Extraterrestrial Messages Through José Trigueirinho


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Extraterrestrial Messages Through José Trigueirinho

By Various Members of the Galactic Federation

 Published in this website on August 11, 2007

Extraterrestrial Messages I
Message of Ashtar Sheran, Extraterrestrial Commander
Ashtar warns the world and invites it to transform itself

Channel: José Trigueirinho-Netto, http://www.trigueirinho.org.br.  Channeled in Colombia, South America, in the year 2003.  Transcription of the Spanish audio done by Adela Padilla from the videohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6w2MXO7-C0Q.  Video published in YouTube and narrated by Luis Fernando Sosa.  English translation of the Spanish transcription by Luis Prada.

Extraterrestrial Messages I
Message of Ashtar Sheran, Extraterrestrial Commander, video in Spanish
Taken from: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6w2MXO7-C0Q&mode=related&search= 



The infusion we have radiated to Earth has been received with a minimum of integration and much reaction and resistance. This demonstrates to us the behavior we could expect in the next ten years.  We don’t see a change of the outcome.  The only change is our support, the help to those who serve the Light.  Man alone need only to make the first step, wish it, and we will be there to help him.  We hope that this infusion allows man to express that wish.

I am Ashtar, the Commander of ten million men that surround this hemisphere in the protective electronic circle within the alliances for peace of the Intergalactic Council.

There is the method and a great organization in a detailed plan that is almost complete with the purpose of translating souls from this planet in case catastrophic events make necessary the rescue.

We strongly observe the threat of a strong movement of the Earth axis in your generation.  An event of this nature would create a planetary situation in which nobody could survive.  It would be necessary the evacuation as I have referred to previously .

Another manifestation for which it would be necessary a world evacuation would be the collision of an asteroid within your own magnetic field or the transit of another solar system.  This would interrupt and perturb your precious system and energetic field to the point that all the inhabitants of the planet would be extinguished.

The negativity of man would magnetize towards himself the realization of these events.

The dangers that threaten the planet are extremely real, the resultant tragedy for humanity would be inevitable.  However, our presence of 35 million fortresses surrounds you to support, rescue and maintain you in safety.

The possible inclination of the Earth axis has been gradually diminished and smoothed out by the action of our volunteered scientists of various worlds.  These ones are beings of an advanced knowledge that understand these things and whose service they have offered gladly with the purpose of saving this beautiful planet.

We have tried repeatedly to channel the thoughts of humanity towards the reality of a One Truth and divine principles.

We dared descend our ships to your frequencies on a visible manner, as well as to expose ourselves to vulnerable situations to convince the souls on Earth of our presence.  Now we see ourselves obliged to advance some more steps because of the briefness of time and the perils that lie in wait for and the pressure of the events that are about to happen.

We come to you once again with our call and our warning, but this time we dare expose our most secret strategy to ring the alarm that this one in truth is the midnight hour.  Now is the time to make an inventory of the inner values.  It is for them that we dare expose our plans to come out to the light and to send proofs of our presence and existence on the Earth, silencing forever the negative arguments regarding our protection.

This is the new strategy unveiled to you now, exposing our proposal, meetings of all who have come to be among you as our representatives.  They must do a service for you and we dare to reveal to you who they are since no harm can happen to them.  Simply we take them out of your midst should there be an attempt to harm from you.  Know that the global evacuation will be done.  You will be assisted and rescued and by the proofs that will be given to you by our representatives when they come to you, you will know that our promises are true.

We leave this message on the planet for the few that accept it.  These words are not for the majority but for those for whom they were sent. Even most importantly is that the ones that have not been taken subsequently will know why.

May all read and be accelerated in the inner levels of being.

It is time of war on the planet, war that only a few want to believe they could have a benefit from that.  On the contrary the sirens are sounding, those who warn that the planet does not withstand anymore another war. If this new war would deepen culminating in the use of chemical or nuclear weapons of any kind, not just would be in danger the life on the planet itself but it would be a pandemonium for the solar system and even more, since the consequences would be linked.  We will not allow it to happen.  If the case be we will enter immediately on stage before originally planned.  The common man of the Earth inhabitants does not want war.  It is for them that the Contact with your civilization has been facilitated and it is also for them that the plans to convert your home into a promised paradise will be concrete.  Do not doubt of this.

