After Enlil

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After Enlil
By Christ Michael Aton, Esu Immanuel Sananda, Enki, Enlil and Candace

Messages through Candace Frieze received on Sunday January 12, 2014, and published in AbundantHope with date Thursday January 16, 2014. Messages taken from:

Ea (Babylonian), Enki (Sumerian)

Christ Michael

Hello, beloveds, this is the Michael of Nebadon speaking and bringing to you the promised piece. As you were informed several days ago… a beloved son of mine, an Ascending Son, Enlil, returned to Lighted service. Enlil is a son of Anu and a brother of Enki and both will be part of this message today. They do not have circuits with Candace and I will lend mine for Enki and Esu will lend his for Enlil at the appropriate times.

Candace was aboard recently at the momentous moment when two brothers made up after a long period of disagreement. It was a joyous time and it is part of the reason behind the Parable of the Prodigal son in your bible, always does the Father welcome home the wayward son.

Many of you on this planet are of origin with the Anunnaki, just as many others of you have your origins on this world with the Lucifer Rebellion. The Anunnaki have a somewhat bad name in your resources, but they too, all of them of the Ascendant group of Sons had their lessons to learn and experienced to be gained.

One day when those maturing on Earth, no matter your origins, after this world reaches a stage of Light and Life and not before, HUman at that time will also begin the experience of traveling to other worlds outside this solar system. It is an earned right and will not be granted until those who are mature enough are truly ready. In the meantime you will gain your legs checking out your own solar system as is happening to some degree now. The Russians in fact have earned the right, as a nation, to explore the solar system and they do. They have the cosmospheres we have mentioned in the distant past. (Candace: Over 300 of them!)

You in the United States will, for some time to come, be restricted to your silly rovers. So Be It… you have not earned the right to put men in space, other than the joint project with Russia on your International Space Station.

As you grow we will also provide rides within the solar system and perhaps transport for those worthy to and from other worlds. But you will not have your own craft capable of travel outside your system until you are mature. These are the rules and so be it.

Now, let me proceed further on this topic of when you shall travel. Not until you have earned the right to seed other worlds with YOUR OWN LIVES and with animals on this planet, for as of yet you are not ready to spread your seed, your DNA, until you have Ascended. As we have covered before this is a seed planet for the development of NEW SOULS from scratch. It is also an experimental planet in an effort to build a stunning new level of Consciousness to be seeded elsewhere and not until this matures, will you be allowed to spread around your DNA which of course IS reflective of your spiritual progression.

(Candace: The creation ever grows and some planets are selected to be seed worlds for this development of new souls, when mature can then "seed" other planets with themselves. The period required to develop new souls of HUman nature is very, very long, and thus some planets are selected as seed worlds which actually shortens the process by which the growing creation is populated. Life thus MOVES to other worlds, but before HUman seeds them, life is carried to these other young worlds by both the Life Carriers and those migrating. Before animals, including the HUman animal, can live on these worlds, planet life which produces atmosphere and food must be developed. It is always a pretty long time before a planet can have animal life on it but once the plants and atmospheres are there, advancing human IS allowed to MOVE to them and so shall HUman and his animals and some plants too, journey to younger worlds in due time.)

So, now some of you have read that the Anunnaki seeded your world and did a damn poor job of it. Not so. They did however upgrade a simple race of beings from existent developmental life into slaves and that was a NO, NO and they broke the rules.

(Candace: Some of you would want punishment for this… but in the natural cosmic way of doing things, this family got to EXPERIENCE the results of what they did, for how else can the knowing be obtained? Knowing does not come from BOOKS, it comes from experience. You can get ideas from books, such as fixing your plumbing and cars, but without digging and doing it, you truly don’t "Know", do you? To clear the karmic garbage stored in your morontial soul, you have to LEARN by the effort of experience and that is the only way it is cleared into TRUTH, which is the knowing coming from the experience. Nobody ever becomes a master craftsman without experience. What better experience than to deal with that which was created, whether created in breaking the rules or not.)

