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NESARA Updates, Galactic Federation, II



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NESARA/GESARA Updates, Galactic Federation
Part 2

National Economic SecurityAnd Reformation Act (NESARA)
 From Multiple Authors

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Peace and Prosperity for All!

The selection shown here is mainly taken from information of the Galactic Federation.  This information has been carefully selected to inform you on key events and for historical reasons. See other NESARA information at: .  NESARA Yes!  NESARA Now!
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The Korean Missile and Shuttle Game
Sananda Immanuel Through Candace Frieze

July 5, 2006
Taken from:

Hello Beloveds, it has been awhile since I have communicated with you on the forum. I have been intensely “busy”, and that is an understatement. The dark have been very strong and motivated in their efforts to stay in power. But we truly know we will shortly have finished with this particular creation of removing them from office. I ask still for your patience as the final games play out, and to not buy into the idea of any rapture in any form, such as Plan B of evacuation. That is not even on the horizon at this time, nor should we expect it could become so.

We were slam-dunked back a bit this weekend by the activities you are seeing now on the tell-a-vision sets. This is mostly just that, a story for your digestion and little more. This was another of their designs, mostly for the creation of false enemies. Korea has exactly zero capability of nuclear-powered weapons at this time. This was more a game against China and Japan.

There were not all the missiles that are told of today. I think 7 now is the claim, including one today. The reality is 3 missiles, which was apparently their first story, and then the fun began of growing the story. What the game was, with the shuttle was to take out the missiles, and that Korea did not send up their missiles on “time” was the reason for the delays, not the foam or weather. The only truth in this, is that Korea’s long-range missile did fail, all by itself. Nobody assisted this, and it was not armed in any manner, merely a test that did not work. But you are surely watching the hullabaloo on TV, ad nauseum.

The more serious issue remains the shuttle, and it was actually hoped, believe or not, that Korea would be able to blow it up, or rather more that they would find a way to make it appear so and that is the miracle that we created that did not happen. The shuttle was set to explode at the timing of the Korean missile tests, and we did indeed prevent that, meaning disabled the explosives. They still care not about the astronauts on board.

Had the long-range missile test not failed, and there was obvious observation of that fact when it happened by reconnaissance of not only your military, but that of China, in the area, then the plan was to blow the shuttle, and make Korea’s little missile into a monster capable of near orbit, in others words, capable to contacting a shuttle almost in orbit. That was the importance of the timing, having the shuttle not yet in orbit. Their timing was not correct, but you, the people, wouldn’t have known that. Their timing issue was approximately to send the shuttle up shortly before they believed the missiles would be launched.

The Beast will always prepare you. You have been prepared for many weeks now about Korea, and this was an attempt to draw actually China into warfare. China is not playing the game, however. Many of you who read know that is a NWO plan. And again, there are enough Chinese within your country right now, for them to cause you some significant problems within. No more detail is necessary on this.China has warred well enough with you already, in the company of COSCO.

So where are we now? Still moving ahead. This little charade this weekend had little to do in the timing of preventing our announcements, in fact, it had more to do withKorea‘s timing on the use of the missiles, which was related to your July 4th holiday. But your USA would have loved to make it into a destroyed shuttle event, and that is the progress today, that it was so very disappointed that did not happen.

The shuttle remains at risk, and we are watching it closely, because it is in very bad shape, and it’s not a foam problem. It is old and rickety, and the electric sun generators not doing well, and susceptible to sunspot activity at this time. We have somewhat modified its orbit to decrease this risk. They are still wanting to take out the space station, but that was not the major motive this time, it was the destruction of the shuttle to be blamed on Korea as an act of war.

I and others these past few weeks are also working heavily to prepare our various ones for their continuing jobs in service. This would include Candace, Jess and Lauren. I am doing something special also with Helen. And quite a few others. I but mention these you are familiar with.

I am not giving details about the funds and other issues related to all of this. We wish to keep the dark in the dark at this time. We have modified some of the plans to get cooperation, is all that I will admit to at this time. Rest assured, these modifications have nothing to do with the funding coming, they will not reduce it, but rather, enhance it. Enough said, so be it.

Continue to remain in trust, because I am not going away, and neither is anyone else involved with the massive project. You will be sending the cleric letters. (Candace: I may have to make a couple small changes in the letter, but if you have already spent time and money printing them out, do not throw them out, the changes are very minor.)

We continue to plan the Second Coming event which, as you all know, is in great detail a contact event, and the public will be somewhat prepared in advance, so as to not “freak out.” Mother Earth, which I would prefer to label Gaia, or Urantia, is behind all of you, and is not going to throw you off, but will continue to make changes as required. Soltec continues to assist that these occur in the right places, and with his otherwise capable assistance.

We are also disabling many bombs placed in years past in ocean trenches as geophysical weapons. Some were nuclear and these we disabled some time ago as they were admitted to and discovered. Russia had some mighty plans if it became necessary to teach you a lesson or two in theUnited States, or rather, those that run the show in the United States. There has been much warfare by Russia against the New World Order around the world using weather and earthquakes, and they remain still way beyond you in these areas of knowledge.

China battles you also, but more through economics, than war technology, and your slave masters tend to not know the full essence of this. The Chinese did indeed release their stores of dollars late last fall, and into the early part of this year. The money game continues in Russia, as you can verify on the web.

There is a recent posting on the web, which Patrick carries on his site, that you can read about the proposed game this weekend, but it did not involve the scare tactic of not knowing if Korea had weapons upon the missiles and whether these could be detected or not. But the goal is of course to convince Americans of weapons, and since the shuttle is still flying, this did not pan out for them.

So they are left with a mouth of mothballs they spit out to entertain you in the absence of the entertainment they had desired for you. It was totally about the idea of making it seem that Korea shot down the shuttle. In reality their missile did not have that high range, but in saying it could reach the borders of the USA, they were trying to tell you it had sub orbital capabilities. Not so. It didn’t have the propulsion necessary for this; it was a very simple missile.

And we gained in our power because we caused them a great deal of disappointment. In fact, huge disappointment. They didn’t get to start another war, which they have no capability of carrying out anyway and winning. They know this, but they in reality hoped to prevent the planet from its Ascension and keep it for themselves, although without much life left on it, it would not be very useful to them. And even if this had been the scenario, the planet will Ascend with or without its inhabitants, and they would not survive in the higher energies. Like attracts like.

The Chinese and Russians, no matter if the shuttle had exploded as they desired, would not have engaged in an armed war, they know the consequences of such. The sad thing we are observing is that Americans are not still in the masses caring about all of this, and standing against further war, especially those in the churches, which remain mind-controlled that there must be huge warring before the God of LOVE will return, and that is certainly an oxymoron, if there was ever one. [Note of E.:  Oxymoron is a contradiction of terms between the adjective and the noun, such as “the faith unfaithfully kept him falsely true” or “miserable abundance”, etc.  In this case a terrible war precedes the God of Love].

This will be a Christ-Conscious planet, which is the main thrust behind the teachings, because the population will average out to 5D or above. And at this time, as has been said before, only 5D Christ-Conscious souls are allowed to incarnate now. Any new births are of this situation, except for probably about 25% that continue to be robotics being born, and as those that can do so, have the time and capability, these conceptions are being further reduced, by direct interference, as in placing 5D DNA incarnates into these pregnancies, in areas of the world in which these have reasonable chance of a happy life or are souls advanced enough to survive anyway. This is not the hybrid program of the little greys. That is gone.

Candace will not abide by dates right now, she rests assured that all this will occur, and so I will let it be that way. But continue to assist the manifestation by teaching people, thinking productive thoughts, and planning those missions in detail. We do know we are on the cusp, and that the dark have little more war games they can play. The Korea thing was basically a substitute for the Iran game, which they are not winning, and they hoped to create an event out ofKorea testing little missiles. Namaste, I AM Sananda Immanuel Esu Kumara.


Aton (Christ Michael) and Sananda Through Lily Ann, Jess and Lauren

July 16, 2006

All is quiet– on more than just the Western front …
Understand that there is good reason for the silence and withholding of information. The last step in the process is the release of information to the general public. Keeping the faith was never more important than now. Don’t jump ship when it is in the process of tying up at the quay …..!!
We have been privy to much information nevertheless – along with the usual pieces of false information, which are more readily discernible these days.
For some time now it is has been difficult to ‘get an audience’ with those on a Higher Plane, as they have been in constant meetings, getting ready for what we have all been waiting for. At least almost all of us …. It is going to be a hectic time when it happens, and hopefully next week we can release more material on how business will be affected. Not so much small business, but the major players will be greatly affected – to our benefit.
It is clear that we are on the threshold of the announcement(s). The
United States IS now on the gold standard. The new Executive has been a little tardy – perhaps even a little fearsome – of taking full control, but the Galactic Forces decided, thanks to another powerful address by St Germain, that they will no longer stand for further delays, and will intervene to achieve a timely conclusion (remember the stated deadline of 25th July).
Very few people realise the full implications of our return to Common Law.
So here is what has been received of late, now confirmed by several sources.
Milson Macleod
Taken from:

Aton through Lily Ann
(1) <st1:dateYear=”2006″ Day=”29″ Month=”6″>June 29, 2006,<st1:timeMinute=”45″ Hour=”23″>11:45 pm
We know how disappointed all of you are because there were no announcements today. We feel your struggles with the constant communications saying this or that is going to happen or it has happened, etc.  My dear ones, it is equally as frustrating to us, for we also would like this to be finished so the next steps can manifest. From our vantage point there are scenes playing out all over the globe and the constant clamoring for what belongs to who and how much is all “very old” as you say. Know that what is underneath the surface of all that you are being shown on the news and read in your newspapers is quite different than the truth of what is transpiring.
The problem of bringing things to fruition is that we are dealing with the human mind, the ego and wavering support of bringing in the Light. It is requiring much courage for the people involved to move forward into their new positions, for this is an unprecedented event. Never before in the history of your country has this been done. The new cabinet is ready, the old cabinet has had many of its members removed. They are being detained on board ships. There have been many fence-sitters, some of whom are still playing mind games and they will have no more opportunity to do this.
The funds are indeed being delivered on a 24-hour basis by private couriers and some military couriers, and should be completed within a day or so.
Do not be disturbed by what you can do nothing about at this present moment. Be in a state of readiness at all times to receive communication from anyone of us. Continue to hold the energy of the Light and know that the time is at hand.
Lily: Thank you Aton
(Creator Son Michael of Nebadon).

(2) <st1:dateYear=”2006″ Day=”16″ Month=”7″>July 16, 2006,<st1:timeMinute=”25″ Hour=”0″>12:25 a.m.
There are indeed Trojan horses bearing news, so beware of false information.  It is true that the U.S. is on the gold standard, effective very early yesterday morning. What exactly does that mean? It means that the fiat money is going to be replaced with the rainbow currency and the time is upon you when this shall occur. There will be very little publication of this event, as the new cabinet makes ready to deliver their news of the changes in your government to the nation and to the world. The delivery of the remaining packets will be completed by the banks. Those who were resisting these efforts have been replaced.
Lily:Thank you, Aton (Creator Son Michael of Nebadon).

14th July: Sananda
” ….. As you have heard from your sources, there is to be completed, hopefully today, the distribution of the bank documents to the banks, rather than to the recipients. You might be aware that such deliveries appear to make much sense. The banks will desire to notify the recipients of the prosperity funds that their funds have been received and will be available to them to use.”

<st1:dateYear=”2006″ Day=”16″ Month=”7″>16th July, 2006:  AM, Lily Ann
Lily: There was excitement at the banks. I saw what appeared to be senior bank officials concerned about the ramifications of the new situation, and distributing informational flyers to the other staff.
There was a meeting of Illuminati (underlings?) numbering about 2,000 in California, discussing their plans.

<st1:dateYear=”2006″ Day=”16″ Month=”7″>16th July, 2006:  AM  Christ Michael through Rae
CM: Yes, it is true. As I said to Lily, all is being kept very quiet till all players are in line and ready. These include both the political and financial players.
There are large meetings going on right now as the “just above public” layers of the Illuminati are discussing the about-to-be events, and planning what they might do about them, which is just about nothing.
As St Germain said to you earlier in the week, it will be a very interesting weekend. It is. It’s just that all the “done deals” haven’t been shown to the public yet. They will be unfolded in a manner to cause the least amount of disruption and disturbance possible. There will be plenty of that, especially beginning with the political changes. The financial changes are being instituted in an administrative manner, with no fanfare till the last public steps take place. All is in readiness and proceedings have begun.
R: Thank you for this verification and update.
CM: You’re welcome. Tell Milson.

Aton through Jess:  7-16-06
Aton, I ask for confirmation and clarity from you today. Other reports have suggested pieces are falling into place with the move to the gold standard and the readiness of the new Cabinet. I am anticipating changes in your good time.
Jess, this is Aton, the Christ Michael. Today is a monumental day in the history of the Galaxy you are part of.This is the turning point for all that you have hoped and dreamed for. The announcement of the changes in your government will be forthcoming imminently. The fiscal changes have already been made. The gold standard for your currency was established this weekend, at 3:00 a.m. on Saturday morning
[Note of Editor: Saturday morning July the 15th, 2006, at 3:00AM there was the change to the gold standard in the United States].  This means your fiat money from the Federal Reserve is literally worthless with no backing from the Federal Government.
The Cabinet is ready to move into place, and the resignation and removal of the Chief Executive Officer and his Vice Henchman are foregone conclusions. This will happen at the most auspicious time for all concerned with the transition. The legal ramifications are in place to make this a lawful removal and transition. The Cabinet Officers and Secretaries are inspired with a new hope for liberty and a willingness to carry out the task they are being asked to assume.
This will cause upheaval and chaos in some sectors, but it will be an orderly transition and a welcome one, from the perspective of most of the world.
Peace will be declared immediately upon the assumption of the new offices, and the military will begin plans for an orderly evacuation of Iraq and all areas involved in unnecessary aggression. Some situations will remain for the time being, to prevent further chaos and confusion. This is inevitable. But war will be declared a thing of the past.
The fiscal changes will take place almost immediately after this transition. The certificates for bank issuance are in place, and the recipients of the prosperity funds and the farm funds will be notified shortly. This should take place before the end of the month. Sananda had promised to you this would happen, and it is going to. The timetable and plans were in motion. The only holdup was the intention of the participants. Those on Earth who had to play the more assertive roles were, needless to say, intimidated by the actions they had to perform. The influx of more energy has allowed them to step out and find the courage to act as we needed.
This is sufficient for Milson and his announcement commentary. The time is still unknown, but it will be imminent, to use Patrick’s word choice from last year. This time it truly is imminently upon you.
Namaste for now. Aton of Nebadon.

16th July: 7pm (ET) Sananda Through Lauren
Taken from:

Beloved, we have been alerting you due to the high level of activity that has been taking place in your realm. There is a great tide in the affairs of man. The tide is rising and soon it will have swept away all of your old ways of being and leave in its wake a path for new beginnings. We are alerting you of some movement that we foresee as monumental and it is our desire to spread the news to those telepaths who are able to receive at this time. What lies before you is the promise of the ages. What knocks upon your door are the riches you have yearned for. What beckons you now is the new way and its unfoldment will have no place in greed, war, or hatred ever more. Take heed, my warrior child, your reality is soon to be swept ashore.
This information we parlay to you is coming from high sources. There is a promulgation of said events that will formally proclaim what our sources confirm and it will be a dark night of soul for many who hold on to the forces of evil. Now more than ever is a time to prepare yourself for great tidings. Now we claim victory. In this time before you many will fall but it will be those who pick them up that will understand the workings of Creator. Come one, come all and hear the call for we have won the ranks of glorious tidings.

Dr. Macleod:  These messages came in overnight as confirmation of what we had already heard:
Taken from:

Aton (Christ Michael) through LilyAnn

<st1:datels=”trans” Month=”7″ Day=”17″ Year=”2006″>July 17, 2006  <st1:timeMinute=”17″ Hour=”0″>12:17 a.m.

We of this Nebadon Universe who have been finessing, waiting, steering gently, pouring in Light in magnitudes unheard of for any planet before this time, are excited, enraptured, magnified in love, and bursting with thanksgiving to all of you who have been struggling for so long, hereby declare that this planet known as Urantia, Gaia, Earth, Earth Shan and so on, is victorious in the LIGHT and will begin its journey into Ascension with the combined efforts of love of the Lightweavers on Earth, the star seeds, the off-world beings both in the Earth, upon the Earth, around the Earth and in so many dimensions (also known as the Galactic Federation of the Ashtar Command) as well as the 144,000 Ascended Masters from Earth, and the myriad Descending Sons, and many, many others.

Dear ones, this is what we have all worked so long and so diligently to accomplish. Many of the “fence sitters” have seen the Light and turned towards it. Many others have recognized the games of the ones who have been in control and have come to a better understanding of truth. Still others who have been running to hide from the mounting natural disasters are realizing that something is going on that is not the norm and are seeking to know the truth. You have assisted us to bring this all to fruition and for this we honor you and bless you, for great will be your rewards. There needed to be enough Light over 50% to “tip the scales” and the figure is now at 55.9 %. There is no going backwards only onward and forward to victory.

On a more mundane note, things are progressing, although more slowly than expected, in the “changing of the guard” and the news will soon be breaking on all fronts through the “tell-a-vision”. There is much activity, ongoing meetings, communications to and from the Earth plane, and high intensity excitement in all of this. Mind you, there is still the calm hand at the helm to stay the course. Look ever inward and upward in peace and go forth always in love and truth.
I set my seal upon this message.
I AM ATON, Creator Son of Nebadon  (aka Christ Michael).

Comment from Rae:
<st1:dateYear=”2006″ Day=”17″ Month=”7″>17th July, 2006, 12:09 AM

Absolutely, 100% confirm. CM is radiant, glorious and surrounded by intense golden sparkles. Sananda and St. Germain are flooded with white and gold but were too busy to do more than take notice of my presence. Others I looked in on likewise, much scurrying about to help get the changes completed and announced. Even my good reptilian friends are helping as they can but mostly staying out of the way.It is surely a time for celebration!


Sananda Through Jess
22ndJuly, 2006

Taken from:

Sananda: Be Prepared

Jess: Sananda said he wanted to speak to me this afternoon. This is the message that I heard.
<st1:dateYear=”2006″ Day=”22″ Month=”7″>7-22-06
Jess:Sananda, I ask for words form you this afternoon. Much is happening. Much has been attributed to you. I sense things coming to a head. Please give me guidance and insight into what is occurring. If there are comments for others please also help me relay them clearly.
Jess, let’s speak of many things and several specifically. This is a time of troublesome reactions and refusal to admit the truth of the obvious. Many times have we given ultimatums that have been ignored. Many times have we waited for answers and have been rejected. We have done this because we are full of unconditioned love for all involved—even the worst acting and most determined to control the amount of linkage we are able to realize with you.

We have been patient and willing to allow one last chance for those refusing to listen, to hear, what is being said. These words we speak are not our words alone. They come with the full imprimatur and force of the Creator Source of all. This change will happen. It is not within the power of men on Earth to change this decision. However, it is within their purview to stall and prevent this from proceeding smoothly. This touches on a core issue that justifies their existence as they see it, and they are just as resistant as we are insistent it will happen. The loggerheads are real and are of unimaginable intensity of power and energy.

You have no conception of the wave of energy that Heaven and the Universe is sending to your small planet to make it impossible for it to remain as it has been for these many thousands of years. This change is part of a large re-structuring that is taking place in your solar system, which will in turn affect the structure of the system you are part of within the Universe of Nebadon. The changes you are being allowed to participate in are an example unique in the full grand creation of universes. This particular shift has not been carried out before. Everyone who has knowledge of this occurrence is in awe of what you are accomplishing and is eager to see it through. The knowledge you are gaining by participating in this is new and unexpected.

The complexity of what is occurring is also beyond the scope of your understanding. See the changes happening in one person and magnify that by the possibilities of billions on the globe. This is being carefully monitored and nursed along. Think about the immensity of that coordinated overseeing. Every being is at his or her own level of understanding and acceptance and each is finding his or her way on the path they have determined for themselves. We see this progress and encourage always the movement forward toward greater connection with his or her own self and the source from which they came.

The insistence on political maneuvering, and the personal senses of frustration and lack of fulfillment are symptomatic of each individual’s desire to re-connect with a more perfect existence. Everyone wants peace and a higher level of completion and satisfaction. All are looking for that in their various ways they see to find it. Step back and look at the goals and consensus behind the individual acts and you will see a unified desire and a search for the same result. Be objective about the world you see and look at the bigger picture it presents to your personal purpose. Your own dreams fit within a grand master plan. Each should look and see how they fit together. Each should realize that everyone contributes to this grand tapestry in their own way. Respect them and support their individual endeavors.

Let’s speak more of your own goals. You see yourself moving. Yes, this is a laudable goal. How are you achieving this? Are you dependant on others to achieve this for you, or are you planning to set this in motion yourself? I see you are forming plans and mulling over ideas when you have the opportunity. You still are torn between two positions and two personalities. No there is not much you can do until the money you are entitled to is available to you. I see you waiting for this to happen. No, there is not much financially you can do until then, but you must be actively working on the materials you will need once you have the means to relocate. This means more diligent preparation and more consistent work on preparing your syllabus. This is not the time to rest too much. It is time to prepare and begin to shape your body and mind for the spiritual changes that will occur with the open contact and the changes in government.

You see the incomplete programs you have started. Begin to tie up loose ends. Begin to resolve some old issues. Begin to consolidate your interest into one masterful focus. It is all a piece of one thing. It is all you and it is all the expression of who you are. Connect the dots and see the full pointillist picture come into sharp focus. It is all there. It is all yours for the completion.

Shall I tell you what is going to happen soon? The government changes will be happening this next week. It is time for them to be completed. It is time for the money to be distributed, and it is time for the Bush faction to be removed from power and control of your lives. We have exhausted all patience and are now at a deadline that is dictated by the Creator of All, not just Christ Michael, as you call him still. This will happen, to use your words.

This will mean your world will be going through an upheaval. Be prepared for the changes to happen quickly. Be prepared for fiscal insolvency and then abundance the likes of which you have never seen before. Be prepared for peace to be declared and for the armies of power and control to be returned home for new ideas and new purposes. Be prepared for the government as you know it to be redefined and restructured to reflect personal input and clearly respectful decisions. Be prepared for all these things to happen with a few short months.

Monjoronson is ready to materialize and his courts are even now beginning to operate on another dimensional level. This will become public and this will determine the direction my global reign will take. I say reign because I will be the determinant of policy. I will be the spokesman for the wishes of Michael of Nebadon. I and Lady Nada, as she is known, will be the example of spiritual union that all the world may seek to embody. This will usher you into aGolden Age of Light and Love that will happen when Urantia, Mother Earth, has completed her renewal and healing. The time frame is less of a concern than the endless joy that will come when this takes place. The endless joy of Now as you seek to find your best purpose.

This is Christ Michael’s representative Sananda Immanuel Esu speaking to you this afternoon for your distribution and personal instruction.

Namaste, Jess, my brother and friend.



Update On Lebanon
Sananda Immanuel Through Candace Frieze

See George Galloway’s Sky News Interview about the Israeli Invasion of Lebanon:

Report 1
July 16, 2006
Taken from:

Hello all, Sananda here to give a brief update today for the forum folks. Needless to say, you have probably surmised that this current war situation provided interference, yet once again to our plans.

General Radetski has issued a final order to the divergent military and we have engaged in battle with the aid of the supportive military against them. We have further confiscated the weapons we could identify such as hand-held laser types and others. We did have quite a battle recently and it was mostly between American military factions supported by some aid from us.

I remind all that there is no money to be delivered until the changes have occurred. We expect at this time pretty much a joint announcement of the new administration and the change in the status of the Federal Reserve.

This war activity between Israel and Lebanon is totally caused by Israel troops supported by the United States false flag government. The Hezbollah came about in an effort to drive Israel from its control of Lebanon a number of years ago. The Lebanese are fully allowed defense for themselves.Israel has made many incursions into Lebanon in past months and Hezbollah finally stood up.

This is a tragic situation because the rest of the Arab world has come into support for Lebanon and Hezbollah and Israel has created much grief for itself. The idea in all of this is as usual to gain some American support for Israel and to make Iran and Syria into enemies. And they are bona fide and very strong enemies against the Zionists. Apparently your news services are allowing the term “Zionists” to be used and this is a positive attitude.

Lebanon’s prime minister with appropriate backup by CNN was allowed to speak his mind fully this morning.

The G8 summit is not going at all well for the New World Order. Putin is fully resisting the efforts to bring Russia into the WTO. Bush as not found himself and cohorts in a comfortable situation at all at this summit.

We continue to protect the shuttle and it should return to Earth safely tomorrow. Our backup plan spoken of, or alluded to, frequently is now going into effect. Details are not fully possible right now, but Orvonton and Ashtar have come to agreement that all our plans are no longer to be put off in the awaiting of important changes. Ashtar, I believe, suggested that July was the last month of tolerance and actually with the new war situation this date is now actualized.

The ones that we identified as needing to make changes in Admiral Jhonka’s piece last winter, and who did not, are to face now uncreation, which is behind the current idea that if they are going to experience this, they may as well go out guns a blazing. So Be It.

The coverage of the war caused journalists important to the announcement process to be reassigned, but this is of short duration. I remind all that in this final sorting process these very dark ones who were fence-sitters and moles have been exposed thoroughly and will not cause any trouble later as they will no longer be here.

As they are arrested, or otherwise detained, they are facing the Magisterial Son’s courts, quickly and effectively, and their place shall not be found. There have been quite a few deaths in the ranking military that are not on the news and quite a few grieving families.

In the recent battle, which Candace observed a portion of recently, we took out 3 large triangular ships. This is the total of those ships that they had left and all are now gone. They have been based in New Mexico, but the battle occurred over Colorado, because the troops supportive of removing this government are based on Colorado bases.

Some of those triangle ships seen have been American ships. There were once a total of 10. These are not stealth bombers but of a type given by the big and little greys who lived in your underground.

I am pleased to report that no military supportive of the change of this administration were lost.

Militarily we have come into the battle in Lebanon in the background. There was a major event that happened to Lebanon which was not covered on your news. A MOAB was dropped on that city which did a great deal of damage, so we became more involved. [Editor’ Note:Massive Ordinance Air Burst –Known as the Mother of All Bombs, it’s an extremely heavy bomb .  It’s the biggest conventional bomb there is, for its transportation it is used the cargo plane Hercules C-130.]  That bomb was dropped by American forces from an American fighter plane. Israel in conjunction with the United States fully desired to set off the Armageddon of your stories in the Middle East.

When the attempts to gain America support for the conquest of Iran did not materialize this other event was created. We are following American opinion and we believe that many Americans are now in support of making peace in the Middle East. They have become fearful of this administration and that furthers our goals and your successes to come. Part with Americans remains the gas prices and people are feeling great unrest now knowing that war has not provided cheaper gas but driven it up instead.  They are finally seeing that energy has much to do with this warring in the Middle East.

Iran is indeed backing this and Russia behind Iran. This is a no-win situation for Israel and the United States. We are tailing the submarines in the Mediterranean which were diverted there when the government figured out that the proposed attack on Iran was not to be successful.

We are guarding carefully cloaked in the area any evacuation helicopters for the Americans living in Lebanon because the idea is to harm Americans to get support for this war.  We have galactic personnel on the ground in appropriate uniforms assisting. They are armed with what you term phasers [Editor’s Note:  Beam weapon that got its name from the TV series Star Trek].