We are in focus on the events, observing.  The war will not devastate the original plan of peace and fraternity in your world.  We enfold you in our Light.

Extraterrestrial Messages II

Channel: José Trigueirinho-Netto, http://www.trigueirinho.org.br Original in Portuguese.  Transcription of the Spanish audio done by Adela Padilla from the videohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RvoNWwx-Kwk.  Video published in YouTube and narrated by Luis Fernando Sosa.  English translation of the Spanish transcription by Luis Prada.

Extraterrestrial Messages II, video in Spanish
Taken from: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RvoNWwx-Kwk&mode=related&search=



The extraterrestrials visit Earth trying now to get a physical communication with the humans on the surface, as it is occurring in the present interview between a member of the Council [Alpha and Omega] that is not an extraterrestrial and the author of this book.

This contact is occurring being both in full consciousness, without the need of any trance state nor any type of imposition or induction.

Coming back to the race on the surface that at this moment need most help: One of their functions at this period would be to demonstrate receptivity towards the cosmic visitors that come to Earth, which is not happening.

The plan already prepared by some Earth rulers, of war in space, pretends to chase the extraterrestrial brothers with the aim of getting working ships to pursue the world supremacy over cities, towns and nations that they maintain subjected to their decisions and caprices.

If the man on the surface would find before the next purification [seestasis and coming changes, N. of E.] the openings to the inner Earth civilizations that exist on the physical plane of this planet, he would prepare an invasion to subjugate their pacific bothers and sisters, as it is already doing with his fellowmen of the Earth surface at all times.

The Earth nations that prepared ships to go to other planets and to the Moon were helped by us.  Never was claimed their air space as long as they were really looking for knowledge that would give solutions to their lives.  Their men arrived to the Moon accompanied invisibly by us and by our chips.  We helped them to correct technical errors and thus were completed many of their flights, but when our ships appear in your air spaces over which the surface nations pretend to have rights upon, we are chased and even weapons are used against us, as it is being done in the hunting and persecution of your bandits.  But they chase to whom comes to their help the same way they did with divine messengers as you remember it very well.

Man on the surface developed arms that put in danger the planetary life.  We feel then in contingency to avoid the main evil since it is at play the extraterrestrial space, the balance of the solar system and even beyond that.

Man on the surface of Earth does not perceives what kind of holocaust is about to provoke with their own weapons.  The Earth race of the surface, for example, forgot their origin and confounded itself with the solid body. It spoke of the soul and the spirit that it is its true life core, of energy and of movement.  But embraced all the material and forgot the divine essence, part of the Cosmos that lives in its interior as in all the other races.  It lived by the most illicit means if we were to base ourselves on the cosmic laws of love and it turned itself aggressive.  It assaulted even the natural laws that are the means of life and purification of the dense vehicles of men that form them.

8-8-1988.  That date also indicates the beginning of the enormous task of retrieving the planet from the forces of evil.  As you know on Earth there is practiced all kind of iniquity among brethren and the most part of these ones is degraded by a minority that holds material powers.

By recovering the planet back we do not mean to say to invade it, as could be thought.  It is about integrating men on the surface in the Grand Plan established by the Creator. For that there are humans that are being prepared in secret, only internally and in the silence of self and others with full knowledge of their own personalities.  That recovering must be done in the planet that still cannot be represented by any of its inhabitants before any interplanetary or intergalactic council.

This is a long story that not all wanted to understand, because becoming aware of the cosmic fraternity means not to exercise power over the fellowman.

On that historic date [8-8-1988] the civilizations that people the universes got prepared to go to help their rescued-able brethren on the surface of the Earth.  The world leaders were sufficiently warned without results that the allowed deadline to engage in wars with arms that could provoke planetary collisions by the deflection of the magnetic field of the Earth had come to an end.  These leaders hid our admonitions, our communiqués and kept quiet.  Even more, they again come back to make the same mistakes of other civilizations that in the remote past destroyed themselves.  But this time there won’t be a new Babel tower because before that happens purifying forces will come under a higher solar command.

