Free of other people’s impositions and restrictions, they have «seen the Light» and drawn it to themselves.


It is true that the Creator has given you freewill so that you can experience whatever you desire, but it comes at a cost if it impinges on others and interferes with their evolution. There are Universal Laws that apply and override any of those that are man-made. The biggest price you pay is by allowing yourself to lose touch with your Higher Self as you lower your vibrations. However, when you are ready you will be given a hand back up, as no one is left in the dark forever or indeed wishes to do so. The Light of your soul will forever shine and it is your guarantee of immortality.


I am Ela from Arcturus and I know that if you could see and experience what waits you in the higher dimensions, you would find the impetus you need to rise up. The peace and tranquility you seek is here, and the stress and tiredness you experience in the lower vibrations is non-existent. Harmony between all energies and Beings is perfectly normal and illness and imperfections are only found in your vibrations. Let your thoughts wander in those moments of utter peace and relaxation and you can be with us and see in your mind’s eye the picture that we have painted.


One day not too far away, you too will be in the higher dimensions and your memories of the cycle of duality will have passed into obscurity. If you wished you could now start to walk a different path as many already have who are on their way to Ascension.  It is possible to be on Earth but not in it by staying centered within yourself and allowing all else to pass you by.  If you are successful, you will have gone a long way to raising your vibrations and many Beings of Love from those higher dimensions will go hand in hand with you. I wish you success and know that our Light and Love is ever with you.


Thank you, Ela.
Mike Quinsey



December 12, 2007


The progress you have made with your aspirations to achieve Ascension is astonishing in view of the comparatively short time that you have found your individual paths. Against the slow but steady awakening within your consciousness, you have suddenly found the way to the truth from within. We see it as a wonderful development that at one time seemed unlikely to the degree that it has taken place. You have discovered your true paths, and as personal as they are to each of you they have lifted up the vibration upon Earth. This is helping others who are also beginning to respond to the higher energies, and opening their eyes to a new pathway of Light.


We can see by your auric energies that the colors are becoming clearer and of the higher vibrations. This tells us that you are uplifting yourselves into the purer vibrations, and that in turn is also affecting the mass consciousness. Dear Ones, you are beginning to act more as One, and it is speeding up your transition to those levels necessary for your Ascension. We and others of the Galactic Federation are assisting you, but it is you who lead the way. We hold out a helping hand to each and every one, but there is no pressure on you to accept. We are highly aware of the need to allow you to decide your own path as you evolve.


We can tell you about the higher dimensions, of the beauty, peace and serenity and what it is like to be constantly living in the Light. In your sub-consciousness you know that it is your true home, and it sounds appealing against the chaos and stress of living on Earth at present. However, you cannot simply elect to move into them without making the changes within self. You have to rise up into the higher vibrations and what we are doing is to show you the way, enabling you to take advantage of the many openings that are bringing more Light to you.


To become a Lighted One is to bring your consciousness into alignment with the higher energies. The more you do so, the more you are able to view everything around you from that higher point and understanding of Universal Love. You become passive and yet you bring change wherever you go. Your energies are the ultimate ones of pure love, and are powerful beyond your knowing. When you reach this stage, you cannot in fact misuse your energies, and it is most natural for you to spread your love as a normal emanation that accompanies all of your thoughts and actions. When you are acting as your Godself you cannot be anything but a reflection of those higher energies.


There is still some way to go before you reach the point of super-consciousness, but nevertheless that is where you are heading. Within the remaining years of this cycle you will be uplifted by ever increasing degrees of Light, until you become a fully conscious Being. The changes that are taking place now are preparing you for such a time. It is the most natural progress from being veiled from the Light, to one who is totally re-united with it. We cannot do it for you, but once you have the intent to do so we will assist you in every possible way.


We work with your guides to open up new paths for you, always bearing in mind your own plan for these end times. Each of you is an individual that have been working with a long-term plan, and even now you have one that will fulfill your expectations. No one else does the choosing but you, however when you turn to us for advice we are happy to help you. By knowing of our places in the Cosmos you are being allowed to look into your future, and we are where many of you are destined to be. You originally came from the higher dimensions, and it is to them that all will eventually return.


The magnificence of these times is lost upon many people, but every effort is being made to open their eyes. It is a unique time that offers the opportunity to break out of the Cycle of Duality. If you can rise up and see the way to move onto the Path of Light, you will not have to return to these lower levels again. If you are at the beginning of your awakening, move into a new sense of awareness that allows you to understand them. If necessary embrace the dark, but do so without becoming drawn into their energies. It is possible to be on the outside looking in, and through a passive and calm approach be unaffected by them.


Becoming of the Light is by no means as difficult as it may first appear. Realize that All Is One, and what you do to one is what you do to yourself. Your collective thoughts and actions are responsible for your reality, and if you desire to change it, first change Self. Where you are all now has been achieved by a minority who has brought Light to themselves and the Earth. The Light is all-powerful, and the grids are in place that will ensure your upliftment. Today is yet another of many, where an energy portal has been opened. Each one is linking in with the existing grid in a subtle yet powerful manner, and the Light increases each time exponentially.