The Lebanese Prime Minister is under our direct protection. I have met with him personally and he welcomes our assistance. It is this support that enabled him to broadcast live on CNN this morning and denounce the Zionist enemy without fear. We have shielded some areas of great importance in plasma shields similar to what we have around Candace and others of importance to these works who are public.

I assure you that the leaders in Israel are also very aware of our assistance to Lebanon and the lack of our assistance to them and they are very nervous indeed. Ashtar Command was granted this permission to be supportive of Lebanon in this situation.

I can’t give a date, beloveds, as you can see, but this drastic error of the dark is working nicely against them. I have a request to make. I would like all of you to copy this piece and send it to your local news agencies, and also Internet sites such as Wayne Madsen Reports. It is the only way we can get out the information about the MOAB used by American forces against Lebanon. Send it far and wide as we have often used this term.

Candace will post it on the main site in addition to the forum. Your local news associates need to see this. They need to understand that America is involved in this dastardly mess. Many may be assuming this; I certainly hope so. I don’t expect it will be printed by any but, by sending this, you encourage them to question.

I must now return to my very busy day playing warrior. Namaste, Sananda Immanuel Esu Kumara.

Report 2
July 18, 2006

Taken from:

Beloveds, tonight I come with both good news and bad. The good news is that great progress has been made to allow the announcement under the current circumstances of war. Everything is tested and in place, only it remains to gather the people at the appropriate time. I remind you this announcement is about the removal of the American Regime and the placement of the temporary government. NESARA announcement activities will come at a somewhat later date and these will be preceded of course by the removal of the Federal Reserve System.

The bad news is that the American government, which is behind Israel, openly before the world, but not telecast in the United States, ignored a special message given to them via Jerusalem, and has gone ahead with greatly increased bombings. This will very soon end, as Admiral Jhonka does have a good deal of control and enforcement aided by us at this time.

There have now been 7 MOAB‘s [Mother Of All Bombs] dropped on Beirut and vicinity, causing a great deal of damage and loss of life. Oh America, those asleep to this, for shame. American planes have dropped these bombs; they use C-130’s for this, in correction to mine and Candace’s error in the term “fighter planes,” in the previous message. We did have a great deal of interference during that work, and in re-construction of vanished material, somehow that mistake was made. A MOAB is much too large [itapproximately weighs 10 tons according to Wikipedia. Editor’s Note] and requires other amenities to its use and can’t be dropped from a fighter such as an F-16.

Israel does not have its own MOAB‘s. The MOAB was also used in the first attacks on Iraq over 3 years ago that was called Shock and Awe. There is nothing of Shock and Awe about this warfare.

We, personally ourselves, made an incursion into Jerusalem and this should have been reported two days ago on your TV. This provided a very clear message that there was weaponry not of Earth used there. This has been ignored and so it will be repeated quite soon. We will not interfere with holy sites in Jerusalem, not to worry, but those in control of this war did get a strong message. You will have to await this on your television to know what happened.

A warning to those BBB&G’s that read this material: We shall do what we did inJerusalem once again, elsewhere of importance in Israel. This will occur in about 24 hours.  You are ordered to stand down and avoid this. We can do this every 24 hours until you do. We are the ones now behind Hezbollah in support of Lebanon. You can stop blaming it all on Syria and Iran.

As to Syria and Iran, you yourselves do know that they only fight the Beast in these times, and are justified in their actions against Israel. I do hope that you will take our threat seriously and end this war immediately. As soon as you stop your fire, so shall Hezbollah. It is entirely in your laps.

Many innocent people have been lost in this war; many more than acknowledged on TV. There have been quite a few deaths also of Americans. It was you, America, that bombed the airport making the job of getting Americans and all other tourists out much more difficult. And you sit here bringing further harm to American citizens in your actions.

I warn you, once again, that Hezbollah will be the one to win this war, we are there, we have galactic personnel on the ground giving advice and assistingLebanon in other ways. Stop now or it shall be your own country that suffers greater harm. You will be harmed until you do stop this war. I most surely hope this will occur tomorrow by the time that American’s awaken in the morning. Good day, I am Sananda Immanuel.

Candace: In discussing this with Sananda the last couple days he assures me that whatever occurred in Jerusalem, did not cause the deaths of civilians.



False Flag Operation, North Korea
Christ Michael and Sananda Immanuel Through Candace Frieze

October 9, 2006
Taken from:

Christ Michael:

Hello beloveds, might aren’t they all having so much fun with your heads. At least many of those in the mainstream media are suggesting that maybe this is not a true scenario.

There was no earthquake registered. That data was placed upon the US governments site long after the supposed event, and they caught themselves by failing to check all the data as they posted. There are two different times reported for this earthquake event, one for last evening in USA time zones, and another this morning as they decided to amend yesterday’s earthquake postings. .

This was totally a “non-event.” Notice that the USA gave notice of their intent a couple days ago, suggesting a test was to come.Korea has not enriched their plutonium to nuclear use. They did not announce that they had done this event. This is entirely a created black ops scenario. End of story on that. We continue to disallow the manufacture of any more nuclear bombs, and we would continue to disable any that might be discovered. We are certain, in our thorough searches of spring 2005, that no more exist on the planet, neither on the surface nor in the underground areas.

Good for your news services to question this and the supposed earthquake that resulted. Hopefully they will keep this up. Those of you reading the Wayne Madsen Report, that is not accurate regards the testing.

Now, I know, you want an update of other matters, and I shall only tell you that all remains in uttermost security right now. There continue to be murders by the dark side in attempts to forestall the inevitable. And they continue to die also, I might add.

Await in patience, it happens not until it happens and all is securely in place. All of us, including yourselves will be years ahead of schedule over what the original plans were for the United States. This is a global program. Not all countries will announce into it the same as the changes begin in the US. Some already have gone forward. The most obvious of these, covered in your media, is Thailand which experienced a gentle coup recently, promptly selected a temporary leader and proceeds towards new elections. Many will do this. Others are in stable leadership right now and will not need to evict the leaders.

There are 106 global central private banks which are being uncreated in their role of central banks, and the control of currency issued returned to their representative countries. This would have taken years to accomplish without this being made part of this Second Coming process. There would have been huge resistance by these other banks and much discomfort placed on the United States. Trust the process I, please, ask of you.

We have been very close several times. Obviously not close enough because the dark intervened and delayed. You will see it before your eyes in the USA when they don’t succeed in an intervention. Each intervention of theirs brings new measures to circumvent other future interventions. When the last shot is fired by them you will see an amazing thing happen and they will all be out of the way in terms of the banking situations.

Over these months in which we have brought you news of the Second Coming Event, there have been small misunderstandings in the Light Worker community. Some of you have denied this knowing that the “real” Second Coming occurs when the planet goes into Light and Life. When it becomes a Christed Planet.

Candace can put in this suggested reading of a certain place in the Phoenix Journals relevant to this. There are also good posts about it on the forum. As I have continually said, this Second Coming Event is a door opener. It is not the movement of the planet into Light and Life but will greatly assist it. This Second Coming Event is for Christians, to a degree, who expect such an event.

It allows the many masters to return and work with their individual communities and heal the distortions of the teachings given by them. It allows you to finally stand and do what you have come to do. It allows the release of great monies to pay for your works since you must remain on money for a time. The planet will not be allowed its Ascension until you make money a non-event. Some planets are still on money when they ascend but they have a better understanding of it as merely a convenience item for trade and don’t use it to enslave their peoples.

Earth has been so incredibly dark because it is a prison planet that money must go first. Some of you have been angered because we did not come sooner. Thisphoton belt time is a special time; different from the other photon belt cycles the planet has gone through. This time is the wave, the coming of Creator personally into all the structure of the planet, down to every last atom upon the place. You will better understand that from reading these pages suggested in the Journals and upon the forum. The people of the planet must be ready for this to occur. It can’t come sooner than that.

This coming of the Creator, the Father of All, through me, beloveds, was ordained at the time I visited your world. It is part of the Spirit of Truth bestowed upon Urantia. That event ordained what is to now occur during the passage into the current photon belt cycle, underway for now since 1987, when Earth entered into it, part time. Earth is now in the photon belt 360 days a year.

Now regards that comment of 360 days. You no longer have 365 ¼ days in your year. The slightly oval trip around your sun has been restored to its circular pattern which has shortened your year to its original length. That is responsible for this early fall you are experiencing. Your calendars will be changed to reflect this and a partial correction will be made for you during the Second Coming event. At this time it is not appropriate to explain how this will be done.

I wish to personally thank all who chose to participate in God’s Email Campaign. Please email those addresses frequently with your own material, particularly to the media and voice your opinions. Many of you chose not to participate. Others of you participated grandly, helping to make up the difference for those that did not. I admire also all who participated in the October 5 March for the purpose of calling attention to the fact that the Bush regime needs to be removed.

There is apparent controversy being created by some, who believe that the organization that organized the rallies is a communist front organization. Might you consider, dear ones, that maybe some are propounding this to cause you to just stay home in fear of supporting “communists?” This is naïve.

Getting out with your signs at major intersections asks the drivers of the cars seeing them to consider an alternative to their belief system about Bush. It adds great positive energy needed for the mass consciousness. This same type of stuff was put out on the Internet about others who have come to shine their Lights such as Martin Luther King. The dark always will discredit those who come, as you yourselves are discredited by your associates at work, and your family and friends. What is new in this? Same old game.

I have personally looked over the folks and agenda, as have others on this side. We see nothing of a communist nature in this organization. It probably has received funding and has some membership of others who support the regime change of Bush and don’t have the best of intents. But so what! The money is needed. At least 98% of the supporters in the list of supporters are the real deal. It matters not who sets up a rally, what matters is whom shows up to do a good work. And certainly to oust the Bush regime is a good work. Now I am going to Sananda Immanuel and let him speak a bit.

Sananda Immanuel:

Dearly beloveds, I AM here, now as your Planetary Prince. This is official, but unannounced at this point except amongst yourselves. I am not a Communist. Yes, I have read the posts on the forum suggesting as such. We have a link to the forum now, for some time, and we view what happens. This is not spying and Candace gave of this permission to us as she got rather tired of relaying the material mentally. We also trace the visitors who attempt to sneak in. There are folks registered to the forum who do spy. We have followed their trails.

I would ask those who are in this doubt of who I am to go within and make that decision for yourself. I will be available if you but let me in. Enough said at this time except that I do work with Jess, Lauren and Candace and they all confirm amongst themselves as necessary. You see this often in Jess’ work with us, his asking of questions. This is normal.

It is not “wrong” to be a doubting Thomas. In fact, it means that you do ask. The doubting Thomas of biblical record was a very enlightened soul, who did double ask and inquire. This is a good thing and something all should do. Candace grills us all rather regularly, I assure you, and asks for our energy signatures on the works. Energy signatures are as unique as fingerprints. She will ask for us to supply them.

Normally, under our encircuiting that we have with her and our clear telepathic channels, we do not have our energy about her in the work as it is fatiguing and interrupting. She asks as she needs to and then we supply it for her verification. She does not just sit here and type for us. She constantly, and sometimes it would seem irritating, interrupts, she just did right now!  We “yak” back and forth as these are done, always. Never has she done a telepathic work with us without doing so. Not once.

As she has explained, she is not a “channel” in the sense that we come through her body and do automatic typing. We do not. She merely types what she hears, and leaves out the side discussions going on, which are not necessary to the piece. You might discern for yourself as you read where she might have interjected and asked for clarification or maybe a different wording, since she knows her audience, for a concept.

I would say to the one who is the doubting Thomas, ask for my energy to come around you. Ask for my wings to surround you, beloved, and you will then understand who and what I am. Namaste, Sananda Immanuel Esu Kumara, Planetary Prince of Urantia.


The Phoenix Journal referenced above, is Journal #21, Chapter 19, starting on page 159, and forum for the related discussion going on there.


Messages on the US Elections’ Results
Elections Were on TuesdayNovember 7 and Results Announced on Wednesday November 8, 2006

Message of Ghondor, Pleiadian Spiritual Master Through Spirit Eagle
Thursday November 9, 2006
Taken from:

I am Ghondor.  It is good to speak with you again!  We wish The People of the United States to know that we are well pleased that you have taken up your Sword of Truth!  You have shown the World and Heaven that you are capable of leading your country to the fulfillment of the Original Dream for Your Land.

We have been very busy indeed!  Have you wondered why, with so many reports of problems at the Polls, that there was such a huge amount of votes cast by your people for your Democrats????

As you have requested of us to intervene in protecting your votes and the Will of the People, we have done so!   We had Paschats on the ground at your polling places and others of us who worked with your electronic machines.  When a machine mis-recorded a vote we re-recorded the original vote.  This was done to show you and those who would control you that your Will for a New World of Peace is Strong.  It was done to Empower You!

Now, many of the Old Guard (no matter what Party) are Still in control and Still beholden to the Dark Agenda but this does not mean that all is lost.  It was Imperative that the People of the Earth Witness those who would wrest their country back from the power of the Dark!   It is critical that all upon the Earth acknowledge their OWN Intention for Life as THEY Will IT!!!

This has never been about political parties.  It has been about those who would continue to enslave you and about your collective awakening to your Freedom of Soul expressed in your everyday life!

It is our fondest wish now that you can see the Strength and the Will of your people for a New World and that the People march forward and demand Accountability, Truth and Peace from your Representatives!  Do Not Rest On Your Laurels!!!   Do Not Stop!  The momentum must fly forward in determination for a New Government OF, FOR, AND BY THE PEOPLE!  THIS INTENTION IS WHAT WILL SPEED THE PROCESS OF THE CHANGES THAT YOU AWAIT INTO MANIFESTATION!    We ask you to put your energies into creating together in Harmony Peace and Love.  Be Vigilant!  BE THE ASCENDED MASTERS THAT YOU ARE!

Message of Sananda Through Jess Anthony
Wednesday November 8, 2006
Taken from:

Jess: I heard this last night but am just now posting it. The opening comments about Sananda being farther away are interesting in connection with Mark Stern’s mention of Sananda and Ashtar celebrating in his posted report on the Celestial Hierarchy.
Journal 11-8-06
Jess: Sananda, I ask for your comments this evening. I ask for guidance and clarity on what has happened and what is taking place as a result. I sense an awakening and a conviction for change. I look at the circumstances as mired in preconceptions and blind unthinking, but I see the spark of new determination catching fire despite the programmed reality.  Speak on these events. Speak on our role and of my part in it. I ask for insight and strength.  Sananda, are you further away?
Sananda: Yes. I am speaking from a higher plane of observation than usually. This is clearing up your connection so that you can hear me more distinctly.

This is a time of joy and rejoicing on Earth. The people have spoken their convictions and made the choices they could see to make to voice those convictions. The reality of the election is, of course, the continuation of a scenario that is corrupt and controlled by outside factions that have no desire to concern themselves with truth or fair elections or generosity of spirit. The depth of the depravity is clearly seen by anyone who looks with diligence. However, the depth of this depravity is unseen by the majority of Lightworkers who are just now beginning to wake up.

This election was a step towards their true awakening and their realization that their lives are controlled and manipulated by forces beyond the pale of goodness and concern for their well-being. The controlling powers have grown complacent and are due for a complete revelation and reversal of their manipulation of the general populace.

This revelation is multi-layered with many realities that seek resolution and remedy.  There is no one method of dealing with changing these many realities. Each must be addressed by its own counteraction. Each much have the right people involved in changing its focus. The political disgust of many is balanced by the belief of others in hope and conviction. The cynicism of many with the reality of the outcome is factored by the belief in change and a new way of thinking.

All of these scenarios are operating at the same time and each is a version of reality that is playing out. People are connecting with the energy of the reality that speaks to them. The fact that they are connecting is the crucial feature. The outcome of their actions is only a step along their individual path towards their purpose. But the use of their energy to create a passageway is the beginning of their ability to be conscious creators themselves. They are beginning to operate as Light workers and see their truer place in the merged existence that is happening on Earth.

The Democrats are not the solution many assume. They are tainted with much the same greed and service mentality as the Republicans they have replaced. They will not be accountable for the change happening without the forceful prodding of their electors. The government is a representative form of decision-making. The government officials represent the wishes of their voters. Too long this has been ignored and overlooked. The conviction that should come from the election is a manifestation of their link with the spark of the Creator Source.

I am confident the shift will continue and more people will awaken to the changes that have taken place as of

[Tuesday’s] election.  Wait and see the results and hold their feet to the fire. Use the legislators as extensions of your own vision for change. Create ideas and set them in motion through your elected officials. That is your gift for living in a free society. You must begin to recognize that and act upon it.

Sananda Esu Immanuel

Message of St. Germain Through Mike Quinsey
Tuesday November 7, 2006
Taken from:

The result of today’s months events in the U.S. will again signal to mankind where their consciousness is heading, and its power to mould the future. The wish of the people cannot be ignored for much longer and their desire to bring peace into the world is building up an energy that will bring about its manifestation. This will happen regardless of any attempts of the dark to subvert such a happening.

Understand that mass consciousness, according to its vibration, attracts like energies. In your recent past this is why both the benevolent peaceful ETs and those of the dark were allowed to approach your leaders with proposals to help you move on. It was a question of choosing whichever group that enhanced and assisted them in their plan for mankind. The Illuminati ensured that offers to help establish peace and eradicate the war mentality were rejected. Instead, they chose to work with the Greys in exchange for rapid advancement in the technological field. Unfortunately their interest was one of self-aggrandizement, and interest in establishing a formidable power base to place themselves ahead of other major powers.

For over half a century you have been subjected to the result of the hidden agenda to enslave mankind. At present it appears to verge upon complete control and threatens to remove the last vestiges of your freedom. However, there is a continual war waging at the higher levels and it is a question as to whether the Light can overcome the dark energies.  Presently, those of the Light are on balance winning and it is gradually weakening the dark, who in response now seek to impose the most draconian laws. It has to be asked as to whether the populace are taking notice of the erosion of their rights, and if they care sufficiently about their sovereignty to mount a challenge to reverse the likely outcome.

We see a state of flux where those of the Light are doing their best to maintain their stance against the dark, and it is effective. However, blind acceptance of further laws to rake away your rights is often fuelled by the fear tactics that continue to be used to create opportunities for the dark. It is clearly a time to look hard and long at what is being proposed, allegedly in the interests of your security. It is regretful to have to say that the enemy is within as well as outside of you. For our part we empower those who are prepared to stand up and confront the dark powers, often at some risk to themselves. The period you are going through is to some extent going to determine how you will enter the New Year, which promises to be the most exciting time.

Exciting because we see the changes that must take place and will lead you into more peaceful times. It is a matter of how you create the opportunities for the changes, but be assured that no matter what happens in the next few months you will break out of the clutches of the dark. It has to be so, and for our part we shall be behind those who are destined to play an important role in establishing the new order. Much still happens behind the scenes and is largely kept secret, and approaches the dark forces in a way that is not necessarily obvious. We have the advantage of surprising them with our moves, and when we are ready they will succumb to the forces of Light.

The Light has slowly established a strong foothold on Earth and as it grows exponentially it will not be defeated by any action that the dark can take. The Light will always be victorious in these contests, and the reality is that it is no match against it. Remember that these are the end-times and Man has all but completed this cycle. Your future lies elsewhere, and when the new cycle commences you will have become fully aware of your next round of experiences. Most of you are destined to go forward with the new Earth and you will fully participate in the preparations for such a momentous transition. Some who have come to assist in these times will return to their own homes in the higher dimensions.

The 3D Earth was always intended to carry you this far and no further as it will have served its purpose. Mother Earth like you has earnt this opportunity to Ascend and thus draw this cycle to an end. There will come a day not too far into the future when you shall look back and understand the sacrifice that Mother Earth has made on your behalf. Your enlightenment on such matters will commence once the changes can fully commence. There is so much that you will need to understand but foremost is the truth about yourselves.

You are all without exception great Beings, and you have played out many roles in the course of your experiences. Understand that is one of the reasons we encourage you to be non-judgmental, as you are all one together in the great experience of duality. It is soon to end as you should now be aware but it requires your full attention because as Light Workers in particular you are carrying out important roles that will determine how soon the final act can commence.

Keep alert and be aware of what is happening around you, and do not allow your focus to be distracted away from your work to bring Light to Earth. You can be instrumental in bringing calmness and balance to those around you at times when Humanity responds to the actions of the dark. Aggression often begets aggression and any such actions feed the dark energies. The Middle East still poses the biggest threat to mankind, but forces greater than those on Earth monitor the situation and are permitted to ensure that it does not get totally out of hand.

You are never left alone to face the dark and you will shortly see the action of those who are now openly opposing the Bush Administration make advancements that will turn the tide of events. You are progressing well, albeit slowly but bit by bit you are closing in on those who have overstepped their positions of power. Leadership is a most important role, and in your current era those who have chosen these pathways are motivated largely by greed and power lust. The time is upon you when that shall change and a new direction taken which will reflect the desires of the people who seek peace.

I am St. Germain, and tell you that you are about to embark on a new phase in your experiences and the truth shall prevail. Take heart from the signs of change that will herald an end to the actions of the Illuminati. They have taken you to the depths of depravation, and it shall engulf them in a quagmire of their own making. Soon you will rejoice as the old guard is removed, never again to despoil this beautiful Earth and the souls that gave up their Light to experience within this dimension. The journey is almost over, so go about your work with a new found energy and share your knowledge with others who are less informed. Fear must not be allowed to dictate how you perceive the coming months because the dark will use every conceivable trick to entrap you in their web of lies and deceit.

I remain your Brother in Light and Love, and together with my companions oversee the affairs of Earth. Our Light is sent to you in abundance and we are just a thought away from you. In your darkest moments know that we are there for you all, and call upon us to soothe your brow and cast away your fears. We are Light omnipotent and in reality that is All That Is and never forget your true status as representatives of the One Light in which all has its existence. I leave in Love and my energy remains with you so that you may take it into your very being.

Thank you, St. Germain.
Mike Quinsey

Message of Matthew Ward Through Suzy Ward
Thursday November 9, 2006
Taken from:

S:  Hi, Sweetheart!  Let’s get going on your message.
MATTHEW:  Thank you, Mother dear soul, for taking time from our family’s visit to do this.  It will be brief and not our usual style, but I do want to get it out before mid-December when the last will leave.

Now then, thoughts around the world are focused on the results of the elections in the United States and speculations as to “What changes will we see and how soon?”  So, at the risk of appearing like a political analyst —you have plenty of those— I shall speak about this, first as it is registered in third density consciousness where two aspects are being given serious thought.  One aspect is widely known: The Democrats have wrested congressional control from the Republicans, and most informed people worldwide are, at the least, relieved.  The second is comparatively unknown: Some members of both parties are either Illuminati themselves or are influenced by that global organization; the voting did not change that or their determination to continue their march to world domination, however futile that intention is except in their minds.

Nevertheless, even though more Democrats would have won and those who did would have won by greater numbers had the election been conducted completely honestly, the outcome would not have changed.  Remember, the Bush administration doesn’t act on its own —it is simply the most visible and seemingly the most powerful element of society that secretly is managed by the Illuminati.  With the growing dissatisfaction of US citizens about their president’s policies and the continuing exposure of corruption within their government, the Illuminati saw that a change of parties was necessary to “reflect the will of the people” to keep alive a while longer the façade of a “free society.”

Another prevailing third density response to the election outcome is that surely now there will be a considerable change of course in US domestic and foreign affairs.  To the contrary, there will be no change at all in the course that was set decades ago —it has been mightily reinforced!

Now I am putting the election into a universal context, and I tell you that at this station and all others where evolved souls in spirit or body reside, there is jubilation as we watched the Light intensifying.  It started with the people of the United States anticipating election day with heartfelt desire to initiate steps toward peace, to clear their government of corruption, to restore civil and human rights to those who are being denied them, to uplift the lives of the poorest among the citizenry, to protect the environment so their children and grandchildren will inherit a safe and sane world.

Their hopes for all of this continued to build and burst into elation as the election returns came in.  Peoples around the world who just as fervently want peace and see the winning party as the catalyst added another huge measure of Light to the brilliance emanating from the United States.  This LIGHT that you collectively have been generating is what is vital about the advent of that election and its results!

We are not overlooking the feelings of those who are disappointed or what the Illuminati may think to do to keep their plans moving ahead.  And here I am moved to tell you that, as much as we understand your keen interest in who wins a major election in any country and how people of all nations may benefit—and we understand as well the dark ones’ dreams, however shattered those will end up—it is time to serenely sigh “Aaaaah” and wend your way out of immersion in third density issues.  Yes, by all means be informed, and truthfully so, but remember that your foremost purpose in being there is to advance your own and Earth’s evolution.

Message of Spirit Through Gary McDaniel
Saturday November 11, 2006
Taken from:
A Word from Spirit on the Recent Elections

Though the mills of God grind slowly, yet they grind exceeding small; though with patience He stands waiting, with exactness grinds He all.Friedrich, Freiherr von Logau (1604-1655)

Gary:Greetings Lightworkers and Earth Angels!  Since the recent elections I have been asking the Spirit daily for wisdom and insight concerning what actually occurred with the democratic sweep of congress. Was this a positive sign of change, or just a decision on the Illuminati’s part to switch window dressing to give the appearance of free elections?  Today the Spirit spoke to me in one of the clearest messages I have ever had the privilege of hearing with my inner ear. This is what I heard:

Spirit: My beloved Son I bring you a message of glad tidings and of great joy. Sweeping changes are at the door, yea even having crossed the threshold. I have decreed from on High that My Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. I have unleashed the Angelic Powers and the Host of Heaven to usher in THE GOLDEN AGE.

I have heard the prayers and the decrees of My beloved Lightworkers. The recent American elections reflect the movement of My awaking Spirit upon them. I have decreed that Liberty and Justice shall prevail because My beloved Lightworkers and Earth Angels have been faithful in holding the LIGHT upon My paradisiacal jewel Mother Earth.

Do not think for an instant that the darkness has had its way in the outcome of these elections. No, the darkness’ desire is to ever tighten the noose of fear and control. The results of these elections have brought a swelling upsurge in the intensity of the LIGHT over America.

At the request of thousands of Lightworkers across America and around the world Archangel Michael dispatched legions of blue armored warriors to protect the polling stations and thus to a large extent they thwarted the efforts of the darkness to tamper with the voting process. The true feelings of the electorate were reflected in the outcome of the elections.

Now beware! The darkness is planning to undermine the results of these elections. Threats and intimidations from the Illuminati are being directed toward the new majority party to toe the line of the darkness. Already the new leaders of the majority party have been told to play ball or their dirty wash will be hung out for all to see. Fear is creeping into the ranks of the new majority party.

Now what role can you play to keep the momentum of the LIGHT rolling? I will tell you! Many of the new members of congress coming into office are fresh and clean from corruption. I have decreed that they will play amajor role in bringing the desires of the people, which were voiced in this election, into realization. It is imperative that YOU (Lightworkers) protect these fresh warriors of mine. Research who they are and invoke the Powers of LIGHT to surround them and stand by them. Call upon Michael and the Host of Heaven to stand guard over them day and night protecting them from temptation and threats from their leaders. They are my Davids in the midst of the Philistines and Goliath. They will be My vanguard in bringing REAL changes to WashingtonDC. Remember I delight in humbling the mighty and lifting up the humble. Pray for these humble servants of mine.

Now My Son (Lightworkers everywhere) stand tall for I have empowered you to bring the Kingdom of God into manifestation on Mother Earth. Do not be discouraged if things appear to move slowly. True and lasting changes, taking place in linear time, appear to move slowly. Enjoy the movement! Relish each unfolding event! As I have decreed My will WILL be done on Mother Earth, and YOU are My Instrument by which I bring about My Kingdom upon the Earth. By My Word and Decree the Host of Heaven stand by you at all times to assist you in manifesting MY will.