The law of translation will be applied to humans of the surface of the Earth that won’t be evacuated and that will remain during seven years in the underground cities or in other planets to be translated again after that to the surface from where they came.  There they will conclude their processes under the evolutionary law.

The law of transmigration is a different thing, it applies to those who won’t come back to Earth after the seven years but instead will migrate turning into a surface race of another planet that, beyond the evolutionary law ordained by the DNA, it is ruled by the laws [of that planet] that are its own.

By the law of transmigration they can be even returned to Earth but not to fulfill but to serve.  Some will go to other planets and later will transmigrate to Earth in order to lead and control the evolutionary law of the future Earth race.

Abraham, Moses, Ramah, Lot, Enoch were transmigrated ones to Earth coming from other places.  The Mayan and Incan leaders had light-blue eyes because there were not from here.  It could be that in a very remote past some of them had inhabited the Earth and later came back as a hierarchy to transmit to the races the knowledge of the cosmic laws and to lead them.

Were it not for these transmigrated ones the Earth races would be today without knowledge whatsoever.

Extraterrestrial Messages III

Channel: José Trigueirinho-Netto, http://www.trigueirinho.org.br Original in Portuguese.  Transcription of the Spanish audio done by Adela Padilla from the videohttp://www.youtube.com:80/watch?v=W9M8onzcVYc.  Video published in YouTube and narrated by Luis Fernando Sosa.  English translation of the Spanish transcription by Luis Prada.

Extraterrestrial Messages III, video in Spanish
Taken from: http://www.youtube.com:80/watch?v=W9M8onzcVYc



The earthly scientists made a mistake of using an energy without have discovered the means to control it.  Thus they contaminated the planet and this one would be still in worst situation were not be for thousand of intergalactic ships working permanently in certain type or transmutation.

We, of the cosmic race, are guided, led by a higher intelligence while man of the surface does not accept be guided as you know.  He does not know that he is under the evolutionary laws controlled by superior races of the Cosmos that are now here to rescue him and to harmonize again the Earth within the law of service.

Lo and behold great aggressions committed by man of the surface.  He set free an incontrollable energy, which it is subjecting his life and the planet’s to great calamities. He contaminated the waters of the planet and little potable water was left for his own consumption. With pesticides, fungicides and herbicides he made the same mistake than with the nuclear energy since is unable to control the degree of contamination that he generates when combating the plagues.

Man does not calculate what is to come his way in matters of unknown diseases produced by the environmental pollution.  Were if not for the intervention of our big space chips, laboratories that are working to control the alteration the Earth withstands by the liberation of deadly weapons, this civilization of the surface would be suffering even more of what is suffering today. But no matter how generalized are the misdeeds there always exist innocents to whom the laws of Creation and evolution of the masses protect and save. It is also for them we are here.

Have you had information that in various occasions explosions and fire rains were heard in the atmosphere or in the skies of this planet? What happened was that the space ships that rendered services on the Earth orbit proceeded to the involution of others whose intention was to invade the planet and usufruct it.

There are extraterrestrial civilizations, less-evolved cosmic races that would occupy it with the goal of maintain it under the influence of forces of evil that still lead it. They would do that to impede the Earth transformation, but that transformation is already underway and follows the evolutionary plan.  We will speak later on about them.

The mentioned explosions occurred in the south of Argentina —in Buenos Aires and in Mendoza— and were provoked by guardian ships that by the thousands are taken care of the safety of the Earth.  You do not need to worry about it because a perfect job it is being carried out until humanity of the surface through its new race be included in the interplanetary and intergalactic counsels and have therefore the necessary access to many facts that today it is not aware of.  As it knows the laws of the other planes it would become more and more aware of those issues.  This will come over time and that era is approaching swiftly.

