After 2012, Will It Be the Ideal Utopia?

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Status of the Utopian Nova Technology

After 2012, Will It Be the Ideal Utopia?

Guillermo Chaparro-Urribarri

Guillermo Chaparro-Urribarri ( wrote to us saying (translation): "Most of the information was obtained from the web, but I am very studious of things related to future events, and I have read many messages of great contactees, among whom is your website "Brother’s Veritus Web Site", Eugenio Siragusa, Sheldan Nidle, Dante Franch, Rubén Cedeño, Ramathis Mann, Lee Carroll, Nancy Tate, Mike Quinsey and some others.  I have also belonged to some spiritualist currents and schools, among them the Rosicrucian, Masonry, Spiritism, Metaphysics, etc.  I have read some works on metaphysics, among them the collection of the Tibetan Master and Helena Blavastky among others.  The description that follows is for you to have an idea about the region where I reside in Venezuela.  Place of residence: San Antonio de Los Altos, Venezuela, a city near Caracas.  San Antonio is an old town of ‘comuneros’ [commoners] founded in 1683, near 300 years ago, located a half an hour from Caracas, on the via Los Teques.  It is a mountainous zone, of woods and water per excellence.  Its elevation is 1,600 m. over sea level, between geographical coordinates, Latitude North 10º – 21´ and 10º – 26´, Latitude West 66º – 53´ and 66º – 59´ 0".  From any place a spectacular mountainous panorama can be appreciated.  It is near "The Place of Physical Anchoring of the Palace of Purpose of Man" in the Ávila Mountain."

Published on this website on November 5, 2004.  Original in Spanish, translation to English by Luis Prada.


It is time for scientists to understand that energy is light and that light is the base of physical reality, and that the essence of all physical is to understand how light and darkness are intertwined.


With technological advances there have come out the post-internet technology.  In the future there will be known new techniques and marvelous devices, including the secret inventions related to the energy that has been produced during the last century.

Some governments have maintained those discoveries in secret along with other varieties of communication devices.  That will cease to be, practical innovations will be introduced that allow each one of the planet inhabitants obtain information and enter in contact with one another with great easiness.  There will be created networks that will allow the access to telecommunication services using the advanced technology of satellites.  Interactive networks of high quality will be established in the global skies by means of the satellite wide band.

Technology is a tool procured by the consciousness to create an ambience as pleasing as possible.

We humans need to make the following cosmic leap: to grow from a planetary society we currently are at into a galactic society.

Let’s not forget that we are passing through a transitional stage, we pass from the stage of homo sapiens to homo galacticus. A more integrated version of us is that this galactic human being possesses the capacity to maintain an open and meaningful dialogue with his true Being.

For us it will come out a new exceptional star-knowledge that we will be able to combine easily with that current one existing on Earth.  New values will come up in the New Age, all will be synthesized: spiritual, artistic, philosophical, scientific, political, economic, social and technological. However, the most advanced knowledge will be destined to be managed at the higher levels of the galaxy.

Will these values lead us to a new civilization?

After the 2ndWorld War advanced techniques were developed but beyond the advances achieved by scientists there will be the need to overcome the current "primitive stages" of computers.  With the emergence of digital satellite programs more functional technological models will be introduced.  In some countries now they are using the intelligent cards, these cards have a very promising future to co-exist with the new citizens of a new and "sophisticated digital world."

There are decisions that have been taken place but they have to present new advances in communications and entertainment by means of the management of simple and easy-to-use devices, this will allow the instant gathering of information and will allow entering in free contact with anybody in the world.  These discoveries have been consisted of a set of theories related to control and regulation of communications between the living being and the computer.  With the coming of the star technology there will be known as a whole and used teleportation chambers, as well as free energy, cloning and biotechnology.  With this technology will be allowed the introduction into the field of the marvels of "artificial intelligence."

In the future there will be interface devices with the mind that will provide an holographic three-dimensional image, these devices can have data, images, etc.

By means of small organic computers it is possible that we can make ourselves globally recognizable, by utilizing the true vibratory frequencies of our body.  This will make everything function from the mind, any person who wishes to communicate can simply visualize to other person and his/her computer will enter in contact with that person.  It will include an universal translator and a special system that tracks the frequencies that are closely linked to our unique physical signature.

This will allow to traverse all the galaxy in minutes.  At the beginning these advances will be seen as something of a magical realism, but when explored it will be seen that they are no other but an extension of the Great Cosmic Consciousness.


In the diverse power centers there has been a secret the beneficial alteration of the governmental, monetary and financial world systems.  Special world centers will be created and a new financial system will be born.  The reorganization of the world wealth will prepare the road for a new era of power in the world.  This power is based on the people and lacks the maleficent self-interest of their previous management leaders.  The financial systems of these organizations, that for a time were kept secret, will be restructured and open to all people.  Presently the stage for the coming of a new system of international banking activity has been established.

Many groups of the world and from outside cooperate with the spiritual realm to put an end to all the impedes financial abundance and the rapid establishment of manifested world peace.

Holographic telepathy in three dimensions and in full color will be used in the commercial system.  Some advances have been made and a new service that allows enjoying live and direct television transmission broadcast over the telephone has been launched to the the market .  The new service of this system does not come in 3D but the signal can be directly seen on the screen in real time in video and audio, whether the signal comes from a digital camera or from a television channel; it is an achievement of a transmission platform with programmed data.