NOW GO! You are more than conquerors as My LOVE surrounds you and protects you. You shall never from this moment forth experience lack or want. I have decreed that financial blessings be poured out upon you to support your work in My Name.  Thus sayeth the Lord of Hosts!  SO BE IT!

From Gary McDaniel:
NOTE: Here is a web site where you can find the new members of the 110th congress:
It behooves us to follow the Spirit’s wishes and pray for protection for these freshman members. I know I heard from Spirit in the above message. If the message bears witness with you ACT upon the Spirit’s wishes.
May manifold blessings of Light, Love, Peace, Joy, Happiness, Abundance, Humility and Wisdom be yours in this auspicious moment of NOW!
Gary McDaniel
Please feel free to distribute this message from Spirit far and wide as the Spirit directs.

Message of Sananda Through Sally
Tuesday November 14, 2006
Taken from:
The Evacuation of the Dark

A new day is dawning, my friends!
We are nearing the collapse of the Dark. They are leaving us no more room to wait. Bush has gathered some of his old buddies and has called on two of the newly elected Democrats to have a brainstorming meeting over where to go with
Iraq. He spelled out his ideas and gave them no voice but expected them to sign the finished document. They wanted to walk out and they were held back and terrorized. They did not succumb but were let go in the end with a warning and more threats. We were standing by to intervene. There was no room left for them even to speak.
Bush wanted them to sign the following plan. They will call on Syria and Iran to join this team and they too would be forced to comply with their plans or they would invade and bomb all their weaponry and subdue them. They would pursue their plan to begin to annihilate the Arab Countries. Bush would not entertain a thought of leaving Iraq.
We say that enough is enough.
We are now starting the evacuation plan we put in place with you already. This is a horrendous job, sorting out all the clones and subsidiaries. This task will take us possibly a week to ten days. We are beginning this process right now. We ask all Lightworkers to send their Light to help us shorten the time of these tasks. Really give it all you can. Be very focused with intend for what you are doing. Hold the Enemy to the Light and be non judgmental. We, the Masters involved and the Galactic Army, will work steadily till we have completed our assigned task by the Creator.
We will give you an update as soon as it is possible to keep on line with where we are and going next. There is no more room to move and wait. The newly elected Democrats have had a very clear message from the voters they promised to carry out and they were defeated before they even had a chance to get on with their mandate. We commend them for it and will not allow further evil and violent behavior to shut them down.
Now, I will sign off for the moment. I had planned to say more but find that it is best to take it in small steps.
I am Sananda and leave you to focus Love and Light for all.



Spiritual Hierarchy on Ex Post Fact

Message of Sananda and the Spiritual

Hierarchy Through Lauren
Wednesday November 15, 2006
Taken from:

Sananda: I wish to update you on events in the higher dimensions. I would begin by saying that many good tidings are coming your way that are to commence upon the new moon. This is indicative of the upside of the turn of events for the Ascension bound. I have come with the Spiritual Hierarchy to touch upon some important ex post facto recriminations that shall be upheld by the Constitution of the United States. Shall we proceed?
L: Yes, please proceed.
S: Thank you, beloved. I will now join energy with the Hierarchy and we shall speak as one for increased power of transmission. If at any point this becomes too intense for you, simply advise. We will be transferring detailed data and to ensure the accuracy we will be the collective voice.
L: OK, thank you.
Sananda: Greetings from us all. We are delighted to present you this day with some important information regarding the governmental and constitutional laws of enactment. It is in this regard that you shall attain the highest level of communication for the purposes of transferring encrypted data to your fellow man. As we engage in the details of said events, feel free to harmonize with our energy so as to become one with our field of presence. This can be achieved by our lowering and your raising, do you see?”
L: Yes.
Sananda:  Very well, satisfactorily achieved. Blessings on you, dear beloved one, we are grateful for your service to the Lighted realms. You have all but achieved the most grand advancements in communication, we are ever pleased.
L: Thank you.
Sananda: Very well then, let’s proceed. It is said that the Constitution of the
United States of America is founded on principles of equality. These principles of equality have been skewed to benefit and empower the elite and ruling classes of your nation. This has ultimately led to their demise as they are now beginning to fall upon their own sword of destruction. What we have come to proclaim is the beginning of the fall of the US government.

Is written in the codes of all who take part in the great plan to ultimately self-destruct if the intention of a soul remains corrupt in the raising of vibrational frequency on the earth. This code was written specifically for those who may get caught up in the game of duality and fall so deeply into the bowels of corruption that they may not be capable of recovering. This was already predetermined before the descent of each individual on earth at this time. Now before you lies the complete picture of the process and how the energy works with great rapidity.

We, of the Hierarchy oversee the events that take place on the earth that pertain to the Ascension process and the individual and collective advancement of human beings at this special time. The Constitution was set into motion to assure that the laws of Universal and co-creative purpose were kept in place and honored by all. This Constitution has been irreparably damaged and in resurrecting the rights of humans we now are faced with a complete overhaul of the governing system of theUnited States.

This process is clearly named in the law entitled Ex Post Facto. This law determines that those who have not abided by the constitutional amendment shall be held and tried for their wrong doings. In this law there are factions that state that one who is in contempt of law shall be governed accordingly. This is precisely the legality that is necessary to employ the mission of the fall of the American government. This law also states that one who has the direct authority to obtain the control or rights over others has the responsibility to uphold the highest good for those they govern. It is in this regard that the Constitution has been severely manipulated to serve the ruling classes.

By all standards the Constitution was based on the equal and fair acts of each citizen as sovereign and it will be returned to this state completely with the ex post facto law in play. What we are overseeing is the emergence of this in reality now. The coming moon cycle will yield impressive energetic results for the coming period of restructuring. We are anticipating that this season of Christmas will be especially unique. It is the time of great gathering and love, although misconstrued for materialistic gain by the empire, people of earth still gather for love. Now more than ever is the time of great gathering for you will all come to depend and unite with one another in a grand and Godly way.

The ramifications of this New Moon

[N. of E.: Monday November 20, 2006] will be mind-altering. It will take the form of many uncovered untruths that have been hidden from you for a very long time. In this process there will be extraordinary opportunities for Lightworkers to step boldly into their divinely inspired roles. Know that as the time approaches for these massive changes on earth, so does the beginning of the Golden Age in which peace, joy and abundance shall fill the hearts and minds of many. Could it be more fitting that the time of peace and joy begin over your Christmas season? We think not.

So friends, what will become of the coming age of truth and abundance? We say to you, begin to envision it for you will be pleased with what you perceive. The time of true giving of thanks is upon you and on this day of feasting, remember the true reasons for gathering and giving thanks. The love and the unity that you have upheld in the face of discordance is the tie that binds your very special Christmas packages this year.

We, of the Spiritual Hierarchy wish for you the most complete use of the energy of the new moon and entrance to the Christmas season. You will have much to discuss with your family and friends this year over yuletide. Blessings one and all!
L: Thank you.

(From Lauren: Please note that I have no legal background or knowledge of this type of thing. Sananda adds that “there are those who will dispute these claims. Know that there are clauses in the Constitution that many are unaware of. This will be unveiled for all to see in due time.” I looked up this clause on the web and found the following which I hope clarifies the information that came through to me. I would be open to hearing from anyone who may understand or have knowledge in this arena and explain to me the relevance …thank you! Lauren)

EX POST FACTO CLAUSE: A misnomer in that actually two Constitutional clauses are involved. The U.S. Constitution’s Article 1 Section 9, C.3 states: ‘No Bill of Attainder or ex post facto Law shall be passed,’ and Section 10 says: ‘No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation; grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal; coin Money; emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts; pass any Bill of Attainder, ex post facto Law. . . .’ The ‘words and the intent’ of the Ex Post Facto Clause encompass ‘[e]very law that changes the punishment, and inflicts a greater punishment, than the law annexed to the crime, when committed.’ Calder v. Bull, 3 U.S. (1 Dall.) 386, 390 (1798) (opinion of Chase, J.). An ex post facto law is a law passed after the occurrence of an event or action which retrospectively changes the legal consequences of the event or action.



Sananda: Soon the US Administration Will Be Replaced

Message of Sananda

Through Lauren
Friday November 17, 2006
Taken from:

There is much going on in your world today. There are great efforts being made to stop the distribution of the bank documents. However, the Forces of Good are also making strong efforts to get the bank documents delivered. It does appear that the deliveries will be completed this week. There is not such assurance, as yet, as to when the announcements will be made. It may drift into next week. However, in any event, there should be plenty of good news to make this coming Thanksgiving Day [in the U.S.] a memorable time for all to welcome in a new government and a return to constitutional government after so many decades of illegal usurpation of government powers.

The present administration will soon come to an end and be replaced by some who have the interest of America at heart rather than the interest of their rich friends.

Much of the doings of the current administration is already beginning to slow down and will soon come to an end. The new president will be in office as acting caretaker while new elections are called and held. Then there will be new laws to rescind some of the illegal laws that have been pushed into action during the past several decades. The United States and its citizens will rejoice at the return to constitutional government.

It will only be a few days, we believe, after the change in government before the new president will issue the orders to cancel the shooting down of any UFOs. That will be the beginning of great changes to come to this nation and its people by bringing the developments that are ready for us by the aliens who will soon come and be among us.



Saint Germain: Party Time

St Germain Through Katie: Party Time Approaches
and confirmed today through Rae
Monday 20th November, 2006
Taken from:

I have come to give you some good news. First of all for your fellow travelers upon this planet, Earth, and then some personal guidance. First of all, your fellow human travelers will enjoy the following:

  1. We have almost completed the delivery of the humanitarian packages to your fellow Americans. The Canadian ones will be done within 48 hours of the public announcement of NESARA.
  2. We plan on announcing NESARA sometime this weekend.  Yes, the Mayan calendar is correct in that there is going to be a huge energy shift, i.e., into much higher frequencies this Friday, November 24th.
  3. We suggest that all your fellow human travelers stay tuned to their radio and television stations this weekend. We are almost finished cleaning up those Illuminati, especially those illegal residents currently in power in the White House. Yes, you heard me correctly: those illegal residents currently in power in the White House. The Oval Office is about to become, shall I say: “a little bit more square.” (he laughs)  It is almost party time and celebrating in full regalia, fully honoring, our brothers and sisters not only on this planet of Earth but also on the many various other planets in your solar system as well as all of the other solar systems throughout the Universe.

K:  For those individuals who find it necessary to file bankruptcy in the next few weeks as well as for those who have already filed and they have not had their bankruptcy discharged when NESARA is announced and thus its financial benefits implemented, what happens to them and their debt? Does their debt automatically get wiped out? Can the government and/or the creditors still confiscate all of the assets of one of these people because we have been told that if one receives a large windfall of money or receives an inheritance that the bankruptcy people get to take all of the money even if there is lots of money left over after all of the person’s debts have been paid off. It seems very unreasonable for the creditors to keep more than what the individual currently owes them.  Can you give us any information on how this will be handled?
SG:  These are all very good questions. All debts including those debts involved in a bankruptcy where the person has not yet been fully discharged for whatever reason(s), these will automatically be forgiven just the same as if one has not filed bankruptcy. We will be sending forms for those/these individuals to fill out for total debt relief.

St Germain Through Rae: Confirming Party Preparations
Tuesday 21st November, 2006
Taken from:

St. G: The message that I gave through Katie is true and complete. She received it very clearly.
Since that conversation, there have been more changes in Washington. The frantic underlings may be able to keep it covered up and ‘business as usual’ until after the NESARA announcement, but not much longer (chuckle).
I see you are concerned with Canada. We have yet to do much in that country, it’s necessary to go after the root of the problem. I see you think of the upper regions of the Illuminati. Do not worry about them, they are having their own problems (wide smile –‘evil’ grin?)
Suffice it to say, we are now in Washington (and elsewhere in the US) taking care of business, as the song goes.
R: Will the two weeks of TV education begin this weekend?
St. G: I don’t think so.  Perhaps towards the middle or end of the week. We will first make certain that the financial situation with N——-ED-SARA is firmly in place before we go to the next public steps. I will very likely be able to give advance notice through you and/or other channels.
R: That will be nice. I will look for that with eager anticipation.
St. G: (Open-hearted laugh) You and MANY others, especially including us. I would say we can then finally get on with things, but really we have been all along, now we can go public.
R: Thank you. We are all ready to party!
St. G: You’re welcome. You will enjoy it.
NOTE:  TheNESARA INTERNATIONAL webpage has been ready for the celebrations for a LONG time, complete with music – check on announcement day! – Milson


Monjoronson, Christ Michael and Sananda

Monjoronson, Christ Michael and Sananda Through Jess Anthony
Friday November 24, 2006

aken from:

Jess: I head this last Friday. It seems to be describing what is happening now.  Cara wanted me to post it publicly.
Jess: The year has passed very quickly, it seems. I see changes in myself and in my situation. I am making progress in awareness and seeing my role more clearly, I think. I ask for specific comments that will direct me tonight. I ask for assurance I will be able to cope with what is coming, and I ask for the insight I will need to determine what I should do. I ask for comments from Sananda if he feels his are the words I need, or I ask for an overview from Aton or Monjoronson. I sense their perspective will give me different comments. I am blessed to be privy to these words.

Monjoronson: Jess, this is Monjoronson. The times are building to a fervor of accusations and recriminations that will lead to a public cleaning out of the most visible workers against the truth and Light of Michael’s system of Universal Laws. This will be the first part of my job—to take the crimes that have happened and mete out justice and make decisions about the impact those actions have had. This is coming soon. We already are working on the briefs and the collection of evidence that will be used to prosecute these individuals.

Bush, of course, and Cheney, and all the top heads of all the divisions of government. The corruption is widespread and there will be a great shuffling of positions and a removal of those beyond change. This process will begin publicly as soon as the resignations are announced.  I say resignations, but the outcome most probably will be some sort of gentle coup that will remove them from their positions of power unwillingly. They will offer resignations to save as much face as they can. This is contingent upon having the certificates and the money resources in the banks so that the workers and the allies can begin to move with impunity and surety of their course of action.

This all is contingent, again, upon Christ Michael’s determination. He is the final authority and his decision will determine the time.  Let’s let him speak now.

Christ Michael: Jess, this is Aton of your familiar name. We are almost ready to go. Things have been troublesome in terms of the banking maneuvers and in the attempts to wrest control over the principals in the preparation for NESARA to be announced publicly. This banking situation is the most worrisome we are having to deal with again. The situation on Earth is an amazingly complex one. You are functioning on one level, but many of millions more are functioning in a parallel Universe where realities are different enough to be noticeable and the impact on your own culture and situation is telling. I have to ensure that all is ready in every dimension and in every troublesome interruption.

I’m not going to tell you the time, only to say it is nigh, to use your words. I should estimate that everything will be in place this next week. Yes, you can say that and others can read it if you choose.  Sananda can now close this session. You are getting tired.

Sananda:  Jess, beloved brother. This is a happy time in the world of relationships. You are due to find the person you have dreamed about for a long time. Your freedom in writing and coming on the internet has not gone unobserved by the higher ups. The willingness you have to address issues that impact upon your own circumstances is admirable.

I’m not going to respond about the situations for the moment. You seem to be in good position to find servers and others to help you plant gardens and show you how to manage one. Don’t worry about your ability to find resources and help. We will provide safe haven to those need quick reactions.  This is all for the evening. You are tired.

Love, from Sananda Esu


Messages of Sananda

Sananda Through Jess Anthony
Friday December 1 and Sunday December 3, 2006

aken from:

Friday December 1st, 2006

You will soon have a new government and there will be new elections called. The new presiding president will declare peace in the world and our military men will return back to the United States. There will then, hopefully, be no more killings of our young men and women in the armed services away from their families in foreign lands. You know what it is like to serve your country in foreign countries in times of war.

Much of the good work that can be done by our country for the benefit of the citizens of other countries will then become more likely to be accomplished. There will be much that can be done for the benefit of many people by helping to use some of the riches of the U.S. to help others. That will be a good thing for all of the world. In addition, there will be large amounts of goods, clothing, and food that will be donated and distributed throughout the world. Much of that distribution will be accomplished by church welfare programs. That will be of great benefit to both the receiver and the givers. Peace will spread throughout the world. Then there will be much that can be done by peaceful nations helping each other. Next there will have to be great changes made so that the earth’s atmosphere is cleaned up, that the carbon dioxide is considerably reduced. This can only be accomplished by the elimination of the burning of fossil fuels. That will be a multiple-year project, however, it will be accomplished.  The distribution of funds is currently in process.

Sunday December3rd , 2006

The political changes are ready to begin. Why don’t they, you ask? The timing is not yet right. The release of the money is contingent on the readiness of the players to remove the government. This means that the complicated scenario for removal must be in place completely in parallel with the distribution of the packets for certification of transfer of money and the preparation of the system for notifying all the recipients. The money has to be in place at the same time as the readiness of the coup participants to move. This is a scheme that is strung out and positioned all over the world.

There are international facets of this scenario that must be synchronized and coordinated. You saw the detail that would be connected with Lauren being a coordinator for the flyover. This scenario connected with the announcement is tenfold more complicated and intricate. You really can’t conceive the intricacies that must be dealt with to put this all in motion. It is more than just an announcement that money is available and a new government will take over. There has to be the stability to back up the announced words and the maneuvers that will bring this all into play.

The idea is to have this completed by Christmas. Yes, I know this is now turning into another year of preparation and delay. But changes are taking place on levels and dimensions you don’t see. Your visible evidence is unfortunately for you the last piece of the puzzle that must be placed in position. Your waiting and anticipation is stretched beyond what your current preconceptions are easily able to accept or tolerate. You must being to flow with the changes that are taking place around you and assume the steps are being taken to implement the final procedures necessary to install the new regime that is open to working with us. They are just about ready to materialize in your public perception. Again I can give you no firm date. This is all [Christ] Michael’s decision. We are all Michael’s decision. The immensity of that idea gives you the scope of the details of this undertaking here on Earth.

The changes you seek are ready to manifest. Yes, the stage is set for it all to happen. It could be this week or next. It just depends on Michael’s determination of absolute readiness. We wait his signal to begin our part of the event. Meanwhile, we are all working on laying the groundwork for the activities that will start once the announcement is made. We must be ready and in place so that there is a continuity that bolsters and augments the revolution in thinking that will be started with the official announcements of fiscal change and governmental renewal. It’s a two-pronged maneuver, and both have to be ready so each can take place.

That is enough for today. Enough is enough, don’t you think?


Christ Michael Aton Comments on NESARA Delay

Christ Michael Through Jess Anthony
Sunday December 10, 2006

aken from:

Journal 12-10-06
Jess: Christ Michael, I ask for information and assurance. If what I read is an indication of the difficulties, I can understand the magnitude of the situation involved in shifting our thinking and awareness. Yet, the delay has now been almost another year. I believe change is here, but are there signs of its certainty we can see? I ask for understanding and clarity in seeing the direction I should go in these times. Speak to these issues, if you will.

Christ Michael Aton: Jess, yes, I can speak with you this evening. This situation is difficult as you intimated. The resolution of centuries of karma and misassumptions has produced a field of negative energy that is a daunting task to surmount successfully. This involves many levels of Lightworkers on many different dimensions—not just here on Earth in your visible 3rd Dimensional reality as it merges into 4th Dimension. They all have tasks to do within the greater task of moving Earth back to the radiance of Light it forsook long ago.

This has been successfully accomplished on many levels and is on the cusp of happening here in your present visible perception of reality. It is already in place, just not the evidence you have always looked for to prove the definiteness of your perceptions. When will this be, you ask again? This is contingent on the money being completely delivered, as we have indicated. Why is that you ask? The banking system at present, in all its complexity, is still controlled by a handful of players involved with the resistance your present government is maintaining until the very last minute. Part of these players is in the American government, and part is involved with the separate banking stratum that makes up a layer of British decision-making. These players are the ones most influencing the flow of the vast amounts of currency that will be needed to circumvent the illusions provided by your Treasury Department and the Bank of England. If one cog in the wheel does not turn as it should and must, then the whole scenario connected to the transfer of the funds comes to a halt. This causes the money to lie in one place with no continuous flow of transfer.

How does this affect the decisions by the government, in terms of control and resignation? As long as they can argue they are in control of the banking system’s apparatus for moving funds, then they have no inducement to resign. Even though they sense the overwhelming sentiment the public has for their leaving. They still feel they are in control, even though the world is against them and their opinions of themselves.

Why don’t they take over and force the money changes, you ask? The military is reluctant to remove its commander-in-chief, even though they too support the transition to a more willing leader. The fear of change is endemic in WashingtonD.C., although rational minds can envision the benefits. It is a matter of having enough force of outside persuasion on the mental and spiritual levels they rely upon to make their decisions. The mass consciousness you speak of is interlinked with the decision makers, and your growing sentiment for change is the stimulus they need to make the decisions they see will be necessary.

The change is two-pronged, as I told you. One must operate in the face of the other, but they both are necessary to ensure the change takes place in a timely manner. The banks support the continuation; if the banks are not in their control, they have nothing they can dictate to. Their resignation, in itself, would not necessarily prevent the banks from continuing to operate in a programmed manner that would still interfere with the transfer of the prosperity and farm funds even with no one telling them to do so.

The Wanta money is the trigger that is exposing the duplicity and the heinous maneuvering that has gone on. Tracking his trillions gives a marker the rest of the world can use to follow the meanderings of the Federal Treasury officials. His trillions resting in the vault at Goldman Sachs have been an enticement too hard to avoid that has led the unscrupulous bankers into making clearly visible illegal actions.

This will change soon. Let me give you some signs to look for our coming:
         First, look up in the skies. The ships are closer than ever and the lights of the “stars” are clearly visible. The ships are resting in familiar places in the constellation patterns you all know, except their brightness and changing colors are dead, give always they are not stars.
         Second, look to the fluctuations on the stock market and observe the skyrocketing prices of gold and silver. The banks around the world are dumping their dollars in favor of hard currency in the form of metal-backed national funds in their own countries.
         Third, look at the political shift that is happening. The Republican Congress has begun to leave, after a last gasp omnibus bill that was padded with all kinds of home pork payments. The new politicians coming in have better ideas, although they are not completely free from tainting by the political-action committees and lobbyist for high-dollar corporations and institutes. This is a start, and you should insist they carry out the visions you had when you elected them.

These are tangible signs that the country’s thinking is changing and the world is supporting this shift. The Lightworkers in higher dimensions are drawing closer all the time, and you will soon see them in person. This is still an indefinite time in the future, although the elements for mass disruption and upheaval are all in place, waiting for the one signal that must be provided before the other forces can move. The money has to be delivered to the banks that will be operating the accounts. The certificates verifying their access to the money must be in place before the couriers can notify the prosperity recipients they now have money in the banks that they can begin to use. Once this is in place and the recipients have been notified, it will be time to usher the present government out of office. They will have no other means of forcing others to follow their wishes.

I hope that clarifies the situation. Everything is ready to go, pending the one final step that must be taken. However, that step must be supported, and whoever will be the force contributing the energy necessary to trigger this action has to move. It can be as soon as this is accomplished.
Christ Michael Aton of Nebadon


Ashtar Command Ground Crew: Changes Are Happening

Commander Aleon of the Ashtar Command

on Earth
Sunday December 10, 2006
aken from: .

Greetings, Ashtar Galactic Command Ground Crew, I wish to speak about the World leaders and how they will operate inthese times of great spiritual and cosmic change.

The conflicts in Iraq and the other smaller conflicts within thePlanet Earth are the final conflicts to be before the Ascension ofthe Planet.  Your media plays the conflicts and the power struggles taking placebetween countries and leaders. The dark forces are at the end oftheir creating havoc on this Orb, your current Home.

Many more are coming into the awakened state of asking: Am I fromanother planet?, am I with this star group from the higherdimensions? This is the coming of millions of more from the spiritual frequency or dimensions of the Ashtar Galactic Command.  Many are Walk-Ins and for the first time that is what is awakeningthe human being on Earth now.  The realization of I remember who I am now is happening at a veryfast pace.  Even people who have not an idea of this, when you speak to them arelistening to you or will.  This is because the Spiritual Rays from the divine levels of God arenow affecting the brain waves and bodies of billions of humans andother lifeforms.  For the humans this will be an interconnection of the soul, mind, body and God, all connected as One.

The world leaders are aware of this and that their time of playingwith humanity and Mother Earth are up very soon.

You will keep touching the hearts of many my Brothers and Sisters ofthe Command.  You will accomplish great things in the final years on Earthreaching billions of your inhabitants in your countries where youreside now.  With your computers you also are reaching many more than withoutthem.  The human touch is important.  When you are in a room full of people you will touch the souls ofmany now.

Some of the world leaders are being touched who care about the planet, others will resign from positions of power and leave the planet to workout their Karma from the need for power and greed ofothers, including the resources of Mother Earth.  Your TV News shows you all the negatives, they have yet to speak ofour existence.  Our existence will be revealed to all of your world.  When the frequency is at a degree spiritually in alignment all willsee us.

Your Space Brothers and Sisters of the Ashtar Galactic Command loveyou and are with you always.  Do not ever give up your missions or dreams and hopes of a New Earth,we are One.  Blessings in The Light of the Most Radiant One always,Adonai,
CmdrAleon, Ashtar Galactic Command


Final Details before the NESARA Announcement
Updates from Christ Michael

Candace Frieze’s Message #65
<st1:dateYear=”2007″ Day=”7″ Month=”1″>January 7, 2007

Christ Michael’s message received telepathically by Candace Frieze.  Taken from:
and .

Christ Michael:

Beloveds, I AM Aton, Christ Michael, by which ever name you are comfortable with, making a brief New Years address to you. Together we shall do a great deal for Earth this year and there will be no more delays of measure. My folks on the ground were finally successful in late December, overall with the banks, except for some small details, around establishing proof of the money games. That was taken care of on January 1

[2007] with the installation of the new banking software that I mentioned before. The software has now completed its testing as to how it is functioning in place and the results are fine indeed.

There was help from some of your star visitors who know a great deal more about the programming of computers of the type upon your world. This software is now proving the guilt of many, and it will also begin to allow distribution of a variety of funding packages. When each is funded, no matter the source, there is coding in the software that will prevent its being stolen and moved about without your permission. That is good news. As you have seen with the Leo Wanta story covered so very nicely by Christopher Story, funds missing in one place show up in another in the games played. This shall be no more.

So now, what is the game plan? We continue to move forward, and await only a bit longer for the software to do its magic and supply sufficient information to prove of a great deal of financial guilt. This should swiftly bring about the next steps of my plan. In December

[2006] I did give the go ahead for more direct intervention behind the scenes, as we must be about the Father’s business on planet Earth. Your business! You, and I are the Father in action, I continue to remind you of that fact.

I have been informed that in the Sheldan Nidle report of last week, and also this persists in numerous other reports flooding the websites at this time, that it was suggested that First Contact will be a ways off. This remains most incorrect, as I also spoke of back in my little message about the Sa-Lu-Sa report that was not accurate. Just another game to being played by the resistance to try and cause Lightworkers to form thought forms that would serve their purpose to delay. Don’t assist them!

The plans remain as we have described previously in that there will be the television coverage in the USA and some of Europe, which will be picked up around the world for approximately two weeks. The length is flexible as those participating must still cover news of relevance during that time. Hopefully we will have no major earthquakes or other adverse events that will take coverage time. There are journalists on the announcement team to handle the daily news of importance.