There were changes in the apocalyptic information regarding the end of times.  That expression truly does not refer to the end of the world but the end of a world cycle. Beyond that the biblical information was distorted by the caprice of the authors of the texts and by their limitations at the cosmic vision that was presented before them.  Also there were subsequently interferences of bad faith and even serious defects of translation from one language to another.  Besides that when the content of a text is initiatic it is necessary to be initiate to comprehend it and eventually translate it to the normal language of the minds of men.

A biblical error was to suggest that there had been raptures or snatches of persons, when really planned evacuations happened that in reality took them outside of the physical earthy plane, since the evacuation is a change prepared within the planetary law.

The salvaged beings are not raptured but translated to habitats whose vibrations are more adequate to them.  The dates of the evacuations are not revealed as to not to create a collective psychosis among men of the race of the surface since they live today within a fragile psychological balance.  However, they are being prepared for when the plans are set to run.

The evacuation of people of this Earth always happened and constantly happens, it is not a prerogative of what the Bible calls the end of times that as we already said is an inadequate term for the mind of today. If you observe the zones in which there are telluric movements, demolition of cities and deaths, there always are missing people. Truly who disappears could not be dead buy evacuated and taken away to another plane in which he or she be in a better situation.

You could ask yourselves why all are not evacuated but only few.  I would say that not all achieved an evolutionary degree of development that allows them to get out of the law of birth and death.  Those that did it are taken to go through a change of the laws that rule their bodies, which are ordained by a new genetic code that still cannot be revealed. It could be said only that the missing ones that were evacuated are alive and very happy where they are.

Extraterrestrial Messages IV

Channel: José Trigueirinho-Netto, http://www.trigueirinho.org.br Original in Portuguese.  Transcription of the Spanish audio done by Adela Padilla from the videohttp://www.youtube.com:80/watch?v=n4bqco7UxPs.  Video published in YouTube and narrated by Luis Fernando Sosa.  English translation of the Spanish transcription by Luis Prada.

Extraterrestrial Messages IV, video in Spanish
Taken from: http://www.youtube.com:80/watch?v=n4bqco7UxPs



In the planetary realm, that includes many worlds, there are also imperfect worlds with races of surface that still live under the law of birth and death.  Until they don’t reach the knowledge of the perfect law, they maintain aggressive attitudes as happens among men of the surface of this Earth.

They developed technologies to subdue others and now attempt to conquest the Cosmos.  It is impossible since, like everybody else, they live within the limits that correspond to the degree of evolution they reached.  In the old continents, today gone, the atomic energy came to be used with bellicose purposes with serious consequences for the survival of the human, animal and vegetal species.  Then it was organized the known operation Noah’s Arc recorded in the Bible with the goal to save the species that would come back to Earth at the end of the Flood.

The same operation is being organized today by extraterrestrial ships connected to the central government of the Cosmos.  The next evacuation of great number of individuals of this civilization of surface will cover the assignment of them to the three different planes as third-dimensional beings that these evacuees are: extraterrestrial plane, intraterrestrial plane and supraphysical plane.

The beings that would be assigned to the intraterrestrial plane would go to the underground areas of the physical Earth.  Some will need go walking to arrive to the entrances that are known by the extraterrestrials and by the intraterrestrials.  Those who would go by their own efforts would undergo some tests and should proof their own faith.  Those that at the moment of evacuation are very distant from those openings will be moved there by the ships, that will occur at the physical level.

Those who were evacuated to the extraterrestrial planes at the physical level will be moved there with their physical bodies.  There will be a harmonizing so that they would know nothing during the removal, in a way that they can become aware of their new situation when they are already in one of the satellite planets prepared for that circumstance.  Those planets are inhabited and have the same laws that exist on Earth.  Therefore the adaptation would be easy and well supported by the beings in service there.

There are ten planets with these conditions within and outside the solar system and have even an agricultural production similar to the one on Earth.  There the evacuees will live on the surface but at peace and free of the karma as this is in the present molds.

The other millions of planets that there exist are under other laws and are not suitable to receive the earthlings with their physical bodies.

The non-redeeming ones disembody normally, leaving eventually on Earth their own physical bodies. Such bodies, if adequate, could be taken by those in charge of the implantation of new genes and used by extraterrestrial entities that, embodying them, will be in service on the surface of Earth during the most difficult period that will be.