So, in short, there was a serious disagreement between the two brothers (and this is the short version, beloveds), over whether to keep these ones ignorant and dumb, or whether to raise them up by teaching. There were more issues, for example, such as fighting between Anu and Marduk over this world and who should be boss of it.

Perhaps it’s time to bring in Nibiru for this is the planet of the crossing so to speak which visits your world every 3,600 years. It was made out of a world that did survive a war between two planets that orbited a Sirius star. I am re-visiting this information for newer readers who may not have heard this story. The Anunnaki imploded that star in the process of attempting to destroy the neighboring planet. This was much war there, and this war was kept within the bounds of the said solar system.

With the implosion of that sun, the one planet experienced total perishment of life and its souls were brought to this solar system to continue, and placed on Mars. Well, wars between themselves continued and using weather war, they destroyed their atmosphere and their souls were raptured off to Earth to continue. The other planet of that system survived because the people had long before moved to the interior but the surface life was lost without a sun. This planet, because there were surviving beings, was assisted to continue and of course needed a new orbit around something. They were given technology to make their planet into basically a battle star as you would recognize it, and that is a bit of the tale told in Star Wars, with the battleship part of it. They were not allowed full propulsion, but enough to steer this now ship you ones called Nibiru around two suns, yours and a remaining Sirius sun. This provided for the 3,600 year orbit that Nibiru has for all these many, many years, close to actually 1 million now in your counting.

Why were they "saved", beloveds? Because they survived. It’s how things are done. The goal after all IS the salvation of man until he becomes HUman. As above, since the other planet had NO bodies left, their souls were moved to this solar system, and the reason behind that was the Pleiadian influence also in this placement. And the ongoing wars and disagreements over quite a long period of time between them and the Sirian system. (Candace: Allowing thus the working out of those issues between the two. Mars already had life status on it and there was an immature race into which they could incarnate in, as to body suits.)

You of Earth, your sun belongs to the Pleiadian system and orbits Alcyone as did the destroyed Sirian sun, and there was a lot of repair needed in that small system from the imploded sun. This was the case of two suns which orbited the main sun, just as at this time you now have Jupiter Sun to orbit your sun and you will in due time have also Saturn in the same role, as a mini sun.

Translation: 2.160 AÑOS, ERA DE LUZ = 2,160 years, Era of Light; 22 DICIEMBRE 2012, INGRESO DEFINITIVO, ERA DE LUZ = December 22, Definitive Entrance, Era of Light;
AÑOS = Years; NUESTRO SISTEMA SOLAR = Our Solar System; AÑOS DE OSCURIDAD = Years of Darkness

The peoples who war in this manner, beloveds, they are generally taking the slow route to their Ascensions which occur never before 6+D level of consciousness and there is a long period spent on various planetary systems until there is enough knowledge to obtain fusion with the Father Fragment. By the time you fuse with it, beloveds, you have been involved in interplanetary problems, issues and negotiations. You are always placed by your guardians on suitable worlds for this experience.

And so thus it was with the Anunnaki group, which at some point then entered your solar system on this schedule of every 3600 years. At first they too did not have interstellar craft at the time of this implosion and were wholly stuck on Nibiru, they had lost their right to even operate in their own solar system which was under repair and then when re-earned, they were given the right to develop small craft for local journeying within this solar system. Always, beloveds, is man moved about and given experiences for his Ascension. And for some, it’s a really long rough trip, often affected by the individual and cultural circumstances and responses to such. Now I will stand back and let Esu come in.

Esu Immanuel Sananda

Hello, dear ones: First, Candace will post that this piece has been done but will not be put up until at least tomorrow as she will be making some additions to it. Now to further the simple history lesson, the Kumaras to which I belong. We matured also in a warring enslaved civilization. Understand where you have been, so have I been, and my clan. I know some of you might feel a righteous anger, from what you have read, about the Anunnaki, but all who choose eternal life and continue at it, through the difficult testing period experience a great deal of "unpleasant" testing. It is the nature of these worlds. In order for the HUman soul to grow it must be challenged and the dark are always quarantined on worlds like this, because it challenges mind of those born to these worlds. Granted this area has experienced worse than what you might label Average and is way behind.