The first part consisting of more than a week (and we aren’t taking weekends off for this) will cover all the misinformation on your plane regards politics, 911, and related material. At the beginning of course will be the resignation of the old leaders and installation of the new government temporary leaders of the USA and Britain. It will also be covered about the use of clones and other difficult subjects. Our show will run a few hours each day, or evening, and then be repeated during the other 24 hours, so that those at work can catch it all, and those that wish to see a repeat to better understand can do so. These will be “taped” and portions can then be shown as repeats over the next many months. These will be placed in other languages, usually with subtitles, so the world gets an education.

After this we will move into announcing and discussing the changes related toNESARA and it will be discussed that this is a worldwide program in development. And, yes, the Federal Reserve is out of business as part of the coverage of the changes in office. What the world can expect, in addition to the United States, will be covered. The temporary President of the USA will sign into law certain provisions in the USA and also restore the original Constitution.

Under this “NESARA” portion, the idea of Common Law will be brought forth, and many related topics. It will be told that the USA and quite a few other countries will have rebates of tax and interest that has been bilked from the consumer over time. Of course, as we have said, the rebates do not begin immediately as there must be more preparation of this, not only of the banking systems and the recuperation of stolen monies but also an education to the public about this wealth and what it is to be used for.

The third portion will begin coverage of your star visitors and their purpose, and their more recent history of involvement on this planet. Both the dark ones confined to the planet, such as the negative little greys, and others, will be covered. It will be told this has been a prison planet. Sananda and Candace will be formally introduced during this time period and a beginning coverage of spirituality and what God is will be provided. This education will cover how organized religion has been used in antichrist activities.

In the fourth portion, the Second Coming process and event will be covered so the public has a preparation for this large First Contact activity. AbundantHope will be covered in this, the public exposure is needed, and also the announcement of who the new Planetary Prince is, and his role. The 3rd and 4th portions are inter-related. Sananda Esu Immanuel Kumara will provide extensive material of the upcoming plans including the Magisterial Mission of Monjoronson.

Since the public much enjoys video material, there will be video material presented in support of all that is to be covered over these 2 weeks. If anything intervenes in the meantime, we still retain the coverage of necessary news and then we will return to the teaching program. To assist Earth in accepting the star visitors we will tell many stories of what we have assisted with and also prevented such as nuclear war. There will be the coverage of the current condition of the planet and suggestions made for how to bring about some important changes in energy use that will help heal.

The coming cataclysms will be covered and the reason for their necessity. We have many

[TV] programs completed and new ones being written now that will be shown frequently for some time after we relinquished the cable TV system back to its respective owners that can be shown as specials on a variety of channels for months to come.

After this process is completed, we begin the preparations in more detail for the Second Coming event, which will occur in roughly a couple weeks afterward. Recently inColorado you had a preparation event, covered up as a Russian booster rocket re-entering the atmosphere. Not so. I have personally reviewed a copy of the film shown to you from the local news station in Colorado that made a video of the event. It was caught on tape by a morning newsperson from a helicopter.

[Editor’s Note: The video of the event of preparation that was made in Denver, Colorado, can be seen at:].

We will be doing many more shows of this type quite frequently while we await going into announcement, during the event and for some after the fact also. These will often be done during the morning and evening rush hours when many will notice them. We shall see how the news and people handle this.

What was seen this morning was a clever group of shuttles that traveled together and then made an abrupt 90-degree turn, for the attention of it. This is why some that viewed it before the turn thought it a large piece of space debris breaking up. Many reported a large light as from an aircraft that suddenly turned into many lights. This performance was done by 12 shuttlecraft. One or two would have not been so well noticed. The gentleman who made the video was quite excited at the scene.

A little education is important here. Earth is subject to gravity. If this were a meteor or piece of space junk, it would have moved down, not in a horizontal manner. Also meteors are exploded or deflected by us, if large before they enter the atmosphere, and it matters not if the meteor is a chunk of rock, or a rocket. If the meteor will land in the sea or unpopulated area, it is of no concern, unless very large.

As to the story of the Russian SL-4 reentering, pure fantasy. NORAD scrambled pretty fast for that story to cover it up. And you can count on them producing a screen play with real people describing fallen pieces if they deem it necessary. The story was that a small piece fell in Wyoming. How did the rest of it keep going horizontally over all those miles into midColorado?

If you should witness the explosion of say fireworks at a show, the sparks fly outward for a time, but once the explosion is over, gravity does its thing, beloveds. That these 12 ships continued for such a long time horizontally, from north to south, means that these bright lights seen were propelled by something and were able to fly. Nothing more, nothing less.  If your resistant friends deny what you say, please point out the gravity issue. One in Candace’s circle argued that she has seen many a horizontal meteorite. No, she has seen either something at an angle that looked horizontal for a very brief period or she has seen propelled craft.

Since craft do not burn fuel in a conventional manner as you do on earth, what might be called the contrail that was seen today was not an emission from burning fuel. These are energies that trail, are not from fuel. Depending on the type of craft and system to propel it, you can see nothing what looks like sparks or what looks like a short vapor trail.

As to the event today for such a large supposed light, had that really been a meteor or a piece of your space junk, we would have blown it up considerably sooner. The light was huge, not typical also of either space junk or a meteor. In the reading of the report and covered on the news is the exclamation by one who stated that the meteor looked just like the ones in the movies. Really now! Your movies always tell the truth? I think not.

I suggest especially in the USA that you who like to watch the skies be about watching them during the morning times before dawn, and after the sun sets at night. You might see some more interesting shows. Please do call and report them to your local news.

Now one more short comment. We are not evacuating the planet. The only pole shift coming is the gradual one that occurs as the planet moves into monopolarity, the result of which you will not have [magnetic] poles to shift. The current movements of the North Pole are gradually towards the equator, over a long period of time. There will be no reversal in which the sun would come up in the west instead of the east.

The story has changed from the probabilities of a several years ago. Please do not pack your bags or prepare your relatives falsely for this. We have created a new story, in this on going play upon the Earth. Use your thoughts to create positive thought forms that serve the new story. That is why AA Michael encouraged that for the intention meditation today. About 10,000 of you showed up!  [Editor’s Note: See at the end of this report the article on AA Michael’s meditation that Christ Michael refers to here]. Continue in your planning and meditations to support your chosen role in creating the new story of Earth!  I AM THAT I AM, Namaste, Christ Michael.
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Urgent from AA Michael through Lauren Gorgo


Message of AA Michael on Monday: Excerpt: “I will be writing a follow up message as the initial results are nothing short of STUNNING!!! Even our 5D space brothers and sisters were blindsided by the immense wave of Light that burst forth from this tiny planet and echoed throughout the ENTIRE universe. We actually created a 12D (12th Dimensional) consciousness grid! Now, this planet has not only a 4D grid, a 5D grid and a 9D grid, but a 12D grid! This is the highest consciousness grid possible in physicality!!From .

Sat, 6 Jan 2007<st1:timeHour=”13″ Minute=”50″>13:50:57 EST

Archangel Michael:

My Dearest Fellow Lightworkers,

As most of you are aware, we are in the midst of one of the most massive and expansive energy shifts that this planet has ever experienced. I speak not only of the Ascension process in general, but of the tremendous amount of very high vibrational energy that is currently flooding, bombarding and inundating our entire planet at this very moment. This current major shift began in early December and has resulted in a massive movement of high vibrational energies that will reach terminal velocity/state on Sunday, January 7, 2007.

With this much energy on the move, there was a meeting within a collective of Lightworkers, White Knights and actual Galactic Federation ground personnel. During this 100 minute conference call that stretched from California to Hong Kong and Moscow, it became abundantly evident that NOW is the time to move. While I am not at liberty to divulge any specific details, I can attest to the fact that EVERYTHING is ready to roll at the mere push of a button. New banking systems, new currencies, new governments, Galactic Federation personnel and all of the highly specialized technologies that will be needed to swiftly transform this reality are all on the ground, in place and ready to move. All that is required is for the “opening move” to be made. Once accomplished, the rest will follow automatically and inevitably like a series of cascading dominoes and no current force on Earth can stop it.

In order to help bring about this much needed “opening move”, we are calling upon all Lightworkers around the planet to spend one hour in focused meditational intent. We have determined that the best time for this one hour of focused meditation or intent would be on Sunday, January 7, 2007 at 10:00AM Pacific Standard Time. Rather than focusing on bringing about any specific actions, it would be most beneficial to simply INTEND with all of your Beingness for events to move forward that are in the highest good of all. It is vital that you refrain from attaching any specific expectations to this focused intent, as to do so would only serve to manifest hundreds of thousands of miscreated thoughtforms.

If you are unable to spend an entire hour, even a few minutes will make a tremendous difference. Most of you still have no real concept of just how powerful you truly are. So, I am asking that you trust me when I say that you have the power to create “miracles”. It takes 144,000 individuals thinking or intending the same thing at the same moment to create a new grid or “template” of higher consciousness. As Lightworkers, we have thousands of times more power, but only because our consciousness is of a higher vibration. If 144,000 average 3D human beings can create an entirely new consciousness grid, just imagine the power of 1,000,000 Lightworkers! Together we truly are Victorious! And, yes, I borrowed that line from my dear spiritual brother Sheldan Nidle. Together WE CAN MAKE THIS HAPPEN NOW!

In Loving Service,

P.S.: We are asking everyone who receives this message to spread it as far and as widely as you possibly can. Many people are likely to receive multiple copies and if so, this is a truly wonderful sign. The times are: <st1:timeMinute=”0″ Hour=”8″>8:00AMHawaii,<st1:timeMinute=”0″ Hour=”9″>9:00AMAlaska,<st1:timeMinute=”0″ Hour=”10″>10:00AM Pacific, 11:00AM Mountain, <st1:timeMinute=”0″ Hour=”12″>12:00PM Central, 1:00PM Eastern and <st1:timeMinute=”0″ Hour=”14″>2:00PMAtlantic. For reference to your own time zone to ensure a simultaneous effort by all, please use the link for conversion.

Christ Michael Through Jess Anthony
Saturday January 13, 2007
Taken from:

Journal 1-13-07
Jess: Christ Michael, I ask for words from you this evening, if you can speak with me. I ask for strength and insight into the events that seem to be happening. I ask for comments I can pass on, if you have things you want to tell us at this point. I wait with anticipation and excitement and curiosity as to what will be the direction. Speak with me today, if the time is right.

Christ Michael:

Jess, I will speak with you this evening. This is a time unlike no others in the history of your planet. This is the beginning of the changes we have been working to set in place these last twenty years. We have constructed a global scenario that will encumber all the millions of inhabitants that will decide to be involved with it. This is the scenario for change and for the revitalization of Mother Earth.

This has not come without a major price for you to pay in terms of your comfort and your necessities of existence. I wish there were some other way this could have taken place but it was necessary in the stream of energy that you as a civilization have allowed to manifest. This is to your way of thinking a disgrace and an unnecessary waste of resources and time.  This has taken much longer than we initially anticipated. We didn’t foresee the intensity of the resistance, nor did we imagine the depth of intrigue the resistors would undertake to prevent our peaceful transition.

You may find that an unexpected statement. How can God to your way of thinking not know everything that is happening and be able to prevent anything He chooses? I am your Creator, but I gave you the free will to make your own decisions and your own choices as to which path you will take to pursue your vision. I am pleased to enjoy your exploration and your discoveries. You are living your own unique set of circumstances, and I am learning from your adventures. I say that because I am part of you. I am part of all, and the experiences you have are also My experiences. The process of life is an ongoing adventure, and each individual has his or her own set of parameters that define them as an individual. The experiences you each have are uniquely yours. No one else has had them in such a way as you are experiencing them. This is why I say you are learning with Me and for Me. You are experiencing a most unique set of living conditions on Earth, and I am thrilled beyond measure at your ability to deal with the circumstances that present themselves to you.

What is happening, you ask again. There will be an announcement soon. This next week is the tentative time we are considering. I will not say anything more definitely to you. The parameters are almost all in place. The money is being controlled finally. The administration has decided to give in to our nonnegotiable demands. You ask why this has taken so long. For a variety of reasons. The entities that have inhabited the bodies of the public personae are resistant to our entreaties because they have no way of connecting with our intent. They do not feel the reluctance or the compassion you do. They are operating in an artificial mode that is difficult to stop or countermand. It is difficult for us to anticipate what they will do beyond a determination of what they have done previously. There is no guarantee they will act in a recurring pattern, although they have a fixed notion they are acting upon. They adapt to the daily and hourly changing circumstances and present a constantly changing scenario of possible action. This is difficult to anticipate and prevent.

The entities’ makers have now abdicated their control and they are winding down even as we speak. There will be little time they have left to continue to operate in the fashion they have been. There is now no way for them to be renewed or recharged. This is much like the Energizer bunny with the battery running down.

Now is the time for you all to begin your desires for immediate action. The power of your intent is what will cause the shift in vacillators who have still not determined which way to go. Look at the new that has been revealed. Look at the detail you now see concerning the banking fiasco. Look at the stupidity that the blind administration has worked with the lead the military to the brink of a disaster even more heinous than experienced previously. You have the evidence. Make your determinations and your decision to support what we are now undertaking. The time is here. You must be willing to step forward with us. This is easy to envision in a projected scenario. It is harder to actualize once the actions begin to be public. Stay balanced and compassionate. Do not criticize or find fault. Everything has led to this point. Everything you have done has played your role in this drama that is unfolding. You each have fulfilled your game plan up to this point. You can, of course, continue to examine your actions and see if you can do more to achieve your own goals and purpose. That is your task here. You have come to actualize your purpose, and you have made the choices that have led you to the place you are now. This is not something to criticize or judge of any other. You don’t know what their path has been, nor do you know what their seemingly offensive actions have led you to do for yourself that you would not have been motivated previously to do.

Wait for the call and the announcement. It is soon. The action has begun. The long wait is almost over.


Message from Helena of the Starship Capricorn

Message channeled through Lavar.

Wednesday<st1:dateYear=”2007″ Day=”7″ Month=”1″>February<st1:dateYear=”2007″ Day=”7″ Month=”1″>7th<st1:dateYear=”2007″ Day=”7″ Month=”1″>, 2007
Taken from:

Welcoming Helena
Helena:  Good morning.  Right on time and your presence is appreciated.  There are great events that are transpiring in your world.  There are events under way, mainly in the background, that will soon be apparent to all.  There will soon be a dramatic change in your government’s leadership.  We shall be highly pleased when that occurs.  We have been denied the privilege of coming to your country for many years now.  There is still the orders to your Air Force to try to shoot down any UFOs.  That has become ridiculous.  There will soon be an end to such nonsense.  We shall rejoice at the changes that will soon happen.

Much of our plans, in addition to the flyovers, are being augmented as more and more people become aware of our existence.  We shall be pleased to have direct contact with those who are doing their best to communicate with us.  It is easier for us to receive the telepathic message being sent to us than for those who are relatively new to telepathic communication to receive messages from us.  However, we appreciate the messages that are being sent.  We shall all rejoice when we are able to show ourselves, show that we come in peace, and that we desire to help your continent become better, more prosperous, and helping to change the world for the betterment of all mankind.  As you know there are other starships that are assigned to other countries.  It will not be long now before the world will be aware of our existence and our message of love and peace.  That is my message for you this morning.  Do you have any questions for me?

Lavar:  Thank you, Dear Helena.  I shall welcome your coming and fly-overs.  Hopefully, there will soon be a resignation of our leaders which will allow for a new president to rescind the orders to shoot down UFOs.  Is there anything that I can do to hasten this event?
Helena:  You are going a great job, because there are several others who are posting and sharing these messages.  The end result is a movement towards the removal of the orders to shoot down our shuttles.  Keep in daily communication with me.  It will not be long now before we shall be visiting you in full view of your countrymen.
Lavar:  Thank you, Dear Helena.  I shall be pleased to welcome you and or your crew when you come.  I shall be with you tomorrow, as usual.


A Nation On the Brink of Destruction
Updates from Sananda

Sananda’s message channeled throughLauren Gorgo

<st1:dateYear=”2007″ Day=”7″ Month=”1″>Tuesday January 30, 2007
Taken from:

I have come to inform of some pending affairs in your nation and world. The affairs by which I speak are related to a political and bi-partisan nature. The effect of this affair is far reaching and in actuality will have greater implications than the human mind can conceive.

What is in store for a nation on the brink of destruction? We will say to you that the worries of many are nearly over and the concerns of many more are only just beginning. The majority of your world’s people sleep in sound slumber. For the awakened ones, there is a tide turning that is taking you all the way to victory. This tide is unstoppable and the force with which it is coming is profound. What we would like to offer in this time is the feeling of great peace to lead you into the forefront of humanity. We would like peacekeepers and warriors of Light to be fully wrapped in the cloak of Creator’s Love for the exciting journey ahead. For those of you who delight in dramatic endings, this is a show you will not want to miss. This is the final act and the curtain will soon rise to expose the hidden agenda of all the actors and actresses who so successfully played their parts.

You who have the Light of knowing will see the truth behind all the chaos and will welcome it with delight knowing that the force of heaven has finally erupted onto Earth. For those who understand the laws of energy it will be no surprise that to rebuild your world you must first dismantle the outdated structures built upon the weak foundations of clay. Now in the rising of the people there is a massive Light that has prevailed and taken the reigns of power from those who hold it over you. “Of the People, For the People, By the People” will be the new way and those who govern will be chosen to serve humanity based on integrity, compassion, will and heart-based power. These people will rise for candidacy and you will be able to pick them out from a crowd with ease.

Now that you are all in the midst of this great transition, know that you are all being led to your destiny by the inner urgings of your heart. You who listen to the calls will be unmistakably prompted to activate your true roles. We are delighted to see that so many of you are already taking steps in the direction of your calling and we wish to inform you that soon there will be a great thrust of support at your back and you will find the ease with which spirit operates without hindrances, blocks or boundaries. Spirit is All-Present and cannot be contained and when the force of Heaven is guiding your every move you are destined for true and everlasting Peace. This is what is happening to each of you as you fully embrace the Light of God.

Take with you the power of your journey, but leave the struggle behind. You have completed this aspect of your training and now you are free to realize your full potential as co-creators of Heaven. No more will you be bound by the laws of man for you are sovereign and self-governing souls with the ability to right the wrongs of this world. Take to your journey with remembrance of all that has brought you here and allow for others to gain inspiration through your path. Those who follow will know the Light that you transmit for they too will be of the same cloth.

Ever present is the ability to transform your selves and that ability must be shared. Those who have undergone the steps to initiation are now in the position to show others the way. These way showers will be unmistakable and their presence will be remarkable. These mighty souls of Light will walk forward and present the new ways. Listen to ways of the dark no longer, for they have lost their grip. Now is the time of great change in the public domain of hierarchal government structure. Now is the time when the truth shall be told and now is the time for true reverence.

Free yourselves from the minions of imposed slavery by joining the Light of millions who now see the truth ever pervading your atmosphere. This Light is coming to be shared with all as the prophecies have claimed. Now is the time to unbridle your masks of compliance and set free the powerful beings that inhabit your disguise. Full truth equals full freedom, accept nothing less and you shall be free.

I AM Sananda Immanuel and I bring forth the Light of Ascendancy. This Light will carry each of you through the days ahead and keep you from harms way. Allow no other to claim your truth for it is alone yours to see. Be One with the glory bestowed upon those who walk the path in faith and may no fear begotten ever more. The Light of Heaven shines brightly on Earth for those who can see. It is up to you now to give others eyes, so they too can join in the reverie. Victory is claimed! Blessings abound.

Thank You, Sananda.

<st1:dateYear=”2007″ Day=”7″ Month=”1″>Thursday<st1:dateYear=”2007″ Day=”7″ Month=”1″>February<st1:dateYear=”2007″ Day=”7″ Month=”1″>1st<st1:dateYear=”2007″ Day=”7″ Month=”1″>, 2007
Taken from:

You already know that the resignations of the president and vice-president were signed many months ago and have awaited the distribution of the “prosperity funds”. Now the time is here for the resignations to be announced. We are not sure just how soon that will happen. It will be interesting to see if the president can retain his office for many more days.
Our information is that the bank documents are in place and the recipients of funds should begin to receive notice from their banks as to the release of their prosperity funds.

<st1:dateYear=”2007″ Day=”7″ Month=”1″>Monday<st1:dateYear=”2007″ Day=”7″ Month=”1″>February<st1:dateYear=”2007″ Day=”7″ Month=”1″>5th<st1:dateYear=”2007″ Day=”7″ Month=”1″>, 2007

There are to be great changes in your nation’s monetary system this week with the release of the bank documents. You will be able to both develop the technology for the on-site stabilization of high-level, radioactive liquids and also to provide for the commercialization of the space-tapping, new-energy devices for commercialization.
In addition, I will warn you about the coming events in your nation. There will soon be the resignation of your president and some dramatic changes in the government with a return to constitutional government. However, those events will be delayed as long as possible by the current president and his supporters.
Be cautious in your dealings knowing that there will soon be some dramatic changes in your nation’s leadership. Keep a low profile so that you will not be seen as any type of person who would be opposing either the current administration or the coming administration.

Wednesday<st1:dateYear=”2007″ Day=”7″ Month=”1″>February<st1:dateYear=”2007″ Day=”7″ Month=”1″>7th<st1:dateYear=”2007″ Day=”7″ Month=”1″>, 2007
Taken from:

There are events that are transpiring that will soon allow for us to have our fly-overs and the few landings of the shuttles from the Capricorn in your country. It won’t be long now. Events in your nation’s capitol are fast approaching the time for a dramatic change in your government. It is difficult for us to state the exact time of the coming changes, however, there does not appear to be many more things that the present administration can do to further delay the inevitable announcement of the resignations of your president and vice-president. They have been wrongfully involved in the illegal use of billions of dollars. Soon the piper must be paid. It will not be long now.That is my hopeful message for you this morning.

The Time of Reconciliation
SundayFebruary<st1:dateYear=”2007″ Day=”7″ Month=”1″>11th<st1:dateYear=”2007″ Day=”7″ Month=”1″>, 2007
Taken from:

L: Last night I had a dream of strong winds, are the winds of change upon us?

Sananda and the Spiritual Hierarchy:

There is a tide that has turned in your affairs, one of great magnitude. The outpouring of love has begun to trickle into the dry wells of those in spiritual poverty. The arid land now swells with expanding consciousness and leaves the formerly-impotent land fertile.

What I refer to is of grand proportion; the uniting of man is afoot. This global countenance shall quickly become void as the truth prevails and spreads o’er the land. The coming of this great tide is akin to the waves that washed upon your shores in ancient days, yet this wave will carry those who are willing to see the error of their ways. This tide is one that will bring the lands closer together between the seas and will unite bridges of freedom across all borders. This freedom we speak of is the way of the Light. Total and unadulterated freedom can only come from full truth and full truth is beckoning you now.

The anticipation in your hearts is for good reason; the moment of rising has appeared and is even at the doorstep of those in the shadows. Know that as you embark upon the new lands you too will witness the great shadows of man and will be called to illuminate the dark corners in need. Each of you holds the ability to transform and perform miracles; these lands need your miracles. Listen to your inner calling and answer with vigor for you shall adorn even those whom you’ve never met and you will feel the full beauty of being human in those moments of Oneness.

My brothers and sisters of Light, now is the time of reconciliation. Now is the time of merging with your wholeness. You are adept at battling the ways of density, now it is time to gather your inner joy to spread with all who call to you. You are in the position of leadership for the amount of inner work that you have employed has brought miracles to your lives. This attraction is one of the highest order, and one to be shared with countless others. Never before has your land seen the quantity of risen ones now prepared to walk the Earth. This grid of Christ conscious Light will cleanse and purify the Earth with the web of connectivity that each of you holds in your foreign lands.

The span by which you stretch overseas shall duplicate over and again the numbers of followers to truth. The intentional spaces that you hold keep the web of Light in fully-anchored positions making the entire globe suitable for the incoming Light of awareness. On some level you may not realize the value of your purpose, but we wish to reiterate that the Light you anchor on Earth is what makes Ascension possible.

Now before each of you is the doorway to your destiny. Some will have the key readily available and some will hold the awareness that the door was never locked. The coming covenants will surely impair the social systems of governance and make way for individual sovereignty. We are delighted at the ability of each of you to maintain your composure and carry on in a world of chaos.

It will be a time of great change and upheaval, but for those who understand, it will be a time of great victory and rejoicing. The land will swell with the emotion of many, but the power of joy will diffuse and neutralize the sudden discomfort of those in perceived crisis. Plain as day will be a new horizon and clarity will finally become of you. The days of hidden dishonor are at a close and before you now is the integrity of a clan of risen people waiting at the gates to be unleashed unto the world.

Like missiles they shall seek and destroy every area of immoral activity and leave in its wake a seed of infinite glory to grow and become the fodder for a conscious land. They will overturn every stone and be diligent in their quest, for they hold the blueprints for the glory land. Be prudent and wise for these beings will come in many disguises, many colors, and many creeds. The young will hold the way for the destiny of your planet and the old will hold the wisdom of times ago. Together you will fuse and create a balanced and efficient system for all to benefit.

Teachers and way showers hear the call; the time is now for educating and planning. Your inner desires will make outer appearances and your lifeline to full consciousness will feed your every need. Be faithful unto your truth and be diplomatic in your dealings. All who beckon for a better way will need your unwavering guidance.

The masters of your world are buried in your hearts and now is the time to unleash your creative potential for the good of all. No part is to big nor small, all is in perfect harmony. To bring this harmonic frequency in tune you must vocalize your intent for a better way. The frequency you emit will emanate from the power of your fully-embodied soul. To create miracles is to create the space for change. The miracles that await you are yours to mold, create the miracle of your choosing and you will find that each of you creates the perfect balance in unison for the whole of creation.

I am Sananda Immanuel with the Spiritual Hierarchy. Change is in the air and your destiny abounds. Your footing is secured and the way forward is cleared. Step into your grandness and feel the power of truth now and evermore. Blessings of virtue bestowed upon all.
Lauren: Thank you.

It’s Feasting Time
WednesdayFebruary<st1:dateYear=”2007″ Day=”7″ Month=”1″>21th<st1:dateYear=”2007″ Day=”7″ Month=”1″>, 2007
Taken from: and

Sananda and the Spiritual Hierarchy:

Blessings, Beloved.  I have come with great tidings. It is high time that those who have sacrificed for the all of humanity be granted their wishes. We of the spiritual hierarchy are present with you today to ensure this message is heard by many. What wish to convey is of the highest order, of pressing concern for all.

The changing of the guard is about to present itself in your physical dimension. The many and courageous minions of truth have forced the Light to the final breaking point and now before you lies the fruits of your hard-earned labors.

What we would like to address, especially to the people of your nation, is that the coming changes will have great ramifications for all. The spillover effect from the many institutions of corruption will have far-reaching effects into the daily lives of many. This opportunity that is opening before each of you presents many options and opportunities for those who walk in the Light. The most beneficial aspect will be the freedom of the people of Earth followed by the cessation of wars abroad. Those who follow the Light will be greatly bestowed upon and have important work to do for the restoration of an aching planet.

The time for many great deeds is afoot and before each of you lies a Divine Portal to the manifestation of your dreams. If you follow the path of your heart, you will assuredly receive thy bounty in earnest. Coming shortly is a bestowal of grace upon humanity, the unprecedented Light of truth that will uplift and unite all. Rule your strong-will with a fist of iron and allow no lower vibration to pull you down, it is feasting time. Much change is ahead and it will be for the benefit of every American to surrender to the goodwill of man. With wealth available, many of you can finally make the changes you have sought so diligently, may the fun begin. It will be a time of adjustment for the masses who are unprepared, but this will undoubtedly be your time to shine in glory. This is the time to have your voices heard and your trumpets will indeed sound.