Those who are evacuated to supraphysical planes will remain there until be possible to return to Earth when this one be reordered during the period of seven years as they are known here.

Albert EinsteinOn this Earth there will be carried out two tasks:

The reordering on the planet, reconstructing it of the destruction made by the aggression of man of surface.  With the inclination of the magnetic axis 180 degrees will be modified the law of rotation and in accordance with the new law the planet will be less dense because there will be less compression and less centrifugal force. Of that phase will be also part the purification of the waters, the removal of the radioactivity and the cleansing of the Earth.  These tasks will be fulfilled by the extraterrestrial hierarchies, some of them in the same physical plane.  Many laboratory spaceships are ready for this work.

The change of the cellular life, that will be possible because there will be less liquid in the bodies, the bones will be less dense too.  Being the cell less dense, the brain will allow an intellectual coefficient of approximately 69 over 100, while at this moment is of 8 over 100 in the case of common man and 12 over 100 in the case of a man like Einstein.  The intellectual coefficient of an intraterrestrial is of 80 over 100 and of an extraterrestrial of high evolution it reaches to 100 over 100.

We supply this data to shown you the splendid possibilities you have ahead of you.

There are certain extraterrestrials whose knowledge of the universal laws is at the same conditions as the race of the surface of planet Earth.  They are also subjected to the law of karma of birth and death.  Still they are under the evolutionary law and have not reached a development that gives them an intellectual coefficient of more of 18 over 100. These ones are still aggressive but do not move to other planets and live within their frontiers and their physical laws as occurs for now with the man of the surface of the planet Earth.

Other extraterrestrial civilizations perform experimentations with the races of the surface of other planets.  They may be within the laws of evil and because of that their actions are considered interferences.  When they invade the aerial spaces subdue their brethren to cruelty.  But for the Earth, as we already mentioned it, there is a system of protection today, a scheme that watches that intruding ships cannot act anymore on her. At the present times it is impossible their presence since when they enter the terrestrial space are subjected immediately to the law of involution, that is, they are disintegrated by our traveling ships equipped for that purpose.  Therefore, we should no be mistaken with the responsible ones of misdeeds that took place in the past.

Extraterrestrial Messages V

Channel: José Trigueirinho-Netto, http://www.trigueirinho.org.br Original in Portuguese.  Transcription of the Spanish audio done by Adela Padilla from the videohttp://www.youtube.com:80/watch?v=2LZscTLlfVE.  Video published in YouTube and narrated by Luis Fernando Sosa.  English translation of the Spanish transcription by Luis Prada.

Extraterrestrial Messages V, video in Spanish
Taken from: http://www.youtube.com:80/watch?v=2LZscTLlfVE



After August 8, 1988, the new humanity is irreversibly placed in the direction of serving the cosmic plans and not more the very same human projects that always are dissociated of what is really necessary.

The present planetary hierarchies of the Earth will help man of surface to fulfill that Divine Will.  For the intraterrestrial and for the extraterrestrial man that date is the framework for the preparation of the plans of integration of the new race of surface.  From that date on that race irreversibly will be linked more and more consciously with the intraterrestrial and with the extraterrestrial, both of which can exist in different dimensions.

That union was prepared until now in a hidden manner at the intimate level of each being but the collaboration will now be explicit.  There will be a team work for the perfect integration of the planet Earth with the new humanity that will spring forth after the great purification.  The new genetic code can be implanted openly to all who are open for that and a philosophy that integrates man with the laws of the Cosmos will be spread out.

There will be a coexistence with the other intelligent civilizations that participate of the Divine Will and who respond to the laws of Creation.  The being of surface needs that contact. The man of surface makes the serious error of wanting to subdue the laws of nature to his caprices instead of to be in compliance with them.  Without meeting the laws of nature he cannot convert himself into a race of higher intelligence. Lacking that harmony he continues being linked for instance to the evolutionary law of birth and death, a law that is being applied to the civilizations that were not able to move beyond certain thresholds in the direction of an ampler knowledge.  But man will respond directly to the cosmic laws and will not need anymore of outmoded ways, for that reason the time of the religions is about to end.

