Sirian Creeds

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Sirian Creeds

Mike Quinsey

Taken from: in this website on August 8, 2004.

From contact with various ET’s, it is apparent that the Sirians are the most consistent in sending us messages. Many people will be aware that they have been channeling through Sheldan Nidle for quite some years on a regular basis. At present, they are at the forefront of weekly messages that have been supporting the program for First Contact, that we are told is all but ready to be put in action. During the course of this period they have also given us much information about themselves, and the Galactic Federation They have also recounted the Earth’s history going back to ancient times.

Historically there is evidence to show that different forms of contact have taken place for thousands of years. ET’s have been responsible for part of our evolution as physical Beings. At different times they have given us the benefit of their advanced knowledge and technologies, so as to help us evolve more quickly. One might wonder as to what type of Beings we are dealing with, and question why they would be interested in a backward civilization such as ours. Understanding that All is One, therefore we are all Brothers and Sisters, that somewhere behind everything we see there is an intelligence, that we call our Creator God helps. To have a real understanding we need to ‘feel’ what it is that motivates them, and perhaps short of meeting them, we can do that by reading the Sirian Creeds that were made known to as in the 70’s.

From a contact made on the 5th March 1972 with the Sirians, they informed their channel that in the Cosmos there are no divisions, that the more highly evolved beings have a creed, but it is different from our religious creeds, and is as follows:

WE BELIEVE in the FATHER though not always by that name THE FATHER is the INVISIBLE, INTANGIBLE ESSENCE from which emanates All Life, All Life Cycles, All World Systems, All Expansion of Creations, all record of numerous activities of those billions through millennia who to a greater or lesser degree, have expressed themselves throughout their slow evolutionary processes. This is a GRACE bestowed upon all self-conscious life which is, after a time, aware of its ability and necessity to be instruments for the propagation of the TRUTH and of much creation —realizing as they do, that through them the ESSENCE OF ALL EXISTENCE expresses ITSELF the adequacy or the amount of expression depending upon the evolutionary state of each individual unit of conscious life.

The ego has to find itself to lose itself and so it is as a process through all the Evolutionary Patterns of the Omniverse. The coming into awareness to find and recognize themselves, to know their purpose, and having manifested accordingly, they are then withdrawn and pass on to another phase, so that through another Life-Wave experience, the same pattern may proceed to a higher level.

There are those phases when there would appear no evolutionary movement at all. Beings become sluggish and unable to move forward in accordance with the insight and understanding of the Higher Consciousness.

WE BELIEVE that the ONE SPIRIT which manifests created us to recognize IT, to come to know IT, to work with IT, and for IT, to be thankful for the opportunity in which to do this, and to work in accordance with the pattern ordained for us at any given time.

WE BELIEVE that all Evolutionary Cycles, all patterns of existence the coming into being and the passing away of Worlds and different States of Consciousness and manifestation of this SPIRIT exist for a Purpose.

WE BELIEVE we exist to understand the purpose of CREATION and to expand it.

WE BELIEVE we are given the GRACE (to do this) if we have the courage and initiative to co-operate.

WE BELIEVE we were created to help others achieve the same aim.

WE BELIEVE we were created to learn how to live – fully, intelligently and harmoniously.

WE BELIEVE that Life on all Worlds is Sacred, not to be destroyed, nor frustrated, but it exists in accordance with Plans of which we know little, but we trust are for the ultimate enrichment of ALL-BEING.

WE BELIEVE that the coming into being and the passing away are usually gradual processes which Beings need not fear, and when we say ‘ Beings ‘ we refer to those of an independent intelligence, who exist in conditions very similar to your ownor other levels everywhere. They have existed in the Past, they exist now and will exist in the Future.

WE BELIEVE Life and Death are one. There is no total extinction forever for anything. Systems and Beings ‘dissolve´ only to be re-absorbed and brought forth again. This is a process which is endless and ever enriching in its Eternal Progression.

The Great Change

«You are approaching the crest of a great wave, it is the greatest wave in which you touch the Zenith and achieve heights of awareness and opportunities for development and enrichment. Never has it become more apparent than it is now, and as it will become in the Future to your scientists and spiritual leaders. When you are in this condition of being and knowing you will realize, as we do, the inter-relatedness of everything. The magnificence, the grandeur, the magnitude of this whole Holy Concept takes a long time for you to grasp. It is a miracle of experience to grasp such a Concept, even in the smallest way.

"The Wave of Energy which affects all Planets, all Suns from time to time, causes not a gradual change but changes of great power, and it is the power of this change pending which will reveal many of the hidden secrets, hidden wealth in the true sense of the word stored away in buildings of great antiquity in your world. This includes the Great Pyramid in Egypt, and edifices elsewhere, of which your people are in ignorance now. Once there is an impetus to the exploration and the exposure of wealth of this nature you will see how various ‘developments’ in the Great Plan and our Plan fall into place.

"Much has been held from the ordinary people by us, and by your governments. Much is being withheld from you, for you can only accept a little at a time, and we have to explain so much, gradually. We shall come and give what help we can at all times, telepathically, or we shall make contact upon your plane when the time comes. There will be changes also on all levels, for each Planet and the Beings living upon them. Nothing remains unchanged, or uninformed, by the impact of this End Time Cycle which is complete in the sense of being a large wheel within which smaller wheels revolve.

"We trust that this will be of help and appeal to you because we wish to give you some proof of our feelings of Brotherhood towards you, and we send you Fraternal Greetings."



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