We have information to share regarding how changes will begin to manifest:

There will be a new law in effect rather quickly that will allow for the complete and total elimination of debt due to the corruption of your corporate and government fraud. This law will be enacted to begin atrue Declaration of Independence, coupled with the resurrection of the original American Constitution.

Following these changes will be the fulfillment of monies due to the recipients of prosperity funding. The monetary exchange rate will level out with the implementation of a new system that is already in place and ready to be made public. This new monetary system is also designed to balance the economy and reduce inflation.

Regarding taxation of labor, no labor shall be taxed as per the original Constitution. The abiding and lawful citizens of this country have been lied to in demeaning ways and the faith of humanity has been compromised due to these illegal labor laws. The tidal wave of truth has already begun to wash upon the shores of the unjust and it is just a matter of tipping the scales before all hell breaks loose, in a very literal sense.

Now in the days of truth and integrity shall the new reign of Lightworkers unite to reestablish order in the lands.  The uniting of these families will result in massive and swift change for the better. These changes will be the necessary steps that have been repressed and ignored by government officials. There is soon to be many technological advances made to ensure the rapid recovery of your Earth and the uniting of fellow man. these changes have been ordered from on high and in some cases have already been instituted. The coming prosperity will ensure the proper avenues open to those who have been held back in vein.

Once the government changes are properly instituted, there will be many available options for each of you. Options you may never have considered before will suddenly avail themselves and fill your lives with great freedom and joy. Life is meant to be abundant and there is plenty for each of you to fully inhabit the richness of Earth’s pleasures. Take time to re-evaluate your forward movement and be sure to examine all possible scenarios, for there will be rapid movement once these changes are in place. We recommend using this now time to fully realize your plans. The coming months will be swift and energy will flow with rapid force. Utilize your tools and talents to put the pieces together in a way that suits your highest potential. Now is the time for making dreams real.

I Am Sananda Immanuel with the Spiritual Hierarchy and together we offer this news from on high. A great thrust of change is at the fore and all the preparation has served each of you well. Let go of all outdated thought systems and embrace the new way with joy in your hearts. This is the Advent of the Second Coming and each of you has served your brothers and sisters well. Blessings and good fortune abound. Adonai.
Lauren: Thank you.


Update of Christ Michael Aton

Message of Christ Michael channeled through Jess Anthony

Sunday<st1:dateYear=”2007″ Day=”7″ Month=”1″>February<st1:dateYear=”2007″ Day=”7″ Month=”1″>11th<st1:dateYear=”2007″ Day=”7″ Month=”1″>, 2007
Taken from:

Journal 2-11-07
Jess: Christ Michael Aton, I ask for information. Events are moving fast, it seems, and we stand by and don’t see the significance of what is happening. I ask for clarity and understanding of the sequence. I ask for an awareness of what to expect and when. I ask for strength and connection.

Christ Michael:

Jess, it is time for an update. Many things are happening globally and in your country, theUnited States of America . This is an intentional reference to the official name for this country. It was not unintentional that Horst reposted Candace’s memo on the re-discovery of the true 13th Amendment to the Constitution. It is for the benefit of people in this country to realize that much of the legislation and most of the elected officials are ineligible to function in that capacity. The country was founded to serve the interests of the populace, not vice versa. The people are not the pawns of the ruling elite, nor are they the subject of the European aristocracy. The 13th Amendment that was truly ratified makes that clear. [The best link to information on the true 13th Amendment is .]

The fiscal debacle is upon us. We have reached the limit of what is possible in terms of manipulation and subterfuge in the offices of the elected officials. The true extent of their lying and double-dealing for their own purposes is now clearly manifest. Fiscal advisers from all countries around the world are aware of the clear self-interest and irresponsible governance of this handful of dark leadership. This has been promoted for the self-interest of a few at the expense of the vast majority of the world’s citizens. Enough is enough in that regard. Enough is too much, in fact.

The military offensives that are proposed will not happen. They have no purpose beyond the self-aggrandizement of the few that are proposing these maneuvers. The cost in lives and money will not be paid. The debacle that is Iraq will also be terminated soon. The Iraqi people can reasonably solve their own governance problems without the interference of outside advisers with their own agendas. The idea of regional government that looks out for its peoples’ own best interests is a novel concept these days, although it has always been the ideal at the root of a democratic republic. The regional consensus becomes the mandate for larger consortia of representatives—not the other way around. This, of course, is part of the ideal espoused by the original NESARA concept. This concept has become a much larger global idea that now pervades the blueprint for the Second Coming and its sequence of changes that will occur. NESARA could be renamed Global Economic Security and Reclamation Action to reflect this shift. This is not a mandate, only a suggestion.

The timeline is upon us and we are moving ahead with steady progress despite what the news media portrays. Look between the lines and behind the pictures and see what is truly happening. Look at the world in global terms, not territorially, and see how actions and comments are increasingly reflective of a unified interest in helping others by protecting them from unwarranted control. Everyone has their own personal agenda, of course, but more and more are speaking for the benefit of the mass of people they represent. We are making great strides in awakening the thinking of many.

Look to events happening this spring. Preparations are underway for the domino effect to begin. We have said this before, I realize, and the scenario seems much like the one of the boy crying “wolf.” Time is fluid in our perspective and we are truly measuring its progress in terms of completion of goals, rather than in ticked off minutes and hours determined by an artificial system of measurement. The potential for completion is ever there, but the components used change constantly as your input determines a new field of energy. We are ever accommodating the changes with the concern of completion of the events we have determined will take place. The completion of these events is determined by greater global and Universal factors that are out of your control. We have declared a progression beyond the current level of duality and unawareness that involves you on Earth but is not caused by you on Earth. Earth’s decisions play a part in the complexity of Universal change that is happening, though, much as your individual and mass decisions play an ever-changing part in the determination of Earth evolution.

I stand ready to great you publicly again. My ministers and Sananda Immanuel will be my initial representatives, and Monjoronson will be the determinant of the extent of change. Look to the skies for our arrival, and look to your television screens for our announcement.

This is all for this morning, Jess.
Aton, the Christ Michael of Nebadon


Update of Christ Michael Aton

Message of Christ Michael channeled through Jess Anthony.

<st1:dateYear=”2007″ Day=”7″ Month=”1″>Tuesday March 22th<st1:dateYear=”2007″ Day=”7″ Month=”1″>, 2007
Taken from: and
Journal<st1:datels=”trans” Month=”3″ Day=”22″ Year=”2007″>3-22-07
Jess: Christ Michael Aton, I ask for comments from you. I have not addressed you directly in some time, but I feel this may be appropriate now. Where do we stand in this tipping? Was there a window? Were the decisions that occurred contributory? Thanks you for speaking to us through me today.

Christ Michael:

Jess, I will speak with you now, this afternoon. This has been a day of upheaval and one of trying to wrest control. The powers that hold the upper hand have indeed loosened their grip significantly. They still maintain control legislatively in terms of their ability to stem the flow of bills and pass legislation that is watered down from it most effective state. However, the support for this faction is wavering, and new ideas and new speakers and representatives are ready to seize control from them. This is the tipping point we referred to in the message to Lauren and in other messages we have sent to you about intent.

Intent is a powerful word. This means a directed idea that is co-creating the reality that manifests itself in actions and in physical appearances. The notion of shifting the idea of the country is paramount for the changes to begin happening in the 3rd dimensional notions that still pervade your 4th dimensional energy concepts. You have preconceptions that still influence your decisions and color your range of expectations. You don’t see the full possibilities because you won’t allow yourself yet. Open your eyes further. Each time something happens that reveals some unexpected facet, you have further awakening.

I will say that change is inevitable. I have determined that now is the time for it to happen throughout the Universe, and the events in Nebadon are connected to and contingent in some ways on what happens on Earth. The events you see unfolding before you are the sequence of steps that must be taken to prepare the way for the unfolding to occur. This is occurring as I anticipated it would, and the overtures to clear change have concluded.

Look to events taking you where you desire to go. That is an ambiguous statement. Where do you desire to go? You create the direction you follow to reach the goal I have placed before you. I am convinced you will reach the goal you strive for, on every level and with every degree of reality you imagine. Be unlimited in your dreams and in your imagination. It is all there for you to grasp. You are the ones taking control of your destiny. The others are loosening their grip after many thousands of years of control over you. Now is the time for this to happen. Now is the time for you to rise together and make the reality you imagine into an actuality that links you all together as one people under my intent as Creator.  This is my comment today, Jess. Namaste to you,
Aton, Christ Michael of Nebadon


Update of Ashtar Sheran

February<st1:dateYear=”2007″ Day=”7″ Month=”1″>24th<st1:dateYear=”2007″ Day=”7″ Month=”1″>, 2007
Message of Commander Ashtar Sheran channeled through Susan Leland.  Ashtar answering questions in Bellevue,WA.
Taken from:<st1:dateYear=”2007″ Day=”7″ Month=”1″>

We’ve been hearing about this 4.5 trillion dollars that Leo Wanta wants to give us, and that a bill has been passed in the Congress, saying that we abolish the Fed [N. of E.: Federal Reserve], and they have a relationship with one another, and so these seem to be the first beginning steps of NESARA getting announced, and what do we make of this?


We will tell you again, that there are those who are, humm, signing papers, humm, giving their word, even to those Ambassadors of Light, who have come to visit them, and they are very programmed, so they stand in the way.  They have stood in the way.  They have been, shall we say, glitches, and stops, and barriers in the past, blocks as it were.  Will it happen?   Will the monies be distributed?  Absolutely!  We told you NESARA is real, and a part of that happening is the abolishment of what you call the Fed.; the abolishment of other institutions.  And quite frankly you’ve built up quite a stack of laws that are in direct violation of that which is most sacred to the country, and that is, of course, the Constitution.

There will be a massive distribution of wealth.  What is that distribution about?  It is about reparations.  It is about providing this means to everyone to follow their passions, as opposed to being enslaved. It is all real.  It will all happen.  Do not get too fixated upon an order of happenings.  Do not get too much into the details of exactly who says what to whom, and how it all comes about.  There are many scenarios.

Know you Plank’s Law?  You have heard it spoken before.  There are many possibilities and potentials, of which several stand out as the highest probabilities.  We have suggested that you participate in what is called the impeachment process, and that you send Light to the [ex] Ambassador [Leo Wanta], and to all of those who are working to make this a reality.  But it is only one scenario of what could happen.  There are many possibilities.  Whichever possibility actually becomes grounded in 3D will set the timeline, or the flow of events, from that particular moment, the nanosecond, on…

Which one comes out into full acknowledgment in this, what you call your third dimension, and remember we have said there are actions that need to be manifest in 3D in order to simply propel you up and out of 3D.  It’s like, OK, you’ve got the rocket, but you’d better light it, or it’s going to stay on the ground. Does that make some kind of an easy vision? So what we are suggesting that you do, and this is so appropriate is it not, as Lights, Beacons and Light Workers, and so on, that you light the rockets?  You see? So, by all means follow the news behind the scenes, if you choose to do so.

Allow yourself to be a co-creator of the outcome, knowing what the outcome is, the big picture of the outcome.  Allow yourself to participate, if you choose to do so, beyond your own self in a 3D manner, if you choose to do so.  By the way, here is a suggestion for you.  If you choose to attend that which is called a rally, or a demonstration, to support the impeachment, and if you choose to carry a sign or, you know, paint a slogan upon your forehead, or whatever you choose to do, it’ll be much more powerful if it comes from Love, than if it says, you know, down with, you know, their names or labels.

How about Peace?   How about Freedom?   How about lighting Lady Liberty?  Let’s light her up!  You know those kinds of things that paint a picture, that is a joyful picture, for those who see you, who hear your words, and perhaps read your signs to envision.  If you speak out, it is much more powerful and empowered to keep yourself in that high vibration of Love and Light, and to send empowerment to this payment, to the announcement of NESARA.  And we would remind you that some of the key components of NESARA may be enacted in 3D, or manifested in 3D, prior to any official announcement because things have changed somewhat.

Do you see what we are saying?  It is still most likely the strongest probability, is that NESARA will be quite evident, or very much in evidence, before the funds are distributed on a large scale.  The reason being because —do you want to talk about a wake up call?   What will NESARA be?  There will be headlines around the world that a part of NESARA has been enacted, and they don’t even have to say, “Welcome, Lady NESARA.” It could be that that which you mentioned, the Fed, is abolished.

The Treasury shall now be full of gold and your currency shall now have gold backing it, yes, behind it, so that it shall be of value in this brief transition time because we are going beyond money.  That is a part of the Ascension Process.  There will be no such thing as money.  The value will be in you, and the Love you are, and that is all that will be necessary.  But, do you see what we’re saying?  You can empower it because you are a powerful being.

“Peace cannot be won through war.  You cannot sue for Peace.  You cannot impose Peace.  You cannot enslave and create Peace out of fear.
“Peace, true and lasting Peace, the Peace of the higher dimensions, has but one creative Source, and that is Love, and it is the Peace of the Heart…
“…Love is the real Truth of the Universe. It is the most basic and fundamental of Truths…
“…and just know that the greatest Truth is that Love shall prevail, because it already has.
“Truth —Love is Truth.  It is what is real.  It is what will remain real as you travel upon your paths.  So Light up with it, and keep yourselves lit!”
Ashtar Sheran

It must exist in the higher dimensions as an energy of Love.  It is just like the discussions that we have had about Peace.  Peace cannot be won through war.  You cannot sue for Peace.  You cannot impose Peace.  You cannot enslave and create Peace out of fear.

Peace, true and lasting Peace, the Peace of the higher dimensions, has but one creative Source, and that is Love, and it is the Peace of the Heart.  So everything that you do, whether it be a recognizable 3D activity to anyone, whether they are awake or not, or whether it be that some would miss it, because they are just not seeing the Light yet.

If you will, empower it from the Heart.  This is why we spend time as you know it, as it passes in your gatherings, empowering from that place of bringing the Love into the Heart, and when you do that and empower all of your creations with that Love, it becomes Truth, because Love is the real Truth of the Universe. It is the most basic and fundamental of Truths. And the reality of it is, that when everything is done with Love as an ingredient, it is the highest form of expressing Truth and it works.  So if you choose to engage in co-creating, if you will do it from that high vibrational space; it has that Truth of Love with it.

It will be brought from the high dimensions into that which you call 3D.  It will open up eyes.  It will wake people up, and it will create a desire in others to get on that path.  And so it comes, and it rises. “What goes around, comes around.”  You can think of it as circular, because that’s the Truth of how it is.  It’s not just a line, any more than time is just a line.  You see?  So empower and create, but at some point let go of the actual, what you call, the moment-by-moment events, and just know that the greatest Truth is that Love shall prevail, because it already has.  The Golden Age is here.  This is the Age of Aquarius.

This is the Age of Peace upon planet Earth, and whatever might seem contrary to that, put the Light of Love on it, and let it go.  And so it is.  And if you go to one of these rallies, or whatever, do so, and bring the Love to it. Walk among all, and let your Light shine, and you are doing your mission with impeccable integrity.  Truth —Love is Truth.  It is what is real.  It is what will remain real as you travel upon your paths.  So Light up with it, and keep yourselves lit!

And Congratulations, you have accomplished much already, and you are Light Workers in the world, and you shall radiate, and shine even more in the next moment than you do in this one.  Just as you are infinitely loved, and it only grows.  And so it is.

© Susan Leland 2007.  All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered.
Leo Wanta Plan: ,

March<st1:dateYear=”2007″ Day=”7″ Month=”1″> 6th<st1:dateYear=”2007″ Day=”7″ Month=”1″>, 2007
Message of Commander Ashtar Sheran channeled through Lauren Gorgo Galactic Awareness Is Soon To Dispel All Illusion Taken from:<st1:dateYear=”2007″ Day=”7″ Month=”1″>

Greetings and salutations, benevolent one. What I have come to discuss pertains mostly to the events unfolding in your plane at this time, thought they also have many galactic ramifications as well. What I am referring to is of a political nature and also of universal law. Before your nation is the unfolding of major events that will lead to the demise of your current administration. There is forthcoming an amount of clarity that will literally transform your modern thinking. What I would like to speak of are the ways in which Lightworkers can effectively handle the truth of such barbaric atrocities of your leaders in action.

graphic, energy to earthThe wave of cosmic and celestial alignment that is currently taking place is restructuring the electromagnetic frequency grids of your surrounding biosphere. This restructuring process is enabling once encoded and encrypted information to pass freely between the receptors of those on Earth holding the grids in alignment and preparation for the thrust of Source upon your sphere.

What this means for many of you is the unleashing of great potential in your lives, the aligning with the Galactic Center will be unprecedented in your lives. It will allow for the unearthing and rebirthing of many dormant aspects of your heritage as star-legion members of Light.  Those of you who are Ascending into the Higher Realms of existence in physicality will soon be face to face with your galactic roots. This will mean many different things to many different people.

The first and most obvious connection to the stars will be your profound sense of inner peace and dwelling. Your ability to rise above chaos will be profound and your ability to ascertain the frequencies of joy and love will surround you in a womb of delight. You will be suspended in a perception of reality that will undoubtedly set you apart form others embarking upon this journey toward Godhead. It will be a time of joyous celebration and the firm planting of your feet in the Higher Realms.

This moment is the one that each of you have been waiting and working tirelessly for. It is the release of 3rd dimensional density and pressure so great that it will catapult you into states of momentary bliss. Be assured that these moments are well deserved and take joy in your accomplishments of such grand proportion. Have we not told you many times the value of your worth? Know that as the month draws to a close, you will feel the God within and you will remark at your capability to be free of lower vibration.

My Brothers and Sisters of the earthly realms, take heart. The time of transformation is afoot and your preparation has served you well. You are all to be commended and revered for the accomplishments of such diligence and faith. The work of will has transformed your world and this is attributed directly to the Light that you have held, the discordance that you have cleared, and the moments of extreme strife that you have endured and conquered in the name of Oneness.

The Command would like to salute each of you and formally welcome you to the era of peace. We would like to reward each of you with the knowledge of your true abilities as co-creators and star kin. Now is the moment of great rejoicing and the memories of suffering shall fade away into the realm of past as the joy of the present unfolds to greet your every New Day. A New Sun has risen and it holds the frequency to sustain the New Earth. You, the sun warriors, have bridged the gap between worlds for humanity to cross upon and now you stand upright in your full potential to uplift those around you. What a momentous feat of accomplishment.

In the upcoming days and weeks of continuous revelation and unfolding, you will come to know even greater truths than you have access to now. You will be in a position to observe, objectively, all that has transpired over past centuries to bring the Earth to its final resting place in Ascension. You who hold these visions hold the keys to unlock the doors to paradise, know that the visions bestowed upon each of you are your gifts and for good reason.

You each have within you the ability to alter the world in which you live in your own unique way. That which inspires you most is that which you are called to do. Take up the challenge and envision with great detail all that you imagine in your masterpieces, for you have well within you all that is required to manifest these dreams of unlimited potential.

In the rapid movement of the new electromagnetic grid system, Lightworkers are linked through the higher dimensional network of the paradise blueprint. This is akin to an ethereal fiber optic relay system except you are the transmitters and receivers of Light-encoded information from the galactic airwaves. This will allow you to ascertain and assimilate high vibrational frequencies and interpret them through your newly wired DNA. This means that each of you will draw upon the proper frequencies and connections to one another to make your visions real in a tightly interwoven system of co-operation. Together, you will be capable of attracting one another to support and implement new systems of global significance for the opening of Heaven on Earth. You will be the wayshowers to the Portals of Paradise through your divinely-inspired creations, for you hold these visions already in your hearts.

In this support system of intricate grid work, you will all be required to participate in only the events calling to your heart. This calling will be divinely ordered and will alter your lives for the better. As wayshowers, you all hold the potential within of the entire blueprint of the New Earth; therefore, you will all be capable of attracting the proper channels to bring this blueprint to fruition.

This is not only a joyous endeavor of the soul, but also the requirement of your contracts upon Earth. The closing out of the first phase of your Ascension brings the opening of the next phase of service and creation, which is essentially one and the same. Service is the joy that comes forth in sharing your contribution to the world. Sharing your love of creation is what will anchor the grids of Paradise before you.

Never before has the Earth been in such a position of opportunity. This time is one that so many have prepared for both on and off world. We of the Command are prepared to being you major technological devices that will assist your grand endeavors. What is required of you is only what you dream, all else is at the helm of Universal Law. What a joy to release struggle and embrace the true gifts of divine manifestation. Creating in this new way will be effortless and filled with joy.

Many of you are waiting to Ascend into the next dimension and are fully aware that your time has come to release the past. Those of you who eagerly hold the intention of freedom from bondage and slavery shall prevail.  All in time for the great unfolding of global political truth. You who hold the Light for all of humanity will soon be free to re-engage in your proper destination vibrations. When this occurs, you will remember the truth of existence, the Light of Source and the ability to transcend human fear. It will be in this time of rejoicing that each of you will find one another in this intricate web of Light. As you begin to come together with your brothers and sisters and extended soul families, know that the feeling of joy will overcome you and your long-held vision of a reality with love will be enacted on Earth.

Each of you who holds the active blueprint within your DNA will unleash your full potential to grab hold of and create matter at will. The time of release is finally within your grasp. Your contracts are due to expire and your new ones await your signature, only this time you will write and contract the laws that govern your destiny.

Take heed, your galactic awareness is soon to dispel all illusion. Your homecoming will enlighten and enliven you. Your bodies, minds and souls will work in unison and your dormant ancient potential as Gods and Goddesses will be activated to ensure your magnetic powers bring you all that you envision.

Shan is your Earth ship and you are the new commanders of her destiny. We of the Command are confident of where you will take her.  Paradise awaits you, be full of joy. Farewell.
Thank you Ashtar!

March<st1:dateYear=”2007″ Day=”7″ Month=”1″>7th<st1:dateYear=”2007″ Day=”7″ Month=”1″>, 2007
Message of Commander Ashtar Sheran channeled through Mark Stearn
Taken from: .
(Personal note from Mark: I don’t know what Ashtar is going to say here but I am uneasy in myself about where I feel the Earth to be. Everything is so heavy.)

My esteemed graduates:
It is make or break time. Souls in their hundreds or even thousands could be leaving the planet Earth very soon. It can be averted. The plan has reached its final stages. This is crunch time. You have been given all the strategies to change the planet’s course. There is a weight anchored in the Earth at this time that has the ability to divert the planet’s course. Stand as one and project your prayers to the Heavens. Anything can be changed. Mother Earth is complete with her physical experience and is now actively seeking the refuge of all higher dimensions. She is groaning under the weight of the mass consciousness interference with her Light form. When we observe Earth at this time we witness a near state of panic on a planetary level. We witness the key being turned in the lock of freedom by those hearts that have remained steadfast to their purpose and yet so many souls whose only desire now are to return to their Creator.

The course Earth is currently on can and is already being averted. Earth cannot take the pressure of misuse of her form any longer. This is why she is donning her higher dimensional Light Body and is actively making the transition to the higher dimensions right as we speak. The planet Earth is in warp speed as the higher frequencies kick in and support the unrest as so many souls are out of kilter with frequencies that are so out of whack with their physical Earthly experience. Soon, Dear Ones, Earth will have changed. It is still a little hazy to see the outcome as we witness literally thousands of scenarios playing out on your planet in the weeks and months to come. The density will appear more acute as Mother literally rockets into the ninth dimension. The ninth dimension is the frequency where Mother Earth wishes to unite with her celestial counterpart.

You are already in all dimensions and realities. Now you will begin to experience yoursoul family coming to you in the coming times. Many of you will and already are making use of your abilities that were dormant until now. Heaven is now reaching in on a conscious level. The time for planetary healings to assist humanity has assisted greatly in lessening the impact of what the collective have prepared to experience. I understand Mark’s hesitancy about reporting what appears to be fear-based. I am standing firmly behind him on all that he is reporting here. We are all by your side. Indeed you will never have felt us as close as you do at this time. The planet must change or face a situation that causes the ultimate catapulting back to the Source that has ever been witnessed on this Earth.

Fortunately Mother Earth still operates from compassion and is firmly now set on donning her home vibration with the celestial realms and taking all souls that are adequately prepared to that vibration. I am going to make no comment onEarth changes. There is enough of this material doing the rounds on your internet. I will only say that the transition will be instant. You may be blinded by higher frequency in the time to come. This is the full Light of Heaven making itself known on your tiny world. You are feeling the expansiveness of Creation now at your door. Will you open the door? Even ajar? You are behind the door. All you feel is the ultimate self now making itself known for the final liberation of the entire Earth adventure. We have prepared you well. We have given you final announcements for sometime now.

Now is the time that changes the conscious experience of this world forever. Mark has been receiving visions of Home all day and been advised simply to rest through this entire transition period. I will say to many of you that the Source in your being is a sure road to the safety you all seek deep within. The key is your heart, be steadfast in this centre for the changes coming now are tremendous in the universal effects that they unanimously produce. TheMayan prophecies although altered somewhat by the work of Light servers and the prayers of all servants of truth are being carried out to the letter as we speak. These can be changed at any time. There are significant bursts of hope appearing through the surface of the Earth right now however it is going to take a massive injection of divine movement to avert the course that Earth is now taking.

Displacement of energy is the biggest challenge that is being faced. Feeling as though you are being constantly transported through relative energy fields and finding yourself someplace completely different although your physical surroundings remain unchanged. It is all about the higher frequencies and how they are being integrated. I tell you solemnly the move to the highest of vibrations is actually underway as I provide Mark with this message. The energy changes already well underway will and are intensifying as Heaven moves stronger through you all. This is the moment you have all been waiting for. You are to wait no longer and to know very, very shortly that you are to know and witness Home as you have envisioned it in the land of dreams. Time is short. I might even say incredibly so.

Days or weeks are the time of the change. It is now. It remains now. It has always been so. You, my hearts who are reading these words, have been prepared through these messages and your active experience of the source at work in the world and through people awake to its magnificence. The time of rewards is near and even at hand now. Once you have rocketed into the higher vibrations each of you will witness a coming-Home ceremony that fully honors all that you have ever been, are and will be. This experience so carefully prepared for you will actively fulfill all dreams, hopes and wishes that you have forever held throughout your life and all throughout the history of the Earth’s Ascension into the Light. Sananda and I look forward to reconvening with you from the realms you actively participate in during sleep time. You will not be concerned whether you are asleep or awake very soon, my loved ones.

You will consciously witness what the ships look like, you will journey to far off places, witness spawning cities and civilizations and be a part of their growth, you will dine with the greatest of beings and, of course we mean your own hearts. I leave you now with a blessing of great hope for your contribution to the unfolding of Creation and the difference you have all made on individual levels and a collective level could never be measured. The speed of your collective Ascension is pivotal in allowing Source to move you at a conscious level to the fullness of all that you are in a process that may have taken decades. You have the power at hand, my dear hearts. Create well and know that we are Home as we speak. I am confident we are to meet presently. I am your deepest confidant, protector, servant, guide and eternal fond friend.

Sunday, March<st1:dateYear=”2007″ Day=”7″ Month=”1″> 18th<st1:dateYear=”2007″ Day=”7″ Month=”1″>, 2007
Message of Commander Ashtar Sheran channeled through Mark Stearn
Taken from:
(Personal note from Mark: I have never before encountered the frequencies we are now engaging. Our New Earth rests gracefully in a higher vibration and we are now consciously meeting that vibration. The work being done by us all now is so incredible to behold.)