Now to the Kumaras. We came together and escaped our world. We migrated to a higher planet in that system of worlds, as there were several and gathered others who were interested and together over a long period we liberated the people of that world from whence I first came into my own being. From this we earned the RIGHT to travel beyond our solar system and enter into the affairs of others. We came into the Pleiadian system which was also a system of dis-rest. However, it was not as bad as the Lyran system. It was in conflict with the Orion system which is also part of the Alcyone system. Orion stars orbit Alcyone. We worked eventually with that which we had learned and gave it to these people of Pleiades and most of the planets there around the several sisters you see in your night sky entered into peace amongst themselves but still had difficulty with Orion which was INFESTED with those serving Lucifer.

(Candace: Pleiades is a large grouping of some 500 or so suns which orbit Alcyone, their central star. You are taught about the 7 sisters in material man has created about what is seen in the sky. There are 7 that make a cluster sort of similar in shape to the big and little dippers. A mini dipper so to speak those are 6 stars which orbit Alcyone. There are many more. And our star, our sun, is one of them. I myself spent some time on a planet called Myrua which orbits Merope, before beginning my service incarnations on this planet some 400 years ago. This is my 6th incarnation serving our Michael here at this time. I spent time on Myrua which prepared me once again for planetary life before coming here. Myrua is an evolutionary planet much ahead of Earth, being an 8D planet, as to consciousness of its people and LONG in Light and Life.)

Let me state here, the Anunnaki are primarily Pleiadian-origin humans, but there were negotiations and agreements with those of Orion and a number of intermarriages between the reptilians and the humans. By humans here, I mean the body-type on Earth because that is what you call yourselves, humans. But truly the term HUman means advanced soul level regardless of body-type and there are HUman-level beings in all systems who have different body-types from yours. Lyrans had this time and so did Pleiades. Orion had some of our type, but the preponderance was reptilian and don’t assume all reptilians are dark folks for they are not. Like all races, dark individuals arise because that is the nature of the free will.

By free will, we mean the ability to reason and make decisions, which is god mind. Animals don’t have this ability, until they begin to evolve it. Man is also an animal in his beginning stages and must transform himself by his own will into greater mind.

(Candace: HUman means Higher Universal Man no matter the body-type used. The reason the Anunnaki although living on Nibiru, are of Pleiadian origin, as to body-type, has much to do with migration to Sirian Planets from Pleiades. There was much interchange.)

Now your planet Earth is NOT how it was in the distant past. In the distant past, she was MUCH, MUCH larger and a portion of her resides in the Asteroid Belt, as we shuttled the broken away sections up there. There was a war action taken by Nibiruans to empty Tiamat, as she was called then of the reptilians, and again another "solution" did not work out so well. But this is PART of YOUR TRAINING so to speak, beloveds, before you ever make your Ascension. It is a LONG, LONG period for most. You have on your orb some folks promising if you do this, that, or the other routine you can hasten your Ascension. NO, YOU CANNOT for before your Ascension you have to go through these experiences and come out on TOP OF THEM.

Always is there wars and confusion, for you do not gain the god mind necessary to make your Ascension any other way. Always you are moved onto more and more advanced worlds as your learn and you don’t move to ones who offer lessons in PEACE until earned. So be it. You cannot handle that which is difficult without the EXPERIENCE, BELOVEDS, and any of you not yet Ascended who might be reading here, cannot make your Ascension until your TO DO LIST is checked off. Candace will supply the Urantia Book teaching that would be relevant or her own, being she has long taken that journey to Ascension. And now is also a Sananda as am I. We share in the celestial paradise group which is labeled Mighty Messengers. I earned Paradise after my incarnation with Christ Michael Aton and she has earned hers while on duty in this solar system.

(Candace: Fill in here? or at the bottom.)