The extraterrestrial cosmic races achieved a knowledge of all the laws of the universe and they follow them normally.  For that reason there exist cosmic races of perfected beings that from the point of view of other races are called perfect. The most evolved among the cosmic races achieve also the control of the law within the evolutionary plan.  There exist cosmic races less evolved and about them we will talk later.

An inhabitant of planet Earth must also be in service to the evolutionary law and that will take him or her to higher planes and to a higher evolution within the law of Creation.  But not knowing still his planetary or cosmic origins, man of surface passes through his life attempting to decipher mental enigmas of no most importance.

The evacuations of beings of this Earth that happened before are, as we said, mentioned in the Bible.  Personages mentioned in that book were taken into ships or led by veiled equipment under other names, as is the case of Jonah "who was in the belly of a whale."

The transformation of planet Earth was ordained by the Intergalactic Council established in the Celestial Central Government, a unique organism that takes decisions with respect to changes of that importance.  As can be seen, the major cycles of the worlds are not decided by their inhabitants but by a supreme intelligence that rules them from the center of the very own cosmic life.  That intelligence takes into account the general evolution of all galaxies, of all the Cosmos, of all levels of consciousness and not only from one point within that vastness.

A evacuation of major importance will be carried out when the telluric movements happen rapidly in different places of the planet, then the evacuees will be considered missing as now.  That great evacuation started to be prepared in 1956 and the plans for its execution continue in force although they have changed and still can change as far as details.  Near the ten per cent of the inhabitants of planet Earth that were incarnated will be evacuated.  Approximately 8 and a half millions people are already being evacuated of the zones struck by earthquakes, disasters and wars.  They are being prepared and being informed so they collaborate with their brethren of surface in the moments of the general evacuation.

It will be the same race of surface through those elements previously prepared the one that will carry out that task.  The extraterrestrials give out the means to carry out the evacuation plans, but it will be the same terrestrials the ones in charge of many practical tasks.  Thus we are informed currently.  To the extraterrestrial will correspond to work in the supraphysical planes and to the terrestrials in the physical plane.  The first ones, however, will bring spaceships appropriate to the needs of the moment, that is, the transportation of the terrestrials to intraterrestrial or extraterrestrial zones that cannot be revealed today.

Ships of different types will also be brought in by the extraterrestrials, the ones that control through the onoson waves the deposits of atomic material spread throughout the entire world, the ones that control the routes of the terrestrial transportation airplanes of deadly nuclear materials so that their offensive potential can be annulled.  The ones that remain in service near zones of intercontinental missiles of high destructive degree to turn them innocuous if it were necessary.

There are other immense ships that remain in the strata of the terrestrial atmosphere or in underground areas of the Moon.  They can operate in the case of conflict between nuclear powers and have conditions to absorb totally or partially the lethal energy produced on the Earth.  There are also ships that can unexpectedly paralyze the terrestrial communication media so that there is order in the works of evacuation and mobilization of the rescueable beings.  Always with the intention of maintaining order and not allowing the interference of the evil forces that will try to act through the present terrestrial technology, upsetting the exactness of the necessary work of rescuing.

Spaceships can absorb or make converge the energetic rays of the solar corpuscles in such a way that they provoke the total darkening of the planet as long as it be necessary.  That time it is already established and that happening is even within the biblical previsions.  On the other hand parts of the sun could be passed to super physical levels, being covered these voids with dark clouds.  Thus the darkness will be done that during moments of cataclysm will allow the evacuation to be done with tranquility.

The emotional bodies of the terrestrials will be treated especially so that not only they withstand that process but also collaborate with calm and order until then unknown to them.

The extraterrestrials have at their disposal resources for a magnetic work that smoothens out the effects of atomic wars since they know those effects and know that these ones can alter the stability of the planet in space, what would affect the solar system.  To avoid that that would occur there is prepared a whole operation.  As can be seen their activities are not intromissions in the terrestrial affairs, but an effective help and a true work of salvation.

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