Ah! my beloved counterparts. All your hard work is truly paying off. No longer are you mid sway between both earths but are now working hard on integrating the fullness of the New Earth into your physical planet. You have the fullness of Mother Earth.  Its glorious new Light Body now surrounding your planet. The more you absorb this vibration into your Light Body the more you feel her endless love. As I said only recently time is short, incredibly so. You are now consciously moving between worlds, one that is changing the time line forever. Now will follow as I share with you some of the impact being created by the world’s Light-servers at this time. The prayers, hopes and dreams are having a magnanimous universal effect at this time on the very fabric of creation.

All of the ethers are bending to the sway and will of the world’s Light-servers because, yes, as you have guessed it; you are moving fully into your power at this time. Accepting master ship in its fullness is simply knowing and experiencing all that you ever have been, are and ever will be. You shift worlds with conscious intent. Your power cannot be measured now. You are truly lifting the roof off creation at this time. Countless new legions of new Light-warriors have reached your shores to assist in restoring the universal balance. This involves constant sweeps of your world of the fires of transcendence and universal love. This is constantly changing the conscious flow of your mass consciousness to accepting the bountiful boons of the Great Central Sun.

The mass consciousness are accepting the overflowing vibrations emanating in from the Great Central Sun and are moving in flow with the great waves of change. Waves of divine intervention for a complete reality transition into the higher vibrations are now making themselves known on your world. Your time for your glorious return to fully conscious Light expressions is now well at hand. Your world will continue to experience the pressure of change but know that the ethereal realms are now growing stronger on your world. Our ships patrol your skies monitoring the intense changes in consciousness. Mother Earth is completing her advent into the higher frequencies. Never has there been a greater time for reconnection. Watch now for the changes that herald your conscious return to the highest emanations. I will be in touch once more very soon.
Your friend,

Wednesday, March<st1:dateYear=”2007″ Day=”7″ Month=”1″> 21th<st1:dateYear=”2007″ Day=”7″ Month=”1″>, 2007
Message of Commander Ashtar Sheran channeled through Mark Stearn
Taken from:

My Fellow Flames,
You are lighting up the Heavens. From our ships we survey the Earth and witness your Lights brightening the Heavens. There is an air of deadness or staleness of energy as there is also a vibrancy in the air that radiates the Earth. The mass consciousness are moving into fully unified human consciousness at this time and the time where the Light-servers shoulder the burden of their sisters and brothers is swiftly coming to an end. More and more people will begin to hold their own Light and Flame. The cosmic experiment is at a close and a New Era is dawning on planet Earth. Karma and its patterns are swiftly being removed from the planet. The time for reaching the new shores is at a close. You have reached the new shores only to find yourselves in a ceaseless new world. All has changed and at a surface level where the mass consciousness dominates in waves of discordance it is true to say that one would see little change unless they looked below the surface.

It is always the nay-Sayers that wish to brand those that carry the Light tones and codes and so freely impart them. If you encounter resistance to your own grace being disseminated simply reflect it back to them in love. Gone is the time for conflict although once more it is rife on your world. The old patterns although playing out are being removed. They key to complete surface change is with the global shifting of the mass consciousness that is now occurring swiftly thanks to a key group of world Light-servers that draw energy from their Source and feed it into the core of your planet. From our view we witness your world quickly spawning a new consciousness and literally spinning off the old garbage. It brings us to amazement how swiftly and well you integrate the challenging frequencies of the One-Heart. It is truly the manifestation of the One-Heart that is shifting your collective consciousness forever.

We also witness your world leaders beginning to be giving double meanings in their speeches. We marvel at the intricacy of the deliveries and witness the subtleties of the mistruths that are so blatantly offered to an apparently unaware public. It is time to give credit to those who have apparently swallowed lies for years of Earth time. More and more are now standing up and taking their own power. Your power structures have been collapsed internally although the outer appearance of them remains rock solid. Your key workers still work tirelessly to promote the surface changes. This is why we are now bringing waves of ceaseless energy to shift the mass mind beyond what it has formerly experienced. When the surface changes really kick in and the ones in power begin to crumble then you will directly witness our hand in your affairs. Those that have campaigned ceaselessly for our presence will be justly rewarded.

There is no greater measure of reward that could be given for speaking on behalf of the truth. Billions have suffered endlessly in the name of perceived truth. A time of no-time is now at hand. You still measure time although science is finding nothing but anomalies in your realities at this time. Not so many of these are being reported for there is great fear that an awareness of the greatness of the Divine Plan is at your door at a conscious awareness level. Mother Earth has officially anchored her highest Light Body. She is now shaking off the deadness of her old forms to bring the full manifestation of her dearest dream into full form. Surface changes are already at hand and are trickling into the mass consciousness. What the news reports is all the chaos and forever sets aside the good news that needs to be meeting the ears of billions. This is going to change the more the codes and tones arrive in from the Source. Grids are manifesting constantly now due to two key Light-workers at this time who work on behalf of Source.

These two souls work as a combined unit with full awareness of the Source at a conscious level. Just like they have an intolerance of Earth’s lower densities that are being so masterfully spun off at this time. It is souls like these that pave the way to the smoother waters of Heaven on Earth. Heaven has always been at hand and yet it has been sages, seers and prophets who have reported this experience up until now. Now you are in a time where all are to freely witness the hand of Heaven working on this Earth. Being visual is but one facet of witnessing energy. Light-workers have relied on partial use of their abilities to create creation shifting frequencies and movements up until now. This is what sets us to attention and brings those from afar to learn from those who use what they have to liberate an entire planet. You are all equal at the end of the day. Awareness is a gift. More and more are experiencing this.

Soon on this planet the entire day will be remade anew. The skies of your Earth will Light up with the grids that fill your Earth. It is Light-servers who have created these grids. You will visually witness all wondrous Light manifestations because you will have shifted all the core densities and transmuted the dark into a unified balance of Oneness. Darkness must be understood as an expression of un-manifested Self at work for all to learn from. This has always been the truth although many have written otherwise. You are in a drama of your own coordination. We remain your servants and are your ceaseless friends. We are here to coordinate the miraculous changes and communicate with you through your awareness and of course through your world’s many gifted channels. Your mass consciousness is currently shifting and throwing off limitation at the speed of light. A core awareness of truth and balance is already beginning to make itself known.

The fog is lifting from your world. Trust just a moment longer. Be with the surface changes and know that all that you are experiencing is a divinely assigned readjustment to the full flow of Source. You who read this are an infinite being. You carry the vastness of the infinite Source in your heart. Never forget this. I will speak again soon.
Your brother,

Wednesday, March<st1:dateYear=”2007″ Day=”7″ Month=”1″> 21th<st1:dateYear=”2007″ Day=”7″ Month=”1″>, 2007

Messages of Commander Ashtar Sheran and Sananda channeled through Lauren Gorgo
Taken from:

Sananda: The tide is high and the winds are strong… breaking against the shores of humanity is the swell of change. Transformation and bewilderment are the two themes to your New Era. Everywhere you turn like-minded people will gather. Strong forces of change are behind the actions of the free ones. Others and I are with you to speak on behalf of the equinox and the coming changes in your world.

Gather yourselves, my brothers and sisters, to welcome the coming Sun. The new Sun is teeming with galactic power and has the strength to uplift the mighty and quash the greedy. The new rising Sun is one of indelible strength of which your planet has never seen. Those beginning to rise from slumber are being lifted from their sleeping tombs to embrace the new liquid force that is feeding the entrance of a new and mighty Era of Peace.

Congratulations for believing in yourselves, a marked period of oppression has ended. It is now that I would like to connect you to a member of your galactic society who has many important things to tell you of upcoming events.


Ashtar:Greetings, benevolent one.
L: Morning, Ashtar.

Behold the new day, for it has dawned. Welcome to the beginning of the end, the end of struggle. The time of great unfolding is with you now. The marked changes in your historical literature will have nothing on the quantum leap at hand. For one and all, this moment marks the entrance to a new history in the making, one that will change and alter societies everywhere.

Before each of you now is the gateway to higher intelligence, a portal to divine grace. We are asking that those who are ready and prepared begin to enter now into this divine portal to awaken your spiritual and galactic gifts for the new mankind. This awakening process has been a step-by-step, conscious entrance into your fully-embodied awareness of divine heritage. We are asking that each of you who feel the call in your heart space to consciously take this final step into your full power.

Your intent to do so will bring you to the final phase of reconnect. Your DNA templates have been suitably prepared and your rising consciousness has triggered the proper receptors necessary to invoke your full power of galactic embodiment. The type of intelligence that you possess depends greatly upon your active duties of service and your origin seeds. What will make each of you successful in your specific roles is to gather with like minds and suitable frequencies to employ your missions. Now that your reconnections are completing, many of you are beginning to attract your mates of heritage and many more will be making themselves known to you.

The next phase in your evolutionary advancement depends on you. Each of you now holds the pyramid structures of your Lightbody Merkabas intact. The activation of these vehicles of Light is based solely on love and service to Creator. Your complete activation of these vehicles is for you to realize in your own timing, at your own pace. When, however, you have fully activated your divine birthright, you will have unlimited access to the universe and powers that be. This Lightbody is monitored and controlled by your ability to understand universal laws, apply them and most of all to use love as your guiding and motivating force for all. Timing of activation is encoded in your specific wiring and, as always, is in divine perfect order.

In the activation of your Lightbody templates many will be given extra-ordinary powers that will seem otherworldly. It is our intention to make these things known to you for the ease of your transition to powerful beings of Light. Your new vessels of divine connectivity will hold the energetic blueprint of human perfection. It is in this state of total activated awareness, grace and perfect health that each of you will begin to utilize your gifts for the good of all and for planetary salvation. Had you not been driven to assist others in these times, activation would not be possible. Therefore, be at peace with your profound gifts of love knowing that you are well deserved recipients from hard earned sacrifice, discipline, and Divine Will.

My peacekeepers of Earth, this is the beginning of your life. This in what is known as re-birth, salvation and Divine Dispensation. This time has been allotted to you to create and restore the planet as you see fit. Fear not your plans of creation, for they are written in your codes. What you deem to be paradise shall be. What you serve up will be feasted upon by all. You are the enlightened ones, the givers of God, who have resurrected the original blueprint of Earth Shan. The Dead Sea Scrolls have nothing over you, for you are the true seers, the believers and the frontrunners of the New World.

The Command[Ashtar] and all of the Galactic Federation of Light would like to formally welcome you to the new paradigm and insist that you celebrate your entrance to the Golden Age. As you lift the veil that is so easily removed, notice the memories of struggle as the seemingly disappear into the joy of new creation.

The skies have opened, the Earth has risen and all of humanity shall rise together. It has been a long run, but an eventful one, and we are diligently focused on the rewards that are due. We have much to share with each of you and we are well aware of those who sacrifice for the betterment of all. No one goes unrecognized in their quest for truth and no one is denied the fruits of their hard earned labors.

Welcome earthlings, we are eternally grateful for your service. Stay tuned for more developments….over and out.
L: Thank you, Ashtar.

Thursday, March<st1:dateYear=”2007″ Day=”7″ Month=”1″> 22th<st1:dateYear=”2007″ Day=”7″ Month=”1″>, 2007
An Urgent Call to Prayer

Message of Commander Ashtar Sheran channeled through Lauren Gorgo
Taken from:

The United Peacekeepers of the Universal Plane: “Thank you, warm one. We have accessed a level of energetic computation that has many far-reaching effects into your galaxy and universe. We are especially interested in the amount of Light that is possible now for each of you to hold in the physical plane of Earth. Your intention setting is extremely profound due to this electromagnetic force field surrounding each of you. We are with the united Galactic Federation of Light and wish to inform you of some pending effects from your intentions that could usurp the power from the political leaders of your nation…”

Ashtar: Greetings, benevolent one. I am offering you foreknowledge of an event that is pending in your realm at this time. It has political ramifications but is galactic in origin. The members of your congress are meeting to discuss war plans for your country. They are mitigating a cause to ensure that those who are in the act of service to Creator are withheld from further investigation and reports made to the public awareness. Notice how it is time for the truth to come out when those of galactic origin step forth to proclaim the victory of media truth.

It is our intention to make way for an experience that will catapult the New Era of peace with great thrust. The amount of time allotted for this event is small and the window of opportunity is closing. We therefore wish to impose upon your time for a message of great importance to the People of the United States.

L: please proceed…
Thank you, commander. Behold the beginning of anarchy. Earth people, the time for great movement stirs. We of the Command are bringing you important information based from our ground crew liaisons on Capitol Hill. We have been alerted to the fact that there is a meeting in Congress that has begun to stir the pot, so to speak. We are alerting you to the possible rise of anarchy, the fall of the
US administration is afoot.

In times past the rise of a nation’s people was always at the shift of a great age. The fulfillment of prophecy always guarded the potential of new law. When the moment opens, a window of opportunity abounds and impetus gathers strength of cause for the ushering of a new paradigm. What we wish to accomplish is the gathering of Light from each of you to aid in this window of opportunity to overthrow the tyrannical controllers of your country. This opportunity is one that will aid greatly in the thrust of cosmic force and universal Light. It is of great importance that the people of the world understand the many ramifications that the fall of the US government holds.

It is of utmost importance that the people gather and rise in their intentions to birth this New Era. My people of Earth, hear the call to justice in your hearts. Take the power of your love and multiply the essence in your heart centers. Take this energy with great force of will and mind power and thrust your mighty intentions to your congressmen and women now. We are holding the grid system in place for your intercession. We are maintaining a fluid reinforcement for your prayers and we maintain neutrality for the purpose of unmitigated interference. Therefore, your intent will be manifold and pure and the new frequency grids around your Earth ensure the magnification ten fold emitted from your electromagnetic fields.

You each hold the most power available on Earth at this time and it is guaranteed that your frequency yields rapid results due to your expanded fields. We are asking to unite with your power now to increase the likelihood of the present political scenario to thwart off the residual darkness and uninvited guests to your new reality.

Thank you for your participation in this grand opportunity for the advancement of Light in your nation and inevitable in the world. You are beginning your journeys, but to do so effectively and unrestrained you must be freed from oppression. Take Heed my people of Earth, a New Day is dawning.

Monday, March<st1:dateYear=”2007″ Day=”7″ Month=”1″>26th<st1:dateYear=”2007″ Day=”7″ Month=”1″>, 2007

Message of Commander Ashtar Sheran channeled through Mark Stearn
Taken from: .

Mark: My dear friends,
I have chosen to channel Ashtar in exactly what he wishes to say. Sometimes I have stayed away from First Contact information for this has been promised for so long, but here you have his latest news unedited by me.

Ashtar:  My esteemed beloved counterparts,

It is a time of preparation for our appearance among you now. Ah, but I have spoken of this before, have I not? Know indeed that right now we are amassing [ourselves] throughout Earth’s subterranean cities in preparation for the advent of the full restoration of the Light on this planet. We will appear above the surface at the desired time and work ourselves into every stream of society. This is already in progress. Numerous key-workers are taking their assigned positions. It is a time of an end to all war. Our appearance will herald an end to your long term drama that has boded of such disillusionment until now. In a time to come before long your planet will be consciously bathed in all colors of the rainbow imaginable and then we are among you. We are among you even now in your conscious waking state however we are aware that you desire to witness on all conscious levels.

So many Light servers have appeared to have downed tools and are waiting out the remainder of the show. It is a few steadfast souls now that uphold the Light victoriously. These hearts are now beginning to experience alterations in their soul matrix that is fully returning them to the full brilliance of the natural Light. These souls are being rewarded as we speak. The Cosmos is now upon you. Where do you dare go? Fancy a trip to a nearby star for some nourishment and good old fashioned rest and relaxation? This time is now in your waking state consciousness. It is a few key souls that are now coordinating the entire shift, dear hearts. This is an incredible reality to behold, dear hearts, and yet it firmly remains the truth. Your victory is already making itself known on a conscious level.  Mother Earth has fully donned her higher Light Body. Your conscious integrations into the fullness of New Earth on a level you can directly perceive are well at hand.

Trust, my dear hearts. I am going to begin speaking through many new hearts in a time to come very soon. Many of my beloved commanders have held the Light for, oh, so long and all are already being rewarded through their conscious integrations with the Light at this time. All hierarchies and governmental structures are falling away with your conscious integrations into a very new Light field. Full human consciousness is busily taking shape and my experience is that humanity are at last beginning to pierce the veil that has held you bound for so much of Earth time. Rest easy, beloveds, it is all at hand now. You are all doing so very well. We uphold you in the highest esteem for what has no doubt been the most incredible and yet challenging time in this planet’s history. I leave you for now. I will speak very shortly. Who knows, you may have shifted fully before we next speak. I couldn’t say enough about the immediacy of your internal and external changes. We will speak again soon.
Your brother,

Monday, March<st1:dateYear=”2007″ Day=”7″ Month=”1″>26th<st1:dateYear=”2007″ Day=”7″ Month=”1″>, 2007

On the Wings of Doves, the Messages of Hope Arrive<st1:dateYear=”2007″ Day=”7″ Month=”1″>
Message of Commander Ashtar Sheran channeled through Lauren Gorgo
Taken from: .

Beloved one, what I wish to discuss with you today are the many ramifications of your changing world of which we are at the fore of this mighty transition. I have come with legions prepared to deploy a magnificent showing of our presence among you.

Before you now is a grand trine of evolutionary movement into the New Age of Peace. This trine is known for its leap in consciousness and its wayward effects on humanity. We are proposing that the effect on humanity this time around will be quite interesting, if not monumental.

Before your historians and like-minded people of quantum research emerged, those who were depended on most were the great seers, mystics and astrologers of your past. Now, as you merge back into the Oneness of interconnectivity you will begin again to replace your focus upon the cycles of an ever-breathing universe. This focus is imperative to your survival as a species and essential for the upward spiral of evolution. We of the Command have great plans to teach those interested in learning about the great history of your pioneers in astral thinking. Consider yourselves moving forward with the history of ancient days intact. The past, present and future shall truly merge into one concept of All Knowing and existing in the now. For this is already happening.

What is in store for humanity still lies largely outside the conceptual understanding of the masses. The proper element of faith and trust was necessary to catapult the New Era into being and this has been effectively projected into the minds and hearts of those programmed and willing to hear the call. Now before you are the opportunities to begin your journeys of total manifestation and expression of that trust. It is a moment in your time that will be marked by all in your universe and it is a time for interceding on behalf of humanity.

Never before has your Earth witnessed the amount of change that is due to sweep through your world. On the wings of doves the messages of hope arrive. In your heart-core lie your truth and the calm under the storm. Be true to your inner voice now more than ever, the time of great discipline beckons you. The power that you project into the infinite realm and impress upon the creation of possibilities is the power that you shall carry with you all your days. It is a time of great faith and hope, but also a time of great dismantling of illusion. All is in readiness for the great shift of consciousness and all stand prepared for great missions of service to the One.

Remember your brothers and sisters who have seemingly lost their way. You who hold the Light of truth hold the ability to carry those willing to the shore. There may seem to be many riding your back to destiny, but know that those who need your strength will soon set you free. When you arrive at the new shores, you will be born anew, and those who have needed you so long will release the struggle that keeps you bound. Know in this time you have many choices before you, but only one choice is the destiny of your Shan…. love and peace.

When peace has reached every shore, you are free to expand. When peace has enveloped this beautiful planet you are free to become who you are in truth. When peace has been bestowed upon those in the trenches of the most dire circumstances, you are free then to rise again. Behold the risen ones, for those who carry the seeds of infinite wisdom shall govern a New World. The societies based in lack shall wither and the growing consciousness of abundance and unity shall replace all lower forms of existence. No longer is it necessary to live out the patterns of karmic recycling, no longer is it necessary to live the life of oppression.

These times have ceased for humanity but it will take the risen ones to remind those remaining in limitation of their power to rise with you. It will take the risen ones to show the way of abundance and freedom. It will take the example of those willing to fully express Creator’s love to change guard and show a better way. This is a life in service and it requires none other than total experience and expression of the One.

The prayers that you have offered have succeeded in claiming truth. The power of your thoughts and determination to see things through has yielded massive potential in the infinite realms of expansion. Know that your assistance in these endeavors creates the magnetism by which others attract and awaken to notice. The Light that circles your globe is intelligent with coded information that signals all to realize their full potential. In this realization, your strength becomes all-powerful. The more who rise, the greater your connectivity to the energy that is contributed to the web of consciousness. This is unity in action, the pervasive All-Knowing that together you can lift a nation, a world, a universe and a galaxy.

I Am Ashtar and I have come with many legions of Light. I am central and chief commanding officer in rank for the galactic aspect of Ascension. I have many things to share with the people of Earth and orders have been given to dismantle the illusion of separation. Awaiting you now is only the perfect timing in the fluid realm of change. You will be delighted at the time of our choosing for it will serve you all in the perfect way. You have been seeded with the encryption of divine timing and you will activate accordingly for each of you has so much to offer.

Blessings and good tidings for the end of struggle. Life is indeed what you make it, and you will be pleased at your creation. Farewell.
Thank you, Ashtar.

Tuesday, March<st1:dateYear=”2007″ Day=”7″ Month=”1″>27th<st1:dateYear=”2007″ Day=”7″ Month=”1″>, 2007

Message of Commander Ashtar Sheran channeled through Mark Stearn
Taken from:,, .

[Cover note from Mark: I have fully awakened. Even channeling other energies is such a dissension of the spirit. I know many may disagree. I experienced my infinity a while ago and I felt my entire being in this Creation. It’s rather strange although wonderfully familiar. I feel everything although felt a certain desire to channel none other than my own energy. This may sound strange although this is a message from Ashtar. I had the awakening while typing the message. This is awakening for us all. To feel the entirety of your being simply makes one aware of the impact they are making on Creation. It is a forever changing experience. Enough for now, here is Ashtar and some of my own previous notes below:
If I ever wondered why I felt a desire to write from spirit, this message answers it all. So many questions being answered. Spirit never ceases to amaze and fill me with the utmost wonder. I no longer doubt that the reason I am speaking so much for Ashtar of late is because we are in the middle of the changes we have all spoken of for so long. I’m going to shut up now and just allow Ashtar to speak from this point on. I now trust that what comes through me is what is actually happening. To be honest, dear hearts, there is so much love and such sense of being looked after that I know that I no longer doubt our friends. Many channels have encountered this in their journey. I don’t doubt the Divine Plan as it is far beyond human conception. Enough said. What follows from now is Ashtar and a running commentary on the changes. One point I want to make in all my time on the internet: I have never heard one soul speak publicly about the work that they were doing. I know a lot do work in silence. It is my contract to write and share what is appropriate. This I am to do. Enough said we all know.]

Ashtar: My brother, you will be glad to hear that field shifts have reached an integrative level where the mass consciousness is at last allowing in Unity. This has been an intense process for us all. All this day we have been coordinating the energies that you have been so vigorously bringing in. The day is won. We now witness a very beautiful process. Soon you will sing together in a new song that tears the heavens asunder. As you have said, my brother, you are now channeling me exactly how I appear to you. Trust once more, my counterpart soul. The underground is alive with activity. The subterranean tunnels are full of activity. The ore is being brought to the surface. It will be disseminated at the time of fruition. New cities are to be constructed. Most of your current cities you will choose to abandon and live in ones that support the natural harmonics of nature. You should trust more for the Divine Plan is blended with all of your soul patterns.

Changes are on the way that shifts this world forever. Days away are key strategies in governments that change the internal core governing and thus you will gain your voice once more, dear hearts. The greatest trick that has existed is that you have believed that you are governed by a source that is outside yourself. This is indeed the nature of the Earth game. I encounter your progress. I am in constant joy as I witness your changes. I see your growth. All is now reaching a grand fruition. The planet will soon experience a sense of being completely displaced from itself to incorporate the full state of New Earth. This is to manifest as a massive electromagnetic shift apparently from the Heavens but you all know better, my beloved hearts. The shift is monumental in its nature and yet you have all integrated so many shifts at this stage, my beloved hearts, that this grand transition is to appear like another walk in the park to many of you. You are radiant souls. You are changing this planet like no other time in history.

Bringing down governments is an aspect that we experience in most worlds that we deal with in terms of Ascension. In all cases they finally give sway to the greater Light and move in flow the changes. Much grumbling along the way but maybe you will allow them the grunts. This is a game after all although right now it appears completely otherwise. Many are waiting for the top seat of power to crumble. This is a natural course of evolution. You all know who I am speaking of[of Bush,N. ofE.]. Those that dishonor Creation no matter how guided in their contracts get taken out at some stage. You will witness this before long. You will soon witness many global phenomena. Simply do your part, dear hearts, while smiling and know that you are fulfilling your contracts. Hearts of lack have no place in our New World. I am not appearing to create sides however I am painfully aware of how challenging your situation has been up until now.

Your film The Matrix did a masterful job in stating the reality of a system this planet experienced until very recently. Although it is not to the extent of scientology, it has still been a process for many souls to encounter with many painful results. We have experienced all that you have along the way. You feel that we are in the ethers and yet we are with you in every conscious moment. Being a guide means laying down your life for your recipient even if it means death in the physical realm. We experience everything that you do. You may wonder as to our states of joy but know we experience all of your moments of fear, doubt and sadness also. You are now at the core stage of conscious integration of alignment of the Source of All That Is. This is what you have all worked towards. We know what you have been through. It may seem like a struggle for only an instant more and then you know you are overcome with the Fire of Divine Love that purges everything that is in the Fire of Truth.

Your planet is reaching an integrative frequency that speaks of transcendence of all worlds that are in its vicinity. You exist in a very physical realm and yet know that all is transpiring where energy is your purest nature. You all know this already for you have read all of the books. We delight in souls that are now just discovering the path for what an exciting time to be experiencing infinity just when the train of infinity reaches the station. The train of limitation continues to leave to be replaced with the eternal gifts that are already in your heart of hearts. This game is not a competition. It is not to see who has suffered the most for the parameters differ for each soul and are infinitely unique. It is all about knowing Home and integrating it. We have been dropping hints all this time, my dear hearts. You are mastering your hearts at this time and what a time of expansion to be doing this at. Never again will you experience such an opportune time. Your changes in world government are also well coordinated.

Your move into the New World although it means the loss and integration of the ego into the Divine Source that means eternal liberation for all beings that are in this Creation. You are liberating on this grand scale and you are doing this, dear hearts. Earth is the grandest crossing point for the change of all beings across the Creation forever. You have gone through the most because you have been the most steadfast of souls. Never again will such pain have to be revisited. Never again will you doubt yourselves in the fashion that you have done. You will remake heaven and are doing so at this time. Representatives from all over the Cosmos and Creation abide on the Earth. To say that this planet reaches Unity is a statement indeed for we have seen where you have come from in only a few short years. Know that shortly all will be well on all conscious levels. All the changes will have occurred and we trust in your hearts to make the right decisions at the right times for know that all is truly in your hands, most beloved heart of hearts.  I will speak again very soon,
Your beloved brother,

Monday, March<st1:dateYear=”2007″ Day=”7″ Month=”1″>26th<st1:dateYear=”2007″ Day=”7″ Month=”1″>, 2007
Questions and Answers with Ashtar

Message of Commander Ashtar Sheran channeled through Mark Stearn
Taken from:

[Personal note from Mark: The Q and A is really interesting at the end of this message. I am really digging for answers this time. I have learned a bit about where we go after the shift.  I’m trying an experiment here. I’m saying exactly what is coming to me from the essence of Ashtar that I work with. I feel like everything is over. Everything feels mid sway. I can feel the Source at work in our universe. The veils have never been so thin. I’ve also never been so loose or free in my channeling. I cleared myself fully before doing this message and so what you read is exactly what Ashtar is saying through me. Discount it or take from it what you will. Mind you, it is most exciting!  Like you all, I am asking Ashtar final questions. I wish to know when we shift. It’s all in mid flow now. I am between so many Earth realities. I feel like we have shifted and I am still here physically. Let’s see I am going to say exactly what comes.]