Dear ones, I am known to you as En Ki, Son of Anu and the Reptilian Queen named Dramin. Anu had several wives and Enlil and I have different mothers. I am thus part reptilian in my "soul origin" (Candace: I did not ask if this was a "first life" for Enki, or an incarnation. I might ask that later). And some of you may wonder, as to the difficulty between Enlil and me is related to the parentage as Enlil is fully human. So understand it’s not necessarily the body-mind type that you ones have been given about reptilians. There is a great deal of misinformation on your plane but it is generally true that the reptilian races are more violent in nature, owing to the degree of cold bloodiness that is part of the genome. But the true soul is that which is important and the experiences of each one.

It was once thought, according to various Pleiadian systems of thinking and who becomes boss of anything, that I should be the leader of Earth quite some years ago, perhaps 8000 or so. I declined this, because my interest lies much more in science than in leadership roles. For a disastrous period of time, Marduk held this role and vacated it to my brother Enlil because Marduk took by force the command of Nibiru from Anu. And still commands Nibiru. Anu was formerly on a Pleiadian light ship, but had to be removed for violating the NO channeling interference on Earth. This was around 2005 or so of your years. Understand at this time, and forever more, in fact, Nibiru will not be visiting this solar system again and is being held in a small orbit around Sirius B, which is a small sun left that orbits Sirius A and has only craft orbiting it plus some hunks of rock. Sirius B cannot bear life. These are used as storage facilities essentially with artificial life support for residents on them.

I am an Ascended Master and made my Ascension about 6,000 years ago in your time frame. The reason I must borrow Esu’s circuit, is that while I can use somebody’s vocal cords while they are under hypnosis I cannot get engaged in regular telepathy with those on Earth. I have at times connected with a few persons of higher evolution on your planet but with the assistance of others who make it possible. There are "translators" so to speak available and much of your channeled material you read comes through assistance. I am resident on Jerusem [N. of E.: Celestial planet, capital of the system Satania] at this time technically but am aboard various craft in your solar system as I am needed. Candace has met with me on the New Jerusalem and the Phoenix. I am in a physical form for my service but of a higher vibrational order. I am not yet anywhere near graduation from Nebadon. I am not yet "spirit being." I require still a body to function of some sort. I have one suitable to my needs at this time.

I serve with the panel about the progress of Earth and have no voting rights as of yet, but express my opinions as needed and serve providing intelligence so to speak. I give advice through dreams to some of my progeny on the planet.

I am the father of many, many children, not all in marriage, but we, myself and others labeled Anunnaki, have seeded on Earth with our DNA, thus the stories of the Nephilim and others in your religions, than came unto women of Earth. This is not uncommon. Many stellar beings do this and by stellar I am meaning from planets whose people have earned the right to travel interstellar space. Many of my children were born though of this solar system, mostly on Earth and like all beings, are working at their own Ascensions. I have not fathered Earth children since the time of my own Ascension. So if you hear of any sons of Enki born in these times, ignore some of those stories but there are some of my sons and daughters making their progress on your planet at this time incarnate into your forms.

Per some of the stories on your plane, I did wish the children of Africa and the Middle East who were upgraded genetically, to be considered the potential sons and daughters of God, but in those days I did not myself fully understand consciousness or the Ascending journey, but it seemed quite wrong of me to prevent a people from progress and many of these were intelligent enough that learning should not have been denied to them. It was to me, purely common sense and also the knowing that enslaved peoples do grow regardless and there comes a time to included them, or face some pretty horrid problems as their minds grow and unhappiness follows in those so enslaved. In some instances I prevailed, in others I did not.

It’s important to say here, our influence was mostly in the Middle East and Africa. Some of our progeny set up also in South America. Your planet has had many, many civilizations rise from the colonization by other worlds. We are not the only ones to influence it and we are not the only ones who settle here, that caused war and the discomforts from it. Your yellow people [N. of E.: Asian people], who came about 1 million years ago, long before we actually began to meddle here, were quite violent also. And they enslaved each other essentially in their power struggles. Some of them fled some time ago to your moon, yes, the Chinese before this time had some craft too, and they aren’t about to let you of Earth have anything to do with them. Candace calls them the moonians and they are a peaceful lot and fresh out of wanting war with you.