Abundance programs will be implemented, they will allow humans to have all financial resources they need.  There are already many people of the financial allied system that have consented to some powerful agreements.  These provisions should not be launched to the general public until the first group of agreements have been publicly announced.  Only then will be revealed the second and third wave of actions and will be made of public knowledge.

[Note of the Editor:  The abundance programs herein referred to are the prosperity programs of the NESARA Law for the USA that will be extended to all the countries of the world.  See NESARA Law in this website and .]


Therewillbeknownmoremarvelousdevices, including many inventions related to energy and transportation.  For example, there will be known a new form of transportation that is a system that will allow more free traveling.  Trainswillbedeveloped that utilize a system of a tube of Magneto-HydroDynamic propulsion, with which will be achieved speeds of up to 15,000 miles per hour(approx. 24.000 Km. /h.).

Bymeansofthesenewenergydevices individuals will be instantly transported toanypartofthe Earth, aswellas great loads will be carried at incredible speeds.

The new vehicles of familiar use will levitate a few feet above ground and will be capable of accelerating up to 500 miles(800 kilometers) per hour.

The airplane, as we currently know it, will disappear and the air transportation will be converted into a technology of a magnetic elevator with a capability of Mach 8.

The Galactic Command will provide "primitive" ships that resemble those of theirs.  It will be allowed to have alternate means for space travel by means of the use of photonic technology which is a system of force utilized by the spaceships of the Federation.  With this energy will be so easy to travel to Sirius or any other near star, which will be the same as presently traveling from America to Europe.

There will be a system of teletransportation available for emergency trips of the long range.

It will be constructed a completely automated system of highways.  There will be no need for vehicles that contaminate the environment.Energy will be employed for everything, for human functioning and for their tasks.


Nanotechnology will be an innovation of the New Age.  There will be programs of extensive training in medical practices that are not harmful to health.  The medical services will be aligned closer to the galactic medical services.

It will come out a great humanitarianism along with factors that can repair diseases of the present medical systems and of social security that will be able to free marginal areas of their poverty, drug addiction, violence and other related causes.

New techniques and therapies will spring forth in the New Age(massage, visualization, bioenergy, therapies, etc.), whose goal is the complete development of the human being.  A great amount of new information will be absorbed that will help the assimilation of lot of knowledge.  That will give us a technological base that can be directly "downloaded" into our brain memory and into our remembering system.  Our science will be developed and the knowledge of philosophies still not heard of will be expanded and as a result giving out the brilliant union of "scientific elements" now contradictory.


Somegovernmentshave accumulated a great inventory of environmental devices and exotic technologies that are able to solve the contamination problems.  The Galactic Confederation will supply a new system.  A number of our technologies will allow to convert many arid lands into fertilesoil and with new manifested techniques and abilities the contamination will be transformed that now is making everything dirty, and thus air, land and water will be made clean in Mother Earth in less than six months.

The rural areas will be returned to their original condition of woods and meadows, they will become intact in their natural state.  From that same moment we should assume an ecological stance of respect and protection of nature and a new way of confronting diseases through spiritual healing.

We will have available a variety of devices that in the future will serve to convert the living light into food, clothes and other applications ending thus the long dependency on agricultureand on the wood industry.  Each home will receive a system that converts the energy of light into matter to supply clothes and food.


The aims of the Intergalactic Command are factories, offices, homes, electrical power plants, air and water with the use of energy that is put to work by mental means that are a combination of advanced technology and thought, thus combinations of these elements will be created and this will make machinery to respond mentally.  That way entire buildings will be vaporized and in a matter of days new ones will be completely erected.

Utilizing mental technology the different drawings of the projects will be created and we will be able to construct our own dwellings and to collectively plan our cities.  All the process happens in a matter of seconds, even if it has to do with the most complicated drawing.

Energy devices will be introduced that can be quickly reproduced en masse.  Utilizing the exceptional star knowledge the manufacturing network can again be equipped in less than a week.  On the other hand it can be completely automated and with the use of technological gadgets can be ended the dependency on manufactured materials.


In the last decades the magnetic field of the Earth has been diminishing, this is due to the photon belt that still has not completely manifested but when this happens there will be no place for the functioning of the electrical energy.  This means that nothing electrical will be active when the Earth be inside the belt.

The problem is that other source of energy to make our electrical appliances work will be required, these appliances will be altered by the shock.  Astheshockofdarkness advances the inoperability of electrical appliances, batteries and automobiles, etc., will be seen.

This shock will make possible that changes in all Earth’s atoms occur.  The atoms of the bodies will be modified to form semi-etheric bodies and the veil of the individual consciousness will be removed, but just few days later the photonic energy will be reached, although in a nimble manner.

After passing the shock, we will start seeing a gleam like of a dawning surrounding the planet, then the "photonic effects" will come.  These effects are very important because they will allow to have a new source of energy.  This will contribute to finalize our dependency on fossil fuels.

We humans will start to live in a reality of the galactic Light, with physical and extrasensory faculties, these faculties with which we were endowed from the moment we came out of the Lyra constellation for the first time to spread knowledge and protection throughout this galaxy.  The process of "home coming" into the Fifth Dimension will be started for us.

The bibliography for this subject was from books and the web, not for profit.

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