Ashtar: ‘My brother, do not doubt. I am going to present you with an interesting portrayal of what is transpiring on your Earth at this time. The monetary system of the world is on edgy waters right now. Key government officials are doing their utmost to stem the tide of what appears to be the coffers being unofficially leaked. Yes, there you have it. Sananda and I have been working night and day on securing an agenda that is to free Earth’s population. You are quite correct, my brother. Another 48 hours and you could find yourself completely on dry land. The active field shift to New Earth is actually underway as you type these words. Give people credit; they do feel the truth behind words when it resonates for them. Trust is essential in this unfolding for realities are quietly shifting at this time. There is no more room for doubt for active shifts are taking place at this time. Key government officials are in doubt as to how this shift is due to transpire. Yes, you are right, they are completely on the ball with the Ascension for they have been well informed by us. Now follows a grand removal of all those souls that have prevented humanity from living freedom at this time. This begins from the top down.

[Mark: I am just channeling what comes. I personally don’t buy NESARA but Ashtar is talking about it.]
Doubt not, brother, there is a shift in the planet’s coffers that sits very favorably for the well spring of humanity. The tide has already turned although the mass population of this planet has not been informed of this yet. The awakening continues and it is swift. It is faster than any previous dimension that you have ever experienced for you now rest in Mother Earth’s new experience. A field shift is now occurring that tears veils asunder and requires much personal affirmation to maintain belief systems if one is not consciously aligned with the vast shift in awareness now taking place. Trust, my brother, your message of yesterday is proving fruitful. All is transpiring according to divine contracts. Light Servers are feeling weighed upon because of the heightened awareness activity around the Earth. Time is short. Time is nothing in fact. You breathe the new air. The surface changes have been well in the mix since you first spoke of them about two weeks ago.

A time of no time. Embrace this reality, live it and you will know it’s free vibration. There is little time to go before the mass consciousness is consumed by its own vastness. Field shifts are to continue in the course of your Earth days to come and they will become stronger as the mass consciousness realigns with its fully sovereign nature.

[Mark: Now follows a very direct Q and A with Ashtar that contains questions that are with us all.]
Mark: What on Earth is going on right now? Everything is shifting. I’ve never felt so secure inside and yet on such shaky ground as regards an Earthly level.’
Ashtar: You field your questions so well, my brother. People admire your sincerity. Earth is in the midst of her final field shifts to the fullness of New Earth. This process takes days more than weeks. Earth’s core is purifying. The mass consciousness is reeling from the frequencies. They sense an impending change. They wish all to be complete now. Home is fully here now.

Mark: ‘When do we finally shift?’
Ashtar: ‘Ah, yes, the question of questions. You know the story with timelines, my brother. It is so subject to direct change at any given moment. Faith is once more put to the test. You will be glad to know that core change of your planet’s internal social structures is now underway. The Ashtar Command is working from the inside out.

Mark: ‘When is First Contact?’
Ashtar: ‘It has already begun. There have been sightings of late. In truth our presence among you is at an all time high. If you could just see the fleet that surrounds your Earth from all corners of the vast Multi-verse. It would reduce you to tears. We are waiting for a key moment to come in universal awareness before we make everything official. This will be conscious intervention on our part despite your levels of awareness.’

Mark: ‘When is this?’
Ashtar: ‘It could be a matter of hours or days. It is this close. You are delivering what so many wish to hear. I wish you would trust yourself more implicitly. You do sit at the core of these changes and have ultimate sway over their unfolding. But then you have always known this, haven’t you? Nebadon is hovering over your gaf right now.
[Mark: Gaf is Irish slang for apartment. Could someone please tell me what Nebadon is? I know it’s a ship but some details would be most appreciated.] [Editor’s Note:  Nebadon is not a ship; it is the local universe where planet Earth resides.]

Mark: Could you please tell me where we go from here? As in what the coming days and weeks are going to be like?’
Ashtar: ‘You will see heightened frequency in the coming days. There is much internal change regarding the monetary system. It is being organized by us in the most efficient way possible. Know that by the time all announcements are made you will be sitting in such a new field of energy. You will have fully returned Home in every conceivable way. It is your awareness you question at this time, and yet everything has already transpired, my brother. Waves of change in administration at every level are due to transpire shortly. This involves groups of beings being removed from their lofty positions and a loose democratic structure being established for the short term until you all concur on how the global situation is to transpire from there on.

The greatest difference being from here on in is that all have an active say as to how the entire Earth is running. No longer are you subject to the will of a few but it is the collective voice that has been actively restored. After the key shift in harmonic awareness we are among you consciously, you will witness us everywhere. Indeed you already do, our presence among you has never been so strong. You are already laying ground ideas for the new mode of operation for the New World. This is important until the entirety of awareness is grounded in the harmony of the New World.

Mark: ‘What part does the Ashtar Command have in this? What of the Galactic Federation?’
Ashtar: ‘Our brother Sheldan
[Nidle] has been true to his word all this time. What has been so faithfully promised is now actively transpiring because mass awareness has now reached the desired levels. You doubt yourself even in the midst of the most intense changes, my brother. Trust, it is a done deal. The Ashtar Command is at the forefront of changes in world administration. Councils of Earth representatives are to be formed with mass consensus once the massive relief has been experienced by our innate and vast arrival. Nothing happens without the mass consensus from this point on.
These councils are to act as intermediaries to meet the Galactic Federation and to basically learn about the functioning of the New Earth.

Mark: ‘What people are the New Earth Councils composed of?’
Ashtar: ‘Souls like you. Those who have been true throughout the entirety of the Ascension process. Those who earned the right to be at the forefront of such vast cosmic change. This is not be confused with ego issues, for this honor simply comes as part of all that all like you have done on behalf of Home. We are experiencing tears, my brother, for we well know all that you have consciously experienced on your journey to this point. And of course, all hearts who have remained steadfast to the formation of the
New World.

Mark: ‘I received a reading last year that tried to dissuade me from the Ascension contracts.’
Ashtar: ‘This soul sits in a position of intense inner struggles regarding the nature of the planetary change. He saw in you himself and he experienced in that moment where he felt he was from a soul perspective. Thus the prediction of centuries to come was of an ego-based perspective born from intense observation of soul energies of a nature more inclined to earthly perspectives.

Mark: ‘I have always felt that Ascension is the number one process and that our passage to the New Earth supersedes all else for me.’
Ashtar: ‘It is because you have remained steadfast to your core plan that the Earth now finds itself in a very new situation in such a prenatal fashion. There are countless hearts like you who have pushed forward the collective process by decades and even centuries. Everything is subject to change at all times, this is the nature of Creation and the ingenuity of your own hearts.

Mark: ‘How is the New Earth organized?’
Ashtar: ‘Like you and me we form a vast network of models that exist all over the Cosmos. Earth is to be presented with a former model of itself. This is designed to be accepted unanimously. Although this is yet to be seen. We are confident that the new model will be accepted due to the heightened awareness.’

Mark: ‘What is this model? What is it like?’
Ashtar: ‘C’mon, brother, you do labor the point, you already know what I am going to say. You have spoken of it well in times past. Those star wars films bode interesting, do they not?

Mark: ‘Go on, please.’
Ashtar: ‘New Earth functions on harmony and Unity that is loosely organized into a number of groups that coordinate movement throughout the new planet. The model is loosely democratic in the sense that all souls have equal say and nothing transpires without mass consensus. Yes, a new republic is born from the ashes of the old world. Brother, you really are stepping from the ashes at this time. What has been put in place is the most successful model of New Earth that has existed to date. Your passage is secure from all perspectives thanks to key work by souls completely entrained in divine contracts that have restored this system’s universal rights. It has been messy for such time now if I was to use an earthly term.

Mark: ‘Thank you, brother.’
Ashtar: ‘It is my esteemed honor. Shortly all will have shifted. Know this.
But you do know this already.’

Monday, April <st1:dateYear=”2007″ Day=”7″ Month=”1″>9th<st1:dateYear=”2007″ Day=”7″ Month=”1″>, 2007

Message of Commander Ashtar Sheran channeled through Mark Stearn
Taken from:


Ashtar: Well, what can I say, my bold friends, your victory is not only apparent: it is becoming quickly manifest. Mother Earth is donning her final higher vibrational Light body and all is now moving in sway with the crystal lotus at the centre of the planet.  The centre of centers is now radiating swiftly through the centre of your Earth into all thought streams and change is now swift. Our arrival is a done deal. We have set up bases all around your globe to monitor your ongoing changes. Like peeling back the layers of the onion the centre is revealed. You are now at the centre of all centers. When the Earth began her Ascension process in 1999 the onion was in its outer layers. You are now in a time of complete surface change. The harmonics of the Earth are integrating with those of higher Earth. A few brave bold souls are now coordinating the shift for the final integration of Earth into the lotus that sits at the centre of the New Earth. It is this exciting, this apparent and this immediate. We revel in joy and ecstasy about where you are now bound. This message is short as much has already been said. There is not much left to say for shortly there will be direct cognition of our presence among you. But then, my brave hearts, you already know the score, do you not!
Your friend,

Taken from:
Mark: It is almost like the planet is going off course with all that is going on now. I am doing constant upgrades to the crystal lotus to lighten the situation for one and all. It is very heavy right now. We are walking between worlds and it is throwing the entire waking world into a state of unbridled chaos. This will not last forever. The world will crack soon. It could well be a splitting of worlds. One where Ascending souls reach the etheric realms and the rest of physicality spins off into another incarnational universe. These are just thoughts and not really a channeling. This amount of pressure must reach a boiling point and I strongly feel that we are at breaking point at this time. Humanity is being tested to the degree now that they were in Atlantis or to an even greater degree.  I will say what Ashtar has to say on this:

Ashtar: I may just reiterate [what] you are feeling, my brother. It is as though you have all just entered a wormhole and humanity is being tossed this way and that. There is light at the end of this tunnel and the light is being reached at this time. Collective belief systems are being shattered all over your globe. The time is ripe for that very change that shifts your vibrational frequency forever.

There is in fact nothing to be fearful, for you are all merely fulfilling contracts that wrap up this game forever. Whether you know it or not, you are already on the other side playing out on the surface of the world that touches the New Earth. The New Earth is here and now. We could not say this enough. The greatest calamity amongst Lightworkers is that you do not trust yourselves enough.

Questioning is all well and good however faith is vital at this time and always in your growth processes. We continue to monitor your planetary situation. Your melting pot is overflowing and the frequencies from Home are causing the broth of humanity to spill out over the sides. If you could just see that you ARE coming Home you would know that all is well. When you do not hear from us all continues to remain well. Your surface world will continue to say otherwise and continue to project fear into the masses through the news that is found on your televisions 24 hours a day now.  On the other hand Mother Earth is reaching ever higher now and is integrating frequencies that are only found at the centre of centers of the Great Central Sun. You are home, beloveds. Trust in this.

Saturday, April 14th<st1:dateYear=”2007″ Day=”7″ Month=”1″>, 2007

Message of Commander Ashtar Sheran channeled through Mark Stearn
Taken from:

Greetings, my beloved counterparts,

Earth is preparing for a mass shift in awareness. This has been building over the past three Earth weeks. The shift in awareness will be planetary in its nature and will deepen the vibration of New Earth in your current celestial sphere. It is important to know that your vibration is between infinite levels of old Earth and New Earth. You will find your awareness unfolding into many new avenues. Feelings that may not have surfaced in millennia are now the order of the day. Know that we continue to monitor your surface changes. Your growth is truly through the roof as you integrate the Celestial Heart into your Center of Centers. We are infinitely proud of your innate progress. The unfolding into full cognition of New Earth continues to deepen as each Earth day progresses. You are unfolding into awareness of your natural infinite power at this time. This new awareness is heightening the nature of your current Earth changes.
I will speak once more very soon,



Update of St. Germain
St. Germain Straightens Out Some Misconceptions

Thursday April 12, <st1:dateYear=”2007″ Day=”7″ Month=”1″>2007
Message of St. Germain channeled through Jess Anthony
Taken from:

Jess: Violinio, I would like some comments from you this evening, if you are available. I think some things I have read recently don’t match what you have told me and what I’ve heard from Christ Michael Aton. I am anxious to get to the next phase, but I trust the perfect timing that must be carried out. Will you speak to me this evening on what is about to happen?

St. Germain: Jess, my boy, it’s been too long since we’ve chatted. This is not the internet chat room, but the effect is the same. Except I’m doing most of the talking—which is normal and par for the course, quite frankly.

Many things have been happening, as you gathered, and many decisions have been made to shift the direction of the original concept of NESARA that I birthed and worked to bring to pass. The people in America have been too slow to wake up to the potential of the proposal and the actions it would entail in setting it in motion. Rather than keep waiting for that first shoe to fall, so to speak, we decided to reverse the game plan and attack the obstacles from the other side. We did all the later steps first. The dominoes fell in a different direction, as it were, and now most everything is set and ready to go on a global scale once the government in America is changed. That has become the last obstacle to announcement. The Heavens are waiting for the signal to move. Christ Michael is taking his time to make sure everything is in a perfect place and has the absolute perfect symmetry to follow his intentions.

This will be soon—any day now, I suppose I could add, but that is still an imprecise statement and strings you alone with false hopes that are not necessary at this time. Look to the change as taking place. It is a done deal and it will happen as predicted long ago.

You have seen the scenario of what is going to happen, but I will briefly go over a couple of things again. The money is in the bank, and the stories to the contrary are misinformation. We have begun distributing the notices to various recipients and expect to have that completed shortly. This is in our control, and is proceeding accordingly. The stories you hear of interference by the dark side no longer have much validity. There are still some rogue characters trying to jam up the logs once again, but the current is now too strong for this to happen. Sit patiently and wait for this to be made public.

The announcement will proceed when it is time to do so. Factors influencing it are the delivery of the notices and the legalities that pretty much are in place. The skirmishes over the television station are a bogus distraction. We are broadcasting directly from the [spaceship]Phoenix and there will be no problem linking to the transmitters we need. So many red herrings are floating out there in the media stream!

We will tell you what is going to happen with the government structure and the fiscal re-adjustment during the announcement period. The officials will resign and be replaced by interims who are well qualified to assume the jobs they will take on. They will start the moves that will lead to a return to Constitutional Law and a dissolution of the private banking consortium that determines what value your money has. Money has an absolute value that is based on reality. The financial burdens that have been placed on you by the controlling banking system will be removed, as will the unfair system of taxation that has been imposed upon you without your agreement.

These steps will be taken immediately after the interim officials assume office. The legal tools are in place, awaiting the approval by the interim government. This will cause some confusion in this country, particularly, but it will sort itself out. Other countries will have their own individual circumstances to work through, but we don’t expect them to be quite the enormous switch over as in this country of theUnited States.

Let’s wait and hit the ground running when Christ Michael give the go ahead.
With anticipation,
Violinio St. Germain



Update of Christ Michael
Christ Michael Addresses Some Financial Misunderstandings 

Thursday April 19, <st1:dateYear=”2007″ Day=”7″ Month=”1″>2007
Message of Christ Michael channeled through Jess Anthony
Taken from:

Journal 4-19-07
Jess:  Aton Christ Michael, I ask if you have comments today. I ask for clarity and insight and an explanation of the layers of misinformation and misunderstanding imposed upon the prosperity funding program. I ask to be a voice for you.

Christ Michael: Jess, I am here, and I will speak with you today. It is time to straighten out some misconceptions and many misunderstandings. I have a plan in place that is producing the fair distribution of money in anticipation of an announcement of a complete Constitutional restoration and government change. The money referred to as the prosperity money and the farms claims money is a different account from the enormous abundance of stolen income and revenue that has been accumulating for forty years or longer. This abundance money is the revenue that will be returned to the people of America in installments. The amount is said to be $75,000 a month once the program is set in motion. This amount is not fixed in stone at this point, and will be determined definitely at a later time.

The frantic discussion on the Internet by various commentators with carefully chosen names is a true picture of the scrambling by various self-appointed factions to direct much of the newly available money their way. One controlling faction will be replaced by another, and one banking system will [be] remade into another that functions to another group’s benefit. Does it not seem completely ridiculous that money withdrawn before lifting the government’s restrictions would be untouched? How secure are offshore accounts when it is so easy to move money around instantaneously?The existing banking system is corrupt, but the new tracking program is not. It was developed with Galactic help and finally provides a clear picture of where every cent is going and to whom.

The purpose of GESARA now, and NESARA before it became global, was to remove the inequities in independent existence by allowing everyone to have sufficient income and resources to follow their life purpose with freedom and ease. The Unconstitutional systems of government taxation and imposed banking servitude will be removed before the money is made available to the general public. The public recipients will not have access to the funds until the government changes are announced. Debit cards and restricted accounts in other countries dangle promised fortunes before people hungry for new wealth and new power.

It makes no difference who is speaking about the financial and legal machinations of the groups struggling for control of immense wealth. The information is misinforming and purposely misleading. Look to who benefits from such a system predicated on turning your back on your country for your own self-interest. I say this primarily to the Americans because your financial difficulties are uniquely yours, even though your fiscal maneuverings have an impact on the whole world. That is another reason NESARA became GESARA. The financial inequities were spread through all countries, and it served a better purpose to tackle global problem as a whole.

I say through Jess that the money will be available, as promised, at the time it is appropriate for it to be available. The Earth will be undergoing a period of upheaval and physical confusion and it is absolutely mandatory that a strong, stable financial and governmental system be in place to coordinate rescue and service efforts globally.  This will all be discussed as soon as political obstacles are removed.
Christ Michael Aton of Nebadon



Update of Sheldan Nidle
From a Sheldan Nidle’s Presentation

Sunday May 20, 2007
Message of Sheldan Nidle delivered in one of his presentations and transcribed by a person by the name Jack.  Taken from: .

Here’s some of the info Sheldan covered today.

There are usually 1,000 Motherships for 1st Contact.  For ours there are over 1,000,000. Some as Big as planets, countries or states.  There are over 1 Billion registered Spacecraft in our Galaxy.

It takes 7 second for a Sirian to transport to earth.  Using a Spacecraft, it takes about 7 minutes from Sirius to Earth.  One Mothership has 100 times the weapons of all those on earth

The replicator is about as big as a refrigerator, it makes food, clothing & other small items from light. So any type of food has the full benefits… ice cream, chocolate whatever you want.  The replicators that can build a house are about ten feet by 30 feet.  They can also build an a skyscraper in 3 days or a forest and such.

The US doesn’t run any more on taxes but on a trust of 64 trillion dollars.

There will be 3 continents rising; Lemuria in the Pacific, Atlantis in the Atlantic and Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean.

There will be 2 weeks of info on governmental changes, animated 3 hours each evening after the Bushit gang is removed. The stock market & legal system (courts) will shutdown for some weeks. Lawyers will be out of business no longer able to practice or be in any political or governmental office.

Everything is now ready for the shift. Losing Wolfowitz was a strategic economic blow against the U.S. cabal cutting down there monetary leverage considerably.

There is now a strong probability that the shift may happen by this summer or even in May as the noose is being tightened by the day.  The prosperity funds are already for delivery, the banks are online and the amounts have increased considerably.  98% will be distributed that 2%  leftover.

The longer the cabal holdout, the worse the consequence become for them as more is revealed about 911, the illegal wars, laws & government we’ve been under for many years… etc, etc, etc.

Osama Ben Laden died of kidney failure.

It’s looking & feeling very good these last several days.  Send positive energy out, Light & love as we usher the dark back into the Light.

Come tomorrow Sunday to see Sheldan & Colleen from 1 to 4pm.  It is a most beautiful surrounding, wonderful gardens & such.  They’ll be more to discuss with Sheldan about Ascension & all the many things being shared. Hope to see you there.  Oh, and remember the new dollar are worth ten old ones so a billion is worth 10 & so forth, 10 a 100.  And a 100 billion is worth a trillion, that’s $1,000,000,000,000.00 .

Of course we’ll be able to manifest anything we want as well as experience any time place dimension past present or future or anything else  we desire.

Jack, A Bursting Heart, Graced Eternally.


Update of Esu Immanuel Sananda
Esu Speaks of Man Creating the Future

Monday September 1st, 2008
Message of Esu Immanuel Sananda channeled through Jess Anthony
Taken from:

Jess: Esu, I ask for comments from you this afternoon. I feel it is time to connect formally. I am open to whatever you wish to say, but I am curious about the October 14 date, the situation with banking and the supposed accountability tomorrow, September 2, as well as the progression to announcements or stasis, whichever will come first. I see my time as being divided in terms of focus, but I anticipate the nearness of a single preoccupation in terms of my activities and goals. Speak to me of my role at this point and guide me to the proper choices I should make to fulfill my purpose.

Esu: Jess, it is time to speak again. You wisely let your preoccupations take priority as we are planning and shifting the nature of your next phase of development and Ascension. You must realize that no parameters are pre-set. No criteria or situations are set in stone. We are constantly in flux with the ever-changing dynamics of man’s awakening and development on Earth as his chosen paradigm. His realizations and actions constantly change the nature and shape of what we oversee and assist with. We are not controlling man; man is, in effect, controlling us by creating the parameters we must work with. We have no pre-determined scenario of steps towards the goal we have accepted.

We choose to go to the next level of Ascension that is possible for Earth, and part of that decision is taking man along with the physical entity he inhabits. This is an unusual decision and a demanding and complicated one in terms of anticipating what is the optimal process for this to play out. You are on Earth because you want to explore this dynamic of energy interaction. That is a basic oversimplification, perhaps, for the plethora of connections and creations you make each day to explore yourself purpose in a unique situation. You are here because you chose to be, and you were trained in the unique techniques and attitudes you need to survive and grow.

The news you see before you is your creation. The tension in the world is your acceptance of possible courses of action that materialize from your ideas of working out past experiences and emotional baggage. Your mind triggers a specific set of automatic physical/emotional reactions, and these in turn color or determine the shape of the actualized idea or intention. You create your situation in the world and you have the power to shape it to fit your best needs for achieving this next step of your game plan.

Again I say the political/financial situation at present in the world is the worked out result of ideas and decisions made on Earth by Earth inhabitants to exploit the free resources available for their individual sustenance. Christ Michael never intended man to give his independence to a small group of overseers who would use the individual spirit’s creative ability for its own self-indulgence to rule over the others. Once this choice was made, however, it had to be played out. The situation now is the resolution of these decisions.

It is difficult to predict, to use your word, the sequence of new decisions man will make. He is so preconditioned that the obvious better choices don’t seem the ones he should choose. His perception and discernment is impaired by lack of experience with alternative situations. He makes the same choices as before, in many cases, because it has become automatic. This programmed decision making is why the resolution is so difficult to finish. It is in effect an incremental progress with much backward motion to counter the new realizations that do cause man to move forward.

Much has happened this summer that has awakened the sensitivities of man. More and more of the mass consciousness is shifting. As Christ Michael said, enough awareness has been realized to be able to say that the balance of Light with the dark has tipped in favor of the Light. The void has been reached he was waiting for, and he is convinced that man will be committed to moving to a greater level of understanding of his Universal realities.

The Olympics were a watershed event in terms of public acceptance and willingness to cooperate and overlook traditional aggression. The largest number ever of participants and observers were unified in the vision of cooperation and respect for each other despite their preconditioned attitudes for other races and countries.

The political conventions are examples of public veniality and power brokering. The candidates are chosen specifically to advance the agendas of the controlling group. The designation of political party is not a factor. The charade of public election is set once again to be played out to install the chosen figurehead for those ultimately making the decisions. The speeches are shallow examples of polished rhetoric and empty sincerity. The public is drawn to the candidates because they are positioned to have that effect on the voters.

Christ Michael is waiting until he is convinced that all that will be done has been done. The announcements and the money delivery and distribution you read about constantly will only be when he says he is ready. There is a clear sequence in those steps, however. The resignations will have to occur before the money is positioned for delivery and distributions. The constant insistence that tomorrow will be the day is uninformed and premature. “Tomorrow” is a nebulous term that has no concrete meaning unless the sequence of events is actually in motion. The worry and discouragement as a result of the continued dashed hopes is counter to the positive energy that could be shown to support Christ Michael’s making the decision. The vast amounts of money acquired by St. Germain’s trust will not be distributed until all banking systems are free of self-interested control and shadowy accounts with hidden funds. This has not yet been achieved. Any talk about its movement triggering the announcements and the resignations is incorrect. I have said read the reports about this, however, because the information about the power struggles is accurate and necessary for the public to be told. The explanations in every case are only partial, but the maneuvering is truly described.

The time for these to be resolved is now. The increase of galactic energy is ever stronger, and the dark’s ability to determine events and outcomes is ever weaker. The tipping of these is dependent on enough people taking control and making the necessary changes. This will be protected and supported. Mankind just must take the first step to cause these prepared sequences to be initiated.

This is Esu on this day of rest from laboring. [N. of E.;  This is Labor Day in the USA.]


Ashtar Sheran’s Update
Ashtar Addresses Post NESARA Announcements

Tuesday September 23rd, 2008
Message of Ashtar Sheran channeled through Susan Leland Ashtar addressing the August 26, 2008 teleconference. Taken from:

Now we are going to interject something that you may, or may not, be aware of. It may be necessary to have a kind of restoration of order as a result of all of the chaos, but this will simply be a part of the announcement, that everyone will be asked to stay calm. We understand that there will be a lack of understanding in those who do not know anything of these matters.

Do you recall the image we gave you of those with their heads in the sand, and no matter how yucky it tastes and feels, to have one’s head in the sand, there are still those who have their heads there, so they don’t have any information in their consciousness about NESARA, and the Golden Age. So it may be necessary to call for order if they get into a heightened state of stress.

The way things are going, there will still be a peaceful announcement. In other words, those whom you call your leaders, though they might be under arrest, they will not be in such resistance that there will be their armies called out to try to stop the events. It will be orderly, it will be peaceful.

But there are those individuals who, as we say, have their heads in the sand and they might not be feeling very peaceful, so the call will go out to maintain Peace. The call will go out to all of you to assist with that. How do you assist with that? You do as we have just done, but you go outside of yourselves, and you send the Love Light everywhere, and you can charge it if you will, particularly to look for dark places in the world, just as you did now to seek out any darkness, any less brilliantly lit areas within your own beings.

We should simply do that for the world. It couldn’t be simpler, could it? So know that this will be what is needed to transmute the fears, and any resistance that might be felt by those who either can see the change coming and are resisting it, and those are the ones who truly wear the dark hats, and those who simply have their heads in the sand, and have been taken in by the lies, and really don’t understand why all of a sudden, everything in their world seems to be in a state of topsy-turvy ness.

It won’t last long, as you measure time, but there might be some feelings of chaos out there, and there might be some outcries of upset and stress. There will not be armies fighting in your streets. There will not be bombings and destruction of your cities. There will not be bloodsheds and rioting of any size. There may be some incidents, but they will be few. And it will be only for those who must have another round of expression to express themselves.