They are assisting some with the rulers of China at this time and if anybody walks on the Moon from this planet, it may well be the Chinese in the future. The Moon itself cannot support a huge population but the moonians are engaged in creating an atmosphere on it and have some lakes, canals and the like and are growing some vegetation on the surface now which is part of the procedure to build atmosphere. The Moon is actually going to be moved to another of your planets, as Earth needs moons that are rocks and two of them orbit you now at a distance and your scientists know this. And although I am not responsible for such in any way, those of the celestial hierarchy do have the ability to move a planet with an atmosphere to another place and so it will be with your Moon. I myself will watch and learn from this process in fact, for I have not been so involved before.

That I have many children as above is true and I had 2 wives at one time, but none at this point as neither made their Ascensions yet. I am not sure should this happen we would still have a compatibility or not. The form I currently use is not a reproducing form, it is "semi etheric" in nature, but not reproducing. As it is said, in your teachings, in heaven you don’t procreate. And so it is. I will vacate now and let the channel be prepared to bring in my beloved brother Enlil.

(Candace: At this point Christ Michael, who was to finish this up with a bit more, came back in because he was called away for something else to attend, so Enlil is after this below.)

Christ Michael

Alright, beloveds, this ties it up for now. Candace has been given a packie of material to open and work with for more history lessons which will be a Part 2 we have decided of this particular narrative. I hope that which is in this first part will help some of you who have not realized the protocols before of the journey prior to making the Ascension. It is a LONG journey and not less than perhaps 200,000 of your years, and often 500,000 or more depending on the individual and his choices. And by these numbers it is generally meant, the times spent incarnate, not the times spent resting in sleep until a general resurrection occurs. With this upcoming mass resurrection of those still living, there may be a significant wait simply because of the space limitations on Mansion Worlds 1 and 2, for few of these ones are even ready for #3 at this point. These souls at this level sleep always between returns to the worlds of my universe, for a body is needed by them to function.

Not until they are spirit beings can they function without a brain, and that is what is meant by "sleep" until a resurrection. All those in my universe and the others, spend some time in that sleep until there are positions they can fill for the guidance is replete and time is not wasted on what might be called useless incarnations. So there are "years" where the being has NO activity. You ones belonging to the suns and their planets, that journey around Alcyone, (which include Sirius, Pleiades and Orion, are all part of Satania administration) get experience not only on those mansion worlds which really are rest periods in a sense, of life not being torn by war on them, but only learning and socialization, but also on many other worlds.

The so called 7 sisters of Pleiades, these 7 suns, their planets correspond in fact to the 7 mansion worlds in the teaching of lessons, and this is enough to ponder for the time being. I actually came in before Enlil because we have spent nearly 2 hours and I have been notified my attention is needed and so I am logging off this at the time being. And then Enlil will come forth. Salu, beloveds, there will be another update soon through Candace by me or Esu or both, about here we are with the two brothers and other details of plans. Watch carefully your news, in your various countries as there are going to be increasing exposures. Candace can point out some in her country in this past week and some has been enhanced by intel from Enlil. I am indebted and so are you to his return to Lighted service.


Well, dear readers of AbundantHope, let me introduce myself. I am Enlil. The story is true that a long time ago I did not feel we should upgrade our LULUs, the miners we made, I say We, but in reality I am not a geneticist, there were family members who were and are still. I have not made my Ascension yet, and I was faced with the reality of this time of giving up my eternal life, or growing up would be a fair statement.

Now I have read at Abundant Hope, or perhaps, better said, others brought me initially the information since its inception. I am, after all, the Lord of this world, as to an Ascendant being. My brother En Ki did not wish this role and for a time it was Marduk, who vacated the position to attack and take over Nibiru from within. I would say at this point, my Father Anu is not yet an Ascendant being either, and thus not the best of "gods" himself. We are in fact not Gods, but in general the family conveyed that concept to man. My father is frankly a bit fallen and is at a level below myself at this time. I am now at what you label early 6D consciousness and that is why with the ending and sorting going on of this world, I was required to make a choice one way or the other. (Candace: All beings progressing this on this world are making these choices, where they have the ability to do so even the more intelligent animals, are making the choice to move UP into man’s meat suits or not. Most on this world are nowhere near ready for Ascension and not always can choose their next placement, it is done for them by guides and guardians.)