It is a paradox in some ways that whilst the Light increases, so does the chaos and seemingly endless confrontations. However, it is inevitable as the Light removes all that is no longer of the higher vibrations. The cleansing must take place, no more so than with the Earth itself. There is so much negative energy bound up within it that has accumulated over eons of time. Until it has been removed you cannot fully move forward into the higher energies, but that work is progressing well. So much is happening, and most of it without your full understanding but that will change very soon. The time is rapidly approaching when circumstances will permit our coming amongst you, and then we can enlighten you as to the manner of the final stages of your upliftment.


I am Ela from Arcturus, and we cannot but think of you without great thoughts of love and compassion. We feel your desperation as our own and send calming energies for you. We wish for you total enlightenment, and your release from the traumas of your earthly lives. Soon we shall participate in your activities, and no longer will you be held down. I send great love and blessings to you from Arcturus.

Thank you, Ela.

Mike Quinsey




Wednesday August 13, 2008


The Galactic Federation is a gigantic organization that serves your Universe. Certain Star Nations such as ours from Arcturus have a more direct connection with Earth, having been involved with your civilization for thousands of years. We are not just the peacekeepers, but also seek to ensure that the plan for all galaxies within it, flow with the plan for its growth. We can travel quickly and efficiently within the different dimensions, and can reach our destination quite easily regardless of its distance from us. In fact neither time nor distance are such important factors as upon Earth.


You and Earth occupy much of our time as you approach a milestone in your evolution, and we monitor the changes that are well under way. We will ensure that each and every one of you, is given the maximum opportunity to join the Ascension process. Because of the nature of life within duality, our task is focused around the actions of the dark forces that would delay it if possible. Your experiences still serve their purpose, but time has been called so as to allow you to proceed unhampered onto your path of Light.


There is absolutely no way that any interference in your lives will be allowed to prevent your upliftment. The energies of change have long been in place, and continue to become a powerful force that cannot be stopped. It is therefore simply a matter of time before they enable far-reaching changes that will alter the course of your lives. It is moving from one track to another, as both have been running alongside each other for eons of time. You now have a monumental choice to make, and no one shall be able to say that it was not offered to them. It will be made quite clear that Ascension is open to any soul that feels ready to move out of your present dimension.


Once we are given the go-ahead to contact you as part of the imminent changes, you will be informed through numerous sources of communication the exact nature of the remaining years of this cycle. It will be a time of intense education so that you are all aware of the significance of the period leading to Ascension. There are only a few years remaining in which fantastic changes will occur. The greatest ones will be within each of you, as you are enlightened and open up to the truth of your journey through duality. It has been one of wonderful experiences that you will carry with you. You may have slipped into the lower dimensions, but your link with the Light has always remained true and strong. Now you shall discover your true selves as immense and beautiful Beings of Light and Love.


You have the potential to be anything that you desire and, as you lift your vibrations, your creative powers will increase incrementally. The difference from your present experiences will be that your power will come with each step you take along the Ascension path. Your intent and desires will be able to manifest in the Light, and be of the highest order. You will quickly reach a point where you will have again become Beings of Light, fully connected with your Higher Selves, and the dark energies will no longer be able to touch you.


You wonder what it will be like to move into the Light, and we will tell you that it will be unlike anything you have experienced so far. You shall feel fulfilled and complete, and aware of your immutable connection with All That Is. It will seem most natural, for indeed you are returning to a state of being that was yours before you willingly dropped into the lower vibrations. Some of you are already beginning to sense the changes within Self, and with it comes the ability to create space around you that becomes your safe haven from the lower energies. These cannot possibly affect you unless you allow them to intrude upon you by linking your energies to them.


Emotions are one of your strong characteristics, and your task is to manage them in a positive way. If you allow anger and other negative expressions, these will diminish the power of your Light. As you become more enlightened, you will find that even the slightest signs of negative feelings will be immediately noticeable. Quickly dismiss them and relax, and through your breathing restore balance and harmony. You will not take long to master these techniques, and will find that you can exercise complete control over yourself.


It is a fact that as you become lifted up, you see life from a totally different point of view. You will understand why duality led you into many different expressions of your Self, and that none of them has a lasting effect upon you. You will also accept that there is no need to carry the burden of guilt, as all of you have been players in a repeating scenario, allowing you to experience every facet of duality. It is the very reason you wanted to adopt new identities in the lower dimension, and accept the challenge to pit your wits and determination against the opposition. You have of course had lives that have lent towards both sides of duality, and the experiences have enriched your understanding. You have grown in consciousness, and will have added another level in addition to what you had originally.


I am Ela from Arcturus, and we clearly see you in the midst of far reaching changes, and turmoil that would seem to be all enveloping. However, be assured that it is because of the very fact that the old is disintegrating and losing its power very rapidly. It is an unpleasant time to experience, but keep calm and help manifest the Light and cast it where it is needed. There are many hostile areas upon Earth, and we for our part are flooding them with uplifting energies. However, it is difficult to get through to people who suffer and feel all is lost. Keep faith with us and the higher forces which never stop for one moment in their efforts to bring everyone into the Light and Love.


You have the power to change the direction of Man, and we see the great centers of Light upon Earth that are continually sending out wonderful positive energies that are clearing away the darkness. Even as an individual point of Light, you also help by spreading it out from wherever you are, and sending out thoughts of love. Together with our input of Light, you are lifting everything up out of the darkness of ages past. We have immense love for you all and anticipate a great celebration upon our coming together.


Thank you, Ela.
Mike Quinsey



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