So it is not to be alarmed in any way. It is simply to be aware that Peacemaking will be most important, most valued and we will be putting you on alert, as they say, in that military jargon. And we are asking you to be ready to continue your mission as Peacemakers, moving into Peacekeepers, because events are happening even now.

We are moving behind the scenes in many, many directions to prepare the way, so as to minimize what we have described as somewhat chaotic reactions on the part of some to the announcements, and to the unveiling of the true history/herstory, which has been so denied, but you already know it, and it is no shock to you.

Oh there will be some things that will come out during the educational process. There will be some surprises. Things like, ‘Oh I didn’t know that, but it makes perfect sense. Now, I see how the puzzle all comes together’, or whatever.

That could be fun, couldn’t it? But remember that for your brothers and sisters, who kept their heads in the sand and have swallowed a lot of stuff you know, that it’s going to take special help for them, support, kindness and yes, Forgiveness, for them to stand on their own, in their own Light, and find the courage to accept into their beings the Truth that you already know.

And we’re going to be dancing too. We’re going to have some big celebrations, and parties. Joy, Joy, Joy to the World, and you will see evidence of this Joy, of this lightening up in all of the kingdoms, and if you’re not seeing it, it’s because those humans around you are not in the flow yet. Although they will look at you differently, and say ‘Well, somehow this world of mine has turned upside down, and it turns out that you’re not such a crackpot, nut case after all.’

If it is difficult, because they are not quite ready to see this Joy, Joy, Joy, happiness celebration, welcome to the Golden Age in their immediate human surrounders (I love it when I make up words!) You will find it in the other kingdoms. How about that? What is NESARA anyway except the energy of a whole new way, a whole new concept of being?

It’s Freedom, it’s your Constitutional rights restored, and it is a removal of a great deal of the stress that you have had. Well we won’t say you welcomed it into your beings, but you have had it put out there, and you have accepted a fair amount of it in your beings, because you needed to know what it feels like. How can you celebrate de-stressing, if you don’t know what stress is in the first place? That’s pretty logical isn’t it?

But guess who’s going to feel this absence of stress, because you’re going to be conveying it? And they’re going to feel it because the World is going to be conveying it to them – your animals. You have plants. How many of you have more than one plant? Look closely, you might see them dancing with each other. You might hear a little bit of singing, and you don’t know where it’s coming from. Some of your larger leaf ones might even be clapping. It’s all possible.

We’re talking about the frequencies going up, folks. We’re talking about everybody getting the message, and reverberating it, and sharing it.. So be joyful, Beloved Ones, because this is the world that you have welcomed. This is the world that you have spoken for, that you have co-created. This is the dream, the vision, of long ago from the very beginning, that you have said, its time has come to be the Truth and the only Truth on Planet Earth. So Congratulations, Beloved Ones!

© Susan Leland 2008. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered.


Major announcement of the Galactic Federation of Light and Ashtar Command
Message by Commander Adama (Adam DeGray)

Friday September 26th, 2008
Message of the Galactic Federation delivered by Commander Adama
Taken from:

I recently attended a meeting with the First Contact Liaison Teams aboard a Galactic Federation of Light Sirian mothership. It was a 10 hour (in Earth linear time) meeting with 100 people of all different races within this Galaxy and Universe. There has been a major success that is creating a shift in the way the Galactic Federation of Light, Ashtar Command, and Spiritual Hierarchy can work directly with Planet Earth very soon. I will go over all of the key aspects that were spoken about during this meeting.

The MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT is that by February 1st 2009 the Illuminati will be totally dismantled. The collapse of the Illuminati will happen through financial problems. When this finally occurs, they will lose all control over Planet Earth and Planet Earth will finally be able to start going down the path that is meant to happen, the path towards First Contact and Ascension.

The strongest Illuminati organizations that still exist are within the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and of course the Vatican which controls every major religion. The Illuminati organization within the United States of America is the epicenter of global control. This is where the main headquarters are located. As they say, if you dismantle the source, the organization cannot work and operate.

As you currently can see in your media, no matter where you are on Planet Earth, there is an extreme financial crisis wreaking havoc through the stock market. Where do these financial problems arise from? Simply put, from the United States of America. Now, the USA is currently trying to pass a $700 billion dollar plan within their government that will bail out stock market companies that are bankrupt or about to become bankrupt which they believe will boost the economy. This is their last plan to try and recover some of their money to gain the level of power they once had, but that will not happen.

The Illuminati dug themselves into an immensely massive hole. The USA is currently about $450 billion dollars in debt. If this plan is passed, they will be over a trillion dollars in debt. Financial experts are predicting that the USA will be engulfed in a big recession that could possibly evolve into a depression with or without a plan. That is how deep this trench goes. Also, the CIA and FBI are investigating some of these stock market companies for embezzlement and fraud.

What does this mean? It means that we are seeing the downfall of the American Empire which will utterly destroy the Illuminati’s global control since this is where the source of their organization is located. Money = Power. That simple equation is how the Illuminati got to the point of controlling and manipulating the entire planet without the public finding out, operating behind a veil of deceit. But, if you don’t have money, you won’t have power. The financial fortress that has been created is crumbling at a rapid pace. Their greatest strength is what has become their greatest weakness and this is something that was known would eventually happen which is why the GFOL, Ashtar Command, and Spiritual Hierarchy have chosen to not directly intervene in Planet Earths affairs. Letting this event play out is key.

It is important to understand what is meant when talking about a financial collapse. People tend to get scared or fearful when you mention a financial collapse. What is going and already starting to happen is a financial collapse that needs a new definition. This is what it shall be: a collapse of a world empire due to bankruptcy which is maintaining the sustainability of a mediocre economy due to a manipulation of the monetary system to become based upon fiat currency. It is not expected for a major depression to overtake the USA or other countries. A big recession will likely happen for the USA.

What citizens of America have been experiencing within the last couple of months will continue and tend to get a little worse. The rest of the world should also feel an aspect of this but not anywhere as what the USA will and have been experiencing. But certain key parts of the world that are directly associated with the USA will feel some similar financial pressures. This is what to expect. What will be felt is what has been felt for the last couple of months, but amplified to a more profound experience. Do not fear this, as this is a positive event that will bring a new change to the planet and is necessary. And this is exactly what is happening.

I am sure there will be a lot of speculation that will result in a rather typical question. Are the Illuminati creating this financial problem in hopes to turn it into a depression so they can declare martial law? The answer to that is NO. Was it a plan in the past? Yes. Why isn’t it now? The best way to answer this is by saying: because the Illuminati knows and understands the power the Spiritual Hierarchy has given the Galactic Federation of Light and Ashtar Command regarding the authority to directly intervene into Planet Earths affairs if necessary.

So, once again, the MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT is that by February 1st 2009 the Illuminati will be totally dismantled. The collapse of the Illuminati will happen through financial problems. When this finally occurs, they will lose all control over Planet Earth and Planet Earth will finally be able to start going down the path that is meant to happen, the path towards First Contact and Ascension.

This is what I was told to tell the world from this meeting! Preparations are now seriously being planned by the GFOL, AC, and SH to start with the beginning phases of initiating First Contact as soon as this current event plays out.

Please take this information and spread it out as far as possible in its entirety.  There will be a series of Phone Conference Calls that will start on Saturday, October 4th 2008 that will be solely about this new information. It does cost money which I have started to do which is going to be used to cover website costs and future lecture tours I will be doing. This is not a money-making scheme in any way shape or form for the people who may think that. Much more information will be uncovered during these conference calls. For those who don’t attend, messages will be available with more information. If interested, more information on how to attend can be found on my website: http://www.GalacticAffairs.comThere will be other messages I will be writing that will uncover more information about this event in the coming days and weeks.

Love and Light,
Commander Adama

Commander Adama is a representative of the Galactic Federation of Light. He is the creator of the Galactic Federation of Light Yahoo Group. For those who wish to join, you may do so by going to this website: also writes weekly GFOL First Contact Updates and gives Spiritual Readings, as well as hosts weekly Conference Calls over both the phone and internet. For more information please go to: . All of Commander Adama’s weekly messages are also being archived at:


Esu Challenges You to Take Control

Sunday September 28th, 2008
Message of Esu Immanuel Sananda through Jess Anthony
Taken from:

Jess: Esu, I ask today for specifics. I ask for your comments on the financial mess the US is in and also on the continued resistance and political naiveté that is evident in the general public. I ask for guidance on what we should do during this time, and I request a possible scenario of what we should most likely expect to happen so that we can prepare and anticipate events to come. Give me insight so that I can best discern what I should do for my own progress.

Esu:Jess, I am here. This is a trying time with climactic events hanging in the winds of change. The money situation has finally come home to America, and the public is beginning to see some glimmer of the immensity of the problem that several generations of lawmakers and financiers have created. The public has been taken for a ride, so to speak, and their hard earned resources have been taken from them by illegal means that have benefited none but the few miscreants who have devised the system. This complex financial history has been clearly explored and explained in the works of [Christopher]Story and others. Each writer’s version is personal, of course, and the events emphasized are those most crucial to their own way of thinking. They speak to those aspects that hit home most with their own conception of the global financial imbroglio. That is a good word to use because it suggests the arcane and hidden convolutions that the public doesn’t see.

The concept of a “bailout” is mind-bogglingly inappropriate and misguided by the lawmakers who should be watching out for the country’s best fiscal interests. Its passage would doom the taxpayers to generations of debt beyond what they already have acquired through fraudulent financial promises. This is of course not in the best interests of the global economy, let alone that of the United States, which is supposed to be a beacon and model for the rest of the world. The trillions of dollars of debt that have been manufactured and passed on to others through sleight-of-hand bookkeeping are finally becoming known and are now required to be fiscally accounted for.

The political system playing with the proposed “bailout” is flawed and useless as a method of representation for the best interests of the general public. The preconceptions of the electorate have been ignored and bypassed for many years in favor of supporting an elitist self-interest and a money-grabbing handful of powerful controllers. The process is an empty tool to be used for other purposes than what the Constitution proposed and laid out in its structural description.

The candidates are to a one selected and manipulated by other controlling interests that have personal wealth and self-consideration at the forefront of their political thinking. The views they espouse are carefully rehearsed and spoken with a calculated nuance to evoke public sympathy and support for a range of seemingly divergent political viewpoints. Their opposition is calculated to draw in as many supporters as possible who will vote for what is essentially the same platform despite the two-party affiliations that are represented. The election is a sham that serves the financial interests of the few who control the world’s money and use conflict as a distraction for earning more.  The sentiment for peace that is in the minds of the majority of the global inhabitants is played with and colored negatively by the few who control all the media. The public’s access to a range of unedited thinking and opinion is non-existent except for a few sites and sources on the still-uncontrolled Internet. Thankfully the public is waking up to this and is beginning to search for answers to the questions they are beginning to ask which are not responded to satisfactorily by the traditional streams of information.

Let’s say this will not continue much longer. This is a nebulous answer, again, but the factors are not all in place or completely resolved enough to end the string of objectifications that have been created in the thinking of those who are working for their own interests in opposition to the wishes of Christ Michael. I tell you to look carefully at the decisions that are being made today and tomorrow and see how much opposition there is in the minds of the general public. Look to see how much the turmoil is the product of a few with self-interest determining their choosing. War is for their benefit, not that of political stability. Financial instability is for their benefit by allowing confusion to hide their pocketing other peoples’ money. Political campaigning is a charade that masks the intent of a small cabal to continue to control world events. It is time for all of this to stop. It is now that the world must say “No.”

If people would not support the status quo, even by just thinking in opposition and outlining an alternative scenario, this would generate the positive energy necessary to trigger action in opposition. Physical action is also the outcome of the thinking of many in opposition. The refusal to accept more is poised to fall into definite conviction. Indecision is ready to be decided.

My suggestion to you personally is to be calm and balanced in favor of change and insist that your thinking is support of new initiatives. As you go about your day-to-day activities, look at them and see the reasons they are selected. What is the benefit they will achieve in terms of change? What is the mindset you need to view them this way? How much negative emotion and fear is still connected with your thinking in these situations? How much responsibility are you accepting? Are you blaming others, or are you viewing this situation as something you allowed to happen to you?

When you do these things and are comfortable with yourself and your choices, then you are a clear example for others to use as a model for themselves. Your positive Light is illuminating the darkness that is still around you. Your actions are more and more working to strengthen this brightness.

I say to you to maintain your hope and insist that the visions you have, become reality. Ideas become the future when you begin to make them do so. It is your ability and your power that causes this to happen in your life. No one else creates what happens to you. You must acknowledge that you are responsible for assembling all the ingredients of personality and Christ Michael’s inspiration that you have been given in one package to explore the path you have accepted as yours. You were created to learn and make choices for him. Do not disregard or demean this gift and this extraordinary power you have. Use it to create all you need.
Esu on this day of September 28, 2008.
Esu Makes a Few More Comments on Martial Law:
Sunday September 28th, 2008
Take from:

Jess: Esu, do you want to comment on this statement of martial law?

Esu: I don’t have much more to say than what you know. This is a type of legislative procedure that allows the few in Congress to ram the bill through to pay off the Bush interests. The strings are being pulled and all the favors are being called in. Bush and company have lost their vast accumulated assets and they are desperate to have some cash liquidity to pay off the debts they have squandered recently. This bail out is to prevent their having to post bail. It was curiously named.

The money is purely to help those in power, not to help the banks or prevent further decline. As I said before, this is an inappropriate and misguided action.

We don’t know how this will play out. We are waiting to see what actions people take. The military is standing by to act in opposing ways. They also can be placed in key positions to control the crowds if the bailout continues as it has been planned. Nothing is determined precisely. People need to act now to prevent military action from escalating into a full scale take over. They need to talk to their representatives, and they need to force the media to pay attention to what is actually happening. A loud enough protest by enough people will be noticed and reported on despite the conditioning they are operating under.

As I said earlier today, the time to act is now. The time to say “No” is now.
US Is Under Martial Law
By Candace with Short Comment by Christ Michael
Sunday September 28th, 2008
Take from:

Folks, we are under martial law. It may be announced within a day or so.   This is a 2 minute you tube video. This is confirmed to me by Christ Michael.

This is by Michael Burgess, a US Congressman from Texas. Also see this link:

Now Christ Michael will add a bit of commentary: Beloveds, this is essentially it. I can’t comment of the various plans at play, because that depends yet on the players of the game. I will say one thing, for those of you confused by all the banking stories you are hearing, that the $700 Billion payoff, is not to the banks, it is payoff to the Bush family and their cronies. You are going to as taxpayers at this point, pay a large bribe. This is enough for this time. Namaste, Christ Michael/Aton.

Candace: We have stated in the past this could be allowed, because Americans and the rest of the world need a wake up call. Now, right now, we are not sure fully what is happening, but part of the martial law commentary by the above Congressman, may be based on what has been done with Congress before, a process that allows the ramming through of legislation without consideration. It is a violation. Apparently it also happened according to some postings on the internet in 2005, under some sort of emergency monetary thing then. This whole thing has been set in place for some time now.

PLEASE get some small cash at home, and other preparations, just in case, it won’t hurt and may well help. The full game is yet to be played, and CM and Esu and others will not give out more than they wish to give out.

Understand also, we have really already been under martial law for a long time now, or dictatorship, however you wish to call it. Please do your fair share in terms of making noise if you are an American citizen. Call your local medias, and call your representatives, both senate and house. Emails can be ignored. But try it anyway I supposed if the lines are all busy. Try calling the local phone numbers of the local offices. The rep’s are NOT there likely, but their office staff should be. Make noise!


Esu Speaks on Financial Collapse and Chaos

Sunday October 5th, 2008

Message of Esu Immanuel Sananda through Jess Anthony
Taken from:

Jess: Esu, I ask for comments today on the state of America and the world. I ask for assurance that the change is coming soon. I ask for specific observations on what we should expect this week and how best to anticipate and respond to them. Speak on the money situation and the political resignations that must come at some point. Speak on stasis and reaffirm our roles. I am weary but am ready to move into the next phase, although I don’t know exactly what that entails. Other “voices” say soon. Speak through me as you wish to be heard.

Esu: Jess, let’s speak briefly and let you go on. There is not much I can tell you at this point. Many threads are becoming tied together and the evidence will be clear this coming week. Yes, you are right to anticipate major banking collapses all across the globe. The financial under girding is no longer there. The fact that they are building a new skyscraper in Dubai should tell you where the money has been deposited. This is but a clear example of the manifest stupidity of the financial system you have been operating under. All the wealth has been stolen and moved to other countries to provide a safe haven for the few who plan to leave this country and take care of themselves at all costs.

The financial bailout will have none of the effects that are touted in the media. The money was raised and then appropriated to stave off imminent bills that other countries are demanding payment for. This is somewhat real money that other countries need to take the place of the enormous amounts of paper exchange they are holding to their disadvantage. They need more solidity than is possible at present. Once the United States begins not paying these markers, then their own financial stability begins to cave in. It truly is like a stack of dominoes that begins an irrevocable slide once the first is toppled. This should start this week. The notion of a “bank holiday” –while un-Constitutional— is a pretty certain occurrence. This is to prevent the inevitable runs that are already beginning in some places, particularly Europe. This will become widespread this week, based on all likelihood of probabilities.

You should prepare for a few days of no cash from the bank or no credit operations. The cards won’t work through the machines. The machines at the banks will not give you more cash after they close. Food will become scarce because the delivery system will slow down or stop in certain places. There is not enough operating cash to maintain the global and national delivery system you depend upon. The utilities should continue to operate because they are largely computer-driven from adequate resources for the time being. These are precautions everyone should make to be on the safe side of probable confusion and breakdown in normal service.

This confusion will be primed for military takeover to “solve” the difficulties and re-connect the broken chain of delivery and supply. There should be some community unrest that will need additional security and control. I think the seriousness of the situation that most likely will develop will prevent the public from allowing the mindless take over that has been proposed as a political step. The mass concern will force this threat to become more of an emergency assistance that is positive and affirming. The scope of the problem will make the public sentiments and needs more wide-spread. There will not be the localized focus necessary to allow a political coup

[d’etat]take place in the sense many fear.

How does this affect the schedule of the announcements and the beginning of stasis as it was described? The public sentiments after the collapse that is inevitable will demand a change and a resolution. This will be an uprising, but one that is more pragmatic and concerned with continued existence. The scope of the collapse will be larger than any suspect. It will be global. There is no country that will be totally protected from the interwoven financial network the United States has illegally created. All will be forced to reconcile the collapse of the dollar.

This will generate a mood demanding change. The military control will not be sufficient to prevent this, and many of the military forces will, in fact, be supporting the overthrow and the new beginning. This new voice and new demand will be unstoppable. The clear evidence of illegal actions by existing political representatives will be impossible to bury. There will be the demand for a mass resignation before supposed elections even take place.

The schedule now calls for this uprising to take place first, demanding a change. The people must be brought around to a new way of thinking about their world before we can make sufficient headway with the large scale changes planned during the stasis period. This is a time for Earth changes, primarily, although there will be some re-acclimation that must occur for the people to allow those most ready to adapt to what has to happen. This is the political and cultural change that Monjoronson speaks of. This re-thinking must happen before many can step into the next phase of the Ascension plan.

This will not be an overnight transformation, although many assume it will be. Most reprogramming and physical reconditioning must take place before the higher vibrations of purer existence are visible. This is why Monjoronson will not be visible as a physical person for a while. This is why I will not be visible as a corporeal body for a while myself. Earth and Earth’s inhabitants must be able to perceive me to allow my physical shape to take form. I will be here, but I will be seen only by those who are ready to see me. Stasis will improve the clarity, but it won’t solve all the difficulties immediately.

The time frame is still not announced, although it is very soon. Events on our watch are determined by the events on your watch. Your decisions are shaping when we move. We guide you as much as possible, but you make the steps for your existence. You are fighting an uphill struggle, still, and we have great support and assurance to supply for you. Ask for our help and we are there.

My signs are to look for financial collapse and political unrest. This will not continue long. The public will not accept this because the truth of the causes will be self-evident. But tough love seems the only option at this point that will produce the awakening that is necessary to begin the next phase of Earth’s and man’s progression higher.



Esu Speaks on the Banks and Sources of Abundance

Sunday June 21st, 2009

Message of Esu Immanuel Sananda through Jess Anthony
Taken from:

Jess: Esu, I think I’m overdue in asking for an update. It seems a never ending circle of lies and broken political promises. The financial collapse seems clear to everyone but the public. What is determining the continuance? Is it easing Earth’s transition? Is it allowing all activities to come together in one fixed point of clarity? Speak on where we are and what is most probably coming soon. I ask for patience and support as events move take shape.

font-family:”Arial”,”sans-serif”;”>Esu: Yes, Jess, I am here. It is time for the next installment, as it were. The imbroglio that is the banking system is unbelievable in its complexity and stupidity. There is no money backing up the investments that continue being made for the purpose of generating even more assets for the few who control the banking houses. The gold that is supposedly backing the new currency that is planned globally has been stolen from original sources and recast to approximate the look of the gold standard without the metal weight to substantiate the claim. This money is not the wealth that will become the abundance to be awarded later, after stasis. There is also a vast amount of wealth stored in secure vaults and accounts that is controlled by the international monetary group that has only now become public through the responses of Whistleblower. This is an accumulation of the existing wealth that has been accumulated by certain enlightened individuals over the years to balance the economic playing field and return the exchange system to one of fairness and parity. This could be thought of as the wealth of the royal families. It is not accessible to the general banking system that is manipulating governments and political events.

This other wealth is separate from that accumulated by Germain. Together they will provide an astounding abundance of gold and precious metals. They can be regarded as amounting to quadrillions of dollars. The trillions being moved around are nothing in comparison with the actual stockpile that will be generously distributed when the time is right.

All this wealth will mean that man will realize the futility of attempting to acquire more. Money will ultimately pass into a simple barter system where payment is based on personal value assigned to a specific action or object. Good or services exchanged for other goods or services. Man will be able to live as he chooses for personal growth and satisfaction. There will be no need for a career as such.

The banking system, and particularly the privately-owned Federal Reserve, is still attempting to manipulate the government’s decisions about fiscal policy to the benefit of the few who control the major banking houses. The banking organizations as you know them are essentially extensions of the policies of the Federal Reserve, with the mechanisms in place to construct programs and financial decisions. The shift in power currently proposed is intended to put the last vestiges of governmental oversight into the hands of the Committee reporting to the Federal Reserve’s board. There will be no separate oversight, and the financial system will be a tool to generate income for the Reserve by controlling heretofore private industries and personal financing.

This will be stopped only when it falls apart by a refusal to buy worthless American Treasury notes. This is happening already in China, the country holding the most outstanding debt they have bought up. China is wisely using its assets to purchase minerals and land. These cannot become worthless like the paper debts. This means they are no longer supporting the US, and the continual requests by the Treasury and the State Department secretaries are ignored.

Obama has few sources left to drawn upon. The NESARA abundance funds referred to as being involved in a cat and mouse game between the government, the military, and the overseas factions are accounts that have long been separated from their original purpose. The mechanism of trigger payments and announcements is still operational, but the actual money backing the requests is no longer there. Obama seeks to keep money that is no longer available. The intrigue and the system of moving and following money to recipients is hollow.

I don’t have much to say about the Earth’s situation. We are stabilizing the shift in magnetic polarity so that it doesn’t fall apart prematurely. We have a timetable we are working with, but the variables are such that we are weighing in the collapse of the banking system, the rate of Ascension in the solar system, the level of individual awareness and realization that the visible chaos is separate from them as eternal spirits, the physical stress that Earth is experiencing, the level of empowerment man is able to achieve in fighting against the familiar expectations of his past conditioning, and the recognition of man’s connection to Christ Michael and each other.

I will leave you with this “prediction,” to use that word. Summer will not be over before there will be a political and financial upheaval that forces the globe’s inhabitants into two camps of objective and subjective reactions. We see this playing out now, unless Earth can’t hold out even with the assistance we are providing. This is still a matter of choice, and the support system is told not to make the decision for Earth. Either catastrophe could happen at any time, to be truthful about the situation, but both seem to be cushioned a bit to allow the appearance of incremental steps to a resolution. This scenario is not being “controlled” by galactic forces. It is watched carefully, but it is not determined by them.

Esu for this evening.


Brief Banking Update by Christ Michael
By The Big Cheese, aka CM/Aton

Friday December 4th, 2009, 12:24

Message of CM through Candace Frieze
Taken from:

Good Morning dear readers of AbundantHope, some of you may be reading Chris Story and others, talking of China calling its debts or similar stories, and this is true, beloveds. Plus much more that is hinted at or not reported going on.

Now, it is very possible the bank holiday, which means closing of the banks for a time to re do everything that banks do when there is bankruptcy, could be before Christmas and since the Federal Reserve Bank itself is involved, it may be all or several countries, but surely the United States. Therefore, keep cash on hand as plastic will not work.

Now regards Chris Story’s story on NESARA, this is NOT the NESARA whereby Americans would receive large amounts of money, as that was canceled long ago as we have covered. However, there is still effort to arrest and remove the thugs from the USA and possibly other places, and put in other measures, such as temporary leaders.

The bank holiday could be very long, as there is NOTHING in place that is satisfactory at this time, including temporary leaders of the USA, but perhaps the pressure on CORP USA will cause them to capitulate, thus allowing the proposed temporary government.

So please have cash on hand for needed necessities. You can use larger bills first, until businesses run out of smaller bills to give change, and then have plenty of smaller bills on hand for purchases. If you normally pay, say, $40 to refill your car, you could use $20’s for that, so gage your cash use on your expenses. If you normally shop for over $100 in groceries, you can use a $100 bill for each $100 purchased and smaller bills for the balance. It could happen, there will be NO money for change, as retailers may hold the smaller cash coming in for their employee needs.

There is plans to keep this silent enough, so there are not runs on banks other than by insiders. However, get your cash NOW in case for expenses that are NECESSARY. Not a good time to make unnecessary purchases.

Understand this could happen after Christmas because the thugs want every last cent, but it could happen any day now.  BE WISE, beloveds, I should not have to detail any more for you. You should stock some food also, again if needed.  You can delay some of your Christmas spending for later you know and just tell family and friends you will do it after the bank holidays, and at sale time. I am your Big Cheese… plan well.

PS.  I would also suggest in your planning you do not depend on your own preconceived date for stasis. The people of this world NEED to see the results of their carelessness, and know we can start the stasis at my discretion, and assist the Magnetic Pole Reversal at my discretion. However, it will be sooner rather than later, and if you wish to buy anything during the bank holiday, if it should occur before stasis, and it is likely it will occur before stasis, unless something else intercedes, such as a massive earthquake, you should have some money on hand.

Candace:  Right now the magnetics are not receiving much stimulus from the sun at all. I am seeing solar wind speeds below 250, and once around 220. Maybe a tiny coronal hole might come through today, sort of doubt it, but if you see some small increases that would be the reason. There have been a few farily good sized CMEs on other parts of the sun, not facing earth, for the purpose of being seen, showing that they can occur, thus also on the front of the sun, but for “strange” reasons are not right now. This would imply somebody is causing the CME’s, other than “nature.”

I have had snow, haven’t seen the sun for 2 or 3 days, but it was out there this morning. I didn’t awaken in time to run up the street to catch it. Lately, it has been more stable, slight movement to the south on rise, but a couple of weeks or so ago, the tilt was fluctuating each day at MY rise. I assume it does at other times too, it would not be limited to when I see the rise each day.

Continue to use patience, as it’s a waste of time and energy to worry in excess. God is not going to push the RED easy button until it’s time to push it. I have caught star fleet feeding extra protons to the hungry and starving vortexes to present their collapse.

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