I actually have been working towards progress on this world but totally inept at various junctions of this field. I have been realizing this. Your one labeled Kibo who posted a message recently, finally really began to get my attention. I do read at AbundantHope myself now, with the material that that new solutions will not come out of the same old box. Then Candace really got my attention with that one and the series of little target messages she wrote aimed at me, referred to as the ONE. It is rightful, I am the ONE, at least to the Anunnaki perspective of governance explained above.

I am behind all that material about the coming placing of money into your world, but that is not working because those under me will parcel it out for themselves and fight and bicker to no end and I realized this and thus my old box, which I borrowed some from the ideas of NESARA from Germain, whom I do have contact with, was NOT going to work. Germain does advise me at times.

I was finding myself in a quandary, not able to fully make the changes and it is because of my old box. It was getting very tight, dear ones, and my shoes were tight too. So then I see the notes about how the Celestial Hierarchy does know how to fix the issues, and I see the other little targets including the very important one to me, about how there are to be NO TITS FOR TATS and because that is how we are in my group, I expected of course Tits for Tats, you rub my back and I rub yours, and then it said only working together, would work. Then the offer, which said "Shall we Meet", and YES, YES, I said, for I did first want to meet this lady, a little grandma living in a worn-down mobile home, I have long sensed some great honesty in her and no tits for tats at all. And so we met, and near the end of my interview with her, in comes this fellow going by Christ Michael she has always talked about, you see, not all of us truly know the journey but I have read the Urantia Book, and it would not have gotten published had I disallowed it.

There, of course, was another discussion and I was given every assurance by the both of them, of this “no tit for tat” stuff and only service that mattered and I DO CARE ABOUT THE SUCCESS OF this planet, my dear ones. I am not an ogre but I have been a slow-learner. I now will serve in peace with this Celestial Team. It was my honor to actually engage with the Michael Son. I am Home.

(Candace: At this point there was huge emotion from Enlil and he just stopped the transmission and as he said I AM HOME, I choked up from HIS emotion I felt. And so this ended for the time being. Maybe more later.)


Candace now on Tuesday January 14:Yesterday I had a long harsh day of being TIRED and could not function with this, after a long, long night of interference, work and lots of vibrating that made it difficult to sleep. I did add in some material above, but wish to wait to do anything more. I am still not fully up to snuff and this is enough, and I want to get this published today.

There are some discussions on the forum you can look at around the topics of Enlil and the Gods of this world. is for placing references and discussion about the Gods of this world. The Anunnaki are not the only ones, hopefully some folks from Asia might post if they are in English some of their stories too. India has a rash of olden Gods.

Perhaps as part of this process of the Nibiru/Anunnaki story I might gain myself from questions and comments placed there and answered there, with perhaps gathering some of that into a Paper #2 for the front page. Perhaps Christ L. could make a nice PDF of the end result. I am simply not ready to write it yet and want to review some other materials. I have one Sitchen’s book on my computer I would like to review, the Lost Book of Enki. And Leo suggested a read called The Terra Papers she felt she had been led to a few years ago… so perhaps ask some more questions there. I have not yet read either of the above titles. I have one book at home which is full of some truth and a lot of Baloney by Anu when he was NOT supposed to be working with Earth folks. That one is We Are the Nibiruans by Jelaila Starr.

Christ Lippens has posted selections of material in that thread above from the Phoenix Journals and a bit from the Urantia Book. I have a list of potential topics I still want to teach on based on this work I am publishing today. This paper is already long enough and I think it better to wait and not force myself to produce something sloppy. This is the Enlil thread on the forum. Perhaps maybe some of you can ask questions of him and Enki, which perhaps later might be answered. This needs to be an ENLIGHTENING process and not a BASHING process. Anger and old feelings, right or wrong, don’t work in the now.

I am on hold for updating as to plans in a few days. But as to the small target I posted today on the front site to get thyselves prepared, DO IT. Mentally and the things of a material nature you need. The monetary circumstances are not good right now, and the planet wants to act out some more.

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